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File: 2e893845d528277⋯.jpg (177.86 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, D8rbMcVUcAYZhok.jpg)

032143  No.16573434



June Event Schedule

5/27 - 6/4: No Rain, No Rainbow

6/4 - 6/9: Proving Grounds

6/9 - 6/14: Rise of the Beasts

6/14 - 6/26: Code Geass collab

6/27 - 7/5: New Story event


1.Infinity - 692908

2.Kihou - 740471

3.Sky Lords - 733000

4.Raven Nest (Dead) - 1024216

5.Heaven&Hel - 933194

Guides and info


>How do I even play this shit?

You can play it from your browser by going to http://game.granbluefantasy.jp/

>I'm not going to use google botnet to play this.

You can use chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet or Iridium. If you don't like doing that, use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome.





970630  No.16574172

File: 584ec13da8a8b0a⋯.jpg (1018.41 KB, 1076x1399, 1076:1399, 20190610_135639.jpg)

Let's see those water grids. Still got a lot of work to do on mine.

>need to make an ultima staff

>need to farm more europa weapons

385ac0  No.16575166

File: 05b53677b0ed0bf⋯.png (739.64 KB, 632x820, 158:205, 2019.06.10-14.46.png)


I need to get around to 4* the Europa harps in my stash. Been too lazy lately.

1900c3  No.16575231

>this shit is on the front page again

Fuck off to


and stay there, subhuman faggots.

81f9f7  No.16575367

File: 7e21ebe735458c3⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, cag dab.png)

a6b6ad  No.16575662

File: 298f3431beaab39⋯.png (1.04 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190610-153246.png)

It's something I guess.

eb342c  No.16578428

File: f37113afb9f68e4⋯.jpg (126.32 KB, 487x701, 487:701, meat.jpg)

File: 1ff186c557ec55d⋯.jpg (126.07 KB, 473x823, 473:823, meat2.JPG)

File: ad31c7e2a10b295⋯.jpg (129.03 KB, 482x836, 241:418, staff.JPG)


>4 skills+bonito (so 3 more clicks)+attack for meat farming with 3 harps

It's not comfy but I don't want to farm more harps (at least for now)

>still need to make an omega staff for my meme staff grid but no more meteorites and don't want to do a train when it costs 5 bp

I'll wait until the end of the month and hope for half cost.

>also need to farm Astaroth for my lunatic broom and kaneshige but I guess I'll wait until just before guild war since that's when everybody is doing it

302461  No.16578661

File: 070a689fcaa8086⋯.jpeg (819.81 KB, 750x741, 250:247, 3D60F39B-BA70-4B7B-8D10-C….jpeg)


Lol I have literally nothing.

000000  No.16582391


Bumping this thread just for u xoxoxo

9c87ec  No.16584041

File: 6416439268d7032⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.92 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, a.png)

New Relink screenshot

Cags need to milk shota danchou for reagents

e128f9  No.16585054


Damn, someone still remembers this?

07bd6d  No.16586299

File: 6820b10deca3ae3⋯.jpg (374.64 KB, 1191x707, 1191:707, 6820b10deca3ae307817ccb1eb….jpg)


d2accd  No.16586314


>blind playthrough

>streaming a phone game


c04dde  No.16586398

New faggot player here(rank 37). I understand that I have to save up crystals and draw tickets for the end of the month to slightly increase my chance of getting an SSR character, but is there any advantage in using 10 individual draws(10 x 300 Crystals) or just go with the 10 draw(3000 Crystal)? It says that, if I do the 10 draw, I should have a guaranteed S-SSR character, but I did that once, and it only gave me a R character.

385ac0  No.16586400

File: 5fc7bf9bd4e6f12⋯.png (377.88 KB, 490x475, 98:95, d658facce49db7c1e0fe8b66e3….png)


It's so tiresome.

edadf3  No.16586407


lmao, watch yourselves guys, we have a tranny on board.

385ac0  No.16586437


Use the ten draw the rates are better. Gatcha is still gatcha so there might be times where you'll get nothing but since you're new you won't have to worry about dupes for a while.

c3019c  No.16586463


>I should have a guaranteed S-SSR character

It's a guaranteed SR-SSR item, this includes summons and characterless SR weapons

c04dde  No.16586479


>summons as well

Well I guess after 5 or so years of heavy grinding, I should have all of them, minus some exclusive timed-event characters.

c144dd  No.16586530


Someone could do the math, but basically the advantage of the 10 draw ticket is that it protects you from getting very unlucky. The chance to draw 10 R things in a row from single tickets is low but existent. If a 10 ticket has generated 9 R things the remaining one is forced to be SR/SSR.

4b68d4  No.16587995

File: 6e298acb2324c4e⋯.jpg (390.2 KB, 1076x761, 1076:761, 6e298acb2324c4ebe28b263ea4….jpg)


Summer Magisa soon, I've been calling it.

6a853c  No.16588121


>Krelkulkil was Rivalz

>Purple Knight was Diethard

Huh, wouldn't have guessed.

>Sakurai was also Mun-chan

wait what

fb7f5b  No.16589216

File: 47ff202de14db63⋯.png (411.96 KB, 514x479, 514:479, ClipboardImage.png)

About fucking time

2a334b  No.16589433


>Ferry finally appears in the story

>She even says herself she can't do jack shit to help


Is Katalina a fucking ASTRAL???

eb342c  No.16589755

File: 1adfd96f78813c4⋯.jpg (114.06 KB, 461x781, 461:781, zzz.jpg)

>got one of these blue bots in my rotb train

That fucker was going too fast, he must be cheating.

>finished with huanlong omega anima

>still needed 5 qilin omega

>both yesterday and today my host chest gives me a huanlong

Of fucking course. I now have 6 extra huanlong omega and still missing 19 normal qilin and tomorrow will be my last train and not fast enough to join the pubbed ones. Looks like I'll have to wait next rotb to finish the seraphic.


>translate ferry as ferry

>localize ferry-chan as am i seeing a ghost

6a853c  No.16589767

File: ccf1dca1496c346⋯.png (3.74 MB, 2553x1432, 2553:1432, katalina_super_winpose.png)


I have no idea how this is going to work. Also:



6c5eb5  No.16589872

File: 7679fb37100bb66⋯.png (857.36 KB, 591x750, 197:250, Water Excelsior that isn't….png)


I just want RotB to end so that people actually do Faa-san trains again instead of HuangDong and Killin' 24/7.

Should've saved the materials for the water staff before the wind spear, light sword and earth harp I guess. Now I have the quartz and no Faa-san blood.


Since she probably really is 24 years old and Vira has seen her as a younger girl my guess is When Grandad sent Ares to the shadowrealm half of her soul got reincarnated into Katalina or something

eb342c  No.16590071

File: 6c6242e392f9a75⋯.png (56.16 KB, 480x516, 40:43, 3050000000_newyear.png)

File: 527c3a624d42a4a⋯.png (27.79 KB, 480x516, 40:43, 3050001000_newyear.png)

File: ebdc90f19e65824⋯.png (104.37 KB, 480x516, 40:43, 3710001000.png)

File: 103f0ff39fa26a4⋯.png (118.97 KB, 480x516, 40:43, 3710002000_a.png)

File: 21e91daea894b86⋯.png (117.36 KB, 480x516, 40:43, 3710012000.png)

c8b2c9  No.16591685

File: 25084f249835e9c⋯.png (237.75 KB, 481x891, 481:891, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d77981c0d4cc2aa⋯.png (593.37 KB, 473x619, 473:619, ClipboardImage.png)



I pressed all my skills, but I can probably cut a few out.

eeecba  No.16593314

File: b7bcff9e5b802a5⋯.png (488.54 KB, 622x346, 311:173, 2019-06-13_10-25-10.png)


Magnafest tomorrow.

Free daily single draws

Standard stuff like the 1.5 times EXP/RP, daily crystals, campaign quest,etc.

Double pendant cap

Double journey drop effects

Double Arcanum tickets.

The campaign starts on the 14th and lasts until the 26th.

eb342c  No.16593397


It was about time.

6c5eb5  No.16593427


Expected since there's a collab.

There's always a magnafest during collabs.

eb342c  No.16594211

File: 932e6a314853010⋯.jpg (49.11 KB, 477x484, 477:484, Capture.JPG)

File: 45c6de5021cdaf8⋯.jpg (18.69 KB, 295x112, 295:112, zzz.JPG)

>no qilin omega in my host chest today either but I guess I can't complain this time

>still missing 6 qilin to finish my seraphic while having 80 extra huanlong

Well fuck, I'll finish that shit next time.

07bd6d  No.16594567


How long do those raids go?

4a7e9c  No.16594885


The raids go by fairly fast, the problem is farming the 8 seals it takes to join a train.

2a334b  No.16595383


8? As in each person in the group has to be able to host it 4 times each?

2a334b  No.16595388


Wait, nevermind, you meant 2 sets of the lesser beast seals. Brain fart, I thought you actually meant 8 Golden Beast Seals.

4a7e9c  No.16595641

File: c7bdadafcfc984d⋯.jpg (1020.87 KB, 1805x1781, 1805:1781, the last two.jpg)


Also, newfag, if you're enjoying the game and plan to stick around, I'm left with one "starter" account that has a ton of shit on it. It's Account 5, there's even more shit than the screenshot shows since it's kinda old.

I made these before Christmas 2017 to help a friend get into the game. Made 10 alts total and made them race against each other during the free 10 rolls and roulette periods. My friend only got as far as lvl 50 before quitting, the other accounts I gave away here, most of them are in Crew 2.

If you're interested, let me know.

edadf3  No.16595852


What rank is account 5?

Might ask a friend if he wants to play with it

a1b6b7  No.16595993

File: 0808bf254d9f211⋯.png (962.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ganymede_-_Ashford_Family.png)


Shitty Sunrise shows are evergreen.

6c5eb5  No.16596039

File: d1034efeb8d12d0⋯.jpg (55.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Featuring Ippatsu.jpg)

File: 51feaeaa6941587⋯.jpg (148.94 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, The biggest tits in the sk….jpg)

File: e9a748552caa621⋯.jpg (84.24 KB, 600x700, 6:7, The biggest draph tiddies ….jpg)

File: bad97792f87fa2e⋯.jpg (169.19 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, Runner-up for largest tits….jpg)

File: 2151abcd606d718⋯.jpg (119.63 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, Largest tits for a JK in t….jpg)




2a334b  No.16596061

I'm just about done with seal farming. How would I go about identifying co-op rooms for HuanglangQilin runs?

6c5eb5  No.16596068


You can't miss them. There's two kinds of coop rooms being hosted right now: 10 men Europa rooms and 30 men Killin' Huang Dongs

9a609b  No.16596071


It's a bunch of chinese symbols instead of japanese, no way to miss them

f20823  No.16596080


I was told to come here and tell you I want account 5 by a friend after I told them I'd be interested in trying this videogame.

f20823  No.16596085


email is SakiSecondary@gmail.com

2a334b  No.16596088



Well, that makes it easy. Thanks. Let's see how this goes for my first time.

bd773e  No.16596123

File: 12ed99d52f5376c⋯.png (288.1 KB, 476x881, 476:881, rotb.png)

Happy grinding everyone. Hope you all farmed your seals until next time.

2a334b  No.16596206


And the results:

1 Omega Huanglang Anima

9 H-anima

13 Q-anima

1 Huanglang Summon

1 Qilin Summon

I managed to consistently stay between 15-20th place, and this was with Strike Time. I guess I don't feel too bad about it for my first time. Tomorrow, I'll probably get two runs in during Strike Time, and this time it'll have the double JD boost to drop rate.

c04dde  No.16596233


While I do appreciate the offer, I would like to experience the gatcha hell for myself, plus >>16596080 already asked.

6c5eb5  No.16596236


The absolute mad lad.

Don't tell me you also didn't reroll.

fb7f5b  No.16596919

File: aa7ec175f01f7cf⋯.png (208.78 KB, 640x688, 40:43, ClipboardImage.png)


eb342c  No.16597001


Managed to clear the shop of chrome steel for the first time.


>two runs

You can only host it once a day, and since you can only farm a limited number of talismans each time, it may be difficult to get a train starting once the event is over.

c144dd  No.16597038

I completed the available story of the new Code Geass event and it's really making me want to re-watch Code Geass. Lelouch is such a great character.

Kallen and Suzaku are both SSR.

ff2920  No.16597064


Did you watch the new Lelouch of the Resurrection movie yet? Nyaa has a shitty camrip of it.

c144dd  No.16597092


I don't watch shitty camrips. It'll be only a few months until the movie becomes available in decent quality, right?

6a853c  No.16597103


I like how Lelouch had to tell everyone basically everything. So much drama in the anime was due to people not having the complete picture and getting caught in lies and tricks, so the fact that he could barely keep anything a secret here is both funny and really interesting. I'm especially fond of how they used the soundtrack, particularly during Lelouch and Suzaku's confrontation since it just kept reminding me of the ending of season 1.

c144dd  No.16597200


It's sad that all of them will inevitably get amnesia when they return home.

One thing this event really got right was how Gran & co. are willing to include suspicious people in the crew without anything resembling a proper vetting. One of the reasons the Tale of Intersecting Fates collaboration was so bad is that it made Katalina act hostile to a new character merely because she fell from the sky. When you think about it, the crew has quite a few characters that a sensible person would hesitate to include, but it all works out because Granblue is a very non-dark type of story.

fb7f5b  No.16597405

File: 63a0c06bcf2a500⋯.png (578.35 KB, 515x582, 515:582, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2a508e1d62c258a⋯.png (675.8 KB, 512x750, 256:375, ClipboardImage.png)

2/10 Oracles down

6c5eb5  No.16597563


>One thing this event really got right was how Gran & co. are willing to include suspicious people in the crew without anything resembling a proper vetting.


>2 out of 10 murderlords done Even though Catman is one of, if not the least evil/maladjusted oracle together with Just Tits

Pottery, absolutely pottery

fb7f5b  No.16597635

File: ac4b72c6e30e885⋯.png (56.96 KB, 516x406, 258:203, ClipboardImage.png)



>least evil


fb7f5b  No.16597648

File: 9043412ca27c2f4⋯.webm (13.31 MB, 360x500, 18:25, Judgement.webm)


Also this

6c5eb5  No.16597727


Well, he's competing with, from the top (and I probably will get this wrong since I've only read Moontato, half of slut's, stopping right before the flashback because of sephira stones and a most of Just Tits, so its mostly hearsay): Le Enfant Terrible that left a trail of corpses growing up, a literal serial killer that gets off on the sound of people dying, his little sister that is a psychopath willing to manipulate him to kill her enemies, the woman who was almost cucked to death, the killer priest, the crazy ass girl with a basement full of corpses, a hardline masochist, the slut who put Metera to shame, and the sleeping guy who I'm told murdered a bunch of people along the way.

So in the end I'm not saying he's not a murderlord, just that it's hard to compare to Lobelia.

a8f573  No.16597790

I'm only on my 4th FLB'd Dark opus weapons, and they're expensive as fuck. It's also nice that I can just auto the event without much issue.

2a4e0c  No.16598090


Just finished Stage 2 myself. I almost forgot how fun Code Geass was. Definitely gonna have to rewatch it.

c04dde  No.16598670


I didn't.

1b212c  No.16598974

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Best anime intro of all time. Change my mind.

c04dde  No.16599023

If I only had time to get the materials to fully uncap either C.C. or V.A.R.I.S. on which one should I spend waste my time on?

2a8e63  No.16599341


The event is a 2 parter, we're gonna get Maniac+ and EX+ in the second part which are going to drop even more mats, I seriously doubt time is an issue.

Also the summon is mostly for homescreen purpose and dark quartz and the gun isn't all that great.>>16599023

8ca0f4  No.16599356


Decide at the end of the event. You can get them as rare drops.

a40363  No.16599403


CC';s call is at least not bad for a beginner. 20% meter +CA up isn't Bonito level but it's decent.

49a838  No.16599620


go for draws and damas first, you'l likely get a couple flips along the way

a1f9e4  No.16599657

File: fc8de606df4df4f⋯.png (678 KB, 674x973, 674:973, nothing_wrong.png)


>it all works out because Granblue is a very non-dark type of story.

most of the time, yes

a40363  No.16599670


Nier is a good girl, she did nothing wrong.

be50a0  No.16599815

I'm gonna host an H&Q room in a little over half an hour for anyone who wants to join

be50a0  No.16600085


room up 20846c

c144dd  No.16600710


I just finished Stage 5. Lelouch is even better as a character than I remembered. One thing that has changed after 15 years is that I've grown up enough to notice how much the plot is a string of miracles one after another. Well, they're entertaining miracles. I have to keep watching.

I noticed that in the game Lelouch's third skill gives an enemy an Impending Miracle unique status effect. So audacious.


And that's a big reason for why Arcarum bleeding into Sky Realm from Guild Wars locations, as hinted in the Geo event with its intrusion of Arcarum-style gameplay and Arcarum monsters, would be a very bad thing.

I don't have any of the Arcarum characters, so I was thinking about the likes of Ayer. Then there are assassins, one of whom was sent to kill Danchou, people with dangerous magical curses, fallen angels, and so on. Drusilla is an actual non-combatant child, and apparently the rest of the crew still haven't noticed.

fb7f5b  No.16600834

File: f29a479af7b27da⋯.png (153.66 KB, 600x500, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)

58b452  No.16601390

How is GBF Versus?

2a334b  No.16601492


>I noticed that in the game Lelouch's third skill gives an enemy an Impending Miracle unique status effect.


f534e3  No.16601518


Keep hearing "slow neutral footsie gameplay", but have no idea what that means.

6a853c  No.16601613

File: 76f43552defb69e⋯.jpg (154.59 KB, 835x829, 835:829, __ferry_and_yuzuki_yukari_….jpg)



>slow neutral footsie gameplay

You see, typical anime fighters are about being the aggressor. You airdash up to your enemy, use long blockstrings to push your advantage, convert stray hits into long combos that put them straight into the corner, etc. But GBVS is more about playing a patient and careful game ("slow") where both players are on even ground ("neutral") and your attacks are pokes used to bait your opponent and punish their poor decisions ("footsies"). People have called this game "anime Street Fighter", though I haven't played enough Street Fighter to be the judge of that myself.

As for my personal impressions from the beta, it's different from what I'm used to since I play UNiB and BB and the like. Movement feels a bit restricted and the extremely short "any button x3 then special" combos isn't much of a reward, but the game got more and more fun over time. Since there isn't much fluff, you can just put all your focus on playing the neutral game, learning your opponent, and doing that read that shifts everything in your favor. It's pretty clearly made for newcomers to the genre, but it's a satisfying experience regardless of the level you play it at.

eeecba  No.16601772


>"anime Street Fighter"

The director of the game directly cited Street Fighter 2 as the main inspiration for the systems in Versus. The game plays between a hybrid of SF 2 and 5. Both have "slow neutral footsie gameplay" but 5 favors rushdown as a style of play over others. Of course, they also added mechanics from other franchises in as well like the SNK/KoF dodge roll, a point dodge, the GG Tension meter and a facsimile of Granblues own skill/cooldown mechanics.

>Movement feels a bit restricted

A common complaint and one I also agree with. I don't think they need to do something drastic like adding in an air-dash but removing the acceleration from ground-dashes or raising the normal walking speeds would be helpful, I feel.

>"any button x3 then special" combos

Allegedly, there are also link combos but even if they are present, they wouldn't be that impressive due to the combo limiter. From the beta, it seemed that corner combos were the only way to get huge damage. People seemed to also have a lot of trouble following up on far normals.

07bd6d  No.16601956


>Drusilla is an actual non-combatant child, and apparently the rest of the crew still haven't noticed

Cygames would have to remember her and when they do, they'll likely write them as having found out already and was humoring her.


I'd sooner compare it to 3D fighters than that trash heap.

f534e3  No.16602514

File: 380214a4b0393d0⋯.png (467.4 KB, 566x800, 283:400, big.png)

File: befb204d5e49ba0⋯.png (699.03 KB, 700x990, 70:99, fat.png)

File: fb92dad57ee7f41⋯.png (685.12 KB, 817x1169, 817:1169, draph.png)

File: 4d64b06fea0b72a⋯.jpg (475.09 KB, 1296x1728, 3:4, tats.jpg)


That helps some. They have translated the art style and attacks pretty well. Hope Aliza makes it it, doesn't look like they have a fire user or kicker so far.

be50a0  No.16602650

Another H&Q room 8C7FE0

b5c16d  No.16602656


>Excellent Sunrise shows are evergreen


c144dd  No.16603835


It's about more than just humoring her. Drusilla's parents can be assumed to be worried sick that their daughter vanished from her room without an explanation and searching for her all over their island, so the crew should at least check.

And then there's how Drusilla's skill fate requires her to have reached level 25 somehow, and that probably wasn't by eating cake.

fb7f5b  No.16604268

File: 257e4737bcbb4f0⋯.png (2.64 MB, 1500x1000, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

eeecba  No.16604384

File: 2a2f0b343ed0c9e⋯.jpg (227.96 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 2a2f0b343ed0c9e73829bc6537….jpg)


>Ardora celebrating Fathers day

885d3c  No.16604395


>Yae's dad is a nigger who ran off on her and her mom

>Ardora's dad is dead

>Yaia's dad is so sick he let some random skyfarer take his daughter on a wild ride

>any of them celebrating father's day

fb7f5b  No.16604413

File: 9349ede692dc587⋯.png (1.12 MB, 850x1200, 17:24, ClipboardImage.png)


>the only girl whose dad is with her in the story


like they forgot her 4th star

07bd6d  No.16604703


Them humoring her includes having sent someone to check with her parents.

>And then there's how Drusilla's skill fate requires her to have reached level 25 somehow




All the characters in that pic have one or both of their birth parents dead.

6c5eb5  No.16605237


>Katalina will become Katalina's Stand

>Monika becomes Lecia's stand

I can already see it happening.

Or it would happen, if Lecia was an actual character in the story.

RIP Lecia, Reinhardtzar and Cain have better chances of joining the crew than you.

c144dd  No.16605353


It's questionable whether playing along with her could be considered humoring her when her real problem is that she's too proud to admit that she's a small child and scared. Even after level 25 she doesn't become capable of even trying to hit a monster.


More likely she hung out at the back row of a party secretly hoping that the front row never got itself into any real trouble. That's what my Drusilla did, because I like to level up everyone for the sake of having everyone leveled up, and one time the front row got wiped out by I forget what and Drusilla ended up the last party member standing. It was a sorry sight. She doesn't have the theoretical capability of even defeating a level 1 wind rabbit alone, much less whatever she was actually facing.

6673e1  No.16605501

Gonna do another Huang and Quil room in about 5 hours

07bd6d  No.16605519


>her real problem is that she's too proud to admit that she's a small child and scared

No, her real problem is being too stupid to realize her bird is on her hat.

d392b0  No.16605535


Got any Kallen or CC lewds?

ad283d  No.16605567


>CC is only a summon

Artist bro must be weeping. He was hype for the collab too and prepared a perpetuity ring.

With some luck it will be like Karyl

6c5eb5  No.16605601


If you think about it C.C. is inside Gawain with Lelouch.

07bd6d  No.16605604


I barely watched any Code Geass and even I knew she wouldn't be a character; that all being said, she's in 2/4 of Lelouchs win animations and is his co pilot so he can easily delude himself into thinking of the ring has gone to her instead of Lelouch.

c144dd  No.16605660


Pride + stupidity, a deadly combination. However if she stopped pretending to be a harvin adult because of pride (and stupidity, but I think mostly pride), the crew could send her home to be kept safe in an age-appropriate manner while her brain cells develop some more.

07bd6d  No.16605824


Well it's not like she's the only child that doesn't attack; Yaia hurts enemies with cuteness and high cholesterol, Sara and Renie have protectors attacking for them and Ardora had her father, and Lilele just sings. You're just Drusillas protector and she can learn from the teachers you have on board (will help keep the homeschooling from socially fucking her up).

2a334b  No.16605830


She even has at least one Gawain victory pose. I know in the missions, I got a victory pose where Zero removes their helmet to reveal CC.

1fe711  No.16605940

Is it worthwhile to spend silver moons on the SSR weapons or should they be saved solely for damascus ingots?

9a609b  No.16605974


If you do get the SSR weapons you'll need damascus ingots to uncap them…so yeah…

6673e1  No.16606403


It's up B457A8

6a853c  No.16606823

File: a372652ad9dc12d⋯.jpg (185.66 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, DcliC7EUwAA8Xgz.jpg)

File: 5c7d5432e36ea59⋯.jpg (235.21 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, DcliDcSVMAUDH5-.jpg)


It's worth mentioning that Lecia actually has a stand in Rage of Bahamut– the Twilight Blade called Nano that can erase anything when wielded by someone who forged a contract with her. She even popped up in the last Shadowverse expansion, if anyone else here is still playing it. But considering how SSR Lecia's ougi is already called "Twilight Blade", they might not have any intention of bringing Nano in to GBF.

c144dd  No.16607154


In Drusilla's initial fate episode it is shown clearly that the crew only let her join because they thought she was a harvin adult, even remarking upon how it's hard to determine the age of a harvin, and her skill fate has no indications that this has changed.

>Lilele just sings

<"Massive water damage to a foe."

Multiple adult characters in the game attack with deadly music too.

Ardora isn't a playable character; her father is. Nene also has an NPC child with her. Renie is along those lines, except she actually appears on the field of combat with Wulf.

I think Sara (whose SSR version appears to have become a teenager) is most comparable to Petra the wind shaman, who was an R unit until she got the wind spirit in her staff with her SSR version. Not just anyone could control Graphos.

Meanwhile Drusilla has a passive skill called "I'm Scared…" and her unit can never deal damage to a monster, no matter what. Yet she can be taken into combat against whichever primal beast you feel like fighting.

07bd6d  No.16607942

File: d2f975fe47aaf3a⋯.png (694.7 KB, 640x640, 1:1, d2f975fe47aaf3aae619d12582….png)


They've retconned before



You're just Drusillas protector and any character with absolutely zero ability to cause damage is pretty much NPC.



My point was that none of them touch the enemy; there are others attacking for them.

c144dd  No.16608111


I think retconning Drusilla is wishful thinking, or at least my wishful thinking says so. The current Drusilla is memorable among the R cast. Becoming a generic protection target would devalue her literary quality and make her less interesting.

Drusilla's charge attack buffs the party at the cost of rupees, so it's not as if she's completely useless in a fight. She also has an EMP node to buff and heal the party on every turn, presumably for very low values that no one has bothered to grind for and enter to the wiki. Gamewith rates her 5.0.

But most of all, she takes up a slot in your party with her picture and sole name. Ardora can't appear on the roster at all, and Renie is part of "Wulf & Renie".

>touching the enemy

I don't have Lilele, but from what I've understood she somehow deals damage with her normal attacks and charge attacks. Aoidos and Elta, for example, don't touch the enemy either.

Sara is just a type of magic user.

aa13cc  No.16608128

>use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome

So the game doesn't need chrome to be able to run, just forces its users to because fuck it?

1fe711  No.16608264


It would be a legitimate excuse for making sure it isn't some niche browser causing issues a user might have. The more likely reason is the same as everything else that "needs" chrome, laziness and control.

07bd6d  No.16608292

File: 6bcd2734acf798a⋯.png (601.18 KB, 641x453, 641:453, Roulette_Salt.png)


I mean that as in tweaking a part of it away so they know or give Drusilla a couple of bodyguards.


She just sings and dances while her ougi is her singing and dancing on a stage. Aoidos is a screeching rocker; that shit can be deadly when blasted loud enough.


It's easier for them since Google has a phone built around it.

c144dd  No.16608400


Elta fights with an acoustic cello.

07bd6d  No.16608425

File: deba14aef39c30e⋯.jpg (225.22 KB, 625x574, 625:574, 1546238766155.jpg)


Elta's a whimpy soyfilled piece of shit that should have gotten thrown overboard midflight.

21e777  No.16608442


I remember getting both versions of him when I first started and I still feel the desire to toss them overboard.

6673e1  No.16608731


another H&Q room DC13FC

07bd6d  No.16609034

File: c05200549d0729c⋯.gif (33.02 KB, 320x360, 8:9, C.C. Pizza.gif)

File: f50cff13ccbaeaa⋯.gif (27.33 KB, 320x360, 8:9, Kallen Coat.gif)


I never touched his fates but I've done the sidestory with him.

56e34c  No.16609069

File: 78f103aa688a63c⋯.jpg (164.62 KB, 500x849, 500:849, 78f103aa688a63cab39f57d4d1….jpg)


Selfira is the female version of Elta and she is equally dull and boring but she's cute and her SSR has a great kit

eb342c  No.16609186

>get ubahahl down to 55% left before dying

>pub it

>come back one hour later

>they wiped at 38% left

20min I wasted for nothing. That's my second fail out of 7 pubbed raids where I let others do the hard part.

c04dde  No.16609685

I would like to know the approximate amount of crystals a high level player gets a month. As a new player I have a lot of story missions, sidequests and trophies that give me a steady source of crystals, but these will dry up quickly, or become increasingly harder to complete. am aware that you get about 450 crystals every 15 days if I log in daily, but that would mean that once every 3 months I could do a 10 draw. So how do you earn crystals, after the story missions, basic trophies, sidequests are done and there is no colab event like this one?

6c5eb5  No.16609701


Story events give you a regular influx of crystals every start of the month. Same goes semi-regularly for GW (Need a good crew and hard autism for the meatier crystal rewards) and RotB (requires you grind badges and clear Proud+ for max rewards).

There's another 300 (600 if you spend your fried shrimp) crystals a month from premium friday.

If you consider the tickets as being 300 crystals you get about 2700 crystals for logging every day of a month. A lot more during magnafest since that's 200 crystals a day.

There's also free gibs during streams and clear rewards when sidestories are added.

There's also new main story every month for an added 100 crystals, and every once in a while they add a new free quest.

And then there's Fate Episodes, the gift that keeps on giving.

Overall I'd say you can expect at least 20 draws on a bad month, up to about 50 if there's a GW (depends on your performance), new side story (about 6 draws) and a stream (20 or more draws).

9f9db3  No.16609724


regular ol' events…there is usually only a day or two between. also random gibs from anniversary's etc. grind your token draws intelligently and complete all special quests, raids, and trophies.

tbh I am still at ch 82 of the main story, have a bunch of side quests left, and haven't even done a side story yet. lvl 169 w/ 369 characters and a full spark saved after approx 3 yrs of casual-ish play.

don't laugh at me

3a7936  No.16611768

I was under the impression that stage 5 of the CG collab wouldn’t be unlocked until June 19th 5pm (JST), but according to >>16600710 stage 5 is already playable. I’ve finished up to 4.5 and the next stage isn’t available. Am I missing something here?

07bd6d  No.16612544

File: b50ec4e5ebaec85⋯.png (103.21 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3991414000.png)


He mistook 4.5 as 5.

fb7f5b  No.16613030

File: b01acb789ad22fa⋯.png (702.54 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Suprise ticket tonight with special suprise artwork

54a7ba  No.16613213


Enough to spark twice a year.

fb7f5b  No.16613253

File: efa3e63bae52aa0⋯.png (132.67 KB, 488x233, 488:233, ClipboardImage.png)


but I've already saved 3 sparks so far this year…

fb7f5b  No.16613550

File: 67a4b089d14814f⋯.png (904.04 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 77e375ec71e6900⋯.png (834.45 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

>They actually made a Gisla-chan

f534e3  No.16613774

File: b31d302a542bcc9⋯.png (184.18 KB, 960x800, 6:5, spear.png)


Well, if it isn't a little brown girl. A little messy, but nothing that can't be fixed by a nice bath and Korwa. In the story they say Kolulu talks funny. Any know what dialect she's using?

7390cd  No.16613807


S. Grea still not available yet right?

eb342c  No.16613935

File: b41a3d2d057fa3b⋯.jpg (49.89 KB, 474x548, 237:274, 1.JPG)

File: 580e54335fab6ac⋯.jpg (22.26 KB, 866x90, 433:45, 2.JPG)

File: ae2b43686543815⋯.jpg (16.87 KB, 813x75, 271:25, 3.JPG)

File: c3ada03193e67f0⋯.jpg (17.75 KB, 586x84, 293:42, 4.JPG)


I'm no expert but I think it's the first time I see it too. She ends her sentence with mousu and gonsu which internet tells me is archaic version of the polite form (so she says arimousu when someone like Charlotta says arimasu). So it's to indicate she is very polite and comes from a very old time. Or something.

7a7812  No.16614117

Crimson Fingers waifu next?

744aa1  No.16614245

I want to have unprotected sex with Nunnally

39fa62  No.16614387


Damn, now I want to try drawing even though I know I should be saving so I can spark Kumbhira before the year ends and she is unavailable for a while. Being a newfag with few crystals is suffering.

c04dde  No.16614402

File: a87ddeab6820949⋯.png (1.1 MB, 632x836, 158:209, Koruru.PNG)


Well I got one of them, by using one of my 10, single draw tickets. Don't know how good she is, nor who is she.

6c5eb5  No.16614413


>Alicia takes the Crimson Fingers out of the family armory and joins her daughter and the crew for whatever reason.

Make it happen cygames.


>Don't know how good she is, nor who is she.

A literal nobody memed into existence solely by Gran/Lancelot's VA's love of Gislas.

c04dde  No.16614418


Aren't all characters literally nobodies, when they first appear in the game?

6c5eb5  No.16614438


Well, I think there's two valid ways you can interpret Kolulu "being a literal nobody":

1 - This is the first version of Kolulu, and she wasn't showcased during an event, like, say, Vaseraga and Zeta in Footprints on Sacred Ground or Chat Noir, Barawa and Saria during the casino heist events. Many other characters suffer from this, but not all.

2 - Many characters of the crew are royalty, knights, beings fabricated to serve as weapons of war, former mercenaries or whatnot. I haven't read her fate episode preview but Kolulu seems to be a poor kid that got her hands on Ono Yuuki's favorite waifu.

6c5eb5  No.16614442


Ono Yuuki's favorite spear/waifu/pendant/dakimakura.

fb7f5b  No.16614985

File: 464835f35a9d167⋯.png (626.07 KB, 759x697, 759:697, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f0e5f3cbab15fe1⋯.png (297.46 KB, 587x485, 587:485, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ab31a68225c6fa6⋯.png (322.2 KB, 589x545, 589:545, ClipboardImage.png)


>A literal nobody memed into existence solely by Gran/Lancelot's VA's love of Gislas.

Gran is a simple man. He sees Gisla, he opens his wallet.

07bd6d  No.16615589

File: 5590322b558710d⋯.png (539.61 KB, 592x883, 592:883, D4Bpu6EVUAAV3Z7.png)


Pretty sure she had a comfy life with how well she talks. I need to get on doing her skill fate.

39fa62  No.16615833

Between Narumaya and Amira who have you gotten the most use out of?

07bd6d  No.16615859

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I did her skill fate and was honestly surprised at what she actually was.


She's a scavenger that lived on a trash island with 3rd world slum quality of life.

54a7ba  No.16616219


Narmaya, obviously.

fb7f5b  No.16616563

File: 768e5583bc08724⋯.png (774 KB, 850x600, 17:12, ClipboardImage.png)


Naru. She has a 70% echo that she can maintain permanently. Just think about having a character who does the attacks of two characters on autos. On top of that she has OD assassin.

She's also just cute and best fake nee-san.

Amira's kit is weird and outdated. Her light damage isn't worth shit when you're up against off element damage reduction during events like GW. Her data buff has been powercrept by Kumbhira, and she's cuter too. Spending your whole charge bar to gain 30% attack and 100% DA isn't worth it when you look at how powercrept CA damage is

6e04b5  No.16616666

File: a6fc5a3b75500ec⋯.jpg (61.57 KB, 500x360, 25:18, a883b6d682c414b410972ab6d4….jpg)


Good luck in earning Onii-chan's approval first.

54a7ba  No.16618371


If she's happy, he's happy too, the bestest of cucks!

8ca0f4  No.16619204


It's almost like you have no idea what Amira's skills do and are just guessing based on watching a youtube video or something. This assessment is so ass-backwards that I can't even tell if it's real.

The more power-crept CA is the better Amira is. Does any light attacker CA more than her? I doubt it. And the whole team CAs more when she's on it.

fb7f5b  No.16619224


I have her. She's bad.

6c5eb5  No.16619269


The main issue with Amira is that her kit is terribly outdated. It's not bad per se, but it just isn't as impressive as it once was, mostly due to how there are much better ways to get DATA if you want to auto, her ougi effect is pretty mediocre, both the extra damage capped at extremely low 300k and the 1-turn skill CD cut (First skill is the only one that really benefits, second skill isn't really that helpful most of the time and third skill just doesn't work since you need to wait for her to transform back and that's on a 10 turn cooldown, 10 turn duration anyway), her Charge Bar gain up is the same as the Kaneshige's ougi if you want that, her charge bar drain only gives her ougi damage up, not cap, and ultimately her super form isn't really that impressive nowadays: I mean, guaranteed DA, 30% unique mod (when light can't hit cap is a thing of the past), mediocre dark echoes, it's all well and good but there are so many others who do so much more, like, say, light boxtato and her echoes or new Jeanne who can give everyone a stamina modifier and finally got her other version's ougi (and a sword prof).

Basically, Amira isn't bad, she's just outclassed by pretty much every other light 5*, four of which share sword proficiencies with each other (and some of Light's best attackers like Charlotta or Lucio).

6c5eb5  No.16620617


1048ed  No.16622512

File: f6f45b16d602b64⋯.jpg (44.9 KB, 480x678, 80:113, leechers.jpg)

8877d0  No.16622529

>>16616666 (mega Satan quads checked)

I’ll tell him that his anime was rated “gayer than Boku no Pico” by Anon.

fb7f5b  No.16623709

File: f36deb1e19eb48c⋯.png (817.16 KB, 850x551, 850:551, ClipboardImage.png)

Guess who's voicing the next (summer) event preview?

a1f9e4  No.16623762

File: 075a08920804fd9⋯.png (39.66 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



7390cd  No.16624199


Where did you get that from?

6c5eb5  No.16624201


Now that Sandals is Flip Flops I wonder if we'll still get swimsuit eternals this year.

I can barely contain myself for the end of august.

6c5eb5  No.16624203


Just listen to the Story banner in the main screen. Even if you're not well versed in seyuus you can clearly hear they say Izu and Azu.

a1f9e4  No.16624308


Nio swimsuit? I'll pay for that

f534e3  No.16624446


Didn't they get sacked?

18c927  No.16624458

File: 82df389615b31b1⋯.jpg (126.29 KB, 752x1062, 376:531, D0vQlIAU4AIVMBL.jpg)


They sudoku'd. Cag and Raphael resurrected them as the merged sack that was their bodies and since then the no-longer-Archangels have probably been exploring the underground astral laboratory that Cag and Gabriel found during 000.

eb342c  No.16624850

File: 478541959a19700⋯.jpg (50.62 KB, 470x381, 470:381, Capture.JPG)

>free draw finally gives me something

>it's a dupe Charlotta

Oh well, still better than yet another R.

c450f3  No.16625983

what's a good recommendation for a first grid weapon? i'm at rank 30 or so and I want to work towards a long-term goal

6c5eb5  No.16625993


Just do your daily omegas, keep colossus canes, tiamat guns and fists, Leviathan daggers, Yggdrasil swords (staves are also ok), Luminiera harps and guns (and absolutely keep swords if you happen to get one) and Celeste claws or axes. 5 or 6 should be good enough. Put in the elemental seraphic, a bahamut nova weapon from What Makes The Sky Blue sidestory, a couple EX ATK weapons from the proper element from the sidestories and you should be pretty good.

c82b32  No.16626059


You can use this as a reference sheet for the standard early grid building:


9d050a  No.16626118


>more fagshit

Oh joy

3f91f7  No.16626213

File: 9cf183d3c175aa3⋯.gif (256.28 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 132141431513.gif)


>The new Supreme Primarch is ready to heat things up.

>More Sandy

Please no.

63f5a9  No.16626485


Got anything for primals and late game omegas? Kinda having a troubling time figuring out what to do with my water primal grid.

f534e3  No.16626514


Granblue is now a homo VN. Otaku didn't spend enough, fujo are in drivers seat.

6c5eb5  No.16626518


For Europa grid 2 Harps, 2 Staves, and the omega Faa-san staff is probably your best bet as long as you have enough staff characters to form a team (which can be boosted by an Atma staff too). Thankfully both Arcarum characters have a staff proficiency so you would only need to draw one staff character after finally leaving point Bellator.

As for primal water, well, it boils down to how many Drang gold moons you have really.

fb7f5b  No.16627386

File: 8c4c912d9bcd96f⋯.png (253.25 KB, 578x325, 578:325, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d3b3b62ca1bb916⋯.png (253.51 KB, 580x326, 290:163, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 87f3d5a6558c3e1⋯.png (177.3 KB, 579x324, 193:108, ClipboardImage.png)

18c927  No.16627489



It's a redditshit resource, but it gives general informations while leaving open slots for personal testing and preferences, it's probably the best weapon guide around.

2ad0fa  No.16628102

For all the shit people give this gatchashit. I want to say thanks for telling people about Slimjet since i was using Chrome out of pure lazyness and because it just werks. Since Slimjet is Chrome without the flaws and i did not know it existed before i saw this thread, so i want to say thanks for that at least.

21e777  No.16628305


I guess it's time to finally work into making those Fimbulrs I need.

I bet the damage will be nice as I run Kengo with the Second Years, Drang and Europa.

07bd6d  No.16628328

File: db0c90aabdb054f⋯.jpg (249.42 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, D9d1eY2U0AAFDsb.jpg)

fb7f5b  No.16629988

File: 9b0c6faf88b56d5⋯.png (357.21 KB, 603x589, 603:589, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4e82a38983c7a38⋯.png (435.3 KB, 603x642, 201:214, ClipboardImage.png)

Siero must be stopped. She's soloing (attempting to?) UBaha HL now, the hardest trophy in the game.

d2accd  No.16630074

File: 852087954e55d0e⋯.gif (63.95 KB, 644x602, 46:43, Sprite-gumshoe.gif)


>solo baha impossible

Jesus christ

18c927  No.16630254


Can't beat the power of money, hitler

c3515d  No.16630879



laughing yurius and monkey.gif

6c5eb5  No.16630925

File: 3178295332df26d⋯.png (250.34 KB, 480x400, 6:5, Tentacle Lord of Debuffs a….png)



9d050a  No.16631371


The audience is still mostly male by a massive margin and the female character merc has always outsold the male based merc reminder that Naru's daki outsold in mere minutes. Its more like they are going fag overload to expand their market. I also suspect kmr is into fagshit because it was never this bad under hrt.

fb7f5b  No.16631503

File: 153eae1d3cb56fa⋯.png (828.07 KB, 595x682, 595:682, ClipboardImage.png)

Cute lineup for the next event

18c927  No.16631549


Playable Summer Hal&Mal as a dual-element character is going to crash the servers harder than Jeanne ever could.

As for Az and Is… I'm really disappointed to see they couldn't fix them and just slapped a giant stuffed dolphin on top of their rotting bodies.

07bd6d  No.16632080

File: 8b7c97d253a3865⋯.jpg (337.71 KB, 1188x658, 594:329, e5915325fe92230c76892b9652….jpg)


>I'm really disappointed

That's all? Instead of fixing them, Cygames turns Hal&Mal into furbait and you're only disappointed?!!

9d050a  No.16632403


Looks like my crystals are safe.

6c5eb5  No.16632425


>Cygames turns Halluel and Malluel into furbait

You mean Azrael and Israfel, right? Otherwise I'm going to have to ask what are you going on about?

21e777  No.16632514


I want to add two more angels inside Hal and Mal's wombs.

07bd6d  No.16632591

File: ee7a514dea21e39⋯.png (1.33 MB, 850x1228, 425:614, ee7a514dea21e39ab5713f853a….png)


Yeah, mistake; I blame the rage.

f534e3  No.16632624

File: d390fa993513426⋯.png (4.34 MB, 1852x2676, 463:669, jannu stare.png)


>happy summertime fun with sacked abomination

07bd6d  No.16633706

File: b3a177071f8985f⋯.png (190.23 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 3991351000.png)

File: 9317fe0406d8bb5⋯.png (215.94 KB, 960x800, 6:5, 3991351000_01.png)


I'd rather have the sack.

e1f732  No.16633729

File: 82c2be979a80582⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 209.91 KB, 600x785, 120:157, 53244806_p3.jpg)


A whole new meaning to dolphin rape.

fb7f5b  No.16633835

File: 1847535838bd1b5⋯.png (370.03 KB, 504x792, 7:11, ClipboardImage.png)

She'll never reach it

fb7f5b  No.16634829

File: c85d6ea8b3df17c⋯.png (1.09 MB, 758x1000, 379:500, ClipboardImage.png)

21e777  No.16635218


I hope they're not a Summon.

eb342c  No.16635663

File: 166694126ba5e41⋯.jpg (54.65 KB, 473x570, 473:570, Capture.JPG)

>finally got tiamat malice to drop a weapon after 93 times

Not that I'd use either in my grids but still, the drop rate is really shit.

a8f573  No.16636349

So are the raids currently kinda fucked for anyone else?

eb342c  No.16636405

I thought on the last day, the code geass crew would go back to their world but they are really staying there.


I don't see any problem.

6c5eb5  No.16636426


Only those prepared to get stuck in the sky realm should fire energy beams at people standing on teleporters.

2a334b  No.16636680


And then said weapon needs 100 Tiamalice anima to uncap, right? How many of those have you gotten in your 93 runs?

eb342c  No.16636973

File: efd1c3f065d6872⋯.jpg (10.76 KB, 84x104, 21:26, Capture.JPG)


122 in 100runs.

4c1181  No.16640429


I imagine a trail of mysterious suicides where the common element is the Grandcypher visiting the particular island at the time. Nobody will probably piece that together unless it becomes a plot point in a later collaboration event.

Anyway, I was thinking about power levels. A knightmare can defeat a main battle tank easily. In GBF the knightmare units are comparable in battle power to the other SSR units and weaker than some, including several of the purely human units. Mid-tier GBF monsters are shown to be the equivalent of kaijus as far as the Code Geass world is concerned, but it works out because the heroes are strong enough to deal with that. That should bring some perspective.

So I can see Lelouch, being an intelligent person, volunteering to learn magic from Suframare especially if he plans on ever returning to his old world.

2a334b  No.16640583


And thus, they happily spend the rest of their days selling cat-shaped pizza in the skies.

fb7f5b  No.16640610

File: 236d5c9180cdd1c⋯.png (441.61 KB, 524x536, 131:134, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8b0d520f6978441⋯.png (356.24 KB, 730x1022, 5:7, ClipboardImage.png)

Full length Angels and a new cutie

21e777  No.16640824


Those pair of hips need a child each.

2a334b  No.16641647

File: a5310827ac7f014⋯.jpg (468.12 KB, 486x684, 27:38, Lucio.jpg)

07bd6d  No.16641817

File: 027ff00953dc019⋯.gif (652.25 KB, 691x528, 691:528, 582d426c658485f5d753efd144….gif)

American dub has hit Granblue; please for the love of god let there be a switch when it goes full blown…PLEASE!!!

d94b09  No.16641828


If the dub features the same tired old unskilled ugly fucking """voice""" """actors"""" we've seen a million times before, I'm quitting granblue forever

2a334b  No.16641831


They're just paying homage to American movies. That's the only reason I can think of.

21e777  No.16641885


Considering this event's heavily inspired by Jaws and shitty movies like Sharknado I'm not sure why are people so shocked.

Especially when The Tower and Sagittarius use English.

2aef0b  No.16641896


you thought your gachashit was safe?


all is lost

2a334b  No.16641904

File: b6783b2d50ec07e⋯.jpg (490.14 KB, 473x680, 473:680, Sharksinasky.jpg)


And I'm sure the localization of said event spared no expense in going a lot farther in making references than the Japanese did.

07bd6d  No.16641997

File: 407e1b94ea73bed⋯.png (215.77 KB, 461x564, 461:564, D4I0W9qUcAAEeAt.png)



Because when shit like this happens with games, the company tends to be using it as a trial.

>The Tower and Sagittarius



I knew it was coming after what they did to Shadowverse GBF characters but I didn't think it'd happen before they made a Steam version for the game to lure the leftover normies, retards, and lazy folk that really wanna play the game.

4bb832  No.16642095


Wow what a piece of shit

f534e3  No.16642983

File: 0c80aa57becc3f7⋯.jpg (187.37 KB, 1024x1107, 1024:1107, tired and shark.jpg)

File: e42e4c4bea79274⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1484x1854, 742:927, hug.png)

>stuffed shark weapon

fb7f5b  No.16643023

File: 376cea694845293⋯.png (76.34 KB, 640x1070, 64:107, treasureraid083_Halluel_06.png)

File: e5574ed816495eb⋯.png (106.52 KB, 640x1070, 64:107, treasureraid083_Malluel_04.png)

File: 6326d904ded07d6⋯.png (582.2 KB, 512x600, 64:75, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6a725adbf5a813c⋯.png (605.05 KB, 510x605, 102:121, Language.png)

Hal and Mal best lewd angels

4b68d4  No.16644573

File: c40e799c64efc49⋯.jpg (23.47 KB, 265x292, 265:292, 1436386892027.jpg)


What is it about summer that sends these faggot localizers into spastic fits?

df133e  No.16645656



Makes me think of a sandal dinosaur

9eed92  No.16646283

4a7e9c  No.16646285

File: 1b9c4acb1266e51⋯.png (358.34 KB, 465x683, 465:683, 2040333000.png)


But what about this?

fb7f5b  No.16646286

File: 02935bf0f9e808d⋯.png (114.82 KB, 280x160, 7:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6359fa66813a044⋯.png (109.21 KB, 280x160, 7:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7a9dbc2aa3cc9a5⋯.png (121.45 KB, 280x160, 7:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 48ad75220749cea⋯.png (111.36 KB, 280x160, 7:4, ClipboardImage.png)


Saved the clicks

fb7f5b  No.16646523

File: 6ff530b65a973cf⋯.png (1.86 MB, 630x2760, 21:92, ClipboardImage.png)

This one finally got translated in the last update

4bb832  No.16646639


>directly linking unreleased in-game assets

don't click on these, your account will be flagged


>summer hal & mal

this hurts

21e777  No.16646685


We all know they were coming. The big surprise is Summer Yggdrasil.

4a7e9c  No.16646867

File: 6aaa540bc0525bc⋯.png (711.1 KB, 720x600, 6:5, 3040223000_02.png)


fce271  No.16648439

File: d2de54e94f4790f⋯.jpg (107.02 KB, 748x1199, 68:109, 7c7f91303005d782513e3c83da….jpg)


this is why the other crews don't like you

7cf352  No.16648705

File: 78e9afdb3fbe074⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 1123x1500, 1123:1500, 73632765_p0.png)

File: 3ef2667322ce69d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 1123x1500, 1123:1500, 73632765_p1.png)


Magnificent taste.

298c4d  No.16648762


which crew?

07bd6d  No.16648830

File: 059ff2a26dcb476⋯.jpg (24.66 KB, 624x474, 104:79, 059ff2a26dcb476a76a9607aee….jpg)

9d050a  No.16652522


>American dub has hit Granblue

What, are they adding a dub voices to the game? or is this about verses?

21e777  No.16652529


The Versus demo had Japanese voices only.

3f91f7  No.16652554


Too bad Summer Ygg is a summon though.

4b68d4  No.16652562

File: 8e66344669b14b3⋯.png (672.9 KB, 553x811, 553:811, wew.png)

Not my yuri angels, but I'll take it.

6c5eb5  No.16652591

File: c935a4fd7470729⋯.png (647.66 KB, 600x748, 150:187, Summer Twins.png)


I got your Yuri angels right here buddy. And Alec to round up my 5* Fire SRs

07bd6d  No.16652622

File: 4ed47ddd0d36db9⋯.jpg (110.14 KB, 756x919, 756:919, D9LSmNiVAAIFSlq.jpg)


I think people expect the Japanese with English subs out of Arksys fighters.


>Monkey butt

Damn you to hell.

6c5eb5  No.16652641

File: b7a816974bbfee4⋯.png (243.96 KB, 512x259, 512:259, 11 people what the fuck is….png)

Can any other element field 10+ characters in the same party?

Guaranteed DA sounded like a good idea and then I remembered I had the maids and I just could not not do it

21e777  No.16652647


I hope that team synergizes with Precure in a way they can get all 3 Miracle Lights.

6c5eb5  No.16652658


You can use the Levin Sister's fourth skill for one stack, Hal & Mal's second skill for another one and the Levin Sister's linked heal skill or Cross Guard for the last one.

21e777  No.16652666


Then this team oddly works.

And if the Muse Second Years are Light then you have an even more crowded party.

eb342c  No.16653263

File: 61cc9e9d55a6302⋯.jpg (104.23 KB, 476x880, 119:220, Capture.JPG)

>trying to save a spark for monkey but blowing it up in random rolls every time

>finally get serious


>monkey is back (even if not on rateup) and want Pholia too (but don't care about any of the new units)

>decide to roll until I get a ssr (but I say that every time and then spend everything)

>thanksfully first ten rolls is a rainbow crystal

>see there are two rainbows!

>it's 2 new units!!

>fuck, it's Juliet&Rosetta

>back to 223/300

And once again I'm now debating about whether stopping here or pushing my luck.

2a334b  No.16653356

File: 0893ca4d03d3b6b⋯.jpg (503.01 KB, 478x699, 478:699, michael.jpg)

You know, finally getting to 120, I didn't think goddamn elemental quartz would be the real bane of my progression.

6c5eb5  No.16653458


>I didn't think goddamn elemental quartz would be the real bane of my progression.

Didn't your crewmembers tell you that selfies were good for you?

And you haven't seen nothing yet, wait until you get to Faa-san and his 800 quartz weapons or having to uncap 3 Magna 2 weapons in your grids with 10 omega animas each

8facf0  No.16653477


>chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet

Oh, just to let you know slimjet is botnet as well


2a334b  No.16653524



Believe me, I've already bought the base forms of two of those. And then those have the uncaps which take quartz and M2 Omega anima. If it's not the quartz, it's the anima, and getting most of the anima requires quartz just to convert it.

4e7dac  No.16653754

File: b8e8f34c73fd5cd⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1670x2130, 167:213, Hollowsky 6:30:19.jpg)

Hollowsky chart updated, meant to do it when Lelouch was added but figured it was close enough to another character release to wait.

63f5a9  No.16654213


Do more rolls and post results.

eb8526  No.16654894

File: 33bb701e507857f⋯.png (635.27 KB, 436x1017, 436:1017, ClipboardImage.png)

This thing is never going to get an FLB, is it?

21e777  No.16654908



Even if it did it'd be shit.

6c5eb5  No.16655123

File: 17eb1eab460c48e⋯.png (120.9 KB, 960x800, 6:5, Will this be the return of….png)

Fight Club confirmed.

fb7f5b  No.16655742

File: b7ea9693e27e30c⋯.png (566.3 KB, 600x572, 150:143, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 32df1464000fe10⋯.png (78.15 KB, 550x424, 275:212, ClipboardImage.png)

Since, it wasn't posted; news


Next Fenrir and Cerb will be the last rerun. It's going to become a special quest like the other showdowns after that. Another Fimbul and Cerb order will be added too.

Rise of the Beasts on the 12th. Another proposal ring will be added, as well as 4 new magna weapons.

The side story this month will be five flowers of fate, which will include a bonus chapter.

The Zues/Hades fight in GW will now give prestige pendants. It'll also have 40% of its original HP from the 2nd clear onward. It also drops more tokens.

KMR will steal your shekels during GW. No daily rupies from friend summons to reduce server lag.

No more seed crews from the 50th GW onward (this is the 46th).

Ayer 5* and Europa weapon 4*

S.Percival, S.Jessica and S.Tanya will be getting S.ex poses.

Summer stream on the 3rd of August which will have next month's news (nothing on the 1st).

eeecba  No.16655812



Cool, he could use it. I wonder if he'll get something that will disrupt his Oracle synergy like Guts, a self-heal, etc.

>New RotB weapons

I hope that they're good enough to be used as the magna mod in "normal" grids. They probably won't come with a 5* which'll hurt their viability quite a bit. As long as they're not a second wave of Fangstaves and Lyrewings, I'll be happy.

21e777  No.16656028


Anything they do to Ayer will be considered a buff. It's no secret he has one of the worst skill sets for an SSR.

6c5eb5  No.16656054


I wouldn't say he has one of the worst skill sets. The thing about Ayer is that, before Magna 2, he was your best bet to hit cap and overcap because his first skill singlehandedly carried the whole character, with the ougi effect as an added bonus.

That's a thing of the past however, so in the end he has one outdated skill (since stamina is all the rage now, instead of enmity), one skill that actively hampers you that nobody used even back then and a third skill that is very underwhelming and pretty useless in most normal situations, but at least it doesn't actually screw you over. So rather than one of the worst skill sets, it's just that his saving grace got overshadowed by the new ways to hit a bunch. It doesn't make it any worse, just unimpressive.

How to save Ayer: double his echoes, add bonus damage on ougi and call it a day. I guarantee you he'll have a renaissance

add790  No.16656097

I did a spark, but when I was finished with the draws I didn't know who to pick, so I picked Andira based on power level. I started regretting it almost immediately. I should have picked a character I liked.

Well, at least the spark had some good draws in it, including Hal & Mal and Godsworn Alexiel.

c82b32  No.16656121


This is why you should always have a backup or double backup when sparking. Also, when in doubt, pick for your dick, not e-sports.

add790  No.16656157


To be frank, I didn't even have any real spark target, only a pile of draws, a banner with nice characters I'd be happy to get unlike the previous two galas, and a character roster already heavy with older summer characters from free draws and the anniversary Lucifer spark.

4e7dac  No.16656207

File: f16013e101cc8ef⋯.jpg (64.32 KB, 777x1180, 777:1180, rosamia_granblue_fantasy_d….jpg)

File: 68361dc9f70ba9d⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1350x1900, 27:38, rosamia_granblue_fantasy_d….png)

File: 962a44e60e46d98⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1000x1650, 20:33, rosamia_granblue_fantasy_d….png)


Ayer used to be top-tier and is still pretty good when you have a boss locked down, and still has some niche use with getting Oracles in quickly. At the very least he doesn't actively work against every grid in his element.

10a0db  No.16656224

File: 70b11a1a9e769e6⋯.png (897.09 KB, 638x886, 319:443, MonkeyH&Q.png)

File: 6a623a4a5131bfd⋯.png (415.97 KB, 630x887, 630:887, Monkey H&Q2.png)


Monkey is pretty good but you need to get her to 100 to be crazy strong. She's pretty much the only reason I was able to clear the solo H&Q fight.

a28469  No.16656691

>80 draws

>1 SSR

Rate-up is a lie.

279049  No.16656852

File: 929d445643904b7⋯.png (19.47 KB, 259x589, 259:589, spark list.PNG)

File: ec7537ab764e615⋯.png (474.54 KB, 475x446, 475:446, partner.PNG)



>No target

>Not having a Main target, secondary targets as well as a full wishlist to keep track of who you get.

Also Monkey is fantastic and you'll learn to love her.

21e777  No.16656876


I was expecting you to go for the angels right away.

279049  No.16656943

File: 94091041666eb20⋯.webm (7.28 MB, 530x298, 265:149, Granblue.webm)


As good as the Angels look, I've got so many light characters I don't know what to do with them, in the meantime, Water is still suffering and could really use Europa. The list might change until the 15th of August based on who else gets a new summer version, but I'm fairly sure I want to go for Europa while praying to the RNG gods to get some Summer Limiteds in the process.

Should everything fail, there's the Anni Tix next March.

21e777  No.16656961


I plan on using that ticket on the angels. My Water's good now that I use the Second Years, Drang and Europa so I can tank anything Fire throws at me and heal off the damage.

add790  No.16656975


Based on your list it looks you're actually not that different from me, except more organized and able to pick a favorite actually on the current gacha.

I originally started playing meaning to eventually spark Lucio, but I still don't have him. Spark #1 went for Lucifer instead, and this current spark didn't have Lucio available (which I knew in advance, but sparked anyway for more non-summer units). So I had to pick one of the several other non-Flash things I wanted.

I do hope Andira grows on me. I think I was subconsciously comparing her to Kumbhira as a character. There is also how Andira ended up in the wind team backline for now because before level 45 all of her skills are defensive.

6c5eb5  No.16656986


August Flashfest is probably your best bet. This month will probably have old summer characters, with new ones coming out during early august legfest and flashfest, with all of them being available one last time for the end of august legfest.

I'm actually a bit surprised Hal & Mal and Flip Flops came out this month instead of next month.

1048ed  No.16657282

whats the fastest way to get tokens for the first 10 boxes? auto extreme or spam raids?

fb7f5b  No.16657308


set up an ougi team. During strike time start a VH raid, hit attack, refresh. Repeat for an hour. You'll get 2 boxes done in that strike time.

07bd6d  No.16657656

File: d93010bac5fdb44⋯.jpg (86.11 KB, 680x680, 1:1, D9pVL2iVUAEVLFE.jpg)


Ralph makes everything ten times better.

3f3a3d  No.16659167

File: a653bd0e9648b42⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 2866x4063, 2866:4063, Artbooks Cover 033.jpg)

Scan-Anon from the Share Thread. Do you guys know if anyone is scanning the GB Graphic Archive V and Extra Works at the moment? I was thinking of a new artbook to scan and noticed no one has uploaded this yet.

ca1dbb  No.16659173

File: 9bd433eda1e2687⋯.jpeg (954.67 KB, 2234x1498, 1117:749, DAA99C01-14F7-46CD-AF2A-8….jpeg)


>scan anon is a gachanigger

3f3a3d  No.16659207

File: ecec96983dceb6e⋯.png (2.2 MB, 1396x2156, 349:539, 75269366_p0.png)


That's silly anon. You don't need to consume the source material to enjoy the artist's art and the fan art centered around it. If anything, I mainly play fighting games and sometimes RPGs with a side of VNs.

eeecba  No.16659341


I did actually talk to someone who said he was gonna scan Extra Works. I'll check up on him to see if he's still going trough with it.

3f3a3d  No.16659486


Thanks anon. The artbook is massive so I don't want to start on it unless I know no one will do it.

2a334b  No.16659982


Wow. I just tried this out. That's definitely an effective means of getting through them. Though the way I've been burning through AP ever since reaching 120 a little while ago, I do wonder how soon it'll be before I can't do this.

fb7f5b  No.16660723

File: 6f926e569cab4fc⋯.png (506.04 KB, 513x623, 513:623, ClipboardImage.png)

>Catching up on water character fate episodes

>Suddenly a topless tanlines cutie in Cailana's fate episode

279049  No.16661006

File: b2895c0c40e9750⋯.png (239.37 KB, 527x624, 527:624, ClipboardImage.png)

Coming soon: The Mark of Shame

21e777  No.16661164


Erunes are fucking sluts. Were they created by Belial or something?

f534e3  No.16661229

File: 8d102f5d6e19cb0⋯.jpg (272.21 KB, 900x1350, 2:3, ears sex.jpg)

File: ab3be665b20f284⋯.jpg (184.17 KB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, sex ears.jpg)

File: 623c7d3811eb6a1⋯.jpg (301.38 KB, 629x911, 629:911, sexy ears.jpg)

File: f055ac23726d6eb⋯.jpg (437.15 KB, 1750x2400, 35:48, ears of sex.jpg)

File: 9fb7aeed11ccf8e⋯.png (99.08 KB, 640x688, 40:43, sex abd ears.png)


There's a reason the Astrals used erunes as mostly concubines during their rule.

d5d33c  No.16661232

File: 917963b308759bf⋯.gif (23.76 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 407342076389359617.gif)

wtf come back to gbfg discord rayearth!!!!

07bd6d  No.16661445

File: 3ff96c86162deb5⋯.jpg (23.48 KB, 347x299, 347:299, aa296e309051a1623396e43a9e….jpg)



290199  No.16661705


I think they may descend from Fenrir.

fb7f5b  No.16662647

File: 79faa2b75c6d41e⋯.png (12.41 KB, 181x45, 181:45, ClipboardImage.png)


9fa17c  No.16662722


Do you know what thread your posting in? What did you expect?

07bd6d  No.16662746

File: 01eae6d395dd361⋯.jpg (69.57 KB, 600x437, 600:437, d6b50c021cb82163bc9a44e8cf….jpg)


At least a grain of self respect.

a1f9e4  No.16662754



The Astrals lost the war because they were too busy fucking erunes

fb7f5b  No.16666148

File: 7a7ec2abaa92445⋯.png (5.29 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

65e309  No.16666191

File: 76f6cec78c8fe46⋯.jpg (149.12 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D-qY5t9VAAEme7a.jpg)

File: dfdcfb1cfc571b3⋯.jpg (184.16 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, D-qyd86UYAA1PWO.jpg)

File: d9f84d847c93712⋯.jpg (169.59 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D-qh6DvU0AEymp1.jpg)

d31663  No.16666205

File: 8b006e1b77da46f⋯.jpeg (183.58 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 8b006e1b77da46fdc7a239f52….jpeg)

File: b424b76fb28fb1c⋯.jpg (901.05 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, b424b76fb28fb1c6867586fb9a….jpg)

File: 5138eec59e67771⋯.png (2.86 MB, 1500x2400, 5:8, 5138eec59e677712aae59586ee….png)

File: b5d302207fb1915⋯.jpg (247.27 KB, 1195x1826, 1195:1826, b8af2ffa7c11086d27c5835435….jpg)


>being gay

Erunes and potatoes are the only reason this game was worth playing in the first place.

Both are breeding material.



I heard this a bunch of times, but was it ever stated in the game?

6c5eb5  No.16666224


>I heard this a bunch of times, but was it ever stated in the game?

Anon, I'm afraid you might just be gullible

The only mention of an astral getting it on with a skydweller is Loki's brother shagging the Queen of Erste and having Orchis, which would be Human x Astral.

d31663  No.16666230


I never played past chapter 54 or so, so I didn't know whether to believe it or not.

16b847  No.16666257


>Erunes and Potatos

>No mention of Draphs

Draphs need more love.

d7a9a9  No.16666259


I see two fucked up faced Asians and an obese white lady

07bd6d  No.16666313

File: 63815a23392f5d2⋯.webm (1.34 MB, 640x272, 40:17, [incoherent_laugher].webm)


>I heard this a bunch of times, but was it ever stated in the game?

The easiest way to find out a question like that is to think back and try to remember ever seeing a ton of hentai of Astrals being fucked into retreat or just realize that anything on Google and Apples shops would never have anything like that in them without being SJW approved.

fb7f5b  No.16666345

File: 905257371606447⋯.png (3.81 MB, 1152x2048, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2de7e71229958fa⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1024x1820, 256:455, ClipboardImage.png)


The Danua was at least cute and had the right size tits for it

413589  No.16666458


dat vampy

4bb832  No.16666835

File: e0faf34a9085762⋯.png (11.72 KB, 171x49, 171:49, gold moon.PNG)


Having the magic number isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I'm using the ticket the moment best doggo is added to the gacha

298c4d  No.16666855


So you're never gonna use it then.

fb7f5b  No.16666858


It's come at a perfect time for me with summer just starting. I have a spark saved, and with the ticket its like having a second ready. I'll spark first to see who I get and then use the ticket

07bd6d  No.16666900

File: 160c7a34fc45ce1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 436.78 KB, 620x876, 155:219, D54oGLBUcAEfPGp.png)



Seems like a waste to use it on something that is obtainable from the gacha.

fb7f5b  No.16666914


Since summer characters are only around for a couple of months per year and then are unobtainable, I'd say they're an alright choice. visa-chan and phone-chan don't interest me (plus I already have their gacha versions), and I already have orchestra draph tits

07bd6d  No.16666990

File: db2d5fc0a626b1e⋯.jpg (140.65 KB, 1000x1100, 10:11, D9lux-cUYAEZO5b.jpg)


But you never know who will be stuck to a DVD or even the Games in the future.

eeecba  No.16667326


Well, sorry that took a while. He is still interested in scanning it but his order has been delayed so he won't even be able to start until August/September. Considering his work ethic and response time, I wouldn't hold out to much hope.

fb7f5b  No.16667344

File: 1c25efc6479b85b⋯.png (2.42 MB, 2048x1448, 256:181, ClipboardImage.png)

65e309  No.16667824


This, I'd wait for the games to come out first before thinking to use the Sierotix.

07bd6d  No.16668410


I'd also suggest waiting since Kolulu makes me think they're planning something for the Vintage weapons.

fb7f5b  No.16669458

File: 04090fcffb26420⋯.png (855.63 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Next banner is summer characters with a sneak peak at Jessica's new ex art

f534e3  No.16670253

File: fabd175529a764e⋯.jpg (160.6 KB, 938x749, 134:107, sunflower.jpg)


One of these things is not like the others, one of these things keeps getting sexier. Most of the time it's a bad thing when a loli grows, but for Io, her story SR art wasn't that hot at all. But since her story art update gave her a small bust she's really come into her own as sexy as hell. Can only wish for a summer loli this year.

Vampy would be nice.

298c4d  No.16670400


Your wish is granted, it's summer cagliostro.

4b68d4  No.16670430

File: c2184ebd8d63960⋯.png (508.8 KB, 755x976, 755:976, cf769a95f395532547ca7addb7….png)


>EX pose


I only just got that.

f534e3  No.16670530

File: db6b27c8c8bbd7b⋯.jpg (98.87 KB, 640x800, 4:5, haggiest.jpg)


Don't believe it. Betting on Magisa and another fujo bait.

4bb832  No.16670598

File: 5616328c01225c8⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1036x1449, 148:207, __fenrir_granblue_fantasy_….png)


It'll happen. It has to happen.



Has there ever been a good SSR character that came attached to a game/bluray/service? Visa-chan and Linksmate Medusa are terrible compared to their gacha versions, bluray Katalina isn't very good at all, and the RoB characters seem very mediocre.

Besides, aren't we all planning on buying the new games anyway?

eeecba  No.16670678


>Has there ever been a good SSR character that came attached to a game/bluray/service?

Not really and I'm fairly certain that is deliberate on Cygames's part. They probably want to avoid the controversy of having a 10/10 SSR attached to a 100 dollar box-set.

Some of the current promo characters have niche uses. Certain parties can take advantage of Ninas dragon form decently well but she's still underwhelming, Rita is pretty good Evoker fodder for wind, Dark Kat is better than other Katalinas if you're still using Vira in your dark teams and Charioce has a big ougi but that's about it.

>Besides, aren't we all planning on buying the new games anyway?

For me it depends on when the release dates for Versus fall. If the PC release is less than 4-6 months apart than I'm more than likely holding off until then I'd rather not pay for online and not even use my preferred controls. Re;Link might be more likely but I want to see more gameplay and I'll more than likely wait until initial reviews come out especially if there's no time sensitive incentive (i.e.: Cross-promo event, particularly enticing pre-order bonus, etc.)

298c4d  No.16670790


Next thing you know, Fenrir gets killed in the main story trying to protect Loki.

07bd6d  No.16670893

File: 44c29b8506e4b5e⋯.jpg (193.45 KB, 1325x1000, 53:40, D-FkWxkVUAA6ca1.jpg)


No but since when did quality dictate who was your waifu? I would also like to add the next season of the anime to the list of reasons why the Siero ticket should be put off.

>aren't we all planning on buying the new games anyway

Not until I find out if they're shit or not.

65e309  No.16670977

File: 2a2baafe6fe84ed⋯.png (382.61 KB, 479x395, 479:395, ClipboardImage.png)

Someone's getting raped

fb7f5b  No.16672470

File: cd0edb0071aef31⋯.png (9.96 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Alternate Kumbhira designs from the granblue panel.

some stuff from the panel:

KMR's favourite characters are Tweyen, Jeanne, zoi and karyl. KMR likes tweyen for her para and zoi cause she's OP, so he's not a true waifufag. FKHR's favourite characters are Nicholas, Yngwie, Lucius and Juri (He must be responsible for the fujo shit).

There will be more Oracle stuff in the future (so likely 5*s).

07bd6d  No.16672475

File: f248fbe8075f8df⋯.png (713.37 KB, 710x1001, 710:1001, 73860278_p0.png)


Then why was Medusa chosen to be damned to a phone card?

42f2e6  No.16672478

File: b31c0ff4d94d258⋯.jpg (66.81 KB, 600x919, 600:919, b31c0ff4d94d258a68eabd2273….jpg)


>we could have gotten a hot MILF or a pear-shaped draph

>instead we got a fake gyaru with a boring personality

I need more thigh damnit.

fb7f5b  No.16672479


Because HRT chose her?

4bb832  No.16672495


I like the current Kumbhira, but I'm a little sad we didn't get the giant hammer girl version.

07bd6d  No.16672502

File: de2cf1c4df4bb69⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 72479561_p1.jpg)


She'd need to have babies to fall under that category. I can agree on the need of more pears.


That's the guy! I only remembered the HR so I thought it might have been the second guy you said.

5a0f8f  No.16672505


*hips ass and thighs.


>she needs babies

I can make this happen

fb7f5b  No.16673286

File: 422af5e0e953063⋯.png (2.55 MB, 1500x1013, 1500:1013, ClipboardImage.png)


65e309  No.16673364

File: 0324cb2fbbe4313⋯.png (1.49 MB, 921x851, 921:851, ClipboardImage.png)


How the fuck did this not make the cut?

This is instant spark materiel and another Light Axe character to go with Vira

10a0db  No.16673383


Pretty sure Kumbhira has axe proficiency as well.

3baf1d  No.16673393


She's wielding Kumbhira's character weapon and her design has a lot in common with the published Kumbhira.


She does.

54a7ba  No.16674191

File: 0f66492f8a5c681⋯.png (457.54 KB, 669x536, 669:536, ClipboardImage.png)






07bd6d  No.16674446


The moon shit doesn't make any sense.

3f91f7  No.16674451


>Bottom left corner never ever

Even though I never got Kumbhira, I still feel cheated. Hopefully the Mouse zodiac makes up for the loss.

428b9c  No.16674534

Can someone post the picture about Grubble Christmnas gibs compared to FGO?

I need to provoke some people.

07bd6d  No.16674568

File: 174eed1a52b0432⋯.jpg (260 KB, 2048x1034, 1024:517, 2018 Holiday Gibmes.jpg)


Trying to poke fun at a FGO friend?

21e777  No.16674668

>Get 4th Fimbul

>They just keep getting more expensive to the point I might go insane

Are the axes worth doing?

07bd6d  No.16674683

File: 3d59935c91cd759⋯.mp4 (15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, GBFRoulette2018.mp4)


All signs point to no.

21e777  No.16674693


I can't wait to farm like 150 Omega Fenrir Animas for the second goddamn Fimbul.

07bd6d  No.16674742

File: f61bdef93309a2d⋯.jpg (208.7 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 64638951_p52.jpg)


I'm still one bow off from the FLB of the first one and I'm about ready to quit.

3f91f7  No.16674762

File: 30eb7a1ed52994b⋯.png (187.59 KB, 500x445, 100:89, mushrooms.png)


>That hard jab at FEH

That was splendid. Can't wait for this year's roulette.

21e777  No.16674774


And FEH keeps getting worse.

07bd6d  No.16674794

File: 9e6d3d04f23caed⋯.webm (5.52 MB, 800x450, 16:9, The Tranny Wars.webm)



Nintendos mobileshit was a blatant cashgrab to make investors happy from the beginning; they all deserve what they got.

69dedd  No.16674881

File: b3b29b862f277db⋯.png (57.35 KB, 371x170, 371:170, fimbulget.PNG)

well that shaves 70 cuffs off the grind

e5a8a2  No.16674914

File: ce8750e22a60c94⋯.jpg (9.82 KB, 192x245, 192:245, 1322531485272.jpg)




Yo, I know nothing about mobile games, but am interested in Pokémon Masters and it's by the same devs that made FEH.

What is so bad about FEH?

21e777  No.16674943


>FEH has Pokemon's Nature system. Good job pulling that attacker. Too bad he has -ATK, therefore losing between 3 to 4 Attack points compared to their neutral ATK counterpart. Either pull another who is +ATK or another one in general to combine and fix them.

>Most characters require getting X or Y skill or weapon from someone else to be good so you also do the gacha for units just to make the one you like stronger.

>When they add new modes they end up ruining them by making them more tedious or introducing characters with skills that only work in those modes or heroes that perform best in those modes.

>If you want your character to be at their best you need to fuse 10 copies of them to the one that you're using.

>Too many Limited/Seasonal units. Did you know picnics and hot springs are reason enough to have Limited units?

>Powercreep is blatantly obvious.

e5a8a2  No.16674970


Dang, this looks grim.

5d5078  No.16674992


>Gacha Pokémon/Trainers with natures that decide if they're good or bad and you can't breed or capture/release them

>Turning pokémon/trainers into TMs to teach moves to better pokémon

The one thing I don't see translating very well is seasonal units, but evil finds a way.

11c981  No.16675015


It doesn't look like the trainers are "units" that you can get multiple of and "evolve" into stronger variants.

And turning people into TMs seems more absurd than having prof. Oak dressed as Santa with Delibird or something like that.

I can only hope it's a just a simple waifu collecting sim with the only kikery being the usual idling paywall the other pokémon mobile games have.

07bd6d  No.16675018

File: 001d9188cd418fe⋯.webm (324.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Get_out!.webm)


>Pokémon Masters

Get a laptop or a Switch and buy the Digimon games.

11c981  No.16675033

File: 83e28ed5b1d2620⋯.png (354.18 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>cybersleuthand and survival coming soon to PC

I'm already doing that, too. But Masters seem like too good a opportunity to interact with cute pokégirls to let it slide.

07bd6d  No.16675049

File: c0c992658e1115b⋯.jpg (58.5 KB, 577x537, 577:537, cdcf57df6dfa149a55531750d2….jpg)


Mainline isn't even a good excuse to bother with Pokemon for the females; there's no way in hell a company who has done nothing but put out crappy cashgrabs is gonna do any better and to make matters worse, it's gonna have a god awful dub.

c04dde  No.16676423

I was wondering, do any of you use bots for grinding? Are they just bitcoin miners, or easily detectable and result in a permanent ban? While I do enjoy the game, the grinding is a bit too much, especially when I use the same tactics over and over, and a simple ai could do the same thing as me.

5d5078  No.16676466


There are a few bots but nowadays you'd be hard pressed to find anyone willing to use them.

>Permanent Ban

Worse, you get the mark of shame and become a pariah that can't coop or join raids by ID. At least not being able to get honors in GW can be a little bit liberating, if you need to get away from this place.

c04dde  No.16676472


>you'd be hard pressed to find anyone willing to use them.

Why is that, because of the risk, because most players are already rank 200+ because they have been conditioned to grind?

5d5078  No.16676481


>Worse, you get the mark of shame and become a pariah that can't coop or join raids by ID.

If you get caught your game is neutered just hard enough you basically can't do anything with other people but is still playable enough you don't have grounds for a refund

fb7f5b  No.16680832

File: 19a64f08dffcc21⋯.png (862.59 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Tanya's new S.ex pose

eb8526  No.16680898

File: 04f42163b7165b5⋯.png (96.05 KB, 454x169, 454:169, ClipboardImage.png)


Don't forget to FLB once you get your four copies :^)

Three was a mistake.

fb7f5b  No.16684232

File: 2734a5bde4cef3e⋯.png (33.7 KB, 413x240, 413:240, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a2b014fcdfcbc0d⋯.png (34.47 KB, 415x259, 415:259, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 37ba38d7bf6092c⋯.png (32.57 KB, 411x261, 137:87, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a36059ddc18ff66⋯.png (33.17 KB, 413x243, 413:243, ClipboardImage.png)

Rotb weapon details are out

>fire got a europa harp

>water got an ecke sach

>earth got an avatar gun

>wind doesn't need anything, but they got a Ygg stick with DA anyway

eeecba  No.16684251

File: a16c56e4f10e037⋯.png (20.39 KB, 537x192, 179:64, 2019-07-11_14-49-32.png)


The wind harp is probably the best MH for harp teams if you don't want to spend a bunch of resources on a Ullikummi. There's no mention what the trade-in limit for these weapons is or if there is one at all.

I assume >pic related is also a typo.

eeecba  No.16684256


Nevermind that MH stuff I said. I forgot that wind already has two harps with DATA ougis.

2e507a  No.16685355


>water got an ecke sach

If it's just the skills, I can't give a damn. The only reason I'm even looking at Ancient Ecke Sachs right now is for HP that might help going against Tiamat Malice.

fb7f5b  No.16686844

File: 9f75109ac7fd1a6⋯.png (63.65 KB, 488x123, 488:123, ClipboardImage.png)

Well that's rotb finished

2e507a  No.16686940


What's the uncap cost?

fb7f5b  No.16686999


It's a seal, 20 weapons stones, and something else that isn't worth anything

2e507a  No.16687020


So basically the same as the previous celestials? Not too bad, though I'm hoarding seals for H&Q right now. But if there's a Proud fight I have a chance at, it's Zhuque, so if I can beat that, that extra seal might get me to buy the Summer gun at least, and that's if I can clear the shop of seals.

428b9c  No.16687609


how is Zhuque the proud you have a chance at?

He's the hardest of the 4 regular prouds due to stupid multi-element multi-hit triggers

2e507a  No.16688041


Oh, I was just assuming because Water has gotten to be my strongest. Well then, guess I could be wrong.

2e507a  No.16688177


Nope, wasn't wrong. My Kengo setup (which I just put together YESTERDAY) took it down fast. Now I can definitely see where you were going with the multi-element stuff, that did hurt a lot towards the end.

428b9c  No.16688216


if your water isn't outfighting your other elements in earth raods the other prouds should be way easier to do.

Go for it and farm all those tasty seals

2e507a  No.16688245


As in, take them on with my Waterlord team?

I know I don't need to do that for Earth, because my Wind team is just as solid. Earth team is decent, it's just my Fire team that's really lacking a solid foundation.

428b9c  No.16689813


no as in the fact that if your team is somewhat decent and you make sure you know the triggers Baihu and Xuanwu should be much easier than Zhuque, Qinglong might be a bit more difficult than those two so might need a few tries for that.

2e507a  No.16690159


Baihu was goddamn easy, but then, my wind team is nearly just as powerful as my water team.

I actually tried Xuanwu once, but got wiped out at about 8%. I'm thinking I may need to go Spartan to Phalanx the trigger moves that I can (Usually go Chrysaor), because those wrecked me hard.

e084da  No.16690210

File: 2b1a9c2d1083cc1⋯.png (931.25 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190713-082912.png)

Don't know if I should be upset that there wasn't a gold brick added or not.

2e507a  No.16691257

Xuanwu down. Didn't even go get the new spear for this (its CA is better for this than Last Sahrivar's), just going Spartan instead of Chrysaor and taking down the other heads first made it enough for me to handle. Who knows, maybe doing the same with my Fire team will get me through Qinglong.

2e507a  No.16691367

File: 64b21d9e40090f7⋯.png (498.72 KB, 479x615, 479:615, ProudQing.png)


Well. That's one hell of a first attempt. 4/4 Proud.

f1e295  No.16691419


That's good and all mate, but are you sure you're going to be OK fighting Huang Dong and Killin'?

2e507a  No.16691429


Oh hell no. No question about it, I'm not ready.

000000  No.16691440

Seek Jesus, grobblers

a8f573  No.16691540


Proud+ kinda sucks because of Huanglong's consistent ougis when at 10%.

ec06e4  No.16691595

File: c24bbcd9f8674bd⋯.png (659.38 KB, 637x900, 637:900, 54121872_p0.png)


If you have light DLF you can cheese it by managing your ougis to time up with that attack.

032143  No.16692068

New thread


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