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File: c1a9a333bb1702b⋯.jpg (96.25 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg)

File: c558db32195936d⋯.jpg (38.77 KB, 616x353, 616:353, ff6a2c76a7b878b072beb8568a….jpg)

4fb72e  No.16657339

At least with Celeste, the gameplay was decent enough, but are people that easily impressed?

ff27fb  No.16657346

Mental illness is trendy these days.

43249f  No.16657347

Some has the insecurity porn screencap.

4fb72e  No.16657364


but take out all the mental illness shit and what are you left with?

52da75  No.16657373

File: 9b4366a8bb84f4d⋯.jpg (20.7 KB, 500x606, 250:303, adolph.jpg)


9477d3  No.16657376


Post-modernist garbage

55d201  No.16657395

What's with $modern_creation making reference to $modern_issue guys? I really don't understand. As for praise critics will praise any old garbage.

4fb72e  No.16657409

File: 00e0e5dc4843614⋯.jpg (177.28 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg)


>post modernist garbage

Prime example here

2b855b  No.16657412

Media astroturfing.

88e476  No.16657429



Doubtful. Nobody even heard about the game until it won the VGA and maybe that tranny.

43249f  No.16657431


You kidding? Let's players shilled that shit from day one.

485452  No.16657434


wow… so writers living in the current year write about stuff related to the current year, who would have thought about it…………..

c82922  No.16657463


Because using mental illness as a story theme gives mouth breathing retards the illusion that the story is deeper then it is.

bf3000  No.16657476

File: 9aa9fe035bf8a74⋯.jpg (103.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9aa9fe035bf8a74c5943d4cd5b….jpg)


isn't their a surprising number of "indie" games that do this? Depression Quest ,Elude, Hellblade, the Lisa games, etc.

e8c133  No.16657492


>Also why would you write about real life problems instead of cool and fun things, which is why people play videogames in the first place.

Because journalists will give you press for your game. Fucking journalists. FUCK JOURNALISTS, GODDAMMIT.

1cffa3  No.16657493


Hellblade pissed me off. It looked great and had good audio too, but bad gameplay. The concept would have worked well as a video game, girl going into the underworld while also plagued with schizophrenia/demons in her head. They even toyed with it a little, with how one voice would try and lead you astray (despite the game being linear shit). That concept of the voices lying to you or helping you would further put you in the role of Senua, using video games in tandem with the story. One would tell you that a certain enemy can only be countered, so you try it and find out she lied, it cannot be countered at all. Another instance would be some sort of maze where they steer you wrong. Maybe an invisible relationship meter which affects how each voice treats you. One might help you fully but you've spurred the other too much and it will actively overwhelm your hearing so enemy audio cues or environmental hazards aren't audible.

Disappointment. Video games can and should be better, especially if we're in this era of "mature stories".

9e3c3b  No.16657502

Game producers see one successful title and want to cash in on it. They’re driven by investors and not programmers with creative ideas.

8dfa7c  No.16657506

I'd ask why there are no video games about autism but I'm sure I'll get a bunch of meme responses. Having autism is basically like having a「stand」, I'll explain if anybody needs me to.

000000  No.16657513


Lerftists. And this >>16657463


They are all made by leftists, who are all already mentally ill to begin with, being leftists and such. When they are away from consumerism, the only thing that remains is their mental illnesses, as they have no individuality and no personality. They can't think of anything else, so they only write about their mental illnesses all the time. And that includes their degeneracy.

9f2e24  No.16657574

File: 4e2e3ce5833b030⋯.png (273.07 KB, 780x453, 260:151, GAY.png)

the side effect of building a successful civilization with all the commodities and safeties of it, is that the weak multiply like crazy.

can you imagine people in the 14th century talking about how they're depressed or how they feel like they're trapped in the body of the wrong gender? no, because the world was still wild and you had to tough it out or die. you had to work your ass off for raw shitty mediocre food and the black plague was taking the lives of everyone you knew because the french are disgusting pozzed degenerate faggots who don't wash or clean.

90% of mental illnesses are just made up bullshit by people of low genetic quality who have no mental fortitude as they have no need for it because the welfare state provides them all of the privileges and safety of a millenia of hard work by white people.

the other 10% are the legit mental illnesses, shit like Alzheimers, dementia, psychopathy, down syndrome, schizophrenia, et c. those people are not a large enough market share to have games cater to them, games like NitW, and Hellblade tranny Sacrifice are made to pander to that 90% mentioned earlier who think being a bitch is a mental illness because in peak currentyear+4 it became trendy to be a victim, and whats better and easier than saying you're mentally ill? instant victim status.

385f99  No.16657582


Normalniggers think depression and tranny shit are the coolest things ever.

9a2f0c  No.16657590


Insecurity porn.

3ad802  No.16657608

File: 6a21d16fd4f9583⋯.png (746.94 KB, 1200x1093, 1200:1093, 6a21d16fd4f9583cbaa722c859….png)



Because people can easily project with it, funny enough mostly furries, who would have thought?

7fe033  No.16657628


If you think about it, it makes sense. With mental health you either have to study it thoroughly to represent it properly or be not so right in the head yourself. Since drinking the SJW kool-aid puts you in a perpetually stressed and paranoid unhealthy state of mind this results in mentally ill characters being believable and come off as people while more normal characters are just 2-bit cutouts at the best of times.

75ce20  No.16657636


Please do. I would like to hear your opinion.

1388f6  No.16657637


6c22f7  No.16657638


I'm sorry officer I left in my other pants.

75ce20  No.16657640


Didn't the black plague arrive from somewhere unspecified in the east after venetian traders with mice infested ships brought it back?

c64938  No.16657643

File: 1b00e8bcc44bb74⋯.jpg (456.26 KB, 1483x1036, 1483:1036, 1560132321866.jpg)


>Ikumi Nakamura Porn


7d8214  No.16657644



Even before it became cool and trendy to BE mentally ill, mental illness was already cool and trendy. How many well-regarded literary works feature unreliable narrators with schizophrenia?

75ce20  No.16657647


Or, alternatively, it apparently was spread on fields by strange reaper like figures waving scythes around. Black UFOs were also involved. (It sounds more like a legend).

6c22f7  No.16657649


>How many well-regarded literary works feature unreliable narrators with schizophrenia?

Like, 2.

81d829  No.16657677

File: bf1448c3eb42561⋯.jpg (187.22 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, mlady.jpg)


>How many well-regarded literary works feature unreliable narrators with schizophrenia?

The bible.

245a52  No.16657683


>Tips hat

True enough.

5e4057  No.16657874

File: e953c5839debfe9⋯.jpg (94.26 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg)


8bbc37  No.16657927

File: 9084de1ba0c3420⋯.jpg (91.63 KB, 803x1024, 803:1024, DaqNbQSW0AI_e4_.jpg large.jpg)

It's not even about mental illness. It's just cronyism because the devs of these games are hipster friends with people at Polygon and other SJW sites peddling this garbage.

Celeste was utterly mediocre and boring. It was Super Meat Boy without the challenge, and about a girl with anxiety. It handled her anxiety in a completely boneheaded fashion and it was completely moot anyways because you could just activate a no-death option in the menu which is where all the anxiety for the player stems from.

2a0557  No.16657936

File: dfbbb361960cd57⋯.png (176.89 KB, 272x435, 272:435, 5bd6b19651e1bf61c4f496838f….png)


Using mental health (or being gay) as a crux for your story is a tried and test oscarbait left-over from movies, and considering we've been seeing an increasing fascination with trying to be the Oscarbait equivalent of videogames, it's started cropping up more and more. It's a cheap, easy way to seem deeper than what you actually are. Hellblade (which has already been mentioned several times, and won a BAFTA award only further proving the point) or Gone Home are two great examples. It's the snooty movie critic attitude of 'you can't just enjoy schlock, everything you enjoy needs to be depressing, thought-provoking and 2deep4u (so you can brag about how good your taste is and how cultured you are)' that never quite went away, and has instead only migrated to videogames.

424f85  No.16658002


"Eaten by Mice" yea right…

f36656  No.16658042

We should list all of the themes people fall back on when they want you to think their writing is deep

>mental illness

>the horrors of war


>people being old and sad

7f0dd2  No.16658049



You both forgot their favorite

>Daddy issues

a2e9f3  No.16658070


It's self reflection. And quite frankly from the indie shit I know only Lisa did it right.

2eb641  No.16658113

File: dc81152bf7f8bb2⋯.gif (1.2 MB, 411x283, 411:283, anger ichigo.gif)

File: 13b0ce8ece3af4e⋯.gif (851.95 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Anger.Gif.gif)

File: 44f4af11cdc2a0a⋯.gif (2.64 MB, 300x169, 300:169, Reaction;kill.gif)

File: db41a4073b1b9c5⋯.gif (140.3 KB, 206x237, 206:237, MUST DIE.gif)



Hipster and other anti intellectuals are the biggest jack-offs human civilization could ever have. Every word that comes out of their mouth oozes pretentious elementary tier philosophy bullshit that that anyone that can rub two brain cells together can figure out is just mental masturbation for a bunch of emotionally stunted socialites with no meaning in their lives that project every fucking thing wrong in their lives to your average Joe because self introspection would make them realize that they're a bunch of unlikable shitstains that everyone has to put up with because directors and investors think their opinion is the word of god for everyone due to said directors and investors being so high in life that common sense can't reach them. The worse part is that they never leave and turn the medium they infest until it turns into an unsalvageable shit hole like California and repeat the same shit that caused everything to go to hell.

686a85  No.16658118

It's because sadness through melodrama is the easiest way to make someone feel about your game. You then slap on some kind of coming of age or young adult story, where the character goes through a wacky adventure and stops having the big sad, so you appeal both to people feeling nostalgia for their younger years, and people who had boring teenage years and wanted adventure. And of course, your character has to be depressed because their life is ruined or some shit at age 20, because they dropped out of college, or their girl left them so they developed mental issues or some shit. You just slap on all of this shit that makes mental midgets go "haha I was sad and a teenager once haha, this is so me ;_;" and you instantly get a shitload of praise. Compared to, I don't know, Yoko Taro's games or some shit, where the absolute moonman takes a generic fantasy quest about a dad saving his daughter or some sexy robots fighting some rusty robots and crushes your soul purely because the characters are incredible and because he had a surprise "you can only do this in videogames" moment.

also, the only good walking talking simulator is Oxenfree

5c1567  No.16658184



Nigger you serious?

7f0d14  No.16658189


Pretending to be mentally ill is, actual mental illness still really isn't.

And since these soy devs know their tumblr audience, they go whole hog with it of course.

7f0d14  No.16658196


>can you imagine people in the 14th century talking about how they're depressed


5c1567  No.16658227


Yes, but that blatant? I wouldn't expect anything more in-your-face than what Happy Madison has to offer.

7f0d14  No.16658229

ba8166  No.16658241



true, but please tell me how you find it for yourself because im very autistic and cant into words that explain shit

facef3  No.16658247


>and so are their lapdogs.

germans are still jewish lapdogs?

5c1567  No.16658253


>only LISA did it right

how so?

9a2f0c  No.16658294




It falls under prejudice, but

>LGBTQ+ characters with oppressive parents who tell them not to treat their asshole as a sex organ.


4b63a8  No.16658333



Can be a little too broad, but

>Anything that could have been taken from the lyrics of "Imagine" by John Lennon

44b91f  No.16658345


I would be more receptive to the argument that 'video games are art' if these devs weren't so obviously desperate to be seen as artists. This desperation might be making them more obnoxious than their film counterparts.

80ebc0  No.16658384

File: 8f9a4b68236e8d4⋯.pdf (830.07 KB, How to Win Friends and Inf….pdf)


I don't watch YouTube, or pay much attention to modern affairs at all really.


>90% of mental illnesses are just made up bullshit by people of low genetic quality who have no mental fortitude as they have no need for it because the welfare state provides them all of the privileges and safety of a millenia of hard work by white people.

>the other 10% are the legit mental illnesses, shit like Alzheimers, dementia, psychopathy, down syndrome, schizophrenia, et c. those people are not a large enough market share to have games cater to them, games like NitW, and Hellblade tranny Sacrifice are made to pander to that 90% mentioned earlier who think being a bitch is a mental illness because in peak currentyear+4 it became trendy to be a victim, and whats better and easier than saying you're mentally ill? instant victim status.

Anon, back in the 1930s, mental hospitals estimated that, at most, 50% of their patients did have something legitimately wrong in the head. As for the other 50%, they couldn't find a damn thing wrong with them (Whether physically or mentally) other than the fact that the person was in desperate need of attention. That should tell you everything about the state of things.

<If you want to read about it, turn to page 40

4fb72e  No.16658431


LISA didn't spend 10 minutes giving an exposition on Brad's mental state and how we should cry for him. It did show don't tell very well and the game actually had substance.

1d895f  No.16658625



I thought it was spread by the Mongols.

f1e178  No.16658661


Don't got it on hand, but it's the insecurity porn thing that elevates these games in the eyes of subhuman journos. Having their mental instability and emotional fragility pandered to makes these faggots deify weak writing and bad storytelling.

d9bf10  No.16658666


Lisa assumed that the players were intelligent enough to understand depression instead of trying to explain it at every turn. It respected the players enough to do that much, so it was able to focus on the story much more since it wasn't repeating itself. Most post-modernist garbage is just self-aggrandizing propaganda made for the sake of the message; you have to repeat a lie until people believe it, which does not translate well into such an interactive platform.

7fe033  No.16658695


Well they are all failed C-listers that worship Roger Ebert from Hollywood so that's not a surprise.

8aa2e0  No.16658776

File: 54c3c1db516ee8e⋯.gif (1.44 MB, 387x218, 387:218, really nigga.gif)


>Bleach gif

Why on earth would i take one of you seriously?

3c5ed1  No.16658808

Because for the past 12 years and especially the last four the american democratic party realizing their absolute and total unelectability strived to make it as hard as fucking possible to make being a Normal Person in America a dirty awful thing.

Additionally, they also realize mental illness can be acquired rather than being an immutable genetic issue, which means they can make converts of normal society to make dependent political capital that won't/can't ask questions.

In general it's portrayed as a dirty thing to recognize your own mental inadequacies and attempt to mitigate them and being mentally ill is one of the only ways a normal person can redeem themselves from being a normal person.

7d9f9f  No.16659716

>Still pushing the idiotic belief that there is one unified group awarding a singular "Game of The Year", instead of just several dozen separate websites, blogs, magazines, TV shows, and fan groups all choosing their own

A better question is: why is literally every new acclaimed indie game in the last few years been a pixelshit super-meatboy-hard spiky platformer?

b1c92d  No.16659724

File: 4bc45ebf02e90e8⋯.png (111.63 KB, 964x271, 964:271, Insecurity Porn.PNG)



Got you covered.

1a4c8b  No.16659733

a2e9f3  No.16659739


>I don't watch YouTube, or pay much attention to modern affairs at all really.

Be glad. I'm already glad I haven't watch TV or read the news for years now.

ff27fb  No.16659756


Pretending to be mentally ill for attention is probably a sign of mental illness though. And considering the current state of humanity, it isn't a stretch to say that most people actually are insane.

7d9f9f  No.16659783


You know what would be an interesting premise for a game (loosely related to the social problems of autism)? Face-blindness. As someone who actually has this, I feel confident in describing what it's like. Really, it's not so much "blindness" as it is "amnesia". I can tell the difference between two people if they stand side-by-side, but after seeing someone, I just CAN'T REMEMBER what they looked like. If you think of a person you know, a face will pop up in your mind and you can identify them. Well, I can't do that; if I try, I get a blurry hazy image that doesn't look like a face so much as a bunch of symbols and measurements. And it takes MONTHS of being around someone to develop even that, because at first it's just "blank face", and then further details will be filled in over very long periods. I have difficulty telling apart people I've worked with for years sometimes, especially if they show up out-of-context, or change their hairstyle, or just age because I haven't seen them in a few years.

So, where the game element comes in, is that it's a basic RPG where you're the protagonist and you have to accomplish quests and shit. Except this protagonist has "face-blindness/amnesia" so the trick is that there's a lot of characters that just look the fucking same. Literally it's the exact same sprite/model. Oh sure, you can tell apart broad things (like children from adults, men from women, 30-year-olds from 60-year-olds, different races) but little more beyond that. If there are five characters that are all blonde human lolis, they will look EXACTLY THE SAME. And it gets worse because sometimes they'll randomly change their clothes but keep the same face, so if you're relying on remembering their outfit instead of them, you're outta luck. Naturally, there won't ever be names floating above their heads.

Now, at first you're probably thinking this shouldn't affect gameplay, but you'll get socially penalized if you fuck things up. If you accept a quest from someone, and later they ask you about that quest, not knowing what it was (and, by extension, who they are) when asked will make them very angry. It might even cause the quest to fail, or they might want to fight you, and if they were a friend you may lose "friendship points". If you're pursuing a romantic option, and a girl shows up that looks just like her BUT IS NOT her, and you flirt with her because you can't tell the difference, there will be Hell to pay when your real GF finds out.

So in order to not totally fail at this game, you have to start relying on identifying people other than what they look like. Everyone will have slightly different chatter tones accompanying their lines (like different voices) so you can memorize what they sound like. They'll have different daily schedules and tasks so sometimes you can identify them by context, if they're always in the same place at the same time of day. They'll have slightly different mannerisms and styles of speaking, so if you can stall them by small-talking while pretending you know who they are for long enough, you might be able to gather enough information to identify them. But sometimes all of this might fail, so you just have to suck it up and GUESS, and pray to the RNG gods that you aren't wrong.

By the end of this experience, you might come to some level of understanding of what life is like for me.

1f2ccb  No.16659785

File: e8138c8618a7aff⋯.png (102.64 KB, 398x376, 199:188, giga chad todd.png)


I just had to

a2e9f3  No.16659788

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'd say people are bombarded with so much dopamine by all kinds of shit, tv, jewed bland music, useless information you name it, that their brains are on total overdrive which drives them over the edge. I'm not expert on this shit, it's just an observation.

a0bfb4  No.16659792

File: 17737795e2880b8⋯.jpg (480.09 KB, 1320x1020, 22:17, funyarinpa who.jpg)

7d9f9f  No.16659814


>Guess Who but there are no names, half the people look the same, and if you guess wrong you get fired from your job in real life

e1cfec  No.16659821


Are you also unable to recognize voices or speech patterns or something?

270004  No.16659828

File: 6dc3f1739dabf34⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 400x384, 25:24, hold the fuck up heavy.jpg)


>Having autism is basically like having a「stand」


a2e9f3  No.16659830

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Just call him an autist and be done with it.

e1cfec  No.16659843


I don't suspect him of being an autist I suspect him of being an underachiever.

I know someone who has a diagnosed disability and has treated it as some sort of excuse to not try in life, meanwhile I have way worse shit then they do wrong with me and have had worse hurdles then they and I manage to come across as a model human being when I bother to put the effort into it.

a2e9f3  No.16659859

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You'll make it otherwise you wouldn't be here.

e84e18  No.16659869

File: 66d5033f4fc1d74⋯.jpeg (60.67 KB, 680x602, 340:301, AE2C0076-1438-4DE5-AEE6-A….jpeg)


The joke is that most Jojo protagonists are somewhere on the spectrum.

e1cfec  No.16659870


I'm aware I am capable, I worry about the ones I empathize with.

a2e9f3  No.16659881

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So do I, but you gotta realize not every one or everything is salvageable. Dropping some people from your life, even if you care about them might push you further in life. Shits fucked up, but some people are incapable or simply don't care to achieve something themselves. Read the Gita or similar stuff, it will help you sort out your mind.

43249f  No.16659893


>read shitskin fanfiction of ancient civilization myth


80ebc0  No.16659896

File: f68efeaf3a82588⋯.jpg (199.1 KB, 800x1094, 400:547, 142335-manhunt-2-wii-front….jpg)

Are there any games that HAVE done mental illness properly?

Aside from, apparently, Lisa.

e1cfec  No.16659898



No thanks, I just need to work on my detachment

a0bfb4  No.16659909

File: 8480837b421c2f2⋯.jpg (37.71 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Shit was so.jpg)


remember when rockstar wasn't trash?

manhunt was a damn good IP. i liked 1 more than 2 though.

462701  No.16659929

File: 89d1cb70917934f⋯.jpg (24.01 KB, 186x142, 93:71, Screenshot_20190626-101636….jpg)


>Having autism is basically like having a「stand」

Leave it up to jojofags to be the most vocal and pretentious group who can't even properly apply things. Dissociative Identity Disorder is more fitting for a stand than your shitty freak problem. I'm not surprised, jojo is the new naruto.

c11feb  No.16659932

The mental health issue in Night in the Woods felt like a desperate attempt to excuse the main character for being a gigantic piece of shit. Also, the """""villains""""" did nothing wrong.

eb6cff  No.16659969

Mental Health is an actual issue that is missinterpreted by faggots who use it as a way to explain their faggotry instead of trying to deal with their problems.

The only psychologist worth a damn was Jung

80ebc0  No.16660069


Carl Jung is a whiny faggot who couldn't get over WWI, goes on and on about "REMEMBER THE MUSTARD GAS, HOW COULD GOD LET THIS HAPPEN?" (And, despised all religions that began with the letter C because of it, but defended ever other faggot religion, including those still living in mudhuts as "people who see the world just as validly as we do"), thought that dreams were the unconscious mind's way of relaying "important information" to the conscious mind, that the conscious mind is an evolutionary "mistake" that never should have happened because of the conscious mind's absolute uselessness, the unconscious mind literally has the entire "memory" and experiences of our ancestors, yet, despite all that, the unconscious mind is a "beast" that shouldn't be messed with.

There you go, I just summed up the entirety of Modern Man in Search of a Soul.

d12563  No.16660077

File: 72b17b2839e33bc⋯.png (508.3 KB, 640x489, 640:489, di molto.png)


>dissociative identity disorder is more fitting for a stand






a0bfb4  No.16660087

File: f48859795912237⋯.jpg (485.96 KB, 840x848, 105:106, ask me how my power works ….jpg)




>Dissociative Identity Disorder is more fitting for a stand than your shitty freak problem

2eb641  No.16660148

File: 28b920596829143⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 883.22 KB, 1229x2827, 1229:2827, Ikumi_Nakamura.png)

477e8a  No.16660188

File: 8ef6d7e20d9af64⋯.png (10.35 KB, 327x173, 327:173, 1423978828174.png)


>It's actually finished

Blessed drawfags

93afec  No.16660220



d12563  No.16660226


You belong here


a0bfb4  No.16660248

File: f2fd3913bf7405d⋯.jpg (17.07 KB, 480x394, 240:197, KING CRIMSON.jpg)


you stupid ass, i was already there. i erased the part of time where i moved threads. the anon you're replying to is me from 6 posts ago

98f1ea  No.16660547

File: 53d73281598668a⋯.png (399.46 KB, 1229x1156, 1229:1156, twit.png)

e108f9  No.16660572

File: 2a5d4c2df6fa7b8⋯.png (506.07 KB, 1016x636, 254:159, shame.png)


>LISA didn't spend 10 minutes giving an exposition on Brad's mental state and how we should cry for him

No it just spent the entire game pushing for that while also having absolute tonal schizophrenia. No wonder the guy who made it totally cracked when his dad died. He wasn't altogether to begin with.

>My daughter is being gangraped repeatedly the entire time I am journeying to rescue her!

>Oh hey lol here's a guy who has a never ending dialogue balloon and another goofy character with a who'sawhat'sit



>lol burning orphans, big middle finger at the top ladder



Yeah, Lisa is the one indie game that did it right…

7d9f9f  No.16660705


>Implying you can memorize someone's voice immediately after meeting them like you can their face

>Implying you can always get people to speak before being required to recognize them

I don't expect you to understand.

201d6c  No.16660711

>narcissistic mentally ill people make games about mental illness for mentally ill degenerates

I wonder!

Basically >>16659724

29ec49  No.16660812


Is your argument that a game that was 100% schizophrenic through and through did a bad job of communicating mental illness?

43249f  No.16660838



55aaa1  No.16668068

I'm in the mood for a pure Platformer, is Celeste actually worth playing?

1119f0  No.16668071


>is Celeste actually worth playing?

It's an alright game but it's by no means a pure platformer, until you get to the bonus stages anyway. The main campaign plays out more like a cross between a puzzle game and a collectathon.

45f805  No.16668117

File: 0c27ed838d3cb4c⋯.png (232.44 KB, 351x646, 351:646, 0c27ed838d3cb4ca847accde5d….png)

e06ead  No.16668149


Just play Super Meat Boy, it's a better game and doesn't have shitty tumblr art or disgusting nigger characters.

e06ead  No.16668172

File: 29331060ad51dae⋯.png (50.45 KB, 630x352, 315:176, celeste dev is a faggot.png)

Forgot my image

65f28b  No.16668209

File: c36c1e47bde1a08⋯.jpg (191.03 KB, 518x725, 518:725, 75321409_p1.jpg)


Since you're in this thread, how does face-blindness affect you playing videogames or watching TV shows? Are cartoons/anime/whatever easier to comprehend or harder due to simplified iconic designs?

cb0c29  No.16668355


>turn to page 40

>on page 51 now, well past the mental illness part

Pretty effective shilling.

00efa7  No.16668363


>watch GDQ for the laughs

>everyone is shilling Celeste fucking hard

>bet its shit

>see it finally

>dash dash dash dash dash dash dash

If nothing else at least it finally got me off my ass to work on my own game.

65009e  No.16668616


They stopped putting retards in asylums now society is half retarded.

8a1500  No.16668699

File: b74460372515adf⋯.png (63.68 KB, 220x226, 110:113, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8dc5578f4567333⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7194a9c3896c4af⋯.png (189.31 KB, 375x250, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e0196d7006176a0⋯.png (5.65 MB, 1987x2349, 1987:2349, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 55110624bd47526⋯.png (282.12 KB, 500x400, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)


I've seen that shit on TV and it's very interesting to me.

On the TV show it was described as literally just blurring at all times, but this is even more interesting.

I've always asked myself what would happen if a guy like that would get a drawing of a person but without a face and then someone or he himself slowly drawed the face in, a part at a time, when would it become blurry? Or in your more interesting case, if you drew it yourself, would you remember what you drew, like "I gave it smiley mouth, and very pointy nose, big round eyesand" shit like that?

I've also always wandered what happens with characters with more abstract or inhuman bodies and faces and also masked individuals like in these pics.

43249f  No.16668729


Dash based movement is pretty much a telltale sign the programmers didn't know how to add actual momentum to the game. At least in MMX you have the excuse of the shooting being near impossible if you didn't stop on a dime.

07f782  No.16668771


Worse, majority of those hospitals are SHUT DOWN: http://archive.fo/dRvxA

95cfb1  No.16668774

>west dev does a moody "what's the point of life game/anime/novel w/e

<it fucking sucks, these moody insecure faggots

>japanese dev does it


Point being, weren't you fags sucking off yoko taro's dick not that long ago? Or even kojima's?

What makes their super special brand of "life is meaningless" different from all the others?

It's all hipster insecure bullshit, and weebs are the most insecure of them all.

3709e5  No.16668783



43249f  No.16668793

6ded36  No.16668802

File: 66eb1ccf339350a⋯.jpg (68.77 KB, 500x500, 1:1, thas_rite.jpg)


Superb post. Hopefully the survivors of WW3 (if there are any) will learn to stop being such post-modern pussies.

4f6b7b  No.16668919

File: 0fa88103347955d⋯.jpg (131.59 KB, 1124x740, 281:185, goonrelationship.jpg)


Because the skill at presenting the problems is good. They don't fucking mushroom stamp you in the face over and over with shallow metaphors.

Jap devs are better at presenting it in a unique and well-told way. Western devs are more concerned that the person "experiencing the triggers" is of the right race or gender.

You must be really fucking dense if you don't realize that you pathetic goon. Go back to SA if you want a tranny hugbox so much

6c22f7  No.16668927

File: 00451fb45899d80⋯.png (379.14 KB, 620x614, 310:307, Dio laughing for 20 aeons.png)


>They don't fucking mushroom stamp you in the face over and over with shallow metaphors.

6ded36  No.16669024

File: fcefa6c9ae9e8a8⋯.gif (463.74 KB, 500x369, 500:369, crazy.gif)


We have schizophrenics in the streets and psychotic jews/beaners shooting up schools (despite what that NPR article says) because Ronald Reagan shut down the insane asylums. And now we have to worship men who cut their dicks off or risk losing our jobs, families, and freedom.

Insanity is worth exploring in fiction, sure, but it sucks to live around it IRL.

80ebc0  No.16669052


>Ronald Reagan shut down the insane asylums

Anon, looking that up, it doesn't seem to be the entire story: http://archive.fo/TXu6n

60338f  No.16669055

File: 7fdfb728a62e259⋯.jpg (83.35 KB, 960x720, 4:3, sleep tite newtype.jpg)


>>west dev does anime

cf8c1a  No.16669057

File: 22d7bdba28ea256⋯.gif (204.27 KB, 195x198, 65:66, 22d7bdba28ea2565cfbb6e7c67….gif)


> jojo is the new naruto.

this is accurate and I never thought of it like that

6ded36  No.16669061

File: f89ab495b74b7e4⋯.jpg (57.97 KB, 625x628, 625:628, interdasting.jpg)


I was unaware of these details. Thank you, Anon.

cf8c1a  No.16669075


yeah, I bet they also believe in Santa Clause

2967f1  No.16669080

File: a88320fc34c75fd⋯.png (33.51 KB, 144x184, 18:23, Terry_Hintz_HD.png)

Because the people who make these games and the people who praise them don't see mental illness as a major issue. Instead of wanting to cure, aid, or alleviate the illnesses they depict, those same people use it as a symbol or a fashion statement to Garner praise and status. Compared to a game like LISA or Yume Nikki, I feel these games more often dismiss the problems that arise from having mental illness, and completely overlook what trouble it causes in one's life. Instead, it's just a quirky aspect of their character that's easily overcome, made appealing and charming despite its unhealthy implications.


>he will likely be deported

Gee, how curious.

80ebc0  No.16669083

File: eadc262b9bb13ac⋯.jpg (2.76 MB, 6376x4840, 797:605, If all the ice melted.jpg)

File: 57b566ca0d9bfe8⋯.jpg (247.43 KB, 576x720, 4:5, 1419200725550.jpg)


>believe in a global Jewish conspiracy


>deny global warming

We don't deny the fact that the Earth gets warmer (It happens as part of an annual event called summer), we just deny the fact that it's a world ending disaster: http://archive.fo/fl5Jo

>the Holocaust.

<See second pic

6c22f7  No.16669089

File: c7e976398b10963⋯.png (115.08 KB, 692x543, 692:543, ClipboardImage.png)


>the earth is not changing, nothing to see here goy

3ec431  No.16669092


I don't know about Yume Nikki, but LISA's treatment of mental illness is on par with everything else that's in the game like rape, suicide, drug abuse and massive amounts of despair.

3ec431  No.16669103


>An increase of 80 ppm of CO2 over 60 years near a volcano

Of all the things you could've wrote you went ahead and posted one of the most useless graphs I've seen on this website

6c22f7  No.16669106

File: aedb482fe6ff490⋯.png (80.43 KB, 700x543, 700:543, ClipboardImage.png)


>i-it's just the volcano, nothing to see here

bac13d  No.16669111


>ignoring that climate change has been pushed since the 70's

>ignoring that every major Jew supports trying to stop it

If it exists, (((they))) aren't and will never do jack shit about it.

80ebc0  No.16669113


Anon, the CO2 levels during the time of the dinosaurs was 5 times that of today (Along with being universally warmer), and it was a tropical paradise: http://archive.fo/eF3hU

3ec431  No.16669118


We could see increments of 10000 ppm worldwide and literally nothing would be affected and no one would care. If the graph is accurate we could go thousands of years like this before it becomes a problem. There are plenty of other industrial gases that could actually be a problem, like sulfur dioxides or nitrogen oxides, but CO2 does fuck all to the environment.

6c22f7  No.16669120


The Earth has changed a lot in it's history, but you know what? It usually took geologic time scales to do so. That gives animals a lot of time to adapt. Do you know what happened when it changed faster?

80ebc0  No.16669127


>Do you know what happened when it changed faster?

Every animal not capable of adopting died out, and humans use the sudden change in our environment to our advantage. You're acting like sudden environmental change never happened in ALL of human history: http://archive.fo/Ls4FS

6c22f7  No.16669131


No one is saying that climate change will kill us all. Hell you can look at the map in >>16669083 which is a worst case scenario and see there's still a shit ton of very nice land to live on. Humans and a fair amount of animals will live on just fine, but a lot will not, which will make the lives we lead today a lot shittier (and if you think immigration is bad now, just fucking wait until we get rapefugees because of climate change). I for one enjoy our current biosphere, and would like it to stay how it is.

6ded36  No.16669134


>No one is saying that climate change will kill us all.

Some shitlibs might. Not that they give a shit about protecting the environment, otherwise they'd be demanding sanctions on China, India, and Africa instead of screaming about FUCKING WHITE MALES

6c22f7  No.16669135


And those people are to climate change what the alt-right is to nazis.

80ebc0  No.16669144

File: f297484ec949b6b⋯.jpg (61.85 KB, 634x546, 317:273, 2cb8e80283ba28f22f1dd1cd92….jpg)


>otherwise they'd be demanding sanctions on China, India, and Africa

Actually, Anon, we're part of the problem too. While 95% of the trash in the oceans comes from Asia and Africa ( http://archive.fo/X3g6o ), WE are the ones supplying them with the trash:



60338f  No.16669145


That's true! The evil nazis gassed me six million times and put me on the crematory rollercoaster, LITERALLY destroying the ozone layer! Also please don't look at China

3ec431  No.16669149


Not gonna lie exploring ruined underwater cities sounds like the comfiest shit

6c22f7  No.16669153

File: e8fb3b46893c592⋯.png (3.61 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


They'd look more like pic and less like atlantis.

80d1b6  No.16669157


>10,000 year margins for errors

I don't think you understand the other Anon's emphasis on the timescale.

3ec431  No.16669159

File: 895757789a76181⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1094x895, 1094:895, 1c9599550c9a011e65622be091….png)


That's the look I'm looking for. I did write ruined.

60338f  No.16669166



Large companies being the main actor here aside

>Though China obviously has many more severe sources of pollution, Green Fence’s suspension of 247 import licenses for domestic recyclers will force smaller outfits out of business, making environmental regulation easier for the government.

>Plus, China actually needs the US’s and other countries’ plastic in order to meet the demands of its manufacturers. Perhaps to take address that, the Chinese government announced plans for 100 pilot Recycling Economy Cities where it will invest in developing infrastructure for recycling.

8dfa7c  No.16669170




First off, stands and autism are similar because you get a special power. It's also like stands because it could be super brokenly powerful, oddly specific but potentially useful, or actually just detrimental to yourself and possibly everyone around you. Secondly, autistic people are attracted to each other in the same way stand users are, it's a weird magnetism that can't be explained. Lastly, they're both fucking stupid. The major difference is stands are cooler and you get a punch ghost, with autism the part of your brain that handles social stuff is fucked.


I don't know shit about Jojo, the only part I've read was the most recent one up until the greasiest man alive showed up. It didn't seem that great to me, but my taste is weird anyway. Not big on anything from Japan aside from video games and porn, oddly enough.

493209  No.16669188


>west dev does depression: the walking simulator


>jap devs make good game with actual gameplay, tackle a variety of themes and subject matter and still make room for fan-service or humor because you never truly reach a point where you are 100% broken and incapable of minimum effort happiness

<ummm this game is toxic, problematic and a rapist nazi

There's your difference. You can fuck off, now.

02b8c6  No.16669210


agw denial is a jewish ploy though.

04cc57  No.16670340


>was the most recent one

If you were anywhere other than here, you'd have been shot for saying that, probably by me. But yeah anon part skipping is for fucking faggots if your gonna get into it start from part 1

Speaking on this topic, anyone remember that game The Stanley Parable creator made that was some depression life story thing? The name escapes me but I recall it actually being quite feels packed though only reason I know about it is a lets play I saw of it

43249f  No.16670372

Man, trannypol and somethingawful really don't like the topic of this thread.

6ded36  No.16671745

File: dd75f63ee39e713⋯.jpg (118 KB, 650x434, 325:217, kim peek.jpg)

File: cfa34ea2f36b7b2⋯.jpg (56.85 KB, 640x480, 4:3, chris-chan.jpg)


Powerful Autistand User vs. Pathetic Autistand User

43249f  No.16671763


They're also both completely fictitious.

8dfa7c  No.16671785


I figured since everybody else didn't know what the fuck was going on, it wouldn't be any different for me. From what I understand nobody still knows what the fuck is going on, maybe I'll catch up on the series when Araki dies or retires, whichever happens first.


I don't know how you could possibly visit this site and not believe autism exists, given how many examples are around you.


Probably, Chris is really somebody whose autism should be completely fucking useless, but due to the internet it's become useful enough that he can make money off it.

cdf593  No.16671815

File: 3c63d0610de8843⋯.jpg (46.12 KB, 640x551, 640:551, final fantasy VII.jpg)


The fact that not even this is novel is proof that games today suck balls. Pic related did it better back in 1997.

4c4778  No.16671838


Indie games are not really that investor driven tho, atleast not at first. That would only really apply to the larger AAA companies

bcb51f  No.16671864


'indie devs' get picked up and published by big companies all the time, shit like Banished and Child of Light being tooted as 'indie' shit with money backing from WB and Ubikike.

653b7d  No.16672241


When your audience is sheltered pussies looking for confirmation of their pussy excuses, "mental health" themes sell well.

7d9f9f  No.16673018


The best way for me to analogize it for people who don't suffer this is to imagine you live in some Bizarrro world where everyone identifies each other by looking at each other's HANDS. Picture you meeting people and they're completely covered up head-to-toe like those Muslim women, even their eyes, but their right hand is uncovered. You have absolutely no way to identify them by sight except by looking at that hand, and in this Bizarro world, everyone is perfectly good at doing this.

Like I said, it would be easy for you to tell broad stuff like whether it's the hand of a man or a woman, what race they are, whether they're young or old. But just think about if you gathered up fifty women the same race, build, and approximate age of your own mother, and you were handed pictures of their hands and nothing else. Could you identify which one belongs to your mother? I doubt it.

Basically, human beings are designed to identify faces. It's an evolutionary advantage and rare among animals. Most animals identify each other by sounds/calls, or by scent. But for (most) humans, faces are special and can be identified without even having to think about it. For me and others like me, however, something is messed up in the brain, so faces are like any other part of the body and all equally identifiable, or not.

Or put another way: how good do you think you would be at telling apart the faces of a group of puppies if they were all siblings of the same breed, and all had the exact same fur color and no patterns?


Let me put it this way. If you took a picture of him that isn't well known (so I can't guess from context) and photoshopped out his mustache, I probably could not tell who it is.

077195  No.16674545

File: 21a6da00f2ed55f⋯.png (184.72 KB, 714x685, 714:685, 1433066465215.png)


you know, i can't debate that. hes 100% correct, but i dont care. jojo is great. and i dont think i'll ever stop liking it unless it drastically changes for the worse.

polite sage for offtopic

6b0ff5  No.16679806

File: b1341fac2b2de6c⋯.png (90.95 KB, 550x457, 550:457, ClipboardImage.png)



>All Jojo protagonists barring the first two have some sort of high grade autism or other mental/personal issue that explodes in the form of their mental imaginary friend

>All of them are racemixed after the second chapter

What does this mean????????


You're right but still retarded and it hurts




How about we just agree that climate change IS real, but 95% of it has been caused by companies owned by the (((chosen people)))? I mean, it's not the first time they threw "lavender" in the water wells…


Except for Stone Ocean and Jojolion, yeah

7d9f9f  No.16682619


First of all, what you're not thinking of is the fact that sea level rise of this amount will displace several BILLION Chinese, Indians, and Bangladeshi who will become refugees. A few million refugees from Syria are a huge problem for Europe, so imagine what will happen when there's literally billions of them coming over a span of a decade or two. World order will collapse, society will collapse, and there will probably be war and genocide and then someone will pop a nuke somewhere triggering everyone to launch their's, and that's the End of The World.

Second, that's not a "worst-case scenario", not by a long shot. The actual worst case would be a runaway greenhouse effect, where the Earth becomes so hot that all water boils and evaporates, and it becomes just like Venus. Daytime temperatures in the high 800s.

Given that every known measurement of methane locked up in permafrost or the ocean floor is far in excess of the amount of CO2, this scenario is very possible. But it will probably take a century or two, while humans can quite easily destroy themselves much quicker if the facade of society is upset just a little bit.

76871d  No.16682841

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>First of all, what you're not thinking of is the fact that sea level rise of this amount will displace several BILLION Chinese, Indians, and Bangladeshi who will become refugees

The sea is not going to rise by that amount overnight. It'll take decades, meanwhile you'll have marginal increases in sealevel rise causing increased incidents and scale of destruction along coastal areas during emergency events. That's going to create a natural impetus for the destructions/abandonment of shoreline developments and people will rebuild further back.

Cities and villages will follow the coast line as it alters. People aren't just going to sit there and deal with it until the water envelops their heads. It's expensive, but we can rebuild cities far faster than the sealevel can rise.

I think Ballard is right here (not just in saying, it's too late), but that the real worry is in the warming or sealevel - but the rise of infectious disease. But the risk factor increase due to global warming is, I suspect, only a fraction of the risk factor increase due to having functionally near instantaneous travel to pretty much any place in the globe available to pretty much everyone at any time. On the plus side, I've heard about extremophiles discovered that can ravenously consume a stupendous variety of bacteria and viruses, but leave eukaryotic cells alone (because they're far too big to consume). They can't really be used as a treatment for disease yet because they can't differentiate between infectious pathogens in the blood and necessary gut flora in the intestines - but the next generation of antibiotics may be microbial based. We just have to figure out how to alter them to be properly trained, figure out the most optimal treatment pathways, and potentially alter them so that potential evolutionary pathways which could reduce their viability are disabled.

d0da43  No.16682886


Lel, another ice age is about to happen. Prepare for that instead.

ad13a4  No.16682894


Sir, this is the video game board.

3fd66d  No.16684873


>implying laterally anyone is going to vote for taking in a billion rapefugees

>implying you won't see another thousand Brenton Tarrants sooner than that

1190d3  No.16684945

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Like everyone already said, failed normalfags think these games are higher quality/value than they actually are because they think that the 'writing' is specifically was made for them- as well as being deluded into thinking that "reliability=good character writing". Its a common trick that money-grubbing kikes capitalize on to make their shitty fictions.

Its a ultimate circle-jerk of insecurity porn.

2209fe  No.16684958

File: f6f75197dc7929e⋯.png (287.7 KB, 640x439, 640:439, ClipboardImage.png)


>rebuild further back

What sort of unAmerican pansy shit is this? You make your own coast.

43249f  No.16684966


An overly elaborate levy system that redirects all the world's water into India and China would fix quite a lot of problems.

3fd66d  No.16685142


>redirect all the water into India and CHina

>water becomes polluted to fuck with heavy metals from the chinks and poo from the indians

>everyone who doesn't have water purifiers dies

bac13d  No.16685182


>implying we voted to take in any amount of rapefugees in the first place

c3c6c1  No.16685194


>Alex Jones makes billions on his filters and rules the world

ac72b4  No.16685250


You meant "relatability" right? I don't think you could rely on these characters to tie their shoes ny themselves.

1190d3  No.16685411

File: e491e2b8a6ca0cc⋯.jpg (406.3 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, note1.jpg)

File: 904da888026f0bc⋯.png (3.76 MB, 1866x1420, 933:710, post.png)


Yeah sorry, either I wrote it down or I clicked the wrong word in the spell check drop down.

To add to my rant, I wish "writers" would consider that characters are well written not because you could fully emphasize with them, but rather they are interesting and unique. The character's goals and the actions they do in order to reach their goals spells out the character the most. For fuck's sake, they don't have to make self-insert characters who are NEETs in denial- think outside of the box. They can, but they have to remember that there's 5 billion RPG makers kusoges out there that do the same 'depressing' themes garbage- unless you enjoy being with other basic bitch hipsters like yourself and don't mind that your VNs will be forgotten in 5 years or less.

bac13d  No.16685785


>99% of the world is fucking infatuated with trannies and Marxist shit

A good third of the world doesn't even know who Marx was, let alone what a tranny is.

6d1f37  No.16685794


It's blackpillfag, just ignore it.

7d9f9f  No.16686626


>It's expensive, but we can rebuild cities far faster than the sealevel can rise

America and Europe (or, in the latter case only assuming the EU remains intact) can afford to do this. Bangladesh and Indonesia cannot. Also, depending on the area, it's not taking "decades". Jakarta is literally sinking into the sea at a rate of several meters in the last ten years, and this has less to do with sea-level rise and more to do with the fact that they're pumping out all the groundwater, though the former issue certainly doesn't help. People like to imagine "decades" being a long time, but it's really not. If you're 30 right now, you'll only be 60 when 2050 hits, which is about when projections show serious flooding happening in a lot of coastal areas starting to happen. Provided you don't off yourself, if you're young enough to be on this board, you're probably going to live to see that. The Boomer politicians? Yeah, they're all going to be dead by then. That's why they DON'T CARE.

It also doesn't consider small Pacific island nations where there is literally nowhere to rebuild because the entire island is only a few meters above sea level. By 2050 these places could basically cease to exist.

520a2c  No.16688873

>are people that easily impressed?


a90085  No.16699883


It's a real shame there are no good games set in school besides Bully I guess. If only a competent dev would do something like Life is Strange but good instead of leftards that don't even know something as simple as how teenagers or kids behave. Looks like those retards really have zero experience about life, even when it comes to something what every human being supposed to experience that is school or university/college.

It never had potential, but the idea was pretty good on paper and is the main appeal for me until I learned how bad this piece of shit is, what a fucking waste.

80ebc0  No.16699910


>It's a real shame there are no good games set in school besides Bully I guess.

Visual novels are not games?

106352  No.16699924

647bce  No.16699947


>drowning shitskins is a bad thing

3ec431  No.16699976


>it will probably take a century or two

A hundred years ago we didn't know what DNA was, we had just discovered what antibiotics were (The medicine field in general has advanced and is advancing at a stupidly fast rate), cars had started being mass produced and horse-powered vehicles just started being replaced, communication took hours between towns whereas nowadays it's practically instant throughout the entire world (with ridiculously high-quality visual media), space travel and research was an absurd idea, energy output was smaller by SEVERAL of orders of magnitude, electronic computers just didn't exist (and even when they were invented they are now outmatched again by several orders of magnitude by a device you can carry in your pocket), etc.

With constant technological progress and the common tendency of governments becoming more and more environmentally aware of pollution (Specially if they're getting smacked in the face by it like it's happening to China) throughout recent history, I don't think that pollution rate is going to remain constant in 50 years, never mind 100.


7d9f9f  No.16700061


Literally all technological advancements have come as a result of the two World Wars. You'll note the rapid pace between the turn of the century and about 1970; and since then NOTHING HAS HAPPENED except people have gotten turned into internet and smartphone zombies.

Oh yeah, and video games.

7fe033  No.16700276


Most technological developments right now being introduced date back to the 60s and early 70s. The primary reason for this is patent expiration that have started happening since the 2010s, literally all progress right now is because hobbyists in one field or another isn't being strangled by red tape in copyright law anymore. Prime example is 3D printing, we could of had that by the mid-80s but it was copyrighted then shelved until it expired and then suddenly became public knowledge you could access. There is in fact some stuff Tesla invented that you can't publicly replicate because you would be killed by people who want that shit to stay in a tightly shut lid.

So as it stands we're just catching up to decades of bureaucratic bullshit then any real technological progress.

f09e93  No.16700286


Anons seems to be a particular kind of cucked retard since his whole post was him whining some island niggers will finally go extinct.

4acc39  No.16700290

Because hipster faggots romanticize their small problems that they can't overcome as a way of coping with the fact that they are complete losers who let it get the better of them.

f09e93  No.16700299


Also, leftists believe that mental illness makes them unique and special, and gets them more points in the Oppression Olympics.

Jim, for being a faggot most of the time, was right when he said that people suffering from actual mental illnesses (and not being sociopaths with narcissistic tendencies like all leftists) actually want to be cured in their lucid moments, because being mentally ill is a tragic, cruel fate, not some bullshit you come up with to get headpats on the internet from fellow oven-dodgers.

fe6a8b  No.16700302


I am convinced that Kiwifarms is literally Somethingawful 2.0 - No 10 bux edition. Everyone there has the same weird since of "hahanothingmatters" type of irony and fixation on people who are only slightly more unhinged then themselves.

5eb514  No.16703184


>There is in fact some stuff Tesla invented that you can't publicly replicate because you would be killed by people who want that shit to stay in a tightly shut lid.

Imagine how schizophrenic you appear to other people when you drop that.

The mental illness in these games or their creators is a joke.

Anxiety, fear, and doubt are all regular human emotions and wouldn't be surprising even for someone living in the lap of luxury.

When someone kills someone IRL people flock to mental illness as if people didn't simply kill other's they didn't like with little consequence 200 years ago.

A night in the woods is the story of a fuck up delinquent.

The bipolar bit was laughably insincere as if they have never even spoken to someone with mental illness.

One of the developers even admitted to only having been diagnosed with bipolar II, which is the little brother of bipolar I people use to get fun prescriptions.

This trend isn't anything new either.

I remember in grade school the children would give attention to some child that has some damage whether mental or physical.

>Look at me I'm colorblind!

We're all taught to be so overly humble that the only people we have time to give attention to are freaks.



>can't get decent trad-wife

>become pseudo-female

>kill self in lucid moment on realizing what you've done to yourself

Checks out, Jim.

3af978  No.16703218

File: 1e8099c05875313⋯.jpg (15.43 KB, 255x251, 255:251, 00bf56f452adeb05d0713fc974….jpg)


>browsing leftypol

>browsing SA

7fe033  No.16703279


>Imagine how schizophrenic you appear to other people when you drop that.

Not much different from making reactors in your basement or toolshed, the kind of stuff that would get you killed isn't stuff like a dingy little rail gun you could post on youtube about only capable of a small amount of power output. I'm talking stuff like power generators

0e3373  No.16703505

Leftists are mentally ill and relate to mentally ill characters easily. It's also a cheap replacement for good character writing.

43249f  No.16703710


This is the single most pathetically desperate attempt at deflection I've ever seen.

80ebc0  No.16703716


>I'm talking stuff like power generators

Are you one of those faggots who unironically believ that Tesla made "free power", and that's why his projects where shutdown?

74e7e3  No.16703904


That's not a mouse, that's a degu.

d0c5bf  No.16704315


Do you have an image of your own face in your head, or do you need a mirror ?

7fe033  No.16704368


No, the methods he devised requires a lot of power to get started and running at a scale large enough to be useful. The danger is the MO for people like Saudi royal families, if it threatens their oil monopoly then its going to be put down. The US can be chalked up on that list too thanks to shale oil.

4f6b7b  No.16704370



browsing those forums to watch the dumpster fire that is leftism is fun

sorta like going to the zoo to watch the animals in their cages

the only difference is that these animals have a 40% suicide rate

803412  No.16704382

I love how we anons are talking about insecurity when most us don't even have the courage to do social interaction.

43249f  No.16704392


Agreed, fellow 8channer! We sure are all so completely worthless and should probably kill ourselves, pronto.

478556  No.16704463

It's a false attempt at normalizing something that isn't normal for the sake of appearing accepting. It is the author's attempt at appearing more virtuous than their counterpart by appearing to care when mostly the vision projected is that of only mild cases of said mental illness. The secondary effect is making such living appear glamorous.

Such attracts the same kind of people who would claim illness and utilize it to obtain sympathy and adoration from their peers. In other words, they use it as a crutch to feign the appearance of being interesting when they themselves are about as interesting as a baked potato.

279075  No.16704493



>autism is a power

Imagine being this much of a retarded tumblrite.

43249f  No.16704494


This is advanced newfaggotry.

100ad5  No.16704598


Primary difference was we didn't just dump it into the ocean to get rid of it when we didn't have that deal.

8dfa7c  No.16704821


I use "power" very loosely. It's really more of an ability, and sometimes that ability is to do nothing and fucking die.

f2f021  No.16705241


That's what they tell everyone with a relatively late diagnosis though. It's to help lull the victim in to a sense of comfort in order to provent violent breakdown and inevitable suicide. "You don't have a disability, you have an ability" is basically the gist of it. They don't tell them that they've probably latched on to something irrelevant and that their aut has focused in on. They tell you shit like how you're going to be some sort of specialist, when you're probably unhealthily obsessed with childish things. They don't want to help the person suffering with autism because they can't, they want to help the people suffering because of the autistic patient.

925d3f  No.16705276


Australia benefits the most.

>nice big new lake in the middle of the desert

>filthy indoniggers all drown

>Sydney and Melbourne drown

Very good

43c8c8  No.16705305



Jelly low IQ subhumans, you wish you were born talented in logic

f2f021  No.16705324


Most spergs (the 'tists I'm talking about) have slightly above-average IQ, but are considered retarded because they're too disconnected from regular humanity. I say this as one myself. If you were diagnosed early on, you're going to have a way better quality of life than someone who was diagnosed when they were eight or ten, simply because therapy will actually have an effect on you.

c4ee4d  No.16705742


good post Anon.


top keg

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