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File: 6122a9334b9b7a8⋯.jpg (101.28 KB, 770x614, 385:307, 612.jpg)

245dc9  No.16559140

You love it?

You hate it?

What would you change about it?

Should the next Zelda be like this or totally different?

5a4d82  No.16559159

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

All i wanted were actual fucking zelda dungeons.

Not even the DLC added them.

But of course the saying goes without question

"Mods will fix it"

4d62bc  No.16559160

Love it.

All I would change is making divine beasts more complex, and make sure there's room for both BOTW-likes and classic zelda in the future.

e00977  No.16559183

>You love it?

Yes. It's an open world game that discards the "Exp / Level Up" system altogether. A rarity for fantasy games nowadays, where Skyrim and Witcher games want you to waste time in grinding for exp points.

>What would you change about it?

>Should the next Zelda be like this or totally different?

I hated this game's Zelda. Her being british voiced with a heavy limey accent was a mistake.

Other changes: Make the weapons unbreakable. Cut out the crossdressing Gerudo section entirely, or at least make infiltrating the Gerudo less gay (OoT & MM did this well without any gay shit). Release a Game of the Year edition with the 2 dlc expansions already on the disc.

82d20b  No.16559211

Hate it

Well for starters the game needs more content in its sandbox. Yes the technology is impressive, but impressive technology can only go so far if there's little to play with. Additionally combat is terrible and the game should've ran at 60FPS since features like witch time become a random power up than a mechanic due to the shaky nature of the framerate. There's barely any side content with the memory quest being a complete waste of time. The lack of a hookshot is one of the biggest flaws in the game since it could've been used in so many cool ways. Climbing a mountain is cool and all, but it gets tedious after the second time. Having weapons break on you is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen in a video game. It may be "realistic", but it's not fun at all. I'd rather have a EXP based system than what sheep like >>16559183 say about it.

I think they should stop fucking around and make that Future Zelda they've been wanting to make for years. Having guns in Devil May Cry didn't stop the series from using Swords, and it certainly wouldn't stop Zelda from the Master Sword. Just make ammo limited and give the Master Sword some cool abilities like shape shifting, all they have to add into the lore is that "The shrine of power made the Master Sword change shape, you can now use it as X". I'm just disappointed that they restrict themselves to a fantasy setting, then again Aonuma has been a hack for years.

c6cc90  No.16559230


It's a good framework, like really good starting point. Not much else. It feels empty, and there's nothing but nearly 60 or so cookie-cutter shrines with 40 unique ones. Some of the unique puzzle ones are neat, but on their own it's pitiful.

There's just no content. It honestly needs a MM to itself.

cb59fd  No.16559240

I want to lick Zelda's prolapsed anus like a lollipop.

245dc9  No.16559248


I do too!

32b345  No.16559275

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Probably one of the best games ever done.

8e6528  No.16559305

File: c41153246fd8a1a⋯.png (36.27 KB, 306x273, 102:91, c41153246fd8a1aba005302319….png)


>Love it?


>Hate it?

Also yes, because of

>What would you change about it?

>Needs actual dungeons

They could have kept the diving beasts but had them be more expansive dungeons and also there's a lot of shrines that should have been dungeon puzzles.

>Weapon Durability

Can stay, but weapons need to have at least double durability and a way to repair them. Even if it's as simple as the old Minecraft method of using two of the same weapon to combine their health pools

>Sometimes bland world

The world is cool but the central Hyrule biome is too big. You have 75% of the world being a singular biome and it's too much.

>Not enough indication the Ganon has fucked the world

Sometimes it's cool to see a fire wizzrobe hopping above a burnt down village and the dark implication that carries. But I wish there was more. I wish there was a quest to actively defend a village from an assault of Ganon's minions.

>Needs Linkle

It's practically a Bethesda game already, so give us the female option and let us play Linkle. The Linkle mods is really good though and I recommend it to anyone

>Odd difficulty choices

If you're playing normal mode, if you're at full health and get hit by and attack that'd one-shot you, you are left alive with 1/4 hearts left. This means that to keep alive in normal mode all you have to do is top-off your health after every hit you take. While Master mode doesn't have this, I'd like a "Normal Hardcore" mode where normal mode doesn't have this weird crutch. Because I like the difficulty of normal better than Master, but I can't play it because of how many times I know I would have died without that baby shit mechanic.

>Should the next Zelda be like this

They already confirmed it will be but as long as they listen to the criticisms people have made (because my criticisms are in no way unique) it has the chance to be GOAT material

09b054  No.16559311

All it needed were actual dungeons, more enemies, and more complex combat

e00977  No.16559318

File: d522af25be8aa72⋯.png (56.95 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, me_irl.png)



'Tis not an insult these days. woolooloo :^)

Besides, why would you want an EXP-based system over a upgrade-based system? I like Super Metroid over Symphony of the Night specifically for that reason. I hate how if you're "underleveled", grinding for exp becomes a boring chore that artificially pads out the gameplay time length. And then once you're "overleveled", you find that the game isn't challenging anymore as you're oneshotting every enemy.

So because EXP-based system unpredictably fucks around with the difficulty too much, the game becomes either boring from grinding or too easy from being OP.

20df37  No.16559319

Haven't played it yet. But that Zelda design is peak waifu material. I'd make the brows a tad thinner, but damn is she hot.

8e6528  No.16559323

File: 7094f92c630e591⋯.png (104.16 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, f0b3966002214bda8b34ecbf0e….png)


Also this. At the very least the sword combat should have been as deep as Wind Waker. With directional inputs changing your combos. In BoTW Link is from a family of Knights and was chosen as Zelda's bodyguard. But given the way he swings his sword around, you wouldn't think so.

cb59fd  No.16559331


If you had to grind in any game with EXP made in the last 20 years you flat out suck balls and your opinions should invalidated by default.

84849c  No.16559349

File: a63b907481fe077⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 7.52 MB, 2615x1795, 523:359, cia and linkle stroking a ….png)

File: cb277e23be81a3d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 840.01 KB, 2574x1478, 1287:739, linkle riding a giant cock.jpg)

245dc9  No.16559359


My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

32b345  No.16559385


> I like Super Metroid over Symphony of the Night specifically for that reason.

Well, you are a faggot then.

b5cc02  No.16559388

I like it a lot, but it has tons of flaws. The biggest issue is that shrines and korok seeds are disappointing, and as a result, there's no good motivation to explore beyond exploring for its own sake, which is alright, but wasted potential. If they killed the 120 shrines and instead used their gimmicks as material for 10 decent optional mini dungeons hidden throughout the world (ones that actually feel part of the world, like the valley ruins do, rather than the shrines, which are annoying and uninteresting warp points), the game would be a 10/10. As is, it's 7.5/10. It's a good game, but it just barely missed the mark of being really great.

How many times do we need to have this thread?

f91fb0  No.16559392


Not a bad game but ditched too much of the Zelda formula. Like fucking everyone has said it needs to have dungeons, more enemies, and get rid of weapon durability. I'd like to see items come back as well, game needed a hookshot.


>It's practically a Bethesda game already, so give us the female option and let us play Linkle.

No fuck off with that faggotry.

e00977  No.16559395


You're missing the point. I'd rather not have a game's difficulty be decided by an arbitrary number, but rather, have a game's challenge decided by how skilled I am. In Symphony of the Night, there is no strategy to beating the bosses. Just grind, become overleveled, and you'll win. This "strategy" is applicable to most rpgs and why they don't require much skill to beat. In Super Metroid however, you just have to make do with whatever upgrades are available to you. Casuals can't simply grind and become overleveled to turn it into easy mode.

32b345  No.16559404

File: 9786509464c29ec⋯.jpg (32.58 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 061.jpg)


>Need to grind to get to x level before fighting the boss

>Need to grind for a chance of getting x amount of a random item before I can craft the upgrade to fight the boss.

e00977  No.16559421


>implying super metroid has crafting

Thanks, jew, for your unwarranted post.

t. Aryan goy

313390  No.16559427

Disappointed. They made this big open world full of detailed interactions that you're free to explore, then made it incredibly samey and bland throughout.

09761c  No.16559432


It was a mediocre-to-okay game, but a bad Zelda game. If it was just some generic open world fantasy action game, it would have been received better as the first entry, but because it was Zelda, it fucked up way too many things compared to the long, long list of previous games that showed that they typically aren't this fucking dumb when it comes to designing games.

1c78b2  No.16559448

File: e47dcecb03c0dd3⋯.jpg (436.36 KB, 1043x756, 149:108, fag.jpg)

File: f5199faf5edaaf4⋯.jpg (124.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hero.jpg)


Get rid of the androgynous shit and clown graphics. It's disgusting that people still munch on this propaganda shit.

32b345  No.16559453


But we are not discussing Metroid. This is a Zelda Breath of the wild thread, dense motherfucker.

6afe6d  No.16559466


Think he said he'd make weapons nonbreakable in the list of fixes for the game, which would once again lead to why don't you just shut the fuck up

f91fb0  No.16559485


It annoyed me how much of a manlet they made Link. I get the Japanese are horrified of adult protagonists but they could have at least made him thev same size as his OoT or TP forms.


I believe he's saying that you can grind up items to improve your armor until you only take 1 damage from everything meaning grinding based progression is already in this game, just in a different form. I prefer progression based upgrades as well, but i hate how they handled armor in BotW.

32b345  No.16559488


What has to do "non-breakable" with an upgrade? You would still need to make potions and all that shit too.

Why doesn't people say "I want old Zelda but with a more open word and more traversal options"?

77cc72  No.16559509

File: 1c95ae4254f0018⋯.jpg (24.17 KB, 500x454, 250:227, 1c95ae4254f00184b00659232e….jpg)

When you guys say "it's good but I wish there were proper dungeons" what do you mean? Because to me, dungeons are the only good part of Zelda. Everything inbetween is tedious filler inbetween the dungeons which are the real meat of the game. If there's no dungeons what is the point?

86e10e  No.16559517

I haven't played it, because everything about it that I hear or see is terrible. Open world is shit unless handled extremely carefully. Also no, the old Zelda games weren't open world as we know it today.

No dungeons.

Weapon durability. Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?

Hideous redesigns. Link looks like a girl, more than ever before. The gave Zelda fucking pants. It takes an immense amount of wilful blindness to not see that they're caving into feminist demands, but retards will deny it because "omg dat ass".

5d67fc  No.16559524


>You love it?

It was a good game, it deserved Goty.

>What would you change about it?

Weapon durability is a very tricky mechanic that has to be executed well to be enjoyable and make sense (Dying Light) in Breath of the Wild it was absolute garbage. High level weapons felt the same as sticks you picked up from the ground at the Great Plateau, I never felt excitement when I got a new weapon, except for the Master Sword. The main dungeons weren't bad per se but they felt pretty samey. The Amiboo and DLC Kikery was disgusting and all of the the DLC content/cosmetics should've been in the game on launch as unlockables. The side quests were alright but the rewards for doing them were awful. Same goes for the shrines, as soon as I had max stamina and enough hearts for the master sword, I lost all interest in doing them. Also, I know that this is a matter of taste but I disliked the "pling pling" piano only ambient tracks, the boss themes were good though.

>Should the next Zelda be like this or totally different?

Like this but with good dungeons, side quests that I actually enjoy doing and an ability to find or craft weapons that have infinite durability.

6afe6d  No.16559531


>needs to make potions

You're fucking shit at the game fuck off one of the reasons it's trash is because it's so easy fuck yourself casual

32b345  No.16559578

File: 31e0b3142109035⋯.png (252.1 KB, 803x688, 803:688, 31e.png)


I don't even own the fucking game.

09b054  No.16559614


Then why are you even in this thread?

32b345  No.16559623


1.I like Zelda

2. Not having the game doesn't make my arguments less valid

3.I like to get people like you mad

88dada  No.16559692

I love it. Great game. Next Zelda should expand upon it. Also add fundoshi link.

e00977  No.16559714



I almost forgot about this.

Content that's unnecessarily paywalled into these plastic toys.

Thankfully though, the amiibo content isn't that great. The aesthetics may be interesting, but the functionality is the same/worse than gear you can already find ingame. Like it's cool to play as Fierce Deity Link, but that armor set's functionality is exactly the same as the Barbarian set. The other hero tunic sets like the Twilight set are nice, but they're objectively

inferior to the Wild set (which offers the same set bonus + better defense). Riding Epona may be nostalgic, but there are better horses you can tame in the wild that have better stars than her.

Basically, the amiibo gear isn't anything new (functionality-wise) or superior than the gear found in the base game.

09b054  No.16559732


>2. Not having the game doesn't make my arguments less valid

Yes it does, though, and now you're filtered.

32b345  No.16559767

File: 81c06711784df9b⋯.gif (3.27 MB, 487x344, 487:344, 1523810306268.gif)

bd57c9  No.16559938

They have all these waifus floating around and even an overtly fetishized amazonian woman city and yet there's no option to pursue romance. This is off-putting since the narrative isn't rushing you to finish the story and the game pretty much encourages you to fuck around in every way but a sexual way. I don't want to go full ludonarrative dissonance but how am supposed to feel freedom in their game if I'm not free to pursue various waifus?

Canonically he's either the noble hero or unintentional hero that transitions into the noble hero. I don't think we've ever had an anti-hero Link. For windwaker, I think I would have been more interested if Link started out as an asshole swashbuckling pirate who throughout the story transitioned from being a complete asshole to a reluctant good guy but still kind of an asshole. You can kind of make Link an asshole in BoTW with the dialogue choices but you don't ever get the chance to be a real asshole (from what I've played).

I'm not expecting RDD levels of assholery where you tie bitches to train tracks but it'd be interesting if you behaved like a real shitbird that people you would run into would regard you as such rather than everyone being jovial towards you.

09b054  No.16559954

File: 15649179daf99d7⋯.jpeg (126.47 KB, 714x960, 119:160, no dick link.jpeg)


>They have all these waifus floating around and even an overtly fetishized amazonian woman city and yet there's no option to pursue romance.

Link doesn't have a dick, that's why

eb0ead  No.16559963

File: 82672535ad853e5⋯.jpeg (8.68 KB, 171x154, 171:154, 15649179daf99d7480dd8d3f9….jpeg)

bd57c9  No.16559991



I'm pretty sure link isn't a Eunuch.

eb0ead  No.16560003


Have you seen his balls? Have you seen him impregnate Zelda or anyone else? Then you can't say that.

5a4da4  No.16560018


The one thing that really annoyed me about Link's design in BotW, is that throughout the story multiple people talk about how his body is supposed to be full of scars, yet his actual model doesn't have a single visible scratch.

3bd50c  No.16560082

File: 87fe661332bc732⋯.jpg (336.74 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, ganondorf piano.jpg)

File: 62f0d7d792f843d⋯.jpg (54.84 KB, 540x960, 9:16, og link and botw link.jpg)

File: 57b5f865cc8b8cf⋯.jpg (92.47 KB, 768x927, 256:309, link.jpg)


>>You love it?

Yes, I like that the game is going back to its roots from the very first Zelda game from its non-linear exploration and didn't have the gimmicks that the 3D Zelda games have. You can see the artworks makes references to the original,

>>You hate it?

I can call this a good game but a bad Zelda game. I'm gonna explain those things in the change.

>>What would you change about it?

>Need actual dungeons

There need to be good lengthy dungeons. The Divine Beasts, which were supposed to be replacements of the dungeons, were really short and easy to beat. Its puzzles were easy to solve than the ones in the shrines that were scattered in the world.

>More enemy variety

Need to have more memorable enemies like the Darknuts and Dodongos.

>Weapon Durability

Weapons need to last much longer. Its gets annoying that weapons tend to break fast from a couple of fights.

>>Should the next Zelda be like this or totally different?

The developers are going to make the next 3D Zelda with the open world mechanic, so I hope that they will fix the issues that BOTW has.

The problem with the developers is that they tend to over-correct themselves when they make a 3D Zelda game. Just like what happened with the complaints about the art style of Wind Waker. The art style wasn't really a random decision, they made it because they did it to fit with the childish tone of the game in which Toon Link was more expressive than the other Links but alienated people. Also, the world in WW was almost empty with not much content to find out. But ever since Twilight Princess came by, they ditch the cel-shading that people did enjoyed it in Wind Waker and went to a realistic shading that the human characters look so damn weird and other NPC as well, despite that the Twili look really amazing in that game. But not only that, people were also pointed out that TP felt like a rehash of Ocarina of Time because you find the Master Sword when you finish the Forest, Fire, and Water Temple. And Skyward Sword's biggest complaint was the extreme linearity and the cel-shading, but the cel-shading wasn't as good as WW. I just hope that the developers payed more attention in what they are doing and fix every issue that people find problematic, which now they are listening to fan feedback.

20955e  No.16560127


BotW has been consistently shit on for not having a 1:1 counterpart of traditional Zelda dungeons. The closest things in the game that can be called "dungeons" are the shrines and divine beasts, some of which are laughably simple and easy. The shrines especially feel disconnected from the rest of the world literally and in play style. Most other Zelda games have featured dungeons or dungeon counterparts that are significantly more complex than what BotW features. For instance in all my time playing the game, I only remember coming across a key once, despite how significantly something like that could shift the difficulty and layout of a puzzle or area.

459c07  No.16560171

it's boring as fuck. i wouldn't give a shit about it if people didn't praise it so much.

483940  No.16560224

File: 1da6285d28f7429⋯.jpg (895.33 KB, 700x1024, 175:256, LoZ1 Dungeon Concept Art.jpg)

File: 8dfa3f56c757bfd⋯.jpg (124.67 KB, 550x757, 550:757, sgr-melora-forest.jpg)

File: f74662957edbd52⋯.jpg (3.4 MB, 2046x1664, 1023:832, wanted vs got.jpg)

File: b8072b49fd01b33⋯.jpg (525.98 KB, 800x467, 800:467, 9311935764_881d0c8961_c.jpg)


Didn't like it, it had good elements but leaned too far with the modern open world shtick. Feels like people who say it resembles Zelda 1 didn't even play Zelda 1

<What would you change about it?

>Bring back actual dungeons and underground areas, divine beasts had interesting physics puzzles but were completely inferior to actual dungeons in terms of length and presentation

>No more magitech, go back to full fantasy and bring back the magic meter

>Either take out voice acting or give an option to change it back to standard speaking

>Rework combat and durability

>Make the optional choices you do affect the story in some way, and I don't mean taking out half of Ganon's health bar when you actually go to fight him either

>if ambient music has to stay then include more variety when it comes to instruments, not just piano the majority of the time

as it is BOTW is a skeleton waiting for the next Zelda to actually flesh it out and give it some of the core elements the series had again

ff98cb  No.16560281


I both love it and hate it for probably the same reasons being said in this thread, it's fun and has an amazing framework but you can't call a car with just a chassis a car. That's what BOTW is. It's empty, lacking content and enemy variety. It's fun but has desperate need for improvement. Next game should be like BOTW but better. Less ubisoft towers too. Oh and make actual fucking dungeons. I don't mind the unbreakable weapons but at least give us one non breakable sword and shield. Or at least allow for quick and easy repairs.

2309cc  No.16569214

Master sword should have been tied to you from the beginning, with the breakable mechanic be tied to weapons that are situationally better (Spears, greatswords, boomerangs) with the master sword becoming better throughout the adventure, maybe tied to korok seeds instead of increased inv slots. Would have solved literally every problem with the inventory system

b21942  No.16569234

File: 3e139a14f2a0b12⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 3e139a14f2a0b1273cc71af3e9….png)


>I hated this game's Zelda. Her being british voiced with a heavy limey accent was a mistake.

>playing Japanese games in English

dfc8c2  No.16569446

File: beb8f2d2cec654e⋯.jpg (310.26 KB, 692x1648, 173:412, Masculine.jpg)

File: 044a958397d9443⋯.jpg (63.99 KB, 326x600, 163:300, Masculine2.jpg)

File: d7d35a0c4552abd⋯.jpg (243.8 KB, 1537x937, 1537:937, HRT.jpg)

File: e6adf2bee841c34⋯.png (120.46 KB, 291x322, 291:322, whipped.png)


OoT Link

>Muscular build.

>Toned legs, capable of sprinting across Hyrule field with a full inventory without tiring once.

>Powerful arms, capable of repeatedly pulling back a bow string with no issue.

>Strong core, can without issue go toe to toe with enemies five times his own size.

>Had a cool childhood filled with adventures and girls throwing themselves at him.

BotW Link

>Fish like build.

>Fat, wide thighs, more fitting for a childbearing woman than a man. Cannot run for long period of time without getting fatigued and needing rest.

>Arms so skinny he can fit in women's clothing.

>Core so soft he could, and does, pass for a belly dancer. Gets ragdolled around like a jizzrag by larger enemies.

>Had no childhood, and is so desperate and pussywhipped he'll dress up in women's clothing to appease random girls he's never even met before.

Link will never recover, and the yaoi girls will drag him back down if he ever shows signs of becoming a man again.

458626  No.16569474

File: 9993ce5936e3147⋯.jpg (275.42 KB, 692x1648, 173:412, beb8f2d2cec654e1cb15702b37….jpg)


His build is almost exactly the same, it just looks different because his clothes are more form-fitting.

339af3  No.16569476

File: f354a40e15e2fad⋯.jpeg (72.02 KB, 255x497, 255:497, Link.jpeg)


Zelda II Link

>Grown ass man walking around in an elf costume

>Stabs dwarves

>Bangs hookers without even paying

>Also bangs comatose chicks

>Learns magic spells

>Looks like he has his massive erect cock out at all times if you squint hard enough

eb0ead  No.16569519

File: 21a3b330c0fd5ce⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1000x3145, 200:629, 1c7910b7a9049cd23af723484d….png)

3b37af  No.16570215

I just want to use BotW's engine to create a world of scarce resources and abundant artisan labor. BotW has abundant resources for food and weapons that it eventually doesn't matter what you wear end game. For Zelda dungeons I was thinking of an interconnected labyrinth where each dungeon eventually comes together underground. Weapons will have durability but will dull instead of shatter. You can choose to repair weapons with materials at the expense of risking losing max durability. Change food back to potions needing bottles to carry. Bottles can be bought, reused, or disposed. To reuse a bottle you can refill it with the same liquid used previously or wash the bottle with soap and water. Some potions are splash potions that can be thrown like bombs. Splash flasks can be made as well. Food you can cook but you have to eat it when it's made. It gives a half in game day effect for drinks and a full in game day for meals.

New features I always wanted to add is liquid and rope. Liquid can be a variety of materials from water, to honey, to sand, and to lava. Materials have various weight, viscosity, and chemistry. Oil burns. Water freezes, etc. Rope is your replacement for the Shiekah Slate. You can tether rope to one object to another. Rope, like liquid, has a variety of materials and sizes from silk, to hemp, and to chain. Example: You can tether rope to an arrow and fire it into a tree. Then tether your end of the rope to a tree and make a zip line to slide down. You can also tether yourself to your horse. Then jump off the horse with the paraglider to kite around the land scape. So long as your rope doesn't get cut.

Also because of how scarce resources are I want Link to join a band of thieves. The outlaws work outside of Hyrulean guilds each with their own artisan trade. Link's artisan trade is cooking. Cooking is a universal trade that is guaranteed to have business everywhere despite the low price of goods. Trading with the underground market and not getting caught by the Hyrulean police will be essential for restocking materials on the cheap because you have to make most of your items. You can buy or craft magic items and even hookshots with different properties.

Anything is possible in Renaissance Hyrule. Also I want a Princess Zelda with a butterfly motif. She can have a hair scarf tied in the shape of a butterfly with Joy Pendant patterns. Plus I want a ponytail Zelda like in Four Sword Adventures. She can keep the green eyes.

44b494  No.16570274

File: 8c26b07bb45eb74⋯.jpg (168.68 KB, 626x937, 626:937, full-length-happy-man-walk….jpg)


>elf "costume"

he is an elf. that's like saying this guy is walking around in a human costume

b21942  No.16570286

File: dfb5038f7e4bd4b⋯.jpg (55.37 KB, 374x374, 1:1, dfb5038f7e4bd4b294d98e5f4a….jpg)


Hylians aren't elves.

44b494  No.16570316


the only thing that makes an elf an elf are the knife ears. do you see knife ears on link? he's an elf boy.

b21942  No.16570333


Kokiri are like elves, but Hylian culture is more akin to humans.

44b494  No.16570376


ok then, define "elf". tell me what the difference is between an elf and a human. i don't care if hylians are "more akin to humans", that just means they are humanlike elves.

b22dbe  No.16570378

File: 4d015644352a52e⋯.png (140.9 KB, 268x268, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


And he never ever ages

b21942  No.16570405


Elves are pansies who live innawoods and dislike technology.

f9ad18  No.16570409


40K would like a word with you.

1e19f1  No.16570417

File: 31a8f6835e0237b⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2895797 - Diives Ganondorf….gif)

Why is Zelda so submissive?

8ddd4b  No.16570439

File: 030895b288cafcd⋯.jpg (70.27 KB, 610x343, 610:343, POH.jpg)

File: 0d78537365cfb4d⋯.png (102.17 KB, 259x305, 259:305, Deku Race.png)

File: e1606cae3aff454⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1161x802, 1161:802, Gleeok.png)


>What would you change about it?

>Should the next Zelda be like this or totally different?

It should be similar, only bigger. A prequel to be exact. I'd make the next Zelda game into an MMO that takes place in the exact same world as BOTW.


Takes place during the 100 years while the hero of time is resting. Evil is roaming the land of Hyrule unopposed and the remnants of civilization is looking for heroes. Your role as an up-and-coming hero is to gather your strength and defend the land of Hyrule against the evil that seeks to exploit the hero's disappearance.


Hylian - The most balanced race, not very strong or weak with any single form of magic or weapon. Very light and agile so they can jump, dodge, roll, and climb faster than other races. Can ride medium and large mounts.

Goron - Strong and large with a great defence. They're strong enough to weild two handed weapons in a single hand but are unable to use shields. Gorons get around quickly by rolling and are far too heavy to use mounts. Rolling speed can be increased at higher levels. Gorons can swim, but they're the slowest swimmers and run out of breath quickly. Very resistant to fire damage but take additional ice damage.

Gerudo - Skilled warriors from birth, giving them an attack bonus right out of the gate. Gerudos are skilled with single handed weapons. Growing up in harsh climates have made the Gerudo naturally resistant to extreme temperatures. They can ride mounts, but only large ones. Weaker to dark magic than most other races but are slightly resistant to fire and ice.

Deku - Quick and small, the Dekus rely on fighting their foes from afar. Not physically strong but are all around good magic and range attack users. Can't use two handed melee weapons. Deals additional damage with staffs, bows, and swords made of wood. Weak to fire and ice, but very resistant to dark magic. Can only ride small and medium mounts.

Zora - The swift swimmers. Skilled with spears and thrown weapons. Zoras are the fastest of swimmers and can breath underwater. Resistant to and strong with ice damage, but weak with and to electric attacks. Can ride medium and large mounts.

Rito - Sharp eyed birds, great with bows and light weapons. Rito can glide without assistance and eventually fly at high levels. Deals additional electric damage but take additional damage from two handed weapons.


It's dangerous to go alone, so every player is bestowed a fairy by the great fairy. The player's fairy can be customised with a unique name, clothing, hairstyle, exc. These changes are purely cosmetic. Apart from keeping the player company, faries can be equipt with magics. These magics range from light combat magic, support magic to boost stats, or healing magic that either restores hearts or revives from a KO. Magics are leveled up by how often the fairy uses them but only one may be equipt at a time and they can not be changed during combat.


Reintroducing the Picori that were cut from the concept of BOTW, player owned houses take place in far off areas of the map where man nor beast tread. After unlocking a rune that shrinks the player to Picori size, players can enter these villages and purchase plots of land to build houses on. Different Picori villages have different themes based on where in the overworld you find them. Players can only own a single house but may move their house to a different location for Ruppees. Customisation requires the player to bring resources and Ruppees to a carpenter to craft furniture. Furniture is placed by the player. Houses start as a single room and rooms/doors/walls/floors can be built with resources and ruppees. Items can be stored in player owned houses, either on a display or in a box/chest. Players can visit other players' houses for fun.


All players are equipt with a Sheikah Slate. It functions much like the one from BOTW, but players can only teleport to major cities that they've visited before. Personal teleports to POH are unlocked after the player makes a house.

8ddd4b  No.16570441



Like Likes - Chance to consume consumible items if the player is captured. Found in fields and dungeons.

Redead - Able to stun players with a terrifying scream. Found in crypts and appear in fields at night.

Darknut - Strong mid/high level enemy. Weak to electric attacks but can reflect/deflect projectiles. Found in dungeons.

Dodongo - Spews fire, weak to bombs. Strong against melee attacks. Found in dungeons and mountain areas.

Gibdo - Casts dark magic and melee attacks. Weak to fire attacks. Found in dungeons spawn in fields at night.

Leever - Quick but weak foes, usually spawn in numbers. Found in desert areas, spawn more at night.

Peahat - Large flying plants. Spawn Peahat Larvae if hit anywhere but their weakspot. Found in fields, unactive and invincible at night.

Stalfos - Mid level foe. Attacks with melee and the high level variant uses elemental weapons. Found in dungeons and spawns in fields at night.

Tektite - Low level foe. Spawns near bodies of water.

exc, exc, exc. The more enemies the better and you can pull any number of them from a number of LOZ games.


Giant bosses will appear on the overworld map from time to time and will drop more and/or unique resources than regular monsters. All players are alerted via their Sheikah Slate when a giant boss appears and the boss's level is displayed over their icon on the Sheikah Slate. Giant bosses include the typical cavalcade of giant LOZ bosses.

King Dodongo



Giant ChuChu


Exc, exc, exc. Some new ones would be nice too.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm still writing my manuscript for a sequel to BOTW.

4086f2  No.16570444

File: 635c992ba8d3a17⋯.gif (643.45 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 3c239c2142a88772a6f5708d77….gif)


Generally speaking, long ears are a must and a defining element of elves, usually ending in a sharp point, like links. Additionally, they usually have lithe, slender forms, though not always. they're also usually taller than humans, though not always. And they either possess more advanced tech/magic than their human counterparts, a la lord of the rings or the high elves in elder scrolls, or are more attuned to nature, like bosmer from elder scrolls, or night elves from wow. They also usually live significantly longer than humans to the tune of centuries, rather than decades. In terms of dark evles and high elves from elder scrolls, there are some nearly 600 years old or higher, iirc. Like davyth fyr from morrowind, or the high elf magisters from the summerset isles from any tes, though I think they're mentioned more in skyrim. Or how elves just straight up live forever in lord of the rings.

e70267  No.16570448

File: f5c6dcc583d6ed2⋯.png (578.33 KB, 1911x2094, 637:698, BotW_Guide.png)

What a weird coincidence since I was just in the middle of making a BotW performance guide for CEMU since so many retards get confused over settings and why the game stutters and where to get shader caches.etc

This guide is not complete, I still need to go over shader caches and make it look pretty and maybe move some text and images around and shit from the source file in photoshop

Did Codemonkey eat my post?

e70267  No.16570526

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If there are any CEMUfags here, I also recommend these graphics packs to make the game better


There's already a graphics pack to disable weapons durability in the community ones

Also with ReShade you can have Path Tracing, which is inferior to proper Ray Tracing but still looks better then stock lighting albeit very small differences

e70267  No.16570596


>Just add actual fucking dungeons,

Modfags are finally starting to make that happen


66a860  No.16570798

File: 1fd8ff4aff50c68⋯.jpg (186.83 KB, 883x1181, 883:1181, norse-mythology2.jpg)


> long ears are a must and a defining element of elves,

Objectively wrong. In european mythology and folklore, where elves come from, none of them had pointed ears. That is a meme invented by shakespear and you are low iq normalcattle for propagating if

b21942  No.16570917

File: ad05241e37ce1d6⋯.jpg (22.25 KB, 220x255, 44:51, ad05241e37ce1d6094e428baa4….jpg)


>I'd make the next Zelda game into an MMO

8ddd4b  No.16571462


>Not evolving the Fantasy genre into it's final form

Face it, BOTW is a fun but overall empty expanse of a game with large empty nothingness between major points of interest. Filling the map with more unique monsters, actual dungeons, resources (to craft), and other players would have made the game into something worth playing through more than once. A modern MMO that's not full of pay-to-win bullshit might be asking for a lot, but I could see it as major selling point for Nintendo peddling their shitty $20 a year peer-to-peer internet service.

064f67  No.16571590

File: 1aebab86534899a⋯.jpg (642.08 KB, 1059x1042, 1059:1042, Link Mipha cuddle.jpg)

>item usage in a menu

Bad idea, especially for health recovery. Link has an animation for the meals he eats and potions he drinks, have him do so on the field to make it a risk/reward situation and to disable you from chugging a million stamina potions as you climb a mountain

>weapon durability

Make it so that a weapon will lose "effectiveness" or "sharpness" and force you to use a whetstone ala monster hunter, making you stop what you're doing to sharpen it. Lower grade weapons are not only weaker but "dull" faster. When the weapon is in it's critical state, it will not break until thrown, and even then, only certain weapons can be thrown and destroyed.

>Dedication to action

Some things need to be forced upon the player to make them think before acting or get punished. Make it so that attire changes can only be done at a campfire or inn bed, thus forcing the player to go "Well shit, am I going to end up in a stormy area where lighting will strike? Will I go to the icy mountain? Will I go to the volcano?" and they have to dress accordingly or they just keep wearing their climbing gear/best armor and use sub items (fire weapons, etc) to make a stopgap.


It's simple enough to make it so that Link has some special gloves/hand grips that he can use any time he's moving around and to just "disable" them in a dungeon. Boom, storyline reason of why Link can go nearly upside down on a mountain but can't climb a slightly smooth wall is established. Also, add skulltulas that you either need to shoot or carefully move around.

>World impact

This hurts the most; for a game with so much freedom and so many places with so many plights, there is no sense of "helping" anyone. The quests to earn the trust of the locals to challenge the sacred beasts are fine enough, but it stops there. Why not make it so that after you quell the sacred beast you then get a "bounty hunter" or some sort of scout who then is able to mark all the monster camps on the map of that area and when you clear them out, not only do they not respawn during blood moons (the calamity ganon of the area is gone), but for every so many you wipe out, trade to that area increases, getting more things to show up in the shops. When you exterminate every camp, you then get the "hero's" weapon relating to that area, which has a high damage output for that weapon and a large amount of durability, though it will lose it and require re-sharpening now and then.

483940  No.16571718


>Takes place during the 100 years while the hero of time is resting.

only OOT/MM Link is the Hero of Time, all the other Links have their own titles

09b054  No.16571730


You touched on a lot of things with this post. For a game that was trying to push the whole exploration angle there wasn't any sort of risk associated with exploring, especially if you had a bad loadout. Link had essentially unlimited inventory, which is unusual considering previous games had some sort of inventory limits. All you had to do to survive was carry dozens of precooked foods with you (and those foods stay fresh indefinitely). Having somewhere to not only rest but to store your items before going out would have added some immersion too.

6a2f79  No.16571833

never played it but it never looked like anything but awful.

the combat, the movement, the level design, the graphics all look appallingly terrible.

064f67  No.16571834

File: 8b9c07566bbe156⋯.png (249.64 KB, 530x343, 530:343, Lizard whore makes you coo….png)


Oddly, Monster Hunter has a lot of the earmarks for what can be done to make an "open world" situation actually interesting. This goes again with a set armor loadout and only carrying so many things with you, requiring you to pick up items on the field to manage your lack of resources.

>food goes bad

This would be a very interesting thing to mess with. I'd leave potions as they are (last forever in inventory) and then function for a timeframe. However, meals could have an in-game timer. While I wouldn't go so good as having multiple tiers of freshness, I'd have a single timer on each meal that would have it be Good (gives the best possible amount of hearts for it's food type) and Bad (gives half a heart). Some items last longer than others (an apple can last a full 6 hours real time but a cooked fish dinner goes bad in 30 minutes), so while you can sit around and cook like mad, that cooking session is only good for a period of time and you will likely find yourself trying to cook long lasting meals that restore decent health instead of short lasting meals that restore most/all health. This could play into preparation for a battle, but would be a counterpoint to roaming randomly. Sure, if you know the Lyonel is in this field, you could cook stuff before you fight him, but if you don't know he's there, you're going to need to hope you are either good at dodging or that you aren't full of expired food.


Yooka-Laylee showed how horrible it is when you have a giant world to explore, but there is jack shit to find beyond common items. BotW did this with shrines, and while the orbs let you choose if you wanted more stamina or hearts, they were a disappointment in the long run. The only shrines that were worthwhile were the ones holding pieces of armor that were part of a unique set, but because there were so many shrines, people just said "fuck that" and looked them up in guides. Give stamina increases and hearts, sure, but section off at least half of that for us to find on our own. Hide them in wonderfully cryptic areas or unique places. If I accidentally stumble upon a cave that leads to a massive statue of the Triforce, don't give me a shrine ,give me something worthwhile. Let me kneel and maybe see a memory, which also gives me a heart. Make the place memorable AND rewarding.

3b37af  No.16572038


I rather have food be consumed the moment it's made. The benefit of food is that it gives you a core semi-permanent status buff like extra max hearts, which are blue instead of gold, that you can recover with medicine until the effect is over. Temporary hearts are still gold, however they serve as a buffer like temp HP in tabletop games. Temp hearts are taken first before other hearts, including blue hearts. Blue hearts add to your total HP while gold hearts are taken first. Any potion that gives you temp HP no longer heals you max hearts. The health restore effect is based on other ingredients you mix. The downside (or benefit) of temp HP is that temp HP does not count towards your total HP for skills. Meaning if you have a costume skill that needs one and a half hearts to boost attack or movement speed then you can drink potions that give temporary hearts instead of recovering health to give you protection from lethal blows.

Also I said costumes, not armor, because instead of increasing defense costumes instead provides a positive and sometimes negative skills. For example knight's plate mail reduces up to 75% damage from cutting and piercing attacks, but is heavy and drains your stamina super fast when running, swimming, and climbing.

Although if you do want an armor mechanic then armor will have durability like weapons do. Armor provides damage reduction at the cost of weight. When armor reduces damage it loses durability. Armor that is broken will not reduce damage and will encumber Link's mobility somewhat. Broken armor is ill-fitting armor. Non-armor outfits also have durability that need to be repaired at a tailor.

I disagree with limiting your weapon selection mid-combat. Link can carry as many weapons as his "belt" allows. I say up to four melee weapons and a shield for example. Two handed weapons take two slots with the exception of bows. As for changing armor the limit is simple. When Link is not in an encounter, both near friendly and hostile NPCs, he can change outfits any time. Combat is obvious. However when a human character is around undressing in front of them is not happening due to ratings boards. The exception would be if Link is already nude. Then you can put on one outfit. If you want to change clothes or strip then hide from the NPC's presence in tall grass or something.

0d5dc3  No.16572059

File: b8da6f3148714d6⋯.jpg (286.7 KB, 1376x1700, 344:425, __paya_and_princess_zelda_….jpg)

>You love it?


>What would you change about it?

Make it a slightly less open world and restore the dungeons.

>Should the next Zelda be like this or totally different?

Yes, but it should be its own spin-off where the "classic" (relatively speaking) style also gets it's on games. Sorta like how 2D and 3D Mario get treated as separate games.

cb20ef  No.16572472

>You love it?

Best open world game I’ve played. The physics, controls, and variety of interactivity with the world kept me coming back. Most of the fun came from pursuing Shrine and Side Quests. I really liked that the “Find X” quests didn’t give you a waypoint or marker to follow like most shitty open world games; it encouraged me to immerse myself in the game more so I could figure out on my own what to do. Probably in my top 3 Zelda games.

>You hate it?

The shrines, Divine Beasts, and story are massive wasted potential. Most shrines feel like afterthoughts and its obvious the devs said “fuck it” at one point and started copy+pasting. Divine Beasts are a sorry excuse for dungeons and are the reason I procrastinate on the main quest. They’re not fun and they all share the same gimmick. The story is ironically held back by the game’s own design. The memories are the bulk and highlights of the overall story yet they’re completely optional for players. The Champions all felt very one-note except for Zelda you know something’s wrong when the mute blank slate protagonist has better development and character from just one optional in-game diary than the entire supporting cast that had cutscenes and they were so bland I couldn’t remember anyone’s names except for Urbosa, and I constantly referred to Daruk as Darunia.

>What would you change about it?

Either remove or significantly trim the amount of shrines. Make the Zora region questline the standard for all the other regions. If you don’t understand what I mean, compare the Vah Ruta quest with the Vah Rudania quest. I’m mobileposting so I’ll expand more on the story’s/questlines’ strengths and weaknesses later when I’m back at my PC. I’m not a fan of the overly ambient OST; few tracks stand out as a result and it can make exploring feel boring.

>Should the next Zelda be like this or totally different?

BotW has a phenomenal foundation, Nintendo would be retarded to not build off it. Its the modern day Ocarina of Time, I garuntee you people will be calling this a classic in the next decade or two. That said, they need to look at the classic Zelda formula to see why it worked so well for so long as the team for this game seems to have forgotten why. Also Link looks too much like a twink, give me the OoT design or give me death.

2c0bac  No.16575969


My thoughts exactly.

The next Zelda just has to be "BotW but with more content" and I swear I'll buy all your shitty bing bing wahoo consoles.

9412f1  No.16576925

Do you think the King had Link casterated since it was common for royals to do that to their lessers/slaves and because he was guarding his daughter in case he tried to fuck her?

e55116  No.16577060

It's not a real Zelda game. I want a traditional Zelda in the vein of Ocarina of Time. Fuck Skyrim, fuck openworld, and fuck Western games. They should not be making a Western game with Zelda skins slapped on and claiming it as a mainline Zelda.

65b682  No.16577665

>You love it?

It's fun, mindlessly so, the combat is mostly satasfying and the fact you can use physics in the most autistic of ways to kill mobs is great.

It wasn't boringly easy like other zelda titles, nor did it feel unfair, when I got used to the controls of the game (and I got used to that shit quickly) there was only a few times that I died and it felt unfair, most times I died it was because I was being a stupid little shit like not accounting for how tough a group of mobs were or going some place where I'm completely under powered for just for the sake of exploring.

>You hate it?

Lack of mob variety, lack of memorable NPCs, towns, weapons, items, dungeons, music and general absence of storyline… It was all hollow and the game often felt empty. It could have been so much more.

>What would you change about it?

The open world concept could have been justified if they put more shit in the world they gave us.

There's lots of content, but most of it is just shrine puzzles and the main 'dungeons' of the game consisted of divine beasts which could be done in half an hour at most with bosses that if prepared for, were far too easy.

>Should the next Zelda be like this or totally different?

Make it more linear like the other Zelda games but use the similar autistic physics and gimmicks that you can do with this game (and when you think about it, there's quite a lot you can do if you're creative about it) and make it more story driven like the other games.

BOTW was fun, fun as that mindless sandbox-esque feel where you are given an open world to explore and fuck around in. It didn't feel much like a Zelda game.

It had that Minecraft single player loneliness feel to it, seldom any music (hell, Minecraft has more music than just a few piano jingles), you're alone, it's quiet, everything is just desolate with the odd village here and there.

If the game had more to it that built it up as a sort of real living world, then that'd be great. BOTW was supposed to be this empty wilderness world, it doesn't translate well in a Zelda game

c6f6be  No.16578456


>I want a traditional Zelda in the vein of Ocarina of Time.

Maybe you should try every single goddamn 3D Zelda game between OoT and BotW.

059c6e  No.16581581


She's a breeding sow

23f2e8  No.16582182

File: 922d0b5af84942d⋯.png (215 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1264305370030.png)

I bought it for Wii U before I had a switch, completed the game as much as you can complete it, did all the DLCs.

And last night I just bought it again for the switch because I want to be able to wander around hyrule while comfy in bed.

I've criticized nintendo constantly for half of their switch library being Wii U ports and I just bought a game twice. I am a gigantic faggot, please rape my face.

d9dced  No.16582227

My favorite thing about this game is the all new trap Link. I have never wanted to implant my peen into the anus of another male until BOTW. Tanks to Nintendo I have upgraded from somewhat straight to super faggot! I want to spray my stanky seed as far into her precious virgin male colon as possible. I bet his sweet ass is as white as the winter snow. I would sex his sinkhole slow and gentle. I'm so hard from typing this that I need to go play BOTW and get my fap on stat.

77dec0  No.16582298

I'll keep saying it. I just want a remake of the first game in the BotW engine. I'll settle for Monolith Soft taking a crack at Zelda though, could be interesting if it's real.

279d33  No.16582315

File: 49e069dd408ddc6⋯.png (45.23 KB, 255x290, 51:58, 1.PNG)


>woman has trifoce of wisdom

>becomes submissive

b45e8b  No.16582319

File: d07b2290427a039⋯.png (1021.18 KB, 818x873, 818:873, zelda-games-tier.png)

538a6f  No.16583128


this couldn't be any more incorrect

3ffa1b  No.16583179


Faggots trying to subvert /v/. Cool.

668713  No.16583624


>implying /v/ hasn't always been full of faggots

2eefd7  No.16583640


>that's like saying this guy is walking around in a human costume

How do you know he isn't?

0a9a23  No.16583744

File: 3d0b39ebef6e136⋯.png (690.34 KB, 1110x845, 222:169, Zelda (2D) Tier.png)

File: 086fa4a23a971db⋯.png (529.1 KB, 1110x845, 222:169, Zelda (3D) Tier.png)

483940  No.16583986

File: 4dfe7a1b2da2068⋯.png (289.71 KB, 1020x432, 85:36, zeld.png)

b45e8b  No.16584381


It's objectively true.

89c29f  No.16584579


OoT is a lot fucking better than MM I don't know where the hell you fags come from.

994ac4  No.16584999

I hope the new game lets you take off Zelda's clothes like BotW let you do to Link.

2db701  No.16585201


>Seasons better than Ages

Are you a nigger?

064f67  No.16585209

File: 8f1f2eccc5b89ff⋯.webm (7.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sequel to The Legend of Z….webm)


I hope Zelda is more irrelevant than she was in the last game.

Also, Zombie Dorf looks pretty bitching. But on the topic of a sequel, the best bet is to pull a Majora's Mask and use the assets and shit of the last game and just fucking do MORE with it, hopefully fixing the problems that BotW has. I'd rather the game be more linear if it meant I actually had something to do and was making a difference in the world.

ae2b3b  No.16585242

Honestly I would like BOTW if it weren't Zelda.

Everything about it is great but for some reason it being a LoZ game just puts me off. Honestly I just want to explore dungeons and adventure.

3b37af  No.16585262


What if the game is a prequel instead?

2c0bac  No.16585264


Well maybe they'll add them back to BotW 2

I hope it's on wii U so I can pirate it

89a595  No.16585269


Well we're getting Majora's Mask of the Wild, so hopefully they're doing what everyone wants and just adding more dungeons and shit to the overworld

8e6528  No.16585283

File: 971902494adf2cd⋯.png (93.39 KB, 342x417, 114:139, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f04d4f350808001⋯.png (414.33 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


That'd be nice, tripsman. But we all know that under her outfit is going to be something like one of these. You aren't getting pantsu, you're getting space undewear

994ac4  No.16585315




027184  No.16585328


nigga you could've just held the wii u controller in bed

shit's wireless

027184  No.16585347


Why though.

064f67  No.16585366


>Link and Zelda were tomb raiders

>stumbled on zombie dorf's corpse

>he goes apeshit and ends the world

pretty short game and leaves less to do. BotW had the IDEA of rebuilding a broken world, but did a horseshit job of actually making you feel like you were doing so.

8e6528  No.16585389

File: 731cba0eb87eaf3⋯.jpg (110.46 KB, 500x375, 4:3, misato.jpg)


>He thinks it's going to be the sexy anime one pieces

>Not the shitty real ones that cover the ass and are made of such thick material that it obscures the woman's figure

9da98b  No.16585545

BotW2 confirmed in development, more fuckable girls too no doubt

064f67  No.16585567

File: d8396a675dc9c3a⋯.gif (471.11 KB, 140x176, 35:44, Midna lookin around.gif)


Hmm, it shows some mystic hand gripping Zombiedorf's body, then it shows Link with the same hand. Looks like Link gets attached to something that looks remarkably like Midna's hair hand, if it was white instead of orange.

89a595  No.16585582


>Comfy exploration game

>Except it's a giant escort mission and you have to take that bitch with you wherever you go, constantly spouting annoying voice lines

8d0cc7  No.16585589


post fuckables

9190f0  No.16585641


>Zelda as being even more prominent

>particularly that Zelda

No. She better fuck off for the majority of the game. That style of game works better when you are alone, and a Queen shouldn't be fucking about in ancient ruins when her land is in shambles and is in desperate need of rebuilding.

b8a54c  No.16585683

Zelda Tomb Raider might be okay if she's with Linkle. Would have preferred a new Zelda in a different setting.

994ac4  No.16585698

What if Link and Zelda are paired in a Johnasan/Charrottoe type physical/magic thing?

004f42  No.16585753


No way OP could have known about the sequel

8e6528  No.16585781


Did you not watch the trailer? Hyrule Castle rises from the ground when whatever it is happening, happens. She's exploring the catacombs of Hyrule which seems pretty deeply related to rebuilding it.

39d115  No.16585787

File: 15a80d51a73fa5d⋯.jpg (503.12 KB, 1690x832, 65:32, Zelda Botw.jpg)

cc8f2e  No.16585811


Am I missing out by not having played this game?

8a87f8  No.16585821


Zelda 1 didn't even have dungeons, it just had a series of rooms where you kill enemies before fighting a boss.

bc1d2c  No.16585825


It is an interesting game, but it has terrible pacing and an awful lack of content.

9190f0  No.16585843


Yes, I did. And even then, you send other people to do it for you. You do not go in yourself.

8d0cc7  No.16585845


incredibly short but fun.

89a595  No.16585855


And yet they still had more going on than most of the trash shrines

d869a0  No.16585882

I wonder if they'll give us the entire BotW overworld and then create a new underworld for it. In a way I kind of want the same BotW map because it's familiar and changing it would be retarded, but at the same time I think that 50% of the overworld is really forgettable and barren. Also, give us the Japanese dub AT LAUNCH instead of allowing me to beat the game before telling us that you were going to release the Japanese dub on the eShop. God damn that pissed me off.


I don't think it is because it would sort of retcon character development or create plot holes in a lot of the flashbacks in BotW.

<Link was able to defeat this evil demon spirit, but not an army of Guardians?

<Zelda gradually warms up to Link in the flashbacks, so placing this game's events before any of the flashbacks would make Zelda's behavior towards Link unexplainable.

<Where were any of these abilities in BotW? Link just forgot them?

Then again, even if it's a direct sequel I doubt we'll get any of the Champion abilities back like Daruk's Protection or Mipha's Grace.

God damn I'm excited. This has the opportunity to be so much better than BotW. Will they give us more enemy variety so we're not fighting the same 5 baddies ten thousand times? The loading times will definitely be better now than they used to be in BotW now that they're comfortable with overclocking the system. Will they give us a hard mode right out of the gate? Will they provide a weapon crafting system? They'll definitely bring Shrines back, but will they give us better puzzles and better combat challenges? Will we be able to dive in the water?

cc8f2e  No.16585893



200 hours doesn't seem very short to me

027184  No.16585904


There was good content in the world but it was

>too spread out

just put the same amount of stuff in a smaller setting, closer to the size of previous hyrules

>too separated from the world

instead of having the same shrine entrance teleport you to a mini dungeon they should have integrated the dungeon into the environment better. It felt like they developed the shrines and the environment with two different teams.


It's a better tech demo than a game. Hopefully they put the stuff to good use. The dynamic weather system is great but only amounted to "sometimes you can't climb." The climbing was great but was only used to get around and for one enemy. For fuck's sake you could have done like shadow of the colossus. Enemies in general are extremely samey. There are like 6 types plus palette swaps. There are only 5 proper bosses in the base game, and their "dungeons" are more like a handful of puzzles in one location than a series of escalating challenges. Most of the shrines are about as interesting or difficult as a tutorial level. The mini games are pretty weak. The NPCs have almost no character to them.

tl;dr the game is your usual amount of Zelda spread way too thin over a huge world.


The pacing could have been made up for with something else, like a better progression on gathering items.

8a87f8  No.16585918


And less going on then the rest of the shrines, the 4 great beasts and Hyrule castle.

027184  No.16585927


>Will they give us more enemy variety so we're not fighting the same 5 baddies ten thousand times?

It kind of looked like combat was going to get de-emphasized. They were leaning heavily on atmosphere. Maybe they'll swing hard in the other direction after people were annoyed by weapon durability and boring monsters.

bc1d2c  No.16585931


>The pacing could have been made up for with something else, like a better progression on gathering items.

Or, you know, it could have more content.

>spread out

Nigger, there is like 15 minutes of character interaction in the entire game. In the rest of the game you are just wandering around by yourself fighting repetitive enemies.

>separated from the world

Very true. If shrines were integrated into the overworld, the game would be MUCH more interesting.

8d0cc7  No.16585940


25 hour game + 175 hours of exploring the empty map or getting made fun of for collecting all the korok seeds.

027184  No.16585953


>Or, you know, it could have more content.

That's a different issue. I agree it was lacking.

>Nigger, there is like 15 minutes of character interaction in the entire game.

I think if you added up all the lines from the NPCs it would be similar to what's normal for Zelda, just that it's split among like 200 instead of like 50.

8e6528  No.16585978

File: 02df55aa9bf4c40⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1306x734, 653:367, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ec42673f6cb1fe6⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>You send others to do it for you

And who might that be?

027184  No.16586059


>That style of game works better when you are alone,

I agree but

>and a Queen shouldn't be fucking about in ancient ruins when her land is in shambles and is in desperate need of rebuilding.

Zelda joining Link on the adventure makes sense for several reasons

<this Zelda is a powerful mage who personally held back Ganon for 100 years

<her personality is firmly established as hands-on and adventurous

<the King was the only thing stopping Zelda from doing what she wanted, and he's gone now

<the monarchy is basically gone anyway, the towns are rebuilding on their own without any feudal government involved

<like Wind Waker, a major theme of the story is moving on from the past, and in that game Link and Zelda went off on a new adventure together (until Tetra turned back into the princess)

<Nintendo is really big on couch co-op right now. It would be really weird to do co-op with this sequel using anybody else, considering their power levels.


This is the ideal situation, where you have a simple AI or character switching for single player but the game is designed for co-op. Given Nintendo's current trend and how much they tried to change the series with BotW I'd be shocked if this won't be co-op.

62bbb8  No.16586063



>have to squint to see it.


If there's no one around then she's not really a queen and rebuilding a giant castle serves no purpose. Especially when the fucking thing gets wrecked every time Ganon farts.

740fcd  No.16586089


Indeed, i say it's poor continuity as he has not a single one even miniscule ones.

ca4a29  No.16586177

Autists doing breakdowns on the trailer are noting some stuff seems reminiscent of cut content from skyward sword involving the guardians and demise.

Maybe botw being cagey about its place in the timeline is because its making it a cyclical closed loop and this is all about demise and the creation of skyloft?

e92cbc  No.16586185

File: 1d3941bf40f18ff⋯.mp4 (13.17 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Breath of the Wild 2.mp4)

Sequel incoming.

0d5dc3  No.16586220


that's fucking hot

064f67  No.16586262


Late to the party


027184  No.16586282


If there's outfits like the ones in BotW they'd have her showing her midriff some of the time at least. They've had her bend over and show the camera her ass already, come on now.


>timeline autism

This trend is stupid in general. It's especially stupid for a series like Zelda where the games are supposed to be mythical versions of events long past.


Yeah, they did the same shit in Fallout New Vegas with the courier's bullet to the head. Annoying as shit. Maybe they figured it would be weird how new scars never appear or something.

994ac4  No.16586694

File: 0eb49608a898251⋯.jpg (44.04 KB, 948x1264, 3:4, whittington_vert-e6c22c19e….jpg)


>Yeah, they did the same shit in Fallout New Vegas with the courier's bullet to the head.

Did you literally miss the first 5 lines of dialog in the game? You had a good surgeon to fix your head. It's not like you intentionally stopped it from healing like a German dueling scar. Pic related was shot point blank with shot when he was already an old man. Benny used a single 9mm and, going by his inventory, didn't even use a hollow point. The facial damage isn't going to be that major.

027184  No.16586787


Various characters throughout the game comment directly on how there are visible bullet holes in the courier's head, including at the end of the game.

994ac4  No.16586795


I only remember the OWB content by people who did a full surgery on you. Who else mentioned it?

027184  No.16586838


I forget who specifically. It comes up occasionally with quest givers and the like. I think it's the leader of the NCR military outfit at the dam who mentions it at the end of the game, but it might be Yes Man or something.

027184  No.16586906


>Benny used a single 9mm

Benny double-taps the courier, actually, and some of the dialogue refers specifically to two bullet holes.

polite sage for offtopic

8ac6f8  No.16587016


>a little building that you go around, not inside

>a cave with a stupid robot fight or 3 minute puzzle, no ruins or cool shit to look at

It's barebones content, I want to poke around a cave to find ancient civilizations or cool shit, I wanna go inside a big building fighting my way up to a big boss.

The only comparison you have to this are the beats, and they're all based around tablet gimmicks.

273e1f  No.16587034

Looks like dungeons will be a thing, which is good. Hopefully the map isn’t the same as the first. At this point I just wonder what they’ll be doing with Zelda. I imagine she’s a co-op character but we’ll see how they handle showing off her body during changing armors.

e55116  No.16587055


They should have XP based systems with diminishing returns on XP for the enemies in a zone to prevent excessive grinding.

8ac6f8  No.16587063

File: 887549ad276da5f⋯.webm (8.02 MB, 640x360, 16:9, nick grrr.webm)


She'll go down to her undergarments like Link did.

What's the issue here? Link can do it but Zelda can't? What kind of misogynistic toxic talk is this, are you implying women can't do something men can't?

e55116  No.16587065

File: 68e5cce05a5048f⋯.png (251.08 KB, 1561x1451, 1561:1451, 231ad0f411972f2dd946a7886a….png)



This is what gaijin call Shia.

222e57  No.16587081


>This is what gaijin call Shia.

japs don't have a si sound for some reason, so they use shi instead.

273e1f  No.16587090


I’m gonna laugh when they figure out some reason against it.

027184  No.16587101


You could really feel how empty it was. Not in the sense that everybody's dead, but that there's nothing interesting to see in the ruins that would tell you about the people who used to live there. Most of it's just copypasted. It's hard to look at the setting and imagine what it was like before the apocalypse.


Instead of XP or fake difficulty (my number is bigger than yours) they should just make it skill based and have the challenges be interesting. This goes for the crafting too. Use some kind of timing-based mini game or something interactive instead of "sit and watch this animation for 10 seconds or skip it".




She's already wearing not much clothing in BotW in that scene at the spring. I doubt it would be a huge deal. They had plenty of "male gaze" shots of Link, especially with the Gerudo outfit quest. And Zelda is wearing skin-tight pants in a lot of scenes. It would honestly be pretty funny to watch some culture clash over it though. Zelda's popular enough that soccer moms might yell at Nintendo to put Zelda in a hijab.

8ac6f8  No.16587111


>They had plenty of "male gaze" shots of Link,

Link's trap moments had more attention than any zelda ass shots, that'a a fact.

b21942  No.16587118

File: 06b3c027fcdafa3⋯.jpg (222.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, snapshot.jpg)


>botw zelda in a school swimsuit


483940  No.16587214


>can't actually explore the interior of the fort

>a fucking shrine instead of a full cave


as opposed to

>one room challenges

>overworld "puzzles" that reward you as soon as you enter

I'd take Zelda 1's enemy gauntlets over more one-and-done shrines

e55116  No.16587235


Those were dungeons nigger. You had to collect keys / compass/ map /treasure and figure out where you were going to kill boss and get triforce piece. It wasn't a linear sequence of rooms. You could actually get lost in Zelda 1 dungeons.

027184  No.16587239

I bet the mod making Zelda the player character caught some attention and that lit a fire under someone's ass to make a co-op sequel.


Trips of truth

8a87f8  No.16587279


>You could actually get lost in Zelda 1 dungeons

If you were retarded.

8d0cc7  No.16587294

File: 8fc50bca5d79c97⋯.jpg (78.5 KB, 1104x458, 552:229, 1529668356390.jpg)


its cute how innocent they are some times

369533  No.16587336


You forgot the part where he bangs old women for magic power.


f0848c  No.16587410

File: da72ba0654bbad7⋯.jpg (27.24 KB, 588x397, 588:397, 1441010887825.jpg)


>fake difficulty

It has been a while since I've heard anyone seriously use this word, it is just retarded as the last time it was used.

027184  No.16587428

File: 61935bbe567be8c⋯.jpg (65.48 KB, 492x440, 123:110, 1445234130780.jpg)


>I don't want to git gud

>I want the game to simulate gitting gud

f0848c  No.16587441

File: 0d35c5434028cb2⋯.webm (3.69 MB, 800x450, 16:9, Rubberbanding.webm)


Yeah you're retarded, fake difficulty is just something made up out of butthurt that you die faster on a harder difficulty. The closest application I have ever seen is rubberbanding which does the exact opposite of what you imply and makes you feel like improvement is w aste of time.

027184  No.16587454


>fake difficulty is just something made up out of butthurt that you die faster on a harder difficulty

I was talking about leveling up with XP instead of getting better at the game. Enemies should be harder because they fight better. If you design the game well you don't have to gate players with scaling damage or whatever.

58bd2f  No.16587455


Only thing I love about it is Zelda's ass

000000  No.16587458


>muh skoorim about elf trap for soytendo!

+2 good hubby points! Well done!

e92cbc  No.16587497

File: 355168ee9b6578e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 149.94 KB, 850x1260, 85:126, __midna_midna_and_princess….jpg)

File: 3e8ff5b865606de⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 1245x1326, 415:442, Princess_Zelda_Breeding_Sl….jpg)

File: 263fa1674305175⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 320.18 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, zelda and ganondorf.jpg)

File: 02b26b4e1642cc4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 421.37 KB, 993x1200, 331:400, Zelda_chained_enslaved_pub….jpg)

File: 088732d51952f58⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 6.26 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Zelda Slut SFM.gif)


>Why is Zelda so submissive?

She is generally raised as a traditional feminine princess, not as a butch warrior. She isn't a Strong Woman™ "princess" that Hollywood kikes manufactured in their goal to remove all femininity from western women.

a2723f  No.16587504


I like the idea that they are going for, but I hate that its not just DLC. I can see how this game is going to be though, turns out Demis is trapped beneath hyrule castle, some shit happens to wake him up and chaos ensues. Only difference now is they go to the old skyward sword village/areas/etc, Im calling it now based on that last scene of hyrule castle rising up from the ground.

a2723f  No.16587511


>those last 2 pics

I feel like those scenarios are the most appropriate, seeing as how someone or even link publicly humiliate zelda by making her the town cum dump.

ganon fucking her out of boredom after claiming the kingdom is too basic

9594c7  No.16587518


So its OK to draw niggers (((the man from the desert))) fucking her? Now THAT is based.

b21942  No.16587534

File: f38768ecc3e586c⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1015x2426, 1015:2426, Sheik_Artwork.png)


>She isn't a Strong Woman™ "princess"

Yes she is.

8d0cc7  No.16587609


thats a man baby

2db701  No.16587726

File: 274d9610df450ea⋯.jpg (88.09 KB, 900x1293, 300:431, ZeldaShort1.jpg)

File: 1c984a4b242ecb0⋯.png (508.6 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ZeldaShort2.png)

7db48e  No.16587746

Kinda hyped for BOTW 2, I hope they fix the enemy variety and the short story. Other than that I'm a sucker for this open world, fuck I'd love an even bigger map, as long as the zones are diverse enough compared to each others. Also real dungeons to explore would be nice. Also it better run on Cemu

ce82b0  No.16587750


You mean Yuzu.

7db48e  No.16587764


Never heard of it, I'll take a look. I only got Cemu for BotW because I never intended to play nay other Switch/Wii U games. But if it works better; why not.

e70267  No.16587765


I have Juzu downloaded but it requires other files and shit. Is there a guide for setting it up with links to where I get shit?

e9417a  No.16587819

File: 1206bddda64cefc⋯.jpg (179.34 KB, 1100x1080, 55:54, ready to kill.jpg)


>long hair cut short

This happens all the time. Each time my urge to kill grows.

c6cc90  No.16587967

File: ddba298332ab476⋯.jpg (188.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, redlinecasual.jpg)



They're doing the cursed hand concept this iteration.

>Curse brings Ganondork back to life

>Same curse latches on to Link, draining him of strength and his blessings

>Spend the game regaining everything back

>Zelda has the tablet, so you need to rely on the hand's abilities instead.


f6be18  No.16587985


they better smash.

027184  No.16588021


Looks like they're going to keep the map but have new shit open up. The castle rising up was a lot like the towers or shrines rising up in BotW. Maybe they take the base world and build on it, replace the monsters with better ones, focus on story instead of tech since they already have tech.

458626  No.16588029

File: 30bc84a8e124a79⋯.jpeg (32.42 KB, 400x400, 1:1, eCoJgdfI_400x400.jpeg)


>not liking short hair that just barely misses the shoulders

If it wasn't for the weird ass braid it'd look fantastic.

064f67  No.16588154



Twilight Princess showed how a foe that fights better is. Fight a Dark Nut, they are nastier than the final boss.

e0bdba  No.16588157

File: ebfed62d128d8b0⋯.jpg (267.33 KB, 1000x1419, 1000:1419, cassio-yoshiyaki-zeldawind….jpg)


If the character has multiple outfits, short hair makes it easier to avoid clipping.

064f67  No.16588162

File: 71fa35cb5aad9e2⋯.jpg (100.78 KB, 640x892, 160:223, Prince of Persia Warrior W….jpg)


I'd be for it. I'm a sucker for some "curse" to latch onto the hero and empower them with unique mechanics.

feed92  No.16588163

So, fans are autistically coming up with theories about mummy Ganondorf and the mysterious glowing hand that held him.


To be honest, I never liked BoTW Zelda's design. My preference is towards Alttp/ALBW, Hyrule Warriors, Twilight Princess and Wind Waker.

But BotW Zelda with short hair looks top tier, it's an overall improvement to her design and it works better for her than with long hair.

e70267  No.16588179


BotW on Switch has identical draw distance to BotW on WiiU so it'll be awhile before BotW on Yuzu becomes the "Definitive" experience since CEMU has graphics packs and shit. Also the Switch version has more bugs IIRC like the weird Lizarphos Curse bug. Hopefully Yuzu is sufficiently developed by the time BotW 2 is out because surely that is going to take advantage of the Switch hardware more

e55116  No.16588182

BTW, that sequel trailer is not a good thing. It looks like they're going to develop and xpac that reuses 99% of the same assets and brand it as a sequel a la Mario Galaxy 2.

951e67  No.16588187

File: 03310cb177d1b6f⋯.png (272.47 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, __kawakami_sadayo_mifune_c….png)

c714ab  No.16588189


You mean like Majora's Mask?

e55116  No.16588194


Agreed it looks gay as fuck. Short hair is for faggots, not girls. If you're attracted to chicks with short hair you're actually just a closeted faggot.

feed92  No.16588195


Hopefully BotW sequel isn't as disappointing as BotW. BotW only has an expansive overworld and voice acting, but overall it fails to be as good as OoT, WW, TP, Alttp, Link's Awakening and pretty much any past Zelda title. With no proper dungeons, empty overworlds and most bosses being some copy pasted blight ganon along with shitty background music, I hope they fix this shit and introduce actual dungeons, unique bosses and background music.

994ac4  No.16588197

File: cdb98049f4cf0de⋯.jpg (414.08 KB, 500x600, 5:6, truepurelove.jpg)


>not liking tomboys

064f67  No.16588198


As other anons said, Majora's Mask, one of the best Zelda games ever, was a sequel that re used assets.

e70267  No.16588204


The voice acting was cringeworthy anyways

>but overall it fails to be as good as OoT, WW, TP, Alttp, Link's Awakening and pretty much any past Zelda title.

You're setting the bar way too high. BotW is worse then those games but overall an above average open world. It would've been better if the dungeons weren't skinnerbox cookie-cutter trash though

9cb7e3  No.16588207


Thats because they only had a year to develop it.

0063ca  No.16588211


I agree, I too am attracted to long haired traps. Women are fucking gay. Not even being ironic.

e55116  No.16588215


How the fuck are you supposed to know the random walls to bomb/walk through which blocks to push, where to go with your keys and all that shit the first time you play unless you use a walkthru faggot?

064f67  No.16588217


Not denying that, the crunch it suffered actually made it an amazing game.

feed92  No.16588221


>BotW is worse then those games but overall an above average open world.

That's the thing. It may be a decent game, but it's not a good Zelda game. I think they might a fix a lot of those issues in the sequel.>>16588204

0d5dc3  No.16588237


>not a good Zelda game

its a better Zelda game. While not a bad game in and of itself, the series was basically killed by the OOT formula tuning it into a paint by numbers snore fest. The Zelda franchise needed a shake up to get back to its roots.

feed92  No.16588245


>The Zelda franchise needed a shake up to get back to its roots.

Just because it needed shaking doesn't mean BotW is any better. If BotW had actual large and unique dungeons with unique Bosses, then I would have agreed with you.

c714ab  No.16588248


I don't see what that has to do with the quality of the game, if anything Majora's is impressive because despite being rushed out of the door that game was as good if not better than OoT.

But I will give you something, not sure if I like the fact the main villain in the sequel seems to be Ganon again, specially because they are the same Link and Zelda of BotW and that would make all their past actions seems useless since they didn't really beat him the first time.

feed92  No.16588257


The Sequel holds promise, hopefully. It might make BotW look like a glorified prologue.

313390  No.16588395


Ganon got fucking shafted in BotW, so I'm personally glad he's getting another chance to shine.

feed92  No.16588423


Mummy Ganon looks really cool.

814f9a  No.16588473


>Am I missing out?

Yeah dude, there’s like so many people tweeting about it with huge Hashtags XD.

Don’t you want to be “in” and “trendy” ?

Buy BOTW 2 now XD.

a9254f  No.16588488


Do you like being a faggot all the time to other people?

814f9a  No.16588494


No, I enjoy mocking people who can’t make their own fun.

814f9a  No.16588523

At any given time you always are “missing out” on ten different things at once. But if you are worrying about that at all then you are just a faggot who can’t make his own fun.

Games are tools for the individual to make his or her own fun. Whether it be poker or Skyrim.

If you have to turn to others for guidance on what is the “fun” and “trendy” pastime then you are a soulless muppet who will spend the rest of your mediocre life watch YouTube Lets Plays, Hollywood Gabage, and the Occasional Buzzfeed video.

8c7117  No.16588563

File: ccb644a52397b8e⋯.jpg (37.61 KB, 649x689, 649:689, Lunch.jpg)

I'm almost positive this sequel will have playable Zelda. Now if Link is incapacitated at the start and it's her job to save Hyrule this time, or both are active and can be switched between/co-op remains to be seen.

What will she wear when you take all her gear off?

3b37af  No.16588777


Is it 70's space underwear that's high cut leotards and open midriff? I'm game.

4086f2  No.16588826

File: ad678154734bbbb⋯.jpg (140.19 KB, 1302x1860, 7:10, b371efe5258ff78c4a61a125cb….jpg)


Except all definitions of elves are based upon tolkien at this point, with his elves with pointed ears. Now stop trying to be an edgy cunt and settle down.

b0f0c5  No.16588850

File: 0deaa6a87ce0b8b⋯.jpg (46.37 KB, 583x498, 583:498, 0deaa6a87ce0b8b3965246b2d4….jpg)


>wind waker on the same level as the original zelda

e70267  No.16588865

File: 9cd761495f77e3f⋯.jpg (129.28 KB, 902x508, 451:254, Zelda.jpg)

e70267  No.16588869

File: 11d12e19ceb19e4⋯.jpg (83.78 KB, 473x653, 473:653, Linkle.jpg)


But the Linkle mod is better imo


438bd9  No.16588884

File: dd6d787eb3608c4⋯.png (446.08 KB, 549x428, 549:428, 63734.png)

e70267  No.16588897

File: a8ca50cfe96bee4⋯.jpg (67.18 KB, 609x720, 203:240, a8ca50cfe96bee4406b1eb3bc2….jpg)


>It's gay to want to play as the girl and not stare at man-ass all day

>not playing a no-armor run as Linkle in her underwear

102d7f  No.16588907


Got a rom of BTOW with the most recent version of that mod installed?

I can't for the life of me figure out how to mod wii u roms.

e70267  No.16588908


I don't use a WiiU, for CEMU its literally just drag+drop the graphics pack into the graphics packs folder and enable it. You don't even need to modify the base game files or touch them at all.

ba407f  No.16588911

Is this game worth playing? I heard open world is barren with assets copy and pasted everywhere

b0f0c5  No.16588912


I think you've tuckered out the image a bit, faggot, try making some OC for once in your life.

040a6f  No.16588925

File: b948ea0561a5a61⋯.png (308.04 KB, 451x415, 451:415, imo.PNG)

e70267  No.16588931

File: 1fcb23093fc6206⋯.png (3.11 MB, 1920x981, 640:327, Screenshot (7).png)


I would say its worth looking at. The world itself is very dynamic and immersive from the wildlife down to having accurate wind simulation, temperature simulation that responds based on altitude and proximity to a heat source, and the weather, which is actually as much of an actual mechanic as it is world decoration. Lightning is actually dangerous, rain stops you from climbing, forcing you to go to another region or setup camp until it stops, and cloudy weather is useful for stealth. The dungeons are all garbage though. But for the open world itself its very different. You can greatly improve the game with some mods/graphics packs too, like disabling weapon durability for example.

8c7117  No.16588950


Yeah, but this will be official now. I hope it looks even better than that.

2db701  No.16588951


>All these people ranking Seasons above Ages

Honestly, I don't understand it.

8c7117  No.16588954


It's pretty alright. I would suggest getting it as cheap as you can find, though. Or pirate It's not worth full price.

e70267  No.16588955


We don't even know if playable Zelda is confirmed. I doubt Nintendo would ever do that. And if they did, she will likely just revert to "default clothes" if you take her armor off to avoid "sexualizing" and you'll be greatly disappointed

3b37af  No.16588961


Can Linkle ride giant cocks yet?

e70267  No.16588973

File: c09ca4cd43a6e42⋯.jpg (206.11 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, Linkle_Ahegao.jpg)


yesOne of the GFX packs gives her a Cucco Paraglider

b21942  No.16588978


Isn't the creator of that mod an SJW who "desexualized" her?

e70267  No.16588983


I don't know, she looks pretty sexualized to me fam

b21942  No.16588996

e70267  No.16589003


Sad, it looks like the Linkle mod is already more popular too. SJWs want to make all their females unattractive, they reap what they sew.

e5d033  No.16589014

File: 0d8e332485b11d6⋯.png (55.61 KB, 456x437, 24:23, 1514864096378.png)


>That third image

You do not know how long I've been looking for that image

9ca890  No.16589017

Zelda is like a brick wall, you have the bricks and the mortar. You have the dungeons and the overworld. If either suck the wall is just gonna be shit.

So in that sense BOTW is like a wall made entirely out of mortar with 4 bricks in it somewhere.

c6da00  No.16589063


shame we can't get more of these images now that jewtube killed annotations.

32b345  No.16589068


Ganon is not a nigger, he's jewish.

8ddd4b  No.16589074


>Lives in the desert

>Has a harem of women, so much so that they make up a village

>Sabotages Hylian society by pretending to be a friend and back stabs them

>Hellbent on power grabbing

>Not to mention that he's fucking brown as hell and probably shits on streets

Ganon is the king of the sandniggers.

9ca890  No.16589077


I thought he was a gypsy.

53e9df  No.16589117

File: 21399de5086bbd0⋯.jpg (107.13 KB, 992x1026, 496:513, Zelda_Bend_21399de5086bbd0….jpg)

File: eb967aa866f476b⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1240x1754, 620:877, Zelda_bend_60985952_p0.jpg)

File: 841c72d805dfe6a⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1000x1406, 500:703, Zelda_bend_62808463_p0.png)

File: 720bcdebdc31bb1⋯.jpg (145.1 KB, 637x893, 637:893, Zelda_bend_C6Dxv22WMAAeJ6Z.jpg)

File: a69937da745332d⋯.jpg (59.49 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Zelda_Bend_Dives_C6Omoi3XM….jpg)

Loved the new Zelda, but was sad they focused more on overworld and less on dungeons (which were just 120 different puzzle rooms). Still had a blast. Everybody always complains about the Zelda formula for each game. Botw felt like the inverse of Skyward Sword to me, which had an overworld that was one giant puzzle box (but people hated the backtracking to new sections, instead of brand new areas). Breath Of The WIld just felt like "Let's make one big huge overworld". Some parts had puzzles, but it was very spread out. I also wished they had more divine beasts, they only put 4 in there but there were originally more like 6 or 7 but they got cut.


I kind of half agree, because all the little caves you got to enter were rarely big, they were usually just some weapons and a chest being gaurded by a monster. There were also other little things everywhere, where they tried to take the mystery and exploration away from dungeons and put them into the overworld itself. They tried to make areas of the overworld the dungeon instead, like those mine cart lava areas, sand worm arenas, monster nests, mazes, no-equipment island, Lost Woods, dark forest area, lightning plateau, desert sandstorm, etc..

Some parts felt absolutely epic, but they didn't have the novelty of being their own seperate "dungeon" or "unique tower/building/cave" or whatever seperate from the rest of the world…they were all areas that just looked as vanilla as the rest of the area and that kind of made them lose some of their punch.

604974  No.16589127

File: df95e5a79f72354⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, df95e5a79f72354a5410d18f13….png)


I liked BOTW because traversal and the urge to explore felt very organic, even hunting korok seeds felt neat, because I would always stumble upon something that sidetracked me;

The only downside is though, the content wasn't truly "Meaningful" (The journey, not the destination) along with the puzzle rooms lacking cohesion or a general large connecting vibe (shrines were fun to complete regardless)

The engine is great, amazing even, the systems, and the world works in a way that makes sense, and I'm glad they're making a followup, as it would be a shame if they just axed it; I just hope they add more meaningful content as they have most of the assets already made, and can now focus on making new shit, and reusing the assets in a more meaningful way; Which I feel like they will, since they have more of a handle on the systems now. Also BOTW (and to a lesser extent Xenoblade 2) were pretty good to just walk around in.

b21942  No.16589150


>Everybody always complains about the Zelda formula for each game.

Though in the end all of the 3D games except BotW share the same formula. For some reason I really liked BotW even though I never really liked any of the other 3D games.

857da4  No.16589232

The sequel is taking the grimdark approach of Majoras Mask

604974  No.16589239

File: d297ca4468f52d9⋯.png (61.33 KB, 769x484, 769:484, ClipboardImage.png)


Darker, even;

857da4  No.16589259


fuck yes

81bb86  No.16589333


I hope they go this way, BOTW was somewhat sold as a tech demo. Now that they have the base they can only go further or fuck up everything because we can't have anything nice ever

feed92  No.16589363



I hope they improve upon it.

8ddd4b  No.16589374


>4th pic

Why is the old mad excited? He's Zelda's dad in disguise.

b21942  No.16589386


He's already dead. Just let him lust after his daughter one last time.

97b372  No.16589413


If anything he would oppose the pants. Why do you think he forced her to be a priestess?

King Hyrule is clearly a summer dress fetishist.

00848e  No.16589416

Just use japanese voice settings and ignore the British whore who can't even properly put emotion into her voice acting. People who use anything but the japanese voice are inferior and should not breed.

fcef20  No.16589466


>Someone comes up with a solution to the space issue in MMO's for player owned houses

>in a Zelda thread

I defintiely don't hate the idea of rolling around as a Goron, anon. I'd probably give it a try.

f3b091  No.16589480

File: a2a06e4872c61eb⋯.jpg (83.64 KB, 828x404, 207:101, considerominouspossability.jpg)


Psychological studies have shown that playing a female avatar leads to adopting a pseudo female persona and mannerisms, most commonly displayed in mmos. Wanting to play a girl may not be girl, but it may mean you're a tranny

f3b091  No.16589485


>Wanting to play a girl may not be girl

>be girl

I meant gay, jesus fuck I'm tired.

8e6528  No.16589662


It's not unexpected when you think about it. Linkle is exclusive to Hyrule Warriors. Musou games are games only played by turbo weebs and therefore is very little soy in the community of Linkle fans who'd want to mod her into BoTW


>Source: My Ass

Fuck off.

b21942  No.16589683


Well SJWs don't have to play games to want to ruin them for other people.

8a87f8  No.16589727


>he didn't play it in the superior Russian




>I liked BOTW because traversal and the urge to explore felt very organic,

For all the complaints about lack of dungeons, this is true and why I don't mind the lack of dungeons. It was just fun to explore in the game and contrary to meme pics there were interesting areas to find with their own challenges and puzzles.

621960  No.16589841


2nd image is gross and cucked.


>healing scars

But why? They're a source of character, says you aren't risk averse and might have suffered.


But there really isn't, it's just as boring and shitty as any other open world game. Stop defending this shit faggot.

8a87f8  No.16589858

File: 6e57e6317551a6f⋯.jpg (24.34 KB, 254x255, 254:255, yous.jpg)

Oh boy you sure told me, I now hate fun things.

621960  No.16589879

File: f9af0e8763d2903⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.24 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Smug_Anime_Girl_of_Non-Arg….jpg)



Wrong, and also a subjective "argument"

Wandering around doing nothing for hours isn't fun, hours of loading screens for Skyrim-tier copy/paste dungeons isn't "fun" you faggot.

027184  No.16589976



The climbing probably torched their ability to do dungeons. Think of past dungeons. You could sequence break or bypass most challenges if you introduced BotW climbing. There would have to be measures taken to make climbing not work if they wanted to use the normal lock and key design opening up more of the dungeon without it being completely boring.


Hopefully he's not bullshitting here. If they expand on the survival/crafting mechanics it would be pretty neat to be threatened by starvation or hypothermia or something deep underground.


> Now if Link is incapacitated at the start and it's her job to save Hyrule this time

Showing both of them exploring together is very suggestive that they will both be the player character.


Zelda using Link's animations still looks weird honestly.


Better design overall, looks close to Zelda too.


NPCs in the game refer to Link's scars though. They just don't render any on his model. Canonically he does have scars.

027184  No.16589992

File: 545a7152101ca72⋯.webm (7.77 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Molymeme's Personal Hell.webm)


>hours of loading screens

It only loads when you teleport or go into the shrines. Someone calculated it and it's like one hour IIRC

>non argument man

shoo shoo molyneux

8a87f8  No.16590001


Its pretty obvious he hasn't played it because he is doing the 'Its jsut liek skyrim XD' meme.

feed92  No.16590046

File: cdd953764088eca⋯.png (195.61 KB, 720x538, 360:269, cdd953764088eca3f873a17925….png)


I didn't like BotW. The faggots defending it for "it's not an OoT" formula don't realize that while the open world and exploration is good, the no dungeons and copy pasted ganon bosses are extremely shit. Twilight Princess has the best bosses in the series, while /v/ hates Skyward Sword Koloktos is one of the best bosses in the series with a great boss theme along with Wind Waker's Molgera and Ganon. OOT, Twilight Princess, Windwaker and the gameboy games have some of the best dungeons in the series and these games have the best soundtracks.

The open world aspect seems like a good idea and I admire them for trying to break formula to be innovative, but BotW was bad as a Zelda game. Maybe the sequel will be actually good.

0d4b88  No.16590061


>Look at me, guys! I'm contrarian!

0d4b88  No.16590072


This guy gets it.

621960  No.16590154

File: bc6ccee003c188e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 43.99 KB, 500x534, 250:267, -when-someone-think-they-h….png)


It's actually many hours, you are lying. I remember the total time of all the shrine loading screen times being way over an hour, though it seems there was a recent update that improved loading times. You also ignored the rest of the argument so more molyjew for you as punishment.


Read again >>16589879


SEE FUCKING TIER, as in the comparison to that level of design laziness you cock nobbling fruit! Like Skyrim the designs are very copy paste and repetitive and it quickly gets boring exploring them. That IS THE ARGUMENT, and you are just ignoring it.

God I hate nintoddlers, totally unable to accept or comprehend criticism.


Exactly! I also have the hope that the next game could be good because BotW was a great demo or proof of concept. But things will never get better if people act like the faggots in this thread do.

027184  No.16590159


There are actual problems with BotW, but your criticisms are bullshit.

8c7117  No.16590172


>Showing both of them exploring together is very suggestive that they will both be the player character.

Yeah, that's what I hope, but for all we know that trailer scene could be from the opening cutscene. Link and Zelda go down under the castle to explore and investigate the cause of the Calamity, and then shit goes down kicking off the events of the sequel. Link could be captured or corrupted there.

027184  No.16590176


>SEE FUCKING TIER, as in the comparison to that level of design laziness you cock nobbling fruit! Like Skyrim the designs are very copy paste and repetitive and it quickly gets boring exploring them. That IS THE ARGUMENT, and you are just ignoring it.

The content is so sparse it doesn't even rise to the level of Skyrim's copy-paste bullshit. Skyrim had actual dungeons with a bunch of loot, traps, monsters, etc. Zelda fundamentally lacks that structure. Those kinds of things are just scattered through the world. Some of the settlements feel copypasted, but there are hardly any of those. The rest is more that it's just isolated assets/mechanics and no interaction between them. In skyrim you have a monster, a chest with loot, a trap, maybe an NPC. In BotW you might find one of those elements in a given area, except for a minority of shrines and overworld locations. Comparing the lack of content to Skyrim is too generous.

feed92  No.16590177



Nintendorks aside, at least they can improve upon the sequel. Reusing assets will at least give them time to add all the necessary shit that could have made BotW a good game. My only gripe is the shit weapon durability, they should either remove it or fix the mechanic next game.

027184  No.16590184


>weapon durability

I kind of hope they remove the weapon selection and just make the swordplay better. Stick Link with the Master Sword the whole time. It was the only weapon he used before he was frozen, and with Ganon gone it should be repaired, right?

621960  No.16590188

File: 6bd001eba6b4b24⋯.jpg (21.08 KB, 468x553, 468:553, not an argument cool editi….jpg)




It was the copy paste comparison I was making, I wasn't saying it was just like Skyrim. However your post just makes the whole situation look worse than I originally thought.

feed92  No.16590193


I wish he gets his green tunic in story rather than as an endgame extra. Though that's more of a personal preference.

027184  No.16590198


>your post just makes the whole situation look worse than I originally thought.

god damn dude maybe it's like you're not just arguing with nintoddlers or something

maybe the game sucks and your take on why was just weak

027184  No.16590204


I think it got put in as an extra item because they want to move away from some series mainstays like that. A co-op mainline 3D Zelda would be a big departure, maybe they're going to commit to going in a new direction and then circle back later to see what aspects to make a normal part of the series.

621960  No.16590208

File: 789eb049d578ec0⋯.jpg (152.17 KB, 500x478, 250:239, 5672465234.jpg)


>hours of loading screens, walking through empty backgrounds ala every open world game isn't a pretty strong take

>copy pasted shrines isn't a strong take

Yeah OK retard, I'll leave it at that.

feed92  No.16590214


I'd prefer it to be a mainstay. Though I can see Nintendo making a Zelda MMO one day and some anons choosing Gorons.

027184  No.16590487


I like the green tunic too. I think Aonuma or whoever just wants the "official" outfit to symbolize the departure from the formula.

>Though I can see Nintendo making a Zelda MMO one day

I didn't need this thought in my head.

105b77  No.16590488


Your arguments boil down to “nuh uh it’s bad” blow your fucking brains out faggot

621960  No.16590527


>Zelda MMO

MMOs are gay, prove me wrong.

8a87f8  No.16590555

File: ac33ac3dd84876d⋯.gif (336.15 KB, 540x540, 1:1, dance.gif)


>That IS THE ARGUMENT, and you are just ignoring it.

Because you are retarded. There is no argument to be had about whether I enjoyed the game or not. There is no argument to be had about whether you enjoyed the game or not. I enjoyed it, you didn't, deal with it. I'm not unable to accept criticism, I am just telling you to stop throwing a little temper tantrum over fucking nothing because ultimately nobody cares about what either of us thought about this game.

027184  No.16590566


Disappointed that Paya's butt cheek wasn't bonus endgame content tbh.

feed92  No.16590574


Paya is BotW's best girl.

027184  No.16590586

File: a5beb89f9ef214e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.24 KB, 1500x1807, 1500:1807, EU41z6a.jpg)

Not a lot of competition though.

621960  No.16590605


>b-but it's just your opinion who cares

>thread literally starts with the question "did you or did you not like it and why?"

>but who cares


Go back and fucking stay there where you can circle jerk without your feelings getting hurt.

8a87f8  No.16590731


Every single one of your posts is crying because I don't have the same opinion as you, you don't get to play the circlejerk card.

feed92  No.16590770


Her and Tetra are my favorite Zelda girls.

0d5dc3  No.16590782


>almost positive this sequel will have playable Zelda

>Ganondorf resurrects and grab Zelda in the trailer video

I'm almost positive that it's going to be a traditional save the Princess story.

0d5dc3  No.16590806


BoTW was way better then the boring and stale OOT formulator. I preferred the original two Zelda games over LTTP. The only think that makes games like LTTP great is the randomizer. Now if Nintendo was going to spice up the "classic" formula there are two ways to do it. One is randomizing the game a bit like is done with the SNES randomizer or making a Zelda Maker game and let players design dungeons and puzzles. But the "classic" design has sucked for years. The last good "classic" Zelda game was made by Capcom on GBC, and non of the 3D titles after Majora's Mask where good.

0d5dc3  No.16590809

>formulator (sp)


621960  No.16590820

File: 58664a0458c9bf4⋯.jpg (76.31 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, LinkZelda.jpg)


I do, because you clearly want an environment where no one ever tries to dispute your shitty opinions. Thanks for admitting you lost the argument, not that you ever made one!


Good, let it always be so for main series Zelda games. You ought to play as Link.

847ce9  No.16590839


Ah Laziness, the easiest explanation. Wonder what kinda outfits they're designing for Zelda

8a87f8  No.16590840


>Thanks for admitting you lost the argument, not that you ever made one!

Ok fair play to you, you got my to reply to your bait.

677da9  No.16590865

File: c8151629b30aae2⋯.jpg (664.38 KB, 1008x1545, 336:515, aj_styles_beats_down_the_g….jpg)

0d5dc3  No.16590887


>t. anon who is ironically intolerant of other peoples opinions while crying about hug-boxes

to be fair he's now wrong.

0d5dc3  No.16590890


fuck me

b941de  No.16591076


do you have that one webm where one of them could not figure out L33T?

621960  No.16591094



>implying that being intolerant of leddit-tier arguments is a want of a hugbox

>implying this is ironic or bait

Every single post you two faggots have made in this thread is shit.

feed92  No.16591151


>BoTW was way better then the boring and stale OOT formulator

I would have agreed with you if they added dungeons and unique bosses. I've explained here >>16590046

77dec0  No.16591229



There aren't that many just push them all, it's not that hard


It's really easy to get a surplus of keys even if you don't know what you're doing, not to mention you can buy them too which helps if you do get stuck

>Random bombable walls

Yeah that can be a pain, thankfully the map can sometimes help, although the trick with the eye means you can't always trust that either. Being able to carry so few bombs is really the problem, although them not dropping much also doesn't help.


>it's not a good Zelda game

If you're measuring the game by garbage like Link to the Past, then you're right it's nothing like that trash. BotW doesn't live up to the first game either, but at least it's not garbage for causuals.

621960  No.16591343

File: cb3a2483343aff6⋯.gif (1.16 MB, 625x626, 625:626, 1401257962802.gif)

feed92  No.16591371

File: eb32d4a418b9cfc⋯.png (600.49 KB, 1372x767, 1372:767, eb3.png)

b21942  No.16591421

File: 2fd3415cd356424⋯.jpg (256.43 KB, 533x800, 533:800, cdeff0bee82af22ea4f8f2252b….jpg)

File: 92b176937c49069⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1696x2285, 1696:2285, 0eeee7e7b9236d3f0ceee00381….png)

File: db55ec612a1cbec⋯.png (281.41 KB, 640x1000, 16:25, c7d8d8c74e0295d735f628fbee….png)

feed92  No.16591425


>old hag

b21942  No.16591432

File: 9a148f0b68bfd72⋯.jpg (17.3 KB, 480x362, 240:181, 9a148f0b68bfd724a349a4d8d4….jpg)


>he doesn't like lolibabas

bdca96  No.16591439

File: 11b97c398cc9f8d⋯.jpg (51.37 KB, 415x392, 415:392, 11b97c398cc9f8dd23d16cc84b….jpg)


>over 100 years old

>physically 6 years old

2db701  No.16591441


Reminder that Treehouse censored her plotline.

c6f6be  No.16591443


How so?

2db701  No.16591447


In her diary in the Japanese version she talks about how her old assistant started perving on her when she became young. It's omitted in the English version. They also changed the journal entries from 1st person (Link's perspective) to 3rd person.

c13411  No.16591449

File: d91231ddd4382e9⋯.png (48.18 KB, 216x178, 108:89, 7678e00c76391814f472b2e31d….png)


<over 100 years old

<physically 6 years old

>and 100% legal

Oh Nintendo you dirty dogs!

You knew what you were doing there.

2db701  No.16591458


Breath of the wild has plenty of fetish shit if you know where to look. They absolutely knew what they were doing.

b21942  No.16591462


Yup, that's why you should always play the Japanese version of games.

feed92  No.16591464


She is old. Go home grandma!

621960  No.16591475


>physically a child

>too old

Your dick shouldn't be able to tell the difference.

b21942  No.16591477


>They absolutely knew what they were doing.

Oh definitely, they literally gave her a randoseru, which is practically fetish material for lolicons.


313390  No.16591496


To be fair, her personality in-game is apparently just how she is and not due to her sudden youth, so she was probably a pretty fun old hag.

621960  No.16591501


Well she's a wise old hag who got the opportunity of a lifetime to become a cute girl again. So she can totally comprehend what she is doing, and has the loli body. It's a win-win really.

Bestiality should be illegal though.

77dec0  No.16591521



What are you talking about? I've said it before, Miyamoto has said it, Link to the Past was literally made for casuals. You talk about whatever garbage ruined your favorite franchise, LttP did that for Zelda.

621960  No.16591524

File: fc40ccfa3e39a72⋯.jpg (35.77 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 1413335367845-0.jpg)

77dec0  No.16591548


Explain to me in which ways Link to the Past was not a casualized version of the first game. I'll list out some very good reasons.

>Overworld is almost completely empty, even the town has less content than some parts of the original's wilderness

>Dungeons are designed to make you feel smart for solving a simple puzzle instead of actually requiring thought

>The game doesn't trust you to do dungeons out of order until you complete four of them, only to number them so casuals do them number order anyway

>Literal screen clearing powers for anybody who thinks combat is too hard for them

>Overly relying on story to make the player feel like they're doing something

What's your counter argument? That it's better than Skyward Sword? Because shit like LttP is the slippery slope that lead us there you fucking mongoloid.

2c0bac  No.16591576


Oh no don't make me hope on videogames again.

If BotW 2 ends up not actually being BotW but perfect I swear I'll make strong worded post on imageboards.

313390  No.16591595


>Zelda and Zelda II

>puzzles requiring thought

What timeline are you from?

77dec0  No.16591620


I'll say on a room to room basis the dungeons aren't amazing or anything, but I'm talking more on a whole game basis. I know it's a meme to shit on the old man hints, but they're actually helpful when the translators did their fucking job right. Even still most of them make sense most of the time. That's the puzzles I'm talking about.

621960  No.16591657


Don't reply to bait. Filter and move on.

313390  No.16591675


I'm more talking about the fact that, when the game had puzzles, they mostly amounted to "push the right block" or "use the item with the one type of thing it can be used on". Not being sure where to go isn't really a puzzle.

77dec0  No.16591701


I mean it's a semantics argument at this point, but I can agree that "use the item with the one type of thing it can be used on" isn't really a puzzle. Modern Zelda has a real problem with that, the Capcom games tried to instead make it about the dungeon space, but even that wasn't great. BotW had some decent puzzle ideas, but given that they had one puzzle repeated 4 times, then 100 different small puzzles that all gave you the same shit, BotW wasn't great either.

b45e8b  No.16591713


>waaaah ur just bein contrarian!!!!1

Not an argument.

b0f0c5  No.16592107


Was there an argument to begin with? There's no reasons stated as to why they're good.

b45e8b  No.16592159


My post amounted to

>this is how I would rank the Zelda games

and his response to my post was

>ur just being contrarian

If someone is making a claim against a subjective post (an opinion on which Zelda games are best), then they should support their claim or fuck off. Going

>hurr contrarian

is the type of shit redditors say when somone shits on their flavor-of-the-month topic.

08fa89  No.16592170

Anyone think BotW 2 will fix the lack of Dungeon Variety BotW had?

Because that's all they need to do to make a 10/10 tbh

027184  No.16592193


Lack of variety was a result of how much work went into the engine and making the world and mechanics work. That stuff is already all there, so they have nothing left to do but optimize for the switch and add content.

7bdc69  No.16592216


Let's just hope they actually put the same amount of work that went into the engine in the actual content now

621960  No.16592254


Needs actual living and large settlements, needs to seem partially rebuilt, more enemy variety for the love of god, and maybe rework the durability system a little bit. Could be good.

3b37af  No.16592399

File: c94e32693460f6e⋯.png (599.12 KB, 654x568, 327:284, c24ef4f1eca4d6074d50c78496….png)

I like Riju. Though Paya is my dream girl.

313390  No.16592413


Let me posit something. OoT laid the groundwork for what would be considered "3D Zelda". With MM, the team already had the engine, base mechanics, and many art assets already in place. With that, they ended up creating a denser, much more interesting world where nearly every npc had some kind of story to them. While I'm not sure well get "what BotW should have been", there's a good probability we'll at least end up with something much more interesting than BotW.

758733  No.16592497

File: 79b01dac03b7d63⋯.png (978.02 KB, 757x1900, 757:1900, boop.png)


Gerudos best girls

8ddd4b  No.16592551


I have a feeling that they're going to make a randomly generated dungeon under Hyrule castle that the player needs to keep returning to, presumably after finding something in the over world. Complete dungeons would be great, but what I really want are more monsters. Fighting Moblins, Bokoblins, and Lizalfos over and over and over again gets pretty old.

77dec0  No.16592582


Yeah, those enemies were way too common. It's not even like there's a bad set of enemies, but those three are heavily overused and only the Lizalfos are any sort of challenge. Bokoblins could supplement any enemy encounter easily as a little enemy you'd need to keep your eye on, instead of them being the bulk of an encounter with maybe a Moblin in charge. All the Octorock versions are alright but I'd rather see them reskinned into what they actually are. Another idea I'm stealing from MatthewMitosis would be making Wolfos from the existing wolves. Maybe for the dungeon enemies, take inspiration from Zelda 1's major dungeon enemies.

3b37af  No.16593085

They have to do an engine overhaul. Not a reconstruction, but reoptimize the engine for Switch hardware. The biggest thing holding Breath of the Wild back in my opinion is the Wii U. No more Wii U optimization means Monolith can tweak the software to run better on Switch. Xenoblade 2's development should open the door to Switch's hardware. Xenoblade and Zelda Skyward Sword used the same technology. Rendering techniques in both games are similar. Wouldn't surprise me if BotW and XC2 used the same engines despite mechanically being different genre of games.

857da4  No.16593405


I bought the game in japan but played with english subs (update)

b3865f  No.16593928

File: a272cbfbb595715⋯.jpg (271.61 KB, 954x649, 954:649, f880171c445259a373423dc91e….jpg)

File: e1f972b328b872e⋯.png (316.79 KB, 951x701, 951:701, ee16d95eccf46852e44db679c2….png)



027184  No.16598457


Enemies being samey wouldn't have been so bad if combat wasn't such a big focus in BotW. Some more monsters plus some more puzzles would be good.

62ac69  No.16600798

File: dcb74ff79594e77⋯.webm (15.96 MB, 1280x544, 40:17, coffee.webm)

This is all I could think about since the E3 trailer dropped so now it's yours.

8815ed  No.16603819



God I wish that were me

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