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File: 147c33614c870e2⋯.png (174.62 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1464387553171-1.png)

740ef1  No.16680798

Seeing as tennocon is over, thoughts? New nightwave is pretty underwhelming but the operator skin looks fucking rad. Also the convectrix augment might make it better. Empyrean looks promising, or at least the railjack portion of it. The other stuff looks kinda meaningless. I will say, Duviri and that excal deluxe look fucking rad. I don't even care what happens to duviri but the whole void shit going on and a tenno that isn't some faggot teen look like at least a breath of fresh air.

07b136  No.16680854

File: e53af9950d65ef6⋯.jpg (100.67 KB, 536x502, 268:251, 1524072433199.jpg)

Don't forget about everyone's favorite Operation: Plague Star NPC.

024db5  No.16680905


camel toe

613d8a  No.16680916

Remember kids: Drakgoon + Index = fun times. With a good riven, you can 1 shot most of the enemies up until the low 100s. You can keep one shotting stuff even to the 130s-150s if you bounce your shots properly or if you have a god tier riven. And you can even use it to snipe!

ca1f57  No.16680944

File: dad27437b8adcd6⋯.jpg (176.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190610193052_1.jpg)

File: ca3c3983986c4f7⋯.jpg (390.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190605004539_1.jpg)

File: a2aaaef20555253⋯.jpg (535.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190606182442_1.jpg)


I seriously hope the kuva liches get more lines and aren't all given the same voice as Regor

In more update-related news

>"we're going to have less shittery with formaing your shit/socketing stars/etc."

<week 1 of nigwave s2 has both "forma shit 3 times" and "gild a thing"

I actually preferred doing the 3-round index shutout to fucking gilding and forma "challenges"

>unrelated screenshots are unrelated

ab1bc8  No.16680948

File: e703ad22d052166⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1024x1448, 128:181, don't open.png)

Space Kids are genuinely one of the worst things to ever happen to the game. What the fuck was DE thinking?

ca1f57  No.16680952

File: f123366db6985e0⋯.jpg (366.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190625171851_1.jpg)


At least i can turn off the lines and ignore the space kid in pretty much all the content in the game that isn't the godawful cinematic quests or eidolon meta circlejerk.

56dbb1  No.16681326


>Empyrean looks promising, or at least the railjack portion of it.

I am certainly looking forward to Hema 2.0 too anon.


Is she bald or something? also, they never bothered to animate her eyes apparently, she looks lifeless on her store interface.

147d8d  No.16681379


People like you make me want to spend more dosh on Operator porn again. Thanks for giving me a reason.

2e32bb  No.16681386










7d6f5b  No.16681390


Back to reddit

d63806  No.16681418


You forgot tumblrframe.

98b725  No.16681681

File: 0ae88d8c20d7cfa⋯.jpg (115.08 KB, 850x358, 425:179, tsfs0193.jpg)

Railjacks better have cloaking for maximum honor

95f6a6  No.16682304

File: 1357a3da8dd26b2⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1673x655, 1673:655, eighteen marikbentusi.png)

This game is running on fumes at this point. DE's policy of constantly adding without refining is going to be the ultimate death. Power levels are fucked and the stroy is a series of retconns.


Do not lewd the maskloli.

07b136  No.16682338


Yes, the game may be running on fumes with incredibly shallow gameplay that will never get fixed with numerous mods that got power crept on but it will always have around 50k players on. There is no alternative and nobody is willing to try compete with warframe.

740ef1  No.16682348

File: 1651c99ba582473⋯.jpg (103.75 KB, 736x1308, 184:327, 1494694237_96bf6590f5c7b83….jpg)


The problem is that a lot of people did try, they just fucking failed really hard. That and the "looter shooter" really gave way to battle royale as the thing everyone is gonna try and rip off. I'm hoping that the new stuff will help put some life back into the game. Maybe this time they'll actually make a new player experience that will entice people to play.

Also jesus christ how is DE so bad at this? Surely there are fucktons of whales throwing money at them all the time right? Where is all that money going?

147d8d  No.16682351

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

More Info

Post last edited at

147d8d  No.16682369


They do, it's called Shadow Field. Without it I couldn't imagine solo players to be able to kill high level liches.

07b136  No.16682420

File: 6be622b13b8cfc9⋯.pdf (67.94 KB, WF agreement.pdf)


tencent raped them hard back in 2015. they have been operating on a skeleton crew with no plans of expansion nor growth of any kind. whatever whales they have they are feeding the gooks.

740ef1  No.16682430



It says right there in your own PDF that it’s leyou. Also that sucks, fucking chinks.

07b136  No.16683642

File: 15d4384200fce6d⋯.jpg (154.23 KB, 931x612, 931:612, must wf.jpg)

File: 021aa9568e88079⋯.jpg (95.85 KB, 1373x871, 1373:871, D7XODPNXYAEVeC_.jpg)

File: b16178d1357d9c5⋯.jpg (439.56 KB, 2016x2048, 63:64, D-klXJyXUAEV797.jpg)

File: b60b9938095aa7b⋯.jpg (208.01 KB, 799x1200, 799:1200, DnnkSkVWwAIFtDW.jpg)

File: 8b32869cbd26842⋯.jpg (367.51 KB, 2048x1426, 1024:713, DxOEhaSUwAAqgec.jpg)

was about to go to bed but i got a sign from the heavens to keep playing.

6bf21a  No.16683647


Destiny 2 coming to steam and going f2p might shake the scene up a bit. At the very least, it might light a fire under DE's asses causing them to, y'know, finally make a positive change for the game, after three or so years of pure fucking garbage.

aeca81  No.16683648

File: a44f6d8f94d8df1⋯.png (721.68 KB, 1049x1920, 1049:1920, nezha 1.png)


The end-game of warframe is fucked. Nothing makes sense, and the open world areas are absolute garbage. They should take the game in a direction similar to PoE with scaling content/rewards building on the randomized dungeon concept.

6bf21a  No.16683653


They can't make solid endgame missions until they fix their absolutely retarded scaling system, which basically flips from non-existent difficulty to "everything is borderline invincible unless you're using specific builds" within a five minute window of an endless mission.

ab1bc8  No.16683658

File: 71a572208031327⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 182.13 KB, 1024x1296, 64:81, Nezha in panties.jpg)


Nezha is the cutest.

56dbb1  No.16683659


Sadly the shills keep asking for tougher enemies so it may never get fixed.

65df74  No.16683666


Zyklon B frame never ever

2f0489  No.16683718


Destiny 2 has absolutely awful UI.

It’s basically console UI. Large boxes for fucking everything so that half blind Tyrone can see what item he’s selecting on gaystation. Basically Windows fucking 8.

Same problem Warframe has.

Then if you want to start a mission you have to go to their fucking hub area (5min loading screen) go talk to what’s his name, then spend another 5mins loading in the planet you need to go to. Then expect to wait that long coming back.

Basically everything in Destiny is good except for user experience.

Good graphics, good optimization, responsive controls, good (so long as it’s not pvp) shooting gameplay. Passable story if you pay attention. Game would have been great had it not been a looter scooter.

The process of getting to the gameplay is very unsatisfying.

Windows 8 menu tiles.

Beginning and end of the gameplay loop are positioned too far out of the way from each other.

Then their is the usual looter shooter grind, which while the shooting is fun, the grind is kind of meh. Nothing really happens unless you are a super autizmo playing 14 hours a day for months.

The raids are a nice watermark but they are locked behind that grind so why bother acting like they are in the game?

54ba0a  No.16683778


It's a project that's ever changing without focus. Resulting in endless retcons & additions that don't work together. Needs to be scrapped altogether to someone who can make a coherent game with a goal & actual fun.

147d8d  No.16684007


This is why I never advocate for endgame in Warframe. It'll all just be number inflated meat shields with one shotting weapons to make the schmucks that feel bad about having formaed and paid out the ass for "god tier rivens" feel like their didn't waste their time.

Basic bitch enemies aren't getting reworked, and as long as they're just skins of the same enemy type this wont change.

5ccabb  No.16684050


Yeah but then you realize the space kid has energy recovery and is your only way to be invulnerable while ressucitating fallen allies + killing eidolons.

So all of a sudden if you want high level plays you need the space kid.

9a3b1f  No.16684239


Endgame will just be those and immune enemies, I know Limbo is none's favorite but he has been stealthly nerfed in every update by having more and more enemies who ignore the rift.

f7a8fa  No.16684415


>They should take the game in a direction similar to PoE with scaling content/rewards building on the randomized dungeon concept.

I'm understanding this a lot better since I dropped warframe during nightwave intermission. All of the gear works the exact same. There aren't any really special mechanics. Frame abilities are the best you get in that regard, but often you are required to forgo half of them to make good use of the other half(volt can't build speed and nuke, rhino cant build buff and cc, etc) and they have too many abilities that just don't matter(practically every 1 is a worthless ability). Every weapon handles basically the same all rifles are the same, all beam weapons are the same etc. Warframe only has variety in frames and there are too few modifers to take advantage of for actually interesting builds. In PoE you can get two very different results depending on what support gems you link to your skill, in warframe you can get two different damage numbers but nothing else. Compounding this is the identicalness of the equipment itself. Every serration is identical to the next, so once you have one copy of a mod you are basically done with itCorrupted mods are the only exception, but you often only need 2-3 of the warframe mods for all decent builds. The idea of getting better gear even in small degrees doesn't exist. Rivens are an exception to that but not the larger problem of only a handful of stats that matter and none of them make differences except in a damage number. If you have a riven for any weapon there is exactly one ideal group of stats for it to havethe ones that max the dps number, and all riven rolling is just getting that stat group and then getting it in higher numbers.

Warframe changes absolutely nothing except how big some numbers get. There are no interesting mechanics to change playstyle/gameplay.


Warframe does need an endgame because warframe has nothing that actually matters. Only eidolons are close. There's 0 reason to worry about having a good build or a garbage build because anyone can go 20 minutes in Mot six times and get all the same rewards as going 2 hours in one setting.

Even something trivial like

>Enter an endless fissure

>You can pick a timer and one relic

>Every rotation adds +5 starting level to enemies

>Every C rotation adds a hazard

>Every rotation rolls that one relic

>Only get to keep rewards if you meet the timer

>Auto extract after timer

>Number of rotations and hazards provides multipliers to drops and drop chances

So you could take one rad relic and run it for 1 hr, prompting more difficulty for more rewards. This would take only a small effort from DE as most of the components already exist(multiple hazard types would need new development) but it could easily provide some new challenge/reward to augment the game. You could apply this to literally any endless and suddenly 2-3 hour kuva survivals become something desirable because you have a proper risk/reward balance. Maybe you get an energy reduction/enemy armor buff/fire hazard for a 1hr kuva survival when facing base level 100 enemies. That would be challenging and enjoyable but it would only fix one problem. Warframe has too many things it needs to have a healthy sustainable community. DE tries to hide its problems by inventing new resources to grind in new open worlds but it doesn't change anything about the actual end game status. What are you supposed to do? Just stop playing? Yes actually. You don't notice these things until you are done with all the grind you want. Then you realize there's nothing to use it on. It's climbing a mounting to end up at the top, but the view from the top doesn't look any different than the view from the base.

17fb0a  No.16684505

File: 5569b86c40d48c4⋯.png (54.58 KB, 1024x572, 256:143, D-mIPWgXYAIQXe3.png)

I'm at MR 7 and I'm enjoying the game alot. I keep hearing about how the endgame is boring and shallow.

Should I stop while I still can?

5ccabb  No.16684534


All endgames are boring and shallow.

Enjoy it until you have had enough and stop naturally.

93b38b  No.16684577


147d8d  No.16684764


>advocating for higher level content

>doing it under any circumstances

Just no.

That's one thing I do like about DE. They literally make fun of people demanding your typical PVE endgame content.

6bf21a  No.16684804


>DE tries to hide its problems by inventing new resources to grind in new open worlds

And the open worlds are the single worst maps to play on in the game. The movement, enemies and combat in general were absolutely not fucking designed for wide open maps. They were designed for enclosed hallways and claustrophobic ships, or maybe really small arenas with a lot of cover. Plains is terrible because you're getting shitscanned for full damage by griniggers from across half the map, through bushes and grass, and whateverthefuck the other one is called has Corpus randomly spawning all around you and dropping in.

5b32cb  No.16684818


and then if you use the only fast travel option you get they design an instant take-down unavoidable attack.

3abf1f  No.16684846


You talking about the homing missiles? Should get yourself an Itzal, blink and cloak instantly breaks lock-on.

5b32cb  No.16684862


I did, many of us did, and now they said they are going to nerf the itzal blink because "it takes away player choice."

ab1bc8  No.16684867

File: b9bc4f044509d76⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 72.14 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 0f313205afa146ce0a816dd1ce….png)


>what is Saryn

The artist of this used to post here. He said he regrets drawing this.

1fa7dc  No.16684874


This, itzal is the only archwing worth using and you SHOULD be using it

03fc51  No.16684897


>we we spent 6 months on this giant enemy crab

<lasts for less than a week

>We spent one year building an open world!

<largely a rehash of the plains

if they could spend maybe 10% of the time they did on making interesting guys to fight instead of interesting spaces maybe this game would be in a better state, so much effort is wasted on dumb shit like these gigantic open wounds bleeding the game dry.

07b136  No.16684902

File: ea3c8f49cf241c6⋯.jpg (46.7 KB, 576x634, 288:317, hyekka butthole.jpg)


god i love saryn

5b32cb  No.16684908


>we we spent 6 months on this giant enemy crab, now we make it the very first armor reduction immune enemy because we don't want you to exploit the game!

I am still mad about the removal of environmental kills.

03fc51  No.16684918


>lets make edilons not affected by shield disruption!

>lets make ALL of our bosses have an invincibility stage

it is a real fucking problem when the guys making the game cannot make a system within that game that doesn't rely on some sort of crutch to stop the player from blitzing through in under a minute, even the fucking edilons are largely just waiting timers out in a competent group.

740ef1  No.16684925


DE hasn't been able to balance their fucking game from the start, which is why all bosses have invuln stages or some gimmick to make the fight last more than two seconds. Otherwise players could just grab their nearest tigris and just kneecap the sorry sons of bitches. This goes back all the way to the introduction of nullifiers, DE had no way to make players anything less than gods without either nerfing the shit out of stuff or giving it a "no fuck u" shield. And anytime they try to make something that is decently tanky without using invuln, we get the wolf of saturn six who just has 99% DR and a gorillion hp.

f7a8fa  No.16684976


>They literally make fun of people demanding your typical PVE endgame content.

They do that because they are too incompetent to actually make endgame content.


But without open worlds how would you get your floofs anon? :^)

5b32cb  No.16684996



Remember how exploiter orb could get all vents destroyed at the same time by Octavia at the beginning and how DE kept crying "muh effort poured into the boss fight wasted, no fair tenno!"

7c8b5a  No.16685003

File: fa96b288a86b531⋯.png (387.4 KB, 779x744, 779:744, digusted_pope.png)


>that body

>that face

Why do people obsess over this goblin?

50c17a  No.16686010

File: 024678acf075356⋯.png (105.86 KB, 266x273, 38:39, 024678acf075356e38e0901acf….png)


>directly linking to cuck paper shitgun


8f9f99  No.16687300


>absolutely retarded scaling system

the only issue with the infinate scaling system is armor values lvl100+ can reach a point of negative damage.

is this a problem they should fix? yes.

but it's not like there are no frames that ignore armor or remove it.


>the wolf of saturn six

literally 1-shotable with a kitgun built for crit rad damage.

the problem itse;f lies in how small enemy HPs are in comparison to our sentient-killing grade weapons, for most trash this is fine as it gives a felling of power.

but elites need enough EHP to survive long enough to pose a threat much less an overpowering one.

147d8d  No.16687606


>t. forumcuck

You are literally the root of the problem

742338  No.16687911


for the travel aspect, yes, but I was just positing it as a solution for the SAMs, I know they're mad it's the end all plains pick.

73d999  No.16688027

File: 4beec6e8e223c08⋯.webm (11.8 MB, 640x360, 16:9, happybirthdaynigger.webm)

is there a single person that gives half a fuck about Wukong Prime? Wukong is amongst the blandest/most mediocre frames in the game, along with Vauban and others which I have probably forgotten altogether.


I have no clue, she's uggo af

5b32cb  No.16688126


b-b-b-b-b-but everything dies too fast tenno!

07b136  No.16689011


>lets all funnel into the same 1-2 specific builds for endless because DE is too fucking lazy to change the elites which spam their single weapon or knock down aoe if you get close enough

6bf21a  No.16689029


>but it's not like there are no frames that ignore armor or remove it

That's exactly what I said, and that's exactly the problem. There's a trillion combinations of frames, weapons, mods, sentinels, cats, doggers, etc.. But there's maybe twenty loadouts worth using for "endgame" shit, and out of those, there's objectively an optimal combination of frames, mods, and weapons for every enemy faction.

>b-but you can just use whatever you like!

Sure. But the goal of the game is to just grind shit as efficiently as possible, and if you're not doing that, you're just wasting your time. Sure, you can use Mag with a Baza and a Silva&Aegis or something, but your fun abruptly ends when the enemies start scaling so hard that they just stop taking damage, and your team starts bitching at you for not taking frost, because the defense target is getting sent to the shadow realm by one rail moa. It's not even a PVP game, so you don't even get the satisfaction of styling on metafags with your meme build you put together without knowing what the fuck you're doing.

740ef1  No.16689073


The thing is, endgame means nothing and warframes does not functionally have one. So as long as any weapon has the essential mods, damage, multiishot, crit, and elemental of some kind, it's gonna kill things no problem. The only possible thing you need an "endgame" set for is killing eidolons in a respectable amount of time, sortie, and arbitrations. Which all give rewards that aren't so important that you need to be using a meta set up all the time. Even just doing relics on infinite missions, you're not gonna have any sort of drop off until you're a good 20-30 minutes into it. Armor and meta in warframe is a problem, but DE has (either intentionally or by virtue of inconpitence) just made it so all the firepower at your disposal is seldom really necessary.

dd22cf  No.16690070

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

At least, the new intro cinematic trailer is cool

000000  No.16690165


>you're not gonna have any sort of drop off until you're a good 20-30 minutes into it

Wat. 30m is usually 4th A rotation.


Becaues there's no reason to stay after C rotation in current game. You can as well start over, so there's no difference between noob and veteran in current meta.

Yes there's Eidolons. For Eidolons and other shit you just need to read/watch guide, those bitches make no sense anyway. And not that you even need to farm them. IIRC there's one shitty frame behind them and those things you can insert in frame but don't really need, among few other items you also don't need.

When there was keys instead of anal beads, staying for a while in the void was meaningful since you can stay forever with one key (if you can).

But DE decided that getting multiple items whith one key is too much for a serf. Serf should grind more anal beads and also grind for void lube to make them work. So you can grind, while you grind.

Also since there's no long runs without keys, it much killed any teamplay there was. You can as well get with any randoms and slap keyboard with your dick for 5 min. See that you get no reward and get back to grinding anal beads and lube.

5b32cb  No.16690179


The only problem with keys was diluted tables but I assume it could have been fixed by taking away the stuff nobody wants, that is common stuff and resources, maybe increasing the number of different keys.

d5fb22  No.16690197

For people who havent watched tennocon: all archwings will have blink in the future

b12653  No.16690204

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If you like Warframe you should check out Super Cloudbuilt.

6503ac  No.16690256

That Nog who sometimes visit DE says Empyrean might come this october

I call bullshitl

6bf21a  No.16690680


They might shoot for early-mid September, so they don't get cucked by Destiny 2 and Borderlands 3.

804ba0  No.16690723


I have the original non Super version of Cloudbuilt. Is Super worth buying or did they casualize and fuck everything up?

b12653  No.16690816


They improved everything, controls are smoother and you can select different rendering modes

147d8d  No.16690956


Whether its September or October doesn't matter really. It's gonna come in Fall, just like Fortuna and PoE did. New War will come in the New Year, obviously.

bb4f14  No.16692943


Either way still no fucking content for an entire year. Has there been a content drought longer than this? I know there was fuck all before War Within but I can't remember how long that was.

I guess it doesn't matter much because I haven't played in like 2 months and can't see myself getting back into it anytime soon.

280d94  No.16697803

How do you all feel about the Nightwave and not being able to do past ones while DE sells the beacons at a ridiculous price with a low as fuck drop chance?

aff246  No.16698352


It's a season-pass style thing that requires you to grind shit each and every single day to get anywhere, and if you play the game in bursts because you've been playing the shit since 2013 and you're understandably burned out, you can just go fuck yourself. It's straight garbage.

f7a8fa  No.16698365


Nightwave is probably the biggest reason I stopped playing. Nightwave really puts you face to face with the fact that most of the game is worthless filler. 3 exterminate/capture/assassination/etc missions are the worst offenders, but mining and fishing are terrible too. I would be surprised if DE kills it, but there is no way to make it tolerable.

8f9f99  No.16699184


she's easily manipulated and given to public fuck-ups.


>flashing tits on a live-stream

>forgetting how videos work at tennocon 2019

>becoming every annoying JOJO's fan ever in a week

>maybe accidentally setting the office on fire

73d999  No.16699330


>making a good thing a baseline ability


sounds like a good idea, did DE have it by themselves?


>registered losers

>happy birthday nigger

I wonder if Rebb even has a two-digit IQ sometimes.

ff091c  No.16699621


>happy birthday nigger

Okay I didn't see that one, you got a webm or something?

8f9f99  No.16706414

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