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File: 3d827213578b86d⋯.png (2.8 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, ffxiv_07022019_011049_803.png)

0b9016  No.16672911


Old thread is ending soon.

>best FF story since the glory days of SNES

>smooth chocolate bunny butt is finally here

>Emet-Selch did nothing wrong

>Ryne is a good girl

2b9bfc  No.16672923

Isn't the community of this game full of trannies?

0b9016  No.16672971

File: b471d8732f2c8d5⋯.gif (475.82 KB, 480x360, 4:3, angry moth noises.gif)


Depends on your server. Balmung is cancer. Mateus became cancer cause a lot of Balmung left to infect Mateus.

Leviathan is based. We've bullied a few raging faggots off the server by refusing to tolerate their shit. The most notable being an obviously gay male Miqot'e cat boy who wouldn't shut up about being gay with everything he said. The server, without any pre-planning, collectively told him to shut up, no one cares, stop spamming chat, and eventually reported him for shitting up the public chat channels.

>leveling trust NPC's

2.5mil per Holminster run and they require 13.8mil just to go from 71 to 72. That's 6 full runs. Then they need to get to 73 just so you can run Dohn Mheg. What kind of grindy hell is this?

ddfc3d  No.16673023


The price you pay. Not to mention their dps is really sub-par because they don't dps while doing mechanics. Trade off is they're pretty decent at healing, tanking they're not the best at but at least they can hold aggro.

That aside ShB was a massive disappointment gameplay wise. A lot of homogenization, easy as sin content, and my two main classes got made boring as hell to play even if they are technically better.

ae92df  No.16673033

File: 66ce1e7f27867fd⋯.jpg (13.92 KB, 320x362, 160:181, mantarochengeJUSTet.jpg)

On what server are you other yuropoors playing? I have enough of playing alone tbh

466823  No.16673042

I have tried to sign up for this game like 5 times of the past year, but have never been able to make it past account creation.

Their website does not work.

32bc53  No.16673060

File: 42b388806d45690⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1504x1393, 1504:1393, 2B or not.png)

Why is fountainfall a proc attack instead of a combo?

49d4fc  No.16673063

File: da0c2de258cdf20⋯.jpg (891.36 KB, 2480x1240, 2:1, nier automata final fantas….jpg)

File: 97261570730c4d7⋯.jpg (693.67 KB, 3800x1800, 19:9, nier automata final fantas….jpg)

File: 50a137ca36b3bb1⋯.jpg (666.02 KB, 3800x1800, 19:9, nier automata final fantas….jpg)

File: d4c5775da5d76cd⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 3800x1800, 19:9, nier automata final fantas….jpg)

File: 92e229f75f54e79⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 3800x1800, 19:9, nier automata final fantas….jpg)


That reminds me. Whe should one expect for the Nier crossover event to happen and be fully complete?

7fbc91  No.16673100


>best FF story since the glory days of SNES

What is the story? All I can remember from the early levels (1-50 CON/WHM) was EMPIRE BAD and there was a diverse cast of resistance members.

df9dc4  No.16673117

So we spawned an SS rank (apparently that's a thing now) on my server after killing an S rank then going around the map to kill Sin Eaters that spawned. After we kill the Sin Eaters an SS rank spawns and it gives you 400 fucking nuts.

0b9016  No.16673118


>trust system

I find the dps isn't terrible, it's just focused on a single target. Bosses go a bit slow, but healing is never an issue, plus the NPC's are better at avoiding aoe's than the average pug shitter. In fact, it's a great way to learn the instance for a first-timer, since the NPC's will move to avoid incoming aoe before any actual indicators appear.



I find the proc-based system gives DNC a lot of frenetic moments of high energy. When you get a Fountainfall/Reverse Cascade etc.>FFF>Flourishing Feather proc you end up throwing out 3 moves in the span of of a single GCD. With Flourish active and 3-4 feathers in reserve, you can end up pushing 15 buttons in the span of 5 GCD's. It's madness, especially if you're dodging aoe at the time, but I'll be damn if I don't feel graceful as fuck when I pull it off.


Current plan is about 2 weeks from official release for the normal 8-man raids to come out, then another 2 weeks after that for the savage versions to come out. The 24-man raids typically act as "catch up" or "sidegrade" gearing opportunities, giving players access to gear that's 10 ilvl's under the current highest tier of raid gear. To that end, I'd expect it to come out about 2-3 weeks after the savage Eden stuff is made available. So you're looking at about 5-6 weeks from now maybe.

0b9016  No.16673144




You want me to summarize this shit? Fuck it, I'll give an abridged version a try. Spoilers ahead:

You're the Warrior of Light, champion of Hydaelyn the Mothercrystal, and the last, best hope for the world you live on. Except you've been called, by someone unknown yet familiar, to another world, the First. Your world, known in some circles as the Source, was shattered A Long Time Ago due to the conflict between the two elder gods Zodiark and Hydaelyn. This shattering split what was one world into what is now known as the Source and it's thirteen shards. Of those thirteen shards, even of them have been destroyed, their aether (life energy) re-absorbed into the source (except for the 13th shard, which was destroyed by accident and became what is now known in-game as the Void). This destruction isn't by accident; a race of immortal beings known as Ascians have long been working towards restoring the original world (often referred to in-game as "stars," which can be a bit confusing) that once existed. The Ascians have been responsible for the destruction of these seven shards, each of which begat a civilization-ending calamity on the Source, as all this aether being absorbed back into the Source has catastrophic consequences for the world as it tries to accommodate the influx. FF14 begins after the 7th calamity occurs and is barely contained by the actions of the Eorzean city states and their heroes (the PC's).

That's the background info.

As of Shadowbringers, war with the Garlean empire looms, and you as the player have learned that the founding of the Garlean empire (a militaristic magitek-using nation of people who lack the ability to use magic naturally, unlike many other inhabitants of the world) was something set into motion by one of the most powerful remaining Ascians, who goes by the name Emet-Selch. In the midst of this conflict, a mysterious voice calls out to you and your comrades in the Scions of the Seventh Dawn (an order dedicated to stopping the Ascians and maintaining the balance of power on the Source). This has left your Scion comrades in mysterious comas, with their bodies healthy but their souls seemingly plucked out. Eventually, you are contacted by the mysterious voice again and told to find a "beacon" near the Crystal Tower. You find this beacon eventually, and are summoned, both in body and soul, to the last remaining continent of Norvrandt on the shard known as the First.

Way back in the 3.0 version of the game, you encountered some NPC antagonists who had made their way from the First to the Source and were causing havoc in an attempt to speed up the process of the "rejoining," which is the term the Ascians use to describe all the shards being destroyed and re-absorbed by the Source. These NPC's, known as the Warriors of Darkness at the time, believe that in doing this, they will save their own world from destruction by a Flood of Light that they themselves were tricked into triggering.

You later learn that Emet-Selch was largely responsible, through a variety of machinations, for tricking these Warriors into doing his bidding.

Ultimately, while you fight them on the Source, you eventually come to terms thanks to the intervention of a couple of key allies from the Scions and one former ally of yours who became the voice of the Mothercrystal, basically the physical avatar of Hydaelyn travels to the First with the spirits of the Warriors of Darkness and stops the Flood of Light from consuming the last continent and completely destroying the world. In Shadowbringers, you as the Warrior of Light from the Source become the prophesized Warrior of Darkness on the First, fated to bring the night sky back to a world that has experienced over a century of endless day.

Along the way, you end up hunting down the now-possessed corpses of four of the former Warriors of Light from the source, who's names are now cursed due to their role in bringing about the world's destruction. You also are followed around by the spirit of the 5th Warrior of Darkness, a man named Ardbert, who only you can (and one NPC later on) can see. The story becomes something of a redemption arc for Ardbert's spirit, who once cursed his existence for being forced to wander his near-dead world for a hundred years, but comes to understand that through you, and with his support, he may yet see his world saved.

0b9016  No.16673149



In the process of doing all this, you discover an ancient city of the Ascians, preserved under the ocean, replete with skyscrapers and impossibly advanced technology and fight through the final days of the original world the Ascians lived on, as a great series of dooms destroyed everything they had known and built, where out of desperation to save their world and their people, they brought forth Zodiark, sacrificing half of their living population to provide the energy to do so, giving sentience to their star at terrible cost.

You also eventually learn that your soul and the soul of Ardbert have the same exact "hue" and it's implied that you and Ardbert, and possibly all other Warriors of Light throughout history, were all cut from the same cloth so to speak, the same original Ascian soul that has now been shattered into many parts. It's also implied that this original Ascian was responsible for the summoning of Hydaelyn, as a check against Zodiark, and ultimately the individual responsible for the shattered of the original world into the Source and it's Thirteen Shards.

There's also no small degree of time travel with a lot of good echoes of Chrono Trigger/Cross and a heaping helping of absolute terror completely abominable experiences are part and parcel for people living on this world, and there's even some actual Soylent Green shit that goes on on top of War40k grimdark meets Bayonetta in that the world you live in is at constant war with the angelic-looking minions of Light known in game as sin eaters.

There's a lot, obviously. Fair warning; if you play this game and don't use a level and story boost you'll have to slog through a lot of filler at level 50, and it turns a lot of people off. But if you have the patience you'll be rewarded.

32bc53  No.16673314


Have they shown what the Dancer and Gunbreaker weapons will look like?

0b9016  No.16673319


Those pictures are actually fan-made. We don't know what any of the Automata weapons will look like, or even if we will have any available because the 24-mans usually only have armor pieces while providing currency that lets you upgrade the tomestone gear.

91b97b  No.16673356

File: 89511b8eb5a9266⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 300x233, 300:233, 89511b8eb5a926689d8ad957cc….gif)

File: 03d3122cf7553ec⋯.jpeg (19.38 KB, 237x179, 237:179, 03d3122cf7553ecbef46f2bad….jpeg)



Hell yer, cheers for the info dump.

Man makes me want to play again.

ddfc3d  No.16673424


What class did you play, because depending on your answer, you shouldn't

7007d7  No.16673426


All classes are fine, don't listen to this sperglord. You may get bored since some have been simplified though.

1c8f8a  No.16673427

File: b11eabd94e41c89⋯.jpg (29.07 KB, 460x579, 460:579, 7d17cea9b40f530acb9dba4c59….jpg)

>Best ff story since

Shit game for shit people

ddfc3d  No.16673439



>not nearly unplayable because of how absurdly boring it is.

91b97b  No.16673455

File: 0ea4eb6fdceb741⋯.jpg (28.49 KB, 600x532, 150:133, 0ea4eb6fdceb741eca85594fa5….jpg)


whm, monk

but how is sam? any fun still?


How simplified?

a0e1c3  No.16673476


the funny thing about that spam is the shit dmg it does

1102dc  No.16673487

File: 464d5d907684ba6⋯.webm (9.08 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Photon_Intro.webm)

Ronso are the best thing to happen in this expac. I have been blisting them on sight since it dropped and every morning before I start my chores I look through my blist and I find a minimum of five names that are unable to be retrieved due to banning. There is literally nothing wrong with treating Ronso players like the disgusting furfag filth that they are. They should be discriminated against, isolated, and reported every chance you get. They are human excrement and their choice in race makes it very clear enough that you can treat them as such with absolutely no misgivings.

7007d7  No.16673506


Monk, was given an AoE combo, so damage against trash mobs is better. They also get Grease Level 4. I dunno about SAM, but people on my server say its still very good. WHM i've heard is the best healer, and they made the Lily system more better. I do play on the JP datacentre so ppl are different here.

6a2e29  No.16674259

File: 1e4a3e257f1fac1⋯.png (132.03 KB, 719x395, 719:395, d1e9c28f54dd82fa19ee0ffb4d….png)

>friend convinces me to play with him

>every world on NA save for 1 or 2 flickering worlds has had new characters disabled since the expansion came out

Please I just want to play

84d884  No.16674275


This game will be very repetitive unless it is your first time or if people are making mistakes. This game gets boring because there is little opportunity for things to turn out different. Run away now.

036091  No.16674283

So what's the veredict on Shadowhedgehogs? I hear the story is good, but what about the gameplay? Are the dungeons better than SB's? How are the trials? Music?

ddfc3d  No.16674388


Music is meh, trials are pretty pathetically easy, gameplay for healers and WAR/PLD (some people claim DRK got better, but I've seen a ton of people say otherwise) got dumbed down to such an absurd degree it's "why even bother" territory.

Story is decent though

0b9016  No.16674416


Happy to help. I still left out quite a bit of stuff including the part at the very end, after defeating Emet-Selch's true form - Hades - and when you've struck the final bow with an axe of pure light given to you by the spirit of Ardbert. Hades just sits there, in his mortal guise one last time, with this gaping wound of pure aether in his body, looks you dead in the eye and says "Remember us. Remember that we existed" (or something like that) before fading away.



I hear conflicting things. Some people love it, others hate it.


Best dps of the healers now, still good healing. Get's angelic wings at 80 to show the world how high and mighty they are.


Almost unchanged from Stormblood. Hagakure was removes the skill that gave you 20 kenki per sen, up to 60 total and was replaced with a +50 kenki-on-demand skill, which kinda sucks imo, but they now have a single target Guren analogue that shares a cooldown with Guren, and they get the Kaeshi skill, which allows them to copy the last Iaijutsu they used, enabling shit like double Midare Setsugekka or Tenka Goken for some stupid crazy burst damage/aoe.


>DNC aoe

Doesn't feel like shit damage as long as you get a few procs at least. I've had my fair share of 45k+ DSF direct crits and I'm not even 80 yet. I can easily Technical Finish topping 70k on the primary target once I hit 80 and get geared.


Trials are pretty gear, with the last story one being the best one imo. It doesn't have an EX mode yet, only the level 73 and 79 trials do, and the Titania EX trial is about Lakshmi-tier for how difficult it is. Innocence EX sits somewhere between Susano and Byakko.

I love the music in every area except Eulmore during the day. Call me a nigger, but that Enya-meets-Shakira stuff in Rak'tika is fucking great, and the soft jazzy piano that plays in that zone at night just hit the spot.

Gameplay has improved for DRK, with lots of oGCD usage combined with solid group utility via Dark Missionary/TBN and arguably the best mitigation kit for a tank thanks to how strong TBN is now. oGCD's deal good damage and while our level 80 skill is a bit boring in execution, it's still an effective damage booster. My only complaints with DRK are that mana gain feels a bit low sometime and Living Shadow needs something else to it besides being a cooldown you hit more or less whenever it's up ideally during burst phases.

036091  No.16674448

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>music is meh

I looked one up and I'm already in love holy shit.

Soken is a living god

ddfc3d  No.16674464


I was talking more about innocence just being a remix of the standard dungeon boss theme.

04d279  No.16674467

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The twinning is great

32bc53  No.16674510

File: 5b57acc71558198⋯.jpg (15.63 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 1459065996917.jpg)


>Music is meh

What the fuck are you on about? the music is amazing.

ddfc3d  No.16674521


I don't care for the ShB dungeon boss theme, so 1/2 trials are automatically out for good music, the town music sort of drags for me, and titania gets old after the 9th hour of "HOW DO I DO TEAHTER" ususally proceeded by them running off the ledge, failing the dps check and a very heartfelt question of why I even play this game if a random PF can't clear what has to be one of the easiest trials in the game

1102dc  No.16674528

File: 1adebac26647e8a⋯.jpg (25.56 KB, 437x471, 437:471, 1375000955909.jpg)


I've only hit 80 with BLM and RDM so far but they are decent at 80. Anon did a decent write up on BLM above.

RDM has MP consumption and recovery issues so lucid needs to be worked into your rotations and you can't go spamming Verraise any more so no more rescuing raids from wiping singlehandedly. You can no longer sneak two Vernukes into a single embolden since you get Scorch as a combo nuke that will squeeze the second Vernuke out of the window. Manafictation now includes a 5% damage buff allowing you to get something for the nuke in on the second part of the cycle however the window is only 10 secs and clips the second Scorch.

You gain a white and black AoE (VerThunder II, VerAero II)that are pretty low potency but give you decent balance gain and something to dualcast Impact with now that Impact has sort of merged with Scatter. Impact is now 220 potency with 5 sec casting time and no longer procs Impactful for you to gain additional balance.

Enchanted reprise gives you an instant column AoE that is low potency and eats the hell out of your balance bar. I guess the intent is for enemies you can't close in on to give you a chance to burn your excess balance instead of leaving DPS on the table. It's not very good.

Engagment is a melee instant that shares a timer with Displacement, it has much lower potency and I guess the intent is for fights where the stage has pitfalls. It's not very good outside of some very rare situations and even then it is more of an afterthought.

Enchanted Moulinette is now a 10/10 220 potency which, with the new 6 yalm range, is amazing. You are going to be mowing through trash mobs with this.

The removal of damage mitigation has been pretty god damned shitty. RDM still draws a fuck ton of agro and between all the new tanks that don't know how to handle that and the complete inabilty to mitigate agro on your own means that you will have to let your DPS drop off fairly often which I guess gives you a chance to minimize your MP consumption.

Working on SUM right now and sort of wait and see if it will supplant BLM as best caster at 80

a89c14  No.16674896

>Ryne is a good girl

Behind the scenes she has been sucking off Thancred from even before she started puberty.

1102dc  No.16675013


Sitting here waiting on a queue I just came up with a good analogy for what Lucid Dreaming has become for RDM. It's become RDM's equivalent of DRG's old weaponskill Heavy Thurst. Something you are obligated to work into your rotation due to bad job design that is awkward and unwieldy. I suspect the reason RDM is unbalanced is because Yoshi P figured had to come up with a reason for the skill to be used now that it wasn't primarily the agro oh shit button. So you are essentially forced to keep in on cool down at all times which has a nasty habit of fucking up your rotations now that you are trying to squeeze as much DSP into your Embolden as you can since it is no longer a perfectly balanced loop.

If you aren't planning on maining RDM I would sit on the class until a future patch to see if it get's unfucked, which I doubt.

77b6d0  No.16675060


What all is going on with the Ronso players?

e59f91  No.16675163


That’s more because dancer is a gay job that requires RNG procs to proc RNG procs to proc another RNG proc. It’s the worst job currently and would be laughably bad if it weren’t for the damage support memes.

df5049  No.16675172



making dancer a dps was retarded to begin with. dps with range is always the go to shitter role, now combine it with the MUH DANCE meme and you end up with the bottom of the barrel players.

1102dc  No.16675179

File: 4431c313a1ad08d⋯.mp4 (5.18 MB, 480x360, 4:3, GO EXCEED!(TVサイズ)/大石昌良.mp4)


Furries are filth. I am sure they are doing some disgusting subhuman shit and getting rightly reported and subsequently banned for it. I gave everyone an amnesty with the beginning of ShB and cleared my blist the day before the downtime. Since ShB began I have filled my blist to maximum with nothing but Ronso by the time I log off. By the time I log on the next day there are plenty of unable to retrieves in the list to be removed and replaced. Like I said 5 has been the minimum number I have had banned in a single day.

Don't make the mistake of thinking furries are people like you and I. They are dogfucking sociopathic rejects. They deserve everything that is coming to them.

835a2b  No.16675191


Titania's theme was not for me personally, but all the music in the Tempest map is flawless, including any duties there. They really saved the best for last.


This. I only play magic user classes on my main and have been waiting for dancer for years thinking it'd be a magic user class.

39921e  No.16675238


Ugh. Just when I thought on levelling RDM as my go to magic class, because I liked what I saw of it in Stormblood.

a7b27f  No.16675249

Why can't these DPS shitters just do the fucking DPS check so I can continue with the MSQ? Why do they have to be so terrible? You don't even deserve my heals you fucking casuals.

028e43  No.16675268

Love getting salty healers that ask me why I'm using Clemency. Gee, I dunno you dumb nigger, maybe because it's to alleviate the stress during big pulls or something? Fucking retards.

d564c0  No.16675349

>Innocence extreme is piss easy

>Titania extreme is literally impossible


a7b27f  No.16675363


Really? Because I'm not busting out the giant spatula for the tanks. I'm busting it out for the retard fucking DRGs and BRDs that keep waltzing straight into AoEs.

028e43  No.16675370


How is Titania harder for you?

ddfc3d  No.16675376


He can't count to 5, it's impossible

bb8e87  No.16675465


Story is great. Music is mostly great. Gameplay is fine, but further brought low for the lowest-common denominator.

Emet-Selch did nothing wrong.


I assumed Reprise was for situations where you need to move, but want to keep uptime. Which is very redundant on RDM since slide-casting combined with dual-casting means we can be anywhere at any time already. Only time I use it is when I simply cannot stop to cast anything.


It's not the worst, and you don't even have to use it on CD most of the time. However if you forget to use it at all you will OOM by just doing your rotation. I personally just press it when I don't have anything else to weave.


>for some stupid crazy burst damage/aoe.

I heard some niggers are getting 100K+ Midares on Direct Crits.

d02698  No.16675553


Thanks for the write up. That doesn't sound pretty good. I do remember the Scion people now that you mention them, though the other stuff is completely new to me. I don't think I even played v3.0, though I did briefly try to jump back in after the first expansion but then as you said

>Fair warning; if you play this game and don't use a level and story boost you'll have to slog through a lot of filler at level 50, and it turns a lot of people off.

This is exactly what happened. The slog at 50 was too much for me and I dropped it again. I think that was around the time they nerfed Holy real bad, where before it used to have some of the best DPS in the game. WHM story content was otherwise just throwing rocks at things, which got old real fast.

d02698  No.16675560


>That doesn't sound pretty good.

That DOES sound pretty good. Don't know how I fucked that up.

How an MMO got a better and more coherent fucking story than FFXV I have no idea.

0b9016  No.16675599

File: 4695f9ba96ca410⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 480x264, 20:11, critical hmm.gif)


>go to level cap as DRK

>fun stuff, but want to try out the new classes

>unlock DNC and GNB

>actually really enjoy DNC, intro quest is fun

>start playing it regularly

>am 74 now

>highest rDPS class I've ever had

>plan to take it to cap as my main DPS option

It's a fun class but it's a simple class. How does a person fuck this up? The hardest part is weaving the oGCD's with your procs during Flourish while Technical Finish is active, and that's just practice. Even when I'm balls deep in a pack of mobs doing aoe it's not hard to ensure everything is getting hit and I'm still avoiding attacks.



The story, as of 5.0, is very worthwhile. 3.0 is great, 4.0 has it's moments but is the most hit-or-miss out of all the xpacs so far, and 2.0 was good for what it was at the time, but suffers from having to both wrap up the 1.0 storyline while also setting the stage for everything that comes after. Hence, you get a lot of filler. It's the only part of the game where I don't hold it against people for skipping. Even the leveling experience from 1 to 50 is better than the slog you go through once you hit 50, but the sad part is it's all necessary - from a story standpoint - in order to make everything make sense. It's the most graceful handoff of a story from one set of hands to another that I've seen, but it's still not "graceful" per se.

ddfc3d  No.16675622


Sort of? They could easily trim a lot of the filler with 2.0 content and lose absolutely nothing. But they won't because it's a sub time sink

a89c14  No.16675635

File: f107175b3ccab37⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1920x986, 960:493, ffxiv_07082019_021424_774.png)

File: 5f7aa94667e6f3e⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1920x986, 960:493, ffxiv_07082019_021408_322.png)

File: c20a4a2fd9d4f58⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1920x986, 960:493, ffxiv_07082019_021507_091.png)

File: faad22965756315⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1920x986, 960:493, ffxiv_07082019_021519_894.png)

The amount of cock-teasing these Japs did in this game is overwhelming. Ryne just needs a good hard cock between her tits with all the fucking close-up shots of them SE keeps doing.

a89c14  No.16675636


It helps she is looking directly at his cock.

a89c14  No.16675637

File: dee94c5317e3065⋯.png (2.25 MB, 1920x986, 960:493, ffxiv_07082019_021059_051.png)

I'm pretty sure Natalie Portman in Leon was in this same sexual pose.

835a2b  No.16675672

File: ba93bc8ab61d95e⋯.png (3.41 MB, 1546x1076, 773:538, ffxiv_07072019_165609_143.png)

I've started doing the crafter class quests, I like the new way they've set it up now. Also the Culinarian/Alchemist quest is a work of art.

bb8e87  No.16675681


I stopped paying attention when they wasted all of our time on Minfilia's mom. Nothing about that plot made sense and none of it mattered in the slightest. Though I do respect that the writers never forgot her I am glad she's always mentioned in passing.

ddfc3d  No.16675692


shit that's not even the worst offender, there's the whole titan part with the impostor, the whole get an aspected crystal which is unabashedly just filler, the part after Castrum where you do random grunt work for like 8 quests in a row. I'm sure there's more but the parts before titan and garuda stick out the most especially garuda because you see her pop up and then run away to… regroup I guess? Not to say that other expansions don't have filler, ARR's is just the worst because the content is so absurdly outdated, and no one has their full kits anymore for the entire content pack now because they pruned so hard in SB and now I can't imagine even trying to do it in ShB where you just have jack shit until 60+

bb8e87  No.16675765


I was just skipping all that shit, didn't make it any less tedious though.

The thing they started doing in HW with the filler was at least making the NPCs do it with you. Alphinaud gathering firewood is an example the game itself likes referencing and I will as well since at that point I didn't feel like the realm's bitch boy; I felt like I was on a quest with friends (almost). When I did the quests to gain the trust of the Ondu and Y'shtola pointed out how quickly it went with everyone working together it made me think of the retarded Ishgard plot (which makes my blood boil just thinking about it) and how quickly that would have went if the Scions in ARR actually did anything.

This works for the writing since it's mechanically supported by there being far fewer quests of that nature when they do give them.

The worst example in the expansions that comes to memory is in the Azim Steppe where the big dick Oronir forces you to do chores despite you having no reason to listen to him whatsoever. This is somewhat alleviated by the guise of "getting to know them better" which I think is too basic of a reason to give even considering the circumstances. What would have made that plot better is some subterfuge that gives you an advantage in the coming battle. Something like poisoning their men or sabotaging weapons. That would arguably elevate it out of filler and into plot, but the point remains the same. If the writing is good then even the filler can be enjoyable. Or at least not make you wonder why you're subbed.

ddfc3d  No.16675830


Biggest cop-out award still goes to the end of HW where it was revealed it wasn't deadly poison, just sleeping poison. This was necessary because… she won a popularity poll I guess, because even the explanation didn't really make sense.

bbe132  No.16675832


>a fourth role for support

something like rift's bard would be fucking great, but ff14 has a group size of 4 which makes balancing it a nightmare. there's a fine line between making it pointless and OP, and honestly don't think squeenix would be able to balance it. maybe for raids, but imagine for a minute dancer only works in 8mans properly, the whining would break the servers. otoh they could add BLU and any other job in that area, but as a whole work the devs never can or want to do (there's nothing preventing skills behave differently with group size but since they dumbed down all classes adding more confusing stuff for noobs is probably the opposite of what they want).


they should've kept it a healer, so every fuck who wants to roll it has at least to put in some effort while reducing queue times.

14844f  No.16675887

File: e19cb10c0f8b44f⋯.png (290.15 KB, 496x646, 248:323, Amaro lover.png)


But this guy is clearly mentally disabled.

df9dc4  No.16675923


>music meh

>story decent

Fuck off

bb8e87  No.16675979


That's a different kinda fucked and a pretty big meta mystery if you ask me.

They spend so much time building up to that finale (which also makes my blood boil) and put it in the HW cinematic like it was very relevant and important to the plot only for it to be retconned in the very next patch. Top Lalajew was teased to be a big antagonist from the very beginning of the game if you picked Ul'dah as your starting area all the way up to his master keikaku at the end of 2.0. However the quests for this in HW immediately back track from this. There is no confrontation with him at all short of asking what the hell he was thinking.

There was a very obvious change in writing direction between the end of ARR and the beginning of HW and it's very bizarre to see. Maybe when this plot got committed to in the cinematic it became too expensive to reverse, so they stuck with the original draft intending to retcon it later. It is possible considering the SB cinematic doesn't have any major story details at all; perhaps still smarting from being burned the first time. But then ShB has important lore bits, but it's also their best writing yet, so possibly they had their shit together? Maybe not though.

The ShB trailer shows us using the power of darkness to quell the light. The title screen shows this as well. Yet not once in the plot did we ever use the powers of darkness and the scene where we split the sky for the first time is done with light instead. It really makes me wonder what the first draft was that had us actually being Warriors of Darkness instead of "lol we're the villains to Eulmore so we're the 'villains' now ;)".

ddfc3d  No.16675990


I have no clue there, which is why I'm convinced it's because she won a popularity poll or something. Why else would they completely undo a major plot hook for the expansion, and then just kind of hand wave it with "oh this was all actually my plan" but in the end his plan left him no better or worse off than he started, and the scions sort of fell hard so it's not like he could've done it for a later favor, but then he also was the one who caused it, but.. it's just baffling.

I also think they sort of missed something design wise the whole "doomed" shard sort of thing. Then you just have… really scenic areas including an underwater apartment complex.

I mean I was hoping you'd get something like chains of promethia looking shit or something that just looked really off or at least sort of off.

bb8e87  No.16676015


The only weird thing they have going for it are purple trees. Which I find to be rather annoying since the places that mix green and purple foliage together look great, like Holminister Switch, but the vast majority of Lakeland is just purple. I think it was an art choice to follow the compliment meme since the only time this aesthetic works is when you have Everlasting Light weather.

I think they're waiting to blow their load on what you're looking for with the 5.X patches where we go beyond the Flood wall, unfortunately. Or at least I hope so.

1102dc  No.16676268


>Only time I use it is when I simply cannot stop to cast anything.

I am hard pressed to think of a single situation where 10% of your balance bar for a single 220 attack is worth it. You could do almost anything else and have it be less of a waste, both in the MP used to build the balance bar and the loss of DPS by not properly channeling balance into vercombos. Like I said the only time I could see to use it is if you will overfill your balance bar and you don't have the opportunity to use that. It simply doesn't give you good mileage for your MP.

As for MP can't give you hard numbers at this time but I can assure you that you don't want lucid on every 60 seconds. The fact that your MP pool is 69.44% of it's previous size in and of itself is a huge issue. Even though Verraise costs 24% of your mana and seems like it is an improvement over the 25% it previously cost the MP reductions of every other spell did not scale at the same rate and and so are proportionately higher. This may not seem like such a big thing but with the frequency at which you use your basic spells results this ensures that the MP recovery from lucid barely outstrips the expenditure. If you were only looking at basic rotations it may not seem like much to not pop lucid every time it comes off of CD, but should you have to cast a big spell like verraise it becomes immediately apparent that your MP pool is simply not deep enough to sit on Lucid when it is off of it's cooldown.

ef2ce7  No.16676356

I'm liking the new SMN "rotation" so far, quotes as I have no fucking idea how to sequence this yet but I feel like i'm playing piano a bit more than just following a pattern, it's nice. Will have to see if it gets worse when I get to Firebird

d564c0  No.16676366


how is it not harder for you?

>5 people die on innocence

>lol doesn't matter because he's made of paper

>one person dies on titania because of one of the 6 gorillion instakill mechanics she has

>it's a wipe 90% of the time

cancer boss tbqh I literally have all the gear from innocence but have yet to clear titania ex just because the fight is so fucking stupid

bb8e87  No.16676431


If Hissatsu: Seigan is a minor potency gain then I'd think Enchanted Reprise would be as well, but I haven't done the math.

In regards to MP I was assuring him that it's not a hindrance most of the time. That's not to say you're not 100% correct that it's become our Heavy Thrust during even normal boss encounters.

7ff828  No.16676459




0347e0  No.16676482


i'm glad i wasnt the only one who felt this way. the opening was suitably mysterious and then the initial scenario in amh areng was edgy, but then they didn't really go anywhere with it afterwards? Like I still enjoyed the adventure but I thought we'd be edgy dorks instead of just fighting standard badguys with halos and wings.

32bc53  No.16676485

File: 6a4cabce2837db2⋯.png (74.66 KB, 423x386, 423:386, 6a4cabce2837db2dd213ce656b….png)

>Eulmore has a strip club complete with stripper poles

Is square trying to encourage the ERPers or something?

0347e0  No.16676490


the degenerates buy every single cash shop outfit and emote the second its put up, so yeah.

32bc53  No.16676500


Doesn't help that the first task your given in it is to dance on stage, what next a quest to pimp my self out?

0347e0  No.16676504


gotta get those tomestones somehow, slut

835a2b  No.16676539


>The ShB trailer shows us using the power of darkness to quell the light. The title screen shows this as well. Yet not once in the plot did we ever use the powers of darkness and the scene where we split the sky for the first time is done with light instead.

That and there were a couple lines that never seemed to pan out:

>If history must be unwritten, let it be unwritten

>Become what you must (implying it's something bad done out of necessity?)

0347e0  No.16676547


you could say that, once learning the truth of what the ascians are all about, that consigning an entire world of people to their final death just because they arent "your" people is a bad thing. as i recall the other scions even say as much that they'd make the choices emet-selch has to save his people.

c9c55f  No.16676557


What's everyones opinion on Healers/Casters now? I have a friend who plays WhM and he says the mana cut makes in less fun?

0347e0  No.16676562


white mage is tops. strong healing and puts out silly dps.

ast feels awful, the cards might be better numerically but feel bad to use. its healing feels weaker than white mage and its dps is the worst out of the three

scholar is shit. it has a place in raids but have fun grinding out your weekly tomestones with its shit. shit dps that requires being in melee range for aoe and the worst healing. All it has going for it now is that pets are less clunky and more responsive.

a6aee3  No.16676595

File: d0528327e134832⋯.jpg (44.8 KB, 439x186, 439:186, all DRK lost skills in 5.0.jpg)

I still can't get over losing this many skills as a DRK.

04d279  No.16676604

>fucked up my spoiler


History unwritten is about crystal exarchs alternate timeline. Once you change history and stop the merge he doesnt know what will happen to him since the future hes from will not happen


Doing Titania extreme farms i had a whm doing more dps than the tanks

0347e0  No.16676615


then the tanks were retarded. there's no resource generation or aggro generation to take into account anymore like a paladin that insists on using rage of halone since there are no longer any "added enmity" combos, just damage. they'd have to be sitting there just missing gcds constantly.

0b9016  No.16676616


>If history must be unwritten, let it be unwritten

After completing the Twinning for the first time, you unlock a cutscene that goes into detail about this. Specifically, One of the few groups of people to not descend into barbaric madness after the 8th calamity were those led by Cid Garlond, of the Ironworks. While Cid and his contemporaries worked to try and find some way to undo what had been done, they set the research foundation for future generations to essentially unlock time travel via the Crystal Tower. This is seen in the cutscene after the Twinning where Biggs, the "third of his name" and the "eighteenth president of Garlond Ironworks" leaves a final message to G'raha Tia basically wishing him godspeed and good luck in his attempt to go back in time on the First and prevent the 8th calamity from ever occurring. Hence, history - as was to pass following the death of the WoL and the 8th calamity on the Source - is unwritten via the actions undertaken as the WoL and co. work to fix the shitfest on the First.



Lots of them bitch about actually having to actively heal now, and I've had more than a few SCH let the tank die because they were too busy DPSing and letting the fairy heal like everything hadn't been changed. But I've heard WHM and AST are pretty good at level cap, just different in the case of AST. I can't say for myself, and at first glance I don't like what they've done with the card system, but I'll reserve judgment on it until I get my AST to 80.

Every WHM I know is thrilled with the changes. Lots of oGCD heals and a big payoff nuke that you can throw out afterwards.


SMN is supposed to be kinda insane in terms of playing it correctly. BLM changes have been universally liked, just allowing a BLM to BLM even better now. RDM seems like it's a mixed bag, bit more good than bad overall, with most of the bad coming in the form of MP issues more than anything else.


>power slash combo

No one cares.

>Dark Arts

Not lost, just shifted into something else that's far less cancerous.


Not lost, just baked into another skill, with also means DRK now gets natural MP regen.

>Dark Passenger

Not lost, has become Flood of Darkness/Shadow

>Blood Price

I miss it sometimes, but it only ever had value in mega-huge pulls or in niche situations like sitting in Famfrit's Ewer's during the first fight in Lighthouse, or as a way to fill your entire MP bar up when soaking the tank buster from Suzaku.

A fair criticism of DRK now is that outside of the Delirium/BW windows, MP regen is a bit slow. Beefing that up or lowering the cost of TBN/Edge/Flood by a smidge would go a long way towards alleviating those occasional low-MP doldrums.

ddfc3d  No.16676631


Basically, WHM is just less fun now, it's not "harder" it's just the same as it always is, provided you can count the number of hands you have.


I don't know where this rumor about healing being harder is from. Healing is just as easy as ever, and you have so many tools for dealing with damage I can see people arguing that it's even easier. The issue that a lot of healers complain about is that healing became completely braindead. AST became has it's own issues with the card rework being just boring even if it is better technically, and WHM is probably the least effected by the brain drain that afflicted the healers and tanks in ShB

c9b103  No.16676640


Nah, healing is mostly the same as ever, just SCH and AST are more boring for different reasons. WHM I think is mostly the same, perhaps even better than SB. I think there is just a weave of shit players in general and too many healers that forgot what it was to heal on leveling dungeons without having much better gear than the duty requires.

SMN is lots of fun but quite hectic, specially compared with how it was.

0b9016  No.16676643


>I don't know where this rumor about healing being harder is from

I've died more from crap I used to never die to in this xpac than ever before. And it's not a lack of using cooldowns on my part or anything. I just had a SCH, full 70 on everything with two classes at 80 in an Amdapor hard let me die during the second Foxglove/Demonic Rose pull. I had mitigation up and we only had maybe a half dozen mobs between the mushrooms, Rose and Foxglove, so nothing crazy by any means. I also made sure I dodged all the aoe like every decent tank fucking should so that wasn't the issue. The issue was the SCH just did not heal me. And I've seen this happen at all levels of content, not just old shit. My first Titania normal run at 73 saw me and the OT both go down during the second add phase for no reason other than the healers just did not heal us. It wasn't any major spike of damage and we both had mitigation active; we just didn't get heals.

I have to believe this is some kind of silent rebellion by healers.

ddfc3d  No.16676648


Well yeah, any retard who's left playing healer after what they did is either mad at everything or someone who's so retarded they can't keep track of a buff

0347e0  No.16676656


the difference is now you do have to actively heal more. I havent put any time into scholar yet but ive done a number of runs on both whm and ast. You cant just stack regens and expect the tank to be fine. there are times even on normal pulls where I have to actively stop casting my aoe and spam cure 2/benefic 2 until the tank is safe again. im pretty sure >>16676640 has the right idea. healing has been so incredibly brain dead throughout the past couple years that now you have to actually cast a couple heals people are just falling apart (i wiped in a sastasha normal just now from an ast that literally just did not heal me, they were dpsing)

04d279  No.16676660


Check logs whm is out dpsing tanks in titania on the top runs

a89c14  No.16676949

Storyline Question: If Yshtola is able to see you and your aether enough to confuse you with a sin eater then why can't she spot the big boy Lightwardens again?

Doesn't seem all too out of the box to think we should be able to do what Ryne can.

b63a54  No.16676980



1102dc  No.16676983


This confused me too. When you enter the great woods the night nerds come out in force because she sensed a sin eater entering the woods. Maybe it is less highspec than lolivision. Maybe she can just see a gradual increase of light relative to it's surroundings at a distance, but needs to be within whatever accounts for eyesight to clearly define it. Think the heatvision scenes from predator.

028e43  No.16677034


Titania just hasn't been difficult outside of tethers and stupid fucks not following numbers. Usually a dancer/dragoon LB3s during puddles/rune and dies so we have to deal with an add. Other than that haven't had many problems. What Datacenter you on?

0b9016  No.16677077


I think it's less "spot" and more "understand the general direction of." Ryne knew about the LW in Malikah's well because she was close enough to sense it accurately. She also knew that the LW in Kholusia was in Eulmore, although she wasn't sure where exactly until she got close enough to the city proper.

Y'shtola was on the far end of the Greatwood from where the LW there was. Even the Viis of Fanow couldn't say for sure where the LW was, and only through the story of that one Viis' grandmother did they have a solid lead on where to look.

df9dc4  No.16677113

I think it's good FATEs matter in ShB but grinding those fuckers for ranks is boring as fuck. I seriously hope in later patches they up the rewards to be better, but that'd probably mean more FATEs to grind. As long as we get mount rewards and some cool glam I could tolerate. Still got two more zones to get 3rd rank.

d564c0  No.16677134


Crystal, the only open one. It's honestly fucking hellish in large part due to the fact that the dps players are fucking braindead. I had SAMs getting regularly out parsed by DRGs, every time we reach ads we end at 90% and when the puddles come back up?

Oh, some faggot retard doesn't get on his puddle

Or we hit enrage or half the party gets blown off the arena during the vines.

It fucking sucks and I hate it, I don't understand how innocence was so incredibly easy but fucking no party I've been with has been able to beat titania

I play fucking NiN and I'm topping the charts sometimes. That's how bad it is

6239e3  No.16677190

Is the english dub of the game any good or is it better to switch to japenese audio?

f14584  No.16677247


ARR has awful English VOs but the expansions seem pretty decent.

835a2b  No.16677288


It gets at Stormblood, Heavensward is passable most of the time. ARR is terrible though.

bb8e87  No.16677302


Just turn on Japanese.

842346  No.16677339



ARR Gaius is the best. Y'shtola is pretty good too. ARR Yda, Tataru, and Papalymo are absolute trash

028e43  No.16677409


That sounds fun. If I could I'd help you, but I'm on Primal. Had more issues with Innocence than Titty EX. And the best part about your situation is that you can't say a fucking word due to SE's new faggot "guidelines" about disagreement being bannable because you'd hurt some trannies' feelings.

e59f91  No.16677687


<imagine dancer only works on 8 man content

It’s DPS is so pathetically low it already adds an extra 5-7 minutes to expert roulette…

39921e  No.16677855


Just how bad is DNC DPS anyway? It can't be worse than BRD, right?

14844f  No.16677861

File: d8dc08664926365⋯.gif (2 MB, 269x299, 269:299, average DNC.gif)


Yet the dancer makes all the melee dps players froth in the mouth over slight damage buffs.

d564c0  No.16677887


It is true hell. Hopefully at SOME point I can just get my clear, at the very least then I could move onto farming parties which are on average (though with crystal erp trannies there's no real guarantee) better than the noob parties

e59f91  No.16677973


It’s like 30% better than a tanks and 50% worse than blackmage/samurai. No a 20% crit/dhit and 10% damage buff isn’t going to make a difference in any content but 8 man shit.

dedd8e  No.16678012


>ARR has awful English VOs

actually preferred some of them.

95aab0  No.16678016


The Admiral's VA in ARR was so much better.

32bc53  No.16678485

So how was the machinist rework? is the class no longer shit or is it still worthless?

ddfc3d  No.16678544


It won't top charts but it's better than it was

daa263  No.16678575

Anyone know how to get good DPS out of BRD now? I have no idea what I'm missing but I'm always at the bottom for Ex Primals.

Also fuck Apex Arrow. Such a lackluster ability to get at 80 and it has the same sound effect as Pitch Perfect so I can't tell which is ready without looking now.

466823  No.16678597

File: a4c9fa1c0687976⋯.png (551.66 KB, 484x440, 11:10, ClipboardImage.png)

I just made a character on Crystal - Goblin.

Going to finally try this game out I guess.

ddfc3d  No.16678619


You're in for about 70 levels of a massively incomplete character and 9 levels of a psuedo complete one. Complete with unskippable quests that don't matter in the slightest because their plot lines are 100% resolved.

466823  No.16678624


>unskippable quests

What do you mean?

ddfc3d  No.16678626


You must do every last MSQ quest. You cannot skip a single MSQ quest. It doesn't matter if it's "go touch a statue" you must do it. You cannot skip it.

ddfc3d  No.16678627


And if you don't do them, well you can't access any dungeons or any of the expansion content outside of maybe certain classes? I don't know I haven't not been done with MSQ since HW dropped, it's the major thing preventing me from rerolling because the MSQ is so awful

466823  No.16678629

File: 080629f2e599f35⋯.jpg (129.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 23bbe2f371daba8c10082a9896….jpg)



Wait really? I just wanted to wander around and explore and level up…

ddfc3d  No.16678635


You can explore… as long as it's the base game. MSQ locks basically everything that's not the open world for the base game, dungeons, classes, a ton of shit is locked behind MSQ. And if you think you can just level and play your class that's not happening either, you also have to do class quests to unlock abilities, though I'm not sure how many are locked behind quests anymore given that they pruned so many abilities in ShB.

95aab0  No.16678636


Sorry anon, FFXIV is a themepark MMO through and through. I'd suggest Runescape if you want that sort of freestyle levelling.

466823  No.16678638


>Sorry anon, FFXIV is a themepark MMO through and through

I'm raiding on a couple of wow private servers right now and just wanted something to fill the gaps between raids.

ddfc3d  No.16678642


well FFXIV ain't it then. It's a long painful slog to max level where you do weeklies and dailies. Crafting and gathering is alright, but the quickest way to level those is also timelocked… so really it's just not a fun leveling MMO.

466823  No.16678656


Why is there so much shilling for this game all of a sudden all across the web then? Doesn't seem very friendly to new players if what you say is true.

ddfc3d  No.16678665


expansion just dropped, and they have a huge marketing team? Of course it's going to get shilled for shit. Just like what happens in every major MMO release.

But yeah FFXIV is probably the most new user unfriendly major MMO. they also sell level boosts so they know it's awful, and are monetizing it as opposed to fixing it

466823  No.16678691


So you are saying blizzard is better?

ddfc3d  No.16678697


well sort of? WoW at least you get a single level boost when you buy the expansion so you can skip it. Here no such luck because they want you to experience the story.

So for a brand new 1 character player, I'd say WoW while a worse mmo is at least better about handling new players and getting them into content that people actually buy the expansion packs for.

47991d  No.16678731

File: 5d1bad7ddd67bd4⋯.png (81.25 KB, 387x270, 43:30, samurai.png)


Sam is hella fun, mostly unchanged since stormblood but it did get buffs across the board for almost all skills. TP Removal is a fucking blessing.

24eb24  No.16678759


Trannies and their erping boytoys.

63c421  No.16678838


wow also has you level alts ad nauseum while in ff14 is tied to a single char.

and not every game needs to go the "the last part is the best place to start the trilogy" route, story unlocks only are an issue for a new player if they treat it like a fucking race .

63c421  No.16678845


ff14 has a heavy story focus, if that's not your thing play something else (no ill intent). just saying if you want more freeform stuff other games do that better (eso if you can stand the combat, gw2 if you take it with a huge grain of salt - also no sub)

not saying it's perfect (squeenix really need to uncouple some of that shit), but people play different games for different reasons, and if you only play it as a time waster does it really matter that you have to do the msq?

8ce8f8  No.16678852

Is there a good and populated private server of this game?

ddfc3d  No.16678873


except FFXIV treats it exactly like a race. Being low level completely neuters your character it's not even fun to play them. From level fucking 1-18 you have two actual abilities as a DRG. It's fucking horrible how slow and how awful low level characters are to play. The level sync system is awful too, but that's another topic entirely. It's not only DRG either, a ton of classes just don't play even remotely similarly to their high level counterparts. WAR is another good example where you flat out don't have the biggest part of your dps until level 70.

There's no journey, it's the awful slog hoping that one day your character will eventually be fun to play. It's putting up with massively irrelevant story content in abandoned areas except for either gatherers and people fate farming, while being told to return to the same place for the 90th time, just to walk back out to exactly where you were and talk to someone who then sends you to a place 250 yalms away.

466823  No.16678887

File: 5c3412db3b1c5ab⋯.png (198.8 KB, 429x265, 429:265, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 97f10d7b3e17a72⋯.png (247.33 KB, 339x319, 339:319, ClipboardImage.png)

>Mandatory instance groups in low level content

212179  No.16678892


dude stop it's just pixels

ddfc3d  No.16678896


hope you like that queue, you have to do 3 in a row. Although it prioritizes you if you actually have the quest to go through

32bc53  No.16678899


How old is she anyway? she the size of a kid but has tits, is she just a femlet?

2dbcf8  No.16678904


old enough

b989df  No.16678970

>go look in party finder to try out the new EX trials

>absolutely no one will take an RDM in their group

>try to make my own but no one wants to join an RDM

What the hell? This job can't be that useless can it?

344230  No.16679017


>From level fucking 1-18 you have two actual abilities as a DRG. It's fucking horrible how slow and how awful low level characters are to play.

blame noobs that can't deal with more than 3 buttons

>There's no journey, it's the awful slog hoping that one day your character will eventually be fun to play.

every game has progression these days, you never start with with all your abilities and gear on max, that's hardly an argument.

ff14 would be fine if squeenix wouldn't insist on the retarded wow model stacking shit on top for MUH HIGHER NUMBERS which make the story take ages and invalidates content. retarded like the scaling, but as you said that's another topic. I would even go as far as offering trial builds to test in the hall of novices to get a feel how jobs will play at cap.

anyway, my point was in wow you start from scratch while in ff14 you only do it once and then just level jobs while keeping everything else.


>not rolling a CNJ for that shit

unless you level exclusively via msq the game showers you in so much exp you'll outlevel it by 30-40. seriously tho, do the msq with a dps for easy exp and keep a tank/heal on the side for fast queues.

39921e  No.16679029


Apparently SAM still gets beaten out by fucking BLM in raid content though, lol.

I think it just shows how good BLM is in the meta currently.

0324c1  No.16679053


low level healers get it the worst imo. hp checks straight up don't exist in the early game so you barely have to do anything

ddfc3d  No.16679077


Except for a brand new player their first impression is going to be abandoned areas and people bumrushing through dungeons because the classes at that low level are just unfun to play. Like I said for a brand new fresh player FFXIV is worse to them than WoW would be, WoW you can trial characters at max level see how they play before deciding to level them to max via the free token. And if you do decide to boost them to whatever the old cap was, they even have a tutorial with a very brief "here's how you play this class".

That's why I say FFXIV is so bad to new players, you're forced to sit through this awful old content that absolutely no one wants to do, old players want to bumrush through it because they're so gimped during it, new players don't want to do it because they want to get to max level so they can actually play a complete class.

Also I'm not saying have the whole class unlocked from the start, I'm saying have at least a basic rotation that gets built upon or something more than "here's two buttons go nuts"

466823  No.16679078

File: ac0e88d14ff5a2c⋯.png (613.5 KB, 627x507, 209:169, ClipboardImage.png)


Just finished all three dungeons. I liked the one in the Black Shroud the most. The underground demons and necromancer were comfy.

5b5c55  No.16679118


I'm a brand new player and just went through aar and heavensward and haven't experienced any of that. Tons of people in the new areas and doing old quests, and the story is actually decent enough that I enjoy going through it. It sounds like you just really don't like the game.

I think the big problem you have is the whole 'leveling up', it reads as if you want to start with a fully finished character and then stand in queue for raids.

Maybe I'm not getting it, but what you're describing is the natural progression of any game with levels. You start off at the beginning of the story with a couple of abilities, and move to the end of the game where you have all the abilities and are probably around the end of the story.

ddfc3d  No.16679154


>you have a problem with leveling

yes I have a problem with bad leveling that gives you such an incredibly restricted moveset you don't need multiple buttons to play the game.

Also it's not good progression in any game to have nothing at lower levels apply to higher levels, lets look at WAR again because that's a good example. WAR at max level his main focus is "lmfao more fell cleaves" inner chaos technically now but whatever basically. At low levels you don't have the most important skill to make that work, so you have this entire kit, dedicated to shoving in as many fell cleaves as possible, without the skill his entire dps kit is balanced around. why even have inner beast in the game at this point, I actually don't understand why

The issue with FFXIV is that's every class, you have these skills that don't synergize because you're missing massive chunks of what makes them work. So the class you play from 1 to whenever you get your main kit usually 60-70 is just entirely different from the class you play at low levels, and it's really noticeable in 14 because of the syncing system.

32bc53  No.16679164

File: e30e96edc12f215⋯.jpg (538.51 KB, 2560x2930, 256:293, 7ce9e433c31ae11e04e7f3a9df….jpg)

>Titania is called king and not queen

Titania a dude?

39921e  No.16679166


It's ambiguous deliberately, apparently.

Fey probably don't care about gender like we do.

1102dc  No.16679171


>Godzilla King of the Monsters

<Lays eggs and spawns Godzuki

What the H*CK did Japan mean by this?

344230  No.16679351


>Except for a brand new player their first impression is going to be abandoned areas and people bumrushing through dungeons because the classes at that low level are just unfun to play.

so just like wow or any other themepark mmo with linear progression?

>you're forced to sit through this awful old content that absolutely no one wants to do, old players want to bumrush through it because they're so gimped during it, new players don't want to do it because they want to get to max level so they can actually play a complete class.

except if you're new it's hardly "old" content and I doubt people only care about their number of skills or even care, plus if they just want to race to grind the same shit at cap over and over there are plenty of other games. fuck the whole attitude was what made wow so shit over the years.

and those are 2 different issues, even if you'd have a complete class at level 1 most content below shadowbringers would still be empty due to how progression is set up.

>Also I'm not saying have the whole class unlocked from the start, I'm saying have at least a basic rotation that gets built upon or something more than "here's two buttons go nuts"

nah, a gimped pseudo rotation is equally shit if not worse. why bother learning to play a class when it plays nothing like it at the end (worse, some skills become completely pointless after certain levels). plus it's not like you stay lowlevel for long.

a3a3af  No.16679367

File: 597406ab09396fe⋯.png (12.41 KB, 977x80, 977:80, ClipboardImage.png)


>blm is pretty good

You got that right

eff2f2  No.16679374

File: f32da5eea3c66a6⋯.png (3.08 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_04072019_221541_630.png)


looking good!

6af1cb  No.16679381

Since square loves money are there 2B skins in this game? Or do they love being stupid more

>ywn have raid full of robutt maids zergrushing unfortunate shota boss

c9b103  No.16679432


Probably once the new Nier-themed 24 raid is released they probably will release 2B costumes or something.

1102dc  No.16679453


That aint lali-ho, that aint lali-ho at all.

32bc53  No.16679616


If there isn't a 2B glamour outfit reward from that raid i'm going to be extremely upset.

bb8e87  No.16679785


We were never topping the charts before and now our one utility has been greatly neutered. Not surprising tbh.

db2d30  No.16679799

File: de411af58bafbf0⋯.jpg (157.56 KB, 746x1054, 373:527, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

Is Shadowniggers any good? I have never played the MMO and I am looking for a new one to play after the disappointment that was Tranny Wars 2

1102dc  No.16679814

So the secret mines that the Gogg family is investigating are the 2B raids, right?

Also they absolutely need more dwarf glams outside of the the few sets for sale. If they only way you can play as a noble dwarf and not a filth potato is a handful of helmets then Square is doing a great disservice to it's players.


Can't mass rez and can't mana battery for heals. Really not a lot that RDM brings to the table.


I'm digging it. Not what they did to some jobs but whatever. Some jobs got better some got much worse, but it is what it is. The main story is pretty great. That said I don't know how much of that appreciation is simply the fact that SB's story was so shit that anything would be better. The central hub for this expac is pretty well designed. Crafting is much improved.




db2d30  No.16679817


is it a rollercoaster mmo or a sandbox mmo?

1102dc  No.16679823


Nigger I don't know. This is my first MMO. I enjoy playing it, what the fuck else am I supposed to say?

db2d30  No.16679832


Well maybe I thought you're not a dumb nigger and knew what the fuck you're actually playing.

ddfc3d  No.16679833


It's themepark as fuck

32bc53  No.16679839


It's a JRPG mmo, story is very important compared to other mmos which just have it as background fluff.

0b9016  No.16679842

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It might be too late by now, but if you've been paying attention, outside those three dungeons you should have seen some NPC's gathered. One of them will have been a Hyur white mage girl named Edda. If you talk with her and her companions, you quickly realize that they are a "party" of their own, and while initially it starts off as kinda funny they all pile onto Edda because they think she's a slow healer it eventually turns tragic as the MT of the group, who is Edda's fiance, ends up dying and the whole group blames Edda for it.

Then it takes a turn for the absolutely terrifying as Edda basically becomes broken and ends up carrying the head of her beloved around with her. Then a bunch of stuff happens and she decides to invite her two former party mates and your character to the "wedding" she has planned wherein she'll sacrifice her former party mates and kill you in order to give the soul of her long-dead fiance the body he truly deserves. This is the hard version of the Black Shroud dungeon you did, called Tam-Tara Deepcroft.

Then, even more eventually, you learn that Edda, in her sadness and despair after you beat her in Tam-Tara, was brought back by a necromancer living in the Palace of the Dead in the South Shroud, and after beating her on floor 50, her spirit finally is able to find peace at the side of her dead fiance and she finally leaves this world for good.

Prior to beating Edda in PotD, you can rarely encounter her ghost looking at you from behind a bush or lamp post or other such obstacle upon entering into a major city. She has a miniscule chance to appear, and will fade shortly after your camera pans over her, but it happens. Embed related.

Her story is a tragic one, but I love the effort the devs put into it. She's also best waifu because she will never stop loving you, even after you're both dead.

151e26  No.16680083


You have to remember that a good chunk of FFXIV players now are wow refugees, and not just WoW in general they're Battle of Azeroth players who left. They're terrible players, I can tell when I'm playing with them. There was a noticeable decline in player skill a few months before ShadowBringers

151e26  No.16680100


ShB doesn't seem to care for NiN. Dungeons never drop gear for me and it feels like DPS for NiN got cut. Makes me feel like picking up a Tank or Healer. Both of those seem to be getting all the gear drops.

151e26  No.16680125


Don't they have it so you can go through dungeons with NPC characters now? or is that just ShB dungeons.

Also I just had the realization that the Grand Company crew members that can go through dungeons aren't available to you until you go through the entire base game really. So what's the point of it? Leveling in a much slower manner?

bb8e87  No.16680178


Just ShB story dungeons. I think they want to bring Trust to the rest of the MSQ though. At least for NG+

a6aee3  No.16680535


>ShB doesn't seem to care for NiN. Dungeons never drop gear for me

Weird, I get NiN gear dropping all the time as a DRK.

261415  No.16680562


Thoughts on Famfrit?

bb8e87  No.16680602


There's nothing I can particularly note about Famfrit.

39921e  No.16680615


You mean the GC squadrons right? I think that was Square's initial foray into helping people do dungeons solo, but since it's so unfun nobody actually did it and they quietly dropped the concept until ShB.

I'd personally just use the GC squads for getting free scrips myself.

0b9016  No.16680675


Most people from Famfrit I've met tend to get their shit done with a minimum of fuss. I can't say I've had anyone from Famfrit that stood out as being a snowflake or anything. Most servers on Primal are at least decent, although on account of being Ultros you sometimes get some jokers. It's rare though, and eminently understandable.

466823  No.16681075

File: 072d3d29791b6c3⋯.png (814.14 KB, 700x505, 140:101, ClipboardImage.png)

Almost level 35. Not sure if I want to buy the game. The dungeons were fun, but I've counted and sometimes I will run around delivering letters and talking to people for upwards for 2 hours without killing a single mob.

Does it ever get better?

c9b103  No.16681112


Yes, but it takes a quite a while before it gets better. Basically ARR has too much filler as it got to be rushed, and it shows. Once HW starts coming around, the pace is much, much better and the dungeon and duties become better designed.

bb8e87  No.16681122


After you beat the main campaign and the credits roll you still have another 200 story quests of stupid bullshit that you must do with what's most likely a half-complete class before you enter HW and the game starts to get remotely good. The game does get better the further you go, but the part I described is a very long period of stagnancy after an already shitty main story. Even then all that's waiting for you at the end is a gear treadmill theme park.

It's a high ask to reach a point that most anons on this site wouldn't consider good.

32bc53  No.16681125


ARR MSQ is absolutly fucking shit to be honest, once you get over that ungodly hurdle and get into Heavensward it improves drastically.

I do wish they would improve the ARR msq but I doubt they ever will, they might when they release new game plus though.

466823  No.16681129



I was under the impression there were challenging/fun raids at the end of this?

bb8e87  No.16681142


NG+ hasn't been implemented yet. The premise is that you'll be given the option to go through the whole MSQ all over again, but everything is max level and, IIRC, there will be the Trust system (NPC party members for dungeons).

0b9016  No.16681203


As other anons have noted, it gets better, but it takes awhile. You just came off what is arguably the most annoying series of fetch quests the Titan prep stuff that sends you all over the place to get ingredients for your own banquet. That's the last of the stupid-long fetch quests. Most stuff after that consists of 1-2 fetch-type quests interspersed with actual interesting stuff, and even the fetch things can be fun (or funny) on occasion.

ddfc3d  No.16681348


I'll never understand why people want this. You can redo all the great fetch quests with stuff scaled up! Why would you want to do this? Who knows, but hell they can claim it's new content for a future release!

6ceef6  No.16681401


>redo the entire post ARR slog

>paying monthly shekels to redo content because the game is so gay

mmo fags are the goyest of goyim

0b9016  No.16681417


SE would have to be spectacularly stupid to change nothing at all in the NG+ version of the game. Not to say it can't happen, just that ever since the 1.0 debacle they've taken steps to ensure that scale of laziness doesn't happen again. Can you imagine Titan normal or Ifrit normal in that situation? They each have like, 4 moves. It would be the most boring shit in game.

This isn't to say they won't fuck it up of course. There's always that possibility.

ddfc3d  No.16681429


I mean look at what they did to class quests in general, It's probably a sign of what the future holds. It'll be the same shit but with random dialogue that's like "I feel like we've been here before *WINK WINK WINK*" and you're at max level.

That's about what I'd expect. Alternatively they go double or nothing no creativity allowed mode and just reuse the MSQ from ARR claim "you're totally on a different shard" and release it as a new expansion.

eff2f2  No.16681459


You did the titan stuff? because the quests leading up to titan is just about the worst part of the game. After the 2.0 story it will slow down again until they start hyping up HW story and then its great.

0b9016  No.16681486


>role quests

I wasn't happy at first, but I like how they approached it this time around. I've also enjoyed the ones I've done up to this point tank and physical dps. Wrapping up the stories of the other 4 WoD and adding some relevant background to them and Ardbert beyond what else we knew is good, and works out well for what we're doing. From a dev standpoint, I can see why they would want to do it as well. With 18 DoM/DoW, 3 DoL and 8 DoH jobs, that's a total of 29 unique questlines, requiring a story and 4-5 quests per expansion. It just makes sense to pare things down the way they did. At 4 quests per job like we had in SB, you're looking at 126 more unique quests added to the game. That's a significant amount of work.

Having said that, I'd like them to bring back class quests in a more robust manner come next xpac. The role quests work here because of the Lamitt, Branden, Nyelbert and Renda-Rae are characters that deserved to be fleshed out more completely. Maybe SE will give us more characters like that, but honestly even if they did I'd like to see more than just the capstone quest we got this time around. Not necessarily a full 4 or 5 quests like we've been getting, but a pair of book-ends and something in the middle at least, to go alongside a more general role quest. Interweave the two stories, reference the other jobs in that role somehow maybe. I'd love to see Curious Gorge, Sidurgu and the Sultansworn all come together as the capstone of a tank role quest.

I admit, I'm significantly more optimistic about this than perhaps is justified, but I'm feeling really good about the expansion so far. I like the role quests, and while I don't want them to only use role quests from here on out, I can see the potential in them if done correctly.

3a6431  No.16681940

Bros… Why does Yoshida hate RDM so much

1102dc  No.16681950


The Japanese are descended from Jews.

32bc53  No.16682476

File: 2c327d04e1c8395⋯.png (120.65 KB, 664x690, 332:345, 9.2.png)

Blizzard on suicide watch.

df9dc4  No.16682533

Finally finished every zone FATE rank 3. They really should up the gemstones you get per FATE.



1102dc  No.16682606

File: 64c1bddba12fd40⋯.mp4 (1.23 MB, 640x360, 16:9, OHHHH.mp4)

ee91b9  No.16682616


Sure, Moshe. Please gas yourself.

ee91b9  No.16682627


It's kind of a pain, but you can make a character and have it transferred to a different server after some amount of time. I think transfers are $15 or $20. But since one character is all you'll ever really need, it's worth it.

ee91b9  No.16682632


Based Japan still being reliable and consistent in making high quality well polished games.

ee91b9  No.16682711


>pic related is going to make more wowbabes switch over

Not to worry. They won't even make it to Heavensward before they quit.

1102dc  No.16682719

File: 475627bc8e8c9a4⋯.mp4 (1.35 MB, 480x480, 1:1, Shit's_fucked.mp4)


They will buy story skips and level boosts all the way to ShB. Expect thousands of lvl 70s who have played literal none of the game to be queuing up with you.

ee91b9  No.16682721


That is a pretty nightmarish thought.

a3a3af  No.16682728


its already bad, you average tank doesnt have the faintest clue of what a cooldown is, let alone the braincells to use it.

ddfc3d  No.16683053


please, with how dumbed down the class is at low levels they could play the entire game and still not understand how to press 1,2,3,4 I've outdps'd SAMs as a SCH while healing before. Literally they just are trying to autoattack shit to death

ee91b9  No.16683108



I don't recall meeting any players this terrible in any dungeons above level 50. Have I just been lucky?

ee91b9  No.16683113


I take that back. I've met more than my fair share of bad DPS players who don't even know what the concept of a rotation is. But the healers are usually alright, since it barely requires a brain to heal. Very rarely meet newbie tanks except in sub-50 dungeons.

1102dc  No.16683154

I'm really digging DRG. Not having to worry about Heavy Thurst is just one part of it. The removal of TP has made the Doom Spike combo into a really nice way to crowd control. The fact that it now extends uptime on Blood of the Dragon with the last two attacks in the combo is just gravy. High Jump, the upgrade for Jump, gives you a small AoE to further help tick up the damage. I am honestly pretty excited to see how Stardive and Raiden Thurst perform. Despite Spineshatter Dive no longer granting Dive Ready I would have to say that ShB DRG is excellent improvement over previous iterations of the job.

bb8e87  No.16683271


There was someone in my FC yesterday asking if RDM and DNC were similar. Reason being that they "get" DNC, but not RDM. They just "couldn't wrap their head around it." Examples being "tracking distance to enemy, managing procs, and managing the mana gauges" It's unfathomable, particularly when two of those examples apply to DNC as well.

Another good example came from my best friend IRL who read in a guide that "you're never supposed to cast Jolt." This was a long argument that culminated in me punching a wall like a fucking nigger when he said that a 5 second cast time spell (reduced to 4.84 seconds by SpS) was 4 seconds to try and prove a retarded point. Eventually I was able to get him to understand that, yes, you don't cast Jolt if you don't have to, but for a class that fishes for procs you're going to have to quite often.

345953  No.16683309


this isnt rocket science he just needs to play the class quest.

ee91b9  No.16683361


Jolt is the fallback if you don't have procs. It's an absurdly simple class to play compared to some others. I kind of like it because I can mostly turn off my brain while I play it.

ddfc3d  No.16683484


DNC seems to be the king of retards recently. I've never seen a good Gunbreaker though, I'm convinced they don't exist. Even on EX clears they fucking suck shit and I'd prefer literally anything of any class over the mouth drooling retard that plays a gunbreaker.

0b9016  No.16683531


>DNC, king of retards

I think I get it. It's not a pure ranged class, especially not in a dungeon. In a dungeon, doing big pulls like the usual, it's a melee class cause all of it's aoe (excepting Technical/Standard and FD3) are pbaoe's with a radius of 5y. In other words, you need to be right up in the pack of mobs to get the most out of your aoe, which means you need to actively be aware of and dodging aoes. Done right, I think DNC has about 90-95% of the aoe capability of a BLM under similar circumstances. ST damage is where DNC suffers though. I just ran a Malikah's with a BLM who was almost in the exact level of gear I was in and he clocked about 10.2k over the course of the entire instance compared to my 9.1k. Against ST stuff like the bosses, the BLM's damage went down to about 9.6 while mine dropped to about 7.3.


Yeah, I've seen a lot of shitters who don't seem to know that they have an aoe combo, or what aoe even is. Some have taken well to advice; one guy literally wasn't aware he had an aoe combo because somewhere along the line while moving skills he removed his and never bothered to look at the tooltips. At least he learned and got better though. Many of the other GNB's are beyond terrible though. I feel like it's the wowfugee magnet class, especially for those stereotypical primadonna MT-types.

ddfc3d  No.16683542


well BLM is probably the best dps in the game at the moment. And the dancer comment wasn't about the class, it was about the people who play it constantly being below healers for DPS, dying to every AoE, and being unable to count when it comes to swapping tethers.

70fea9  No.16683556


>Expect thousands of lvl 70s who have played literal none of the game

I've only played the trial, but I can't really see how doing fetch-quests would make you better at your class.

0b9016  No.16683571


It boggles my mind how badly people can fuck up tethers. I'm thankful for my semi-static group and our ability to consistently farm Titania now.


It's less the fetch quests and more the leveling in vitro, seeing the progression of skills, learning how they all interact and taking the time over the course of dozens of dungeons to learn them appropriately. I had a cousin play the game and get a level skip potion and the first thing he did was spend about an hour and a half hitting a dummy, adjusting his skills, learning how the combos worked for his class, and reading some guides/watching vids about the dungeons he was going to be running. Needless to say he did great for a first-time tank in FF14. The problem is, most people who come in, especially fresh off of WoW, don't take that kind of time. They just want to get to "end game" and see everything else as a road block to be circumvented ASAP, up to and including taking the time to learn how their class works.

ddfc3d  No.16683577


Except the issue is you don't learn how to play your class. You learn how to play a unfinished version of your class poorly. I've seen people go from 1-80 without knowing abilities combo because "I just hit the one with the highest damage". People want to put the blame on the level skip, but I'm not seeing an increase in number of shitters, shitters just seem to be congregating towards the new classes.

Not to mention the moderation forbidding use of DPS meters and the like means that you can't even call shitters out unless you do it via indirect means.

70fea9  No.16683594


>the moderation forbidding use of DPS meters


ddfc3d  No.16683596


Yeah using a dps meter is bannable.

39921e  No.16683607


You'd think with Trusts, people have no excuse to not know the dungeons they're running. Guess not.

70fea9  No.16683609


I am really looking for something to play right now, but stuff like this makes me not want to buy XIV.

ddfc3d  No.16683612


You can still use it, but you have to be indirect when calling people out on awful dps. Things like "why the hell are you pulling 1k dps as a level 80 you aren't even auto-ing how can you even theoretically do that little dps" is a no go, but something like "CAST FLARE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD" will sometimes work.

f21a68  No.16683623

Does Mudfish help with this game? I'm stuck playing on someone else's connection and can't touch any ports

ec40a2  No.16683685


they probably left all their router settings as the defaults, just find out what the factory PW is and open that shit up

3eb37c  No.16683719

is there any point getting into the game at this stage?

anyone have any experience playing with oceanic pings, is it still a problem?

6739ab  No.16683735


I play from Oceania in a NA server no problem. (You'd probably get hit more often at first, but once you learned mechanics it's a matter of moving earlier.) Just be smart on what classes to play. Wouldn't recommend a melee class or something like MCH which requires low latency.

bb8e87  No.16683762


Yes of course. Understand, his interpretation of the class was not "only cast Jolt if you have no procs" it was "NEVER cast Jolt, hardcast Veraero/ thunder instead."

70fea9  No.16683809

File: 89adc6872278984⋯.jpg (101.19 KB, 640x775, 128:155, 06dcac4d92c0e86b0cdd192ea5….jpg)

Is there enough content at 80 to justify a subscription + 60 dollars?

70e856  No.16683818


It took me about three months to get to 70, but while doing so I leveled two or three other classes, had fun with fishing, went way too hard on Triple Triad etc. At endgame there was lots of raids, lots of grinding to do for more gear, lots of grinding to do for glamours, minion collecting… there really is a shitload of content in FFXIV. I mean, shit, the main story quest has literally hundreds of quests, missions and dungeons to do.

70fea9  No.16683886


>It took me about three months to get to 70

It took me less than 8 hours to hit 35. When I say content at 80 I mean actual raids and dungeons, not dress up and pet collecting.

83a393  No.16683912


Its a Primal server, which is infinitely better than tranny-pozzed cesspit of Crystal. That said, its outside the glorious golden walls of Aether. Threadly reminder that you can switch to any server on your data center at any time while playing. For other new players: aim for a primal server. You may have to wait for off-hours to be able to make on them. The trannies have long since claimed crystal due to Balmung, and the vast majority of wowfugees are flooding crystal as well. If you feel the urge to make on crystal for some godawful reason, enjoy going to the inn at limsa on balmung and seeing if you can make it 5 feet without being covered in emote catboy cum.

1fb044  No.16683919

File: c46598462717be5⋯.png (3.55 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, FFXIV_YoRHa_Dark_Apocalyps….png)


At the moment there is 3 level 80 dungeon, 1 normal trial and 2 EX trials. In about a week or 2 the first part of Eden will drop, which is 4 raids with their respective Savage versions dropping after that. 3 months 5.1 will drop which will bring more story, dungeons, mabye a trial and the 24 man raids which are Neir Auto Tomato

bb4f2e  No.16683925

File: b82323beeaeb044⋯.jpg (27.45 KB, 411x408, 137:136, b82323beeaeb0442f76038bb19….jpg)


>not dress up and pet collecting.

<he doesn't play XIV for the gay ERP with hats

smh tbh

70fea9  No.16683940


>1 normal trial and 2 EX trials

Can you elaborate on what those are?

>first part of Eden will drop, which is 4 raids

How many bosses in each "raid"?

How big are the raid sizes?

>with their respective Savage versions

Is this like Mythic/Heroic raiding in WoW?

What is the difficulty like?

How hard is it to find a guild?

>3 months 5.1 will drop which will bring more story, dungeons, mabye a trial and the 24 man raids which are Neir Auto Tomato

24 man raids are bigger than the other raids?

32bc53  No.16683962

File: fbe19839c408d6c⋯.jpg (28.32 KB, 500x500, 1:1, cc2168578d3a3edea6ef67bd7c….jpg)


Most of them will leave due to the MSQ, apparently being told to play the game you bought is somehow a bad thing to them, I'll never understand this mentality they have of skipping to the end, do they also open a book to the last page or fast forward a movie to the last 10 minutes?

6e55d3  No.16683967


MSQ is tedious garbage. Stop acting like you are superior because you wasted your time on this earth with tedious garbage.

ad159b  No.16683968



Trials are 8 man stand alone boss fights lore and plot wise. A normal trial is one that is played during the main story quest, not exactly considered end game content. EX trials are the end game content inbetween 8 man raids and the hard mode 8 man raids. Ex trials generally drop sought after weapons for the current tiers of gears, additionally each completion with give one "totem" that you can trade 10 of in for a weapon just incase the drops hate you.


raids are 8 man content similar to ex trials but easier and come in waves of four boss fights per release and it's own little plot line through out. Each boss fight is a different instance and drops different sets of tokens you trade in for gear, unlike ex trials you can only get one token per boss weekly, raid tokens give gear other than the weapons you can get in ex trials. Past that is 24 mans which are honestly a welfare raid, they have mechanics but they're generally not that hard, you can get one gear drop per 24 raid weekly and it will be a pretty good piece of gear.

>savage versions

more or less it is mythic/heoric raiding, it's the real shit big dick end game content that people will generally not do outside of free company guilds are called free companies. it will drop tokens to obtain the best current gear with the same one token per week limit, I can't rightfully compare it's difficulty to other shit like wow but it is definitely hard.

bb8e87  No.16683971


>Can you elaborate on what those are?

A Trial is a Full Party (2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 DPS) fight against a single boss. An EX Trial is that same boss, but max level and with advanced mechanics.

>How many bosses in each "raid"?

Last expac got rid of trash mobs in Normal Raids and now they are functionally identical to Trials. When a new Normal Raid drops it's pretty much as if 4 new Trials just dropped. These get Savage versions that, like EX, have advanced mechanics, but to the point that good teamwork is a must.

>How big are the raid sizes?

Just in case it wasn't evident by my answer, 8 players.

>Is this like Mythic/Heroic raiding in WoW?

>What is the difficulty like?

>How hard is it to find a guild?

I couldn't compare tbh. You can look up video guides and get a feel for the level of diffiuclty involved though. Like Deltascape v4.0 (Savage)

>24 man raids are bigger than the other raids?

Those are called Alliance Raids and they consist of 3 Full Parties. These are still like contemporary Raids from WoW with trash however they do not get a Savage version. Nonetheless they still have more difficult mechanics than what you'll find in dungeons.

Since the expac just dropped we only have what that anon says we have. However if we look at past expacs there'll be plenty of content added over time. If you're looking to stay on the bleeding edge of new content then you'll probably stay unsubbed the majority of the time waiting for updates.

bb8e87  No.16683991


Minor correction: Normal Raids are technically like 5 new Trials dropping at once. Reason being that the final boss of the raid tier on Savage difficulty will have their normal fight keyed up for Savage except when defeated they become more powerful and you fight a new version of them with different mechanics. For example, in Deltascape v4.0 (Savage) you fight Exdeath like normal then he becomes Neo Exdeath. Music changes, arena changes, some of the core mechanics remain similar, but it is functionally a different fight alltogether. Thankfully if you wipe to Neo Exdeath you start over from there and don't have to bother with normal Exdeath.

However there's another piece of content that hasn't been mentioned yet since it's still a new concept as of the last expac: (Ultimate) difficulty. This is Full Party and consists of several extremely difficult boss battles back to back and failing at any point resets the fight. This currently consists of The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate) and The Weapons' Refrain (Ultimate).

I wouldn't know what to rate these in terms of difficulty compared to your experience. Just thought I'd say they exist so if you're interested you can look them up.

0b9016  No.16684043


Expanding on the Ultimate dungeons, they're currently the hardest stuff in game and less than 1% of the playerbase has completed them. They are truly difficult fights. Pretty much anyone will beat normal 8-man content. Savage stuff, the completion rate goes down to like to anywhere from 20 to 80% depending on the fight beating Delta or Sigma 1S was pretty easy as far as Savage goes, but God Kefka or Guardian or Neo Exdeath saw way lower completion rates. People who have successfully beaten Ultimate stuff are super rare. In many cases, success in an Ultimate raid requires throwing all conventional raid wisdom out the window in order to achieve success. Hell, you could accurately describe The Weapon's Refrain as a kaijo trap. Successfully completing mechanics early on in the fight forces a fail state later on.

70fea9  No.16684048


Sounds like you need a good FC for any of that stuff and most of those are gated on Aether right?

0b9016  No.16684065


>most of those are gated on Aether

I think that's a meme. I've seen a few dozen people on Levi with Ultimate weapons, and off the top of my head I've seen a few other people from places like Famfrit or Hyperion or Exodus that also have them.

bb8e87  No.16684070


I'm not even sure it's FC gated. I'm on Famfrit and the FC I'm in is pretty casual, making fitting in annoying, but one of the members belongs to a static with multiple Ultimate clears under their belt.

0b9016  No.16684074


That's a good point, being in an FC (or not) doesn't preclude you from content like it would in a guild-based system such as WoW has. Linkshells are a good example of non-FC communities that often get together across FC lines and do high-end content such as hunts or savage stuff.

ee91b9  No.16684157


>Yeah using a dps meter is bannable.

That is only technically true. They don't really care if you use one. But they do care if you talk about it. It's an unspoken secret if you do use one. They just don't want it to become like WoW, where people shit talk about dps non-stop.

ee91b9  No.16684163


TBH, you'd be better off playing a different game if you don't like the MSQ. FFXIV is a story-centric game. I'm completely confused by people who play but skip all cut scenes.

ee91b9  No.16684169



Speaking about the dps meter thing, there are areas in the game where you queue to practice your rotations to ensure that your dps is sufficiently high. They are special practice dummies that are given the same stats as various encounter bosses. And you must kill them within 3 minutes. If you can successfully kill it then you know you're doing enough dps to beat that encounter, provided you can avoid dying and actually hit the boss. But it more or less circumvents the need for a dps meter, unless you're an autist who must always know what their dps numbers are like. You can also practice on regular combat dummies for extended combat once you learn what is effective.

1102dc  No.16684241

File: 9ac7ea16a8ace26⋯.mp4 (2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Literally_me.mp4)

The onion business is doing very well. I made over six million gil while I slept.

ddfc3d  No.16684249


Issue is you aren't required to do those, neither do you have to deal with mechanics, so your dps on those even if you do them, is higher than it'd be otherwise, in addition to being a pretty useless check for consistent dps throughout an encounter.

f46fd7  No.16684282

I'm 2 levels ahead of the MSQ, I need to sit down and continue it… I'm right after naming Ryne and beating that lv77 Lightwarden

Story is so fucking kino, and dancer is so fucking FUN oh my god.

Still need a healer and a tank at 70. Sugestions? Was thinking of WHM and PLD

1102dc  No.16684320

File: cc4742cd8c8a1e9⋯.png (2.95 MB, 1902x1072, 951:536, Excaliber Holy Shield Elem….png)


PLD has the best glam for tanks in the game if you want to flex your lvl 80 nuts on the WoWfugees. Thing is your are going to have to work for it since the ARR relics are much longer and more involved to get than HW or SB relics and Eureka is tedious as fuck to initially level yourself in.

Also Eureka may be dead at the moment. I haven't checked but it is pretty fair to assume it will be until the next part begins for the ShB relics.

ee91b9  No.16684562


It's just for practicing your rotation and simultaneously ensuring you are doing good dps. Obviously it doesn't really prepare you for an encounter where you're dealing with mechanics. But it ensures you are strong enough to beat it. That's the whole point.

ee91b9  No.16684564


Meant to reply to >>16684249

32bc53  No.16684591

File: 5b6234eec2a46c4⋯.jpg (54.05 KB, 597x597, 1:1, 5b6234eec2a46c4d3a49288af2….jpg)

>Lich server shits itself while im in a dungeon

>Now no one can get in

a66bf6  No.16684611


in some cases your dps won't be higher on a training dummy than in an actual raid considering you're missing out on raid buffs and different jobs have varying burst windows.

dbbd35  No.16684643

File: fabce2726eac453⋯.jpg (318.57 KB, 560x560, 1:1, HyperRance.jpg)


>Rumors that Blizzard has banned FFXIV talk in the offices

>mfw the WoW killer was a game that killed itself on launch

This is the greatest redemption arc in all of vidya

151e26  No.16684731


I'm down for Role Quest if they teach you how to play the class. I know most of the basic classes had the final lvl 50 quest do that but the changes they've made over the years mucked those quests up so they don't really do that anymore last I checked.


You have to go through the first slog of Patch quest shit before the Heavensward expansion. Bad news is that shit sucks and is worst part of the game.

Good news is that they learned from it and it never gets that bad again for the rest of the content.

151e26  No.16684732


Yeah they're useful for grinding dungeon items, but you don't really have them until you beat the game up until a certain point. So they pretty much only exist for that.

5af2be  No.16684733


It's not really a WoW killer since WoW killed itself.

32bc53  No.16685028


>I'm down for Role Quest if they teach you how to play the class

They should make those mandatory before you're allowed into any dungeon or raid especially those who buy level boosts, today I was the vault for my daily levelling DR with a dark knight who just out right refused to use grit, even had the balls to claim it was the DPS fault for "doing to much damage" thankfully the replacement we got after we kicked the wowtard knew what he was doing.

I know of the training quests that reward the EXP ring but those are optional and easily missable.

a3a3af  No.16685092

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

need a roll for this one

b0286e  No.16685132

fee3fd  No.16685140

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This music is so good, shame it's in the muslim town.

c9b103  No.16685158




Nah, Ala Mighans are muslims, Ul'dah is Israel.

1102dc  No.16685191


No, the Ala Mighans are niggers. They believe in nothing except gibs me dats. Ilberd is just the Nelson Mandela type nigger that is smart enough to manipulate the other niggers into committing atrocities that are beyond their simple kill fuck eat thought cycle.

eff2f2  No.16685296



you are both wrong

Ul'dah is jewish merchants and the Amallja are the muslims, they are the dark skinned fire loving extremists killing the poor dunesfolk lalafell.

2c9c5c  No.16685315

How do I stop grey parsing as MNK? Do I really need to meld all materia slots with top of the line materia on top of the line equipment and eat/flask/whatever every pull? I don't have the money for that shit. Pretty sure my rotation is fine but I'll review it again, too.

b07473  No.16685323


no, you're probably just bad.

c9b103  No.16685328


Jesus, DNC is pretty neat. I'm averaging in the 10.000 for Titania as SMN, still need to practice and learn a lot. But last run I was with a DNC, and my dps Skyrocketed to 11,23K.

1102dc  No.16685357




Have you considered WoW?

835a2b  No.16685781

Need some help here: I've been trying to fight the Archeotania, and today played through five FATEs in the chain solo because no one else seems interested. I don't know if I just wasn't paying attention, but after the fifth one, the first FATE just spawned all over again. Am I doing something wrong? I just want to see what it looks like at this point. How many FATEs are there??

a3a3af  No.16685815


that fate has a respawn timer. Even if you fill up the requirements its only going to respawn after the timer expired from its last death.

1102dc  No.16685853


Yeah you are going to end up cycling through the chain a few times on that one unless you are really lucky. I did like five cycles the other day ago before I had to go to sleep.

812d83  No.16685912

File: 9f85072e8200ac5⋯.png (10.44 KB, 531x339, 177:113, 1458632352551.png)

I had a blast leveling DNC the first week but now that I'm doing the 70-80 leveling dungeons on my BRD I have run into some of the shittiest groups I have ever been in. Does it always get this bad after the first week or am I just unlucky?

a3a3af  No.16685974

File: 87d56c7439cdb0a⋯.png (82.68 KB, 404x137, 404:137, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 053ac3cf4d8412b⋯.png (225.56 KB, 502x262, 251:131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 50beb1ea7423768⋯.png (17.26 KB, 709x255, 709:255, ClipboardImage.png)

Exodus, not even once

1102dc  No.16685998

File: dfd5c5855be4c46⋯.png (61.28 KB, 529x174, 529:174, 8ch FFXIV.png)


I warned you bro. I told you about Exodus

229acc  No.16685999


>Links an item as proof they're good

>Not even an Ultimate weapon, just an Ex weapon from an easy Ex


a3a3af  No.16686012


>he doesnt know that Legend and Ultimate Legend fags are just mentors who bought runs and all shitters without fail

229acc  No.16686021


Oh I'm aware but linking a Titania weapon of all things? I mean come the fuck on. I'm just saying that those weapons could carry some THEORETICAL weight, but you just said "I'm smarter than you look I have an AA degree"

39921e  No.16686023


Same. I loved the haunting theme for it initially.

a3a3af  No.16686026


Its relevant content, I could post the diamond rod all I wanted, blm didnt quite play the same back then when it came to aoe. It was enough to establish superiority over that shitter at any rate, which was the point.

028e43  No.16686091


This why is I'm critical of my parses or even parses from other people about my performance. I may not be a great fucking dps/tank, but at least I'm high blue/purple and I try to get better. These fags don't even care.

ddfc3d  No.16686095


lol u don't pay they're sub, their just RPing as a incompetent dps. Fucking reported

028e43  No.16686096


No, but I do pay my own sub and I don't wanna use my time with fucking retards that weigh others down.

ddfc3d  No.16686098


wow entitled gamer syndrome right there. Gamergate creepshow. Reported

028e43  No.16686100


Don't forget toxic, virgin, rapey and privileged shit lord.

ddfc3d  No.16686102


Wow now you're trying to enforce a playstyle. reported

028e43  No.16686103


Racist too. Called someone a nigger for being an absolute shitter and got a temp ban.

ddfc3d  No.16686110


ban evasion. you better believe thats a report

028e43  No.16686114


Ding dong bannu.

ddfc3d  No.16686118


I am yoshi wu glriousy reader of FFXIV, you think all classes should be good? ding dong bannu,

You think shitters should be required to know their class. You ding dong bannu

You say someone shouldn't be doing 8k less dps on a sam than a BLM? you better believe that's a bannu

028e43  No.16686125


8k less? The fucker asleep or something? Also, fuck you yoshi, war is mind numbingly boring now.

ddfc3d  No.16686128


Don't worry, it can join the club along with PLD, SCH, WHM, and AST.

Also no the fucker was literally trying to auto attack shit and no one even cared enough to mention it because he at least didn't run off the edge. Just titania EX things, the easiest boss on earth but impossible for FFXIV players

028e43  No.16686144


I kicked a faggot dragoon doing that shit in a 24 man the other day. Ran around and didn't do shit so we booted his ass. The only problem with parsing are the fags that swear if you aren't orange you're trash. I'd rather have people that try than these fags like you mention. Not doing shit and bitching about "muh subs".

ddfc3d  No.16686151


I mean yeah, 24 mans are designed to be done with 8 "people" and 16 afk bots

028e43  No.16686157


I will say the majority of GNB and BRDs so far have been dog shit. 90% are grey and I do more damage or as much as a WAR.

229acc  No.16686163


Anon it's literally impossible for 90% of them to be grey considering that range includes purple, blue, and green.

028e43  No.16686167


I meant 90% of what I've run across you fag. Not the log amount.

39921e  No.16686272


I guess I really do have to download this parser before I run EX content. BRD main here too.

835a2b  No.16686430


I spent an hour 'practicing' Titania EX today, I've never played the high-end raids but thought to have a try. We got past the first tether phase once, in the entire hour, despite having everyone numbered up and the floor marked off because one of the tanks was a total spas and would start running around once he got tethered. One guy explained to him that he has to take a hit, then use his invuln to take another, and he asked "What is invuln?"

I really thought of canceling my subscription at that point. I've only played for a couple years on and off, and thought about finding an FC to do 'hardcore' content with, and within 10 minutes of playing with this guy, I completely gave up, and partly gave up on the game in general.

0b9016  No.16686586

File: aae9c6d52e156b6⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 500x370, 50:37, everyone.gif)


>what is invuln?

Jesus Christ how horrifying. I went in blind to Titania EX with a few friends who had tried it up until big adds and I had tethers down by the second pull. Then we had Titania down by the 6th pull. My condolences.

However, I then went in to a practice on my DNC to get some 8-man experience. Ok, so it's a blind practice, I get that, but the way the tank would "pull" would be to charge in with his gap closer. This put Titania at the north end of center, which for Mist Rune, meant the MT had to turn her to stand in the puddle. Naturally, when the aoe cleave came out, the entire raid minus me and the OT, cause I saw it coming and moved went down. Thankfully he learned when I offered him some advice on opening with an eye for boss position, but my god, this is like the basic of the basic shit.

0b9016  No.16686689

File: bb5a9e0a983b7de⋯.png (124.44 KB, 533x313, 533:313, meanwhile, on Ultros.PNG)

1d7d5f  No.16686716

File: 9afc9aa19475c87⋯.jpg (797.52 KB, 2840x1900, 142:95, tired_stalker.jpg)


>Gaia Online 2.0

Where have all the good men gone?

32bc53  No.16686876

I wish they would fix the new generic battle music, it loops so abruptly.

cc33d4  No.16686894


They probably won't, but there's an option to disable the normal battle music altogether. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on the ARR boss theme that plays against every first/second boss in dungeons.

f01b86  No.16686930

File: 733c0df631e60a2⋯.jpg (47.95 KB, 550x734, 275:367, 1323722959618.jpg)

What are your guesses for the bosses of the Eden raid? It would be neat like to see Griever make it into it in some capacity and I would shit myself if Pandemona was one. I'm placing bets on that robot boss before Disc 3 Seifer being one of them, considering the massive boner the team has for mecha shit.

ddfc3d  No.16686935


That feeling never stops, it only grows worse with each expansion. Eventually you'll only resub for a month at the start and end of each expac because you're just that fed up with the people who play it. I'm probably just about there myself, I've seen it happen to more people than I care to count.

f01b86  No.16686949

File: bbb1a0999046054⋯.gif (2.13 MB, 200x150, 4:3, 1379105915792.gif)


The trick is to make your own party to clear content while it's brand-spanking new and cull shitters from your group as you run. The exception being 3rd and 4th tier Savage content, considering most trash doesn't make it there.

Or just have a static in some capacity.

ddfc3d  No.16686955


Nothing's worth having to pay 15$ a month for a static that runs shit once every bit once the time locked content starts popping up, when the rest of the time you have to put up with mongoloids who I'm convinced at this point don't even have hands.

Like shit I have a static and people are considering being a first month last month group that plays different games in between because it's just not worth it.

f01b86  No.16686971


I adopted that strategy during Heavensward, given how fucked the raids were in that expansion and how little else there was to do beside PvP. Eureka kept my autism flowing long enough to be subscribed nearly the full time for Stormblood after its introduction.

This one is looking like it may also be a first and last expansion unless they add some sort of sperg fuel similar to Eureka.

ddfc3d  No.16686978


Eureka made me legit quit the game for awhile, it was fucking awful.

f01b86  No.16687002


Admittedly, Anemos is the worst shit ever. There's zero gameplay there outside of join group, follow train, hit monster, repeat. I played FFXI for a long time, so Pagos, Pyros and Hydatos kept my interest much longer with chaining monsters and in the latter two, that combined with Logos actions. Made a decent chunk of money from Pyros and Hydatos as well not that there's fucking anything worth spending it on.

Baldesion Arsenal was fun enough and I'd like to see more "raids" like that implemented.

7ff828  No.16687005


wowfugees buying boosts because blizzard convinced them mmos exist for the engame treadmill meme.

ddfc3d  No.16687012


I don't know FFXI felt way more natural than eureka. Then again I never got hard into NM grinding at that's all eureka was

835a2b  No.16687016


Yeah I think I'm about there. I played for a full year to get from ARR to Stormblood, then stopped for a full year and came back a month before Shadowbringers to play the 4.X patches. I liked it, but I'm already feeling done. I'm basically sticking around and waiting for friends to catch up so we can play for a while, then inevitably all drop off within two months.


>first month last month

Haven't heard of this before but I think I can get on board with it, considering the gear I grinded for after Stormblood became basically free with Shadowbringers.

df9dc4  No.16687045



1102dc  No.16687746

BRD is so completely fucking useless in PVP now I can't even imagine how it is in PVE. It is so low potency that your range means absolutely nothing. It's additional actions are shit. None of them matter or will do the slightest bit to help you survive. a 2 second bind and a 4 second heavy don't amount to fuck when your range is shit, your damage is shit, and tanks can instantly close and kill in you a few seconds. A 10 second status immunity on a 1 minute CD doesn't mean shit when a fucking tank is going to kill you 5 seconds after it expires. Peloton is useless since your defense is toilet paper and your range is nothing. Silence is trash because the tanks are going to slaughter you before any caster is done casting.

I guess the new meta is tanks because fucking why the fuck should DPS be the damage dealing roll. When a BRD unleashes a stormbite, troubadour, three empyreal arrows, a full charge pitch perfect and and does less than 1/10th of a HP bar worth of damage to a tank but gets hit with a closer and then is killed with one basic combo rotation by a GNB then your fucking balance in PVP is completely fucked.

Fuck this garbage. I wouldn't even care if I wasn't working on a HW relic and using PVP as the lowest effort light farm. I don't mind losing but when you have your teammates screaming at you to change jobs everytime match because you are just a gimped bag of points for whatever team sees you first it gets frustrating.

Why the fuck square do this? Are they so desperate to push their new meme job that they have to completely shitwreck another job just so it can't compete and make the new one look bad?

345953  No.16688018



I think that extreme might have broke a static of my FC. Knew they were going into extreme Titania last night, this morning three of em left the fc.

345953  No.16688046


I honestly wish people gave me that kind of advice sometimes.


>You think shitters should be required to know their class. You ding dong bannu

The problem sometimes you're called a shitter, even when you're doing everything right.

Entered a dungeon and one of the dps' told me to do more AOE attacks. Even though with the big dick pulls the tank was pulling it was the only thing i could do.

The only reason why he didn't think i was doing any aoe attacks was because after i reached 100/100 i spammed Enchanted Moulinet and that looks like im tickling the enemies with my rapier.

38f20a  No.16688063


>I wouldn't even care if I wasn't working on a HW relic and using PVP as the lowest effort light farm.

Worse in every way than just doing unsynced Savage Alex.

1102dc  No.16688095


I have to do PVP roulette every day. I may as well just switch to bard and do it once a day to build light. It's not like it is high priority since I have the ARR and SB BRD relics. Unsynced Alex I still need a party and this I can do alone.

028e43  No.16688364


We call those people retards and move on. Clearly some dumb fuck that doesn't bother to learn what most moves look like. A shitter can call a good player a shitter because they are a stupid fucking shitter.

345953  No.16688489


He had the mentor icon so i didnt say shit,i checked his levels and found out too late he was a lvl 60 rdm.

The only AoE RDM used to have was scatter and that was easy to spam. Now you use Verthunder 2, and Veraero 2 before scatter/impact. Verthunder 2 is the only Aoe that looks like it does something, Veraero 2 just looks like a fart exploded just like the regular veraero expect bigger, and Impact just looks like a single damage seizure flower

1102dc  No.16688542


Always ignore the cardboard crown. It is the mark of the retard.

a5dcbf  No.16688563



bb8e87  No.16688587


That's a problem I have with a lot of tracks this expac. They're near god-tier, but most have abrupt loops that are a little jarring in game.

That said I already turned off the battle music, not because it's bad, but because the zone music is that much better.


>Go into Anemos for the first time

>Get the impression that it's like WoW's Timeless Isle, but far worse

>Get into a train with some guildmates and complain about how fucking boring this is

<Lol you're getting carried so why complain?

>Dropped Anemos for a long time after that until I resubbed months later and they had Clogs to make it bearable.

It was probably improper to compare it to Timeless Isle, but I'll be damned if that wasn't the most fun endgame thing to do in WoW in between doing other things.


He's a double retard. Because I wouldn't call E. Moulinet a tickle attack, as you did, but a giant, sweeping breakdance move. It should be obvious to anyone watching that it's an AoE. Not only that they increased the size of the cone itself so it should be double obvious.

345953  No.16688723


>Always ignore the cardboard crown. It is the mark of the retard.

How so?


When you have everyone attacking with aoes it looks like just a flourish. Should have told him to read the battle events. That would have shut him up

1102dc  No.16688776

File: 1826755fa191590⋯.jpg (172.92 KB, 800x640, 5:4, Mentors.jpg)


The vast majority of people that register as a Mentor aren't going to complete all 2000 roulettes. Infact many mentors I have asked weren't even aware there was a mount at the end of the long road. They register as a mentor for the status of it. They want to flex the fact they have something over others. The thing is that doesn't actually mean anything. It doesn't require them to cap all combat classes or even complete the current Ex trials. So you end up with a ton of people that only play one job and have leveled one of each role. They have completed trivialized trials from the last expac. With a bar set that low they believe they are subject matter experts by virtue of a cardboard crown. They use their crown to try and impress new players and since they are never actually challenged on their bullshit they come to believe it. So when they are actually called on it they resort to shit like bullying the rest of the party into kicking you, reporting you for ToS violation, and all sorts of rampant faggotry to assuage their damaged ego.

Very, very rarely you can see someone wearing the crown who actually knows their shit. But that is as rare as a flying horse for two.

229acc  No.16688785


I would be happy to function as a mentor and run the mentor roulette if it's wasn't mentor Russian roulette and included extreme primals.

1102dc  No.16688792


Whenever an EX comes up it's usually seven mentors telling one new player to use the PF then waiting for someone to take bullet and leave so everyone else can.

345953  No.16688801


>They register as a mentor for the status of it. They want to flex the fact they have something over others

i started not to long ago, but yeah that seems an accurate assessment


idk, i've seen some of em jump out of their way to leave extremes, usually destroying the run. told me to run unsync now.

9260ab  No.16688958


I turn on mentor for exp bonus when running with sprouts and returners

c9c55f  No.16689016


Man all this shit I keep hearing gives me a lot more confidence as a tank.

Don't think I'd be able to do raid shit but damn fuckers don't even understand grit yeesh

39921e  No.16689032

File: d36f9f1a511c0dd⋯.png (108.56 KB, 474x104, 237:52, ypzc44a45x931.png)

c9c55f  No.16689051


What the fuck why don't these losers just play DnD?

1102dc  No.16689059


It's harder to jerk off during your ERP season if you actually have to see the dude in front of you.

345953  No.16689072


Give them exactly what they want, play as a hard boiled warrior who hates having to carry these faggots.

Then insuiate there's a love triangle between them and how everyone can see it, make it as disturbing and realistic as possible without saying anything that can get you banned

028e43  No.16689089


Had a group of these fags once when I was tanking. Ended up keeping Defiance off the entire run because I wanted to be obedient instead of Defiant. They died so many times.

345953  No.16689095


>There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.

this anon knows whats up, give them exactly what they want.

70fea9  No.16689172

File: 785aebca4376c9e⋯.png (3.78 MB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, ClipboardImage.png)

Can someone explain to me what it is like to change jobs?

I am a lancer right now, but later on if I want to swap to another job what is that going to require?

cc33d4  No.16689192


You go to the guild/NPC who unlocks the class/Job you want to change to. You talk to them. Sometimes there's a quest involved. You get asked if you want to be that class. You say yes. You're given a basic weapon for that class. Sometimes it's in the form of a box you have to open, and that box will typically have a bunch of gear for that class as well.

You equip the weapon. You are now the class/job you wanted to change to.

That's it. There are no other requirements.

70fea9  No.16689204



Does it start out at a super low level? How do you level it up if you have finished all the game's quests already?

cc33d4  No.16689214


Okay, there are some other requirements. Here's another that slipped my mind: You can not become a Dark Knight, Machinist, or Astrologian until you reach Ishgard proper. You can not become a Red Mage or Samurai until you're level 50, own the Stormblood expansion (which is free with Shadowbringers) and have cleared the Praetorium. And you can not become a Dancer or Gunbreaker until you've reached level 60, own the Shadowbringers expansion, and... there's probably another restriction, but fuck me if I know what it is.


All classes start at level 1, with the exceptions of:

Dark Knight, Astrologian, Machinist: Level 30

Samurai, Red Mage: Level 50

Dancer, Gunbreaker: Level 60

There is a randomly generated "dungeon" called Palace of the Dead that you can enter once you've unlocked it via a quest starting in Gridania. It is fairly easy to clear, easily repeated, and is a significant source of EXP.

be2e04  No.16689234


How likely am I to get banned if I run into one of these retards and proceed to RP someone with a limp and slow walk my way through the entire dungeon?

70fea9  No.16689256

File: 123ee7041c64c81⋯.png (260.79 KB, 374x270, 187:135, ClipboardImage.png)

dd4f87  No.16689274


Anyone who tries to force you to RP with them is a subhuman faggot. These types of people are always the first ones that bring any kind of cohesive RP community up in smoke and flames because they don't get to be the server main character.

I want to argue that not all RPers are absolute fucking niggers who exist purely to use RP as a way to compensate for being pathetic, but. I know all too well that that's what the overwhelming majority is.

70fea9  No.16689315


I would just try to annoy them as much as possible. Probably just start dropping red-pills that wouldnt get you banned(9/11, Federal Reserve, CIA Drug Running, Vaccines, etc…)

dd4f87  No.16689341


I've openly talked in shout chat about the problems of (((foreign-interest))) parties in the United States Government before, and I've yet to get banned despite various people threatening me that they'd taken logs of my rampage.

70fea9  No.16689348


I mean thats fine if you do it on private servers for mmos or something, but theres no sense losing your 60 bucks over the JQ. Also, most people who play mmos are willfully ignorant.

70fea9  No.16689399

How relevant is the ARR content? A lot of this just seems like bullshit filler. I am kind of tempted to skip the cutscenes. Will I end up regretting this?

ddfc3d  No.16689451


It introduces you to basic overall plot, but aside from that it's completely worthless and irrelevant.

bb8e87  No.16689508

File: 3b8ac969d67c193⋯.png (112.55 KB, 451x151, 451:151, unknown.png)


Yeah regardless of MoP as a whole Timeless Isle is what I consider to be THE benchmark for an endgame timesink/ playground. You always had something to do and something was always happening. I think Eureka would be a lot better if NMs were just on timers and there was no extra leveling system that was irrelevant to the rest of the game.

The latter is most important because everything you did on TI helped your character progression or was at least fun. The only progression you get out of Eureka is relic gear and that's after a million different grinds to get it there. It'd be like if TI only had the legendary cloak quest to reward you for being there.


pic related


For the actual story I do not think there's anything relevant. In part because it all gets shoved in at the end during the last two dungeons. These two are unique since they are the only Full Party Dungeons in the game. They're also very cutscene heavy. Unskippable cutscene heavy. It's so bad they've been segregated to their own Roulette. For what it's worth the only bits of good writing ARR has are in there.

As for the slog after you "beat" ARR there are some important things of note mixed in with a bunch of stupid timewasting filler and flavor of the week characters (that the writers at least have the decency to remember mentioning when it's relevant to do so). Some small tidbits are important for the larger plot and the rest is setup for HW. Around the time Alphinaud starts setting up the Crystal Braves is when you should start paying attention again imo (at least that's when I did).

Wait, I guess there's the Coerthas plotline where everyone there, except best bro, thinks you're a dragon loving spy no matter how many of their men you save from certain death at the claws of scaly ERPers. It sets up how xenophobic and untrusting Ishgard is, but it's still, bar-none, one of the worst bits of writing in the entire vanilla game. Nobody trusts you, but they do trust the new Inquisitor from the Holy See who just showed up one day acting all official and ordering people to death for heresy. You prove he's a fraud by finding the official documents on the real inquisitor's body. That's right, they have documents for this shit and they didn't even bother to ask for them when they've proven to be the most jumpy motherfuckers on the continent.

32bc53  No.16689646


>Hiding their name

It's you isn't it?

32bc53  No.16689827

File: f51361bd28f9072⋯.png (357.16 KB, 1067x800, 1067:800, despair.png)

>The dungeon with the best theme music is a fucking FF13 dungeon

0b9016  No.16689856


>FF13 dungeon

u wot m8?

c9b103  No.16689888



Do you mean the Twinning? I mean, it does uses a FF XIII's monster as far as I'm aware, but it is mostly a references to the Alexander Raids with an Allagan twist more than anything

bb8e87  No.16689889


There's no FF13 dungeon. They used a couple enemy designs from the game as Allagan constructs, but there's yet to be any place that is FF13 themed.

bb8e87  No.16689895


I hesitated but a moment and missed getting these sick trips.

70fea9  No.16689963

File: b862fac82ab5d9f⋯.png (69.5 KB, 172x196, 43:49, ClipboardImage.png)

Are they breaking the 4th wall with this shit? Seems like they are mocking me at this point.

32bc53  No.16689967


All of the twinning's bosses are from 13.


There's a fate in Amh Araeng called "Prey destroy the waking sands".

0b9016  No.16689975


Just wait til you get to the Zone of the Enders reference.

70fea9  No.16689986

File: 09a421959b653a6⋯.png (82.29 KB, 238x120, 119:60, ClipboardImage.png)

Why do modern MMOs insist on putting tons of pop culture references in them? I don't understand. It cheapens your game and it's lore.

cc33d4  No.16690001

File: c5083139b9cdcf3⋯.png (190.64 KB, 900x506, 450:253, FFXII-TZA-Bestiary-Baritin….png)

File: 269d4aa2adf51a3⋯.jpg (185.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, literally the same model a….jpg)


The Tycoon shares its skeleton and design with Alexander Prime. Its name is a reference to Lena and Faris's father, Alexander Highwind Tycoon. It has nothing to do with FF13.

The other two are just asset reuse. Dunno what to tell you, FF14 does that on some occasions.

bb8e87  No.16690002

File: e64eba933a568eb⋯.png (759.76 KB, 881x496, 881:496, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm 99.9% certain you have this fucker to blame for that.

ddfc3d  No.16690006


wait til you get to titan "wake me up before you go" lmfao remember that song?

1102dc  No.16690198

Does anyone know the FATE chain for Kholusia's achievement FATE? I have finished ranking up all my shared FATEs in all regions already and cleared the achievement FATE for every other region except Kholusia. I spend six hour griding in Kholusia last night and it never popped once. Is the reset timer on it just that ridiculously long?

bb8e87  No.16690205


That's the one that awards tokens for the mecha frog mount I think. I assume it's on at least a 36 hour timer, but I don't know for certain.

140919  No.16690236


Very relevant. It's the basic anime trope of ARR that makes Heavensward expansion mean as much as it did. It is also makes you re-look at certain villains of ARR at a different light now because of Shadowbringers. Than the reveal at the e3 2019 trailer was only a huge shock to you if you knew the ARR lore.


The cheese of ARR lore is what makes every other expansion good.

345953  No.16690426

File: 8caa9feebf0055c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.14 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, original ascian.jpg)

File: 55f81f6e6e4d142⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.54 MB, 1500x1238, 750:619, giants all along.png)

File: 30524236c7e4537⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 209.21 KB, 535x643, 535:643, WoL.png)

File: 7166ecbd67e1a8e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 956.57 KB, 960x539, 960:539, he doesnt know.png)


Feels like Heavensward was the one that really foreshadowed everything

140919  No.16690541


Heavensward forshadowed the most. What ARR does with the cookie cutter power of friendship story is make everything we've done so far mean more now than it did in 2.0.

-The Light blessing, (power of friendship) morphed into the player being potentially "tempered" like any other beast tribe. Took 6 years of build up of players to get hit with a "Bioshock" plot twist.

-Stereotypical Ascian- "evil for evil sak"e morphed to potential twisted souls after thousands of years trying to do what is "right" to them. Made Lahabrea more sympathetic.

The basic anime trope schlock that was ARR makes everthing else shine more since ARR didn't age poorly looking back at it now, in fact the dumb plot improved since we have now a clearer objective of what everyone was doing at the time. I could go into more but that would creat one hell of a wall of text.

32bc53  No.16690570


The bioshock plot twist

I wish that city was larger or hell even en entire zone, the aesthetics and music were great better then the rest of that zone.

c9b103  No.16690585


It seems to me more like they retroactively improved on what ARR laid, instead of planning much ahead. The contrast is great, though, really puts into perspective the whole conflict. As far as the plot goes, ShB feels like it really answers many questions while proposing a few interesting ones of its own. HW, while good, it was more about resolving the Isghard issue and establishing plots for the future expansions, which got resolved in SB and ShB. ShB in contrast, feels like it really advances the "main" plot so to speak. Which makes SB feel kind of insignificant on the great scheme of things. So far really happy in that regard, is probably the best plot in a FF in a long time. Gameplay wise is a mixed bag, with the changes to some classes being from bad to horrible, but others were improved and the fights, while not to hard, were fun and had top-notch presentation. Sad to see quite a lot of people complaining about SMN, though, is my favourite job so far this expansion, that while not perfect (may need some fixes and maybe a bit of a buff), seems players complaint about it being too busy and complex, specially for relatively low Damage output. I fear SE may oversimplified it when looking into it if they listen to the complainers.

140919  No.16690620


I agree on improving what ARR laid, which is why I say it's important that new players do not regard ARR plot as unimportant, when in fact ARR is more important now than it has been for years.

345953  No.16690687


I don't even know why people hate it so much, the lull at 50 is the perfect time to level other classes with roulette. And the story payoff was nice too

ddfc3d  No.16690758


Except it could be summed up in 10 levels of quests not 50 levels of quests. It's also bad because every character is just legitimately unfun to play at those levels with massive portions of your kit missing. Especially since ShB trimmed everything even further, it's just going to keep getting worse as time goes on. The story is generic, which is the issue, it's supposed to be characterization that's built upon, but by the end of the ARR MSQ you hate all of them for leading you around for 20 hours doing absolutely fuck all. HW makes it even worse with "okay they all died it's a really low point you sort of care about them" into "lol actually everyone lived xD you're never escaping" except the potato but that was post HW MSQ followed by SB which took whatever pity or even attention I had left for the scions and turned it into complete apathy. ShB tries to fix that but it's far too little far too late after SB.

Also don't worry they already can't simplify tanks and healers more than they already have short of giving them a single "heal" button or a single "tank" button that plays your character for you.


People hate it because it's filled to the brim with filler, and the lull after the game is awful. There's so much that frankly doesn't matter. Sort of like how the major plot hook for HW turned out to all be an elaborate ruse for… no reason actually, because the reason given doesn't actually make sense.

1102dc  No.16690797

80 DRG is great. Raiden Thrust is a nice little bit of potency that encourages you to not be lazy with your directional requirements. Stardiver is just bonus AoE when you are under life of the dragon.


>HW, while good, it was more about resolving the Isghard issue and establishing plots for the future expansions

Too me the main focus of HW was character development. F

or most of ARR right up until the end of 7AE I didn't really give a shit about the scions. They were just props that were in the background with the exception of Papalymo and Ida who I had more interaction with. HW is where I got to know the scions a little more, their backgrounds, motivations, and desires were fleshed out. Alphinaud especially stood out as beforehand he was just the plucky self important child prodigy. Seeing his failure and slow growth as an individual was really satisfying.

39921e  No.16690864


I'm actually impressed they took what was a basic cookie-cutter shonen "working together to fight the big bad RAH RAH" and improved on it with more context. It's not something you see done well often.


Alphinaud probably had the most character growth in the game thus far.

028e43  No.16690990


Which is funny considering how piss easy it was during SB. I loved it last expansion and dropped it with all this stupid micro managing the pet abilities. What's the point of Titan when he can't tank shit? Fucking feels less like a summoner than it used too and I couldn't give less of a shit about Phoenix when it's a less cool Bahamut.

c9b103  No.16691033


I actually love all the small moving parts and micromanaging the pet. Titan not being tank doesn't bother me cause it really was not that good, specially once you reached 70 and had Bahatmut. There wasn't a point to use it when it couldn't hold aggro and it will lose it after summoning bahatmut. Sadly, the rework is not enough, tying its skill with the offensive skills of the other egis is stupid and even worse the fact that it doesn't give you Ruin IV. Also Phoenix is pretty cool.

140919  No.16691055


The context anon is that all the stereotypical jrpg tropes in ARR are fleshed out later in later expansions instead of left behind as tropes to accept that exist.

c9b103  No.16691060


>There wasn't a point

No point, sorry. I can understand why many people may dislike it, it is very different and much harder to play now.

140919  No.16691063


Also explaining what parts you consider "filler" would better understand what point you are trying to make instead of giving a vague anime salt answer

028e43  No.16691091


It's nice we got another summon, don't get me wrong, but why the fuck do I feel less like a summoner now and more like a machinist with turrets? The pets don't have a purpose now and should just be removed in favor of abilities instead of spamming a recharge mechanic.

ddfc3d  No.16691092


Most of the titan questline, every single time you're told to hither to the waking sands pray, 90% of garuda questline. Like you're not even interacting with the scions for most of that it's just pointless sub time bloat.

And the issue is the generic anime friendship shit is only expanded upon in ShB, and HW you're stuck with somehow an even more generic anime trope than before of "oh lol everyone you thought died was actually alive"

c9b103  No.16691110


>Especially since ShB trimmed everything even further

Its a mixed bag, really. Certain jobs got simpler, other just gain new toys or even became harder. The nerf of aggro mechanics actually hurts more the party gameplay than the tanks funny enough. Now DPS have no tools to self regulate their own aggro. Tanks hardly felt that change really, only the shittiers of tanks were unable to hold aggro or changes stances when required. Having said this, WAR probably felt the change the worst, loved changing stances with minimal loss of DPS or to recover HP fast in certain situations. Yet it is worrying than instead of making it more meaningful to hold aggro in some way, they decided to basically trash the whole mechanic away.

If they have been simplified further enough, I cannot say. I must say so far I'm leveling Gunbreaker as I find it quite fun, so haven't actually get down with the other 3 tanks. Never tanked that much, only in EX and like once or twice in savage, so I'm not an expert, more like average really. Healers though, they really fucked them up real good. Loved SCH, now is sad what state it is in.


What or not constitutes real summoner is quite debatable. Some like the "summon for one attack and change" kind of like other FF before X, others are more about it being a Pet Class. To be honest, I think it would require a full rework to make it its own unique thing.


In HW, all that was about Isghard was great, all about the loose ends of ARR, the Scions and Sultanate was such a letdown. Gladly, is really a small part of that expansion, but the storywriters pussied out. ShB spoilers Although you may count Minfilia as a "casualty", as after the events of that day her fate was sealed as Hyadelin's steward, which would lead to her demise

32bc53  No.16691114

File: 515d8af7d606369⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_09072019_131239_533.png)

I wonder what they're going to do with Ryne, are they going keep her in the first or will they pull some shenanigans and let her follow us back into the source? They better let us bring her along.

1102dc  No.16691140


The Titan questline was offensive. The quest givers don't even pretend their is a point to anything they make you do, they let you know they are just fucking with you. I can practically see the face of some spiteful nip as he spits on me and say


c9b103  No.16691145


SE really need to trim down the filler. They won't, though. Skip potions are too profitable now to change things.

bb8e87  No.16691165


I agree, but he wasn't talking about the underwater city. He's saying that with the strong implication that the WoL was Tempered by Hydaelyn it's a "Would you kindly" sort of plot twist.


If you thought any of the Scions actually died at the end of ARR then you're a dumb nigger.


Because it's the most horribly written schlock I've ever subjected myself to. The only shining moment peaking out is the motivations of the Garleans during the last two dungeons.


The overwhelming vast majority of ARR and 7AE is filler you stupid monkey. All busywork. No plot progression. In the expansions when they give you busywork it's usually relevant to the world or the plot in some way. If it isn't it's kept short. I may not be remembering correctly, but during HW and SB I felt my time was wasted only somewhat, and in ShB almost never (that stupid fucking trolley being the main exception). In ARR every single quest felt like a way to waste my time and make me question my subscription.

ddfc3d  No.16691173


I was talking in ARR content specifically though, they completely amputated classes.

That wasn't in HW though is the point. They totally bitched out in actually killing literally anyone that entire expansion aside from a throwaway they introduced.

HW was still storywise my favorite expac because if you removed everything tying it to ARR/SB it works really well, and could honestly be an entire game.

ShB it too connected to ARR for me to consider it it's own thing, so it has to get grouped with all the bad ARR had. SB was just what the fuck are you doing the entire way. ShB is also a letdown design wise, it all looks too pretty for me to get a good feeling of "doomed" from anything it shows. A nice underwater apartment complex, a big ass field of flowers, a gold palace filled with generic angels, and a larger generic looking angel who gets a remix of the standard boss ShB boss theme.


Eh I had hope they'd at least kill off someone, but they didn't kill off anyone. At all.

32bc53  No.16691179


They did though, Moenbryda dies after she sacrifices herself to kill the Ascian.

ddfc3d  No.16691188


I'm going to be honest, I completely forgot who that even was she has so little to do with anything aside from die to kill that one ascian and open the shiva fight. Also that was in ARR wasn't it?

32bc53  No.16691192


>Also that was in ARR wasn't it?

I honestly don't remember, I had to use google just to remember her name.

ddfc3d  No.16691193


Deep character that one, even the wiki only has 2 paragraphs for her

bb8e87  No.16691197


Hoping I can get tbh. I'm just in the camp of anons that started not despising the Scions after HW.

All their sudden deaths were too suspiciously convenient though. As you said, it was engineered to be a "low point" that drastically got retconned. I think this is why Minfilia had a non-descript "disturbance in the Force" that she must chase as her reason for disappearing. They ran out of retarded ways to questionably kill off the Scions.

Ffs one the the things that still annoys me to this day is "Yda" and Papalymo's "sacrifice" of locking themselves on the wrong side of that gate for no reason other than to have a noble sacrifice. Which is double pointless when you consider that the room is round so they're not stopping anymore than a few guys while the rest go around.


That's a flavor of the week character, and we're specifically talking about the ending sequence of ARR.



7AE character. Looks like a dyke. Strongly implied to have /ss/'d Urianger when he was younger. You should read the description for her wind up minion when you get the chance.

Still more plot relevant than Minfilia's step-mother. Though both belong in the furnace.

c9b103  No.16691213


>I was talking in ARR content specifically though, they completely amputated classes.

My bad, sorry. Yeah, classes under level 70 feel awful. I understand they want to easy out players and make leveling up meaningful, but tons of classes lack their core skills at low levels and feel awful to play. I wish there was a way to fix this without making old content even more trivial than it is. In the topic of ShB, I guess is more subjective opinions, I really like the new areas because they don't look as bland as SB. Even HW's areas seemed a bit bland compared to them.


>Still more plot relevant than Minfilia's step-mother.

Seems like her only reason to be was related to 1.x. Pretty useless, as I remember her not being even that important in 1.x anyway.

140919  No.16691229


To be fair, that part is bloated. The reason it's bloated was for the team to pad some time till Heavensward was ready for launch. So they needed a reason to increase the difficulty of vanilla primals in the mean time. Small padding at worse, but necessary for the time.

32bc53  No.16691231

File: 213628fc1952715⋯.png (686.91 KB, 790x851, 790:851, 213628fc1952715a93177cc522….png)


>Strongly implied to have /ss/'d Urianger when he was younger

That would explain why he was on the verge of tears when he found out.

bb8e87  No.16691303


I never referenced a specific part other than ARR as a whole. You might be confusing me with the other anon.

Regardless. Even if that was a good reason for poor writing it doesn't negate the writing we got. If you go out to eat and your meal tastes like shit then you find out the chef's dog died recently making him unfocused you might be sympathetic and understanding of why your meal came out like shit, but it still came out like shit.


I had a feeling that might be the case. I've been meaning to watch the 1.0 cutscenes for any additional context, but my understanding was that its MSQ was spread very thin so I didn't think it was worth it.

83a393  No.16691368


Has there ever been a more pozzed MMO server? Balmung is absolutely disgusting.

39921e  No.16691385


Balmung didn't get its bad rep out of nowhere. They're infesting Goblin too send help.

bb8e87  No.16691392


>Lord Sesshomaru

You don't need to read past that to know he's a faggot.

It's funny. I haven't seen Inuyasha faggotry since I was an underaged shitposter on the Adult Swim forums back in the day.

028e43  No.16691400


Are they seriously talking about this faggot shit in the fucking novice network? Jesus fucking christ just nuke that server.

1102dc  No.16691451

File: a01314f07786fa6⋯.mp4 (3.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, kung-fu panda.mp4)


Someone made an extended cut of all the cutscenes from 1.0 and put it on youtube if you are interested.


You were warned.

df9dc4  No.16691462

File: 435ded6b9591018⋯.jpg (38.71 KB, 403x497, 403:497, 435ded6b95910187421b95d855….jpg)

Tonight is the night I finally hit the jackpot in the jumbo cactpot.

bb8e87  No.16691492

File: 62ba69a0b25d94f⋯.jpg (165.5 KB, 800x680, 20:17, 55475131.315000005_gross.jpg)


>Naruto ERP happens out in the open in Ul'dah all the time.

Pic related. Nonetheless if you see anything particularly LOL then post it.


That's precisely what I'd considered watching tbh.

1102dc  No.16691579

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Man I hope it isn't addressed in the tank or healer role quest, but I got to ask? Who is the female Elezen? You watch the cutscenes from the magic DPS and physcial DPS quests and there is a female Elezen with them. Then you watch the 1.0 opening movie and she is there with the Source version of WoL as part of his party at the start of the WoL's journey. Then you watch the 2.0 movie which has the Source WoL and his crew she is missing from the both the prior and post calamity scenes. It seems like a really odd thing to specifically add her First World version to the cutscenes for ShB when they sort of retconned her out out 2.0 and on in the Source.

345953  No.16691625

You have to complete all role quests to unlock a quest that explains everything.

She's from the 13th like Unukalhai She's the one who gathered the Warriors of Light in the first before she ultimately betrayed them

1102dc  No.16691664


Right, but what was she doing in the Source, or is that explained. Also I noticed that Unukalhai's dialog changed when I visited him recently.

0b9016  No.16691748


Really wish I hadn't clicked on the spoiler but my bad I suppose. That explains quite a bit. It would seem that Elidibus has been busy. I wonder how many refugees from the 13th he "saved" and seeded on other worlds with the intention of doing such manipulations. Perhaps that will be a driving force behind some or all of the other WoL's from the other shards coming to fight the "Warrior of Darkness" in the coming patches.

0b9016  No.16691752


In regards to the 13th, this also now begs the question about whether or not the 13th being destroyed was an "accident" or not. Given that the Ascian's willingly sac'd 75% of their population to bring about Zodiark, I don't think the destruction of 1/14th of a world would be something they bat an eye at, if it enabled success of their greater goal.

c9c55f  No.16691784


Wait really? Shit I play on Goblin…

140919  No.16691814


Never said the writing was great or hyping up ARR content. The basic idea is that what happened in ARR fundamentally made every expansion past it far more interesting. So ARR content is worth doing since the twists and turns of future expansions are more meaningful.

This isn't hyping ARR writing but saying that experience that cheese of ARR makes HW and ShB that much better of an experience.

345953  No.16691821


I had to delete a post even i felt was too spoilerish, I forgot to delete the first part that was my bad you were only supposed to read the second part.


Trailers don't mean much to me, if they did where the hell is the goblin that taunts you or the burning forest,.

0b9016  No.16691827


All good yo, I'd get there eventually.

>goblin that taunts you

Gremlin, and it's a stand-in for Emet I think, made more palatable for a trailer without being stupidly spoilery.

>burning forest

I think that's a representation of what happened to the Fort in Rak'Tika, just like Thancred saving Minfilia while in Eulmore. The trailer is effectively filling in some history for us.

ddfc3d  No.16691839


I disagree, you can basically remove and greatly trim down ARR and all the expansions would be improved. HW? 80% of the bad shit comes from trying to link it back to ARR. SB well SB can't be salvaged, but you can at least start if you were to completely cut it off. and even ShB which has a nice twist doesn't play off a majority of the story from ARR, it's more about the time lapse so they can try to pull an M-Night Shamalamadingdong on you. Not to mention the whole WoD thing was in post HW IIRC because it teased RDM.

So what does ARR provide? Well nothing that couldn't have been squeezed in the first 5 hours of a normal RPG but stretched over am absurd amount of time.

140919  No.16691930


>Greatly trim down ARR

Like what specifically? Alphinaud becomes an endearing character only because his smug attitude gets a reality check later on.

The power of light might of just been tempering the WoL all these years. The twist is only impactful if all ya did was expect the power to be no different than The Power of Friendship trope.

All of this being force fed into you from ARR as nothing more than it's face value is what makes new information interesting.

0b9016  No.16691971


On top of that, there's reasonable argument to be made that Hydaelyn has not tempered her champions in the way that Zodiark did with his. The DRK questline makes it clear that what we do takes a toll on us, as well as those around us, and that ultimately there is a part of us that doesn't want to be the hero. Yet we still choose to be the hero when the situation calls for it. If there is any kind of tempering done by Hydaelyn in regards to her champions then it's a very subtle, suggestive kind, as opposed to the blind loyalty and obedience you get with other such entities.

ddfc3d  No.16691975


Like any of the examples of pointless filler that have been brought up multiple times. ARR is like 3 hours of actual story, and 46 hours of useless pointless filler because they were desperate to recoup the losses that 14 had.

0b9016  No.16692082


>desperate to recoup the losses that 14 had.

I don't think it was that simple or jewish. 1.0 had a LOT of plot to be wrapped up, and grafting the original story onto the new 2.0+ plotline required a lot of work. All of that got stuffed into ARR - for better or for worse - while simultaneously acting as setup for stuff coming down the line. Following ARR you had a more "real world" plot line involving Ishgard and Dravania, with the goal to bring about unity and security between the remaining Eorzean city states to deal with the looming threat of the empire, with a side of Ascian manipulation layered on top of everything. Some of it was hinted at in 2.0 Thordan and Elidibus and then resolved by the end of 3.0, while others were introduced in 3.0 the WoD's from the First and still others expanded upon the Scions, the work Moenbryda did with white auracite, Yda/Papalymo and the build-up to Stormblood.

As for 2.0 itself, the entirety of the Crystal Brave line set the stage for the ending of 2.0, most of 3.0 and the beginning of 4.0. Had Alphinaud not gotten too big for his britches and tried to essentially form a private army, Ilberd never would have had a chance to get sloppeh. The growth that Alphinaud did was good and necessary for his character and none of it wouldn't have happened without most of the ARR quests. The specific politicking and other stuff that goes on is largely a vehicle for Alphinaud's growth and to set up the truth behind Emet-Selch's words when he asks Alphinaud if half of our "people" would willingly sacrifice themselves to save the other half. We know, and so does Alphinaud, that they absolutely would not, and our entire experience dealing with petty bullshit in ARR tells us as much.

Not to say ARR doesn't have it's flaws. It certainly does. But it's not 100% shit. It has good moments as well, and several other moments that have been made better and more relevant thanks to ShB. Most importantly, the stuff learned so far in ShB has managed to avoid the "ass-pull" level of plot development that many stories fall victim too. Everything has been properly foreshadowed and explained, right down to how gil is the currency on the first and I don't mean the cheeky hand-wave the Exarch gives when you first hit the Crystarium.

140919  No.16693706


Lets really talk about the issue you have problems with but not many do. To be more specific, there are far more than even I believed did not think ARR was filler trash as you believe.

New Game+ is going to be a thing. For who is it for? It's not for the level skippers, it's not for new players. The only people who wanted NG+ were those that went through all of ARR and HW since demand for that mode only grew since than. So why would people willing go through ARR again, willingly and eagerly, if not to experience all of ARR through ShB all over again.

>Like any of the examples

The thing is, almost none were given. At worst it's the repeat of the same primals, but doing those repeat fights is a small fraction of the entire ARR experience.

Even worse is that you have this "idea" that I did not make about ARR being good. ARR doesn't have good writing, it's all cliche stuff we've seen time and time again. But because of that initial cliche of boring writing is what makes every other expansion shine because the initial boring writing actually have meaning behind it now.

ddfc3d  No.16693956


What are you talking about. Multiple people brought up the whole titan questline, and I've mentioned the garuda questline more than a few times.

>that initial cliche of boring writing is what makes every other expansion shine.

Except it doesn't is the issue. The parts where they have to make ARR connect with HW are the weakest parts of the expansion, and HW is probably the best one. They could've easily made a decent storyline but they decided instead to play it safe and make the most generic schlock they could that they left enough loose ends to justify X expansions. It's not that the writing in ARR was "beneficial to the other expansions" it was that the vague nature of a lot of the loose ends they left basically lets them do whatever they want. notably because they weren't entirely convinced ARR would even do well enough to continue having expansions so they had to leave shit really open to compensate for if it tanked again or recovered The only expansion so far that is based almost entirely in ARR lore is ShB, and even then it's still only half finished so I'll reserve judgement other than I see 9000 ways they can fuck it up.

Also the people who want NG+ are the same people who play neptunia over and over, they have brain disorders, and probably have dumped more money on cosmetics than a small chinese village makes in 3 years.

32bc53  No.16694105

File: d6a1a5ba73fefb0⋯.png (90.97 KB, 566x664, 283:332, d6a1a5ba73fefb00bf52bc347d….png)

>Just got 3 winning mini cactpot tickets in a row

140919  No.16694352


Repeating the same handful, at best, issues doesn't mean 80% of ARR is filler. Filler as in pointless that leads no where. I agree those primal fights were filler, I do not agree those primal fights were 80% of what makes ARR. You are kinda making a mountain out of a mole hill argument with those primal fights.

>make the most generic schlock they could that they left enough loose ends to justify X expansions.

I agree with you on this, but what you do not address, if not completely ignore, is what I am getting at with ARR. To be as invested in what we have now in expansions is because the boring schlock of ARR gets clarified more and more during each expansion. All of it could of been ignored and at the end all the boring stuff led to interesting outcomes years later.

I am saying ARR writing didn't get better, it just got fleshed out more by future expansions that has made ARR worth the trek those years ago. The payoff of ShB got the boost it did because of how boring ARR was on it's own.

bb8e87  No.16694843


Filler doesn't necessarily need to lead no where. It just needs to be pointless. All the filler quests are part of an arc leading to a conclusion, but there are more quests than required to reach that conclusion. The game wastes your time with stupid shit rather than getting to the point.

The reason you aren't seeing a whole lot of examples for filler is because most of it is not memorable and no one thought to chronicle something so obvious.

If you want to argue that the poor writing of ARR pays off in ShB I will agree. However I do not think this is intrinsically because the writing was bad. There is never an excuse for bad writing. You could have the same basic bitch cliches and themes that pay off in ShB in a better written story.

If you want to argue that ARR wasn't padded beyond belief then you are delusional.

1102dc  No.16695331

So I played a few roulettes with my PLD and I got to say they made shit tardproof. It was never a difficult job to play but at least it could keep you interested working around different situations and knowing when to use what skills to support the MT and the party. I'll cap it but unless the other tanks are complete shit I won't main it.

Any DoRKs got anything to say about the 5.0 edge knight?

0b9016  No.16695358



Tankiest mofo out there thanks to the TBN buff. Best aoe you can get too. Solid ST damage, about on par with WAR when done correctly. Simple on the face, but the devil comes in the MP management and use of TBN as a defensive tool. Worst thing I can say about it is that Living Shadow is basically just a DoT you use every 2 minutes without really thinking about it beyond "am I lining up with other raid buffs?" Dark Missionary and TBN give you a lot of group utility, and proper use of TBN on others doesn't cut into your damage in any way. I've had 4-man runs big group pulling where my overall DPS sits around 9.5 using the Weathered/Amauroutine gear while a comparable and competent BLM pulled roughly 11k.

453e66  No.16695433

I've been buying mount codes off ebay for dirt cheap, will square find out? And how fucked am i

0b9016  No.16695959

File: ff4ce038fa90fcd⋯.webm (5.86 MB, 480x360, 4:3, dance time.webm)

File: aa563a8986e62cc⋯.jpg (505.2 KB, 1122x1600, 561:800, dick activation.jpg)

File: e5f5d56163fc057⋯.jpg (62.87 KB, 270x270, 1:1, einhander.jpg)

>mfw DNC aoe

I know our ST damage isn't great but fuck if that playstyle in an aoe situation just doesn't feel perfect. Literally twirling in and out of the pack of mobs to dodge aoe's, juggling five different globals and two oGCD's plus your dances to shit damage all over the enemy. Bravo SE.

32bc53  No.16696009

File: dc37b8ae6e0a74a⋯.png (270.2 KB, 706x412, 353:206, dc37b8ae6e0a74abe3b16861db….png)

>Flamethrower doesn't generate heat

1102dc  No.16696246

So I am doing some remodeling on my home and I really don't like the baseboards and columns that my house currently has. Is there a way to change them from the default so that they can look like the styles I have seen in other homes? Changing the interior walls and exterior walls has no effect. Do I need to demolish my home and use a different kind of housing permit?

a3a3af  No.16697252

File: 46478340b09090f⋯.png (8.8 KB, 574x76, 287:38, ClipboardImage.png)


Turns out that if you're asking nicely to be padded in raids people will actually do it, who would have thunk it.

ec40a2  No.16697961

If Ultima is from Zodiark and was stored in the Ultima Weapon, how does FFT Ultima fit into it? Wasn't she a creature of the light? And considering what we learned of Zodiark and Hydaelen's creation, this makes it even more confusing to me.

0b9016  No.16698089


>If Ultima is from Zodiark and was stored in the Ultima Weapon, how does FFT Ultima fit into it? Wasn't she a creature of the light? And considering what we learned of Zodiark and Hydaelyn's creation, this makes it even more confusing to me.

Keep in mind that Ascian's are not exactly the reliable sort when it comes to telling the truth. While I don't think it's really disputable that Zodiark was created in response to the devastation the Ascian's sought to stop, while Hydaelyn was created as a counter to him anything else involving them isn't quite so cut and dried.

Also important to remember that Ultima was created by the Allagans, who in turn were a creation of Emet-Selch much like he did with Garlemald. As for FFT Ultima, I'm torn between saying it's more of a reference for reference's sake and saying that she was an embodiment of an earlier form of Ultima. Since Ramza is known to have been a Warrior of Light before us, it's reasonable to assume he was responsible for some kind of world-ending catastrophe as a result of Ascian machinations. If that's the case, then Ultima may not just be a spell, but it also may be a state, or end-goal. Ultima, The High Seraph, may have been an earlier attempt at creating a massive Source-wide calamity utilizing "Ultima" magic.

It helps that Ultima as a magical spell has always been associated with incredible amounts of destructive power, so it may not refer to a specific spell in FF14 so much as it's about bringing forth large-scale destruction in general.

812d83  No.16698267

before maintenance there were some people talking about how each floor of eden has a chance to drop all token types now? is this true or wishful thinking on their part?

0b9016  No.16698322


>all types

Don't know about that for sure, but I know there was talk about freeing things up so that more token types were available than last xpac. Personally, I took this to mean "you can get shafts for the chestpiece someplace other than the 4th dungeon" because it meant most people ended up running the last dungeon for the shaft and nothing else, since it was the best chest piece people were likely to see and would take a full four weeks to acquire enough currency.

ddfc3d  No.16698374

>first eden boss is just leviathan again

Damn son ShB really shaping up design wise

0b9016  No.16698382


>first eden boss is just leviathan again

Yes, after the two unique bosses prior to that. You're not even trying anymore. If you hate the game just leave and save us your bitching. Plus the music is fucking lit.

ddfc3d  No.16698384


Don't forget the titan fight after.

It's too hard to make fights, just like it's too hard to make quests.

32bc53  No.16698388


No that's the third boss and it's nothing like the original fight anyway.

ddfc3d  No.16698389


and before your dumb ass goes "but he looks totally different and has different mechanics" for titan. It's just stupid that they can't even be assed to think up names.

ddfc3d  No.16698401


Yeah, it's lazier than the original fight. Just like this entire expansion. Just like X but lazier.

Or when titan turns into an ATV, which made me laugh more than anything else.

0b9016  No.16698404



Go away blackpill anon. Not just from this thread, but from the game. It'll do you good.

ddfc3d  No.16698408


Don't worry, It's the best expansion ever! Also I am letting my sub drop, and probably not picking it up again unless somehow they pull actual good fights out of their ass, which isn't likely given how every fight so far has been "like X but lazier"

32bc53  No.16698428


Don't worry wows always open for shitters like you, enjoy your world quests.

ddfc3d  No.16698432


Man imagine defending reuse in an MMO after they gut shit. What a magical world you live in. So they don't have time to balance shit, they don't have time to make 4 completely unique fights, they don't have time to make class quests, they don't have time to… really do anything. So I ask what exactly do they have time for.

32bc53  No.16698439

File: 9b24f6ef03dfb18⋯.png (407.92 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 9b24f6ef03dfb18083d4fc6502….png)


>The bosses have the same name but everything else is competently different, that means it's reused content

Congratulations you're fucking retarded.

ddfc3d  No.16698444


>boss has the same theme and general look as the previous iterations


0b9016  No.16698490


Oh, can confirm now that everything can drop everywhere. Eden 1 had all pieces except hands drop my first kill.

b07473  No.16698505

File: 53a5df3c59a0f61⋯.png (10.47 KB, 293x142, 293:142, ClipboardImage.png)


first boss wasn't leviathan or remotely similar


titan shared virtually nothing with other titan fights, besides the bombs, and only barely.


nothing was reused, besides the name. try harder nigger


>both bosses are earth element themed, reusing content!!!!

1102dc  No.16698519



>Duration has been increased from 24 to 30 seconds.

DRG just keeps getting better and better. With the exception of the 80 job gear which looks like dogshit like ever DRG job gear except the for 50 helmet

7ff828  No.16698526

Really like the new raid. My theory is Eden is going to take all that light to the 13th to restore it to get over the plot hole of that part of the source being missing so Zodiark couldn't be restored. Fun fights but after the 3rd i said out loud who the 4th was and of course its fucking him. Of course.

32bc53  No.16698538


In the last cutscene Thancred mentions the Oracle of Darkness who I assume is the chick in the armour so maybe.

ddfc3d  No.16698549


>announcing a filter

damn sure showed me

0b9016  No.16698562


The time halt mechanic against Darkfilia in E2 was a lot of fun. The amount of fuckery coming in savage has me excited.

bb8e87  No.16698604

They finally fixed the RDM glitch thank fucking god.


Gotta be. Of the six elements we have two out of the way. Next 8 mans will be Ramuh, Garuda, Ifrit, and Shiva. After that I assume will be Light and Dark followed by two more unique fights to bookend it. It's entirely likely that what you propose is in that third patch; where we take the excess dark of the Void and the excess light of the First and have them cancel out.

Real question is how lewd or tame they'll make Garuda and Shiva.

7ff828  No.16698620


The thigh game has increased this expansion so i expect plump, heart healing thighs.

1102dc  No.16698638

As if it wasn't bad enough that all these Eden relics look like absolute dogshit, now you have the fact that it costs multiple pieces of antiques to buy a single piece of gear. Antiques of which only one can be collected a week. I need a month to get a single chest or leg piece. 19 weeks to get every slot filled sans weapon.

cc33d4  No.16698700


>it costs multiple pieces of antiques to buy a single piece of gear

Exactly how it's worked since Gordias, four years ago.

>only one per week

One per boss per week, meaning you get up to four antiques per week. Each boss drops eight pieces, and it seems like old restrictions on which bosses would drop which pieces aren't in place for Eden. For example, you can get a chest antique from any of the bosses, not just the last one.

>I need a month to get a single chest or leg piece

One week for either, provided that's all you're looking to get.

2e8464  No.16698728


what glitch? The walk/slide?

1102dc  No.16698785

File: 6e5c8ff96f3716a⋯.webm (1.88 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Yep, that's me you're pro….webm)

>Run descent

>Read names of spell being cast

>See timer over head after spell went off with now effect

>Figure it is a delay


>Explain how you think the delay work

>Every says they understand

>Mechanics work exactly as you supposed


>Explain mechanics once again

<(Wipex10)+Vote to Abandon÷Salt²

>Run descent

>Explain mechanics

>Every says they understand

<Wipe ad infinitum plus Vote to Abandon

Run descent

>Explain how mechanics work

<"What the fuck dude! Why are you spoiling shit"




Slidecasting still works so I don't know what they are talking about.

a3a3af  No.16699006

File: 764526a9d6e2620⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 4.98 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

oh boy

0b9016  No.16699570

>running through Crystarium on Levi

>come across guy named "Cliven The'great"

>FC name is "Bundy"

I love my server.

bb8e87  No.16699726


I hope so too tbh



Slide-casting will probably never, and should never, be fixed. It is technically a glitch exploiting server ping, but it's a valuable tool for any caster. RDM benefits the least from it since we have dual-cast, but it is still a valuable tool nonetheless.

No, the glitch in question came from the changes ShB brought. The patch note in question from the resolved issues section:

>An issue with red mage PvE actions wherein the icons for Verthunder and Veraero would change to those of Verflare and Verholy when the corresponding conditions were met even before reaching the level at which Verflare and Verholy are learned.

In short, when doing level sync'd stuff Holy and Flare would still overwrite Thunder and Aero, but the icons would be darkened and not clickable. I would have to break the combo action by casting something else; which is annoying. This is particularly annoying when you're used to weaving Acceleration (force proc oGCD like Sharpcast) and Swiftcast during your melee combo.


Worst I had was Levi where one of the tanks was from my FC and he kept fucking up. Pulling a tad too early (which is a pet peeve), dying to the same mechs over and over again, pulling when one of the healers asks for a minute to let the dog out, then possibly not even rolling on loot while shit talking the other tank who was giving him shit for that pull. The most he had to say about the other tank was that he was bad for using taunt on CD. I don't have experience tanking in this game, but it seems like a strat for someone playing it safe and not necessarily the hallmark of a bad tank. I do know what is though. When on Titan the healer had to remind my tank to Shirk. The other tank had to politely explain a couple of mechs to him too, which he seemed to take well.

5a52c6  No.16699810

Anyone know how to play Komm Süsser Tod from Evangelion with the performance actions? I want to do something while waiting for queues while i take a break from mindlessly questing. SCH gets real boring real fast when theres no real healing to be done. Should I level another healer? AST seems kinda dumbed down with its card changes I miss the extra MP regen from the ewer but nobody liked me playing that anyway cause I went with Nocturnal sect necause HOTs are gay, Shields for life!

1102dc  No.16699867


Yes, also are you drunk again?

5a52c6  No.16699897

028e43  No.16699900

So I guess we're just rehasing old shit primals for raids now? Fucking what a disappointment after E1/2.

5a52c6  No.16699969



However I probably am not the person you think I am.

1102dc  No.16699982

File: 952688f0ce7a0db⋯.webm (6.22 MB, 640x360, 16:9, (you).webm)


Sure you are. You were the guy that autistically sperged out when drunk last thread and dropped your character name and world. Then everybody ignored what you said and made fun of you for being a sperg. You have a very idiomatic way of typing that makes it read like a twelve year old jacked up on Monster is talking a mile a minute without stopping to breath.

Pretty sure this is the webm I posted too.

3dea5e  No.16700045

File: b7a5b590283037b⋯.jpg (19.38 KB, 474x666, 79:111, hansen.jpg)

5a52c6  No.16700055


I dunno maybe, I got banned last time cause someone got butthurt I called them a weeabo nigger and used my IP to threaten to shoot up a school for max points.

ba85cd  No.16700087



Rather they anticipated my calling them out for being a weeabo nigger faster than my booze addled brain could string together the words and posted a thread on /b/ about said max score school shooting and that’s how I got banned. I appealed it with a “I don’t even post on /b/ fix your shit nigger” and it got sorted out pretty quickly by the hotpocketeers. They must have some sort of autistic esp, cause that shit happened fast. I didn’t even get to see that neat webm.

85bce5  No.16700594


Alternate universe = double, tripping dipping on everything

32bc53  No.16701549

Why did they change the gunbreaker sound effects? now it sounds really quite and muffled.

3114f7  No.16701721

>eden prime

>all members have completed

>drk does ready check then countdown

>no heals and dies "thanks 4 heals"

>pick up boss after

>add phase drk and me split adds

>no heals and i die this time

>healers reees that adds are not separate instead of rezzing me

Im glad i got my 4 drops for the week because its gonna be a shitshow this weekend

345953  No.16701994


but that was the easiest fight

1102dc  No.16702027


It was so easy that when I ran it a pug, all of whom were doing it for the first time, we time to talk about FF8 in the midst of the fight

345953  No.16702045


not a single person died there. The only troubles in pug was Void and Titan

3114f7  No.16702105


It is easy i just had 2 retarded healers when i was finishing up my 4 drops for the week. Itll get harder as more shitters start attempting

Deltascape was more difficult than these hopefully savage has some interestingechanics

6d2725  No.16703499

File: c68c8cfad1a023e⋯.jpg (72.23 KB, 1054x625, 1054:625, c68c8cfad1a023e849fa8dffd9….jpg)

Hey anons I'm leveling a healer for the first time with WHM, how do I not be a shit healer?

bb8e87  No.16703537


I am far and away not the best to answer this question and I'd recommend you ask it again when a new thread is made.

The two best practices I've heard are:

>Spend as few GCDs healing as possible; use oGCDs instead.

>Do not top off unless required by a mechanic as this results in a loss of healing potency.

An example for the second point: Tank has 100k max hp and is currently at 75k, you heal him for 50k resulting in a net loss of 25k healing. If that heal cost you 500 MP then you effectively just wasted 250 MP. This is more important than ever now that casters as a whole (except BLM) have to keep Lucid Dreaming on CD to not OoM when playing normally.

I once saw an anon describe his frugal lifestyle where he said that spending money should be synonymous with injecting poison directly into your veins. Other anons called him a Jew, and rightfully so, even if he wasn't too far off the mark, but you need to adopt this mindset to MP conservation while healing. As a healer with no mana is a healer no longer.

0b9016  No.16703558


Early on just keep people alive. Once you get a feel for the rhythm of incoming damage, toss out an Aero/Dia when you can, and a Stone/Glare/Holy every now and then. As you get more tools you'll be able to push yourself more and before you know it your tank will be pulling a dozen mobs and you'll be aoe nuking like a madman.

As a general addendum to what >>16703537 says, 0 MP is bad, but max MP is also bad. You need Just Enough MP to Do What Needs To Be Done. MP unspent is potential wasted, but spending irresponsibly will get people killed. Learning how to balance that just comes with practice. I like to start off a run a bit more cautiously until I get a feel for how the tank plays and what he can do. I just finished a roulette with a good GNB who asked me if big pulls were ok. I told him sure, and he balanced his CD usage just fine, even going so far as asking if it was cool to use Superbolide on an upcoming pull. I told him I could handle it no prob and things went fine. You definitely won't get tanks like that all the time, so using the first few pulls up to the first boss as a measuring stick to see what that run will be like is a good idea. Once you know how your tank works and what he's comfy with, you can work around that and focus on healing or DPS, whichever seems most appropriate.

Ultimately, as long as no one dies you're doing your job. The rest is just bonus.

cc33d4  No.16703688


Up until around the point where you get Cure II, Cure I is strong enough that you don't have to worry about the tank's HP. It will typically heal the tank for 30-50% of their total HP, so you can afford to let them drop pretty low.

Once you get Cure II, Cure I will gradually become less and less useful, as HP growth will outpace the strength of Cure I. You will want to transition over to using Cure II as your go to heal during this period. Eventually, you will simply stop using it altogether unless you find yourself in a low level dungeon where it's all you have.

Regen places a Heal Over Time effect on the target that, if allowed to run for its maximum time, will mean it's healed that target for more than Cure II would have. For the most part, this means that casting Regen on the tank will more than cover the damage if he's playing very conservatively.

On a related note, all healing will generate enmity/aggro, even overhealing. Even though it's trivial for a tank to establish an enmity lead on any enemies he's encountering, placing Regen on him before he's attacked anything will make enemies go after you first. This will slow down your party, as the tank may have to stop for several seconds to ensure that everything is going to attack him and not you. In cases where the tank runs into a group of enemies, hits them once, then continues running, you will want to avoid healing him until he's come to a full stop.

Cure III, Medica, and Medica II are all aoe heals with different strengths and weaknesses. Ideally you want to use Cure III to deal with party-wide damage while everyone is stacked together, Medica to deal with party-wide damage while everyone needs to be spread apart, and Medica II followed by Medica/Cure III in situations where your party will keep taking damage.

At level 50, you'll pick up your first free heal, Benediction, from doing your Job Quests. It restores 100% of the target's HP, can be used without triggering the global cooldown, and costs no MP. To make up for this it has a very long cooldown. Post-50, you'll be getting more and more abilities and spells like this. This is the final transitioning period for a White Mage when it comes to healing. Now instead of phasing out Cure I for Cure II/Regen, you'll be trying to gauge how much you need to spend MP to heal anyone.

For the rest of your time spent in combat, you'll want to fill your healing downtime with damage dealing spells instead. For 1-2 enemies, that's usually means casting Aero, then spamming Stone. For 3+, you'll be standing as close to all the enemies as you feasibly can and casting Holy. Holy doesn't just deal damage: It also stuns enemies for several seconds (with diminishing returns), so it also works to prevent damage for the first ten seconds or so of every fight so long as the enemies aren't immune to being stunned.

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