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File: c93d3a007ed6cc7⋯.jpg (16.08 KB, 210x240, 7:8, zelenin-shin-megami-tensei….jpg)

File: 040b4d7b5fd5c8b⋯.jpg (16.09 KB, 210x240, 7:8, jimenez-shin-megami-tensei….jpg)

19dd69  No.16663125

What game has characters that you just want to punch in the fucking face as soon as they appear? For me it's representatives of both Law and Chaos in SMT:SJ because fuck me, fuck both of those obnoxious cunts. Instead of thinking what side I'll join based on what character I like more after playing through neutral, I was wondering which one of them I hate more.

24951a  No.16663128

File: 00a934711e50b38⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.71 KB, 394x348, 197:174, Unbenannt.png)


410a17  No.16663134

File: 7163985703fed64⋯.jpeg (57.93 KB, 800x450, 16:9, aa0c6e7c-db5c-47a0-8940-6….jpeg)

>most hateable characters in strange journey

>OP doesnt post worst girl

85a893  No.16663148


Haha, so lustig.

24951a  No.16663150



ffdfd4  No.16663154

Pokemon villains tend to be major pieces of shit. God, I fucking hated Ghetsis especially.

9d01ab  No.16663166


Ghetsis is literally a gun-grabber, its pretty funny

7bb1d9  No.16663173

File: 489b74e43aade7d⋯.jpg (109.33 KB, 600x924, 50:77, aroundgarnetwatchyourasset….jpg)

this worthless, melodramatic bitch who should have her throat sliced the second you get Eiko.

5c9ece  No.16663214

File: ccf17095312db3d⋯.jpg (46.28 KB, 480x466, 240:233, 0b4c620159422bda0d9bdba02d….jpg)

>What game has characters that you just want to punch in the fucking face as soon as they appear?

Every single character in Pokemon Sun/Moon.

96c00e  No.16663243


Please tell me you at least want to hatefuck the blonde.

b0a67e  No.16663245

File: 7cef5c6fef7c894⋯.jpg (20.17 KB, 443x550, 443:550, flat,550x550,075,f.u4.jpg)


>wanting to punch Lillie and Lusamine

ed1fd2  No.16663254

File: 0e7d79a7b0762c8⋯.png (471.01 KB, 850x1278, 425:639, 09A74BBE-1B6C-4568-8595-A0….png)


This is now a BOTW thread

adf6e0  No.16663259

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>playing SJR instead of the original (I'm assuming you played the remake instead of the original since you're using the awful redesigns)

No wonder you wanted to punch them in the face, they look like arse in Redux. Stick to the original.

In any case, I utterly loathe Eric Sparrow from THUG. He is an annoying dickwad who constantly tries to screw you over and has an annoying as fuck voice. His only redeeming value is that you can deck him in the ending.

1b99fa  No.16663266

File: c4a19e267f23e77⋯.png (59.09 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, just smile.png)

5c9ece  No.16663268


Don't get me wrong, i would fuck the shit out of them. But as characters they're pretty bad.

410a17  No.16663642

File: 7d91a1a9243f2e2⋯.png (22.8 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Wild_Lilcruel_Appeared.png)


>i would fuck the shit out of them

fb10bb  No.16665002

File: 1efa207d3229c37⋯.mp4 (294.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IM .mp4)

01fd40  No.16665007

You can probably count the number of likeable characters in any game in the last 5 years on a single hand.

fb10bb  No.16665019


thats if you disregard characters that were only made to sexually attract weebs

f0fc86  No.16665034

File: e8126965e53258c⋯.png (16.01 KB, 136x184, 17:23, X-Idle2.png)

30212d  No.16665042

File: c2acbe60760f619⋯.png (232.54 KB, 512x435, 512:435, son of a bitch.png)


"Bros before hoes… right? :)"

9da6ab  No.16665056

File: 234d41c2ab6116f⋯.png (35.01 KB, 256x256, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 79fd5bde0e100c7⋯.png (2.93 MB, 3152x820, 788:205, smt strange art choices.png)


This guy only appears once, yet his face alone enough to make me want to punch him.


I heard they didn't even get their usual artists to do the redesigns, they just had the "Atlus Design Team" do it instead.

6fd5da  No.16665064

File: 7316f06a75c31ab⋯.jpg (382.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, MHW-Handler_Screenshot_001.jpg)

Also the most pointless.

75fd53  No.16665083

File: 188b0daa62dde1d⋯.png (135.79 KB, 412x387, 412:387, I am a huge.png)


>OP said Strange Journey

>posts obligatory not-Plebsona character from Strange Journey Rehash that Fatlus seem intent on shoehorning into literally everything they ever do now

f2bf61  No.16665097

File: 658e3f5746d5c13⋯.png (49.53 KB, 185x185, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


not even close

7a41e3  No.16665129

>games introduce insufferable people

>no option to kill them/make them suffer








a223fc  No.16665136

File: c295c076576696d⋯.png (398.96 KB, 700x1034, 350:517, serveimage.png)


Get on my level.

f0fc86  No.16665137

File: 86b12de899bdd4b⋯.jpg (211.09 KB, 712x1024, 89:128, 86b12de899bdd4bc4509e8f754….jpg)

42e9fa  No.16665141


>not wanting to fuck her

b1eb83  No.16665142

File: ac615564e94f6c5⋯.png (323.51 KB, 370x600, 37:60, Pavel.png)

Last Light might have been mediocre but atleast it reinforced my hatred of communists.


Please tell me that's not supposed to be a woman



After these guys and Dustil Onasi in KOTOR, I figured I would never like a character he voiced. New Vegas mostly proved me wrong with Boone.

6fd5da  No.16665144

File: f3e23fd02803472⋯.png (298.33 KB, 360x752, 45:94, MHW-Handler_Render_001.png)


I can't lie to you.

8cc6b2  No.16665145


At least Jimenez was a bro and did nothing wrong apart from being unprofessional, he also has the best ending.


I know some people prefer the original kaneko faces (which look like shit outside of nocturne), but the redux is just a much better experience with the top tier voice acting and the new endings.

02f45a  No.16665147

File: a4e296f1831ced0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 901x1200, 901:1200, ClipboardImage.png)



>Not wanting to hatefully force her to teach you her magic tricks

f12f6e  No.16665152


There's not a single good thing about world and that's disappointing.

837300  No.16665154


was she stung by a bee?

75fd53  No.16665157

File: fc6315248665713⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 468x278, 234:139, long way for a shortcut.gif)


>but the redux is just a much better experience with the top tier voice acting and the new endings.

>SMT games

>Needing voice acting

>Actually saying the additions were positive in anyway

6fd5da  No.16665164

File: 36b43a05fddb515⋯.jpg (236.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, image.jpg)


The graphics are nice & the monsters are great looking. Gameplay…. well that's very very mixed. Lot more bad than good.


She is the bee. I think it's just Capcom's idea of what an americanized white woman looks like.

bf96ea  No.16665167


I don't think so, the engine they used blooms the fuck out of everything. It's far too visually busy to look appealing.

6fd5da  No.16665173


I agree it's overdesigned but it's still nice looking. Just not good for this game where you're trying to focus on certain things. Which is probably why they added the scout flies instead of just downsizing the detail.

2df744  No.16665175

File: 844bfed500d6493⋯.jpg (358.84 KB, 900x643, 900:643, muh bool muh burr.jpg)

Why hello there good sirs, would you mind if I hack your pack mule robot in order to talk to you about bulls and bears, jerk off to flags, and blame you for accidentally nuking some shitty canyon town while speaking in slow terses like Avellone was ramming the comma key with his erect microcock. Oh yeah, and none of your dialogue options are allowed to call me out for being a dumb nigger blaming a fucking mailman for his shanty village getting razed to the ground despite committing worse atrocities deliberately on the way here, and any dialogue options that are mean to me make you sound like a petulant child because I'm Avellone's favorite character.

93b28d  No.16665179

File: 4d45b8e473f64c3⋯.jpeg (857.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 49-1551155620-89372899.jpeg)


They did this with RE2 Claire as well. At least modders have fixed her face as well as made a shitload of nude mods for all the female characters

b1eb83  No.16665186


It looks better when I can't see her face clearly, so there's that I guess.

8cc6b2  No.16665189


>quoting my post without saying anything

>implying I ever said SMT games needed voice acting

Most of the additions in Redux are positive and make it a better game.

Strange Journey is my favorite SMT game and even my favorite rpg, there's really no reason to play the original anymore.

460a72  No.16665190


>law is blond blue-eyed white woman

>chaos is hispanic mongrel


ae2728  No.16665197


I much prefer the original. I don't know why she's considered ugly.

852590  No.16665199

File: 698c1a7f3202d09⋯.jpg (99.56 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, young-man-adding-to-compil….jpg)

10ef89  No.16665201

File: 739effab0d8155d⋯.jpg (5.82 KB, 238x183, 238:183, 739effab0d8155d087b52bc4ea….jpg)


>hating best AA girl

Fucking pleb.

934dc9  No.16665204

File: fdbad43fbfd3e5b⋯.png (208.55 KB, 353x397, 353:397, Untitled.png)

ae2728  No.16665208


cherrypicked shots prove what?

4c61b8  No.16665209


Didn't hate either of them. Jimenez was cool at first but then he started being an edgy cunt.

Given the nature of the mission and how everyone from his squad died because the Project guys sent them ill-prepared to deal with demons, it was understandable.It was his way to cope.

I just felt sorry for Zelenin. Similar to Jimenez, she saw her squad die to demons (don't remember if there were or not survivors), but contrary to him, she never managed to cope with it. She fell into a deep despair and could only put a strong face that fell apart as soon as Jewtema appeared. She needed a higher power but could not abide demons after witnessing how they tortured her squad so angels were the only thing she could turn to. Even so, she was reluctant to use even those kind of demons.

Jimenez's transformation was pretty dumb and forced but Zelenin felt like a character the protagonist failed to truly "save". The moment she transforms into the hymn-singing puppet felt like a bad end.

f12f6e  No.16665215


Espectially for monhun, graphics have never been the selling point. Making it pretty, but overall worse, was a mistake. All this shit for The paid DLC Iceborne makes me glad there's still people playing XX.

And the handler is a whole other sort of awful. She feels purposefully obnoxious. Like the game decided she's the main character and my hunter, doing all the actual work, gets none of the credit. But I have to listen to her go "You can do it, Partner. WE can do it!" like she's not sitting in the cave stuffing he fat face while I fight this god-infant dragon. Also she maintains this constant "You're my partner, uwu" act when I literally met her on the boat. I didn't even agree we just happened to get shipwrecked in the same general area. That the save route happened to be in the same direction as where she was going is the worst reason to stick around that ticking time bomb of hitting the wall hard. She also hugs my god-damn catbro. I have to sit here getting catcucked by this pasty-faced symbol of gluttony and don't even get the chance to tell her to fuck off. The fact that, for the anniversary, she was dressed in a fursuit basically hammers home the true nature of the Handler: a big fucking annoyance that is better served burned or at least exiled for being such a ungodly degenerate.

And no, Capcom, making me buy the Guildmarm outfit to slap on this pig isn't going to make me like her more.

934dc9  No.16665220


That your a fagget lmao rekt

b1eb83  No.16665224

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>half of her cutscenes she looks like a white version of that mutt from Stranger Things


410a17  No.16665228


Season three of Stronger Thongs came out today btw.

ae2728  No.16665233


yeah cherrypicked. He went out of his way to find the most unflattering pic he could find of her.

ae2728  No.16665235

934dc9  No.16665237


I bet you can't find an unflattering shot like that in the chronicles games.

c3bbda  No.16665238


She easily became a great girl in Spirit of Justice.

b1eb83  No.16665239


Even the fucking thumbnail makes her look awful, are you kidding me?

8cc6b2  No.16665255


Zelenin abandoned her humanity for no real reason in a situation that could have been easily solved by the mc and Jimenez, she just wanted the power that comes with being an angel but hides it all under a mask of moralism.

Mastema did manipulate her for his own aims but he didn't deceive her, she knew exactly what she was getting into.

852590  No.16665264

File: 34ccb509438896b⋯.jpg (153 KB, 1515x1050, 101:70, hands washing.jpg)

ae2728  No.16665268



Looks perfectly fine unless you're a weebtard. You could find unflattering shots of Monica Bellucci, doesn't mean she isn't gorgeous.

852590  No.16665283

File: dcd95436a835e8d⋯.jpg (28.07 KB, 500x403, 500:403, dcd95436a835e8d1a732b7dcdb….jpg)


> weebtard

410a17  No.16665294

>>16665190 Well yeah, because it makes sense. Chaos is all about causing violence. And men tend to be more violent than women. What's your point?

0528dd  No.16665398

File: 0f03a6b35700831⋯.jpg (9.7 KB, 168x78, 28:13, op.JPG)

Easily this guy, despite having all sorts of conversation entry points into the thread on the topic he made himself he made he decides to just (1) and done. I bet the thread was a template too.



But really what, out of every video game character that ever existed would make someone hate Jimenez and Zelenin so much just from their basic appearance and first couple of lines. Only if you're playing redux maybe with jimenez' new smug cunt face. When he first appears he's rude to gore but he's hardly a prick, even when you go to shake his hand and he denies he says something along the lines of I don't like to get too buddy with other mercenaries when there's a good chance we could all be coming back in coffins or something along that line. Zelenin just says something like 'I'm a science officer on another ship, pleased to meet you', what's there to get pissed off about that?



This is easily a much worse character, interrupts you in the middle of a scene and flashes a face that made me balk, and I can watch those dilation videos in the LOL threads without even blinking.

c1c046  No.16665509


I played Borderlands 2. I don't think I need to say anything more.

852590  No.16665529


>and I can watch those dilation videos in the LOL threads without even blinking.

You're stronger man than I.

1d7c23  No.16665551


The Mormon guy in the other DLC was way fucking worse. You get stuck in the middle of fucking nowhere with a bunch of crazy savages. He has a map that can show you the way out but he refuses to help you and holds the map hostages. He wants to force you to massacre a another tribe to save his pussy pacifist tribe. Pacifism works, trust me! Now go use murder people while I threaten you!

836533  No.16666303


What a stupid fucking cunt.

93b28d  No.16666644


What, you didn't like hearing Tiny Tina screeching the word badonkadonk in your ear over and over and over? You didn't like the LMAO SO HILARIOUS AND RANDUM XD calls from Handsome Jack? You didn't like <pop culture reference #1 through #69,000>?

55e5ba  No.16666840

441165  No.16666973

You are now aware that there is a non-zero chance that by this time next year, Cait Sith will not belong in this thread.

f20a40  No.16666992


Didn't they do some incel references too? Probably GG as well.

441165  No.16667006


Handsome Jack was the only character in that game worth listening to, and it was because the VA hated the script so much that he ad-libbed most of his lines, cucking Burch out of even his own antagonist.

204d1e  No.16667111


She had a very nice butt by 32-bit standards, though.

6edf37  No.16667132


Jack is actually funny though. Every other character is a cringelord.

782cb4  No.16667264


Caith Sith already redeems himself in the original.

c4d753  No.16667306


There are options to tell him to fuck off.

But he just tells you that you don't get to fuck off because you're a bad guy, and your character just goes along with it for whatever reason :^)

He talks shit about everyone and everything because he was originally supposed to be the Legion companion who makes you second guess the choices you make in the game, and I guess they just went with that for the DLC.


You're retarded and you're combining Joshua and David into one character. David is the pacifist faggot who just wants to bail out of the canyon because of "muh innocence of the tribe", Joshua is the bloodthirsty maniac who wants to massacre the White Legs and harden the two tribes he leads so they can hold their own land, and as revenge for New Canaan. If you choose Joshua and stop him from killing the White Legs leader at the end, he tempers his autism and realizes that there's more to life than gunning down cavemen with .45s.


I've been playing Borderlands 2 recently, and after about an hour I've had to dig through the files to find a way to turn off the voice acting in the game.

c4d753  No.16667312


It's actually Daniel, close enough.

6729dd  No.16667577


I wish to see more of this, please supply anon.

28d959  No.16667862

File: 4651bec0551e92c⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_2019-07-05-18-2….png)

She could have stopped calling me farmboy any time and she'd be alive, but instead she continued calling me that and now she's dead.

20e038  No.16667883

File: d7a205a82844a54⋯.jpeg (258.95 KB, 800x1024, 25:32, unlikablefaggot.jpeg)

Kratos route every time, just for the pleasure of gutting this annoying faggot like an animal.

01fd40  No.16667889


Friendly reminder they lost nearly a billion yen this last year.

3170e0  No.16667899

File: ce147411cfc13af⋯.png (100.65 KB, 500x677, 500:677, ClipboardImage.png)

I hate this stupid bitch so much.

01fd40  No.16667900


The cast was so poorly written in that game they managed to make a drunk dwarf completely fucking boring. Bioware are masters of failure.

b1eb83  No.16667908



>not that annoying dyke with the Lennon shades

Atleast she fucked off after the Arena. You get to deal with bitch related for the entire game.

b1eb83  No.16667911

File: 60c6a01f986c23d⋯.png (208.44 KB, 293x472, 293:472, briar rose.png)


>pic didn't post

Fug. You probably know who I'm talking about anyway

81a0eb  No.16667999

File: c5eaf81d0484fe0⋯.png (107.2 KB, 350x419, 350:419, DSJ_Alex.png)

File: 5ed8fc8809dffe0⋯.jpg (21.34 KB, 245x500, 49:100, Nemesia.jpg)

File: 019e6e06ea38954⋯.png (93.45 KB, 350x422, 175:211, Marie_portrait.png)

Whichever girl Atlus adds to their godawful remakes/re-releases. Persona 5 Royal's Kasumi will probably end up being shit too.

606754  No.16668020

File: 4b98095f8b2a5a8⋯.jpg (14.84 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Shin-Megami-Tensei-IV-Walt….jpg)


wait a minute, that eye brow

8cc6b2  No.16668045


I didn't dislike Alex herself but her entire backstory and objectives makes no sense.

How does she manage to get the same time travel technology in futures where humanity is fucked? Why would killing the main crew somehow lead to a better future?

You think her AI partner would tell her how retarded her whole plan is.

10ef89  No.16668215

File: d525c788028a525⋯.jpg (29.85 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1445746182853.jpg)

b8af82  No.16668352

File: 16fe19dd307c7c3⋯.png (116.53 KB, 2712x2083, 2712:2083, serveimage.png)


>hate the guy everyone hates in-universe for superficial reasons instead of coming to your own conclusions

>more than the biggest deadbeat dad in all of gaming

83ba13  No.16668465


It's worth it to kill that obnoxious little faggot. His back story doesn't make him any more bearable.

01fd40  No.16668550


Kratos also has a better moveset so even all writing aside it's worth it.

83ba13  No.16668601

File: abac334c406edf7⋯.jpg (99.51 KB, 640x567, 640:567, Tales of the Abyss.jpg)

Is there even a single likable character?

01fd40  No.16668614


The king from that foreign nation I can't be assed to look up the name of.

3bcd10  No.16668782


they all become likable by the end. Luke becomes pretty humbled but man does it leave a bad taste in your mouth when all the characters just leave him when he loses his use.

01fd40  No.16668787


The constantly snide dialogue like the game was written by a team of tvtropers trying their best to one up each other doesn't help either.

b203c8  No.16668789

File: 105d6b8070cfad1⋯.png (20.45 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Ludin.png)


I am astonished by how much my opinion of him changed as of BS2. I had liked hating him so much

017d70  No.16668794

File: 73a9a557cb257d9⋯.png (112.59 KB, 600x125, 24:5, Celeste portraits.png)

f0fc86  No.16668818


>like the game was written by a team of tvtropers trying their best to one up each other

Well I bet there is a pretty large overlap between localizers and other forms of failed writing.

64d8f7  No.16668826

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Worst "friend" in the series.

9ead0b  No.16668853


Its always a weird feeling that the free thinking Jew angel is one of Law's reasonable good guys.

29f82f  No.16669040


White people are pussies.

News at 11.

b1eb83  No.16669054

File: 5390a8ac76f43cd⋯.jpg (47.31 KB, 709x861, 709:861, wikipedia_help_by_expandin….jpg)




Chaos scum detected

c982b1  No.16669337

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You will receive the punishment due to you eventually, chaosfag.

a94a6f  No.16669347


>shitskins are basically animals that can't control themselves

Well you're not wrong.

28d959  No.16669385

File: d606a473bfb812d⋯.jpg (101.83 KB, 1024x450, 512:225, tumblr_m58cm3KMv11rxhsbxo1….jpg)


Seriously, it feels like every single character is a horrible person or has some sort of hidden agenda. Tear might be the most straight forward of the crew, although she and Luke start of on the wrong foot. If you contrast it, the villian crew seem more in sync than the heroes.

a5f25a  No.16669391


I've seen video of her. She looks fucking weird in ways that none of the other characters do.

6fccaa  No.16669440

File: 37526d5e3fc64e7⋯.png (103.8 KB, 350x255, 70:51, MGS2RosePP.png)


Rose. She was designed that way though so it's ok.

d289c4  No.16669454

File: 718890e03f85f0a⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.19 KB, 160x192, 5:6, Please you have to help us.gif)

>Implying Brenner wasn't in the wrong

c71de6  No.16669490


Not sure why you posted him?

a85d89  No.16669703

I'm Rosh, by the way.

7a7432  No.16671059

File: c9f1b5ef5c5a11d⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1141x1649, 1141:1649, Micaiah_(FE10_Artwork).png)

I hate this cunt so much.

d75ebd  No.16671076

File: ee5aae6c981eca9⋯.jpg (30.09 KB, 640x360, 16:9, handsome nigger.jpg)

File: bd3674b82b3b399⋯.jpg (171.14 KB, 960x967, 960:967, kikess.jpg)

File: 8c787f515b384db⋯.jpg (111.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, disgusting degeneracy.jpg)


>What game has characters that you just want to punch in the fucking face as soon as they appear?

aside from every single character in Punch Out or other boxing games

these are the first that came to mind

29fd4a  No.16671078



She’s Napalese isn’t she?

d75ebd  No.16671085

File: 40da7f9b7221059⋯.jpg (74.51 KB, 881x848, 881:848, femmerchant.jpg)


i think she claims to be cucknadian but the nose doesn't lie

ecd0b5  No.16671111



I didn't didn't really care until I found out that she was Lucifer's daughter, now I'm just mad.

b8af82  No.16671144



This is the same game where a fun-sized onahole and a millionaire(who never uses his position to help you out, even fights half-assedly putting the whole party in danger) drag you through completely irrelevant personal issues for hours of the story.

The worst zelos ever does before the endgame is say he'd rather not talk while drowning in women. Not quite 'instigate a village sacking because you're bored' bad.

489121  No.16671165


Zelos is voiced by the gook that did Vash the Stampede in the japanese dub and kratos is voiced by the Kaiji announcer. Zelos sounds like a faggot pretending to be a faggot to fuck with people so that may warrant it.

36edc3  No.16671562

File: c938eda10a634f5⋯.jpg (474.5 KB, 976x1112, 122:139, Ff8-rinoa2.jpg)

File: 2b1f10c84d2a9c8⋯.jpg (56.27 KB, 1269x668, 1269:668, wew.JPG)

01fd40  No.16671577


That part where she was forced into your party to kill those mutant cucumber monsters was unbearable.

ba9474  No.16671646


There is literally nothing wrong with setting an enemy army on fire with boiling oil and trying to shoot down your little sister so she burns to death too.

d4ffef  No.16671651


I like her already.

5616ab  No.16671886


>What game has characters that you just want to punch in the fucking face as soon as they appear? For me it's representatives of both Law and Chaos in SMT:SJ because fuck me, fuck both of those obnoxious cunts. Instead of thinking what side I'll join based on what character I like more after playing through neutral, I was wondering which one of them I hate more.

>pick Law

<Dumb bitch comes in and brainwashes everyone.

>pick Chaos

<Edgelord comes in and infects everyone with brain parasites.


Everyone is honestly pretty retarded in SMT. I understand the general chaosfag pandering but it is ridiculous. I seen how Jimenez fights and he nearly loss his entire party to a single Bifrons. Yet the general dialogue option to the resident chaofag is either pussyshit or dick sucking.

28d959  No.16671900


Seifer's used goods.

6127ac  No.16671912


>He didn't post Gau

>He didn't post Yuffie

>He didn't post Quina

>He didn't post the entire Final Fantasy 13 cast

>He didn't post the whiny faggot from FFX

>He didn't post those little shits and the twink bard from Final Fantasy 4

5/10 post

f4c952  No.16671918


I feel bad for the Mayor, he actually did nothing wrong and tried his best to protect his people in the world in such a fucked state as it is in.

He should have gotten a better end than what he got, he may have been a dick but he was a good kind of dick if you know what I mean. Maybe seeing common ground with the protags or coming to a compromise and realizing the the protags were right all along.

if you know what I mean you'll know its not gay. no homo anyways

7fc110  No.16671929

File: a065eb2dce280db⋯.png (641.92 KB, 847x1112, 847:1112, ClipboardImage.png)


Trucy's at least cute. This bitch just pissed me off. Easily the worst part of every game she was in. Her entire personality was just

>messes up and causes trouble

<haha lol Nick you shouldn't do that, you retard! look at how you messed up haha!


>best girl

<not young Ema Skye

7fc110  No.16671941

File: bc40cf801d73a6e⋯.png (264.47 KB, 430x690, 43:69, ClipboardImage.png)

38292a  No.16671964

File: b1e170f4d34b5a1⋯.png (2.67 KB, 160x160, 1:1, gau.png)


>hating on Gau

Nigger he is the most ripped child on earth. He took on a grown man and he can shoot laser beams out of his bare hands and cast magic spells and shit just because he lives in the wilderness. The Sabin, Cyan, and Gau portion of the world of balance was the best part and I won't hear otherwise. He's the epitome of manliness even when he's a boy. How can anyone else on the cast even compete?


>Porom, Palom, and Edward

Now these are shit ass characters

c20137  No.16672006


I love FF9 and blue mage/enemy skill characters, imagine my disappointment when I got to Quina.

aefda3  No.16672130

File: fc363e24e98b62b⋯.jpg (670.01 KB, 950x905, 190:181, ff xiii.jpg)

>Brother actually trusts Mastema

>Knows full well what Mastema wants and what would happen

>Warn him that the law path is probably the worst one

>Does it anyway

>Wow anon, I never would have chosen the law route if I knew that was what he and Zelenin wanted!

Why is the law route the absolute shittiest option in every single SMT game?

But back to the topic at hand, every single Final Fantasy XIII character is awful, literally all of them.

657ace  No.16672135


>he took on a grown man

Gau can solo most of the bosses in the game, if you grind your rages right. Of course, why learn anything except Stray Cat + Tyrannosaurus + Magic Urn?

21fe34  No.16672162


Law and Chaos route has always been shit in SMT games. Ever since SMT 1.

b5d4ce  No.16672412


Apparently some demon falls in love with her in the extra dungeon as if she isn't bad enough. I remember reading that the writer responsible for the extra content is the same as Radiant Historia's one which explains everything.

a39cb0  No.16672590

File: 36935a59d14c216⋯.jpg (159.39 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, Darkman.jpg)


Joshua Graham is a compelling, multi-dimensional character with a cool design and understandable motivations, backed up by a strong voice performance.

aefda3  No.16672603


The problem is that he's mixing Joshua up with that retard Daniel, who rightfully gets a bad ending no matter what you choose, even if you're stupid and evacuate Zion. Daniel isn't thinking ahead and is merely delaying the inevitable by having the tribes leave Zion and allowing the White Legs to take over.

fa26ef  No.16672904


Who would be a good(well written?) character, in your opinion?

9ba7e2  No.16672909

File: 9d1dc0ee2ddcd37⋯.png (455.88 KB, 640x627, 640:627, 980cd452ef28ead48b786add19….png)


>A faggot pretending to be a faggot.

83ba13  No.16672980


Johnny Yong Bosch was born to play Vash the Stampede, it was the perfect role for him. Unfortunately, it was also the only role he was good for.

01fd40  No.16673152


Just fucking kill yourself already you literal faggot. It's been almost 10 fucking years and you still desperately try to defend this horseshit game in the most backhanded and snide ways possible.

35bee9  No.16673375

File: 9fb55b26eeb291d⋯.jpg (126.63 KB, 617x939, 617:939, broken jaw.jpg)


Did the modder hit her jaw with a hammer?

01fd40  No.16673394


Well, he got the reality part of the Puerto Rican drug addict right at least.

3a1884  No.16673400


You do realize that she was 3d scanned, right? Photos are not reliable because they distort, that's why there's focal length.

01fd40  No.16673404

>he's still trying to defend this blatantly uglied model for western journo appeasement

098074  No.16673413


Why should we care? If it looks like shit, it's shit, regardless of whether or not it's accurate. If that's accurate they either need a better model or to stop basing shit on 3dpd entirely.

f0fc86  No.16673417


>or to stop basing shit on 3dpd entirely


7a7432  No.16673594



>t. confirmed homosexuals

af568e  No.16673665


People love Handsome Jack and I don't know why.

The only funny part about him is how his VA pissed off Anthony Burch by ignoring the written dialogue and improving his own, but the shit his VA came up with isn't any better than King Cuck's own writing.



>Handsome Jack was the only character in that game worth listening to

>Jack is actually funny though



I know this is probably sacrilegious to say on /v/, but being an arrogant and smug asshole doesn't make you funny.

d3994d  No.16673722

File: 6f0b7fe25ca505f⋯.png (506.71 KB, 998x628, 499:314, Screen_Shot_2018-03-07_at_….png)


>being an arrogant and smug asshole doesn't make you funny.

I feel personally attacked

1bc7c2  No.16674299


and you still angrily talk about it despite without any real substance after 10 years. Sounds like you might need a new hobby.

01fd40  No.16674391


For context here this guy goes by the name AzureHorizon and is a goon who has been defending this game S'Arais style since it came out. I'm dead fucking serious.

2b524f  No.16674670



Go shout objection somewhere else homo

574b3f  No.16674689


Everyone in the remake has weird brown skin like they're the hillbillies from RE7.

The RE engine was made purposefully for RE7 were all the characters were disgusting to look at compared to MT Frameworks.

fcea22  No.16674781

File: 624579c94de6d31⋯.png (1.2 MB, 968x968, 1:1, 9F664C09-F48B-4BED-8278-F7….png)

>pic related

58e03e  No.16674793


But he posted the redux art you quad retard nigger, fucking kill yourself

fa26ef  No.16675423


Unironically I just started posting on 8chan a month ago. I don't know who Azure is.

0b0c13  No.16676559

File: b5db3def4213045⋯.jpg (55.9 KB, 462x582, 77:97, IMG_20190708_130413.jpg)

01fd40  No.16676574


It's honestly too bad 2 already killed all goodwill the series had because 3 was easily one of the worst designed and written games of all time and it didn't get nearly the flogging that it deserved. It borders on a fucking mobile game in many ways.

96b4fe  No.16684304


Elaborate, please. I know nothing about Dragon age.

5d8623  No.16684370



>swollen faces

I guess they were attacked by bees and the damage was permanent.

b4021f  No.16685023


must have been the same zombies from dead rising

fe2f71  No.16685424

File: 18572bc2c011dd7⋯.jpg (77.55 KB, 478x487, 478:487, Back to cuckchan.jpg)

3754c2  No.16685446


>Implying that's the reason

>Implying it's not something more stupid like someone giving the model a touch up because "youthful faces are rounder, right?"

I've seen that kind of shit happen before. An artist will try and change something to obtain a certain effect but just end up making it ugly instead.

3068b8  No.16685470


She's a "quirky" profanity-spewing thug who thinks she's Robin Hood.

01fd40  No.16685499

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

81c395  No.16685510


Was looking for this post.

8db1cd  No.16697336

File: 3d70d594a95d744⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 3d7.gif)

There's so much fucking wrong with Persona 4 that you can choose pretty much any of the characters and they all would deserve a good punch in the face as soon as they show up. Marie probably takes the cake though since she was shoehorned in and she still somehow managed to become one of the worst girls in any jrpgs ever.She's proof that the current staff in Atlus no longer have brains but the same cancel cells that are responsible for making Motomu Toriyama and Tetsuya Nomura believe that Lighting is a great character and all next Final Fantasies should be about her and we all know how that turned out.

01fd40  No.16697407


Persona 3 doomed the company to write characters that are nothing but one note cliches with a tacked on tragic past or insecurity like they were written by some kind of tvtropes powered randomizer.

01fd40  No.16697409

Meant to include that they've essentially became the Bioware of Japan.

793cc5  No.16697519


So, what's her deal? Didn't get P4 Golden.

01fd40  No.16697535


She's a slapped on, borderline self insert type character that reads emo poetry and spouts the most cliche tsundere stereotype dialogue it almost feels like a joke that they forgot to make a punchline for. She also does that run on sentence for emphasis shit tumblr likes to do.

faa47d  No.16697540


>rose more annoying than jack the ripper, lead singer for the #1 linkin park tribute band in liberia

faa47d  No.16697551



holy fuck, I went out of my way to use the flamethrower on that fucking cunt

9dfa41  No.16697612

File: 3a054090544a455⋯.jpg (134.99 KB, 473x743, 473:743, Alisa_Res.jpg)

couldn't bring myself to keep playing because I had it up to here with this bitch

9dfa41  No.16697627

File: 11a0b6fb65bdc37⋯.jpg (58.93 KB, 937x768, 937:768, tf11.jpg)


>found the game mildly amusing the first time through with a friend

>replay it on my own

>the horror sinks in that I can't skip any of the terrible jokes the game is trying to make, and there's nobody to distract me from them

9dfa41  No.16697639

File: 25df7d3d18480bc⋯.jpg (304.24 KB, 1017x579, 339:193, dog07.jpg)


The party in this game was fucking horrible, it was like babysitting the short bus. Everything you did would make one of the faggots cry at you. I can understand some of the moral choices but they would screech at you for accepting sidequests, visiting a part of the world they didn't want to go to, and all kinds of other bullshit. I'm told this is the one with the good party, so I fucking dread how terrible the other two must have been.

9dfa41  No.16697655


Honestly fuck everyone in that game

9dfa41  No.16697660


what's so bad about Gau?

852590  No.16697669


That model is just disgusting. The 3d scans aren't manipulated like her photos are.

26f4d3  No.16697745

File: f31c31444a16004⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1888x730, 944:365, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8f48fa4c80e0b97⋯.png (2.1 MB, 2000x1941, 2000:1941, ClipboardImage.png)

Almost everyone in this game, but more specifically Hoshido all together and second pic related.

cfc578  No.16697751

File: f5b26ed3ca29416⋯.jpg (294.93 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, rosh.jpg)

File: 86e78fd2fb76fec⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1463x1080, 1463:1080, H5G_Render_Locke-Close5.png)

793cc5  No.16698056


I see…good thing I didn't pick up P4Gold.

bf13f9  No.16698077

File: 3c95c9aa86056af⋯.png (172.53 KB, 502x523, 502:523, spartan class.png)


>only ONE of the nu spartans.

9aef85  No.16698080


It's kinda double edged. On the one hand if you don't bother with her social link then she hardly matters and you still get the Joker social link. On the other they locked an additional, optional endgame dungeon with harsh traps behind her as well as the "golden ending" that she features prominently in.

As you may recall, the final boss of P4 was Izanami. Well Marie here is a part of Izanami and is the boss of that extra dungeon. She then helps you beat her other half during the normal endgame and resumes her duties as goddess listening to the wishes of humans. This is played cutely as a weather girl who changes the weather by request and confesses her love for Yu on live TV.

01fd40  No.16698363


The characters are worse in 2 and 3 but the main reason I suspect the first game was defended so much was because it came out during peak Bioware shilling and when "nerd TV" celebrities, or really celebrities in general, were still somewhat respected. For example in Bethesda waited until now to put Patrick Stuart in their next game people would see that as a bad thing, not a good one.

54581c  No.16699571

File: 7c14b460cbff613⋯.jpg (6.71 KB, 179x282, 179:282, index.jpg)

File: 1f41f10d76fc6bd⋯.jpg (90.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

For me, the only one that comes to mind right now is Rosh. Other than that, probably Sadie from RDR2. I don't get why so many soyboys think she's hot. She looks like she's in her 50s


Yeah this shit annoyed the fuck out of me. He has no actual discernible proof it's you who goes to that bumfuck town, you can't call him out of any of his hypocrisies and everyone acts like he's the best dude ever. All the dlcs are pretty much sucking his dick and he's one of the worst part of all the dlcs, at leas the shitty honest hearts dlc had graham who was interesting. Made all the more difficult to listen to because he's 10/10 tryhard when he talks. It's actually painful to listen to him.


That's not Graham, that's the chink, David. Graham is all righteousness. He outright wants war, and to slaughter all the white legs. He's also a fanatical zealot, naming his gun "A Light Shining in The Darkness", after the bible quote. Graham is the one loading and checking a good hundred .45 pistols on his desk when you first meet him, like he's prepping for his own personal one man war.

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