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0129ab  No.16681433

featuring the most soy commercial you ever did see

6dc43f  No.16681439

File: 349c63e22d3d17b⋯.png (225.71 KB, 441x527, 441:527, 5ce82c8fd19b25ecdfcd4ded2e….png)

>Joy-Con are part of the system and cannot be removed

>handheld mode only

>will play Switch games that support Handheld mode

>for games that do not support handheld mode, players can wirelessly connect compatible controllers

>does not include HD Rumble or IR Motion Camera

>Not compatible with Nintendo Switch dock.

>Does not support output to a TV.

>does not come with a dock, HDMI cable or kickstand.

>3.6” high, 8.2” long, .55” deep, vs. the original Switch being 4” high, 9.4” long, .55” deep (with Joy-Con attached)

>Approximately .61 lbs, vs. the original Switch being .88 lbs

>5.5" touch screen, vs. the original Switch having a 6.2" touch screen

>Approximately 3 – 7 hours of battery life, vs. the original Switch having approximately 2.5 - 6.5 hours of battery life

Why would anyone outside of japan want this?

18adb2  No.16681441

Its priced well for a handheld and looks solid. My problem is that it has no rumble, seems not worth cutting.

And white buttons, white doed not age well on handhelds

00c62f  No.16681442

File: a51579c39bf483b⋯.gif (783.78 KB, 498x280, 249:140, tenor.gif)

>still no Switch Pro

Wake me up when they release a model that can actually play the games made for it at a stable framerate.

18adb2  No.16681444


It's a handheld, its priced as a handheld and is used exclusively as a handheld.

why would you want to play bingbing wahoos on tv

28078c  No.16681446

File: 5bd6c09f138d758⋯.jpg (109.78 KB, 1200x987, 400:329, D2Q85bzXQAAPI5D.jpg)

why do game ads show people playing games?

3309d5  No.16681447

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I miss ads like this.

0e0fb6  No.16681449


This presentation was awful, and I am not talking about the way the guy spoke or about the Lite itself, but the way they presented it. So it's designed for handheld, that's fine, but tell us how it was made for handheld and why I should pick that instead of a regular Switch. Tell me what features it has that a regular Switch doesn't. Maybe it has a better screen that you can play in direct sunlight(don't know how a regular switch handles that, don't own one), maybe it has a better battery that lasts longer, maybe they made it compatible with the 3ds or some shit, or maybe it has a lower price entry like the 2DS. Focus on what it has, not on what it doesn't. Through out this presentation, all he said was that it was designed for handheld mode, and then lists all the things it lacked from a standard Switch, it made it look inferior, like a cheap chinese clone, instead of a separate member in the Switch family. Whoever wrote that script should be fired.

edae5d  No.16681454

File: 6c2a12deb1d4061⋯.jpg (63.07 KB, 800x450, 16:9, bing_bing_ahoy.jpg)


Exploit + piracy when?

d82eab  No.16681457

File: 536defa476f6d18⋯.jpg (133.28 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 536defa47.jpg)

As usual, it's one step forward and two steps backwards.

Why call it a Switch if it's in handheld mode only? Why can't they make a proper console?

694116  No.16681461

File: 970b5ac21e573a8⋯.jpg (93.48 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, s-l1000.jpg)

File: 40a7779b83e4a9f⋯.jpeg (20.94 KB, 450x450, 1:1, e66930bd-5a37-4d4d-b16b-f….jpeg)

File: dadf93b96e7d96f⋯.jpg (64.79 KB, 1279x714, 1279:714, notv4u.JPG)

Curly-haired mutt count: 3

694116  No.16681464

File: 999291d563e34b1⋯.jpg (66.37 KB, 1280x714, 640:357, so check out all this shit….JPG)


They really should have opened and closed with a pricetag that's in double digits instead of this, a lot of people are going to be disappointed.

0c982f  No.16681465

File: eac1d666a95a6c9⋯.png (176.04 KB, 437x556, 437:556, dead inside.png)

>this is this console generation's 3DS

3309d5  No.16681468


Speaking lf which I'm getting a 2DS SO to replace my old 3DS and build more of my library. I have a habit of sticking with old consoles.

9847d5  No.16681469


<it's a 2DS again

I can't tell if Nintendo are retarded or the greediest Jewish geniuses who know they can get away with this because there's actual retards that will buy it and defend it, no questions asked

694116  No.16681470

File: ef7e765c9e3b864⋯.webm (15.07 MB, 720x400, 9:5, First Look at Nintendo Sw….webm)



this is going to be worse than 2DS, isn't it?


the better question is:

why would you want to play bingbing wahoos in public INSTEAD of your own house?

6c9c87  No.16681480

I have a downie sister, and I will probably get her this like I got her a 2ds when it came out, because all the extra features would only confuse her, and she would probably break the screen hinges/joycon rails of a standard unit. Yet, you faggots hairsplitting about hardware variance are more retarded than she is.

764419  No.16681485


Best loli rape doujin ever

c9a6c1  No.16681491

I have no interest in playing switch games on a tv, this looks good to me. Should be about $200. I'll probably be buying it for umihara kawase fresh, tetris 99 and astral chain.

434bab  No.16681494


>Nintendo released a console for retards, why are you complaining?

Because it's not marketed towards us, apparently.

234034  No.16681498


It's also in time for the next big Pokemon. Like the 2DS, it has to be built to be small and durable for the younguns. Probably also why it cut the rumble as we don't want the system shaking wildly in those little hands.


Price has been posted as $199.99

e4205b  No.16681500


>>Joy-Con are part of the system and cannot be removed

Fuck yes does this mean the motion controls gimmick is finally dead.

18f853  No.16681501

I'm playing that crappy leaf Nep game and some of the text is already almost unreadable when undocked and I suspect it's not the only example. This is going to be worse with a smaller screen.


I'll say it's the reverse PSTV.


I doubt anyone wanted it. It's basically saying that the original hybrid design and detachable controller multiplayer was pointless.


The scary thing is Nintendo are the last console option for stupid fanservice games.

c9a6c1  No.16681502


>Price has been posted as $199.99

matches up with the yen conversion pretty well, looks like I found my in to play all those switch games.

0c3d07  No.16681503

>people want a stronger machine that can actually run games at 1080p and stable 30fps

<literally make the opposite

I hate Nintendo so much.

18f853  No.16681504


No the best Switch models are the ones with the Tegra debug mode that make it always jailbreakable. They fixed that and there's no fucking way this will have it.

18adb2  No.16681507


>not playing bing bang wahoos on the toilet

4781ae  No.16681511


This is just the 3DS all over again, 6-12 months from now the New Switch XL is probably going to be announced.

dd569d  No.16681512

File: a01cc893eda0241⋯.jpg (148.34 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, __2080ti_kun_and_mole_onee….jpg)


Because my main complaint was that the original Switch is 2big to work as a handheld (the main unit alone, without joycons, is slightly bigger than my Vita) and they fixed the lack of d-pad. Not being able to connect on the TV, even with a different dock, is gay tho. It's the Vita/PSTV shit all over again (the PSP 3000 had video outputs in comparison) except Nintendo is smarter in general to not abandon its hardware on a whim.

Now the system needs to step up in order to get a more interesting library than just lmao indies and ports while the PS4 still get interesting and mostly temporary exclusives. Likewise I'd wait for the Switch Lite to get cracked with the hope that the lgbt fags and the biggest fanboys have stopped shitting up the homebrew scene by then.

c6ab84  No.16681513


>Maybe it has a better screen that you can play in direct sunlight(don't know how a regular switch handles that, don't own one),

Played outside in bright daylight today and it worked fine.

6e3090  No.16681514

Nintendo Vita

694116  No.16681516

File: 99780c5130a68bb⋯.png (1022.38 KB, 1279x676, 1279:676, ginger shitter.PNG)


But m8, you could already do that with the regular Switch.

So far they've only told us how Lite is worse.

e4205b  No.16681520


>lgbt fags and the biggest fanboys have stopped shitting up the homebrew scene by then.

Good luck after they get there claws into something they never let go.

c6ab84  No.16681525


>So far they've only told us how Lite is worse.

For us 8-Channelers who have young children, the "worseness" of the new switch lite are actually the features.

3f9336  No.16681528

My hobbies are getting offeneded at things on the internet, HRT, and nintendo.

d3ada2  No.16681537


This is the best outcome. They can jew as hard as the want as long at that annoying shit gets dropped.

3bdea8  No.16681540

Should've called it the Nintendo Swift.

a730d4  No.16681541

>still too big to really be convenient as a handheld

>just has less functionality

Okay. The price had better be significantly reduced.

18f853  No.16681544

File: e28ebbbb9e7980c⋯.mp4 (3.15 MB, 960x544, 30:17, at2_handsoff_yuv420p.mp4)


>It's not like you'd have any friends to do that with

Speak for yourself. But also, some games use motion controls, and when playing docked, using the controller shell is much nicer than the shit ergonomics of the Switch and this model does not address that either.

>can probably still be done down the line

It will probably get new hacks. But RCM is an exploit on par with ntrboot, and extremely desirable to have. You can actually fix BSoD bricks on 3DS with ntrboot.


What's disgusting about the Vita is it doesn't even need a dedicated video out. It can output the video through the USB port as basically a DirectShow or V4L2 device, while the audio can be captured with a 3.5mm audio connector. It's actually shocking how well it works and it's not even an official feature! This is through a taiHEN plug-in. Relatedly there's one to make the screenshot function do clean lossless PNG instead of garbage watermarked JPEG.


Stated already at $199 USD.

a730d4  No.16681545


So what happens if they make Sin and Punishment 3?

>fuck having options and shit

76a4da  No.16681548


>Why call it a Switch if it's in handheld mode only?

Because you can switch it on and off :^)

5a5af8  No.16681550

File: 64c64a197f12637⋯.jpg (335.88 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 64c64a197f12637027135f8d9d….jpg)

File: 78748610d3fb575⋯.png (180.44 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 8fc73a425ab8bdb6e3b421325e….png)



dd569d  No.16681569

File: 53891f7098b2ef2⋯.jpg (346.25 KB, 1920x1347, 640:449, __2080ti_kun_blonde_onee_s….jpg)


The PSTV comparison is more correct, as it traded away portability and also halved a good chunk of the native Vita library in terms of compatibility (certain jap games like Catherine FullBody and Gravity Rush wouldnt work by default until you use a whitelist on a hacked model). With the Switch Lite it's the same, you have to take account from behind the box art if the game is compatible on handheld mode otherwise you're fucked. At least the 2DS iteration would let play all the games that were made for its 3DS counterpart.

The form factor of the Switch Lite please me as a man who lives alone most of the time, but I still expected some TV output that would have been appreciated during family/friends visits.

4321cd  No.16681570

File: aabc1637b4f26db⋯.jpeg (64.86 KB, 447x686, 447:686, 26A8BD26-6DB7-4F6B-913A-7….jpeg)


>for games that do not support handheld mode, players can connect controller

Do those games even exist? And what's the point of connecting controllers if it doesn't have a kickstand? Sounds like they're only advertising that as a feature because it's a core part of the OS that they can't remove.


>"I'll only buy a Switch when it's $200!"

>Nintendo releases a $200 version

>"I'll only buy it when the pricetag is double digits!"

Just admit you were never going to buy it already

c9a6c1  No.16681573


> as it traded away portability and also halved a good chunk of the native Vita library

list the switch games being lost here, can only think of 1

> you have to take account from behind the box art if the game is compatible on handheld mode otherwise you're fucked

struggling to name any? I can only think of one. All the games I care about would play fine.

5a5af8  No.16681576


I would debate that "anon" is far more used here but the main reason I pointed what you said out is that only non-anons use the term channer.

162f17  No.16681581


>cut out 50% of the features.

>cut only 33% of the price.

it's a kids machine.

70a4c5  No.16681582

>make console smaller

>right analog stick is still at the bottom of the controller

what the fuck

87b680  No.16681584

>featuring the most soy commercial you ever did see


71f749  No.16681588

If the build quality of the pro controller is any indication, then there's a good chance that D-pad is gonna be shit at registering diagonal inputs.

694116  No.16681591

File: 4589e65cc158d37⋯.jpg (58.35 KB, 1331x340, 1331:340, cunt.JPG)


I never said I was going to buy it.

806866  No.16681599


How tiny does it have to be to actually be small enough? Because I swear to god, to some retards in this thread, anything bigger than the GBA Micro is too big.

People already complained about reading text on the Wii U gamepad, like in Xenoblade 2. What the fuck would you see on a 3 inch screen?

c9a6c1  No.16681600


no one cares about you fagma

234034  No.16681608


The Wii U and Switch's screen size is 6.2 inches while the Switch Lite's listed as 5.5. Granted, the biggest difference between Switch and Wii U's Gamepad is the resolution bump from 480p to 720. Personally, the only strain I got from a Nintendo game screen was playing the old Game Boy Picross in 1:1 mode

806866  No.16681610


That's what I mean, anon. Even if the screen was 1080p, making it 3 inches like most anons here seem to want, would make anything impossible to see.

d56e4d  No.16681613


I saw a lot of people here claim they would only buy a Switch if Nintendo released a handheld only one without the dock. I never understood why as this was always obviously what they would be, a slightly smaller Switch that has no point over just getting a normal one.

dd569d  No.16681615

File: d08ff54634c0a9b⋯.jpg (132.43 KB, 846x1200, 141:200, __2080ti_kun_and_sidelocks….jpg)


It will happen inevitably for the future games, not just the currently released ones, since you get to sacrifice higher clock speeds possible in docked mode for one reason. The question will be whether those who are incompatible will be worth a damn but that's a gamble for now.

9d8da3  No.16681620

File: 01e556626711d53⋯.jpg (47.15 KB, 500x398, 250:199, 01e556626711d53f7b3767afcf….jpg)

They just throw the entire concept of the switch out. The "hybrid" console just become a bland handheld.

And i just wanted more confortable Joy Cons.

98e35b  No.16681623


The lack of 3D does hurt a few parts of games that require it, but nowhere to the degree the PSTV does.


You can connect external controllers apparently, and presumably use those in lieu of the built-in ones, but that's some grade-A redundancy.


There are some moves in SMO that can only be done with motion controls.


A handheld system should fit in your pocket. Switch barely does with the joycons detached. Also it's not a question of screen size but what is done with it, and I think by allowing docking that some developers may not consider how it looks outside of that.

c9a6c1  No.16681626


>for the future games

Will it? I don't see any reason to believe you.

70a4c5  No.16681629

File: fd44d9a2e809440⋯.png (970.05 KB, 534x464, 267:232, yuck.png)

>play demo of BOTW at Walmart

>ok this is fun, maybe I'll get a switch when they tank in price or release a cheaper model

>go to best buy to look around

>try playing a switch in handheld mode

>screen looks fucking horrific

I've never been a some graphics fag but jesus christ it was worse than trying to read poor quality manga scans with too small a text on this shitty Samsung $100 tablet I have.

b3f3fb  No.16681631

File: fdf097e96e9b880⋯.jpg (19.61 KB, 240x290, 24:29, 0f3bbd6e0e8a5d7045e5f78921….jpg)

Why the fuck would they ditch being able to hook it up to your TV? Getting rid of useless shit like HD rumble and motion controls to lower the price and make it smaller is a good idea but fuck it if it can't also be used as a console.

54c46e  No.16681633


>What the fuck would you see on a 3 inch screen?

A lot more, surprisingly. Games on small screen (and small resolution) systems will increase the size of text, UI, etc to fit the screen. Wii U and Switch have games made for big screens, so the UI is smaller to look good on your 50 inch screen. When you take the Switch in handheld mode, or look at the Wii U gamepad, it's the same exact scale of UI. Some Switch games have a bigger UI for handheld mode, but not all.


>a slightly smaller Switch that has no point over just getting a normal one

It's more comfortable with less weight, and it's $100 cheaper. The target market is parents buying their kids Pokemon for Christmas, it's a lot more attractive with less moving parts and a lower price tag.


Why couldn't they update the dock to be smaller, have an integrated ethernet port, and keep compatibility with all future Switch models?


The Lite is selling to kids for Pokemon/Animal Crossing, while the Pro is selling for BotW2. Just like how N3DS was selling Smash 4 and MH4U, while 2DS was selling Pokemon and Mario Kart.


Dynamic resolution is the worst graphics trend since bloom. Whatever you do, don't play Xenoblade 2 in handheld mode.

806866  No.16681634


I do wonder if there will be a homebrew app soon enough that would let it be connected to a dock. It's just a USB-C port, after all.

0c3d07  No.16681637


>Whatever you do, don't play Xenoblade 2 in handheld mode.

There's literally no difference, it looks like shit docked and in handheld mode.

b3f3fb  No.16681639


With all the tranny drama destroying the switch homebrew community i wouldn't count on it any time soon.

d9d9b1  No.16681642


>tranny drama destroying the switch homebrew community

What now?

448da2  No.16681643

So Mark, are you going to buy that shit?


Tranny drama?

54c46e  No.16681646


>It's just a USB-C port

Which they can pick and choose what goes in and out. There's probably no data, audio, or video modes for that port, just charging. Docked mode demands higher power delivery, too, and those modes might just not be supported.


It looks like an early PS3 game docked, which is disappointing but fine. Handheld turns the game into mud.

dd569d  No.16681649

File: e37ae38a31639b7⋯.png (108.23 KB, 636x889, 636:889, switch1.png)

File: 204745bd3bf0159⋯.png (129.99 KB, 320x534, 160:267, switch2.png)




Something of this kind.

9ffd1b  No.16681652

File: 984e1356bc8df0c⋯.jpg (271.5 KB, 850x1367, 850:1367, sample_a9bd6ca9a3e1b5ae06f….jpg)

I find it funny how the commercial only shows adults and not a single child, despite the fact that Ninty is supposed to be mainly geared towards children.

843eb4  No.16681653



He's a cuck.

057eaa  No.16681654

Now that the Switch Lite exists, that basically extends the Switch lifespan another 3 years. But what happens in 2022 when the next console is announced? How much more gimped will it be? Are they just going to use a TI-89 processor in it?

806866  No.16681657


It's a direct response to nearly everyone bitching about seeing kids in Wii U commercials.

0c3d07  No.16681660

File: 890375a80a587e2⋯.jpg (5.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DOCKED_001.jpg)


>It looks like an early PS3 game docked, which is disappointing but fine. Handheld turns the game into mud.

It looks like mud in docked too. If you just zoom out a little bit, all that's left of Rex's face are his eyes. Not to mention the insane FPS drops you get in cities. Every time I entered Torigoth I had to look at the ground so that my game didn't slow down to an absolute crawl.

6528d9  No.16681661

File: a9d41872c4cd485⋯.jpg (460.75 KB, 1232x776, 154:97, nugger.jpg)

File: 336a109528306b8⋯.png (99.96 KB, 851x648, 851:648, angry (1).png)

File: 3ea33bae8283fcd⋯.jpg (33.92 KB, 479x350, 479:350, Mark's_Meta_Mondays.jpg)

File: c667d2da4b641ab⋯.jpg (50.27 KB, 298x288, 149:144, demohunf.jpg)

File: fbe19839c408d6c⋯.jpg (28.32 KB, 500x500, 1:1, cc2168578d3a3edea6ef67bd7c….jpg)

>No front facing camera for light gun games and shooters

>Battery life is still shit

>No Street Pass

>No Bluetooth for wireless headphones

>No camera on the back for AR games

>OS is still basic boring shit with fucking friend codes

>No Virtual Console or Backwards Compatibility

Just get the Tablet off eBay and then the Joy Cons Separately. It's basically the same price.

0f8534  No.16681663

File: abb7852db73e637⋯.png (47.04 KB, 379x300, 379:300, bafkreiflw6cs3nz6mn6k6lj6o….png)

So most importantly, what will switch doggo's retarded sister look like and what sort of porn will kekitopu make of her?

806866  No.16681666


There are valid complaints to have about both the Switch and this model, but

>No front facing camera for light gun games and shooters

>No Street Pass

>No camera on the back for AR games

Who in the name of fuck cares?

dc4a1a  No.16681668

>probably going to be 200$

Rad. Might pick one up after I actually get a fucking job to play the even worse version of MHXX and some other shit.

9ffd1b  No.16681670



Are you a nigger?


Huh. I didn't know about that.

I do remember things being really weird with Labo though.

98e35b  No.16681674

File: 984ac9050273620⋯.png (5.57 MB, 3680x2612, 920:653, Fusion.png)


Fuck that. I'm more worried about the Blanc sandwich.


Reminder this is the insane world where Sony started chasing away anime fanservice while Nintendo aren't, at least not yet.

1bed64  No.16681675


>morebattery life

>actual d-pad


>only 200 bux

It's like they were listening to my complains. Day 1 buy for me, m88.

b3f3fb  No.16681676


Most of that shit is useless. Only thing it needed was to be an actually portable switch with the console functionality and they fucked that up.



I hardly pay attention to it beyond what i've seen here in other threads, so i can't really say much about it, but we all know what happens when they start fucking shit up.

40713d  No.16681677


>I’d rather play vidya instead of doing the activities around me

At the very least Nintendo knows its base is full of autistic people

a6826d  No.16681679

More Jewgolds for Nintendo. Nintendo gets richer from this. Everyone is happier!

70a4c5  No.16681680

File: c180052bde399b9⋯.jpg (26.85 KB, 344x500, 86:125, 412U rsu09L.jpg)

>whole advertising and naming of the console is based on it being able to be both portable and a home console

>proceed make it so you can't even plug it into a tv.


0c3d07  No.16681682


<even worse version of MHXX

>runs at 1080p

>improved textures

>more foliage

The only bad thing can think off is the terribly blurry font.

448da2  No.16681685



>poly, genderfluid, pro/nouns

I feel bad for the kid.

079d2c  No.16681687


Won't be 1080p on the Switch Lite.

29dcd5  No.16681688


Maybe I don't have a TV, since it's a gigantic waste of money.

dc4a1a  No.16681690


The localization is pretty bad, my dude, but I can't into moonrunes in the first place.

The other bad thing I can think of is the fact that it's MHXX

b304c7  No.16681691


That link cable doesn't let you play GBA games on the TV, it lets you connect your GBA to your GC for games that support it like Crystal Chronicles and Animal Crossing.

694116  No.16681695


I remember seeing an AV-out cable for gameboy color at a tech store over a decade ago, but couldn't find the right picture. This was the next best thing, I thought it was self explanatory with the PSP av-out cable next to it.

0e0fb6  No.16681696


>A handheld system should fit in your pocket.

Just like the original Gameboy or PSP fit nicely in the pocket of a ten year old's jeans. Those were devices that you would carry in your backpack not your jeans.

2ac2e1  No.16681698


they'll probably make a new one with better mechanics

54c46e  No.16681699


The pro (which I believe will just iron out fps/resolution instead of be a half-upgrade) will probably come in late 2020 before BotW2 delayed to Summer 21 and Prime 4. Hopefully the next console will just be Switch 2 and have back compat with controllers (just like Wii U).


The slowdown was painful but the graphics while docked were never bad enough to complain. Guess my eyes only see in 480p or something.


Most of those features are only cool when they're actually used in games. Much like the analog buttons of the DS2/3 or the Dreamcast's VMU.

Besides, having less cameras pointed at me is always a good thing.


Don't worry, the kid will kill himself soon enough

87b680  No.16681700


Reminds me that I never got that Game Boy Player in all the time I had my GC and GBA.


How was the sequel's combat compared to the first? Never got around to playing those since I've yet to pick up a 3DS.

6528d9  No.16681701


I liked street pass on the 3DS, I also want more motion control and pointer options for more different types of gameplay styles. They should've priced this thing at 149.99 honestly.

0c3d07  No.16681706


>The localization is pretty bad, my dude, but I can't into moonrunes in the first place.

That's the one and only case where I say who the fuck cares? I skip all of the dialogue in every single Monster Hunter I play, the text boxes could be in braille for all I care, as long as equipment names are still accurate, I don't have a problem with bad translations. Hell, I played through Portable 3rd while half of the game was still in Japanese.

6528d9  No.16681707


>Most of those features are only cool when they're actually used in games. Much like the analog buttons of the DS2/3 or the Dreamcast's VMU.

Well yeah, that's another thing. Fucking Gal Metal is the most innovative game on the system. Why can't we have more games that play differently to something you could emulate on PC.

6a005f  No.16681710

Has anyone ever seen a normalfag playing on the Switch in public?

98e35b  No.16681711

File: e98e93402169800⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1443x2233, 1443:2233, 00e26f08b7399f4170d713957a….jpg)



>not master race tracksuit

I can pocket even a Switch in one of those but it's not nearly as good as 3DS or Vita is. It also matters how it feels to actually use. The 3DS is ergonomically shit even if I prefer clamshell designs.

b304c7  No.16681712


The only thing normalfags play is their phones.

6a005f  No.16681716


That's not entirely true. I know plenty of normalfags that have a PS4 and use it a lot in with friends to play divegrass. Or from time to time nuGod of War or something.

079d2c  No.16681719


What was the Gameboy equivalent of the Dendy, comrade?

b3179c  No.16681720

File: 1a80721d0abe78e⋯.jpg (32.99 KB, 583x439, 583:439, skele srs.jpg)

It doesn't even HDMI out. It's dumb.

This is a stupid piece of shit system that is hardly any smaller than the Switch already is. It serves no purpose and fills no market gap. The only possible reason for it existing is that it uses a slightly cheaper to manufacture chipset/form factor.

and it will still sell fucking millions

a45904  No.16681721

This thing is going to print money. It's designed for kids, and it's meant to be out by Christmas 2019.

>kid's game console can't tie up the TV

>cheap enough for a kid's Christmas present

>more durable

>less things to lose

>small enough to bring with for parents to shove onto kids

Moms all over are going to buy Pokemon and Switch Lite for their kids this Christmas. Switch Lite is designed to be a kid's Christmas present. That's the target market. The commercial only has teens and older playing because Nintendo is scared of having a kiddie image because 20+ is a huge market for Switch.

Switch Lite isn't for /v/, it's for parents who don't want to spend $300 on a kid's toy that has detachable controllers and can be used to clog up the TV.

It should be smaller, and it should come in at $150. But I have no doubt that in 6 months it'll drop to $150, Nintendo is just going to gouge for the holiday sales. I think it's a terrible idea to buy one, I'd never get one.

70a4c5  No.16681723


>It serves no purpose

it serves the purpose of getting "collectors" to buy more products they already own in every available color

6a005f  No.16681725


Pretty sure Nintendo never started selling Switches without the dock? That's the market they want. Just an even cheaper version of the same product. They went so far with making it cheaper they removed stuff like the rumble and motion functionality, which I really see no reason why they need to be removed. Except maybe just making you buy joycons too at some point.

54c46e  No.16681728


Because developers want to put the game on 4 different platforms since the engine they paid to license supports it. Exclusivity is seen as a punishment nowadays, even Microshaft doesn't want their games exclusive (see Cuphead, MCC)


Yes, once on a flight, he looked normalfag enough. I've seen plenty of genetic dead ends playing in class (why? You're paying to learn) or on public transport.


Predicting right now a lite+pokemon bundle for $230


Motion/gyro is still there. They removed the "motion camera" which is a little IR thing on the base of the right joycon and is only really used in labo

dc4a1a  No.16681729

File: d79f5d525d80b5d⋯.jpg (196.33 KB, 1158x497, 1158:497, tiger2cute.jpg)


>put a switch/gameboy in your tracksuit pants

>take a single step

>your pants are now around your ankles and the switch has exploded in your pocket on contact with the concrete

>or the gameboy has caused a minor tectonic shift and split the earth

54c46e  No.16681730


I don't see the problem here, much easier way to take your pants off at a moment's notice

e318ec  No.16681734


Motions controls are great when used properly

a45904  No.16681736


Playing Splatoon 2 against a Switch Lite owner is going to be fun.

98e35b  No.16681739


What sub-sub-Chinese tracksuit are you familar with? Admittedly I do carry any game system in a backpack when not actually playing it most of the time.


Damn it. I remember an IT PRINTS MONEY comic that ended with "It's the feds!" and cannot find it.

3f34bb  No.16681740

You think they'll have fixed the thumbsticks dying on EVERY fucking joycon on this?

If not some people are in for an awful surprise.

dc4a1a  No.16681743


All tracksuits work like that, unless you're tying off the waistband hard enough to permanently split your gut into two mini-guts.

87b680  No.16681745

File: 8e6866c38ef52f8⋯.jpg (152.46 KB, 463x764, 463:764, itprintsdanger.jpg)

9e089c  No.16681746


wew it looks like some childrens toy

0cf59c  No.16681750




Doesn't Splatoon 2 require you to use a mobile phone to communicate? Why not use a smartphone to play games instead? Both have shitty frame rates anyway.

a45904  No.16681751


Switch Lite looks like a holiday cash grab to reach a new market. It's meant to be bought by people who don't understand or like video games for people who like video games but can't afford $200.

a45904  No.16681752


or $300

0c3d07  No.16681755


> It's meant to be bought by people who don't understand or like video games for people who like vido games but can't afford $200.

Just as the 2DS was and that thing sold like hot cakes.

40aff4  No.16681756


>childrens toy

well, that's what nintendo has always tried to look like

eca9c7  No.16681758


>>Does not support output to a TV.

what the fuck. fuck that shit.


>why would you want to play bingbing wahoos on tv

Video out is a must: more comfortable for multiplayer, much easier to record footage, can play even if display is fucked.


>You can connect external controllers apparently, and presumably use those in lieu of the built-in ones, but that's some grade-A redundancy.

couch multiplayer on 1 device is dead because of people like you. fuck you. also controllers age and die, it's nice to be able to have spares.

b720db  No.16681760

>Not dockable.

For what purpose?

98e35b  No.16681765


>couch multiplayer on 1 device is dead because of people like you.

Unfortunately I had a router crash so my ID did change. But where did I remotely indicate that this hardware revision was good? I think it's dogshit.

6a005f  No.16681768


My brother has a Switch. He has never, ever used the dock.

dc4a1a  No.16681770

File: 3227c9fe69a9e93⋯.png (495.5 KB, 628x700, 157:175, stormvermin.png)

MSRP on the US e shop says 199$.

a730d4  No.16681771


Gameboy had the excuse of being archaic 80's tech. They rectified the problem with every Nintendo handheld that came later.

a45904  No.16681772


How could I forget about that? That's exactly what this is. And Nintendo is going to sell a shit ton of Switches with this.

a730d4  No.16681775

File: d50df24a26585f0⋯.png (422.04 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Brick Game.

9e089c  No.16681780


playing on the tv immensely better

eca9c7  No.16681782


I never thought you liked it. It's just that your post made it seem like plugging external controllers to a console with built-in controls is dumb and redundant. Hence my reply.

b720db  No.16681788


The dock is also a comfy charging station if you can't hook it up to the TV. Also there's that charging dock you can use for tabletop mode that gives you more angles than the stand. Why does the Switch lite even have bluetooth for tabletop built in if you can't dock it? It's just a drain on the…

Oh… To transfer Pokemon from Go/Home to Let's Go/Sword and Shield directly. Only reason bluetooth exists. Also with no dock you get no support for wired controllers nor Gamecube Adapter for Smash Bros. And if the joycons are built to the quality I think they are then they aren't going to last long enough for Smash Bros.

479006  No.16681789

File: 0bb63c8b031f853⋯.png (291.3 KB, 599x517, 599:517, 58e2147a6d185706414c21e12c….png)


>Fuck yes does this mean the motion controls gimmick is finally dead.

It probably doesn't. Splatoon 2 can use motion controls in handheld mode. Also, it's the superior control scheme for both Splatoon 1 and 2. It's effectively the closest thing to keyboard and mouse. Seriously. Don't be so eager to bash it. The technology is way better than it was with the Wii. I just don't see the point of it for any game that isn't a shooter.

a730d4  No.16681793


Most people decided to hate all forms of motion after playing a few launch window Wii games. They have no idea what they're talking about.

a45904  No.16681800


The problem with Wii motion controls were that motion control was new and no one knew how to make the most of them, and it was a new gimmick which was abused. Motion control is great when it's used to compliment and improve traditional controls. But with Wii, you had games being created that revolved entirely around the motion control, to the point a lot of them were not even playable without motion controls.

Look at motion controls in BotW compared to Skywad Sword. BotW uses motion controls to fine tune aiming bows and stuff. Skywad Sword had you using motion controls to swing the fucking sword. BotW motion controls are great, Skywad Sword is shit and most people want to turn it off. Because it doesn't improve the experience. Who wants to flail their arms around to swing a sword when you can press a button instead? And then you die from the time it takes you to swing the controller around and do a full arm motion when you could have just pressed a button and lived. Who the fuck wants that? It's no wonder there's a ton of people who hate motion controls, they have every right to if the only motion controls they're familiar with are Wii era ones.

a730d4  No.16681802


I had fun with Skyward Sword. It's a one game gimmick though. You don't want the entire series to go that way, anymore than you want the entire series to become about sailing.

You don't have to flail your arms around, by the way. Flicks of the wrist generally suffice for anything. Another thing that people who can't stand motion never seem to get.

246940  No.16681803


Unironicly this

b720db  No.16681810


Holy shit, you're such a redditor. Sage is not a downvote. :^) Still the point is that the Switch Lite can benefit from having a USB C port to be compatible with it's own dock for both charging and hooking up to the TV. If it has at least two USB ports it can use a Gamecube adapter for Smash Bros. Or if it doesn't have USB ports at all then the dock is still useful as a charge while you play station on the TV. Also there's potential in the idea of kids having fun swapping their Switches for asymmetric multiplayer games depending on who has their Switch docked and who doesn't like Pac Man Vs. on Namco Museum.

I get it. Most kids are retarded zoomers that don't care about playing games on the TV. They don't even have PCs. They just have smart phones. That's the market Nintendo is going for with Switch lite. No dock, no problem, because no zoomer plays games for more than 3 hours a day at most anyway when they aren't shitposting.

a45904  No.16681812


Well that's another thing with motion controls. It's really hard to fuck up pressing a button, but you could easily end up flailing your arms around if you don't know what you're doing. I've seen people try and play Splatoon 2 with motion controls and they've done some crazy things, twisting their wrists all over and making huge movements with their arms. I think motion controls are just very easy to use wrong and easy for people to hate. I personally like them to some extent and I think it's a big help.

As another anon said, motion controls are awesome for things like Splatoon, really great for camera controls too. It's not a mouse and keyboard but it helps bring it a lot closer when it comes to aiming.

a730d4  No.16681824


Generally, trying to recreate the feel of a mouse is the thing motion is best for. Analogue sticks still do that horribly.

Waggle shit where the motion is just a replacement for pressing a button can hopefully stay in the past.

7b7372  No.16681826



Please no, the second one already missed the feeling of the first by prolapsing the stages into boring slogs. The first game is so full of memorable moments tightly wound around a few core mechanics, the sequel should have been a wiiware title instead of trying to drag it out into a longer game for a full sale price.

6528d9  No.16681829


So kinda like Star-Fox

0cf59c  No.16681831


I thought that I was the only one who missed the edgier tone of the first one. They discarded the post apocalyptic premise for a soft sci-fi one.

f1a349  No.16681845

I don't give a shit about the commercial

Its a





31cd49  No.16681847

File: 06296f6fb0d4202⋯.jpeg (148.22 KB, 744x391, 744:391, apollo.jpeg)

Excuse me but I'll wait for the New Switch Lite XL Pocket Deluxe Pro edition, thank you very much

7506db  No.16681856


Hey mark.

364be3  No.16681860

File: 7291e0e27910bc2⋯.png (114.32 KB, 649x482, 649:482, 1508648743.png)



Now the question is are they going to release a pure console version of the Switch?


Have you seen people nowdays? I'd wouldn't want to interact with them either.

a730d4  No.16681864


Would buy that actually. If they just cut the handheld features and made it cheaper.

dc4a1a  No.16681866


>Now the question is are they going to release a pure console version of the Switch?

Assuming that's the Switch Pro that's been rumored for a while now.

7b7372  No.16681867


Yeah, that was another thing. The new setting was boring. Bland. Generic nipshit instead of the vaguely eva-inspired super edgy stuff where you're assaulting aircraft carriers that are led by some dude named Brad while your psychic cult leader companion levitates a chunk of concrete and metal with you on it while reflecting missiles into helicopters with your beamsword and killing invasive fishmen. I remember basically nothing from the sequel beyond a few boss fights even though a lot of it repeated itself to the point it should be cemented in my memory.

b304c7  No.16681869

File: eb741e015fa652e⋯.jpg (55.69 KB, 455x455, 1:1, 756ced611d532ae206982b6c6d….jpg)


>finally, less features!

e8e62b  No.16681870


The USB port could've been used for video output, too bad Nintendo is too fucking stupid to make use of that.

364be3  No.16681875

File: dd2048974f0b57c⋯.jpg (20.46 KB, 760x426, 380:213, nx-console-760x426.jpg)


>If they just cut the handheld features and made it cheaper.

Why they didn't just make two different version from the very start instead of a weird hybrid I'll never know.

a45904  No.16681878


They will, but they are probably looking at 3DS sales and looking at how the more expensive and better performing (XL, New 3DS) models sold compared to 2DS and are putting the cheaper version as a priority. They probably look at how well xXXB0N31XxX and PS4 xXProfessional GaymerxX sold compared to the cheap shitty versions (like Xboned by Slim cock) and realizing there's more money with a cheaper console because there's more poor people who rather spend $200 on a shitty Switch than $400 on a nicer Switch.

c6ad2b  No.16681879


They wanted to unify their game lineup, and pocket the extra resources.

079d2c  No.16681891


Why is that a good thing? The old one was a hybrid that could be exactly as much of a handheld as this one can, but also be a TV console. You fuse the joy cons to the system and don't allow connecting it to a TV and it's somehow improved by taking things off?

The only thing I can see that is actually better about this thing is that it has a real D-Pad instead of the left Joy-Con's shit directional buttons.

9d10da  No.16681893

This is the garbage second-rate version of the thing that parents buy their snot nosed brats so they get to keep the TV to themselves to watch CNN and Niggerball. It'll sell like hotcakes to people who don't know any better and then they'll buy Super Mario Party and discover the kid can't play it and go out and buy some more joycons to satsify their shrieking mutt spawn. Nintendo is completely aware of what they're doing.

9d10da  No.16681895


>almost exactly the same size but now with less features

Protip: most of the games are designed to be played on TV and handheld was kind of an afterthought. Good luck squinting to read tiny text. I can't stand playing RPGs in portable mode.

b304c7  No.16681898


>Good luck squinting to read tiny text.

That's the least of your problems in handheld mode. The hardware is underclocked so it doesn't get as hot or use as much power when it's not docked, so games run/look like shit.

f1a349  No.16681899


Nigger, I'm not paying for features I'll never use or don't care about.

Big deal, I lose motion controls, rumble, console-switching or some camera shit. I pay 100 less dollars and I have something with a more fitting size, better ergonomics, sturdier build quality, and (presumably) better battery life.

For saving that much money I can get anywhere from 4-11 physical copies of games to actually play on the thing.


Hybrids are shit. If you want to play on the gay piece of shit that is the original Switch be my guest.

>exactly as much of a handheld as this one can

This one is smaller; it looks like it should be able to fit in my pocket which is what I consider the cut-off to be for a dedicated handheld.

Its also far cheaper.

You can go market your "hybrid" to some retard who will buy it. Its not my thing.

Plus I've heard that the removable joy-cons are flimsy and people frequently damage them when returning them to the Switch.


That's disappointing if true.

ef58dd  No.16681901

File: aee0882a7435468⋯.jpg (36.17 KB, 1125x265, 225:53, the switch won't replace t….jpg)

File: 93045d2343a661c⋯.jpg (102.15 KB, 1476x830, 738:415, lie.jpg)

a45904  No.16681904



>snot nosed brats

>playing RPGs

You are absolutely right about who this Switch is targeted towards but there's no way those people will buy an RPG.


They said they updated the chipset, it's possible it runs better in handheld mode than an original Switch.

b304c7  No.16681906


>sturdier build quality

It's obviously a cheaper variant, so if anything the build quality will be worse.

f1a349  No.16681911


The 2DS was clearly and obviously sturdier than the 3DS despite being cheaper.

It has less moving parts so it should automatically be sturdier by default.

b304c7  No.16681912

File: e5609b46f137c93⋯.png (692.5 KB, 585x585, 1:1, 1385139378466.png)


>The 2DS was clearly and obviously sturdier than the 3DS

f1a349  No.16681919


I don't get it.

It was. Do you not know this basic shit?

Hell the fact that the hinge was not present automatically made it more sturdy than the 3DS, but yeah overall it was more sturdy even disregarding that.

Posting nep at me doesn't change that.

e5200e  No.16681926


>why would you want to play bingbing wahoos in public INSTEAD of your own house?

Is that you, Quentin?

079d2c  No.16681930


>Hybrids are shit. If you want to play on the gay piece of shit that is the original Switch be my guest.

Works fine for me. Don't know why you're so pissy about it. What does it do worse other than the size?

> This one is smaller

This thing is at 8.96" diagonal, where the original is at a 10.22" diagonal. It's still pretty large. The PS Vita is 7.92" and is still too big to fit comfortably in most pockets.

You can also take the joy cons off the original and it's a 7.89 inch diagonal.

It's still not a pocket-ready machine. It's something you need to stow in a bag. I had a 7-inch phone and the fucking thing was uncomfortable in my pocket.

> Plus I've heard that the removable joy-cons are flimsy and people frequently damage them when returning them to the Switch.

Only if you handle it like a chimp. You can also replace the latches with metal ones for a more sturdy hold.

a002f2  No.16681932

Finally, an actual price for what the machine is worth. Now it's affordable.

f1a349  No.16681944


The Vita/3DS XL was around the cutoff for being oversized for a handheld but they fit fine in most of my pockets.

The only time the Vita was a little bit awkward is if I carried it in a case in my pockets, which is a little obnoxious.

I can't imagine the Switch lite being worse than that, but if it is its still not worth buying for me yet then.

>dunno why you're pissy about it

Because I've had retards tell me that its just as much of a handheld as the Vita or 3DS when it clearly isn't. People pretending like its just like a dedicated handheld and refusing to even admit its a hybrid.

Its horrifically overpriced, more so than every handheld its compared to (that's including its game library too), overly large, ergonomically mediocre, and with really poor battery life

b304c7  No.16681959


>and refusing to even admit its a hybrid

Because that's just a marketing term Nintendo came up with.

079d2c  No.16681962


It's an inch added to the Vita's size; you can decide whether that's acceptable or not.

> Its horrifically overpriced, more so than every handheld its compared to

It's expensive, compared to the Vita, but you do also balance that with Memory Stick prices vs Micro SD. You can get a 128 GB Micro SD for $20. 512 GB is $100. A 32 GB Memory Stick is still $43.

> (that's including its game library too), overly large, ergonomically mediocre, and with really poor battery life

Agreed on all counts. I like my Switch, and the overly large thing doesn't bother me because I don't actually use it outside the house (I use it in handheld mode when somebody else wants to use the TV, or when I'm working, because I can use it at my desk in small bursts during long compile or transfer processes).

Ergonomically, it's about as comfortable to use as the 3DS, which was also uncomfortable. Handhelds are almost always at least a little uncomfortable to use, especially if they have a thin design with a flat back. You really need to get an aftermarket grip if you want it to be comfortable to use long-term.

1276f8  No.16681965


>featuring the most soy commercial you ever did see


>not talking about the way the guy spoke or about the Lite itself

I was watching it with sound turned off, what did they say? The only thing that bothered me was the indoor hiking scene, and I basically turned it off after that. Who fucking plays video games when they are in a place like that? I don't know, maybe its because I am getting older but I find games total cancer. You would have to pay me some really good money if you wanted me to play video games outside.

079d2c  No.16681970


It's can act either as a handheld or as a console. You can consider it a handheld that can use an external TV and controllers, or a console that can be picked up and used portably, but then you're just using extra effort to be contrarian. It's not like "hybrid" is a new word.

However you want to refer to it, it doesn't change what it is or does.

eca9c7  No.16681986

File: b86dfeee2b70a63⋯.png (14.35 KB, 951x172, 951:172, ClipboardImage.png)

I wonder whether the d-pad will be good or as shit as the pro controller's (it's so shitty tetris players prefer the fucking joycons)


doesn't the lower res in handheld cancel out the performance hit from lower clocks? I don't think it will be an issue anyway given the more updated hardware.


have the updated version of your 1st pic

70a4c5  No.16681994


>people complain about Sony ignoring the Vita and killing it after like what 3 years

>people complain that Nintendo isn't killing the 3ds yet

make up your minds

806866  No.16681998


If you really can't see the market for this, you're a fucking idiot. There are two very clear markets for this thing: Japan and China. Remember, Nintendo signed a deal with Tencent recently to sell the Switch in China. This is a cheaper model for bugmen too.

eca9c7  No.16682007


meant for >>16681765


>>people complain that Nintendo isn't killing the 3ds yet

no one complained. it just pisses me off that they're lying.

8c4729  No.16682008


>nintendo is mainly geared toward children

this has literally never been true, the reason it was marketed to kids and not adults in the early years is because adults didn't "get" video games, so they wanted nothing to do with them. The games market was entirely made up of children to late teens, up until the turn of the era where that generation grew into adults playing games, then the industry had everyone hooked on it, young and old. The bright colors are just because it's very easy to draw an audience with something that doesn't look bland, and something that looks like pikmin will sell faster than a game that looks like overlord.

>implying nintendo or any other game company was intentionally marketed strictly to kids for any reason

the only ones you can argue that for were computer games like Spy Fox and Freddi Fish.


>mortal kombat

>legend of zelda



you're a newfag if you believe that nintendo was every marketed strictly to small children. Kids are just small adults anyway, their minds aren't developed enough yet, but they can understand the basic shit a game will put forth for challenge.

193dca  No.16682016


Possibly the latter based on their history of protecting their Copyrights like it's Rape to even consider touching it.

Some even say they allegedly bribe their critics to give their games high scores every time (only they actually didn't get caught with a smoking gun).

I like Nintendo, but I hate their "Apple" stance on their products just as much.

e4205b  No.16682017


>this has literally never been true,

It was in the west Nintendo of America censored everything they could they still try NOJ just have then on a tighter leash now.

f1a349  No.16682023


>5.5 inch screen



I agree that the colors are pretty shit, but the original Switch leaves plenty to be desired in that regard. The black looks serviceable but that's it. Dunno why they didn't just use black for an option for the Lite, but gray is close enough.


The Vita' proprietary shit was pure cancer, but I got a 16 GB one included with mine for 150 so its irrelevant to me. Plus the Vita's memory cards went up with price over time because they stopped producing them.

I don't care too much about storage space since I don't buy digital games, and for piracy I don't need to carry every single game on an SD. I'm fine with swapping some out to my HDD or something and not paying more for a higher capacity SD card.

At the moment, I'm just happy to get someone saying "dedicated handheld" in a commercial after being ignored for so long. The 3DS is a shambling undead corpse and the Vita died (in terms of official support, homebrew is still going strong) in 2018 along with Sony.


Nintendo killed the 3DS around the time the Switch released. People are upset they kept up this charade as if they supported the thing rather than just let it coast, and they're lying just like they did with the DS not replacing the GBA.

The way Sony treated the Vita was pure cancer.


Is this a copypasta.

8c4729  No.16682024


>this whole post


70a4c5  No.16682027


They said the same thing about the DS not replacing the Advance.

f1a349  No.16682030


People weren't happy about that too though, for obvious reasons.

90377a  No.16682034


With stretched resolution, abysmal battery life and still fucked fps.

4321cd  No.16682039


>You can connect external controllers apparently, and presumably use those in lieu of the built-in ones, but that's some grade-A redundancy.

That's the point I was making. There's no kickstand so them allowing controller connection is pointless. Because I don't want to play a game where someone needs to hold the Switch. There's an endless list of reasons why that sucks.

54c46e  No.16682043


>early years is because adults didn't "get" video games, so they wanted nothing to do with them

No, adults loved vidya and were very interested in the new tech. Then the crash happened, which hurt the consumers as much as the corporations. Nintendo released and marketed their NES as a toy, with ROB and plastic light guns and kids in the commercials and cartoon tie-ins and kid-centric magazines. It worked to get past the drought, but bit them in the ass when Sega used the cool kid attitude marketing, and Sony started getting games really for adults.

Nintendo always had a kid-friendly image, as far as in-house games go. It wasn't until Conker's that they produced a game with crude language/imagery

a730d4  No.16682050


Early video games were more of an adult thing, back when you were mostly dealing with arcade machines in bars. Seems like the jump to consoles in general caused a lot of that audience to fall away.

9e1ff6  No.16682052


>It's a regular handheld

PS vita is great, and I'll probably get this eventually since there's that Miku game at least.

ea3de1  No.16682054

File: 581615bffb4d668⋯.jpg (8.42 KB, 181x255, 181:255, 1439762134790.jpg)

Okay. But why? This defeats the whole purpose of the console, it will openly prevent some people from being able to play all of the games that exist on Nintendo Switch. Whatever happened to the whole "lateral thinking with withered technology" philosophy? At least it seems they're comfortable enough to stray away from gimmicks, but I could argue the entire existence of this new console is a gimmick.

Demographics aside, there still looks to be a few issues-

>console is completely flat, might be hard to hold

>small buttons that are already difficult to use on a normal sized switch

>pastel-only color selection (this console is for women)

>charging cord is still on the bottom

Their only argument for this console to exist is-

>it's good to have options

Get ready, because this is what retards are going to throw around to justify it.



Remember, marketing specifically towards children is predatory and an easy way to make money because it also applies to "the family."

d16cfa  No.16682057

File: cda3286406ec2b5⋯.gif (474.37 KB, 960x540, 16:9, b757d1e9caaef13a6ebd01c889….gif)


They aren't lying, the 3DS still fills a niche the Switch doesn't and that's budget gaming. Low income families that want to get something for their kids to play their Mario and their Pokemon on but aren't willing to shell out $300 for the console and $60 per game.

Guess what little Tyrese will be getting for christmas this year? That's right, a $60 dollar 2DS.

It makes business sense to keep the 3DS line on life support, at least until the Switch/Switch Lite can be sold at $120/$150 and still be profitable for Nintendo.

90377a  No.16682069


They are lying because when you state something isn't being replaced, it implies games will still be released for it and that their will be a new version of it eventually.

Given they have announced neither we all know its on the way out like the gameboy.

Stop being a nintendo apologist.

54c46e  No.16682087


Keep in mind there was never that shift in Europe, since there wasn't a crash there like in the US. Adults are interested in technology (at least a significant portion of them) and games are a very good showcase for graphics/computing/etc tech.



For commuters and kids. MonHun was big in Japan because it could be played on the train over the 20 minutes of free time between working and sleeping.

Parents want it for their kids because it's cheaper and doesn't have any moving parts to lose or plug in or anything. Also Pokemon is coming out and that will sell shitloads of consoles, despite the game's quality.

Some people might just want a portable only even if they only play at home, though I'm sure they'd just get the normal version anyways.

079d2c  No.16682088

File: 219a31a39a8494b⋯.png (366.21 KB, 1557x1920, 519:640, 2019-07-10T11_48_36.png)


>it implies games will still be released for it

And they are.

> that their will be a new version of it eventually

Why the fuck would it imply that?

d16cfa  No.16682091

File: 1e6d9d8ac98d0a4⋯.jpg (32.74 KB, 525x469, 75:67, 1457184016825.jpg)


The fuck are you on about? The system is still being produced and it's still getting software updates. Plus, I'm sure there are still a couple upcoming 3DS titles, though mostly in the form of indies. Nintendo hasn't stopped supporting the 3DS, in fact I'm surprised they're even bothering sending updates for the thing considering it's already been blown open by hackers.

The Switch is in no way a 3DS replacement, if anything because it can't play the games the 3DS can, therefore there's still a reason to get a 3DS in the year 2019 considering its low cost and large backlog of quality games.

What would personally make you happy? Do you want Nintendo to just tell people to stop buying a system they're still producing and still have interest in selling? Or would you rather they devote internal resources to making games for an inferior piece of hardware when the Switch is clearly their main focus?

You have to be blind to not realize that Nintendo is merely operating like any company or business should: maximizing their profits.

4321cd  No.16682100


5.5 is tiny. There's games on the system where the developers didn't even try to scale the UI and the result is that some games are almost difficult to read on the 6.2 inch screen the current model has. You reduce that further and it's possible that some games will be barely legible on the lite.

90377a  No.16682102

314039  No.16682107

File: 3a94ebc015d4a95⋯.png (261.76 KB, 500x470, 50:47, 20004.png)


It's the Secret Service that goes after counterfeiters, not the FBI.

079d2c  No.16682114


Your point? It's still getting third-party games and new ports of first-party games and it got a first-party game as recently as November 2018. It's clearly not the primary focus, but nobody thought it would be.

It's winding down, but at this rate, it won't really be dead for a while, at least a year.

Still receiving software updates and new games means it's not replaced yet. Not your retarded arbitrary definition of "still getting first-party games".

f1a349  No.16682117


>30 games over 9 months

>almost none of them having any pull outside of 2 Atlus titles, Kirby's Yarn, and one Mario game

>most of them are indieshit released digitally

Is this some kind of joke. I'm pretty sure the Vita had more support from devlopers than this in, especially if you count the middle market like LRG.


>software updates

You mean anti-piracy/hacking and security updates.

They shut down freeshop permanently last year iirc which was huge.

>You have to be blind to not realize that Nintendo is merely operating like any company or business should: maximizing their profits.

That should make people happy?

>What would personally make you happy? Do you want Nintendo to just tell people to stop buying a system they're still producing and still have interest in selling? Or would you rather they devote internal resources to making games for an inferior piece of hardware when the Switch is clearly their main focus?

A company being honest, or supporting an audience they developed that kept them fucking alive while the Wii U flopped should make one happy if one was a part of that audience.

It would also have been nice if they had at least tried to keep making games after the Switch was released; around that time is when support for the 3DS took an absolute nosedive.

The system being produced is nearly irrelevant. The thing is pretty much undead.


I'd be surprised if that's the case.

0dcd36  No.16682120

File: ee6c587f9f6a29c⋯.jpg (3.45 MB, 3880x3880, 1:1, ee6c587f9f6a29c852d76c204c….jpg)


So, never?

9ca09e  No.16682134

The real reason the Switch Lite is worse is that it's going to be harder to yarr-harr on it.


>Whatever you do, don't play Xenoblade 2 in handheld mode.

It turns out they just put the graphics settings in a plaintext file, so if you have homebrew you can turn up the max/min resolution for docked or portable/disable bloom/turn off the handheld mode's disgusting blur filter/etc. You can also over/underclock the system for each individual game in portable, charging, and/or docked configurations. With both you can turn up the max res, disable some of the effects, and have it run smoother.



29e9ce  No.16682138


They did this to make sure you couldn't rape it with a paper clip or tin foil.

079d2c  No.16682141


The Vita has had like 6 games released this year total. It had 42 games released across all of 2018. The 3DS is more alive than the Vita. I'm not denying that it's heavily wound down. Nobody thinks the 3DS is at its peak, but it's not going to be dead for a while. The fact that it's still getting games means that people are still buying the system and games on it.

dd569d  No.16682142

File: f38580845bb003c⋯.png (3.56 MB, 1520x1350, 152:135, Vita 2019 japanese release….png)


>I'm pretty sure the Vita had more support from devlopers than this in, especially if you count the middle market like LRG.

The japanese side has gotten a couple of games and VNs this year although nothing new in the horizon once August hits in.

d16cfa  No.16682145


You're just grasping at straws here anon, to the point where I have a hard time believing you're not just baiting.

Nobody's arguing that the system is still part of Nintendo's plans for the future. It obviously isn't, the Switch is at the top of their list of priorities moving forward, as it should. The point people are trying to make is that the 3DS is still technically an active system, in the sense that it's still being manufactured and games are still being printed, as opposed to shit like the Vita where the system is out of production and games are no longer being sent out to stores.

It's had a good run so far, but you can't expect them to make first-party games for it forever. In fact, I'm surprised we even got stuff like Luigi's Mansion or that Kirby Wii port. Persona Q2 came out not too long ago too. Just because the console isn't getting first-party releases doesn't mean it's discontinued, hell, the last first party game on the GBA was Rhythm Tengoku on 2006, but the console wasn't officially pulled out of production until 2010.

It's obvious that Nintendo wants to phase out the 3DS, but clearly it won't until it has something to fill the gap. The Switch library isn't quite there yet, and they aren't willing to produce a Switch model at a low enough cost to cater to the sector of the market the 2DS does, so there's still a tiny niche for the 3DS left. That's why they're still bothering with it.


>You mean anti-piracy/hacking and security updates.

>They shut down freeshop permanently last year iirc which was huge.

It's an update on the software, so yes. If you knew anything about Nintendo consoles you'd understand that 90% of the shit they do in terms of updates is security patches and anti-piracy tweaks. The Switch software is at version 8.1 and only three updates have been significant for the end user so far.

>That should make people happy?

No, but it shouldn't surprise you. People here are acting like it's a huge shock that Nintendo is making business oriented move. It's a corporation, not your best friend, they exist to make money. They'd fuck your mom and kill your dog if it meant their profits increased.

>It would also have been nice if they had at least tried to keep making games after the Switch was released; around that time is when support for the 3DS took an absolute nosedive.

But they did. Whether you liked them or not is a different story, but the truth is they kept pushing out "big" releases after the Switch was already out. Hell, we even got some dual releases with the Switch, like Fire Emblem Warriors or Captain Toad.

>The system being produced is nearly irrelevant. The thing is pretty much undead.

So we agree, you're just being a faggot about it.

90377a  No.16682147


>got a first-party game as recently as November 2018.

<More then half a year ago

This is your brain on Nintendo.

66d196  No.16682150


100% soy

>camping with others instead of camping somewhere in nature

>taking your entire furniture with you when going camping

fugging gay

>yellow (well there might be some people that like it)

>fucking gray

>fucking turquise

>no dark blue

>no red

Who picked those colours?

All in all it seems like a better product than the switch.

90377a  No.16682152


I don't know if you're new or a shill.

There was a thread just last week with those same articles in the OP.

The consensus there was yeah Nintendo is coasting the 3DS because telling the truth would hurt sales and stocks.

Now here you come claiming

>N-nuh Uh! Nintendo is telling the truth new games for the 3DS SOON™!

70a4c5  No.16682155


>Implying niggers aren't buying $1000 iphones for lil'tyrone on credit cards or a XBone

e9da45  No.16682158

File: 744ba1f8ea83354⋯.png (915.87 KB, 1882x992, 941:496, 4af78a8e79c1849e19dcba2dac….png)


>Why are you eating stale bread when you can eat dog shit instead?

90377a  No.16682159


This Niggers buy expensive shit they can't afford which is why they're always broke and in debt, other then not working and welfare leeching.

d16cfa  No.16682171

File: 3e037c9a638863a⋯.png (384.75 KB, 632x441, 632:441, ClipboardImage.png)


They've done shitty colors as early as the Gameboy, this should come as no surprise.


>less features

>piracy entrypoints probably patched

>better product than the OG Switch

I don't think so.


Anon, you're embarrassing yourself. Show me the part where I said there will be new 3DS games from Nintendo? There's a few indies in the pipeline, sure, but Nintendo would be stupid to focus their first-party studios on a less powerful system with a 240p screen in 2019 solely to satisfy a sector of their audience that refuses to move on.

Like I said, they'll keep the system on life support for as long as they can, pushing out cheaper releases of their games through the Nintendo Selects line, solely to cater to people with little kids or casuals who want their fix of Mario or Animal Crossing without shelling out $360+ dollars. Or, in >>16682145 's words, the system is basically undead, but it hasn't been replaced. It's clear Nintendo still has a use for it.

079d2c  No.16682172


Do you have a point, or are you going to just pick out a single line, ignore the entire rest of my post, and act smug forever?

079d2c  No.16682177


Nobody who you are talking to ever claimed the 3DS was going to get new first-party games. If you're going to misrepresent the points of everybody you're talking to, you don't actually have an argument.

90377a  No.16682182


I being smug forever because I'll be right forever. Nice sage as a downvote btw.



My point was

1) They're not going to make new games, now you all concede with that backpedal like that was never your argument.

2) There isn't going to be a sequel to the 3DS, especially now that they're announcing a Switch at $200 point.

3) They're slowly going to ghost support for the 3DS when the sales dip enough to justify not spending any further resources on it.

For some reason you're agreeing with me on every point but at the same time disagreeing with me because you don't want it to be true.

66d196  No.16682190


>less features

Some crap no one uses? The console not falling apart in your hands and being one solid piece?

The missing piece of plastic which was marketed as accelerator?

>piracy entrypoints probably patched

vaild point

0dcd36  No.16682191

File: 29dc5fb28f06591⋯.jpg (76.71 KB, 960x959, 960:959, [Grommit screaming in the ….jpg)


>those covers

I don't care what weebs say, most Japanese artists have no fucking concept of minimalism or simplicity.

f1a349  No.16682194

File: ddd3fa2a0b4d971⋯.png (396.66 KB, 1012x715, 92:65, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cf23432eb89d7bd⋯.png (312.66 KB, 638x563, 638:563, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 541c4f09a4756df⋯.png (412.59 KB, 791x774, 791:774, ClipboardImage.png)


>6 games released this year total.

No. We're using the same bullshit standards you used for that terrible 3DS list for which many were only released in NA too.

Since december of 2018 at least 60 games were released digitally for the NA PSN for Vita.

Physically, its had about 22 physical releases in North America since the beginning of 2019;much of that is from LRG or indies self-publishing, it still requires far more developer effort and support than releasing digitally.

This doesn't even get into the Japanese or Asian-English side, though there should be some overlap as a result of some localized games coming west.


minimalism is for faggots anyways.

d16cfa  No.16682202


>They're not going to make new games, now you all concede with that backpedal like that was never your argument.

Go back and read those posts again, champ. Take your time if you need to. No one claimed Nintendo would make new games. At most, we've said indies will still be released, which is factually true.

>There isn't going to be a sequel to the 3DS, especially now that they're announcing a Switch at $200 point.

That pretty much means it's not going to be replaced, therefore Nintendo's statement is still "truthful". It's just marketing speak to get dummies like you riled up. The Switch Lite isn't replacing the 3DS, the 3DS is still in the market, has its own games that the Switch Lite can't play, and is geared towards a different market demographic. The fact that you're taking this corporate statement as a personal offense instead of seeing right through it tells me you probably aren't very smart.

>They're slowly going to ghost support for the 3DS when the sales dip enough to justify not spending any further resources on it.

That's what everyone's been saying all along. Nintendo will keep the system on life support.

I don't get why you have so much difficulty understanding these extremely simple concepts.


>Some crap no one uses? The console not falling apart in your hands and being one solid piece?

It's the reason it's called the "Switch", anon, because you can switch between handheld and docked play instantly. This is a Switch that can't switch, so you lose at least 50% of the appeal right there.

f1a349  No.16682203

File: d8076f2e8debae0⋯.png (232.94 KB, 744x748, 186:187, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2ec8a088ab50f29⋯.png (171.98 KB, 831x358, 831:358, ClipboardImage.png)


Forgot to include the screenshot for the earliest december released game

90377a  No.16682204


So this whole time you agreed with me you just didn't like that I used it to in a negative way at Nintendo's expense.

Yeah you're not a fanboy at all.

a1a1ef  No.16682205


Japanese cover art is often either really bad or really busy.

Look at the Japanese covers for Ratchet & Clank or Silent Hill for example.

079d2c  No.16682207


Sage isn't a downvote. It's refusing to bump the thread in order to not bring attention to it solely for an off-topic or low-quality post. It's an etiquette thing. You'd know this if you'd been using imageboards for longer than the past few months.

>1) They're not going to make new games, now you all concede with that backpedal like that was never your argument.

Now's the point where you prove this. You've asserted this, now point out any post that has claimed new first-party games were going to come to the 3DS. If you don't do this, you out yourself as a lying shitter.

> 2) There isn't going to be a sequel to the 3DS, especially now that they're announcing a Switch at $200 point.

Nobody ever claimed there was going to be a sequel to the 3DS. In fact, you're the only one who implied that the system not being dead meant it would get a "new version". Nobody you were talking to ever said this.

> 3) They're slowly going to ghost support for the 3DS when the sales dip enough to justify not spending any further resources on it.

Yes, nobody ever disagreed with this. In fact, everybody has been saying this exactly to you. The 3DS is on life support. If something is on life support, it is explicitly not dead.

> For some reason you're agreeing with me on every point but at the same time disagreeing with me because you don't want it to be true.

From my perspective, this is exactly what you're doing. You define "dead" as "not getting more first-party games or a new hardware-revision/sequel console", apparently, and I am saying that this is a retarded point. You also keep claiming, bewilderingly, that somebody else ever claimed that the 3DS would ever get new first-party games, which you brought up in the first place and nobody else has said in this thread.

I'm not sure you even are aware what you're arguing about.

717fe5  No.16682214


Minimalism is dogshit, but japs usually don't have a clue how to order elements in a picture so they just clutter it with whatever they think looks cool and make a fucking mess that doesn't tell you anything.

90377a  No.16682223


>Sage isn't a downvote. It's refusing to bump the thread in order to not bring attention to it solely for an off-topic or low-quality post. It's an etiquette thing. You'd know this if you'd been using imageboards for longer than the past few months.

And its pointless because you've already bumped the thread several times.

>It's an etiquette thing.

No it's a way to let shit thread sink to the bump its never been used because you dislike someone else's post because it has no effect on theirs.

>You'd know this if you'd been using imageboards for longer than the past few months.

Like pottery.

9ca09e  No.16682227

File: 5af02b62cdedc44⋯.png (430.34 KB, 719x533, 719:533, ClipboardImage.png)


Oh God I was just reminded Atlus re-released Catherine at full price with the only significant difference being that you can now fuck a trap, continuing their trend of adding worst girls to their remakes.

0dcd36  No.16682230

File: 46b0dd167708387⋯.jpg (28.61 KB, 258x300, 43:50, rac collections.jpg)

File: af8bc1a6ac7c524⋯.jpg (20.56 KB, 214x300, 107:150, rac2.jpg)

File: 78a5dd14b47046c⋯.jpg (36.37 KB, 315x450, 7:10, rac3.jpg)

File: 40cda402703c589⋯.jpg (39.57 KB, 274x477, 274:477, 5.jpg)



Sorry, I should be more clear.

I don't literally mean the minimalist art movement, I mean not filling every fucking centimeter of cover artwork with some bullshit. I was struggling to find words for it.


>Look at the Japanese covers for Ratchet & Clank

Oh god what in the fuck is this

549868  No.16682238

Nintendo gay and fucking shit

d16cfa  No.16682244

File: 3c1c835ee8f11a9⋯.png (316.42 KB, 338x654, 169:327, ClipboardImage.png)


Sure, anon. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Keep on fighting the good fight against these dang dirty lying corporations! :^)

079d2c  No.16682245


>And its pointless because you've already bumped the thread several times.

You don't seem to see the point. You sage when your post doesn't contribute to good-quality discussion and don't sage otherwise. Traditionally, people would use a forum and see content that was bumped on the front page, indicating there was content worth reading. Some of us still use fora and imageboards in this fashion. If your shit isn't worth reading by anybody other than the specific person you're addressing, you don't bump it. It's that simple.

Fucking newfags.

> No it's a way to let shit thread sink to the bump its never been used because you dislike someone else's post because it has no effect on theirs.

What? I need you to translate this into English for me.

And again, you've ignored the entire body of my post because you know you're wrong.

90377a  No.16682256


>You don't seem to see the point. You sage when your post doesn't contribute to good-quality discussion and don't sage otherwise.

You sound like a pretentious redditor who has read instructions on how to fit in.

No you don't and no it has never been.

>What? I need you to translate this into English for me.

That is a perfectly grammatically composed sentence, I'm sorry you struggle with reading comprehension.

Here I will explain it like I am discussing with a child.

Bumping/saging does not affect someone's post.

>And again, you've ignored the entire body of my post because you know you're wrong.

I'm ignoring it because even if I disassembled your argument over and over again you would just come back for more.

That's some pretty masochistic behavior.

0fe685  No.16682260


And you just had to post faggotry. Unspoilered faggotry, at that.

ce3dad  No.16682265

Well this is stupid, it's basically a slimmer wii u controller. Also this just confirms nintendo has officially discontinued hand held consoles.

dd569d  No.16682267

File: 36f385aeda6918c⋯.png (946.92 KB, 1171x652, 1171:652, catherine fullbody new end….png)


Catherine FullBody has a Full Arrange mode that change the puzzle levels in the story, it also has online (free on Vita) and all the endings are present including the new ones. That's a good Atlus remake imo unlike the ones on 3DS

09d341  No.16682269


where did she get the money for the rtx? prostitution?

717fe5  No.16682271


I got what you meant and I agree with you.

Most artwork coming from east Asia is thematically fucked because the artist couldn't figure out what he wanted the picture to convey.

f1a349  No.16682276


Who gives a shit about the fucking gimmicks.

People want to play good games. Their upcoming library will determine the Switch Lite's success more than anything.

The 3D of the 3DS was a fucking joke for example. The 2DS sold fine despite it essentially being a "3DS without the 3D".



People aren't shocked or surprised. They're just pissed and annoyed and don't like Nintendo doing that.

You saying they're a corporation doesn't make it better. You giving them justification from a corporate standpoint doesn't make it right.

"Dual-releases" too give me a fucking break. Fire Emblem Warriors was not only a joke and an insult to the FE fanbase, it ran worse than dogshit on the 3DS. A few remaster bones thrown in the 3DS's way after the fact means next to nothing. It was lip service at best, and shit they were planning on doing anyways at worst. The amount and level of quality games tanked, the overall support given tanked dropped like a stone.

Its not a matter of disagreeing on a point, its a matter of you holding a detached viewpoint on it vs me holding a pissed viewpoint because I don't like seeing companies do this kind of shit.

It doesn't matter if it makes the most financial sense to them, its a net loss to me, the customer, ergo I should be fucking pissed if I care at all. Moreover, there is customer goodwill to be gained if they had kept up stronger support for it. Its not so black and white.

Yes, they're a corporation. You're also a customer. Start acting like one, you jaded, strange faggot.

81dce5  No.16682277



5170c2  No.16682283


whats the bottom middle game

I'm interested in a portable switch since I would never use it docked any way. If I can crack this I'll get one second hand for pokemon s/s and Astral chain

079d2c  No.16682285


I never said it affected the post. You brought that up. You need reading lessons.

30c98c  No.16682306

File: 74f7bf2ee18c4b5⋯.jpg (65.04 KB, 447x247, 447:247, Screenshot_2019-07-10-12-5….jpg)

Is this being marketed intelligently, or do normalfags actually go places like skateparks or rock climbing gyms to play video games instead of, ya know, skating and climbing? I was under the impression that when people play portables, it's mostly to kill time while they're on their lunch break at school or work, or they are a passenger in a car, bus, or train. If you go somewhere as specific as a climbing gym, why wouldn't you go there to do that, and then when you're done, go back to the comfort of your home to so shit like play games.

Or was it just not visually interesting enough to show someone playing their switch lite on the bus?

Also they missed an opportunity to call it the Lite Switch.

7dc251  No.16682312


>Kidiots buy the handheld version and sell their old one to gamestop.

>Refurbished consoles sell for $250 and are old enough to paperclip mod.

I honestly would rather have the full version even if I'm taking it with me on a train or flight since I can sit it on the foldout seat table and I can play it in full comfy mode with my hands free to rest wherever.

5170c2  No.16682320


Skate parks have been standard advertising since the PS1 era. Gamers should be cool like skaters man.

30c98c  No.16682329



>Playing it in broad daylight not even in the shade

This thing better have a significantly brighter screen or it's T minus 10 and counting for my sides

5bcd50  No.16682332


>3-7 hour battery life

Antimatter batteries when?

3f57b2  No.16682361

File: daf4ffe5e0edebc⋯.jpg (89.04 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 097E64A5FCDB47169652DAF6A7….jpg)


I'd say you're the one that needs to fix his attitude. You seem to have this notion of what a console should be that you project onto companies that don't give a shit about you in particular.

You know what a consumer should do? Evaluate products on the value they have at the moment of purchase, and make smart, informed decisions on whether they feel that product is worth the asking price.

Nintendo and the other console manufactures hate that shit, because they sell products based on the 'it sucks now, but it'll get better!' mentality, which either results in fags desperately trying to justify their purchase by sucking more corporate dick, or angry posters complaining that a videogame company dared to act for their own benefit instead of catering to their every whim. But guess what? By the time you get there, the company already got your money, they don't have to give a shit. You'll come back for more later anyway, and the cycle will begin anew.

But what do I know, you probably own a Switch, so you aren't a stranger to buying incomplete products I guess.

2f53ac  No.16682380


Always though proud of what? Having dick in a ass?

75448f  No.16682383

Is the hardware at least improved?

2c8a1c  No.16682389


>Is the hardware at least improved?

Good one anon.

a002f2  No.16682396


The tranny shit isn't connected with the hacking stuff by the looks of it. Yeah, the profile bio is cringe and the mother is actually a trannie/cuck but the actual hacking stuff doesn't have that shit(it seems) with the poly hacker not being responsible for it and not even being on that discord.

806866  No.16682399


As that dude said it, the tranny found an exploit somewhere (either on his own, or found others discussing it) and reported it for a bounty from Nintendo. So in some capacity, he's responsible.

75448f  No.16682406


god damn jews, how can anyone justify buying 20nm hardware almost in the cy+5.

54c46e  No.16682407


>Astral chain

>on portable

I've tried Bayo 1 and 2 on portable and it's nearly impossible to play well. I doubt AC will be much different (though maybe not as complex as bayo 1)

5170c2  No.16682412


It didn't use to "suck now", it was always bleeding edge tech in consoles. The lack of good launch titles is a sign of a lack of good titles in general. All we're seeing is remakes of remakes at this point and Nintendo aren't doing shit new either.

The person complaining is that Nintendo are releasing subpar games. Pokemon games should not be hitting single digit frame rates ever. And yet if you play Su/Mo in an old 3DS (which is supported) it will hit those levels. That's not acting in your own interest it's straight up bad.


These people have always existed and always will, tranny or not once a good exploit is found they will simply make it public and by that point it's too late to prevent it. you can patch future consoles but the originals still out there to be cracked and exploited.

88f587  No.16682415

File: ed7b91ba283c341⋯.png (130.38 KB, 513x649, 513:649, idgi.png)

This completely defeats the gimmick of the Switch though, does it not? I understand the handheld focused design and cheaper full package, but you should at least be able to buy a dock for it and be able to hook it up to a TV if you so wish.

806866  No.16682416


That's too confusing for normalfags, and it loses Nintendo money. Right now, it's a very simple process: you want to play it on the TV? Buy the expensive model.

d2a3f4  No.16682421


I think this is the first commercial for a product only about what it CAN'T do.

54c46e  No.16682423


>once a good exploit is found they will simply make it public

Not true. Hackers want to sit on the exploit for as long as possible, keep it hidden so more and more firmwares keep it unpatched. Hackers will tweet out "stay on version 14.88" or something, before eventually revealing the exploit.

162f17  No.16682425

Nintendo needs to bite the bullet and sell it at $160 dollars.

3a9766  No.16682426


Do you not know what the strings in the waist are for, you nigger that buys XXXL pants while being a size soy-stickfat?

Of course you can't fit anything in your pockets you sagging goblin.

5170c2  No.16682429


I'm aware but once its out its out.


I thought its gimmick was to make a skyrim console where you just rerelease old games with 30 fps locks

560ee6  No.16682433


have they even solved the design & manufacturing problems with the original switch yet?

afe9d4  No.16682435


>Why would anyone outside of japan want this?

It's obvious Nintendo is trying to get the "vita devs" that are still with sony for whatever reason

31d568  No.16682446


Honestly, I wish more games used built-in gyroscopes. For example, when you have a flying game, you have one stick for pitch and roll while the other is yaw and you use the gyroscope for the camera in the cockpit.

01dfb3  No.16682458

File: fac8db74c8b8ae5⋯.mp4 (234.08 KB, 854x480, 427:240, it don't matter.mp4)

see, this would almost be alright if it had dock support. My main usage with the switch is to play it on the TV, then if my roommate wants to use the TV I can just pick it up and play on the couch. Only problem with that is the thing is heavy and awkwardly shaped so I get a cramp after a while. All they did was make a dumbass looking handheld without the one thing the switch excels at. You can talk about nogaems all you want, but the idea of being able to swap from TV to handheld is really neat and the reduction of headache from arguing over the TV was worth it in of itself. Games wise, I wish there was more exclusive titles but the selection isn't bad. The port of Civ 6 is shockingly competent so hopefully we get some more strategy games for the switch.

I don't have any reason to buy this, I hate faggot colors, I need dock support, and i'm not so soy poisoned that an extra few ounces is going to prevent me from playing bing bing wahoo man.

389b24  No.16682470


I only play the Wii U on the tablet and don't have it hooked up to the screen at all. Just because you don't leave your basement and your mother wants the TV doesn't mean it's the same for everyone else.

It's likely that Nintendo see the console market is stagnating while they always dominated handhelds and are playing to their strengths. If TV to portable usage was a real selling point the wii U wouldn't of failed.

01dfb3  No.16682484

File: face7e989da8e7a⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 758x287, 758:287, 1429815200321.jpg)


the wii u failed because the marketing made no sense. They advertised it like it was an add on for the wii instead of a new console. The name itself didn't help either. Since no one adopted it early, devs didn't make games which meant no killer apps and no new adoptions. The first month of a consoles life is the most important, you fuck that up and you have no console. That's why it failed whereas the switch succeeded. The switch largely does the same thing as the wii u only it was advertised competently and the retarded masses could understand what they were trying to do with it.

The switch was never ideal as a portable anyways, why would you take your expensive console out in public where it'd get nabbed. Barring that, it's weirdly shaped, doesn't fit in a pocket, and has fuck all for battery life. As a device you play at home, it's perfect, but I can't see myself going to the skate park or rock climbing with it.

a002f2  No.16682489

File: 5e029c804c76c3e⋯.jpg (28.7 KB, 320x259, 320:259, Marsstatue.jpg)


Oh fuck I was being a idiot. I thought the guy who said it was exploited was the one from below the picture. Sorry about that. Should have read the handles.

c353e6  No.16682492


I'm in a similar boat, but my sister wants a legit switch (i bring my hacked one over to her place from time to time) and she was hoping the new version would be worth it. Now she's stuck with plan b, find a cheap ass official dock, while i find a tablet only switch.


>It's likely that Nintendo see the console market is stagnating while they always dominated handhelds and are playing to their strengths

They probably came to that conclusion after realizing that the wii was the exception to their sales patterns not the new norm with the wii u.

>If TV to portable usage was a real selling point the wii U wouldn't of failed.

They just thought of the wii u as a console ds, not a hybrid console. It was pretty obvious they thought of it that way because they were completely blindsided at the question at the e3 reveal if more than one tablet could be connected to the wii u, as this could prevent screen watching in multiplayer games.

389b24  No.16682509


The Switch sold for the same rough price as the 3DS, PSP and Vita all did. The 200-300 bucks range. So the Switches price is no different to those things. And people carry much more expensive phones all the time.

The switch hasn't succeeded though. It's still the runner up like every other nintendo console is. You get your nintendo bing bing wahoos, a bunch of ports from better systems a generation ago and then we start the cycle again. It's been like this since the gamecube and Nintendo don't learn. They make gimmicks which no one else uses, sell their virtual console shit yet again and then you get a zelda and a mario with a star fox/metroid depending on the generation.

Wii U failed because it did the same stupid shit which the Switch is still doing. The only difference is the Wii U had the 3DS to knee cap it and the Switch doesn't.

If it wasn't for autists buying anything with Mario on it and familys knowing Nintendo is fine for kids nintendo would already be dead.


It's hard to say exactly what nintendo thought the Wii U was. I like it as a system and I enjoy playing games on it but it just doesn't have any games you really want. Arkham whatever already goes for three bucks in a sale, why would I pay full price for the Wiiu version?

c353e6  No.16682531


I'm just basing it on the fact that the tablet has a stylus and touch screen controls, typically used as a map or hotkey when games used it beyond as a portable screen, and the fact they ruined a starfox game by demanding you to play by looking between tv and tablet. I know it's a hunch, but come on, how is it not like the ds?

dc4a1a  No.16682536


>Do you not know what the strings in the waist are for, you nigger that buys XXXL pants while being a size soy-stickfat?

Yeah, that's why I said you'd have to tie the string hard enough to permanently disfigure yourself into having a double gut, if you wanted some trackpants to hold up the weight of a switch or gameboy.

I'm not a soy sticklet

I'm fat and have an early 20's dadbod, so all of my fat goes to my fat gut

32a00f  No.16682550


>The switch hasn't succeeded though. It's still the runner up like every other nintendo console is.

A console doesn't have to be #1 to be a success, anon. Hell, I'd say it's placing among other consoles doesn't even matter because it isn't even competing in the same market as the PC, PS4 and XBone. It makes a profit and has a place in households even if they already have another gaming console.

Also I absolutely wouldn't consider the runaway success of the Wii "Runner up". It had a lot of shit babby games on it but it made all the money.

70a4c5  No.16682562


At that point I would be tempted, but the lack of being able to put it on a tv is shit.

I've never particularly liked portables because you have to dedicate time to it on a hand held.

I'm not 8 years old anymore, I don't have people driving me around where I can sit and play games, so if I am playing games, I am at home and if I am I don't want to look at a small screen. Being able to play something on a TV, then just go fuck off someplace else in the house without moving a console is something actually somewhat compelling to me.

70a4c5  No.16682566


I haven't kept up with any console shit for like 6 years, what problems does the Switch have?

549868  No.16682570


>Switch isn’t a Success

It’s a flop tbh

9b676d  No.16682574

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You don't know the Nintendo fanbase do you?

9ca09e  No.16682580


Is that Etika?

389b24  No.16682590


>It's not competing in the gaming market

Sure. Then it's compared to mobile gaming and it still loses.

The Wii console sold a lot but it didn't sell software which is where all the profit is. And in nintendos case they re-release old games over and over. So the Wii having a unique control scheme fucks them long term. Same way mario sunshine isn't playable on modern systems because the gamecube has sensitivity levels on it's trigger not just on or off.

You sound like the standard Nintendrone who won't accept Nintendo is utterly irrelevant. They're the Tiger handhelds of gaming. They're 1 step away from going SEGA.

31a796  No.16682594


People usually chat for that game through other means, like Mumble

806866  No.16682596


>They're 1 step away from going SEGA.

So why didn't the Wii U bankrupt them, again?


Yeah, I wonder why they'd market their console with the most popular games on it, anon, I fucking wonder why.

dc4a1a  No.16682599

File: ebf8d34b9e77307⋯.jpg (56.64 KB, 754x528, 377:264, 783020f5a2089530e6c646628a….jpg)


Imagine, haha, imagine like, haha, like, hahaahahahaha, imagine having videogames…ON YOUR VIDEOGAME CONSOLE HAHAHAHAHA! [laugh track]

0dcd36  No.16682600


>Yeah, I wonder why they'd market their console with the most popular games on it, anon, I fucking wonder why.

<responding to a cuckchan consolewarrior

9ca09e  No.16682601

File: 6e09565d65a333b⋯.png (11.06 KB, 574x899, 574:899, ClipboardImage.png)


But what's getting Just Dance 2020? Eat shit, PSTriple.

a1a1ef  No.16682605




>console wars

lmao enjoy your inevitable bans

389b24  No.16682610


The Saturn didn't bankrupt SEGA. It took a decade of failing consoles. And Nintendo have already shown they want to target the mobile market more and more. Pokemon Go and Mario run type shit is making more for them than consoles are.


Imagine discussing the Switch's relevance and history of Nintendo consoles in a thread about the Switch.

c353e6  No.16682612


>The Wii console sold a lot but it didn't sell software which is where all the profit is

You're neglecting the fact that they sold the consoles themselves at a profit, a rarity in the industry so their profit strategy was different.

>So the Wii having a unique control scheme fucks them long term

Whole point of the wii was to tap into previously unmarketable demographic. It worked in the short term, but failed in the long term because said demographic doesn't see the point in buying a lot of games and now plays games on their smartphone for free.

>They're 1 step away from going SEGA.

It's more like 30 years of 50 million dollars in the red then they're like sega. That being said they are fucked once their portable sales top off at n64 sales numbers.

9ca09e  No.16682613


It's fine, I didn't even say anything bad about Nintendo.

b4569a  No.16682617

Apart from not being able to use the console with a TV, they've removed all the shit gimmicks no one cared about or wanted.


The Catherine box art is good, not as good as the original game's box art though.

70a4c5  No.16682624

File: 0b5beab4cc616b2⋯.jpg (135.08 KB, 566x653, 566:653, pekoe sad.jpg)

File: 132f1731c1024b0⋯.png (212.62 KB, 449x414, 449:414, pekoe.png)

File: 1a90a1dc64f8691⋯.jpg (84.09 KB, 307x295, 307:295, orange pekoe.jpg)

>only thing on the switch I am interested in is BOTW

>hear it came out on the Wii U

>look for used Wii U's

>they sold like 10 units total so they are expensive if you can even find one

>new cheaper switch released

>but can't use it on a TV

>even if I bought a switch they'll probably come out with one of those jew models with better hardware for the BOTW sequel

switch emulator when?

d56e4d  No.16682630



>You sound like the standard Nintendrone who won't accept Nintendo is utterly irrelevant. They're the Tiger handhelds of gaming. They're 1 step away from going SEGA.

Oh cool its 2001 again.

389b24  No.16682633


consoles at a profit sure, but that profit is nothing compared to fags buying fifa or madden year after year. Software is 99% profit. Hardware isn't.

Sega dominated Europe and most of the third world. Sega's decline was back to back with huge success too. Nintendo will just go full mobile game maker or hop on the PC band wagon along with other japanese devs. There is an untapped market for SNES emulated games on Steam the same way Sega has it's mega drive market.


BOTW is already possible to emulate as I'm aware.

806866  No.16682634


And Nintendo has had several failures as well. The N64 didn't do that well, the Gamecube did very poorly, the Wii U is obvious, the Virtual Boy was a fucking failure. Yet they're still here somehow. The fact is, Nintendo enjoys something Sony and Microsoft do not - a profit margin on their fucking consoles. There have only been two times in history that one of Nintendo's consoles haven't been sold at a profit - the Wii U by their own admission, and the 3DS immediately after the price slash (though that one became profitable very soon after). While Sony was selling PS3s that cost them $900 to put together for $600 and still trailing dead fucking last, Nintendo was making money off of every Wii sold.

c353e6  No.16682641

File: cede79e4130cb5f⋯.jpg (32.14 KB, 667x350, 667:350, 20 years confusion.jpg)


Why is everyone and their mom is expecting a switch plus/pro/betterer version? That type of shit doesn't really fit nintendo's M.O.

70a4c5  No.16682645


>those system reqs

looks like I won't be doing that for another 15 years


because they already did that with the 3ds and 2ds like half a million times

389b24  No.16682648


PS3 did better than the 360 by the end of it's life. And the people buying those consoles were spending way more on software and third party licensing fees add up.

Nintendrones just go MUH WII MUH WII. A single fluke that flopped after a fad, Mario run a mobile shit game no one cared about made more profit than odyssey did. Consider which market they're going to go for on that one.


Since the gameboy color they have been doing that.

ace8d8  No.16682657


The Switch handheld is by far the WORST ergonomic dumpsterfire that any major hardware producer has crafted in the last 20 years. The only thing that makes it even passable is the fact that docking it and using the doggo cons is actually comfy.

234034  No.16682658


Some FCC/patent paperwork mentions some Switch revision that's not Lite. It might be more in line with a simpler internal revisions like the later Saturns/PS1/PS2s or something like a Switch with 64GB instead of 32GB than a huge update

61528c  No.16682659



Can confirm BOTW emulates well, with the added bonus of access to the mods people whip up. Grab Hyrule Warriors too if you didn't get sucked into buying the (((Definite))) edition

9c7551  No.16682661

File: cf3c8c71076190f⋯.jpg (51.69 KB, 480x720, 2:3, cf3c8c71076190f91a0e0a8249….jpg)


>You're a nintendrone if you think the Switch is a succesful console

>Nintendo is just one step away from sega, they're doomed this time, really, they are.

Imagine being this fucking deluded.

57cdb0  No.16682662


Hard to believe it's been almost 3 years since Switch dog.

https://archive.is/VkLGy This whole thread was a fucking mess.

64e060  No.16682663

File: f3a3c7df595799c⋯.png (413.71 KB, 788x566, 394:283, ClipboardImage.png)


You can play Breath of The Wild, Super Smash, and Mario on this man's sick battle station.

31a796  No.16682664


>they sold like 10 units total so they are expensive if you can even find one

I thought gamestop and the like were selling them at $150 a pop?

0d8f9f  No.16682665

File: 2273f13ec985dc7⋯.jpg (37.79 KB, 470x470, 1:1, Thinkwile.jpg)


Nintendo does that a lot with their handhelds, and the Switch is technically a handheld. This Switch Lite revision is typical of Nintendo's handheld stuff.

However, the Lite represents the handheld functionality of the Switch exclusively, and ignores anything to do with the console half.

I'm just not sure they'll make an actually improved version for the console market.

70a4c5  No.16682666


What is your specs? I only have a 1050ti, first gen ryzen 1200 and 8gb of ram I know that definitely wouldn't be enough but

I googled it said 32gb of ram was recommended which is far out of my range.

b304c7  No.16682674


>a console warrior on /v/

That's pretty rare these days. Go back to wherever you came from.

70a4c5  No.16682679


$109 for a (((refurbished))) system, given what I have seen about gamestop used systems it'll probably be broken out of the box

a39132  No.16682680

File: 4c06f3448005ae0⋯.gif (2.9 MB, 158x168, 79:84, 1519907640959.gif)


>Why would anyone outside of japan want this?

It's another option for parents to buy for their dipshit kids so they can watch their bluepilled shit on netflix.

c353e6  No.16682692

File: 77b988d5d44b9f4⋯.png (114.99 KB, 636x440, 159:110, finger.png)




Those are model revisions not an expansion or improved version. I know that does seem like splitting hairs but all of the models were still compatible on the same handheld line. What everyone want's seems to be a more powerful switch not a model change or new color. The only time where Nintendo did something like that the hardware wasn't utilized well by devs, like the n64 expansion pak, 64DD, and the the new 3ds capabilities, even then it didn't really improve the graphics of those games.

806866  No.16682698


So assuming they will just go full mobile or the way of Sega, why the fuck have they not done so until then? In the N64-GC generations, between the N64, GC, Virtual Boy and GBA, there was only one piece of hardware that sold okay. That would be a great time to fuck off and give up. But since then, they've had the Wii, the DS, the 3DS and now the Switch, all either successes or massive successes. The only failure was the Wii U. And since you're so fucking obsessed with software, there's a fucking reason why Nintendo always highlights how this one game is the "fastest selling in the series' history". Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart, Smash, Zelda. And if you want to bitch about third parties, numerous indieshit devs have stated that their games have sold much better on the Switch than any other console, so they're doing fine enough there as well. They've had much more success lately than before. Why would they quit now?


The Gameboy Color was a more powerful version of the Gameboy. The DSi XL was a more powerful and more feature-packed model of the DS. The New 3DS was a more powerful model of the 3DS. The GBA has been the only exception.

389b24  No.16682700




3DS > New 3DS


<Indie kid sells 10 games on the Switch and 3 on steam so the Switch is a good console

Neck yourself, please.

31d568  No.16682708


BotW emulates perfectly fine through Cemu. Out of the hundred hours I put into the game, the only glitches I've encountered is an issue related to playing the game at a higher framerate during the Thunderblight Ganon fight and a visual glitch after killing Molduga that reset after entering a shrine. It runs so good that I'll claim that emulated is the definitive version of the game. Just follow BSoD's setup and configuration guide minus the RAM optimization, which I found kept crashing my game. You'll have some massive performance hits initially due to loading shaders, but the more you play the more shaders are cached. You'll also want to have a controller with a gyroscope because there are some pretty shitty sections requiring it. I just use a Dualshock 4. The Switch emulator, Yuzu, is also running the game so the sequel might be playable within a few months of release.


I have 8gb of ram, a GTX 970, an a 4690k and get 72 fps during the shrine sections and 45-50 in the overworld at 1080p. Only major performance hit I had was at the Yiga Clan hideout.

c353e6  No.16682724

File: 5fbebe6e87f5651⋯.jpg (17.03 KB, 180x200, 9:10, pause.jpg)



>The Gameboy Color was a more powerful version of the Gameboy

I would consider that a different handheld line not a revision. As it has plenty of exclusive games. The gameboy pocket or the color pallet gameboys would be a revision, as they have the same hardware as the orginal gameboy.

>The DSi XL was a more powerful and more feature-packed model of the DS.The New 3DS was a more powerful model of the 3DS

A soild counterpoint, but I would aruge how many games utilized the DSi or new 3ds exclusive features. Very few because you have a small market compared to the base market. A 'pro' switch would face the same problem, it would be a more wise decision to just make a switch 2 instead.

374df1  No.16682727


That wouldn't make much sense for Nintendo though. Their handhelds have been far more successful overall than their home consoles. To compare by generation:

I'm putting gen4/5 together because I couldn't find separate sales for the Game Boy Color which was more dominant than the original during gen5. (Also because many GBC games like Gold/Silver were backwards compatible with the original GB.) Even combined, all Game Boy Sales outsold both the SNES and N64.

>Game Boy: '118m

>Super Nintendo: 49m

>Nintendo 64: 32m

>Game Boy Advance: 81m

>Gamecube: 21m

>Nintendo DS: 154m

>Wii: 101m

>3DS: 74m

>Wii U: 13m

>Total handheld console sales: 465m (includes Virtual Boy)

>Without Switch: 429m

>Total home console sales: 315m

>Without Switch: 281m

Sales might be off by a bit due to rounding errors when adding estimates, but it doesn't make a big enough difference to affect the overall point.

374df1  No.16682736



The fuck? I didn't paste an image.

81c284  No.16682744

File: 01d8745d44c090e⋯.jpg (148.33 KB, 683x700, 683:700, 01d8745d44c090e956e4a4c2d2….jpg)



You forgot to mention that the handheld mode of most switch games is complete dogshit, i hope you dumb niggers enjoy playing xenoblade 2 with N64 graphics and running at a silky smooth 15fps. This shit ain't even a 2DS, at least that thing could play most games just fine, the N3DS' sole advantage was being able to handle SNES injects at full speed and overclocking for a 30% performance boost in pokemon and senran kagura, both of which needed CFW so the regular user didn't benefit from anything anyway.

This shit is a fucking scam no matter how you look at it.

c353e6  No.16682749


The real question is what nintendo is going to do once their portable sales can only peak around N64 numbers. Although that won't be problem for them until a decade or two down the line.

57cdb0  No.16682758


How did Nintendo get so successful with handhelds? They had minimal to no competition during gen4-6. Their only real competitor was Sony during gen7/8, and Sony only broke even at best with the PSP while the Vita flopped.

Is it because a family could share a console, but you couldn't share a handheld (as easily) meaning one household had to buy multiple handhelds vs 1 console?

31d568  No.16682762


Oh yeah, and another thing. Don't play BotW, or at least all the way through. You'll be more than equipped to fight Ganon if you defeat Thunderblight and get the best power in the game. All the bosses are pretty shit. I had an issue with Waterblight, but it's because his arena in the Vah Ruta quickly becomes cancer during the second phase. I'll concede that it has great music, nice visuals, and extremely polished mechanics, but there are no real dungeons other than Hyrule Castle and the combat gets dull quickly. Champion's Ballad is the only reason to actually play through the game, though it's a long fucking quest. Overall, it's a decent-enough game, but it's repetitive to the point where I kept asking myself "Why am I doing this?"

c353e6  No.16682765


You're forgetting nintendo's handles were also cheaper than the console counter part, and still have a solid line up of games. Which are also cheaper than than console counter part as well.

389b24  No.16682775


GBC was an upgraded gameboy.

If you like it or not Nintendo have a pattern of releasing games to upgrades exclusively, like xenoblade chronicles is N3DS only and Pokemon is unplayable on O3DS hardware.


Just let the fag play the game the way he wants to do it. The NPCs are pretty decent and the world is fun to explore. Stop being a little dweeb and demanding people do what you did.

98e35b  No.16682776


So you know, the reason this works is because the Switch uses conventional hardware of the sort you might see in a tablet and has a debug mode triggered by holding down a specific combination of buttons on boot up. The Switch does not have a physical "Home" button but the contacts on the board still exist, that's what the paper clip is bridging.


This depends. The reason why the RCM fault was given to NVIDIA and others initially and not the people looking to homebrew their Switch is because of how many devices were affected, some of them used in stuff that actually matters. Responsible disclosure.

0d8f9f  No.16682778


i wonder how much the continued us of disposable AA batteries did to raise the general lifetime cost of a gameboy?

i remember actually testing batteries out as a kid to see which ones lasted the longest.

806866  No.16682784


Because not a single fucking company has tried competing against Nintendo's handhelds on price. Atari, Sega, NEC, Sony - every single one of their handhelds boasted more features, more colors, more graphics and whatever the fuck else, but as such, they always had either a much higher price point or other faults. The Vita had shitty overpriced memorycards and nogaems. Every single Atari and Sega handheld has a battery life of two hours compared to the Gameboy's 10-20, and also nogaems. The PSP was the closest and still lost, mostly because games and price, being a hundred bucks more than the DS.

Don't forget Pokemon, either. Shit's big.

389b24  No.16682789


PSP outsold 3DS, Switch and equaled the GBA

Try again faggot. You don't know what you're talking about.

364be3  No.16682797

File: 51a8fe6a05e4e27⋯.jpg (6.52 KB, 249x249, 1:1, wonderswan-color-logo-full.jpg)


Didn't the Wonderswan do pretty good?

e467b8  No.16682799


>featuring the most soy commercial you ever did see

I see the director of the Sunny Delight commercials is still working. As for the product, it basically is a Vita. Fine, since there is no Vita 2, this will sell fine and so be it if the market is there.

31d568  No.16682801


>Stop being a little dweeb and demanding people do what you did.

It's just a tip so anon doesn't waste all his time. I played the game a lot, so I'll say that there really isn't much reason to do anything.


Sony swamped Nintendo in the 5th and 6th generation. I'd attribute their success to their dedication to backwards compatibility.

c353e6  No.16682806


>GBC was an upgraded gameboy.

By that logic a GBA is and upgraded GBC. You see where i'm going with this?

>like xenoblade chronicles is N3DS only and Pokemon is unplayable on O3DS hardware

Knida fit's into the problem i said about nintendo's upgrades, like DK64 or perfect dark. I've been in the dark about the pokemon shit since the GBA since I gave up trying to catch all the pokemon, how it's unplayable? Isn't it just a turnbased game?

806866  No.16682810


The PSP was competing against the DS and it lost, dumbass. It lost two to one, considering the PSP sold around 80 million and the DS did over 150 million.

And even if it was a success, which I'll admit that it did well for a new entry to the market, the entire line immediately died the moment the Vita got shat out.


3.5 million apparently, so not too terrible for something entirely new. The GBA came out in 2001, though, and buried the fucking thing.

162f17  No.16682823

if they can bundle a Mario game with the 199 price point, then I'll buy it.

389b24  No.16682824


It's an open world game for fun. You can beat ganon out of the tutorial if you're good enough.

I enjoyed doing shrines so I ran around doing those all day long. I didn't like the dungeons so the main quest didn't interest me much. I fucking hated the stealth segments.


No the GBA is clearly a different device. Huge step up in screen quality and shape. It's not a refinement it's a new model. GBC looks like the GB.

It drops to single digital FPSes in battle regularly.


>Selling 80 million machines is losing

Sure thing buddy.

0d8f9f  No.16682827

File: 7a6943ee4b069f8⋯.jpg (31.15 KB, 146x251, 146:251, Y.jpg)

File: c30732356e1bcc7⋯.webm (3.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, pokemon risitas.webm)


>how it's unplayable? Isn't it just a turnbased game?

A turnbased game where gamespeed is tied to the framerate and the framerate is tanking because a single pokemon has more polygons than the 3DS has pixels on its screen.

Imagine watching a 60 second timer go down and it takes 2 minutes for it to reach 20.

806866  No.16682833


>>Selling 80 million machines is losing

>Sure thing buddy.

You continue to argue that the Switch, which has sold 35 million in two years and a quarter years, is going to bankrupt Nintendo and is losing so horribly. You can't have both, retard.

389b24  No.16682845


When you go from 150 mil to 30 somethings gone horribly wrong with your company. Same way Pokemon sales figures keep dropping. Nintendo has been on the decline since the SNES.

d56e4d  No.16682857



Earlier in the thread you said a console doesn't succeed if it didn't outsell its competitors. Now you are saying the PSP didn't outsell the DS but it did well.

I mean you are right about the PSP but make up your mind.

389b24  No.16682869


If you read my posts I say software figures are what count not straight console sales. And the PSP sold a shit load of software for many companies where as Nintendo hardware doesn't.

9ca09e  No.16682879

File: 540691165f86119⋯.mp4 (808.52 KB, 406x720, 203:360, cat's pure hatred.mp4)


So now the console sales don't matter? Then were you crowing about the PSP's 80 million to prove it didn't lose to Nintendo?

9ca09e  No.16682883


*why were you

c353e6  No.16682890


>No the GBA is clearly a different device


>Huge step up in screen quality and shape

GBC is in fucking color and the form factor has shrunken down. Plus it has plenty of exclusive games that only work on the GBC and not on the GB. Just because there's backwards compatibilty doesn't mean is an upgrade and not a different line.

>It's not a refinement it's a new model

That's what im arguing what the GBC is as well.

>GBC looks like the GB.

GBC is not the size of a fucking brick, it's much smaller and can actually fit in a pant pocket, and only uses two batteries instead of four and still has a similar battery life as well.


That bad huh?

389b24  No.16682899


>There has been no serious contender

>Here's a serious contender


The PSP was a serious contender in the market. It's game sales were pretty good even with a piracy problem. It is a contender as was mentioned. The autistic screeching about the details doesn't change that.


The GB had multiple revisions into the GBC. The GBC is based off of the gameboy pocket.

806866  No.16682901

File: 3352e52a6ff926f⋯.png (81.88 KB, 574x702, 287:351, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a6094f8ef4a1c39⋯.png (101.45 KB, 790x682, 395:341, ClipboardImage.png)


That 150 million took 8 fucking years to reach. A rough calculation would say that, given the same lifespan as the DS and the same sellthrough rate it has currently, the Switch would sell 124 million, being the third most successful console of all time. It most likely won't reach that much, but are you really going to argue that the console that has an upcoming mainline Pokemon game is going to just die right here and now, at 35 million?

And once again, you were the one calling the Wii a fluke. The entire generation was a fluke, because that's the generation when gaming exploded. Every piece of hardware did exceedingly well, and consoles that were already guaranteed to do well did twice as well, which was the case for the DS.

The 3DS's >75 million sales are a much more sustainable estimate, as the handheld line has hovered close enough to that number, and the Switch will easily reach that number.

Oh, and if DS to Switch is such a big drop, what do you think of PS2 to PS3? 155 million to 80. Or what about the Xbox 360's >80 million dropping to the Xbox One's 35-40 million?


Despite saying that numerous times, you still haven't posted a single source for it. And even if it was the case, Nintendo reaping all of the profits from mega-successful first party games would give them a lot more than Sony, which has next to none first party games. The PSP's biggest successes were GTA and Monster Hunter. Consider pic related as well. I dare you to argue that Sony made more of 8 million sales of GTA than Nintendo did from 30 million of NSMB sales?

057eaa  No.16682909


Why would you live your life when you could drown yourself in televised propaganda media, goyim? OF COURSE THEY FUCKING DO THIS.

389b24  No.16682921


Check pokemon sales figures. Pokemon is bleeding out like a stuck pig. And there's a huge backlash against this one after the shit heap we got last time and autists wanting the national dex.

Pokemon go is the only thing keeping pokemon alive.

806866  No.16682933


Nice of you to ignore every single thing I have said and focus on one series. Sure, Pokemon might be fucked, who cares. Nintendo handhelds now have mainline installments in their biggest series, and those are selling better than ever. Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart and Smash. Splatoon is fucking huge as well. By the by, your beloved PSP, the uber-success? Its most succesful title, GTA, was actually outsold by the Switch's Splatoon 2, and the Switch has less than half of the PSP's installbase.

80212e  No.16682936

File: 6bc9390c7f84a76⋯.webm (1.03 MB, 202x360, 101:180, mark cranial soy injectio….webm)

File: f9bc70537d4dfbe⋯.png (3.64 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



>looks worse than the original

the absolute state of the Switch

364be3  No.16682946


If only the WS had been launched internationally. I think it could have given Nintendo a run for it's money.


>That wouldn't make much sense for Nintendo though. Their handhelds have been far more successful overall than their home consoles.

The thing is that the Switch isn't a normal Nintendo handheld. They basically started with a home console and worked it back into a handheld. The fact that most of the games for the thing aren't really built for handheld mode bares testament to that.

c353e6  No.16682950


If we use that logic the with the ds line up, 3ds is just a revision of ds. The ds had multiple versions as well. NDS, DSlite, and the DSi. There's also the fact that quite abit of DSi software was ported to the 3ds you could make the argument it was based on the DSi.

70c5df  No.16682951

So whats next? Switch XL? Switch Lite XL?

Has nintendo ever made a product that isn't a fucking gimmick recently?

c353e6  No.16682956


Not since they made the DS.

9ca09e  No.16682958

File: 4d9c12ebc20e037⋯.png (17.38 KB, 405x694, 405:694, ClipboardImage.png)


The Pokemon craze died out in the early 2000s but sales have been basically consistent since Gen 3.


It's not worse, they're both 480p!

389b24  No.16682964


Nintendo first party games sell on nintendo consoles. No shock there, but they have nothing else to offer. So sure you get mega sales figures on say 10 games. Then nothing supporting it. Where as other systems have constant smaller streams coming in. Nintendo fuck up 1 thing badly and they get boycotted and it's over for them.


Consistently losing 10 million sales a generation. Sure.

364be3  No.16682977

File: 4828c3c088aed14⋯.png (997.56 KB, 1125x1519, 1125:1519, 1428989868218.png)

File: aa9f598cf08605d⋯.jpg (49.71 KB, 680x680, 1:1, R.O.B. Holding R.O.B..jpg)


Also I meant to add that even though handheld has been clearly the best moneymaker for Nintendo I doubt that they want to completely abandon the under the tv market to Sony and Microsoft.


> recently

Nintendo has always relied on gimmicks to initially market new hardware. I'm not even shit-talking Nintendo when I say that. That's literally been their business plan since the Famicom/NES era.

fc30c9  No.16682985


forgot to put on the card e-reader, amiibos, and labo

0d8f9f  No.16682990


>Consistently losing 10 million sales a generation. Sure.

Nice job misreading the (poorly constructed) chart. It consistently sells 16mil for the first pair of games in each gen.

They also sell over 30 million games in every generation except 5.

c353e6  No.16683000



People tend to forget those gimmicks because the gimmicks didn't stick and didn't really affect gameplay of their games.

d56e4d  No.16683004


>where as Nintendo hardware doesn't.

Except the Switch is.

d12a05  No.16683008

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


the city fps drops were a bug. It can be fixed by reloading the game.

7e2592  No.16683015

I don't have a switch should I get this or wait for the switch pro?

I'm in no rush but the lite does have a good price.

c353e6  No.16683036

File: 4c929072b9de4a9⋯.png (4.2 KB, 309x196, 309:196, 1326327066987.png)


If you're waiting for a switch that has the same power as a ps4, or something like that, I think you might as well wait for the 'switch 2' than a switch pro. I seriously doubt that nintendo will make a pro version and on the off chance i'm wrong it won't have the horsepower your desiring.

7e2592  No.16683044


I already have a pc and a ps4 so the console would be nintendo exclusive games mostly.

c353e6  No.16683063

File: bdc20627ff2f2c0⋯.png (154.38 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 1414309826880.png)


The switch lite is a glorified gameboy, if you're okay with that i guess it's alright, but get normal one if you want to hook it up to a tv. If you want to pirate shit, you'll have to hunt down a 2017 switch tablet, as they patched out the RCM exploit.

0d8f9f  No.16683066


If you have any intention of touching Splatoon, then definitely don't buy the Lite.

7e2592  No.16683068


I thought the lite had gyro?

c353e6  No.16683081

File: e2b8a9afe78563f⋯.png (82.33 KB, 1310x351, 1310:351, 04f0c998d1e19cc57032f4eb96….png)


We're speculating a bit but the chart on nintendo's site implies that it doesn't.

0d8f9f  No.16683084

File: f6354a27d08edc2⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1280x3472, 80:217, so called villains.jpg)


And the screen is attached to the controller that you are currently waving and wiggling around.

Sure, you could prop it up on a table and connect another, separate controller (which youd also have to pay for, and theyre not cheap), but then youre trying to play it on an even smaller screen than the regular Switch and at a reduced framerate compared to TV-hookup. At that point you should just be using a standard model.

Alternatively, you could turn gyro-aim off, but then you should also probably just kill yourself.

9ca09e  No.16683090

File: ad739bd3a9b54ad⋯.png (43.01 KB, 1131x828, 377:276, ClipboardImage.png)


Apparently it does but whoever wrote this article is a fucking idiot so who knows.

2e9923  No.16683387

File: 2d856c5b73e137e⋯.png (36.1 KB, 536x450, 268:225, dogge.png)


I dont have any ideas to be honest with you my dude, I drew some recently but it wasn't a thread or anything

0929c7  No.16683448

I have a Vita already which is hacked and can emulate most older games. Fuck Nintendo

a2a875  No.16683464



200 dollars doesn't seem like that much of a price drop worth it when it's lacking so many features. Should've gone for half the price as an enticement. At 200 it should've still been able to dock(and probably still can, I doubt they removed the video out) and had a kickstand.

0f8534  No.16683481


You're doing god's work, Kek

70d312  No.16683503


How can companies sell their games on Nintendo hardware if they don't support it, I always felt that the PSP had far better support than the DS, the production values were significantly higher, the games were less casual and the marketing budgets were existent, with the DS it felt like they just made shovelware, and then complained that a game thrown together by a bunch of interns with no marketing didn't become a major hit.


The price drop is pretty pathetic, should have gone for $170, and dropped the Switch down to $250, we've already seen what appears to be an internal revision for the regular Switch where they are using a revised SoC probably the one in the Lite, which will be cheaper to manufacture, draw less power and generate less heat, there's going to be some savings in there, but consumers will be seeing none of it. there's no way you will see a price drop that puts the Switch $50 above the Switch lite, the difference in value is far greater than that.

6528d9  No.16683519


>Comparing Xenoblade 2 to Dolphin

Xenoblade was a ugly as fuck game, but my god I loved it.

c353e6  No.16683529


Honestly it all depends on your budget and desires. Do you want to just play old games on the go without regard to the quality of emulation? Just use your smartphone, get controller phone clip and a thin controller like a 8bitdo since they're flat. Yes I know that's heresy here, but it is an option for cheapskates. Want to play old games and new bing bing wahoo games? Get a RCM-able switch. Don't care about bing bing wahoo, but using your phone is too plebish? Get a vita.

b304c7  No.16683530

File: 30e5d80699a6a52⋯.jpg (860.04 KB, 1440x1600, 9:10, 1d80b5fbf70969aa9b5e64d465….jpg)


I wonder why you used a screenshot that doesn't show his face?

9d8da3  No.16683687

File: 0cd7119d01f7275⋯.jpg (81.1 KB, 750x742, 375:371, 1553426490538.jpg)

My idea: Nintendo Switch Lite + Dock + Pro Controller for $250 bucks.

It would be perfect.

806866  No.16683692


While it might be so, you have to remember that their objective is to give someone options, not eliminate them, for PR speak. If you had that, nobody would fucking buy any other model, ever. They want you to actually consider, with both having some pros and cons, not one that's objectively the best option and every other version being inferior in every way.

2b78cd  No.16683696


They should have named it the 1 DS.

2b78cd  No.16683698


Don't most games run shittier in hanheld mode too?

9d8da3  No.16683710


Makes sense now. Thanks for the posting, anon.

374df1  No.16683738


>I would consider that a different handheld line not a revision. As it has plenty of exclusive games.

I can see where you're coming from, and while I agree the Color should have been treated as a separate line, many games for GBC, DSi and N3DS utilized the new hardware while allowing for compatibility with older hardware revisions. Pokemon Gold/Silver (not Crystal) could be played on Game Boy, Pokemon BW/BW2 supported DSi features while being fully usable on a normal DS, and some N3DS games supported its second analog and higher specs while offering a more limited experience on O3DS. (In fact, GBC and N3DS are objectively better than their predecessor due to compatibility and specs, but their predecessor may be considered if there's a price difference and the newer games aren't appealing. Unfortunately DSi isn't better than an original DS due to loss of GBA compatibility, but might be better in some cases. I usually just use a 3DS for DSi games.)

9c7551  No.16683813

File: d78f1e4a66b559c⋯.png (689.1 KB, 1290x858, 215:143, itsafake.png)


People also forget that Pokemon Let's go **fuck* Evee and Pikachu are 20 to 30 dollars more than traditional gens, and selling 10 million on a console with a much much smaller install base.

Bitching about Sword and Shield dexit fiasco aside, I can easily see it selling 15 to 20 million at a 60 dollar price-point, especially with the Switch lite. People underestimate how stupid the average consumer is, I spoke with 3 people, just Today, who upon hearing the news of the Switch lite, straight up said they'd be buying it, because they wanted either a Vita 2.0 or a straight up portable system.

I don't blame them either I rarely use my switch in dock mode But I do appreciate the Gimmick none-the-less, honestly I'm more hopeful for a Switch Pro, but I don't know if that's ever gonna happen.

6e6e3a  No.16683823


>switch emulator when?

look up yuzu emulator

57cdb0  No.16683891


>look for used Wii U's

>they sold like 10 units total so they are expensive if you can even find one

What? I just checked Amazon and found a used complete set with Nintendo Land for $220. (I paid $200 for an official refurbished back in 2014 with similar stuff.) On ebay I'm seeing $100-$170 for a complete system, some even including additional games.

I can recommend it if you want to run Wii or GC games/homebrew and don't have a Wii, but otherwise just emulate the few games you want. WiiU isn't worth it for most people outside of novelty. The Switch cucked WiiU on everything from outselling it in under a year, porting almost everything of note in its library, and even being an easier console to hack. The one benefit to the WiiU for me was trying out GC LAN with Devolution and not having to bother with a second Wii or network adapter for GC. The developer is a jew who implemented anti-piracy in a ROM loader, but NIntendont hasn't added network support despite the feature being requested over 5 years ago after Devolution implemented it.

a002f2  No.16684100

File: 81c609ec322733f⋯.jpg (361.91 KB, 1280x1132, 320:283, 395285f20027c12a6d916de101….jpg)

File: 2079d2b11ee8ade⋯.png (171.19 KB, 500x529, 500:529, 2079d2b11ee8adeb171205a681….png)

File: 63c78514fa24cfd⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, a3c573fa8c4d3002c7bef2a260….png)


You can find them on Craigslist you know. That's how I found a $215 Switch with botw or mario. Don't recall if it was both exactly.

b720db  No.16684300


Nintendo said the lite cannot be docked. If there is a dock later then it'll only be a charging station with no HDMI out.

b7fc39  No.16684366


No. The station is just a piece of 99% empty plastic.

While the console clocks down the GPU in handheld mode for battery life, in station mode it has to display 1080p instead of 720p.

So it depends entirely on the game.

98e35b  No.16684466

File: 5b09d16f6023bf1⋯.jpg (444.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5b09d16f6023bf15baa150035a….jpg)


Why are you posting eye cancer.


Pretty much. It serves its purpose though as a thing to charge it in. Still whoever thought a system designed to sit on a table put the power on the bottom is an idiot.

b7fc39  No.16684524


>put the power on the bottom is an idiot

The whole put it on the table thing seems to be a miscommunicated third usage situation. There is a stand but when you're not at home you'll rarely take it apart because it also means less comfort

You'd have two halves instead of a one piece controller while at home you can use a switch pro controller.

Who even thought having seperate controller parts would be a good idea?

Instead of attatching the controller parts, the could have designed it in a way where you shove the system into the controller, like a giant cartrige.

You could even let the screen be part of the controller and put a tiny secondary system into it, which stores GUI graphics in RAM when the game loads so that the controller serves as an efficient secondary GUI screen,

I should be patenting these ideas instead of posting them on image boards.

80212e  No.16684725

File: f58b7ded94bcdc0⋯.png (94.56 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


because that was the easiest image to find that was was of the right game

it's a pain in the butt to find screenshots of the Wii game after the 3DS version and the sequels released

44e16a  No.16684960


I knew Nintendo was successful with handhelds, but I never knew how much better it was for them than their consoles. Suddenly the GB peripherals and players for SNES - GC makes a lot more sense

44e16a  No.16684967


Pokémon is the highest grossing media franchise in history. It's going to take years of major fuckups to hurt Nintendo. Even if new games stop selling, they still have merchandise and GO.

70a4c5  No.16685971


I was looking locally, buying used stuff off ebay makes me nervous. But digging deeper I am seeing some for not too bad prices, last I checked I was seeing like $170 plus shipping, now it's closer to $120 with extras which isn't too bad. Not sure how much on the system I really care about though to justify the investment in basically one game.


I was looking on craigslist, there is a total of 2, both are scams, despite being in a relatively large area (unfortunately for me).

374df1  No.16687603


I initially didn't check my local Craigslist because listings would be different than yours, but looking at it now I'm seeing $60 - $170. Anything more than $120 includes a couple games or more.

a2a875  No.16688233


I would say that if you really want a WiiU hacking is necessary, but also factor in the price of a hard drive and a y-splitter. That's been the reliable way to get pirated games on the system. You can't use an SDCard with the WiiU games and most Wii loaders need an HDD. You would also need two since they use different file systems unless you play your single player Wii games in WiiU VC.

a002f2  No.16694923


If you still haven't bought anything, here's this listing for a Switch on a Craigslist if you can drive to it. https://bakersfield.craigslist.org/vgm/d/edison-nintendo-switch-with-zelda/6909360019.html

It's likely a jailbreakable model considering the games bundled with it.

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