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File: ed3bc83d640eab7⋯.jpg (18.86 KB, 324x324, 1:1, facepunch_stickers-r4cbb26….jpg)

ee0841  No.16590658

Facepunch is officially shutting down sometime today.


Before it went to complete pozzed shit a lot of anons used to browse there. Let's discuss, lol at them, ect.

c54438  No.16590665

Good. Nothing of value was lost.

0c5c7a  No.16590666


Did mark delete your thread so you just shitted out another one?

ee0841  No.16590681


Last thread was filled with autism. It was purged.

1ea112  No.16590704

File: cc02dada50bd405⋯.gif (652.36 KB, 500x307, 500:307, 1439948065190.gif)




6765ca  No.16590705


Nothing of value was lost because it stopped being useful years ago. It’s still interesting to see a once very popular forum shrivel up a die.

Is Garry just done making games?

249354  No.16590714


f7b4f1  No.16590715

>Cancer is about to spread.

The only shit I give about it is that you just know some of their faggot mods will work their way into other communities and make them even worse than they already are. Otherwise, fuck that place. Good riddance.

3940c1  No.16590728

File: 00baf8a16980852⋯.jpg (37 KB, 474x351, 158:117, soldier smile.jpg)




Its S you fucking idiot.

You dont know how to spell "spit"?


fd2416  No.16590733


yeah, niggas got shutdown because of their lies

6765ca  No.16590739


Same reason we had threads about Neogaf dying except this one is bitter sweet since a lot of anons browsed Facepunch back in the day.

7d9dbf  No.16590740

who is facepunch?

>Garry's Mod

oh so nothing of value was lost


I like Mark!

f45da6  No.16590743


aea6ad  No.16590744

File: 536c1768adb173e⋯.jpg (57.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, shruggin again.jpg)


Nothing of value was lost. It has always been SomethingAwful reskinned, and the Schmorky tranny-board culture carried over along with it. FP also hasn't been relevant ever since Rust turned out to be a disaster. But hey, at least Garry still has his money hat that Goons sent him before he fucked off onto FP, I guess.

Doesn't matter in the end, since they all fucked off to Discord, so having a forum was just redundant anyway.

9a5400  No.16590747

I mean what really would be lost, the fags on face punch will likely migrate to resetera assuming they aren't already crossposting.

And most of the obscure source documentation on their is crossposted

fd2416  No.16590749


>since a lot of anons browsed Facepunch back in the day.

lying again? dont pull this shit a second time you roody poo

c748ab  No.16590752


I still dont get how some one could let themselves get that fat.

4ef96f  No.16590756

File: 35f6a2a430fa7dc⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Slavery.jpg)

Cool I guess, Source modding is cancer. Why was the last thread deleted?

9a5400  No.16590758


Some people just never learn to excercise the amount of calories they put in

f45da6  No.16590760


I believe it was for something along the lines of


ee0841  No.16590769


>I didn't use it = other anons didn't

Anon, a ton of anons here used it. Do you even remember the Boston Salt Party where people were getting their old accounts back just to spoil shit for the users?

ee0841  No.16590807

1ea112  No.16590824

ee0841  No.16590825


FP is a classic example of how leftists can kill a forum with their commie mods and the user base being subverted. As a case study alone it is interesting even outside of it's historical importance.

d756fc  No.16590906

File: b765f603817017a⋯.png (8.69 KB, 105x195, 7:13, extra milky thumbs up.png)



They're officially dead.

820e53  No.16590909

File: 7536dbb3435897d⋯.png (81.05 KB, 500x406, 250:203, 33624637.png)


>a lot of anons used to browse there

7d9dbf  No.16590912

File: 725cb6a52cb8a6d⋯.webm (1.52 MB, 960x540, 16:9, awkward.webm)


dance party?

97dccb  No.16590921


I stayed far away from Facepunch forums and only went into blog updates about Garry's Mod. That was about it really, nothing special.

703f28  No.16590934


P is for piss, S is for spit.

c82000  No.16590938


Facepunch was pozzed but how is modding cancer? There's lots of good source mods.

6a7300  No.16590939

It still has some historical importance for some people, example: huge minecraft threads, 2b2t early "history"

fd2416  No.16590941


>i used it = everyone else used it

d22188  No.16590945


ee0841  No.16590946


Never said that, but a lot of anons did.

158090  No.16590947

Did they give any reason for it? Were the mods outed as pedos like what happened with neofag?

7d9dbf  No.16590952

File: e4c35845b692d61⋯.png (727.85 KB, 970x545, 194:109, name three.png)


name three

93d451  No.16590954


Correction: a lot of anons used to browse there before they grew out of their early teens and realized how shit it was.

fd2416  No.16590966


you are literally saying every anon ever was some huge FP fag

1927eb  No.16590989


This works for me for the most part. Used it for a very short time before seeing how fucking terrible the place was. It won't be missed.

634fc8  No.16591071

File: dce7f56963abc0e⋯.png (44.65 KB, 522x520, 261:260, 1459104081506.png)

Why kill their hugbox like that? A calculated move to force everyone who hadn't already to move to Dicksword? I was part of a forum that did that. It sucked.

fd2416  No.16591099


What does it feel like to kill communities just to drive them to discord? what are your tactics?

e0cf61  No.16591125

File: 293340bf571d1ae⋯.jpg (101.58 KB, 555x250, 111:50, donutdrake1.jpg)

Well, I guess Facepunch wins E3, and sets an example for all devs to follow.

Also… how the fuck are they shutting down? Didn't Rust and Garry's Mod sell a ton of copies? They're not a huge studio, so expenditures can't be that high. Did somebody just grab all the cash and run?

5316ad  No.16591138

File: e6883dbbe8c83a1⋯.png (124.49 KB, 465x485, 93:97, crying_wont_stop_anything_….png)


That'd explain why everyone on this board is such a giant faggot.

f45da6  No.16591167


>there are faggots on this board right now

That isn't a good thing.

72622d  No.16591171

File: e383f58a658d78f⋯.png (58.85 KB, 567x496, 567:496, e383f58a658d78f58db56f71b6….png)

feb8e1  No.16591188


>since a lot of anons browsed Facepunch back in the day

Again with the lies

45a0e0  No.16591243



It always had ban-happy leftists, but it wasn't cancerous before because it had centrist/apolitical mods.

The issue was how they elevated trannies to a protected class of users. If you insulted one for any reason, then their allies would closely observe your posts and ban you. I was on board with this until I realized that they were crazy broken people who groomed other teens into being ugly non-passing women. They gave advice like illegally obtaining HRT, having dangerous SRS done in foreign countries, and lying to doctors/therapists about their condition. It's sick.

There were some devs who spoke out about it in a time where everything was pozzed, but they were forced to remain quiet about it.


They still sell games, but the community is dead. Garry feels the same way as well.

5316ad  No.16591253

File: 9a103350c739810⋯.png (456.2 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ce926d5a8af374aec4ab0272ca….png)


>I was on board with this

fd2416  No.16591274


>I was on board with these power tripping faggots that protected trannies untill i learned they were trannies themselves


45a0e0  No.16591286



I fully regret it, but I was gullible enough to believe in the lie that they kept it in the bedroom and that they wanted to be left alone. I didn't realize that they were actively grooming kids into chopping their dicks off as well.

8c565e  No.16591290

File: 65f05f7522adfd8⋯.gif (826.69 KB, 498x274, 249:137, beerus spin.gif)


I got permabanned on KnowYourMeme for the exact same type of shit. I pointed out that trannies were mentally ill and as soon I as I got into a regular argument where I was even a LITTLE RUDE, they'd ban me for shit that everyone else got away with fully. This was during the Gamergate shit too.

First you get sent on a "watchlist" and people pour over your shit and get you on vague stuff they don't ever actually enforce, like the whole civility thing. Sites that don't shadowban you but where you have an established profile all do this in normalfag land. You can get away with literally ANYTHING as long as it doesn't interfere in the political-du-jour.

Twitter has tons of porn, technically against policy, nothing is banned. Tumblr has tons of horrible shit like disease and identity fetishism, none banned. KnowYourMeme technically has tons of political diversity, until you touch on CERTAIN TOPICS. It's like this pretty much everywhere outside of anon boards.

Once governments start trying to adopt the Social Credit system, which is going to tear china apart yet people up on top will still clamor for it, they're literally going to only rely on shadowbans, but extending to real life and online life.

That's what they're heading to in regards to containment of ideas, but for now they're relying on basic banhammer abuse shit with mods.

Pretty much everyone here should stay the fuck off of social media and adopt some sort of VPN by 2025.

9a5400  No.16591294


Well, I mean honestly you should have seen it sooner, considering most of what "Tranny" is, is socially acquired body dysmorphia.

Also reminder, if you do know anyone that's around 14-20, if there some what girly, keep them away from trannies at all costs, because they will try to infect them.

45a0e0  No.16591362


I definitely should have, but I unfortunately figured it out the hard way as I used to be a hardcore leftist. >>16591290

The issue is with trannies since most are manipulative narcissists. Every group and fandom I know has been divisive because of them. Do not give them power at any cost because they're guaranteed to abuse it.

fd2416  No.16591369


what an absolute nonce, its people like you as to why this shit got as far as it did. how did you learn that trannies where pedos? and what made you think they didnt cut their dicks off?


>KYM faggot

>an ACTIVE KYM faggot


8c565e  No.16591454

File: 4ce69ca2969f55a⋯.png (163.75 KB, 430x430, 1:1, joltik.png)


Young and duuuuuuuumb. Social media is attractive due to how replies get you dopamine releases. I bet some people on here wait for replies Stuff I catch myself doing sometimes for that sweet satisfaction and social media in general is designed to provide a much bigger kick of that shit, so people end up being on there without thinking about the greater implications. I wasted hours of my day on that site, just replying until I got banned. After that it was actually good for me since I left the site completely and don't bother with any sort of social media anymore save these boards here, unless something happened in the news, and even then I have no accounts as I am just an observer to news stories.

Everyone's made mistakes like that at some point. You don't think, get drawn into something and depending on where you are in life it's either permanant faggotry or temporary silliness.

45a0e0  No.16591473


What initially woke me up was observing their double standard. I looked at their threads and compared it with their attitudes towards religion. They frequently criticized religion under the basis that adults were indoctrinating youth through the fear of hell. Meanwhile, those trannies were adults who indoctrinated kids into illegally taking hormones, mutilating themselves, and potentially committing suicide over the fear that they won't be a girl. I thought to myself, "Why are they more concerned over intangible effect of Christianity than the tangible effect of transgenderism?"

Christisnity is at least reversible and hidden, but it's hard to come back to normal from being a tranny who mutilated yourself. Trannies struggle to look at the cashier in their eyes because they're embarrassed at what they've turned into.

Trannies are trying to terminate far-right activism as they hold them as a scapegoat for their embarrassment, but they will never remove those feelings because they're on the wrong path. Not even mammals like lions do that type of shit. It's entirely unnatural and satanic.

a5a08d  No.16591487


<P to piss on facepunch's grave

Even better

ee0841  No.16591495




Ok, they are in this thread.


The board din't used to be a commie hug box. It used to be about source modding back in 2006

8c565e  No.16591499


None of our values or the American people's values have changed, just the political parties. Everyone has a limit on empathy when the ones you're empathizing with are actively trying to kill you with every breath. The types of people who are so willing to be violent and actually facist are not lining up with America values of freedom, justice, individuality and sacred hospitality.

America has always been a place of quiet, honest work and constructive lives. They're not matching up with that ideal. And they're actively trying to destroy these good things. It isn't even about patriotism, it's simple survival.

I saw the types of bullshit that evangelist idiots tried to do to games in the leftist wave, it doesn't appeal to me. It's fearmongering hateful bullshit.

a5a08d  No.16591516

ee0841  No.16591523


It was killed by Garry "Nigger" Newman. He himself isn't an SJW but once he stopped modding the forum the SJW mods took over and turned it into the communism it was until it's death. Garry didn't give a shit about the forum and killed it.

fd2416  No.16591541


>young and dumb

KYM isnt that old and if your the type of faggot that needs constant validation through social media then you will never grow out of it.

>using a shit site for years is just a mistake!!!!

Giving someone the wrong change is a mistake, being a huge faggot on the gayest site since lemonparty.org is not a mistake, its purposefull and done with thought, you knew exactly what you where doing and why you where doing it.


>They frequently criticized religion under the basis that adults were indoctrinating youth through the fear of hell.

Thats the basis for all religion, kids have always been told to behave or else they might anger the gods thus invoing their wrath

>being suprised faggots corrupt children

Really? its like being suprised fags are pedos.

>Trannies are trying to terminate far-right activism

a bunch of faggots bickering on twitter or putting up faggy posters isnt far roght activism, blowing up or shooting kikes is far right activism

>Christisnity is at least reversible and hidden

<equates evil and general things he doesnt like with satan

you cant really shake off an entire life of christian learning off, because these people mutilate themselves for gods that predate satan by thousands of years

ce437a  No.16591543

File: 20385e2b60fb769⋯.png (111.34 KB, 890x1209, 890:1209, 20385e2b60fb7691099ad140f6….png)


Can rust fuck off and die too?

fd2416  No.16591552



yes literally, its RIGHT THERE in your post


>Anon, a ton of anons here used it (>>16590769)


Where the fuck is your proof that everyone and their wifes son used fagpunch?

ee0841  No.16591562


Is that still a popular game?

All I know is Garry is still making GMod 2 in source 2 last I heard.


You don't know what literally means. I would have called you autist would have been too anal about his vocab. You are just retarded.

No. I am not saying "Literally saying" that every anon browsed FP, just that a lot of them did. You need to cool your sperging.

ce437a  No.16591588


it's filled with the most cancerous people you'll ever play an mp game with. As in they'll sit outside your building's doors for hours on end, make it a fucking slogfest to do anything just so you'll migrate servers. First year was goofy fun, now it's just screeching autist respawn simulator.

ee0841  No.16591600


>Sit outside your building for hours on end

So it's basically the boring type of autism rather than the fun type Gmod had I take it.

8c565e  No.16591606

File: 3de9825d2f5f575⋯.png (467.38 KB, 480x700, 24:35, ass_blassum.png)


You really don't understand how people think. Do you think people sit on social media because they know what they're doing with their lives? The same reason people hit up social media is the same reason you're here, they're bored and need to fill their time. You don't think when you're in that kind of mental state, you react. It's something you desire, and you attach yourself to a site that appeals to you at the time. You don't consider the environment, just the content and you don't understand what's wrong with it until you're in the thick of it if it's your first. And sometimes not even then, since it's actively conditioning you. I can look back now because I have standards and I initially approached the site because it looked like one that was diverse and had loads of argument potential, and wasn't, in my eyes, utterly biased. And for a while, that was true to me, until I got hit and targeted.

Loads of these sites still have people who live in this illusion. It's not their fault either, it's the site's image. It's very easy to think that people somewhere are faggots just because they go to a place you disagree with or find abhorrent due to your own standards, but the plain fact is that they don't know the full implications of what they're doing until they're one of the rare few who see the dark side of it.


Because plenty HAVE. It's not a question of "a lot or a little" or even that people didn't go to the site, they did. People do more then one thing. There's people on here with loads of experiences from other sections of the net, that's how word of mouth works so well. Each person here has a multi-site history, different job experiences to share. People here pretend they haven't because it's not the zeitgeist of this site to admit they've used other sites.

It's not even important if they did, but don't pretend that the people here are totally isolated. That's why people come here, to escape identity. There's people here who even have accounts at Resetera and other commie boards and they use them to take that fag shit down or to try to take our shit down. This place is actually diverse, unlike most other social media sites that only work for some sorts of people.

And when I mean "diverse", I don't mean "BLACKED", I mean the actual definition. Everyone is here, or at least one person from everywhere else. This is the fucking place to be. It's freedom incarnate. Why wouldn't people from other sites be here? This is the goddamned internet promised land.

9a5400  No.16591609


It's mostly down to garry killing the old form of mod support for toybox, and workshop, yes.

But also the cock guzzling faggots that play darkrp

fd2416  No.16591631


you are on social media because you know exactly what you are doing with your life, seeking validation from other by any means, you crave the attention, the patting on the back, the "good job" the user based voting system

<this faggot actually believes forums are the place for arguments

they've always been circlejerks that care more about post count/upvotes/likes than any sort of discussion

>Because plenty HAVE

no, plenty havent, chances are many people only visited the site once or twice or used it occasionally with months inbetween posting, but to say that everyone here was some die hard facecuck user is lying, because the site was always shit and there were much better alternatives.

ee0841  No.16591636


No one said that sperg. Who are you even arguing with at this point?

fd2416  No.16591641


by saying alot of people used it, you mean that alot of people were active users and have been for years at any point in time, because if you meant anything else like if they just visited the site once, then you could claim alot of anons used any other site on the internets

8c565e  No.16591649

File: 1283183f458b046⋯.jpg (112.44 KB, 537x536, 537:536, axe_shrug.jpg)


You're pretty delusional if anything you've outlined is something you actually think. What you know is what you've been told by others who fear and dread being apart of these communities or people with self-loathing and regret that blinds your judgement. IS anything you've said something you've concluded on your own? Because i've seen a shitload of that here.

One thing is certainly correct, most people are slaves to group identities and parrot what's been said a thousand times no matter what the true accuracy of the statements are.

There's board culture here that you've adopted because you want to be apart of something bigger and you yourself have adopted it because of the want for validation. I have long since discarded this ideal.

You, on the other hand, are as basic as the people you outline and do not strive to understand others and their faults with your own mind. Just because you frequent this board does not mean you are not subject to the same psychological traps on the boards you hate. You are here and now, subject to group mentality over your own individuality.

You need to drop this and center yourself. Question everything around you even if it sticks to your ideals and seriously consider who you are as a person.

Social media in general, including this board, all has the same trap of gated communities and fear of approaching a larger forum. You must find out for certain if your enemies are as bad as you think.

I have strived to understand the nature of evil. I have made my share of mistakes.

But unlike you,

I have not blinked when staring into the abyss.

And because of it, I have utterly lost my innocence and I strive to eliminate my naivety to truly understand people. That is not a bad thing.

fd2416  No.16591679


Can you post this pretentious reddit garbage over at KYM where you belong?

8c565e  No.16591712

File: eab3327b8dff670⋯.png (42.57 KB, 750x542, 375:271, (wood_erecting).png)


Nope, because I got permabanned there.

fd2416  No.16591723

File: a0feac74c595697⋯.png (128.16 KB, 469x328, 469:328, weast.png)


Just make up a throwaway email or just use 10 minute mail to shitpost, its not that hard to circumvent bans on forums.

8c565e  No.16591731

File: 52fdb23b5ab6cb1⋯.jpg (73.09 KB, 640x585, 128:117, 8083.jpg)


You want me to contribute to faggotry? Who's the real faggot here, the faggot who doesn't give a shit or the faggot who advocates for faggots?

7320ef  No.16591757


Not that anon but a lot of people here did actively browse it.

ce437a  No.16591778


Exactly. They killed any kind of fun for non autists. The kind of people that will "brag" to you about spending $400 usd on a fucking gun skin.

a5a08d  No.16591965


Fuck no. The only people still playing are prophunt players or autismos who refuse to let go of TTT. Even DarkRP seems to be falling since streamers and rich weebfaggots are playing VRChat now.

ee6581  No.16591989


>except this one is empty as shit since the only people who gave a fuck about it stopped browsing it at least half a decade ago



>Do you think people sit on social media because they know what they're doing with their lives?

Yes, that's why the average depressed normalfag says

<lol i love social media because it grants me instant and constant validation XD

Acting like self-deprecation is a quirky sort of modesty. Irony has spread and pozzed the assholes of many normalfags in record time. Things are quite different from how they were in 2014, anon


>the faggot who doesn't give a shit

Which clearly isn't you, since those walls of text show you care too much

8c565e  No.16592039


You think I LIKE social media? Have you been paying fucking attention, fuckboy?

See this is the type of shit i'm talking about, reactionary group ideals, "thing bad this good" bullshit, unquestioning reaction and kneejerk assumption. You're fucking trapped in it, m8.

69289d  No.16592042



the proper word is FAGGOT, fuckboy is a reddit approved word because "how dare you use fag!"

9a5400  No.16592045


Fuckboys and faggots are two different things.

While every fuckboy is a faggot, not every faggot is a fuckboy.

69289d  No.16592049


>It's two different things

nope, next you'll tell me that it's ok to be gay or some fag shit.


9a5400  No.16592052


No retard, a fuckboy, and a faggot are two different things, while in a more relaxed way fuckboy behavior can be described as faggoty, the scope of faggot is greater than that of fuckboy.

8c565e  No.16592089


you think that even namecalling is policed and that there's only a few words that you can use. Who's rules are these?

ee6581  No.16592110


>You think i LIKE social media?

No, just that you're clearly not up to tune with it, but still used to care enough about it to write whole walls of text acting like a social media sociologist.


See? You pretend Tumblr is still alive and that the word you're using hasn't "degenerated" to fuccboi.

>You're fucking trapped in it, m8

Not being trapped in it isn't worth a lot if you still feel the need to preach the choir to other losers expunged from every other website, especially if said preaching is based on the internet from half a decade ago

7d9dbf  No.16592319

File: c8151629b30aae2⋯.jpg (664.38 KB, 1008x1545, 336:515, aj_styles_beats_down_the_g….jpg)


>they are in this thread.



d54d90  No.16592530

Reminder if you ever browsed there or were a poster you are inexcusable cancer and are still extremely obvious to this day. Poz incarnate.

7320ef  No.16592681


>most of /v/ is cancer

I would argue but technically this is correct.

5ced74  No.16592687


What forum did you use before coming to /v/ then internet tough guy?

016629  No.16592818






Pretty crazy how trannies worm their way into things. After e3 to look at reactions to the various things shown off by the general populace one of the sites I took a quick stop at was Smashboards to read some reactions and good lord it's amazing how that place has tranformed due to the poz.

fd2416  No.16597202


>You want me to contribute to faggotry?

you are already contributing to faggotry by shitting up this place with your KYM shit, I just want you to go back where you belong, if the only thing stopping you from going back is a permaban then you still want to go back, im just showing you the way

40e019  No.16598736

Some of the YouTube videos made with g-mod were funny. That’s about the extent of my investment in this.

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