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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2f2ba9  No.16589000

20 minute gameplay footage for bloodlines 2

c16152  No.16589007

Is that using a fucking gamepad? What the fuck.

22f6e4  No.16589035

Can I steal foreskins in that game?

04fa67  No.16589056


>Chose a thunblood discipline.

How are they a clan again? They were seen as the end of a clan, with the blood thinning out how many steps you take away from Cain.

>Stepping out onto the street with those traffic lights and soft ambient music.

Got me there.

>No talking response.

A positive.

>Map up above, no blood meter.

Negatives. Oh! Blood meter are the dots next to the current equip in the lower left.

>Blindspots allow sucking blood and that without breaking masquerade.

Nice enough to see.

>Lockpick is hold X but having Lockpick 3 flashed up.

So seems you need the skill to pick the lock, noted.

>Voice acting is serviceable but not iconic like Bloodlines was.

People V.V., Gary and Jack stand out cause they had amazing voices.

>Can leap up a parking garage instead of going around, as long as nobody sees, not breaking masquerade.

"This is the age of cellphone cameras, fuck ups arn't tolerated."

>Emphasis on melee combat, in first person might be cool, might suck.

Kinda like advance Skyrim to be honest.

>Drain a human and awaken the beast.

Nice to see.

>Pick up melee weapons off the street.

I remember they said that unarmed and disciplines were going to be the main focus, unfortunately. No more carrying around shotguns and the like.

>Hub map connecting other places.

Like Santa Monica and the beach for example.

>Transitions map, loses bat.

Probably a bug.

>Vampire sense to detect shit, mist form allows you to enter vent.

Probably useful. Not sure about detective vision.

>Enemies get ranged weapons, you don't.

Not even a pistol or a concealed small shotgun or anything. All you got is a pipe. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a mod later that adds in weapons.

>Humanity decisions pop up in dialog that tell you if you earn or lose it.

Kinda lame.

>Fail the entire quest cause you didn't get the data.

What a fucking idiot playing. Average IGN employee really.

So yeah, kinda ehhh. Looks a bit modern for my liking. Also releasing in April which I think is a bad idea as Cyberpunk's releasing that month also any that's going to dominate sales for at least 3 months if not till September 2020.

41a725  No.16589059


The writing will be pozzed garbage, so whatever watered-down Deus Ex clone they shit out will still be unplayable cancer.

ccdc3d  No.16589061


The early guns in the VTM:B are kind of shit unless you put points into guns. The later guns are broken to shit, though.

84df7a  No.16589062


Welcome to the world of console babies anon, instead of making shit for a PC like it should be they gotta downscale everything so console kiddies can auto-aim at everything in 480p cause consoles still don't come anywhere near PC's in hardware

41a725  No.16589067


Point is, there's no logical reason you can't carry a pistol, sawn-off shotgun or a small SMG.

2fb852  No.16589073

>that clunky movement

Is this how console fags play fps games? I'd fucking kill myself if that was the normal.

1a8378  No.16589078


Is this a reaction video in text format?

Anyway I think it looks pretty okay for the most part. Guns sound really weak and AI is pretty retarded but I saw nothing that can't be improved.

Looking forward to the full game honestly.

93ad6e  No.16589080

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And you linked an IGN video? Recommend watching this one instead to avoid the retardation.

ccdc3d  No.16589083


True, and it limits your options. Plus, you know, a vampire killing people with a weapon and super human strength might be one hell of a lot more likely to cause issues than something that they can bribe the cops to chalk up to gang violence.

bcd6e4  No.16589084

File: 6d713ab0ebca503⋯.jpg (70.54 KB, 600x705, 40:47, king of foreskins.jpg)


If you pick jew you can.

41a725  No.16589091


Maybe they can't carry weapons because Seattle is a gun free zone. Them magical anti-gun signs sure are powerful!

b51887  No.16589095

Fuck the masquerade hipsters bullshit.

I want to play Tzmistche national socialist who fleshcraft jews into swatiska.

41a725  No.16589099


>not playing Nazi mages plotting to shaoh everything that isn't white and human

a5a803  No.16589106

why ign people so shit at fucking game

22f6e4  No.16589107


They are all vampires, right?

5d0ad8  No.16589124

File: 6bc11a48437999a⋯.png (242.49 KB, 387x386, 387:386, Ugh gross.png)

>quest markers

41a725  No.16589135


You can't expect critical thinking from their target /leftypol/ audience.

5d0ad8  No.16589146

File: 4a28c2e6e19f26a⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 1264x712, 158:89, bandicam 2019-06-12 12-20….webm)

630010  No.16589147

File: 861dd7fc52fce37⋯.jpg (22.02 KB, 540x361, 540:361, kill my enemies santa.jpg)

The lead writer of Bloodlines 2 is a lady named Cara Ellison.

She is the same lady that threw a fit over the 1 second rape scene in Hotline Miami 2 where it is revealed immediately after that it's just a movie that is being filmed in-game. Her tantrum led to the game being banned in Australia.

If this lady cannot handle one second of fictional rape by 'actors' in a game, then what makes anybody think she can write an interesting, challenging story set in the Bloodlines universe? What would make anybody want to purchase this game?

Any single person who is excited for Bloodlines 2 after hearing about the developers, political nonsense, or being familiar with the 'woke' WoD sourcebook this game is drawing from is either a SJW or a shill, and there are no others explanations.

13ab72  No.16589149

Watching this video at low FoV and with those console controls made me genuinely sick, is this really what gamepadfags actually believe?

b51887  No.16589175


Nah, mages are faggots.

Only vampires and werewolves for me.

45715e  No.16589193

File: db65a93fdda25bb⋯.png (102.86 KB, 336x305, 336:305, Binny disgust.png)


I wish i could forget i ever witnessed such wretchedly generic gameplay.

41a725  No.16589202


Don't forget she wrote an article about all the penises in Skyrim. How people can still have hope for this turd is beyond me.

eaedd6  No.16589213

File: af42eb532ff0d71⋯.jpg (96.33 KB, 807x605, 807:605, 14276263817540.jpg)


>the amazing atmosphere that defined VTMB is completely missing, there is no ambience to speak of

>clunky, jagged animation, including facial animation

>no gore, barely any blood

>shitty voice acting, poorly written lines

>forgettable, unoriginal characters

>absolutely disgusting excuse for a soundtrack that anyone can make on fucking Ableton in an hour

>you can do whatever the fuck you want in masquerade areas as long as no one sees you, even though the game is set in modern times and there's a camera on every corner

>apparently, being a thin blood here means you can be a jack of all trades that can go toe-to-toe with a regular vamp instead of a weak as fuck demihuman aberration who gets treated like shit at best and gets ashed on the spot at worst

So, this is just going to be a discount nu-Prey with VTM slapped on the box. Throw in SJW bullshit that the game is going to be overflowing with and we are looking at Mass Effect Andromeda 2: Electric Boogaloo. This game is going to bomb so hard, no one will even want to talk about it in a month.

67b422  No.16589244

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Finally! a boondocks video game!

93ad6e  No.16589277

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A lot more complete gameplay trailer. Someone spliced together all the segments from the Twitch stream - looks better than the E3 demo at least.


Noticed that. Hit detection is working in the build they used for the streams (which is evidently a lot further along than the E3 one).

5cbe19  No.16589284

File: 79ccc00bd1e87f6⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, 791ac2cd4089117f28af61656b….png)


>tfw no nazi vampire lanklett gf

67aeb6  No.16589296


So, it's gonna be another BioShock / Dishonored / whatever clone? There should be a name for this genre at this point, akin to "Metroidvania".

41a725  No.16589301


I still hunger for a game that plays like Jagged Alliance, set in the Eastern Front, with you in the role of the commander of the Reich's paranormal battalion fighting Jewish vampires and golems.


They're usually called immersive sims, or if you're not some faggot hipster FPS/RPG hybrid.

67aeb6  No.16589307


Too specific to be just "immersive sims". They're like Doom clones back in the days. You can barely separate Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Prey (2017), etc. apart from each other.

bfe51b  No.16589308



fuck off eyelet

41a725  No.16589311


I'm genuinely surprised most of the female characters don't look like absolute dogshit, and that some of them are actually fairly attractive. Guess they haven't yet gotten to the "make everyone ugly" phase of character design. Either that or they're hoping this will fool people into thinking the game isn't pozzed to the gills.

13ab72  No.16589312


The thing that connects them is the fact that they're all consoleshit made with gamepad in mind. Come up with a single game that feels the same way and isn't consoleshit, I dare you.

fdb961  No.16589350


Eyelets will inherit the world

23f8fd  No.16589367

Looks like shit, I'm gonna skip it and just mod vtmb.

f3d9db  No.16589372

File: 3d98e54d6f2fa8a⋯.jpg (220.64 KB, 569x571, 569:571, 3d98e54d6f2fa8a9d11190170b….jpg)


>skyrim quest marker

I hate them, i swear.

They take a game that only a small group of people know and resurrect it just to turn it into a game for the sheep people.

Definitely will pirate this fucking turd.

e5f484  No.16589393


Another guy playing FPS with a controller. Not much of a difference, to be honest.

Not that it's his fault, kikes at M$ and Paradox likely forced people to play Xboner build and since they don't even play video games they see no difference between kb+m and controllers.

bfe51b  No.16589394


Eyelets couldn't survive outside the soft modern world. Eyelets will be the first to go once disaster strikes.

41a725  No.16589406


>pirate this fucking turd

Why would you even pirate it? Might as well go waste dozens of hours on Inquisition.

117afd  No.16589498

File: 95a2d604efe3262⋯.mp4 (9.02 MB, 852x480, 71:40, 27hoursinpaint.mp4)

oh god how did this get here i am not good with computers

740af5  No.16589543

File: 876bbff8185677e⋯.png (2.43 MB, 1918x1080, 959:540, 876bbff8185677ea448b6bb01d….png)



To me it just looks like it plays the same as the first one and that it will be plagued by the same problems as it too,i don't know where the hell they spent their development time but it wasn't on improving the gameplay.

de71e4  No.16589555


Glasses are cute on girls and hot to cover with cum.

931ea6  No.16589562

It's gonna fucking suck. You know it, I know it.

2e7985  No.16589563


I don't think she's a lead but the fact that she is involved in any capacity is enough for me. She is the poster girl for sheltered British cunts who think their lives are somehow more valuable. I remember way back when she wrote for RPS, she wrote an article that was ostensibly game related. At the time, I knew her as "that ditzy bint who wrote comic articles about Dota 2," so I clicked on it, thinking it would be funny. I was instead greeted by a giant paragraph about how life as a teenage girl was terrible because boys found her attractive and paid attention to her. Millions of women didn't have this luxury and suffered through teenage womanhood as a result, but not Cara! She suffered anyway! After that article I quit reading RPS permanently. I tried to find it again a while back just to prove it exists, but I couldn't find it among any of the articles tagged with Cara's name though it's possible that it has a headline I don't remember or expect. It's also highly possible that it was deleted because it was too absurd.

4a9282  No.16589574


there are people sucking dev's dick in reveal trailer comments so hard you'd be surprised, every checkbox is ticked condemning bloodlines2 to the same fate nuThiaf got few years ago, no one fuckin remembers except core fanbase that got cockring-raped to shreds, me included.

And yet I think it's gonna be a selling success thanks to retarded sheep majority of people are, how much they got already with preorders?

c6137a  No.16589578

File: 0b60aaf2946a26c⋯.jpg (130.44 KB, 500x500, 1:1, vtmbsisters.jpg)

Compare those stiff faces of that Grey DeLisle and nosferatu character to Jeanette or Gary from 15 years ago. I would post a webm of VTMB but for some reason I can't download anything related from youtube. The whole E3 trailer was complete disaster with stuttering, stiffness and missing animations galore.

eaedd6  No.16589733

File: d211fdf8c95b7f5⋯.jpg (135.71 KB, 600x843, 200:281, 1388161811557.jpg)


Why the lack of color?

ea3668  No.16589871



I swear I don't understand why the Devs even bother to let gamejournos try their games. They are actually making it look even worse with how bad they are playing it and their aim isn't the worst part.

You can clearly see a "super meter" on the side of their equipped weapon that charges when they hit someone. It even has a prompt for the Y Button to use it and they spend the whole video with it full, never using the super flashy move the Devs placed in there for them. What's the point in letting game journos take footage of your game for marketing if they record themselves playing with only the most basic bitch boring gameplay possible?

Truck load of vampire powers, several different weapons to use, movement galore, melee revamp and all they can do is spam melee in someone's faces, throwing a power every now and then when they remenber and have nothing nearby occupying their mind.


>fictional rape by 'actors' in a game

Basically fictional fictional rape.

You're not being much fair with this though, there's plenty of reasons to look out for it, if nothing else at least to pirate it.

The abilities look cool and interesting, some more variety than the first game. Plenty of movement options too to boot. Melee combat is far better, gunplay seems cool too but it's only relevant once we've seen Celerity.

The game also seems to be an open-world which suits this kind of game a lot. The first one had overly expansive hub areas for no real reason besides taking longer to move around and sticking a few locations around. Thief 3 had considerably better hub areas and they still weren't anything special.

The original team is also working on it, so even if that lady is there, she might not have as much of a say in the script as you'd expect.

Basically, it's looking half decent and more interesting in the gameplay department. If the story is also half decent, you get a fun game to play and if it comes closer to the first one than you have a nice sucessor as well, but that is something you can't judge until it's out, only speculate.

eaedd6  No.16589921


>even if that cunt is there

Fixed it for you, now fuck back off to plebbit.

da486d  No.16590109

File: 6ff696d93a0be55⋯.jpg (84.93 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 6ff696d93a0be55ddc78e76430….jpg)


Rip a cute

d165e4  No.16590392

I can see why they didn't showcase the gameplay at the PC game show. First person combat is awkward and it looks like they had a journo play the game to make it look extra worse. This seems more like a genuine alpha build unlike what Anthem is pushing out but I can't see much of it to be improved.

Looks like you still have loading screens to go to levels in the city. No humans react to you holding a weapon prepared to fight or jumping off the 2nd floor of a building. Enemies don't change to physical combat or defense when you're in close range to their gun. Awkward animation for sucking blood and enemies taking a hit. Powers like flipping over to behind the enemy don't work most of the time. That area blast attack didn't work on multiple enemies surrounding him at one point. There was a scene where there was no enemies prior, he turns for a 3 seconds and back and there were like 5-6 enemies in the spot that weren't there before so they had to have spawned there outside your vision. No lock on in close combat so you often miss if the animation you're doing has a different range of attack.

Then their was that dumb moment where it has to be a journo playing this when they jumped off a level and end up on top of a lit fire barrel. If a developer was playing it, they'd avoid making the game look like this much shit. Ragdoll of enemies seems like it could be funny if they get caught on railings like that one woman. They have until Q1 of 2020 to fix a lot of the problems but I think it has some core problems that are are hard to fix so the idea of it being pozzed might not be its biggest problem. Outside of the talking bits, it feels like a shitty vampire the masquerade mode for fallout 4. If your goal was to turn off people to the game, I think you might have succeeded.

fcabbe  No.16590594


Well it looks like the modding commmunity (the real game developers) are going to spend another 10 years making this pile of hot dogshit into a decent playable game. But even then it completly lacks the soul, charm and wit of the real bloodlines- so there will be nothing to fix it for anyway

7e91aa  No.16590608

>a leftypol game has quest markers up the ass and auto aiming

At least they know their retarded audience.

829da7  No.16590650

Game looks passable. Moreso with the SJW undercurrents and all discussion of it being banned on Steam.

I hope there are character romances though- it'd be a waste of those (surprisingly decent looking) female character models if there wasn't any.

182538  No.16590655


>First person combat is awkward

>No lock on in close combat so you often miss if the animation you're doing has a different range of attack.

Dark Messiah, Arx Fatalis and plenty of others have no problems with first person combat. Even meme shit like Mordhaus or Chivalry or similar games works well enough.

This was just the player being stuck with a controller and being bad in the first place, you can tell from how they use their powers that they don't function well under pressure nor have any spatial awareness.

>No humans react to you holding a weapon prepared to fight or jumping off the 2nd floor of a building.

I don't recall seeing a single moment where the player had a gun and there were civilians or he wasn't fighting against someone. Except for the improvised melee weapons like pipes in the middle of the beggars, but that's to be expected.

Everytime he jumped off the second floor, there was nobody nearby, the closest human was quite a distance away. Not to excuse the rest, but you're reaching here.

There's a LOT of problems with the animations, though. You can see the dialogue with the first Nosf where he blinks between animations when selecting an answer. The rest seem like placeholder animations that weren't even done well, but the same can be said about a lot of things, which is really weird considering they are bound to release it in about half an year and yet it's still a "pre-Alpha"?

137739  No.16590661

File: 19ab80b48e5b8fa⋯.jpg (4.7 KB, 250x180, 25:18, 1557268018034.jpg)

is that a quest marker?

ff6b75  No.16590671

This sucks on ice

eaedd6  No.16590679


>which is really weird considering they are bound to release it in about half an year and yet it's still a "pre-Alpha"?

That's the typical current year dev MO, anon. Spend 90% of time inventing and inserting poz and bullshit, force the few White devs to pick up the slack in the last few months, then fire them for half-assing it.

ed0bcd  No.16590742

File: ba165b2c318fe50⋯.jpeg (93.88 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, D8a1apsUwAAdclu.jpeg)

That girl is hot but everything else looks and sounds awful

182538  No.16590772


You're going to get your quest markers and you're gonna shut up about it because it's the best design decision if you want to appeal to a large demographic.

Quest Markers are the natural evolution of giving orientation to the players that has gone through several iterations already and this is the current best form it has. Everything else has it's downsides and once you think about all of them, Quest Markers are always where you arrive at.

>get information in quest log

You constantly break the pacing by opening your quest log to check what you're supposed to be doing

>get markers on a map that you can check

You constantly break the pacing by opening the map to check for directions, repeating it every time you turn a corner or enter a new area.

>put minimap and markers\paths on it

You spend the entire time staring at the minimap instead of the world and the game feels less fun.

>put quest markers on your main hud to directly point where you have to go

Obstructs your vision and distracts you, more annoying than usefull

>have compass that shows quest markers and other icons on top

Gives you accurate directions to follow, reveals nearby usefull or interesting places to check out and it's available just by looking up without actually being as detailed (and therefore distracting) as minimaps.

>information written in a journal that you can read at any time, correlate with your map and reach on your own

That's honestly the best scenario but you're not going to get it for several reasons.

First of all, it's a useless design for anything that's not open world and prepared with enough landmarks you can use for guidance. Linear games will just tell you about what you're supposed to do in the current area you land in and that's pretty much it. Consider just about any Deus Ex for instance. Only games that reward and require exploration will benefit from this (like Thief)

It's also something that requires a very, very immersive game. You'll have to get to know the land itself, the names of things, the surrounding areas and landmarks, etc before you're ready to fully utilize something like this. Otherwise, you're getting directions for something that's just generic names and places you don't care about.

There's even the possibility of failing horribly at doing this and making really awkard and artificial moments where you find notes or NPCs talk about specific things and places for no reason other than giving the player a tidbit of information.

I'm not saying I like Quest Markers, but you have to understand that the general audience does not have the patience or drive to be sufficiently immersed into a game that a proper better alternative actually works. Quest Markers ARE the best tool devs can use for them since it does everything normalfags need it to do while also preventing them from doing dumb shit like getting lost or always stare at the minimap instead of the game.


Dunno why these pics keep being posted when the game seems to have very little to do with the tabletop rules anyway.

d165e4  No.16590784

Oh, I forgot to mention that spastic dancing scene from the ign video. Who thinks that is how you dance in club?

So the gamespot video came out and it is not as bad as the ign video. You get to see more skills used and they seem to edit out the dull parts. The close combat still doesn't look good. The snap animation of the woman going back to her default position after being hit by a steel pipe looks terrible. I'm sure they'll have more audio reaction instead of the "What is happening" that all the women characters say when hit. Skill ability seem to work fine if the enemy or person your aiming at is standing still like that one ability to liquefy your enemy into blood. Even though the enemy was still hit by the floor blood spikes, it seems active animation abilities are a little slow when you activate them from the trigger skill wheel. Might work better if those abilities were attached to a shortcut button or something.

8c1aab  No.16590786


Modders really need to grow a spine and give these fuckwits the finger. Stop doing their god damn jobs for them.

60326e  No.16590817

File: 2b62da8191eb7dc⋯.png (40.06 KB, 392x197, 392:197, 2b62da8191eb7dcccdd3d7e24d….png)


It's fucking disgusting. What ever happened to exploring and learning the lay of the land? Sure, mods can probably remove the compass but you can only assume the reliance on it allowed level designers to be lazy so it'll be a worse experience with or without it.

661096  No.16590822


>Oh, I forgot to mention that spastic dancing scene from the ign video. Who thinks that is how you dance in club?

Fucking nigger haven't played VTM:B.

bf98c6  No.16590846

File: 06c4268ebc4519c⋯.webm (5.48 MB, 1920x1054, 960:527, Nosferatu dance.webm)

60326e  No.16590852


The tweet talking about Nosferatu not being playable was fake, right? I couldn't locate the origin.

bf98c6  No.16590861


I damn well hope so, they're absolutely something that should be in the game, but I'd not put it past them to leave them out because "it's too hard to make them playable!" or some such cop-out

cbfe49  No.16590870

The graphics look nice. I can't wait for the game to come out looking like a ps2 game. I hope they don't cuck on the reavealing clothing on the females.

25ffdf  No.16590872



webm or fuck off

58f9f7  No.16590874


>seems to have very little to do with the tabletop rules anyway

Anon, they are adapting the very tabletop rules onto this game. No more blood points or generations, replaced by 5 stages of 'hunger' (in the trailer, that five red dots) that increase by one every time you use a discipline. Thin-bloods getting telekinesis are part and parcel of their 'thin-blood alchemy' discipline; they work by getting 'materials' and use it like potion to get a bootleg other clans disciplines with TK being their 'oc donutsteel' discipline.

60326e  No.16590876

File: eba8a7d54009cc4⋯.png (234.26 KB, 773x666, 773:666, ClipboardImage.png)


This was the source, but I'm leaning on the fake side right now.

eaedd6  No.16590877


>"it's too hard to make them playable!"

Considering that the gameplay video shows you doing spider-man shit in plain fucking sight, a Nossie with Obfuscate should be a fucking breeze to implement. But then again, these are current year devs we're talking about.

Ten bucks say they'll fuck up playing as a Malk and turn them into snarky quippers/autistic retards.

25ffdf  No.16590898


>Ten bucks say they'll fuck up playing as a Malk and turn them into snarky quippers/autistic retards.

Like the original game? Love the original Bloodlines but the fishmalk shit was annoying.

eaedd6  No.16590903


Aaand there we go. You are a parasitic, monstrous walking corpse, but they don't want you to feel unwanted just because you don't have supermodel looks.

I honestly can't wait when we can openly start killing these people.

181e4c  No.16590908


>um, are you going to include this gameplay feature? becuz it would make my trannyfaggot hormones upset :((((((((((

When can we euthanize these people?

eaedd6  No.16590911


I don't remember the original game being fishmalky. It actually nailed down your average, high-generation Malk - overall relative lucidity interspersed with raving, batshit insanity.

aef189  No.16590931


Fake tweet. Who makes this shit? Who FALLS for this shit? Twitter is not some complex puzzle box that only autists can figure out.

eff11a  No.16590959


Quest markers to the general location and item pickup markers are all that is needed. Any thing beyond that should be a player skill, sense, spell, or device.

7d1441  No.16590965


> euthanize

with an axe preferably

a86f69  No.16590978


Look just because you're undead super-predator abominations doesn't mean you don't Live In A Society.

19b872  No.16590984


You know, as someone who has to hide his powerlevels all the time, I actually feel for the nosferatu. Wouldn't want to be one, but I do feel a certain familiarity with them.

fcabbe  No.16591007




e8c03e  No.16591030


He's clearly not, otherwise he wouldn't have had any problem making that u-turn at 1:31.

5c26df  No.16591041



it doesn't show up anywhere you baiting faggot

05fdba  No.16591074

I just love how they're forcing people to pay as the vampire equivalent of an AIDS nigger instead of a proper vampire.

eaedd6  No.16591098


Not to mention that said AIDS nigger gets trusted with stuff like negotiations between factions. In actual VTM universe, thinbloods are regularly culled by the Camarilla, killed for fun by Anarchs and used as cannon fodder by the Sabbat. The very idea of a thinblood poking its nose into politics is like a dog applying for a Ph.D. But for a SJW who doesn't know shit about lore, all this garbage is fine and dandy.

a86f69  No.16591101


That specific tweet doesn't, but a more recent tweet says that gangrel and nosferatu will not be in the game at launch.

Is it a faked screenshot? Was the tweet deleted? Does it really matter? We know what these people are like.

0f514e  No.16591114


No it's not, retard. Anyway the game looks like shit and the added poz is an extra red flag

3bee85  No.16591131

File: 2e65279d61ea110⋯.png (470.27 KB, 960x1378, 480:689, 2e65279d61ea11086673338723….png)



>no archive

fake&gay confirmed


<yes it's fake buuuuuuuuuut

That's why you always archive or gtfo

f6b9ea  No.16591147

File: 330b2a0be440f80⋯.webm (1.83 MB, 640x640, 1:1, masquerade violation.webm)

Why can you play as thinbloods they are considered subhumans that no-one takes seriously and kills for fun?I can't see how they won't have to fuck with the lore to make the story work.

c154f3  No.16591158

File: ab4fc9080ffae52⋯.jpg (33.6 KB, 272x313, 272:313, ab4fc9080ffae521a64745a1fe….jpg)


I really like the 40° horseblinders FOV.

5a2e62  No.16591184


There's no reason to play this. It's so bland. So generic. So devoid of personality.

Rather install wbtm again.


e315b2  No.16591302

File: 2af3da48f9ef4b9⋯.jpg (32.42 KB, 480x360, 4:3, metziza bpeh.jpg)


Kikes are literally vampires.

9f0628  No.16591307


I agree with what nearly all of you said here. This gameplay looks like a complete rip off of the first few missions in VtMB. Shitty apartment in shitty building, similar if not the same voice actor doing radio guy, club is near and music in the club is absolute shit, some generic retardation they call music (remember music from each club in VtMB, yeah? Different atmosphere, good music as a representation of a club, everyone with a subculture of its own). Dance moves were kinda stupid but cute in VtMB, here it's another rip off and they look more retarded - or if I am being completely honest they did not change at all. Go to the club to get info, it's another feud or whatever with Nosferatu (just like in VtMB), Nosferatu look nothing like Nosferatu, first guy looks like a fucking burn victim and still too pretty to be a Nos, "Slugg" (retarded name) looks like a homeless, jelly Thing from Fantastic Four.

Like others pointed out, climbing buildings (or jumping off one and receiving no damage what so ever) in mere seconds is fucking stupid and major breach of the Masquerade.

Combat looks dumb, meters and skyrim quest markers look dumb. Why would you need to attack those two bums at the entrance, why would they attack you, sure they might, but give some option for sneaking in or persuading them or paying them. That drug gang (another rip off from Drug Trip quest) had some options other than combat but we never saw those. And I never saw so many hipster bitches who are into heavy weapons and drug trade. Not to mention that if you ever had 7 or 8 enemies with ARs and shotguns on the first few levels in VtMB you would not survive. And no we couldn't see any other option for Slugg in the end, just the ISIS option.

15 years ago they made lips move with the words they say, the characters blinked, nodded, smiled and more. Now it looks really, really fucking bad. Animation for sucking blood is bad, as other said. Esthetics of symbols don't look too good or vampirish, they look rather cartoony.

Surroundings look good, lots of details, debris, enough variety in buildings design and alleyways.

I don't know, one could go on, I'm sure everyone here found bunch of stupid shit.


Do you know what games are also popular among general audience? Ones that don't hold your hand, ones where you fail mission many, many times. If normalfags don't like hard games why are Dark Souls and Cuphead popular?

84df7a  No.16591389

File: d8e3d34cd985beb⋯.jpg (9.41 KB, 251x212, 251:212, sadfd.jpg)


Except he clearly is

07530e  No.16591419


> make a sequel to a game lauded for it's next gen facial animations.

> make the facial animations for the sequel look like something from a ps1 game.

05fdba  No.16591429


Coding and actually making an effort are racist white supremacy concepts meant to keep women and POCs down.

a86f69  No.16591444


This isn't /gghq/ and I don't care about accurate reporting on some shitty game's PR twitter account.

f37de6  No.16591456


Embarrassing. Remember, those people are getting paid for their work. It's their profession, it's what they do every day. And they still can't make a better game than one small dying studio 15 years ago.

9a66e8  No.16591463


God..were they salted or something? Did he just open a stinking bag of desert heat rotted, fly blown, unwashed dick flesh? That palace must have stink for a month. Even small dead human bits reek.

07530e  No.16591478


dude, how has this game been in development for four years and still look this bad?

eaedd6  No.16591481


Jews probably loved it. Next to gypsies, they are among the most unsanitary people on earth. Orthodox women, for example, are religiously required to take a bath only twice in their lives - after birth and prior to getting married.

05fdba  No.16591502


The same reason every leftist studio shits out bad games. They hire based on race/gender instead of competence and experience (which would actually force them to acknowledge their ideology is bullshit as all the competent people are white/East Asian men), and they tend to overhire HR and social media drones instead of actual programmers and artists, so even the mediocre talent they have on hand is overworked and understaffed and have to live in constant fear of the HR commissariat breathing down their neck for anything they do.

The bosses are always the absolute worst of the lot, the most narcissistic, sociopathic and ideologically driven assholes from a movement that is predominantly made up of narcissistic assholes, so the work environment is a toxic waste dump of endless drama and backstabbing.

When they actually get down to developing the game, they are more concerned with shoving in their shit politics than they are with making a good product, and they are constantly hamstrung by mismanagement and inter-department tranny fights as their tumblrtard workforce experiences their daily mental breakdown from simply existing and have to go cry in a corner.

35a455  No.16591614

Gameplay looks mediocre, but it's difficult to tell when it's being played by someone that retarded. Too soon to tell about the writing, a few things gave me reason to hope and a few reason to worry. Visually it's kind of a mess, not sure why they thought the Human Revolution piss filter was a good look for vampires. Dialogue animations are worse than the first game. The characters in Bloodlines were extremely expressive without looking goofy, these characters' facial animations are much more stiff and awkward.


The account that tweet supposedly replied to doesn't exist, unless he deleted or changed his @.

Why do people make up these obvious fakes? Do you actually expect people to fall for them or are you pulling a double false flag?

6f0545  No.16591668

File: 101cdc422304626⋯.jpg (522.26 KB, 1493x1500, 1493:1500, fdb41d1884d7d0d71982dd81d1….jpg)

File: 8bf29d0834e6165⋯.jpg (69.22 KB, 823x1100, 823:1100, 423523465346.jpg)


inb4 this is better than CB2077 in terms of an RPG.

Fuck I want at least one of the two to be decent. We need more cyberpunk and vampire games



High chance you can remove at the very least the quest markers and the NPC's will give you directions if the gameplay vid is anything to go by. The nosferatu gives you directions on where to find the thinblood. "Under the highway…" etc etc.

I don't wanna say I was impressed but I expected much, much less from the gameplay.

One thing is for certain, the writing will probably be shit though

de6b30  No.16591676

File: c40ccf93719bf16⋯.png (524.24 KB, 800x800, 1:1, c40ccf93719bf164156ef02876….png)



Go read some kotakoo article about the joys of cuckholding while playing ASSFAGGOTS,you don't deserve those digits

05a9a0  No.16591772

File: 6d967a4185cffa5⋯.jpg (69.16 KB, 710x567, 710:567, 6d967a4185cffa5b0da295e653….jpg)


Just now getting to watch the E3 PC gaming conference and I take what I said back, Cara is definitely a lead by the fact that they trotted her out on stage, and holy shit the nose on the other guy. Jesus Christ.

897ebf  No.16591819

File: 0f40d68b53619ef⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled.png)


I thought I was the only who noticed that. If it weren't for the previous lady telling us so, I wouldn't have believed he was a nosferatu at all.

eaedd6  No.16591847


Nosferatu being ugly is a bigoted stereotype, you nosferatuphobe.

3b148d  No.16591855


One of the big nossie archetypes is Beauty and the Beast. The sensitive intellectual that looks like a chud. I am not surprised at all that this is lost on trannies that are uglier inside than they are on the outside.


>thin-bloods get clan disciplines

How horrifying. I'm not familiar with nuvtm, can they still learn other clan disciplines? Also, I remember TK being a tremere thing that allowed flight, I assume they don't do that anymore.

I assumed they didn't allow nos because it would be stupider to have the thin-bloods face fall off if he decided he wanted to be a nos. I guess malk could make sense, the primarch could dementate the fuck out of him so he'll fit in better. Or what about ventrue? They put you in a suit and suddenly he's too good to drain hobos? The whole idea gets stupider the more you think about it.

701d52  No.16591922


It's weird that he is a nosferatu, he just looks like a burn victim with a jewy nose.

eaedd6  No.16591934

File: befddf923cf891d⋯.jpg (638.83 KB, 1024x593, 1024:593, befddf923cf891df70f719efbc….jpg)


>I remember TK being a tremere thing that allowed flight

Gangrels can fly too, via shapeshifting or turning into mist.

>I assumed they didn't allow nos because it would be stupider to have the thin-bloods face fall off if he decided he wanted to be a nos.

The thing about thinbloods (in classic VTM, that is) is that they are too removed from even their Antediluvian, let alone Caine, to have clan ties and hence, no inherent propensity for any discipline. Technically, they can learn disciplines, but with great difficulty + they need someone to teach them, and no vampire would waste time and effort on that. Imagine trying to get into quantum physics while being a 70 IQ nigger in the middle of African bush without a single textbook in a 500 kilometer radius.

Some thinbloods can walk in the sun with only mild discomfort, some can eat human food without throwing up, others age like a human would. 99% of them are so fucked up, they don't even know who or what they are. Most vampires consider them pests to be killed on sight, Sabbat uses them as cannon fodder in sieges and attacks.

But in this dumpster fire of a game, a recently embraced thinblood uses high-level disciplines without batting an eye, fights whole gangs of thugs that would normally turn him into a pile of shit-stinking ashes, and runs important errands that normally wouldn't be entrusted to a vampire younger than at least a century.

701d52  No.16591954


How are thinbloods made exactly?

7d1441  No.16591963


I actually like the idea of nosferatu not being absolute horror all over but but still having some weird body alterations that you cant hide

701d52  No.16591969


Yeah but it would have been more logical for them to look closer to a gargoyle than a burn victim.

6b2d45  No.16591973


They're gen13 vampires. In other words, they are made when a gen12 embraces a human.

e32fad  No.16592017

File: 0007082f272c95b⋯.png (580.94 KB, 821x821, 1:1, Copper.png)


Depends on the edition/era of the game actually. In Dark Ages Vampire, 13th gen is thin blooded. This was rooted more in superstition about the number 13 being unlucky then anything else. In the 1990's to the 2010's, 14th and 15th gen are thin blooded. V5? Who fucking knows. I don't have any desire to read that shit book.

Thin bloods are usually also Caitiff - meaning they don't know what clan they are from. Caitiff usually are abandoned by their sires or are the victims of mass embraces (Sabbat Shovelheads), so they don't have someone to tell them what they are. Couple that with the fact that they aren't inherently disposed towards any particular disciplines or clan weakness (due to being so far removed from their antideluvian), they basically CAN'T figure out what clan they are from. An example of a thinblood caitiff would be the losers under the Pier in Santa Monica.

3b148d  No.16592021


Gen 13 is where they start but they can be as high as 15. That's where you find the real goofy shit, like vampires getting pregnant. Glorified ghouls, really.

eaedd6  No.16592030


When a generation 13 vampire embraces a human, the result is a thinblood. Most of such cases go like this:

>Sabbat or Anarch gen12 vamp embraces a human out of pity, passion or expedience (Camarilla vamps are usually much stricter with that kind of shit, because it often gets you ashed if discovered)

>the newbie gen13 vamp is a pathetic, confused faggot who knows nothing about the world he is in because the sire never bothered to teach him

>tries to find sympathy and help or get back to his old life

>goes and embraces his family and/or gf

>now there's a whole brood of gen14 thinbloods who don't understand what the fuck is going on

>one wonderful night, a Scourge kicks in their door and slaughters them all, or a Sabbat pack drags them away kicking and screaming to throw at some powerful Camarilla vampire's hideout later

>teh end

c17cce  No.16592056

I only want a QT methuselah nosferatu waifu tbh.

eaedd6  No.16592073

File: d03aac420d716f8⋯.jpg (177.48 KB, 447x500, 447:500, baba yaga.jpg)


I have just the girl for you, anon. 7000 years old and still smashing.

e32fad  No.16592087

File: 3dab5e24852023f⋯.jpg (62.18 KB, 666x495, 74:55, She_Got_Killed_By_A_Shota.jpg)



I got bad news for you fuckers.

c17cce  No.16592097


Vampires don't age.

3b148d  No.16592124

File: 0d02403644a3eee⋯.jpg (79.71 KB, 960x720, 4:3, a gangrel is fine too.jpg)


How about a gangrel methuselah?

0a19b2  No.16592128

File: 08d248ee269d171⋯.jpg (59.05 KB, 500x495, 100:99, c77aae8fc35ca5b1062f027975….jpg)

>>16589000 (check'd)

At first I was excited to hear similar/familiar music, and one of the original VO's on the radio. As soon as he got to the nightclub all of that initial interest disappeared. It seems more like a gay club than a goth club. There were a lot of other red flags for me too, like how the player jumped down directly into a burning barrel fire and took no damage, even though the fire should cause aggravated damage to a vampire. And did they get a literal retard to play for this recording? The movements are so jarring and erratic.

This game seems to completely lack the vibes and atmosphere of the original. Day 1 pirate, maybe, but it'll just be to see how bad it is. I'm not paying for it.

0a19b2  No.16592143


I think this is a pretty good summary of the major issues here. It's clear they don't know what they're doing.

d45309  No.16592147


>I wouldn't be surprised if there's a mod later that adds in weapons.

Calling it now: The developers are going to work to prevent people from modding the game. The game will probably have Denuvo in it, just as an extra fuck you.

60d6cb  No.16592148

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The music before the edit sounds like complete shit and so does everything else but the world design, fuck consoleshit made by normalnigger devs

d45309  No.16592163


>I can't see how they won't have to fuck with the lore to make the story work.

Hey, anon, remember how one of the big ideas in the original World of Darkness was that the world was ending in 2004?

Remember how Bloodlines' entire plot revolved around how the world was just weeks away from ending?

9f2efc  No.16592166


Get a recently bonded Nictuku they're flawless, For a while

3b148d  No.16592169


tbf most of the meta-narrative was shit

d45309  No.16592176


It should be a red flag when the sequel retcons out the entire foundation for the original's story.

3b148d  No.16592202


There's already so many bigger, brighter red-flags, for example a thin-blood doing anything other than suck and die, I'm ok with letting the fact they ignored the meta-narrative, which has already been retconned twice, slide this time.

c17cce  No.16592236


Almost too cute tbh. I want to play as a vampire hunter and team up with one of them. That'd be a neat game concept.

35a455  No.16592565


Bloodlines malk was absolutely a fishmalk. Malks in tabletop have specific mental illnesses, VTMB's malk was fairly generic lolrandom insanity mixed with clever wordplay about things happening in the game. The clever wordplay was neat and some of the lolrandom insanity was fun too, but it wasn't really how a malk should be played. Making a proper malk PC in a videogame would be a huge pain in the ass, though. The NPC malkavians were written pretty well. Grout is a really good character.

ed2168  No.16592600


>no Nosferatu clan because trannies cried about it

In the trash it goes, not even worth pirating

93acfb  No.16592635


Is Gangrel even in? I haven't seen any mention of them at all. Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to give a 4x studio a fucking RPG?

3a7372  No.16592693


>We need more cyberpunk […]

I agree with you there, but your choice in Voerman a shit.

f11bf1  No.16592858

Looks generic and stale.

0a19b2  No.16592892


>Blindspots allow sucking blood and that without breaking masquerade.

<Nice enough to see.

No, the Blindspots are stupid. Being able to run up the side of the building, in public, where anybody can see you, is fucking retarded.

>Transitions map, loses bat.

<Probably a bug.

Why give them the benefit of the doubt?

>Looks a bit modern for my liking.

This is what I took away from it as well. They're trying really hard to modernize a setting that worked best within an early-2000's timeframe. This has none of the soul of the first Bloodlines.


I was hoping that scene would be made into a webm, thanks

>The NPC screams "What is happening?" as she is punched in the face

That's what I'm wondering too

3a7372  No.16592893

File: 5db21dea25cfb2d⋯.jpg (24.84 KB, 568x311, 568:311, bafe265b0a6f95650e7ec4f791….jpg)


Who at Paradox cleared this to be shown? This is dumpster tier, even for a pre-alpha game. Facial expressions were better in a 2004 Source Engine game, hell COMBAT was better in the swiss cheese original on release too. All that on top of the fact Dean Takahashi 2: Electric Boogaloo was playing this shit didn't help. I'm amazed I made it through 20 minutes of that trash.

e95444  No.16592901


>modern consoles


Go back to r/masterrace.

3a7372  No.16592910

File: 0ba2ed273caa2fd⋯.jpg (57.55 KB, 565x575, 113:115, 0ba2ed273caa2fd72830da3c51….jpg)


>What is sarcasm

>He probably thinks current consoles are capable of maintaining 60 frames at 1080p

e95444  No.16592982


>He probably thinks current consoles are capable of maintaining 60 frames at 1080p

Other than the Switch yes, they are.

4a999c  No.16592983


Excuse me what? Other then the Xbox One X barely any games this gen for consoles run at 1080p60

12cb57  No.16593027


Two of the clans are also going to be DLC.

That's how you know it's published by Paradox.

62cdbf  No.16593038


not 1080p/60fps and only 480p are different claims entirely you disingenuous nigger

62cdbf  No.16593060


that's how journalists play anon

3a7372  No.16593071

File: 0e8c921113553ed⋯.jpg (40.55 KB, 600x310, 60:31, 0e8c921113553ed395da97fc27….jpg)


Go back to playing your shit towner console with sub 60 frames on upscaled 1080p while I go play on my master race system with 144 frames on 2160p peasant. You're literally what's wrong with the entire industry. If devs weren't allowed to design for the lowest common denominator we wouldn't have 8 hour games with the depth of saran wrap that cost $60 dollars or micro-transactions bought with mommy and daddy's credit cards by every 6 year old with a dumpster fire console.

22f6e4  No.16593077


That was the joke.

cc84ce  No.16593106


Who is this?

38730b  No.16593114


>blaming consoles for the state of the current vidya industry

>Steam started digital sales (you own a license goyim) which led to microtransactions and lootboxes

>also let West Coast faggots in the industry by lowering the barrier to entry and removing any quality control thus giving us the current SJW plague

Your delusional.

cc84ce  No.16593118


It's not gonna sell well at all. Old fans won't buy it and new players don't even know what it is. There's always some loud dick sucking at dev's site but it never translates to sells.

5cbd8a  No.16593147



>blaming the platform for incompetent western developers

Plenty of console games have good combat but they're made by nips since nips don't do diversity hires.



A better question is why neither of you used invidio.


I'd also like an archive for that. Seems more likely they'd use it as a poorly made analogy.

3a7372  No.16593148

File: 83f5a2673e4a281⋯.png (138.45 KB, 730x410, 73:41, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 57af1d298c9fbcd⋯.png (124.09 KB, 750x563, 750:563, ClipboardImage.png)


Fellate a shotgun.

38730b  No.16593159


>fortnite is a cross-platform game

>battle royale craze started on PC anyway

>free to play PC is split into two colors for some reason

>when you add all three PC sections together it's just as large as consoles if not larger

>PC has a much larger % of F2P players in it's overall profit, clearly having more of an impact pn shit like lootboxes and weapon skins designed to fleece F2P players

What's your point?

38730b  No.16593161



>unsourced/unarchived graps

5cbd8a  No.16593165


Modern devs love tunnel vision FoV for some reason. Maybe they think it's more cinematic.


Anyone who writes for ((RockPaperShotgun))) is an automatic red flag.

5cbd8a  No.16593167


>your choice in Voerman a shit.

Only a femdom faggot would pick Therese.

eff11a  No.16593169

File: c66cff98d5099fc⋯.jpg (67.02 KB, 700x386, 350:193, bloodlines-2-devs.jpg)

The writer of the original game, Brian Mitsoda, is writing Bloodlines 2. Cara Ellison is the addition. Considering the interviews, it appears she is there to share credit and inject current year politics. It is probably good that the main character is at the bottom of the totem pole as they describe. After watching some of the other gameplay videos like Dying Light 2, it doesn't seem like they are much better than Bloodlines 2. The original gameplay videos for Cyberpunk were also lackluster. It is probably the case that none of these games will be much better than the recent Deus Ex games. The environments were about as lifeless in those games. Comments for Bloodlines 2 note that the NPCs are not immersed in their environment. They only seem to walk around, which makes the city segment less interesting. That's something that would be easy to fix.

517909  No.16593170


>Who at Paradox cleared this to be shown?

Paradox long since fired all their talent. Nowadays they just live of off infinite DLC for their GSG games.

32674b  No.16593173


Fucking this. Considering the current pre-order bonuses include the stop sign you get into a shouting match with is included, it was fishmalky shit for laughs. Which is a shame because some of the other bits were a lot creepier.

>A shootout at a popular underground Chinatown club tonight left several dead and wounded after shots were exchanged between a local gang and YOU.

The horror of actually being a Malkavian is glossed over for the most part, which is awful. They're one of the easiest clans to actually portray horror with, but nah, LOL ARGUE WITH YOUR TV

3a7372  No.16593174


Fuck whatever nigger made that graph. My point is the practice is aimed at pre-pubescent little shits who eat that shit up, those tend to be on console.


https://archive.is/BRUXM (Graph 1)

https://archive.is/oKwGK (Graph 2)


>Putting a femdom in her place isn't alpha as fuck.

2ea431  No.16593180

File: fd6565b6dc1b60d⋯.jpg (300.7 KB, 610x458, 305:229, BACK IN LINE YOU MORON.jpg)



<Get the cross

>shows Titus in the image

what shitcord did you pop out from?

517909  No.16593182





>PC Master Race faggotry

God I hate E3 season. It always brings in the cuckchan trash.


Just report him and hope the cake kike is awake for once.

3a7372  No.16593191


I was searching my 100GB meme folder for a relevant image. According to the date I would have had to have gotten it off /pol/ back in 2017.


/tech/ is a thing you know? Why the hell would you assume I'm from cuckchan?

38730b  No.16593192


>F2P bullshit aimed at kiddies is more common on consoles

utter bullshit. The vast majority of kids play f2p ranked garbage on PC where the format originated. That and watching streamers, almost always on PC, is all they do

5cbd8a  No.16593193


>>Putting a femdom in her place isn't alpha as fuck.

Femdom is just the gateway to NTR.

3a7372  No.16593198


>watching streamers, almost always on PC, is all they do

>people use PCs to watch streams

No shit, everyone does


Yea, but dominating a female in a position of power isn't femdom.

770989  No.16593200


</tech/ is a thing you know?

>Why the hell would you assume I'm from cuckchan?

You couldnt ask for a better juxtaposition of soyspeak and a claim not to be cuckchan.


>the cake kike is awake for once

Mark doesnt give two shits as long as they arent shittalking Nintendo specifically.

3a7372  No.16593203

File: 00b2a4a5d64c53b⋯.jpg (111.2 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 00b2a4a5d64c53b44d8d8bf6d1….jpg)


I have never visited cuckchan in my life, I started browsing 8chan in 2015. Do you have a problem with /tech/?


Also where the format originated doesn't mean shit when you consider it only started flourishing once it hit consoles. I guess the point is that there are more casuals, who are susceptible to buying into shitty sales models, on consoles than PC.

38730b  No.16593205


i long ago gave up reporting things because they basically never get followed up on outside of a few specially protected threads like the GG thread and any game or company Mark likes

5cbd8a  No.16593216


>I guess the point is that there are more casuals, who are susceptible to buying into shitty sales models, on consoles than PC.

This is laughably wrong. The chink and korean market for free to play games is probably more than the rest of the world combined and almost all of that is on PC. Mobile has more casuals than everyone else put together though.

38730b  No.16593218


there are easily more casuals on PC than on console: literally everyone has the hardware and even your own graph showed PC had a much higher % of F2P players than console (premium not being f2p) and f2p is obviously more casual. Also most of the casuals that are on console are sportsfags who do get kiked to some degree but have a very limited overall engagement with the industry

cf412f  No.16593224




>focusing on f2p

One of the biggest microtransaction and lootbox cash cows is CS:GOY and it's a paid game. Both it and TF2 which is also big on cosmetics are technically multi-plats but are basically PC games in practice.

>The chink and korean market for free to play games is probably more than the rest of the world combined and almost all of that is on PC

Bugs don't count as people.

3a7372  No.16593234


>This somehow effects Western games made for Western audiences


>sportsfags have limited engagement with the industry

EA sportsfag shit is literally 50% of the micro-transaction problem. The other 50% being fortnigger which caused a console resurgence which lead to literal console kiddies buying all the coolest skins and basically printed money for Epic Games.


I do remember TF2 adding lootboxes and then there was an outcry and the game faded into general obscurity only appearing in shitty meme videos and porn after that. I know CS:GO and DOTA have loot boxes but I don't know the exact numbers on their sales.

5cbd8a  No.16593237


>This somehow effects Western games made for Western audiences

Tencent making money affects everyone.

38730b  No.16593243

File: 5652ffee2fe6ded⋯.png (46.81 KB, 680x371, 680:371, 2019_01_16__1_.png)

File: dc80f547dc443e5⋯.png (45.84 KB, 680x371, 680:371, 2019_01_16.png)


>EA sportsfags shit is literally 50% of the micro-transaction problem. The other 50% being fortnigger

http://archive.is/bdlsY Sports games dont even place in the top 10 of microtransactions but look what's third: Lol which is pc only. And if you look at picsrelated (same source) the PC F2P market is larger than the console one while the console premium i.e. actual games market is massively larger than PC

3b9418  No.16593245

File: b10183605fa5edf⋯.png (251.18 KB, 500x238, 250:119, 656.png)



5cbd8a  No.16593252


Interesting that North America is still so strong on premium console sales but shit on pc.

3a7372  No.16593253


>1st graph

So you're telling me the market made a complete 180 from 2016 where PC was taking over the market or is that micro-transactions?

38730b  No.16593260


Premium in this sites terminology means paid game not f2p. And if you don't like the source it's literally the same one your earlier graphs came from.

>PC taking over the market in 2016

Mostly driven by the rise of f2p games on PC. The colours change which is dumb but if you look in 2017 PC gaming was making significantly more in microtransactions in 2017 north America than it it was in 'premium' actual sales. Europe was behind the curve.

3a7372  No.16593263


I was mainly looking for graphs on fortnite, when I looked mine up, didn't pay attention to the source. So I guess the primary cause of everything wrong with the industry is squarely on the shoulders of marketing and PR/HR departments.

38730b  No.16593282


The problem is retards buying this shit. You cant trust normalfags to behave so unril and unless it gets made illegal like Belgium have started on nothing will improve.

3b9418  No.16593285

File: f2fac48f42ec278⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 480x320, 3:2, pauldisgust.gif)


8 minutes in and I'm already having to force myself to watch it. This looks like shit. If they were gonna add new fucking things that were clearly needed from the 1st, why not a fucking sprint? Instead you can jump to the top of parking garage's because 'Oh that's shit's cool' even though if anyone fucking saw you it would CLEARLY be a masquerade violation. And what's worse is, these faggots are so proud of this unfinished product that they're fastooning it at e3 and letting some feckless assmonkey handle the controls. What a dick. I couldn't tell what was worse, the person playing or the fucking gameplay. Also the writing/facial animation are just horrendous. It's been 14 years and this is jarringly worse. This is a sequel in name only, quite clearly, and as expected. They shut down all the fan projects for *this*? At least the white wolf property can die now. Maybe we can have some vampire games that take influence from v:tmb, without digging up its corpse and ripping off it's face to place on your own product to deceive people into thinking the two are somehow related. Pretty sure this will slip under the radar of most normalfaggots as well, since a great deal of them probably didn't know troika got shut down after v:tmb was released. Well, I went in skeptical and I'm still disappointed.

9f0628  No.16593290



Thanks. It's just a copy paste of previous game. I probably missed a ton of stuff. Why didn't they risk a little - trailer park or homeless shelter or someone taking you to his place as your first base? Or no base at all, your first mission to secure one first? Gangrel as your handler, living in the fucking woods? Malk as your handler? Simple courier missions whose purpose is actually to test your loyalty? I bet main quest in the game is going to be finding some MacGuffin that makes everyone shit their pants - just like in the VtMB.


Therese by day, Jeanette by night - best option.


Those thin bloods in Santa Monica were so annoying sometimes, you really feel nothing for them when you're the real vampire with the real clan.


That is textbook example of bad PR, I guess they really don't give a shit that mush, they are aware enough people is going to buy this… whatever you wanna call it.


I want so much for you to be right, but I still have this lingering fear that it will be somewhat successful.

3a7372  No.16593291

File: 0d8af84e2c2f6c3⋯.png (333.39 KB, 705x517, 15:11, 0d8af84e2c2f6c386817e5d379….png)


The number of masquerade violations he committed in the trailer was fucking hilarious. >Jumping off the top floor of a nightclub directly next to a pedestrian

>Climbing the parking garage next to a pedestrian

>Jumping off the parking garage into a crowded street

>Climbing a nightclub in front of a large crowd.

9f0628  No.16593294


When I said Malk as your handler I meant someone even crazier than the twins. Someone who you have trouble understanding or makes you do some really weird and/or retarded shit.

ddbbc4  No.16593425



Wasn't it in Greek Ass Creed, with the statues featuring dicks?

3a7372  No.16593548


I was gonna say, there are no dicks in vanilla Skyrim.

bf98c6  No.16593560



Tourette or bust. If you're going to stick your cold bloodless dick in crazy you might as well go for the full Malk experience.

6d558a  No.16593567

File: 2107d7e53206314⋯.mp4 (13.2 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 2107d7e53206314e9e979b6df2….mp4)













>Paid Online


>Dumbed down controls

>Everything for mass appeal

>Corporate cocksucking

All started on consoles and consolecucks nowadays overlap as they also play on PC.

Consolecucks ruin most games for mass appeal, and it's really funny to see the most popular games out thete being previously PC exclusives which are now so dumbed down and casual that they're barely recognizable.

76a176  No.16593592

File: a79ca9c8ee50995⋯.jpg (214.25 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 2214730-1212697328_fallout….jpg)

File: 7d0af808a86589a⋯.jpg (84.52 KB, 953x953, 1:1, Deus_ex-cover.jpg)

File: b90226223e2bd0f⋯.jpg (30.46 KB, 250x354, 125:177, 250px-Battlefield2Cover (1….jpg)

File: 171f605e9517bf7⋯.jpg (166.2 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, call-of-duty-1-portable-pe….jpg)


Funnier yet is seeing consolecucks deny this fact.

c74bbd  No.16593681


>Oh, I forgot to mention that spastic dancing scene from the ign video. Who thinks that is how you dance in club?

It's a throwback to the night club in the original game you fucking normalfag.

f3d9db  No.16593704


Sprinting is literally CoD tier. It breaks the pacing of plenty of games. You can't just add that to a game without first checking if it makes sense.

The world wasn't even that big that you needed a sprinting button.

b01972  No.16593786

File: 7230fd97c217e81⋯.png (525 KB, 600x500, 6:5, hey,_deb.png)


This. Bloodlines 2 will be nothing but a glorified SJW fanfiction of the original as far as I am concerned.

Btw., when you get to Hollywood there is a radio ad where they make fun of sex reassignment surgery, where a guy is tired of his dick getting in the way all the time, so he opts to have it cut off.

d54de5  No.16593844



you mean (((steam))) users?

steam was where this shit all started and that was made popular by pc gamers, not console gamers. console gamers jumped on the momentum of faggot pc gamers jumping on steam.

what, are you going to start blaming console casuals for "steam sales" and "praise gaben"? that shit was all pc gamers and the fucking mustard race.

these were a wave of new gamers that never played games before jumping in on "geek culture" and starting to play games because its suddenly "cool" and they first jumped to PC because its the "master race".

casual console gamers that grew up on halo are way less cancerous than the cancerous nu-gamers that never played games then started PC gaming when big bang theory came out which makes up the vast majority of pc gamers today.

84df7a  No.16593863

File: 95194c86e461ef4⋯.jpg (109.03 KB, 960x742, 480:371, 345464345345.jpg)


>This shit was all started by PC gamers

>PC gamers who also always hated steam because it was shit


>casual console gamers that grew up on halo are way less cancerous

Just stop faggot, console baby fags have always been the crux of this problem. You're really just making a fool of yourself

d54de5  No.16593906


pc gamers like myself at the time returned HL2 when we realized it came bundled with mandatory spyware.

then the pc gaming platform was infested with normalfags that never played games due to the geek culture fad, then followed by tryhard "mustard" faggots that say "praise gaben" and make threads on here about steam sales.

casual gamers are just casuals that play games slightly less cancerous than phone/flash gamers. and both phone/flash and console gamers are less cancerous than nu-pc gamers.

>no console babys that stayed on their own platform and play games are the problem.

no, theyre not. its the people that invaded my hobby and changed it that are the problem.

3f29b2  No.16593907


>they are bound to release it in about half an year and yet it's still a "pre-Alpha"?

Alpha is when they stop fiddling around with the base game and start working on the preorder dlc. Beta is release.

b01972  No.16593919

File: 7062e37b7ac03d8⋯.jpg (244.1 KB, 835x773, 835:773, meh.ro11385.jpg)


Console faggots and Steam niggers are both part of the problem tbh.

fdb961  No.16593925

File: 7adc79640508682⋯.jpg (31.12 KB, 720x480, 3:2, brujah.jpg)

I'm thinking about replaying the original Bloodlines, I always wanted to play as Brujah but I hate that the model for the Brujah male is the only nigger the game forces you to play as.

The female brujah is hot though

e25be4  No.16593933


>steam was where this shit all started and that was made popular by pc gamers

Either you started to play video games with release of PS4 or you're just retarded consolefaggot who never ever played video games on PC or even used Steam. Wouldn't be surprised if both.

Just to shit on you, it's worth mentioning that people on PC were playing with keyboards and mouse until consoleturd ports started to appear, the games that are actually designed for controllers. Another thing worth mention is that, unlike consolefaggots, people on PC did not accept paid online bullshit so willingly, you know, that thing called Xbox Gold which consolefaggots actually embraced instantly. Not only Steam to this day still has no paid online bullshit while there is not a single console that is free from this (((totally optional feature))), in fact not even MS wants to bother with it anymore, because they know that this shit would never be accepted by people who play games on PC, even the most retarded ones that use shit like Steam or Reddit.

bf98c6  No.16593943


Male Nos is black too.

That said, after the Embrace it makes fuck all difference.

fdb961  No.16593954


Agreed, I love playing as Nosferatu anyway.

0a19b2  No.16593956


Brujah is the niggest of all bloodlines. Imagine a millenia-year-old curse in your blood that forces you to act like antifa. That's just horrible.

5b6a46  No.16593961

Tremere is the only true clan to play anyway, they will outlive the thinblood inbreds of the other clans

84df7a  No.16593965

File: 9e7ad47a88f5697⋯.jpg (169.89 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, atlantis_docking.jpg)


>You're hobby

Yeah and it's faggots like you that invaded PC gaming and casualized it with your console shit. Don't even fucking bring up fucking Gaylo ever again you fucking goddamn nigger, it was a shit "game" back then and it's a shit game now and I say "game" loosely because it was half-assed garbage with 0 content. You're only argument is "Steam is shit" which is something every faggot has said since about 2005 and no one is going to dispute it so really you don't even have a fucking argument. Also 2007 was 12 years ago

d54de5  No.16593977


yes, but i blame nu-pc gamers more. consoles have been cancerous for years and console gaming was just a honeypot for gaming. it was a honeypot for cancerous newcomers so they dont ruin everything.

most console gamers fall into 1 of 3 categories:

people that played consoles as a kid and still do, lazy gamers that dont want to be bothered, and people that infested the hobby post 2007 to jump on the fad.

2/3 of those are typically actual gamers and make up the majority of people on consoles.


my first game on PC was a point and click sierra game called lighthouse. my first 3d pc game was kingpin.

pc game pads have been around for a long time. pc gamers did resist steam and DLC, i said this.

but pc gamers were infested with canerous nu-pc gamers and were quickly outnumbered.

the majority of console gamers are just lazy gamers and the minority of them are nu-cancer because if youre going to signal your big bang theory tier "geek cred", you gotta be a "mustard faggot, cant be some console pleb". and to the newcomers, that means spending thousands of dollars buying games on steam that you never fucking play.

you sound like someone that uses steam and its honestly coming off like youre defending it when steam is worse and more cancerous than any console platform.

and i dont mean that as in its more jewish, i mean that its worse because its actually on your PC. if youre going to have cancerous jewish software, might as well isolate it on its own machine like the cancer it is


reread my post. youre arguing with me then agreeing with every single point i made like some illiterate nigger.

stop defending steam. its more cancerous to gaming as a whole than consoles.

i never said halo was good. but i will say that it's a game. and a kid playing halo is less cancerous than the majority of pc gamers that dont even play games and just posture online like they do.

103b95  No.16594005

Bloodlines in name only is kosher. It's a damn shame these parasites can buy an IP, wearing the face of their betters as a mask, and some are so stupid they can't tell the difference.

9d4666  No.16594029

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>Casualcuckery started with Steam

It started with consoles and then Steam paved their way into PC, why are you still pretending like this shity game isn't consolized to hell and back to apeal to the mass demographic of casual shitters that play shooters and aim heavy games on fucking gamepads?

Console focus killed and kills any semblance of ambition towards game design, visuals or technical achievement.

Doubly so nowadays

Look at any FPS since 2008, look at the complete lack of RTS games, look at this fucking and most of the sequels to PC exclusive games.

The difference between someone who owns a PC and someone who owns a console is that the first will use a plethora of inputs to the point people complained about Ace Combat not having support for most major joysticks while the last will simply used a gimped as fuck universal gamepad.

That staggers gameplay, that staggers development of new control options and that staggers technical development.

Most of the niche titles that were popular during the 90s on PC still exist, but they're not as popular anymore because the platform is filled with console casuals and many devs left the platform to make games for the shit eating retards that mostly dwell there.

and of course this casual filled board filled with retards doesn't know half of them because they subject themselves to the same marketing tricks they criticize

The difference now is that instead of most stuff being console only like 2008-2012, they make multiplat shit thanks to Steam.

8a8e9c  No.16594045


Except, of course, VtMB's macguffin was actually good because it wasn't truly what was motivating things for the player, and there was fun to be had in all the mystery and theorizing over it. I doubt this shit-quel will have another DON'T OPEN IT.

Also, unrelated to that but the sad truth is… despite how shit, unpolished, and generally pre-alpha tier it looks, i still almost wanna get it just for those dark streets and that ambience. Too gud man, shame about the gameplay.

d54de5  No.16594066


>It started with consoles

kids play games on consoles because pcs are too expensive and complex. its a honeypot for new gamers, then when they get sick of the BS they find their way to PC.

steam brought them in.

>why are you still pretending like this shity game isn't consolized to hell and back

what game? the one the thread is about? i made no mention of it. but casualized gaming on PC isnt to make console gamers feel at home, its so the retarded nu-pc gamers can understand what theyre looking at.

i dont disagree with you really except 1 thing.

>the platform is filled with console casuals

the casuals on PC did not come from consoles. console casuals are still on consoles. people that dont play games became the casuals on PC. while console babys are now actual gamers in comparison to the cancer on PC that dont even play games. and they make up the vast majority of gamers.

i blame steam and "mustards" for PC catching the newcomers instead of consoles. the console market is intended for newcomers to the hobby. now because of steam newcomers come straight to PC.

9d4666  No.16594103

File: de497c3f8c03309⋯.jpg (230 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 5eeba7544451d286deeb6ca402….jpg)


>the casuals on PC did not come from consoles

>Console casualshitters getting hyped over console ports

>Console casualshitters double dipping

>Shittons of Steam avatars are of console exclusives

>Console casualshitters buyinv roms

>Shitton of weeaboos who previously stuck to VNs and MMOs buying 1500 rigs just to stick with their walled garden garbage

Steam isn't called the console of PC for no reason you retarded fuck.

>but casualized gaming on PC isnt to make console gamers feel at home,

By having 60° FOV and the gameplay demo on E3 being done with a gamepad?

You're either extremely stupid or extremely disengenuous.

d54de5  No.16594115




>i blame steam and "mustards" for PC catching the newcomers instead of consoles. the console market is intended for newcomers to the hobby. now because of steam newcomers come straight to PC.

youre not saying anything that contradicts my point.

low fov is to hide shit performance on shit games. gamepads are for newcomers because kb+m is scary.

yes, most of the cancerous PC gaming crowd did not come from consoles, they came from big bang theory and landed on pc gaming instead of consoles because of steam.

42f322  No.16594143

File: 63962c4541ee2a7⋯.png (709.31 KB, 588x631, 588:631, Samuel Hydan.PNG)



>youre not saying anything that contradicts my point.

I've done so, plenty of times

Douple dipping faggots being dime a dozen should be more than enough proof you need to look no further than Sir Mark The Fat Kike Board Owner

>they came from big bang theory and landed on pc gaming instead of consoles because of steam.

That makes as much sense as saying Soyny cinematic interactive movie lovers all came from Jewllywood when half of them own a Nintendo console and are over the age of 30

ed1e4d  No.16594145

File: dbad7d6f7837e29⋯.png (889.67 KB, 1595x906, 1595:906, thank you.png)


anon does femdom itself lead to NTR or does that count for gentle as well, also I would like to know how it does.

cc1052  No.16594165


>then the pc gaming platform was infested with normalfags that never played games due to the geek culture fad

Sad but true, when you consider the fact that not everyone owns a console, but everyone at least owns a pc or smartphone. People who are new to gaming start with pc as it's now always readily available. The only people I see nowadays who still play on consoles are dudebros loyalist and maybe their kids to pass on that brand loyalty, but the majority of millennial parents who have no experience with gaming will just buy their kid an expensive smartphone or laptop and they'll be satisfied with that.

661096  No.16594173


all porn is gateway to ntr, if you keep increasing the stimuli your dopamine receptors will demand more and more

591056  No.16594197


>Two women in one body

>You get cheated by one, you're cucked either way


>Make targets vomit blood which can give an opening for a free attack

>Long range feeding

>Blow humans up from the inside

Thaumaturgy was way too enjoyable.

d54de5  No.16594207


mark is a steam user mark447

>Soyny cinematic interactive movie lovers all came from Jewllywood

yes, the majority of cinematic interactive movie lovers came from watching movies, not consoles. how did you not notice the massive influx of "the cake is a lie XD" "whats portal?" "portal is one of my favorite games" "no i never beat it, i dont beat every game i play" that flooded pc gaming?

did you somehow miss that entire era of pc gaming?


>when you consider the fact that not everyone owns a console, but everyone at least owns a pc or smartphone

absolutely a huge factor in the shift.

>The only people I see nowadays who still play on consoles are dudebros loyalist and maybe their kids.

i see this as well. but these people actually play games but stay on their own shitty platform. the nu-pc gamers infest pc gaming and have ruined it.

blaming console gamers for this is like blaming mexicans still living in mexico (console gamers) for flooding the united states (pc) while ignoring the illegal mexican invaders (nu-pc gamers) and defending the people that brought them there (steam)

5c39a0  No.16594430


>you sound like someone that uses steam and its honestly coming off like youre defending it

And you sound like a fucking consolefaggot. The point was pretty clear, consoles started it all, yet you spewed some bullshit and made yourself look like a fool. I could be careless about Steam, never did or will defend a company since I'm not a corporate cocksucker, but retards should be always called out on their bullshit. I get it you hate Steam, many people do, but get yourself some common sense if you want to be taken seriously.

>when steam is worse and more cancerous than any console platform.

Bullshit. If I had to choice between both I'd rather use Steam. At least I don't have to pay for online or to fucking save my games like you do with with Switch, neither would they take away all my games for (((hate speech))) or some other bullshit, even if Valve itself decides to ban a game from their shitty store I still would access the game in my library with no problem, while consoles can easy prevent you accessing even physical copies, at least if those copies require forced additional update to work. The worst thing Valve can do is to ban me from their useless community hubs which are irrelevant if you want to play games.

It's not even worth mentioning locked hardware or ability to pirate those Steam games too on PC. Even with Steam installed I still have all the freedom to do what ever I want with my hardware or my system, because I'm using PC, not a console that is a locked PC shitbox. I can get rid of Steam any moment too, the only problem I would have is to launch games that have Steamworks, but I can still crack this shit anyway so, I have really no limitations which consoles have. Can you do the same on consoles? No. Then how the fuck it's better? Even shitty laptops are better than consoles.

But honestly, the fact that you have to pay for online is the biggest reason I will never ever bother with modern consoles. I will never accept this shit and no amount of (((exclusives))) worth this trouble. I would get Switch due to my job if they didn't put such a simple feature as ability to save games behind paywall, in fact it would be a perfect system for me since it was also cracked, but looks like it's better to get jailbroken 3DS or Wii U which don't need require any kind of internet connection to play singleplayer games normally. Or I just may as well continue to play video games with my laptop and play whatever I want, including good console shit from golden and silver eras.

d54de5  No.16594539


>consoles started it all

here, let me easily disprove you and show you why youre a dumbass.

what console started it?

and what did that console directly cause?

use a specific example like i did.

>If I had to choice between both I'd rather use Steam.

irrelevent to my point since my point was that consoles were for newcomers to vidya (and always have been) and sending newcomers directly to PC because of steam is what ruined the platform which is why i blame steam for ruining the platform.

but yes, please go ahead and pay for digital games that a company can lock you out of for saying non-kosher things online. yes install it on your home computer, yes fuck physical media, yes online only gaming is the way to go. yes i know steam has offline mode, after you download/register the game online

fuck a physical device isolated from your machine that can entirely function using physical media offline, right?

5c39a0  No.16594669


>use a specific example like i did

You didn't, in fact you have yet to give concrete examples. Saying that Steam stated that all is not giving specific examples. I did give you concrete examples for paid online and controllers, something what consoles had since forever. If you want more, then for corporate cocksucking example, that was started with console wars, as for DLCs it started with original Xbox. This >>16593965 anon said it pretty much better than me, you're full of shit.

>irrelevent to my point

Then why spewing "Steam is worse than consoles" bullshit? How is this irrelevant? Put some efforts into what you write and make your points clear. Steam is shit, but it's better than consoles, although it doesn't matter if dogshit is better than cowshit, in the end both are shit.

>please go ahead and pay for digital games that a company can lock you out of for saying non-kosher things online

Didn't I already say I would never buy a console because companies can remove your games or block access to it due to some bullshit reasons, unlike Valve? You're really dense faggot.

>steam is what ruined the platform

It contributed to it, but consoles with lazy devs started it first.

>yes online only gaming is the way to go

Good thing you mentioned this too, consolefaggot.

I'll stick with my PC or laptop and with DRM free or with some cracked games that I downloaded when I had access to the internet, this shit I can play offline on the go without bullshit restrictions. Your garbage shitboxes are completely useless to me, as much as Steam, even though there are some DRM free games there too.

ed1e4d  No.16594703

File: a82ef1b402aeddf⋯.jpg (38.62 KB, 665x574, 95:82, 1508280126360.jpg)


Anon why does ntr or degenerate any other porn give more dopamine? Is it because its degenerate and people take pleasure in it not being socially acceptable or because of something else?

d54de5  No.16594766


>You didn't

HL2 and steam was my example, stupid nigger brain.

steam is responsible for killing PC gaming. consoles are not because theyre a seperate platform and thats easy to prove and made your point irrelevent.

console companies can not remove your physical games, anon. you dont even have to go online to play them.

>consoles started it

i'll ask again; provide a specific example so i can show you why youre wrong so that you stop saying such dumb shit.

i dont care about consoles, but theyre better than steam because theyre not on your computer.

again; blaming console gamers for pc gaming getting ruined is like blaming mexicans still living in mexico (console gamers) for flooding the united states (pc) while ignoring the illegal mexican invaders (nu-pc gamers like you) and defending the people and the laws that brought them there (steam)

fe822a  No.16594800


>consoles are not because theyre a seperate platform

That's not how it works faggot

d54de5  No.16594809


consoles existed alongside PC for a long time and no cancerous console traits affected PC. suddenly valve makes a platform for PC that makes it more "accessible" for retards.

geek culture comes in and people who dont play games flood into PC.

PC gets ruined

console market are still filled with the same retards.

yea, consoles ruined pc gaming.

3a7372  No.16595500

File: 1cac62ff5de957e⋯.jpg (12.04 KB, 255x195, 17:13, 1cac62ff5de957ee2a37b8f196….jpg)


>[It didn't] start with consoles

<kids played games on consoles because PCs were too expensive and complex

<honeypot for new gamers

<They got sick of BS and moved to PC

Thanks for proving our point.

>casualized gaming on PC isn't to make console gamers feel at home

<It's so retarded nu-pc can understand

How many years in a row have you won gold for these mental gymnastics?

>I disagree on one point: [I don't think] the platform is filled with console casuals

<[Inane bullshit]

Did you read your own post?

9f0628  No.16595511


Exactly. They pulled off the Antediluvian coffin part. It was fun with all that mystery surrounding it, all the quests related to it, atmosphere was just right, slowly puling you in, giving off vibe of both desperation and excitement.

There is not so small part of noir/detective element in Bloodlines - inspecting, interrogating, finding next clue, working like a freelance bounty hunter, finding information about strange cult downtown, finding strange items for Pisha (I know it's a fetch quest, but it takes some effort and it only shows up once for each item) etc. I really liked that.

Detective/noir/mystery part in this game is gonna be gud? Maybe, maybe not, I would like to think they put some effort into that part, but all we saw was combat and that's it. I don't know… fuck.

078b35  No.16595779


>Don't let your piece interfere with your piece of mind

42f7ad  No.16596416

File: 3b49993151cafbb⋯.jpg (35.14 KB, 479x483, 479:483, comfy cutie.jpg)


>cod 1 portable pen-drive whatever.jpg

I have Halo CE in portable pen-drive mode so that I can play it at work where we don't have software installation privileges, but obviously we can run programs - do you have this file for CoD? Or any other games? I was recently trying to find one for Dawn of War / Dark Crusade / Soulstorm.

Anybody have any info?

3542b0  No.16596604


Not much of a downgrade from the originals gunplay tbqh.


So I'm assuming you're speaking from personal experience?

fba8e8  No.16596674

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is he doing the Spider Man 3 dance in the night club?

c17cce  No.16596720

File: 1aa2b7d82050495⋯.png (50.19 KB, 243x300, 81:100, ClipboardImage.png)

Honestly, expecting a proper sequel is silly. Troika is dead and buried, there's no way there will ever be another Arcanum or Bloodlines. With that said Bloodlines 2 doesn't look like total garbage, it just looks like a much more uninspired copy of the first game with all the edge removed.


Femdom is hot tbh.

5b1dc0  No.16596728

Game looks awful. What happened to western developers? I think there are no good games except Hi™an that came out this gen.

3a7372  No.16596738


>Bloodlines 2 doesn't look like total garbage

Did we watch the same video?

>Femdom is hot tbh

Gentle is the limit, anything beyond that and you're a fucking homo.

1ad7e2  No.16596777



>With that said Bloodlines 2 doesn't look like total garbage, it just looks like a much more uninspired copy of the first game with all the edge removed.

what made the original bloodlines so good was it's writing and atmosphere, you remove that and there's not much else.

263bab  No.16596797


>what made the original bloodlines so good was it's writing and atmosphere

Well it certainly wasn't the gameplay because that was utter crap and by the way things look that's still the case

f58b7b  No.16596809

File: d99137ac9257132⋯.jpg (461.76 KB, 2660x720, 133:36, __jeanette_voerman_therese….jpg)


It just sounds like imitation. Not liking it.

f58b7b  No.16596819

File: 2e47619aa3dfaf9⋯.webm (3.12 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Old.webm)

File: a4ae1785c9d18c9⋯.webm (6.44 MB, 640x360, 16:9, New.webm)


Why are posts disappearing?

9f0628  No.16596828


Don't know, I was about to give you a (you) and you vanished.

So, yeah it is garbage. Instead of taking old theme and butchering it, is it really hard to make original composition of your own? Are those things really hard? Why do you have to copy/paste everything from a game that was made 15 years ago (and ruin it)? Are they so fucking talentless or clueless? Yes, true fans wanted the same experience in new game, not something that looks like a Chinese-made knock off of the old game.

eaedd6  No.16596829


Funny thing is, the new theme was created/mixed by the same composer who created the original.

eaedd6  No.16596830

263bab  No.16596831

File: b8eb7c8258c5bcb⋯.png (23.76 KB, 954x196, 477:98, 0.png)



faggot deleted his own posts,screencap them and post them

9f0628  No.16596843


So he was just lazy or they were trying to recreate that old feel, kinda like movies today with all those remakes. Either way it sucks.


Don't know about him, I deleted my post because his disappeared and then another one because I thought I made a typo.

bcccd2  No.16596845


Damn am I the really the only one that was into Pisha?

263bab  No.16596846

File: 0d5964d83514cd9⋯.png (66.02 KB, 225x212, 225:212, 1400384.png)


>deleting posts because of typos

9f0628  No.16596857

File: 15f1f21513892a1⋯.jpg (128.91 KB, 900x597, 300:199, DowvRUhX4AAG0SB.jpg)


Really man, really? I mean, I don't want to judge but she did not just drink blood.


I swear, anon. I thought I made a typo.

bcccd2  No.16596862


Just give her some handiwipes and she's good to go bruh!

84df7a  No.16596871


at 53 seconds you can see a bunch of shit pop in

3a7372  No.16596885

File: 1a8534342d806c9⋯.mp4 (427.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, A Man Of Culture (Animated….mp4)

84df7a  No.16596892


>steam is responsible for killing PC gaming. consoles are not

You're just full of shit faggot. Micro$hits GayBoX was always a fucking shit console with shit games and brought in waves of normal fags to gaymin because suddenly every fucking goddamn game had to have a half-assed port on the PC

5b1dc0  No.16596907


Ninja Gaiden is the only game series worth playing on Xbox consoles. I wish they port them on PC already.

ab1c3c  No.16596912


>not wanting to break a "strong women" and make her beg it

f6b9ea  No.16596922

File: 5085d9212aff133⋯.png (863.55 KB, 872x872, 1:1, Jezebel_Locke.png)

>tfw when you will never spread Pozitivity with best girl

900a6d  No.16596950

How progressive is the game?

13ab72  No.16596956

File: c5ff1e13811ebda⋯.jpg (160.39 KB, 750x750, 1:1, Onegaishimasu.jpg)

5b1dc0  No.16596976



0daf83  No.16596978


>I'm using PC, not a console that is a locked PC shitbox.

This is the most important part of this entire problem,I would rather we blamed the jews not eachother but cattle has to be called out for being cattle.The lack of ability to do the things on console you can do on PC affects your thinking and problem solving.The reason PC users and power user are called the master race is because of what we can do with our tech and what we can force our tech to do

Can you play a game,listen to a podcast,and torrent movies at the same time on a console?Can you edit your HUD(there was a better name for it) with things like Rainmeter,Classic Shell and Regediting that allows you to edit small shit like how much buffer space icons have on screen.Can consoles multitask at all yet? or do you have to actually look at your download bar in order for it to progress,What about borderless gaming that allows the game to run when you read something online so you don't waste your time

3a7372  No.16597006


100% on your side, but consoles have had the majority of those features since the PS3/360 days.

84a0f4  No.16597008


thats good i dont like racist games its always nice to inculude trans people and black people in your games

3a7372  No.16597010

File: e5ca043bcc6eca3⋯.webm (469.79 KB, 1280x533, 1280:533, e5ca043bcc6eca39c3fdf06ca….webm)

900a6d  No.16597011

Look boring. Could be just any other modern game with a bit of extra bad fighting mechanics.


It is not just me and some of the copy-pasted enemies were not only women, but also a few trannies, right?

84a0f4  No.16597014


yes its always nice to inculude trans and black people to your games so you can beat them and toture them

38037d  No.16597020

Reminds me of DXHR, in a bad way.

560c8e  No.16597052

File: 10941c2cdcfe6e8⋯.jpg (210.92 KB, 3159x1768, 243:136, 2007_30_days_of_night_017.jpg)


It would be interesting if we got to see the psychological effects of prolonged vampirism tbh.

A newly turned vampire might still have some reservations against murdering, but after many, many years, you’d probably have no moral qualms about killing even children and other innocents. It’d probably become second nature.

Not to mention how the human braid would work after being alive for hundreds upon hundreds of years – would you still remember your human life? Wouldn’t the nights just become a blur of hazy half-remembered memories?

What about physical changes? Would you remain permanently frozen in time at the point of your death, or would you slowly grow more and more beastly?

I would imagine an Antediluvian would be highly unstable, grotesque architecture of their former human self – dangerously volatile schizos, paranoid, prone to excessive brutality and Parkinson-like seizures.

fdf4c7  No.16597056

Ventrues are kikes

560c8e  No.16597057

File: 84b122f9963886a⋯.png (599.76 KB, 544x544, 1:1, usrs.png)


t. Brujah scum

5d33f4  No.16597067


>but after many, many years, you’d probably have no moral qualms about killing even children and other innocents

In oWoD the vampires were in a constant struggle to retain their humanity (and thus human moral values). Many vampires tend to go to great lengths to keep the Beast away.

Naturally, there's plenty of vampires that throw all of that away, and many that invent their own bizarre moral code.

>would you still remember your human life? Wouldn’t the nights just become a blur of hazy half-remembered memories?

Memories do tend to become fuzzy as more time goes on, and there's many vampires that get "stuck" in their own time and have trouble adapting to the modern world. I remember one tidbit in a book where it described how centuries old vampires had great difficulty in learning how to operate firearms and modern electronic devices and it would take them years to master even the most basic things.

>What about physical changes? Would you remain permanently frozen in time at the point of your death, or would you slowly grow more and more beastly?

IIRC the lore is fuzzy on this. In some places it says the vampire will wake up each night looking exactly like he did at the moment of death (going as far as having his hair regrown if cut), and it other's it just means that they simply don't age. Naturally, depending on the Clan they can also assume more monstrous forms.

>I would imagine an Antediluvian would be highly unstable, grotesque architecture of their former human self – dangerously volatile schizos, paranoid, prone to excessive brutality and Parkinson-like seizures.

Depends on the individual, but it's usually safe to assume crossing the path of one is bad business regardless of how benign they might be.

99e8e3  No.16597267


> old vampires had great difficulty in learning how to operate firearms

How do you not understand in two minutes how to aim, shoot and reload?

e32fad  No.16597281

File: a16fe101412d028⋯.jpg (77.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Gun_Backwards.jpg)


Some people just cannot into guns, anon. IRL they are usually leftists.

It doesn't help that old vampires with low humanity will have a difficult time dealing with the Rotschrek from early firearm combustion.

5d33f4  No.16597310


Because they're magically incapable of learning or something to that effect. Just like they retain the exact looks of when they die when they awake each night, their brains also seem to "reset" to a degree, not allowing them to pick new skills easily. Basically, according to this unconfirmed bit of lore, the both the vampire's body and mind are in state of stasis.

bf98c6  No.16597362

File: 77485e14e5b88b6⋯.webm (3.58 MB, 450x360, 5:4, One shot one faggot.webm)


> IRL they are usually leftists.


bcd6e4  No.16597381


Go look up that ghost tranny guy that killed a few people at his work, there are videos of him firing a gun and its pretty funny.

0fda14  No.16597429


jesus fuck the cancer in that image

ea3668  No.16597663


From what I've read in the books, both oWoD and nWoD, vampires don't really think with the same logic or morals that mortals do. This is something that happens gradually over the years, they are mostly human after embrace but give it a century and their way of thinking is completely alien to mortals.

This doesn't mean they ditch moral standards, that's something that runs in parallel and they use it to keep the Beast in check, unless they find a way to coexist with it. They don't become more or less morally depraved but instead their morals begin to serve them instead of the other way around, as they work or do whatever they feel like is important.

For instance, a Gangrel might want to spread a garden of mandrakes all over a city for whatever reason and he will take years to achieve this, during which he might kill several people to speed the process if he considers the mandrakes more important than keeping the local kine population stable or he might avoid contact with humans altogether if he'd rather avoid problems with other vampires and the Beast because he doesn't want distractions. In either case, he's not killing\sparing Kine because of his moral standards but rather because it serves\hinders his goal.


>Just like they retain the exact looks of when they die when they awake each night, their brains also seem to "reset" to a degree, not allowing them to pick new skills easily.

I never though about it like that, figured it was only their body that reverted back to the initial stage but not their minds, however that does make some sense.

Their bodies are mostly masks anyway, they use them to live among Kine, which is why it's repaired by the Blood.

Their mind however might end up suffering the same for the same reason. It will always perfectly reconstruct everything they knew upon death, but this means "rewriting" part of their memories with what they would have forgotten instead, so anything new they learn is easily forgotten to retain their previous information.

It's funny that there's plenty of narrative potential there. Vampires are essentially an information storage method that never degrades (short of Final Death) so you could have a story about a vampire that needs to leave a message to his future servants, so he tells it to some schmuck, turns him and then goes into torpor. That schmuck will always perfectly remember what was told to him and if he manages to survive a few millennia, a cult of the former vampire will find him and use that information to awaken their previous master.

Or simply a linage of scholars and historians that learn as much about their current era as they can before being turned into vampires to keep that information recorded forever. The Blood Scribes, with the motto "The Blood knows."

Or even something more macabre. Some knight sees his hometown being torched to the ground and his family killed in front of him before a Ventrue turns him, engraving the memory of that night forever in his mind with incredible detail. The knight will then seek revenge against the Ventrue that did all that, only to find out it was actually a Tremere that was shape shifting into the Ventrue, his rival, in order to create a strong champion that would fight against him. A pawn in the game these 2 were playing, even if the knight kills both vampires, he will still be haunted forever by those memories until the day he ends his unlife.

There's so much potential for storytelling with just these small details that it's ridiculous how uninspired most stories tend to be in most games.

0dfab5  No.16598378


The graphics dont matter

Whats annoying is when,pc franchises like the elder scrolls decide to not even bother optimizing

Pc gaming was only good cuz of mods piracy and customization anyways

Most of the classic pc games like baldurs gate or planescape torment are fucking,shit anyways

b9e8f2  No.16598477

File: 1e086ef877174c5⋯.gif (50.01 KB, 485x213, 485:213, syreen-laying.gif)


>Graphics don't matter

>TES post Daggerfall is a PC franchise

>PC gaming was only good because of free games and free content ignoring better performance and games with a variety of input devices

>PC classics are just good RPGs with shit combat

This is the average /v/eddit consolecuck

b4dc40  No.16598635


Worse. They're Anglos.

6c8cb1  No.16598653


anglos are crypto kikes

58f9f7  No.16598866


>but after many, many years, you’d probably have no moral qualms about killing even children and other innocents. It’d probably become second nature.

All kindred must eventually kill at some point, but whether it becomes a habit and whether they regret every kills and avoid violence like a plague or just another tally is 'THE' question. Like >>16597067 said. They struggle to retain their humanity and that is the point and ultimate end-goal of the game. Humanity, even when one is literally a monster.

>or would you slowly grow more and more beastly?

The Cappadocians do become more corpse-like the longer they live, they do not have to worry about that any more though because the Giovanni did snacked on them all.

>I would imagine an Antediluvian would be highly unstable, grotesque architecture of their former human self – dangerously volatile schizos, paranoid, prone to excessive brutality and Parkinson-like seizures.

Half-correct. Absimiliard (Nozzie's Ante) is totally batfuck insane with the father of all grotesqueness to match that will even give Tzimisce a run for his money. The others retain their human appearance and mannerism but their scale of thinking and end-goal are inhuman which some put them at odds with everyone kine or kindred, others just bugger off in their own little corner of the world. On the side note, Saulot is ironically more human than most of the real life human in CY+3; hardship builds character.

ab29ac  No.16599286

File: 7caf4af45119581⋯.jpg (48.51 KB, 930x390, 31:13, assault flintlock.jpg)

Replaying VTMB, whats the most fun build? I pretty much never touched guns or stealth, are they fun?

222d51  No.16599290


Guns + Blood magic for a Tremere is pretty fun. Stealth relies alot on backstabs and avoiding stuff.

c16152  No.16599394


Don't do stealth. For the love of god don't do stealth. It'll seem all fun and games until you get to the warehouse and then you'll want to commit sodoku.

1b1826  No.16600988

File: 87db5df340e91c8⋯.webm (7.13 MB, 320x246, 160:123, irl_vampires.webm)

1b1826  No.16601004


Why does the camera seem to be so low? why is the character a manlet?

661096  No.16601053


You can go guns and celerity, its really good shit

eaedd6  No.16601081


You see, human morality fits into a very small timerframe. By the time you are twenty, you have absorbed the basics, if not the most, of its tenets. Philosophies, logic, ideologies the works. They gestate in your mind as you accumulate life experience, you probably arrive to some interesting conclusions when you hit sixty or so, and then you kick the bucket.

Now imagine you are 300 years old, which isn't too old by vampire standards. You are still older than most of these morals. Plus, you probably spent your formative years in a place that was probably far from normal for its time, considering the Embrace choices for some of the clans - for example, Lasombra in the Middle Ages loved to recruit pirates. How does your mind develop? You will cease being what is considered "normal" by your contemporaries very quickly, if you were normal to begin with. By the time you celebrate 300 years since your Embrace, your mind would be so eldritch, you might as well be living in an alternate reality.

And that's what most Methuselahs are. Weird, alien, insanely powerful creatures that follow moral codes and motivations that very few others can comprehend (bonus points for Malks and Tzimisce). Antediluvians are even more fucked up, especially considering that many of them have succumbed to the Beast and are only driven by hunger. Imagine a demigod as old as humanity itself that has completely lost his mind. When Zapathasura, the Ravnos Antediluvian, woke up and went on a rampage, he almost depopulated India in a day, survived attacks by three Kuei-Jin elders and a nuking from orbit before he died.

As for changes in appearance over the years, it depends on a clan. Gangrel who can't control themselves too well (you are bound to have a few failures over the centuries) become animalistic in appearance - pointed ears, cat eyes, tails, etc. Assamites' skin turns black as they age. Not nigger-tier brown, but deep, bluish black. Lasombra become partly consumed by their shadows - pitch-black eyes, weird moving shadows hanging from their hair, etc. Tzimisce just fleshcraft themselves into more and more monstrous forms over the years, and so on.

67fc21  No.16601142

What mods are recommended for bloodlines?

aabd00  No.16601147


the patches and the clans quest mod, i dont think they mix

6d7b35  No.16601192

Strong reservations as to whether this will be shit or not. I immediately thought it was gonna be absolute shit, but the game-play trailer gave me some hope.

As long as there isn't any seriously outlandish SJW bullshit, I don't think I'll mind it. I might even like it. But I highly doubt they won't include some horrible, intrusive political agenda aspect into the game.

Game would already be fixed if:

>Get rid of thinbloods as a 'clan'

>Nosferatu as a selectable clan

>You can't fucking jump up shit without breaking the masquerade, just climb nigger

>No questmarkers


6b2d45  No.16601234


Don't forget decent combat and not fucking the lore, but it seems their writers couldn't give 2 shits about the lore and are only there to shit out one pozzed story after another. The game's going to be terrible, just you watch.

98cb46  No.16601244

File: 0c62674b1dfc25e⋯.webm (107.29 KB, 656x272, 41:17, faggot.webm)


>Game would already be fixed if:

<doesn't even mention anything gameplay related

Fuck gameplay in a videogame amirite?

f3d9db  No.16601245


The beginning is pretty horrendous with guns because the revolver and shotgun are pretty shitty to use and un fun. It gets far better once you get the glock and it gets even better once you have the uzi.

bf98c6  No.16601316


FOV is fucked just in general.

05fdba  No.16601522


How about

>invade Sweden and cull the population

>gather all Paradox employees and their families and gas them

>gather all White Wolf employees and their families and gas them

>gather all the developers of Bloodlines 2 and their families and gas them

>hire new developers that are competent and make it understood they better not fuck up or else

1b1826  No.16601620

File: c7b94a69398560c⋯.png (323.78 KB, 791x623, 113:89, c961d2f639f3e9ae0ca65b064b….png)


> 2 shits about the lore


see >>16590742

Someone should post the "fascism in play" from 5e too.

fbe5cb  No.16601621

what mods should I install for vtmb anyways? I already have the community patch.

8bf2a9  No.16601694

>first person anything

>FOV so narrow you can't see things directly in front of you

Anyone who plays FPS games should be gassed.

84df7a  No.16601714


Let me take a wild guess, you're a third person console baby

47afd2  No.16601723

File: 9c5d0692cc69abf⋯.png (209.91 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, WoD 5e appendix pg 1.png)

File: a16447e4d09bcfe⋯.png (214.38 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, WoD 5e appendix pg 2.png)

File: 79763ce867e1bf8⋯.png (194.86 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, WoD 5e appendix pg 3.png)

File: 517884184393d9a⋯.png (198.52 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, WoD 5e appendix pg 4.png)

File: 780335487279fc7⋯.png (104.46 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, WoD 5e appendix pg 5.png)

47afd2  No.16601728

File: 43fb29f43a0b4ae⋯.png (358.63 KB, 2397x1203, 799:401, WoD2.png)

b15f94  No.16601735


>cant roleplay in a roleplaying game

You can't make this shit up.

5a9dae  No.16601753

>>16601728 A gaggle of degenerates moralizing at you, gross.

6a1de7  No.16601812


i need some sauce for this webm my friend

500499  No.16601835


>People who detest others referred to as thin bloods to the point of trying to genocide them really hate fascists

Are they fucking kidding the venture were probably gassing thin blood jews all throughout WW2.

1b1826  No.16601855


Sorry, no idea. found it on /fascist/ some time ago and the anon who posted it didn't know either.



>roleplaying game

>for (((no reason))) you can't roleplay those particular groups and organizations

>5 pages of bullshit about how you cannot roleplay those guys because Kadyrov man bad

c9b604  No.16601871

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



It's even more insane when Satrap Kadyrov is the coolest dude alive on the planet (there are multiple photos of him doing medieval reenactment).

f6b9ea  No.16601979

File: 8c6640583519632⋯.png (172.62 KB, 479x349, 479:349, 1470560497561.png)


>none of the chronicle tenets allow characters to use and abuse humans

The whole thing of being a vampire is using and abusing humans.Did they forget what the game is about or something?

6c8cb1  No.16601986


they have to make vampires look nice now, because jews are literally vampires

1b1826  No.16601988


>The whole thing of being a vampire is using and abusing humans.Did they forget what the game is about or something?

it's about going out there and punching nazis.

buy sigmata RPG to unlock real life powers from 5g antennas frying your brain mysterious audio signal that only mystery meats with low testosterone levels can hear.

4d9d8e  No.16602067

Reading all these posts, made me interested in the lore. What are the lore books/novels, I should read to know the oWoD lore?

Also, from what I understand for a gen 12 vampire to go higher it needs to feed on a higher gen vampire, say 9, but would he instantly become a gen 9, or a gen 11. Also what would happen if a vampire from one clan feeds on another from another clan, but of a higher gen. Would he convert from one clan to another? Would he die? Would he remain in the same clan, but become a higher gen?

edc76d  No.16602080


>Muh noble walking, parasitic corpses

Can't make this shit up.

eaedd6  No.16602090


>for a gen 12 vampire to go higher

Lower, anon, lower. 1st generation is Caine. 2nd generation are his three childer. 3rd generation are Antediluvians, progenitors of the clans. And it all goes downhill from there. The higher the generation, the further away the vampire is from Caine and the weaker he is.

>it needs to feed on a higher gen vampire, say 9, but would he instantly become a gen 9, or a gen 11

Any of those, depending on the diablerized vampire's power.

>Would he remain in the same clan, but become a higher gen?

This. You can't change your clan. You can learn other clans' disciplines, but you still belong to your original clan and carry its curse.

>What are the lore books/novels, I should read to know the oWoD lore?

Read Guide to the Camarilla and Guide to the Sabbat for the basics, then go to White Wolf wiki. You'll find other reading material there.

4d9d8e  No.16602103


>Lower, anon, lower.

I knew my post would create misunderstandings, when I meant higher, I was referring to the position on the totem pole(Caine being the highest), and if I said lower gen, I was afraid that it would be understood as less pure(gen 13, not as pure/closer to Caine as a gen 8).

>Read Guide to the Camarilla and Guide to the Sabbat for the basics, then go to White Wolf wiki. You'll find other reading material there.

Thanks anon.

48adf5  No.16602116


In context, the point of the chronicle tenets is that they'll be violated by one or more PCs at some point and that's one of the sources of conflict for the story. Being a monster trying to hold on to humanity is a large part of what VtM is about, so yes, you're going to use and abuse humans, but there are consequences for that, in the form of humanity loss. V5's problem isn't that it includes that system, it's that it doesn't include the alternative options to Humanity that VtM had for players and GMs who want to emphasize the inhumanity of vampires.

48adf5  No.16602199


In V5, which is what nuBloodlines is based on, all diablerie does is increase Blood Potency and lower generation by 1, unless the diablerist is a thin-blood, in which case he also gains the victim's clan.

In the older version of VtM, it lowered the diablerist's generation by at least one step (with the GM encouraged to lower it more if there was a large gap). One of the splatbooks introduced an alternative rule where the diablerist had to pass a stamina check for each generation after the first they wanted to drop, up until reaching the victim's generation. The same splatbook also allowed a diablerist to gain some of the victim's Discipline dots. It didn't change the diablerist's clan, even if he's a thin-blood, but it did allow him to pick up disciplines from other clans.

fcabbe  No.16602235

File: 81a298002fa3882⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 2472x2504, 309:313, 1553957761202.jpg)

File: 129ef7d3a58797f⋯.jpg (86.76 KB, 679x773, 679:773, 1553960140449.jpg)

File: b80e170d6b770ba⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1766x3539, 1766:3539, b8c78a2913481d447526781247….png)

File: cb67f08270b4cce⋯.png (105.12 KB, 540x121, 540:121, cb67f08270b4cce451ee5c3bcb….png)

File: f0a110b7b469023⋯.jpg (63.72 KB, 439x320, 439:320, f0a110b7b46902351f54442ab6….jpg)

fcabbe  No.16602236

File: a0119023a7479b2⋯.png (259.98 KB, 1347x822, 449:274, 1553784574171.png)

File: 4307e78e8598825⋯.png (709.84 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1553801050300.png)

File: 0169aea592fbfbb⋯.png (20.03 KB, 964x199, 964:199, 1553870868879.png)

File: b5e5059d78da8de⋯.jpg (103.71 KB, 518x598, 259:299, 1553872249214.jpg)

File: 41314457e45a635⋯.jpg (364.6 KB, 2048x1539, 2048:1539, 1553955024392.jpg)

fcabbe  No.16602238

File: 2a2782e8a627631⋯.png (242.9 KB, 660x793, 660:793, 1553692037254.png)

File: b165cf88f9ca43c⋯.jpg (439.15 KB, 1789x2872, 1789:2872, 1553776198293.jpg)

File: bf093127c40c257⋯.jpg (41.06 KB, 715x429, 5:3, 1553779888135.jpg)

File: 2128043b0479efd⋯.jpg (675.95 KB, 508x1514, 254:757, 1553780959096.jpg)

File: 66f4d9953f7b01c⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 2933x1651, 2933:1651, 1553781123975.jpg)

fcabbe  No.16602240

File: 7190760bca33d1d⋯.jpg (161 KB, 1877x399, 1877:399, 1553523243277.jpg)

File: 4d54e6042464312⋯.jpg (1.87 MB, 2800x2284, 700:571, 1553536867905.jpg)

File: 229e1fd42801271⋯.jpg (889.22 KB, 2170x3002, 1085:1501, 1553612950395.jpg)

File: 5d6ad1eb401ec23⋯.jpg (391.86 KB, 1022x2048, 511:1024, 1553613013367.jpg)

File: ee5a29499946d32⋯.jpg (80.08 KB, 1594x1120, 797:560, 1553685638677.jpg)

fcabbe  No.16602242

File: 7d4fa5165ce1a7c⋯.png (704.77 KB, 1278x1141, 1278:1141, 7d4fa5165ce1a7c526cb57f204….png)

File: 31e5bd23f7304f5⋯.jpg (348.1 KB, 1227x990, 409:330, 9ed0398bcbe3ae34ef9e17a285….jpg)

File: 18cd0157a91deae⋯.png (21.2 KB, 326x336, 163:168, 18cd0157a91deae23ea1f204d8….png)

File: 332a09d27a6bfa6⋯.png (1016.09 KB, 1321x590, 1321:590, 332a09d27a6bfa6d4e40a8f5f8….png)

File: 191503d6eea4966⋯.png (612.73 KB, 925x545, 185:109, 191503d6eea4966f4066b3aa7d….png)

ad33a4  No.16602276

File: d73c680c01523f3⋯.jpg (186.41 KB, 672x508, 168:127, Spoonfeeding.jpg)


DOA6 That's all you're getting from me.

7653b5  No.16602282


This, megane is mega shit

3b148d  No.16604134


Diablerie is a major taboo in kindred society, it's not just draining a fellow bloodsucker and killing them, but devouring their immortal soul. It is immediately noticeable when one uses auspex and is punishable by death by the camarilla (though there are many exceptions.) Basically, primogens don't want ancillae getting any funny ideas about shortcuts in the heirarchy, and ancillae don't want to get gangbanged by fledglings so everyone acts like it's a grievous sin. So it isn't really a viable path to power outside of the sabbat.

That said, the devouring the soul thing isn't propaganda, and there are contested willpower roles for much higher gen vamps which can cause all kinds of !!!fun!!! Like when Saulot let Tremere diablerize him so he could eat Tremere's soul instead, possess his body, and secretly be in charge of a clan that wasn't shit.

Of course, I expect all of this to be tossed out the window and diablerie is how you level up.

6d7b35  No.16604145

File: 63c7cbbe3ec9a48⋯.png (535.05 KB, 631x537, 631:537, 63c7cbbe3ec9a4853a339bfbef….png)

Why are these people allowed to get their hands on things I love and inject their fucking poison into them.

cfcaa3  No.16604183


Because you didn't get it first.

07530e  No.16604357

>reminder to buy this on gog so the game runs better on your toaster PC.

the difference in performance when running games without launchers is staggering.

7d400c  No.16604362

File: 10176fe7bb50733⋯.jpg (361.72 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Vampire The Masquerade - ….jpg)

File: 971cffe922f0222⋯.jpg (3.12 MB, 1680x3175, 336:635, Vampire the Masquerade – B….jpg)


Not to mention they respect your freedoms.

Thankfully I've still got my physical copy of the game. Otherwise I'd definitely go for the GOG version.

07530e  No.16604375


the games can be still be played online without the client running in the background, fortunately.

25811e  No.16604388

File: 3db4b39b2a554bc⋯.jpg (29.15 KB, 500x252, 125:63, 7167573138_8e43c7ea33.jpg)


You never heard of salted foreskin jerky?

You missin out Goyim!

7d400c  No.16604396


Aren’t (((they))) using baby foreskins in cosmetic products too? Think (((Gina Grad))) (massive Khazar Milkers on that one btw) gushed about how great the cosmetics with baby foreskins are in a video.

ccf120  No.16604406


If this was a utility software and not entertainment then maybe that would be the case. Sure with quest markers even a person who is uninterested in video games, like some member of the focus group, is able to finish the quests. That's not the point of video games though. Video games are entertainment and you're supposed to have fun playing it. Developing video games for those who aren't interested in them in the first place is just misguided.

VtmB has a fanbase and following. With that kind of a mindset you might be able to make a quick buck maybe if you invest heavily into the marketing, but that's it. The fanbase will evaporate and now your long term investment into this license just lost its value. If you want to talk about this simply from the business side of things, then there are some sayings like "80% of sales come from 20% of clients". Doesn't make sense to anger the 20% on the long run. The "general audience" you're talking about is clearly not part of this 20% of clients.

1d129f  No.16604409


Yes, also korean anti-aging creams use foreskins

25811e  No.16604410



1aee44  No.16604478

File: 6fefc0a3052d82c⋯.png (2.97 KB, 299x197, 299:197, rs accuse merchant.png)


>With that kind of a mindset you might be able to make a quick buck maybe if you invest heavily into the marketing, but that's it. The fanbase will evaporate and now your long term investment into this license just lost its value.

>quick buck

>long term investment

Did you forget what year it is? Planning ahead is anti-semitic, goy - just take the money and run.

3a91e9  No.16604507

File: dcd279634f898c9⋯.jpg (119.86 KB, 769x1078, 769:1078, c894058ddfe604e4ba4ef98c9a….jpg)

>Half this thread is PC vs Console retardation

Good fucking lord. It's like this board is Reddit's daycare center.

aef189  No.16604771

I just cannot wrap my head around the concept of Vampire The Masquerade being pozzed. The entire concept of the original game is that there are elder vampires controlling everything from the shadows, that they have complex plans and machinations that are manipulating everything. And even these elder vampires are playthings to the antideluvians.

A young vampire that walks into another vampire's domain and demands they be called some made up pronoun is someone who is going to find themselves ambushed, staked, and left out for the sun.

A young vampire that wants to protect the humans is someone who will be manipulated by the scores of vampires that view their food as nothing more than food. And the vampire that is opposed to slavery is one that will never have ghouls or sire other vampires since their blood magically enslaves others, and they will be at the mercy of crafty elders that have networks of ghouls.

Vampires are MONSTERS. This is why maintaining your humanity is a struggle and you won't find vampires that last very long with high humanity (though there are some notable exceptions).

99e8e3  No.16604839


But what about equality man? Do you hate women??

74f17d  No.16604847

File: e33bd3ff2973b94⋯.png (356.23 KB, 333x744, 111:248, Jeanette.png)


Not in this day and age, m8. Now we've got shit like Twilight and the Vampire Diaries, and SJWs running vampires into the ground.

895d56  No.16604883


Now, I've never played World of Darkness but I've heard that in recent editions blood bonds have kind of stopped working. Apparently they're back-pedaling on that stuff.

f3d9db  No.16604898


Bro, in case you didn't notice, little children are being turned transgender, murderous shitskins are publicly protected and simply having a right leaning view can get you in a lot of trouble.

Don't expect something like a video game to be spared by this.

011d74  No.16604965


It’s because consoles get shilled to death.

Look where you are posting after all.

It’s unsustainable though, in time the consoles will lose market share. Despite the shilling.

Every day consumers get more hyper aware.

011d74  No.16604995


North Americans are generally loaded with cash even though they may not act like it.

Consoles are seen generally as toys. If the names X-b o x and P l a y station didn’t clue you in then now you know. Nintendo doesn’t have to make toy names since they are basically already a kids company.

Burger parents spoil their kids to death.

“Here’s an Xbox Timmy, merry Christmas.”

“Oh no the game Timmy wanted was on PlayStation, Santa can get him one next year.”

“Oh no, Timmy needs a set of guitar hero controllers. Let’s go to the store.”

Etc etc.

Even though they could have spent that money on an actual PC and improved the kid’s life exponentially they’ll never do it because consoles = Toy to Burger parents and Timmy can do his homework on dads computer.

As long as the shilling keeps up burgers are going to keep thinking they need to buy a cucksole for their kids.

011d74  No.16605080


Digital was inevitable, get over yourself.

Just because consoles are the more technologically backwards platform doesn’t make them better.

Yes, PC made the leap to digital first and with that came a slew of monetization schemes. It’s not Valve’s fault that Consoles were too busy paying for Xbox Live to have a digital marketplace.

The damage that consoles do is in terms of watered down content and watered down gameplay.

The damages due to monetization are temporary and easily avoidable on PC (Yarr Avast)

The damage to Gameplay is absolutely disgusting and will take decades to recover from.

Also, as you can see from the charts, the majority of “premium games” (Games that people pay money for) are on consoles.

Which means that, even if pc pioneered digital monetization, THE PEOPLE ACTUALLY BUYING THIS CRAP ARE


Last time I’m posting about consoles shit in this thread.

7d0890  No.16605272


fuck mobile gaming. that trash did a LOT of damage to the gaming medium .

3f29b2  No.16605314

File: 3b92461c1d9a460⋯.jpg (17.16 KB, 391x294, 391:294, blight9.jpg)


>I just cannot wrap my head around the concept of Vampire The Masquerade being pozzed.

It was always pozzed, but it was a eighties-nineties poz that could be fun when it wasn't doing stupid things like gay werewolves hanging around at Woodstock 1999 and thinking that shit mattered or their ridiculous worship of injuns as being full of native wisdom.

0a7e0d  No.16607086


Which warehouse? The one that you send to the heavens at the start or the warehouse where a debt is repaid by an ex-tong?


The lack of commentary on gameplay is a games journo kind of thing, I guess.


>because jews are literally vampires

Are you saying that they both should be ash?

924514  No.16607302


Don't forget, if you play a female brujah, you're also a coalburner, since the one who sires/fucks you is the black brujah. You see him get staked at the beginning.

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