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File: 743606d0a92797e⋯.png (167.2 KB, 256x384, 2:3, heavy_kek.png)

7dc03d  No.16678456

>play TF2 as soldier with the black box + conch on pl_Frontier

>see people complaining about someone being "edgy"

>assume it's this guy on the other team named "marx"

>do the big-brained move tell him marx was a Jew

>turns out he wasn't the dude being edgy and I just made myself look like a /pol/nigger

>he starts saying about how I "revealed" myself to be a nazi

>assume this guy to just be some annoying faggot

>ask whom the other team was bitching about being edgy

>don't get an answer and some faggot named "alex" on my team starts bitching about how nobody ever tells him anything and how we're just like "the people at school"

>everybody mocks him

>Alex says he's going to kill himself

>I call him out for trying to start a pity party

>he starts reeeeing in chat and marx joins in on mocking alex

>me, marx, and everybody else in the server spend the whole game making fun of this one dude

>bond with marx over mocking some annoying pity-fag and say, "your pretty cool for someone with the username 'marx'"

>Alex at the end of the game gives up on trying to start a pity-party and says he's not going to kill himself

One of the best games I've played in a long time. I top-scored. I rate 10/10

f2dd18  No.16678472

File: d9a9a8c62fe1d22⋯.jpg (28.74 KB, 625x460, 125:92, 2485af02eb9a59f1678a3a688d….jpg)

>Anno Domini 2019

>still playing the abomination that is nuTF2

829dab  No.16678475

None of this OP is about TF2.

98ae3a  No.16678481


why the ever-living fuck does every soldier and their cat use the Black Box nowadays? it was almost never used back when I was more active, but now EVERYONE USES IT

7dc03d  No.16678494


because the principle of healing for dealing damage is fun and encourages players on low health to fight rather than flee

8beb5b  No.16678498


Game is still good enough. Its a former shell of its glorious past, but the funny thing is that is a game that still holds up, and is above average. That says a lot of the industry today, that an 10+ year-old game is still better than most online games.

33c541  No.16678503


Because no one want to be medic, and its pretty good for a roamer.

98ae3a  No.16678507

File: 1db050496be1c64⋯.jpg (238.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cap_[Erai-raws]_JoJo_no_Ki….jpg)

File: e7769125eb60f75⋯.jpg (176.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cap_[Erai-raws]_JoJo_no_Ki….jpg)

File: af0c7f534865707⋯.jpg (190.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cap_[Erai-raws]_JoJo_no_Ki….jpg)

File: ecff31df296c95b⋯.jpg (180.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cap_[Erai-raws]_JoJo_no_Ki….jpg)

File: 4033402119fac11⋯.jpg (218.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cap_[Erai-raws]_JoJo_no_Ki….jpg)






b7e623  No.16678510

Valve games in general, especially on American servers in current year are great for trolling and shits and giggles if you know how to play, but that's kind of bad since now their original intention is gone to time.

3231eb  No.16678516

they ruined casual mode, sandman, targe and more weapons (i love new eureka tho) while buffing pyro to keep w+m1 noobs in game. gold times are definitely over

8df29d  No.16678523

File: 3e81242a677c779⋯.webm (3.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, MeetTheSniper.webm)

>Soldiers will spam rockets at a Pyro

>They will then lose their shit in chat when the Pyro presses M2 once

>All while they have a vaccinator medic gf

>With black box

>and conch

Soldiers might just be the most consistent with having the worst playerbase

7dc03d  No.16678524


>w+m1 pyro noobs

pyro is the weakest class in the game. Beating pyro is as easy as holding the "s" key, because pyro is ineffective at long range.

33fcc7  No.16678533

File: ab902f8a65a5cdc⋯.gif (7.47 MB, 180x320, 9:16, 1537709520_165a45739de4c5f….gif)

European matchmaking servers are the best, prove me wrong

>no edgy americans screaming nigger every two seconds

>no furries

>chat messages and voice chat barely happens, pure bliss

>russians are below average in skill with an occasional pubstomper thrown into the mix, making for fun and easy games for the most part

>less cheaters compared to NA servers

98ae3a  No.16678537

File: 9627a6c7f1f0687⋯.gif (258.08 KB, 268x199, 268:199, 1440380504576.gif)

File: 946a49e95be42e2⋯.jpg (25.18 KB, 500x296, 125:74, 1440811941062.jpg)

File: 2fbec1ef5c81a06⋯.jpg (43.33 KB, 500x348, 125:87, 1446431322574.jpg)

File: 995d05fee6c426a⋯.jpg (8.63 KB, 147x156, 49:52, 1447923811319_zps5og3fif8.jpg)

File: 3978077c6f51ea8⋯.jpg (62.98 KB, 447x400, 447:400, 1447964116540-2.jpg)



128de1  No.16678538


>having a problem with people screaming 'nigger' every two seconds

Go back.

7dc03d  No.16678539

File: 83ccdda33b3d31b⋯.png (916.11 KB, 680x1147, 680:1147, heavy_bait.png)


>no edgy americans screaming nigger every two seconds

How is this a bad thing?

>russians are below average in skill

<having russians at all

>making for fun and easy games for the most part

How is this a good thing

>less cheaters compared to NA servers

bullshit, eurofag

52cde0  No.16678540


>having a problem with people screaming

7dc03d  No.16678542


>How is this a good thing

Quick edit, how is a game being EASY good? isn't the fun in the challenge, you fucking normalnigger?

3fb03c  No.16678543

>play nuTF2

>try any class

>do shit damage and rarely kill anything

>try soldier

>end up killing everything with ease and do loads of damage

Whats the point in playing any other class now? Everything has been nerfed to shit except for the soldier


>nigger lover


>thinks slavs are european


americans are the worst and they never shut up, hearing some scrawny american try to be funny is extremely painful

7dc03d  No.16678547


>play nuTF2

>try any class

>do shit damage and rarely kill anything

I think you're just bad.

99405a  No.16678549



I'm not some sort of cuckold who will hop on the chance to defend ghouls and orks to make my self feel "progressive", but acting like a retard only gives niggers credibility.

3fb03c  No.16678554


hard to do any damage when most of your team is snipers or spies and the enemy is all soldiers


>muh credibility

<nigger credibility


99405a  No.16678555



Good example of being so retarded you make niggers look noble.

bf864c  No.16678556


People that are bad at soldier (yes they exist, yes people are bad at the easiest class in the game to play) bought the old meme that the black box was overpowered because it heals you.

3fb03c  No.16678559


Do you like chuck berry?

you seem like that cuck that would like chuck berry

99405a  No.16678562


I dislike anything connected to the Beetles or Yoko Ono so no.

Also I don't like niggers, I just hate retards who deliberately poison the well and make whites look like gay retards.

3fb03c  No.16678567


>y-your making whites look bad!!!

To who exactly? and why do you care so much for non white opinions and their approval?

99405a  No.16678579


I don't give a shit about anyone's opinion. It's about taste. Acting like a retard isn't in good taste, no?

5abbf3  No.16678580

To anyone still playing it or played recently. What are the best weapons for each class? And what to avoid?

d69d46  No.16678583

File: a9f1e681698c549⋯.png (316.48 KB, 510x640, 51:64, CIA.png)


>extremely painful


bf864c  No.16678586


There isn't really any "best weapons" honestly the only thing I could say is, maybe avoid equipping the sun on a stick or sharpened volcano fragment, they're kinda pointless after the afterburn nerfs.

d3b93e  No.16678611


Heres what I use, to good effect

Scout: All stock

Soldier: All stock

Pyro: Flamethrower, Detonator, Homewrecker

Demoman: All stock

Heavy: All stock (substitute Tomislav and Sandvich as needed)

Engineer: All stock, or Eureka Effect when you need it, stay away from jag and sh you will crit frequently and repeatedly one shot people into fits of rage

Medic: Crusaders, Medi or Kritz as needed, ubersaw

Sniper: All stock

Spy: All stock

As you can tell, Im a fan of the stock weapons. Many of them are the best weapons in the game.

333b28  No.16678628


Theres literally no reason not to use disciplinary action on soldier.

You get the longest melee range in the game and a massive speed boost sometimes for a measly -25% damage.

7dc03d  No.16678632


For spy, I would recommend using the L'etranger, because it's a great utility device for doing what spy should be doing (stealth and picks, not trickstabs and headshots).

For pubs, my favorite loadout is L'etranger, Conniver's Kunai (heal on backstab is great as it encourages you to get backstabs to heal) and the stock invis watch. Occasionally, I like to use the Cloak and Daggar and stock knife for games where I don't expect to get chainstabs or am trying to get a specific pick. I occasionally like to use the Big Earner as it is a nice balance between the risk of using the Kunai and still having chainstab potential.

I actually use the Red-Tape Recorder because it actually makes an impact if your sapper gets destroyed (there are usually multiple engies in pubs and pyro now has a weapon that destroys sappers). It also pisses off engineers, so it's a great meme weapon.

Don't use the Dead Ringer. It's a crutch that is absolute trash and only useful as a trendy trickstab weapon.

744268  No.16678654

File: b6e2ff26edf7fd3⋯.png (111.88 KB, 364x318, 182:159, 128426398472236.png)

Is the quickiebomb launcher any good? I've been doing okay with stock so far, but I'm thinking about switching to Iron Bomber + Quickiebomb

d3afe0  No.16678658


Unironically demoman stock weapons is best.

587d23  No.16678660


We have the wrestlemanias, I'm surprised no one has hosted a match of tf2.

3fb03c  No.16678671

File: b5e684e5844b5e2⋯.gif (890.11 KB, 245x250, 49:50, b5e684e5844b5e2d2476176e1c….gif)




>muh taste

literally a variation of other peoples opinions about you and your interests


fuck of discord tranny

a036c6  No.16678701


Black Box/Concheror is the "I'm an independent soldier who need no medic" loadout. There's three reasons people use it.

1. They really really don't want to die because "muh killstreak". (These are the reason this loadout is hated).

2. They don't trust the medic to do his job (or even be present) which is an understandable sentiment in pubs.

3. They want to be the mysterious unpredictable roamer getting ebin flank kills.


I came to the same realization. I mean, they might want another melee than the bottle but it really doesnt matter. Of all the classes Demo is the least handicapped when forced to use only stock.

Heavy misses his Sandvich (and those stupid iron fists thingies).

Soldier probably wants to use one of the banners.

Pyro probably wants one of his useful melees (as well as something else than a shotgun)

Medic misses his crossbow and Ubersaw/Vitasaw.

Sniper misses his piss jar.

Scout misses his jizz jar.

Spy misses his L'etranger.

Engie is without his bullshit Wrangler (as well as his bullshit'ish Rescue Ranger and/or Gunslinger).

But Demo, he's fine.

52cde0  No.16678703


If you'd listened to an outgroup, say anyone on this board, you'd probably have a few players.

Instead you chose to bloat the mod with unnecessary bullshit.

3feb2f  No.16678746

File: 1734e0b85511334⋯.png (103.21 KB, 700x300, 7:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Medic still uses he medigun most of the time, so he's still ok in stock.

Engi looses the bullshit but works fine.

f669c6  No.16678749


I have never been annoyed by the black box

>t. pyro main

2ffc86  No.16678757

File: adccb7650fa11ac⋯.jpg (359.8 KB, 900x900, 1:1, adccb7650fa11ac6593a4a90d6….jpg)



>no furries

this has to be bait

f669c6  No.16678770

File: 7a0ee59c8c8a877⋯.jpg (499.39 KB, 1209x914, 1209:914, Furrymap.jpg)


>no furries

3feb2f  No.16678780

File: 68e429c4e7cb4b2⋯.png (34.39 KB, 1912x522, 956:261, ClipboardImage.png)


I decided to look since the screenshot is anchient.

Too late it seems.

3feb2f  No.16678781

File: 566058eee5a2f44⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 634.71 KB, 1899x939, 633:313, ClipboardImage.png)

I should not have looked further. Not going to install a fucking furry app though

f669c6  No.16678782

File: c9b8e81e58829be⋯.gif (3.44 MB, 200x200, 1:1, Woody.gif)



5e94d1  No.16678794


tfw no flamedramon bf to succ off

a841b4  No.16678796

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>try TF2 a month ago

>community servers are 90% empty

>gotta go through matchmaking if you want to play even casual

>get into a match

>Hud is cluttered with shit about new items and contracts

>disable all that shit

>everyone's playing very slowly, fights are pretty rare and end in a flash and no one's even chatting unless it's to go "BAD TEAM" or something.


Hard to think I dumped so many years into that game. What the hell happened?

3fb03c  No.16678814


> What the hell happened?

The youtube community, like that dane fag or all those fags that bitch about random crits

587d23  No.16678824

Is that TF2-Vintage mod that got shilled a while back good

3fb03c  No.16678828


no, its full of discord trannies and is nothing like actual tf2

3231eb  No.16678901


I like how my country is almost empty hole having furries all around it.

5abbf3  No.16678906


That is about a german site, so obviously there are a lot of dots (representing each one an individual) around that country. Dont take things at the mere look.

8e67e4  No.16678942

File: af73b37e2b5cde8⋯.png (4.01 MB, 2000x1204, 500:301, tf2_community_map_awarenes….png)

95343e  No.16678949

>black cox and cuckeror

10a6b0  No.16679004

File: 7f40aa929e0e94c⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 360x270, 4:3, mp_friendlyfire 1; mp_star….gif)

>alltalk surf server with bunnyhop

>endless screaming and overlapping audio clips

>engineers building in any bullshit place possible

>backstabbing and comboing with KGB on the ramps

>spies blocking the very last jump with C&D

>everyone's out to ruin everyone else's day

>mysterious loyalty if you make it to the end or whatever the prime camping spot is, regardless of teams

>open door

I wonder if you can still find stuff like that, because I remember having fun several years ago.

3d9bd0  No.16679006

File: 89a15a195d046db⋯.webm (15.86 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, time_to_kill_myself.webm)


>play nuTF2

>everyone uses secret settings in console to game the meta or cheat the lag compensation

>with the lowest ping on the server you get your ass annihilated by players with 100+ ping regularly

>regularly there's one or more players with only a ghibbus and no profile set up that join as sniper that lock your entire team to their spawn

>on any pl map there might be 1 heavy with stock minigun on the enemy team that is destroying your team and scoring twice as high as any of his team because he actually has a medic and also nothing can seem to touch him

>try and counter heavy by being the only heavy on your team

>spin up gun to start shooting as soon as he turns a corner but his gun liquifies you in a split second before you can even see it

>try to get the drop on him from behind with tomislav but he 180 liquifies you in a split second the moment he hears a bullet shot

>and the one time you do manage to sustain fire on him he just stares at you, takes almost no damage and leisurely revs up his gun and liquifies you in half the time

>join a match in progress only to see you're on the losing team 0 to 5 and all but 3 players on the enemy team has a higher score than the top 1 player on your team, with 20 seconds left on the clock

>alternatively you manage to get the 1 open slot on the winning team and the instant you die you're auto-balanced to the losing team with 20 seconds left on the clock and you respawn 1 second before the enemy team wins and they rush into spawn to kill you

>and the next 4 map switches have the same teams, and the same outcome, and all you and everyone on your team has managed to do is get rectally ravaged for a few hours and sit in gay baby jail

>there is always at least ONE friendly and 2 players idle in spawn on your team

>that ONE soldier on the enemy team that can bounce around the map like flubber and market gardens you in a hallway with barely enough room to jump

just fuck the deadringer, an entire team should not be held up by chasing after ghosts because it's safer to assume every spy is using it

a841b4  No.16679092


My problem with the dead ringer is that I assume the original intent was giving clever spies a way to play dead, but the actual way the dead ringer works it's used more as a get out of jail free card by anyone from clever spies to dumbasses zergrushing your entire team because it can mitigate damage.

3d9bd0  No.16679196


Yeah, because forcing spy into invis with a speed boost from purposefully falling off a ledge is a completely broken mechanic, especially when they've just stabbed a heavy with the kunai and can now run to your spawn with 200+ hp, and you need mad milk/jarate/gas passer to track them since they can just outrun any pyro.

It's gotten to the point where the pompson now is crucial to dealing with spies, but you practically have to be at point blank range to hit them if they've already gotten a speed boost from a stab.

They should get rid of the dead ringer and add a live ringer that:

>when activated spawns a ringer resembling an enemy or team player

>to your own team it appears like one of the wooden targets

>to the enemy team it appears to be another player standing idle/scoped/revved

>spy remains invisible while the ringer is standing

>once destroyed the spy is exposed and the watch must recharge

>if spy decloaks it exposes the ringer as a prop and the watch's recharge time is half as long

>distance from the prop at the time it's destroyed shortens/lengthens recharge time

It would be easy enough to spot to most players, the farther the spy gets from the prop the more he is fucked if it's destroyed, and it doesn't give him any bullshit buffs. He could sneak into the enemy territory easily but if he left his ringer in a corner close to his spawn and another spy breaks it he'll be stuck decloaking unexpectedly in the middle of a swarm of enemies with no way to hide. Alternatively the ringer could be tied to the spy with a leash so that he can't just traverse the entire map away from it, but it follows him at enough of a distance so he can stand behind cover with his ringer standing out as a distraction.

0410d1  No.16679208

File: 41752cfaf3f7701⋯.jpg (34.36 KB, 655x527, 655:527, apu reading.jpg)

How come TF2 has had lootboxes for 8 fucking years with no controversy? Why did people only start caring about them around 2016?

0410d1  No.16679217

File: 5f42a79e2fbe67c⋯.png (232.59 KB, 382x346, 191:173, arino.png)


That's a German site, of course they'll show up way more.

You should also remember that map is showing a couple thousand furries, while those countries have literally tens of millions of people.

If you wanted to be more accurate you should have posted the popularity of sites like FurAffinity in Europe rather than some map people have to actively submit to.

282ba1  No.16679223


TF2 lootboxes never really affected how people play the game. They're completely cosmetic, unlike other games where certain weapons have actual buffs that can only be obtained from loot boxes. I have no problem with the first (unless the cosmetics are too flashy/in-your-face), the second can fuck off and die.

f7e7f3  No.16679229


Ever hear the term "straw that broke the camel's back"? TF2 was pretty straight forward too, it said "If you open this box you will get X, Y or Z in Strange Quality or maaaaaaaaaaybe a chance at Ω" X,Y or Z which could be obtained in other ways, just not with a kill counter.

Then other companies took away that transparency, but that was okay since it wasn't usually too big of a gamechanger.

Then you got shit that broke games, that was necessary or as near as necessary to make any advancement, that used insidious and predatory practices to entice and exploit people into buying them, that was what pushed it over the edge.

97be55  No.16679235

I thought about returning to TF2, until I saw they gave the pyro, an ambush class, a fucking jetpack.

Fuck whoever is in charge of the balance in the game.


I think it might be due to being able to trade said items, so it shifts from being a waste of time to a possible investment.

0410d1  No.16679275

File: 53db7463ef2b99c⋯.jpeg (52.5 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, BUTT.jpeg)


>I thought about returning to TF2, until I saw they gave the pyro, an ambush class, a fucking jetpack.

Pyro mains for the longest time were convinced that he was underpowered, they whined and whined until Valve implemented a whole update for them.

Basically, if Pyro has any hard counters at all, he must be underpowered.

282ba1  No.16679278


>Pyro mains for the longest time were convinced that he was underpowered

I never had any issues with Pyro, I was full on pubstomper until MyM and nerfed every part of my loadout, that's when I stopped playing. I would give anything just for a 2014-15 build of TF2

20db7f  No.16679290


Because it was one of the few games or have it for a long while and it was mostly seen as a community driven “lol hats” type thing. Then every game and their dog shoved that shit in.

7408bf  No.16679298

File: 25a24a5ca15a863⋯.jpg (66.85 KB, 373x388, 373:388, f3e52967647d7f30330268c927….jpg)



I never liked using it and always saw it as a crutch for misguided new players who didn't realize they might actually be gimping themselves if they are subpar at aiming rockets. Losing one rocket capacity and the shit reload speed to boot make the thing unusable for me. I never thought of it as OP or cheesy for that reason.

809842  No.16679308


>black box + conch

Are you crippled, because do you really need to use crutches that bad

61ec1c  No.16679312

File: b887c898030de57⋯.png (333.95 KB, 320x563, 320:563, cia horsefucker meme.png)


>complains about furries

>doesn't complain about bronies

I hope that's because you consider them the same thing


Do you expect anyone to put that much effort into shitposting about furries?

3d9bd0  No.16679317


I hate the pyro nerfs so much but it apparently doesn't affect other players that much. I just cannot get over how I can't kill any class with a sneak attack using back burner or even stock flamethrower + axtinguisher, but if I play any class a pyro can melt me before I can press E to call for medic.

d8ca6f  No.16679328

File: 4df0ed25bc56550⋯.jpg (810.39 KB, 692x4339, 692:4339, 110122.jpg)


Much like with random crits people were calling it bullshit from day one, I don't get this revisionism. The one thing that is dumb is when people seem to pretend that Overwatch's use of them is worse though.

d8ca6f  No.16679433

File: 32962ff8c734d48⋯.png (124.76 KB, 310x322, 155:161, 578px-RED_Thermal_Thruster.png)


>actually complaining about the jetpack

That thing's a fucking joke. Pretty much confirms that valve can't give pyro any kind of mobility without going full retard and crippling his ability to be any good in combat.


That'a hilarious considering one of the big pushes for the pyro update was from the people who were whining about how airblast worked.

>pyro shouldn't be able to control my movements with airblast! I can't possibly just shoot the fucker

Also it's pretty well known that the flame particles needed fixing.

183293  No.16679460


It was really really really good back in the day when even a tiny bit of splash damage would heal full 15 hp, and some of us got their strange blackbox to Hale's Own status, now we want to use it to show everyone how much of a faggot veteran we are

183293  No.16679477

File: 1bb56494200d933⋯.png (155.63 KB, 540x360, 3:2, pyro sees the changelog of….png)



The jetpack was the best thing to ever happen to the pyro, let the poor thing have something, being the worst class is suffering

You already took our axtinguisher away, let us have fun!

5f3b1b  No.16679481

File: 5b43042bfd4753f⋯.jpg (34.72 KB, 750x350, 15:7, 5b43042bfd4753f48022f5d26b….jpg)


>spam pyro

>bait him to airblast

>dodge and shoot right as he airblasts

I don't understand how soldiers are this bad, in fact soldier is the most easiest fucking class but is below demonig

Also did they made hitboxes for heads bigger? It feels so much easier just to get headshots besides that fucking bug where sometimes headshots wouldn't register being fixed

ef10d4  No.16679493



89d92c  No.16679497

File: ea9f5578e02b170⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Old vs New.png)


>Engie is without his bullshit Wrangler (as well as his bullshit'ish Rescue Ranger and/or Gunslinger).

How come is the Wrangler bullshit though? It just makes the engy into a huge 'SHOOT ME ON THE FACE' target along with the rescue ranger. I mean jesus, it's not that hard killing the engineer, he's even weaker and slower than the medic for crying out loud. And the Wrangler have been nerfed a couple of times and people STILL complained that it's bullshit. I've had better time against them than those Frontline Engies deploying their minisentries everywhere.

I just don't get it

-t. Demo & Heavy main



That just hits me right in the feels, casual no longer lets you turn on alltalk or sv_pure 0


>everyone uses secret settings in console to game the meta or cheat the lag compensation

Nigger what? I've played the game a lot on near-default settings (only changed the FoV and use the world model for first person) and i consistently trounce good players on a daily basis.

<mu-muh lag compensation

Just move slower than he expected to, it works, trust me. In fact, lag is more of a hinderance once you know how bullshit it is. The same can't be said for sniper shots though, that thing's fucked for some reason, you can hit heads with no crits and then you're popping heads like no tomorrow.

>with the lowest ping on the server you get your ass annihilated by players with 100+ ping regularly

<implying 100+ ping is not playable

Lmao faggit, lemme fucking dom you like a bitch with my eternal SEAnigger 120 latency dong

>All those other shit

Problems that i could relate, but too little solutions to give. Just quit and find another match i guess, it's not some community server so just fuck off and find greener pastures. God i miss quality community servers, thanks valve



Just so you know, that shit is still not fixed

97be55  No.16679506


That's why i'm complaining, sperg, because it's fucking retarded


>worst class


8f4dc3  No.16679508


I'm the opposite.

>hale's own kunai

>don't touch it ever since they buffed it

183293  No.16679515


Pyro is incredibly weak against anyone who knows how to play and keeps their distance, specially against scouts

97be55  No.16679522


>knows how to play and keeps their distance

<what is the flare gun

Also of course an ambush specialist is going to have problems with covering distance.

183293  No.16679539


Flare gun has the easiest projectile to dodge in the game, also Soldier, Scout and Demo can be better ambushers/roamers than the Pyro, the only thing Pyro excels at is spychecking

282ba1  No.16679548

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I wonder where he is now

d8ca6f  No.16679571


Only problem with the Wrangler is it allows engineer to build sentry nests in places they clearly were never meant to be able to get to. Arguably that's a map problem as opposed to a class problem, but lord knows Valve aren't going to try making changes to the maps in this game.


>until I saw they gave the pyro, an ambush class, a fucking jetpack.

Sounds to me like you weren't complaining about the thing being fucking useless.

Also Pyro is basically on the same level as Spy in depending far too much on enemy incompetence to be effective. You can definitely have fun fucking people's shit up on pubs though.

97be55  No.16679574


Even though I consider the pyro better in small spaces/corridors and the best disruptor (forcing people to retreat to extiguish flames), I get what you mean and I agree, it's too situational compared to those classes.

8df29d  No.16679587

The only changes Pyro ever needed was with his flame particles. It was supposedly fixed in Jungle Inferno, but I can still drown people in fire and not do any damage. I guess its at least better than before, where Pyro was a constant gamble. New airblast sucks, no doubt.

183293  No.16679598


The jetpack is extremelly good for CTF to get in and out when the flag is dropped in the middle of the map and the enemy team is surrounding it, also perfect for Doublecross which is the only map i play these days


Pyro is best for killing salty snipers unless they are good enough to shot you off the air when you jetpack at them


The new flames need to be directed at where the enemy will be not where they are, even if in your screen they are a bit behind and the flames are not engulfing them in your point of view

b68ad8  No.16679603


>How come is the Wrangler bullshit though?

Because you're thinking of it as a weapon instead of a tool. The wrangler and the rescue ranger are not useful because they allow the engineer to do a greater amount of damage or because they let the engineer attack in a way he otherwise couldn't, they're useful because they prevent damage or allow the engineer to cripple a push by inflating the health of his sentry.

The wrangler gives the sentry a 2/3 reduction in damage taken so long as its deployed and for a couple seconds after its put away, this means simply for pressing 2 on the keyboard the engineer can instantly give his sentry three times its normal health in exchange for making it inactive temporarily. For reference a minisentry has effectively 300 health when wrangled, while a level 3 has effectively 648 health, simply because the engineer pressed 2 on his keyboard from a safe location like behind a spawn door or half his team. The biggest threat to a well placed sentry is the short period of time you can either A) distract the sentry with something like bonk, a sapper, or a co-ordinated push, or alternatively B) an ubercharge making you invincible for a few seconds, the problem? You can make the sentry a massive damage sponge for those few seconds with no real downside, trivializing every one of these counters with the exception of the sapper. During an uber or a scout running in with bonk the shooting wouldn't do anything anyway, so being inactive really isn't a problem.

During a push like that a sentry would ordinarily go down very quickly, and with good reason, it's the primary thing that dissuades the enemy team from funneling in through a choke and taking ground most of the time, but giving it so much more health makes it far harder to destroy. In addition, the rescue ranger means the engineer doesn't even need to be anywhere close to his sentry, let alone in view of the player trying to push it so shooting the engineer is not an option in that case. Even if the sentry does go down it doesn't really matter, it served its purpose, the time and ammo waste it took you to dish out 600+ damage to destroy the sentry will already have wasted your uber or allowed the engineer's teammates to take positions to then force you out, allowing him to rebuild.

Just think about it, a soldier has 4 rockets loaded, each will do base damage on direct to a sentry, with the stock launcher that's 360 (4*90) damage. With the direct hit, that's 112*4 for 448, both need to reload just to kill the sentry, let alone kill anything else if the sentry goes down. Under ideal circumstances a sticky will do 120 damage, very likely less since it won't be right on top of the sentry, taking 6 stickies at least to destroy the sentry when wrangled. even if you're fully loaded, firing 6 stickies will take 3.6 seconds, and this is assuming the engie doesn't shoot rockets under his sentry to blast them away or shoot them with his shotgun to remove some

And all you lose for getting these massive advantages is the ability to shoot things with your pistol when you're playing a class that dishes out massive damage with a sentry and is primarily focused on keeping his buildings alive. You are made slightly more vulnerable to spies, but if your team isn't retarded and especially if they're communicating that shouldn't be a problem.

d8ca6f  No.16679636


New airblast takes some getting used to but it definitely has its advantages. The stronger push makes it far more effective for pushing medics into areas away from their teams, amazing for countering ubers or pockets in general. Plus the lack of vertical push means you don't have the problem of them getting caught on doorframes.


Why not just use the sticky jumper?

183293  No.16679666


Because using pyro generates extra salt, i feed on "fucking W+M1" comments

0a4e7a  No.16679718


>>with the lowest ping on the server you get your ass annihilated by players with 100+ ping regularly

lol what, people complaining about having low ping now.. what kind of loopy diamention is this?

0a4e7a  No.16679720


Thanks satan.

587d23  No.16679864

I probably started playing TF2 too late, Around 2013 or so. If the game hadn't already gone downhill by then it certainly did so afterwards.

95343e  No.16680068


fuck off satan


>draws porn of his own characters

sounds like a great guy

a9b693  No.16680104


Truly the American dream

c1207e  No.16680131

Sage Shill threads

49e940  No.16680161

File: 092648cc53bf6f4⋯.jpg (16.42 KB, 480x470, 48:47, genuine anger but worse.jpg)

can we all agree that soldier mains are the niggers of tf2? Soldier has literal no weakness (unless you really want to count reloading as an excuse) and it can do pretty much anything without effort. Rockets are easily the easiest weapon to use. Just shoot 2 rockets to the ground and that's it. It is not OP by any means but I feel overwhelmed when I try to kill soldier. As a scout I have to use all my movements, and aim really good, with a low health. What does soldier do? Dude just spam rockets to the ground lmao. It mostly works. At least it's not as braindead as pyro. Lots of pyroniggers just use w+m1 in an unironic way and it works most of the time and they assume they are skilled and that's how the game is meant to be played. I fucking despise soldierniggers, they are just more powerful in most scenarios, fuck them, I become so stressed when I try to land scattershots to soldiers

87716b  No.16680183

File: f28bb875dff76e8⋯.png (362.99 KB, 619x574, 619:574, kowed.PNG)

>you will never ever log into your old favourite server anymore

>never ever going to play with one of your friends on a server just for silly fun since evrythign hs to be serious

>never again playing with whacky weapons, all weapons msut be viable for competetive, no fun allowed

>never ever seeing the old 60's style of tf2

>never ever just joining a random server and having fun, since all non valve servers are either saxton hale trade or idle faggotry

>valve has droped the game almost

it's sad knowing how much fun i had with this game for more than a decade,i will never forgive valve for their crimes

0410d1  No.16680189


>being the worst class is suffering

This is what Pyro mains actually believe.

Heavy is probably the worst class, no joke. He has tons of hard counters but doesn't counter much himself.

1cdc40  No.16680193


>Heavy is probably the worst class

Heavies are near-guaranteed to attract pocket Medics, stop complaining.

f669c6  No.16680203

File: b9cc43ff3200e7b⋯.png (837.29 KB, 680x1519, 680:1519, Sad Boomer.png)


>found a server in my early TF2 days

>24/7 2fort

>cap limit was something like 99999 so the game never ended

>whenever you joined it would play the opening of Karn Evil 9-1rst Impression, Part 2 by Emerson, Lake & Palmer

>whenever I heard it it felt like I was actually coming back to a long lost home

>alltalk, everything was laid back, perfect mix of tryhards, stonerbros, and friendlies

>completely forgot the name of it, know that it's probably nonexistent anymore

life is cruel, but I'm glad it happened

0410d1  No.16680204

File: df2c8f9021182b6⋯.jpg (32.13 KB, 640x481, 640:481, quick sippy.jpg)


>Heavies are near-guaranteed to attract pocket Medics, stop complaining.

What servers do you use where people actually play Medic on a regular basis?

0410d1  No.16680208


That image would work better if the people in the photo were all old memes, like Pedobear and the original version of Pepe.

87716b  No.16680210


i wasn't used to online games, tf2 was my first since parents never allowed to play online games, i remmeber am ap it was realy horrid looking but so much fun it was also huge where you could jump 20 feet sometimes rockets would be slow or fast jsut compeltely random, met some good friends trough tf2.

too bad most mvoed on fro mgames or turned to being trannies

49e940  No.16680212


are you drunk?

e9c5a0  No.16680222

File: 2193473306551bc⋯.png (224.52 KB, 471x440, 471:440, 2193473306551bc9c917c8f865….png)


stop fucking shilling your garbage mod nobody plays, go play it with your discord circlejerk that's ready to put this shitty message in every single tf2 thread, mods should ban you because at this point it's spam, and fuck you for trying to hijack gamenights.

87716b  No.16680231


yes, i had nothing to do and too much to drink and i saw this thread, realy made me remember how much fun i had the with game before valve put a bullet in the back of it's head

0a4e7a  No.16680248

File: deae41bd0e0780a⋯.jpg (92.39 KB, 613x1024, 613:1024, 1538061046.jpg)

I don't know if the anon who made the other thread is still here, but tbh i decided to take his advice and play again.

I managed to get into a passtime server which was fun a whole gamemode i've never even bothered to play that much, that and pd. These gamemodes need more maps cause they're really well built.

Everyone on the server was very nice, we'd cooperate to push all the way to the goal, no one cared if we failed or won. Just part of the game.

I wish every server i joined was like that.

183293  No.16680256


They are also the second most salty when you dominate them, guaranteed to taunt after revenge kill

Sniper mains are still the saltiest of all

3feb2f  No.16680296


When the engi is wrangeling you're supposed to shoot the engi. The 66% damage reduction big fat shiny shield should give it away.

The engi will always be in the area. If he is not, as you mentioned, he's not actually fucking doing anything because he can't aim. That wrangled sentry is just a 650 HP piece p scenery to safely ignore..

Or what, is he going to spin it wildly and hope for the best? Hose down an corner he knows he's aiming at without seeing? Sure, the gun's out of ammo is a few seconds and the rockets do fucking nothing alone. At which point the sentry is once again is useless hunk of HP to ignore.

Meanwhile the engi, if not inside his spawn, has no autotargeting sentry to protect him. He anyone gets to him he's toast.

In fact the ammo is a big problem. When the engi goes to pull away his 0 damage tool to use his meele weapon on the still disabled hunk of HP he has nothing. But he needs to do this to continue shooting. Helll, and if he's just standing there with the wrangler not shooting he's just begging for a backstab. Like a sniper, except you get to sap all buildings with nothing to stop you.

Any finally, a wrangled sentry is only ever engaging one enemy. It can't magically do a 140° turn and engage the next target the frame that scout died. It's suddenly very vulnerable to flanking. And as mentioned, so is the engi himself.

7dc03d  No.16680305


Can't pick up intelligence if sticky jumper is equipped.

0410d1  No.16680310

File: 29bdddbb6fc79c9⋯.jpg (24.89 KB, 600x646, 300:323, D6zbbS5XoAAjW_4.jpg)


The best Sniper mains are extremely cocky and arrogant. They always wear the Razorback to counter backstabs, so here's what you do instead.

>use Dead Ringer

>use lots of cover

>wait until he's targeting somebody else and take a quick pot shot, then hide again

>just generally annoy the shit out of said Sniper

>eventually let him get a "headshot" with the Dead Ringer out

>he will invariably taunt

>uncloak and shoot him to death

Keep bugging him every once in awhile and Sniper will now be after you for the whole game, eliminating him as a problem for the rest of your team.

If good Snipers could get over their ego and hubris, they'd be a much bigger threat.

2a116f  No.16680315


The difference is that tf2 was (originally) designed without lootboxes in mind, so it mostly avoided cancerous design patterns. When you design a game with lootboxes, you make all kinds of concessions in terms of the gameplay loop since it needs a designated point in time to show you lootbox crap, which reduces the amount of time you're actually playing the game.

ec824c  No.16680324

If you could go back in time and remove one class, which would it be?

e9c5a0  No.16680328



7dc03d  No.16680331


This is a dumb question and is as annoying as people who suggest a 10th class. The classes are balanced as it is and doesn't need a new or removal of certain classes.

I'd nerf the sniper so that other pick classes are more viable at high skill levels.

0410d1  No.16680338


I'd like to say Pyro because of how much autism that class attracts, but in gameplay terms? Probably Sniper.

He has an effectively infinite skill ceiling, it can get to the point where nothing other than a better Sniper or an Ubercharge can stop an exceedingly skillful one.

0a4e7a  No.16680372


I can mod tf2 to not display hats, i can't do that with overwatch.

Overwatch also sells shit as skins, not hats. Which change the way each character looks drastically even more so then tf2's hats…

0a4e7a  No.16680378


Heavy, not because i hate him, but because at this point he might aswell not exist.

He's my least played class because theres nothing fun about him, you point.. you click.. you kill guys then you die because your fat as fuck with the biggest hitbox in the game.

He doesn't have exactly the most revolutionary gameplay in tf2, which makes him very forgetable, that and valve hasn't pushed an update for him that would make him actually viable.

183293  No.16680379


medic, so my sentry nest will never be destroyed

d8ca6f  No.16680380


Ah fair point. I don't play much CTF.


Well the "no joke" and spoilers give away that you realise how outlandish that claim sounds.

Heavy isn't really about countering specific enemies, he's more about being an overall powerhouse in games. Also his supposed hard-counters actually work in his favour a lot of the time, considering the two go-to counters for him also happen to be both the two hardest classes in the game and the two classes that contribute most to bad team comps. In other words Heavy is a class who actually encourages his enemies to make poor class choices.

They are also not particularly reliable counters, Sniper can be a good counter but he relies on a vantage point to work, if the Heavy doesn't offer one by sticking to closed spaces, or your team just doesn't have map control (often happens if a heavy+medic combo are giving the rest of their team free reign) then you're kind of fucked.

Meanwhile Spy has possibly the worst method of being a "hard-counter" in the game:

>I know! I'll kill the heavy by entering his insta-kill range! And let's fucking pray that he and his medic aren't doing something as simple as communicating with each other because if they are I'm completely fucked!

Actually on that note I would say Spy is the worst class in the game, so much of his capability is shut down if the enemy team are communicating with each other.


So many problems with TF2 would be fixed if Engineer was re-worked.

49e940  No.16680388


Soldier, easy class and really strong overall. At least pyro, engie and heavies has some downsides

8be7d1  No.16680395


Engineer, or at least stock, is fine. He's the lynch pin class. Almost every other class revolves around removing him. He dictates the flow of the game and is necessary. which is why 6s is shit

50eee2  No.16680399



>They now have a furry

>They're adding post mannconomy things into the game

>They're going full TF2C

And you guys thought the dude who jsut wanted to play Halo was bad? Moment he left they started doing this crap

c9d0fd  No.16680404

File: 24bfd049bb2bb09⋯.jpg (359.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190709200708_1.jpg)


d6f7bf  No.16680414

File: 9c25fde065b46b6⋯.gif (988.95 KB, 499x374, 499:374, feather.gif)


I miss all the old community servers. Lost Continents, Idort's Revenge, Fortress of Fapitude, Spengeboob's, HSR, Teek. All solid community servers with great players. Time moves so fast, but I'm happy I got to experience it at least.

2abdac  No.16680415

File: 6d70e9b01de7814⋯.png (16.72 KB, 193x152, 193:152, 6d7.png)

c9d0fd  No.16680422

File: 1243a21cc40be63⋯.jpg (46.25 KB, 415x484, 415:484, 1243a21cc40be635bc712d5c84….jpg)


>expecting me not to be disgusted at tranny sold mains with lime green cosmetics and a antifa decal on the sign melee

um,no sweaty

8be7d1  No.16680424


well you shoulda capped that instead of whatever was going on in chat.

76b5c9  No.16680435

File: 609e304058f7046⋯.jpg (210.93 KB, 1620x900, 9:5, mfw.jpg)


The fuck is this?

ee85fd  No.16680488

File: 07a7baa30158b7e⋯.jpg (24.97 KB, 663x382, 663:382, 1469905701249.jpg)


As much as I like the jetpack, anyone who calls them selves a pyro main while STILL lamenting the death of axt needs to be shot. Us non super crutch reliant pyros hate you niggers.

f669c6  No.16680507


I used the postal pummeler (reskin of axtinguisher) for a longass time, but ultimately switched to the Back Scratcher since it gives an extra health bonus for medkits, and there's never a medic in pubs so the medibeam penalty was rarely an issue. It would actually help patient medics build uber a lot faster.

1fd227  No.16680512

File: 71e5b5ea4f0a15f⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 260x146, 130:73, im so done with this.gif)


Soldier mains are usually competitive tryhards that complains every time they get killed by a specific class with a specific weapon and demands Valve to nerf the class or weapon (sometimes both) to the ground so that no other class can out best them. Like holy shit if i had a key for everytime these tryhards have other classes nerfed while Soldier remains the same and still be the broken piece of shit that pretty much anyone can use with barely any effort i could buy a dozen of unusuals.

d6f7bf  No.16680522


Scout can shit on soldier via clever use of terrain with double jump. Just play scout, it's a lot harder when they have a medic on their dick though.

d8ca6f  No.16680533

File: 65d90beec76d96b⋯.png (32.98 KB, 250x160, 25:16, direct hit.png)

d6f7bf  No.16680539


I've played against good soldiers and scouts, that thing is unreliable. Splash with hitscan is better than that crap. Fun weapon though.

1fd227  No.16680543


>Implying they don't have a Pocket Medic 24/7

>Implying they don't have a weapon that one shots light classes or sends a barrage of rockets in a few seconds

Sounds like you only run up against new players all the time and not a skilled Soldier that pretty much bombs all the time.

0410d1  No.16680547


But if we're talking about skilled players that doesn't really matter, any class is good in the hands of somebody who's skilled at them.

I've seen Medics absolutely wreck servers by themselves.

d6f7bf  No.16680549

File: 206c63653c8db0b⋯.jpeg (6.4 KB, 174x289, 174:289, 09706_2.JPEG)


I've played against good soldiers. I already addressed that point about the medic in my previous post in case you can't read. Soldier isn't some overpowered all star that you believe. Pubstomper yes, but if you're not a drooling retard and understand terrain and splash then you can easily destroy a soldier as a scout.

>it's a lot harder when they have a medic on their dick though.

Scout versus soldier match up is entirely dependent on terrain and player skill. A soldier that bombs all the time is going to get shit on by a scout because of the scout's mobility. A soldier jumping on a scout is a retard. Not that you'd know this, but hey this is /v/ I guess.

0e1f9c  No.16680551

>play medic main

>crossbow/medi or kritz depending on offense or defense/amputator

>usually use medi/kritz unless far away from anyone, then crossbow, or in large group of injured, then amputator taunt

>try to stick with front lines, but will become pocket to decent player if everyone else is retarded

>if team is really fucking stupid, will attempt to find an enemy spy to pocket just to fuck them over

The worst days for medic were right after that scout update that brought the Force of Nature. Everyone was playing scout, and everyone was using that with the baseball. You'd step out of spawn, get stunned, then he would blitz right through your ass and keep right on running. I think they finally nerfed it down, or at least I stopped seeing it on every scout.

b68ad8  No.16680617


>The engi will always be in the area. If he is not, as you mentioned, he's not actually fucking doing anything because he can't aim.

He doesn't need to you absolute retard, during an uber, which is primarily where the wrangler sees so much use, the sentry has nothing to shoot anyway and the knockback is likely not going to do much either, the point is allowing the sentry to survive until it has something to shoot at again when it would otherwise die.

>That wrangled sentry is just a 650 HP piece p scenery to safely ignore..

Until it re-activates again a few seconds later anyway, if you push forward you've now overextended into the enemy team and well into the sightlines of an aimbot capable of doing 128dps before accounting for the rockets, if you don't understand why this is a retarded idea there's no helping you.

>Or what, is he going to spin it wildly and hope for the best? Hose down an corner he knows he's aiming at without seeing? Sure, the gun's out of ammo is a few seconds and the rockets do fucking nothing alone. At which point the sentry is once again is useless hunk of HP to ignore.

This is how I know you have no fucking clue what you're talking about and are still thinking of the wrangler as a weapon instead of a tool. The primary function of the wrangler is the shield, not the shooting, the shooting is always secondary and situational.

>Meanwhile the engi, if not inside his spawn, has no autotargeting sentry to protect him.

But he does have several teammates who aren't just going to ignore you while you walk by to the engineer sitting behind them. The engineer's buildings are always a rally point for the team, the dispenser for health and ammo, the teleporter for mobility, and the sentry for protection, you have to expect the entire team will be gathered around the sentry and using it as a focal point for the hold, taking it down is a big step in allowing your teammates to move in, especially more fragile classes like the scout or allowing the spy to break disguises and attack without instantly getting blown up. Even if the engie was alone, he can very easily simply engage you in combat with his shotgun, distracting you until the sentry reactivates and shoots you in the back because you're so fucking retarded you just walked right up to it.

>In fact the ammo is a big problem. When the engi goes to pull away his 0 damage tool to use his meele weapon on the still disabled hunk of HP he has nothing. But he needs to do this to continue shooting.

He. Has. A. Shotgun.

What you still seem to be far too retarded to understand is you don't need to be standing around holding the wrangler to make use of it, you simply pull it out, the shield goes up, then switch back to your primary or melee to continue fighting. The shield will remain up for 3 seconds after switching away, easily allowing you to continue keeping situational awareness and make decisions about where to go, what to fight, and if you want to hold or retreat. If he has the rescue ranger instead, he still can easily fuck over your whole "rush at the aimbot and die" strategy by keeping line of sight to the sentry while remaining behind his team, you can't get to him without killing his team first, his team is covered by the sentry, and the sentry effectively can triple its health at any time simply because the engineer pressed "2" for half a second and even if you do damage it he can just shoot it from a distance to heal it right back up without ever once exposing himself.

0a4e7a  No.16680756


>hating og sandman


92ec6c  No.16680772



perhaps better to assume he was referencing the Marx brothers or Kirby

0410d1  No.16680888

File: dc01449dffc27b4⋯.png (331.97 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1411443972606.png)

I hate people who play TF2 for kills. Soldier/Pyro/Sniper mains are the worst for this.

>fuck around killing random people behind enemy lines

>get huge kill streams

>maybe push the cart for 10 feet/spend 5 seconds on the point/defend the flag carrier for a few corridors

>ever actually do anything of any substance to help the team

TF2 is not a deathmatch game, you could legitimately have 100 kills during a match but still lose because you never bothered to do any of the objectives.

ec824c  No.16680900

Rate mains based on how helpful/useful they are to the team.

Medic = Engineer > Solider = Demoman > Sniper = Pyro = Scout > Spy > Heavy

just opinion pls no murder thx

299616  No.16680903


I saw that they nerfed the sandman and got insanely upset, there's no point to use it now, whoever decided that decision is a fucking turbo nigger.

85a044  No.16680921


To my knowledge, Valve has like a 3 man team working on TF2, correct? That's been the same lines Tyler McNiggerpilled has said whenever he talks about TF2. And shit, those community servers were great, anyone remember Richard nation, with the backwards R? Small server, niche infact, but very fun

0410d1  No.16680929

File: 1fec4dad720ceb0⋯.mp4 (7.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Scout voice actor reciting….mp4)


Like many things, too many people complained and Valve caved. People seem to really dislike anything useful the Scout gets. His fucking primary is something several classes have as a secondary, he could use some slack.


>To my knowledge, Valve has like a 3 man team working on TF2, correct? T

It varies day-to-day. 16-3 from what McVagina says.

299616  No.16680936


Yes but the damage ramp up on the scattergun is insane compared to the secondary shotgun

587d23  No.16680956

File: 172a90eae5dab04⋯.jpg (59.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, soldier.jpg)


Your just mad cause you're bad hahaha!

c0f2a1  No.16680960


>McVagina says

It's Tyler McNigger.

299616  No.16680967

File: 77e4b1e8ff0b4e4⋯.jpg (201.43 KB, 1249x566, 1249:566, Frommadtogladinseconds.JPG)


I recently got accused of hacking because i airblasted a tryhard soldiers rockets back to him enough to dominate him

>x is hacking, wtf, nice job other team keeping a hacker on your team.

d3b93e  No.16680975


What I wouldnt give to be on a pub and play through that as the rotation…

God… the nostalgias getting me good rn

8f4b87  No.16680976


I'd make a gamemode with no Engi, Heavy or Medic.

c3cd0a  No.16681019

File: 47cfd92dfff89ea⋯.png (159.6 KB, 680x350, 68:35, 47cfd92dfff89eadb41764840a….png)


>extremely painful

9f882e  No.16681231

File: ff753e98a3d4315⋯.png (596.03 KB, 776x582, 4:3, tf2 in a nutshell.png)

File: 38f0fb213f78005⋯.png (239.86 KB, 527x714, 31:42, tf2.png)

File: 09b50c1486e4c4a⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1600x702, 800:351, tf2_happy_halloween_by_lil….png)

File: 89da9fe53e4318e⋯.png (220.51 KB, 650x869, 650:869, comic_254_tf2.png)

File: c6237513a1d9423⋯.png (160.97 KB, 946x506, 43:23, objectortf2.png)

I'm still buying degenerate decals at a good price, we know you are not going to play TF2 again so just sell me all your degenerate decal items

ba0606  No.16681236


Yeah but what are random youtubers going to do? It's not like they have influence over anything in the game, right?

b20ec1  No.16681243


too bad that because of comp faggotry the only servers that people play on are set to sv_pure and do official valve-made map rotations only

c86e8f  No.16681335

File: 324cc0144c5b2c2⋯.png (869.33 KB, 1500x1814, 750:907, Spy Mains.png)

File: b380a320b04153b⋯.jpg (106.42 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Sprays in TF2.jpg)


I'm not exactly surprised by the furry porn, but 3 buizels? how and why

95343e  No.16681361


nice collection.

which one are you using right now?

3325a9  No.16681496

Be honest.

How many of you still play the game?

After so many years I still can't stop. It's a shell of what it was in the old times,but it's the only game that can scratch that itch. No multiplayer game comes close to me

95343e  No.16681517


just tried out a cleaver+wrap assassin combo with the shortstop

8686a3  No.16681522


I still play. Hackers are annoying. Fragmasters servers are always full 30/30.

0a4e7a  No.16681594


I still play, but it's less then i used to.

I basically can't stand playing any longer then 2 matches.

963d0e  No.16681717


I still play it a lot. The game lost its soul after "meet your match" update. It is still phsyically alive but it doesn't feel like the old times

c9d0fd  No.16681727

Viable engineer primary and secondary alternatives that are not the RR or WRG when?

0410d1  No.16681848


>a furry that isn't a Pyro main

Now that's rare.

8be7d1  No.16681871


Well, at least he’s straight.

744268  No.16681963


I got back to playing it a few days ago after a few years of not playing. I still enjoy it, a lot of matches are horribly one-sided, but the balanced one that happens every now and then makes up for it.

986d15  No.16681981


How much do you charge?

Not that I can do much about it but I used to have one of these, from the time Volvo let you use a full colored map for the first x-ty sprites.

0e1f9c  No.16682035


I was fine with the sandman, it's the Force a Nature that was insane when it first came out. You could juggle people with it, and knockback could happen from any range. The sandman was slightly OP, but they nerfed it to oblivion when they made it so you couldn't stun unless far away. The sandman didn't deserve it, but the FaN did.

183293  No.16682048


Iam not a Pyro main, i play pyro for shits and giggles I main Engie

5f8144  No.16682068

File: 8290afc3e093e0f⋯.png (199.83 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 1412351181038.png)

File: bbd4da79a544300⋯.png (510.39 KB, 500x739, 500:739, 1412349300662.png)

File: f227d74d07781d1⋯.jpg (25.52 KB, 461x403, 461:403, 1411771949870.jpg)


Regularly 2-3 hours in holidays just for fun pubstomp or MvM Metal gauntlet on Potato servers.

8e67e4  No.16682078

File: 43b3f0218ffc700⋯.mp4 (1.68 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, random crits.mp4)

5f8144  No.16682108

File: 32fb74822835e7e⋯.mp4 (149.74 KB, 480x480, 1:1, autobalance.mp4)

21fed2  No.16682119


I still play, just infrequently.

19f4e3  No.16682131

File: db5c320647be03c⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 500x290, 50:29, fuck the lakers.gif)

>all these anons ITT talking about items and loadouts

Don't you people realise that you are the cancer that killed this game?

8be7d1  No.16682144

File: 6872157e0c5d68b⋯.png (309.61 KB, 1156x460, 289:115, engineer anger.png)


If it's taken this long for you to realize that the TF2 lovers on /v/ are massive hypocrites, you may have some brain problems. Like jesus have you even seen what has happened every single time we try and get people to play this god forsaken game?

0877d2  No.16682153

File: 0873223400fae2d⋯.jpg (58.67 KB, 809x322, 809:322, fvpsfk72zl431.jpg)


Yeah I play with my younger brothers when I'm not too busy with work. Usually hop into a dodgeball server or play some casual to stomp on kiddos.


Real talk the neglect of the game by Valve did more to hurt the game; as major updates became rarer, Valve would just periodically approve community made items, slap em in a box, and leave it be, which bloated the game.

5f8144  No.16682165


>muh loadouts

Everyone with over 200 hours of the game already know Stock loadout is a best.

cc87a4  No.16682174

File: b0d3eeac8e71cc5⋯.jpg (266.42 KB, 905x881, 905:881, b0d3eeac8e71cc5eea4896b935….jpg)


>Real talk

21fed2  No.16682206

File: 2ac41e316e0b527⋯.jpg (51.5 KB, 480x602, 240:301, cat is angry.jpg)

5f8144  No.16682224

File: 68d38be662823e3⋯.jpg (394.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1415054759861.jpg)



Re'l to'k m8, ya amirite?

e3b44e  No.16682288


I still play it, and My favorite matches will always be the ones that i could find a server with a ‘good’ Scunts / Soldierfags / Demoniggers and utterly dominate them with my class of choice Heavy / Pyro / Demoknight, respectively . I’ve also made ‘friends’ on the battlefield that we usually get matched to form time to time. Casual stomping is ok i guess but it doesn’t yield as much pleasure as dominating other pubstompers.


Who cares, the reason for complaining against them have went the way of the dodo. Maybe you should stop being a contrarian faggot a lurk more.

40ade6  No.16682340

File: 4740d82c4177a1b⋯.jpg (65.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)



893491  No.16682374

File: b9ba59761026521⋯.webm (593.78 KB, 480x360, 4:3, MEDIC IS NAZI.webm)


19f4e3  No.16682385

File: 9e9ff97606b197a⋯.webm (932.77 KB, 250x250, 1:1, OMG_SECRET_NAZI.webm)

b3bd3c  No.16682561


Objectively no, the whims of the stupid faggots who hopped on the game after 2012 who think 2007 tf2 was the best shit ever don't know a goddamn thing, especially with how fucking oblivious they are to the custom maps and server scripts scene back then.

What killed the game was stupid niggers like the comp and stock only faggots who are physically incapable of recognizing that there are(were) fucking hundreds of different ways to play the game and shriek and moan about how no one wants to play with them and should be forced to.

Literally lower than the VSH mod being modded for my little pony

95343e  No.16682622


>vsh mlp mod

if i think about it it is only logical that this exist

it still hurts

1fd227  No.16682626


Is that the guy who always self inserts his fox fursona into anything Krystal related? God that furfag sure loves to shoe horned himself to any artist that draws Krystal.

95343e  No.16682635




granted, sniper and spy attract every sort of cancer there is

87716b  No.16682642


2 artist, and the original creater of tf2 and tf classic, basicly a 1 man team the 3-16 people is more if the tf2 needs desperate help so gabe forces some of his slaves to work on tf2 until he loses interest and they are allowed to leave

8e67e4  No.16682731

File: da35ce5743324e0⋯.jpg (800.16 KB, 899x1368, 899:1368, 089.jpg)

File: 2e8252ab4e6e332⋯.jpg (862.97 KB, 1026x1368, 3:4, 90.jpg)

File: 6720da4ad087021⋯.jpg (315.82 KB, 1000x1444, 250:361, timinator-maggots.jpg)



there are still some decent community servers with custom maps in a regular rotation but good luck finding them under the mountain of custom servers with VSH or x10 shit

d8ca6f  No.16682807


I thought Robin Walker left the TF2 team to work on Dota 2 some while ago?

84dd76  No.16682840

File: 529905d40c45fe7⋯.png (45.95 KB, 141x112, 141:112, sadtom.PNG)

I just wanna play a full server of tc_hydro at least once more. I know it's one of the most hated maps out there but god, I just loved the fuck out of its level design and overall atmosphere and it's by far the most nostalgic map for me. Every time time I find myself remembering the good old days of vanilla tf2 it's almost always somewhere on tc_hydro.

84dd76  No.16682864


2007 tf2 WAS the best shit ever.

b86fd8  No.16682876

File: 2dfcf827e31512e⋯.png (484.58 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



0877d2  No.16682916

File: 2d0a9d0589c96f6⋯.jpg (278.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1562197678719.jpg)


The closest I've had to that was when me and 5 of my friends queued up for DeGroot and somehow queued against 6 randoms in hydro, played for like 20min before they all bounced. It was fun, always kept a queue of hydro open since then, haven't had luck finding a match of it for over 3 months.

986d15  No.16682943

File: dde93bf15cf7ee5⋯.png (88.82 KB, 334x529, 334:529, ClipboardImage.png)



Loadouts are retarded, but some of the unlockable weapons do add some flair to the game. In my opinion, even if someone decides to remake a TF2 Classic but good, they should keep at least one unlockable weapon per class, and by that I just mean those that actually change the class' mindset without making it into an entirely different class.

For example, Kritzkrieg is a good alternative to the Uber because it trades a defensive tool for an offensive one, but the Medic still retains his support role and isn't crossbowing his way to victory or getting a quarter of uber per swing. The Flare Gun is a good tool to give an otherwise difficult class a way to deal DPS from a distance, trading firepower for the option of being annoying. The Batallion Backup makes sense for a class that is supposed to be a Pivot for the team, trading firepower for an offensive buff to all their allies (but they should remove the option to pop it early and release it later, or keep the sound cue going for as long as the Soldier blows the trumpet).

The biggest problem with TF2 loadouts is how the vast majority of the items negate the effects of dps, have gimmicky combinations that are either broken or change the class too much to respond or flat out let the class self-heal, something that the original devs specifically went out of their way to avoid because it made conflict last too long unless a Medic was involved.

On that note, cosmetics should have been a way to identify the unlockables that class was using, so that you could estimate the level of threat, for instance if the one unlockable rule is kept, I'd like it if the kritz Medic was also forced to wear the Pickhelaube, so that his shape wold be distinct from the Uber Medic.

f669c6  No.16682960


>the important thing to know is, when people are different from you, you make fun of 'em

scout in SS outfit when

c9d0fd  No.16682992

File: a5acdb981acbdd3⋯.png (129.87 KB, 239x354, 239:354, fuckin faggoty.png)


>telling someone not to use the JAG because it doesn't have random crits

holy shit kill yourself

10a6b0  No.16682999

File: 5055fcf3ba10ec7⋯.webm (5.3 MB, 640x360, 16:9, hats.webm)


Fired it up today after a few years of hiatus.

Looks like I still know how to surf. Always a good time cloak-and-daggering at the very end to dispose of the wrong kind of campers, maybe press some annoying button over and over, or going engineer and building shit in wacky places, like a teleporter leading out of bounds.

Never been fond of sentry nests at the ends of maps, but having one on some random ramp that can easily be avoided but might get a few shots off, or in some otherwise worthless secret area, that's going to get someone on the other team riled up to do nothing but try to take it down.

I remember there being one arena-type surf map with a secret room full of furry porn, and that was the only place on the map where it was possible to build. Always worth putting a sentry there, as butthurt will inevitably ensue.

799a02  No.16683010

Sniper is so fun now

Machina, razorback and the blood knife is op

>Machina can oneshot every class

>razorback forces enemy spies to shoot you which gives you time to react

>people hate sniper and will scream in chat when you dominate them

>if you are good everyone expects you to be an aimbot

It's fucking amazing lads. Today I got 5 people screaming at me saying I was an aimbot when they just run in a straight line.

da1513  No.16683020


Those trips means you will have fun playing tf2 again.

ee85fd  No.16683021

File: fe3da7c6cabcbaf⋯.png (240.85 KB, 500x376, 125:94, 1127286e0d1d192631dfea3c3e….png)


>no crit fags still butt hurt crits a major aspect of melee weapon balance.

Maybe someday they'll replace no crits with 25% less damage like you fags wanted. But not today.

8e67e4  No.16683027


I prefer the equalizer since doing the taunt kill when you lose a round and gibbing someone on the winning team is pure bliss

c9d0fd  No.16683050

File: dd8e71d67038da7⋯.jpeg (119.78 KB, 600x840, 5:7, dd8.jpeg)


>not using the jag because you MIGHT hit a spy with your wrench and get a crit despite it nearly being a straight upgrade

c86e8f  No.16683055

File: 6827a898434d083⋯.jpg (270.94 KB, 634x523, 634:523, dEmoman ruins Snipers day.jpg)


>Not using the Escape Plan, Disciplinary Action, or at least the Meme Gardener

the absolute only single reason to use stock melee on Soldier is for aesthetics. Launch TF2 was a very handsome game, but they stole even that from us by updating the game's lighting and then updating vanilla weapon textures to make room for their epic meme skins, affecting how vanilla looks under normal conditions.

At least I still have my alcohol.

ee85fd  No.16683061

File: 3973361b75d0be5⋯.jpg (34.33 KB, 500x378, 250:189, 3973361b75d0be593d89738fa8….jpg)


>an up to 60%~ crit rate ramp up


c9d0fd  No.16683080


>talking about skill while using a weapon solely because it has a high crit percentage when the jag is drastically better at rebuilding and upgrading nests

423bc7  No.16683101


>at least I still have my alcohol.

Too bad the bottle doesn’t break anymore.

ee85fd  No.16683102

File: 2813fae2ca92ef4⋯.jpg (72.88 KB, 500x333, 500:333, smugbob.jpg)




Stay angry no crit fag. Crits have always been a major aspect of melee and it isn't changing anytime soon. I would sympathize with you more if you weren't the vegans of tf2. But hey at least you're not furry tier. Also no one cares about the time it takes to build, it's practically a non issue.

2efdee  No.16683107


Not to mention the Jag requires one extra hit to remove sappers.

f65213  No.16683117

At least I can stand behind enemy snipers with the cloak and dagger and spam "nice shot" still.

fb6feb  No.16683124


Props to Swiftwater for actually getting in

fb6feb  No.16683143

c9d0fd  No.16683149


>no one cares about time to build

spot the person who doesn't actually play engineer

ee85fd  No.16683153

File: 7a38a5b84f9a1e0⋯.webm (1.54 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, laughing_brote.webm)


amazing insult friend

c9d0fd  No.16683170

File: 4dd7410fda771ef⋯.png (974.99 KB, 798x1200, 133:200, 4dd.png)


>being able to

>build faster

>upgrade faster

>redeploy faster

>heal faster

>is irrelevant because

<you do less damage hitting people with a wrench

<takes one more hit to take off a sapper (which is not much of a problem given faster swing speed

If you think getting a level 3 up 3 seconds faster is irrelevant then you've never played in a pub before

c9d0fd  No.16683178

File: c2f0b572b597fec⋯.jpg (83.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1456624788098.jpg)

The first poster was wrong to begin with, the JAG DOES have random crits.

Literally no reason not to use it besides turtleling on last.

edea81  No.16683186


How about ur mum turtles my penis inside her.

fb6feb  No.16683191


Every once in a while I come back for a bit, and then get bored after a couple weeks and the cycle repeats.

fb6feb  No.16683196

File: 80e8d191872bbdf⋯.jpg (181.3 KB, 800x450, 16:9, fallout01.jpg)


>check every map

>get put in hydro

ac9c08  No.16683209

File: 890f144137b9a8a⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 500x281, 500:281, Pondering_Space_man.gif)

I still miss the Equalizer.

8e67e4  No.16683213


Cashworks would've been added but it has a server-crashing bug near the last point

fb6feb  No.16683214


hopefully it'll be fixed for the next update

whenever the fuck that is

a7988e  No.16683218


>Pyro probably wants one of his useful melees (as well as something else then shotgun)

as a pyro main who uses all stock besides the melee slot I've found the shotgun to be one of the most useful parts of my arsenal and get a large number of my kills with it.

edea81  No.16683223


Any competent player can usually do well with using the standard shotgun, can't go wrong with it.

I still can't stand shitscan as I get hit as I walk behind walls, and I make hits behind walls when enemies run from me too

0410d1  No.16683243


Anon, crits are one of the main reasons to use melee. No crits for a melee weapon is a HUGE drawback.

0410d1  No.16683247

File: 8a7ebfe22a56067⋯.jpg (364.18 KB, 1644x1738, 822:869, 8b792cc0367f56911f474b527d….jpg)

>I replied to the wrong person

0a3056  No.16683294


>Europoors being offended by the word "nigger"

Well I guess the entire continent is Sweden

21fed2  No.16683397


He was talking about screaming nigger every two seconds, dumbfuck burger. If you can't be properly /pol/ without screaming nigger like actual niggers scream cracker you're doing it wrong.

c1207e  No.16683408


>expecting /pol/ from a /b/ populated game


fb6feb  No.16683411

Adri | 4s lft dirt(league) ? : Oh my, you were hard when you died OwO I better be quick *sticks corpse cock in mouth*

0410d1  No.16683417


what if it just a spy with the dead ringer

ed2dfb  No.16683463


Roamer is supposed to jump from one med kit to another doing skip jumps and pogo. Black box is only good for noobs that dont yet feel confident in their skills.

0a4e7a  No.16683467



3d9bd0  No.16683468

File: 2f6bfc796c6a6d2⋯.png (247.39 KB, 650x986, 325:493, 1378790598675.png)


>medics that absolutely wreck servers by themselves

>two medics healing each other, running through the battlements

>one of them pops an uber

>the other starts stabbing the fucking shit out of everyone with ubersaw

>gets enough stabs for his own uber

>he pops uber and the other medic starts stabbing everyone with uber saw

>this repeats through the game and everyone is absolutely fucked


heavy is a millenial


actually it does, if it breaks on a hit it will crit the enemy

fb6feb  No.16683473

fb6feb  No.16683476

File: 428506b1c2b00c8⋯.png (131.61 KB, 481x336, 481:336, tom02.png)

ed2dfb  No.16683477


>actually it does, if it breaks on a hit it will crit the enemy

Could break against the wall too if it was a crit.

f3f318  No.16683478


The Nigger Box.

fb6feb  No.16683482


I thought they fixed that now?

0a4e7a  No.16683489



Yes, it's fixed. Bottle breaks once more.

587d23  No.16683496

Be honest

How many of you fell for the hat meme

ed2dfb  No.16683498


>Getting so mad at being destroyed by scout that you switch on a crouch weapon getting handicapped with jumps and splash damage just to score a kill of him.

You do realize soldier have shotgun, right? Why nobody use it nowadays?

fb6feb  No.16683500


I like crafting my own hats, makes them feel important. The one time I got a strange cosmetic from a box was nice, but I can't make a habit of doing that.

ed2dfb  No.16683505


Pretty dumb way to waste refs.

2ffa90  No.16683508



This, just buy it for 1.5 on the market.

f3f318  No.16683510


What can you do with them besides hats?

ed2dfb  No.16683513


Well, buy shit with them and use them as a currency? How new are you?

f3f318  No.16683514


Not new, I've been combining scrap and turning them into hats for years. I never cared about any of the market crap when they added it.

fb6feb  No.16683520



I should have clarified that I have a personal rule to not trade or use the community market. Everything I have I earned myself.

0a4e7a  No.16683589


Hydro had by far the most effort put in of any of the original tf2 maps. It had a lot of passion put behind it and yet it and tc are put in the alternative catagory.

Fuck the niggers who hate hydro, it is by far the best showcase of how much effort went into tf2 and how much more balanced vanilia was. The reason why i would say hydro sucks now is because both the weapons and the playstyle of tf2 has changed drastically to the point it's no longer a balanced map.

d24eee  No.16683611


I trying to play Hydro but no mater how excelet map it way to short and encourage mindless rush.

7bcc24  No.16683682

File: 31cbda0c8808c6b⋯.jpg (71.55 KB, 779x450, 779:450, 4e6J3zc.jpg)



Fuck off you dirty nigger

1fd227  No.16683686


Make a profit out of them it's what traders do to earn real cash from the game. You can't be this new, do you?

62f905  No.16683690

File: 5469d6c399fd999⋯.png (295.84 KB, 480x480, 1:1, g-guys.png)

8be7d1  No.16683693

62f905  No.16683734

File: bf3aaa4060ac228⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 4.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, tf2 eggman.webm)


Jojo is more 9gag than doge nigger

8be7d1  No.16683739

File: ce7e9f1a828e321⋯.webm (881.08 KB, 450x360, 5:4, heavy is ninja champion.webm)


Nigger doge is the bottom of the fucking barrel.

62f905  No.16683749



8be7d1  No.16683753

File: 9eb3b576d5bca88⋯.webm (3.02 MB, 640x360, 16:9, heavy loves scout.webm)


I'm not implying, I'm directly telling you.

62f905  No.16683769


Last word ;)

40898d  No.16683800

File: 107c370fba44c6e⋯.webm (169.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, TF2_Dear_God_No_-_Soldier….webm)

78e4cf  No.16683821



>be the only person in my immediate circle who knows about Jojo

>Try to get other people into it, show them Heritage/SDC ova

>Everyone says it’s “Too weird” or “too gay”

>ten years later

>everyone and their cat is dick riding Jojo and spamming the same memes that I was using a decade ago

Why do normalfags ruin everything?

082d85  No.16683828

File: ed92b39c1ebe1c8⋯.jpg (82.33 KB, 323x500, 323:500, 1368213439610.jpg)


>every soldier and their cat

>not knowing the soldier keeps pet raccoons

082d85  No.16683839


I miss when backburner first came out, it was a absolute bloodbath, none of the enemies knew how to deal with it (lol turn around)

Goddamn that was fun

61c5b2  No.16683840

Everything is fucked anyway. Just go lucksman.

b75693  No.16683899

File: 59a936b773cceb9⋯.jpg (156.46 KB, 623x414, 623:414, [possibly laughing].jpg)


>cuntsman on server with roll the dice

>homing projectiles

95343e  No.16683976


what kind of fucking reddit argumentation is this

09d604  No.16684004

I used to play a shitton of TF2 back in the day. Me and my girlfriend would play together and it would be glorious. Because she was a NEET she would be on there earlier before me and would farm items for me. And by farm I mean she would talk on mic and people would want to play with her because "OMG GRL" and they would just…give her stuff.

Then she'd trade it all to me, I'd smelt it down and trade it for keys (back when keys were worth 2-3 refined) and we'd do it again.

And then I'd get on voice and say "is my little brother in here pretending to be a girl to get free shit again?" just so I could see the salt. Some of the meltdowns were epic.

We had some great moments though. We'd get on a server and arrange sandman competitions on Turbine. If you got hit you allowed yourself to get killed, first team to kill all the other team (they had to stay in spawn after getting sandman'd) got to cap and then we'd go to the next round.

Good times.

5e94d1  No.16684022


How many scrap per refined was it? 6? 9? Back during that time is when I got into trading. Made about 40$ off crafting Undertale emotes when it came out

Im afraid to see what hyperinflation did to key prices. I'm betting 10-14 ref per key now. Shitters like Geel made a bot army to dominate trades and manipulate prices. He must have made hundreds of dollars per day.

Even people like TheBoogie were trading unusuals back then. I think at peak his backpack gained over 2000$ ,in the span of just one year, from trades alone

09d604  No.16684028


Originally it was 3 weapons for a scrap, 3 scrap for a reclaimed, and 3 reclaimed for a refined. That got patched early on though, and it was only two weapons to make a scrap. So 3x(3x2) = 18 weapons for a single refined.

7ed79c  No.16684033


There is nothing more satisfying then stopping a charging demonknight dead in his tracks with a cuntsman headshot while wearing the crocodile mundee. They get almost as salty as a soldier main after being headshot mid-rocketjump or another snoipeh main when you kill them in any way at all.

7ed79c  No.16684044

YouTube e-celeb faggotry and their "TF2 Community" killed tf2. Change my mind.

aa35f9  No.16684046


What exactly did youtubers do to the game? What influence would they have over it?

7ed79c  No.16684051


Whining until they convince the small, overworked TF team at valve to change stuff they otherwise might not have.

95343e  No.16684134


i agree

7dc03d  No.16684137

File: 716e55cf9580497⋯.jpg (383.24 KB, 1365x2388, 455:796, tf2_spy_pyro_team-fortress….jpg)

What class does /v/ main?

I'll start: spy

fb6feb  No.16684146


even better, kill them with the cuntsman taunt

aa35f9  No.16684155


The sandman taunt in my opinion was the best kill taunt. Especially when you do it multiple times to a sniper and they get really asshurt over it.


>still playing this game

Do you still enjoy it or do you feel like you're forcing it? I quit when it felt it was no longer fun and I don't regret it to be honest.

7dc03d  No.16684159


>Do you still enjoy it or do you feel like you're forcing it?

I plan on getting a better laptop in a month, so I can play CPU-intensive strategy games. Once I get it, I'll probably never play TF2 again because I'll be playing strategy games instead. TF2 is just for filling my gaming urge until them.

d8ca6f  No.16684170


Watched this enough to notice Scout suddenly smiles the exact same way in both shots.

3ae2af  No.16684180


Used to main Spy, not for "le epic backstabs" but because mind-fucking a team was fucking hilarious. Having them chasing shadows in their own base instead of attacking the enemy team was great fun. But of course since a Spy attracts a lot of try-hards and having more than one Spy on a team just makes things harder, I usually went Pyro as secondary because trolling with airblasts and the Backburner was fun too. But then they nerfed everything fun with the Pyro, even the puff'n'sting with the Axtinguisher, and especially the backburner, and I haven't really played in a few years so who knows what sort of whiffle bat the Pyro wields these days.

8f4dc3  No.16684187



>being comfy behind enemy lines


>using the revolver for the majority of my kills

>if they're about to spycheck me I just fuckin shoot them

>cloak out before their teammates can investigate


>using my shotgun and pistol, best weapons in the game

>kill scouts whenever they see me, don't even need my turret

>always teleporting my braindead teammate niggers into the front lines

>setting up a crossfire between me and my mini-sentries

>beating the shit out of my big sentries

>killing dumbfuck spies the entire game, frag delivery

d8ca6f  No.16684253

File: bb42b7187136037⋯.png (839.29 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Turtling_2Fort.png)


I like engineer but the turtling he enables causes the game so many problems.

>5CP often grinds to a halt and turns into a tedious stalemate when one or both teams start turtling

>CTF is often broken to the point that players just treat the game mode as team deathmatch because both intel rooms are sentry central

>KOTH, a game mode where you really want flank routes to remain open so the game mode doesn't just become "head straight to the point every time" can become just that because the flank routes get cut off by sentry nests

Hell even Attack/Defense and Payload, game modes built around turtling would probably benefit if there wasn't such a heavy dependency on stacking up Ubers brought about by having to deal with the multiple sentry nests that Red team builds.

I wish Valve had come up with a better way of promoting aggressive engineer play than mini-sentries. Building hauling was a good addition to Engie's kit but it's often too inflexible.

fb6feb  No.16684472


Sometimes I feel like the best option is to limit how many of a class can be in play at once, though perhaps the cap is raised the more players are in the server so it's not too restrictive.

89d92c  No.16684489

File: 6dc3f1739dabf34⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 400x384, 25:24, wut.jpg)


I'm not the guy who you're replying to but whatever

>He doesn't need to you absolute retard, during an uber, which is primarily where the wrangler sees so much use, the sentry has nothing to shoot anyway and the knockback is likely not going to do much either, the point is allowing the sentry to survive until it has something to shoot at again when it would otherwise die.

Dafuq? Of course the fucking engineer would be there, i mean his buildings are his lifeline, you'd think he's just going to equip his wrangler indefinitely while fucking off doing god knows what? Also holy fuck that's why i said to aim at the engineer not the sentry dumbass.

>Until it re-activates again a few seconds later anyway, if you push forward you've now overextended into the enemy team and well into the sightlines of an aimbot capable of doing 128dps before accounting for the rockets, if you don't understand why this is a retarded idea there's no helping you.

<What is the stickybomb launcher

<What is a heavy shooting at it well before it turns online

<What is snipers

<What is sappers

<What is the Direct Hit

If he deactivates the wrangler in front of a pocket, the sentry is good as dead if the engineer isn't there. You know, something that you just said above.

>This is how I know you have no fucking clue what you're talking about and are still thinking of the wrangler as a weapon instead of a tool. The primary function of the wrangler is the shield, not the shooting, the shooting is always secondary and situational.

Well you're right, but that doesn't mean that it's OP. The Wrangler merely moves the priority target status to the engineer himself. And if he dies, the whole nest goes down with him.

>But he does have several teammates who aren't just going to ignore you while you walk by to the engineer sitting behind them. The engineer's buildings are always a rally point for the team, the dispenser for health and ammo, the teleporter for mobility, and the sentry for protection, you have to expect the entire team will be gathered around the sentry and using it as a focal point for the hold, taking it down is a big step in allowing your teammates to move in, especially more fragile classes like the scout or allowing the spy to break disguises and attack without instantly getting blown up.

That's why Medics popping ubers after another is a thing, a single engy with a wranger won't hold off the entire fucking team. Wrangling engies also get a hidden debuff that makes them extra vulnerable to spies and snipers anyways. This conjectures are useless anyways since the multiple engineers are magnitudes worse than the wrangler and relies on the notion that this team will actually care about the engineer's well-being.

>He. Has. A. Shotgun.

<One class can fire faster and move faster than him

<The other can fire 4 rockets in his general direction

<Another one can fire 4 grenades and 8 stickies

<Some other guy has a flamethrower that goes through his buildings

<This fat guy can tank his sentry while also shredding his buildings at the same time

<While this guy can insta-kills the engy from afar

<The last guy can stab him and disable his sentry

Oh and if he's using RR then he pretty much gimped himself. By the way switching to your shotgun deactivates the sentry and opening it up for people to plink it to death.

>What you still seem to be far too retarded to understand is you don't need to be standing around holding the wrangler to make use of it, you simply pull it out, the shield goes up, then switch back to your primary or melee to continue fighting.

What if the sentry needs repairs then? A tank needs healers too, but if the sentry is wrangled it only repairs at a rate of ~10 HP per swing.

>If he has the rescue ranger instead, he still can easily fuck over your whole "rush at the aimbot and die" strategy by keeping line of sight to the sentry while remaining behind his team, you can't get to him without killing his team first, his team is covered by the sentry, and the sentry effectively can triple its health at any time simply because the engineer pressed "2" for half a second and even if you do damage it he can just shoot it from a distance to heal it right back up without ever once exposing himself.

<This sheer magnitude of conjecture just to make a point

Lmao i'm done with you faggot, there's no arguing with a deluded fool who thinks the engineer is a defense god (well he is, but even he can fall too). Not to mention some of your points contradicts itself too. I've played 200+ Hours as medic, demo and heavy and i've got no problem with the wrangler. If Valve wanna nerf that weapon then sure, why not ? But really, anyone that is saying that the wrangler OP is really just using the wrong mindset when dealing with this weapon.

Also gee i wonder why only now people is saying the wrangler is OP, totally not related with some Jewtuber am i right guys????


89d92c  No.16684494


Some fag on Jewtube is saying that one of the spy's revolver can be repurposed into a building-killing niche. I think that's a good idea. Since many classes already have their own anti-engy weapons (nu-Loch'n'Load, Direct Hit, Battalion's Backup, Huntsman, etc) while most of the spies arsenal are centered on the players, it is nice to see it as a niche since they can make a spy into a proper threat instead of a nuisance. Also the Red Tape Recorder can be buffed by topping up it's HP to make it harder to remove by engineer or Pybros.



<I like pain

<And being wanted by the team


<I like sandviches

<I like miniguns

<I like being a big guy


<I like dominating engineers

<I like dominating other demomen (as demoknight)

sorry for double post

b68ad8  No.16684590

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Dafuq? Of course the fucking engineer would be there, i mean his buildings are his lifeline

There's no reason the engineer has to be right next to his buildings, especially not now since he can just top their health up from infinitely far away as long as he has line of sight.

>you'd think he's just going to equip his wrangler indefinitely while fucking off doing god knows what?

As I said before, all he needs to do is tap 2 when his building comes under fire to triple its HP for free, if it's getting spammed from long range? It's not shooting anything anyway. If an uber is coming in? it can't do damage anyway. No downside.

>If he deactivates the wrangler in front of a pocket, the sentry is good as dead if the engineer isn't there.

Even if it does die, it wastes 650 damage worth of your ammo loaded as well as your entire uber if you ubered onto it. That's more than enough to make a significant impact on your team's ability to push, and the engie doesn't have to do anything to do this except press 2 and walk into spawn. Now consider that he can spam rescue ranger projectiles at it to heal it while this is happening, making the numbers even worse for you even if the healing is reduced.

>he Wrangler merely moves the priority target status to the engineer himself.

Except the engineer takes less damage than the sentry at longer ranges because players are subject to damage falloff, buildings aren't. Further, there's no reason for the engineer to expose himself to your line of sight in the first place since he can sit at a distance to heal his buildings or simply abandon them and move back out of your range to rebuild while allowing his team to clean you up while you impotently attempt to chase somebody through into the enemy lines like a mouth breathing retard.

>That's why Medics popping ubers after another is a thing, a single engy with a wranger won't hold off the entire fucking team.

He doesn't have to you retard, but the fact that you need to involve several enemy teammates in this equation to explain how you deal with a single engineer and sentry all but proves my point. Also, this is also going to mean you have multiple engineers you retard, imagine a 650 HP sentry with three engineers spamming rescue ranger projectiles at it that's also covered by two other active sentries to prevent you from approaching to "lol just kill the engineer!" like you keep spouting like a retarded broken record.

>What if the sentry needs repairs then?

Nothing prevents you from repairing the sentry while the shield is active, it's slower, but that doesn't really matter when the effective health given is also three times as large since the shield is still up. Since you don't actually feel like looking up the numbers I know they're scary when you're as retarded as you are, healing is reduced by 2/3 as well as damage. This means healing 100 hp per hit normally is reduced to 33, which remains effectively 99 since the sentry has effectively tripled health. If you're curious, the attack speed of the wrench is identical to the rocket launcher, but the damage from one rocket (90) is less than the health healed by one swing of the wrench.

>Not to mention some of your points contradicts itself too.

Name one example then.

You seem to not fucking understand that the engineer is getting all these upsides in exchange for pressing 2 when his sentry gets shot at, something the HUD already tells him about, and not having a pistol, which while it isn't useless, is sure as shit less effective than being able to triple your sentry's health on demand.

>Also gee i wonder why only now people is saying the wrangler is OP

Wanna know how I can tell you've been playing the game for less than a couple years? Maybe even just a few months?

People have been complaining about the wrangler being bullshit since it was released 9 fucking years ago, this is nothing new in the slightest and unrelated to any fucking jewtube cancer you want to try to strawman everything on.

Take a look at the attached video at 2:22 if you want an example of what I'm talking about. It's from before the nerf to healing given while the shield if active, but it's still quite relevant, especially if you account for multiple engineers healing one building or building in the same area.

2ffa90  No.16684622


Still a dumb idea, I have a personal rule not to put real money into TF2 because that money is real and valuable, but beyond that it's just a choice between 4 ref for a random hat or 1.5 for a hat of my choosing, valve is not seeing any money for trades, only for the market.


god bless you for having such patience with the retard.

0410d1  No.16684666


Stop saying "Change my mind" unironically. The burden of proof is upon the party making the claim.

d69d46  No.16684692

File: 98125fe9063670f⋯.png (238.91 KB, 577x382, 577:382, 858a47b6a4362a98fefa7c38c4….png)


Don't you mean the competitve esports fags that bitch and whine about everything?

c22b1d  No.16684744


Yikes! All these toxic replies by Numericans.

You're right about most of it, but we DO have the occasional furry/brony/weeb pocket heavy pubstomper shit combo.

a4737d  No.16684771

This thread is an eternal reminder that anyone who still cares about the game is autistic.

e9c5a0  No.16684778


that video just shows that you can do all that with a scout better

00ef65  No.16684892

File: 4526bb73300bb66⋯.mp4 (2.23 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2019-07-04-0017-47_1.mp4)


Yeah but

282ba1  No.16684929

File: 692149b753a3830⋯.jpg (946.43 KB, 1688x1968, 211:246, I'M BURN.jpg)

>try to play MvM

>everyone playing is either a low-tour idiot or a 500+ tour turbo-metanigger who will kick anyone that doesn't play exactly as he tells them to

>get wrong upgrades? kick

>sentry in wrong spot? kick

>using anything besides his preferred loadout? kick

>elitist nigger then tries to explain his reasoning by talking to you like you're a four year old because god forbid anyone tries to have fun in his game

fuck metaniggers

893491  No.16684938


I do that but to my own team for fun. Just play as whatever class and act as a spy in disguise.

aa35f9  No.16684943


Why are these kind of fuckers so vehemently interested in ruining a PvE game for anyone else?

>L4D: Same niggers

>Payday 2(but not The Heist for some reason): Same niggers

>Vermintide 2, you bet

The only reason I haven't gotten Risk of Rain 2 yet because I get the feeling said niggers will infest that game too.

3d9bd0  No.16684944


Ever since those youtube videos about "how to facestab!" came out, this is all I see in servers any more. There's always a spy that can backstab you from any side, and eventually everyone on the other team is complaining about it.

It's usually always paired with kunai and deadringer of course.

0410d1  No.16684956

File: 431dc6809e6e237⋯.png (647.44 KB, 618x618, 1:1, jay fading.png)


The biggest problem with Pyro is how he's just not fun to fight against most of the time. puff 'n sting was pure scrubbery you couldn't really counter as most classes. Same goes with the Sniper's piss jugs.

It was a near guaranteed kill most of the time, the only class that could technically survive it was the Heavy.

Non-Pyro mains probably didn't understand how frustrating it was to be instakilled constantly by the same strategy on nearly every server.

282ba1  No.16684961

File: cb52564485a1f9e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.62 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Child.jpg)


git gud

c34484  No.16684964


how do you git gud at being hit with an axe

282ba1  No.16684968

File: 851406e2403740c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 66.51 KB, 250x237, 250:237, Grin.png)


stop getting hit


2ffa90  No.16684971


Spatial awareness, a.k.a. don't let him get close.

c22b1d  No.16684973

Who the h*ck uses puff n sting in 2019? Most pyro mains just use shotgun on luxemburg servers

fdd0a9  No.16684978


Part of the reason they do that shit is so people get frustrated and cash out their MvM tickets on the cheap and keep the price of Austrailiums high

Getting kicked a lot puts you in the shitter queue

They also complained about the general buffs because it made it harder to keep people out

56b730  No.16684979


If you're in range of the Pyro it means you're a scrub or you got ambushed. If you're a scrub, git gud. If you got ambushed, you're playing against someone who's playing Pyro correctly, and you need to be on your toes.

It's like complaining that standing in front of a Heavy and shooting each other is unfair because the Heavy has more health so he takes longer to die.


No one, because Valve nerfs fun. Did they also nerf the quick-swap shotgun that crits midair targets? I forget the name.

ec824c  No.16684981


It was so fun precisely because of how effective it was, it made Pyro a true ambush class like he was supposed to be.

>but it would kill you instantly!


So many Scout mains complained about how rekt they were getting from puff 'n sting, instead of not trying to CQC Pyros.


We're talking about before it was nerfed.

c22b1d  No.16684983


The reserve shooter? Airblasted targets aren't eligible for mini-crits with that weapon, anymore. Effectively making it an inferior shotgun for the pyro and completely useless.

cc87a4  No.16684985


That's the joke, satan.

cbaa18  No.16684986

File: 81d3ab697c56ce5⋯.mp4 (8.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, MvM.mp4)


>try to play MvM

You can finish any tour (except expert) with any combination of 4 players. Even huntsman sniper. Just ignore metafaggots.

a8ecd2  No.16684989

Why is Pyro such a controversial class? He seems fine but everybody either says he's OP or UP.

c22b1d  No.16684990


Hard to aim when you're on fire.

2ffa90  No.16684992

Anyone up for some MvM later tonight?


he ok.

c22b1d  No.16684994


at least tell us your location, anon

56b730  No.16685000

File: 90905cef3e0ab82⋯.gif (244.71 KB, 400x200, 2:1, skele lol gif.gif)


>The reserve shooter? Airblasted targets aren't eligible for mini-crits with that weapon, anymore.


I didn't think Valve could suck at balance any more but holy shit. They literally nerf weapons for using them as intended.


Players complain about getting ambushed by the close range class that excels in close range combat, making it a balancing nightmare for Valve because they are retarded at their own games.

e9c5a0  No.16685002


mostly butthurt soldiers that get upset when the pyro deflects a rocket to their face or new players that got anally blasted when they got stomped by a pyro with a pocket medic in pubs

2ffa90  No.16685008

File: 3dda078ad19cb72⋯.png (49.18 KB, 800x498, 400:249, allergic to being sad.png)


Who cares when you're playing PvE.

Latin America


What do you mean trips man, the reserve shooter was always meant to be a gun for bringing down rocket jumpers :^)

fdd0a9  No.16685009


Fires lingering particles

Exceptionally deadly at close range

Average to good players heavily negate blast jumping faggots with mobility and AoE denial/reversal

Shitters usually play pyro like a spud and assume the people playing pyro that are effective have to be cheating

c22b1d  No.16685013


Ouch, I live in the Old World.

b64709  No.16685017


>no furries

Good one.

cbaa18  No.16685018

File: 0e24835d6244b7d⋯.jpg (148.07 KB, 1122x797, 1122:797, 1446973790454.jpg)

>muh airblast

How to spot no fun 6v6 faggot soldiers.

fdd0a9  No.16685020

Also, while it's (aesthetic) design makes more sense on the soldier, the heavy should be able to equip the reserve shooter.

282ba1  No.16685024

File: 6949c9abe340064⋯.png (415.94 KB, 750x450, 5:3, Business Card.png)


this makes me even angrier

ec824c  No.16685029


It's because Pyro requires a lot of tactics but not much raw skill outside of his flare guns. He's kind of like the opposite of a Sniper.

You can be terrible at playing games but still be a great Pyro if you're smart and plan things out. This is why so many new TF2 players excel at Pyro.

It's also why half of the veteran TF2 players think Pyro is "underpowered", they're used to classes like the Soldier and Scout which don't require a whole lot of forward planning. If you can follow a target and lead your shots, you'll be a great assault class main. If you never put much thought into anything past the next 15 seconds, you'll be a terrible Pyro.

That exact lack of planning is also why other players think Pyro is "overpowered", they run through a hallway without so much as a second thought to whether or not there might be a Pyro waiting for them. It's the people who play TF2 like it's CoD or Halo that really get rekt by Pyro the most, a good Scout can easily defeat a Pyro but a scrub Scout don't keep his distance because "muh ramp up" and get toasted because of it.

282ba1  No.16685036

File: 8d417b332f1bfe7⋯.gif (834.2 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Cat.gif)


>play on east coast USA

>connect through matchmaking

>end up in Luxembourg server

normally I'd brush it off but this has been happening for several years now, wtf volvo

ec824c  No.16685040


>but a scrub Scout *doesn't keep his distance because "muh ramp up" and *gets toasted because of it.

2ad3d2  No.16685041


This feels like unironic quenton in the making.

3d9bd0  No.16685042

File: 1d18aa31ca7a028⋯.jpg (285.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2014-07-31_00004.jpg)


just like the soldier's laser pistol, literally intended that the beam travels through enemies and does scaling damage to each successive target

then it got removed because someone complained and they said it was a 'bug'

yet it still says in game tips that it's SUPPOSED to do that

it was a great weapon to make sure enemies didn't hide in a conga line as they rushed the battlements, now it's fucking pointless



>aforementioned kunai spies that can shit on everyone because they backstabbed a heavy

>huntsman snipers that shit on everyone from a distance

>medics using crossbow to shit on everyone from a distance AND heal their team

Highlander was fun at first, but it fell into a pattern where teams always had multiples of everything I just mentioned, and winning depended entirely on who had more of them.

aa35f9  No.16685054

Wait, what did the Kunai do again? Was it the one that made you go sanic speeds on backstabs?

95343e  No.16685057


pyros current state is SCAFUBAHORE.

the flamethrower needs to fire a tighter cone with more range.

this makes pyros happy because

>longer range

>more visibility

this makes spy checking a more "intentional" thing

this makes scrubs happy

this makes shitters mad

0410d1  No.16685061


You absorb health

282ba1  No.16685066



good memories

actually scratch that they're fucking terrible memories because VAC is a joke and always will be

95343e  No.16685071


i remember that brony who would constantly go on hightower servers and use lmaobox, get kicked, banned, return with an alt a week later

282ba1  No.16685073


what >>16685061 said

it's also the most OP weapon on x10 servers

>start with 1 HP

>if you manage to backstab someone you get upwards of 5000+ hp

>continue the chain of backstabbing and become La Grenouille de la Mort

3d9bd0  No.16685077


Spy gains the health of his victim.

So imagine a spy stabs a heavy at full health, immediately pulls out deadringer, and zips off at sanic speed behind whoever just hit him, and he's got more health than most classes, stabs the poor sap, rinse and repeat.

0410d1  No.16685084

File: 581f30ddc8b92c4⋯.png (64.05 KB, 352x264, 4:3, 581f30ddc8b92c4ba21db929c1….png)


> La Grenouille de la Mort

aa35f9  No.16685087


Since when does the DR give you a speed boost? Is that a recent thing? I've never really used the thing.

Eternal Reward+Stock watch/revolver best spy loadout, prove me wrong.

3d9bd0  No.16685098


For a long time now:

>Upon activation: Drop a fake corpse, 75% damage reduction, remove some status effects

>for first 3 seconds: Speed boost, no cloak shimmer upon collision with a enemy, up to 65% damage reduction

>subsequently: normal invisibility

fbc5bd  No.16685114


>go to 2fort battlements disguised as enemy snipers

>strafe back and forth as normal

>if you have snipers on your team over the bell curve, they will shoot at you to make you look legit

>countless folk pass you by

>immediately ambassador the nearest razorback sniper to death after playing it up for a while



>scream spy at passerbys, changing positions occasionally

>eventually half the team is distracted trying to burn down every corner

and my favorite

>being chased

>duck around corner, disguise as friendly heavy, wait on smoke clear, turn corner and greet enemy

>watch many disengage immediately.

Mindgames are great.

56b730  No.16685152

File: 03056ddddca1252⋯.gif (19.79 KB, 300x221, 300:221, ultros.gif)


>La Grenouille de la Mort

Oh fuck my sinuses. I shouldn't have read that while drinking Coke.


My favourite was to randomly potshot a player with the revolver in their own base and go invisible with the C&D and just watch the mayhem.

Do this enough times and they'll either never leave their own base because they're always spy-checking, or they'll eventually ignore you and keep playing. At which point of course you immediately chain-stab the entire team that's sick of your shit.

I was so fucking happy when Valve finally introduced backstab death animations so that when you did try and chain stab you didn't have bodies fly one hundred fucking feet in front of you letting the whole team know that someone had just been backstabbed behind them.

95343e  No.16685178

File: cb4a5f2de41a9de⋯.jpg (368.34 KB, 2896x2896, 1:1, hitlerzoom.jpg)

>go casual

>some retard named [VALVE]ricardo

>playing conchbox with aimbot

>spams chat with "oof" and lennyface when he gets a kill

>has dicksucker orbiters being the most disgusting fucking faggots ever

>say "hows it like being so bad at a game you need a program to play it for you"

>literally retorts with "ur just mad cuz im good"

>go on his profile

>vac ban 3 days ago

>"it was a problem wiht csgos kick system its a kick ban"

>tell him it clearly fucking says vac

>"yeah its a community ban turned into vac idk i dont cheat bro"

>say yeah sure and im a nigger on mars


>theyre all teamed with the niggernormalfagscriptkiddie

>cant votekick me

>tell my team to votekick

>one faggot got autobalanced and tried to votekick me

>it fails

>he goes ragemode and starts blatantly spinbotting

>dies repeatedly to a pybro deflecting his rockets back into him

>rages even harder

>game ends

>GG GG GG LENNYFACE GG (has left the server)

nigger seems to be a powerword nowadays.

normalfag culling when? i fucking hate those disgusting drooling retards that are acting like literal sheep following the one with the strongest smelling farts

cant wait for gaming to become obscure again and all of these retards to leave for another hobby to ruin.

f8164c  No.16685202

File: c5ea76e59243399⋯.png (8.43 KB, 213x255, 71:85, cacd72aba2dec526c9f6d1b8c3….png)


It depends, at least from what I've experienced in casual. Sometimes there's total animosity towards those who say nigger, and sometimes there's those who call out the snowflakes.

I just stack with my drunkstack and sow the seeds of righteous anger wherever I go.

f12709  No.16685281

>love playing pyro

>shit reaction time so can never deflect properly

This sucks on ice.

Also why the fuck do normalfags flock around youtubers? Why watch someone else play a game, especially one that's free?

95343e  No.16685307


because normalfags are fucking sheep and cant think for themselves since they can only copy what others do.

like the reddit syndrome, repeating "memes" ad nauseum.

normalniggers are subhuman ants with only 3 reactions, as you may have noticed.

>thing feel good, i repeat feel good thing

>others do thing, i want to be others. i do thing.

>others say thing bad. take thing away bad bad bad.

they constantly need someone to tell them what to do.

4fc287  No.16685309


People like jerma and star would do funny things and set up jokes, and I guess comp players are interesting to watch “high level” play if you’re into that kind of thing.

aa35f9  No.16685319


I don't get why "I'm gonna say the n-word" became a thing somewhat recently. It really feels like the internet got infested by children who think swearing is the funniest shit possible.

4fc287  No.16685325


Hey dumbass, if you haven’t realized, every generation gets more and more ingrained in the internet. And as you get older, there’s an endless supply of 7 year olds just discovering YouTube.

aa35f9  No.16685329


Yeah but these are supposedly adults.

4fc287  No.16685333


And who told you that?

aa35f9  No.16685337


They don't sound like 7-16 year olds.

4fc287  No.16685341


>people saying “I’m gonna say the n-word” don’t sound like underage fags

I doubt

d8ca6f  No.16685375


You're either playing a combat class or a support class. If you're playing a combat class you had zero fucking excuse for getting axetinguished, soldier/demoman/scout all have the mobility to escape pyro while heavy can outright tank him. If you're playing a support class then guess what, you're playing a class that's supposed to be easily killed when caught in close quarters. It's not different to getting point blank scattershot by a scout or juggle-killed by a soldier.

56b730  No.16685458

Slightly off-topic, but does anyone know when the "I'm the One and Only" song started being used in Prop Hunt?

I know prop hunt is older than TF2, I'm just wondering when that song started being used when there's one player left to find.

587d23  No.16685741

After reading this thread I feel like playing tf2 again, but with the state nu-tf2 is in I'll probably have a bad time.

bf864c  No.16685978


When you have a big fat number next to your name, it makes people think you're an authority. This doesn't happen as heavily if you're predisposed to disliking something, but nonetheless it is still a factor.

bf864c  No.16685982


The reason it's a meme now is because of how hard most kids have this "anti racism" shit pushed down their throat, and things that are inherently unexpected but ultimately harmless are funny.

The more offensive it becomes to say nigger, the more funny it will be to say nigger.

Hell the same thing happened with nazi jokes.

1fd227  No.16686131

File: c8f4d62a8c0a725⋯.png (363.29 KB, 775x1031, 775:1031, no fun allowed (Medic).png)


Trying to play MvM is a god damn pain because of metaniggers kicking anyone for petty reasons. I only got lucky a few times in joining servers that didn't have these faggots constantly kicking people out because "muh meta" also God forbid if you play Sniper or Spy even if you have a high rank in killing giants in a snap.

53af1b  No.16686602


>How much do you charge?

how much do you want?

386252  No.16686663


>aimbot with rocket launcher that isnt direct hit

what a story mark

8beb5b  No.16686822

Any advise/loadout for MannVSMachine, especially for classes that arent medic, engie, or heavy?

Also, I didnt encounter any meta faggots on the games I joined. Are that people from Mann Up games? Because I only did casual because fuck paying money for a pass, or to give my phone number to Valve just because for competitive.

bf864c  No.16686843


Well, if you're playing Sniper, it's always a good idea to use the Hitman's Heatmaker since the boost lets you repeatedly hit bots with explosive headshots partially charged, if it's a wave with a tank, and you're down a pyro you can upgrade the swing speed on the bushwhacka and use the Cleaner's Carbine to repeatedly hit the tank apart with crits.

As pyro, depending on whether or not there's a tank you'll probably want to use either Backburner or Phlog, as long as basic bots are distracted it's incredibly easy to spray crit fire all over them with the backburner, and you still have the option of airblast, however for the DPS on the tank which unfortunately doesn't have a "back" you're going to want to use the phlog, additionally, the Homewrecker/Maul can be somewhat useful when there are engineers but don't make the mistake of thinking "damage vs buildings" applies to the tank. Otherwise, you might want to use the backscratcher it'll help you help the medic build uber and health kits are pretty easy to come by.

45983c  No.16686922

File: b69033c80418b22⋯.jpg (185.64 KB, 1269x829, 1269:829, oof.jpg)

File: 9680b278cd63aee⋯.jpg (48.63 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 7kqNRN__kr8.jpg)

3feb2f  No.16686943

From my year old memory as a medic main, here's Scout:

Your job is to grab cash. If you have time to spare, kill snipers and engies. But focus ont he cash. You need to have a good eye to know where people kill things.

If they do so in a weird spot or if your line got overrun, they can't blame you for missing some. You should still try to get the bonus on overruns but others can collect cash when it's obvious you're not coming.

>Soda Popper

You want the mobility on demand to survive/collect cash. Even without upgrades, it charges almost instantly

>Mad Milk

Pistol won't do shit, Bonk can collect cash but isn't needed, Cola is suicide for no gain as you're not supposed to do damage, Milk slows (upgrade, get it) and heals everyone while the Medic is busy sucking off the Heavy shielding

>Fan O'War

Tag every single big mob with it that doesn't have piss on it. Don't bother with small ones, those you just shoot. Doesn't work on tanks.


>Focus on maxing the defense upgrades. Start with Blast and Bullet, max out crit by wave 3, get jump height and speed as needed but they should not be. Ignore HP regen, use milk, dispenser or preferably a good medic that overcharges you when you visit him. Fire resist depends on you and the map.

>Get slowing Milk in due time, when you feel survival is granted.

>If you have enough shekels clip size is, thanks to the full reloads of the Soda popper, pretty funny to use. But as mentioned this is optional and not your role.

>Ignore the Fan


>Largely useless

>Use crit with upgrades on the gun for teh lulz

>Use über for the really fucked up situations where you need to secure a bonus

>Going to spawn will probably get you kicked **and I agree''

>The fuck you need ammo for?

3feb2f  No.16687412

d8ca6f  No.16687992



>cosmetic shit only, anything gameplay-related is available to all players at the start

>crates can be obtained and opened through playing the game

>you can pretty much completely ignore it

>no trading so none of that cancer


>drop system includes actual weapons introducing an element of pay/grind 2 win (and no, stock is not always better)

>opening crates requires a key which has to be brought, ensuring loads of shit which can't be obtained for free

>forces an intrusive inventory system onto the player,

>introduced trading, along with all the cancer it brings

0410d1  No.16688450

Can we make a new thread on page 13? I feel like a lot more conversation could still happen.

0410d1  No.16688455


>that Death Grips quote in their " View more info " box

7dc03d  No.16688559


>stock is not always better

Very rarely is stock not the optimal choice. Also, the TF2 system is designed to slowly introduce players to new unlockeable weapons, rather than just dropping the hundreds of unlockeables on them.

c86e8f  No.16688624


>Very rarely is stock not the optimal choice.

most classes have at least one weapon that is basically a straight upgrade. its usually a melee. Basically 1/3 of all weapon slots across all classes (except demoman) have some form of improvement available.

some classes (like soldier) dont have an individual best option, but there's really no reason to use stock-melee at all when the Escape Plan, Disciplinary Action, and even Meme Gardener exist.

At the very least, with so many weapons now there's bound to be one for every class (except demoman (maybe)) that you personally would prefer.

c9d0fd  No.16688627

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>sentry jump onto the plateau at the blu entrance on frontier

>put a tele exit

>keep teleporting back and putting level 2 sentries in front of their spawn doors the whole match and teleporting back to spawn with the eureka effect

>they have no idea where I am coming from

>face fuck them with frontier justice when they take the sentry down

d8ca6f  No.16688772


>Also, the TF2 system is designed to slowly introduce players to new unlockeable weapons, rather than just dropping the hundreds of unlockeables on them.

And yet they're still expected to fight against these weapons.

Also not only are there plenty of slots with upgrades or sidegrades available, there are also a lot of unlockables which are ideal for players new to the class. So it doesn't even make sense to lock them out of using them.

442d66  No.16688951


People getting triggered when you say nigger on a game is the funniest shit, they're such fags lol

bf864c  No.16689117


Use stock, then specialize, you fucking spud.

The other way around is a prime way to completely fuck someone up

0a4e7a  No.16689139


>>cosmetic shit only, anything gameplay-related is available to all players at the start

Nigger-tier response, anyone with a brain would know that visuals ARE important and need to convey information to the play in an easy, non-clashing way.

Overwatch fails horribly in this regard, as hero/skins/wtf ever tend to both not convey what the class is about in a quick manor, and they aren't consistent. The only consistent part of overwatch is it's HUD which is where most information is given to the player, everything else is a over saturated eye-sore.

Contrast to TF2, which has very recognizable classes that you can tell mostly what they are about just from a quick glance, and can plan out the way you approach the situation easily with little hassle, there isn't any eye-sore because unlike Overwatch, TF2 uses mostly low contrast warm and cool colours for it's classes, ranging from an industrial look to a wooden look.

The style of tf2 doesn't give detail to things players don't need to look at, this is similar to how a painter would use "negative space" to trick the viewer's eyes into look where they want.

Overwatch gives details to minor and pointless shit that doesn't need it. (this is partly also why i hate the fucking jungle maps)

To give an example, back when it first came out and i played overwatch, there was this map that had a little ledge next to the enemy spawn room. Now, being someone who has played lots of arena shooters i assumed i would be able to gain a height advantage to splash damage my opponents from it. Well, i couldn't.. why? BECAUSE THEY PUT A FUCKING INVISIBLE WALL THERE.

Yep, no clear "hey you can't go here" or atleast removing detail so i wouldn't try like how tf2 does.. They just straight up put a fuck you invisible wall there.

On the subject of Skins, they detract heavily from the readability of a situation, tf2 also has this problem with hats but tf2 also has hammar and heavy mod support coming from it being a source game overwatch doesn't.

The big thing though is, Hat's will still let you see what the original class was because the silhouette is mostly the same because it's basically just a layer ontop of the original.

Overwatch's skins have no rules it's not a layer you put ontop of a pre-existing model, it is a whole model of it's own so they can do anything and this can break EVERYTHING! although it's not like overwatch's characters have that recognizable of a silhouette anyway

f9747d  No.16690438


but the metards don't know that, even in normal missions they literally demand someone to be their medic gf or else they won't start


you don't need resistances as scout unless it's ghost town, you can just dodge the enemies with move/jump upgrades

also every primary except the baby face is viable


>you're not supposed to do damage

>as the class with a primary that outdps every explosive damage

commit traffic wrestle

90790d  No.16690495

File: 5a1fa55abb4f65d⋯.png (183.96 KB, 639x543, 213:181, RED_Vaccinator.png)

How broken is this thing?

3d9bd0  No.16690745



Vaccinator outclasses everything when used right, practically any class can survive a counter being kritz'd if they've got the right resistance, or if the medic just hits all resists.

I got royally fucked by a heavy/medic with explosion resistance while I was kritz'd, they outlasted my medic's charge and they took barely any damage from all crocket meatshots. They likely would not survive if they were using quickfix, but the resistance buffs on vacc is fucking ridiculous.

53af1b  No.16690768


>Can we make a new thread on page 13?

I guess you can do that but it will take days to get to that page, just don't call the new thread "general"

90790d  No.16690847


I heard that, because of how broken it is, you can use it to counter Snipers using aimbot+firerate hacks because it outright counters the headshot crit damage to an obscene degree. Why did VALVe add this weapon to the game?

3d9bd0  No.16691255


I actually wouldn't be shocked if valve added it just to counter aimbots since their own VAC system sucks.

14aca3  No.16691267


Often in MvM you have no choice but to be a metafag since the players who weren't were fucking garbage. I would usually give them a chance and 99 times out of ten they were fucking shit.

0a4e7a  No.16691415


In the hands of a skilled medic it's the most overpowered item in is arsenal.

bf864c  No.16691418


Potentially better than uber

Realistically in most settings (Read not 6v6 nor mvm and where you're mostly guaranteed not to have anything but 1 type of class shooting at you), not as good as uber.

0a4e7a  No.16691425


>Why did VALVe add this weapon to the game

It's because there is a somewhat fair tradeoff to it. With the stock and any other medigun you don't have to be as aware to what is going on around you.

It's the skill level that balances off this weapon, that and even with all the powerful resistences.. 9/10 times the person you pop them on won't push up because they don't understand the resistences they just got.

d8ca6f  No.16691482


Visuals are important, that doesn't mean that shit that impacts gameplay isn't worse.

If you're gonna go that route though you really shouldn't overlook how badly Valve has fucked the game visually. The fact you can still recognise what class you're up against despite their cosmetics is just about the only positive thing that can be said. Meanwhile it's possible to wear cosmetics that distort color scheme so much that the color that's meant to denote the team they're on isn't even the dominant color of the character model anymore. Then there are weapon skins that completely fuck the readability of the weapon being used. And of course they would allow orange to be a weapon skin when they had established orange to be the color of weapons that do no damage. Overwatch is definitely pushing a slippery slope there, but at the moment the different character's are distinguished enough that you can recognise them despite their skins.


>Why did VALVe add this weapon to the game?

Valve clearly wanted a medigun in the game which had Medic do more than hold M1 and they went the worst way about it.

000000  No.16692259


It's at least as old as CS1.6 servers with custom plugins. Used to be almost everywhere, along with the "It's Time To Choose" G-Man soundbite from Half-Life during nextmap vote.

53af1b  No.16692553


>Vaccinator outclasses everything when used right

except for the STOCK MEDIGUN




Why is it better than the base medigun? the main difference is the uber bar split in 4 parts, the vaccinator can be easily countered by people who know how to play, even if you pop the 2 most common incoming damage types a surprise phog/backburner can fuck you up while ubering, after poping the 3 damage types you still can get killed by mele, the mother fucking mele that has gets 50% random crit chance

The explosive resistant bubble is easily countered by headshots, sneaky Heavy (+random crits), even a random crit from a Scout can fuck you up (or lvl2 sentry if the players are not playing attention) and bulled resistant bubbles are countered by any kind of random crit explosive, the stock medigun is still better

000000  No.16692585


Metafaggotry and ways to vary it. I'll give some advice that is useful when playing regular MvM outside of farmville.


Soda Popper; Mad Milk; Fan-o-War. Feel free to swap your primary for whatever is comfortable (or niche, like pushing bots with Shortstop or Force-a-Nature). In a bad team, you'll need to max out your resistances and movespeed and balance getting heals from money and your milk (with upgraded recharge) to tank and aggro bots. In a good team, you can skip on higher tiers of resistances and go for more damage.


Beggar's Bazooka; Buff Banner; Escape Plan. Primary is controversial, since any launcher apart from shit like Liberty Launcher can do. Banner depends on the situation. In most cases, Buff is good because bots die faster. Batallion's is good against crits (but buying resistances is better) and excessive damage, Conch is good for when you have no Medic. Launchers depend on your team comp as well. No Medic? Black Box. No Engineer/he's retarded? Cow Mangler. Don't want to destroy your mouse by abusing the tap reload on the Beggar's? Stock. Nobody to buff and the mission seems easy enough? Air Strike with/without parachute.


Adaptable; Gas Passer; Powerjack. Secondary breaks MvM completely and you can carry almost any team with it. It's like a portable Demo. If you find that it saps your fun, equip anything else (usually Scorch Shot/Jetpack). Primary depends. Tanks or no need for airblast? Phlog. Mild airblast and the best way to charge the gas passer? Dragon's Fury. If you know how to navigate bot AI, Backburner's good too. Anything else is mostly for airblast and bomb pushing if your team happens to be struggling.


Booties; Scottish Resistance; Skullcutter. Bots are predictable, so the damage buff and more stickies is useful. You can swap melee to Eyelander for more health and speed, just make sure not to die too much. Place stickies more conservatively and a bit further back, so you have enough time before bots walk over them. Or just swap to stock stickies. Alternatives are full Demoknight (only gets good with more money), hybrid or just equipping Loose Cannon for utility pushing.


Hitman's Heatmaker; Jarate; Stock. Metafaggotry assumes that you're not the one killing tanks. Jarate for giants or slowing down a stray giant scout, Heatmaker lets you be an AoE cleanup crew and damage dealer. Adjust Explosive Headshot to the amount of bots/medics spawning, there's usually no need for tier 3 on a map with tight paths. Swap to Bazaar Bargain for faster charge time without spending money, letting you kill giants faster. Cleaner's Carbine (unupgraded) and Bushwacka (attack speed as much as possible) is used to kill tanks.


Diamondback; Dead Ringer; Kunai. Kunai lets you get away with shit you aren't supposed to, useful since they nerfed the DR. Stock is an option when you can't seem to get in stabs and instead die to stray damage because of the base 70HP, but you need at least some HP regen then. Don't skip out on resistances and movespeed, because you're most likely the one collecting money. Diamondback is just for utility like picking off snipers/emptying it at a tank or giant. You could equip L'Etranger to get cloak back from bots, but that just means you're in combat longer and may miss money. Try to learn how much time it takes for the bots to reset their behavior towards you, as sometimes you get bullshit like redisguising, coming out back from a corner and bots randomly shoot in your direction. Same bullshit also makes you a great aggro puller, even if you're just pelting a bot with pistol shots.

90790d  No.16693333


I think the biggest issue with the Vacc is how fast you can use a 25% charge and how it negates nearly all damage+crits while in duration for all types except melee if you spam R. It's way, way more versatile than stock could ever be, faster than Kritz could ever hope while countering it and it only falters when the medic is a bumbling retard that can't react to the situation fast enough or his teammates are overextending to the point that a sentry nest, a pyro and a demoman are shooting at them at the same time.

It sure isn't full 99% foolproof invulnerability, but the amount of resist+regen for actually countering an entire set of classes, depending on the type, and how frequently you can actually make people have these resistances, might as well spell gameover for the enemy team if they don't work together.

In pubs, it's OP.

In 6s, it's banned.

In highlander, you have to counter with über if you want to even have a chance at beating it. God help you if you don't cause they can steamroll with it quickly on CP and Payload easily without Spy picks (and forget about sniper picks because he can just use a charge to become invuln to headshots), even more so than with Kritz.

0a4e7a  No.16697463

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