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File: 7f0362dbda40b59⋯.jpg (166.13 KB, 1029x1200, 343:400, Retard 2676.jpg)

a5d352  No.16683280


Sucks for them, they trusted their nostalgia. Backers got played and Yu Suzuki's name will be dragged into the dirt for this.

ada1e0  No.16683323

When has crowdfunding ever been a good idea?

6c6b79  No.16683324


How do they keep fucking it up? How hard can it be?

1c1f04  No.16683329

Just a reminder that people on this board gave them money because they're delusional Dreamcastfags who got "hyped" for a fucking crowdfunding project.

69896b  No.16683331



3450f7  No.16683332

File: d07e9a0577d7224⋯.png (204.12 KB, 393x402, 131:134, ClipboardImage.png)

You'd think they'd learn

cda4cb  No.16683333

File: f8b5c36a1ea131c⋯.png (2.35 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d69abdc0bb800ed⋯.png (2.9 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9cea1a578b520cd⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e0f427ffed63acf⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1900x1344, 475:336, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6cfb4c6d4d1c864⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah, I wonder

70c10d  No.16683346

Get what they deserve. Should never have trusted anyone preying on your nostalgia. Epic games store is just the icing on the cake.

3450f7  No.16683350

File: a5ad3c011783ed5⋯.png (285.43 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>Shovel Knight has sold 2.5 million copies, had multiple price hikes, is an indie darling, been in like 40 goddamn games including Smash Bros., has blacks in it, and still isn't fucking done after five years

I hate that blue prick.

ada1e0  No.16683352


I appreciate your efforts, but none of those have gone on to be as successful as a regular game. Shovel Knight is an anomaly in an otherwise terrible system. A system that continually fails 90% of its users is not a system that should remain in use.

b49b63  No.16683356


>those quads

i wouldn't put Shantae on the list, not becos the game is bad, it is quite fun in fact, but i was kinda pissed on how shit 2 of the strechgoals were

they promised an extra character with a rival genie,that was clearly shoehorned in a level that was alrready in the game and disposed off unceremoniously when the level was done

same thing with the magic carpet race, shoehorned at the start of a level


who the fuck was dumb enough to pay for a game that was alrready being published by Soyny?

and why the fuck does this shit game has so many fanboys in the first place?

i watched a gameplay demo to know what the fuss was all about and it was all the same shit we constantly crap on David Cage for

cda4cb  No.16683366


>None of those have gone on to be as successful as a regular game

What the fuck are you talking about? All of these games have sold at least 1 million copies since their release (with the exception of Bloodstained as that game isn't even a month old).


It disappoints me too. Instead of finishing the game they keep spending development time on crossover bullshit.


Shantae was still an overall good product and that's the point of my post.

50f7e4  No.16683374

I thought they would have gotten enough money from completely stabbing backers in the back (lel) by making it an Epic store exclusive. They don't have enough funding to give away the rest of the content they produced to the backers that made their game?

Will this make backers migrate enmass even more?

b49b63  No.16683380


i was good but not nearly as good as anyother Shantae that had come before

it kinda felt subpar, like something they made out of unused level ideas just becos fanboys thew them a buck

when you compare half genie hero to every other game in the series it really feels underwhelming

b275a2  No.16683413


>same thing with the magic carpet race, shoehorned at the start of a level

What the fuck you were expecting, shantae mario kart? Of fucking course it would be something in the scope of the game

6120e4  No.16683414


Shitstained? Really. The game is half finished out of the box.

I expected so much fucking more from what the other faggots would call "the best thing since Symphony of the Night" Niggers, Symphony of the night didn't need a patch to prevent the game from softlocking if you double jumped off of Buer.

Game at launch, no patches.

>Unable to actually get rewards for completing the game.

>Some enemies will NEVER drop items, even with 999 luck which was possible in 1.0

Patch 1 breaks the game for some people

>Graphical improvements.

>Fucks up the hitboxes, so you now take environmental damage through solid ground.

>Unable to continue because they changed the location of plot important items, forcing them to start a new game, this is at least 4 hours into the game.

>Nerfs weapon combinations and stats across the board.

>It is no longer possible to obtain 999 in any stat, with work you can still reach 800..

Patch 2 breaks the game for everyone.

>Completely nerfs the effectiveness of max rank abilities.

>Nerfs stats again, this time making it nearly impossible to break 600 in stats.

>"Overhauls" the stat system, by making everything into a diminishing return, where as in 1.00 when you max your stats, you gain on every item craft.

The only game I ever backed, I wish I didn't. It's an unprofessional shitshow from so called industry veterans. I wanted something as good as SOTN, I could have just played Harmony of Despair instead of backing this shit.

73bda0  No.16683420

File: 48b4a1486311cb4⋯.jpg (9.33 KB, 345x311, 345:311, 48b4a1486311cb4f6fbfcfffe2….jpg)


I just wanted to see the conclusion of Ryo's epic journey of vengeance.

Why did they do this.

I'm glad I never gave them my money.

de8c30  No.16683426


I wonder how many will still try to crowdfund shit after getting ripped off like this. How badly do they need to get fucked before people wise up to it?

73bab6  No.16683427


>who the fuck was dumb enough to pay for a game that was alrready being published by Soyny?

Sony hadn't gone full soy at the time.

50f7e4  No.16683428

File: e305a9d9baa4ab2⋯.png (271.19 KB, 712x670, 356:335, bonfire.PNG)


I bet Yu Suzuki, Deep Silver, and Sony knew this was a money laundering scheme from the very start, That jap was smiling on the E3 stage knowing how it was all gonna go down.


About as many micro transactions as it takes for people to stop buying them ;)

7a6844  No.16683434


>I just wanted to see the conclusion of Ryo's epic journey of vengeance.

Shenmue II wasn't even gonna be the conclusion, it was just gonna leave the full story at the 40% mark

b49b63  No.16683442


soy or no soy

Sony is big corporation and they where publishing it so why ask for fancash?


>What the fuck you were expecting

even battletoads back in the nes made a fun racing segment in a level

besides, both strechgoals were sold as their own individual levels, so either the base game without those strechgoals had just 4 levels or both strech goals were just glued to 2 of the 6 levels base game alrready had

90a71e  No.16683447

File: 7385b0b3f01f0ac⋯.jpg (30.45 KB, 650x488, 325:244, martin.jpg)

a64b50  No.16683450

At this point I am considering the fact that they must enjoy fucking their supporters in the ass and watching them suffer for their own pleasure.

There is no way you can fuck up this much and gain this much negative publicity on accident, they fucking did this shit on purpose.

977ca0  No.16683451


They sure bet that anyone who would not only give money to kikestarter but a decades old game would be the battered wife. I only hope thats wrong and everyone just pirates whatever shitpile is released.

e198ae  No.16683453

File: 9f2ffac48339480⋯.jpg (458.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, curse_of_the_moon_02.jpg)


Eh, we managed to get a Classicvania/Ninja Gaiden hybrid prequel game out of the deal so I'm at least going to call it a break even.

2d09b3  No.16683495


>Exclusivity sold off to Epic so that it will only show up on the EGS

>People got rightfully pissed that they would now have to wait a year before they got the game they backed on their client of choice

>Deep Silver halfheartedly backpedels and claims that the backers will get what they want but not really

>Now this

I'm laughing at them, dont get me wrong, but fuck this is just a continuously scummy thing.

a7e624  No.16683512


You sound like a burned housewife, anon. I enjoyed it considerably.

e198ae  No.16683524

File: 6764a71a2e329a5⋯.gif (774.75 KB, 420x237, 140:79, annie.gif)


>and still isn't fucking done after five years

Speaking of which.

c20dc6  No.16683527

File: b3072011576b34d⋯.jpg (88.02 KB, 750x703, 750:703, 2987345123.jpg)


Pic related: every single kikestarter backer, Shenmue fan and retard that still pays for any entertainment.

Hype is literally a mental illness. And nostalgiafags are the dumbest of the dumb among the cattle that still believes that "muh keep paying for things that i like to keep being made" is anything but a scammer's reasoning to steal money from retards. When those nostalgiafags contract the hype disease, they become literal programmed drones, conditioned to spend without thinking, and acting only on immediate stimulus and impulse.

e55682  No.16683543

File: 12f5fd7a1cec28a⋯.jpg (423.99 KB, 829x472, 829:472, kaz_vs_ryo_by_betka-d7zzjn….jpg)


>and why the fuck does this shit game has so many fanboys in the first place?

Because it was genre breaking at the time, on top of having cutting edge graphics and unparalleled attention to detail. It was one of those kinds of experimental titles that you could only get on the Dreamcast and helped to define the platform. Well, you could get some pretty obscure and weird shit on the Playstation too - but a lot of those never left Japan, and even if they did - they were buried in a huge library of casual shit. The Dreamcast didn't have as many games, so the eccentric ones stood out all the more - especially with Sega actively advertising them. It created a cult classic, and like a lot of cult media - it was infiltrated by hipsters who wanted to use it as credentials to show how underground and sophisticated their tastes were. Most people who are hyped for Shenmue have never actually played the originals.

But that was also almost two decades ago, and now the open world formula is so done to death that companies like Ubisoft are openly mocked for it. There's nothing that Shenmue III could do now that could replicate what it did with Shenmue I & II in the early 2000's. Nothing that could give it that unique appeal. All it really is, is just tying up lose ends to a story that was never expected to finish. Every other pretension to being more than that, or somehow recapturing the magic, is just horseshit marketing smoke and mirrors.

Honestly, I'd have much rather they just used an updated engine to smooth out some of the clunkiness - but kept the original models, texture resolution, audio encoding, etc. Don't try, and fail, to modernize it and bring it up to par with modern titles. Nobody wants a modern Shenmue. They just wanted a ending to what was started. Especially if they're going to go so far as to bring back the original voice actors - then at least make it look like the Shenmue that people remember to keep consistency across the trilogy. Now, it's going to be forever marred as not just a story-interrupted… but half a story, half a game, with an low-budget modern abomination of an end-cap tacked on because someone thought they could fish a few extra bucks out of a never ever audience and hipster pretenders.

If you want a modern Shenmue, play Yakuza. It's everything good about Shenmue, except with all the fat and bloat and clumsiness trimmed off.

630da5  No.16683545


The principle of capitalism and the free market is one of supply and demand, obviously there was a demand for a new Shenmue, people supplied the capital, and then the developers chose to go in a direction that would maximize their capital yield. Its the economy we live in, no one likes it but everything else is either pants on head retarded or will prompt calls of anti-semitism and exhortations that we remember the six million.

I honestly would love to see a society run by people from this website, one quarter authoritarian left, one quarter authoritarian right, one quarter fence sitting libertarians, and one quarter "why should I have to pay for food? Can't I just pirate a meal? /v/ anarchists

e55682  No.16683564

File: 0515448f1d9d05e⋯.jpg (182.94 KB, 800x702, 400:351, Shenmue_II.jpg)

File: d8a47cdda39691f⋯.jpg (94.43 KB, 640x908, 160:227, xbox_shenmue_ii-110214.jpg)


>Shenmue II wasn't even gonna be the conclusion, it was just gonna leave the full story at the 40% mark

Shenmue was supposed have something like 7 or 8 games, spanning 13 chapters. Then after Shenmue I released and didn't catch fire like Sega had hoped - they tried to condense the rest of the story down into a trilogy. I think Shenmue II was always planned to have two chapters (Shenmue was just chapter 1), but Shenmue III would have had to cut out a SHITTON of content to condense it all into a single release. Even if it had come out - it wouldn't have been the Shenmue III that was originally envisioned or promised. Sega was hemorrhaging money, and at the time, Shenmue was already one of the most expensive games ever produced. There was simply no end in sight, so the whole thing was shitcanned after Shenmue II. It still got a European release (I imported a copy) with subtitles, but Microsoft had to fund an US/English and foot the bill for the voice acting.

That's the shitter of it all too. In a certain perspective, this isn't Shenmue III. This is still a condensed version of the last half (or more) of the Shenmue story with several games worth of content being cut out - and what is there, has 20 years worth of Yu Suzuki overthinking it, losing original design documents, rewriting shit from scratch, redesigning "in light of modern games", and concessions to Sony and Deep Silver.

Honestly, to reiterate a point I made earlier, I would have much preferred if they had stuck with the original graphics and audio, using a new engine to just round off the edges a bit - but still have it more or less look and feel as close to the originals as possible - load in tons more content with the money they saved… and then sold the whole trilogy in one complete package.

a7fd5d  No.16683579

File: 95ee283df0e6ca3⋯.png (245.84 KB, 531x571, 531:571, ebicmeme.png)

This is turning into such a fucking shitshow.

8f4a64  No.16683587

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Appear to be a broken pile of garbage. Read the comment on this speedrun dude.

>I'll keep my honest opinion about this game to not offend anyone.

>As for the showcase, well… I wasn't really sure how to approach this one, since the hitboxes are completely whack, and some patterns are just ????fest, so I decided to keep each fight as clean as possible unless some bs that wasn't worth dealing with happens.

>Some examples would be shielding against invisible hitboxes and "gotcha" attacks, or during some other fights when the target doesn't let you get near it safely, then I resorted to the gun.

>Also for those who wonder about why no rhava bural, that would be because it's a lag-less weapon (free movement at all times), extremely spammable, and you can cast any magic as you please while attacking.

>So yeah, completely broken.

You would think that a game made out of donation and "love" would be at least comparable to the original. wouldnt you?

831fee  No.16683591


>All of these games have sold at least 1 million copies since their release

>implying sales have anything to do with quality

f4fe2c  No.16683592


Hate to say it, but they might as well have finished it off as a movie or series. Even after the first game tanked.

0878b9  No.16683598


They literally said successful not good you fucking spazoid.

6ae54d  No.16683625


>except with all the fat and bloat and clumsiness trimmed off.

Yakuza 4 jumped to 6 in the west, that's absolutely retarded to say the least.

Also 3 had its fat and bloat cut much more than normal and the devs ended up cutting half the game, also first one doesn't have an undubbed version.

Yakuza is very rough, don't sell it as a miracle.

ef8caf  No.16683629


Many a cuck is now defending this move saying they were never actually promised those rewards or the Steam key. Some people, mainly leftists, are perpetual cattle.

630da5  No.16683634


The west got Yakuza 5, its just that sony held it hostage as a PS Store exclusive.

c7000e  No.16683637


Yea, but Yu Suzuki saw an opportunity to milk suckers for their worth, I wouldn't be surprised if it's just rushed bullshit, the trailers certainly don't inspire confidence this is anything but a cash grab.

6ae54d  No.16683638



Want me to repeat what i wrote?

How are we going to play it at will without the store in 5 years time?

ef8caf  No.16683640


It's coming to Steam along with 3, 4 and 5.

6ae54d  No.16683649


Yes, then again is 3 uncut? where's the first one? where's the first one in HD other than a Wii U japanese-exclusive?

8c9e50  No.16683654


>Hollow Knight

Gay blacksmiths

>Shovel Knight

See >>16683350

>Hat in Time

Trans flag, says capitalism is bad


See >>16683587


See >>16683356

068281  No.16683660


>"muh keep paying for things that i like to keep being made"

But that's actually true you mumbling retard. If you got a bad game, then don't pay for it.

ef8caf  No.16683662


>Yes, then again is 3 uncut?

The remaster will have nearly all content restored, except the tranny chases because that's insensitive now or something. Also, the hostesses are using different models due to licensing issues.

>where's the first one in HD other than a Wii U japanese-exclusive?

If you're talking about the 1+2 HD remaster with additional content I doubt that will ever leave Japan.

6ae54d  No.16683668


I feel bad being a jerk with you due to the frontal replies, thanks for the info, it's just that i'm pretty mad at the ludicrous decisions Sega makes regarding the series.

I guess they are still mad at the zombie game.

a91802  No.16683669

This is pure scumyness, it costs them literally mothing to give this shot to the people who made their lroject possible in the first place. I hope it sells like shit and they go bankrupt

2300b3  No.16683708


>Gay blacksmiths


3450f7  No.16683712


Maybe they're maggots that eat out assholes.

a7fd5d  No.16683715


>Gay blacksmiths


db50b5  No.16683740

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Friendly reminder that the Chinese not only as bad as Jews. Truthfully they are probably far worse. They already starting to out jew the jews at Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

df3eef  No.16683825


>muh keep paying for things that i like to keep being made

But that is exactly why trash keeps being made. Thats exactly how it works. You should support projects you want to see more of that are made by people that arent involved with kikes, if they become kikes, dont buy their shit any longer. It's because people are mindless drones easily manipulated into thinking less is more that we get less for more. Unfortunately there are more of them than people who actually want a quality product, but dont pay for trash and when the niggercattle stop consuming it you can at least say you had no part in it. We are outnumbered and out-gunned, but we still put up a fight.

d7e8ac  No.16683830

bb45bf  No.16683831

File: 37ba9b5464b864f⋯.png (349.39 KB, 427x1024, 427:1024, 37ba9b5464b864f59e81121a92….png)


That's the same guy that said that DMC5 was a bad game because he could beat the first boss in the game without getting hit on DMD with a keep-away strat. Saying that the style meter doesn't matter, and then got mad when people called him out on it.

I wouldn't exactly trust his opinion.

0db80d  No.16683835

File: c7d9f5bcce1c8ef⋯.jpg (85.66 KB, 588x559, 588:559, 20190710_185527.jpg)



>having opinions

df3eef  No.16683836


>When has crowdfunding ever been a good idea?

Grim Dawn

9af5ec  No.16683837


>Implying there is a single castlevania game that is balanced.

7e7700  No.16683841




You can stop shilling your game now Iga

6960a8  No.16683843


>wahh I can't glitch and get into the boss room in 5 seconds to win gaem

Speedtrannies are the fucking worst.

bb45bf  No.16683845


Stop shilling your favorite e-celeb.


3450f7  No.16683854

File: 1a7248439d4a017⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Whatever you say, Cosmo.

0db80d  No.16683856


Maybe if he puts on a dress he'll get better at speedrunning

ef8caf  No.16683875


Nobody is worse than the Jews, except maybe the gypsies.

5e516b  No.16683880

I have never "backed" anything and haven't pre ordered a game in years. I play games without giving a shit about marketing and hype.

The whole gamer culture surrounding videogames ruins the magic.

Every goddamn Kickstarter brings so much drama and anger with it.

024bd7  No.16683917

File: f5fb6abc6260e9a⋯.gif (6.22 MB, 600x338, 300:169, Temtem.gif)


Temtem looks decent except for the graphics.

b14758  No.16683923


>broken pile of garbage

How are the weapons in a single player game being OP a bad thing? Just don't fucking use it then.

And the weapons are broken by design because Iga wanted to copy SOTN so much.

e7f74f  No.16683928


I don't know why but this game reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on it.

5eeef1  No.16683931


You know the /y/ sound is written with a 'j' in a lot of langauges right? That makes him /J/U Sazookie!

c01fd3  No.16683934


Never. Maybe rarely. Crowdfunding and early access just let you pay for an unfinished product, or one that doesn't even exist yet. You're not guaranteed a final product at all, so the consumer takes on the risk, not the developer. In theory it could be good because it's easier for a small developer to raise funds they may not be able to acquire, but the current state is just rampant Judaism. (I blame Minecraft. To date it's the best selling game that started selling itself as "early access". It did not implement many features Notch promised before founding Mojang, did not improve on obviously unfinished features or aspects, and no doubt inspired other games or developers to do the same scam after how successful it's been.)

ef8caf  No.16683935


Did you often get bullied at school?

5eeef1  No.16683937


Hollow Knight, La Mulana 2, Shantae Half Genie, Shovel Knight, etc.

c01fd3  No.16683941


>Maybe if he puts on a dress he'll get better at speedrunning

That usually just leads to any% wrong warp and kills the run.

ef8caf  No.16683954


Point is, these projects are the exception, not the norm. Hell, actually seeing a project finished, regardless of quality, is the exception.

The biggest issue with crowdfunding is that there is no accountability, no oversight. Once the paypigs hand the money over all they have as guarantee their "investment" won't be squandered or misused is the often lacking moral compass of the developers.

73bda0  No.16683957

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Also reminder that China is a fucking deathtrap and you should never go there even to visit.

The myth that these slopes are smart is just a myth. Everything is a safety hazard over there.

c01fd3  No.16683966

File: 0f090aa938e7a59⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 480x272, 30:17, Chink of the Hill.webm)



I still can't figure out how China has over 1 billion people considering the country is just 1 big death trap.

ef8caf  No.16683998


How do you think the population of Africa is still growing despite nature doing its best to kill them off?

90a71e  No.16684000

File: 3af389c147e3f63⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 244.88 KB, 202x360, 101:180, chinese elevator.mp4)

90a71e  No.16684001

File: 8f89baf695a1187⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 394.47 KB, 1100x732, 275:183, indianshitters.jpg)


Same with India, they breed like vermin.

577ef1  No.16684031


Damn that pan up caught me off guard.

8c9e50  No.16684034


I think it caught him off guard a little more

590de0  No.16684042

File: 170666e94dfb407⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 212x194, 106:97, TUCKER CARLSON.gif)


>pay money for game in advance

>don't get pre-order exclusive content

590de0  No.16684052

File: 60765aea595af17⋯.png (141.2 KB, 300x265, 60:53, ClipboardImage.png)


Reminder that the chinese idolize the jews and want to become them despite knowing what (((they))) really are.

They see the evil jewish moneylender in old cartoons, plays, posters etc. and say "I want to be that fat kike".

75a8b0  No.16684061


Let's not forget from the refund thread how the idiots that paid in to have specific content funded likely won't be able to refund the game, on account of assets supposedly already being made. >>16658624

fce516  No.16684062

Tim Sweeney and his chink puppeteers can get fucked. What a shame it ended this way, whoever's responsible deserves to go broke.

90a71e  No.16684064

File: 74cf303af1c904f⋯.webm (7.43 MB, 384x288, 4:3, chink singing.webm)


Silly gweilo

9fe082  No.16684067


This isn't them "fucking it up", this has been the M.O since day 1: get retards to kickstart a game on nostalgia and name alone and fleece them for all they're worth like the gullible sheep they are.

ef8caf  No.16684081


Plenty of non-vidya projects are funded and completed, though.

9fe082  No.16684085


Not many of them were advertised by Sony at e3 to go and kickstart the thing.

024bd7  No.16684091


It's based on a little known japanese franchise called Digipocket Ranchermons.

ef8caf  No.16684092


Why would anyone think Sony endorsing something is a positive sign?

e55682  No.16684098

File: dbfd1975a0b74dd⋯.jpg (207.46 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Pop.jpg)

a307ad  No.16684104

File: 23370181197820d⋯.png (714.85 KB, 1318x577, 1318:577, shenmue3.png)


Don't ask me, ask the 69,000 who gave money to it after seeing an ad.

db50b5  No.16684108

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Reminder that the Chinese idolize the jews and want to become them despite knowing what (((they))) really are.

The Chinese are Skaven that desperately want to be orcs. Too many on this website downplay how dangerous the Chinese really are. Even Israel isn’t a death trap for Jews. Chinese want as much power and land as the Jews. Think to live on SJW Silicon Valley and EU censorship is bad. Wait until the chink controls your internet. People who root for China are trading a Jew world order for a worse one.

73bda0  No.16684109

File: 17a89688f0305b8⋯.png (746.74 KB, 1268x554, 634:277, ClipboardImage.png)

On the plus side, the Earthworm Jim comic book broke half a million today. (On Doug Tennapel's birthday no less).

606e91  No.16684110


The only time you should support a game through crowdfunding is when the game itself is at about 80% completion and the guy behind it created the kikestarter just to cover the costs for the online distribution.


Nice digits but A Hat In Time is unstable as fuck, good movement mechanics though


I hate the wasted potential of Skullgirls so fucking much, goddamn KikeZ destroying a great universe for his "expertise", I hope Indivisible tanks so bad it puts his Cally ass into poverty

db50b5  No.16684113

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I still haven’t seen a Chinese accident where anyone tries to help. Even niggers might check on a victim before stealing their shit.

606e91  No.16684118

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't get why people are so mad, we already know how Shenmue was going to be finished.


I think it's a good thing that devs are flat out stealing AAA IPs and painting them different just so they can make good sequels out of gameplay concepts that would otherwise be dumbed down over and over again. Too bad most of these indies can't make good titles.


The PRC has no Good Samaritan laws and helping people in pain or danger puts you at risk of having to deal with the legal consequences of their injuries or deaths, so most people just ignore the suffering hoping they won't be considered a witness or some shit.

ef8caf  No.16684120


Niggers only check to make sure you're dead. Also, chinks don't do anything because their government put in a law that if you help someone you're responsible for them and any medical costs they might face. The Marxists are engineering sociopathy.

8be29a  No.16684121


And you sound like a massive cuckold with a fetish for licking shit from dinnerplates.

8be29a  No.16684127





now compare this to footage of ant colonies

1d028c  No.16684133

man, talk about stabbing supporters in the back.

ff2eec  No.16684143

File: 7b63dd6a7c91738⋯.png (75.84 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 60bacf8668e562baaf8d18d8c3….png)


Backing a kikestarter campaign is like pre-ordering a stab in the back years in advance.

50f7e4  No.16684147


Don't read comments on any other site it's enraging.

>"Backers were never promised free pre-orders in the campaign"

>"I don't care I just want the game"

>"Deep silver is doing what they can to maximize their profits. And its for the best"

>"Once again kickstarter is an investment I can't believe the entitlement in gamers nowadays"

>"Like geez guys I'm tired of all the complaining"

How little self respect to people have for themselves nowadays.

fb1d0d  No.16684150


For real laughs check out Shenmue Dojo.

ef8caf  No.16684151


>until 2017 chink law allowed people you saved to sue your for any damages they suffered

>justification being that you would only help someone if you were responsible for hurting them

>introduce law in 2017 to protect good samartians

>only now those who attempt to aid others in emergency situations shall never be liable under any circumstances

>it's cheaper to make sure you kill someone you hit with a car than to call for help

>because the law requires motorists to pay for the care of the person they injured for the rest of their life

I don't think Kafka envisioned his book as a manual on how to write laws in your country.

ff2eec  No.16684202


Sodomy isnt illegal, being the bottom bitch is illegal, I.E getting your dick sucked isnt gay, but sucking a dick is gay.

>based nonwhites keeping out other nonwhites, whites BTFO

You do know there are millions of niggers in china right?

797b58  No.16684220


They just need to steepen the penalties for finishing someone off.

f47656  No.16684225


They already did, see >>16684202

be1974  No.16684226


Because of modern Capitalisim, which is a form of Judaism for the gentiles, wanting to grow its consumer base for more shekels and propping up those garbage dumps.

639717  No.16684252

fb1d0d  No.16684275


Is this pasta?

d3f0f0  No.16684301


SOTN wasn't a PC game, you fucking idiot, it's a lot easier to avoid technical issues when you are releasing a game on a platform that always has the exact same internal hardware.

d042ab  No.16684319


Funny you mention SotN because its Saturn port was notoriously buggy and fucking awful.

d3f0f0  No.16684327


I mentioned SOTN because the guy who was originally shitting on Bloodstained for having to be patched mentioned it, but I realize now that the guy I replied to isn't the same person, just some sniping faggot.

3c4d80  No.16684342


>If you want a modern Shenmue, play Yakuza. It's everything good about Shenmue, except with all the fat and bloat and clumsiness added on top


dc4074  No.16684362

File: 41ef1ea3102a921⋯.jpg (247.71 KB, 750x562, 375:281, Tencent employee.jpg)


It keeps happening.

5c84d6  No.16684384

File: 54e5b51003a5997⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 238.63 KB, 850x757, 850:757, samus aran hizzacked metro….jpg)


>not liking anal

what are you, gay?

0595ce  No.16684464


Temtem is online only. So no, it's fucked.

000000  No.16684470


>I just wanted to see the conclusion

Why? Knowing that everything in the conclusion is guaranteed to be shit, why would you want to see the conclusion? Knowing that it is not the same group of people working on the sequel, and that even those who came back to work on it have a different mindset than they had when they started the project in the days of the Dreamcast, and have also different goals for completing it now, why would you want it to be concluded that way? This is the same idiocy (nearing a pathology) that the Kingdom Hearts III retards (or "fans") sperged about.

>muh i just want to see the conclusion

And then, the "conclusion" came, and it was shit, as everyone already expected. And it still didn't conclude everything, and left a sequel bait at the end. And the same retards wanting the "muh conclusion" complained about it, as if they were incapable of seeing the trainwreck for what it was when it was first announced. Why delude yourself about wanting a "muh conclusion" if it is guaranteed that it will be shit?

At this point, i strongly hope that Yu Suzuki doesn't conclude the plot in Shenmue 3, leave a blatant sequel bait at the end, and concludes it with a Sehnmue 4 released as a mobile gachashit where you have to pay for lootboxes to enable the cutscenes that will conclude the plot, just so i can watch the salt flow from retards that still believe that Yu Suzuki is nothing but a scammer.

db50b5  No.16684499

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Niggers and sodomy are illegal in China.

>This puts it miles above (((west))).

If China hate niggers so much. Why are Chineses fucking them in Africa?


>Sodomy isnt illegal, being the bottom bitch is illegal, I.E getting your dick sucked isnt gay, but sucking a dick is gay.

That pretty much Russia in a nutshell. With all it’s based Russia hates fags and Putin redpill nonsense. Russia has the largest aids rates in Europe and Putin outlawed holocaust skepticism and Nazi symbolism. People who ironically support ether China or Putin Russia are literally supporting Jews worse then the EU.

606e91  No.16684518


Colonialism, also because by 2030 one fourth of Chinese men will be unmarried so they're throwing away their genetic dead ends who can't find good wives in the homeland.

bce109  No.16684522


Russia has high HIV because of injected drugs

d3f0f0  No.16684549


A guy working in a foreign land for years at a time needs to satisfy his urges somehow. He didn't travel to Africa "for the beautiful women," anon.

db50b5  No.16684578

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Russia has high HIV because of injected drugs

Hope you are not implying that isn’t just as degenerate as homosexuality.

Aids is so big in Russia. Even RT admits Aids in Russia exist.

879503  No.16684589


Plus the half-breeds can be used to run the niggers in Africa as overseers while the pure chinks rule far away.

d8b644  No.16684593


lol niggers getting cucked by the gook dick

606e91  No.16684597


I mean, it worked soooo well in Britain, Japan, the Philippines, Mexico and Latin America

bce109  No.16684598


No I'm just saying they're aids riddled because of the drugs, not because of faggotry.

Russia has a huge fucking drug problem because alcohol is boring they've been drinking since they were 10.

And their isn't shit to do in Russia and if your unlucky you live in the area that is constantly fucking cold.

bce109  No.16684600



879503  No.16684607


I''m sure the chinamen thought it through, it's not like history tends to repeat itself and it won't have severe consequences down the line.

606e91  No.16684612

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's funny cause this whole mess started off with Chinamen trying to fix a system that didn't need fixing, and they've been at it for the past sixty years.

And by the way that's also why they absolutely hate the Uyghurs, muzzies or not they're getting a lot more action and having a lot more offspring than the Han.

8be29a  No.16684623


except minecraft was innovative and not "generic shooter or metroidvania #380248"

581e4b  No.16684627

ff2eec  No.16684664


>muh drugs

Yeah and fags make up most of the userbase of drugs

a7fd5d  No.16684669


India is a weird country. Parts of it are first-world, parts of it are third-world. It's like America if the shitholes were Africa-tier.

d65265  No.16684688


>Gutter oil

>Fake eggs

>Fake meat

>Fake cabbage

>Fake rice

Does anyone in China actually eat real food? How are they not all dead?

1c35e6  No.16684690

>Everything I've helped crowdfund turned out essentially how I wanted it to

>Anything bad that had happened was outside of the thing itself

All smiles

f47656  No.16684694

File: 594f004c9968366⋯.png (248.55 KB, 500x451, 500:451, decisive tang strategy.png)


>How are they not all dead?

strategic genius

db50b5  No.16684697

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>How are they not all dead?

How are Indians not dead? They caused the most water Pollution in the world and think eating cow shit will cure diabetes. The fact Hindu Indian have a higher diabetes rates than Muslims in India undermined every PETA vegan propaganda. Hell how does India have a diabetic Epidemic in the first place?

a7fd5d  No.16684698


To a degree you can say the same thing about food in the US.

1c35e6  No.16684701


Fuck off retard

fb1d0d  No.16684710


You never heard of pink slime or cheese in a can?

367fcf  No.16684711


>arguably five successes out of the hundreds of other projects and games that have crash and burned/been scams

yeah, nah

dee7c9  No.16684713



A lot of American food is imported from China, and unless you're buying fresh food and cooking for yourself (most Americans don't do either of these) your food is probably filled with sugar, fat, salt, palm oil and soya.

1c35e6  No.16684714


Yes, I have, unfortunately though people don't actually eat literally only 1.50 banquet meals and mcdonalds, and the fucking nonsense that all of america's food is like that is nearly as retarded as the things the vegans say.

a7fd5d  No.16684716

File: cdcf57df6dfa149⋯.jpg (65.17 KB, 577x537, 577:537, if only.jpg)


>he thinks it's just limited to fast food

606e91  No.16684726


list it mate

87a345  No.16684727



Americans are so unhealthy for a reason, dude. People like to rag on them for being lazy or greedy but it's not even their own fault, there is next to no nutrition in a lot of food people eat daily causing them to become malnourished. Their body sends signals to eat more because it's hunger mechanisms are all fucked and it can't tell that its full to the brim and obese because its lacking most major nutrients.

1c35e6  No.16684728


Of course it isn't just in fast food you dumb asshole. That's not what I'm saying. Hell not even all fast food places have that issue.

6561c7  No.16684738

File: 61d69be122384cf⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 344x270, 172:135, DR ZAIUS DR ZAIUS.gif)




d3f0f0  No.16684739


It was recently discovered that the caste system is so old and ingrained in Indian society that you can now look at an Indian person's genetics and identify their caste. And, additionally, as you go higher up the caste ladder, the proportion of Asian genes decreases and European genes increases. The Aryan meme is real

8ba9db  No.16684750

I can't believe that investing into a failed game series, that nobody would even touch unless gullible idiots took all the financial risk upon themselves, would be a bad idea

d3f0f0  No.16684752


>woe to the Americans, their diet is ruined and it's not even their fault! won't somebody please think of the crying bald eagle?

Literally all it takes to not eat trash is to go to a grocery store and not a "supermarket." Even national chains like Kroger are fine because they still coordinate with local producers. It depends on where you live though, I'd advise not living in a shithole state.

820b87  No.16684753


>the Aryan meme is real

>having any doubt it was real in the first place

Many of Egypt's greatest dynasties were also white. WE WUZ is true, only that it applies to whites.

fa44c9  No.16684768



>crowd funding


2cffe0  No.16684779



Let's not pretend everyone in china eats gutter oil.

cda4cb  No.16684780


There's way more but those are just the 5 most notable examples I could think of. There are actual few scams. You just think there's a lot because every single one was high profile and covered endlessly. There's a lot of good in crowdfunding games, the well has just been poisoned by con men like Inajewne and now this Shenmue thing. One could easily argue that this Shenmue disaster is the last straw and it will now be impossible to ask for any large amount of money from kickstarter. Because of Shenmue's bullshit, I doubt there will ever be a successful kickstarter that's asking more than $50k ever again.

a21833  No.16684786


Fuck off Yu

c6575d  No.16684790


Even common ants will pull their wounded to safety when given the chance, chinks have no excuses.

75a8b0  No.16684791


List them if you're so great then.

cda4cb  No.16684839

File: 07e4f4e92296805⋯.png (35.98 KB, 499x338, 499:338, 07e4f4e92296805492e5d209d8….png)


You're saying that there's hundreds of scams and burnouts but I bet that list doesn't even breach 100. But sure, I'll list more that I know of just to spite you (note this is just a list of the ones I own/have played):


>Elite Dangerous

>Torment: Tides of Numeneera

>Pillars of Eternity

>Wasteland 2

>Hyper Light Drifter

>Divinity Original Sin

>Divinity Original Sin 2

>Darkest Dungeon


>The Banner Saga

>Kingdom Come Deliverance

>Shadowrun Returns

>Shadowrun Hong Kong

>Battle Chasers: Nightwar


>Grim Dawn

>Battalion 1944

>War For The Overworld

>Dead State


>Sunless Sea





>My Time at Portia


Boy, that's a pretty lengthy and exhaustive list of kickstarter games that didn't die or deliberately screw over it's backers. But please, tell me more about how crowdfunding is just a scam and for ever 1 good game, there's hundreds upon hundreds of scams. I get the feeling you're just another of the

>I don't play video games, I'm just here to watch the industry burn


1b5bb6  No.16684851


I bet that list doesn't even breach TEN.

48e6bb  No.16684882



KS themselves have a report on how about 10% of all projects fail to delicer, and less than 15% of those refund money. This is constant along categories, including games.


On their stats page they list funded projects divided in the same categories, with 17,825 game projects being funded.


Ten percent of 17,825 is 782 successful game kickstarters that fail to deliver, IE scams and burnouts, though the percentage of projects that DO deliver something, except it's total garbage, is probably higher.

48e6bb  No.16684883

File: c815614946c45bb⋯.jpeg (19.92 KB, 414x393, 138:131, connect fork.jpeg)


1782 I mean, why do I always spot mistakes like this the moment I hit post

cda4cb  No.16684890

File: 98758a4b39dcd11⋯.jpg (56.92 KB, 777x704, 777:704, bt.jpg)



By those numbers, good(by the metric of satisfied backers, not the impossible standards of /v/) and successful games would still be the stark majority of crowdfunded games. It still proves my point that the failures are the minority and people only think it's the majority because the (((journalists))) who totally aren't payed off by AAA to do this over-report on the high profile failures and scams.

75a8b0  No.16684898


You're probably on to something about the number fudging. I wonder if that includes games that release on Steam EA and then putz along until they run out of income or say they're 1.0 feature complete out of the blue.

cbc2de  No.16684900

File: eb613e216ae0d3e⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 230x230, 1:1, blinking intesnfies.gif)


by your definition as long as "something" comes out then it's fine. To extend the logic further it's fine to be sold a dumpster fire of a game as long as it 'works' no Sir.

No it is Not.

you are part of the problem. preordering is a mistake. crowdfunding is for furries and retards looking to get scammed. Half the games on that list are trash not worth the time it takes to learn them. Your reasoning is cuck-tier.

683878  No.16684904

File: 510b34e693a3789⋯.jpg (53.19 KB, 750x422, 375:211, Bocchi.jpg)


I would have preferred we didn't unleash the cameo monster that is Shovel Knight unto the crowdfunding world. It's got to be at 40 cameos at this point. Shovel Knight is so insecure about it's place in gaming, it's like Bocchi, trying to place itself in other games in case you might forget about him if he leaves your mind for even a second.

de8c30  No.16684922


I don't want to believe this, but this:

>Some people, mainly leftists, are perpetual cattle

is sadly 100% true.



Can they really call themselves that after all the rape and conquering others have done to them? Anyone got the image detailing this btw?

9400f5  No.16684927

All of this is completely stupid they alienated every person who was going to have a positive outlook going into the game. Everybody knows the game is going to come out buggy broken and not very good. With everyone shitting on it and nobody there to actually defend the thing it is the end for YS net and Yu Suzuki. So we'll never get an ending to this thing because they already promised Shenmue 3 is not going to have an ending. I'd be surprised if they even make it to putting out their DLC.

3450f7  No.16684940

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So what's Deep Silver's ad going to be this time? "Make the bad guys cry like Dreamcast owners on prom night. Pre-order now to receive the Floss Dance DLC"?

630da5  No.16684949


The Chinese strategy has always been, "let us be conquered, in time the conquerors will become Chinese." and so far its always been true, the Turkmen rode from the west and conquered them, but eventually, they abandoned their culture and became chinese, they spoke, dressed, and read the classics of the Chinese, same with the Mongols, same with the Manchu. The only groups who have conquered China and kept their culture were the Tibetans, who only really conquered the south, and the British, because they had the good sense to not let people go native, rotate officials.If any other people on earth had this mentality, they would have been subsumed long ago, but because there are billions of the antmen in China, they subsume the dominant culture.

9400f5  No.16684954


Is deep Silver the most harmful publisher to us besides kuSony of course.

589000  No.16685012

File: 1620baead1bbb68⋯.jpg (51.97 KB, 640x380, 32:19, barrageAnti FN.jpg)


anal is gay, that's the only thing you can do to a man or boy.

since ancient greeks anal has been gay and used by gay.

you don't need anal if you are straight

cda4cb  No.16685034

File: 3f332ff5026aa17⋯.jpg (43.99 KB, 452x469, 452:469, 588532669a60feff295f263f47….jpg)


>Is being supplied in this thread with evidence that it's not a scam

>doubles down on argument

>"Those games don't count because I don't personally like them"

Like clockwork. You're so fucking predictable. What, oh wise one, is the /v/ approved way of funding games? The method of wage cucking at a shitty day job and taking 2x-3x as long to finish a game because you're only working on it in your spare time? How the fuck do you expect anyone to defeat AAA like that? Or how about doing what Studio MDHR did with Cuphead and open two new mortgages on his house to pay for development?

The options you're leaving for people to fund the develop of games is extremely limited and not conducive to saving this hobby.

a7fd5d  No.16685062

File: 5f4ea058b18398a⋯.png (358.33 KB, 3556x3516, 889:879, Perfect.png)


I love the pure contempt seeping from the post.

62ce15  No.16685068


At least Plague Knight is good. Plague Knight best knight






what a fag


About half of the games on this list are shit, probably more.

a7fd5d  No.16685078

File: cb3080c4f3aa6a2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.6 KB, 271x238, 271:238, 2011 meme.jpg)


>About half of the games on this list are shit, probably more.

I like how you say something super vague like that because you know if you started listing games out you might get hounded or called a faggot.

c78939  No.16685086


He's a "muh DmC 2" fag, you can't honestly be surprised he's retarded.

c9bcb9  No.16685088


>pink slime

Wasn't that just the custard shit from Teletubbies?

96d738  No.16685093


Are we still memory holing the fact that Itsuno said it himself that he was making a sequel to his favorite game in the Devil May Cry franchise, DmC?

b65b75  No.16685107


>he was making a sequel to his favorite game in the Devil May Cry franchise, DmC?

What Itsuno said was that he liked DmC. Another curious thing that happened is the other leak with someone saying that Itsuno was so fucking mad over DmC that he threatened to quit unless they let him do DMCV or DD2. It's very likely that Itsuno was just doing PR with that interview, you history revisionist fuck.

d3f0f0  No.16685128


I am a developer (not in games because I don't hate myself that much) so I tend to feel strongly about these things. I empathize with the desire to go big immediately and go for "your dream game" right off the bat but it's always a bad idea. The phrase "murder your darlings" applies liberally here. You need to have self-discipline as a creator because if you don't, you'll just end up blowing your chance, wasting a ton of time and money, and disappointing yourself. Therefore I tend to look down upon crowdfunding from a practical perspective because most creators seem to fall into this trap.

They should start with something that they frankly don't have as much passion for but can still enjoy making and isn't as ambitious. This does many good things; one, it gives you practice in the field. Programming isn't "just" computer languages, at least half of it is what we call domain knowledge, or the ability to apply programming concepts in a useful way in the field you're in. Put another way, a mathematical concept like "x * 1 = x" is useless on its own, like a hammer sitting in a toolbox.

Two, it gives you budgeting skills. This is another thing I see lacking in so many ambitious indie developers and it's absolutely critical if you want to produce something that feels cohesive and polished.

Three, you get goodwill from the community, which increases the anticipation for your dream game when it finally is announced. Everyone has seen the outrageous Kickstarter pitch from a group of no names before so it makes no sense to add to the pile.

I prefer to pay for products, not donate money or gamble. Actually create your way to success instead of just begging for cash and hoping you get your most risky project correct the first time.

606e91  No.16685161


It doesn't matter if they're pure, all they care is the fact they identify as Han Chinese. Just like with (((the chosen people))). Even at one eight, they can still identify as themselves.


Don't forget that however shitty it may be, American culture is still tons of times better than Communist China's culture. They're the prime consumers of action shlock.

f2b1e8  No.16685169


The problem is that if you don't promise the world the guy next to you will and will get all of the money. It's how the world works.

cda74c  No.16685239


White Americans are not much different than other white people elsewhere. Unfortunately the US has a fuck ton of spics and niggers that skew the numbers.

cfa5e3  No.16685247


You understand China imports food because they can't produce enough for their own, they don't export shit all. They need burgerland to grow enough soy for them.

d3f0f0  No.16685299


Promise the world once you've made a few games that are less taxing to make, instead of right away if you are a new studio, is what I'm saying. Many of the successful crowdfunded games like Bloodstained are entirely unambitious projects, providing something players are familiar with but haven't had in a while.

302051  No.16685301


An exception to the rule.

d57cc7  No.16685633

>There are people on Kickstarter who unironically think other backers who screwed over are just whiners and "refund scum".

Yeah, nuke Kickstarter when?

cbc2de  No.16685915

File: 4cf66e6f7840d7f⋯.png (380.72 KB, 366x547, 366:547, dairy queen.png)


>my plan to "defeat triple A" is to get scammed on kikestarter


>im going to "save this hobby" by kikestarting a few meh games

if you knew anything about vidya you'd know that there was a gaming crash before when they oversaturated the market with terrible games and we had a reset. We are due for one. The only thing that is going to 'save' this hobby is people being MORE savvy with your $$$, not LESS.

you naive, bumbling moron.

e55682  No.16686020

File: e9af8b0d2049892⋯.jpg (6.92 KB, 320x240, 4:3, iri14.jpg)


>because they already promised Shenmue 3 is not going to have an ending

When the fuck was this? 20 years people had to wait for the stars to align just right for Yu to get a crack and finally putting an end-cap on the series, and the first thing on his mind is expanding the franchise? Is he really that fucking retarded, or has this all really just been a cold calculated scam from the very beginning. I don't want to believe it, but from the look in Yu's eyes in >>16684118, he's clearly given up. All that's left for him is to cash in before he checks out, so he's taking notes from Inafune's playbook.

The guy worked on some of the most iconic properties in game history, and this is how he flames out and will end up being remembered?

fce516  No.16686135



What a sad, tragic end to one of the most ambitious, beautiful projects in video games. I seriously hope the devs weren't counting on making a Shenmue IV because that's just never going to happen at this point.

44335e  No.16686180

File: ba2786d3132b185⋯.png (164.91 KB, 477x345, 159:115, unacceptable.png)

>Nobody mentioned Risk of Rain in any capacity

5c84d6  No.16686377


>anal is gay, that's the only thing you can do to a man or boy.

So blowjobs are now off the table for homosexual behaviours?

>inb4 women can't give men anal

Its called a strapon and its just as disgusting

2814c4  No.16686445

File: 80e5f83caabf526⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 395x512, 395:512, 80e5f83caabf5263810781fda5….gif)

That's why you never preorder or pay beforehand in any kind of job, The nature of humans is when they get their pay first they just loose the motivation and their credibility. Just look at fucking star citizen lmao

Get fucked, Retards

7ad245  No.16686487

File: c602fd7782c88ea⋯.jpg (123.94 KB, 700x484, 175:121, IMG_0706.jpg)

>Enter thread to get some sweet schadefreude about Shenmue fans

>This little faggot >>16683323 immediately ruins it by turning it into crowdfunding shitflinging general

da06ca  No.16686489


didn't this game get outsourced to pajeets?

260ea6  No.16686519

File: 18d04eff5cb1ada⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 508.46 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, VIDEO GAMES.png)


The Ancient Greeks did consider anal to be gay. Which is why they thigh-fucked shotas.

52955e  No.16686526


Why do you retards push this so much? Faggotry wasn't a thing in ancient Greece in general, and most Greek city-states banned it entirely. The few that didn't such as Athens, nonetheless considered it to be extremely shameful and prohibited faggots from owning land, and consequently voting.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that the word 'pederast' only ever implied a platonic teacher-student relationship in the ancient Greek languages, it never even implied faggotry until marxists began trying to rewrite history. Faggotry was far less prevalent in Athens than it is in modern America, for example. Stop repeating kike lies.

8c9e50  No.16686547


I'm going to call you a pedophile because shota are 2D only. Do not associate them with 3DPD

fcae1e  No.16686563

Only pay for something if what you receive immediately is worth the money, AND you want the developer to keep making more, AND your money isn't supporting people who preach for white genocide in social media or in the game.

It's not that hard.

5c84d6  No.16686675


>Conversely, people who like men being barebacked by other in 2D is not gay. Only in 3D is it gay.

only if they aren't bara bara anon or kemono

73bda0  No.16686730

I hope everyone shitting on this game is wrong.

I hope the game comes out and is somehow not shit despite everyone crapping on it.

I don't want this to go down as Mighty No. 9 No. 2.

49eaec  No.16686770

Daily reminder that the average burger feels closer to China, than he does to his european roots.

7851a2  No.16686780

>current year

>being a fan of anything

Corporate worshipers deserve everything they get.

fe16ec  No.16686801


Request denied.

t. denier of ledditspaced requests

924837  No.16689793


Oh, THAT was PR talk. Praising the game everyone hates in every interview is how you improve public relations. Not him defending microtransactions to enable "choice" 4theplayers. Or the "crew cut" meme that doesn't even make sense, yet is supposed to be a clever way to shit on DmC.

And he literally said that DmC is his favorite, you aren't weaseling your way out of this one.

e2198f  No.16690140


>Shantae was still an overall good product

It really was not, and that's coming from someone who loves Pirate's Curse. It was pretty mediocre and rehashed to hell and back. The 3D is ugly, sprites disappointing, and even though I was excited about Risky and Friends to the end DLC, is still the same rehash. Same reason I have not finished Shovel Knight's DLC.

6d298b  No.16692197

File: 63dc3beecc33a10⋯.png (1.26 MB, 893x783, 893:783, Monster Hunter_Done With T….png)


I'm still waiting for Cosmos epic comeback into an ubermensch.


>Caring about the opinions of speedrunners when it comes to games

That's like caring about top tier raiders for MMO decisions and balancing, like Tigol.

000000  No.16692287


>Only pay for something if what you receive immediately is worth the money, AND you want the developer to keep making more, AND your money isn't supporting people who preach for white genocide in social media or in the game

In short, never pay anyone for anything in the industry.


I hope someone makes a video compiling all soyboy cucks' reactions from the 2015 E3 announcement, followed by a compilation of their disappointment, embarrassment and overall cringe, along with a mockery of how the deluded retards unironically believed that Shenmue III was good news.



39cd68  No.16692461

File: ce6b1c801acfd0b⋯.jpg (100.34 KB, 501x585, 167:195, merchant desu.jpg)

Say what you will about David Cage and his QTE simulators be he never scammed people this hard.

5eeef1  No.16692708



Literally only Plato was against gay buttsex. The Greeks were a bunch of faggots, face it.

c9bcb9  No.16692738

File: 49632459a00c7a4⋯.png (30.26 KB, 254x149, 254:149, Sources.png)

52955e  No.16692771


Wrong, retard. Faggotry was universally despised in all of the ancient Greek city-states, and banned in all but one (Athens) where it was nonetheless hated so much that faggots couldn't own property or vote.

6ae54d  No.16692785

File: 7ac524af58a65cb⋯.jpg (177.25 KB, 1073x1428, 1073:1428, 6207244b6525b00fbd6b0aa4ee….jpg)

>tfw i gave 200 bucks on the Kickstarter but backed down immediately

The sense of dread that came to me when i read Yu was planning a fourth one was truly something else, it was there in the description of the project too.

Poor suckers who gave their money and didn't read every single word regarding the product but somehow i cannot insult them that much because i also didn't expect the sheer level of chutzpah Yu showed there. I also remember one of the rewards was having dinner with him, no translator included; what the hell are you going to do with a senile mute chink in a restaurant?

I just want a hyper-interactive sandbox adventure game.

a7fd5d  No.16692839


>what the hell are you going to do with a senile mute chink in a restaurant?

Kiss and have a gay yaoi story

Was that actually a reward?

e9047e  No.16692847


Itsuno literally said his favorite game of all time was DmC. Google is faggot, we aren't spoonfeeding you.


Don't listen to him, he likes DmC2.

7ffa4e  No.16692853


>It's very likely that Itsuno was just doing PR with that interview, you history revisionist fuck.

Lol you delusional faggot. Stop trying to defend DmC2 yoi shill fag. Everyone knows Itsunl's favorite DMC game is DmC. It's also his all time favorite game.

e21602  No.16692857


>damage controlling FUCK YOU 2

>not realizing that Itsuno literally said DmC was his favorite game of all time in an easily Googleable interview

Ok retard. Cope harder.

0d4583  No.16692875

>DmC2fag is having another meltdown

It's just sad at this point tbh famshuaniqua.

6ae54d  No.16692903


>Was that actually

I don't think i read gay yaoi otherwise i would tell you, wouldn't i

But yeah, the dinner part i remember very well but i think it was a meeting/reunion, so you have dinner with him and other 8 or 9 suckers who paid too much for a videogame, but it still was a fancy dinner with him alone.

I think it was a thousand dollars or something for the romance, i only paid and backed down from the "game, art book, concept notes, 3 capsule toys and a map" deal. I dodged a bullet but i still feel bad for the others who didn't read the entire thing, the concept notes from Yu himself are worth a lot in terms of academy alone.

2066dc  No.16695290


>still calling the best DMC "DmC2"

Fuck outta here, faggot. >>>/vg/ is right down the hall.

95065a  No.16695360


>hanging out with friend two weeks ago

>playing Bloodstained together since it just came out

>casual conversation while he's playing

>"And another thing - I'm fucking sick of seeing shovel knight everywhere."

>20 seconds later Shovel Knight appears in-game as an enemy

That fucking blue nigger holy shit he has entered my top 3 peeves along with everybody calling hard games "the dark souls of X" and everyone saying every strategy game is "like XCOM meets Y". When Shovel Knight appears in a game that is dubbed "It's like XCOM meets Dark Souls", I'm going to fucking MELT DOWN.

c5f3a2  No.16695418


Shovel Knight is like a meme at this point, I wouldn't mind if he or a variation thereof was put in every indie game ever for now and forever just to keep the gag running.

2066dc  No.16695422


The worst part is i really like the game shovel knight. They just cant have him isolated to just his game alone.

cda4cb  No.16695520

File: c732cb6a150f3f3⋯.png (102.79 KB, 597x800, 597:800, I_am_kike_man.png)


>Muh DmC2

>Being a cope faggot

Your disguise isn't fooling anyone

0a2ac1  No.16695586

File: face7e989da8e7a⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 758x287, 758:287, 1429815200321.jpg)


I hate when people ask these kinds of questions, all that will happen is people go "this game good" then you get a single nitpick and now that game is bad. It's a waste of time.

6d298b  No.16695629


Crowdfunding has been almost nothing but backers being fucked over by the devs they decided to help. My favorite quote in relation to Shenmue is on twitter, where some random fucker told him "Congrats on killing kickstarter", because he likely has, with all this tomfuckery. These devs are given another chance in the form of their fans coming to help them with donations, actual donations, not even loans or any of that shit, but free money, to help them make a game, and they reward this loyalty with betrayal, and it continues to happen time and time again. Kickstarters greatest achievement has been in showing how traitorous and disloyal many of these devs are.

648a61  No.16695633



Maybe devs using kikestarter should stop being fucking faggots.

ebdc24  No.16695664


Can't,it goes with the territory.You give somebody all the money they want ask for with zero accountability included into the mix for it this is what's gonna happen.

648a61  No.16695675


I was being facetious. I know they won't stop being faggots.

000000  No.16697795


The hacks being exposed as just as a bunch of greedy nobodies was the best thing that happened in a long time. Don't forget that the likes of Inafundme, who was praising EA as an example of a company that all in Japan should emulate, the likes of Mr. Shitface and his constant cuckery and male feminist/child rapist virtue signaling instead of working, and the likes of Yu Suzuki, who couldn't manage expenses and used Sega's money to travel around China with his team as an excuse for a nugame that he used even more of the company's money to make, almost forcing them into bankruptcy, were all acting like that years before trying to scam people's money with kikestarter, and even then, landwhales and soyboys still gave them money. The same hacks that got booted from each company that they worked for, for being incompetent with money, time management and overall development, and even then, retards gave them money simply for the sake of saying "fuck you!" to the companies and the industry. Yu Suzuki even begged for money for the kikestarter in a Soyny presentation, on E3, with Soyny openly saying that they were already supporting his project. And the braindead still gave them money.

Every single kikestarter scam does a service to people, for taking money away from those idiots. And also for exposing the truth that there are no good guys in the whole industry, no matter if it is indie or corporate dev, a dev with low or high budget, or a newcomer or veteran dev. They are all as greedy as the corporate suits, and all of them are anti-consumer.

770bd8  No.16698362

File: d1ccdb72950121c⋯.jpg (11.33 KB, 245x204, 245:204, 1414199333178.jpg)

I like playing games. But Jesus KeA Buddha do I hate my fellow gamers and the gamer culture they have created. The anger. The outrage. The whining. The overreactions. The stupidity.

But pic related is me. I just can't switch off!

1e4799  No.16698372

File: 857d53110d25048⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 4380x4800, 73:80, fuck outta here.jpg)


if pic related is (You), then (You) should go back.

882fd9  No.16698379



Back to cuckchannel kid.

c78939  No.16698387

File: 9005acad65a182f⋯.jpg (35.63 KB, 767x431, 767:431, 100% Super Retard.jpg)





>Itsuno said nice things about DmC to placate its fans so they'll maybe buy his game

>this proves DMC5 is actually DmC2 despite playing nothing like DmC

b49b2a  No.16698394


>despite playing nothing like DmC

The women are as ugly as in DmC.

e60382  No.16698412

File: cb653bb14f17c38⋯.png (89.71 KB, 500x501, 500:501, Failed Bait.png)


>graphics = gameplay

dd70ef  No.16698418


Good. anything to makes waifuturds angry.

f90e81  No.16698986

File: deaf574f1e5d3b2⋯.jpg (210.84 KB, 808x1077, 808:1077, deaf574f1e5d3b2677e3ce0387….jpg)



give me a citation

f90e81  No.16698991


misreplied, the thighfucker is actually right

6d298b  No.16699024


At least youtubers were criticizing them for this. Though i've seen alternate youtubers saying yongyea yes I know, the kojima dick wrangler was wrong and just "stoking flames". The apoligization for scummy devs that are taking advantage of people who essentially donated them money is just disgusting. I think the worst thing about cucks is the lack of self respect and self control. They can't even manage to defend themselves against anything.

ac318a  No.16699036


we have people on this board who unironically judge a game solely based on what kind of titties it has

3450f7  No.16699090


Isn't that everyone?

73197c  No.16699164


Is he Naracissa Wright-Mann, yet?

0a2ac1  No.16699197

File: 0382cdd837adef2⋯.jpg (61.56 KB, 780x589, 780:589, c7bc70e1837d375bfa990f4684….jpg)


No ones going to agree with everything you say, people are all going to have different opinions. At the end of the day, the only thing that should matter is if the game is good or not. I like a lot of the games vlambeer made despite them being a bunch of homos. If a dev does something to actively fuck over their audience that's one thing, but when your example of how a game is bad is a tranny flag or there's a gay character somewhere that's just silly. The worst is when a dev keep their politics out of their games but someone makes a thread that goes "dev X said Y on twitter stop buying their games, they're bad now!".

6ab3a8  No.16699203

File: 98ce66b57e9d059⋯.jpg (8.12 KB, 194x259, 194:259, 98ce66b57e9d059ec240970444….jpg)


>innocent fan: pls drink soylent on stream

>Six Million: So how do you feel about having a right leaning audience, Narcissa?

My fucking sides.

797549  No.16699204


oof what for idiots

bf97ec  No.16699227

File: fd7d0c60ce2f0eb⋯.png (57.72 KB, 198x164, 99:82, 1366437535274.png)


>I hate the wasted potential of Skullgirls so fucking much, goddamn KikeZ destroying a great universe for his "expertise", I hope Indivisible tanks so bad it puts his Cally ass into poverty

I agree. Especially the way the expanded roster was handled.

>Umbrella was slated for one of their first characters to be added after the fact, alongside Marie as both were needed for the 'full story' to be seen

>Instead Umbrella gets shafted in place for BigBand because the developers really got it in their heads to make Q BUT GOOD, SkullGIRLS Roster be damned

>Marie and Umbrella are put up for voting where Whales got into a voting war

>We wound up with another dude and a fucking Guilty Gear reference.

Yeah I'm pretty pissed by this process. I mean I don't DISLIKE BigBand, but I hate the people who they let the community choose instead of just giving us the characters we needed to see the 'true ending' and now the games development has been dropped entirely.

e00553  No.16699300

File: 796dd9338724eb7⋯.jpg (5.85 KB, 227x222, 227:222, kiryujima.jpg)


<series dies and become relevant only due to nostalgiafags and autistic fanboys

<creator miraculously gets a chance to revive it and work on another installment

<crowdfunds it

<gets millions of dollars

<doesn't show even a hint of the game for years

<start showing footage and it looks like a fanmade unity game

<completely fuck up the game's release at the last minute with EPG exclusivity

<fuck over all the backers, fans, etc and run with their money, prevent refunds, etc etc

<go to interviews and say this game is "about here on the water bottle" of the overall story

<have audacity to talk about 3 further installments after this one despite everything literally burning and collapsing around him

<fans will still defend this and say everything's fine and shenmue4ever

Feels good to be Yakuza Gang

05fa7e  No.16699313

File: 456a9eeaca2367a⋯.png (355.73 KB, 500x540, 25:27, disgusted JK.png)


Please meme responsibly.

6ab3a8  No.16699317

File: b44a286f9c08041⋯.png (750.58 KB, 720x720, 1:1, if you only knew.png)

000000  No.16699500


>posted by a cuck

A "dev" being a impotent leftist or faggot abomination is reason enough to never support it and never utilize his products or services.

ae3a94  No.16699962

File: 1058fe8f54d2367⋯.jpg (259.33 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 35185606_p0.jpg)


>despite playing nothing like DmC

While it obviously plays more like DMC3/4 DMC5 absolutely took more then a few inspirations from some aspects of DmC:

>The more active environments and the way they shift

>less backtracking

>the attempts to have more platforming (especially grappling for Nero)

>everything regarding ranking

>enemies being introduced with titles

>some enemy designs

>finisher slowmo cam

>more use of swearing (to be fair nero always swore, I want to make that clear)

>less-anime aesthetics and toned down for realism

>more emphasis on narrative (the entire point they originally made DmC in the first place)

>Vergil's entire story pretty much just being Vergil's downfall DLC but better

>a great deal of vergil's moveset came from Vergil's downfall (that was then later carried over to DMC4:SE moveset

>Vergil having a doppelganger becoming a more pronounced ability in his arsenal

I could go on.

e81fb5  No.16699967


If, for example, you see someone was hit by a car and left on the side of the road. You pick them up, put them in your car and then take them to the hospital you will be expected to pay that persons hospital bills. This is not a meme. This is real shit. You become responsible for another person if you try to help them. These people are already heartless trash so it's fitting.

6ab3a8  No.16699992


Those are mostly pretty good improvements though.

14fbd8  No.16700124

File: efb8f8876dfc285⋯.jpg (68.68 KB, 633x594, 211:198, efb8f8876dfc285cfcebd554f6….jpg)


I refuse to believe that anyone actually gives that much of a fuck about Shenmue to cuck for it after this.

b1e502  No.16700147


>The more active environments and the way they shift

>the attempts to have more platforming

>enemies being introduced with titles

>finisher slowmo cam

>more use of swearing (to be fair nero always swore, I want to make that clear)

All of those are taken from Bayonetta, though.

Stuff like

>less backtracking


>some enemy designs

are way too indistinct to say they unquestionably came from there either.

dbd746  No.16700156

Glad I didn't back it. Still can't wait to pirate it.

606e91  No.16700471


The Beowulf vote is particularly problematic because the devs realized whales would walk away if they didn't get their waifus in, so they preemptively used their money to make the character ahead of time and just faked the polls. Plenty of people were pissed at Eliza and wanted Annie or the fish maid.

bf97ec  No.16701738

File: d173e2c0f2a72f6⋯.png (144.14 KB, 500x312, 125:78, WAT.png)


>they preemptively used their money to make the character ahead of time and just faked the polls

Hot damn, got a source on that? I can't find anything on it myself

044ec3  No.16702111

File: bf692422f784512⋯.mp4 (949.63 KB, 480x480, 1:1, hah.mp4)

>Star Citizen

The biggest money sink in the world. The dumb assholes have given them so much easy money, that now even changing a tint rgb111 to rgb112 is going to cost millions.

ab310e  No.16705418

Shenmue 1 and 2 were boring as shit and had poor gameplay. I see them more as a precursor to the Yakuza games. On their own though, they are pretty bad games, as most games are from that era. Anyone asking for a sequel should just play the Yakuza games and let the past go.

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