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File: 755f0551a298a65⋯.png (846.31 KB, 1928x1391, 1928:1391, 1477345508016.png)

e947ba  No.16674966

In a way its more realistic than 5 despite the cartoonish art style

>diplomatic missions, grievances, influence points, emergencies

>Religious combat, city loyalty, District building

I love how all of these cause it made the game more interesting and you couldnt spam wonders and easily be at war all the time

thing is its gotten boring for me, kinda just feels like point click hope you have a reason to go to war so you dont piss off the entire world

whats your opinion?

efa4c8  No.16674994

The Civilization series ended with 4. What you're referring to as "Civilization 6" is a thinly-veiled mobile game.

dc1494  No.16675050

File: bbfcfdb973c9abf⋯.jpg (173.93 KB, 512x512, 1:1, AURIC DID NOTHING WRONG.jpg)


This is now a Fall From Heaven thread.

4dff34  No.16675059

Why would you waste your time on this when Freeciv lets you play with hexagons and the civ2civ3 ruleset?

eafc96  No.16675177


however it's a fucking broken ass piece of shit. the series peaked with 4

e947ba  No.16675209


wdym its broken?


ill check that out

f9d216  No.16675864



5 complete is fine.

People give 5 shit for the base game being bad, but 4 on launch was jank as fuck too.

a91169  No.16675871


>the series peaked with 4 Alpha Centauri

2f7ba6  No.16675902

Will we ever settle on the perfect Civ game?

a6bb83  No.16675927


It's just boring and hasn't really done anything to reinvigorate the formula since 4.

f9d216  No.16675936


Does it need to?

I've never understood people's obbession with "innovaton", there's nothing wrong with iterative improvements.

f6ed80  No.16675942


It would be one thing if 5 was just "improved 4," but pretty much every deviation from 4's perfection of the formula just fucked it up. Even the lead dev all but said so in an effort to say he learned from his mistake to raise money for his new game.

f9d216  No.16675957


again, I think the expansions largerly fix most of the issues.

as far as 1upt, I think it fixes as much as it screws up

a6bb83  No.16675966


No 5 is still lackluster compared to 4 as a base game. The fact of the matter is I played plenty of 5 and even more of 4 and about an hour of 6 before I realised that it was the same game and I was just bored with it. Why they never brought back the political systems you could choose in 4 I'll never know.

f36627  No.16675993


with 1upt the ai could at least navigate bottle necks and didn't spend 4-5 turns moving units towards then away from you to position for an attack.

civ4 was a great game but the series seems to have been going down hill since, i'd have much prefered if they kept expanding on 4 instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and failing.

the only thing civ 6 improved from 5 is that it works on ipads now

0aded4  No.16676008


civ 6 is trash, civ 5 is good, play 4.

5c3e42  No.16676011


I played 6 for about 30 min before I noticed the AI had declared war on me and was literally 200 tiles from me. I the same instance, it has sent no armies to my border, continously tried to make peace over and over again and then followed a period of several denouncements for doing nothing to the civ. I came to the realization that the AI was indeed retarded no matter was difficulty it was set on and it was literally trolling me to spend resources for war when you didn't really have to. Joke game is a joke.

d84b3f  No.16676309

File: ed85f3eb7b9c267⋯.png (477.99 KB, 905x845, 181:169, CivRanking.png)


>the series peaked with 4

You couldn't be any more wrong.

ee3de9  No.16676394


older != better

civ in mid, 3 in top with 2, smac=smax for different reasons, 5 in shit, 6 in low

5e0d9f  No.16676413


>I and II same tier

>III and IV same tier

another meme chart made by someone who doesn't play the games.

4a2e76  No.16676418

File: b15a631abd4a927⋯.png (75.14 KB, 272x204, 4:3, my nigga.png)


Good to see a Man of Culture in this thread.

Don't do this:

Lanun - total bullshit on a island map

Hippus - horse fuckers, all of them

Try instead this:

Sidar - outsmart your enemies

Bannor - remove elves and heretics

Also lets get go further and play Ashes of Erebus which literall Fall From Heaven on steroids and cocain.

7208ed  No.16676424

i played 4 and 5. whats the best civ overall?

5e0d9f  No.16676433


>the /v/ answer


>the real answer

it's either 2, SMAC, or 4 depending on who you ask.

09ffd3  No.16676439


>defending civ 6

there's a time and place to kill yourself and that's now

2f7ba6  No.16676488

How I can tell /v/ really, really hates Civ 6 is that it doesn't even mention the expansions for it so far.

dc1494  No.16676530

File: 78ea3fb54f1ccc9⋯.png (3.9 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, lowee wins a conquest vict….png)

File: 7f3aa602f8d18be⋯.png (4.46 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, new erebus scenario 1.png)

File: 9a8859239f859c6⋯.png (3.3 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, new erebus scenario 2.png)


MagisterModMod is more my speed, really. It's much of the same great stuff added in the other modmods, but with actual quality control and far less bugs/crashing. My only complaint is that it doesn't include any of the additional civilizations. I really love the civs whose gimmick involve mass terraforming, which in MagisterModMod is just the Illians and the Infernal, but Fall Further has the Risen Emperor with the Scions of Patria, and I think AoE has The Legion, which has a bunch of neat slavery and wasteland terraforming mechanics. I should play another game as one of those two.

Also, there is nothing more satisfying in the world than slowly dragging Auric Ulvin through every single state of ascension and finally being rewarded with a unit that can single-handedly win the game for you. And his ice golems are broken as fuck even before then.

c7c7ad  No.16676553


>hasn't really done anything to reinvigorate the formula since 4

The hex tiles were a nice improvement.

3c004f  No.16676554


>whats your opinion?

6 is a total shitstain and your should kill yourself right fucking now.

f3be78  No.16676584


>5 is good

Said no one ever

7208ed  No.16676763


smac isnt the same game… the theme matters to me. i liked 4 alot. i suppose i'll look into 2.

7208ed  No.16676783


its good if you played civ4 and thought to yourself. "you know what this game needs? an arcade mode!"

47c222  No.16676801


Or be Grigori fedorameister and steamroll the endgame with a critical mass of overleveled units.


I really liked Master of Mana but its abandoned now and entirely unplayable. I prefer Ashes of Erebus myself for the QoL but the clunky base FFA2 still has its own charm due to Orbis and AoE shuffling a lot of the faction mechanics.

1800cd  No.16676805

File: 12f9c7d7b6c2744⋯.png (94.74 KB, 243x243, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm really glad they chose her to represent Sweden

4f8e53  No.16676820


This seems to compare base games. Though, it is still wrong. Civ 1&2 needs to drop to mid tier, Freeciv needs to be added to top tier, Civ 4 with beyond the sword expansion should be placed at god tier. It is the reason why you should just play Civ 4. If you don't have Civ 4 and beyond the sword, then play Freeciv.

d84b3f  No.16676907


>This seems to compare base games.

No, it compares the complete packages, SMAC being the exception since the base game was perfection and the expansion pack didn't really bring much to the table.

>Though, it is still wrong

You're the one that is wrong.

>Civ 1&2 needs to drop to mid tier

Nope, they're great because they're not bloated with shit like the later Civ games were. Same reason the first Master of Orion game is far superior to the sequel.

>Freeciv needs to be added to top tier

It's not an official entry. Is it even halfway done or is it another half-baked pile of trash like most open projects are? Last time I tried it the later was the case.

>Civ 4 with beyond the sword expansion should be placed at god tier

I deliberately placed it that low, without the expansion it would be placed on shit-tier.


I could see that, but I disagree. The first game is so high due to how elegant it is. The third game isn't at the top due to aesthetic and UI blunders mainly. I thought it was fine mechanically, even if it was a step down after SMAC. As for the sixth being better than the fifth I disagree, the later entries have only become worse and worse and I don't think VI is a step up in any regard.


I will admit I'm not obsessed with the games, but I have played all entires. SMAC the most, with the second game being close in game hours. As stated above, III is better than IV, but I still wouldn't put it in top-tier.

0aaa3f  No.16676931

File: 391d911c5f3410a⋯.jpg (13.7 KB, 236x236, 1:1, fdc34b68764c0a90a5bbe3aa39….jpg)

File: c114e345095d129⋯.png (915.64 KB, 1446x710, 723:355, 105-1056672_view-brittanay….png)

c7c7ad  No.16676934

ea1663  No.16677092

File: fb7cdaf86099c90⋯.jpg (338.81 KB, 490x595, 14:17, Axel_Oxenstierna_1635.jpg)


Fuck you I am still angry that the piece of shit cuckolds at firaxis decided to put that traitor whore in the game instead of any other king. Even if for some insane reason they dont want to put King Carolus Rex in the game or Gustav Vasa or any king at all they could have put Axel Oxenstierna in, he is the guy who did all the important reforms while that traitor was circle jerking with her catholic friends about their gay shit.

ca4e43  No.16677097


those eyes can't be real blue, it's a spic

ff2353  No.16677132


They aren't real, she had mud eyes.

ff2353  No.16677133

7ded90  No.16677146


All these things other than districts were ripped right from the Vox Populi mod.

27c1b5  No.16677182


"Stacks of doom" in Civ4 and earlier were fucking retarded and you know it. Now, that's not to say that Civ5's solution of 1upt was a perfect solution, but it was at least better. The only real problem was that the AI was too retarded to figure out troop movements not that it required actual strategy and planning. Not that the AI in every Civ game hasn't been too retarded to be a challenge unless it openly cheats, but whatever. It's clear that 5 and 6 are meant to be played multiplayer, with AI civs just to take up space.

Anyway, the series obviously peaked in Civ4 Rhye's and Fall. The base game is broken in several places, but this mod wrestles and wrangles it into something excellent.

1334ea  No.16677358


Too bad Firaxis is too incompetent to return to having 2+ leaders per nation, which would partially solve the issue of shitty leader picks. I say partially because they'd do something stupid like double up on shit leaders.


>Now, that's not to say that Civ5's solution of 1upt was a perfect solution

Then it's a downgrade. For all of the downfalls of infinite stacking, being forced to spend multiple minutes per turn moving an army across the map when you're not even at war is the absolute worst change that could have happened. The combat isn't even deep or fun as it would be in a game focused entirely on the war aspect, yet the game insists that you devote an overwhelming amount of time to basic army control. I'd rather have stacks than ever waste time on that shit.

A significantly better solution would be to return stacks, but each stack is operated by a 'general' unit, which is a normal unit that you promote to general status, making it an elite unit that matches you technology. A general determines how many units can stand in that stack. Units can gain bonuses or options depending on the general's stats. Great generals upgrade a unit to general status and pump it full of experience. Now 1 doom stack is split across 5 using a fun and interactive system, instead of splitting it across 40 units that you have to sit down and baby to their destinations.

7ded90  No.16677483


They might have done 2+ leaders per civ if they didn't make the leaders so budget intensive. For fuck's sake, who cares about hair rendering and shit in a 4X game?

6c0dec  No.16677500


>"Stacks of doom" in Civ4 and earlier were fucking retarded and you know it.

They're better than the combat in the newer iterations, since the computer can't handle combat with one unit per tile. At least the computer provides a challenge with the doom stacks on the higher difficulties in IV. When I last played V, which was a 5 or so years ago, it seemed impossible to lose at deity, and you could conquer the world with 10 ranged units, and I only used to play on the third hardest difficulty in IV.

14ca8e  No.16677539



I hated it just for the fact a chokepoint with a mountain and 2 hills pretty much guarantees a stalemate until one side unlocks attillery. It doesn't help that Civ 6 decided to change movement mechanics for no reason making it more awful to move up a hill in a single turn.

ea1663  No.16677666

File: 9e45f6150b4808d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 744x2284, 186:571, 22cb4b5b2725a0405a70729a83….jpg)

File: 89565e73af482a9⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 4.98 MB, 1240x2719, 1240:2719, 639de7c9ae50f830876c9b460….jpeg)


>They might have done 2+ leaders per civ if they didn't make the leaders so budget intensive.

They are? I mean personally I think civ 5 is the best looking Civ but its not very graphics intensive.


>I hated it just for the fact a chokepoint with a mountain and 2 hills pretty much guarantees a stalemate until one side unlocks attillery

To be fair that's pretty realistic. Personally I would have just made it 5upt or maybe have it change based on terrain.

Then again I suck shit at 4 so what do I know.

56f162  No.16677715

File: bada35ba3e41a22⋯.jpg (24.83 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 1436905502401.jpg)


>full house


>instant loss Cleopatra

The legends were true.

f83a91  No.16677725


Beyond earth should have it's own tier it's so fucking bad. Other than that decently accurate.

04f844  No.16677964


I like the lore more than the game.


Lanun is the only civ I can reliably use with a fractal map type. It's too easy to get fucked early game.

What map type should I be using?

e5518f  No.16677987


Surely this is bait.


I'll take doomstacks anyday over the horrific mangling of 1upt of both 5 and 6.

026f5e  No.16678148


My only major complaint about FFH is that they made the evil factions way more fun than the good factions, who gives a shit about trees or saving the world when you can train 2 units for the price of one, randomly summon demons from magic portals, all the crazy shit the clowns get in to, and start a new ice age by turning yourself in to a fucking GOD instead?

f88c20  No.16678161

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Civ 5 was made by a goddamn intern who left after they realized the game was released retarded. He went on to make vaporware:




2 is a classic masterpiece but there are multiple versions of it. The final Firaxis version added multiplayer but to compensate for weak AI they cranked the default aggression against human players to maximum no matter your actual relationship with them. Then Activision which still had the license made a re-release called Civilization 2: Test of Time with better graphics and mod scripting, however they killed the FMVs. Here's a comparison of the versions:


Also an excuse to post this vid.

ea1663  No.16679063


I wish beyond earth was good, the way all your units and leader changes based on your ideology I thought was a really good idea, shame the rest of the game is so meh.

dc1494  No.16679080

File: f70e8bdbec3c05d⋯.png (59.8 KB, 289x289, 1:1, [laughs in balseraph].png)


It is fantastic lore, so I can't really fault you.


>implying that's a bad thing

09187c  No.16680545


I sunk hours upon hours in Civ V and IV: BTS and Civ 1 / CivNet as a kid and teenager… Bought VI after launch, hated the ugly-ass UI, hated the cartoonish characters (and bad ruler choices), hated the stupidly aggressive AI (it's a fucking strategy game - this should have been the first thing to get right) and never even played through one game. Maybe they fixed the game now with the add-ons (doubt it with muh climate change), I don't know, but I think if I have a Civ itch again, I would go back to the Complete Edition of Civ V.

026f5e  No.16680559


>>implying that's a bad thing

I think more could have been done for say, the dorfs and Elohim, at least for balance reasons but I gotta admit it feels good to be bad

>fantastic lore

I remember the first time I really started to read through the mod's civilpedia and spending an hour or two just enjoying the lore and setting tidbits FFH3 never fucking ever

304caa  No.16681296

File: d6aa128794b9f27⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1279x1023, 1279:1023, ClipboardImage.png)

What are some good mods that make the games playable? Because as much as I like the idea behind civs, every time I try and get a game going it just keeps dawning on me that I'm just minmaxing shit instead of having an actual civilization to lead.

ee7ae2  No.16681302


Which Civ game in particular do you want to play, each one has tons of mods attached to them.

304caa  No.16681309


IV mostly

224818  No.16681370

File: e0aaaae13e2c1e0⋯.jpg (35.05 KB, 680x337, 680:337, 803.jpg)


Just play Alpha Centauri. Best civ game.

304caa  No.16681435

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



back when devs could write characters that were minorities AND interesting

e5be12  No.16681636

Oh, cool, a Civ thread. I wonder what-

>BAWWWWW It'S NoT iDenTiCal To 4 sO iT's Bad

>Muh doomstacks

Every single time. Carry on then, you whiny cunts.

7ded90  No.16681741


>They are? I mean personally I think civ 5 is the best looking Civ but its not very graphics intensive.

Not graphically intensive, but the leaders have high-effort animations and voice acting written in a (kind of) appropriate language. It's more expensive for them to make. If it was just a pic and text for speech, they could have 5 leaders per civ, since almost all the work would be in designing their leader ability.

e905c4  No.16681836


1UPT is far from the only problem with 5 and 6.

8cdff7  No.16684845

File: 5a5a184e24e7c12⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Civ 2 had the solution to doomstacks in the 90s: if you stacked units on one tile the entire stack gets destroyed if any single one of them lose. Then somehow Civ 3 fucked it all up.

08a174  No.16685298

File: 6d9dcde69dcd886⋯.jpg (83.93 KB, 480x750, 16:25, 1427082906999.jpg)



Orbis is also a good FFH modmod.


>mfw one of the first things the faggot that took over support for the more civs module did was removing all swastikas because le evil nazis

2f7ba6  No.16685342


That and it makes modded leaders just look lame by comparison, even ones featured in the mods that come with the game, like the steampunk mod.

d5f4ff  No.16686357

IV is the best because it's just CivII with updated graphics and presentation. AC is cheating because it's not technically a Civ game.

177cb8  No.16686382


>I'm just minmaxing shit instead of having an actual civilization to lead.

That's civ though. If you wanted role play you could always play a mod more tailored for it like Pies Ancient Europe or Dawn of Mankind. I'd heard there was a mod that shuffled the player from civ to civ during play but I can't recall the name of it.

47c222  No.16688030

File: 5fb07d1e8b95781⋯.png (333.77 KB, 960x800, 6:5, elf dick.png)


Ashes if Erebus is the continuation of Orbis bruh.

f3be78  No.16688582


Are you a retard?

304caa  No.16694450


My handler says I'm special


Thanks. I recall Rhye's and Fall lets you switch just once but since you're usually going for historical victory it's rarely useful to me.


That's what you get when faggots enter the fray

b62486  No.16695420


There's a difference between using one or two min-max strats regardless of civ and actually playing to your civilization's strength. 5 and 6 are absolutely in the former category.

fe311d  No.16695498


I really like Acken's Minimalistic Mod for V. Nerfed ranged units, greatly nerfed city combat strength, buffed melee units, melee ships can move after attacking. The combat is no longer about Xbowing down cities from 3 tiles away. Then there's nerfs to the more overpowered traditions and buffs to the underused traditions, religion got an overall buff, some of the weaker civs were made better. The only real issue I had with the mod was that it made embarked defense way too high for some fucking reason, it doubled the embarked defense, which made the early tiers of melee ships unable to kill embarked horsemen: I just edited that change and slowed down late game tech, I always hated how late game went by so fast and late game units were more or less obsolete by the time they made it halfway across the globe.

fe311d  No.16695519


Oh and I forgot the most important change: the AI is ultra aggressive. If the AI smells weakness, it WILL attack. The AI will also be far more aggressive about pursuing its victory condition AND the AI will be far more aggressive in countering the victory conditions of other AIs/the player . In other words: diplomatic victories are really hard to do because the AI will go out of its way to take out city states, just to deny them to you.

The two best games I had with the mod were as Byzantine continental/largest map/epic, where I basically steamrolled my entire content with Cataphracts. The other great game I had with the mod was as Iroquois on a pangea/arborea. I tried for a pantheon rush to get Faith from forest, failed, got food from camps, found out Celts were my neighbor, got a religion with 2 happiness buildings, Celts got the other 2 buildings. Celts tried to backstab me, failed spectacularly, and then I just went for a science victory by spamming faith purchased GS because I was getting something stupid like 500 faith per turn during the Renaissance. The mod changes the Piety tradition to give both the pantheon and follower beliefs of secondary religions.

27c1b5  No.16695969


Having a simple cap on the number of units per tile is the obvious solution. It's so fucking logical that I can't understand why they never tried, preferring to go either with "you can have a million troops garrisoned in a single fort" or "you can have only one tank on a single hill", rather than something in the middle.

Technically, the units are symbolic anyway. It's not REALLY just one dude with a rifle; it's actually supposed to represent an entire squadron, and the HP of the "unit" is more of a measure of how many of them are still combat-effective rather than being non-fatal casualties. The idea behind 1upt was more to put a limit on having multiple types of different units on the same tile, but this fell flat when the "types" were in practice just ranged and melee.


This isn't a solution so much as an overreactive punishment to an overpowered tactic. One doesn't "solve" the human propensity for murder by declaring that anyone who murders will result in their entire family being put to death.

47c222  No.16696179


Theres a mod for civ 4 that tried doing a stack cap. Basically you need an X amount of commanding units that have an upkeep of X amount of subordinates and if you have a stack with too many of either in a stack the battle effectiveness would tank like a rock.

2f4dc0  No.16696200

File: ea7f638350cd302⋯.jpg (2.52 MB, 4999x4999, 1:1, 1281136306684.jpg)


They obviously have had the ridiculous idea they need some kind of gender equality in the amount of leaders since V, which explains some absurd choices they've made like having Boudica, Maria I and Seondeok as leaders despite their greatest accomplishments being only fucking up their respective countries. That this is so transparent and yet they refuse to just straight up come out and admit it just shows how fucked that company is.

In another subject, anyone remembers this mod?

304caa  No.16696245


I mean, if they wanted more stronk wymmin who actually did something (good or bad as it may be) they could have used Olga of Kiev, Margaret Thatcher (they're not above using more recent figures anyhow), Maria Theresa of Austria or some pre-Islamic qween - there's loads of them. But no, let's pick those that won't upset the fee fees of a bunch of third worlders.


Thanks for the suggestion. I really like how civ iv devs had the foresight of making it easy to mod.

b62486  No.16696266


>But no, let's pick those that won't upset the fee fees of a bunch of third worlders.

But the choices DID upset the turd worlders.

7681df  No.16696282


>not putting Industrial Zones adjacent to Aqueduct/Dam

It's a +2 adjacency bonus for each one, you faggot.

dc1494  No.16696342


I remember that. It was worth a few laughs, I think you can still get it off ModDB or something.

8f3277  No.16698504


If they’re so expensive why do they all still look like shit?

ea1663  No.16698656


they did? i know the koreans were pissed they got a shit queen instead of Sejong.

I can relate, I too had a cool king replaced by a shit tier queen.

27c1b5  No.16703058


This really makes me wonder if we'll ever see a time when they'll be even MORE inclusive about world leaders in the Civ series. Because, yeah sure if they want a black leader for America for Civ VIII, there's Obama; but what the fuck are they going to do if they want to find a gay leader for Civ IX? Harvey goddamn Milk?? And what about in the countries where being gay has always been punishable by death, and remains so to this day? Maybe they'll just make something up.

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