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File: cdd6f4087ae10e0⋯.jpg (30.25 KB, 494x314, 247:157, 1.jpg)

10468e  No.16597739

I keep seeing it happen all the time

A game that prides itself on being hard and grindy, realizes it can make more money from casuals and makes the game easier and less grindy

Path of exile, a game where devs are such pussies they can't even nerf skills that can ONE SHOT END GAME BOSSES and skills that allow you to clear whole maps without clicking a single button, they added an item that literally allows you to walk and mobs die automatically, this was supposed to be a hardcore game

Diablo 3, started off good i think, items were hard to get i heard, but everyone seemed to hate it. They couldn't fathom actually grinding to get best items, NNooo they have to get it INSTANTLY!

So this happened

Smart drops where a dropped item is guaranteed to roll the appropriate mainstat for the class that finds it


The rng is not even there basically, because you can customize 1 out of 6 stats to your liking, 2 stats will be good at least and there are almost no useless stats, so almost every item you get will be good.

Add that on the fact that legendaries drop like candy, people end up gearing up in less than a week and quit in less than a month, "nothing to do" they say.

So devs decide to add super rare versions of legendaries to try to sneak up more rng without angering the casuals, didn't work. Now they seem they will pussy out of it and make it easier again, cus casuals have all the power..

I hate having niche tastes, i always get fucked, games that are awesome turn to shit because casuals

I just wanted one aaa level game that is according to my tastes, casuals have fucking billions to chose from and they still want more?

Guess i'm going back to modding singleplayer, it seems like even if i find a game that i love, casuals will storm in soon and demand changes that make me hate the game

907c51  No.16597745

>That spacing

>Diablo 3, started off good i think

Good thread

Check dubs

989c86  No.16597747

File: 0400ec9e129eec6⋯.png (159.08 KB, 270x270, 1:1, 040.png)

d03bac  No.16597753


This is a very intense preaching to the choir.

961b8c  No.16597757


989c86  No.16597758

dubs check

989c86  No.16597759


961b8c  No.16597765

goddamn \v\ is faster than usual.

4d1a4d  No.16597792


>muh casuals

It's the jews, anon. The entire modern entertainment industry was part of social engineering, dating back a century ago. Copyright was created to make a commodity out of human creativity, which was then robbed into the hands of the richest jews and out of the public hands. They sold you on the term nostalgia to make you blame yourself for the obvious side effects of predatory capitalism, that destroyed the creative output of the entertainment industry. The term casuals was also sold to you as a war tactic to create division in between interest groups.

They first made the systematic destruction of your nations entertaining, then slowly take it all away from you to drive you into despair. It's pure sadism. Now go back to playing games, goy.

0aa5b4  No.16597804



fellow hay channer xD

real easy on the eyes

f925ac  No.16597812


>being used as a mark of pride for s game

Faggot, grinding is the near-antithesis of hard, unless you're saying something is hard because it is grindy in which case it sounds like shit

MMOs are massive grinds and outside of endgame autism they aren't even remotely hard

d03bac  No.16597813


If only we could just play games, schlomo, but the Jews made them boring. Pretty retarded plan all around if it defeats itself. Had they just stopped at phase 1 of this master plan you described we wouldn't even be here.

4d1a4d  No.16597843

File: 8a618d0b430d2a8⋯.jpg (18.86 KB, 474x284, 237:142, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


>made them boring

That was the fucking plan, dipshit. Demoralization. We are at the endgame of western civilization, which is why entertainment today is nothing but low effort acceleration propaganda.

But they did indeed fuck up. Initially they had a big plan for VR, but zuckberg failed to catch the masses, which is why he looks like this today. He lost his place in the big leagues for that fuck up.

0c9a81  No.16597925

But, OP. Grinding is for the dickless pretentenders of mankind.

5103aa  No.16597946

Grinding is for chumps. If your game relies on denying players the more fun aspects of the game by closing off certain features behind an artificial barrier, then you have a shit game.

See also: that smbc comic about Sisyphus

cde220  No.16597992

>Diablo 3 started off good

It's hard for a person to invalidate themselves and their opinions as concisely as you just did. Congratulations. Here's to hoping I get some dubs as recompense for reading that garbage tier OP.

bbd538  No.16598083

File: 4d7219e3efbb29b⋯.png (126.6 KB, 345x337, 345:337, nerd.png)

if you are more than just a "casual" gamer, you are a fucking failure at life. go outside nerd.

06e604  No.16598097

File: 8767102d1e68b2e⋯.jpg (51.51 KB, 693x490, 99:70, 8767102d1e68b2e15239c0a6c8….jpg)

>diablo 3

>good at any point

Eat a bag of dicks, OP. The problem is, however, gaming being bought out by big business Jews. Games were once made by loser nerds for other nerds. It began to make a bunch of money so kikes put money into it. Now it cant just sell wel, it has to sell the most it can. If that means compromising quality for a few more shekels, so be it. Any game company owned by a publicly traded company will always go to shit.

82c81f  No.16598129

grindy games suck ass hard and are made for normalfags, its okay to have an achieveable long term goal in game time atleast, so you could unlock a decent amount of content within a week, I dont want to play a game where it takes months or even a year to unlock everything or to max out everything

>randomness and being hard

like randy pitchford?

d511f2  No.16598161

File: 627f29216ae2ede⋯.png (3.29 MB, 1700x2500, 17:25, fapchart.png)



this needs an update

c0684e  No.16598343


there are some underages anon, I hope I don't go to jail for this shit. Here I go, I hope I get X

ef48ec  No.16598349

Destiny used to have 20 minute strike bosses that were actually fun and hard

Now destiny 2 has bosses you can literallt kill in 3 seconds

Its still fun but its depressing lol

That game could be so good if activision and to a lesser extent bungie didnt do stupid shit

Its already pretty good

1d93f6  No.16598362

File: 6afda35f01ebf8a⋯.png (458.55 KB, 906x466, 453:233, 6afda35f01ebf8a31f436dec64….png)

>wahh why do people grow up and play babby game :(((

quit whining and focus on real shit in life

1c336b  No.16598364


Damnit, lets go.

1d93f6  No.16598370


1. They're drawings

2. If you're stilling moaning about age Reddit is that way

dafac2  No.16598375

File: ad4e7d5eb5cfc36⋯.jpg (10.77 KB, 255x255, 1:1, ad4e7d5eb5cfc3629f7d5e71a0….jpg)

>reddit spacing

c0684e  No.16598390


yea I know, but for some reason it is considered illegal to fap to loli. I can argue about if it is moral or not but why is it illegal? not that I am pedo or anything, asking for friend

8ffef7  No.16598397






You guys weren't even trying, were you? I guess OP finally stopped slurping dicks long enough to realise that the fire's rising. Now check my digits

d03bac  No.16598408


>Complaining about "age"

>Not about the high likelihood of having to fap to something really gay

You're either reddit or a furfag.

c0684e  No.16598414

File: b8a2accfc48bf56⋯.jpg (94.57 KB, 724x720, 181:180, smug.jpg)


who said I was complaining :^)

45da53  No.16598433

File: 5e5fa03b7fb9e86⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 380x280, 19:14, 28491378512124.gif)


>That game could be so good if activision and to a lesser extent bungie didnt do stupid shit

<Blaming Activision for what was clearly a Bungie fuck up

5978b7  No.16598435

File: ad2d31721047453⋯.png (348.51 KB, 626x461, 626:461, dubs_man.png)


Might as well roll too.

a2ba60  No.16598450

Normalfags destroyed basically everything

a4bbd0  No.16598459


I'm going to regret this possibly. Here goes nothing.

1e33a9  No.16598507

check em

35e9d8  No.16598802

>games being grindy is a good thing

I don't know what are you complaining about, games are made more and more grindy now, to earn more shekels through micro-transactions.

fbecd9  No.16598944

File: a592a47a6664bbb⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Galko check em.jpg)


f1d761  No.16598961

File: 59d5c7d70e99e68⋯.png (533.66 KB, 821x820, 821:820, dubsnotokay.png)

fbecd9  No.16598966

File: 22c0805326c516f⋯.jpg (948.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, galko check 'em 2.jpg)



0daac3  No.16598976


I usually never get anything good

9bda23  No.16598979


This. Grinding is objectively bad game design. It is not hard, it is just an endurance test.

>hey goy, heard you can't get past the next passage. That's fine, though. Here, kill this mob 200 times and you'll level up enough to just faceroll it

If your game contains grinding, it just means that you're either trying to inflate play time, or are shit at balance and need grinding as a crutch in case you made something TOO difficult

9bda23  No.16598981

fbecd9  No.16598991

File: 4ee78f5404533b8⋯.jpg (47.87 KB, 378x379, 378:379, 179.jpg)



eafeed  No.16598994

File: 035a5ba36215428⋯.jpg (23.56 KB, 405x214, 405:214, 035a5ba362154282119f982449….jpg)

nigger gaming

eafeed  No.16598995



0daac3  No.16598999

File: 76fd981d0e2e860⋯.jpg (728.85 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 512085.jpg)



Who the fuck is Octo?

aaf2c4  No.16599001


>one and done redditor spam thread

>still up

82edf3  No.16599029

10468e  No.16599056

I'm right

15a20f  No.16599073



But why

do you

space out

your post

like this?

15a20f  No.16599076

80ff15  No.16599103

b94eeb  No.16599113


rolling in a shit thread

0aa5b4  No.16599120

0aa5b4  No.16599122

File: 6c43682cc8d0f01⋯.jpg (71.18 KB, 324x437, 324:437, 03a4353c3ebe5bb2e7a338ad2e….jpg)

2f40a6  No.16599329

File: d865c3f3d5dfcb9⋯.jpg (80.67 KB, 592x952, 74:119, 1469654179743-0.jpg)

11ac42  No.16602797

34d1b1  No.16602801

File: 23282cdac7c8b76⋯.jpg (134.64 KB, 388x443, 388:443, 23282cdac7c8b76257b090e8b8….jpg)



fa2b91  No.16602807

>X ruined the thing!

and you did nothing to save it cuck.

cde386  No.16602814


Might as well.

55c00d  No.16602834

File: 18cdea2b0a1b552⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 268x268, 1:1, 3f8d224f3efe167ca286521337….gif)

I'm getting real sick of these threads that do nothing but preach to the fucking choir.

a68951  No.16602835

File: 67271720b2b6a4a⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 840x985, 168:197, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_su….gif)

2de6d5  No.16602953

File: df2c8f9021182b6⋯.jpg (32.13 KB, 640x481, 640:481, roll rock.jpg)



fcec91  No.16602957


Why tho

fcec91  No.16602963

File: ab743c4fe1680f7⋯.jpg (373.96 KB, 850x1206, 425:603, tron_bonne.jpg)

93e250  No.16602997


>loading mutible tabs on paheal or .xxx makes my computer freeze and have to restart my browser

I can't be the only one suffering from this. .xxx didn't have that problem until recently.

b42638  No.16603004

0c6dcd  No.16603006


I wonder if I'll get someone good this time.

e1b615  No.16603008

File: 01cd88026f5dff9⋯.jpg (23.18 KB, 220x344, 55:86, 220px-StarWarsMoviePoster1….jpg)

File: 430d20bfc5a7bae⋯.jpg (20.72 KB, 220x334, 110:167, 220px-JAWS_Movie_poster.jpg)

>In 1975, the usage of "blockbuster" for films coalesced around Steven Spielberg's Jaws. It was perceived as a new cultural phenomenon: a fast-paced, exciting entertainment, inspiring interest and conversation beyond the theatre (which would later be called "buzz"), and repeated viewings.[4] The film is regarded as the first film of the "blockbuster era", and founded the blockbuster film genre.[5] Two years later, Star Wars expanded on the success of Jaws, setting box office records and enjoying a theatrical run that lasted more than a year.[6] After the success of Jaws and Star Wars, many Hollywood producers attempted to create similar "event" films with wide commercial appeal, and film companies began green-lighting increasingly large-budget films, and relying extensively on massive advertising blitzes leading up to their theatrical release. These two films were the prototypes for the "summer blockbuster" trend,[7] in which major film studios and distributors planned their annual marketing strategy around a big release by July 4.[8] The next fifteen years saw a number of high-quality blockbusters released including the likes of Alien (1979) and its sequel, Aliens (1986), the first three Indiana Jones films (1981, 1984 and 1989), E.T. (1982), Ghostbusters (1984), Beverly Hills Cop (1984), the Back to the Future trilogy (1985, 1989 and 1990), Top Gun (1986), Die Hard (1988), Batman (1989) and its sequel Batman Returns (1992), and The Hunt for Red October (1990).[9]

>Eventually, the focus on creating blockbusters grew so intense that a backlash occurred, with some critics and film-makers decrying the prevalence of a "blockbuster mentality" and lamenting the death of the author-driven, "more artistic" small-scale films of the New Hollywood era (despite criticism of the praise the latter era received). [10] [11] This view is taken, for example, by film journalist Peter Biskind, who wrote that all studios wanted was another Jaws, and as production costs rose, they were less willing to take risks, and therefore based blockbusters on the "lowest common denominators" of the mass market.[12] In his book The Long Tail, Chris Anderson talks about blockbuster films, stating that a society that is hit-driven, and makes way and room for only those films that are expected to be a hit, is in fact a limited society.[13]

cc1e27  No.16603010

>implying grinding is fun

>implying mmos are worth anyone's time

>implying nerfing overpowered endgame skills is fun for anyone

>implying Diablo 3 started good

>implying randomness = difficulty

Imply these fucking numbers faggot

6ec497  No.16603035

File: 2f10819183a6264⋯.jpg (40.45 KB, 512x512, 1:1, latest_version.jpg)


Roll da ze

6ec497  No.16603036



8193e2  No.16603100

eb8288  No.16603110

c1707b  No.16603227

c1707b  No.16603231

c62e7f  No.16603285



e1fe29  No.16603325


>Diablo 3, started off good

>grind = difficulty

OP is a fag.

038231  No.16603351

5519df  No.16603378


Gotta roll I guess

5519df  No.16603383


I don't know who this is

4195fd  No.16603394

File: 2caa60452225996⋯.png (1.12 MB, 997x1218, 997:1218, Ha Ho.png)


4195fd  No.16603396


1b91bc  No.16603398

grinding is the opposite of difficulty, being able to grind until your stats are inflated to high hell or until you have god gear or whatever and you trivially defeat your challenges, means you can beat everything either with skill or with mind numbing persistence

less grinding makes it less casual

d77bc9  No.16603402

File: e8f8919830bea93⋯.jpg (438.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, GnG.jpg)

File: 82b6cb73084b41c⋯.jpg (127 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, zero ranger.jpg)


>grindfag complaining that grinding is less pervasive in rpgs

LOL, grinding for loot was always gay.

you're right about games being easier in general, but there are still hard games being made, they just don't get much attention and marketing.

40fc29  No.16603417

Did any of you guys actually read OP's criticism? Here I will highlight the relevant parts so that it is easier for you…

>Smart drops where a dropped item is guaranteed to roll the appropriate mainstat for the class that finds it


Solution? Ignore new games, play ones that don't have these issues.

afb122  No.16603433


If only Valve's TF2 hat shit had been fought effectively way back when gaming wouldn't be dead now!

10681c  No.16603441


I'm almost spent for today, but I could probably crank one more out.

2c8c67  No.16603460

File: 1f5b69a08373e2b⋯.jpg (52.8 KB, 700x383, 700:383, HI BILLY MAYS HERE.jpg)



8798cc  No.16603734

File: d4a195c64d6b5a7⋯.jpg (160.25 KB, 604x904, 151:226, 1469654179743-1.jpg)

ece565  No.16604163


something good for the love of good pls

2ce15b  No.16604961




hope you like clang

411664  No.16610129


Rollin time

745cfa  No.16619832


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