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File: 8f6adf8a0485216⋯.png (36.51 KB, 250x129, 250:129, 0A26A832-0914-4059-8FE2-E5….png)

41da83  No.16686025

The footage of the games look like a generic platformer with puzzles, what is the appeal of the games other than cute girls?

9cdf78  No.16686027

Nope, it's exactly like pokemon and digimon

2846e6  No.16686033

People like the Pirate's Curse one. I haven't played it, but there you go.

bcb781  No.16686036

they're mediocre monster world knock offs with 4kids/totally spies tier T&A. Man children seem to like it, but if you want a good game look elsewhere.

6294ff  No.16686053

complete bait, mediocre gameplay but there's a nigger waifu to look at

be4059  No.16686060


>they're mediocre monster world knock offs with 4kids/totally spies tier T&A. Man children seem to like it, but if you want a good game look elsewhere.

Pretty much took the words out my mouth, but to be a doubles advocate, there's not many games that do that gimmick. Even in the monster world series there's only two games that do that, three if you count the remake.

d7615f  No.16686075

I played the first one and it was okay I guess aside from the fact that basic enemies took way too many hits to kill. I think some of the puzzles were pretty clever, but it's been a while so I don't remember much. The main gimmick is dancing to transform into other creatures which changes your moveset. And yeah, cute girls.

91e1c8  No.16686076


Cawadoody/Battlefield/every other FPS? Been there, played that and it's all the same shit in every sense of the word

d7615f  No.16686077


It's "devil's advocate" you retard.

9cdf78  No.16686079


Lurk two years.


2846e6  No.16686081


>reporting doubles


18e9e7  No.16686082

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>literally the first 2 seconds of the video

>Shantae, a nigger, transforms into a monkey

You can't make this shit up

bfafcd  No.16686083



I thought the same studio that made boy and his blob make the shantae series

bcb781  No.16686090


speaking of 4kids, that song makes me wanna puke


yeah, they also made the smurfs movie 2 game for ps3, wii, wii u and 360.

1b080f  No.16686104

The first game was one of those rare metroid clones with explicit dungeons. Besides the transformation gimmick, its main selling point was being a gbc game that had exclusive features if played on a gba, like better graphics and a bonus transformation.

The second game was basically more of the first, but like a quarter of the size, due to being the first of a planned episodic series of downloadable DS games, which didn't really pan out.

The third game ditched the transformation mechanic in favor of a more traditional item/ability progression like Metroid. It also ditched the large, interconnected map for a collection of smaller, explorable maps that you use a boat to travel between.

The fourth game got rid of most Metroid influence by making it stage based, with the caveat that you can replay old stages with abilities you get in later ones. It's pretty disappointing after how good the last one was.


They made the remake, not the NES original. They've made a lot of games, from mediocre tie-ins, like a Barbie game, pretty good commissioned games, like Double Dragon Neon and Contra 4, to their original games like Shantae and Mighty Switch Force.

2846e6  No.16686115


Don't you know about David Crane's love for anime-but-not-really titties?

297aab  No.16686449

File: 3edb6d67ff2b1bf⋯.jpg (203.08 KB, 1281x1644, 427:548, fat_shantae_by_eishiban_da….jpg)

I played Half-Genie Hero and was disappointed by how shallow the multiple modes were, as well as the unpolished level design (fuck the sand tower). Is this a bad Shantae title, or is this par for the course for the series?

dd8f8f  No.16686453

This bait isn't even fresh.

b1a018  No.16686462

File: 95cee2c5f7eef1a⋯.jpg (309.61 KB, 1500x1469, 1500:1469, shantaestone2.jpg)

It is mostly fapbait. Don't waste your time.

Shantae suffers from what I call "unity default controls". So she plays exactly like the default platformer controls you'd find in any given game engine like Unity. You have 100% control over her trajectory, angle and momentum when she jumps, and also her movement speed has 0 to 100% acceleration (as in, she doesn't accelerate at all - she's either moving or not moving). This makes her controls feel very boring and bland. The fun thing about platformers like Mario and Sonic is the ability to feel momentum when you move with them - when Sonic begins running, he doesn't immediately come to a stop, you have to push him to a stop.

Shantae doesn't have any fun controls and because of that her games feel very dull, nevermind the fact that they are basically linear Metroidvanias with very simplistic combat and boring enemy design. The games are just popular because of all the porn. Skip the thot games.

a2ca2e  No.16686484

File: 66e014d9172ebd3⋯.png (300.46 KB, 660x500, 33:25, map.png)

I started with Risky's Revenge and all I remember was that the layout for that game was extremely confusing.

21af33  No.16686495


I enjoyed pirate's curse for what it was but shantae is the best genie/muzzie waifu and i want to marry her and occupy her womb

a6b80f  No.16686533

File: 51984fd202a4c7a⋯.webm (422.22 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Shantae Fandom.webm)

this is all I know about shantae,

12759a  No.16686535


At least with Pirate's Curse, the controls are simple but they do enough with them to make them fun. The platforming isn't as hard as a platformer with sliding and proper momentum like Mega Man or Mario, but it has enough about it that's good and unique to make it fun the whole way through, and it does have its share of difficult platforming.

Half Genie Hero was underwhelming and boring. I didn't play the rest. I really probably should.

a8e954  No.16686538


It's probably the 3rd place game of the series. Pirate's Curse is it's peak, with Risky's Revenge in second.

The simple fact is the transformation concept is a terrible gimmick that clogs the game play as you're constantly having to stop for a second to switch forms.

2622d2  No.16686548

File: efae43731a4a160⋯.jpg (529.44 KB, 1842x4095, 614:1365, shantae eltonel.jpg)

File: 22aae5508949938⋯.png (736.33 KB, 1265x1000, 253:200, shantae consoles.png)

File: ddba5be000ce6e7⋯.jpg (84.88 KB, 816x979, 816:979, shantae goth.jpg)

File: 31b12fa31f6497e⋯.png (740.19 KB, 1200x1492, 300:373, shantae_shantae_series_dra….png)

File: 2e8d5d112b868ba⋯.png (638.26 KB, 1200x1492, 300:373, shantae goth brown delicio….png)


thats all you need to know tbh

1b882d  No.16686605

They're all great games with fluid control and excellent level design.

af1316  No.16686617

I've not beaten the original, or HGH (looks meh) but did finish the other two, and prefer PC since getting upgraded movement tools fits much more naturally than "transform here to do this".


The silliest thing to me about that is on the 3DS version you can charge the dash move anywhere by doing things with both D-pad and circle pad. Somehow or other they changed how it worked in a patch without fixing it, but after being asked, reverted it to the original behaviour without removing the bug and it's great for speedrunning. The game's movement in general feels great. 3DS version also has 3D pop-out titties with the character portraits.

f2ab70  No.16686649

File: 4164534fb27db57⋯.jpg (101.95 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1449679004193.jpg)

When /v/ says something is shit. It actually translates to good, mediocre, or competent. The games range from pretty good, to competent. Pirates Curse and Riskies Revenge are the only 2 objectively good ones in the series. First game is an interesting novelty. And Half Genie Hero literally has no excuse being as mediocre as it is countering every good thing they did with something fucking stupid. In terms of quality? Pirates Curse > Risky's Revenge > Shantae >= Half-Genie Hero

The worst you can call this series as a whole is ok. No truly bad games but nothing mind blowing either. If it hits your gaming kinks it might be even better. But that's just how Mediocrity works.

31d64b  No.16686712


>/v/ is hivemind XD


af1316  No.16686734


To me, I only apply the label "mediocre" to a game that stirs absolutely no emotion and it's the lowest possible rank I can give a game. It may as well not exist. Mixed bag more accurately describes games that do a mixture of good and bad. Bad games can be fun to pick apar and/or fall into the territory of being so awful that they're hilarious and fun. That one thread where a guy ripped into that crappy Norse pixelshit thing that plays like a janky C64 game and has the most monstrously OP deer transformation comes to mind.

31d64b  No.16686751


Well I ain't a part of it and ur a faget

b1a018  No.16686900


Oh hi, you must be posting from a parallel universe. In this one the Shantae games are shit.

c1ba1a  No.16686915


HGH starts off excellent and manages to have 2 transformations that are actually good for gameplay. But after Tassle Town the game becomes an absolute slog of backtracking. It's a shame, because there are some really well designed stages in there. But none of the extra modes are worth playing after doing hardcore mode

f5812b  No.16686927

File: 61d4d54a1a67ddb⋯.png (6.1 MB, 2894x6434, 1447:3217, eltonelcasualshantae.png)


>saving any other version of eltonel's shantae other than the original,HQ,definitive one

cuckchan crossposters are truly the scum of the earth

bcb781  No.16686951


nobody called the games anything but mediocre until your post

297aab  No.16686970

File: da3f8803466261e⋯.jpg (363.6 KB, 1086x1280, 543:640, elephant_dance__by_eishiba….jpg)


I'll look into Pirate's Curse when I get the chance, but


That's another excellent point anon, the transformations never felt properly implemented in HGH at all. Instead of thinking things through from a utility perspective, it's like wayforward just wanted to cram in as many different animals as possible but forgot to take a step back and realize how redundant some choices are: the puzzles for the bat could just as easily been split between the monkey and harpy forms, and the crab is so slow that it makes me want to skip as many underwater items as possible. Having too many transformations also prevents the implementation of assigning each to an unused button for faster swapping, or hell even just a mega man x usage of the shoulder buttons for rotation because this game was rushed out the door.

If I had to have any transformations at all, it would be limited to the monkey for climbing/narrow spaces, the elephant for block movement or destruction, the harpy for flight, and maybe the spider girl for background climbing (her back facing the player). If a transformation doesn't have a purpose that can be identified at a glance, it shouldn't be there.

43c0cc  No.16687018

File: eef20c4217fba58⋯.jpg (162.47 KB, 737x1024, 737:1024, (summer).jpg)

boy howdy, nearly every thread was cool with shantae with an occasional mudslime wanting to stone her, but now we have a whole thread bashing Shawntey games for no reason.

I wonder why…

b9dd36  No.16687022


HGH is the more forgetable piece of nothing I've played in years faggot. The Shantae games have never been anything above decent at best outside of the music, animations and fanservice.

43c0cc  No.16687026

File: c125b6e53c122ae⋯.webm (8.73 MB, 640x360, 16:9, we love burning town.webm)


I think they're slightly above decent. Platforming's done right, transformations are perfectly tolerable, music's balling, writing is not great but some of the dialogue is cute, art style is all over the place if you try to play all the games back to back, with HGH arguably being the worst in a few aspects.

I like the games, Pirate's Curse made me feel happy for a while because everything clicked.

bcb781  No.16687034


It's amazing how even the most optimistic of shantae fans can admit they're competent and tolerable.

93cafa  No.16687037

They're fun games with some nice sprite art, great music and likable characters. Not the most impeccably designed platformers, but everything works.

43c0cc  No.16687043


well yeah, were you expecting me to praise the games up and down as the peak of platforming and waifu sim on the planet gotyay?

It's good stuff.

b9dd36  No.16687048


>Platforming's done right

The problem is its bland as fuck. New levels don't introduce new concepts or mechanics. And they barely step up in challenge either.

>transformations are perfectly tolerable

In that over half of them are completely useless. Until you get flying and then the game is a joke. Poorly thought out is a better way to phrase it.

>music's balling

It's a wayforward game. That's to be expected. But even then I'm getting pretty fatigued from it. It's not bad, but you can't tell me they've been pushing boundaries for ost's since the 3rd game. I genuinely can't remember a song in my head from wayforward since love you love you and shantae's main theme.

>I like the games, Pirate's Curse made me feel happy for a while because everything clicked

Pirates Curse was a final thesis on Shantae tbh. It shouldn't have been continued after that. HGH feels like 4 hours of DLC I didn't need and can't remember it was so bland. I honestly played the game about a month ago and I can barely remember the games antagonist let alone half the content. And now they're putting out a new game and I could care less.

af1316  No.16687055


The animations really sell it to me. Besides the main character I like the mermaids in RR and PC. I also should say, it's impressive that PC got a G rating when they sneak all manner of lewd things under the radar in them. Rottytops is probably my favourite of the characters.

bcb781  No.16687058


I'm just pointing out that even the fans admit they're nothing special.

b9dd36  No.16687060


The characters in the game are pretty shallow. Which is fine I guess for a simplistic game since I wouldn't want paragraphs of exposition on them. I'm just tired of them after multiple releases. I just wish they would put out a new IP already. I mean they aren't Nintendo, Shantae's going to get diminishing returns eventually.

43c0cc  No.16687063

File: 6b1969024ebd0f1⋯.mp4 (13.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 'Weird Al' Yankovic - Word….mp4)


>cold care less

so you do care at least a little :^)

maybe my standards are lower, I never got too tired of platforming

>music doesn't push boundaries

I don't think it needs to. Not saying one shouldn't seek to improve, but if it works, why fix it.

If we were to compare it to food, I'd call it comfort food. Nothing too intense, light on ingredients, not too healthy, but darn is nice to have one in a while.

What I don't understand is the sudden surge of outright bashers out of nowhere since the last shawntey thread we had a couple of weeks ago.

b9dd36  No.16687078


>I never got too tired of platforming

There's better games for that is the problem. I'm playing some romhacks that are better than what we got out of HGH right now.

>but if it works, why fix it.

Because that's been the staple of wayforward for years now. I see no reason to even pirate the next game since it's just bland as fuck by now.

>If we were to compare it to food, I'd call it comfort food

The problem is I'm tired of the same flavor.

>What I don't understand is the sudden surge of outright bashers out of nowhere since the last shawntey thread we had a couple of weeks ago

Because on /v/ the line between "horrible piece of shit game" and "nothing special" is non existent. And everybody who wanted to play and discuss HGH have already done so.

Also the latest animation it put out a few days ago and it was a dumpster fire and attracted the weebs, which are classic S tier retards.

93cafa  No.16687154

Shantae actually fills quite an interesting niche now, of being just a very run of the mill AA platformer. You don't get so many of those games these days. You get your occasional big game coming out of a company like Nintendo, and you get Indie games that are usually steeped in ironic retro, or trying to make some kind of artistic statement.

There's something nice about playing something that just feels like it could have been an overshadowed GBA game every now and again.

d50982  No.16687164


I mostly agree with you, but the original is pretty fun if you ask me. More than an interesting novelty, but not quite great. So perhaps just "good" would be appropriate.

bcb781  No.16687166


I only ever heard about it because it's an expensive GBC game and it has a girl horny teens like

af1316  No.16687180

File: fdd1013f9260330⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1062x1500, 177:250, Astolfo.png)


Correction: It has a girl heterosexuals like. This might be more your sort of girl.

be4059  No.16687183


The issue with wayforward is that their games are always 'okay'. At first glance that's a good thing since that means they haven't made a shit game, but that also means if you played one you've played them all. I would say play a wayforward game when you can't think of anything good to play.


>So perhaps just "good" would be appropriate.

You're over praising it, personally I think 'mediocre' fit's shantae to a tee but since people think that's another word for bad, I would say 'okay', 'serviceable' or 'adequate' fit the bill better.

bcb781  No.16687186


that's not a girl you fag.


>The issue with wayforward is that their games are always 'okay'.

Basically, they're the most middle of the road studio I've ever seen. I don't even know why people would be remotely interested in anything they do.

>fit the bill better.


af1316  No.16687198


That's just how I use it. There really does need to be a clearer distinction for mixed bag games vs. ones that just hit middle across the board. Same average but an individual's priorities matter with the former, whereas something wholly uninteresting is destined to be forgotten. Maybe mixed bag vs. monotone?


That is the Joke™ also their gameplay is merely average but other bits, at least in PC, push it higher to me. Maybe some day I'll actually play HGH and see what it's about but I have more faith in people here.

9dca86  No.16687201

File: b4e601b7a00b796⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1062x1500, 177:250, better.png)


A curse upon all who post fleshfangs

93cafa  No.16687204


I wouldn't say that's entirely true. Switch Force was a really fun game with a unique gimmick.

43c0cc  No.16687239

File: ea6fb356f30f042⋯.jpg (235.3 KB, 1200x1709, 1200:1709, ritg1.jpg)

File: 7412938a363c26e⋯.jpg (305.29 KB, 1200x1709, 1200:1709, ritg2.jpg)

File: 47be59c45195e0a⋯.jpg (294.95 KB, 1200x1709, 1200:1709, ritg3.jpg)

File: 83e2c12cdc32f65⋯.jpg (251.84 KB, 1200x1709, 1200:1709, ritg4.jpg)

File: 980ed2be61d1387⋯.jpg (260.53 KB, 1200x1709, 1200:1709, ritg5.jpg)



A curse upon all faggots.

4e81d8  No.16687307

File: d7e4ed1608059a6⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1062x1500, 177:250, humble proposition __astol….png)

8e5b19  No.16687520


>monster world knock offs

The progression of your autism over the last year has been fascinating.

>one anon points out how shantae resembles the genie from monster world in a random shantae thread

>>it's clearly a funpost, because the monster world games are old and not especially popular

>another anon latches onto this comparison and posts monster world comparisons in every shantae thread from then on

>he gets progressively more mad and desperate because people usually reply with "huh, that's neat" instead of getting mad about his epic gamer meme

>the most recent shantae threads for Shantae 5 and the Trigger animated intro have posts where he keeps trying to push his shitty photoshop

>>gets almost no replies because he's so fucking autistic

>now he's progressed to first-post-worst-post autist levels of shantae hatred and probably says up half the night monitoring /v/ for shantae threads so people can know how right he is about video games

Is this what it looks like when a meme magic ritual fails?

8e5b19  No.16687529


>That one thread where a guy ripped into that crappy Norse pixelshit thing that plays like a janky C64 game

I have a vague memory of that. Was that the sidescrolling one? I'd love to reread it if you saved an archive or a cap.

4e81d8  No.16687541

File: bb5f471b46edcfb⋯.jpg (212.99 KB, 800x640, 5:4, __asha_and_shantae_shantae….jpg)


The argument over Shantae and Asha's similar shades of brown was hilarious.

af1316  No.16687544

8e5b19  No.16687554




Exactly as I remembered it. Thank you.

af1316  No.16687578

File: 198eb6aaf1d1e5a⋯.png (607.52 KB, 1790x1065, 358:213, 198eb6aaf1d1e5a3e92931ee4e….png)


The one image I saved from that.

dfa3a5  No.16687636

Are there any Metroidvanias that aren't boring slogs full of pointless backtracking?

Bonus points for no Experience system as well.

8e5b19  No.16687649


>are there any games about exploration where you don't need to explore things more than once

Metroid Fusion.

dfa3a5  No.16687652


Beat it already, it was too easy so it fails the "not boring" criteria.

8e5b19  No.16687661


Your statement is inherently contradictory, which is why I mentioned a Metroid game that isn't designed like a Metroid game.

110d16  No.16687681


I think you're into the wrong genre. Try regular old Action Platformers instead.

12759a  No.16687740


> Metroidvania without backtracking


93cafa  No.16687863


That's kind of the point of Metroidvanias. Literally play any action platformer that is not referred to as a Metroidvania. But, Order of Ecclesia kind of splits the difference between Metroidvania and traditional level based Castlevania.

b07f2d  No.16687879

File: abcee0c44423558⋯.jpg (76.5 KB, 300x360, 5:6, facepalm.jpg)


93cafa  No.16687881

File: 926129441dea21a⋯.png (10.48 KB, 604x608, 151:152, suspicjak.png)


Don't fucking bring that shit in here.

be4059  No.16687891

File: 95918684d11331f⋯.jpg (41.91 KB, 500x323, 500:323, animu man in silence.jpg)


>immersive sim

88de3d  No.16687946

The appeal is that the games are rock solid mechanically with good level design and oozing with charm and character. It's the same shit as the Ratchet and Clank series. They're not exactly groundbreaking or innovative, but they're fun games without an objectively bad entry in the series.

Granted Wayfoward as a company has been slipping up pretty bad since the Half Genie Hero kickstarter, so I can see where this dislike for the series is coming from.

b86b69  No.16688148


Try Guacamelee, Odallus, and Axiom Verge.

6499d5  No.16688200


>the rape deer

Oh yeah I remember that thread

681581  No.16688205


Hojo's a giant faggot for blueballing the police chief for so long.

4ee59b  No.16688229


Asha's a cutie arab waifu tho

4e81d8  No.16688252


I'm not denigrating her though. When anons pointed out that Asha's in-game shade of brown wasn't that different from Shantae' in-game shade of brown, it was funny to see Ashafag dodge the issue and deny it.

533501  No.16688267



Chubby chasers belong in a mass grave. Fuck you.

94a08f  No.16688338

File: 6a316c8640c2efd⋯.png (402.15 KB, 704x416, 22:13, 1465075009829.png)


Only part of 1/2 hero. It was really disappointing overall. Risky's Curse with all the flaws is better, and Pirate's Curse is the absolute peak. I still have to play the original, though, but I've heard it's good but rough around the edges.


There's a difference between chubby chasing and whale hunting.

0ab02a  No.16688732


If that's true then what's your father's excuse? :^)

b1a018  No.16688739

File: 92f12129a07caf5⋯.png (425.92 KB, 779x428, 779:428, shantaestone.png)

Shantae is a FUCKING WHORE

f6148e  No.16688761


Anon, Shantae is clearly Zoroastrian rather than Islamic.

be4059  No.16688778

File: d641327dad30167⋯.png (254.35 KB, 350x339, 350:339, consider this.png)


Then she needs to be culled because is an infidel.

533501  No.16688791


yeah that's why they're stoning her dumbass

64da30  No.16688900

File: e290ee94901466c⋯.png (1.36 MB, 792x594, 4:3, samus from drawthread.png)


I really don't understand this desire to play a metroid-like without backtracking. What's the point if you're not going back to earlier levels with better gear while opening more secrets you couldn't before?

8d1cf5  No.16689205

File: 81ce9a97b437d54⋯.png (1 MB, 907x852, 907:852, quality.png)


i always felt like backtracking was just a lazy way to pad playtime without actually having to create more maps.

f27352  No.16690235



yes let's revisit empty corridors you've already cleared so you can find a loot box in a hidden door, totally ruining the pace of the action game, but who cares because MUH GEAR and ITEMS

fuck off

d50982  No.16690241


>empty corridors

The fuck kind of metroidvanias do you play where enemies don't respawn? And it's not the same as the first time you went through, since unless you're playing a shit game you have unlocked a lot of movement options and can probably unlock shortcuts. Plus sometimes as the story progresses new enemies spawn in older locations.

bcb781  No.16690255


a big problem with exploration platformers is treating them is they are designed like skinner boxes. Most feel built to waste your time and the worst feeling is when you don't realize it until you see you have 8 times the health, ammo, etc. that you'll ever need. The problem is most exploration platformers are designed exploration first, platforming second. They don't try to make the thing you do every second of the game fun, they try to make the exploration part engaging by having a lot of it, not making it any good.

30ab47  No.16690266


Creatively reusing content =! Lazily rehashing content

It doesn't always work. For example, in SOTN the inverted castle was pretty shitty, but as long as backtracking is NOT mandatory and you have stuff like fast travel, there's no problem.


>Empty corridors

Do you understand the concept of respawning enemies?


>you have 8 times the health, ammo, etc. that you'll ever need

Then speedrun it like a faggot.

>by having a lot of it, not making it any good.

Different genres, I don't play that kind of games for the same reason I play metroid, and I find the former as fun if not more.

af1316  No.16690268


Simple solution: Don't include a fucking level-up system, or at least don't make it the dominating factor. A couple of the DSvanias support level 1 hard mode and there's a SotN save game file with his level maxed too to prevent him from leveling.

30ab47  No.16690271


The problem is that the games are still balanced with a level system. Level 1 runs sounds challenging, but they are not, they are tedious because you are fighting an enemy for 10 minutes or so and he can kill you in one hit so you have to start all over again, and even then, enemies don't have difficult or challenging patterns.

Limiting your level is a self-challenge, yes, but it doesn't solve anything.

Still, the level system is the best part of these games anyway.

bcb781  No.16690273

File: 07a57492b48a326⋯.mp4 (13.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, monsterboy-platforming.mp4)


>Simple solution: Don't include a fucking level-up system

this basically ruined ori and the blind forest


>Do you understand the concept of respawning enemies?

the point is most exploration platformers use corridors with no meaningful challenges in them. If you aren't blowing past every enemy in an exploration game with minimal effort after a certain point are you really playing the same genre? Look at Momodora 4, it's all vacuous hallways with a sprase challenge inserted. Half-assed and lazy. Monster Boy on the other hand is truly fantastic, pushing platforming challenges that are remarkably challenging and required to complete the game.

1ef8a3  No.16690276




30ab47  No.16690284


>If you aren't blowing past every enemy in an exploration game with minimal effort after a certain point are you really playing the same genre?

Yes, because I'm exploring, not platforming. Arguably, you can have both, but that's the least of my interests when playing a game like SOTN. If that's what I wanted I'd play Super Metroid, because it is a different genre.

If you needed to do all that platforming and also needed to backtrack the game would become tedious, the same reason why adding backtracking in zelda dungeon would be a bad idea.

301dc6  No.16690287


>Momodora 4, it's all vacuous hallways with a sprase challenge inserted


So you've never played it, then. Momodora 4 isn't a perfect game, but the challenge of each room, particularly the earlier areas, is very clear. It might not be to your tastes, but to say that the enemies aren't placed in such a way as to create a platforming challenge is incorrect.

af1316  No.16690288


I understand it's not a perfect system with PoR and OoE, I've done a level 1 hard mode of both, and it may even have been from scratch. I ended up being a cheesy bastard at a certain point (ancient armor, death rings, lightsaber and so on). Hard mode enemies are also absolute knobs in places. Several places in OoE get respawning enemies and they can come from under the ground at times, or in doorframes as you're entering them. As you say they also have way too much HP.

However for a game centred around loot as strongly as it is, a level-up system is really not necessary. The gear can be the progression system, and the best approach there is to have workable stuff out in the open (as an example, SotN has the Alucard gear) but the really top-notch or nifty stuff is in secrets or dropped by enemies.


That philosophy is part of the reason Chasm is so fucking dull. Terrain variation is a great way to vary the fights, and some enemy types can become much more deadly given the right environment.

30ab47  No.16690313


>However for a game centred around loot as strongly as it is, a level-up system is really not necessary

Even though I do agree with you, there are also problems with that, progression with weapons may mean the same as progressing with level, at one point your weapon will be pretty OP, it won't be as OP as both high level and good weapon, but would still be the essential problem.

Also, not a fan of RNG grinding. I've always thought that the perfect Metroidvania would be one that lets you get items/souls/shards in a creative way rather than relying on chance. Think of Etrian Odyssey loot system, where using fire-based attacks on insects gives you specific loot.


Never heard of it. Will try it.

bcb781  No.16690318


>So you've never played it, then

own a physical copy and played it after kero blaster, it was a massive step down.

>as to create a platforming challenge is incorrect.

It's not, they're in the way to waste your time, not create a challenge.

af1316  No.16690331


Some people are absolute suckers for grind, I happen to be like that. But the reason I say you give the player the tools they need is to mean they aren't obligated to. AoS/DoS have the retarded grind requirements to actually see the true ending while with PoR/OoE it's just a matter of finding key items which are in set locations, and at no point can you save past a point of no return.

Also you do raise a valid point about becoming OP through items but that's much more an issue with NG+ and you can do the Dark Souls thing of making each loop harder and harder. But otherwise PoR and OoE items are "scaled" to your stats in a way that they aren't a massive power leap in the same way they are in AoS/DoS.


I discourage that. It's procedurally generated Metroidvania, and quite often rooms are straight shots with monsters in them.

30ab47  No.16690360


>Some people are absolute suckers for grind, I happen to be like that

So do I, no problem reentering the room to kill the same enemy for the drop I want, specially if I just do LCK runs. All I'm saying is that there should be better ways.

>AoS/DoS have the retarded grind requirements to actually see the true ending

Pretty sure that's just AoS, but I get your point. It wouldn't be a problem if you had ways to get the item without grinding, not exactly set location items, though.

>It's procedurally generated

Well, what a fucking shame, it looks pretty as hell.

7ce800  No.16690363


Ok leftypol.

55f732  No.16690370

They're perfectly fine. I'd agree with general sentiment in that they're good but not great. 1 and 3 are the best ones, 2 and 4 are weaker. Worth your time if you enjoy platformers but they don't do anything particularly revolutionary.

Happy to see the anti-Shantae autist is spamming and IP hopping as usual. Jej

af1316  No.16690411


>Pretty sure that's just AoS

No it's both but AoS is the lesser evil.


One soul is guaranteed. The other two are apparently inflated odds to acquire even though they're on powerful monsters. It's not like trying to get Alura Une or Arc Demon that's for sure. The only downside is the game is more vague about which ones you need equipped to win but also make much more sense from a story perspective.


All three are random. One is * rarity but the other two are ** and I sure felt it with them multiple times. Also the reason you need them is stupid in the first place, in AoS they tie into the story, in this it's literally "this wall has this monster design on it, hit me with its red soul".

>All I'm saying is that there should be better ways.

I like the idea of it tying into killing them in a particular way, one of the AoS bosses even does that: Legion doesn't give out its soul unless you break the entire shell first.

>Well, what a fucking shame

Agreed. Its visuals are pretty nice for indie pixels but the closest I've seen to procedural Metroidvania that works is Terraria and that's more of a building game. A traditional room-based one really can't have it as the meat of the game, you're much better off playing a randomizer mod if you want some spice in a playthrough.

f1467d  No.16690414

It's a mediocre series

it's cute, but the actual gameplay is just ok

Like most Wayforward titles, they excel in presentation but not in substance.

f1467d  No.16690416


I don't like the English Opening theme, neither the last game's main theme. It's very 4kids tier lyrics. Would've been better without lyrics and just instruments.

1b080f  No.16690477


I'm pretty sure the only soul you need for the true ending, in DoS, is the one that let's you enter mirrors, which comes from a boss and is thus a guaranteed drop.

be4059  No.16690501


Let's just address the elephant in the room, nearly all anime ops are cringy at worst and campy at best, you just don't know it because you don't have a baseline for japanese language. Garbage in, garbage out.

30ab47  No.16690530


>No it's both but AoS is the lesser evil.

Oh right, now I remember.

>Legion doesn't give out its soul unless you break the entire shell first.

I also like the idea of doing specific stuff to hunt specific monsters, like what you did with the Mothman, the Yeti and the witch in DoS.

>A traditional room-based one really can't have it as the meat of the game, you're much better off playing a randomizer mod if you want some spice in a playthrough.

I wonder if someone can use the assets and mod it to have actual substance.


Nah, he is right, to get to Paranoia, the mirror one, you need 3 different souls, one of the killer clown and I don't remember the other ones.

af1316  No.16690539

File: 4195443d9f1386f⋯.jpg (222.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

File: aabac9b005b6e2c⋯.jpg (222.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0003.jpg)

File: 8d3b8dfe03515d5⋯.jpg (214.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0004.jpg)


Half-true. It's true that ultimately you need Paranoia's soul in order to branch to the bad/true ending, but to actually reach him, there's this fucking stupid arbitrary barrier in images related. To make a wall disintegrate you need to use its applicable monster soul on it, and all three are non-guaranteed, and two of them can be stubborn to acquire given their ** rarity.

It is possible to abuse glitches to bypass that but this is one of those games where glitches utterly break the intended flow, in particular the succubuss-cutall glitch that lets you break out of the area, and start zipping through unmapped areas. What makes this amazing is that it's trying to update the mini-map's "visited" areas and in doing so is writing to arbitrary memory, like the bit that tracks what souls you have. This can acquire things like the Julius mode spells, but also soul counts over 9.

1b080f  No.16690577



I completely forgot about those. That is really stupid.

43c0cc  No.16690619

File: 5b52139c5c2493b⋯.png (602.47 KB, 544x544, 1:1, lookin' good 4.png)

File: 3fc2417388b823d⋯.png (451.87 KB, 544x544, 1:1, lookin' good 3.png)


>those filters

30ab47  No.16690659


They are speedrunners, go figure.

af1316  No.16690699


It's a combination of things. Firstly the stream itself is at 720p. Then you have to factor in that only 3DS streaming exists. Then that 3DS is slightly higher resolution than the DS and will by default go with upscaling instead of letterboxing. Finally, I don't know how the typical streaming capture software handles scaling.

All that said I went path of least resistance in finding applicable shots of that scene. I'm not playing through to that point on my soft-modded 3DS to screenshot those bits.

f6da9c  No.16690710


what does Rottytops smell like?

6a00e7  No.16690718


According to in game lore, coffee.

30ab47  No.16690749


>Then you have to factor in that only 3DS streaming exists. Then that 3DS is slightly higher resolution than the DS and will by default go with upscaling instead of letterboxing

If you press select while starting a VC game or a DS game in the 3DS it starts with the original aspect ratio ande resolution, meaning it just looks smaller in the screen.

>All that said I went path of least resistance in finding applicable shots of that scene

You can screen it in an emulator.

d50982  No.16690751



Word of god said she smells like a type of lip balm because she was embalmed

af1316  No.16690785

File: 8b72662ea93ac50⋯.png (55.56 KB, 320x240, 4:3, bot_0016.bmp.png)


>If you press select while starting a VC game

Hence "by default" because I'm well acquainted with 3DS and DS backwards compatibility.

>You can screen it in an emulator.

I could do that or snapshot on my 3DS if I wanted to waste an hour or more to get to that point in the game. Big fucking waste of time when path of least resistance demonstrates why DoS is fucking stupid.

f6148e  No.16690800

File: e40cf736645bab1⋯.png (45.68 KB, 597x445, 597:445, Rottytops smells like cand….PNG)

dd8f8f  No.16690818

File: 858fc8a9652be9c⋯.gif (2.3 MB, 480x266, 240:133, 1361483536210.gif)


>She was embalmed

91f489  No.16690890


aa5b9b  No.16690928


This. Once you start to learn japanese it pains to understand how bad the lyrics of some anime openings are, especially the ones with english words or phrases.

And the reason for their inclusion it's because usually the parent company of an anime production company is also behind the singer/band and they want to make some money selling the soundtrack and or promoting the artist. There's also the slight possibility that said song could become a hit

278aac  No.16690959

f6148e  No.16690963


if you hate risky so much why don't you just divorce her

b7968c  No.16690994


>song could become a hit

How many times did that happen?

be4059  No.16691001


Then he'll have to deal with


I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy, unless he was a jew.

f6148e  No.16691006


But anon, what if Shantae helps out and he gets all of her pirated riches as alimony instead as a result?

30ab47  No.16691015


It honestly depends on the anime and the imagery of the opening itself for the song to success and how good the full version is. I know that Supercell have scored a couple of hits, at least in japan. I also listen to anime music every day in order to learn japanese

be4059  No.16691025

File: 8886daa5b94c6f9⋯.png (82.66 KB, 284x265, 284:265, ya.png)


Silly, anon, don't you know the unwritten rule that men always lose in divorce court?

f6148e  No.16691047


Not if you give Shantae the proper motivation to go on an adventure to get Scuttletown's mayor to rewrite that rule.

510a36  No.16691052

File: 2bfab5dc9516a4c⋯.png (415.76 KB, 547x589, 547:589, 2bfab5dc9516a4c5e1ac0e5704….png)


>When /v/ says something is shit. It actually translates to good

Truly, Bad Rats must be the best game of all time.

47ad2f  No.16691053


To be fair, I've never seen a thread shitting on Bad Rats.

be4059  No.16691121


And what is that 'proper motivation'?

f6da9c  No.16691195

The first game is arguably the best and nicest looking platformer on the gbc and given the technical limitations and its novelty at the time it's the only game in the series with any substance. The rest of the games are generic but ok time wasters, fun in most cases, but fapbait is their only saving grace.

And being that that's the case I don't understand why they've been making the art less attractive. PC had the best dong expanders, RR was too badly drawn to fap to, HGH made everyone chibi and the new looks like it's going to continue the trend.

30ab47  No.16691233


>the only game in the series with any substance

Pirate's curse abilities and platforming is pretty top tier, though.

>And being that that's the case I don't understand why they've been making the art less attractive

I think they had help with the sprites in PC.

4e81d8  No.16691245

File: 35b97097876c343⋯.png (38.32 KB, 597x445, 597:445, Rottytops smells like cand….png)

1b080f  No.16691282


right here


Not only are you three hours slow, you couldn't even bother reading the replies to the posts you are replying to.

4e81d8  No.16691356


Yeah I didn't finish reading the thread, and you can't see replies to posts when javascript is disabled. Incidently I also got hit with 8chan/Cloudflare's Polish sampling feature. Even though we both saved the same picture, you can see my copy is a smaller filesize.




Compare the filesizes from the same URL.

1a8ab2  No.16691442


>Yes. She was emblamed.

jej what sharp wit

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