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File: aef5dbb9cab8dc2⋯.webm (1.11 MB, 597x309, 199:103, ifyougethisyouarewellcult….webm)

File: 605b13927b348de⋯.webm (2.14 MB, 720x540, 4:3, rockon.webm)

File: cd4fb861381d276⋯.webm (4.06 MB, 640x480, 4:3, rockingbeat.webm)

File: 1e4b32eaae2c9d3⋯.webm (3.58 MB, 1280x848, 80:53, nipponeseshooting.webm)

File: fb71b347c0a20db⋯.webm (2.03 MB, 588x524, 147:131, past.webm)

195337  No.16653762

Use command

>ffmpeg -i audioname.mp3 -r 1 -loop 1 -i imagename.jpg -c:v libvpx -crf 20 -b:v 0 -g 120 -sn -c:a libopus -b:a 128k -shortest -map_metadata -1 output.webm

in ffmpeg to make.

cf6477  No.16653950

File: 609733d010dcf5b⋯.mp4 (4.5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, EuropeanInvader.mp4)

File: 291a54c10d0f07e⋯.mp4 (5.65 MB, 640x360, 16:9, AmericanInvader.mp4)

199f3c  No.16653987


Second one is gerudo valley from super smash 4.

ff928c  No.16654764

File: 770f216d7265779⋯.mp4 (8.26 MB, 134x300, 67:150, ?.mp4)

028e11  No.16654788

File: 45941ef5f60699c⋯.webm (4.97 MB, 640x480, 4:3, htbg.webm)

File: 140cb715407addf⋯.webm (4.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sora_-_Suguri_II_15_Grand….webm)

File: af69d12209d008f⋯.webm (892.25 KB, 131x160, 131:160, Tangledeep_title.webm)

fc9433  No.16655908


First one is from Shantae, second one is Gerudo Valley~

d96aeb  No.16655916

File: 571bdae5f7e61d3⋯.webm (2.06 MB, 50x50, 1:1, stg boss 1.webm)

Hint, if you play stgs at all you should know this.

9df821  No.16655998

File: ac8b4c001b2becd⋯.webm (9.09 MB, 2405x1906, 2405:1906, Black Magick SS - Crusade….webm)


c0836a  No.16656045


>clicked first webm

>instantly recognized Shantae

I listened to the OST way too much there was also that one long webm with her dancing extremely suggestively I used to watch often instead of porn. Worked wonders

c0836a  No.16656048


Not sure if you're retarded or renaming the titles to trick us. If that isn't the title for the third game then someone tag me when someone finds it out. I like it.

96c648  No.16656053

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The game is, in fact, tangledeep. And that's the track that plays on the titlescreen.

c0836a  No.16656059


I see, very nice. I like that music.

>go to upload something myself

>it's all mp3 so I can't upload it

>can't be fucked to convert it because the sites I use only do webm-mp3 and not the other way round

9df821  No.16656060


>here was also that one long webm with her dancing extremely suggestively I used to watch often instead of porn. Worked wonders

You better share it.

c0836a  No.16656561


I'd love to but it was over a year ago now, had to delete my collection and forgot to back up that specifically.

I feel the need to go find it pretty badly now though, I'll search later

726eb1  No.16656626

File: abeedfa04cfe443⋯.webm (4.71 MB, 1182x890, 591:445, shawntea.webm)

File: 7095f8049e717f7⋯.webm (3.02 MB, 460x703, 460:703, checkem.webm)

File: 0223bfba62f4e46⋯.webm (4.98 MB, 853x712, 853:712, trip.webm)



My niggas giving well deserved love to Scuttle Town from Shawntea. Love me some Half-Genie Hero.

I very rarely guess anything in these so here are a few easy ones for people who are as bad as me. I'm so bad with music I managed to play through Max Payne and Quake without noticing that the soundtrack was missing. I also played through the entire Halo 3 campaign completely mute.

c0836a  No.16656695


>first one

I know that fucking song. Is that also Shantae? It sounds different though. Not sure about the second, I want to say Deus Ex but I don't think it is. As for the third one, I have no clue. I was thinking Silent Hill at first but it's definitely not. I think I recognize parts of it, is it from a metroidvania?

726eb1  No.16656696

File: ba1f8bb71629217⋯.webm (2.03 MB, 660x126, 110:21, uradumdum.webm)


there's instructions on how to make a webm right there in OP, you quadruple nigger

726eb1  No.16656712


You're close on all three.

First is similar to Shantae in a lot of ways.

You got the engine right on the second.

And yes, the third one is a bit of a metroidvania, but they came up with an even more retarded term for it.

c0836a  No.16656727


Do you want to fight faggot? I'm too lazy

I found a way that is a bit longer but it'll get the job done


OH it's fucking iconoclasts isn't it? Desert area. Fucking great music. Still no idea for the second or third though. I don't remember reading up Deus Ex's engine so I'm at a loss there. Mine are pretty easy but they're not quite games.

>invalid webm

ok, have the mp4's instead.

fucking mp4's apparently don't have the right fucking codecs. I'll do the other shit later if it's going to be this fucking pedantic

726eb1  No.16656744

File: 7af0e550f2aca53⋯.webm (4.96 MB, 1050x883, 1050:883, best_comic_in_recent_year….webm)

File: 913695fa217be98⋯.webm (4.81 MB, 570x321, 190:107, topcuntpunt.webm)

File: 27b92e52385b748⋯.webm (3.21 MB, 1266x797, 1266:797, shouldhaveusedthesecondtr….webm)


Das rite, Iconoclasts it is.

How hard is it to download ffmpeg, copy the script posted in OP, place music and image files into the executable location and write their names in the script?

c0836a  No.16656755

File: 8c8ae8b637641ba⋯.png (13.41 KB, 80x103, 80:103, low res.png)


I'm not good with this shit, I have to get up a fucking tutorial because it's confusing that and it's hot, I'm tired and now I'm getting pissed off because cmd is gay and I HATE IT

My brain isn't built for shit like this, just give me some visuals and I'm fine.

726eb1  No.16656765

File: d0d829d0f4070c4⋯.webm (5.42 MB, 1724x738, 862:369, whipitout.webm)


I've already spoonfed you too much, faggot.

c0836a  No.16656828


sorry I'm retarded anon

e6c494  No.16656909

File: 0470ea901eb5cd8⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1280x1659, 1280:1659, 0470ea901eb5cd879ef08f47f3….png)


Marriage is an affirmation of a shared interest in the future.

Fear doesn't really factor into it, people don't get married because they're afraid of the future, they get married because they want to make shared investments into the future.

Is an insurance policy something you're able to extract positive value out of? No, it's there to cover your loss in the eventuality of tragedy. A savings account is a more apt analogy since those exist solely for the purpose of investment and extraction of long term positive value.

And no, being married to someone doesn't mean they will love you forever, or that you will feel the same towards them. A healthy marriage is only maintained if the both of you make appropriate sacrifices in acknowledgment of your counterpart's interests and your shared ones.

Kinda like how a savings accounts that you extract too much value out of without putting anything into will become empty — and then what will you be leaving for your children?

726eb1  No.16656997

File: e439117c69231bf⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 11.27 MB, 482x600, 241:300, cute girl petting her huge….mp4)


yeah, I know, but it fits in the context of the comic where Fred is afraid of losing Velma for some shitty reason.

You gonna post or guess any music tracks?

c0836a  No.16657063


>those arpeggios

fuck I came, you better post the source if no one figures this out

967406  No.16657084


Feels like it's from Rule of Rose

c0836a  No.16657455


Not sure, I've never heard the song before but at the same time it feels a little familiar.

a56add  No.16657524



You mean Wilma.

cf6477  No.16657699

File: f5cc12761bad5ff⋯.mp4 (3.82 MB, 640x360, 16:9, hot_sweaty_sex_in_the_Myst….mp4)

810c0c  No.16657725

jeeze there is so much cp hidden in this thread it's actually amusing

726eb1  No.16657824

File: a917662407243cd⋯.webm (2.92 MB, 400x300, 4:3, you're_dead_to_me_canopen….webm)





my bad. I'm gonna guess it's one of the earlier Leisure Suit Larry games.

e0801a  No.16657831


1st is from Red Alert 2.


Godot's theme from AA3

726eb1  No.16657836

c0836a  No.16658159

>still no answer for the cute girl petting her pussy

if someone doesn't answer it correctly I will destroy every single one of you

726eb1  No.16658197

File: d41cdcde8023b84⋯.webm (4.15 MB, 1024x689, 1024:689, you_already_got_em.webm)

File: b75a5ca068d4778⋯.webm (2.67 MB, 1214x682, 607:341, These_aren't_my_glasses.webm)

File: 18d0ebe420fc63a⋯.webm (5.09 MB, 1583x764, 1583:764, These_pretzels_made_me_th….webm)

People don't seem to be interested for some reason. Usually these threads hit the bump limit within a couple of days.

Let's do some baiting.

ff928c  No.16658249

File: dd9429a654cbf8e⋯.mp4 (10.89 MB, 298x300, 149:150, ??.mp4)


Could be that it was made too soon after the last one. Some topics need time for interest to rise again. Also the general issue with the media server shitting itself of late could be preventing them from opening at particular hours.

726eb1  No.16658258


I completely forgot about the last one, now that you mention it. But yeah, media server seems to be shitting the bed especially hard around these hours (euro day?)

ff928c  No.16658267


It's odd. I recall years back, late night/early morning NA hours were about the only time you could reliably get embed larger than a few dozen KB to go through, and even simply text could have issues. But then again, the entire site was breaking, the code "rotting" as I think I saw put. I kind of miss those days; discussion quality felt higher in retrospect. Differences in what people wanted to discuss with frequency as well.

da7dba  No.16658289


If you're on winjews look up chocolatey.

bb079d  No.16658326

File: 022f7fde5f6bc60⋯.webm (4.94 MB, 650x434, 325:217, 1.webm)

File: 4fb99e13d1691e7⋯.webm (5.12 MB, 690x388, 345:194, 2.webm)

File: 00db9dc829fb190⋯.webm (5.68 MB, 730x493, 730:493, 3.webm)

Reposting shit that wasn't guessed last thread

bb079d  No.16658362

File: b6e108d9df4a064⋯.webm (3.43 MB, 350x444, 175:222, 6.webm)

File: 487cb3cb77f0f35⋯.webm (4.94 MB, 960x720, 4:3, 7.webm)

File: 8078cc6fc2bc54b⋯.webm (3.43 MB, 858x993, 286:331, 8.webm)

bb079d  No.16658386

File: 2c447097f7e73fa⋯.webm (5.25 MB, 661x451, 661:451, 5.webm)

File: 5c68f307371ab66⋯.webm (591.88 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 9.webm)

File: 24a6aa2d52e6f9d⋯.webm (2.05 MB, 320x224, 10:7, 10.webm)

File: bb2fe2228fe7226⋯.webm (4.17 MB, 540x540, 1:1, 13.webm)


I fucked up, 8 was guessed last time

726eb1  No.16658430


9 is Sopranos: The Video Game.

1ab7e7  No.16658461

File: 334d4742cf377a9⋯.webm (2.23 MB, 428x410, 214:205, 2.webm)

File: 95336a64674d704⋯.webm (2.6 MB, 960x720, 4:3, 3.webm)

File: 339b905f21982ef⋯.webm (2.53 MB, 600x692, 150:173, 4.webm)

File: 544a3bed63e0d4f⋯.webm (2.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1.webm)

ez mode except not quite games that was a lot easier than last night, I'm surprised I managed to find that difficult

bb079d  No.16658491

File: a844fd24e822b8e⋯.webm (6.45 MB, 900x900, 1:1, 16.webm)

File: 96b215c7474837e⋯.webm (3.83 MB, 259x194, 259:194, 19.webm)

File: 0c3c504f1268cc8⋯.webm (996.64 KB, 451x300, 451:300, 23.webm)

File: 5bf7c9cf8988588⋯.webm (3.54 MB, 644x600, 161:150, 24.webm)


The game in 9 predates the Sopranos entirely so no.

e334a4  No.16658514


4 is from Ever 17

1ab7e7  No.16658536


yes I was going to title it washing machine but I felt like it'd be too easy

25e4ba  No.16658690




Without looking properly, I clicked the 4th one and immediately thought "What the fuck are these faggots on about, that's from Muv-Luv Alter Fable's volleyball minigame."

Then I realized my error.

1ab7e7  No.16658871



Never played alter fable? whats that?

b1e729  No.16659038

File: a12cf9449ed9529⋯.webm (3.57 MB, 738x434, 369:217, cuhrayzeedrifingintensifi….webm)

File: b3475232d1a9284⋯.webm (2.66 MB, 480x300, 8:5, perfect snowball.webm)

File: c7b441de3310e61⋯.webm (3.18 MB, 640x480, 4:3, tibbers.webm)


#10 is from Fight'N Rage


#24 is from Metal Slug 6

Gonna try to post some too, 1st one is babby mode.

726eb1  No.16659076


Second one is painful to hear again. Thanks a lot.

1ab7e7  No.16659170


You can't just not give the answer anon

726eb1  No.16659211


Fine, it's Spiral Knights.

5fa3cf  No.16659225


It's a story that could potentially take place after all is said and done in Alternative, in a time and place more closely resembling Extra.

It ISN'T a continuation of Alternative though, and you are explicitly reminded of this because fuck you, it's not, quit it with your escapism.

There's a beach volleyball minigame at one point. It reuses that song. Best of luck when you try to beat it.

726eb1  No.16659248

File: 9deae7ae06179f7⋯.jpg (134.85 KB, 967x398, 967:398, reddit can be fun sometime….jpg)


fuck outta here, reddit shit

1ab7e7  No.16659500


Fucking spiral knights? Jesus. Now I'm sad too. Why does that game have such sad music though.


>and you are explicitly reminded of this because fuck you, it's not, quit it with your escapism.

I fucking hated/loved the ending for that vn honestly. It's great because everything's happen in the original world but then what the fuck happens to beta? I'd assume earth would manage to win but yeah the lack of escapism.

I did look it up though, looks alright. Might give it a try but I don't think I want to bring those memories back up again. Great visual novel but fuck it was depressing.

6cdda9  No.16659582


Why's nobody guessed your songs yet, OP? You going for some "my favorite cult hits" games thing? #2 sounds like something out of MMBN but I can't quite place it, its driving me crazy

b1e729  No.16660027

File: ad7b02154aa7b9c⋯.webm (4.62 MB, 864x607, 864:607, angery.webm)

File: b657c3267821204⋯.webm (4.2 MB, 500x307, 500:307, planet busta.webm)

File: 8207aaf5b8ff24a⋯.webm (4.42 MB, 496x305, 496:305, space wizards.webm)



Correct. I too am sad for what it had become, it's such a waste of potential. I can only hope someday we'll have a game as fun, cute and comfy as this without the f2p mmo cancer plaguing it…


>Why does that game have such sad music though.

This particular one plays on cold themed levels, giving it that "walking outside alone on a snowy day" feel or something like that. Not every music should either jolly or angry.

Also someone can explain to me why ffmpeg is fucking up the images I use?

aa5a22  No.16660158

File: 33f7b29ca83538d⋯.webm (1.01 MB, 225x225, 1:1, Q3.webm)

File: b4d2be52de3b672⋯.webm (3.48 MB, 1406x1891, 1406:1891, E1.webm)

File: 117224090798432⋯.webm (1.65 MB, 1260x1086, 210:181, E6.webm)


I now have a awful, heavy & disgusting feeling in my chest after reading that image.

I think I just took damage to my soul.

bb079d  No.16660399

File: 2f0111bc9db3577⋯.webm (1.68 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 25.webm)

File: d84c2ff0223bddd⋯.webm (3.83 MB, 500x328, 125:82, 26.webm)

File: c1df8d8ecbc8617⋯.webm (4.24 MB, 800x527, 800:527, 27.webm)

File: 390e3692722b23d⋯.webm (3.95 MB, 1000x664, 125:83, 28.webm)

File: 3af0304ad02842d⋯.webm (960.59 KB, 796x597, 4:3, 29.webm)


>#10 is from Fight'N Rage

>#24 is from Metal Slug 6


How the fuck has 23 not been found yet

bb079d  No.16660448

File: 2e34d90aa584519⋯.webm (913.21 KB, 159x318, 1:2, 30.webm)

File: 934ca66df2355ce⋯.webm (3.33 MB, 700x270, 70:27, 31.webm)

File: dbd0bc35f0878cd⋯.webm (4.02 MB, 640x352, 20:11, 32.webm)

File: fbdbbcb640c3939⋯.webm (2.9 MB, 600x338, 300:169, 33.webm)

File: dc8be2cbdfa8e38⋯.webm (3.2 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, 34.webm)


That's from El shaddai, the motorcycle chase part I think


I can guess it's most likely it's from CAVE, fuck if I could tell you which one


Fucking first one got me thinking aobut it for way too long, that's the Bionic Commando remake.

ff928c  No.16660456


>That's from El shaddai, the motorcycle chase part I think


d6863b  No.16660463


First webm is Disco Ball from Ridge Racers

726eb1  No.16660476


Q3 is Ghost Master.


28 almost sounds like it was on GBA and the last part of 29 sounds like Smash Bros Ultimate theme around the "Undying light" lyrics


>Bionic Commando ReArmed

correct, great soundtrack, great everything, perfect example of a remake done right.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess 30 is from Fatal Frame considering how obvious of a tip 33 had (I already posted a track from that game earlier),

bb079d  No.16660491

File: 99f9c3a6c563f52⋯.webm (2.38 MB, 636x358, 318:179, 35.webm)

File: 6d6f9911eb8b06f⋯.webm (2.76 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 36.webm)

File: 7d3495e6122b583⋯.webm (1.57 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 37.webm)

File: 3f1625fbec08a31⋯.webm (1.49 MB, 1015x1109, 1015:1109, 38.webm)

File: bbafc08cb302119⋯.webm (2.31 MB, 500x375, 4:3, 39.webm)

Now for a few actually hard ones mostly 35 / 36


>28 almost sounds like it was on GBA

Nope, PS1 / PC, although the PC version doesn't have the low quality OST and it's missing that track and a few other ones.

>29 sounds like Smash Bros Ultimate theme around the "Undying light" lyrics

Nope, the image is a clue although a not necessarily obvious one

>I'm gonna go ahead and guess 30 is from Fatal Frame


>(I already posted a track from that game earlier),

Fug, it's the same track even (well OST version vs ingame version but whatever), how'd I miss that one

1885b7  No.16660501

File: 32e999150e38816⋯.webm (1.72 MB, 685x243, 685:243, guess.webm)

File: f96cda7372827bf⋯.webm (2.36 MB, 501x591, 167:197, guess2.webm)

Reposting 1 that wasn't guessed last thread, and one from a game that someone beat me to posting last thread Was it last thread? There might have been a thread between then and now, I really can't remember at this point

bb079d  No.16660538

File: 7d8a6936ab6b91b⋯.webm (3.71 MB, 800x445, 160:89, 40.webm)

File: c1f7aa014391c85⋯.webm (3.28 MB, 1024x773, 1024:773, 41.webm)

File: 54a53b64be3c510⋯.webm (1.53 MB, 524x1165, 524:1165, 42.webm)

File: 9b2182af6484fb4⋯.webm (1.2 MB, 800x517, 800:517, 43.webm)

File: b3317b455b26e2e⋯.webm (2.26 MB, 524x1165, 524:1165, 44.webm)


Second one is Legend of Legaïa, the regular overworld theme

1885b7  No.16660540



As for the first one, since it wasn't guessed when I last posted it, I'll give a small hint; it's a GBA game

bb079d  No.16660550

File: 77efb1f4dcb5352⋯.webm (2.17 MB, 475x405, 95:81, 44.webm)


Well I fucked up and I can't be arsed to delete it, pretend I posted the right image for 44

aa5a22  No.16660577


>Q3 is Ghost Master


726eb1  No.16660677



I would have never guessed it was Sheep Raider. Didn't play it myself, the music doesn't seem to fit at all.

012bbd  No.16660697


Is that The Neverhood?


Fucking damn the second one sounds so familiar but I can't place it for the life of me.

6d1e18  No.16660714

File: ec1a21c8fdecddd⋯.webm (2.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, dragdogma.webm)

File: 38cecb1db84ec7f⋯.webm (7.47 MB, 480x268, 120:67, Armored Core For Answer A….webm)

File: b0fcaff0fb44b80⋯.webm (5.57 MB, 500x456, 125:114, ar tonelico.webm)

So why did this thread turned into "guess the game" anyway?

726eb1  No.16660718

File: 6aad359ddb4f4e1⋯.jpg (68.13 KB, 750x720, 25:24, 6aad359ddb4f4e1b3b2eafa8a7….jpg)





it's a shooter


did you post in the wrong thread or completely misread the title in the first place?

bb079d  No.16660719


>Post Vidya Music, Others Guess What Game It Is From

>Guess What Game It Is From

Truly no one could have foreseen this happening.

93f97d  No.16660724


First is Bionic Commando, second is Payday 2 I think and the third is Serious Sam even though I'm not even sure whether the version with the vocals play in any of the games

6d1e18  No.16660728

File: 3d2d47e8770b7d6⋯.png (842.74 KB, 681x454, 3:2, linux.png)



Guess my brain removed the entire op from memory as soon as I saw

>use ffmpeg

93f97d  No.16660732

File: 20894baa5480e1f⋯.webm (2.73 MB, 339x480, 113:160, aerial_diagonal.webm)

File: 2b3f1b459284154⋯.webm (2.96 MB, 756x480, 63:40, pizzaparlormemories.webm)

File: 50ae3e6c41c9786⋯.webm (2.01 MB, 334x480, 167:240, bloody battle.webm)

File: bd2f68ae178739c⋯.webm (3.05 MB, 847x480, 847:480, sequel never.webm)

File: b24656cd613a3c1⋯.webm (2.81 MB, 1026x480, 171:80, katwa shoujo.webm)


93f97d  No.16660761

File: 95655eff0d74180⋯.webm (3.92 MB, 254x283, 254:283, annoyingrunt.webm)

Anyways, since I'm lazy and don't want to download an MP3 for each WebM, I made a script which just lets me download the music I want from YouTube using youtube-dl. Note that you need to have youtube-dl installed and appended to your PATH for this to work.

@echo off
set output=C:\Your\Webm\Gets\Output\Here\
set images=C:\Your\Images\Are\In\This\Folder\

youtube-dl -f bestaudio –extract-audio –audio-format mp3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v^=%~1 -o convertme.mp3

ffmpeg -i convertme.mp3 -r 1 -loop 1 -i %images%%~2 -c:v libvpx -crf 20 -b:v 0 -sn -c:a libopus -b:a 128K -shortest -map_metadata -1 -metadata title="%~3" -threads 4 -g 120 "%output%%~3.webm"
del "convertme.mp3"

Save this in a .bat file and open it from cmd with: "guessthread.bat YCepc0rxZng meme.jpg nobodywillguessthisone" where the first argument is the part of a YouTube video URL after the ?v=, the second one is your image filename, and the third is the name of your WebM. Change the output and image variables to your output and image folder filepaths respectively.

726eb1  No.16660763

File: 50d29ec5b701bc5⋯.jpg (132.09 KB, 1035x964, 1035:964, why man.JPG)


correct on all 3, the Serious Sam one is just the original uncut version of the song by Undercode called Freedom (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-XPbN4tBvY)


filename of the lenin one suggests fighting game, but it sounds more like some arcade SHMUP to me for some reason

I'm going to guess all of your webms are from fighting games

e0801a  No.16660766


E1 is Guilty Gear XX #Reload


2nd is Raiden II

93f97d  No.16660772


it is a fighting game

and bloody battle is more of a reference to the composer of the track



012bbd  No.16660802



Which PD2 track is that? I can't find it on the soundtrack anywhere.

aa5a22  No.16660809


1st is SF3

726eb1  No.16660810

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hold on Tight

012bbd  No.16660820


Thank you so much, being unable to place that was driving me up the wall. I knew I'd heard it a hundred times, but couldn't figure out exactly where.

fa323d  No.16660846


E6 is going to drive me nuts, I know I've heard it but I can't remember.

1ab7e7  No.16660939


>giving it that "walking outside alone on a snowy day" feel or something like that

I see, I had played it years ago but couldn't remember that song.

>Not every music should either jolly or angry.

I agree but the look of spiral knights doesn't scream dark and melancholic music to me. It's like having a bright and bubbily looking world, like the game where you shoot tomatoes and red shit but then there's immensely depressing music.

>Also someone can explain to me why ffmpeg is fucking up the images I use?

What's it fucking up?

>tfw don't have enough music from games downloaded so I can't partake

a0a0c3  No.16660953


Is it possible to play the Payday games solo? I've always had a passing interest in them but people shit on Payday 2 so hard I never knew whether it was worth spending money on it, and I never even knew Payday The Heist existed before I was aware of 2. I've thought of pirating them but I didn't know if there was even a point without multi.

1ab7e7  No.16660965


Yeah but not well. AI is shit in two at least but solo would be hard. Especially in the harder difficulties.

a0a0c3  No.16660987


Would 1/2 be worth buying at it's current price? 2 is on sale for 4.50 and 1 for 7.50 for some reason. It looks like 2 still has a community of people to play with, 1 has a recent peak of like 50 players.

1ab7e7  No.16660988


I'd say if you don't mind supporting the absolute kikery from the devs, buy 2 but you should pirate it and find some friends if you have any to play with you. I know I don't.

93f97d  No.16661886


E6 is Persona 3's Tartarus theme

93f97d  No.16661888


also correct

24f89c  No.16663031

File: 435e75bda4c7eff⋯.webm (5.16 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cross kart.webm)




>I agree but the look of spiral knights doesn't scream dark and melancholic music to me. It's like having a bright and bubbly looking world, like the game where you shoot tomatoes and red shit but then there's immensely depressing music.

While you are indeed on an apparently bright and bubbly world, the fact is you are still stuck on a dangerous planet where almost everything wants to kill you and your comrades. If it was all jolly and happy it would undermine that reality, wouldn't it? Of course it's mostly on darker or ruined places where the more grim/sadder soundtracks play, but most ambient soundtracks are still relatively carefree and comfy to listen to.

That said, you should know they made the game's story quite more grim with certain missions, more notoriously the ones where you have to take a dead knight's sword to his grave as a way to teach you to accept your fate when the time comes before heading on to fight the dark beast in the forest, or have to find a fellow knight who got lost in the search for the Alpha Squad only for you to kill him because he couldn't protect his party and had gone mad because of that. Not to mention about the whole swarm thing either.

>What's it fucking up?

I guess it was the fault of media player I was using, they look fine here…

Also one more, this one should be pretty easy, specially for those who have been joining game nights

bb079d  No.16663084

File: 28ff6acff89a884⋯.webm (4.14 MB, 474x266, 237:133, 45.webm)

File: 7daa03047fe3f65⋯.webm (3 MB, 1200x630, 40:21, 46.webm)

File: ead5afc00d5c20b⋯.webm (2.42 MB, 900x900, 1:1, 47.webm)

File: 7f55053dd7ee0d8⋯.webm (1.78 MB, 892x1000, 223:250, 48.webm)

File: 4f4ff48063f5010⋯.webm (1.75 MB, 276x183, 92:61, 49.webm)

195337  No.16663320


No idea why. 5 is from a relatively recent game (2019 release), 4 is a licensed game that's actually good, and I've seen 1+3 be quite popular

>#2 sounds like something out of MMBN but I can't quite place it, its driving me crazy

There's a good reason for both of those things.

6cdda9  No.16663379



#2 is from Megaman Battle Network Chrono X, Rock the Floor fuck you nigger :^)

195337  No.16663404





726eb1  No.16663925


I hope somebody guesses 45, sounds great.

47 sounds like something from Perfect Dark or MDK.

bb079d  No.16664058

File: 33c3f82b87249ec⋯.webm (980.99 KB, 850x1275, 2:3, 50.webm)

File: 32d1daff924d897⋯.webm (1.92 MB, 800x478, 400:239, 51.webm)

File: d3127b56a4c062a⋯.webm (2.71 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, 52.webm)

File: d4bfd5203df168b⋯.webm (2.33 MB, 612x612, 1:1, 53.webm)

File: dbb213df1593157⋯.webm (3.84 MB, 800x450, 16:9, 54.webm)

54 is basically a freebie if you recognize the artist

726eb1  No.16664088


Jet Set Radio? I know about Fat Boy Slim, but I don't know if I've heard his work in any of the games I've played.JSR not being one of those

bb079d  No.16664094


Only one game with a Fatboy Slim track where fighting a gorilla is also relvant

154937  No.16664507


I never got that far in Spiral Knights to be honest with you, all I remembered was the general gist of it but yeah, the music does make sense now. I always assumed it was a bubbily game. Shame it fell down the p2w path.

ff928c  No.16664557

File: dc2adc3b080bb8d⋯.mp4 (14.94 MB, 300x200, 3:2, ???.mp4)

a493bc  No.16665052


53 - Glider

82cc4c  No.16665093

File: 550cdd4ae8bf3ad⋯.webm (2.87 MB, 660x720, 11:12, test.webm)

bb079d  No.16673354


Yeah, I kinda miss playing that, don't have a classic MAC anymore and the remake is fucking iOS only so fuck that.

195337  No.16677321

>4's pic is a huge hint

>nobody guessed it yet

6a4f31  No.16677487


Um… #1 is from Girls Mode 2… don't ask me how I know…

195337  No.16677519

File: 3f0a00a178a5cc3⋯.jpg (146.97 KB, 400x240, 5:3, パンツを見せてもらえますか.jpg)



Don't be embarrassed. It's a fun series.

6a4f31  No.16677530


Is girls mode 4 any good? I haven't played it yet.

82cc4c  No.16678783

File: 7ac45084644ade5⋯.webm (6.28 MB, 540x540, 1:1, sleepy.webm)


Just realized how disconnected that song is from the game when combined with a mostly unrelated image. Here's another from the same game.

3d08aa  No.16678797

File: 51eea61a1821372⋯.webm (884.58 KB, 750x665, 150:133, professional.webm)

reposting the last one out of of the ones I made that still hasn't been guessed

hint 1: pic is unrelated, title is somewhat related hint 2 if you're a faggot: game is 19 years old as of now

195337  No.16683425


Shit, I know this one but absolutely can't place the other one.

b431d7  No.16683799

File: 863002ba881027a⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 409x427, 409:427, pls no sl.webm)


Hat in Time end sequence

ef3997  No.16684037

File: 600c801a3ce824f⋯.jpg (21.15 KB, 750x694, 375:347, dogcorn (1).jpg)

>paste code in OP into cmd

>set filename and audio I want to use and all

>"audio.mp3: no such file or directory"

82cc4c  No.16684139

File: 73ff81120807b55⋯.webm (3.71 MB, 500x500, 1:1, test.webm)

This one might be obvious if you know the game.


To be fair it's from DLC and may be tricky to get to.

726eb1  No.16684161

File: 6f4b6f098223b13⋯.jpg (130.17 KB, 1027x690, 1027:690, bad file management.jpg)


Xenoblade Chronicles?


you have to put your files in the same directory as the ffmpeg executable

d81a06  No.16684165


Xenoblade Chronicles

ff928c  No.16684359

File: 4e9fef8125f6811⋯.mp4 (14.95 MB, 300x198, 50:33, ????.mp4)



Swing and a miss. Another from the same game.

726eb1  No.16684516


I'd guess Wild Arms, but the audio quality is too good for a PS/PSP game.

e31689  No.16684535


54 is Gekido

e31689  No.16684554

File: d3bfa299b12c406⋯.mp4 (4.28 MB, 484x640, 121:160, get real.mp4)

82cc4c  No.16684903

File: 38f731e11d3fdc5⋯.webm (2.04 MB, 744x552, 31:23, 2019-07-11.webm)


I made a program for easily creating audio webms because fiddling with the command line is stupid and for nerds.


Download here: https://tsun.itch.io/audiotowebm

82cc4c  No.16684909

File: 48ee6b7f839f2c0⋯.webm (5.62 MB, 540x540, 1:1, are-we-alone.webm)

This sounds so different from what it does ingame that I don't even know if it's the same soundtrack.

aff2ee  No.16684969

File: 593ac44e9a80097⋯.mp4 (6.46 MB, 1326x1332, 221:222, it's impossible to find a ….mp4)

498c7f  No.16685110

File: 0620eb25d145810⋯.webm (3.47 MB, 360x360, 1:1, music1.webm)


23 is Silent from Ace Combat 4

4e5d20  No.16685154

File: d5d3532a602c2b4⋯.png (409.71 KB, 638x426, 319:213, Untitled4.png)


>safe web to

not dlofin very promis

498c7f  No.16685156

File: 0c26a4be411ebca⋯.webm (7.65 MB, 365x360, 73:72, music2.webm)

File: e0a9f6b13debec8⋯.webm (4.14 MB, 475x360, 95:72, music3.webm)

File: 16e2b2bb86c9ee3⋯.webm (4.11 MB, 324x500, 81:125, music4.webm)

82cc4c  No.16685198

File: 49896dcdb473260⋯.png (65.16 KB, 625x625, 1:1, 06_161499_1280_1808.png)


>change text from "destination" to "save webm to" at last minute


>itch.io server is slow as fuck, takes like 10 minutes to upload

>finally done

>oh right it needs a screenshot

>better take on-

>notice I mistyped that fucking string spectacularly

>can't be bothered to make new zips and upload again

>decide to just roll with it and hope nobody notices

498c7f  No.16685235


Anon you're converting the audio twice you baka

ff928c  No.16685768


That's because it's from Wild Arms 5 on the PS2. They really went all out on the OST for that one; not sure if it's more the audio quality or the amount of tracks (totaling 109), but the soundtrack had to be split into a two volume, six disc set.

2dbc92  No.16686058

File: cafbfdc02a2c713⋯.webm (1.91 MB, 546x640, 273:320, 1.webm)

012bbd  No.16686094


That's "Indoors" from OneShot. Love that soundtrack.

2dbc92  No.16686119

File: fee625c1558f86f⋯.webm (2.67 MB, 473x192, 473:192, 2.webm)

ef3997  No.16686505


Thanks, I was struggling but then I put my audiofile in a folder that had a document named "dir" and then I tried the code again and this time it said the image was missing and that's when it all clicked. Thanks for the pointer anon.

7464d4  No.16686606

File: 0dec85669426eba⋯.webm (7.46 MB, 320x288, 10:9, output.webm)

Remember that if you're doing a gif, you need -stream_loop 10000 instead of -loop 1, and remove -r, add -pix_fmt yuv420p, and if you want to do 2-pass, you have to replace -shortest with -t [time of your track].

I did this one with

$ ffmpeg -stream_loop 10000 -i erect.gif -i music.ogg -t 8:10 -c:v libvpx-vp9 -b:v 0 -crf 40 -sn -an -map_metadata -1 -pass 1 -f webm -y /dev/null
$ ffmpeg -stream_loop 10000 -i erect.gif -i music.ogg -t 8:10 -c:v libvpx-vp9 -b:v 0 -crf 40 -sn -c:a libopus -b:a 64k -pass 2 -pix_fmt yuv420p -map_metadata -1 output.webm
This one should be easy to guess.

7464d4  No.16686632

File: 865ee9379760fb3⋯.webm (2.04 MB, 226x281, 226:281, minkdance.webm)

It's also possible to speed up or slow down the gif to match the beat of the audio, but that's a pain to do. Here's another pretty easy one, by the way.

23f7b0  No.16686648


Sly Cooper?

aa5a22  No.16686659


dorf fortress


The general melody sounds extremely familiar, but I dont recall from where.

I feel like I've heard the melody with different tone or instrumentation.

726eb1  No.16686954


Oh hey, it's everyone's favorite Metroid.

It was literally my first, so I can't not love it unironically.

726eb1  No.16686995

File: 22f354895088e8a⋯.webm (1.73 MB, 1024x435, 1024:435, output.webm)

File: c0e4e9fa45f0082⋯.jpg (74 KB, 637x381, 637:381, ads.JPG)


your shit doesn't work

7464d4  No.16687424



Correct and correct.


Looks to me like you might have an input with an odd number of pixels in either the horizontal or vertical position, or you've fucked something up. I would need to see the whole command line to say for sure.

You usually need your width and height divisible by 2, so you'd probably have to use -vf 'scale=horizontal:-2'.

Again, it depends on your input. I think libx264 explicitly complains about "width or height not divisible by 2", so it's a little annoying that libvpx-vp9 doesn't.

c69955  No.16687888

File: 9dad1c2e5475275⋯.webm (1.21 MB, 598x304, 299:152, 55.webm)

File: a8b6841f17fe1da⋯.webm (2.59 MB, 600x655, 120:131, 56.webm)

File: de63ceb6ada0c18⋯.webm (1.5 MB, 424x168, 53:21, 57.webm)

File: 794ca5229c628a4⋯.webm (2.5 MB, 618x412, 3:2, 58.webm)

File: 6483adf3af2310b⋯.webm (2.83 MB, 568x59, 568:59, 59.webm)




Fucking finally

b431d7  No.16688309

File: 3fef76dbdd892f3⋯.webm (896.6 KB, 500x233, 500:233, mutters.webm)

cb820b  No.16688325


Just install ffmpeg via chocolatey, this will make it systemwide to use. Same with youtube-dl.

520bbd  No.16688348


59 is from offspring fling that hint prevented me from having an autism>>16687888

eeec49  No.16688547


He is in fact retarded, I would have easily recognized Sora.

4e5d20  No.16688645


Why would I do that, I only have this one user account? That's not even the problem.

The fuck are you talking about?

6d2a4a  No.16689304

>>16687888 (checked)

56 is Cho Ren Sha 68K.

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