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File: f8618795a14593e⋯.jpg (204.76 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 001.jpg)

File: 6669b7cd0615a0c⋯.jpg (122.63 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 002.jpg)

894b01  No.16589639

3bf6e2  No.16589647

File: 4eb53d71eaaac76⋯.jpg (210.59 KB, 844x334, 422:167, beatrice & ooh jisama.jpg)


>KoF dating sim

>It's an otome game no less

O i'm laffin

b0aa37  No.16589651

File: 7f5499ba73c41fa⋯.jpg (51.58 KB, 500x446, 250:223, 84997_front.jpg)

File: 45c060713be5045⋯.jpg (54.49 KB, 500x447, 500:447, 91156_front.jpg)

File: 39c3004798d4221⋯.jpg (52.72 KB, 500x459, 500:459, 110266_front.jpg)

File: ce810a59a8400f7⋯.jpg (91.88 KB, 640x569, 640:569, 84997_back.jpg)

File: 2eb9058f2670278⋯.jpg (92.59 KB, 640x559, 640:559, 91156_back.jpg)

>KoF otome

HD port of Days of Memories when

9a2597  No.16589676


IIRC, one of the games in the Days of Memories collections is an otome title that takes place concurrently with the first game.

353439  No.16589678

File: dfa2f09a833d88e⋯.png (2.58 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 75168742_p3.png)

Do otome games sell that much compared to dating sims for men? They seem to be made and localized all the time. I miss when dating sims for men had stats you had to balance and girls could shoot you down for not being fit/stylish/smart enough or you just made all the wrong choices. True Love and Love Plus being good examples.

66c336  No.16589686

File: 0d986cfb0cce735⋯.jpg (20.3 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 14499153_889932441137700_5….jpg)




Oh boy I can't wait to cuck Mai, King and Yuki

1c69f9  No.16589702

File: 8c5163a3462fcae⋯.png (171.33 KB, 960x874, 480:437, 1560132531085.png)

>KOF for Girls

>Dating Sim

This is gonna be hilarious to watch unfold. …Dear god i hope no one is that autistic.

e55246  No.16589707

File: 220b0250683b1c8⋯.jpg (6.48 KB, 143x149, 143:149, Nani.jpg)


What do you mean? What could possibly happen?

66c336  No.16589716


>This is gonna be hilarious to watch unfold

It gonna unfold the exact same way it unfolded the last time SNK made an otome. A few jokes from everyone, it never ends up getting translated and sell a shit ton of money with otomefags in japan

27c641  No.16589718

File: 51fe29887d3deed⋯.mp4 (1.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Scream.mp4)

Its time

7cccb6  No.16589725

File: a53a590d8f27347⋯.png (973.67 KB, 940x529, 940:529, ClipboardImage.png)

What about SNK Heroines? Is it worth fappingpirating?

b0aa37  No.16589726

File: c7981401d08fc99⋯.webm (12.34 MB, 960x544, 30:17, when you save a girl from….webm)


>Do otome games sell that much compared to dating sims for men?

I guess enough to transform Kenka Bachou into otome serie for instance, which spawned 3 titles so far since the change.

>I miss when dating sims for men had stats you had to balance and girls could shoot you down for not being fit/stylish/smart enough or you just made all the wrong choices. True Love and Love Plus being good examples.

Tokimeki Memorial also had a feature where the pissed off girls (with a bomb icon) could gossip behind your back, and create tension between you and the girl(s) you actually liked. It's heavily toned down past the first two PS1 games though. I've been playing lately a couple of dating sims from the PS1 era (Refrain Love, Elan Plus, Ojousama Express, etc) and they put a lot of modern VNs to shame in quality

ece649  No.16589731

How is SNK able to just throw money on whatever?

d6fd0c  No.16589732


The Chink who owns the company must have deep pockets.

3792db  No.16589737


bugmen owners

86e8f1  No.16589746


Yes, women eat that shit.

Women would buy anything if there are cute femboys plastered on it, same way that men buy anything if there are huge anime tiddies.

Unlike what the western industry have been trying to disprove in this entire past decade, there is just no way to deny it… sex sells.

1c69f9  No.16589765


Game plays like KOF for babies, smash inputs but other than that, it's fine. It's good fap material. Skullolady is something i never knew i needed.

c20e2d  No.16589772


They started adding trannies and dudes to appeal to SJWs.

d6fd0c  No.16589775


>They started adding trannie

<Rule 63 is now baizuo material

1c69f9  No.16589776


I don't get why "progressives" think sex is bad for games, or bad in general.

624ffc  No.16589781


So this is the sauce for that famous audio clip. I learned something today.

89cb80  No.16589782

Do you have to beat your capture target to a pulp to make him love you?

a0f2ed  No.16589783

File: 121af4e606f9ae9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 1080x1883, 1080:1883, Howard.png)

I AM OKAY with this.

a0f2ed  No.16589791

File: ccf8496524b05aa⋯.png (679.42 KB, 1664x399, 1664:399, best boys.png)

Side characters (can't romance)

f716b9  No.16589792

File: 9b4159b5a93a51c⋯.png (9.84 KB, 800x600, 4:3, latest.png)


Laugh at this faggot.

89cb80  No.16589794


I won't lie, vidya designer dating sim might just work.

86e8f1  No.16589799


It's something everyone enjoys, so they: get attention + feel like they are going against the flux

86e8f1  No.16589803


>can't romance the baras

Into the garbage bin!

20ff16  No.16589809


>why "progressives" think sex is bad for games


Progressives are the ones who put it into games the most.

See Ubisofts street nudists and whores with open panties.

Sex should be reserved for eternal (till death devides) heterosexual relationships.

e55246  No.16589810


Sadly baras are not popular among girls these days.

d6fd0c  No.16589812


Because straight-up sex IS bad. Lewdness, cuteness, and teasing as what makes shit sell.

395634  No.16589815

File: 5221dc38eb74f9d⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, monkey paw.jpeg)

>tfw i wished for a new KoF game this e3

62aa87  No.16589816


86e8f1  No.16589821


Girls have the worst taste in men.

37b7c6  No.16589822

File: 4a3b93d9c329100⋯.png (24.83 KB, 500x501, 500:501, 1494439107152.png)


no it isnt

e55246  No.16589825


>Girls have the worst taste in men.


d6fd0c  No.16589827

File: 523768b3a2e7b88⋯.jpg (299.21 KB, 2160x2156, 540:539, IMG_1065.JPG)

395634  No.16589830

File: 5408aaaa7e060e5⋯.png (381.46 KB, 552x414, 4:3, nobunaga oda.png)



Hey, at least nobody was redesigned to look even more feminine.

b0aa37  No.16589836


I dont think I ever recall an otome where you could romance a male character with facial hair or on testosterone. It's just bishie boys.

Compare to how VNs and dating sims aimed for a male audience are varied enough in featuring girls, between the loli/teenager/adult female choices

4c92bc  No.16589844

File: 2c8f4e4b7afa1c6⋯.jpg (21.53 KB, 474x474, 1:1, th.jpg)


I can't determine the sex of the person on the left.

27c641  No.16589845

File: 0695252068ff3f6⋯.jpg (44.47 KB, 528x415, 528:415, chink glasses.jpg)


Kojimas eyes are incredibly chinky.

20ff16  No.16589846


It's obviously faggotshit for women. Jesus why do I even have to type it out?

b919eb  No.16589849

File: 9d4508549e7e94d⋯.mp4 (13.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, china.mp4)


Dating sims are hugely popular in China to my knowledge.

e55246  No.16589850

File: 39587d8ec348588⋯.png (81.3 KB, 411x460, 411:460, Hmmm.png)


I think that may actually be a girl.

86e8f1  No.16589852

File: 1bce16337534209⋯.jpg (161.72 KB, 434x974, 217:487, Kyo-kofXIII.jpg)


Why Kyo looks like someone who does voluntary work on an elderly home? Isn't the bad boy attitude part of his appeal?

d1e4b2  No.16589856


why do gays ruin everything?

395634  No.16589864

File: 47e0dab3a29897e⋯.jpeg (79.26 KB, 800x369, 800:369, kyo.jpeg)


Kyo have severely changed in XIV. And went through multiple redesign phases during development of it.

395634  No.16589870


Its not gay if you're a girl, anon.

e55246  No.16589874


It is marketed to women tho

1c69f9  No.16589884

File: f48f35a41e75fdf⋯.jpg (68.91 KB, 422x386, 211:193, 068937560e944d821e2b8a7e07….jpg)


Read the title faggot, you're projecting.

cd2b4d  No.16589888


Fags are exactly the sort of bugmen globalist megacorps want to cultivate: childless freaks who only feed themselves and maybe a fellow fag, and thus have more money to waste on clothes and entertainment. In their eyes, fags are like normalfag NEETs except with jobs and lower standards. This isn't even getting into all the diseases they spread and high rates of other mental illnesses.

You can't blame this on fags though because it's for women. Women are a fucking mess but they'd be better in a better society, unlike fags who will always suck.

395634  No.16589889

File: df5c56279efedb1⋯.jpeg (196.51 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Artificial Seven.jpeg)


Yeah, most Otome games don't have variety. Its hard to find something with diverse cast. Its usually same looking 7 bishounens with different hair color.

66c336  No.16589914



You must be new




They've already got families


Nigga ain't gonna drop Athena for anyone, he turned down premium Sky Pirate pussy because of Athena






Kim ain't letting them slack off training


You'll have to settle for Maxima.


>wishing for a new KoF when they already confirmed XV was in development for a 2020 release

395634  No.16589927

File: 35b3b77a762da45⋯.jpeg (86.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Maxima.jpeg)



Isn't he's a cyborg? How are you going to fuck with a cyborg man?

8620b5  No.16589931

File: d4acf5b350de5e3⋯.gif (21.89 KB, 62x86, 31:43, Valentine_Nadia_MSD_nom.gif)

Who cares about KoF, where the fuck is metal slug?

395634  No.16589954

File: 6aeb465dbb16065⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1247x693, 1247:693, MSA.png)


Well, there's this.

66c336  No.16589958

File: 29c760ac2e02b93⋯.png (361.59 KB, 640x308, 160:77, maxima1.png)

File: 5962cacc5eea856⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxima2.png)

File: cd50be3da4afa05⋯.jpg (223.57 KB, 1267x717, 1267:717, maxima3.jpg)

File: 8f20b69b9a58fea⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxima4.png)


He's got an off-duty body mode that's more human


They confirmed a non-mobile snk in-house developed Metal Slug last april


8620b5  No.16589963



>possibly a new metal slug game

Cool, i tried playing the port of XX but that shit keeps bugging out with the weapons and lives

20ff16  No.16589966


The one on the right seems to be


so you're correct. Left must be FemMC.

f560e7  No.16589974

King of Hold’em Down, He’s a Fighters

dc5897  No.16590293

File: b83681cb232b8b9⋯.jpg (104.04 KB, 900x1600, 9:16, Soiree-mi2x.jpg)

>A KOF dating game

>Actually being released in English.

Falcoon must be responsible for this faggotry.

8fcd43  No.16590529

File: 0407ac0546ad0a6⋯.jpg (11.92 KB, 111x211, 111:211, huh knuckles.jpg)


Huh, that's quite the surprise.

a040eb  No.16590559

File: 444acf3ebe0ccbd⋯.png (155.5 KB, 646x505, 646:505, Queen of Fighters.png)

>KOF for Girls

But we have that already.

cc40f7  No.16590567



Is it? Non-games are the most popular genre these days next to (((RPG))).

dc5897  No.16590590

File: 01debcdd63e4760⋯.png (266.79 KB, 552x745, 552:745, bao-kof2002um-portrait-art….png)

File: ce6dfd950357a13⋯.png (48.34 KB, 400x910, 40:91, Pc_kofgirls.png)



Hol up.

You can romance Bao, but not Chang?

Also that Player Character.

>Generic as fuck.

>Actually ugly/ homely in comparison to the queens of KOF.

>Fat enough to be any Fujoshit.

>Tits are non-discernible, like any Fujoshit

This fucking game is going to fund the next 20 KOF games.

d3360e  No.16590600


Men always got the short end of the stick in this case if you ask me, anon. You're shit out of luck if you want something intricate and plot heavy, but with women that is not pornographic.

1905cd  No.16590625

File: 1ea147ad9475067⋯.jpg (82.94 KB, 264x757, 264:757, yon-koma85.jpg)

>no rugal, geese, krauser, or tizoc

I understand that fujos have no taste, but this still disappoints me. If these four were in the game it would be funny as fuck. Now it's just gay shit that can't even be laughed at.

dc5897  No.16590734

File: ff006cfc75a0a00⋯.png (6.27 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, SNK HEROINES Tag Team Fren….png)

File: 3afcd1cc4bc7467⋯.png (8 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, SNK HEROINES Tag Team Fren….png)


It's actually pretty fucking fun.

The game is really anti-serious. Think of as KOF raped Smash and they didn't have an abortion afterwards.

>There's no ducking.

>Only four special moves and two super moves per character.

>There's a block button, but it's nearly impossible to guardbreak

>Life bars are tiny as fuck

>Item setting goes from NONE to PLENTIFUL

>DAIMON is an item that stuns both players.

Not enough content though, needs to be more than 14 characters though. Having Miss Skullo locked away as a DLC is painful.


>Miss X in the game.

>It's not Iori in Drag.

>He gets full rule 63'd into a woman and freaks the fuck out.

>Terry is sort of cool with being 63'd as he's now lighter and more agile.

And the customization options while plentiful are lacking, like there's no custom colors , you can thank Tekkenfags and Soulfags for ruining that for EVERYONE this generation with their seizure masters

>Error message if your files are too big

>No error message if you attempt to upload 5 files that are too big.

Fucking /v/ how does it work

1a5fac  No.16590737



Girls don't exist

dc5897  No.16590748

File: 93d83612e6004f3⋯.png (3.34 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, SNK HEROINES Tag Team Fren….png)

File: f8078d57882ff71⋯.png (4.47 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, SNK HEROINES Tag Team Fren….png)

dc5897  No.16590757

File: b1c5e7dcc5ca866⋯.png (7.09 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, SNK HEROINES Tag Team Fren….png)

File: 7fb8eb9bf647e0b⋯.png (1.84 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, SNK HEROINES Tag Team Fren….png)


>Shermie is the least lewd character in the game.

>Actually asks why she didn't get a lewd costume like everyone else.

dc5897  No.16590767

File: 1883f14a6f587b9⋯.png (868.96 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, SNK HEROINES Tag Team Fren….png)

File: 891be0f9ba9c51b⋯.png (1.87 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, SNK HEROINES Tag Team Fren….png)


I just realized there are actual photo frames I can unlock. I've only unlocked all the costumes, and accessories and voices.

I didn't even know frames and stickers were an option until a minute ago.

0ad1af  No.16590779


>terry instead of rock howard

>no old men


71a785  No.16590781



Damned shotacon



I say yandere


I say kuudere

97a584  No.16590801

This is the counterweight to SNK Heroines. Now both sexes have been pandered to and all things are in balance.

395634  No.16590812

File: 731fa638db95375⋯.png (322.87 KB, 935x765, 11:9, All male version of dead o….png)


Indeed. I thought we needed all male SNK Heroines, but i did not expect them to pull off otome game.

dc5897  No.16590905

File: 8c2467980533fce⋯.png (1.33 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, SNK HEROINES Tag Team Fren….png)

File: 14bf6c9e1f51207⋯.png (9.46 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, SNK HEROINES Tag Team Fren….png)

>tfw when you discover the frames and sticker option.

This might be the most immature thing I've done in recent years. But goddamn it, I can't stop laughing.

e3eb59  No.16590937



It's not sex. Sex isn't the sticking point. The sticking point is their egos. If there were naked fat chicks and bull dykes everywhere, it would be celebrated as a deep and intellectually moving game, but because the naked people in the game make them feel shame the game is shit and regressive. The movement is really about outlawing shame and the act of shaming, but ironically they use that device very frequently when anyone else misbehaves. You can't rationalize insanity.

83b949  No.16591200


>those man shoulders

d11834  No.16592782


That's very old news OP.

fcba22  No.16592791

Don't SNK have a plethora of of these dating games?

e3e712  No.16592794

File: 82cefab7fe77462⋯.png (804.45 KB, 704x679, 704:679, Check 'em.png)


>Using the tranny

>Not best girl

aa2599  No.16592879

File: 23f1e0461236520⋯.png (242.76 KB, 578x667, 578:667, NEVER EVER.png)

3ee510  No.16594489

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nice trailer.

ebdbc1  No.16594520

File: 75a97d97df0b98b⋯.png (169.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 03ae3cc23050ab00b1fc04b260….png)



More games should have this.

0dfe9e  No.16594637

File: c4c2e3e7237691b⋯.jpg (28.13 KB, 500x720, 25:36, ....jpg)



YEAH! It's stupid but I still want it. I want to get with King and Mai and Angel and–


>only boys

4838ec  No.16594744


I thought it said artificial semen

26d701  No.16595978

File: 507f3c5594f0b5b⋯.jpg (83.37 KB, 600x796, 150:199, Falcoon-K9999_02.jpg)

File: f2c9b343c6146ee⋯.jpg (921.46 KB, 862x2143, 862:2143, KOFXIV-Heidern.jpg)

File: 9728c428b4d1c4c⋯.jpg (147.2 KB, 700x1024, 175:256, Krizalid-2001.JPG.jpg)

File: 76a5829b7b4fb83⋯.jpg (54.92 KB, 450x1100, 9:22, Adelheid_XI.jpg)

File: 1a5e293a6cf99ee⋯.jpg (189.17 KB, 572x924, 13:21, Ash-kofXIII.jpg)

I was hoping for any of these to make it in, oh well.

7f08ed  No.16596232

File: 474cadc5acac8cd⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 1400x1705, 280:341, 474cadc5acac8cde66d4fb47e3….png)


>fightan girls dating sim

How is it?

Do they actually have some muscle or is it gay skinny girls only?

93d96c  No.16596267


It's poor taste nippon what the fuck do you think?

574152  No.16597080


Real answer. Because their mobile gacha game KOF 98 UM OL makes insane money. There are many people that are VIP15+ and guess how much that cost?

246bf5  No.16598473


K9999 erased because plagiarized from Akira, his replacement is fucking forgotten as well

Krizalid is dead

Ash is dead (except for XIV secret ending)

Heidern is probably on a job, he has no time for dating.

Where the fuck Adelheid was though i don't know, the dude just disappeared.

246bf5  No.16598479

Ah yes, Ash is not dead but erased from history and forgotten, but that's not important.

d6a889  No.16600721

File: bc3ef6ac39f2d8b⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 161.81 KB, 483x176, 483:176, s3.gif)

File: 857b4627dae6128⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 6.68 KB, 104x228, 26:57, s2.png)

File: a85ddc9a671b73f⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.86 KB, 147x303, 49:101, s1.gif)


>you will never romance Shion

4f4dcc  No.16600785


>The only dating sims translated to English for the ds are otomeges

056184  No.16601494

File: 3f9fa9875da65d1⋯.mp4 (176.12 KB, 480x270, 16:9, darksydepuppet.mp4)


89a6b5  No.16601542

File: 84bac1d4d0a3b69⋯.png (569.79 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1549570623042.png)


You fucking got me

ec4225  No.16601811


Not familiar with DSP lore- is the parody of him farting or stuffed-nose-snorting in this clip?

86dcab  No.16601912


I think otome games are facinating from an anthropological viewpoint. The same way you can glean the character of men from the selection of romantic interests they favor, so too can you with women.

89a6b5  No.16601976

File: ec24f01947c204a⋯.webm (4.39 MB, 960x540, 16:9, ec24f01947c204a4e9c4748ee….webm)


If we want better, we'll have to demand more. Most guys just want to skip straight to the smut and so dominate visual interests. Women prefer their porn written, involving plots and relationships. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but the less interest there is for them the fewer they will be.

It's not fair bros

83cdf4  No.16603007

File: a6a078358880a62⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1920x3534, 320:589, otome.png)

89a6b5  No.16603077

File: e14be95775bcccd⋯.jpg (16.62 KB, 602x272, 301:136, One.jpg)


Never played an otome but I've an odd curiosity in them. Just to see how girls look at guys. Given how man-hating my family and city culture seems to be in the current year, I take a little comfort in the very idea of an otome. To think that guys can be valued like we value girls is oddly inspiring


And now I really want to play an otome with a decent plot. What's a good starting point? Are any of them on PC?

9de7ff  No.16603092


>porn written


Women like the long, drawn out foreplay. No story is better then the crap women generally accept.

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