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File: 814f1d9f0951461⋯.jpg (128.86 KB, 1246x641, 1246:641, super_smash_bros__ultimate….jpg)

afc418  No.16650079

Past thread is now at page 12.

>Main and Secondary?

>Reached Elite Smash already and with who?

>Recent tournament placing?

>Hopes for DLC and Balance Patches

>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

afc418  No.16650080



>Yes with Bowser and Piranha Plant

>got to 33rd place out of almost 200 people

>Doomguy pls

>Hero might be too complex for me but I hope Banjo can become my secondary

f331b8  No.16650093

File: 8868324cf71cc89⋯.jpg (115.67 KB, 1136x852, 4:3, 4b0351e.jpg)


ZSS and Zelda

Not paying for online

I have showers

Min Min, Mach Rider just so that this becomes canon and I kind of want Travis Touchdown even though he has a sword,

I don't know. Doubt I will like Hero. Banjo seems alright but I can see him being a slow character

9702c6  No.16650096

File: 538ccbd22cc3d5d⋯.png (2.72 MB, 2048x732, 512:183, ClipboardImage.png)

>Posting a pozzed header image

You are gay as fuck and so is Smash.


Dedede/Donkey Kong



>Tournament Placing:

Fuck that, Samsho is for tournaments, Smash is for faggots fun

>DLC wishes:

More Nintendo characters (Mona, Funky Kong, F-Type)

Crash Bandicoot

Spyro The Dragon

Earthworm Jim

Master Chief

Dr. Eggman

Bub & Bob


>Balance patches:

-Add a toggle to short hop buffer

>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

Hero's just going to play like Robin and Banjo is, I assume, an up-close brawler with an okay projectile game.

77804a  No.16650261

>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

Hero needs to come out soon, same with Banjo. By Fall, I hope they mean mid-October and not something like late November. It's already "Summer" too, so I'm surprised we don't have a solid release date yet for Hero.

6a96ab  No.16650277


>Etika was at the front of the image

I didn't expect this.

5f2871  No.16650316

File: 3463b6edf4db99d⋯.jpeg (17 KB, 220x220, 1:1, main-qimg-fa8be8ccfc819bc….jpeg)

Haven't got Smash for myself. But my brother has it and brought his Bing Bing Wahoo machine over now that he's out of college for the year. Played some smash with him and a few other friends. I had to use one of the tiny ass controllers that make up the main tablet controller.

>Fucking beyond small

>Tiny buttons and controller make it difficult to use without getting hand cramps

>Press two buttons at the same time and it barely registers both half the time

>Clearly designed for people with lady hands

I mean. interesting concept if literally all you need to do in a game is press one button. But is anyone here actually able to play with one of those cucktrollers?

7117ad  No.16650351


My hands are big enough to make the Duke feel normal yet I don't have any problems using the Joycons. You must be on the top 1% of hand sizes. Try borrowing a pro controller.

b2156b  No.16650357



>that's Etika

I thought it was a recolored Dunban.

5bd4d8  No.16650358

File: f413d0ea6151bf0⋯.jpeg (177.95 KB, 600x900, 2:3, f413d0ea6151bf071ea90945c….jpeg)

>Main and Secondary?

Zero Suit Samus and Donkey Kong

>Reached Elite Smash already and with who?

With ZSS, probably going to be a while before I pick up anyone else

>Recent tournament placing?

Quarterfinals, fuck Villager and fuck Olimar

>Hopes for DLC and Balance Patches

It's more of a list of who I don't want than the ones I do. Waluigi would be nice but probably not going to happen. Maybe one of the other Kongs, secretly hoping for Cackletta or Fawful


>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

Jank, jank, and more jank. Gonna be a wild ride.

6a96ab  No.16651116

What does everyone think Banjo's down smash and up smash will be?

82faf3  No.16651210

File: 8fa03748ae8fa1b⋯.jpg (63.52 KB, 730x1009, 730:1009, Eyahahaha!.jpg)

>The feeling of never being able to maun fawful

4a23ca  No.16651249


>TFW no Neo Mach Rider by Platinum Games about shooting and motorcycle stunts.


I would love to have Chunky Kong for both Smash and a new DKCR game. Something about a super strong coward makes him fun. Though Funky will be the next fan favorite pick.


>Not using Gamecube controller.

92a8c3  No.16651277

File: 68d6ca323796f4e⋯.webm (3.74 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Final Destination - Super….webm)

File: 315c74248e8cf6d⋯.jpg (339.56 KB, 2048x1236, 512:309, Smash Bros. 43.jpg)

File: b30814ba2138db1⋯.webm (407.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Victory! Mother - Super S….webm)

File: 2b737d6eaeee28a⋯.webm (6.66 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Flat Zone 2 (Remastered) ….webm)

File: da18ffe29d66a07⋯.jpg (534.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Smash Bros. 1.jpg)

>Ganondorf and Shulk

>I'm too shit at the game to reach Elite Smash and I hate the online quickplay in this game

>I don't even remember

>Doomguy and Reimu

>Both seem like solid characters. Not a DQ fan by any means but I like how Hero plays with the RPG menu. Banjo doesn't seem to have that much depth from his gameplay, but I feel like that's fitting since Banjo is a character that should've been in from the very beginning. Both are solid additions

82faf3  No.16651296

File: 2b7c97f282e0ee9⋯.gif (117.26 KB, 138x130, 69:65, Applaud!.gif)

I've never been one to "main" a specific character—maybe have a few characters I favor playing but not main any one in particular.

That said, if I could get my way I would totally main Lord Fawful.

6a96ab  No.16651308


>Banjo doesn't seem to have that much depth from his gameplay, but I feel like that's fitting since Banjo is a character that should've been in from the very beginning.

I have to suspect that, given the egg moves, Banjo may have multiple moves per direction. Plus I can't see him using the shock pad in midair.

92a8c3  No.16651311


You, a low-IQ troglodyte: Geno for Smash

Me, a gentleman of patrician taste: Fawful for Smash

a7bd86  No.16651461


>Tiny buttons and controller make it difficult to use without getting hand cramps

Are you one of those omega fags who complained about the original 3DS hurting their tiny baby hands with their corners?

It's true the joycons aren't really suited for smash. A non-pleb wouldn't even have considered playing it without a NGC controller anyway. But the 'cons are perfectly suited to things like odyssey, splatoon or BOTW.

5bd4d8  No.16651509

File: 0f63d47c212ebbc⋯.webm (589.88 KB, 1046x588, 523:294, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.webm)

ever since anons here pointed out how fucking massive the controller delay is it's been annoying the absolute shit out of me

it's also like the delay is completely different in offline, spirit, and online battles, it's fucking madness

4a23ca  No.16651584


I just got a grip for joycons, even handled mode. Feels comfy. That said joycons are shit for Smash because the analog sticks need a lot of deadzone flipping. They're when you have to tilt stick half point to another half point without slamming the stick. Pro Controller surprisingly does a good job handling those small yet violent shakes minus octanglular gate. Especially with the buffer system they added. MonHun is another game that benefits from pro controller over joycon because Generations was made with the 3DS circle pad in mind. 3DS circle pad is for gently pushing in a direction for precision movement, not pushing on the edge. Joycon sticks is serviceable but Pro/Gamecube is preferred.

Splatoon 2 has gyro so I don't rely on sticks for precision. Same with Skyrim gyro aiming with spells and bows.

f5455c  No.16651591


Has someone modded it out yet?

9702c6  No.16651597

File: 0c777e894079668⋯.png (252.41 KB, 1466x933, 1466:933, youropinion.png)



5bd4d8  No.16651655


not that I know of, maybe if enough of us bitch to Nofriendo they'll fix it

f5455c  No.16651737

>Main and Secondary?

DK and Mario

>Reached Elite Smash already and with who?


>Recent tournament placing?


>Hopes for DLC and Balance Patches

I'm hoping for a surprise AT Upgrade like Ray MK III or Saki. That said I'm quite worried about future DLC for the franchise in general, mainly due to the reaction from normalfags about DQ Hero. Like I'm personally fine with third parties as Dante is one of my most wanted characters. However I feel like Nintendo is kinda missing the point by adding so many third parties like Joker, Snake and Cloud, at the expense of both essential characters (Waluigi, Bandana Dee and Krystal) deep cuts (Isaac, Ray MK III and Saki) and interesting characters that no one would expect (Tinstar, Pious, Ayumi). Mix all four of these in the base game and I would take the DLC as a treat, however we only have 12 newcomers this time around not including echo's and three of these characters are extremely underwhelming.

Additionally Ultimate just feels rushed in terms of content if you take away the stages and characters. World of Light was terrible and I hope it never returns, All Star Mode doesn't even exist, Stage Builder and Homerun Contest have to be patched in, Smash Tour is completely absent despite being one of the highlights of the 3DS version and Adventure mode from Melee still hasn't made a return. In general it seems that Sakurai is just getting too old to keep making Smash Bros, and it shows in his work. Especially when we compare the 18 base roster from Brawl to Ultimate's six.

>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

I expect DQ Hero to be a unique character with his own gimmick, kinda like Ryu and his command moves. With Banjo I'm not really sure what to expect, however Rat-a-tat Rap should be a forward air, not a back air. So I'm quite disappointed by that.

f5455c  No.16651745



>More Mario shit

Just put in Waluigi and Geno and then fuck off with it. Same for Pokemon.

6a96ab  No.16652601


>however Rat-a-tat Rap should be a forward air, not a back air

I think it'll be both, anon.

I'm hoping neutral air is Pack Whack but I doubt it.

9702c6  No.16652628

File: 6783e018ceaff96⋯.png (106.11 KB, 387x509, 387:509, 6783e018ceaff9600c090569e5….png)


It is damn annoying. Next time your character performs the wrong attack, or performs no attack at all where you wanted one, say hello.

77804a  No.16652684


I'm hoping Down Smash is Pack Whack and that Neutral Air is an aerial backpacked version of Kazooie's dash attack, sort of similar to how Piranha Plant sticks it's leaves out, Kazooie would stick out her wings in a similar fashion.

c3567b  No.16653721

File: 192268c51f1b47a⋯.gif (2.1 MB, 320x320, 1:1, 1493170882837.gif)

>Main and Secondary?

Wario and Ice Climbers

>Reached Elite Smash already and with who?

Wario. Icies are at 4.5m so far but thats only because of luck

>Recent tournament placing?

I don't play tournaments.

>Hopes for DLC

Quote and Curly for more robo lewds I guess but they're in Nicucklis-published Blade Strangers and they'd probably just be glorified Mega Man echoes anyway. Banjo is already in so anything else is a bonus.

>and Balance Patches

Why the fuck do you need to wait for icies side b animation to finish. It has costed me games where I slip off the ledge just because the animation didn't finish or I was nanometers away from reaching it, also why the fuck does it send you to freefall, warios bike sends him for miles and he gets an extra jump out of it.

Buff the ai climber and make it easier for wario's chomp to eat projectiles

>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

Banjo looks good based on what I see in the trailer. Probably not a combo character like the Mario brothers but has a somewhat good projeggtile game to back it up. Hero would be ridiculous if his menu had a low cooldown and if his kamikaze is a guaranteed kill I'd pick him up in an instant.

b0ba89  No.16653736

>people complaining about sword using characters in a franchise that is dependent on the weapon of choice for each character in their own series

>16 = more than half of 70

every time

I hope dante and darksoul get in and they are both sword slingers.

c3567b  No.16653756


In their defense, 16 swordies is a few short of a quarter of the roster and people are probably just tired of disjoints and zoning considering how negatively projectile spam is viewed. I don't mind though cause i just camp out swordies with one of the belmonts or pit anyway

b963a3  No.16653768

File: 6bc9cc9695501a3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 745.55 KB, 800x1073, 800:1073, mah.jpg)

File: 76516e73a1c8f15⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 19.08 KB, 350x350, 1:1, reeo.png)

File: a0b397819980993⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 412.57 KB, 1280x1380, 64:69, are.jpg)

File: 761f04838c6dc1b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 335.73 KB, 756x1080, 7:10, pee.png)

File: 9d33e92ad1a16f4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.97 KB, 1218x1040, 609:520, gees.jpg)



Fawful will never be a playable character in Smash. None of the other characters from the Mario RPGs will be playable in Smash.

5bd4d8  No.16653773



b963a3  No.16653793

File: 35ea3dfb57b3c8e⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, WerIsDady.mp4)


>Main and Secondary?

Samus, Richter

>Hopes for DLC and Balance Patches

Removing or reducing the controller delay

>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

Hoping that one of Banjo's moves involves his use of the banjo

77070e  No.16654040

File: cdbea88137dbf5e⋯.jpg (65.9 KB, 617x800, 617:800, 1533752703374.jpg)


>Main and Secondary?


>Reached Elite Smash already and with who?

I don't play online with randoms.

>Recent tournament placing?


>Hopes for DLC and Balance Patches


>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

Not much, I just wish they added actual nintendo game characters like Ray01.


>that 3rd image

pic related

9d7dd3  No.16654093

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Hopes for DLC

That leak promised me a Rhythm Heaven rep and I'm still waiting for it.

aac32d  No.16654587

File: 996404d321ca785⋯.png (228.36 KB, 586x585, 586:585, 1445678868425.png)


>Main and Secondary?

Kirby, Kirby.

>Reached Elite Smash already and with who?

>paying for online

>Recent tournament placing?

>paying for online

>Hopes for DLC and Balance Patches

More Kirby characters and a true balance patch where it is impossible for Kirby to lose any match under any circumstances.

>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

"Sleep tight, Borb"

14b151  No.16654593


is it wrong I find meta knight hot in a cute way

1eea99  No.16654666


ROB, Ness. lucina as specific counterpick

Most of the cast

Top with solo kirby. satisfied considering I had 0 experience on the matchups I lost, so ready to tackle those next tourney and its easy peasy

I wanted Simon, a DQ rep, an SMT rep, Banjo. I got them all. would've preferred SMT over Persona but whatever. Give me Geno and the game has everything.

Buff Kirby. Buff Bowser jr. Buff the puff. Buff k. rool.

Hero is gonna be pseudo-technical with memory muscle on menu choices, and he seems minimum high tier with a wide toolkit, probably top tier.

Banjo seems minimum upper mid, and i estimate him to be top tier.

>not a fast faller, but good fall speed

>above average and speedy like lucina

>crazy good recovery with upB and hypothetically sideB

>sideB very good to get out of disadvantage

>DownB item like diddy. Explodes on shield so enemy not grabbing your turnip. controls neutral

>Disjointed kazooie like a sword. if bair is gonna be rack up damage Fair will be the functionality of bair, being a strong hit.

>if dash attack like in game it will be good, not as good as snake's but same motion

<if down air is like in game it will be shit

>Nair could be pack wack being really good lingering landing option.

Banjo seems like a zoner anti-zoner with a sword. His toolkit is good. What we need to see is if the frame data allows him to be top tier.

1eea99  No.16654670


Also his tilts are really good so far

>dtilt leaves them juggling for combos

>tilt is fast, long and great poking tool

Banjo and Hero will both be minimum high tier, like all third party DLC

913676  No.16654916


Smash is for fags

92a8c3  No.16654923

File: e6638b1d116ec84⋯.jpg (309.9 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, Smash Bros. 31.jpg)


Sleep tight, Borb.

b3ac6a  No.16654924

Am I the only one who liked when SSB had fewer but more unique characters?

92a8c3  No.16654931


You're not, but if you ask me this mentality's wrong. Ultimate has more unique characters than any of the previous games with the exception of 64. Back when Sakurai didn't know what the fuck he was doing we had shittons of clones in Melee and a few in Brawl.

77804a  No.16654950


Aesthetically, Smash 64 is still my favorite. I wish Smash Bros. would attempt to be more cartoony and have the "All-Star" feel to it rather than trying to be gritty or serious.

8e1570  No.16654968

File: 5d66ade69eda434⋯.png (452.23 KB, 800x450, 16:9, genomii.png)

File: 62d35a3d15c48b0⋯.gif (169.97 KB, 600x557, 600:557, pull my jiggy trigger.gif)

File: a6adfdf668da1f2⋯.jpg (370.94 KB, 1280x1669, 1280:1669, next gen.jpg)


>>Main and Secondary?

Mario and Young Link mains, Little Mac and Simon secondaries

>>Reached Elite Smash already and with who?

>paying for online

>>Recent tournament placing?

no locals here

>>Hopes for DLC and Balance Patches

Geno Mii costume that actually covers his head this time

I don't really have any more wishes for DLC since Banjo actually got in (other than him coming with DKR and Conker music) but Doomguy, Crash, an SNK rep and/or Chosen Undead would be neat

>>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

Hero will be hard to master and have enough depth that he can perform well at tourneys

Banjo seems like he'll be good but not a tierfag character which is fine with me

77804a  No.16654983

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What sort of DKR, Conker, Banjo-Kazooie or Rare music do you expect or would want? Even if they're not remixed (which I would prefer), I hope we get a decent amount of tracks. 30 would be good but I feel that may be asking for much.

And doesn't Nintendo own the music to DKR anyway? Like, they don't own any of the characters in DKR, but for some odd reason they own the music?

8e1570  No.16655012

File: 9a535ae7af3dcd7⋯.jpg (69.93 KB, 762x752, 381:376, dreamin-bk.jpg)


If Joker is a good indication then around 11 songs should be expected, which seems like a decent amount to me. I'm not remixes either since DLC tends not to have many remixed songs and just ports older tracks over

>Spiral Mountain (Remix)

>Spiral Mountain (Original)

>Freezeezy Peak

>Click-Clock Wood (Spring)

>Final Battle

>Mayahem Temple

>Mr. Patch

>HAG 1

>Pirate Lagoon (DKR)

>Boss Challenge 2 (DKR)

>Windy and Co. (Conker)

all of these feel like they would fit best with Spiral Mountain's aesthetic and Smash's gameplay IMO

>And doesn't Nintendo own the music to DKR anyway? Like, they don't own any of the characters in DKR, but for some odd reason they own the music?

no clue

8e1570  No.16655023


not expecting remixes*

77804a  No.16655041

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


As much as I don't care for the remixes, I'd love it if they remixed the mini-game theme from Tooie into a Smash Bros. style. I feel as if almost every song or piece of music from the first two games could be included and it would fit fine. I expect we might get a medley remix too. Apparently Grant Kirkhope was told specifically not to make a medley track.

77804a  No.16655054

File: 9e47cc8f222ecc9⋯.jpg (37.69 KB, 374x209, 34:19, dkr copyrights.jpg)


And this is from DKR DS, but still, it's interesting to note.

b3ac6a  No.16655061


Is more characters automatically better?

92a8c3  No.16655097


I never said that

9d7dd3  No.16655101


Always. Just keep on adding more and more characters with unique fighting styles until you can't add no more. Don't worry about balance at all. Let the fans sort that out with tiers later. Just keep cramming as many new fighters as possible.

So long 1 character doesn't dominate everyone else (Brawl's Meta Knight) and countered by at least 1 other fighter, your fighting game is already somewhat balanced. It'd be boring to go to a tournament and see everyone using Meta Knight because no other character can check him. Variety is the spice of life.

c8d83f  No.16655113

File: 2dad07f1f3aa574⋯.jpg (31.71 KB, 352x460, 88:115, 1444232510001.jpg)


Absolutely not, new playstyles is what makes the difference. We could have 100+ fighters with Echos alone, but nothing new would be added to the gameplay. A new fighter with a fresh gimmick is the only thing perpetuating the meta.

6dff5e  No.16655117

Is there a .nsp to unlock joker like plant?

860478  No.16655129


Well the problem is when a new game comes out and it removes a character you liked to play. I love to play ice climbers and when they were removed from Smash 4 because of the 3DS version, and I had the Wii U version, it pissed me off. No matter what Nintendo does after Ultimate, they are going to have to cut the roster somehow. Mashpotatoes even said they would. And it creates a really weird problem. If your character is removed from the game, why would you even bother buying the new one?

Ultimate is a lot better than Brawl. I couldn't go back to Brawl from Smash 4, even for ice climbers. But Ultimate set the bar high, I think they will have to do something really special with the next smash if they want to get people who had their favorite character removed to upgrade.

92a8c3  No.16655132


The next Smash will likely be a straight up reboot with a new gameplay style.

77804a  No.16655135


Or they'll revamp everyone's movesets and try to match them as close as possible to actual things they can do within their own games.

d2f483  No.16655503


>Main and Secondary?

Dedede and DK. I want to get good with Wario.

>Reached Elite Smash already and with who?

Nope, don't play online.

>Recent tournament placing?

2nd in a loser bracket.

>Hopes for DLC and Balance Patches

Earthworm Jim would be fun, but isn't coming. It's probably going to be someone from the Tales Of series.

>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

It's nice to see someone use a shield as a part of their moveset and I'm happy to see Banjo on a Nintendo platform again.

b54f6b  No.16655557

File: 6a6fec59f2420f1⋯.png (627.17 KB, 480x1200, 2:5, ClipboardImage.png)

The only thing I truly want is for some intrepid developer to mod Melee into allowing for more characters, porting over characters from newer smash games (as well as autism tier like Crash or Reimu or Lip) but not all of them just the most fun to play as and fix the glaring melee bugs like DK's running attack, Yoshi's grab, Mr.G&W's shield size etc. Plus I want them to have their original plasticy looks that make every character sort of feel from a shared universe instead of just dropping shit at random.

I really don't get why people are so excited about Ultimate other than to fanwank, game's a mess and fan projects have shown that there's a good game that is begging to be modded out of all Nutendo titles.

9702c6  No.16655787

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Crash is autism

b54f6b  No.16655798


Nah, I ain't like that. I prefer Melee because it feels the most compact if that makes any sense to you, and I like all DLC characters, including autismo tiers, but there's just this thing that nuSmash lacks and I can't really put my finger on it but it's like a mix between the speed, the clarity and the sound design.

6a96ab  No.16656027


I would like Strangled Shrine.

c3cf10  No.16656068


>Main and Secondary?

Ganondorf for sure, Secondary kinda alternates between K. Rool and Ridley.

>Reached Elite Smash already and with who?

Hacked Switch, can't play online, got it hacked for smash, hell I even had it pre ordered but when it leaked I went a bit mental and hacked it just so I could play my bing bing wahoo earlier.

>Recent tournament placing

Never played one

>hopes for DLC and balance patches

Give me Doom guy, I don't even know why I want him, I guess he's just the most sensible choice out of the ones I like to hope for. For balance, I guess maybe buff Dedede or something? I'm not too sure.

>Expectations of Hero and Banjo

Hero, I could give less of a shit about, never wanted him in as it lowered the chances of Doom Guy getting in via just simple math 3 slots are taken, 1 is almost certainly three houses rep, leaving one actual good character and never was interested in Dragon Quest, though I might check it out, was never really an RPG guy though. Banjo looks fun, but I never played his original games so I don't really care much about him, the fact ninty actually did put him in though surprises me.

cbaea3  No.16656070


>Main and Secondary?

Mario and Ness. I've stuck with both since Melee, though I only really started trying to git gud with 4.

>Reached Elite Smash already and with who?

Yeah, Mario and Ness

>Recent tournament placing?

I've actually never gone to a tournament before. I'd have to check for locals in my area.

>Hopes for DLC and Balance Patches

Amaterasu would be sweet but I won't hold my breath.

>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

I love DQ so I'm pretty hyped for Hero. I hope he isn't too reliant on his special and strong normals to back himself up as I've been a fan of resource managment. I've never played Banjo Kazooie but they look fun. I'm expecting them to a basic all-rounder which is more my speed.

954371  No.16656279


Melee modding is extremely primitive for a reason and if the fucking Melee community isn't autistic enough to progress further with it, then no one is.

Just play one of the various PM builds floating around, most notably Legacy XP and Remix.

790534  No.16656308

File: 0d5504285604ad9⋯.png (3.99 MB, 1969x1729, 1969:1729, 0d5504285604ad9b0f251ad724….png)


Every DLC character so far has been third-party, so I don't see them putting in another Fire Emblem rep since that is first-party. Doomguy is still on the table, even if I don't personally think he might get in. The most likely characters will be from either Capcom or Namco Bandai if the Mii Costume theory holds any water.

c18822  No.16656343

File: 9d6a6a61851a2c9⋯.jpg (386.67 KB, 1182x966, 197:161, 9d6a6a61851a2c91ada29b2c89….jpg)

Daily reminder that stevefags are still saying virginben is right and that BK doesn't disprove his inclusion at all. Even the fujoshits obsessed with nomura's cockslut took the L with more grace and dignity than these screeching manchildren obsessed with digital legos.

efbbaa  No.16656375


Stevefags have to be the worst thing to exist period next to unironic Undertalefags and Fortnitefags

They screech about a piece of shit template character and saying "oh he could have a unique moveset!" while literally the most you could do is build walls/use the blocks, which I'm sure they could find a perfectly good Nintendo or any other character with more ties to Nintendo to do the job but better. Aside from blocks, all Steve fucking has is a Link clone moveset.

And then, when told that their character looks like shit, they point to Mr. Game and Watch.

b7758f  No.16656984


>>Main and Secondary?

King K Rool & Shulk as my mains with ZSS & Cloud as my secondary

>>Hopes for DLC and Balance Patches

The last two fighters in the fighter pass is both Doomguy/Doom Slayer and Crash Bandicoot along with a surprise extra DLC fighter after the fighter pass is done

>>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

Both of them would be fun to play as, the music selection for the DQ Hero pack is more than two tracks (And from the look of how things are going, there's a high chance of that happening), and Banjo's stage have Gruntilda making banters & rhymes to the fighters in Banjo's stage.


I hope you're not implying about the Grinch leak. Or is there another "leak" that talks about a Rhythm Heaven rep being a DLC fighter that I didn't heard about?


And I still to this day think that VergeBen's comment about "Minecraft content in the base game of Smash Ultimate" is based on one of his sources mistaking the pig from Cubivore as being the same pig from Minecraft. Still kinda disappointed that Sora didn't make the cut but since SE is only OK with their characters being in Smash Bros as long as their characters are DLC fighters, I'm hoping that the next Smash Bros will get Sora as DLC.


>The most likely characters will be from either Capcom or Namco Bandai if the Mii Costume theory holds any water.

I'm still skeptical about that theory because we didn't get Virtua Fighter Mii costumes back in Ultimate as DLC when Joker from Persona 5 was dropped back in April. If the theory was correct, we would of gotten the Virtua Fighter Mii costumes along side the Tails & Knuckles Mii costumes.


>unironic Fortnitefag

Please don't tell me those even exist.

a99426  No.16657006

File: 27c0ee79f8609f9⋯.jpg (91.83 KB, 576x768, 3:4, confused_aniki.jpg)



I'm a stevefag.

Why shoudlnt't Steve be allowed into smash bros?

Hes just as qualified as all of the other franchises that got in and plus his game is extremely influential with millions of people still playing it to this day, even pewdiepie is doing a playthrough of it and he rarely ever plays vidya on his channel anymore.

Seriously why don't you want him in? Is it because you just dont like minecraft is that it? I dont care about animal crossing and Isabelle got in even though I didnt want her in.

6a96ab  No.16657010

File: 509a19d1a23de69⋯.png (273.43 KB, 509x431, 509:431, Doi laughing.PNG)


>his game is extremely influential

954371  No.16657017

File: 9e9c3d44dc95507⋯.jpg (99.08 KB, 450x664, 225:332, Bait 3D.jpg)


a99426  No.16657020

File: 69da8c0a1ef2c82⋯.jpg (37.88 KB, 700x772, 175:193, 039760339f87fefddbfce619f8….jpg)


Its the third most selling game of all time and everyone on the planet thats not living in the stone age knows about it (including every kid), its probably just as popular as mario.


>my post got deleted

I like some pepper with this salt please.

a99426  No.16657023

no wait nevermind its still there.

790534  No.16657026

File: b37ddc594e902ab⋯.jpg (17.23 KB, 400x376, 50:47, whatthefuckamIlookingat.jpg)


Not every costume is going to be returning, I can tell you that much right now. Really, the only reason they were cut to begin with is because when Nintendo did the negotiations with the publishers in question, the whole cutting Mii costumes thing was part of the agreement so they could resell them as DLC and get more money from the profits. If you wanna know why they didn't bring back certain costumes, ask their lawyers.

a99426  No.16657038

File: 3f249c5187066ed⋯.jpg (73.81 KB, 750x827, 750:827, IMG_20190124_123816.jpg)

>Main and Secondary?

I dont think I really give a shit about mains I just play as whomever I feel like playing at the moment.

>Reached Elite Smash already and with who?

I pirated the game, no way im playing online

>Recent tournament placing?


I just play with my friends for fun whenever I have the chance to

>Hopes for DLC and Balance Patches

As long as the DLC come from a franchise or game that I like, I'll be grateful for it, I was picky before, but that burned me like my hand on a hot oven, so i learned not to be like that anymore.

>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

I have no clue, I'll download the .nsp file for their DLC and updates when I feel like it and then Ill see how they are for myself.

When do they even come out?

790534  No.16657046

File: ffb189b5b24c0dc⋯.jpg (30.89 KB, 314x354, 157:177, ffb189b5b24c0dca72eef87a01….jpg)



I can tell that his is bait, but I'll bite. While I will definitely agree that Minecraft is definitely large enough to warrant some kind of Smash appearance, Steve himself is a very bland and uninteresting character who is meant to fill as a blank canvas for the player to insert themselves into. This much was admitted by one of the higher members of the Mojang team in one of her tweets while the whole Steve situation was more up in the air. Let's not forget to mention that his whole gimmick is being able to build shit, which is definitely good enough for a neutral special at least, but outside of that he doesn't have enough about him to warrant a completely new moveset. Minecraft is much better off in smaller appearances, such as a Mii costume(which is the most likely option), an assist trophy, or at most, a stage.

b54f6b  No.16657075

File: 0292025091db70e⋯.png (92.71 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, 1546616611053.png)


>Melee modding is extremely primitive for a reason

Which is? I'm guessing it has to do with how the in-game logic uses some way of pointing to spaces of memory for individual characters, but I'd like to know

And thanks

a99426  No.16657081

File: 26076eb34e43443⋯.png (1010.01 KB, 2237x1781, 2237:1781, eqj0d6oohyq21.png)

File: fccd8fabf257b88⋯.jpg (514.85 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, idgeIFs.jpg)

File: 153f7f32adbe71b⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 43E342E8-D977-4185-AB58-8D….gif)


>Steve himself is a very bland and uninteresting character who is meant to fill as a blank canvas for the player to insert themselves into

Villager and possibly MR G&W does the same exact thing.

>but outside of that he doesn't have enough about him to warrant a completely new moveset

Duck Hunt and pacman had almost nothing to make a moveset yet nintendo came up with something for them easily.

Minecraft has more than enough features and mechanics to make various movesets for steve and anyone who would have played the game would have easily have seen that to be true too.

Anyone who is qualified to be in smash has a chance to get in whether you like them or not and if Sakurai wants them in then he'll make them WORK, no matter how stupid or ridiculous they are and can be. Thousands of anti Banjo faggots got BTFO as soon as he made it in and are nowhere to be found and I thought that was fucking hilarious when that happened. I'm not saying steve will ever get in, I have no clue who is next really, but saying that steve in insignificant and has no chance to be in smash at all is downright dumb.

We already got a Microsoft rep so he may not get in, but people said the same thing about banjo though, so who knows really.

a99426  No.16657095

File: bfb8dc341811fae⋯.png (162.31 KB, 1114x479, 1114:479, [015037].png)

File: 474b88592a4703c⋯.png (125.08 KB, 448x880, 28:55, [015038].png)

Also here are two nearly different movesets posted by anons from here.

If you don't think he has a lot of potential of at least being a fighter then you are kidding yourself.

But when it comes to music to be honest MC got jackshit

c18822  No.16657736


>Cubivore pig

That's the only logical explanation, that virgin's source was some dumb fucker who didn't recognize the source/failed to read the damn spirit's name, and it metastasized out of control from there. It's actually fascinating to see him still desperately shill for legocraft despite backtracking from

<"Guiz steve is playable!11one

<"I mean he's a spirit!"

<I-I mean…w-w-w're getting boss dlc, trust me!"

I sincerely hope he's just playing tard wrangler and leading the speds by the nose and testing how far he can push his own credibility.

67c1c5  No.16657811


>Villager and possibly MR G&W does the same exact thing.

Fuck off with this idiotic false equivalence.

Villager and G&W are both owned by Nintendo and they're both heavily stylized and important to Nintendo.


Because Steve is a garbage character - he's not even a character at all. He's nothing more than a blank template. Which is fine if it's a first party character but not if you're third party.

Steve getting in the game would be an insult to all the characters who have had more than two seconds of thought put into their designs. Steve was not designed by someone professional or even someone with talent. Notch was running late one morning and his mom designed him in the car ride over to a Mojang meeting. He is nothing but developer graphics that were meant to be replaced but never did. Such an amateurish design has no place in Smash whatsoever.

Also the movesets proposed for him are all garbage, it doesn't bring out anything interesting for him, at best he has the same tools as Link with a block placing mechanic. It's all paint-by-numbers bullshit, like "oh he does X in the game, that means he can also do X in Smash". Nothing but a copout in place of having a real character with an interesting mechanic or a good design.

d2f483  No.16657977


>Implying a moveset can't be made for any hack-knee character

See Wii Fit Trainer, Duck Hunt, Ice Climbers, Villager/Isabelle, ROB, and Piranha Plant. A moveset is so easy to make that they did it for a fucking dog that appears to laugh at you for missing a shot. Steve isn't going to be in Smash because he's a shit character.

b7758f  No.16659236


Ok but people think that when Nintendo came to the third-party companies when negotiating about said third-party companies' Mii costumes being resold as DLC again, they could of gotten another character to be in the fighter pass but so far it's true for only two of the 4 companies so far. Capcom & Namco Bandai are still kinda up in the air because both of them helped out with the base game of Ultimate with Capcom giving out a shit ton of Megaman & Street Fighter content and Namco with helping the development of Ultimate. Now that's not to say both of them can't have another of their characters in the fighter pass (In fact, I would be pretty cool with another Capcom rep and a Namco rep because I'm pretty happy with the roster of Ultimate already), I'm just saying that just because Capcom's and/or Namco Bandai's Mii costumes didn't came back in the base game that doesn't make a strong case of a Capcom rep and Namco Bandai rep in the fighter pass. But hey, time will tell as they say.


To be fair, Cubivore is a extremely niche GameCube game that no one heard about and Minecraft is universally known by every human being on the planet so I wouldn't blame VergeBen's sources mistaking the Cubivore pig as the same pig from Minecraft, Although, VergeBen's source should of check what game the pig that he/she saw came from first before telling VergeBen because the Cubivore pig was just called pig in Ultimate.

92a8c3  No.16659247

File: a5ce0c55ce8a8c9⋯.gif (681.91 KB, 520x293, 520:293, nintendrones force themsel….gif)

The reason people don't want Steve in Smash isn't because they think he couldn't work or that he wouldn't fit. He absolutely could work as a fighter and would fit in Smash.

People don't want Steve in because of what Minecraft as a franchise represents. It's not because of the fanbase or anything stupid like that, it's because Minecraft represents the death of gaming in its purest form. Even a character from FNAF or Undertale would be better because while those games have certainly fucked up gaming, they haven't negatively impacted it nearly as much as Minecraft has.

It doesn't matter to me, I'm just in this for the hype and salt train. I like how Smash plays enough that nothing would really ruin it for me. I'm just explaining where this perspective comes from.

dfa545  No.16659262


that steve moveset is actually not as autistic as I thought it would be

f5455c  No.16659276


Well at this point his source is pretty legitimate, so anything he says about smash should be taken into consideration. That said I don't think we'll get some new Smash leaks until either late summer or mid fall.

77804a  No.16659408

File: 11cc3452b3b1055⋯.jpg (24.27 KB, 960x422, 480:211, 11cc3452b3b1055da3aeb1b162….jpg)


Autism List Anon here. I wrote both of those, hence their similarity, as shitposts to show that movesets can be made up for literally any character, whether through references or exaggeration. Also because most people are uncreative hacks and keep asking for characters to be included in Smash Bros. without considering animations, moveset, variety, playstyle, etc. or the overall fundamentals of Smash Bros. Rarely will people try to come up with a moveset to add justification to their claims, or decent arguments. Notice how many people think Steve would be a sword fighter, both supporters and opposition. I was trying to encourage people in that thread to be creative and to make people realize that being able to come up with a moveset for a character doesn't necessarily increase their chances or make their status more deserving. (This was to spite Lipfag, and mostly "for fun" or "for autism.")

Moveset Potential =/= Inclusion Potential

While in the past or at the time of writing those I was neutral or "Wasn't Opposed" to Steve being included in Smash Bros, my stance since then has changed. Steve simply wouldn't make a good playable character. Nothing about his moves would be stylistic or easily recognizable from afar, exaggerate them too much and it would be awkward, it wouldn't be Minecraft. Yes, Game & Watch is stiff, but his moves have a good outline to them and are fairly stylized. This is important to Smash Bros and fighting games in general because you need to be able to instinctually recognize attacks as well as gauge a sense of weight, power, balance, etc.

a9a325  No.16659449

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Pls ree at Nintendo for Trabiz Touchdoen. Soda51 said it can happen.

ae3cb3  No.16659452


Suda is a hack jew.

79aa8a  No.16659464

File: a07fc36441611d4⋯.jpg (4.78 KB, 170x172, 85:86, 1433388331781.jpg)


As much as I would love him in the game, I don't know if he has anything to really separate him from other sword-wielders in the game.

77804a  No.16659470


Switching Beam Katanas

Beam Katana Battery

Wrestling Moves

High and Low Swings

469225  No.16659523


Suicide nigger is a shitty forced meme.

909647  No.16659710


Travis would be the all American Babyface to whatever that shitmon is called's heel. His moveset would be all about grappling, with the beam katana only coming out for specials and his FS would be turning in to an actual tiger to mail foes ala brawl giga Bowser.

09246e  No.16659753


In that case, put Adachi in the game instead.

ba4689  No.16659782


You mean other than all his wrestling moves

7533bb  No.16659797


Adachi is the worst villian in the three modern persona games. He doesn't do dick to anyone other than by complete accident, and he relies on a shitload of assumptions then acts like he orchestrated the whole thing. Hes a stupid edgy cunt with no real power or influence who is the middle layer in a shitty plot twist sandwich. P4 is the worst persona game other than 1, but everyone forgot about that game including Atlus

1eea99  No.16660607

I estimate a Tales of Rep to be the next DLC character

Atlus/Sega got Joker

Squenix got DQ hero

Microsoft got BK due fan demand. Probably part of the deal is Minecraft Mii costumes also as DLC

Namco needs their 2nd rep besides Pac-man. It will most likely be Tales of Rep. They're gonna shill Tales of Arise and porting Tales of Games to the switch.

Last DLC for this fighter pass could be another Capcom Rep, a wild card nobody expected, or a high-demand request.

9702c6  No.16660633

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Another anime swordfag

Eat shit and die

Also Duke Nukem for Smash

b7758f  No.16662970


>Well at this point his source is pretty legitimate, so anything he says about smash should be taken into consideration.

Yes but VergeBen also have some sources that are fake & gay i.e. VergeBen said that the Star Fox racing game by Retro Studios is real despite every other insider, including the anglo who first put out that rumor, came to agreement that it was a hoax all along. But I still kinda agree with you about taking anything want VergeBen said into consideration, but I'm not going at 100% on his leaks & comments because he's sometime gets a few leaks wrong.

>That said I don't think we'll get some new Smash leaks until either late summer or mid fall.

Sound reasonable but I think we will hear more Smash leaks around a week or so before Banjo drops in the fall.


I would prefer that another Namco rep would be a Dark Souls character than a Tales of rep in my honest opinion because a Tales of rep would just be DQ Hero 2.0 and Namco could use a Dark Souls rep to shill out some Switch ports of Dark Souls 2 & Dark Souls 3 if Namco wants to.

1eea99  No.16662983


True but Sakurai is a huge RPG nerd and he loves his anime swordfighters.

422ca6  No.16663021

File: d133da44ac05a4d⋯.gif (272.6 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 1438071115449.gif)


>>Main and Secondary?

Pacman, Dasiy or Lucas

>>Reached Elite Smash already and with who?

Pacman, Lucas and Samus

>>Recent tournament placing?

Haven't tried.

>>Hopes for DLC and Balance Patches

I want Pacman's Old item physics back. Otherwise, Nerf Palutina's explosive flame.

>>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

Hero is gonna be mid tier, banjo is gonna be hard to play, but good.

b54f6b  No.16664194


He can wrestle, his game is heavily based on parrying and guarding and he's got a shitton of non sword related special moves

6e492f  No.16664216

File: 0f990e1e2ad4644⋯.png (4.86 KB, 450x970, 45:97, lipsprite.png)


> was trying to encourage people in that thread to be creative and to make people realize that being able to come up with a moveset for a character doesn't necessarily increase their chances or make their status more deserving. (This was to spite Lipfag, and mostly "for fun" or "for autism.")

You did it to spite me? That's astonishing becuase I don't recall ever being in disagreement on this. I always said movesets are a dime a dozen and you can come up with a moveset for literally anybody as Piranha Plant clearly demonstrates. Seems you're not only autistic but retarded as well since you're apparently attributing completely imaginary arguments to me.

I want Lip and other Nintendo first party characters in for a more important reason - she should've been in Melee alongside a bunch of other first party picks. There was a time when Smash offered obscure characters a chance who were neither popular or relevant, but now that would affect Nintendo's bottom line. They're all about cashing in on people's nostalgia which means that if a character isn't relevant or popular then they'll never see the light of day in Smash. Which is a shame because it arbitrarily limits the variety and creativity that we could expect from newcomers. Popularity and/or relevance are the only two criteria they look at as they're the only two things that will make them money. The glory days of Smash are really behind us, unfortunately.

1eea99  No.16665363

You guys heard the latest smash drama?

apparently ally dated a 17 year old and tapped that twink boipussy.

It's legal in canada but he's being called a pedo on twitter by american fans. Was he a pedo or just got jailbaited?

8aaea7  No.16666290


Sounds like a literal faggot either way

b7758f  No.16666460


Wait, are you implying that Dark Souls isn't a RPG series? That kind of series would be Soccerguy's liking. Also, the only way for a Tales of rep to make it to Smash Ultimate if the Tales of rep has a gimmick that's different from either DQ Hero or any other of the swordfighters in the roster. I can't really think of anything that would make the Tales of rep to stand out and make that rep to warrant to be in the fighter pass. A Dark Souls rep would be a lot more interesting in terms of Smash Bros gameplay i.e. stamina management or the Dark Souls rep would be the Lord of Cinder were Lord of Cinder can change to different movesets based on different builds in the Dark Souls series.

c18822  No.16666589


If Ridley can get in, anyone can. Plus, with game shitting the bed and damaging the pokemon brand samurai can always cut the unnecessary mons, which in all honesty is all of them but the rat and mewtwo. That'll open up enough slots for Lip to slip in, and Mach Rider as well for the hell of it.

6e492f  No.16666608

File: 450c71de6332884⋯.png (304.44 KB, 769x1141, 769:1141, lipsrs.png)


There's a lot of chaff that needs to be cut. At the very least:

>All FE faggots except three (Marth with Lucina as an alternate skin, Ike, Robin)

>Nearly all pokemon except Pikachu, Mewtwo and Jigglypuff (need a glass cannon joke character)

>Decide between Toon Link or Young Link, can't have both

>Fuck off Piranha Plant

>Consider getting rid of Wii Fit and Bowser Jr

Ridley got in because he's popular in America and that's easy cash money. Lip is neither popular or relevant (except possibly in her home country) which is why she has an uphill battle ahead of her. But that's the point, obscure characters need to be given a shot. Melee would've given her a chance as well as Ayumi Tachibana. Bring back that Takamaru guy as well.

b56200  No.16666618

File: e898c603f575d82⋯.jpg (57.52 KB, 859x723, 859:723, 1435277569758.jpg)

7c85b1  No.16666629

b963a3  No.16666673

File: ad331ca25e92123⋯.png (97.87 KB, 314x324, 157:162, piranaproblem.png)


>Fuck off Piranha Plant

Cry some more, fag

6e492f  No.16666696

File: f20f1dfda10888a⋯.gif (33.74 KB, 400x473, 400:473, lip.gif)


>Using the image macro I created against me

I meme the plant as much as the next guy but you know this plant is a one-game chump.

954371  No.16666709

File: 5d715307bc1688f⋯.png (157.56 KB, 454x404, 227:202, 1420368379570.png)


Hey, at least the plant actually made it into Smash.

Unlike Lip

6e492f  No.16666714

File: a2594835370bdc6⋯.png (1.22 MB, 878x643, 878:643, lipplant.png)


Who do you think raised the plant, dumbfuck?

7dc2c3  No.16666720


In a party game where the draw is playing as your favorite vidya character and beating the shit out of other classic famous vidya characters? That's the whole point of the fucking game.

954371  No.16666723

File: 6e90da8a9c80e98⋯.png (559.8 KB, 960x1024, 15:16, ClipboardImage.png)


Are you suggesting what i think you're suggesting?

6e492f  No.16666727

File: d4139db5577e36b⋯.jpg (2.41 MB, 2250x2360, 225:236, 19bbec3ba717c8130233b4b72f….jpg)


Waluigi didn't do shit. In that image he's holding an item from Mario Party that everyone was able to have. Lip is actually raising the plant in a story true to her character. It's her plant.

a9fed1  No.16667155

File: f65ee520a651079⋯.jpg (52.96 KB, 632x480, 79:60, SMBSSKoopenstein-ToadPotte….jpg)



>Not realizing that Toad from the dick Super Mario show did it first

Come on!

9702c6  No.16667177


It's not even the same plant you dunce. It's black with white spots

2c8a3c  No.16667252


>Main and Secondary?

DDD, Simon and K.Rool

>Reached Elite Smash already and with who?

I Haven't done online yet.

>Recent tournament placing?

Didn't tried.

>Hopes for DLC and Balance Patches

The MC from Ever Oasis.

>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

Both look cool, but I if had to pick one I choose Banjo.

6a96ab  No.16667633


In all honesty, since the Piranha Plant in smash runs using the feet from Partners in Time instead of leafy rootfeet, and is smaller than Lip's plant, it is neither the plant of Waluigi or Lip.

c18822  No.16668171


>Wii fit trainer

I disagree, she's got an interesting playstyle and her game sold gangbusters. Characters like her are distinct enough to deserve a spot, it's bloat from garbage series that needs to go.

>Bowser jr the koopalings

Mario is the mascot, so his series gets the most reps by default. They did the smart thing and stuffed them all on one slot though instead of pulling an FE and street fighter.

I agree with all the others you listed, and I sincerely hope the shitmons get turned into glue next game. As for obscurity being a factor, that didn't stop Pit from being revived and as such Lip can make a comeback as well due to her game being more popular in Japan right now than either KI's were in America in the 90's and early millennium.

I still want Wariobake to direct a Panel de Pon revival game, I don't care if he's a fartfag the man knows PdP better than anyone

579cc1  No.16668274


If you don't pay for online can you still download dlc?

e41554  No.16668287

File: 8fc66e666d1d69a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.34 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, thewindow.jpg)

And people think they got the fourth DLC character in.

It comes from part of the opening video for their fifth game. Check their Twitter for it.

dad766  No.16668320

File: 21bccd16028d459⋯.jpg (55.6 KB, 440x700, 22:35, kamen sense.jpg)


Yes, you can still download DLC. You just can't play online.

735857  No.16668321

File: 9c932be94e2a768⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 107.28 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 43bdffd0-8e0f-46be-ae5a-55….png)


Lets be real, we're waiting to see if EVO views drop like a shit without Melee.

735857  No.16668334

File: 8269b1e978126c2⋯.gif (18.39 KB, 112x112, 1:1, d84b9d6c0cc2e7fee4cf56c7d3….gif)



954371  No.16668402


The intersection is on the wrong side.

8e1570  No.16668511

File: 35a3b35707a42b2⋯.png (1.04 KB, 42x173, 42:173, ClipboardImage.png)

55a29e  No.16669090

File: b5258e2d89cf3cc⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 852x480, 71:40, pro.webm)

8aaea7  No.16669121


SFV, Mortal Kombat 11 and Ultimate is still there, so doubtful. Those games bring a ton of casuals.

f5455c  No.16669125


Matt's just fucking with people, that's all there is to it.

e171ac  No.16669872

File: ef1208171effac6⋯.png (168.4 KB, 587x393, 587:393, tfwblackuparrives.PNG)



my nigga

1eea99  No.16669923

lipfags and waluigifags are the worst

At least ridleyfags posted once and that's it

c18822  No.16671038


I know this is some weak-ass bait, but I was that faggot posting about Ridley for damn near ten years. Waluigifags are but mere infants compared to the heft of my autism.

6a96ab  No.16671052

File: 6f87f658d33d1de⋯.png (25.41 KB, 240x293, 240:293, dachoras and etecoons.png)


Will you be autistic about Dachora&Etecoons now? I'd like to see them in someday.

4a23ca  No.16671084


What are the chances of obscure fighters getting in the game after Ultimate? I have a feeling that the next game will have a huge fundamental change to gameplay mechanics now Sakurai hates meleefags. What would the mechanic be and which obscure first party published character would fit that mechanic perfectly?

9702c6  No.16671466

File: 2fbe792e6ee0e3f⋯.png (3.1 MB, 1960x1757, 280:251, ClipboardImage.png)

Waluigi deserves nothing but endless pain.

8e1570  No.16671791

File: b3922ca657750c8⋯.png (398.08 KB, 800x466, 400:233, ClipboardImage.png)

e9433d  No.16671867



Crystallized asspain on a whole 'nother level, coming from smash bros






c18822  No.16671904


How would they function as an AT though? I'm seeing the hen and chick dachorae running over the nearest target while the coons grapple the chump into a chain throw between the three of them.

6a96ab  No.16671960


>How would they function as an AT though?

Same as Metroid Fusion's ending, by using Samus's ship for themselves.

8aaea7  No.16672127


>Already 9 Super Mario characters (12 if you count Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Wario)

>not only a derivative of Luigi but also a derivative of Wario

>not easy to make a clone like Daisy, will have to have a completely unique moveset

The problem with Waluigi is that his shtick is already covered by other characters. He's the type of character that you would think be perfect to be someone else's clone but his proportions make it so even that is not easy.

6a96ab  No.16672419


I think Waluigi can only truly work if he's a medley of the Mario spinoffs and not just tennis/stomp man, as well as having really erratic and jarring movement physics compared to the other characters. Speaking of which, if you could put one element of Mario Party in his moveset, what would it be?

8e1570  No.16672464


While I wouldn't mind Waluigi in, I dunno if "spinoff rep" is the best reason to put him in. He certainly has plenty of shit to pull from if they were to use everything he's been in, but you could also use the same argument for Toad

>if you could put one element of Mario Party in his moveset, what would it be?

Chance Time final smash, where it has a chance of either stealing the opponent's stock for himself or taking Waluigi's current stock away, defeating him instantly

805920  No.16674099


>Chance Time

I thought of that too, but it should also be able to transfer %/HP amounts too.

92a8c3  No.16674152



If they gave him Chance Time as an FS people would get pissed it's not called "Waluigi Time"

It's up to you whether that's a bad thing or not, I'm just saying

7dc2c3  No.16674164


Considering Meleeautists and no-fun-niggers hate anything even remotely random, you could never put anything even resembling a Mario Party element in there. It would either have to be an item, or Waluigi's Final Smash. Of course, it would have to be Chance Time.

6a96ab  No.16674174


>you could never put anything even resembling a Mario Party element in there

What about if he could use a skeleton key to break shields?

c8d83f  No.16675150

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's not going to happen, I don't want it to happen, but this is still one of the highest effort rumors I've seen yet.

Are there any other high-effort rumors I've missed out on?

fbee3b  No.16675176


They'll never ever be in Mario Kart.

Which is infinitely better than trash.

9702c6  No.16675199

File: 97ed57e891cdfc6⋯.png (987.1 KB, 500x667, 500:667, ClipboardImage.png)


>Mario Kart

8cb991  No.16675266

File: 9f575466be4bdfe⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 173.75 KB, 1199x899, 1199:899, D8PsnY0XYAEs6UV.jpg)

File: 2e4566c2ca06548⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.95 KB, 955x1200, 191:240, 1562025239893.jpg)

It's pretty obvious who the last two dlc characters are.

556891  No.16675295



Please no. The unholy hellfire of furry trap posting would be insane.

92a8c3  No.16675299

File: 0a7867d6a5571d7⋯.png (341.09 KB, 489x653, 489:653, dedede triple trap.png)


Honestly I think it'd be worth it just because normalfags would get exposed to all the shota porn. It'd be hilarious.

8cb991  No.16677989

File: ae03071a62f1322⋯.mp4 (3.61 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Crash4Smash.mp4)


92a8c3  No.16677991


Crash but they use the guy in the suit as his design and base his moveset off of him

His FS is just him screaming really loud into his megaphone

0543a5  No.16678001

File: c9f73db693f840d⋯.mp4 (1.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, hang em.mp4)


Honestly haha

I think it would be if all of that shota furfaggotry board flooded the internet along with the smash threads haha

It'll be hilarious and not bull bustingly arousing to my sick fucking degenerate self at all hahah.

95fee4  No.16678007

When's crazy pizza sword and gun man?

c18822  No.16678010


Fat lugia ha ha

92a8c3  No.16678031


Oh come on, don't tell me you wouldn't find it fucking hilarious too

77dad8  No.16678398

So does anyone know when The Hero (are both words capitalised for that character?) is going to be released?

fafd7c  No.16678473



what the fuck is a klonoa

8cb991  No.16678534

File: 1f6ef9562390366⋯.jpg (461.48 KB, 1200x942, 200:157, bon-f-klonoa.jpg)


It's a 2.5D platformer by Namco.

d2f483  No.16678889


Klonoa would be late to the party. Fox, Falco, Wolf, Bowser, Isabelle, and every single Pokemon has already been lewded to death thanks to Smash with Banjo & Kazooie next on the list.

1bc699  No.16679037

Are the first party adapters for GameCube controllers all $60+?

ae79ab  No.16679332

File: f25fd900ad1cd95⋯.png (319.54 KB, 600x702, 100:117, ClipboardImage.png)

Jack Frost would be a way better DLC character than Joker. Also, will be the first Virtual Boy Rep.

92a8c3  No.16680490


Joker's an SMT rep in the same way Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Wario are Mario reps. Sakurai's treating Persona like an entirely separate series (which it is). Also fuck you, if SMT gets any reps it should be similar to how they handled the Hero. Have it be SMT5's protag, with alts of previous series protagonists. Call them all collectively the Messiah.

c18822  No.16680681


What would their moves be, and what stage would best represent all of SMT? I can see them doing a scrolling stage that shos the highlights of each game before ending with a background battle between yhvh and Lucifer that creates a new loop.

ae79ab  No.16680717


Jack Frost will be a better Atlus rep overall.

92a8c3  No.16680748


Jack Frost would really work better as an AT or better yet, part of Messiah's moveset than as an individual fighter. There really wouldn't be much to him as a fighter, honestly.


Demon summoning, probably. I also like that stage idea.

6a96ab  No.16682445


>There really wouldn't be much to him as a fighter, honestly.

You're forgetting that along with certain iterations of Jack Frost being able to summon demons, he could also be used to reference Snowboard Kids.

92a8c3  No.16682479


Shit, that is a good point. Sakurai's autism would absolutely warrant a Snowboard Kids reference.

I still want playable Demi-Fiend over playable Jack Frost, but any SMT rep will do really. Except for TMS or Nanashi. Fuck Nanashi and fuck Apocalypse except for Dagda.

e86b2e  No.16682865


No shit nigger, it's a fucking window.

6a96ab  No.16684445


What if we get Stephen?

b54f6b  No.16684734



I'm okay with this, I really am

77804a  No.16685762

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Don't know why, but I feel more and more so Crash is becoming increasingly likely.

>owned by Activision, no longer a Playstation exclusive

>used to be widely popular in Japan

>revived popularity with N.Sane Trilogy and Nitro Fueled

>everyone is here

As much as I would rather have Rayman, something is telling me Crash has a fairly good chance.

2284bd  No.16685810


>we will never go back to the time where you could get CUHREYYYSYYY vidya cutscenes that involve girls in bikinis in a game for children.

f5455c  No.16685903


My dick would me rock hard

79f7cb  No.16685953

They gave themselves 14 months to release 5 characters. We're currently 8 months through that 14 months period (~60% of the way through), and we only have 1 out of the 5 characters (20% of the characters). I don't know what the fuck they're doing/thinking, but they're considerably behind schedule right now. Even if Hero released tomorrow, they can't keep having 3+ month waits in between releases and get all 5 characters out by February 2020.

So what are they going to do? Assuming they actually keep their Feb 2020 deadline, they have to catch up somewhere. It won't be with character 5 because he's guaranteed to be kept until Feb. It's clearly not going to be with Hero, or we'd have him already. So it either has to be Banjo & Kazooie releasing right at the start of Fall (like late September), or they come out later in the fall, but then character 4 comes out extremely soon after them with hardly any gap.

How are they going to manage this and why have they been so goddamn slow with the DLC so far? Is this planned or is something going wrong behind the scenes?

72c7df  No.16686016


Nintendo moved Joker up first just so they could announce him at that Game awards show even though obviously hardly any, if any at all, work had been done on him.

77804a  No.16686057


My guess is that each DLC fighter is going to be spaced out by about 2 months.

Joker mid-April

Hero late-July

Banjo-Kazooie mid-October

DLC4 early-December

DLC5 mid-February

79f7cb  No.16686099


What was so special about Joker that he should be moved up to be shown at the Game Awards? I'm sure any of the 5 would have been fine to start with.

d2f483  No.16686709


They're probably working on more than just the fighter's pass characters. Data mining revealed data for Home Run Contest as well as Stage Builder months before Stage Builder was released. Not to mention that both Hero and Banjo had fully animated models so it's safe to assume that the other two characters are near complete right now. If Stage Builder and VR mode can come out of nowhere then I can see other modes coming down the line.


Probably didn't want to lead with their best card. If they announced Banjo first then no one would give a crap about Joker.

9702c6  No.16686719

File: 1b7afb790ce9a13⋯.png (730.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1557373156517.png)

Reminder that Steve is never ever EVER going to be in Smash barring some sort of drastic redesign.

77dad8  No.16686738


IDK man, they have a literal silhouette from an LCD screen as a character.

9702c6  No.16686745


Not the same thing. Fuck off retard.

72c7df  No.16686979


Persona won a goty from there the year before hand and judging from threads here when Joker was announced, the kind of faggots that like Persona are the same kind of faggots who care about goty awards

79f7cb  No.16688021


>They're probably working on more than just the fighter's pass characters.

They probably are, but that doesn't change the deadline they gave themselves for the 5 DLC characters. If their plan was "we'll make 5 DLC characters and some new modes" then that all should have been factored into the deadline they provided us.

acc86d  No.16688023

File: f767660d5ea813b⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.41 MB, 500x280, 25:14, banjo_ka_oh_GOD_NO.webm)

6a96ab  No.16688028


I did not enjoy this webm.

8e1570  No.16688039

File: a5301c65898ea65⋯.png (69.55 KB, 231x181, 231:181, wah.png)


>someone put time and effort into this only to have it fall flat when Banjo actually got in

ea91ce  No.16688223

File: 792588db5ef5af0⋯.jpg (63.17 KB, 497x527, 497:527, 792.jpg)

1eea99  No.16688237

Are you ready for Lloyd Ivring this christmas?

8e1570  No.16688296


I feel like Lloyd's chances are completely reduced due to Hero getting in and basically being the defintive JRPG character

77804a  No.16688388

File: 23f8ec4d522c786⋯.png (200.75 KB, 417x640, 417:640, Lloyd.png)


But he's got TWO swords, man. If anything, it lowers the chances for characters that would already be too similar to Hero or anyone else in Smash Bros. such as Yuri or Cless.

8e1570  No.16688578


okay let me rephrase

I don't think we're getting Tales at all since Hero is the definitive JRPG character

6a96ab  No.16688589


Is that why we didn't get Isaac, too?

8e1570  No.16688604


Isaac I feel like was due to lack of major fan demand coupled with the lack of a foreseeable future for the franchise. We did get a few ballot picks that people have been requested for over a decade but they were the ones that easily had the most fan backing

77804a  No.16688629

File: 7bda9c5a28dcc77⋯.jpg (17.35 KB, 252x250, 126:125, 7bda9c5a28dcc771ff9495e239….jpg)


Mario is the definitive platforming character, why add Sonic?

Sonic is the definitive 90s mascot character, why add Banjo-Kazooie?

Link is the definitive adventure character, why add Pit?

Pikachu is the definitive Pokemon character, why add a Pokemon Trainer?

Marth is the definitive Fire Emblem character, why add Corrin?

Ryu is the definitive fighting game character, why add Ken?

Pac-Man is the definitive arcade character, why bring back Ice Climbers?

Peach is the definitive princess, why add Rosalina or Daisy?

R.O.B. is the definitive Nintendo toy, why add Duck Hunt?

Villager is the definitive Animal Crossing character, why add Isabelle?

Bowser is the definitive Bowser, why add Bowser Jr, King Dedede, or King K.Rool?

Why add anyone at this point if we're not getting pure gaming icons, right? Smash Bros. doesn't have any sort of rules about who can get in other than that they have to be a video game character. But how popular they are helps increase likelihood.

6a96ab  No.16688635


Corrin definitely shouldn't be in though.

6c1b0b  No.16688646


>TWO swords

Two shields or go home.

77804a  No.16688647


You're right, but it's an example of how literally anyone can be added regardless of conventional means or logic. There's no rhyme or reason to these sorts of things, sometimes they just happen. We like to think we can come up with answers or reasons, like "fanbase" or "marketing" but then Piranha Plant is in.

8e1570  No.16688657


My point is that Hero already encapsulates JRPGs to such a fine degree that adding in even more for what's meant to be the final two additions to Ultimate seems unnecessary and unlikely

Hell I feel like the only reason he wasn't included as part of Pac-Man's roulette taunt like Heihachi and the Prince is because a sprite of him doesn't readily exist and they were just throwing in what they had

77804a  No.16688675


But then they bothered to make a Mii costume for Lloyd. My point is that Lloyd would have a widely unique and differing moveset compared to the rest of the fighters due to the fact he uses two swords and is more acrobatic. Nevermind that JRPGs are already substantially represented, but he would represent a core part of Namco-Bandai and their "Tales Of" series while also bringing a new fighting style into Smash Bros.

Granted, I don't think he's likely, but I wouldn't say he's impossible or that The Hero is hurting his chances.

9702c6  No.16688744


>Wanting more low T anime faggots

Kill yourself

8cb991  No.16688752

File: 7fab778a57d3c38⋯.jpg (334.1 KB, 1500x1875, 4:5, Hei_T7.jpg)

File: bbb854d2ceec519⋯.jpeg (60.71 KB, 940x620, 47:31, Hey, Doomboy.jpeg)

The only second Namco rep I see getting in would be Heihachi from Tekken. As for the final rep, Crash seems the most likely.

77804a  No.16688755


Personally, DoomGuy and Rayman are among my top wanted now that Banjo-Kazooie is in.

e2aee1  No.16688780

File: 168987de9fa0bef⋯.jpg (216.37 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, IMG_20181221_124526.jpg)


If a literal stick figure can get in smash, steve can too.

9702c6  No.16688782


Not the same thing. Fuck off retard.

ef1294  No.16688784

File: 6d0fcf11d4e7492⋯.jpg (12.54 KB, 245x255, 49:51, xd.jpg)


But he is getting in! As a Mii costume, fits him to a t. Also, eat shit faggot.

117dc0  No.16688789


Bamco has the rights to Dark Souls & Dragon Ball games. The Bamco rep could be Solaire or Goku.

ef1294  No.16688795


Sakurai already deconfirmed Goku thanks to him being an anime character, but then again you could be shitposting for all I know.

117dc0  No.16688800


Goku is inherantly a shitpost, Solaire is something I wish was and is an actual possibility.

ef1294  No.16688804

File: 2b05f8ad68601be⋯.jpg (12.91 KB, 214x236, 107:118, coffeewat.jpg)


Shit, can't argue with those numbers.

e2aee1  No.16688805

File: e4b0afcbd25383e⋯.jpg (163.84 KB, 1125x915, 75:61, IMG_20190302_112942.jpg)


<Not the same thing. Fuck off retard.

If a literal toy who was never actually featured as a vidya character can get in smash (R.O.B), then anyone who has even fucking touched a nintendo console once can get in, including steve and that whore lip.


What did minecraft do to you anon?

Seriously where did all of this hate for the game come from?

It is mediocre but its not like as if it cucked you and ruined your fucking marriage or anything.

6a96ab  No.16688807


>Seriously where did all of this hate for the game come from?

If you weren't phenomenally new, you'd know.

e2aee1  No.16688814


Been here since first exodus but besides that, give me an explanation I seriously want to know why everyone hates it.

Is it because its popular like fortnite?

Or is it just too bland and you personally dont like the game?

It still doesn't excuse the intense feelings people have for it on here.

9702c6  No.16688815


>If a literal toy who was never actually featured as a vidya character can get in smash (R.O.B), then anyone who has even fucking touched a nintendo console once can get in, including steve and that whore lip.

Not the same thing, fuck off retard.

77804a  No.16688818


I've already given multiple reasons earlier in the thread.

see >>16659408

>While in the past or at the time of writing those I was neutral or "Wasn't Opposed" to Steve being included in Smash Bros, my stance since then has changed. Steve simply wouldn't make a good playable character. Nothing about his moves would be stylistic or easily recognizable from afar, exaggerate them too much and it would be awkward, it wouldn't be Minecraft. Yes, Game & Watch is stiff, but his moves have a good outline to them and are fairly stylized. This is important to Smash Bros and fighting games in general because you need to be able to instinctually recognize attacks as well as gauge a sense of weight, power, balance, etc.

92a8c3  No.16688825

File: 9015ce000e1739e⋯.png (24.1 KB, 240x240, 1:1, hit the desk.png)

I heard someone perfectly sum up why the idea of Steve in Smash is so revolting

See, Fire Emblem characters and new Pokemon and characters like that are just "ugh, of course" characters. You know they're gonna be there, and you don't like it, but it's expected.

Steve, on the other hand, is a



6a96ab  No.16688826

File: 7240120d6959fde⋯.png (79.07 KB, 218x439, 218:439, smug benis.PNG)


>"Is it because its popular like fortnite?"

>he genuinely thinks fortnite is only hated here out of popularity

ef1294  No.16688832

File: 6724ec095da9ce8⋯.jpg (113.21 KB, 720x1152, 5:8, EVERYTHING IS WRONG.jpg)


Minecraft is nothing more than a half-baked reminder of how far vidya has fallen. At one point, Notch was on half-/v/ pre-exodus developing the game as a 3D Dwarf Fortress and as he kept adding shit people from outside /v/ began noticing the game and it started to get popular. So what does Notch do? Does he build upon the game further and deliver on the initially promised vision? No, the motherfucker sells out and runs away with the money leaving Microsoft to market the fuck out of this game to every 12 year old in the world leaving us with a shell of what was promised and the vidya landscape all the worse for it while we drowned in a shitstorm of unnecessary and unwanted merchandise from all the damn kids eating this shit up.

7dc2c3  No.16688846


>implying you wouldn't have done the same thing

Nigger, if you made some shitty amateur project in Java of all things and somebody offered two fucking billion to take the autism off your hands, you'd be a retard to not agree to that. Fuck selling out, dude's retired and won't have to work a day in his life. Even if every single one of his fans now hated him, what would it matter when you're set for life?

6a96ab  No.16688851

File: 8fab11ec4fb47ed⋯.png (896.46 KB, 1372x1952, 343:488, incredulous hooded anime g….png)


>Even if every single one of his fans now hated him, what would it matter when you're set for life?

<Even if you lose your own soul, what does it matter if you've gained the world?

4a8a5d  No.16688862

File: d0228ed6f1c8947⋯.jpg (24.02 KB, 400x550, 8:11, RapeWomen.jpg)


Apparently, it matters because all he does now is post on twitter and be fat.

7dc2c3  No.16688864


And he's having fun doing it. And if he stops having fun with it, he has the money to do whatever the fuck else he wants.

6a96ab  No.16688867


You are a weak and pathetic soul concerned only with having more in order to run from his inability to be more.

4a8a5d  No.16688870


Looks more like he's just showing how based and redpilled he is. I hope what he likes doing is being fat. Seem like someone who made so much money off of crowdsourced code would want to be something other than fat and alone.

7dc2c3  No.16688874


How much more would Notch have really been if he had kept working on Minecraft, and in whose eyes, exactly?


After that divorce, I wouldn't want anything to do with women either.

4a8a5d  No.16688877


Women aren't the only company one could have. Did you just come here from reddit?

6a96ab  No.16688887


>How much more would Notch have really been if he had kept working on Minecraft

If he had completed the intended vision instead of selling out, he would have been someone of character with a good work to his name.

>in whose eyes, exactly?

This status-focused ending to your question cements my initial suspicion that you are indeed actually a woman. Tits or GTFO.

1eea99  No.16688898


You're wrong.

They add whatever is popular and what Sakurai considers worthy of being in smash

DQ is in because it's worthy and popular

It doesn't take a "slot" of anything

7dc2c3  No.16688902


A marriage is something you're likely to hear about, but most people don't tend to brag about how many friends they have. How do you know that he's "lonely" in that regard?


Nigger, my point is that the Minecraft community at large still respects him for what he did with the game and doesn't care/understands him selling the game. The only people upset with him are from imageboards and, in the grand scheme of things, irrelevant. In most people's eyes, he is someone of good character and the bigger majority of people bitching about him are upset because he said some "transphobic" things, not because he sold Minecraft.

You're pretending like "good character" is some objective measure, and even if it was, you're assuming that people give a shit. Most don't.

6a96ab  No.16688907


>You're pretending like "good character" is some objective measure

And you're pretending status among normalkikes is some objective measure. Like I said, tits or GTFO.

8e1570  No.16688909


I didn't say it takes a slot, just that Hero has so much built into him that it feels like any other JRPG characters wouldn't be as adequate or interesting

7dc2c3  No.16688910


So what makes your opinion so much more valid than the average normalfag, then?

6a96ab  No.16688922


Whip out your titties and I'll tell you.

4a8a5d  No.16688936


>A marriage is something you're likely to hear about, but most people don't tend to brag about how many friends they have.

What the fuck does that have to do with anything? Are you giving me an excuse for your lack of insight? This isn't reddit. We don't "brag" about normalfag shit here. The only one who does that is robfag. I assume he died of aids or fucked off to reddit.

>How do you know that he's "lonely" in that regard?

In what "regard"? Are there multiple types of alone? He spends any amount of time on twitter for reasons other than money or political gain. People who have a decent life and aren't retarded don't use twitter for reasons other than political or monetary gain.

> In most people's eyes, he is someone of good character

So? What about his own eyes?

>You're pretending like "good character" is some objective measure

It is.

>and even if it was, you're assuming that people give a shit. Most don't.

I get why 6a96ab thinks you're a woman.

e2aee1  No.16688937


I see where you're coming from. MC is a symbol of how lazy half baked projects can have their soul ripped out and then sold to the drooling masses of kids despite all of that? And now you have a personal grude against it? What a shame.

Things will never be the same for you now will it?


It sucks how hero probably only managed to get into smash was because of DQ11 coming out on the switch, if it wasnt for that, DQ representation in smash would have gotten ignored again. Pretty damn sad considering characters like fucking PITT and Shulk made it in before DQ.

e2aee1  No.16688944


Come on anon! Tits or gtfo already.


a7c73b  No.16688953


what do you have against pitt man

e2aee1  No.16688971


Pitt is from a rather unpopular game, let alone completely unknown to the west.

Yet DQ is the father of all fucking JRPGs yet DQ got fucking cucked out of smash 3 times for sure by Shulk, Cloud then Joker, maybe more I dont remember over 70 chars dude. A fucking SMT character made it in before DQ for fucks sake what an absolute travesty.

8e1570  No.16688981

File: 7f181a67126cead⋯.png (84.4 KB, 270x247, 270:247, genothink.png)

a7c73b  No.16689003


We're talking about kid icarus? Not really that unpopular nor unknown, considering the first one sold 1.76 million as launch nes title and had a sequel on the gameboy. Earthbound and fire emblem were even less known in the west and got in before Pit.

749d8f  No.16689055

File: ddde277acd91984⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1680x945, 16:9, GENO NEVER EVER.png)

File: 21dc1df5aefcb4e⋯.png (555.45 KB, 951x534, 317:178, geno for smash never ever.png)


Don't you fucking play with my emotions. I finally got over SquareEnix being asshats.

8e1570  No.16689074


Worst case scenario the songs get added for a few SMRPG-themed spirit battles and that's all

Best case scenario, Geno gets in as a Mii Gunner echo or something bundled when you buy Hero

In a perfect scenario he'd be a free DLC fighter like Plant with his own moves, preferably with Mallow

471d5e  No.16689078


Oh fuck they're re-releasing the Mii outfit!

8e1570  No.16689081


With music?

471d5e  No.16689085


They'll put in the trailer like the Chocobo theme that never actually made it into the game.

d3c3f6  No.16689131

File: 30102ea0110d9e3⋯.jpg (137.4 KB, 600x337, 600:337, Miku-Mega39s_07-01-19.jpg)

Who's ready for my girl to join smash?

c18822  No.16689254

File: 5d5fbbe26b0a6a1⋯.jpg (4.88 KB, 229x220, 229:220, 5d5fbbe26b0a6a10ee2b12fc5c….jpg)


<"my garbage avatar Notch says looks like dog shit is comparable to the character who encapsulates the entirety of Nintendo's early handheld history and features a massive variety of moves, all pulling from said history.


<Steve is important guiz XDDDDDDDDDDDD

Go back to sucking off virginben you Godless faggot.

954371  No.16689286


>using virgin as an insult

Back to cuckchan with you.

c18822  No.16689291

File: 66b3e11f5696941⋯.png (642.33 KB, 526x511, 526:511, 66b3e11f56969415c5e27bc6b9….png)


I know you newfags are drawn to smash like flies to shit, but Jesus fuck little man how out of the loop can you be?

8c372f  No.16689306

File: c735a0372db2501⋯.gif (3.51 MB, 512x381, 512:381, disgusted with children.gif)


I never said Steve was important, that he was going to be in, or that he's a well designed character.

I said it's not out of the realm of possibility that he will get in and that his looks would not be a limiting factor.

But once again, you Smash autists manage to lower the bar for how far a community can sink.

9702c6  No.16689328


>I said it's not out of the realm of possibility that he will get in and that his looks would not be a limiting factor.

And you are completely wrong.

d2f483  No.16689901


>that all should have been factored into the deadline they provided us

Stage Builder was supposed to be a surprise. If they're working on new modes then it's safe to assume that those are also supposed to be a surprise. According to Sakurai, the development on Ultimate began after they finished work on the final DLC for Smash 4. Lets be generous and call that February 3rd 2016, the day that Bayonetta released. Ultimate was announced on March 8th 2018. That's 25 months to develop Inkling, Ice Climbers, Pichu, Young Link, Snake, Pokemon Trainer (2 additional characters), Wolf, Ridley, Simon, King K. Rool, and Incineroar. That's 12 new characters if you exclude 7 new echo fighters, 6 reworked characters, World of Light, Spirits, Stages (4 brand new and 29 upscaled from the 3DS version), classic mode, and a new UI. It's evident that they can develop a character in under a month and the extended deadline they gave themselves is padding for side projects.



If Banjo can get into Smash then Geno is still on the table. The only characters I can see that won't make it into Smash at this point would be Sony reps, PC exclusives, IPs that haven't been on a Nintendo platform, and Indie games. And I'm not entirely sold on the latter.

9702c6  No.16689940

File: d0ab99beaa77992⋯.gif (3.38 KB, 107x96, 107:96, gief-gem-whaaat.gif)



I won't say never but it seems to me Geno has a mountain to climb compared to a character like K. Rool or Ridley.

There is a hierarchy that goes into picking characters for Smash, especially if it's from a series that's already represented.

The hierarchy goes:

Main protagonist(s) > main antagonist>- Secondary protagonists/spinoffs > secondary antagonists.

The main protagonist(s) always gets in first. Then main antagonists are usually right afterwards. If it's a really big series then secondary protagonists or spinoffs follow, followed by secondary antagonists.

Geno, as well as Waluigi, Bandana Waddle Dee and Ashley are none of the above. They are quaternary characters, with Geno and B.W. Dee being tritagonists at best. I guess he's still possible since it all boils down to whether a character is relevant or popular (those seem to be the only two deciding factors anymore), but still, seems like a long shot.

228888  No.16689973

brawl minus for switch when?

d2f483  No.16689997


Geno is a plot point character and as important to Super Mario RPG's story as Peach and Bowser. He'd fall into the secondary protag category simply because he doesn't have the backing of various games and a existing fan base behind him.

>I guess he's still possible since it all boils down to whether a character is relevant or popular

Kind of sort of. Characters like Wii Fit Trainer and Duck Hunt made it into the game (and I guess Ice Climbers to a lesser extent) simply because the developers felt that they would be shocking for players to see them as a playable fighter. It's hard to say whether or no Geno's following is legit or fair weathered since the internet is a cesspool of faggots hopping onto bandwagons to seem relevant and "hip". Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that Sakurai is also a Geno fan and included him as a costume in Smash 4 because of fan demand.

>Comparing anything to Waluigi

Please, we're trying to discuss characters with an actual chance here.

4a23ca  No.16690214

Since we have The Hero I don't think we'll get Geno outside of a Mii costume again at best.

72c7df  No.16690403


Do people actually want Heihachi or do they just think its likely because he was being considered for 4? He seems like an incredibly boring pick to me. Honestly the fact that he was considered for 4 over Pac Man shows how retarded sakurai is.


>stevefags are this delusional

I thought Banjo had finally killed them all.


Geno was just the original reddit meme pick before they all moved onto Waluigi. At least Waluigi has some character and not just 'he can do max damage in this old JRPG'

1eea99  No.16690431


Geno is the last highly demanded character since melee/brawl

1eea99  No.16690465

It's gonna be Yuri Lowell/Lloyd Irving

The last DLC is gonna be a Wild Card

e2aee1  No.16690514

File: e47c721daeb12a1⋯.jpg (65.39 KB, 673x676, 673:676, IMG_20190302_112002.jpg)


I'm not saying that Steve is necessarily going to make it in, im just saying that him getting in smash is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Theres a checklist of qualifications to get in smash and Steve meets all of them.

I mean people even said similar things about your boy Banjo for years and look what recently happened with him? He got in.

3f9b55  No.16690644

File: c5b56b322d3eba0⋯.webm (10.4 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Digimon Adventure - Warp ….webm)

File: 5882dc0267144bf⋯.jpg (51.93 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Agumon_Collectors_Child_Ca….jpg)

File: 1e334b9b85fba79⋯.jpg (59.56 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Wargreymon_re_collectors.jpg)

>Digimon movie set for 2020 in the states

>focuses on Agumon and Tai

>Digimon Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memories is being released on Switch and PC in october, around the time when the next smash fighter should be revealed

I can see it now…

>pokemon characters are fighting in Dharkon's world and it's a clusterfuck

>one of them gets slammed into a wall and it fractures

>a little yellow thing comes through the crack in the wall

>"Oh good, I was looking for a fight!"

>Agumon Logs in!

>shows gameplay

>He fights fiercely but it's a little underwhelming and soon he gets knocked out

>back to cinematic

>"I will never give up!"

>Screen scrolls out "EVOLUTION"


>motherfucking Brave Heart starts playing

>the warp evolution animation plays like this verbatim and he becomes Wargreymon

>Wargreymon is a hell of a lot more powerful

>Finishes with Final Smash: 100% Gaia Force

>is shown to have a mechanic akin to the Rumble Arena games where as he deals and takes damage, it builds his evolution meter

>when it's maximum, he then can warp evolve with higher stats, but it lasts for only a period of time

c18822  No.16691163


Checked, and what does the Agu in agumon's name actually mean?

c18822  No.16691183


Addendum: I've often heard that digimon is the sonic to pokemon's mario, but I personally fail to see the connection. Yes, the former is a rival series that does touch upon darker themes and utilizes gimmicks at times, but the quality of the series blows anything sega's done with the blue rat out of the water. Agufag, what is your take on this assumption that anons have put forth?

f5455c  No.16691304

File: 25d708f9e660648⋯.webm (1.59 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Trash_2.webm)




More like


38e368  No.16691357

File: f40c4dfe1cfba8a⋯.png (459.72 KB, 400x637, 400:637, raddington.png)


Agumon is one of those characters that seems like one hell of a long shot, but if he gets in I'll be happy. Godspeed, Agufags.

b65348  No.16691404

File: 99f684a53a313fe⋯.jpg (207.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Holy Smugness.jpg)


>there's people here who think Smash is a fighting game

72c7df  No.16691510

File: 61fb109dd19273b⋯.png (83.24 KB, 684x727, 684:727, aut.png)


>there's people here

8e7a00  No.16691956


The people here paying for Nintendo Online are the people ruining the game industry

9702c6  No.16692121

File: c5946ab7932725e⋯.png (300.24 KB, 476x334, 238:167, ClipboardImage.png)


Digimon is gay chinese knockoff shit for losers and pedophiles.

Reminder that Angela Anaconda is canon to the Digimon universe.

d2f483  No.16692162


>At least Waluigi has some character

He's about as much of a character as Piranha Plant. Being well known or having character doesn't seem to be a factor anymore. If there were an assist trophy fighter pass then maybe, but there's no way he's a fighter this time around. If there was an assist trophy pass then I'd prefer Knuckles, Alucard, Zero, Bomberman, and Dillon over Waluigi anyways. Guile, Krystal, Ghirahim, Spring Man, and Takamaru are also good picks.

544e69  No.16692168


>angela anaconda

99% sure that that was just added to the English dub of the Digimon Movie, and not included in the original. The English version of the movie chopped it up, heavily edited it, lowered its' runtime by almost an hour, and otherwise turned it into a mockery. So no, it's not canon.

Fuck off, (((anti-digimon))) niggerkike.

8aaea7  No.16692241


Geno is the Holy Grail of Smash requests. It would truly be an event if by some miracle he got in.

040466  No.16692267

File: bed6ff61e807127⋯.png (30.83 KB, 355x213, 5:3, clippy.PNG)


Angela Anaconda is confirmed for Smash unlike Digaymon.

f5455c  No.16704559

File: 62012faab2d4501⋯.png (475.21 KB, 603x781, 603:781, nintendrones.png)


ae79ab  No.16705345

File: 8e6f6c9a5d531cb⋯.png (414.72 KB, 612x460, 153:115, ClipboardImage.png)

I miss you so much.

bf6b2f  No.16705350


I'll never forget event 51

bf6b2f  No.16705357




Waaaah xD

f5455c  No.16709385


It's a shame really.

624f5a  No.16712232

File: 7eee5d8386cd375⋯.png (18.74 KB, 768x768, 1:1, smash ball.png)

Anons i wanted to get Smash ultimate, but i am hearing some mixed opinions about it, mainly about how the previous ones were better and how this one despite the huge roster is lacking many others aspects especially single player mode, so i wanted your opinion first.

Is it good?

Apart from local and online multiplayer, is there a decent single player content?

Is it fun?

what about its longevity?

f5455c  No.16712242


Ultimate is much better than Brawl and WiiU. That said it has much less content than the previous two games. World of Light should be renamed World of Shit. Spirits are a shitty concept, and all of the potential newcomers other than K Rool, Ridley, Inkling, Simon, Isabelle and Incineroar are either Mii costumes or Assist Trophies. Basically get it cheap if you have a Switch, or wait for the next game if it has a new lead developer.

624f5a  No.16712280


Thanks anon.

f5455c  No.16712285


It's not as good as Melee or Project M, and there's an 8 frame lag which is really off putting. Although casually the game is pretty fun.

9702c6  No.16712322

File: f4bbda444acb6eb⋯.jpg (19.04 KB, 320x240, 4:3, garfglare.jpg)


>Is it good?


>Apart from local and online multiplayer, is there a decent single player content?

No, unless you count walking around a pencil sketch drawing board completing pointless broken challenges to collect floating jpegs "decent". There aren't even any trophies anymore.

>Is it fun?


>what about its longevity?

I'm sure it has plenty due to Nintendo pushing its esports cancer as well as wanting to milk it for years wwith DLC.

112ef2  No.16712441


smash is supposed to be a casual game though

035e8d  No.16712446


>smash is supposed to be a casual game though

yes, you can tell just by the default options.

·All Stages with their gimmicks allowed

·All items on (and never implementing an indicator for where an item will spawn shortly)

·Score for the default Time battles is hidden.

dc2e8e  No.16713232


>esports cancer

I never gave a single fuck about esport cancer and its nigger faggot community, and people who do should be ashamed of themselves.

624f5a  No.16713382

File: 24de4d0d2454153⋯.jpg (121.05 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, Metal slug.jpg)

File: c5d8b0f552d7d7f⋯.png (119.69 KB, 400x335, 80:67, Waluigi Boyacki.png)




I still think that Crash being in the hands of Activision is one of the greatest tragedies of VG history.

Not that Nu-NaughtyDog and that israeli kike faggot would have been any better

I personally would like to see Marco Rossi from Metal Slug as a SNK rep with Tarma, Eri and Fio as alternates.

Also daily reminder that Waluigi is just a shameless copy of Boyacki from Yatterman (pic related)

4a8a5d  No.16713425


>Steve himself is a very bland and uninteresting character who is meant to fill as a blank canvas for the player to insert themselves into.

No, he's meant to be a blank canvas for the developer to fill in.

bee23a  No.16713445

File: 040f669ff320bcb⋯.jpg (8.83 KB, 150x352, 75:176, dick dastardly.jpg)


Big-nosed mustachioed kikes villains are not a new concept.

8aaea7  No.16713708

File: 0fbc6adb1dadfbb⋯.png (246.73 KB, 405x417, 135:139, Foreman Spike.png)

File: b6fd378ed0f1ead⋯.png (801 B, 50x71, 50:71, Foreman Spike (Wrecking Cr….png)


Especially not for Mario. Foreman Spike predated both Wario and Walugi. Hell his (in my opinion terrible) redesign in Wrecking Crew 98' predated Waluigi and the both pretty much have the same nose.

c00b7b  No.16713777

You didn't hear it from me, but the last DLC characters are Phoenix Wright and Nightmare.

9702c6  No.16713804


>Meme trash

>Edgiest swordfag

The days of good characters are long gone.

954371  No.16713817

File: dc2418122c0df78⋯.png (344.44 KB, 500x435, 100:87, 1439255143641.png)


>Phoenix Wright

>meme trash

9702c6  No.16713849


Fuck off cancer you already ruined MVC3 with this shitty character who can't fight. He doesn't need to be in another game.

76453e  No.16713933

File: 3de9825d2f5f575⋯.png (467.38 KB, 480x700, 24:35, ass_blassum.png)


>a character ruined marvel

Marvel was ruined by being a shit game.

471d5e  No.16713938


That's more MvC Infinite

8aaea7  No.16713948


>yet another capcom character

they already have 3, fuck off

Third-party will forever be a mistake.

d4baf8  No.16715356


>>Main and Secondary?

<Link and Lucario

>>Reached Elite Smash already and with who?

<N/A yet.

>>Recent tournament placing?


>>Hopes for DLC and Balance Patches

<make a Baten Kaitos character join, otherwise I have no other DLC hopes beyond Home Run Contest, Smash Run, and Board the Platforms returns

>>Expectations for Hero and Banjo

<to not suck

15aa53  No.16715375


MvC wasn't ruined by corporate pushing for the MCU and cutting the x-men off the franchise, but by one of the best characters to be added in the franchise. Sure.

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