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File: d21a1555a4569bc⋯.jpg (81.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sandbox.jpg)

ab0346  No.16589081

>Last devblog will be exactly 1 year ago in about a week

Do you think Garry is still working on this shit or is this project vaporware at this point?

cff9ed  No.16589086

Garry is too busy shutting down/reactivating Facepunch to do anything of use.

ab0346  No.16589090

File: 8b792cc0367f569⋯.jpg (442.92 KB, 1644x1738, 822:869, bonge.jpg)


Well I feel retarded, they're still submitting commits so I guess its still a thing


Has Gary ever done anything of use in years?

a27661  No.16589242

Is there any point in making this? GMOD already has everything you could ever want, does s&box have better performance and less restrictions?

>Do you think Garry is still working on this shit or is this project vaporware at this point?

More than likely it will never come out, theres too much stuff you have to recreate and additional stuff you have to add in, It would take a few years at best to even get to the beta stage

1a83f3  No.16589327

File: 3948c6179608cee⋯.png (8.37 KB, 405x95, 81:19, garrys mod 2.png)

0e60e3  No.16589340

File: 165fa71cd20e9d4⋯.png (244.32 KB, 1248x713, 1248:713, facepunch.png)


In better news, the Facepunch forums will be closing down tomorrow (2019-07-13): https://forum.facepunch.com/sh/bwdds/The-Facepunch-Forums-are-closing-soon/1/. Too bad they already made themselves another: https://knockout.chat/

350bd3  No.16589395

Facepunch used to be cool

Now they are cucks

a469e6  No.16589511

File: 0cb857383677532⋯.png (880.96 KB, 1280x900, 64:45, facepunch futa.png)


this reminds me

76f2a1  No.16589515




Facepunch confirmed for prudes.

417525  No.16589630

File: 4b53f00b747cba8⋯.jpg (384.06 KB, 588x385, 84:55, filth.jpg)

75c776  No.16589704


S&box is supposed to have real-time lua scripting in-game. So I guess the big boon is supposed to be for mod developers as they don't have to open and close the game endlessly to test their shit.

ab0346  No.16592709


VPhysics is starting to show its age, the version of Source they're using is ancient. The core game is bloated down with feature creep and a bloated poorly integrated lua interpreter, Steam Workshop integration is still shoddy.etc S&Dbox uses Unreal Engine and is basically reworking everything from scratch with possibly better physics, a more intuitive mod system and format, and better lua integration.

5793d6  No.16592723

File: 3ed66adb9075ed7⋯.png (68.85 KB, 1889x481, 1889:481, for safe keeping.png)

Oh facepunch, how it changed. There was a time sjews like this were elected for mock worst post of the year awards. Then it practically became a softer neofag/resetera. Where did it all go so wrong? Regardless I'm glad it died rather than lived on as the monster it became

ab0346  No.16592856


The rise of Gmod Jewtube videos in the early 2010s drove cancerous faggots to the community

6d7c66  No.16592859


fuck you leatherhead

5ef024  No.16592914

>Port Gmod to Unreal

>all source mods would need to be ported

>everything will need to be recoded from scratch

>Gmod Tower already tried to do this and it was a massive failure

All you had to do was get Source2 Garry, we already know backwards compatibility with sourcemod and HLMODS is supposed to be part of it

ab0346  No.16592918


They considered Source 2 and came to the conclusion that it wasn't a significant enough upgrade from Source 1 and Valve was doing a shit job at delivering anyways They're not wrong

e9809c  No.16592930





>115 Dumb

Seems like a pretty nice place.

5ef024  No.16592939


Well that's because as it exists now, Source2 is a half finished engine made mostly for dota 2. Honestly if Valve would pull the eSports pole out of its ass for around 10 seconds Source 2 could be a competent engine.

ab0346  No.16592950


Valve isn't doing shit anymore. Source 2 is such a stagnant project it might as well be vaporware

1f2033  No.16592954

File: 3ea05af124aea3d⋯.png (20.89 KB, 778x113, 778:113, discord.png)


Yes. There are lots and lots and lots of limitations that Garry's Mod has been stuck straining against for a very long time.

With that said - then there's pic related. The message that's being referred to in the screencap has since been deleted.

5ef024  No.16592960


Honestly, I suspect that Source 2 might have ended up with the same issue of Source.

Being: If you try to throw anything that isn't half life 2 at Source engine it has a stroke and starts crying. I can only imagine how much worse it is when Source 2 is based around a watered down RTS game where you only control one thing at a time

ab0346  No.16592974

File: 057cddf0b0a4906⋯.jpg (48.02 KB, 600x338, 300:169, Apex.jpg)


The Source Engine is very robust though. It was designed to be very modular and can basically be updated by dropping libraries on top of it. The problem was that it became weighted down with feature creep and bloat over the years and the dev tools were starting to show its age. That was the motivation behind Source 2, update the dev tools, and build a better system for adding features to the base engine. Of course Valve has no talented developers anymore so that never ended up happening

5ef024  No.16592986


I'm not saying you can't do a lot with source, I'm saying it tends to sperg out if you do shit that isn't half-life in it.

ab0346  No.16592989

File: 19bf55aa38044be⋯.jpg (55.87 KB, 329x306, 329:306, Interesting.jpg)


please elaborate on what you mean by this

5ef024  No.16592996


Well, one of the few times I tried to do something that wasn't a fps game, a platformer, Source constantly whined about the UI and the camera, along with a custom soundtrack feature (read: in game, not preloaded) I had attempted to implement would cause the game to crawl to a stop.

It was actually faster to offload it as a custom file to be downloaded from a local server than having the files be loaded from a different directory.

ab0346  No.16592999


IIRC hasn't someone made a platformer with Source before?

5ef024  No.16593004


Considering it is source, probably, but at the same time, I think my point still stands.

75c776  No.16593020


>Playing TTT before Machinima ecelebs was playing with a bunch of college dudes who would come up with the most elaborate ways to stir chaos

>Playing TTT after Machinima ecelebs was just underages shooting at people because "he was following me, only the traitor would do that" and other stupid fucking reasons

I miss pre-jewtube Source games.

a52358  No.16593051

File: 4d750b9ae5531e4⋯.jpg (523.22 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 4d750b9ae5531e4e106dbc4660….jpg)


>Playing TTT after Machinima ecelebs was just underages shooting at people because "he was following me, only the traitor would do that" and other stupid fucking reasons

The only way they get away with that shit is if they're friends with the admin. TTT nowadays is un-fucking-playable because the rules are stricts as fuck. You can only kill people if you see them doing shit or the DNA scanner gives them away. I.E. you'll only catch the traitor if they're obviously retarded. I always use the same example to show how fucking retarded the gamemode is now because of rulecucks

>Dude walks into a room with no exit with a shotgun

>Hear a shotgun shot and someone die

>Dude walks out of room reloading shotgun

>Shoot him

>He's the traitor (no shit)


>Get slayed/banned for using my brain

af95cd  No.16593070

File: f519711a5e37cfd⋯.jpg (4.97 KB, 255x252, 85:84, muslimbroom.jpg)


most of the really annoying gmod limitations are removed

>maps can now be far larger and more complex

>to import models and textures you can just drag and drop .fbx, .obj etc files instead of dealing with the fuck fest that is valve model formats

>both the game and the server software are fully 64bit and multithreaded so servers wont run like total ass even on toptier hardware

>modern physics engine with much more settings to play with

>scripting is in C# instead of shitty lua

that being said, its made by facepunch so expect it to take half a decade to actually come out and be full of awful bugs and fuckery

af95cd  No.16593098

File: cda1d170b97d574⋯.png (64.38 KB, 294x298, 147:149, autistic.png)


what? gmod had on the fly script reloading since like 2008 you spastic


it used to be, that's the only reason anybody mourns it


>post 2011 valve

>having any degree of competence whatsoever

lol @ this fanboy

5ef024  No.16593177


Valve absolutely has the capacity to be competent.

Unfortunately all of valves focus is locked on esports shit and dota

ab0346  No.16593184


>Valve absolutely has the capacity to be competent.

At this point that's doubtful. I think they had a big turnover of competent staff. Their track record for not meeting deadlines or delivering on anything has become so bad lately their name has become poison to competent developers

af95cd  No.16593204


>all of valves focus is locked on esports shit and dota

valve isn't really focused on anything at all

it just makes half assed attempts to stick its finger into every pie and fails over and over again

>tries to get into the game engine race against UE4 and unity 5, fails to deliver anything at all after 5 years

>tries to get into the console market with steambox, flops hard

>tries to get into VR, gets stomped on by oculus and HTC vive

>tries to get into the hearthstone/ other esports card games bandwagon with artifact, nobody plays it

>makes and almost finishes left 4 dead 3 and then just bins the entire game because their management decided they were bored of it

valve is paralyzed by laziness and horrible mismanagement of almost every facet of their company except for steam itself

if they weren't kept afloat by the literally infinite well of cash that is steam they would have gone broke and sank beneath the waves long ago

a52358  No.16593213


Valve is still make millions of dollars off of their Dota tournament every year alone because of their compendium. Not to mention the other micro transactions. They'd still be one of the largest game publishing companies without Steam.

80623e  No.16593233


Have you missed the absolute failure that is Artifact?


On top of that, Valve is getting its ass handed on the subject of auto chess.

>Dota auto chess (arcade mod) comes out and is suddenly popular because streamers play it occasionally.

>Valve tries to work together with the author, he fucks off and announced his auto chess game coming to epic store at e3.

>Riot (League of Legends) also announced their own auto chess to be released this year.

The problem isn't "esports shit and dota". It's that the only care about extracting as much wealth as possible from games you're meant to be addicted to forever.

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