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File: c14d1a5d1113cb3⋯.png (153.26 KB, 400x800, 1:2, sketch.png)

372754  No.16685174

I want to use literary level of prose in my game story and dialogs, but in my native language (spanish).

Will this be a problem if I translate the non literary parts like menues and other important bits to english?

2bbbdb  No.16685185

Fuck off, spic.

9d50bf  No.16685187

Considering I have no idea what the word prose means, you might be asking the wrong people.

5b900a  No.16685195

File: 8b4a08e4a58966a⋯.png (345.95 KB, 800x820, 40:41, ClipboardImage.png)


>literary level

?que entiende él con eso?

53a555  No.16685205


Prose just means writing in a natural way; as opposed to poetry, lists, menus, etc.

edc676  No.16685214

everything gets lost in translation, so expect bits to not translate properly

372754  No.16685226


yeah, that's kind of my concern.

I still want to try to write my game with the best prose I could write, maybe imitating cervantes, but I am afraid that'll make it kind of only be played by other spics.

I'm sure I could translate my prose into english but I am sure I'm not a damn good native.

I've tried to write shakespearean shitpost before, but not sure if I'm good enough for translating literary gardener prose.

bcb75e  No.16685227


do you mean only partially translating the game? if so, yes

5ed1b1  No.16685241



Whatever you do Spic OP, do NOT get help from anyone who calls themselves a localizer. And ensure any translation help is focused on being accurate first and foremost.

372754  No.16685244


yeah, translating the non literary bits, maybe adding some objective reminder to explain what to do next.

38a3f0  No.16685260

File: 9c839f0a936e3e9⋯.png (598.28 KB, 600x750, 4:5, cirno has a nice ass.png)


>but I am afraid that'll make it kind of only be played by other spics.

Most likely, but I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe you'll encourage people to learn Spanish to play it properly.*

*Extremely unlikely.

e43c1b  No.16685265

File: 9e27bb95036ea90⋯.jpg (58.23 KB, 600x813, 200:271, Expert.jpg)


>I want to use literary level of prose in my game story and dialogs, but in my native language (spanish).

Depends on how sophisticated a prose you're planning on using (i.e. If you want to write Cervantes, you're gonna have a bad time. Even realismo mágico would be difficult to translate into a video game, more so if you want to translate it to the English language as well.)

>Will this be a problem if I translate the non literary parts like menues and other important bits to english?

Apples and oranges. Translating the non-literary parts is no problem, translating the literary ones is.


Oh well, you played right into the problems I just mentioned.

bcb75e  No.16685266


i translate not japanese in my spare time, and once i'm out of school i plan to do it professionally. don't go half-assed and get a real translator if you're committed. >>16685241 is being an alarmist, but its true that lots of localization is utter shit–however its also a necessary part of moving a text between languages because many constructions and idioms don't gracefully translate. if you're already bilingual just do it yourself and ask native english speaker for help in preserving fluency.

61418f  No.16685268


That's what I got from your OP but I fail to see why you'd put in the effort to be literary while expecting a non-spic or bilingual audience. I suppose it may sort of work like some odd half translated JP games where it's functional technically and you can still get an idea of what's going on visually.

61418f  No.16685278

File: b9c3c22b42d8b3c⋯.png (12.66 KB, 148x200, 37:50, ClipboardImage.png)

By the way, does this look like a sleepy bearded Spanish man with a night cap on to anyone else? I was sitting a bit away from the monitor.

372754  No.16685322



well, that's kind of the issue with a lot of japanese light novels and japanese media.

they're still kind of written in literary japanese, so localization is kind of tricky.

I can write sort of functional english, but I am not good enough to write literary english or translate literary spanish.

c4aeb4  No.16685332

No, Chris, no!!! Get back to the thread, we really are the nice ones over there

5b900a  No.16685362

File: b4b539b7f85d452⋯.mp4 (7.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, average japanese.mp4)




71dd05  No.16685364

61418f  No.16685366


Why not look into someone local to assist? Is it going to be an erotic VN?

372754  No.16685384


I'm looking at publishers, they seem to deal with localizing, but I am unsure if there's any kind of localizing publisher for DLSite games.

43f042  No.16685395


You need to go with Spanish (Spain) literature, classics like Don Quixote, if you want proper prose. Mexico and South/Central America have badly bastardized the language and have largely lost whatever literary traditions they once had.

9add53  No.16685397


Thats actually bullshit, and i say it as a spaniard.

60444b  No.16685398

I'll play your game if it's good.

86b555  No.16685401



38a3f0  No.16685404

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

While we're talking about Cervantes, what other works of his would anons recommend? It's always Don Quixote with talking about him.


That's what he said his goal was.

5b900a  No.16685406


Don Quixote is the only book ever written in Spanish

a one-hit wonder language

61418f  No.16685414


I've seen on rare occasions someone grabbing a translator fresh out of or still in university.

38a3f0  No.16685418


Ah yes, of course. How could I forget?

3878f9  No.16686089

File: c6aa4d193913009⋯.png (923.3 KB, 912x1082, 456:541, c6aa4d1939130097a59f428353….png)

If you would like it to carry the same depth, I would suggest teaming up with a well spoken native English speaker then discussing the translation in depth, in stead of just trying to get it yourself or expecting some translator to try and figure it out, discuss it, meet in the middle and work with somebody to help you parallel the writing so you can match it the best possible way you can. You just need to articulate what you want, then leave it to the native speaker to put the prose together in a way that fits.

eed9ef  No.16686391


>have badly bastardized the language

it happened to english too.

bcb75e  No.16686425


bad post

0430c0  No.16686439


> I am afraid that'll make it kind of only be played by other spics.

Is your concern having an audience comprised entirely of spics, or that the market is too small?

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