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File: a92dab893187271⋯.png (164.74 KB, 469x1502, 469:1502, steam.png)

58b942  No.16636617

Did I fuck up? Haven't played any of these before.

6bec53  No.16646539

File: 2ad40978a9add5c⋯.jpg (48.79 KB, 1010x250, 101:25, fable-anniversary_w1010[1].jpg)

Fable Anniversary

Thoughts? I'd get the original but it sadly doesn't have controller support.

692008  No.16646554


It's not terrible

6d25d3  No.16646559

File: ac414baa3b80add⋯.gif (115.33 KB, 316x193, 316:193, 933722dd3b.gif)


It's a very mediocre game. A nice atmosphere but still not really worth playing, considering how much great vidya exists. Why play something "alright" when you can play something great?

The problem also is with the editions.

You can get the lost chapters, which has the proper aesthetics but has technical issues and no controller support, even though it definitely plays like a controller game.

Alternatively, you get anniversary with controller support but miss out on one of the game's greatest strengths, the atmosphere.

There just is no winning with this game.

The only reason it spawned a franchise is because it was over-marketed and just about the only thing on offer in terms of RPGs for the XBox.

80351f  No.16646568


>the only thing on offer in terms of RPGs for the XBox.

That's more microsoft's fault than anything, there's a few really nice RPGs and action games for the Xbox, but Microsoft wanted to have a big one like they did with Halo and like Nintendo does with Zelda. They fell for the molymeme, development of the games was basically two marketing idea guys marketing to one another (and successfully at that) to everyone elses expense. A mess really.

1ccca7  No.16646589


is that a fucking trainer

6bec53  No.16646596


I already played the game when I was younger, that's actually why I wanted to get TLC, I like the aesthetic and I think it actually aged well all things considered.

8f2cf5  No.16646605


You are absolutely correct.


You are right, the aesthetics is just about the only thing that holds up to scrutiny.

6bec53  No.16646619

File: 008562b45be43cf⋯.jpg (121.09 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ss_69b46801be70bcbca3d4e74….jpg)

File: 7ab283e00fa5c59⋯.jpg (97.43 KB, 615x895, 123:179, 1a6f3a7629b92e2db9e821f79c….jpg)


Ugh, it looks so washed out and dark in the anniversary. Guess I better find my old xbox lmao

85f6b4  No.16646629

80351f  No.16646631


it's a pretty game on the xbox although runs a bit choppy at times. The details are nice, the acting is quaint and entertaining, the lighting and models and texture work is detailed and handled with care. When you know what it is and not what molymeme marketed it as it's an easy to appreciate game. I like the boasting system a lot.

6bec53  No.16646635


No controller support, sadly.

6bec53  No.16646700

File: c16ae18550319fb⋯.jpg (64.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault[1].jpg)


It's a shame all people remember from Fable is that it was an oversold hype job from molyneux. The little things like people shouting your title (CHICKEN CHASER?), cowering in fear if you're evil, women yelling "have my children" when you're boasting, etc made the world feel alive. Most games you're playing GigaNigga4000, saviour of the universe and people hardly even notice you. The whimsical, fantastical atmosphere is unmatched imo. Most fantasy games try too hard and go down the gritty, "realistic" path, but nothing beats that refreshing magical feeling. Also there's a brothel in the middle of pretty dangerous area.

85f6b4  No.16646701


>What is Directinput

I expected no less from Steamcucks

d59ece  No.16647096


That sounds really cool. I've added it to The List and I'll be picking it up myself.

Speaking of The List, I've added >>16645339 and >>16645340 and >>16645341 to it, and you can find it here: https://pastebin.com/1sSg8esm.

9bb535  No.16647106


Legally speaking they're just as much for rent as physical games, it's just easier to enforce.

46a92b  No.16647125

File: 4cd16c147eb3a11⋯.png (261.4 KB, 403x529, 403:529, 4cd16c147eb3a11b0724f87584….png)

Every time I buy a steam game it feels like I'm wasting my money because in a decade Valve will shut down and they'll all be gone, but it's just so easy.

fd3563  No.16647138


Few things last more than a decade anyway. Also you can always pirate/crack them later.

bc8048  No.16647236

File: 622b539386bed94⋯.gif (498.04 KB, 306x230, 153:115, 622b539386bed94fa1a748bc27….gif)


Or you could just get a head start and do it now

acda12  No.16647359


Do I look like some sort of computer hacker button mapper?

2a034c  No.16647390


You could always invest in some storage to keep backups of everything, cracking them isn't difficult if their only DRM is Steam's.

b5ee85  No.16647681

File: 1bd79ec6d46c09e⋯.jpg (186.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, _20190628145422_1.jpg)

Found Super Intergalactic Gang, a game that let's me fight giant poo monsters as the Hoolk using a light saber. My life is complete.

8f2cf5  No.16647683


Fuck off.

182849  No.16647780

File: 9d669e2c1c3aa20⋯.jpg (58.88 KB, 716x717, 716:717, 9d669e2c1c3aa2084cfcc5b55c….jpg)

Does you lads know of any third person games with playable cute grills? Bonus points if it's co-op.

9be6ab  No.16647798


EDF 4.1

182849  No.16647808


I already played the shit out of it.

fd3563  No.16647815


modded left 4 dead 2 and skyrim :^)

9c74ed  No.16647817


School Girl Zombie Hunter and SAO Fatal Bullet.

FB is unironcally a good game since it was made by the devs who made Freedom Wars. It's literally Freedom Wars 2. You can kick KIREETOE and his harem of shitty waifus out of your paty for better looking side characters. You get an AI partner you can fully customize too, but unfortunately she only has "genki girl" voices, so you can't make her look like an ara or anything.

182849  No.16647821



Yep, played those too. You can see why i'm at a bit of a loss here.

692008  No.16647850


I'll see what I can find

9c74ed  No.16647859


By third person do you mean a third person shooter?

If games focused on melee fight are okay then how about Nioh? It has co-op but you have to grind you use cheat engine to play as cute a girl and a limited selection of them too. I often found myself constantly changing characters because I couldn't decide which one of the girls was best. Nioh 2 however is going to let you create a girl with jiggle physics too, but you have to wait for it.

Warriors Orochi 4 has a ton of playable girls and is co-op too.

For single player only there's Nights of Azure avoid NoA 2, Onechanbara Z2, and Warriors All Stars. Warriors All Stars is a better Warriors Orchi game than WO4. For starters, WAS lets you commit mass genocide against furries as DOA girls.

412028  No.16647867

File: d1a09db680adc15⋯.jpg (976.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ss_a3ddf22cda3bd722df77dbd….jpg)

I think I'm getting more autistic the older I get, because some of my favorite recent games have been Stardew Valley, Dragon Quest Builders and Minecraft. Are there any good games like those on sale right now?

inb4 Terarria or My Time At Portia. Terarria seems to have a huge focus on combat and I don't like the animations, and I hate the art style in My Time At Portia.

c9045b  No.16647880

File: 45d511908cd786b⋯.png (316.45 KB, 630x1413, 70:157, Cart.PNG)

R8 my cart, anything obvious I should pick up?

182849  No.16647893


Thanks anon


I'll look into those, thanks my man.

f84528  No.16647907


Hold on a second. The pozzed fur is the one handling Duskworld, the deathmatch. Rest of the devs are fine and actually came pro-GG.

c90898  No.16647910


Kinda hard to judge, not knowing your library head of time, but Battlestations Midway might be a nice compliment to IL2

fd3563  No.16647912


Just pirate rianbow six, dark messiah, and rogue legacy. They do not deserve sheckles.

c9045b  No.16647943


Don't know how I missed Battlestation Midway/Pacific.

Thanks anon.

a2eba6  No.16647969


So is >>16643354 right or not? Any proof of your claims? I've checked and the Tonight we riot game exists, and the steam community page (it wasn't removed, only the direct game link) still has that El Oshcuro guy speak in the TWR Steam "forums".

1221b0  No.16647985


Why? You'll only end up playing one or two of them without ever finishing either. Besides, R6V2 is far better than R6V.


b1fd0a  No.16649130

File: 90e1b7936271843⋯.jpg (37.46 KB, 500x371, 500:371, 012983012830.jpg)


>Another steam sale event completely trashed by teamfaggotry which inevitably results in reddit rigging the whole thing

>Undoing reddit deliberately crippling yesterdays winner will literally cost 5,000USD

Fuck modern steam sales

f67e80  No.16649137


Are you related to poop creatures? Did you get flashbacks of picking cotton?

2c00b0  No.16649453

If anybody wants a good adventure game, buy 428: Shibuya Scramble. Played about four hours, it seems to have a load of content, writing is quite good, and it's a VN with some actually interesting mechanics.

329cff  No.16649518

So has anyone managed to get 2 of those 5 bux coupons yet? I heard they're potentially stackable.

b1fd0a  No.16649533


They stack

I got like 200000 points from all my valve game achievements

926d53  No.16649584


If only the cap wasn't retarded and required you to shill out money instead of being a valued user

329cff  No.16649588


You get 2000 capacity everyday anon.

926d53  No.16649593


You get one hundred, unless they changed it?

329cff  No.16649597

File: b7e632e27e82d36⋯.jpg (15.16 KB, 264x420, 22:35, Capture2019-06-29_08_29_18.jpg)

926d53  No.16649601

File: fa4b5a5eb54ec9f⋯.jpg (111.87 KB, 1678x925, 1678:925, Gureatodazeyo.JPG)


oh they did change it!

That's great, seeing them actually listen.

8d0cad  No.16649626

File: 8a7a0433dd67ab0⋯.jpg (61.55 KB, 800x606, 400:303, GUAC OVERLOAD.jpg)


f15aa4  No.16649640

File: 8f49fe4a691d22c⋯.gif (445.27 KB, 400x267, 400:267, second.gif)


57bd26  No.16649652



Got a magnet?

a5921c  No.16649664


do you even know what the posts he deleted were

77bce6  No.16649667


He didn't delete those posts you dramatic idiot, this thread is cyclical. Posts are deleted automatically as the thread progresses.

8d0cad  No.16649678

File: ca844674ca807d4⋯.jpg (6.5 KB, 416x231, 416:231, ca844674ca807d4db7a0995ba4….jpg)


Let the newfag out himself as a retard, it's better this way.

329cff  No.16649703


I haven't spent a dime yet and I should be able to get $10 OFF on the 6th of July. It's fucking neat.

b1fd0a  No.16649709

Just a heads up though, if you have more discounts than cart value it kinda, breaks.

e69d1a  No.16649832

File: de9fd8ce3ef497c⋯.jpg (127.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, photo_2019-06-29_01-33-39.jpg)

I bought this game called atom RPG, it's fucking great. I didn't think it was going to be much since the trailer didn't say much but I was looking at the hud and it looked like fallout. I bought the game and it's literally just fallout 1/2 but set in russia. The stats system is identical with some minor tweaks, you got the gurps style message system in the bottom left, all the interations are there, targeted aim is there etc. It's definitely worth 10 bucks.

I was thinking about getting holdfast but i'm not sure.

926d53  No.16649834


How'd you calculate that?

329cff  No.16649851


2000 per day+what I have right now. Assuming we get 2000 per day which is probably gonna happen as an attempt to get more people to fill up their wishlist again.

142a3e  No.16650047


The Dusk devs are not the same as antifa simulator, they share the same publisher and that's it.

What is there to argue about, if the publisher says that all their games belong a big family? It's a crap motto anyone could make, not the smoking gun for a cartel.

4b7c65  No.16650233


I suggest no on Heat Signature, I regret buying it. It's fun for a few hours and then gets boring fast.

d268e1  No.16650266


Could they not have come up with a less generic ass title? It reminds me of how mobage are named.

667277  No.16650268


Home grown in the old country that we left behind for good reason


Did it get more maps? It had a ridiculous lack of maps on release, because the dev can't into mapping and hired someone to make a few for him.

d268e1  No.16650278

Also the only thing I bought was Pathologic since I haven't played the HD version with the new script and all.

83c4ed  No.16650355

Is ELEX worth it?

1ccca7  No.16650498

File: 3d784571eacb768⋯.jpeg (120.69 KB, 780x520, 3:2, a2bd69fc-d875-4de2-a512-d….jpeg)


its clever marketing. just think all the shekels gaben made from a bunch of sweaty redditors buying hundreds of games just to get a 5$ discount and pic related

c9045b  No.16650712


Update: Rogue Legacy is absolute trash.

>grinding in a roguelike


0a15ac  No.16650717


Is fun as hell.

667277  No.16650797


It's a roguelite, not a roguelike.


So people can have some form of progression despite losing all the time.

b1fd0a  No.16650902


>being a loser

329cff  No.16650928

So the qualifier tasks were a one time thing huh…

b1fd0a  No.16650945


unfortunately for my champions online achievements

Yes. Yes they are.

667277  No.16650946


Nigger I don't play roguelites, I just explain why people like them. Normalfags can't handle losing and don't play for the experience, they need constant reinforcement through progression and achievements.

ca28f1  No.16650981

File: 9485203a066667a⋯.png (21.9 KB, 621x116, 621:116, DS Remastered.png)

Huh, I guess previous owners get it for 90% off. Is it worth 4 buckaroos?

1ccca7  No.16650987



926d53  No.16651372

Seems that 2000 per day qualifier task was bullshit, seems like a once only thing

thanks for nothing valve

ce5a0f  No.16651398

File: 4c81cc759610f5c⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 420x315, 4:3, pikrdia.gif)


butterfly knife, it was either that or one of those that open by the side with the push of a button. Personally it was either stilleto or this since the ones mentioned at the beggining seemed way too cumbersome without much input from the one holding it, I'm not going innawoods, just something for fending off any crazy niggers

b1fd0a  No.16651415


You're gonna get stabbed swinging that stupid thing around.

Batangas are for offense not defense

c7dddb  No.16651425


Does the full 90% discount from both the sale and previous owner thing still stay there? I want to buy it for me and another person and I want nothing, but the best deal for my shekels.

1940f9  No.16651432


just get one of these expandable police batons. Fighting with knives needs actual training beyond stabbing a few boxes whereas a baton user only needs to to be able to hit someones hand before they hit you.

ca28f1  No.16651436


That's what it is. 50% off for previous owners and 40% for summer sale.

c7dddb  No.16651462


So after I buy it for myself, will it still be able to get it at 90% off again to buy it for my friend?

ca28f1  No.16651474


No idea.

1ccca7  No.16651533


you cant fend off negoids with a butterfly trainer retard

a wrench would be better

dd0378  No.16651549

Is Neoscavenger any good?

d268e1  No.16651560


I put quite a few hours into it, I like that it's partially a text adventure.

667277  No.16651878

195e53  No.16652086


>he fell for the rogue legacy meme

I did too a while ago and it fucking sucks

e69d1a  No.16652300

File: b34ceae931d8cdb⋯.png (24.63 KB, 297x153, 33:17, rubs.png)


that's why I never heard of it until recently. It's a shame it's not more popular, it's got just the right level of euro jank to be technically complex without being obnoxious. And of course it's literally just fallout as far as RPG elements go so it works great.

357cf9  No.16652399

File: 7bc731a06d33f91⋯.gif (4.15 MB, 270x480, 9:16, dog surprise.gif)



>mfw took Corgi because I like dogs

On the plus side, the sheer volume of plebbitors will probably ensure I get something out of this.

b1fd0a  No.16652406


Knowing Valve and their insistence on community curation, it's likely the winners for each team have already been decided

4b7c65  No.16652411


The amount of people getting wishlisted games is probably tiny. The #1 awarded one has been Cyberpunk 2033 every day, if there were more than a few hundred rewarded they'd be blowing 100s of thousands.

ea9c27  No.16652418


Cuck. You earned your money and can avoid parting with it, yet you choose someone elses gain over yours.

ea9c27  No.16652421


>taxes are not going to jews in usury payments

f95939  No.16652455


>Drivers from the top three finishing teams on a given day will be selected at random to receive the top ranked item from their Steam Wishlist. This item must be available for sale, rather than merely Coming Soon. 300 drivers from the first place team, 200 drivers from the second place team, and 100 drivers from the third place team will receive a free title. Be sure to rank the titles in your wishlist, and add any new ones you’re interested in.

>At the end of the entire Grand Prix we will award 1,000 random drivers from the first place team the top three ranked games on their wishlist. For second place, we will award 1,000 random drivers the top two ranked games on their wishlist. For third place, will award 1,000 random drivers the top ranked game on their wishlist.

357cf9  No.16652575

File: 114fbdc13d3da11⋯.jpg (536.61 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, man shrug.jpg)


Meh. It's a better chance at a free 80 dollar game than I would have had.

fd8681  No.16652788

literally not a single game worth buying currently

fda1f5  No.16652800

>Giving your money to the high lord of zion, Gabe.

>Submitting yourself to slavery.

Don't call it a grave.

48bdf8  No.16652841


Reddit truely is the enemy of every other group on the internet.


That's a cute doggo.

9f2cc5  No.16652846

Wait, so if the dogs are redditors, what are the rest of the teams?

8094ce  No.16652885

File: ff93be0b478cd94⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1058x1510, 529:755, Fluff2.png)

I've got, like, twenty bucks I'm willing to spend. I'm looking for a game that has

>A customizable character

>Big dungeons to explore

>Magic, preferably

>Not isometric/top-down


I've tried searching steam but it's just VNs as far as the eye can see and I sort of fell into a spiral of hate. Nothing against VNs but their existing on steam likely removes the best parts of them.

Pic semi-related. While Made in Abyss is unfortunately not a game, if I could play something that captures that same feel it'd be great.

45b163  No.16652939

File: 44793c3449aad6d⋯.jpg (415.35 KB, 2428x1966, 1214:983, 1389073045648.jpg)


Here's the list of obscure and potentially difficult-to-pirate games under $5 some anons were making. It's mostly complete up to the $3-4 range, but new games and suggestions are always welcome.


4630f7  No.16652982

>only 3k tokens left to get that discount

>steam shows i've boosted 31k points but only shows 12k tokens

<whatever, i will message them tomorrow to see if this is a bug

>wake up and suddendly my max points have been halved

>can't even get more points, "max reached"

>points boosted shows 8k, says some bullshit about 4k tokens being given due to lunar year tokens

<i didn't purchase anything during that sale

what a shitshow of an event

385df6  No.16653002

>all these fucking newfag zoomers who don't VPN switch to some backwater third world country on steam to buy games for 1/4th of the price

I bought RoR2 for like 5 bucks in argentine pesos

b4db30  No.16653011





Go nuts

4630f7  No.16653024


>acts smug

<gives money to Pitchford

329cff  No.16653046


I think redditors non-ironically chose corgi because they thought it was the shiba inu. That's how retarded they are.

9be6ab  No.16653048




And here's a $3-4 selection might not be 100% accurate WW because yurop prices



Godly narration, okay gameplay, well worth a look

>Tower of Guns


FPS with fairly light roguelike elements and quite a few unorthodox movement options

>IS Defense


Beachhead except with sandniggers as targets

>Syrian Warfare


Fairly complex RTT that's pretty damn hard, Grand Theft Armored Vehicles

>Teleglitch: Die More Edition


Tactical roguelite top down shooter with a touch of survival horror, don't let the graphics discourage you

>Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae


Discount cuhrayzee: the anime



decent shmup with an EDF skin, has grinding too so you can pretend you're not shit if you spend enough time

>Odallus: The Dark Call


Totally didn't rip off all those SNES games and certainly not Super Castlevania in particular

>Riptide GP2


Pretty much the only somewhat recent water based racing game

>Vertical Strike Endless Challenge


Basically Sky Rogue minus the graphics

>Mecha Ritz: Steel Rondo


Yet another shmup you should give a try

>Ys I & II Chronicles+


It's fucking Ys



Third person action with a healthy dose of anime titties

>The Marvellous Miss Take


Arcade stealth, kinda like monaco except low poly graphics instead of pixel vomit



Sidescroller with a fairly unique artstyle and actually fairly good gameplay.

>Alan Wake


The last Remedy game that's any decent



Metroid except it's ship salvaging instead of bounty hunting.

>Binary Domain


It's Binary Domain, the robots dindunuthin



When you're a simple man that just wants to murder a large amount of aliens/zombies, the latter games in that pack introduce some light RPG elements that were massively toned down from the OG russian releases, probably has a patch / mod for it somewhere.

>War of the Human Tanks - ALTeR


Sequel to the first, has a completely separate campaign that goes full power creep, has quite a few heavier moment in hte story compared to the first especially if you're the kind of faggot that does a specific thing in the last real level of the secondary campaign

>KAMUI / RefleX / ALLTYNEX Second




Good entry level shmups that each have a specific gimmick and are actually fairly good about not being a copypaste of modern bullet hell stuff, space furries ruined everything, chronological order is the reverse of release order.

>Fairy Bloom Freesia


Sort of like PvE SSB but much deeper combat system with full moveset customization

9626cd  No.16653390

How the fuck does this point bullshit work?

Do my Points Boosted reset to zero after everyday? Can you only boost max points by buying shit?

These yearly games are retardedly obtuse.

078697  No.16653395

this Grand Prix shit has been awful from start to finish.

4af095  No.16653521


What ze fuck. I live in Argentina, stop using us to buy your games you cheap fuck.

c22ec6  No.16653523

Is there anything new in the under 4 bucks category worth it this year? I seem to already own everything in there I would want. But something new maybe buried in the 300 pages of listings.

af9dfa  No.16653543

File: b3db13ee62750b7⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.86 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1432665403623-0.mp4)


>ade in Abyss is unfortunately not a game

Yes it is,it's called STALKER

8094ce  No.16653568

File: 4739dcdc999cabc⋯.jpg (486.48 KB, 1072x1600, 67:100, Fluffy.jpg)




That doesn't help at all, though. If I just wanted a list of things on sale I'd just go to my wishlist.

18d354  No.16653570


Depends on how "new" is new. The only two I see are Monolith (https://steamdb.info/app/603960/, shmup roguelike) and The Vagrant (https://steamdb.info/app/598700/, Vanillaware clone), those both released within the last two years. Haven't gotten around to either of them myself, but they've both been on my radar.

a244ce  No.16653610



f95939  No.16653628


Don't spend money for the sake of spending money, fag.

18d354  No.16653631

File: a58315c9220014a⋯.jpg (36.45 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg)

If I could get Mega Man 11 for $10 (with two of those token discounts), do you think it would be worth it? It must be a two hour game at best, I have a hard time believing I'd replay it as much as I replayed the originals back in the day.

329cff  No.16653659


I'm still sad the loli was never implemented in Vagrant.

077a87  No.16653686


Someone's discovered porn games, I see.

2755d8  No.16653697

File: 076c7e9e4c9a250⋯.png (56.71 KB, 216x196, 54:49, max pain.png)


>tfw no lumberjack gf to give my maple syrup to

>tfw no brickhouse leaf gf to mountie

>tfw no Canadian hick gf to True-do

a9f633  No.16653715


It's worth it if you want a 2 hour game you won't replay as much as you did the older games.

45b163  No.16653746


I haven't played it myself, but Valdis Story Abyssal City may be what you're looking for. I have heard several anons recommend it, and it checks most of the boxes.

45b163  No.16653779

File: 1e0ebb420c5e741⋯.png (952.77 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, 58496703_p0.png)


Thanks for the additions. I'm comfortable stopping here, but if anyone else wants to contribute a $4.00-5.00 section, you're more than welcome.


2a797a  No.16653811

Is it okay If I beg for one game?

af9dfa  No.16653815

File: a85419f1ebf1373⋯.jpg (142.14 KB, 1280x776, 160:97, 1465846228837.jpg)


>both have meteorite fall creating a zone where strange things happen

>in both have anomalies

>in both have artifacts

>in both have specialised task force to hunt down those artifacts

>in both zones have mutants

>in both zones have layers

>in both have strange and deadly disease affecting all those entering it

>in both the deeper you go in the harder it gets to come back

>in both have something something miraculous at the center of the zone

>in both the main characters seek something in the center of it and suffer from amnesia

Made In Abyss is weeaboo Stalker

82341d  No.16653831

File: c6ae0b33cf9c93f⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 207x207, 1:1, 1401114818086.gif)

9be6ab  No.16653838

45b163  No.16653850

File: 84b7224d0ed2e47⋯.png (163.62 KB, 627x868, 627:868, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6bdbaaa6fedfada⋯.png (34.23 KB, 323x160, 323:160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ba2d5b3fb5dfc2f⋯.png (311.77 KB, 314x833, 314:833, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b39bbdabe2d7867⋯.png (30.44 KB, 635x231, 635:231, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ac08de46d13168f⋯.png (158.92 KB, 415x234, 415:234, ClipboardImage.png)

8094ce  No.16653852

File: ba02f83afaa0563⋯.jpg (525.36 KB, 1174x1745, 1174:1745, __nanachi_and_regu_made_in….jpg)


Well I'm sold. That being said should I play them in order or is there a "Good One" to start with?

04f4e7  No.16654087


Some of these games look interesting but then I see animu tits and go NOPE. Simply don't care. If you're going to shove massive tits every where and make STRONK WOMYN then you're a faggot and don't deserve money. Stop being a sissy and wanting a mommy figure to masturbate to.

f95939  No.16654103

File: da925ace1659748⋯.png (523.03 KB, 722x525, 722:525, homo man.png)


>liking big tits means you're a faggot with mom issues

That's probably the faggiest opinion I'll hear all week.

6dc991  No.16654113


Yeah but in MiA a meteorite didn't fall creating the zone. Don't you mean Stalker is Kemono Friends, everyone knows that

8f783d  No.16654121


Nigga u gay

9be6ab  No.16654123


>but if anyone else wants to contribute a $4.00-5.00

>Gas Guzzlers Extreme


Dead genre, decent game

>Forsaken Remastered


Forgotten 6Dof shooter, actually fairly good

>Spark the Electric Jester


Original the character, easily among the best Sonic clones

>Sword of the Stars: The Pit


A modern roguelike that's actually a roguelike



Overhyped to hell and back, doesn't mean its actually that bad though except for scoring



Has very little to do with the franchise that came before it still a good metroivania



Mashed 6Dof with Rez like aesthetic.

>Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim


It's still fucking Ys

>Bullet Witch


Gen7 AA janky third person action, has an undub patch because they couldn't secure the rights

>Ace of Seafood


Ace Combat with fish, except not really



You should already have played that

>SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell


First person platforming, has a few movement system that are neat

>Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal


Either a very advanced tower defense or simple RTS depending on how you look at it

>Particle Fleet: Emergence


Same dev and very similar to CW3, more geared towards making your own units and maps still has enough SP content to be worth playing



Entry level cuhrayzee



Cuhrayzee TPS



Nanomachines, son!

>From the Depths



>Fight'N Rage


Beat up furries till hey explode

>Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight


BR metroidvania



What happens when someone actually makes deep combat in a sidescrolling beat-em-up

>Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death


Not God of war

>Bot Vice


Similar in style to Wild Guns with a slightly different perspective

>Noitu Love 2: Devolution


Good run'n'gun, the first one is free but not as polished



Underwater metroidvania, despite the appearance predates most of the indie poz



What if you had helicopters do melee combat

>Shikhondo(食魂徒) - Soul Eater


What if 2hu had a dev that can draw but can't into music

>The Legend of Dark Witch 2


Like the first one with more polish to it



What happens when you try to mash metroid, MMX and fighting game elements together, engrish everywhere, not polished

>Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters


Discount Ace Combat, not as bad as the review suggest

>The Initial


Tries to copy Onechanbara, the translation is engrish to the max

365872  No.16654126


>liking big tits is a bad thing

Go back.

4230c0  No.16654127


Massive anime tits and STRONK WOMYN are mutually exclusive, next time you might want to think before posting.

04f4e7  No.16654135


>Posts anime girl picture proving he's a fag

Do you understand wanting women to act masculine is faggotry? The same way men asking feminine is faggotry.


They're exactly the same thing. Just because you put huge freaky mutant eyes on a stronk womyn doesn't stop it being one.


Bayonetta and Revengance should be played through once. They're both good games.

Sonic fangames are all bad. They have really bad level designers. You end up with a pile of shit that looks pretty and little more.

Gas Guzzlers is a good racing game. Worth it for people wanting a PS1/PS2 style violent racing game.

f293b3  No.16654140


Anon, it's okay, it won't hurt when the bullet enters your cranium. Being a faggot is a death sentence, just not one that necessarily will involve torture.

527bf4  No.16654146


Portia is shit

Momodora have giant tits, literally

YS:Origins is fucking amazing

04f4e7  No.16654149


4 bucks and it's made by an 8ch anon.

365872  No.16654150


>women having big tits equates to them being masculine

Holy fucking shit, this is probably the dumbest thing I've read all year so far. I can't imagine being a retarded enough nigger to have this opinion.

05a6da  No.16654152


>I wonder how /mhg/ feels about this.

I feel nothing. MonHun is dead and has been replaced with a better selling, dumbed down, more casual friendly nu iteration. Same as with Doom and Xcom. I have accepted the fate of the franchise and hope for a proper spiritual successor.

>They told me that the game was gonna flop and no one was gonna care about it.

No one thought that it was gonna flop.

51e850  No.16654164


>collect all the crystals

>end of the story the humans come and repopulate the planet, while aliens also come and beg for all of the world's crystals, these fucking nigger aliens decide to create a theme park from the power of your crystals, these aliens are taking an advantage of everyone making a profit, with a (((share))) given to the robots

c7dddb  No.16654176


>he actually thinks the entirety of the sisters of battle aren't touching themselves 24/7 to the emperor's boney hunk bod

04f4e7  No.16654179


I know this is /v/ and you're too retarded to read a sentence so it's not worth replying to you in any reasonable fashion. Your stupidity is immense.


Monhun killed the action adventure genre. Instead of big open world RPG areas now everything is instanced missions. There's a million PSP games like it and stuff like Toukiden and God Eater.

9be6ab  No.16654184


>Same as with Doom and Xcom

The OG DOOM and XCOM never truly died, even now there's enough new content made that's you'd have a hard time getting truly bored of it, can't say the same of MonHun, once you've played the old games that's it.

f84528  No.16654185




You didn't get what anon said, because your weeb safespace insulates you from common sense and traditional sexuality. It's not about big tiddy being masculine.

It's big tiddy not disqualifying women in athletics and combat, or really having any schoolgirl in whatever fighting position. It is a lie and it is harmful to male identity, because it erases the good masculine virtues that are NECESSARY to build an actual warrior.

Not to mention that contemporary anime has male and females incompletely reversed positions of power, compared to the classic western standars. Anime gIrls are strong, sexy and independent; boys instead are timid, bumbling and physically weak.

f293b3  No.16654190


>It is a lie and it is harmful to male identity, because it erases the good masculine virtues that are NECESSARY to build an actual warrior.

It's also fantasy you stupid fuck. And no, that doesn't excuse Western authors going full "womyn are the equals of men", but that is clearly not the intent of the Japanese.

>Anime gIrls are strong, sexy and independent; boys instead are timid, bumbling and physically weak.

Stop watching shit anime.

365872  No.16654201


>waaaah muh fiction isn't displaying reality!

Because it's fiction, nigger.

>waaaah anime is ebil, stop liking it!

Go back.

04f4e7  No.16654204

File: 3aa61c2fdce0100⋯.jpg (158.83 KB, 1024x938, 512:469, 3aa61c2fdce0100433b407a9e4….jpg)


TBH Doom 3's a decent game. It's not a sequel to Doom 2, but it's a decent game. id have dome far fucking worse to their franchises than Doom 3. I'd even say Nu Doom isn't bad for what it is, you can have a lot of fun with it too.


It just looks fun Only wish it was on a handheld.


>It's different because it's Japan

No, it's not. It's the same beta males who want masculine women to protect them because they lack the ability to do it themselves. They're looking for a masculine mother to have sex with them rather than looking for a mother for their children. It's arrested development and harmful to their psychological state. When you have fantasies of masculine things you're showing gay traits. Straight men don't want amazon women with katanas. They want house wives with good cooking skills and child raising traits.

329cff  No.16654205


The fuck you on about? None of these games are "anime tits" games based on what I checked.

8094ce  No.16654214


You're not even trying to blend in , are you?

9be6ab  No.16654217




>Third person action with a healthy dose of anime titties

365872  No.16654218

File: 6cadee3afd43dd3⋯.png (465.25 KB, 1017x874, 1017:874, kaishren.png)


Cry more, you nigger goon.

f293b3  No.16654224

File: a53807a6fe70b03⋯.jpg (23.31 KB, 500x333, 500:333, projector.jpg)


>They're looking for a masculine mother to have sex with them rather than looking for a mother for their children

Totally not projecting.

000000  No.16654229




Has online co op.








Zerg vs Marines

329cff  No.16654231


Literally ONE game in the whole list. Maybe just maybe that anon was naming games based on gameplay and not tits sizes alone?

9be6ab  No.16654241


>Maybe just maybe that anon

I'd suggest you check IDs

>was naming games based on gameplay and not tits sizes alone

Not on that alone true, but they played a part in me getting the game at all to begin with.

04f4e7  No.16654244

File: ecaedf9c176ffe2⋯.jpg (99.06 KB, 635x595, 127:119, ecaedf9c176ffe2028dcb728c3….jpg)


I checked about 5. Most of them had anime titties. One was anime school girl, another was an anime woman fighting robots with a giant hammer.


Are people not allowed to grow up? Most they stay a child externally where they can't see the mistakes of their youth and advice others against them?




I'm not the one who wants animes about magical women using katanas and fighting on the front lines of a battle.


Could you link to steam directly? It's annoying to see gameplay videos on the db page.

000000  No.16654253

Kind of overpriced but often overlooked:




Breaking Bad simulator


The Last Train


Fallout + Silent Hill 2D


Paint The Town Red


Like SuperHot

365872  No.16654255

File: a36961c1ca82dd3⋯.jpg (80.95 KB, 580x935, 116:187, a36961c1ca82dd388de6b2f563….jpg)

329cff  No.16654261


I checked 10 and only saw anime titties once.

04f4e7  No.16654264

Dead effect 2


I really enjoyed this one. It's sort of like killing floor but not quite. Tend to have missions and bosses rather than just survival. It's 2 bucks. I got it in a bundle and played it on a whim. Not great, but if you like FPS games you may get a few hours out of it.

Portal 1 and 2 is definitely worth a buck each.

Dead island is a fun co op game, but must be played co op.

5c8199  No.16654265

File: 709fa8632a1f102⋯.png (308.25 KB, 640x360, 16:9, anime.png)

000000  No.16654273


This is why you link to steamdb


Only 19 players in the game aka THE GAME IS DEAD unless you got someone to play it with

04f4e7  No.16654280


>Ys doesn't have anime titties

>Bullet witch isn't STRONK WOMYN

>Momodora isn't weeb shit with giant anime titties as a boss battle

>Shikhondo doesn't have anime titty pop ups

>Dark witch doesn't have anime tiddies

It's /v/ so you shouldn't really expect better. But there's still a few people round with decent tastes and some retro inspired modern games come out which aren't just weeb shit.


It's single player with coop if you want to play it that way. I did some co op and found it made the game too easy.

8094ce  No.16654297


>Are people not allowed to grow up?

Sure. And once you actually do you'll realize that the only people that care if something looks immature are kids trying to seem older. But that's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about how your posts read like someone trying, just barely, to fit in to some place they're clearly new to.

04f4e7  No.16654303

File: 05bca17e0030fdc⋯.jpg (16.64 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 05bca17e0030fdc1c556144a03….jpg)


>Everyone who doesn't like what I like is new

See picture above. Go back to watching your crappy cartoons.

7573bb  No.16654309

File: 1c9062c37b86192⋯.jpg (94.77 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1c9062c37b86192206db7e1515….jpg)

365872  No.16654310

File: 81a84d6be879b57⋯.png (200.75 KB, 490x444, 245:222, proof-of-kike.png)

0eba4d  No.16654311


dis niqqa gay af

05a6da  No.16654315

File: 3767b0953a8f47d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 160.78 KB, 839x1268, 839:1268, 0014_60918559_p1.jpg)

File: d1d9b49521c9e49⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 818.62 KB, 1090x1600, 109:160, 204.jpg)

File: 2441766b5416438⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 313.41 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 077_65487155_p0.jpg)

File: 888bb445b45da80⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 236.36 KB, 1076x1520, 269:380, 7567ouj.jpg)

>there are still people in this world that get assblasted by anime girls with big tits


8094ce  No.16654318


No not everyone, just you. It's really obvious.

000000  No.16654322


What's this?


>Fortified is an explosive strategy shooter where players will defend the Earth against a menacing Martian invasion in the 1950s. Play as one-of-four pulp inspired heroes as they fight swarms of terrifying robots with an arsenal of Cold War era weapons and experimental technology.

33338b  No.16654325

File: 9206ca5f2c9e9d4⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 3300x3000, 11:10, 1420151561408.jpg)

File: 64327aa3909037b⋯.jpg (239.43 KB, 1020x1276, 255:319, 1420115493643.jpg)

File: 46115c0dc39eefa⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1155x1296, 385:432, zona jesus.png)

File: e4804b9710416bf⋯.jpg (68.38 KB, 1024x316, 256:79, 1423945358998.jpg)


just play in order and pirate it, original dev team is gone, I have no idea where the money goes but undoubtedly there's some jew getting it at the end,

this series is more about mods and patches(a must) rather than individual parts, here's some old as shit infographic

99c466  No.16654327

File: c6ec3602ba11118⋯.png (391.34 KB, 412x598, 206:299, ekubo.png)

000000  No.16654330


>Satellite Reign

Is this worth it? 5$

04f4e7  No.16654335

File: 50de881f764fd8e⋯.jpg (65.13 KB, 640x397, 640:397, 42c9c74dee30301259a83d7ddd….jpg)

000000  No.16654341


If you like Total War games



And Settlers


fd3563  No.16654355

File: a728e67515a56a4⋯.png (146.51 KB, 480x640, 3:4, kapkan wall.png)


I've tried several times to play and enjoy stalker but I never could. Can you explain how the fuck you're "supposed" to play it?

04f4e7  No.16654365


Stalker takes a few tries to get into. It requires you to grind past the opening until you get comfortable. Most people recommend playing until the Bar even if you don't enjoy it.

It's one of those games you won't get until you do and once you do you'll love it. And you will respect the early game even if you didn't like it because it put you in your place rather than sucked your dick and made you feel like a big man.

Hated it at first, took me 3 tries to get into it

33338b  No.16654381

File: 4140bf1fafac201⋯.jpg (482.55 KB, 986x897, 986:897, stalkan.jpg)


Well you know it's a hard one because STALKER easily adheres to all my needs thanks to its soundtrack, alien soviet grey world with its own rules where common sense does not apply. It's also basically lovecraftian horror if you analize it thoroughly. A /k/ wet dream, innawoods paradise, game oozing atmosphere fro mevery pixel, settign where bugs are explainable by the lore, and you don't know if their intended or not. I've never had to rationalize liking it, it just happened naturally

for pure gameplay explanation look at pic related, those are the stages of every part, 1-stealing hobo, 2-semi veteran exploring, 3-giant gunfights epilogue

45b163  No.16654468

File: 89bb6f9f169cca9⋯.png (72.43 KB, 439x949, 439:949, Such is life in the zone.PNG)


Thanks. I've updated the paste, since I think ~500 games and $5.00 is a good limit.




You must understand true Slav misery before you can understand why a man would want to experience it in a video game.

Pic related isn't Slavic, but it's a similar idea.

a3620d  No.16655047

File: 53817f5c2c51d62⋯.png (198.52 KB, 335x623, 335:623, farmer.PNG)


>worked as a crop scout in kansas

>13 hour days in up to 110 degree heat, walking through miles of humid 12ft tall corn

I know this guy's feel.

45b163  No.16655151


It's part of a larger National Geographic article series called Megatransect which documented a researcher's goal to walk across Africa gathering data. It's an excellent read if you can find period magazines or crawl through the broken NatGeo archives.

a3620d  No.16655174


Sounds interesting, thanks for the additional info.

000000  No.16655193


There was some screencap about a forum of Africa travelers meeting cannibals while traveling in Africa with a 4x4 car

a3620d  No.16655216

File: 57d828f5915818a⋯.pdf (219.68 KB, Megatransect @ National Ge….pdf)

File: 10818eb769ac815⋯.pdf (229.12 KB, Megatransect II @ National….pdf)

File: 7ddea988fe6d2bb⋯.pdf (226.89 KB, Megatransect III @ Nationa….pdf)



Well what do you know, I already have parts 1-3 in my archives. No wonder it sounded familiar.

I'm pretty sure that's all there was for these short summaries. Not sure if there's a larger work (book) elsewhere.

76da01  No.16655226


God I desperately want a cute gif of her jumping side to side in place like that olympic runner

000000  No.16655230


Donate to her patreon

000000  No.16655231


45b163  No.16655273



Oh, do you have NatGeo archives? I'd love to read those if you're feeling generous.

a3620d  No.16655312

File: ab7e2105c2177c9⋯.png (287.4 KB, 399x600, 133:200, NatGeo-marxist-takeover.png)

File: 0ac3463595e4903⋯.jpg (208.35 KB, 1009x738, 1009:738, NatGeo tranny.jpg)

File: e91fe3aa91b3805⋯.jpg (883.24 KB, 2062x2999, 2062:2999, NatGeo6.jpg)

File: dc1c1b4581c434a⋯.png (797.8 KB, 640x1006, 320:503, natgeo_BW.png)


Sadly no.

The only thing I have from natgeo is those three manual archived pages, which took me forever to try to dig out of archive.org if I recall correctly.

While they were always toeing a leftist line, they unfortunately they became fully infested with marxism, and with that they basically burned down their own website (and everything else they ever achieved), just to put up an aids and javascript infested web3.0 facade.

c6a9a1  No.16655317


Does anyone even read NatGeo anymore? Once they stopped pretending to be a step above every other Western rag they seemingly lost whatever relevance and prestige they had almost overnight.

a3620d  No.16655325


Probably not. It's likely just a money laundering operation now like every other "artsy" thing the jews have control of.

e54d7d  No.16655327


payday 2

682e82  No.16655348


>muh entertainment needs to fit the values of real life

Only a fucking child needs this type of reinforcement.

4ae167  No.16655363


>monhun killed the action adventure genre. Instead of big open world RPG areas

There were action adventure games like this before 2007 that weren't platformers, collectathons or zelda?

4ae167  No.16655402


The only game I can think of is Ass Effect 1.

4630f7  No.16655508

Looking for opinions since i'm still hesitant about buying Deep Rock Galactic because I have been burned by some games before.

I tried Vermintide 2: hated its progression system, such a shame to see an cool game being fucked by lootbox equipment that gives you "power", and you need certain "power" to go to higher levels, thus forcing you to grind RNG crates (every class has ~6 types of melee weapons and ~5 types of ranged, BUT every crate gives you only three items, which can also be necklages, charms and trinkets).

Also every piece of equipment has a "rarity", so even more rng bullshit.

And better yet, classes are locked behind levels, so if you want to try the ranged variant of a class you have to grind at least 7 levels (~7 maps) JUST to try that class. Yes, that means that if you don't like it, you wasted your time.

Killing floor 2, cool to play with people but a chore to play alone.

Little class customization, only a "choose between these two upgrades" every 5 levels, and streamlined weapon progression (at least it seems they are working to improve this last part).

So DPG seems interesting due to the class upgrades, procedural levels and being able to create alternative routes.

Also, from what I have seen, it looks like roles matter a lot, and I love games like that.

000000  No.16655651


Consider this one too:


Has dungeon crawling mechanics.

2ff410  No.16655803

File: 84ff338efc94d43⋯.png (414.8 KB, 640x640, 1:1, a landslide has occured.png)


I bought it last week and already accumulating 20h on it. About 5~6h is playing coop with friends.

The game currently does not have any microtransactions in it. The only 2 DLC's for the game are the soundtrack and a pack of GOLD cosmetics.

As for progression in the game, it is way more on the "customize" side than the "grind" side. You wont be able to afford everything immediately, but by simply playing high difficulty missions in regions that contain the resources you need, you'll end up with more resources than required.

That said, the "endgame progression" is going to be introduced next update (august/september), which does feature more grindan. Newpost here: https://steamcommunity.com/games/DeepRockGalactic/announcements/detail/1612765897198977399

The tl;dr I gather from it is that you have weekly "deep dive" missions which reward you with "batteries". These can be utilize to then trigger events during normal missions which reward unique drops, including more special weapon mods that have downsides attached to them.

As for the game itself, its pretty gud. When playing solo, you are assisted with a robot companion that can revive you a limited amount of times and mine resources for you (potentially in unreachable areas). If your friends are fucking casuals like mine, then the robot companion will bring more to the table than they ever will.

It is not without issues however. The levels and encounters are randomly generated, and it shows. To name some examples I have encountered:

>Caves are sometimes separated with dirt you have to dig through. In the second mission we played, our Driller player drilled through the dirt and then promptly fell to his death as it led to the top of a cave. I have never encountered this situation again in the 20h I've played.

>Sometimes caves generate in such a way that pathfinding malfunctions. This is to your advantage when fighting your aliens, but to your disadvantage when trying to complete a mission. The robot that leads you to the drop-pod that picks you up at the end of the mission can also get stuck in a pathfinding loop, forcing you to find the way yourself. If you naively followed the bot around hoping he would unstuck; you were fucked as escape is on a timer.

>Sometimes groups of special enemies generate that are very annoying to take care of, like multiple specials that grant shields to nearby enemies, or specials that continuously spawn enemies until defeated whilst there is a strong front-line special that forces you to back off.

Honestly, its the usual shit with procedural generation. It's good enough overall, but the edge cases are a pain to encounter.

The game does an alright job with difficulty scaling; enemy health scales up a little bit, but their numbers scale up a lot. The only thing that's a shame is that you can effectively cheese everything with the power of patience and running around a lot, as you outrun almost everything. Almost every enemy is melee or short range, and ranged enemies can quite easily be dodged by just running around.

>So DPG seems interesting due to the class upgrades, procedural levels and being able to create alternative routes.

There isn't much in terms of "class upgrades", other than unlocking new optional weapons for them. I haven't reached those yet, so I can't comment on that.

Create alternate routes exists, but is somewhat limited. You can quite easily dig some stairs to get up a cliff, but actually tunneling from one cave to another takes a long time. Its only worth doing if the two caves are right beside each-other.

>Also, from what I have seen, it looks like roles matter a lot, and I love games like that.

The classes in DRG are very good, as each of them do have their own strengths whilst not being mandatory. One of the better things being that they have different tools to get around the caves and reach ores in otherwise unreachable area's.

Either way I've been having some fun at the game, but I'm getting annoyed at the game cheesing me with RNG when trying to solo higher difficulty. If you're interested in the game, then go and make liberal use of Steam's refund policy.

000000  No.16655834

Can someone tell me how Spacehulk Deathwing compares to E.Y.E.? What was improved and what was made worse?

59ab8e  No.16655894



Try 1, it's not shit.

c1b9d5  No.16655921


Yes. Never buy a game you haven't already played.

7cffd7  No.16655950


>Nintoddler doesn't know shit about games

Well nothing new there.

You vastly underestimate how stupidly successful monster hunter is and how bitch basic it is to make. Instead of designing say 5 areas with unique land scapes and enemies you design use the same area with slightly different monsters and then you make the player do it 10 different ways. Monster hunter is the Mario 64 design school, where as adventure games previous would be closer to crash bandicoot.


Try neither, the company doesn't deserve money. They're progressives.

2a797a  No.16655971

59ab8e  No.16656013


I never said buy it.

2ff410  No.16656116

000000  No.16656141



Just pirate it you underageb& nigger.

7cffd7  No.16656149

Is there a way to pirate your own steam games? I bought Speebot and think it's great. I'd like to share it with another family member on another computer but don't want to give them access to my steam library. Looked for a torrent but can't find one. Any ideas?

000000  No.16656159


Try the steamstub patcher or just use one of the proprietary steam emulators.

949ce3  No.16656162


Get me in the screencap, you reddit leeches.

9fb77b  No.16656171

A cycle thread about buying steam games on full/v/


7cffd7  No.16656184



>Buying games? What a pleb I only pirate


>Buying games? Just pirate it bro it's free

>Trannies and SJWs don't even buy games why pander to them.


9fb77b  No.16656189


kill yourself m8

7cffd7  No.16656197


Even if I did you still wouldn't have any games to play :^)

8094ce  No.16656205


Just buy them a copy.

204e3c  No.16656217


>proprietary steam emulators

Aren't there a bunch of freetard ones? I remember seeing a /tech/ thread about https://gitlab.com/Mr_Goldberg/goldberg_emulator

4630f7  No.16656268


Saw it some time ago, it's a cool idea.


Fair enough, just what I imagined.

Thanks for the elaborate response, will probably give it a shot.

195e53  No.16656283


>all the games suck

<no dude you have to buy them or else they wont make games you like!

7cffd7  No.16656295


you can buy older games fag. That's how they know people want those types of games.

195e53  No.16656298


>dur if like 400 people buy abandonware on steam for 80% off then companies will see how profitable it is!

fd3563  No.16656327


This whole thing is a moot point anyway.

>don’t buy games

>get ignored

>games you like aren’t made

<buy games

<companies already have your shekels so your opinion is worthless

<no games you like are made

195e53  No.16656350


exactly you dumb fuck. no point in buying games, unless they magically somehow make a good one

195e53  No.16656353


didn't read the id. disregard. duuuuuuurr

000000  No.16656359


That's only for emulating the multiplayer function of steam, not the DRM function.


And at best, they'll release a stripped down and casualized version/reboot with pretty graphics.


bumping this request

7cffd7  No.16656384


Because Postal 2 getting an expansion pack was just that. As is Ion maiden. You could even point to The fat useless fuck John Romero releasing an (((official))) Doom 1 expansion pack last month.

There has never been a better time for retro games to resurface in modern times. Not everything is wolfenstein. There are people who do give a fuck and just need an excuse for doing it.

000000  No.16656459


Still overpriced in it's current state.

000000  No.16656462

Are people still playing Age of Empires 2 online? Should I wait for the 4k version?

000000  No.16656467


I got that for free some time ago. Anything else? All the fun MP games got no players (quake, unreal)

2f8a0d  No.16656533


There are gorillions of people still playing it. From my understanding, new players play on HD, and experienced players play on Voobly (Its some sort of client, like Gameranger)

The 4k version will be cheaper if you own HD, if you can get it and the Xpacs for like five dollars you're effectively getting it for free.

7cffd7  No.16656734

Any one want to suggest some cheap games that will run on a toaster?


4 gig ram

Radeon HD 7480D

fe336a  No.16657018


>Do my Points Boosted reset to zero after everyday?

From what I gather, no. You have to buy shit to get a bigger max cap and fill that in. Shit sucks.

db130d  No.16657092


that's kinda worthless since most of these older games on steam are acquisitions by big publishers. Even if you gave say, doom 3 a million sales out of nowhere for no reason. At best bethesda is going to either, make a patch for doom 3 bfg to encourage you to buy the same game twice (and will probably mess it up because no carmack), or add one dark level/flash light section in Doom 5 as some kind of reference.

ee079d  No.16657584

File: eef39c0c4603d4e⋯.jpg (284.39 KB, 1004x2000, 251:500, daa6929242c896401ae9401274….jpg)

Are any of the Way of the Samurai games worth a buy? I've heard some good shit on /v/ before and the games seem rather cheap enough for me to pick up. While I'm at it, are any of the Senrans any good?

000000  No.16657721

Is there some steam group?

bc775d  No.16657735


got a source on that

ee079d  No.16657750



Good fapping

d622c6  No.16657764

File: 8c258840e1a92ec⋯.png (170.76 KB, 623x741, 623:741, try a little harder.png)





e54d7d  No.16657770


Ark survival evolved. Dont play on official servers

000000  No.16657776


Why not? Aren't mods of unofficial servers spawning their own shit to cheat and avoid grinding?

8094ce  No.16657821


This is why sourceniggers are so rampant. You keep doing the work for them.

926d53  No.16657835

I'm just gonna sit here and be sad mad that i can't afford anything, and i can't get anything free because modern valve is incompetent at events

365872  No.16657842

File: 309b59b8d3e2ff1⋯.mp4 (9.84 MB, 640x360, 16:9, pirate.mp4)


>that i can't afford anything

e54d7d  No.16658143

926d53  No.16658150


>Pirating a multiplayer game

nuh uh, ain't gonna work

fd3bdf  No.16658411

File: 30ee9f0b89ef274⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1552x873, 16:9, a82e62c4232cfa18a879bf3bc3….png)

thinking about buying freedom planet. should i or are the devs cucks?

c3cf31  No.16658433


Wrong fucking question.

"Is the game fun" is the right fucking question.

c3cf31  No.16658434


You dont have .49 anon?

fd3bdf  No.16658540


i wouldn't pay attention to it if it didn't look fun. but i need to know if the developers are decent people worth my shekels or if i should just pirate it

df43c4  No.16658607


Shut the fuck up you jew dick sucking faggot. if you're not going to answer the question then don't bother wasting everyones time and choking up the air with your nasty ass semitic cock breath. Nobody gives a shit about your holier than thou nonsense, people have every right to avoid giving a dev money for whatever reason they choose.

fd3bdf  No.16658643



well i did the research myself. they seem a bit wierd but othervise okay, i'll buy it

45b163  No.16658854


I think they only cucked thing they did was denounce Tyson-tan, whom they had hired as an artist, because he drew porn of their characters and they hadn't known about it. Aside from that, I don't recall there being any warning flags unless you count the second game's NEVER EVER status.

76da01  No.16659294

File: 5044b5a347a587c⋯.png (255.86 KB, 926x940, 463:470, cart.png)

On the fence about Sekiro, probably take it off but I'll wait til the 9th before buying anything.

Anyone recommend any good first person dungeon crawlers?

671daa  No.16659308


Nioh is definitely worth buying, Sekiro probably not. Played both and loved them but $47 is too much for a single player game with no replay value.

ab86ae  No.16659343


It's good enough but just good enough. It has a shit ton of annoying elements in it, sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's a terrible slog. It has a little too much pointless dialogue that is filled with memes and references to the point that it's annoying. It's also very slow and has lots and lots of backtracking. Combat is pretty much just as terrible as original Fallouts if not even more punishing and limiting, companions will execute you and other companions without blinking an eye. If you didn't roll a 10 endurance human tank, you'll find yourself savescumming pretty often because 1 enemy can burst fire you dead from full hp and you'll be fighting 3-6 almost every time. You'll find yourself driving or walking in circles in the wasteland to find a specific caravan that has enough money to buy one of your 500 looted guns so you end up bartering your guns for weed, cigarettes and medicine because they weigh less I kind of enjoyed this bartering at the beginning. In the end you're carrying around a 1 000 000rb worth of stuff but no one has enough money to buy any of it.

Still, no matter how annoyed I got, I still kept playing because there was enough good in the game to go through it though I cheated at the end because I wanted to finish it without savescumming for 10 hours.

4594f1  No.16659465


Sekiro is good and challenging to learn, but has zero replay value.

000000  No.16659473



It's not worth more than 5$.




The camera is shit.

c98b52  No.16659504


Never give Activision money.

0de557  No.16659513


Fucking why? All those games have been cracked ages ago. The only excuse to buy games is when it's online shit and you don't want to or can't play on private servers. The fat fuck has enough shekels already.

000000  No.16659518

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


f49d74  No.16659527

>Have $15 free discount bux

Once I cash in my REmake 2 achievements I should have enough for $20 steam bux, so I'm wondering what to get. I plan on getting the second Trails of Cold Steel game.

1a7499  No.16659532


>actually paying for MD

please do not do this

000000  No.16660276

Is Grim Dawn worth playing? Is it grindy or what?

I'll get either Grim Dawn, Deep Rock Galactic or ATLAS

926d53  No.16660293


How nigger HOW?

how is the event NOT glitched for you?

926d53  No.16660295


What i want is twenty dollars

000000  No.16660309


What event?

926d53  No.16660354


the one going on

365872  No.16660361


It's fun, but it's extremely grindy.

b382af  No.16660363

File: f5612032320c94a⋯.png (262.01 KB, 502x556, 251:278, 48489651165.png)


>Sword of the Stars: The Pit

muh african american


>stranger of sword city

its a good dungeon crawler game, but for the love of good, but its NISA so pirate that shit, or buy/pirate the enhanced digital version in the vita, since they dropped NISA on that one.

>Anyone recommend any good first person dungeon crawlers?

>Mary Skelter: Nightmares

havent finished yet, but its fun so far

>Moero Chronicle

baby first dungeon crawler, with TO MANY GIRLS

>Legend of Grimrock

best dungeon experience so far, it actually feels you are inside a dungeon with a lot of hidden secrets to find

0dbc9f  No.16660444


Fuck I'm just now realizing I erased a few by accident in that list, can't even remember which ones, pretty sure Umihara Kawase was among those though.

4630f7  No.16660545


>Grim Dawn

I tried it during a free weekend and didn't like it.

Aesthetic is cool, story is generic but okay and the dual-class system is great.

The only problem is that the game is TOO FUCKING EASY, and you are forced to play through the lowest difficulty first.

So it was just a matter of going somewhere, macro, everything dies, going somewhere else, repeat. No kitting, no strategy, just a mindless chore.

And in the off chance you get in trouble, potions are instahealth and spammable.

I mean, there's a "constellation" mechanic which grants you buffs, and even by not putting any points in it the game was still a breeze.

There's probably a mod to unlock the hardest difficulty, but I didn't think about it until the trial was over.

>Deep Rock Galactic

I was hesitant about buying it, and I don't regret it.

It is what it is: You go on a mission, grab shit, try not to die, escape to the extraction pod, repeat.

There are a lot of modes (mine x resources, grab x objects that they show you on the map, repair x bots from someone's failed mission…) and the game has decent customization: change your character's look, upgrade equipment by making builds (not "weapon +1", instead a "you can choose more pellets for your shotgun vs accuracy vs more ammo), and also a perk system, which for now I find underwhelming, but I only have two slots unlocked.

Solo play is decent, they give you a bot that does a lot of work and protects you, shit is tense.

I haven't tried playing with randos because I want to know how to stand my ground by my own first and do the "tutorial" missions first.

Negatives, at least solo, last mission I was comboed by two enemies that grab you and died 3 times under half a minute because of that. Probably because the AI targets you due to being the only player, or just plain bad luck, it has only happened to me that time.

All in all, fun and comfy, even spooky if you turn off the HUD.


Don't. That game should have been erased already from earth.

56c345  No.16660556

File: 5711a23186e8c6d⋯.jpg (43.89 KB, 450x626, 225:313, monster_ampeg.jpg)

I guess I already have all the good games on steam, this year's sale is shit. Nothing good is on sale at all. Depressing.

6a0a13  No.16660560


>Cute girl tank game

Is it like Girls Und Panzer?

894b5d  No.16660564

Buying old jrpgs for muh ps3 that I missed is what I am doing.

ca28f1  No.16660570


>you are forced to play through the lowest difficulty first

Incorrect. You can check the box for veteran if you want right out the gate. I agree that if you want to take on harder difficulties at first you should be able to but there is no way you are going to survive. For higher difficulties you are meant to have built up stats (especially resistances) to even have a shot at surviving. Also there are things like covenants and certain quest lines that span across the 3 playthroughs so I can understand why they locked a new player out of starting with them first.

>potions are instahealth and spammable

Also incorrect. They are instahealth but not full HP and also not spammable. They are on a cooldown. There is auto heal over time though but only to a certain extent. After you take so much damage you lose the ability to regain HP passively. It is basically like a wound meter and you have to find some food or die to restore it.

ca28f1  No.16660590


I should clarify. The first playthrough even on Vet is pretty easy. But it is a game that is meant to be played 3 times if you want to have a max level character and get as many skills as possible. The difficulty really comes in the later portion of the second playthrough and the third when you need to start really prioritising resistances and getting into the finer sides of building your character like the devotions.

000000  No.16660594


>So it was just a matter of going somewhere, macro, everything dies, going somewhere else, repeat. No kitting, no strategy, just a mindless chore.



And this

It sounds like they did not want to put work into making it truly complex and instead it's just some hack n slash which gives the impression of complexity through the grind system.

>Deep Rock Galactic

>It is what it is: You go on a mission, grab shit, try not to die, escape to the extraction pod, repeat.

Yeah. This is the type of game I want. Launch for 1 hour, do a mission and go offline. There are already games like Kenshi or Fallout 4 which can be played for all day.

The only issue with Deep Rock Galatic is that is seems overpriced at the moment for an early access game.


Yeah. idk. The game looked fun but I think it will be dead by the end of the year. But at least now it's cheap.

A lot of fun games seem to be like this. No one plays them. Lately it feels like a lot of multiplyer games should PAY YOU to play them so they could have a main base and maybe make some money from DLC/skins shit.

4b7c65  No.16660694

File: d967e635a7a1afa⋯.jpg (43.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, pacha.jpg)

Dang I was on the fence about buying N++ and the pirated version was non-functional so couldn't try it first, but I've put in 7 hours today after grabbing it. I'm not usually that big on platformers but it just feels perfect, the character has "weight" but also feels really responsive. Levels are great besides the shit ones with big dumb clouds of gold but there aren't too many of them, 10/10.

4630f7  No.16660717


>I turn Veteran mode ON

Of course I did, and even with that the game is piss easy.

>But it is a game that is meant to be played 3 times

>The difficulty really comes in the later portion of the second playthrough and the third

Fuck. That.

Not gonna to waste my time on a boring playthrough(or two) just to get to a difficulty where the game becomes decent.

If you like grindy shit, fine by me, but that shit is a slog no matter how you try to explain it.

1842e8  No.16660744


Get a gun retard

ca28f1  No.16660779


I don't get why everyone is calling it grindy like that is unordinary. That is what ARPGs are. What do you guys expect? Even at higher difficulty the fundamental gameplay is the same for the most part. It just takes longer to kill the hordes of enemies.

4630f7  No.16660849


Grindy as in "needing to beat the game twice just to get to the fun part".

The point of the discussion is that the game is easy as shit due to it forcing you to choose the easiest difficulty.

3d8436  No.16660880

File: 03254767588c84f⋯.png (57.98 KB, 593x707, 593:707, Steam Summer Sale 2019.png)

8d0cad  No.16660890

File: c5ce75d13547988⋯.jpg (8.46 KB, 276x269, 276:269, 1558732043.jpg)


>giving money to devs that rigged their game in favor of a kid playing as Jason, threatening game bans for anyone that got in his way

3d8436  No.16660903


Look I have a friend who plays it sometimes and he wanted me to join the group. It's like CSGO, I wouldn't play that shit normally, but if a friend asked I might.

000000  No.16660938

Any multiplayer RTS game that is not dead?

Any multiplayer racing game that is not dead?

8b3ae3  No.16660946


I can guarantee you that friend will stop playing that shit in 4-5 weeks and never touch the game again, making you regret ever buying it in the first place.

3d8436  No.16660960


For $12 I don't really care.


The Crew / 2 is not dead, I don't think. Total War games are typically not dead, if you like Warhammer you could probably find people to play TWW2.

182849  No.16661391


Kill yourself.

60e7a6  No.16661502


527bf4  No.16662220

Ok niggas, there have been flash sales and whatnot, or the prices are fixed form the start to the finish?

8b3ae3  No.16662342


>12$ for every flavor of the month shit

I wonder how much you've spent

39f5bd  No.16662767

File: 3fc1c61a56177ea⋯.png (795.57 KB, 615x633, 205:211, dwarf.png)


>Deep rock galactic

im enjoying it too. Fuck playing solo.

I get lost really easy but I play driller and just mine my way to the exit / or the eggs. other drillers sometimes dont make stairs for people in the complex cave systems (which you KNOW you're gonna be running back through), it pisses me off how they can be so bad at minecraft.

I'm kind of getting a feel for how the level generation spawns little "door" segments that are dirt circles that lead to the "next" part of the tunnel.

On hazard level 4 I usually just play gunner though. Engineer's guns run out of ammo wayyyy too fast against boss mobs on hazard 4, and is just too weak of a class at the moment it seems. Maybe it gets better as you unlock stuff.

5be624  No.16662807


>other drillers don't make stairs

I make stairs but engineers/gunners have way more accessible options for opening pathways.

1ccca7  No.16662964

File: bcca7f6f72031ff⋯.jpg (164.48 KB, 1280x582, 640:291, 35803-teaser1.jpg)

holy fuck this game is good

ca28f1  No.16662999


It actually does look like it could be fun but

>early access

Yea I'll just wait till it's finished to try it.

39f5bd  No.16663007


Havn't played it in forever but thought it was jank garbage. Has it gotten better since launch of the alpha?

2dde0c  No.16663043


Does it still have spyware in it?

1ccca7  No.16663065


full release is coming in a few weeks


havent played alpha, but the game feels polished and i havent encountered a single bug apart from the hive grenade attacking me




182849  No.16663201

File: 34dd12b5e82c091⋯.jpg (19.28 KB, 211x212, 211:212, 1449787694002.jpg)


>battle royale


1ccca7  No.16663689


but its not a BR game retard

694339  No.16668630

Should I get the Witcher 2 and 3? I remember really enjoying the second one but I totally forgot how it plays. Third one was hyped up but how was it really?

671daa  No.16668645


I played it during the free weekend recently and thought it was good, too. But fuck the devs for being greedy kikes, they're only putting a 25% sale on this game that has been in early access for over a year and it's still over 20€. Also, I read that they're planning to increase the price once they release it and the playerbase is like 2k-3k players. I think it's likely that they shut down the servers within a year after cashing out at release like with Evolve or Bless or so many other games.

b4db30  No.16669081

File: 5cd803057fb4b04⋯.png (143.22 KB, 667x726, 667:726, ClipboardImage.png)

Just a confirmation.

They do stack.

b4db30  No.16669136


wait for halo

fd3563  No.16669139


I pirated 3 and played for about ten hours. It's really quite mediocre. There's a lot there, but for some reason it really didn't grab me.

b4db30  No.16669281


Halo master chief edition is coming to pc

ca0e6b  No.16669338

At the end of it, I came away with a few games.

Muse Dash

Far Cry 3

Praey for the Gods

Star Wars Republic Commando

War of Rights

Quake IV

eXceed 3rd Jade Penetrate

Mirror's Edge

Thief II: TMA

Star Wars: KoToR

Freedom Planet

Quest for Infamy

Black Mesa

Gal*Gun Double Piece

A Hat in Time


and LOOM.

1ccca7  No.16669698


refund a crap in time

emulate bing bing wahoo odyssey instead

good on you for picking republic commando

605ba6  No.16670276

File: ee9e0f7336a6441⋯.gif (83.39 KB, 371x388, 371:388, questioncat.gif)

Mordhau, My Friend Pedro or the complete Darkest Dungeon?

b53502  No.16670296


I would buy Mordhau, you can pirate Darkest Dungeon complete. Meanwhile cracked Mordhau servers are already dead

1ccca7  No.16671050

89007a  No.16671640

What is a great game that is under 10 dollars?

104f17  No.16672662


DayZ is fucking garbage.

1ccca7  No.16672841


arma 2 with mod

926d53  No.16674311

File: cc219f179896d0f⋯.png (102.66 KB, 350x268, 175:134, ClipboardImage.png)


fe336a  No.16674318


Nothing all fucking event. All I wanted was Bloodstained, man.

078697  No.16674323

level up your sale badge with your tokens. this is because a higher level in your steam profile will increase the likelihood of you receiving more booster packs.

926d53  No.16674335

File: 6acba4ec9f6b82a⋯.png (17.01 KB, 744x131, 744:131, ClipboardImage.png)

078697  No.16674514


lucky bastard.

926d53  No.16674532

File: a27fa2bf4dd628f⋯.png (278.57 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

8d0cad  No.16674576

File: d0097407ec37b6b⋯.png (603.74 KB, 997x768, 997:768, Speak up I'm not wearing a….png)

As a tortoise I am content that team cuckchantiel lost.

cee29b  No.16674608


Dead Rising 1

Resident Evil HD REMASTER

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Snake Pass


Bully: Scholarship Edition

XCOM: Enemy Unknown


cee29b  No.16674614


I want to add that Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is absolutely brilliant as well and is -66% right now, but that lands it at slightly above 10 dollars

ccb53f  No.16674623

File: 770dd8879071552⋯.jpg (39.21 KB, 500x549, 500:549, Rebecca is not amused.jpg)


If youre going to get the remake of resident evil, might as well get the pack that comes with resident evil 0.

1ccca7  No.16674672


fellow tortoisefag

8aa82c  No.16674843

File: ccf48e8c26c7c5e⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Why noone told me about this game? It's fucking great. A fast paced FPS roguelite (more similar to Rogue Legacy / Isaac than the rest of the genre) made by a bunch of spaniards.

2690e2  No.16674853

File: 0bba2c1f079c18a⋯.jpg (42.18 KB, 318x332, 159:166, 0bba2c1f079c18a06af5d624c8….jpg)

File: 3fdd1c45cab067a⋯.png (1.59 MB, 691x680, 691:680, 3fdd1c45cab067a47d612353dd….png)

File: 4bd032b2daa27b6⋯.png (149.22 KB, 355x500, 71:100, 4bd032b2daa27b69d1facc6f15….png)

File: 563406b4acab54f⋯.jpg (37.14 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 563406b4acab54fd6eeac3f674….jpg)

File: a1d81cf443fc783⋯.jpg (35.8 KB, 599x441, 599:441, a1d81cf443fc78314f16afa07f….jpg)

>current year

>not joining team pig

f7fa40  No.16674866

File: 41349baddeb95e2⋯.jpg (159.92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190706121534_1.jpg)

File: e02c0cbdb72c09a⋯.jpg (161.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190706122622_1.jpg)

File: 136b83d862a950d⋯.jpg (209.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190706125406_1.jpg)


There's some pretty good mods for it as well.

926d53  No.16675083


Can i get a link to that?

f7fa40  No.16675115

File: 1fb51cf59dcce0f⋯.jpg (237.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190707192531_1.jpg)

e83e9e  No.16675365

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I saw this game come up on Twitter, and my brother is a big fan of martial arts so it seemed like a good game to give him.


Now the description on the store page says

>Made for casual game fans not intended for Hardcore Fighting Game players.

And boy they aren't joking cause my Arcade playthough with Eagle Claw was Button mash city, but I managed to figure out a decent combo to stick too and I didn't lose a single round.

I'm sure the more of these characters you recognize from their movies the more you'll get out of the game.

80c797  No.16675833

File: b09f2c431b1930d⋯.png (176.48 KB, 614x861, 614:861, steam_shoppingcart.png)

r8 the cart

no idea if the Resident Evil games on Steam are good ports, I do remember the godawful port of RE4 on PC several years back.

1ccca7  No.16675950


>stronghold crusader

>dmc 4



good choices

000000  No.16676002



What games you won?

9df2b8  No.16676434


best cart ive ever seen

unironically 10/10

2713dc  No.16676953



4ac56d  No.16676957



wait a couple of years and they'll shut down after a false flag and vanish all the games.

daa76f  No.16677442


>being this paranoid

Anyways, you can back up the games you buy on Steam if you're worried about them going away.

f38235  No.16696491

File: ae72d307a1b7a6a⋯.gif (3.14 MB, 360x203, 360:203, 143199187341.gif)

bump to trigger gogtards and because the jew forgot the cyclical lol

05a447  No.16696524

Mark you fucking dummy.

Uncycle the thread or straight up delete it, it has served its purpose

46d84f  No.16696847

File: 127c8a98f8a08d0⋯.png (217.73 KB, 428x456, 107:114, 0ed39e99fccc8dfa9b43690c5e….png)

>he bought fallout 4

0b1d2e  No.16696941

I got Rocket League. It's pretty fucking fun, although I suck dick at aerial shots. The music is also pretty cancerous, but otherwise I haven't had this much fun with a solo multiplayer game in a while.

7cac15  No.16697022

File: c66fd120febab03⋯.webm (164.59 KB, 360x203, 360:203, ass.webm)


> 3 MiB ass gif

I'm triggered.

9fd788  No.16698724


>fallout 4

>doom 3

yeah you are confirmed retard

29d03f  No.16700233


Rocket League is zoomershit.

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