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a5be5a  No.16583067

A thread to discuss all Warhammer (Fantasy, 40K, and even Age of Smegmar) games. Lets start with the new hot thing: Vermintide 2 will finally get a Versus mode!

>Vermintide 2 - Versus is a new player vs player game mode for Warhammer: Vermintide 2. It will be 4 vs 4 gameplay, and you will be able to play as dark pact characters from both the Skaven and Chaos, as well as the Heroes of Ubersreik. Take turns playing on the hero or the dark pact side.

736b42  No.16583397

Is Vermintide confirmed free of spyware? I might snag it in the summer sale.

b26ea7  No.16583408

File: 60141239f69aa5c⋯.webm (223.03 KB, 612x528, 51:44, Upyoursnigger.webm)


0c618d  No.16583436

File: 49f3b5cc3be9978⋯.mp4 (9.58 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Bardin songbook.mp4)

Glad to know vermintide is still going.

bdce03  No.16583449

>vermintide versus

Ive been hoping for this, but I wonder if the eshin rat is still going to be dropped by a single lazy potshot even on legend when player controlled.

God combo will be packmaster dragging people into gas clouds assuming the packmaster can't get gassed himself.

3d2ca3  No.16583468


>packmaster can't get gassed himself.

I'm not sure if they can, but I'm sure they didn't.

2522f0  No.16583469

So they copy pasted a feature from the old l4d2 game on to vermin again?

Cool I guess. But without dedicated servers its gonna be a horrible mess of cheats and bugs.

6f63de  No.16583521

This will be a complete fucking disaster but it will be a fun disaster to watch.

75254f  No.16583844

Vermintide: Good game, shit community

WaWa: Good game, despite shit devs

Martyr: Shit

Chaosbane: Mobile trash disguised as console trash

Dawn of War: RIP

In the Grim darkness of the current year, there is only trash.

bfd4fd  No.16583861

File: 060a0410f70bd66⋯.webm (2.23 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Right in the dongliz.webm)



>good game

>shit community

That's why you only play with your bros.

2522f0  No.16583903


>Join a team of shitcunts

>Win easily on legend with zero teamwork

>Join a team of nice people trying to play properly

>Die to bugs or just random bad luck

Thats my experience playing with randoms.

e8420b  No.16583924


>someone made it a webm


bfd4fd  No.16584003

File: edc377d03e97aa5⋯.mp4 (767.48 KB, 426x320, 213:160, [whoo whoo].mp4)


>quickplay legend

>everyone knows what they're doing, they stick together, and admit when they fuck up

>generally great experience

>quickplay vet/champ to relax


>elf runs away from everyone, gets killed, never uses her abilities to kill specials, proceeds to cry then leave

>sienna overheats every 30 seconds

>the salzpyre is playing bounty hunter and trying to shoot everything

>dwarf is flammenwerfer ironbreaker who just blinds his own team

>kruber is playing huntsman

>host gets oneshot by a chaos warrior overhead

>proceeds to leave

>host migration breaks

05fc4b  No.16584214

File: 2a97cd8cee62064⋯.png (91.7 KB, 237x287, 237:287, sublime.png)


>host migration breaks

e8420b  No.16584485



>host migration breaks

Useless even when it works 1% of the time. When it succeeds it starts the map from the beginning so you might as well just quit at that point.

6017e4  No.16584590


>make a pvp mode as dlc

>don't create a working host migration that's been missing since vt1 in 2015

6017e4  No.16584657


The map restarting from the beginning with no players because the host bugged out is not host migration - especially considering that no new player can actually join that "migrated" game.

82265c  No.16585399

I like Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, even though it was long dead and I only played it on a declining half-working private server. It's heavily focused on PvP, there were active battlegrounds 24/7 for any level.

Most quests require a group to beat too, but there weren't enough players to have both PvP and PvE running. Oh, and there wasn't any of that dungeon and PvE raid garbage.

bfd4fd  No.16585578


I wish the 40k MMO had actually happened, instead of going under with THQ. Even if it was fucking garbage, I'd have dropped some money on it just to explore the worlds. I also wish Eternal Crusade wasn't given to subhuman frenchfags who didn't know what to do with it

78dd3e  No.16586476


0c618d  No.16586512


You double nigger, GW is not producing videogames, they just give out the license.

8b5414  No.16586588


>>Vermintide 2 - Versus is a new player vs player game mode

Who asked for this?

7ed6d7  No.16586596


It was probably an idea from the marketing department.

736b42  No.16586631

bdce03  No.16586641


you don't need THE VERMINTIDE COMMUNITY if you are running zealot or slayer with pickaxe.

db898e  No.16586650


Never played Left 4 Dead 2? Its fun to scree upthe good side and be the anoying specials. So it will be the same, being a blighstormer or a gasrat.

bfd4fd  No.16586654

File: f82d769879428c4⋯.jpg (1018.49 KB, 1139x6919, 67:407, WOM talent changes.jpg)


Well, a lot of the talents are going to be changing with WoM, and I'm not sure you'll be able to meme zealot anymore.

a7f268  No.16586689

Do you get to play as the minibosses like chaos spawn or is it just the elite units?

78dd3e  No.16586695



0c618d  No.16586708


When someone good ask they do, just look at total wawa.

78dd3e  No.16586721


It's truly dark times when fucking Creative Assembly and modern Total War is what passes for good.

CA could do so much more but everyone seems to be content to pat them on the back for not releasing a new Empire or Rome 2.

736b42  No.16586744


What's wrong with WaWarhammer 2? Other than the DLC existing.

540232  No.16586747


Total War works better in a fantasy setting anyway

0c618d  No.16586756


Well, it is a good game anon, there is also not much else since AA is dead, who do you want to get for a game?

Ubisoft and EA?

The only hope is more sega, capcom and the ocasional noname Studio like fatshark.

78dd3e  No.16586783


A fair bit

>The AI is still shit

>Naval Battles removed entirely(them being shit was Rome2's fault)

>Sieges are completely simplified, practically fighting in 20% of a castle rather than the entire castle, with the objectives system from Shogun 2 no where to be found

>I'm not a big fan of how generals are anymore. The way they are is practically a unit to tie up the other general units

>it's a fairly mundane complaint, but Warhammer in particular would really benefit from agent animations.

It's still a fine game, with a fair bit of improvements over predcessors, like how truly different factions feel to play, earlier games like Medieval or Rome had differences but the differences in Warhammer factions are more pronounced, production quality is good music's a bit underwhelming, and I remember the Wawa 1 wood elf music to be distinctly shit especially considering the previous releases like rome 2, but I feel they could do much more. And all the DLC, technical problems Wawa 1 and 2 still have absurd loading screens for me and the fact that every sequel feels more or less like a re-release make the series an instant pirate for me.

75254f  No.16586836


Naval battles were shit in any iteration of Warscape.

78dd3e  No.16586865


And that's Warscape's fault I guess?

I don't know. I don't entirely hate total wawa but I just feel it could be more.

Speaking of more, is Battlefleet 2 worth playing? The first would have been nice if it weren't easy and didn't repeat the same few objectives(one of which was heavily RNG based, the planetary bombardment one).

I really want a 40k void war game that plays like the first Rebel Galaxy. The broadside heavy gameplay and directional shields/hull and modular damage is a very nice idea that would be pretty fun to play, again if it weren't so easy

7c1143  No.16586880


Me since the very beginning.

Don't get me wrong, I love the coop mode a lot, but the AI will never stack up to good players.

b26ea7  No.16586895

File: aecf2ec5379cd57⋯.jpg (18.63 KB, 320x299, 320:299, 1w.jpg)


Having downloaded it i can say so far the WOM is not that exciting

but i may have to play more to make better judgement

6017e4  No.16586943


>Who asked for this?


05fc4b  No.16588323

Temporary health is such a cancerous mechanic. I picked up VT2 recently because it was cheap, and while I've been having fun, I think I'm going to go back to VT1 as soon as the novelty wears off.

18af54  No.16588363

i stopped playing vermintide II when they released the second shitty DLC, should i buy them when on sale?

3e2442  No.16588366


I get how ya feel, WaWa is fun but it could have been so much more; held back by CA's sheer laziness

>technical problems

Oddly enough, besides the loading screens, WaWa has always run pretty smoothly for me, and I'm told that Three Dongs runs well too. Who knows, maybe CA has finally discovered how to release a game that is barely playable

05fc4b  No.16588392


If you find them cheap enough, maybe, but honestly they're pretty lazy. Bogenhafen is only two maps, and Back to Ubersreik is literally Ctrl+C Ctrl+V from VT1. You wouldn't be missing much without them.

71194f  No.16588393

File: 6accb729c24a414⋯.png (1.61 MB, 902x624, 451:312, fjytjy.png)

wait, holy fuck. this is great news. fatshark actually implementing something. i really like vermintide, despite everything. i wouldn't be surprised if when i next play i won't even see lohners emporium implemented yet though. still can't wait to kill beastshits.

is it just me or does sienna just fucking suck? ranged needs work to begin with but firecrotch seems to really struggle on every match compared to the others.

3d2ca3  No.16588397


I think I do pretty well as Sienna.

bdce03  No.16588445


I miss the opportunity to demolish 20 transport ships with a single incendiary kite-reme like in rome, as far as generals go, queek headtaker with his active ability is an incredible slaughter machine and can easily drop the baddest generals around in seconds, faster even than a eshin rat hero. it also really sucks that we don't get town battles anymore due to rome II, and the fact that without mods, skaven weapon teams and various factions small artillery can't be mounted on the wall for the defense, and if they can be, they can't do well. also I fucking hate saurus spam and big-lizard-creature doomstacks, even with multiple jezzails, lightning cannons, ratlings you cannot bring them down fast enough before your line crumbles.

3e2442  No.16588475


There's a mod that puts on unit caps in the campaign, I can't recommend it enough

0c6ec8  No.16589365


Ubersreik gives you some fun (and stupidly overpowered, in the case of Salzpyre and Sienna) weapons and the copy pasted maps are pretty good, plus Tides of War is a good meme for one playthrough. Burgeroven is straight garbage though, having only two maps and a lot of mediocre cosmetics. I'd just pick up Ubersreik on sale, and save my dosh for Winds/Versus.

9bc4a5  No.16589422


I have felt the same. Seems like people on legend are actually good and go there because they can.

I mean some people solo that shit.


Wut? I only ever hear the opposite, crying about missed books or people corking it with grims

Ok… I only play the kniveear sanic handmaiden is dumb fun so not even reading the rest, but:

>temp HP talents moved to T1, great as those are needed for higher difficulties

>the fucking garbage "heal when boss dies" talents are gone

>Waystalker loosing ammo regen with some interesting new options

>Healslut Waystalker might a more viwable option now

>Trueflight Lumbershot might just be able to wipe hordes without consuming ammo or going on CD

>More dashes or more crits for swift slaying? Hm. +10 power might be the better boss option.

>Who the fuck needs to dodge through enemies? If you're there you're already dead.

>Dodge distance used to be amazing but 20% as from it looks even better

>Tier 4 is not even a fucking question, only ammo is worth considering.

>Are they removing the bleed on Dash if it now shows up as a talent or does that just upgrade it?

>not seeing the new options outdo disappearing tho, that shit is way too broken

>25% crit sounds good but if you're cleaving a wave you have swift slaying on anyway and crits don't matter further while against bosses you only get 5% so meh.


>is it just me or does sienna just fucking suck?

She's a good flashlight in dark areas. I usually see unchained to fairly well. Not needing ammo pairs well with a ranged class who wants to hog it.


Bögenhafen Either write Bogenhafen or Bögenhäfen you faggots, don't take a plural and a singular and mash them together also adds skin chests if you're into looking gay

728ab8  No.16589493

File: 905bac52993f7b4⋯.png (14.86 KB, 727x501, 727:501, 905bac52993f7b40342e7f1a04….png)

I didn't get an invite to WoM, but at least I hang out with someone who does. Here's my thoughts from a few hours dicking around in Legend/Cata:

>Dodging now has a built-in delay before activating and dodging has been nerfed hard

<This also makes it a fucking nightmare to dodge attacks with any sort of latency because the dodge frames are 10% of what it used to be on Legend+

>All enemies had their HP inflated 50-80% as part of the new 'stagger' system

<On Cata even clan rats take multiple single-target attacks to kill

<Breakpoints are just fucking gone now

<Ranged weapons seem to ignore this, at least?

>Movespeed universally lowered for all characters, a bunch of new abilities to get it back added.

>Total overhaul of every class that removes/nerfs tons of mechanics/defensive options from existing classes like WHC's Taggable-Heal, Zealot and Slayer's 10/Half damage reduction, etc

<Some of the new ability effects are cool, especially the ults.

<Getting tHP generation at lv5 is a much-needed change.

<So many absolutely busted synergies and new abilities, it's obvious 0 thought went into balancing shit like "100% cooldown reduction CW oneshots", "killing a special makes your spells free", and "slayer dodges stagger all man-sized enemies" (but, of course, they didn't give Bounty Hunter his synergy back because fuck you)

>New enemies are neat, lots of jank with them though.

<Fuck the beastigors and their charge, which seems to use the same pathing as the bullshit running attacks and can just casually wipe a frontline in the middle of a horde.

>New weapons look nice, some are super unique and suck, some are copy-pastes.

<Saltz's hook fucking sucks, worst weapon in the game by far. Who cares, you're using Falchion+Axe anyways because it's the best weapon in the game.

<Krub's spear sucks, who cares, you're using the DLC weapon anyway.

<Sienna's flail is the first viable alternative to her warpick.

<Throwing axes are fucking hilariously fun.

<Kerillian's spear and shield is just a worse spear because that shit's already the best horde control weapon in the game.

And of course, being fatshark:

<Numerous post-Big Balance Patch have returned in the beta, including the weapon switch bug, silent voicelines, and cosmetic crashes

<Easy Anti-Cheat errors running wild and crashing lobbies left and right even in the vanilla game

6/10, it's a fucking trainwreck. Cata isn't fun and fast-paced like Onslaught+ or super tactical and deadly like VT1's hyper-difficulties, it's just super spongey and full of mandatory damage and CC-spam. I played conflag battlemage and it took over 30 minutes each to finish both maps we played that night.

a037f8  No.16589547


>dodge nerf

good, dancing and soloing hordes even with weapons that weren't supposed to be good against hordes was gay as fuck and made legend too easy

Now you actually need to stick together as opposed to running off and just watching out for specials.

Stagger makes it so shields are actually worth shit as opposed to "just pick whatever does most dps LOL" we had untill now.

The game was supposed to have tactical teamwork elements, not be braindead pure muscle memory shit even on hardest difficulty possible.

ed327a  No.16589596


Sounds good, hopefully it will play more like VT1 cata. Really hated this braindead cookieclicker shit where you can instakill everything on Legend that's not a chaos warrior in 2.

728ab8  No.16589634

File: cd6fab639caff58⋯.jpg (163.51 KB, 1200x1162, 600:581, 002_D78ZqJvUYAEUp02.jpg)


I don't disagree that Dodge needed a nerf, the window for it was fucking enormous but the delay feels like absolute ass for dodging overheads and running attacks. I'm pretty sure the dodge delay is as long or longer than the dodge window is in Cata, because like everything else it retardedly changes with Hero Power or difficulty to make learning the game as confusing as possible.

I haven't seen anyone use shields in the beta but admittedly I haven't played long, 2H Hammer on Kruber (Merc) and Bardin (Slayer, then Ironbreaker) seems to be the most popular pick. Most horde encounters boiled down to me spamming the Conflag stagger while they did sweeping attacks into hordes over, and over, and over again. Elites got shredded fast, so I'm not sure how the Stagger mechanic effects them, but a rat wave seemed to outlast a CW every time.


It really depends on how well they can refine it and these new mechanics; currently Cata is just Legend with even worse number scaling. The new abilities are absolute powerhouses (keep in mind that there's a higher level cap, which means % bonuses and Power boosts are even more fucking stupid) that make the game even easier, and with the abundance of CC that the new Stagger system demands I was rarely seeing anything except Shieldvermin left standing.

05fc4b  No.16589730



Wow, now I'm even less excited for WoM than I was before and I already didn't want it.

a5be5a  No.16591870

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Two sigmarines imbued with the winds of magic, plus supported by a escort of PDF, try to figh a bunch of normal tactical spess marines.

<They fail.

a5be5a  No.16591883

File: 1f0921e57a5a325⋯.webm (15.41 MB, 960x436, 240:109, AstartesPart4.webm)


And here is the webm, who whoever have done it, I must say you made it really well. Good job.

5ff30a  No.16592671


What are those heretics? Psykers?

6b47ac  No.16592695


This was my exact feelings as well. It really does not feel right at all, and knowing Fatshark they don't usually go back on their changes. WoM is going to suck hard.

ebbd36  No.16592702


God, those little character details in the animation are just fantastic.

d0c7d1  No.16592796



We'll that's what you expect for teaming up with someone who talks like a skaven. They have to protect the books.

fe6adf  No.16592803

File: e62993cdcc574b5⋯.jpg (58.16 KB, 640x463, 640:463, cb2e0d6ff63ee6822e0a7012a5….jpg)




Not into warhammer, so I had no idea what their deal was

0c6ec8  No.16594555

File: 40e4eefc11411f2⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Stormcast_Eternal_Liberato….png)


They're some random richfag psykers in the video, Sigmarines are a different thing and a meme because these Hammers of Sigmar guys from Age of Smegmar look like bootleg Space Marines.

a5be5a  No.16599046


I heard about Onslaught mod, but never got to use it. Is really that good? And it can be done in official server or it had to be modded ones? Because if its harder, at least I hope I can get Legend loot.

728ab8  No.16599359


I believe it's Modded Realm only, but I haven't touched it in a long time.

Got my own beta key today, I'll give you guys some more in-depth bitching later.

3f9be2  No.16599370


Looks like some augmented psykers, given that they're nearly marine-sized and can take a bolt shell to the torso. Either that or they decided to combine telekinetics and biomancy.

2afc4d  No.16600235


I hate when games do this, it's incredibly annoying

ade914  No.16600248

File: f757391f9c18ad3⋯.jpeg (148.35 KB, 1023x1024, 1023:1024, image.jpeg)

I want to tenderly lick Kerillian's buttcheeks.

728ab8  No.16600379

File: 6597c2f55976ad7⋯.jpg (7.88 MB, 5792x7307, 5792:7307, 041bf2828fd9d371675f6fc59f….jpg)


Additional thoughts on WoM:

>Weaves have an entirely unique progression

>This means full crafting control and an actually meaningful spikes in power as you progress

<It's also the biggest grind yet, and once past Level 17~ you'll be levelling quite slowly

<Every weapon and I believe character (but not your upgradeable level cap) has to be leveled independently, so you're going to be stuck with the same one if you want to progress

>Weaves are scripted and static

<Boring, but with Weave-crafting you can prepare and specialize which means they respected players at least a little

>Dodge and Stagger changes were scaled back

<Delay on Legend and Cata is still there, and it's still absolute garbage for dodging multiple running attacks (such as during ambushes or at climbing spots) and full-tracking attacks (like the Mauler wide swing)

<lmao 3/4ths of players can go fuck themselves if they have Orange ping

>Experimented with some of the classes

>WHC lost Justice's Bounty, but has the best Lv30 skill in the game that counts enemies as staggered on Crits and Headshots; and with the massive health inflation his instant-kill passive is absolutely broken

<CC is so absolutely dominant that all Sienna careers are Cata viable with Conflag or Fireball.

>Battle-Mage is the queen of CC and the newest faceroll champ now that Zealot and Slayer have had their skill floor raised with the removal of "50%/10 DR" from the game. Her burn makes her one of the best boss killers in the game (which is super relevant in Weaves.)

>Pyro with Fireball is also new hotness, and she has a new talent that ignores the Overcharge debuff.

>Unchained is THE offensive support, providing huge sustain with her ult, great horde control with flail, and non-stop ranged suppression.

>Mercenary Kruber absolutely excels in the Beta, his 1H Mace and 2H Hammer with his absurd attack speed and cleave make him one of the best for horde control.

<Shade plays like ass and got nothing new or interesting. Waystalker is the new hotness but I haven't played her in Cata.

<With the nerfs to dodge and increase in horde aggressiveness, I haven't seen Huntsman Krubers doing well. Footknights are all super tanky but I rarely see them do anything worthwhile with it.

<Handmaiden Kerillian is still the definitive 'easy-mode' for bookless runs (which is every Weave I've played) and not much has changed. Good horde control stupid survivability, gets out of jail free and leaves you for dead.

<If you see an Ironbreaker, he has the flamethrower.

85b90b  No.16600419

They could have chosen a not shit way to give out beta codes for vt2.

I'm not making an alienware account to get a code.

Would have preferred they base it off play time, at least then the people who care about the game would be giving their input, instead of alienware shills.

8a3545  No.16600588

File: 545069bf3705f6e⋯.png (12.69 KB, 627x576, 209:192, DidSomebodyJustSayLumberfo….png)

The balance changes in WoM are going to be shit.

05fc4b  No.16600616

File: 4d62dedd8c52d64⋯.png (37.75 KB, 833x762, 833:762, kerillian_autistic_screech….png)


I want to tenderly kick Kerillian's buttcheeks.

844c69  No.16600748

File: 73df16fff80afb5⋯.jpg (50.58 KB, 500x485, 100:97, f3027e99ad673f43c2e202655f….jpg)

>Warhammer thread

>It's all Vermintide talk

05fc4b  No.16600763

File: 9d841c3a434cd5c⋯.jpg (236.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sad dandy.jpg)


>saints row 2 style ork game never ever

844c69  No.16600774


It would be amazing. They could do an entire game just with Ork on Ork action kinda like that Mad Max game. Run around, beat up gits to get teef, buy bitz and gubbinz, pimp your trukk and the entire goal is to become the biggest and 'ardest to lead a Waaagh off the planet.

85b90b  No.16600902

File: 2997f4fe618116c⋯.jpg (59.64 KB, 469x675, 469:675, shut up elf.jpg)




Other Warhammer games are kinda boring by comparison.

1635c8  No.16601114

Just Recently bought Warhammer:Mechanicus Game, Any Hints and tips anons?

a5be5a  No.16601153


Why spoiler this?

In any case:

>cognition points are vital, so always use chants that give you that, and maybe a healing one.

>Cognition Mechadendrite are great way to get free cognition points

>I only played normal, so later difficulties can change it, but if not all quests, you can do most of them and have time. So there is no big drawback for exploring.

>No need to explore every room in a level, but is recommended to take longer but with more stuff, than shorter paths (More blackstone is always good). Just be careful of the enemy being too strong.

>Try to keep your priest at as much health possible, because you loss blackstone depending of your priest lost health the moment the level ends

>A recommended way to start any priest you have from as a character build is :

Start at rank 1

Buy 2 ranks in Lexmechanic, selecting the Arms part

Buy 2 ranks in Dominus, selecting the Legs part

Buy 2 ranks in Tech-Auxilium, selecting the Torso part

Buy 2 ranks in Explorator, selecting the Head part

>From here, then you can specialize your priest. Good to have at least one Enginseer (Free health), and a Lex-Mechanicus (Free fullbar cognition points)

Hope this helps.

1635c8  No.16601255


Thanks anon, Do you have recommended Builds For Range Chees and Melee Cheese?

66594c  No.16601265

WaWa 3 when

959088  No.16601285


Saints Row 2 was pretty bad compared to SR3, the best SR game. Also, nobody wants to play as a green nigger.

9fa85b  No.16601288

File: 25fe549743d90c9⋯.mp4 (327.57 KB, 320x180, 16:9, CEASE.mp4)

959088  No.16601301


fuck off reddit. sr2 had shit-tier gameplay, movement and graphics compared to 3+.

05fc4b  No.16601304

File: 38ae346033d0f6d⋯.png (195.82 KB, 600x670, 60:67, absolutely wrong kiddo.png)

3c3a26  No.16601318

>dawn of war 3 was so shit nobody even bothered to crack it properly

I just wanted to try it out.

9fa85b  No.16601323

File: 218d13adde1ef75⋯.webm (432.64 KB, 800x450, 16:9, CEASE.webm)

b4be34  No.16601520

File: 24ed69f04982188⋯.png (733.16 KB, 1071x1074, 357:358, 74f7432d6347c3df249e7c1998….png)


>does sienna suck

She literally has the best OP armour pierce weapon int he game now, pair it with a crowd control staff and you can carry your team

b4be34  No.16601524



Fuck and my friends are only coming back to play the game for the expac and its already fucked. WHy do fatashark taint and ruin everything they touch, they put one company into banckruptcy and failed to give me my prize for winning their retarded cataclysm competition

6fb0f9  No.16601540


Just don't. Save your time and play an actually good Dawn Of War game, like Dark Crusade or Ultimate Apocalypse because Soulstorm is boring without it. UA is very comfy on a big map, with mechs fighting while thousands of Orkz rape you and your moral.

09e3e2  No.16602296

File: 9897f3bc624c6dd⋯.jpeg (196.6 KB, 1000x1127, 1000:1127, image.jpeg)

Guys, I seriously want to kiss Kerillian. I want to deeply smooch and nake out with her while groping her tight elven buttcheeks. I don't even care if she calls me a lumberfoot or whatever, make fun of my feet all you want I just want to kiss you, baby.

878757  No.16602432


That's not the only thing going down her throat.

db02f8  No.16602438

File: 1d18b9253141ab3⋯.webm (192.43 KB, 468x720, 13:20, Nice elf joke.webm)

a5be5a  No.16602465


You know why she always hide her lower face? It possibly be because she must have british teeth, or something really ugly there. Kissing her would be REALLY bad.

db02f8  No.16602478


Maybe shes pulling a raziel.

0d121e  No.16602495

I find it hilarious and depressing how after watching the Part 4 astartes video I keep getting these "warhammer lore" channel recommendations making 20 fucking minute "react" and analysis videos to the astartes parts.

What's with those god damned parasites?

It's my fault for using Youtube in the first place but whatever.

99e53a  No.16602981


Most of the ‘lore’ videos are by these two shitskins who make a lot of shit up, pad things, and repeat even more. The only good lore guy is Leutin, but even then you may be better off reading a book or the wiki page since im sure a lot of their videos come from the latter

d086a9  No.16603076

File: cbb99bf86a0f4b9⋯.jpg (311.27 KB, 698x1017, 698:1017, 4f90e1b38019d87d1b968cb5b9….jpg)

>trying total war warhammer

It tickles my autism but godfucking dammit loading screens and AI turns. I bet game uses fucking pathfinding (in global map) while everything is fucking flat and dont require any pathfinding beyond straight line. And I though civ5 and parajews games were slow. Even when I played gothic 3 with 256 mb ram(or was it 1gb already?) it was not this slow. And today if fucking crushed after battle. At least interface is not lagging. And default solution is to pick something else to do between turns. Hell, even Aurora is infinitely faster.


What else you expected? Also most of them did not even bother to talk with creators preferring to "analyze things". And most of their lore just bare surface level stuff. Everyone with interest in subject will know 90% of everything they say.

I dont particularly dislike them unless they go into "in my theory" zone.


>hey guys do you know there are 2 missing primarchs? What if they were actually female eldar?!! Is it likely? no. But its possible!

>hey guys do you know that skaven have clans? do you know that clan pestilence has a ruler named Nurglitch and they specialize in plagues. Reminds you of something *wink wink*?

I blame that dark-souls-faggot-full-of-shit for this. People used to hide their bullshit stupidity, not parade it , back in a day. People simply dont understand difference between researching something, giving people insight and baseless ideas which just sounded interesting to them at some point.



844c69  No.16603127


Don't be a nigger. Turn time on Mortal Empires on an SSD is under 50 seconds on turn 1,when all the random shit nations are alive.

a941ae  No.16603236

File: 48c3365f6806de6⋯.png (336.89 KB, 300x528, 25:44, ClipboardImage.png)


All I know of Warhammer is from Total War, Chaosbane and some youtube videos on the lore. Why does everyone hate Age of Sigmar?

b4be34  No.16603247

File: af1026f259df29e⋯.jpg (79.21 KB, 376x425, 376:425, 1428519291551-0.jpg)

9bc4a5  No.16603295


Take everything remotely interesting about what you just mentioned.

Now retcon it out of existence. Add SPEHSS MAHREENS except not space and ony with hammers. And retarded lore.

d231f1  No.16603561

File: 21de4225c363d94⋯.jpg (68.77 KB, 736x960, 23:30, latest.jpg)

File: abbcb267e07bf3b⋯.jpg (351.3 KB, 1000x1497, 1000:1497, 1000.jpg)

File: 7f520d26ad5940a⋯.jpg (114.66 KB, 1000x814, 500:407, Realms.jpg)


Age of Sigmar happens after End Times

End Times happens during when Vermintide and Total War takes place.

Everything in the old world is dying, eventually the good guys lose and the world gets blown up.

Then GW said "dude, what if we just made everyone fight in the afterlife lol."

So basically they made a bunch of celestial spirits out of the fantasy races.

Choas is still choas, but everyone else gets deported to a specific slice of the celestial planes.

Sigmar is so ebin epic that he shits a civilization in the plane of Heavens strait from his mind, and creates an army of "Not Space Marines" to fight evil.

There's also a plane of Fire magic, which is full of hotheads, of course.

There's the plane of Death magic, which is ruled by nagash. But no other tomb kings, or vampires. Those don't exist anymore lol.

Next is the plane of Life which is full of all the tree-huggers from Fantasy. Mostly just wood elves, Alarielle and all the other tree hugging cultists on her lesbo vacation isle.

Plane of Light is where the High elves hang out.

Plane of Beasts is where the Orks hang out. Just hunting and fighting stuff.

Plane of Metal is just a huge chunk of metal, nothing fucking happens there.

Plane of Shadows. It's where all the edgy faggots hang out, dark elves, slaneesh, My Chemical Romance.

Plane of Choas, It's just Choas. I think Skaven have a plane of magic but GW hasn't done anything with it.

So It's all basically Celestial shit so you have to sail across space to get to everywhere. Choas is conveniently everywhere at once and everyone is fighting them.

So the setting is basically gay 40k where everyone works together in harmony to fight Chaos but with magik powers XD.

Did I mention that GW invented a slew of retarded names just so they could copyright shit?

For example Dwarfs are now "Duardin" and elfs are "aelfs"

Writing is a shit and more importantly the entire history of Fantasy gets flushed out with nothing new added except a superficial change of Scenery.

Art is alright, but all of Warhammer's art is good so yeah. Still sucks.

b2baa5  No.16603683


>Did I mention that GW invented a slew of retarded names just so they could copyright shit?

Oh, like the Aeldari shit that's creeping into 40k?

Can't wait for them to rename the Adeptus Custodes to "Goldus Astralus Janitorus" and then try to copyright janitor.

99aa9e  No.16603911

File: 782944bbe14590c⋯.jpg (14.37 KB, 480x372, 40:31, angry cat.jpg)


I heard they turned Settra into Nagash's bitch, is this true?

d7af87  No.16603947


Worse, Settra is a Sigmarine

99aa9e  No.16603991


I'm glad I never bothered touching age of smegmar.

0d121e  No.16604047

So are sigmarines just the vehicle for some guy who really wanted femmarines to sit on his face or something?

99aa9e  No.16604066

File: 1f435f620a6f53e⋯.webm (3.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Ground Marines.webm)


No, its for GW to continue fapping to ultra marines.

f97087  No.16604136


Settra loses to Nagash in the End Times. That might be what you are thinking of.

d7af87  No.16604154


This, they weren’t even trying to hide it. The main color scheme is even blue and gold for fucks sake.

But yeah, they also use the Ground Marines as a dumping ground for nostalgia bait, lots of characters from Fantasy got dumped there. Settra( as mentioned), Balthazar Gelt, Karl Franz, No Brettonians though, they all turned into Vampires. and speaking of nostalgia, GW had a hard time selling AoS without it. That’s why they brought back Morathi, Archaon, Nagash’s posse (Arkhan, Neferata, Mannfred von Carstein), not to mention bringing back Gotrek, without Felix.

a5ff1c  No.16604219

File: ac3a29b6ff9bfe9⋯.png (10.77 KB, 503x388, 503:388, sssssss.png)


There are nothing else, really. Just an empty undefined planes with random name races doing nothing of any importance. And things only get worse if you cared for any faction of the old world, because all of them are fucked.


>there is nothing wrong with waiting a minute for every action

Playing bloodbowl with living opponents is faster than this. And I cant fucking press auto resolve because it loses half of my army each time.

>lost 56 dorfs in the battle

>game crushes

>replay, wasted 5 minutes on loading everything

>lost 29 dworfs this time

>game crushes

Well played, game, well played.


>Lets remade everything so we could copyright everything!

>no one wants our stuff!

>lets make sigmarines into old characters, people would love them this way!

b2baa5  No.16604744


Well, TotalWaWa and Vermintide are the last remaining pieces of non-AoS Warhammer still being actively worked on, so it's completely dead once those franchises run their course. I sincerely hope that Vermintide 3 doesn't end up an AoS game.

bdce03  No.16604766


>vermintide 3

>tutorial level

>four smegmarines invade the half of skavenblight accidentally left in realspace

>horned rat just smites them

>game over, thank you for your purchase, please be sure to pre-purchase the back to helmgart DLC coming soon.

44878b  No.16604769

File: a73372b20408c4b⋯.jpg (9.79 KB, 224x225, 224:225, asuk.jpg)


>Kill their setting

>Some old school fans release some games based on said setting

>People take notice and there`s a revival in interest on that setting

>Setting is canonically dead and the company won`t expand on it nor produce content about it

CA is such a fuck up company, typical of anglos to be honest.

b2baa5  No.16604782


>make the ubersreik five or four, doesn't matter into generic smegmarines

>you can't use any weapons other than hammers

>they all play the exact same and have a smegmar smite skill instead of their abilities

I could unironically see GW pushing for this.

9bc4a5  No.16604783


>nuke setting

>make new setting

>new setting is ignored by everyone

>make shit for old setting

Think they'll end times AoS and bring back fantasy in some utterly retarded from of warpfuckery? inb4 it was all sigmar's vision of what would have happened if he didn't tell that angsty halfbreed that yes, he's there and he loves him just as much as all the others

Archaon in ToWaWa at least is pretty cool

44878b  No.16604793

File: 3a5a11055582aef⋯.png (137.28 KB, 287x500, 287:500, kaguy.png)


There`s not a sliver of chance they will ever move away from AoS and bring back the old setting, not only that would be an admission of defeat, their head staff go out of their way on twitter to voice how progressive and against hate their company is, I am sure their creative team was very happy about leaving the problematic medieval europe setting in favor of their new fantasy science fiction crap, their non-existent nigger fans will love it

878757  No.16604810


To keep it short, they killed off a popular setting with a bunch of poorly written stories where popular characters and races get repeatedly shat on and then killed, while everybody acts like an idiot. They obviously had no plans for the new setting nor did they have any faith in it so they just tried to cram random bits of warhammer fantasy back in the new setting. This resulted in AoS being ultramarines jumping through portals to fight Chaos while all your old favourite fantasy characters are there but they act and look nothing like the old character and all the things you liked about them happened a million years ago on a planet that no longer exists and they have all forgotten about it. Its also incredibly obvious they did all this just to give all the races new names they could copyright.

bdce03  No.16604845


>needed to copyright the new race names

>just slip in the new names along with the old as a side note in each codex/game until it sticks like they had already been trying

>wow that was hard

Leave it to GW to be incompetent and create a massive dumpsterfire.

a5ff1c  No.16604862


>people want to progress the story

>well, if you want it so much, enjoy

>rock falls, everyone dies

>welcome to my magical realms!

>but slanesh is dead! because kiddies cant play our game with something like that! Well, its not like they can afford it, but we should widen our audience anyway!

>you liked old factions? well fuck you, here is ultramarines for you to play

>unique setting, do not steal!

Its like it was written by a fucking lawyer team.

0d121e  No.16605087


Slaanesh is dead in AoS?

bdce03  No.16605122


slaneesh gorged on so many elf souls that >she

got too fat to move and got captured by some angry elves, the horned rat then proceeded to unpack his things in the free real estate provided.

212bfa  No.16605123


For a while. It got better tho.

9bc4a5  No.16605183


>captured by some angry elves

The only thing that does is provide >her new fap material. That's why you use artillery on slaaneshies. They still get off of it but you don't have to see it.

8a3545  No.16605189

File: ad6346e3f16612e⋯.webm (4.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, EndTimes.webm)


The Warhammer Fantasy setting was in many ways a fairly generic fantasy setting, but it had 30 years of lore buildup and it's own unique charm. Sigmar himself was a normal human who through his heroic actions came to be revered as a god after his death (or at least disappearance).

Age of Sigmar nukes that setting, replaces it with plane-hopping trash, and for some reason decides that this guy who was at one point just a normal fucking human warlord is the most important god ever forever.

fa8a08  No.16605399

File: 9615b90c7f3ec60⋯.jpg (884.44 KB, 539x960, 539:960, 2856061-20160525_121354.jpg)


>fairly generic

It was a mishmash of every nerds collection of fantasy novels plus a smattering of real world history, overclocked and painted black.

0d121e  No.16605497


I'm 50% certain the Sigmar being the bestest god ever is a buildup to him eventually being revealed as one of the two purged Primarchs, which is to completely ruin his "normal human" image because you can't be a badass unless you're genetically enhanced out the ass.

8a3545  No.16605539


I was giving a very general overview, anon. At surface level, Warhammer Fantasy was pretty generic. You got humans, dwarves, elves, orcs and the undead in a setting based on Europe. It's Renaissance level instead of Medieval level, but to someone who knows nothing about it taking a look, it looks generic. There's a lot of depth and style under the surface though, which is what I personally loved about it. It takes things that anyone with a basic knowledge of fantasy tropes is familiar with and puts its own unique spin on it.


Fantasy and 40k may have been connected at one point, but that's since been retconned out. And Sigmar is definitely human. You even see his normal human father in the book about his rise and the founding of the Empire.

fa8a08  No.16605547


Fair enough. It's no Planescape or Glorantha (except Beastmen) as far as settings go but the individual bits of lore form a very distinct picture, like Elves being essentially inbred Anglo world police types. That's not something you find in other fantasy settings.

0d121e  No.16605556


Sure but he can get re-retconned again.

23ee2e  No.16608512

File: 932e756710288bf⋯.jpg (583 KB, 1500x1200, 5:4, kayoss.jpg)

I DEMAND games where you play as servants of the Ruinous Powers! Fantasy or 40k, doesn't matter!

Who do I threaten to get this achieved?

b2b2bc  No.16608535


DoW 1 and 2 have Chaos campaigns. Not sure if there's a private server for it, but Age of Reckoning had some fun chaos classes.

b2b2bc  No.16608551


>Games Workshop have mentioned Primarchs besides the eighteen above on other occasions, but they backtracked since. Back in the first edition of Warhammer 40,000, all twenty First Founding Chapters were known, as were their Primarchs (though, at the time, the Primarch was just the first Chapter Master). Of these, the Valedictors and Rainbow Warriors were declared in a later White Dwarf to have been founded after the Second Founding.

>Out of universe, Rick Priestley admitted that the unknown legions were supposed to be a reference to the three Roman legions wiped out in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, whose numbers were never reused after they were slain to a man by Germanic barbarians. The intention was to let fans design their own Legions to fill in the gaps for themselves, though the implications that this would have on the setting clearly weren't thought through.

Rick Priestly was the early writer for both Fantasy and 40k.

a275b8  No.16608682


That's one cute Archaon, too bad I can't find much more of him like that. Anyway, Batlefleet Gothic Armada has Chaos fleet online and the second has the campaign as DLC I think, the old Warhammer Mark of Chaos did have playable Chaos as well. THQs Space Marine had playable Chaos in multiplayer, too. Out of the quadrillion Warhammer games that are being done as Games Workshop gives out the license to anyone, I'm sure some strategies have them playable, but they're all likely shit.

89aeea  No.16608936


>Then GW said "dude, what if we just made everyone fight in the afterlife lol."

It's not even that.

It's "dude we can't copyright elves, dwarves ogres, troll and shit, it's too common".

=That's the ONLY real reason for the reboot.

7dbd1c  No.16608940

File: ec5977c75948b09⋯.png (208.12 KB, 534x352, 267:176, silkysmooth.png)



>Astra Militarum

d086a9  No.16608958

File: bab186d26cf629c⋯.jpg (62.14 KB, 369x301, 369:301, Crusader kings 2.jpg)


Generic does not mean bad. It was good kind of generic, cool stuff for the sake of being cool. Also whfb was less grimderp than 40k. And there were a lot of good shit. Like the reason why dorfs and elfs dont have mutant babies is because they abort them after birth. Or how elfs are arrogant cunts as in every other setting but its acknowledged in whfb instead of parading them as paragons of everything good.

Amalgamation of fantasy and cool stuff is the more proper word than generic.


Sigmar is not a candidate primarch since forever.


>Fantasy and 40k may have been connected

They still kind of are by chaos. There are no examples in last editions, but they still technically connected.


Vermintide getting pvp mode soon. Mordheim, bloodbowl (but you need to buy it to play, or you can just play it on fumbble). Total war if you can stomach insanely long load times.

Also crusader kings 2 with all the dlc. I did some major chatic shit in there. Shitting in temples, fucking everyone in 100 mile radius and eating resulting babies, dueling random fucks to death, spreading plague over fucking Byzantine empire, cursing emperors bloodline and killing everyone in it until empire is ruled by a newborn. Not to mention 100% war uptime with everyone around. I got nickname The Great for all my deeds.

23ee2e  No.16608986

File: ab7da7b9f99268c⋯.jpg (527 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, and nothing of value was l….jpg)


Total War was pretty fun, very cathartic.

7dbd1c  No.16609066


My first game as Chaos in WaWa1 took like 350+ turns because idiots kept fucking colonizing behind me. How long did this take?

23ee2e  No.16609132


About the same, the only people colonised behind me were vampire counts though. They were a small pain. The real pain was Dwarves, they took almost all of the southern lands and they took near 100 turns themselves.

d7af87  No.16609735


In the end times, when the two high elf poobahs go after Slaanesh they are helped by a "knight in ornate silver armor" that most people assume to be Kaldor Draigo.

02c9bb  No.16609749


I think it was confirmed to have been a Sigmarine. Which is arguably even worse.

b12eae  No.16609837


I've had to stop reading 40k novels over this. I just can't take the Astra Militarum shit. Then I had a look at the start of the Siege of Terra part of Horus Heresy and it got worse…

843e05  No.16610079

There's something I've always been unclear on when it comes to the warp and the big four.

They're supposed to represent parts of human emotions, right? So Slaanesh is pain and pleasure, Khorne is strength in all it's forms, for example.

So why is Slaanesh purely a conduit of pain when it comes to anyone who isn't a daemon prince, and why Khorne simply strength in the seething rage form? In other words why are the chaos gods actively malevolent, when the emotions they are meant to represent are neither fully benefit nor harm humanity?

b12eae  No.16610097


Slaanesh isn't purely a conduit for pain for normal humans. Drug binges are just as slaaneshi. Khorne isn't just seething rage either.

They're the fullness of their respective realms. Enjoying your reconstituted protein ration is also slaaneshi. Wanting to be the swolest Ogryn is also khornate.

It's just that the gods and, by extension, their followers, are dominated by the strongest emotions of their realms because stronger emotion have more power.

So while you drinking a nice glass of water does feed slaanesh, you snorting ten pounds of drugs and raping your grandma with a spiky dildo feeds it much more.

05fc4b  No.16610128


>In other words why are the chaos gods actively malevolent

They are and they aren't - they just take things too far. >>16610097 explains it well: stronger emotions have more power. Sensation taken to its extreme is going to be painful, strength taken to its extreme is going to involve a lot of war and bloodshed, change taken to its extreme means a whole bunch of tzeentch fuckery, and the cycle of death and rebirth taken to its extreme will bring a whole lot of decay as a consequence of all that death (and the diseases that nurgle brings can easily be regarded as new life).

a40ceb  No.16610158


Just follow the in-universe explanation.

The fancy names are high gothic (aatra militarum, adeptus astartes, adeptus sororitas, navis nobilitae), while the common names are low gothic.

843e05  No.16610174



Okay, here's another question. Is Khorne naturally swole or does all the bloodshed act like muscle powder? Does Khorne own a gym for his daemon princes?

a40ceb  No.16610177


Yes, khorne is a god of /fit/ too, also honor.

05fc4b  No.16610178


>Does Khorne own a gym for his daemon princes?

Home gym master-race.

3b4a4c  No.16610195


When I was still more interested in Warhammer 40k lore, I was immensely disappointed when a lot of the "Warhammer 40k lore" videos were not some dude talking about some obscure shit that most nerds missed, maybe something buried in an old codex or game (equally ignored by GW but whatever)… But just some dude reading a wiki article out loud. Laziness incarnate, why bother uploading this? Then again, there was also the people "analyzing" miniatures, like the aircraft, to see if they could really fly or something. It was neat to learn that some of the ork shit was just copy/pastes of old airplanes but with ork shit added on top but that's only because I didn't know. There was too much filler besides that.

05fc4b  No.16610225

File: 0ac25f375c6f5e3⋯.jpg (39.69 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ha.jpg)


>some of the ork shit was just copy/pastes of old airplanes but with ork shit added on top

>orks loot an F-35

>it ends up being more reliable than before

a95d24  No.16610229


I wonder if Darth has made enough off of his autistic ventures to even bother attempting some sort of fix. Perhaps he's given up on CA entirely much like I have.

78adce  No.16610495


How are vampires in warhammer lore? Are they any different from stock vampires?

9bc4a5  No.16611275

On a side note, /monster/ is now an Imperial Fists successor chapter apparently.


Not that good with their lore but they did come from the kangz. As in, warhammer egypt liked the thought of being immortal but shit was fucked and vampires were made and then some shit happened and all the dead kangz rose from their graves as mummies. They hate the vamps who fucked off somewhere else to fap to corpses.

8a3545  No.16611309


Vampires are the result of Nagash creating an elixir of immortality, fucking off, and some human queen trying to recreate it. The weaknesses to sunlight and the like are the result of them betraying/failing Nagash after he un-fucks off before fucking off again.

There's five main types.

>Classic horror Count Draculas

>Seductresses manipulators

>Peak warrior undead nights

>Mad scientists

>Horrors that stalk the night

They all hate eachother. The five bloodlines give you a general outline of what an individual vampire is capable of and weak to, but there's variation between individuals and a would-be vampire hunter assuming what works on one vampire will work on another is a good way to end up with a dead vampire hunter.

b2baa5  No.16611401

File: 3227c9fe69a9e93⋯.png (495.5 KB, 628x700, 157:175, stormvermin.png)


I don't mind the Astra Militarum, Adeptus Mechanicus and similar gothic names, although it's slightly annoying that they mix and match these names with usual names. You have Adeptus Astartes, Adepta Sororitas, and then you have "Imperial Knights". Why don't they get a cool name, too?

I mind them coming up with bullshit fantasy names that sound stupidly similar to the original names for the other races. Like Aeldari or Drukhari for Eldar and Dark Eldar.

d7af87  No.16611486


>imperial knights

Quaestor Imperialis.

>Chaos Knights

Quaestor Tratoris

b2baa5  No.16611520


Yeah, but GW never actually uses those. Even on GW's official "Learn about the factions of 40k" you have "Adeptas Sororitas" right next to "Imperial Knights". Stick to one naming scheme, for God's sakes.

f56276  No.16611609


The sole motivating factor for the name changes was so they could put copyrights on them. They weren't changed for any reason other than greed and that is always a bad thing. Aeldari is the dumbest word I have ever seen.

843e05  No.16611641


I think he's given up on total war and is focusing on the Ultimate general games.

How are those games, by the way?

c082fe  No.16623572

It's time for the age old question. Are Space Marines truly human?

0e39ca  No.16623591

File: 3629943ce5eb575⋯.jpg (115.65 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 40k cosplay 1.jpg)

File: 9ec8c47ee1be5e4⋯.jpg (377.37 KB, 1000x1251, 1000:1251, Crimson_Slaughter_Chaos_Ma….jpg)

File: b5dcd5335e0e999⋯.png (4.09 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, CHAOS RISES.png)

File: 6f6544eb0b07dcc⋯.png (3.66 MB, 1853x1351, 1853:1351, chaos vs the imperium.png)

File: 1a12b6a3e565d04⋯.jpg (345.95 KB, 1058x1000, 529:500, Ahriman_The_Exile2.jpg)


Considering they are made using gene seeds or cloning, no. Their internal organ structure is different enough alone to consider them a sub-species. Would they be able to have children if not chemically castrated considering the emperor did?

c082fe  No.16623608


Well, do the emperor's children have any bastards lying around?

0e39ca  No.16623614

File: d9e0a63606f51fc⋯.jpg (47.08 KB, 500x209, 500:209, warhammer420k.jpg)

File: 8de06f2a7e86d42⋯.jpg (144.08 KB, 900x870, 30:29, space_marine_purge_the_unc….jpg)

File: 92acb2ad0c9c117⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, space wolfwolfwolfwolfwol….webm)

File: 2eff5b9a61125ed⋯.jpg (62.35 KB, 564x718, 282:359, chaos space marines.jpg)


Actually, space furries fuck and have kids right? Or am I just not remembering correctly? I'm more of a mechanicus fag.

f8c978  No.16623637


That would imply the followers of slaneesh "only" have sex with their victims. Remember, they make drugs from humans (and everything else really).

c082fe  No.16623737


I mean yeah but I'd imagine slaaneshi fucks being the sick shits they are they have the mothers eat their own babies, or the babies eat their mothers, or something along those lines.

eec5d1  No.16623868


Space Wolves are suggested to fuck around, but I don't think they can produce offspring.

The only Space Marines who "reproduce" by using a woman are the Iron Warriors, and their daemoncubula or whatsitcalled only is pretty if you have an intense vore/unbirthing fethish. Well, not even then, really.

6b38a0  No.16623877


Space marines dont get laid, anon, what is implied about the wolves is that they like to party and get drunk.

3b3094  No.16623901


Lukas the Trickster strongly implies that he fucks mortal women.

c082fe  No.16623915


Are his books any good?

3b3094  No.16623927


I'm not a fan of the Space Furries so I can't speak too highly of them but the one I read offered an interesting insight in Dark Eldar culture as well, it was basically 50/50 furries/eldar

9ead9d  No.16623934

File: 7e0aca07a93e6b5⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 198.93 KB, 638x654, 319:327, Daemonculaba.jpeg)


I think it's kind of sexy. In fact, I'm fantasizing about it right now.

3b3094  No.16623939

Now that I think about it, Ragnar Blackmane was chosen to be a marine a few hours after he got his dong wet and at one point looks at some Inquisitor's henchwoman with what amounts to sexual confusion. Seems like it's not exactly that marines can't dick somebody, just that they usually have a very low sex drive and can't comprehend emotions that don't relate to war and aggression well.

3d9148  No.16624051


That "hypnotherapy" really does a number on them. It seems like the longer a marine has been a marine the more independent thought he seems to have too.

68c339  No.16624098


Especially if they're an Ultrasmurf or from Codex Astartes following chapters. "Space book says this is bad" is clubbed over their heads repeatedly, until they get a couple of centuries combat experience under their belts, and realize that Space Book isn't the end all be all.


78adce  No.16624120

Are vampires interesting at all in warhammer lore?

1974e7  No.16624138


Only in the Jack Yeovil books. Everything else is typical GW trash.

1974e7  No.16624142


>eems like it's not exactly that marines can't dick somebody, just that they usually have a very low sex drive and can't comprehend emotions that don't relate to war and aggression well.

SM can't have sex, since they are chemically castrated. Thus, they have as much sex as the average male redditor = 0.

3b3094  No.16624206


It depends. I mean, they cover the entire spectrum from sexy Dracula-type seducers to rotting Nosferatu NEEEERDS.

Funnily enough in Geheimnisnacht, if Vlad wins the Vampire War, all the famale rulers of the Empire will adore him. He may be a vampiric unholy abomination but he's just sooooo dreamy. (Carstein Vampires get like +30 Sex Appeal)

bb831f  No.16624597

File: 030bb5e79af7e20⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 59.5 KB, 500x302, 250:151, EC926D9C-B66B-45DB-B5BA-5….jpeg)


See, nowhere is it said that they are chemically castrated, at least not in any Codex or Black library book I’ve read, it’s more that they are brainwashed to not think about sex, since their entire purpose is to fight. Space Wolves generally recruit older children for their aspirants, hence why most of them are not virgins.

Other than that, there’s A bit from some book about the campaign from 7th edition where Commander Shadowsun gets tsundere for Kor’sarro Khan, of course, much like the rumor that she was once dating a Custodes, it is not canon

c14205  No.16624634


you sound like a virgin loser who wants to live out his wank fantasies through some space furries? sounds mentally really unhealthy

0709a0  No.16624645

File: 4adeede0ee5d5f4⋯.png (516.86 KB, 455x587, 455:587, SOY.PNG)

993343  No.16624648

File: cff2a3b4749975e⋯.png (724.4 KB, 1910x1554, 955:777, sakko mine.png)

d0c7d1  No.16624654

File: df58ece7dcb9fac⋯.png (139.11 KB, 472x641, 472:641, 87a6a6723b58225830ea2c08b7….png)

eec5d1  No.16624662

File: 30147fbf58a7061⋯.gif (2.57 MB, 549x347, 549:347, 1403266943545.gif)

In unrelated news: Does the Inquisition actually have some kind of guys who check that an Exterminatus is called in for a good enough reason (that is, after it went down)?

I know they do have some sort of hierarchy and power structure in place, but given that warp travel and somewhat unreliable communications can mean the news of a planet being glassed - and who did it - may reach other sectors months or years or even decades after it has happened, it seems there is little that would stop a sufficiently batshit insane Inquisitor (see: Kryptman) from just glassing one world after another so long as his colleagues aren't in the direct vicinity.

c082fe  No.16624663


The wolves don't actually fuck wolves, do they?

Also, what's Chaos' endgame? I understand the gods want to gorge themselves on the most intense emotions, but what do the traitor marines/guardsmen want to do? I can kind of understand traitor mechanicus.

30b8f1  No.16624666


you DID mean to spoiler that filthy garbage… didn't you?

adbc6d  No.16624690


cool it with the anti-semitism, satan

736b42  No.16624719


They don’t really have goals besides getting stronger and rising up their own hierarchies. They want to spread their patron god’s love, too.

873802  No.16625390

File: 1c96b2fc75c1ee9⋯.jpg (214.83 KB, 643x1000, 643:1000, n2o8a87LYI1tvfheeo1_1280.jpg)

File: 5da68f537cc27a7⋯.jpg (27.76 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 57644822_423086914905062_8….jpg)

File: fb71134fb085576⋯.jpg (84.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Well in Dan Abnett's books, after every flashy investigation or cult extermination, inquisitors spend a ton of time, sometimes years, reporting in detail everything that went down and mitigating the consequences. That seems reasonable, but Abnett's inquisition books are well known for being way less grimdark than average 40K lore.

ca9e5e  No.16625475

File: 76658ea7e4cc9ba⋯.jpg (35.74 KB, 777x704, 777:704, big think.jpg)

>GW/Warhammer has it's own Steam Curator page

>all they do is leave positive reviews on their own games

6b38a0  No.16625534


Nothign can stop them at the moment they command them, but if they make a bad call or just abused their powers, other inquisitors will be on their ass.

The imperium sees exterminatus as a painfull thing that must be done in last resort, not as something good like a cartoonish bad guy, after all, every dead civilian makes the imperium a lesser entity.


GW is like a boomer uncle trying to play it cool for the kids and failing at it.

3b3094  No.16625908


The wolves of fenris are essentially degenerated humans with the canis helix. The same genes that caused some marines to turn into Wulfen caused some of the ancient settlers of Fenris to turn into actual wolves but with near-human intelligence.

The endgame for Chaos is twofold: The traitor marines, if they are true believers, think that humanity will ascend to near godlike status if they just started worshipping the true gods of the cosmos. Thus humanity will rule the galaxy. Of course the actual gods don't really care about any of that, they just want to increase their own powers in order to gain the upper hand in their struggle for dominance. If chaos wins, humanity will burn itself out in an orgy of madness and violence. Which is what the Eldar would have preferred.

3b3094  No.16625913


The best description of the Imperiums rationale I've read is that human lives are the Emperors ammunition in His war and wasting ammunition needlessly is a betrayal of Him.

1635c8  No.16626145


Eisenhorn had a Hard Life and a pity his Waifu is a Blank

0caa7f  No.16626166


Spoiler this jewish porn, this will end up signalling for more rat whore porn.


ecdbdd  No.16626484

File: 6e73a5bd914c62f⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6b3dbdac4bea191⋯.png (443.41 KB, 616x353, 616:353, ClipboardImage.png)


>Reduces damage taken by 5% for each nearby ally

Combine that with the 30% damage reduction the Foot Knight will have a flat 45% damage reduction, that's pretty solid.


Uh…anon, i'm guessing you misspoke but they did release Rome 2.

It was fucking terrible.

I honestly hope they just leave Medieval untouched as i'm afraid their just going to fuck it up if they made a Medieval 3.

They could maybe make a solid Empire 2 since the WAWscape Engine was always meant for musket line battles, and FOTS was pretty great, but I doubt it given that they'll stick to their guns with the retarded new settlement system and not just use Shogun 2's mechanics.


If I remember correctly, pretty decent.

488353  No.16626584


What is WaWa?

ca9e5e  No.16626595


Warhammer Water.

Total WaWa

d231f1  No.16626707

File: f5fb78836523869⋯.jpg (713.85 KB, 1920x1895, 384:379, balthasar-gelt-copia.jpg)


Total War Warhammer

Then Abbreviated into Total WaWa.

Speaking of Which, I really hope they fix the fucking engine in Game 3 because my performance seems to get worse with every update.

52a1e3  No.16626717


I meant "a new Rome 2" as in something on that level of "quality".

61b4ee  No.16626941

File: 5ea058d1c39d31c⋯.jpg (77.38 KB, 720x577, 720:577, IMG_20190415_064927.jpg)


>ork shit was just copy/pastes of old airplanes but with ork shit added on top

You can drop the "but with ork shit added on top" in some cases

05fc4b  No.16626950

File: 47d19888413a27b⋯.png (154.28 KB, 500x593, 500:593, the-violence-has-escalated.png)


I want to marry that F-89H Scorpion. It almost has enuff dakka.

f8b31c  No.16627093


Same, it’s the first game I’ve played in a while that actually gave me signs that my PC needs updating, specifically the CPU or something cause it runs at the same slow speed no matter what graphics settings I put it on.

209b5d  No.16627136



they've already achieved it

f819cd  No.16630425

How the hell is there a Warhammer 3 already in the works, I mean 2 practically feels like a halfassed expac of 1.

f97087  No.16631423


Exactly the same way, it will be a standalone expansion priced as a full game.

212bfa  No.16631523

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>chaos endgame

Currently in fluff chaos does not care about materium at all. They fight with each other. Also all demons are parts of gods now. Followers of chaos, like CSM or Chaos Warriors basically do whatever they want without any directives from their gods. The fact that they "need" materium and emotions are not that prominent or even mentioned iirc.

Khorne is supposed to be strongest right now be Slanesh is on the rise because "excess of war actually good for slanesh too because he is price of all excess, including war!". So you might decide to ignore all of new fluff completely. No one needs to do anything, no one cares, no motivation to do anything. Basically vidrelated.

f819cd  No.16631536

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Man the retcons make it a bit hard to follow stuff clearly.

For example, was the emperor getting curbstomped by horus a result of the emperor loving horus the most as a son, or is it because the four gods went apeshit in giving horus his powers before yanking it from him, or was it all just as planned by the emperor?

Also Battlefleet 2 got a choas campaign. Looks neat, but is the game good?

212bfa  No.16631565


>Emperor related stuff

Its a mess. A shitload of plotlines were retconed, forgotten or dropped.

000000  No.16631606


Don't forget you need both other games to play the new shit on the old campaign maps.

And all their dlc if you want that because it sure as fuck won't be included.

>yfw WaWa3 doesn't even have a map and you need at least one of the older games to play

3f3c27  No.16631623


Isnt wawa3 supposed to be focused on the chaos wastes and ogres going at it?

>fleshed out tilea, estalia, araby and chaos dwarves never ever

987709  No.16631633


It's going to focus on the lands east of the World's Edge Mountains, so Chaos Dwarves are 100% in.

a5ff1c  No.16631636


Be glad its not sigmarines vs differently colored sigmarines.

3f3c27  No.16631648


Oh anon, dont get me wrong, im all in for chaos wastes and seeing all kinds of weird shit in there, specially ogre kingdoms, i just wish the minor human factions would have goten something, i would have liked to unite the south under a myrmidian empire.

f819cd  No.16631680

So how would you anons do 40k ground combat? Were you satisfied with how Relic's Space Marine did it? I honestly wasn't, but I'm not sure how you'd do it better without not making it Vanquish or Max Payne.

79665f  No.16631703

File: d4caa6944dd0748⋯.jpg (499.24 KB, 1079x925, 1079:925, The_Art_of_Ian_Miller_09.jpg)


I consider Bretonnia existing as faction to be really surprising. They were as likely as hobbits faction.


You cant really expect anything better than SM, if by "ground" you meant melee/close quarters combat. If by ground you meant ground combat, than there are good mods for it in other games. The only problem is the fact that weapons are supposed to miss a lot of shots on tabletop so in 1st person game its impossible to emulate normally. Weapons would either be uselessly inaccurate or deal no damage at all. If you change it, you get generic shooter. Honestly Relic`s SM showed SM probably closest to what they are supposed to be in fluff. They are not that great anywhare else, including tabletop because "superhuman" translates into "slightly better than average human".

f819cd  No.16631709


Yeah but I felt Space Marine was a bit too scripted(for lack of a better description). Very much like Binary Domain or the later Arkham games, I just never felt like I was in full control of my character's movement or aiming.

ca9e5e  No.16631734


I've only played Battlefleet Gothic 1, but the AI in the campaign of that game is an absolute fucking cunt. And if you built your ships the wrong way before a certain mission, you're mostly fucked. It was a mix of "this is fun" and "how the fuck was I supposed to know that I'm fucking forced to use a specific fleet composition or I automatically lose".

f819cd  No.16631759


I've played Gothic 1. I found it very fun, if very lacking in content, until the game slaps you with a planetary bombardment mission which is heavily luck based depending on where the bombardment positions are. I also wasn't a fan of how fast you could eliminate orc/eldar fleets from the game, or how you can only play the Imperium.

Also I think gameplay like Rebel Galaxy's, even with the 2D cruise ship restriction, would be an excellent fit for 40k void wars.

eec5d1  No.16631769


When in doubt, refer to the Inquisition War trilogy by Ian Watson to get the most authentic variety of lore.

Jaq Draco still wants to fuck that genestealer

ca9e5e  No.16631778

File: 8a0a46a6890a160⋯.gif (3.73 MB, 320x240, 4:3, cant even fathom this shit.gif)


>planetary bombardment mission

>the most optimal point spending for that mission is getting two cruisers

>if you pick two cruisers you instalose since they're too slow and cumbersome to dodge the stasis bombs

79665f  No.16631844


To be fair its true for most games. Difficulty goes from "only metabuilds can do it" to "its hard at the start and later its super easy". There are rarely a game with its difficulty progressing. Total war warhammer difficult only at the start and later it gets super boring and game is running super slow so its impossible to win without heavy autism powers to sit through all the boring shit.


>playing Rance

>if you bring Rance to certain mission you autolose because scripts

I cant believe some people say its a good game.

ca9e5e  No.16634867

File: 8beb60a1b123970⋯.jpg (70.13 KB, 1080x1079, 1080:1079, ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.jpg)

>the chaos campaign for Battlefleet Gothic 2 is 13 eurodollars

>13 eurodollars

>for a campaign, for a faction that's already in the game

b52f97  No.16634880


I bet it would be only 10 dollars without VAT tax.

VAT tax is the most Jewish form of taxation.

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