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File: 6cda36e18960db4⋯.jpg (148.2 KB, 1061x769, 1061:769, EDF5.JPG)

File: 0d2cdf1dccf4480⋯.mp4 (8.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, earth defense force 5 pc a….mp4)

162327  No.16675602



It's even got a bad Dubstep trailer

Metal Wolf Chaos not coming on the 4th of July was disapointing, but this is at least going to be a great way to pass the time.

d493d0  No.16675610

Did they even officially announce this getting ported at E3 or anywhere?

39f5c1  No.16675614

How much you think this will be? I was looking for this the other day and couldn't find any info.

162327  No.16675615


As far as I know it only pop up today

d493d0  No.16675617


Well 4.1 was decently priced around $20, but had quite a butt dump of DLC.


Kinda odd, but I suppose the last one was sort of out of nowhere too, if I recall correctly.

e5db4a  No.16675619

holy shit finally

can't wait to sink another year into grinding

fcace2  No.16675624

>it has full japanese audio

nice because the english dub was absolutely terrible from what I've seen. I do hope this PC port improve a bit on 4.1 where I wont get random crashes sometimes

>tfw 100% completed the jap import on PS4

my sole issue with EDF5 was the difficulty of the DLC missions. They were overall easier compared to the 4.1 DLCs mainly because you get lvl 100+ weapons that completely break the balance of the game (especially as a Ranger)

0fb4c1  No.16675625




I bet I can't run it on my toaster though.

69d301  No.16675627


I thought that 4.1 was initially $50 on PC?

d493d0  No.16675630


Was it? I may be full of shit then, just know I got the base game for about $10-20.

7c79d3  No.16675632

File: f7e5affd818f5da⋯.jpg (120.23 KB, 514x613, 514:613, 1433997216818.jpg)


>Came out of the bum fuck of no where





fcace2  No.16675633


it's currently on sale for like 9 eurobucks, although the mission DLCs are still priced the same (12 bucks a piece)

0a5d9a  No.16675638

So many times I almost bought it and supported Soyny. I’m so glad I waited.

7df21a  No.16675641



879f15  No.16675644


I'm so fucking ready for this. I'm bursting with anticipation for a legendary game. EDF EDF EDF

b216b3  No.16675647



0fb4c1  No.16675651



e8db58  No.16675654

File: da8aedef832fe38⋯.jpg (37.29 KB, 419x424, 419:424, howBeautifulINoSee.jpg)


b216b3  No.16675655

File: 9b1e3d6f1a86f55⋯.jpg (534.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, EDF.jpg)



6e6bd2  No.16675658

>Stashed money almost a full year ago to prepare for EDF 5 on PC

>Spend it 2 hours ago


fcace2  No.16675659

File: 52cc56a4cf8c711⋯.webm (5.01 MB, 640x360, 16:9, HappyBirthday.webm)

File: 898a6f142e3fb2b⋯.mp4 (5.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, EDF5_bike.mp4)

Also have some webms as appetizers in the meantime

fcace2  No.16675660

File: 4b66d2833df41af⋯.webm (15.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 地球防衛軍5 フェンサーVSフェンサー 対戦.webm)

fcace2  No.16675663

File: 536a7733e2fffb5⋯.mp4 (7.59 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 962532426319712256_9625324….mp4)

fcace2  No.16675666

File: 1fb92ef4c8e09a6⋯.webm (14.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 地球防衛軍5_20180119012144_1.webm)

d493d0  No.16675673

File: 2e7a08d3005a21b⋯.png (255.84 KB, 511x512, 511:512, buzz high impact sexual vi….png)


I can't wait to get back to air raidan.

8e020d  No.16675683




fcace2  No.16675688

File: debae1100873761⋯.webm (5.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 地球防衛軍5_20180117193243_2.webm)


Air Raider was improved a lot in many points

>can hold 3 weapon slots instead of 2, alongside with the slot reserved for vehicles

>sentries no longer hurt anyone with the exception of flamethrower sentries and the explosion knockback of missile sentries

>you get a map view and design the location where you want to bombardments to happen

>lot of artillery calls can be reloaded on their own instead of gathering credit points

It has few drawbacks though, such as being unable to call a vehicle right at the beginning of a mission, and the epsilon railgun was given to the ranger (which can call vehicles too but generally weaker than the air raider choices and with a fuel meter).

2bbfae  No.16675689

I think this is the best game news we’ve had in months.

879f15  No.16675693

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I cannot wait to farm weapons with my costume playlist with all the Godzilla, Ultraman, and Mothra Soundtracks.

aabb08  No.16675695


Why can't Western devs make something as fun as this?

Oh it's because they'd be too preoccupied with the piping being too white and a how giant dinosaurs are a white supremacy hate symbol.

879f15  No.16675697


>game about killing parasites

>western publishers are slaves of parasites

Why indeed…

eb404c  No.16675699




Where does it say it releases in 3 days? I only see release in July.

8aef71  No.16675701


Time to bully some alien scum!

879f15  No.16675704

File: 5779c4beab692b0⋯.jpg (94.05 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Frogs.jpg)



aabb08  No.16675706


The spectacular sequel to battletoads that nobody expected.

d1b9cc  No.16675707


check the steam discussions, one thread labeled Pre-order asked and someone responded july 11th

d493d0  No.16675709


Yeah, I remember there being a good thread around when it came out with a good rundown of class changes. I think some anons were a bit put off by some Wing Diver changes? I recall a bit about the Ranger changes there too, interested to actually give Ranger a go now.

2ac99f  No.16675717

File: 4516668c09d9ffa⋯.webm (10.07 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ̸ v ̸ DF.webm)


i haven't even completed 4.1 yet with all the classes

eb404c  No.16675728


who is this hakase guy? how do we know he's official?

fcace2  No.16675739

File: aaccb8dde5da015⋯.webm (5.9 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 地球防衛軍5_20180118200822_1.webm)


>I think this is the best game news we’ve had in months.

technically a bit longer than that, i got it on PS4 back in december 2017. It was also the sole vidya I've managed to make both my parents play (in splitscreen co-op) as the setting was ridiculous for them to be curious and give a try.


oh yeah the PC port may already have the Wing Diver patch fix that prevented the infinite flight exploit present in the japanese PS4 version (use the lance weapons by aiming to the ground, which push you above by the knockback one of the lance weapons had a triple shot meaning triple knockback, and then abuse the flight roll actions to let your energy bar replenish)

But otherwise Wing Diver was also changed to make some of her weapons requiring charging first before firing, and the behavior of the weapons change depending how much you charge (you can either choose to shoot small plasma bursts in quick succession or releasing a really huge one with the artillery cannons for instance)

Also the grinding is far less a pain in EDF5 than 4.1, as the loot you get during missions is partially shared among the other classes. Weapons are originally weaker than their 4.1 counterparts but you can get their stats upgraded (range, ammo, damage, shot speed, etc) as time goes on. Hardest and Inferno difficulties are locked until you entirely finish the campaign once, but achieving a mission on Hard also counts as done in Easy/Normal for completion

c40f87  No.16675744

File: 391bde94854620f⋯.jpg (163.29 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pest control.jpg)

Is this a good place to start the series? I've been wanting to get into this and i a definitely up for shooting some bugs.

d493d0  No.16675748


I'm not having a lot of problems with those changes, I love running on higher difficulties just to get as much out of a mission as possible.

6f0601  No.16675749


EDF 4.1 is a good start since EDF 5 has so many Qol features that i dont think i'll be coming back to 4.1 ever

e3dced  No.16675750


>no EDF: 40k Edition

>can't play as a lone guardsman

>can't play as an Astrates

>can't play as a IG tank

>can't play as a cute Sororitas

>can't play as a Titan and fuck everything up

The world is suffering.

21f2cc  No.16675753



My issue with EDF 5 is the awful robot re-designs. FUGLY. I loved getting the Balam, the Bagra looks like shit. As does the small mech.

2ac99f  No.16675757

File: e36ee83aae5435d⋯.jpg (391.15 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, e36ee83aae5435d080ff4e1264….jpg)




>>>/4channel/ is back that way

fcace2  No.16675762

File: 6d22ba22fc74982⋯.png (3.58 MB, 1369x972, 1369:972, the edf deploys.png)


EDF5 is truly a good start. I'd also recommend EDF2 V2 Portable on Vita if that's also an option for you, although the online was always dead as fuck in the western version, and the separate online in the japanese version has started to become dead this year.

eb404c  No.16675764


If the game does indeed release in 3 days I would say just play 5. But if it's at the end of the month and you have time to spare in the next 3 weeks give 4.1 a shot

64bb04  No.16675766


Now we can talk.

dd2435  No.16675771


>nice because the english dub was absolutely terrible from what I've seen.

Do you have a sample? I'm going to miss chanting while I mow down aliens as a lancer.

fcace2  No.16675778

File: 7fdc3e7b978127a⋯.webm (4.58 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 【地球防衛軍5】EDFの歌、10種類.webm)

File: 33239b901dfd695⋯.webm (8.97 MB, 640x360, 16:9, EDF 5 Full Song English.webm)


>Do you have a sample?

The english dub in EDF5 is honestly really fucking bad despite I enjoyed the english voices in 4.1 (which was an exception, since I rather dislike english dubs in japanese media as far as it goes for me).

eb404c  No.16675785


I don't hate it honestly. 4.1 is better though

0a504e  No.16675804

File: 19732e554715182⋯.png (126.22 KB, 400x301, 400:301, nigger.png)


>Right after the steam sale

I'm still going to get it, but shit.

4c1d3b  No.16675819


>it's real


f38596  No.16675834

Best news I've heard in a while



>Well 4.1 was decently priced around $20

EDF 4.1 was $45/40€ with a 10% discount when it first released.

d493d0  No.16675836


Really, well excuse my bullshit. I could have sworn I got it around release but maybe a sale hit around then. I suppose that's a better idea for how it'll be priced.

eb404c  No.16675840



Perfect timing for me as well, just got into 4.1 about 2 weeks ago

c40f87  No.16675851




Think i'll go for 5 then, really looks like exactly the kinda thing i've been craving.


40k is probably the most misused setting for vidya.

f38596  No.16675856


Nevermind, my memory was off too

$50 / 46€ with a 30% off discount at release

904d99  No.16675865

Was EDF Iron Rain any good? I read somewhere that apparently the guns now are bought with some crystals after you find them on the field and not immediately usable, dunno if it has credibility.

e3dced  No.16675869


I didn't know the PS4 was that bad. About the only game I'm interested in is Bloodborne. Guess I'll wait for the inevitable emulator to play it.


Underused really. 40k fits any genre you can think of.

SimCity/Anno/Tropico clone? You're tasked with building a hive city. FPS? Play as a Space Marine on a Daemon World - basically Doom, but even more metal (also, fuck the Tau). Kerbal Program? Crazy Centurio Ordinatus shenanigans. Mech sim? Tau suits, Titans, even a IG sentinel.

I can't honestly think of a single genre that wouldn't fit the 40k IP, but GW are beyond retarded and have gone from not bothering with games to letting every dumb nigger with $10 be able to get the license and shit out a game.

fcace2  No.16675878


meh, I'll consider selling my PS4 once I could confirm for myself EDF5 on PC is a good port. I expect Judge Eyes/Judgement to be on PC around one year or two later and probably Ys9 and Shin Sakura Taisen too. I'll miss DJ Max Respect and Super Robot Wars OG Moon Dwellers but I can live with that missing gap.

The fact publishers also offer japanese UI and voices for PC ports more and more is also a good thing.


nah Iron Rain was bad because

>fewer enemies on screen, no more impressions to get overwhelmed

>enemies are bigger bullet sponges in return

>you can get permanently knocked into the ground by a horde of enemies instead of being temporarily invincible like in the EDF mainline games

>you only get stronger weapons by spending crystal credits in the shop (players who spent money on the deluxe/premium editions were given a head start)

>thus there is little reward in playing higher difficulties

>harder to response-chat during online play

>no EDF song

3ed532  No.16675882

I enjoyed 4.1 but then I got to a mission which I just couldn't beat.

74f919  No.16675883

File: f10d0d6f0a005f8⋯.jpg (113.24 KB, 689x444, 689:444, faggot.jpg)


Don't forget

>overall shitty english VO


you can take that list back where it belongs

c40f87  No.16675905


I'd kill for a good action game set in 40k, but i don't think there are any western devs left that can do good action games so unless GW starts courting the Japanese more likely than you'd think with that Chad Marine Figma and those Nendroids on the way it ain't happening.


Goddamn you can feel the cancer coming off of that.

1e2266  No.16675909

No vacuum no buy

7d3630  No.16675926

Can't wait. Granted, I will be pirating this just like any other game that releases on Steam instead of PC, or that has paid DLC, but that's D3 and Sandlot's problem, not mine.

137bce  No.16675939


Yeah the dub in 5 is somehow lost the cheese factor from 4.1 that it’s astounding at how little they cared about it. I mean christ, when you miss the nameless-but-eternally-beleagured Commander’s Assistant (the one that is in charge of your equipment requisition and pretty much got her warehouse of goodies torched in City of Dragons mission) in 4.1 you know it speaks volume at how low the voice quality dipped in 5.


Other than that, it’s only some YMMV stuff such as the class’s designs (I for one, prefer 4.1’s fencers, Balam, and Wing Divers) and Vehicle changes (Epsilon and THAT FUCKING BIKE are no longer on Air Raider, Can’t deploy them on mission start, etc). That somewhat detracts in from 4.1 but other than that, 5 is what a true sequel is. Revamping everything while keeping the core game intact.

8e8117  No.16675967

File: beae61849fe11c4⋯.webm (724.14 KB, 640x360, 16:9, I_liked_that_post.webm)


I love you.

78fd4b  No.16675988


Yeah you could spend money/gems to buy weapons and you earned money based on how well you performed in a mission (complete the mission quickly, don't use too many items and don't take too much damage to earn good rankings in a mission).

They tried to make Iron Rain more appealed to westerners compared to the main series, considering the developer of Iron Rain mostly worked on the WWE 2K games over the last couple of years. At least Iron Rain had decent visuals and I liked that you can create your own character but enemies moved really fast and I think the game could've done with bigger maps

665a45  No.16675989



640cdc  No.16675997

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



0002fe  No.16675998

File: 2ef5e9e85c01d70⋯.jpg (133.45 KB, 847x1200, 847:1200, 2ef5e9e85c01d7098780e8f30d….jpg)



1328c5  No.16676022



>Not pew

3c78bf  No.16676184

File: 1197e825d6e8540⋯.gif (925.43 KB, 212x176, 53:44, disgusted_and_leaving.gif)


>Sportsball games in top tier

This is from 4um, isn't it?

e378e1  No.16676222

File: 6b467678fe18243⋯.jpeg (5.09 MB, 2183x3034, 59:82, 7b4263305e1ba2e881d3ff061….jpeg)

File: 93eed7de2908a96⋯.jpg (356.57 KB, 1580x3183, 1580:3183, f9d926a3d69f5d4d39f5aab261….jpg)

File: 142651f76b2eb1e⋯.jpg (259.53 KB, 764x1081, 764:1081, f6ad4d79ed5707ff4ee1867411….jpg)

File: aef813d1b7ad6cb⋯.png (878.27 KB, 668x1000, 167:250, b485ed33463f7c2c75b5f9983f….png)


I made that thread ages ago. Now we can all play together. Where the hell is my Dream C Club D3? Are the decoys even in the game?

162327  No.16676231


>Where does it say it releases in 3 days?

On the store page. The big words only say Planned for July, but on the right side below the game description it says

<11 Jul, 2019

fcace2  No.16676250

File: 821cda1b7f5e67a⋯.webm (11.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 地球防衛軍5 デコイを与えられた全裸コスモノーツ ….webm)


They're present in EDF5 but they were originally pre-order D3 store exclusive on PS4, so they might end up being available as paid DLCs for the PC port

2fa1b6  No.16676260

File: 1f7196040833404⋯.gif (558.48 KB, 367x265, 367:265, 1f71960408334041790af2b791….gif)


52ffa9  No.16676279

File: ca9e6066b4da638⋯.jpeg (114.1 KB, 546x390, 7:5, 542987F5-5AA1-4F1C-8F70-5….jpeg)

Man, just when I was getting bored of 4.1. This is fucking great.

0d3cbf  No.16676281



Right on time when I manage to 100% all the classes only in hard mode

music in the trailer a shit.

52ffa9  No.16676289

File: 72da96f18d9d74d⋯.gif (342.08 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 90BA6C0C-CB85-49C7-A93E-54….gif)


>only in hard mode

Those are rookie numbers you gotta pump those up.

0d3cbf  No.16676292


> nameless-but-eternally-beleagured Commander’s Assistant

she was really a qt, but the other girl voice was damn sexy.


started doing the hardest mode now, right now i have like 75%ish of the weapons.

d3aa3e  No.16676293

File: e09b13b100f2399⋯.jpg (475.66 KB, 1300x800, 13:8, 52397882_p0.jpg)

Anyone want to host some 4.1?

52ffa9  No.16676297


The air support girls are pretty cute sounding. Also




0d3cbf  No.16676301




d7c74a  No.16676302

File: 656a6854ef1bdf8⋯.gif (1008.65 KB, 500x280, 25:14, oneup.gif)

Fucking hell I just like used 35€ for deluxe edition on my PS4 PSN store, week ago. Got only to mission 19 or so, might as well wait and start from scratch. Hate to use money I don't have

52ffa9  No.16676305


Can’t get a refund?

6e8137  No.16676311

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Goddamn you can feel the cancer coming off of that.

no, all i feel is contempt, disgust, and hatred.

d7c74a  No.16676316

File: 1592801fd045664⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 480x351, 160:117, ab66c90ecf09e1843d00080190….gif)


I don't know. Can I?

52ffa9  No.16676317


I wouldn’t know, but is steam was forced to add the option cause of the EU and such I imagine most vidya companies also had to.

d3aa3e  No.16676319


Give it a shot. No harm in trying.

071637  No.16676321


Sony won't offer refunds unless you haven't yet started to download the game, which automatically happens after most purchases.

They're about to get reamed by the ACCC in Australia so they'll have to change their policy here at least.

d7c74a  No.16676329

File: 6cfa7c47565fa6c⋯.jpg (72.61 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 5664378 _6032d09d153fd3b8c….jpg)



Might as well, did some quick research but seems they add the funds to PSN wallet… which does not help to buy shit from steam.

1687f4  No.16676332




This is a nice surprise. Hell, a lot of good games getting released this summer. Has anyone played that Wing Diver shmup from a little while ago? Was it any good or is it shit meant to cash in on EDF fans? or both?

d3aa3e  No.16676333


Even that would be better than nothing.

d7c74a  No.16676339

I bet the game will be 49€, or 59€ on steam.

Can't afford that this month so shit, I would rather play on PC like I did in 4.1

Got both 4.1 and 5 on ps4 for me and my kids to enjoy, frame drops on 4.1 were horrid while 5 was much more stable.

But playing on 4k with japanese audio would be fucking awesome.

fcace2  No.16676344

File: 4cdd638265ad679⋯.mp4 (13.39 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 地球防衛軍5 メニマニEDF.mp4)


The Wing Diver Shooter is okay but extremely short, with only 6 main levels total although it has gotten a couple of extra missions with the recent free dlc. It's alright for 3 eurobucks in the steam summer sale, but certainly not at 15 eurobucks

b17fee  No.16676361

How's the multiplayer in this one? I recall 4.1 had some really crummy lobby system

8b8b3a  No.16676376

How's Fencer in this one?

d7c74a  No.16676396


Because of the new support item system you can make a goddamn armored core out of your fencer.

fc18a3  No.16676401

File: 6e55631af9e3d03⋯.png (105.49 KB, 611x321, 611:321, Capture.PNG)

Just saw this saying July 31rst.

dfe0bc  No.16676408


Refund the other thing. It is perfect it has been only two hours.

3414d3  No.16676410

good. i actually own a PS4 by no fault of my own, and i had 4.1. loved it. then 5 came out and they had no physical. japan got a physical, but i dont want to spend $70 plus shipping on a game, so fuck'em. i'm glad i can pirate it now.

iron rain has no physical either, but im not interested in that for the same reason im not interested in a godzilla movie made by a different studio.

0b8f1a  No.16676414


That's a placeholder steamdb puts when a game says the month of release and not the actual date.

fc18a3  No.16676415


Oh ok. Was worried there.

137bce  No.16676417


Haven’t tried it yet, but from gameplay vids it seems to be mostly the same


Better than ever before baby! All because of


You know how Fencers are pretty much niche in 4.1 and requires lots and lots of autistic training to be able to outperform his contemporaries? Well not so less in this one

Now Fencers are not casualized per se, but it’s definitely the class that has been buffed the most behind the Air Raider. Since the inclusion of these Equipment Slots, experimenting with the Fencer to build’s content is more rewarding (and FUN!) than in 4.1. Be it being a classic Zip-n-Dash Spear Fencers, One-man artillery squad, or a Dakka-tastic Git, the equipment just adds so much needed versatility or performance enhancer to push Fencer above its previous limits. One of the noteworthy equipment loadout is that you could stack Boosters, allowing you to Boost (Horizontal or Vertically) 6 or 7 times without needing to recharge.

d3aa3e  No.16676420

File: 7b0cea7d23156fd⋯.jpg (214.48 KB, 1600x662, 800:331, 6.jpg)


Do you have a single fact to back that up?

0b8f1a  No.16676427

d3aa3e  No.16676479

File: 9c80494a13f54ab⋯.webm (334.67 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 9c80494a13f54aba2646b43c3….webm)

2456f6  No.16676583


are these guys playing with cheats or did fencer really get buffed that hard in 5? dash cancelling without having to use certain weapons and no ammo use requirement?

0fd7c4  No.16676638

8b8b3a  No.16676697

File: f2d676e01fd5a2c⋯.gif (120.09 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 3e6b3ddaf0406a7115eba85b7c….gif)


Sweet, I loved Fencer in 4.1.

0a5d9a  No.16676717

Any word on price yet?

ae1c8a  No.16676770

Can we expect a day one crack? Does it even DRM?

162327  No.16676771

File: bc6de8aad8c49b0⋯.jpg (147.4 KB, 1026x763, 1026:763, date changed.JPG)


>Just saw this saying July 31st.

Yeah checking the Steam page now it no longer says the 11th of July.

You can see in the OP image at the time it said 11 jul, 2019. But now it was changed to just Jul 2019

So this probably means it's not coming in 3 days unfortunately.

162327  No.16676772


EDF 4.1 currently has no DRM, and the EDF 5 page has no mention of it.

e174f0  No.16676785


>What is 4.1?

Serious Sam is faster and doesn't make you grind for weapons and armor.

52ffa9  No.16676792


>replying to bait

It’s also first person with no co-op on most entries and is a co ole felt different game. Apples to oranges.

65ac47  No.16676794


They're both great series. Fuck off.

65ac47  No.16676795


I'm pretty sure every official sam game had co-op in it.

0fd7c4  No.16676800


True, but no classes or the very different ways of playing that EDF has. I think it is an apples to oranges comparison even if they are both horde shooters.

3e1f3f  No.16676802


>nice because the english dub was absolutely terrible from what I've seen.

From EDF 4, isn't terrible voice acting kind of the point? The entire game feels like playing out a shitty 70s sci-fi movie and it's glorious.


Sounds like they got the exact same people as before, if the song is supposed to be an example I think it's just the song being not as fun.


That's 70% of the fun. You get stuck on a mission, and find and use weapons you normally do to beat the "puzzle" aspect of a mission.

52ffa9  No.16676819

File: ab7b016b89f25bb⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1118x1004, 559:502, 4B7099FA-7C4D-496F-9604-16….png)


You’re trying very hard to crash this thread, but I’m not gonna let you.

e3946a  No.16676826


Serious Sam also has a completely different focus. Its much more about movement and "heat of the moment" strategy. EDF is slower but more strategic. Even more so in Co-op with different classes that rely upon each other to work most effectively.

Serious Sam's co-op is just like playing single player but now there's two guys shooting at the monsters.

Also Serious Sam is fun to play alone, whereas EDF really needs at least one other person to work properly.

So all in all its a weird thing to compare these two.


here is the (you) just for (you)

65ac47  No.16676860

Alright. now that the humongous faggot is gone let's get this thread back on track.

3ed334  No.16676861


They only stopped caring with Serious Sam 3, which was ass. They cared with 2 but it was horribly misguided. 1 and Second Encounter were great. I won't sit here and let you besmirch the names of hardworking AA studios as if they were AAA. Doom 1 and 2 were just as much tech demos as Serious Sam.

0fd7c4  No.16676872


I think EDF can work for Solo, but Co-Op is far superior. Especially if you have air raiders in the team. There is nothing like having a co-op partner calling down fire support while you are having a fire fight.

52ffa9  No.16676874

File: ee6eeb4e028e1fa⋯.png (14.47 KB, 470x457, 470:457, 2651CF4B-63DA-4383-8DA0-EB….png)


>TFW no one ever equipped guidance equipment when I had my missiles as fencer

65ac47  No.16676889


Serious Sam 3 wasn't even going to be a Sam game. It wasn't completely ass either. The second half had some great levels minus the underground sections.

fc18a3  No.16676903


I did this with a friend, and it was a nice co-op experience. We even got the habit of holding the larger and slower missiles I launched earlier in the air to bomb multiple targets. Was fun playing as a missile battery.

0d3cbf  No.16676920


>has no mention of it.


52ffa9  No.16676922


They’re pretty good to. I had a fencer who equipped the phoenixes and I used the guidance and that alone virtually carried us through that one mission with all the death queens on inferno.

41ea6a  No.16676925

i already beat it on ps4. it's okay. i beat it on hard and had no interest in playing for 1000s of hours like some people. it's just cheap fun.

online matchmaking was pretty empty and i think microphone support is really bad/non-existent, never made any friends online.

multiplayer completion of missions is separate from singleplayer so even if you beat the game none of the missions will be unlocked for multiplayer and you have to start over, real fun.

3ed334  No.16676929


>it was great

>except for the first half

>and the parts of the second half that were shit

So what, 25% of the game is good?

It was short and tedious, even on co-op.

05cfd4  No.16676955


The first half is premium ass, but as soon as you get past the level with the shitscan helicopters, it's great.

3e1f3f  No.16676979


It's a shame too. Certain levels that are hard as fuck become god damn easy mode with those missles.

25c271  No.16676998



20eba8  No.16677099



>nobody finished it yet


d41e54  No.16677511

File: 9137145c3a8528d⋯.jpg (485.77 KB, 976x1400, 122:175, G8.jpg)

Holy Fucking shit I needed this news today, can't fucking wait. Does anyone know if you can still gotta go fast with Fencers?

d41e54  No.16677521


Just saw >>16675660, my body is ready

ae6664  No.16677594


You can chain boost but you can't boost-cancel anymore; they removed the weapon that let you do it entirely. You can still boost-cancel with reflectors though but chain-boosting the way they've provided is easy enough to make it pointless.

470731  No.16677640

How's it feel that something good happened for once?

Feels good doesn't it?

f5cb60  No.16677669

File: baf0c352a4fe74c⋯.jpg (267.89 KB, 480x480, 1:1, edfair1.jpg)

Can someone share the QoL / Class changes? Spoonfeed a dumb faggot please

b893b7  No.16677699

File: c5477e1310eea57⋯.jpg (11.34 KB, 255x255, 1:1, c5477e1310eea57f6d335a9ad5….jpg)

46613d  No.16677700

You guys seems to be enjoying this. Never played it. Honestly it looks random as fuck: bees, ants, saucers, gaijin, I don't know what's going on. Will try.

46613d  No.16677701


Wait, this isn't some multiplayer crap is it?

20eba8  No.16677708


Pirate it and see for yourself dipshit.

Thats what I did for the previous one.

248ad2  No.16677724

>finally upgraded my gayman sistum.

>this happens.

>I didn't make plans this weekend


e174f0  No.16677728

While I really like the new content and all the quality of life streamlining improvements, I hope 6 isn't as iterative and actually has Hectors come back.

Hectors coming out of the water or far away on a plain and ominously walking towards you is just too fucking good.

20eba8  No.16677755


I beat the game on ps4 and I can tell you for sure that the frogs and ayy lmaos are more fun to fight than the hectors ever were.

47e5a7  No.16677845


Interesting, vertical boosts looks like it will add some decent utility and be fun, only thing I immediately dislike so far is the english voices and singing compared to 4.1 or the japanese voice acting, but everything else looks pretty fucking solid so far

20eba8  No.16677875


I found the English voice acting to be a joy to listen to you could tell the actors had a lot of fun with their roles, but it gets pretty fucked up during the later missions in the game.

Everyone starts getting depressed as fuck and having mental breakdowns with a bit of shouting here and there. Its a demoralizing to be honest but its nothing that a quick "EDF!" cant fix.

248ad2  No.16677878

What are the chances this will support dual monitor split screen?

56e0ad  No.16677885


are you high

570d3c  No.16677909

File: ff7c521bbc2f851⋯.png (39.66 KB, 298x279, 298:279, ff7c521bbc2f851c2e828510b7….png)

File: 56c506f7fa89b07⋯.jpg (36.21 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 56c506f7fa89b07af3752ffa00….jpg)

File: 7f6f98866885b77⋯.jpg (47.69 KB, 595x775, 119:155, 7f6f98866885b77681ea4b0841….jpg)

File: 4bfee9fbdd7ba29⋯.gif (52.72 KB, 256x307, 256:307, 4bfee9fbdd7ba297031a1d29b2….gif)

File: b908a99e066444e⋯.jpg (57.25 KB, 362x447, 362:447, b908a99e066444ef67797dcaf2….jpg)



47e5a7  No.16677911


Maybe I haven't heard enough to cast judgement. I didn't really like the new song but the old one is hard to top. What you just described sounds like I might like it more instead of just the small examples I've seen tho

Either way I'm going to play the fuck out of this as soon as it's out on PC

7b4e26  No.16677915


I preferred the skill requirement of the smoke launchers, but at least now shit like Rule of God hopefully won't angle randomly because of terrain. Nu-fencer looks like the closest thing to PC armored core we're ever getting though so I'm fucking HYPED

e174f0  No.16677952

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Any track that can beat this uppity masterpiece though?

52ffa9  No.16677993


I mean 4.1 kinda had that too with that one air force girl repeating "I don't wanna die" in the later missions

0d3cbf  No.16678049


that always brake my heart.

3e1f3f  No.16678105


>Wait, this isn't some multiplayer crap is it?

Yes, but it's more like a 3D version of shit like Contra in a sense. Even if the room has voice chat turned off it's a blast to just blow up cities and bugs with nameless trangers and wreak havoc.

52ffa9  No.16678121


I actually make it a point to turn off voice chat whenever I host. The pre baked lines are too much fun.

490a4c  No.16678125



The dub is kinda weird too in the way that when the insects appear they always refer to them as "aliens" or "monsters" and never mention the word bug or insects even once.

When the frog guys appear the radio people kept on saying that they "look just like humans" when they were fucking frogs who walk on 2 legs.

When the ayy lmaos appeared the radio people then said "they look nothing like us, they are hideous" then they are bipedal humanoids just like us.

Maybe something went wrong with the translation or maybe there were some trademarking issues? If no then it makes no sense to me what so ever.

3e1f3f  No.16678128


I would enjoy it if the pre-baked lines menu wasn't such a pain go go through and if turning off chat didn't also turn off TEXT chat as well. It makes it impossible to plan.


In 4.1 they spend the entire game calling dragons "insects," that kind of stupidity is 100% in line with EDF.

52ffa9  No.16678137


they call the dragons dragons a fair amount.

0fd7c4  No.16678138


It was odd, but I think the idea was to put it into your head that humanity was going to share the same fate as the frogs if the EDF failed. Plus there was the whole thing about the original name for the aliens was the immigrants, which they still reference later in the game.

cef5c8  No.16678303


Maybe some day they'll port Dream Club too but until then EDF will have to do.

6f0601  No.16678380


>Class designs

Agreed. The Balam was a beauty and reminded me of Megas XLR.

>Bikes not on air raider

No more suicide bikes tactics in 5? Damn, thats the best part of bringing bikes


>Hectors come back

Mechanically, they're boring as fuck to fight but theres something cathartic seeing hectors ragdolling in the air like a wet spaghetti noodle

0de93a  No.16678390


instead of playing it, tho, you should kill yourself.

4924f2  No.16678409

File: d0c94956a563afd⋯.jpg (95.09 KB, 1364x766, 682:383, img.jpg)



Well this shit was a clusterfuck from the beggining so i see no reason it wouldn't end as one.

Let's see break it down and see where you went wrong asides being born


good start as any


doesn't rhyme with the first verse


drop down and give me 50 tier


at least this one rhymes


the corn nugget on this shit sunday

Overall perfomance:


as in 'what a bunch of summerFags'

a9627a  No.16678448

File: 3de7a5f5c16ed6a⋯.pdf (8.07 MB, Nakamura_Legra_Kuu_Ai.pdf)



I gotta warn you though best i can do is hard with my crappy equipment

a9627a  No.16678451

File: 521195949f1fe62⋯.png (111.4 KB, 358x324, 179:162, bufferbee.png)




46613d  No.16678488

File: a2da3b906ec6bf9⋯.png (15.07 KB, 396x62, 198:31, 2019-07-09 02_47_47-EARTH ….png)

So when's the release, anyway?

4c1d3b  No.16678491


Read the thread.

46613d  No.16678506


<11 JUly

oh my bad.

a9627a  No.16678517

join server

eb404c  No.16678566


your server is not listed

a9627a  No.16678569


Yes it is

b893b7  No.16678588

File: 6897af1e22dfc8b⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 374x347, 374:347, 6897af1e22dfc8b0cab0385636….jpg)

>Almost no rule 34 of this game

4c1d3b  No.16678592


>Masturbating instead of saving mother earth

I hope they get you.

a9627a  No.16678617

Two slots open now

21f2cc  No.16678623


I was looking for that video to post it! You beat me to it!

They shoudl have added joke weapons/vehiles/enemies like that.

4c1d3b  No.16678648


>gives comment instead of room-name

No wonder I couldn't find it, anon.

904d99  No.16678653


We have IDs here, summerfriend.


4c1d3b  No.16678657


Exactly, which is why I responded to his most recent post instead of the original.

6f0601  No.16678674

File: 4152132aa978be0⋯.jpg (74.55 KB, 500x650, 10:13, 4469e04c3787b84544c6c8ae86….jpg)


But anon

The entire special arsenal on WD is a joke in 4.1

904d99  No.16678721


A bit too thick for my taste but I still want those thighs to destroy me.

162327  No.16678993



When I made the thread the Steam page said July 11th you can see it in the OP image, and there are already a bunch of articles written saying it was coming out on the 11th, but now on the Steam page the the July 11th was removed, and I'm pretty sure that was what articles have been using as a sources.

So it's possible the game is still coming out on the 11th, or someone jumped the gun and put up a date when they weren't supposed to.

162327  No.16679008

File: ceb0d9c723f8c76⋯.jpg (73.58 KB, 612x651, 204:217, edf twitter.JPG)


Okay so I found the official english EDF twitter posted that the game is coming out this week so July 11th does seem correct.

46613d  No.16679240


For all the joviality /v/ has for this game it doesn't seem to know how to market itself properly. People aren't even sure when it's coming out.

3e1f3f  No.16679270


Isn't that part of why /v/ loves it? The people in charge of EDF have no fucking idea how to do anything except make a video game.

2fa1b6  No.16679281


This. Imagine people making a game they like. Imagine people seeing a quirk in a class people found that worked so well they just made it apart of the game. I love me some fucking EDF

b57b99  No.16679283


>The entire special arsenal on WD is a joke in 4.1

m-muh Idunn FF in the golden tunnels of farming

fc18a3  No.16679504




They know how to make fun games. That is enough for me. Most companies blow too much money on marketing anyway, so them focusing on making vidya is alright.

c1baa4  No.16679692

File: ba9264f854a7d04⋯.jpg (57.72 KB, 404x557, 404:557, 20190709_095815.jpg)

>tfw I own 3 copies of EDF 2025/4/4.1

>tfw now going to own 3 copies of EDF5

>tfw 2 copies of 2017

I think I need help.

723de5  No.16679851

File: 4842e0f46956d7f⋯.png (175.73 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, wyvern EDF wip.png)

File: 490cda878a4feff⋯.jpg (94.39 KB, 1200x859, 1200:859, EDF.jpg)

for the pride of the EDF!

c1baa4  No.16679863

File: f08478ffe42868b⋯.png (939.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, zombieqt.png)


>dragon girl wingdiver

6e6bd2  No.16680269

File: b75de5972ae22fe⋯.webm (3.85 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, edf_select.webm)

What's everyone most excited to play as when it releases?

faf2a0  No.16680275



eb404c  No.16680278


air raider, obviously

7b4e26  No.16680279


Considering from is NEVER EVER making an armored core game again and we'll NEVER EVER see ac ports unless metal wolf makes staggering amounts of cash and from thinks it's worth reinvesting into? Definitely new fencer with it's absurd dash quantity. I don't see how any other class can even compete with that mobility and it's almost like a bootleg AC.

I wonder if we'll get iron rain, too?

92a4b5  No.16680292


How does EDF have anything to do with AC? Go buy Daemon X Machina instead.

7b4e26  No.16680313


Fuck right off, I'll pass on that weak shit - edf5's fencer looks closer to last gen's armored cores in mobility than that game. Also


>paid online

pick zero

dc205e  No.16680427


Wing Diver because I can upgrade weapons and not be relegated to the fucking meme weapons that you find in high levels.

Just want a good laser shotgun and the energy gun with the fuck huge aoe.

a4e7c9  No.16680437


Good ol' infantry work for this grunt! I feel like I'm the only person who prefers being the Ranger.

56e0ad  No.16680440


reminder this kind of platform wars is 100% allowed, mark won't do anything about it. It's all kosher.

e378e1  No.16680563


Depends on the mission. I still think the Ranger has the best sniping equipment. I dread any mission where the game wants me to snipe stuff and I'm a Wing Diver.

2875d6  No.16680566


Of course, it's only console wars if it relates to Nintendo somehow.

c1baa4  No.16680570

File: 3074a9465aada8a⋯.png (290.01 KB, 535x305, 107:61, 4.png)


>that one mission in EDF 5 with 20 pillars that constantly spawn in enemies

8c0158  No.16680579

File: a1d5786172e278e⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 987x1400, 141:200, c6ac3ff6c55c6c209f813982b4….jpg)


I'm planning on starting with ranger on hard just because the weapons are more versatile. The new shotgun mechanics and running/bike should be enough to make ranger feel a lot better. The other classes typically require more situational weapons, and I plan on building up that arsenal through the first playthrough. I also want to mess with C4 now that it was moved to ranger's kit


Ranger by far had the best sniping with dual lysanders, but they removed that as an option in EDF5. Fencers had higher sniping dps, but with no movement/slow fire rate. For anti-drone loadouts, rangers were the best by far.

52ffa9  No.16680587

File: 496816fb6dbc2d0⋯.jpg (231.03 KB, 800x799, 800:799, ora ora fencer.jpg)


f38596  No.16680595


>Ranger by far had the best sniping with dual lysanders

I hear that often but I never managed to make that loadout work well for me, is that more of an online thing

8c0158  No.16680605


The trick with dual lysander loadout is weapon swapping. You can close to double your damage by removing both the shot cooldown completely and about half of the reload if you stagger the reloads.

<Fire 1, swap, fire 2, swap, etc.

<Fire 1, initiate reload, fire 2, swap, continue reload, swap, fire 2, swap, finish reload, etc.

>is that more of an online thing

I'm pretty sure it is. The lysander Z does 6k damage, which is overkill in single, but with 4p online, it's enough to 1 shot all drones and 2 shot golds.

The loadout is the absolute best for multiplayer drone duty, but it leaves you fairly vulnerable to hordes. The hordes should be fencer's and air raider's job anyway.

f38596  No.16680621


>The trick with dual lysander loadout is weapon swapping

Yeah I had that part down, but still usually would just rather use the Stringer J9 + something else in sniping heavy missions, at least on solo inferno, you can make some pretty weird mix work actually like J9 + Fusion Blaster ZD for DLC2 16 or J9 + Stingray MF on DLC2 20

>I'm pretty sure it is. The lysander Z does 6k damage, which is overkill in single, but with 4p online, it's enough to 1 shot all drones and 2 shot golds.

Pretty much what I figured.

8c0158  No.16680637


I'm looking at some of the other numbers, and offline, hercule would fill a pretty similar role.

b893b7  No.16680788


Hercules is garbage when it can't one shot things, but in single player it is amazing. It can also one shot the normal dragons and I think lower # mission drones.

f38596  No.16680811


>hercule would fill a pretty similar role.

Depends on what you pair it with, good against all drones and decent for small groups of mutant insects on it's own, does pretty good vs mech in general when paired to the J9, good for long range aggro obviously.

7b4e26  No.16680818


>not using c4 for tunnel missions inferno 4.1

>not using the ALLAHU AKBIKE

>not watching randoms spin in confusion when you spam "watch out for airstrikes" underground

c3b7a2  No.16680825


I'm not going to be playing it, my PC is too shit ;_;

It's not like I'm gonna be paying whatever ridiculous sum they ask for anyway, I'll wait for a sale.

162327  No.16680875

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anon this is practically still the same exact game they've been releasing since 2003 just with some texture and resolution updates each sequel.

I don't think it's going to be that resource intensive.

f38596  No.16680884


>I don't think it's going to be that resource intensive.

EDF 4.1 is already starting to want 4+ core and something bigger than a 1060 to run at mostly 60fps so it's not necessarily an unbfounded concern.

But then the new Ryzen and Navi release mean you can easily get something faster than that for a reasonable price.

c3b7a2  No.16680918


I can't run EDF 4.1 too well, FPS really starts tanking to 10-30 quite often. I doubt I can do well on 5.


>But then the new Ryzen and Navi release mean you can easily get something faster than that for a reasonable price.

Navi isn't really reasonable price to me, $200 is reasonable but there doesn't appear to be any new $200 cards in a long while, so your only option is RX 580 which is 4 years old.

f38596  No.16680924


>Navi isn't really reasonable price to me, $200 is reasonable but there doesn't appear to be any new $200 cards in a long while, so your only option is RX 580 which is 4 years old.

Navi also means price drops on older / competing stuff, same with the CPU sure a 3600 is like 230 bucks but if you can get the 2600 for 150 it's much more interesting.

6e6bd2  No.16680991


>I wonder if we'll get iron rain, too?

I would assume so. Insect Armageddon was the first EDF game brought to Steam, if I remember correctly, and it was another spinoff aimed at western audiences.

That being said, Insect Armageddon also sold less than a quarter of what EDF 4.1 sold, and it was even given away in a Humble Bundle at one point for a dollar. So maybe they won't even bother, especially since they didn't even bother releasing a physical copy in the west.


The friend I am going to be playing EDF 5 with prefers Ranger. I'm currently debating whether I want to play Fencer or Air Raider for the purpose of making a great duo with him. I guess I'll decide after seeing the new equipment options.


I just picked up an RX 570 and installed it exactly one week ago. I have the 8gb MSI model, and for ~$120, it was a massive upgrade over my old GTX 660. I overclocked it to 1440/2100 while managing to lower the core voltage by about 40mV. It's been good enough to play Kingdom Come with all settings on medium (sans ultra textures with the HD texture pack) while maintaining at least 60fps. The recommend specs (not minimum) for EDF 5 (as listed on Steam) suggests an RX 480/GTX 970, so an RX 570/580 would easily handle this game on good settings, amongst all future games that are as resource intensive (or lower) compared to Kingdom Come.

>RX 580 which is 4 years old

It's been on the market for just over 2 years. You could also consider the GTX 1660, as it is brand new, similarly priced to the RX 580, and is similar in performance. But unless you want to hop on the RTX bandwagon in the near future, I don't think there is anything upcoming that is going to be a good purchase compared to what is already out there.

c3b7a2  No.16681027


>I just picked up an RX 570 and installed it exactly one week ago. I have the 8gb MSI model, and for ~$120

No dice in east Eurofagistan. 150€ minimum for 4gb, 8gb is 170€. I might just order a Vega 56 from Germany for 250€, but that might result in buyers remorse when they come out with their next $200 card that will beat the Vega 56 and use half the power or whatever.

>It's been on the market for just over 2 years.

It's just rehashed 480 with OC. I don't consider it a new card, Polaris is 4 years old.

f38596  No.16681034


> I might just order a Vega 56 from Germany for 250€

Good idea

>when they come out with their next $200 card that will beat the Vega 56 and use half the power or whatever.

That card is the RX 5700 and it's not gonna be 200 for quite a while, the successor to that is at least a couple years away.

> I don't consider it a new card, Polaris is 4 years old.

May 2016 for the first desktop Polaris

8f0169  No.16681051

Sky Waitress best class.

52ffa9  No.16681053


Swordsman best class.

fcace2  No.16681088

File: 6f383f041c3ccaa⋯.png (2.94 MB, 1080x1821, 360:607, 70664391_p0.png)


yeah my CPU (Pentium G3258) is bottlenecking my graphic card (GTX 1050 Ti), so i get a temporary framedrop at rare times in EDF4.1, which is mostly during the 81th mission with all the deroys. A few games I've bought from the steam summer sale (like Yakuza 0 or Wing Diver Shooter) get recurrent freezes that last a few seconds despite they run at 60fps otherwise. I'd like to change my CPU to a Haswell i5/i7 for a cheap upgrade if possible.

f38596  No.16681100


>I'd like to change my CPU to a Haswell i5/i7 for a cheap upgrade if possible.

Not worth when you can do this


And most haswell prebuilt / workstation you can find online are like 250 already.

fcace2  No.16681119

File: 31f817cdd8a81bd⋯.jpg (556.93 KB, 800x1030, 80:103, 67190322_p0.jpg)


I'm not in the US, and the Ryzen upgrade is too expensive (the same proc costs 170€ where I live) alongside of forcing you the Win10 crap for driver support. So a Haswell CPU sidegrade looks cheaper and less a pain in the ass to deal with in the long run.

e2eb2e  No.16681123


Who the fuck thought that would be good trailer music?

46613d  No.16681128

EDF > Serious Sam?

b893b7  No.16681138

e86fb2  No.16681180


I'm trying to find a benefit for that armor setup but I guess if you got a huge diarrhea attack you could make it to the toilet faster.

2fe742  No.16681207


Raise moral for the lads on the ground.

e2eb2e  No.16681218


They have to skimp out on as much weight as possible in order to fly. Covering up the ass window is a waste. You can trust me, I am a scientist.

6e6bd2  No.16681220


Anon, she's not infantry. She has a helmet to protect against head bumps and a visor to protect her eyes from plasma burn.

21f2cc  No.16681254



Air raider was my fav in 4.1, but they ruined him in 5

a9627a  No.16681269


What the fuck is your card?

c3b7a2  No.16681280

a9627a  No.16681281


Jesus i didn't know AMD's cards were THAT shit,or at least that one

I had a 280 and it ran far cry 3 maxed with playable frames

c3b7a2  No.16681282


It's roughly as fast as a 750 Ti, so not very.

ec1e74  No.16681293


>air raider equipment grill

I completely forgot about her. She was mainly used for the satellite weapons, so my friend and I dubbed her 'Satellite-chan'.

In one of the later missions she seems to die by the sound of things. She says her bunker is surrounded, starts crying and begging for her life, then goes quiet.

After that, we were determined to finish out the game. Do it for her.

fcace2  No.16681330

File: 23b560f417236f6⋯.png (226.7 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 59276418_p0.png)


in japanese EDF5, you get a crazy scientist woman with a sultry voice (and the occasional mad laugh) in charge of the satellite laser weapons. No idea if that was changed in the english dub.

8c0158  No.16681377


That was my point. The dual lysander loadout in multiplayer is just as amazing as hercule in offline, as it has similar sustained fire rate, and it just 1 shots drones and 2 shots golds at 1km out.


My post was only to try to give f38596 an idea why dual lysander was a good loadout.


>implying I didn't do that exclusively

>not spamming EDF as an allegory for aloha snackbar

You're missing the point of why c4 is going to be more interesting in ranger's kit. See >>16675659 and >>16675663. Add in multiplayer friendly and enemy corpses, and now you should have an idea of what I plan to try. I hope it works out well, because the skill ceiling on c4 shenanigans is going to be really high.

8c0158  No.16681395

File: 90416e3e0a48963⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1487x1996, 1487:1996, pale-wing-character-art.png)


Whoops, meant to tag >>16680788 instead of myself.


Chuuni satellite-chan is still in ENG.


In aerospace the minimum requirements to work requires extremely restrictive weight, drag, and lift limits. You don't see jets with 1" thick steel armor even in the modern age, why would a jetpack fighter designed for mobility have more than minimal armor? Just don't get hit

1123a2  No.16681405


What do you mean dub? Do these games not come with Japanese audio?

fcace2  No.16681478

File: 97ff3e53b967368⋯.jpg (236.35 KB, 714x770, 51:55, 40241525_p8.jpg)

File: d1c7b730774d681⋯.jpg (289.99 KB, 900x623, 900:623, 40241525_p10.jpg)

File: b1ddcc72a4dd474⋯.jpg (148.33 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 42744863_p7.jpg)

File: db05e1f69387ae7⋯.jpg (532.62 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 53202698_p2.jpg)


not the original consoles versions for sure, only the PC ports get the different audios.

I'm also hoping the pc port of edf5 would be friendly enough to actual modding, such as custom missions. I can already imagine crazy shit made that way.

c35d0d  No.16681703

File: 0d015f295decee8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 267.72 KB, 402x255, 134:85, ClipboardImage.png)

I've managed to finally complete EDF4.1 thanks to EDF5 PC announcement.

b1587b  No.16681748

File: 7ead60939e4d032⋯.jpg (84.27 KB, 640x955, 128:191, EDF_EDF_EDF.jpg)


When I first finished the game is was actually quite surprised by the way the story progressed.

Humanity really just barely scraped by. There was a real sense of hopelessness and dread by the end and finally overcoming the threat was merely bittersweet. Humanity survived but at a great loss.

EDF doesn't get enough credit in that department.

Talking of 4.1, the first DLC mission pack was really good. I think only one or two missions weren't good.

Just started the second and it's pretty tedious so far. The missions are very lazily made. Is it like that all the way through?

b893b7  No.16682925

>Try to play 4.1 missions

I've done all of them so much they've lost their charm

When will EDF get a custom map maker?

248ad2  No.16682938

Keyboard + mouse or controllers?

dbea92  No.16682993


yeah, 2025 and 2017 both gave you this impossible scale to deal with. I didn't think they would be able to top 2017 at all but they pulled it off.

b893b7  No.16682998


You WILL be using a mouse and keyboard this session.

65ac47  No.16683517


Personally I found Air Raider to be easier to control with a controller. Ranger is good either way for me.

4dfdb3  No.16683588

File: 6dbaf581fb69755⋯.mp4 (7.14 MB, 1150x720, 115:72, The EDF Songs (720p_30fps_….mp4)

File: 650e154d500e05e⋯.webm (7.46 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Nuclear diver.webm)


>merely bittersweet

It really was. Hearing the ballads the soldiers sing get more and more depressing hit hard

>Humanity survived but at a great loss.

Pretty sure the few remaining footmen and Whale! EDF EDF! that are fighting with you at the end are what's left of humanity. [spoiler]The wing divers were also all wiped out pretty early on[spoiler]

f38596  No.16683614


>The missions are very lazily made. Is it like that all the way through?

It has it's moments, and it does pick up a bit after mission 8 but overall it's more lazy feeling than the other pack.

6445a6  No.16683628

Retardi are such a fucking shit enemy. A web that will pull you in that you can do nothing about and an infinite fucking health pool for both it and the web. And when you shoot it it keeps fucking bouncing around on the web making all your shit miss.

ece765  No.16683630

Is it out yet?

52ffa9  No.16683644

File: 640dc78d08fef1c⋯.webm (88.65 KB, 480x360, 4:3, JC no.webm)


Trust, me you'll fucking know when it is.

6f0601  No.16683655


I recall the only remaining fighting EDF force is on the flying carrier

and all your remaining equipment

Most of humanity got wiped out and the remaining fled to the forests and mountains

0d3cbf  No.16683672


air raider and wing diver

did they made the tanks more fun to use? only having one weapon on them was a fucking pain.

0d3cbf  No.16683689


>Global Defence Force: Tactics

Is it fun?

4dfdb3  No.16683699

File: 30a07c9a4a11ecd⋯.mp4 (4.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The EDF Jazz Singers (720p….mp4)


fair enough

c1baa4  No.16683713


i liked it

6f0601  No.16683717


I still find it funny that supposedly the EDF is running out of steam and yet they can field an entire squad of balams to beat up a bunch of giant lizards.

How can they still balams and proteuses?

e2eb2e  No.16683737


Probably some project that was mothballed and brought out as a last ditch effort. I don't recall the thing being actually armed, like you'd expect a war machine to be. It just had to punch and stomp things.

4dfdb3  No.16683748


>Probably some project that was mothballed and brought out as a last ditch effort.

It was. The balam was a prototype that never got finished and was rushed out for deployment after the team encountered Godzilla Erginus. You don't actually kill Erginus the first time you fight it. It just runs away. You fight it with a balam the next time you encounter it

6f0601  No.16683759



My mistake, my original question was how did the EDF still have large quantities of Balams and Proteuses to deliver to you even when they're down to a single carrier

c1baa4  No.16683781


recycle the ones you leave on the battlefield

6445a6  No.16683848

At mission 28 I am starting to find 4.1 a lot less fun. My equipment can't keep up doing hardest and dropping to hard isn't fun because it gets too easy and some of these enemies are still spongy. I also have zero equipment for anyone but Fencer. I also question the point of even getting more armour, I still get killed by a single spider web or acid spray at close range, what the fuck does 550 armour matter?

52ffa9  No.16683852

File: ef6ef2889696217⋯.webm (6.56 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Air raider goes hard.webm)


6445a6  No.16683853

File: 4760fc35fa04a54⋯.png (532.79 KB, 1064x896, 19:16, firefox_2019-07-11_10-07-5….png)


7a32c7  No.16683857

h-have they finished adding all the DLC to the store page yet? That's all there is, right?

4dfdb3  No.16683860

>it's here


2fe742  No.16683861


Godamn thats pricy.

52ffa9  No.16683862


I'll admit, I'm a little tempted to get that body pillow fencer weapon.

7a32c7  No.16683864

the list just keeps growing.

6f0601  No.16683872


>Playing hardest with 500 armor


Also don't knock on hard difficulty when its only mission 28 because the first 30 missions are essentially tutorials for what kind of bullshit they will throw at you

52ffa9  No.16683878


>he only has 550 armor

Pump that shit. Also, if you're playing fencer you better know how to dash cancel, and a good way to ez mode higher difficulties without bothering to grind for more armor is to just play air raider.

c1baa4  No.16683882

>3hrs to download

fuck this internet

6b47da  No.16683885


Yea I'm probably going to have to wait for a price drop before getting it.

6445a6  No.16683887


Yeah I learned how to dash cancel a while ago, kind of a niggery way to play just running away all the time and it isn't too effective against some enemies if you get swarmed. Wish there was a less shit variety in automatic artillery weapons, since those are the only ones actually versatile against swarms of insects.

fcace2  No.16683892



It's the same price when EDF4.1 was released on Steam. To be honest, it's a good enough game to buy at this price, but I can understand waiting a bit to see if the port has no deal-breaking issues.

>all the Pure Dancing Decoys from Dream Club and the Chibi Wing Diver are available to purchase instead of being a pre-order bonus

fucking nice

f38596  No.16683894


>It's the same price when EDF4.1 was released on Steam

Nah it's more 4.1 had a 30% discount.

fcace2  No.16683900


I do recall a Steam discount at launch for EDF4.1 but my memories are a bit foggy since it's been awhile. The discounted EDF5 DLCs are also nice but be mindful they're low-level weapons so most of them will be quickly useless.

e0bca6  No.16683901


>game launches with 40 bucks worth of DLC

<it's okay when the Japs do it!

the game looks really cool though

f38596  No.16683908


None of the DLC is really even worth considering I don't think iirc like 4.1 it's just weapons that'll get deprecated within a couple hours of playing.

52ffa9  No.16683936

>boot up 5

>extreme stuttering

uh oh. I think lowering my AA and switching to windowed might have fixed it though.


Fencer in 4.1 is basically a hit run master and a mobile artillery battery. He excels it dashing in, fucking up shield bearers, and then getting the fuck out of dodge to reposition and rain hell on enemies with mortars. He's also very good at kiting large bug swarms as long as they aren't the flying kind.

4c0768  No.16683939


It's bullshit but at least it's like 4.1, where it's just weapons you don't require/ will become obsolete sooner rather than later.

7475a1  No.16683946


Here in leafland the game is 55 loonies down from 68 with the 20% discount, while the dlc is total 56. That's a big yikes.

2df29f  No.16683953

Downloading now. EDF is life.

6f0601  No.16683974

Finally a Voice chat key

2df29f  No.16683982

>voice chat


e5db4a  No.16684008

File: d70f46b5569a12e⋯.jpg (349.32 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, edf5voicechat.jpg)

>all my close friends got the game

fucking amazing

also voice chat is v

13b54e  No.16684014

File: 958504756392dd7⋯.png (299.84 KB, 536x618, 268:309, genocidesinternally.png)

God I hope my potato made toaster can handle it

2b7980  No.16684019

I'm hesitant to play this. With all the remarks on how much better it is than 4.1, I'm afraid that I'll never want to 100% the latter after I get this. Should I suck it up and buy it, or get back to the grind?

e0bca6  No.16684024

File: fb1ce5f28aabd04⋯.jpg (58.1 KB, 357x415, 357:415, sad jesus.jpg)


>my close friends

>he has close friends

>he has more than (1)

0ae804  No.16684027


If you're worried about it, just 100% 4.1 now. This also gives you a chance to wait for a sale.

fcace2  No.16684093

I expected bad things with my entry-level PC build (Pentium G3258 + GTX 1050Ti) but EDF5 runs very well

10e4d2  No.16684094


f38596  No.16684095


Better than 4.1?

759ce3  No.16684099

Where's the torrent?

248ad2  No.16684136


Fuck, that's steep.

fcace2  No.16684141


so far so good (only reached mission 5 online for now) but the real test will come later when deroys and shitload of spiders come in, as both enemies put a lot of stress on the hardware. I get a weird bug that makes the game refuses to launch at first, forcing me to load the game a second time but everything is okay beyond that.

Also I strongly recommend using a controller for this game since some keyboard inputs are weird (like driving a vehicle or positioning a bombardment on the map), and you cant share the same keys set on common controls. It's not like you need 420headshotnoscope skills to beat giant enemies

eea93f  No.16684142


Is there any note worthy change (in terms of addition) from 4.1 ?

i remember that even if i played a ton, i did not even completed 4.1 (because i played pure solo) but i swore myself that i would buy the next EDF game coming to PC (4.1 being quite "old")

4c0768  No.16684152


Significant changes to Fencer and Air-Raider. Sprinting for Rangers and obviously a wholly new campaign with new enemy-types.

92a4b5  No.16684174


The time to go to work. Who the hell releases a game on a Thursday?



Pretty sure equipment is also redone

bd3ac5  No.16684183

File: 776e49332a08086⋯.jpg (25.75 KB, 375x375, 1:1, 1303874101291.jpg)



Insane pricing. It was bound to happen eventually even to good series like EDF but I didn't expect it so soon, with how well both 4.1 and its price were received. Looks like I'm either playing alone or not playing this one at all unless it goes down to less than quarter price eventually.

b893b7  No.16684214


EDF always came out with a 50$ price tag and cosmetic dlcs though

be57fb  No.16684221


Are all the DLCs cosmetics ? If that's the case I wouldn't mind not buying any of them

92a4b5  No.16684224


There are actual weapons, but worse than cosmetics since they're outclassed early in the game.

10a37a  No.16684242


its in line with how much it costs on console still which hasnt really been discounted since release either. I just got some money so I might splash out on it while its discounted

10a37a  No.16684245

Lore question, if this is set after EDF4.1 and the other games how the fuck did humanity repopulate quickly enough to have an army to fight the new threat?

eb404c  No.16684246


it's not, it's like an alternate history thing I think

6222d4  No.16684250


f98c1b  No.16684255

Can someone buy me the game?

10a37a  No.16684260


sent ;)

6445a6  No.16684262


>Fencer in 4.1 is basically a hit run master and a mobile artillery battery.

The issue with that is that the direct fire artillery role is better done by Ranger with a good rocket launcher anyway. I don't know what Light Mortars are like because I haven't had the chance to use them but it feels as if kitting out a Ranger with a Volcano launcher which deals 4000 damage with a fast reload is far more worthwhile.


Yeah, alternate story. EDF is a private corporation in EDF 5 and Iron Rain IIRC.

6445a6  No.16684264


Try putting some fucking effort in it yourself you nigger.


4c0768  No.16684266

File: beb6c97e59f3096⋯.jpg (415.86 KB, 1300x900, 13:9, 53200461_p0.jpg)


4.1 also cost this much on PC launch. It also had a whole list of cosmetic/ weapon DLC at launch. Never bought any of those though.

eb404c  No.16684267


How is Iron Rain by the way? Is it good?

6445a6  No.16684268


No idea, I asked that question earlier and I got this as a response. It appears to be a mixed bag.


10a37a  No.16684270


I heard its pretty mediocre, not worth the play really

6222d4  No.16684272


Thank you anon

2fa1b6  No.16684298

Aw yeah I know what I'm doing all this weekend

ae1c8a  No.16684306

File: 904cba65ffc0404⋯.jpg (51.95 KB, 713x657, 713:657, chorror.jpg)

>requires 760

>have 750ti


425208  No.16684335


Most recommended specs are complete bullshit. I'm still using a 9 year old processor and it runs modern games fine despite being well below rec specs. It has less to do with "You NEED a PC at least this powerful" and more "This was the weakest PC we had lying around the office to test with".

e5db4a  No.16684339


they're all neets and social structure failures like me if that makes you any better

ae1c8a  No.16684350


You're giving me a very cautious boner anon

0b8f1a  No.16684368



Also chums don't know you can get a dirty cheap Pc if you look at End of service server Cpu // mobos.

Old Xeons are a beast when you oc them

10a37a  No.16684377


or save up and you can build pretty powerful AMD builds now for a fraction of the cost you would from Nvidia/Intel parts

901d66  No.16684393


Isn't the 750ti more powerful than the 760?

8b8b3a  No.16684443

File: 338f3993c8b2b66⋯.png (650.34 KB, 649x638, 59:58, 488be98eb47f43a77a355bdd00….png)

This English dub is so horrible I love it.

93b322  No.16684453


Not according to this site


Though who knows, with these nips and their weird engine optimizations.

be57fb  No.16684481

Is it possible to get english subs with japanese voice ? I can't find the option

3a23d5  No.16684546


Bumping for this important question.

825061  No.16684552

File: 3f8cfb1958c046a⋯.png (256.72 KB, 500x458, 250:229, 2858625966310611042314651.png)



Stop! Piracy is bulli!

5c0a3e  No.16684556

File: adfaf38dadca319⋯.png (510.04 KB, 515x466, 515:466, Ehh.PNG)

So… It's the same fucking game?

Everything looks different, but plays exactly the same? Even fucking gundams are just reskins of old slow ass mechwarrior mechs, whatever they were called.

Not to mention that fucking price.

I feel disappointment.

8b8b3a  No.16684559


What the fuck were you expecting.

6445a6  No.16684563


Don't be a bitch, everyone has their reasons.

ccb405  No.16684572

File: 1b2ce03bfc6bb97⋯.png (4.37 MB, 1800x3000, 3:5, 58e186187c60784a715821cec3….png)


Well I kinda expected gundams to be new mech archetype with unique animations, maybe laser swords or cool melee attacks or something.


Nigga, paying 50 fucking trumps for a reskin of an ancient ass ps3 game, which was a reskin in the first place, is they goyest thing you can possibly do. Never give jews money holy fuck how are you even here?

3ed532  No.16684575

Should I get this over 4.1?

ccb405  No.16684579


They're the same thing. If your PC is old as shit, get the older game. If it's new and beefy get 5.

641b80  No.16684583


but its not the same thing, thats misinformation

ccb405  No.16684585


What's different besides visuals and some digital adjustments for gear and mobs?

Because I'm playing it now and


8b8b3a  No.16684586

File: 5fabf5d8bd297cb⋯.jpg (260.58 KB, 800x725, 32:29, 5fabf5d8bd297cb80c4e88a966….jpg)



>.t someone who hasn't gotten past the first 10 levels

723de5  No.16684594

File: af2bcd25fac86d2⋯.jpg (149.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, EDF.jpg)


If you sit around long enough in the brain fight the aircraft carrier rescued a shit load of civies and porters girl, along with many bases being able to re-establish contact again as the brain was jamming EDF signals making everyone think they had gotten rolled over. Most of the human casualties were from the third world that couldn't defend themselves, so the probably africa and china got cleaned.

ccb405  No.16684599


Yeah well enlighten me, because I'm one click from uninstalling it.

8b8b3a  No.16684602

File: defe4604d411f91⋯.png (641.69 KB, 744x536, 93:67, defe4604d411f912d678323caf….png)


Fucking do it pussy, since you're that much of a retard anyways to not know what EDF is. I'm surprised you can type coherent sentences considering your obvious mental deficiencies.

ccb405  No.16684605


Yeah I know what EDF is.

Jap Asscreed with ants.

Have a shit day homo.

f33b06  No.16684608


>jap asscreed


You really don't know what it is.

d73afc  No.16684610

What an attention whore

8b8b3a  No.16684613

File: f7061c9177b1b35⋯.gif (144.02 KB, 300x300, 1:1, f7061c9177b1b35d11ed034276….gif)


At least I know how to tie my shoes, dumbass.

825061  No.16684617


>jap asscreed with ants

It's Korean Far Cry with spiders you dumbass.

376ffb  No.16684620


It's Taiwanese GTA with bees.

8b8b3a  No.16684621


It's just Destiny with spiders.

e0bca6  No.16684625


It does, thank you.

8b8b3a  No.16684630

Doesn't seem like Shield Cancelling really works anymore.

52ffa9  No.16684639


it doesn't, but you'll get modules later on that let you zip around all day.

8b8b3a  No.16684640


Yea, I got the one where I can double-jump and dash twice.

f38596  No.16684641


>Am I missing out?

A bit

Just use the cheat tables to automatically collect crates / directly adjust the number of crates you collected if you don't feel like grinding

52ffa9  No.16684670


yep, you get weapons and armor for all classes now, not just the one you play as

eea93f  No.16684681

File: 09be37439ccb08b⋯.jpg (39.08 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 09be37439ccb08bf9b041ba46d….jpg)


are you sure it's not The japaneese avenger with insect?

93b322  No.16684712


It's chink Postal 2 with frogs you doofuses

023f5b  No.16684717

>games out

Is it good? And how is the port?

Is it better than 4.1?

inb4 spoonfeeding, niggers I can't be fucked to go look it up myself I have a dinner to cook

d215f2  No.16684729


How hard is it to recognize Vietnamese L4D you shitters

723de5  No.16684735

File: db6cf47483b029d⋯.jpg (20.03 KB, 241x334, 241:334, slant eye.jpg)


>Not chinese skyrim with godzillas

162327  No.16684740

File: 4d6ebad49b1b3b2⋯.gif (3.22 MB, 491x704, 491:704, chinaman_boombox.gif)


The game is good

I'v only played the first few missions so far, but i'v already noticed some nice improvements, The Rangers Sprint gives you a bigger pick up radius, at the end of a mission a small part of your weapons and armor pick ups will be for other classes. Weapons you already have can now gain upgraded stats from pick ups, and there is now support equipment that gives you buffs, I got 110% movement speed or 120% dash speed.

Just being able to move faster as the ranger is a god send.

As for the PC port it's just as bare bones as 4.1 was, no improvements on that end.

52ffa9  No.16684749


So far it's all great, however I did have some weird stuttering and frame rate issue but switching to windowed got rid of it.

eb404c  No.16684751


at least the cursor works in the menus now

162327  No.16684758


Only problem I have is that just like 4.1 There doesn't seem to be any way to play the game borderless windowed.

023f5b  No.16684761


Is multiplayer via lan possible? Might get some friends to play with or some /v/bros if we manage to get some server running if that's even possible with this game never had anyone to play with on 4.1 and that made it pretty boring.


>I did have some weird stuttering and frame rate issue but switching to windowed got rid of it

Weird, I assume it's just a bit of a glitchy game.

162327  No.16684772


>Is multiplayer via lan possible?

Nah they wouldn't go though the effort of adding that just for a PC port. it's just the same online functions as the PS4 version i'm sure.

Still the normal online should be fine.

eea93f  No.16684815



i played solo 4.1 because i use a pirated version.

i loved the game so much even though i couldn't use half the artillery of the fencer or the vehicles of the air rader because i was playing alone.

So i swore myself i would buy the next EDF. i thought it would be iron rain, but edf 5 is good enouth

023f5b  No.16684837


Shame, I don't have the money nor the friends to justify actually buying it so I'll just pirate it once a repack is out.


I really enjoyed the game too, it's just while it's fun it can lose it's momentum when you're by yourself because grinding shit can get pretty tedious.

ae1c8a  No.16684858


someone with an equally shitty card tell me if this runs plz

3e1f3f  No.16684876


>Soldiers can call in vehicles

>Everyone gets support equipment

>Air Raider has 3 weapons not 2

>Wing Diver's weapons all work on a weird charge state instead of loading magazines of energy

>Your weapons upgrade as you use play instead of getting 50 bajillion useless things

<hurr durr it's just a reskin


>while it's fun it can lose it's momentum when you're by yourself because grinding shit can get pretty tedious.

The new drop mechanic makes my dick fucking hard. 75% of the weapons you get will be for the class you played as, but you'll also get a few for other classes so you don't get absolutely bumfucked trying other classes out withouth grinding them.

023f5b  No.16684881


I want to play it but I'm just going to have to wait for my site to give me a repack because my vpn ran out and I can't buy it again right now

eea93f  No.16684888


there is also the dlc IIRC that help you pick stuff


>Support gear that acts as detection and rescue gear.

>It gathers up items in a wide radius and heals allied soldiers with them.

>Item acquisition radius: +150%

>Ally heal potency on item pickup: +10%

3e1f3f  No.16684891

File: ac49168e1ef1e2a⋯.png (373.77 KB, 501x624, 167:208, d9a7315aae306ae8ff677beb88….png)


>I can't buy it again right now

25c271  No.16684896


It's been out on PS4 for awhile.

3e1f3f  No.16684906

I do have one major complaint about the game to make: Hardest and Inferno difficulties are locked off until you beat the game once. I'm annoyed because the devs balanced 4.1 toward grinding out gear and health, even though the most fun in the game came from tactically figuring out levels well beyond your health levels. Now I'm basically being forced to play on an easier mode than I want to.

52ffa9  No.16684921


I actually am okay with this, it removes the temptation to just get carried on one inferno mission then use your huge OP weapons to steam roll through the lower difficulties. And especially now once I get to inferno, everyone who plays with me will at least have a respectable amount of armor and arsenal. On 4.1 there were a lot of people who would join my inferno lobbies with 400 armor and lvl 20 guns, and they just would have no idea what they were signing up for.

023f5b  No.16684930


A vpn anon, you can't just pirate those. And last time I checked free vpns are either shit, slow or unsecure. Mostly all three.

10a37a  No.16684942

If you want a ranger weapon to carry you through everything on hard early the minion buster is pretty much a broken warhammer bolter

eea93f  No.16684952


Speed is a gamble.

there is no secure VPN anyway. if you just want to exploit currency exchange, using SoftEther VPN (an open source japaneese college VPN https://www.softether.org/ ) is good enouth, hell it's good enouth for an enormous if not all the use a normi would want for their vpn

023f5b  No.16684988


I do use it occasionally but I don't get good speeds whatsoever. With my other vpn I'd have my usual max speed 24/7

7b4e26  No.16685005



>the same

Dash canceling is gone, but combining dash boost and jump boost into launching yourself extreme distances is the new hotness

Also QOL changes everywhere

93b322  No.16685085


I have a craptop with a 940m, at minimal settings, fullscreen, at reduced resolution it ran at playable speed, though it'd probably get choppy during more particle-heavy parts than the third mission offers.

The 750TI is a bit better than that, so it's probably playable at all times if you tune it down a bit, or might be able to play at 1080p with occasional framedrops when shit hits the fan.

dca64f  No.16685203


So far I think I’d actually prefer canceling back, but that webm of the two fencers dueling and dashing like fucking mad has me hopeful that I’ll prefer the new system once I get good enough gear.

fb4294  No.16685220


if you don't have a jump off cooldown, you can also attack with a blast spear or some other weapon to do a sort of dash extend like you could in 4.1

ae1c8a  No.16685249


Fingers crossed.

Must get a new card soon, I usually like to stay a little behind the times so shit doesn't cost an arm and a leg, maybe a 1660ti

daf833  No.16685502


How to play online with crack?

46053f  No.16685572

Never played any of these, but fuck it, I'll jump on the bandwagon. Lord knows I've pirated enough from Jap devs in the past.

Any new 8/v/ groups?

9f0227  No.16685684

File: 1a095bb59b2f4c2⋯.png (577.09 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190207-135228.png)

New thread?

b65d6a  No.16685754

Any problems with the PC port?

248ad2  No.16685825


23 fps on my rtx 2060. Freezes on load or shortly after. Can't even end task it because I can't get task manager to gain focus.

248ad2  No.16685847


Well, looks like it's running off my integrated graphic.

507499  No.16685885


Only major problem is that it stutters in fullscreen mode

dbea92  No.16685886

>get duel boosts for both vertical and horizontal

>turn into 9ball sereph

This is what fencer was always supposed to be, it just didn't know it.

b65d6a  No.16685897

>all that DLC

>ranger support device detector S-type

>item acquisition radius: +150%

>ally heal potency on item pickup: +10%

>Wing diver support device reverse core S-type

>Fencer support device wild skeleton

the fuck is this bullshit?

faf2a0  No.16685984

>game is out

>super expensive

fucking videoGAMES

eb404c  No.16685995

Made a room called "!!EDF!!". Make sure to search for the name directly or it won't show up.

I might quit if my friends get on but at least the room should still be up for you guys

248ad2  No.16686000

>finally got the game running well in windowless fullscreen

>get stomped on the 3rd mission

how do I get gud playing AR solo?

507499  No.16686029


Play hard and get good gear.

162327  No.16686068


May I ask how you got the game running in borderless window?

I can't figure it out for 5, and I wasn't able to do it in 4.1 either.

248ad2  No.16686105

248ad2  No.16686106


Playing hard was the problem. Maybe I need to turtle in the tunnel or replay mission 2 or something. Wish I didn't have work so I could keep playing.

162327  No.16686139


Mission 4 is pretty easy to beat on hard so you could get to that level on Normal then bump it to hard.

Once I got the Minion Buster Assault Rifle for close range and the KFF 50 LS Sniper for long range things have been going pretty smoothly on hard.

d215f2  No.16686190

Alright I was wrong to be worried, the shitty English voice acting is fucking hilarious so far

e0e544  No.16686255

Recently some pirated games can multiplayer and also multiplayer with official copies/server. Can EDF5 pirate edition allow for multiplayer?

3e1f3f  No.16686331

File: 0665c9c3504b8f1⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 498x274, 249:137, ongoing suspense.gif)

Something feels slightly off about this game. Maybe it's because I'm forced to play on hard and don't have the higher level weapons, but shooting bugs is nowhere near as satisfying as it was in 4.1 I only have two weapons on the Ranger I feel remotely satisfied in using. I feel like I have permenant blueballs. Also, while the frog people were a great idea, I sorely miss Hectors. Fighting Hectors with their noodley appendages ragdolling through the air was much more fun. And each time the frog do a side step or roll to avoid fire I die a little inside.

507499  No.16686340


When fighting the frogs you cant just blast them, you need to be a bit more tactical and aim for their shooting arms or legs.

fb4294  No.16686435


Wing diver is the worst culprit to me in this regard. Disliking all the charge weapons, my m1 is pressed practically the entire missions if I try to conserve energy and play well. Would be alright if there was a setting to start charge on one click and fire on the second. Even when I do my best to conserve energy the weapons don't feel worth it over 4.1's weapons, or just sticking with the initial rapier.

Unfortunately I miss the hectors too.

Other than that, I'm enjoying all the other classes and their changes immensely. If you haven't checked out Ranger's grenade launchers, maybe you should. I found one with 4 shots I enjoy.

6445a6  No.16686607


You don't, buy the game you nigger.

52ffa9  No.16686653

File: 7c41b6523607a76⋯.png (467.63 KB, 960x540, 16:9, air raider thinking templa….png)

File: 68a9ea86be981a2⋯.png (964.99 KB, 2636x1558, 1318:779, air raider thinking of kem….png)

Minor shit but

>because the game is new I can start a room and people will actually fucking join

>game is the fifth installment and it actually uses 5 instead of V

3b46b8  No.16686681


I think the missions might not be as well designed as those in 4.1. Maybe because there are more of them they're saving the cool shit for later, but so far I know I wouldn't be enjoying the game if I had paid such a ridiculous price for it. The writing has gone down from b movie quality to axe cop quality and that doesn't help.

4dfdb3  No.16686693


>Something feels slightly off about this game

It's definitely the weapons. If you take a minute to look over the stats you will start to see why, especially if you play classes like Ranger and Fencer. A large majority of their ballistics based weaponry have damage taper off the further the distance. It's fucking awful with the starter weapons so that's probably what you're experiencing.


>I think the missions might not be as well designed as those in 4.1

They reused some of the map layouts from 2025/4.1. inferno/mission 19 is an obvious one

faf2a0  No.16686753

>This is not a world war, this is a SPACE war

man that was funny, but why the fuck is the first two missions absolute dogshit?

023f5b  No.16686797


Greed is what it is, I want to say at least it's cheap but that doesn't excuse the kikery. Not as bad as Dead or Alive 6 though, 600 dollars for the entire game and most of it is just costumes.

4dfdb3  No.16686819


>Dead or Alive 6 though, 600 dollars

Train Simulator would like a word with you. $10,000


023f5b  No.16686823


>ummm guys piracy is actually dying

>train sim 2019

I am beyond grateful for the hard work that crack scenes produce.

Reddit would defend that.

ae1c8a  No.16686857



Just installed and it werks phew

faf2a0  No.16686871



there's a multiplayer crack

3e1f3f  No.16686901


>They reused some of the map layouts from 2025/4.1. inferno/mission 19 is an obvious one

They ruined one of the most fun basic farmable mission by slapping a minute and a half of dialogue into the mission before enemies start spawining

eea93f  No.16687396


i kind of like the 1st one, it set up the stage and hype you up when you see al the tank and mechs.

bf8269  No.16687482

>english dub sucks in the bad way

>jap voiceover has no subtitles

Lowest point of the port by far

fb4294  No.16687593

Why does the Erginus mission take forever to call a retreat?

52ffa9  No.16687623


No idea. I had a full squad fucking blasting away at him and it took forever.

507499  No.16687643


Because fuck you.

eea93f  No.16687997


yea but the 3rd mission is nice to farm no?

dbea92  No.16688195

>guy is done playing

>tries to team kill us

>snipe his ass

You were a nigger but fun playing with you.

bf8269  No.16688231

>bunch of giant frogs drop out of a flying tube


What the fuck are these people on?

023f5b  No.16688259


>he doesn't drop out of a flying tube while also being an amphibian creature born from a tadpole in a pond


2c3da4  No.16688283

I read that you can so multi monitor split screen in 4.1, but I cannot figure it out for 5. Can't find the hex I'm supposed to replace and can't get my custom resolution i set in nvidia control panel to show up in game. Any ideas?

daf833  No.16688355


Link, please? Help

ae1c8a  No.16688360

These 'military units' speak like a gang of guttersnipes The tone is all over the place, defeatist whiners and gung-ho GAMBATE! types, battling it out for supremacy.

>'Oh we can't kill drop ships, nmv we can easy wait 3 MONTHS, while the airforce pulls its finger out of its ass'

The EDF director voice is hilarious, the whiny guys screaming 'someone save meeee!' would be met with a barely perceivable stern shake of the head for being such a faggot in Japland.

>Clearly a massive frog

>"They look like us, I-I can't do it!"




>purple blood


f7a4fb  No.16688408


the edf commander sounds like someone who wants to sound like george tekai

3e1f3f  No.16688417


Ok it wasn't just me thinking that. It took so long that I genuinely started thinking the mission might only end once all your friendlies were dead.

dbea92  No.16688469

The unit pain sounds are so fucking bad holy shit. That retarded as grunt they do. This is no where near as hammy as 4 unfortunately

d215f2  No.16688485


Vulcan Hammering a French guy in the face as you fly by at mach 30has been fun at least

a47e94  No.16688642

File: 1f746651f1da3d1⋯.png (360.56 KB, 992x587, 992:587, THE EDF DEPLOYS.png)








dbea92  No.16688671

wingdiver has a fat ass

bf8269  No.16688682

These smug Spriggan cunts sure talk big

52ffa9  No.16688696

>fight artiller frogs

>"we can win if we get close, their weapons are designed for long range"

>dash up to one

>instagibs me with his mortar


dbea92  No.16688701


>listening to a guy who will die in 30 seconds

You dug your own grave. I kinda like these frogs, the way they take cover and shit is fun. I can't tell if they actually use an AI or now. I've seen them hid and break LOS if they are weak and when I was online when the 2nd to last person went down they broke cover and charged the last nerd. That just could have been coincidence. Anyone seen anything else?

3e1f3f  No.16688707


They definitely have intelligent AI. Also notice that unlike every other enemy, they frogs will absolutely make an effort to encircle you.

52ffa9  No.16688708


I think the frogs are miles better than the deroys. I do miss the wacky-waving-inflatable robot dancing, but the frogs are way more interesting to fight with their gibbing and movement, than the almost completely unreactive deroys.

c1baa4  No.16688728


Yeah the frogs and the ayys are my most favorite and least favorite to fight, doing coop against them is cool because you can move as a group and take them out one, and the way they are spaced out makes it so you can do it without they enemy squads interfering unless you let the get too close to each other.

6f0601  No.16688745


They're definitely Line of sight based instead of the usual triggering when your in their range.

Its fun sneaking up on them and blasting them with the slaughter from a flank

a47e94  No.16688754


The frogs are easy to deal with if you have a shotgun or sniper like weapon and go straight for their face. You better learn to git gud at fighting them because the red frogs and the ayy lmaos will fuck you up if you don't watch your shit and learn to actually strategize. I beat the PS4 version of the game and it pulls absolutely NO fucking punches in the later missions. Playing as wing diver was my only saving grace when playing the entire game on Hard only.


Its really fun blowing all of their limbs off and watching them crawl away in fear and agony, I really like to also blow their arms off and watch them run like the giant retards they are.

bf8269  No.16688838

Is the Monster Zero weapon supposed to be total shit?

b893b7  No.16688848


>Blow off their arms

>They walk up to you and stare at you

ae1c8a  No.16688861

Mission 39 on normal before I died from stupidity, good shit so far I have no complaints outside of the retarded google translatey dub, though elements of it are making me laugh. Oh and I suppose going over the 'oh noes we can't kill the drop ships' shit when we've all downed a million of the damn things in previous games and the 'Oh wow NEW enemies' that turn out to be old ones like the BEEES, no nod to continuity feels redundant.

ae1c8a  No.16688866


Oh yes also play this with headphones on it was a revelation to hear all the chaos and ham.

3e1f3f  No.16688949


They definitely have intelligent AI. Also notice that unlike every other enemy, they frogs will absolutely make an effort to encircle you.

a47e94  No.16688977


Its been half a year since I played the game dude, dont remember all the details.

Maybe what they do depends on your class, I remember them doing a tactical retreat whenever they lost their arms.

bf8269  No.16688979

I can't believe they managed to make red drones even more cancerous than in 4.1

c1baa4  No.16689025

File: 17d19593e304251⋯.png (840.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, senko.png)


>Air Raider

>with no decent AA

fb4294  No.16689046


From the description, it sounds kinda like full charge is actually overcharging it and results in it being shit, but I tested it and all charge levels result in it shooting like a rapier.

>450m range

>S++ accuracy

It's just false advertising.

e0e544  No.16689054


I manged to get multiplayer working using Goldberg's Steam emulator. You'll need a non-cracked version of the game files. CODEX releases start off clean with the option to crack in a check box, so just tell it not to copy over contents. Goldberg's steam emulator changes the game to LAN, so you'll need to use tuungle/logmein or some other LAN emulation software if you wanna play over the internet. I was playing in a LAN with some bros, so this wasn't needed for me.

a9ea02  No.16689083


For some reason the DLC crack isn't included in this, for people that downloaded this here:


and i know it's >igg but i couldn't find it anywhere else(lazy) and it's just an ini file that you have to copy into your game folder so it's unlikely it has any viruses

abd8c3  No.16689100


Pretty much, the description says its a prototype. The actual Monster is a few levels higher and works as intended.

3e1f3f  No.16689233

File: 7308fb521d8e041⋯.mp4 (879.03 KB, 480x480, 1:1, SUCK A DICK.mp4)


>You can't use double Zera guns

bf8269  No.16689247

Holy shit mission 30 with WD sucks

>millions of pepes with zero visibility

>teleport ships

>surprise underground spiders that spawn where the pepes drop, which is also the exact same spot where the first teleship is

I'm not sure what sort of loadout should I even use here. I brought Rapier G to delete the teleports in one go but really no clue what's a solid secondary for this.

c1baa4  No.16689258

File: 2d010bbcf8ed0e3⋯.jpg (343.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, spicy smug.jpg)


>Illegal immigration and illicit work, they must be evicted

Holy shit these lines are amazing

52ffa9  No.16689294

What the actual fuck is with the names in this one?

>bees are "flying aggressors"

>queens are "mother monsters"

bcc9df  No.16689299


Politically Correct language?

7b4e26  No.16689300

alright fgts, argue over a room name and password to collectively use so we can play with people who aren't subhumans

52ffa9  No.16689302


I mean they did change immigrants to primers, but then they leave in lines like >>16689258 so I don't even fucking know.

52ffa9  No.16689311

also holy fuck this new erginus thing is a walking air strike

f38596  No.16689498


Dunno which one specifically you're referring to but the first on you encounter him in actually requires you to damage him enough and when you see it's starting to flee between staggers that's when you're supposed to let him be until he reaches his exit point

Technically if you're playing after grinding for a while and have sufficiently powerful weapons you can push him with his stagger animation towards the point he needs to reach for the mission before having him damaged enough.

pretty much like 4.1 actually

d96e41  No.16689561

I want my fucking heavy mortars back already holy shit. I like how the armor changes over time, nice touch; and while I will always be the strongman, Wing Diver now speediest girl with the midair flips, sorry Fencer

ae1c8a  No.16689919


It just comes off like a contextless bad translation, there's a few instances where incorrect words are used.

7de85e  No.16689966


>no nod to continuity feels redundant

Because it's a reboot, nigger. It's a new universe where the EDF is under heavy criticism for wasting money when there's no real threat or ever been one, so they have a day where civvies can come in and play with the fencers or some shit to improve public relations when SUDDENLY BUGS HOLY SHIT.

6f0601  No.16689993


The problem is it takes FOREVER to move to the next phase. You have to do something like 10k damage on Online hard to trigger the next phase

In 4.1 its 15 minutes tops to end the erginus encounter provided you have a balam for style points


>Reboot storyline

Did they ever explain how the fencers were made? Because i recall in 4.1 they were made as a countermeasure to the shieldscreen from 2017

faf2a0  No.16690090

File: 4e449e04807cbf0⋯.jpg (52.96 KB, 548x653, 548:653, yeyeye_edgy.jpg)


not going to spoonfed you because i wasn't spoonfed either, doesn't even require steamemu or goldberg or some gay lan emulation shit (hamachi)


they're just exoskeleteens

eea93f  No.16690123

File: ad27bbdd9c43221⋯.jpg (133.67 KB, 960x951, 320:317, fidel carnaval.jpg)


>we lost 20% of the popullation

<well.. that's actually not bad

dbea92  No.16690343

>get to mission with Cosmonauts

>they are fast as fuck

>they are aggressive as fuck

>they hit like a fucking truck

>nearly wipe me and team and we make it to the end of the misison because its a retreat one

>next mission we are stranded in a building and getting picked off

>everytime we try to leave and Ayys see us and clean up us

Holy shit these guys are no joke.

127d4a  No.16690364

File: eddc3aa073535fc⋯.png (3.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1007040_20190712144945_1.png)


and they're the weakest variant, also fucking love fog missions with you only being bale to see the radar to tell where enemies are attacking from

998429  No.16690418

I can't fucking play this game. Nothing happens when I start it. No errors in windows logs, no nothing.

The game process doesn't even start

f38596  No.16690424


And that's why I love the Stardust Cannon, it just destroys them.

ae1c8a  No.16690458


Shit works, your toaster just doesn't like it

f7a4fb  No.16690473

File: 7b17cc4888dd007⋯.jpg (613.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190713031935_1.jpg)

>kill an ayy

>he dabs on me

6f0601  No.16690518


>Pepes gun you down

>Proceeds to do a teabag motion on your corpse


998429  No.16690538


Fixed it. A corrupt/missing .dll


Anyone playing right now?

I can create a room

daf833  No.16690545


Then how am I supposed to find it?

127d4a  No.16690552


make a room then

7de85e  No.16690564


Have you considered not being retarded? I just spent 5 seconds doing the obvious thing, and immediately got the result you want.

127d4a  No.16690587


make a room you lazy faggot im sitting here waiting

daf833  No.16690691


Got the fit girl crack, and replaced the steam.dlL files but now it doesnt open?

daf833  No.16690739


I had to open steam, got it fixed now.


Not sure how to get this to work? Doesnt really do anything.

162327  No.16690850


If you click make window border-less and then quickly click on the game it will work, But as soon as you change the focus the game becomes windowed again. so you'd need to repeat it each time.

I'm not sure if that anon was able to figure anything else out, but I doubt it since I'v only be able to fine one other post about this online with someone experiencing the same thing with this program.

Apparently it's the games engine that's causes the issue, it will just always change the setting back to windowed.

f7d2d8  No.16691283


They look just like humans.

f7d2d8  No.16691288


There are 4 vertical buttons on the app and one of them can fix your border if it comes back out.

2042bc  No.16691566

File: df35845ea29113b⋯.jpg (26.66 KB, 398x361, 398:361, 1444764776748.jpg)

>buy the game like a good soldier

>pick Air Raider

>hard mode

>play tutorial

>finally get out

>mech is not ready at the start

>gets a while for it to get here

>runs out of ammo fast

>VA is a GUY


i feel betrayed!

d215f2  No.16691694

File: 60997057ae83c2d⋯.png (135.93 KB, 294x256, 147:128, oBtfiG3.png)

>You're good!

>You're good!

>You're good!

>You're good!

>You're good!

Also I think the Command Ship mission single-highhandedly gave me the ability to have seizures. But I got to punch God in the dick so that's cool

52ffa9  No.16691935


You get some lady assistant later on for all your characters.

7de85e  No.16691936

So uh, what key do you press to actually enter a vehicle on keyboard?

Always just played Ranger, and now Ranger can summon shit too, but the button prompt seems to say press the same key you used to request it (Z), but that doesn't do shit. Nor does any other key, I pressed just about everything on my keyboard.

52ffa9  No.16691977


Whatever key you use to revive people.

7de85e  No.16692028

File: b03a311086e25f4⋯.jpg (50.28 KB, 508x472, 127:118, JUSTkot.jpg)


Anon I play solo

7de85e  No.16692037


Nevermind, that did help. E key, listed under common controls. Thanks, sorry for being retarded.

ad42c0  No.16692106

File: be2b74e8eb6793f⋯.jpg (24.2 KB, 285x324, 95:108, 4rv46e07.jpg)

>Air Raider

>never used much of the artillery in 4.1

>mfw using all 3 weapons for artillery

god damn, the fifth mission is hard without ANY AA

daf833  No.16692423

Pirate Lobby: Hard, Misssion 17, Lobby name: EDF, Password: letmein

faf2a0  No.16692470


cuming in

52ffa9  No.16692609


I feel like they really buffed the shit out artillery in exchange for making vehicles a lot harder to rely on. Almost nothing is ready out of the box, and it takes forever to redeploy vehicles.

d215f2  No.16692613

Any good anti-air for air raider? Seem to recall 4.1 having a missile vehicle but haven't seen anything comparable yet

dbea92  No.16692633


is it down?

eb404c  No.16692648


the naegling self propelled rocket is still there for the air raider

52ffa9  No.16692649


Air raider gets the naegling again in 5, and I personally use the zer guns, though they’re not as good against drones as they on flying bugs. Air raider also gets the sky trap wire again but it has a different name.

507499  No.16692667


But does shit damage and has shit health.

4dfdb3  No.16692681



Use the orbital lasers. When you gitgud switch over to cannon call ins; whichever does the most damage per shot and has the lowest reload timer. Pair it up with any wide ranged artillery call-ins that require points. Use all of the above to contribute towards your vehicle point pool.

Alternatively, use power/life-spout/guard assist guns and posts on your teammates to help them survive and kill shit faster so you get your vehicle call-in faster; you can also attach these to your vehicles for a mobile buff providing platform. That was the go-to strategy for 4.1 Inferno maps - because almost all your call-ins required points.

52ffa9  No.16692682


I'm fairly certain one of the nix exoskeletons has missile pods, so you could use that.

4dfdb3  No.16692689


And by cannon, I meant gunship cannons ie. 105mm,120mm, 150mm, 180mm etc

52ffa9  No.16692796

File: 5a9991d5aaf69dc⋯.jpg (31.68 KB, 500x500, 1:1, laughing spy.jpg)

oh my fuck these roly polies don't fuck around

507499  No.16692809


best strat is to hide in the parking garage to fight them.

52ffa9  No.16692814


fencer can also parry when he gets knocked down to avoid getting beaten senseless.

f3260e  No.16692818


The Spritefall has a female VA still

d215f2  No.16692902


Sneaky waterfall rock spot is where it's at

daf833  No.16693451


We must have went to sleep. But we were on til 1:30.

Room Name: Wehe, Password: letmein, Pirate, 1/4, mission 6.

Im just leveling up wing diver since all I have right now is Air Raider.

eea93f  No.16693534

File: aec7b2c114493eb⋯.jpg (112.4 KB, 818x461, 818:461, .jpg)


shouldn't we create another thread PEPE eddition now that we are past the bump limit ?

7de85e  No.16693549

>extermination mission

>let's try out this new grenade launcher I just got

>shit it fires way too far, this is useless for the ants

>oh well my AR is good enough to handle this, let's see how it goes

>oh shit Erginus

>'nade launcher turns out to be perfect for the mission

God I love moments like that.


You are not allowed to make new threads before page 13 or 700 posts. Some faggot mod will delete it if you try.

35f28a  No.16693560



The frogs are a great enemy-type.

ea2f8e  No.16693635

File: 62481c879d8cd63⋯.jpg (112.77 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1468178872251-4.jpg)

Goddamn I just finished the survivors mission and it was super fun

>Air raider

>Starting out by ICBM'ing greys in the parking garage

>Continue guerilla tactics until I end up with a full squad

>Squad actually pulls their weight and stunlocks enemies when I need to reload

>Final grey has his arms and legs blown off, I call in spritefall as he's unable to move

I also love how chuuni the spritefall operator is now

ad42c0  No.16693637

File: 6825019b3b6408b⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 200x200, 1:1, thmonty_rabbit.gif)

>first underground mission

>oh fuck

>have shit weapons for that

>use shitty limp gun, sentries and crawler

>get in crawler because fuck the limp gun

>prepare for horror

>nope, the whole cave is light up

>literary dont need flashlights to see

>pretty easy

>just at the end

>its a fucking trap

>everyone dies except me

>run at the trap cave

>summon my last crawler

>shoot like crazy

>bugs drop like flies

>revive my team

>win the mission

b1e67b  No.16693649



Request gunship is awesome for AA. Sniper is decent too.

Mission 41 is kicking my ass though. How am I supposed to take down green lasers solo as ar?

d432b0  No.16693668


>Read this post

>Wonder what these new enemies are like but figure they can't be that bad

>Get to mission with Cosmonauts

>At first sight I think they will be just as easy as the colonists and die to a single autocannon volley

>Fuck no they don't

>Get my shit kicked in by them

>They snipe me across the map and then chase me down and flank me when I try to hide in alleys

>Completely stuck on this level as air raider and not sure what weapon to even use as most of the gunship stuff that murdered everything else struggles with them

Wew lad I can only imagine how bad fucking Red cosmonauts will be be

ea2f8e  No.16693692


I just spammed the shit out of Naeglings and circle strafed until most of the guns were down, then used the ZE guns to cover while I shot the ship with the limpet sniper.

b1e67b  No.16693701


On hard, the naegling didn't seem to do much damage and when the allies all died, the green lasers just seem to destroy me at insane range.

The sniper and tank gun was hard to aim at range.

eb404c  No.16693703


>I also love how chuuni the spritefall operator is now

Is that in the Japanese version? In English she seemed like an older crazy scientist lady to me.

7de85e  No.16693722

File: 4c39be30abdec15⋯.gif (999.67 KB, 450x234, 25:13, fuck this gay earth.gif)

>return to base mission

>oh I'm working with a nice large group of allies

>wait a minute that beach

>flashbacks to 4.1 and those red ants

>it's red fucking ants again

I hope I'm not going to be stuck on this as long as I was last time, I refuse to drop the difficulty

2b7980  No.16693745


What class are you playing? I beat it a few hours ago on Hard as Ranger with double shotguns and a Blacker tank. The tank wasn't that useful for much besides taking a few blows and getting in some decent pokes with the cannon, but it made a good safety net regardless. Won't lie, though, I relied on health drops more than I should've.

7de85e  No.16693776


Ranger, I only tried it once so far since I had some other shit to do. Had a suboptimal build for the mission, with a slow burst AR and a grenade launcher that isn't great for large hordes, although the heli I got was doing pretty well. Problem with that is that while it keeps me alive, it doesn't work well for picking stuff up and thus makes it hard to keep allies alive. So once I ran out of heli weapons I was all alone and got swarmed.

I'll probably make it in a few tries when I pick some better weapons, probably a decent AR and rocket launcher or something.

ad42c0  No.16693790


its a shame it doesnt let you have flexibility

2b7980  No.16693796


Oh damn, you can get a heli that early on Hard? Thanks for letting me know, I've yet to find one.

Good luck on your next run, with that said.

52ffa9  No.16693889

File: 9d2621fe9e37050⋯.png (27.61 KB, 800x419, 800:419, ClipboardImage.png)


Speaking of air raider and your pic, heavy bomber vesta is great as it actually fires napalm.

dbea92  No.16693924


I like the way she cackles after using the weapon sometimes.

ad42c0  No.16693925

File: 6e4235d4af3d085⋯.gif (2.58 MB, 492x283, 492:283, 1431019177896.gif)

>mfw found a truck

52ffa9  No.16693931


She’ll say things like “you have good taste air raider” and “this light can kill anything, even gods” too.

eea93f  No.16693958


survive the 1st 2 wave then call for elicopter fly around in high altitute, when all your allied are dead just go to the small ilstant and the red ant will folow: flow them all up with your gatling as they will aproach from pretty much one side .

do not use your missile at that moment, it blew my elicopter (but i thinned them so much that it was irrelevent)

25c271  No.16694086

Oh boy almost finished downloading :3

25c271  No.16694151


Oh boy almost finished unpacking installing

daf833  No.16694170


Pirate or buy?

7de85e  No.16694230


You don't have to unpack legitimately bought games, anon.


>try this

>call an extra chopper on the island as well for good measure

>might as well rocketlaunch some fools while they approach

>oh shit red ant from behind

>get flung off the island

>everyone died

>both literally and figuratively swimming in ants

>get to land

>manage to survive with 10 HP through sheer force of anger alone

What a combination of stupid as fuck, awesome, and lucky that was

>we managed to save several survivors

<as I'm running around all by myself picking up loot

ad42c0  No.16694387

playing right now, anyone have a room to join?

eea93f  No.16694435

File: 1c347c4c35023a6⋯.png (351.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, TR.png)


>we managed to save several survivors

<as I'm running around all by myself picking up loot

That's right!

well when i thought about using the choper the 3rd wave started to spawn and i was: "fuck man you better hurry, HURRY"

Still, it was so cool because it synched with the scripted radio com.

In the end i manage to flew guns blazing while being surrounded by thoses red ants

I also had so much trouble controling the helicopter

I mean seriously my original plan was to just fuck them from the sky but all my allied died and they were just below me. i tried to go for the sea thinking they couldn't swim and they folowed me.. i had just 5 000 fuel left … so i saw this island and this "slope" and thought it could be a good place to die slaughter them

ad42c0  No.16694449


>I also had so much trouble controling the helicopter

sadly its still a pain to fly the heli

25c271  No.16694475


It gets better with the higher level copters… supposedly

52ffa9  No.16694483



The only helis in 4.1 that were remotely maneuverable were the vulture series. It's best to just stick with ones that have missiles, auto-acquisition guns, or unguided bombs so that you can actually hit stuff just by looking in the general direction.

723de5  No.16694650

File: ee660ce106df825⋯.jpg (14.15 KB, 442x249, 442:249, 8580xedf4_(53).jpg)



the inferno level helis were all much better, with the Bazelart Powered actually having the highest potential damage of any single-seat vehicle in the game and also fastest object. Though of course they still have hot air baloon controls, but I managed to get used to that.

ad42c0  No.16694804

>another cave mission

>crawler saves the day again

i cant summon it at the beggining, but i feel they are more durable now

ad42c0  No.16694884

>started playing wing diver

>dat ass

<gun needs to be energized before firing them


eea93f  No.16694926

File: 13c2304e63f7b97⋯.jpeg (16.23 KB, 400x400, 1:1, e-SnfdE1_400x400.jpeg)


><gun needs to be energized before firing them

> >>FUCK!<<

precisely !

ea2f8e  No.16695083



A fucking godsend when playing solo and you need some space, drop that shit right on yourself and get a nice wall for a few seconds to line up other strikes

Or place it right on drop zones for frogs and watch them fry

c1baa4  No.16695118

File: bcdb7327ac0ca1e⋯.jpg (101.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, yuri undertones.jpg)

>playing hide and seek with an ayy

>he rounds a corner but I manage to get behind a building before he spots me

>walks past me and shoot and mini gun beacon on his back

>finish him off with a satellite laser while he tries to squirm away

ad42c0  No.16695136


i like that part were they have to see you to get aggro, manage to revive my whole team because i hide behind some buildings

b893b7  No.16695264


>Be a wing diver with the "Fuck you" raijin

>Typically one shots drop ships, frogs, pillars, anything I don't like dpsing

>It glances off red cosmonauts and takes up to 10 shots to kill one

ced521  No.16695388

>mission where erginus finally gets trashed

>barely make it cause the nigger 2-shots me and keeps making a beeline for me only


Jesus fucking christ this game does not pull any punches

Also this thread could use a remaking

248ad2  No.16695449


It fucking drifts too.

248ad2  No.16695468

>missions on hard after 40 are handing me my ass

>normal is too easy and the drops are shit.

Time to grind?

9220af  No.16695499


I stopped at mission 33 with my AR and started doing missions with my wing diver

ced521  No.16695514


7de85e  No.16695526


>you can just play other classes instead of grind because HP drops are shared

Hadn't even thought of that. This is so much better that it's mind boggling they didn't add this before.

21f2cc  No.16695980

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but IIRC, in 4.1 different levels have different chances of dropping different weapons, correct?

Does anyone know if it's the same for 5? Useful knowledge for weapon farming (looking to upgrade my gattling guns)

93b322  No.16696357


Yes, this is always the case.


There's no simple checklist like 4.1 had yet, but this page gives an indication of which LVL weapons drop at which levels and difficulties.

52ffa9  No.16696751

File: 17cbde8f85a0c72⋯.webm (5.2 MB, 360x270, 4:3, real time representation ….webm)

>mission 88

>mission 88

334016  No.16696930


Jap fan wikis are always so clean and orderly. I wish we had equivalents.

023f5b  No.16697127

>start playing the game finally

>forget to go check how to switch to japanese dub


9ae698  No.16697216


>not enjoying the cheese



023f5b  No.16697264





I fucking love how stupid the dialogue is in these games.

61cd30  No.16697422

Mission 40 is fucking evil.

I can do alright until the mother ants and the NIGGER RED DRONES show up but then I just get overwhelmed, and those grim reaper assholes get deleted so quick it's hilarious.

abd8c3  No.16697501

File: ce0ed86d3f49bb4⋯.png (2.77 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>Trashing Grim Reapers

You Spriggan cunts need some of this BFC

b893b7  No.16697533


>"Everyone else has been killed by aliens.. That's hilarious."

d215f2  No.16698022

>tfw the only time you get to see best missiles in action is when you put the beacon out for others

d215f2  No.16698027

File: 2b77da90efadf00⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1040x1020, 52:51, iufpb23.png)

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