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Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

472a20  No.16686141

Looks like they have a head (((localizer))) in their midst who changed shit in Judgment to be politically charged. Some shit to do with a character acknowledging a chick as hot to become some catcalling thing to "educate" nasty gamers about how bad catcalling is

>Polygon had the opportunity to interview Scott Strichart, senior localization producer at Sega of America, where the localizer admits to changing a scene in Judgment — where you assume the role of Saori Shirosaki during an undercover mission — to educate the Western audience, mainly males, on catcalling politics.

>The second video in its mother tongue sees the first guy saying, “Fuck, she’s hot!” Nothing more than self-expression made to oneself. The first video literally changes the context of the scene where the guy involves the character Shirosaki using a political catcall.>Polygon cites the localizer saying that upon witnessing the scenario, he knew that the team at Sega had to take “special care with the scene.”

<"Sensitive scenes are tricky to get right. I knew right away we had to be careful with it.”

<"[…] In a weird way, I saw something of an educational experience here, because our player base is primarily male — and I do kinda hope that being thrust into the first-person perspective of a woman being catcalled felt a little gross. I hope there’s some level of sympathy for Saori, and on the larger scale, empathy for women who deal with it on a regular basis.”

>The article ends with Strichart admitting that he and the crew purposely altered the scene while making mention that it’s a “liberal change” because he couldn’t “fathom the arrogance”



Edit: Apparently if you play the game with Japanese audio and English Subtitles you get the direct translation that the OP article mentions. It's only when you play in English audio do the subtitles represent the edit.



Post last edited at

b798b3  No.16686178

File: 080de0d8f01c55d⋯.jpg (51.37 KB, 839x469, 839:469, 1449480773022.jpg)

Not surprising. This guy or someone like him will be in charge of localizing Phantasy Star Online 2 for the west, so he'll flip a shit when he sees slutwear like the recently released sexy maid outfit, get it removed from the western version, then complain that it's in the JP version, and get it removed there, too, for "region parity."

eb1451  No.16686191

File: 0d844880eafd247⋯.jpg (59.56 KB, 600x582, 100:97, 0d844880eafd247a3a67a52da0….jpg)

>Dont forget to buy yakuza and support muh b-based sega!!!

Paypigs eternally btfo

6a64a2  No.16686200

File: 298af16171f4633⋯.jpg (78.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 5wn67je467.jpg)

If they're saying ignorant shit in the game let it stay that way. It's fucking provocative and makes the game and characters more interesting. People need to know there are a lot of different ways to think out there. But this is what you fucking get by not learning Japanese.

4ca5d0  No.16686205


to think i was this close to buying judgement. The minute i saw Sungwon Cho was in it i knew the games localization would go downhill

29ed5e  No.16686210

I hope you're not implying this is something new.

7986eb  No.16686211


Same, and I can't believe this shit head saying he couldn't fathom the arrogance as he changes someone else's work to suit his way of thinking because he couldn't stand it otherwise.

Also who is Sungwon Cho?

508a8b  No.16686213

>SEGA is pozzed

Where have you been?

818a2d  No.16686214


>this is what you get for not learning Japanese

>he thinks learning the original language will save him from global release censorship

Burying your head in the sand isn't going to solve anything.

508a8b  No.16686215

29ed5e  No.16686217


Those fucking flags

4ca5d0  No.16686218


voice actor who was in 2064 with Zoe Quinn and made this


7986eb  No.16686219


Yakuza Kiwami had one of the hostesses story changed. She was supposed to be a lesbo who eventually fell for you and realized that she likes men as much as she does women if not more. So they just threw that out entirely and leaves the story janky because a huge jchunk of it is missing.

So yeah, not the first time. They also apparently are removing a tranny from 3 because it's too bigoted.

bb62bb  No.16686222

File: d7fccbda7f1d5b1⋯.jpg (44.96 KB, 406x364, 29:26, 1423163909359-4.jpg)


You don't want shit to get fixed, you just want a reason to act smug.

29ed5e  No.16686225

File: 8b76ffbcac51ca0⋯.png (357.36 KB, 600x338, 300:169, ClipboardImage.png)


Jim Sterling was also in that.

7986eb  No.16686232


Jesus, no wonder.


I wish something like what happened with Gunvolt would become the norm. How great would it be if creators actually give a shit about their work enough to see what the localization was doing and tell them to fucking top it.

fcec60  No.16686233

I'm just going to put it out there, but I know you guys don't care:

If you play the game with Japanese audio and English Subtitles you get the direct translation that the OP article mentions. It's only when you play in English audio do the subtitles represent the edit.

b798b3  No.16686236

File: e49b9d9908f1831⋯.jpg (45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Ohys-Raws] Sword Art Onli….jpg)


There was a time when learning Japanese wasn't burying your head in the sand. It was cutting out a gatekeeper. Unfortunately, the gatekeepers saw that loophole and closed it by pozzing the companies directly, so yes, there's currently no point to learning Japanese if you're doing it to avoid censorship.

7986eb  No.16686238


How true is that? I still don't want to give them money for fucking with something they shouldn't, but honestly curious if this is true or not.

4ca5d0  No.16686239



i unsubbed from that faggot a few years back because his content was unfunny and then again, i only subbed because he did a few ace attorney comic dubs before going full vine

fbc9ea  No.16686240


>"no G at the end"

>"it's like the English word 'sung'"

No fucking wonder people keep pronouncing his name wrong.

fcec60  No.16686241

7986eb  No.16686254


That sounds alright but I'd wait to see someone get to that scene in japanese and see if it's true.

Would not put it past these scum to change the subtitles for jap vocals too if it meant virtue signalling.

f595e3  No.16686263



Read the fucking article god damn it. It fuckings says so right there.

7986eb  No.16686271


I'll own up to that one, my bad.

They should still just leave this shit alone period. I love how the original line isn't even catcalling so he chose to make it so in order to feel superior by teaching us something. Can't even make their point without inventing a situation to do so.

f595e3  No.16686279


Yeah, I can already see all the apologists trying to downplay the bullshit with, "it's only the dub! Who cares about fucking dubs?" The fact that a faggot with that mindset is anywhere near the localization work is bad enough. It's as if pattern recognition is lost to those idiots. These faggots deserve no spot to inject their bullshit.

30279e  No.16686290

File: c7b993c6eb23434⋯.jpg (127.5 KB, 799x599, 799:599, 16174709_1386946668014244_….jpg)


I told you fucks this was coming when majima called mr shakedown a shitlord.

Few of you listened. These goddamn sjws need to be stopped. My Yakuzers is all i've got.

7986eb  No.16686292


It's always their lack of self awareness that gets me the most, it's scary even.

I already mentioned it but notice how he says he couldn't fathom the arrogance as changes someones work to suit his own ideas.


4ca5d0  No.16686294


don't forget the Chauvinist Pig and Swine from that one subquest or the whole breaking the glass ceiling in Kiwami 2

ddf132  No.16686297


Please give me the synopsis of what went down with Gunvolt. I missed that episode.

7986eb  No.16686302


(((localizers))) changed a whole bunch of shit from the original as well as stripping out whole chunks of dialogue entirely because they were lazy fucks. The worst though was a boss character you fight that is able to reverse things, making up become down and shit like that including themselves which meant the they could swap from being a man or woman at random by using his power on himself.

This led them to saying the character was trans in game complete with xir/xim pronouns.

People complained enough that they patched in a proper english translation officially which fixed that shit and put all the jap dialogue back that goes on when you're going through stages as well as fighting bosses.

ddf132  No.16686305


Sounds like justice still exists. Righteous.

4ca5d0  No.16686318

30279e  No.16686320


Justice only exists if we take it.

Coordinated email campaign could make sure they stay true to the original translation. I'm only gonna buy this shit used if they fuck with things.

7986eb  No.16686326


I do get a kick out of how pissed they must have been that a proper translation was put in over their shitty one.


Agreed, I'd even settle for these people to be fired and blacklisted for fucking with things their not supposed to.


This, as soon as I can confirm with my two eyes in a video of the game being played that the jap track is left intact will I by this used.

fcec60  No.16686327


I just want to add I'm so fucking glad I didn't even consider playing this game with the English dub.

All the voices in OPs video just sound so bad. But, whoever the fuck is voicing my waifu Saori should have her vocal cords surgically removed for committing such an atrocity. She completely ruined her and turned her from a monotone quick witted shy robot to a snarky "slay queen". Her voicing doesn't even match the characters facial presentations. Fuck, I'm so over English dubs.

fcec60  No.16686329


I beat the game yesterday. I'll try to replay that scene either tomorrow after work or Saturday after I finish grocery shopping in the morning

4ca5d0  No.16686334

File: 272407f25d80501⋯.png (279.18 KB, 732x738, 122:123, Capture.PNG)


why am i not surprised

7986eb  No.16686338


That would be very much appreciated.


Bit off topic but I am Canadian and I'm so disappointed with my country anon.

fcec60  No.16686341


So that's who did the voice. I don't know who she is, but that's really disheartening because she did a great and faithful job in Star Ocean.

Now who the fuck am I supposed to blame?

b17c22  No.16686342


The voice director?

2e32c6  No.16686345


Compelling argument.

fcec60  No.16686347


Guess so, any details of who that is? I wasn't paying attention during the ending credits.

4ca5d0  No.16686361

File: 3c961963e2f8567⋯.png (491.65 KB, 531x418, 531:418, Capture.PNG)

fcec60  No.16686371


So the just is on for Keith Arem

f595e3  No.16686392

File: 3f8ebded57dc955⋯.png (1019.98 KB, 954x3641, 954:3641, Ace Combat 7 Translation.png)

b17c22  No.16686416




Samuel G Mullen, Scott Strichart, and Dan Sustrum are other potential names of interest.

1f6a03  No.16686420




b17c22  No.16686422

15513e  No.16686424


>this is what you fucking get by not learning Japanese.

If you think learning Japanese will save you from censorship, you are the wrongest man to ever live.

026700  No.16686441


>of America

>is pozzed

No shit.

80f042  No.16686457

File: af904c9d8714368⋯.jpg (149.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, D6slP2TX4AIhY4w.jpg:large.jpg)


5ac49e  No.16686461


Don't you get tired of posting this same fucking picture every goddamn day? Shit gets stale, man.

026700  No.16686465


>t. faggot

80f042  No.16686472


Come to think of it tails looks sort of worried. Maybe he forgot to bring lube


I haven't even seen that one before faggot

5ac49e  No.16686473



I like a good song, but I'm not going to listen to it every single day. At least mix up your repertoire or something.

5ac49e  No.16686474


>I haven't even seen that one before faggot

Then lurk more.

80f042  No.16686477


>thinks he sees it every day

>lurk more

6cec40  No.16686480

File: 8105c97a8f2022c⋯.jpg (62.48 KB, 720x529, 720:529, 8105c97a8f2022c578e78f56be….jpg)


SoA and SoE have been bad news since the 90s. They fucked over Sonic's localization the moment he was introduced here.

7349d1  No.16686481


Just realized how stupid the point he is making here. I'd imagine him not being able to pronounce Polish or Croatian names easily

20d40d  No.16686482

File: f76e2918868564b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 570.28 KB, 1280x1509, 1280:1509, ClipboardImage.jpg)



>Forgetting lube

That's an amateur mistake, and Tails is no amateur.

88ebb0  No.16686498

>pls gib traffic to one angry faggot the thread

kys OP

5ac49e  No.16686503




Yes, every day with these exact fucking images. It's either one person or a mass of boring uncreative fucks copying each other and reposting the same exact images every goddamn day. Every time there's a thread that somebody says something about gay people, it's all these exact same images and a bunch of images with statistics about gays and pedophiles filled with URLs and spooky infographics about queers and AIDS. Occasionally, somebody posts the video of the little kid dancing sexually in a pride parade or the one of the gay bar.

It gets fucking old. It's like a broken record.

026700  No.16686540


>oy vey goyim stop with all those nasty hate facts

5ac49e  No.16686560


Don't stop, just bring something new in. Get off your ass and make something new instead of just reposting the same shit on repeat.

f595e3  No.16686575


Rent free.

100c33  No.16686603

File: 9e3885b0b409dcf⋯.png (183.36 KB, 413x481, 413:481, upload_2019-2-20_13-1-56.png)

File: d4d690d5f9c4200⋯.png (39.67 KB, 412x333, 412:333, upload_2019-2-20_13-2-54.png)


*notices ur bulge*

985210  No.16686619


>boner culture


f595e3  No.16686621

File: 0761769f2802e4a⋯.webm (7.66 MB, 640x360, 16:9, French_Song_Feels_2_Mes A….webm)


4ca5d0  No.16686627


it was a meme or some dumb shit a few months back

100c33  No.16686639

File: ab8d9d39677d331⋯.png (772.12 KB, 949x665, 949:665, OwO.png)

File: 506469654b8e3ce⋯.png (427.48 KB, 587x738, 587:738, what.png)

File: 4e1dbafd81aa781⋯.png (322.54 KB, 613x408, 613:408, is.png)

File: e14d495a6d4c17a⋯.png (719.65 KB, 586x891, 586:891, this.png)

fc4477  No.16686661


>implying a 5 foot tall Chinese mail order bride is any better

7ba110  No.16686699

File: 4cb7d330c70495e⋯.jpg (110.51 KB, 900x989, 900:989, 4cb7d330c70495e5ee85b89101….jpg)


>dude…you know in MK11 she is literally a reanimated corpse, right?

That's a problem how?

ae35b8  No.16686744

File: 37db0d680282a88⋯.jpg (119.84 KB, 910x1024, 455:512, Booty.jpg)


>nude mod removes that weird shoulder thing on Miriam

Modders are Godders.

634e0d  No.16686774

File: 33d5fed07c19a42⋯.png (781 B, 56x56, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 293e2887a364756⋯.png (767 B, 56x56, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Remember when Americans used to localize games and not only did no one give a fuck, but these games also happened to be some of our childhood favorites? Good times.

2e32c6  No.16686787

File: 84ccaba2705ce11⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 360x202, 180:101, look.gif)


>Censorship used to be a good thing because nobody cared and we were children at the time

I loathe your miserable existence.

4dcd68  No.16686789


Shouldn't you be going to bed instead of shitposting?

b57929  No.16686807


>hating women of any kind

A tactic only queers or a femkike trying to D&C men do, so which are you?

c68bf6  No.16686842


Just ignore the stupid cunt.

4d58e3  No.16686855


And now like all weebs, you are going to back down and pretend you always hated Sega. You feminized faggots are unreliable.

4d58e3  No.16686861


The learn japanese faggots are the biggest losers in the censorship war, because for all their efforts now the games are censored at the source. Never ever back down from a fight and try the escapist route, you're only gonna get capped while you hide.

4d58e3  No.16686865



>they are so unaware

>how can they be so hypocrital

>this is so stupid

You will always be stuck in a childish mentality of disbelief, until you fully realize that the enemy does whatever is necessary to win. They are not stupid, they just do the unthinkable because it works - as you don't know how to deal with it.

40511d  No.16686867




21a38d  No.16686870


Jews and anglokikes are usually the ones voluntarily censoring shit.

4ceaeb  No.16686873


yet it's all true.

50% of homosodomite men in the US will contract aids in their lifetime.

most have 1-4 intestinal parasite species.

4ceaeb  No.16686877


go fuck a nigger then you cancerous kike.

4ceaeb  No.16686879


>third worlder detected

40511d  No.16686880



c68bf6  No.16686885


Censorship is also done to keep you ignorant. If you understand other cultures and can communicate with them directly, then it is difficult for them to act as middle men.

515f47  No.16686895

You must not play a lot of video games.

Game developers have been using this medium to promote political and social concepts for about as long as games have existed. It really helps to reach audiences that don’t watch the news or even tv in general.

Look at it this way: if fewer people acted like scumbags and tolerate scumbaggery then maybe your precious video games wouldn’t have to be sullied by these messages.

00d9c6  No.16686919

>Western release has pozzed changed not in the original Japanese

>Learning Japanese won't help you at all!

And yet you have the balls to call the learn Japanese people annoying, when that is exactly what would avoid the poz in this case. Eat a thousand dicks you retards. Learning nip still saves you from a lot of shit. If there is global censorship that can be verified then avoid that company. Even better, you can communicate IN JAPANESE with the source to voice your complaints directly to the company and other nips to spread your message further.

100c33  No.16686928

File: cad76a88991fa2c⋯.jpg (82.28 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, D9dBTdZXkAEqCih.jpg)

>thread get derailed by /pol/ rejects again

well i suppose it is an OAG thread after all

c809ea  No.16686931

File: 694312c2864c2d3⋯.png (74.72 KB, 420x420, 1:1, dhumbs ub.png)


A bit obvious but made me laugh anyways. Thanks anon.

6af161  No.16686936



>another assblasted tranny attacking OAG

Is the the new discordspic tactic? Have they decided that right-wingers having one news source was this big of a problem?

5aafd9  No.16686937


That's twitter

2deb3f  No.16686942


>missing the "back to Discord" thing in the top left

5aafd9  No.16686948


One is a public (((social))) media platfrom and the other is a "server" based group communitcation platform with a white instead of a blacklist principle.


Ah fuck I am blind, so that's what fdafc5 meant

d8e75a  No.16686959


Looks like I’ll be importing the Hong Kong English versions going forward.

80f042  No.16686981





>blackpill anon was right t. totally not blackpill anon


>dislikes super girly things

What a fag


Second pic is just a shistpost. I don't know what you're saying with the first.



6b6522  No.16686993


>What a fag

watching k-on doesn't make you a badass, weebfag

c74348  No.16687137

So autism, 50+ cases of that blog is shit and stormfaggotry aside.

What can be done about this?

c74348  No.16687150


Anything else?

1ccdd8  No.16687170


Kinda tough to come up with new ways to portray faggot mental illness when it's pretty much all about men, shit, diseases, and parasites.

4dc5d4  No.16687172


Should this be edited into the OP?

a9d8a4  No.16687178


I'm a big fan of just sitting back and watching at this point.

8997cc  No.16687185

File: 435d944d2aeb58c⋯.jpg (58.72 KB, 1000x675, 40:27, 435d944d2aeb58cb753df13d35….jpg)


How effective would it be?

to raid SEGA in GG style to get rid of this cocksucker?

4dc5d4  No.16687194


I'd say wait

4dc5d4  No.16687203


No, I'm saying wait till we see the subtitle in action. Apparently there's two sets of English subs. Wait to see the Japanese audio English sub before making Judgement.

100c33  No.16687228

File: 7237c18316b28be⋯.png (329.76 KB, 734x600, 367:300, subhuman.png)



You can hate niggers and hipsters without always acting like a sperg with retarded one-dimensional viewpoints as a matter of fact.

a9d8a4  No.16687235


This guy has to have some form of next level autism. Jesus was right.

677b04  No.16687250

File: 501d05b44bc5305⋯.jpg (11.36 KB, 300x250, 6:5, ss.jpg)

Fucking sjws… Make your own trash and stop destroying the things we like!

d8c0b5  No.16687254


There's nothing wrong with that tweet, though.

b05c70  No.16687262


I didn't know Sergio was the OAG guy

717948  No.16687266


I fully, unironically agree with that tweet.

bf9bcb  No.16687275

Oh. I thought being an obnoxious lecherous faggot in public was a polite thing. Thank you for educating me. I might have raped someone otherwise.

>they literally think people are stupider than children.

Here's a hint. People who do cat call women know it's impolite. The taboo is part of thrill.

b505e5  No.16687284

>Edit: Apparently if you play the game with Japanese audio and English Subtitles you get the direct translation that the OP article mentions. It's only when you play in English audio do the subtitles represent the edit.

>Pozz is optional for gaming journalists and streamers


34d429  No.16687289


Does catcalling ever work? What if the woman is secretly a slut who finds rugged construction workers a massive turn on?

6f0fa2  No.16687290


Mixed feelings. On one hand, fuck them for doing this in the first place, on the other, at least they give people like us who don’t want to be preached to and just experience the game as it’s meant to be the option to do that.

798426  No.16687291

File: 04e2566c03e4952⋯.jpg (10.73 KB, 352x288, 11:9, 181.jpg)


<it's ok to hate things as long as you hate them the way i deem proper

b505e5  No.16687293


I don't like the fact that it exists too but at the same time, it's the perfect solution. Retards get English audio with pozzed subtitles that match (((modern western values))) while everyone else gets the unchanged Jap version.

02bb41  No.16687306

File: 1f005f31f22791d⋯.gif (962.61 KB, 500x284, 125:71, thumbsupdouble.gif)


Middle ground solution. Everybody gets what they want, I'm okay with this.

34d429  No.16687310



Isn't that the same thing with the Azure Striker Gunvolt PC port? You get english with english audio and one of the most cringeworthy scripts(PHOTOBOMBING THE MOMENT) or jap audio with the original script translated to English and it's a much better experience.

6f0fa2  No.16687314


Yeh, we’ve been asking these poz fucks to just implement an alternate censored mode for their sensitivities instead of just censoring the whole thing for a while. If all that’s ruined is the shitty English dub then that’s fine in my book. Maybe other (((localizers))) can take a note.

61e42d  No.16687318


Very nice, but I doubt we'll see this level of effort very often. Making essentially 2 versions of the game for the same region.

472a20  No.16687325


>Muh PR

6f0fa2  No.16687330


The problem here is that you don’t think they already have that mile. Not to be a black pill fag, but nothing really seems to be getting them out of our hobby. I’ll take my good news where I can get it and the fact that judgement will have the option to play it without the woke content is good news.

83c667  No.16687333


Whoa there buddy, cool it with the blackpilling. Mark, clean this goy up.

6f0fa2  No.16687346


I’m just saying, we still have yet to find a good way to effectively break the cult that has weaseled its way into our hobby, and (((localizers))) get worse by the day. You know we are in a rough spot when Nintendo of all places is defending freedom in vidya.

at this point I’m just hoping Vic’s case against funimation goes well and stamps out #metoo in anime.

f595e3  No.16687363


Read you fucking niggerfaggot.

The article/archive links both versions you absolute subhuman. Fucking Christ.

6f0fa2  No.16687383


Xseed was pretty good for a while till Tom cucked our.

d848d4  No.16687425


Doesn't link any time stamps in the video or shows the difference in subs.

6caf66  No.16687441

File: 9ee14b20776ce39⋯.jpg (55.1 KB, 410x380, 41:38, atari is cool.jpg)


sure thing jean-francois

d8e75a  No.16687452

File: 4eed5c62f7894df⋯.png (623.81 KB, 640x295, 128:59, 431DF6DC-E0BC-4ED6-889E-D7….png)

Speaking of censorship, Sony is at it again, removing 0.8 seconds of Crystars opening because OH NO A BUTT AHHHHH.

Sony is pathetic. So lame.

6f0fa2  No.16687458


I’m convinced they are filled with literal faggots who wretch at the sight of any feminine figure.

d8e75a  No.16687463


Anywhere Frenchies are can’t be based, it’s impossible for them (Jean of Arc aside).

eed029  No.16687510

I knew the translators for Judge Eyes were fishy ever since they started preaching about how good and faithful their dub is for keeping words like "sensei" in. The second a translator starts trying to stand out, you know they are an egotistical fuckhead.

Also what the fuck is a "political catcall"


Only if you're a sonyfag

6f0fa2  No.16687527


>how good and faithful their dub is

Somebody should throw that back in their face.

ffc887  No.16687531


>Edit: Apparently if you play the game with Japanese audio and English Subtitles you get the direct translation that the OP article mentions. It's only when you play in English audio do the subtitles represent the edit.

ok… so just play with japanese audio and english subs, like any person with any sense would do anyway?

b505e5  No.16687534


>I knew the translators for Judge Eyes were fishy ever since they started preaching about how good and faithful their dub is for keeping words like "sensei" in

Holy fuck, why? It makes sense to not change things that don't have an equivalence in English like "-chan" or calling a higher up Yakuza "Aniki" but you can literally translate "Sensei" into English.

721d44  No.16687537

File: a12dbb4b750e34c⋯.mp4 (1.63 MB, 326x184, 163:92, I recognize where she is f….mp4)

I actually studied translation and interpretation in college I can confidently tell you that what these translator do does not even qualify as "localisation". The core concept of localisation as outlined anywhere else(except seemingly video games) is to make the foreign material more understandable to the local populace.

A simple example of localisation would be replacing foreign flora with the local one in a children's book. Like changing "Alpine Edelweiss" to something like "white alpine lilys" to make it easier for a child to visualize. The point is to preserve the point of the original even though with different words.

What is not localisations(or even translation for that matter) is taking "Alpine Edelweiss" and replacing it with some pop culture shit like "monster can flowwer". Not only does that immediately make the text less readable but it also makes it instantly dated because the second Monster drink leaves the public consciousness(it doesn't even have to be discontinued just drop in popularity) the pop culture reference ceases to make sense.

Same thing here. 10 years from now very few people will actually recognized the references made and thus making whatever the "translator" tried to do here pointless. Same shit with Fire emblem.

So even from a purely translatological point of view this is simply wrong and if I tried shit like this on my exams my ass would fly out the university onto the street, not some localisation office.

177ee3  No.16687543


the director of production of sega of america has confirmed that they have nothing to do with the english localization of pso2. it is being handled directly by sega of japan like the original dreamcast pso was.



721d44  No.16687547


It shows an insanely oversized ego on the part of the translator. Which is probably 50% of the problem here. These fags probably dont even have a bachelors degree in translation/interpretation and so they assume that if they have a basic understanding of the language that means they reached the proverbial top as a translator and refuse to improve on absolutely any level.

8006cf  No.16687569


I don't think that kind of "localization" is any better really. It's where you get "eat your hamburgers Apollo" from. Translation/localization does have to change sentence structures a great deal and sometimes they have to adjust wording further to preserve the proper tone. However I don't feel like it's ever justifiable to replace on noun with a completely different noun. Never replace Edelweiss with Lilies, Sushi with Hamburgers, or Nezumi Kozō with Robin Hood.

bf9bcb  No.16687573


Localisation in and of itself isn't necessarily a bad thing. Changing local expressions or obscure Japanese culture references to things that actually make sense to a broader Western audience is kind of common sense, unless you know you're aiming your product at Weeaboos who want the thing to be as Japanese as it possibly can. For example, some flavour text about a Japanese Idol could be changed to "you see a pop singer on the television". That's pretty harmless stuff.

What we see here isn't really localisation. Localisation is just the term they hide behind when they want to change or remove anything they find "icky".

8006cf  No.16687582


It's wrong to underestimate your audience like that, whether they be children or otherwise. Seeing different cultural things is how they learn after all, so even if they don't necessarily understand it at first that only really makes it better in the end.

bf9bcb  No.16687600


It's probably not my preferred way of handling foreign media, but I can understand it. It isn't in and of itself an offensive thing to me. I know Ash, rather than Satoshi, and I don't feel like I was sold a lesser product because of that. It's pretty inconsequential.

721d44  No.16687601


Its a simplified example. If you work with material aimed at kids you will have to make changes to accommodate them. This is/was actually a major factor behind these "eat your hamburgers Apollo" changes. They cane from the assumption those games are mainly for little kids that would have trouble wrapping their heads around specific japanies realities.

Granted the solutions usually employed in eng localisation are usually subpar, but there usually was a semi-good reason for them.(not in this case obviously)


That is a nice sentiment but one that rarely works out. A critical point of tranlatological theory is understanding the end recipient of the translation. You have to understand that many people have little to no understanding of cultures outside of their own and while you may not have any issues understanding specific foreign elements other people may not even recognized them as being from a different culture/country and simply declare them hogwash or completely misinterpret them.

This is why localisations tend to change things around. To avoid confusing people and making the material understandably even by those not familiar with its source culture.

The tricky part is doing this without omissions or major alterations. The ideal is to replace/edit only enough to keep the original spirit and idea of the source while eliminating and potential for misunderstandings.

Problem is videogame localisations are straight up shit at doing this and have only gotten worse over the years.

5ac49e  No.16687607


Not really. It's not underestimating your audience to not expect them to know specific things about foreign countries. If you were translating an American thing to Japanese, you'd probably change or clarify a reference to Aspen to clarify that it's a ski resort, or references to minor celebrities that aren't known outside the US.

Most Americans don't know specific things about the geography or minor culture of other countries. Making things understandable is not underestimating people, otherwise you just wouldn't translate it in the first place and just expect them to learn Japanese.

d318b2  No.16687625

File: 51b97c36d433ef9⋯.jpg (55.18 KB, 600x623, 600:623, 1334329164853.jpg)


>Changed "FUCK she's hot!", into "smile for me"

Turning a geniune compliment, a recognition of someone undeniable beauty, into a predatory remark? That's pretty misogynist if you ask me. These feminist fuckers always creep on women, it's basically expected.

8006cf  No.16687628


I'm american myself and I don't know what Aspen is and wouldn't recognize the names of most minor celebrities. It's not important, and if it is important you can look it the fuck up. Changing it on the assumption that people don't have the basic ability to care enough about the material to look shit up is wrong.

21a38d  No.16687641


Sega develops them you retarded shitskin.

bf9bcb  No.16687648


You're making assumptions that general audiences aren't less stupid than you are, is the thing. Even now, a lot of people get legitimately pissed off if something is too foreign or too confusing, and refuse to bother with it. The amount of people who will actually sit down and watch a foreign movie with subtitles is very low. That's just how it be.

8006cf  No.16687650


You're making the mistake of assuming that it is good and proper to cater to retards of that caliber.

bf9bcb  No.16687653


That's how you make money, though.

8006cf  No.16687657


This is literally lowest common denominator wider audience bullshit. You alienate anyone who actually cares in order to make a quick buck off idiots at the expense of quality, and you think this is a good thing?

8281f9  No.16687662


No it isn't, marketing is. You can market ANYTHING to idiots. Look at fucking Beanie Babies.

8006cf  No.16687668


That too. No reason to compromise on quality just to sell to idiots who will buy anything you tell them to buy anyway.

721d44  No.16687673


The thing about that is what you describe is in a contradictory position with another principle of translatological theory, "The invisibility of the translator".

When translating anything you need to aim to produce a translation that does not look like a translation, it should look like it always been in the target language.

The examples you used are simple and seem to work but if you stretch them out to an entirety of a book or a game it turns the whole text into a mess of explanations and side notes that constantly break the flow of the text, alter the mood and impact of the text and look lazy on top of that.

Trust me. There is a point in translation where you have to accept making changes otherwise you are not releasing a translation but a collection of you own notes.


Again nice sentiment but not universally applicable. You can handle encyclopedias with the mentality of "they can look it up" since that is kind of the point. But fiction/entertainment media would greatly suffer if the recipient had to stop every few pages/minutes to google wtf the character just said.

This may not be an issue to you personally but it is an issues to many other people.

bf9bcb  No.16687674


Well, done properly you're only changing arbitrary things that don't impact quality anyway. Unless you think changing "idol" to "pop singer" will alienate everyone who cares.

721d44  No.16687677


Its not about catering to retards it about making something that can be enjoyed without first consulting wikipedia for the necessary cultural background.

You may be very familiar with a lot of japanes cultural quirks and expressions but that does not extend to everyone and a translation has to account for that.

8006cf  No.16687682


"Idol" and "pop singer" are close enough to synonymous. The original suggestion was changing a particular idol's name and description relating to her specifically into just a generic "pop singer" with no description. Basically, cutting out an entire block of flavor text on the assumption someone wouldn't understand it.

bf9bcb  No.16687690


that's also fine. You're preserving the jist of what the thing is communicating.

8281f9  No.16687698


>literally moves the goalposts to space


8006cf  No.16687701


>entirely cutting out the flavor text is preserving what it's communicating

bf9bcb  No.16687721


It is. It goes like this.

>walk to TV screen

>receive flavour text

>the player understands that some kind of music video is playing on TV, and is informed a little about the scene they are in

The exact name of the performer is probably inconsequential, and will further remove the average Western player from that intended experience, because it will just read like gibberish to them. Could just as easily be a nature show about exotic plants. How would they know?

bf9bcb  No.16687724

You could just as easily split the difference and say "pop singer Hintong Chinchong-chan is playing on the television", but that is still a localisation.

5ac49e  No.16687751


I don't think you were responding to the correct posts here.

bb62bb  No.16687878

I know you guys are talking about what is proper localization and translation, and what not, but the way I see it the original point of localization is:

a)edit or outright cutting stuff out so you don't have to increase the ram chip memory, which increases the cost of making the cartridge and in turn reduces your profit margins, because nip language is more denser than latin and romance languages thanks to kanji characters.

b)to appease the censors in the target country.

bb62bb  No.16687934


I know, I was implying localization nowdays is just an excuse for censorship. The only localization i find okay is just changing the grammar a bit so the dialouge doesn't come across as silted than intended, and even then that's more of a flaw of the original writing than anything else.

1dab03  No.16687980



>Apparently if you play the game with Japanese audio and English Subtitles you get the direct translation that the OP article mentions. It's only when you play in English audio do the subtitles represent the edit.

Everyone I knew was already doing this. If the pozzed shit is only in the dub and the sub has different subtitles then I don't really care. Seriously, who would ever play one of these games with dub?

755fe7  No.16688019


Pretty much how I feel, now everyone's happy.

757a4b  No.16688180


I like this option if it comes with side notes that explain it. Visual novels, books, manga, and any text heavy game with its own huge vocabulary usually has an in-game glossery that you can access on the fly.

By the end you learn some things about JP culture and soon references will make more sense over time.

757a4b  No.16688201



Or it could just not have poz. Do you really think feminist ideologues will just stop at that? If they can have it as the "official" translation, then they'll aim for it. They probably haven't yet because they knew people would get angry. They're definitely going to inject other games and aim for Yakuza.

1dab03  No.16688211


They could have done it this time, anon. It would have been easy as fuck for them to just have one subtitle track, but they didn't.

f595e3  No.16688230


It's a vector for poz to get in and censor. Hire faggots that are willing to butcher things on the dub. Soon enough there's enough of them that they can pressure the sub team to cuck out too.

<who cares about dubs lol

<give them the inch bro, it's just an inch!

1267bd  No.16688242

File: 010f89e5cd6a338⋯.png (440.53 KB, 480x600, 4:5, 010f89e5cd6a33807f5c538688….png)


I don't like shittting on fences like a coward.

a7af1b  No.16688250

File: d088e79b1bf3fdc⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 1920x3659, 1920:3659, 1460506622001.jpg)

File: da542e64b74f783⋯.jpg (431.1 KB, 1026x808, 513:404, 1460507793818-4.jpg)

File: c12424942de3d0d⋯.jpg (120.8 KB, 600x827, 600:827, localization fef.jpg)

File: 0db709bf9fa6f39⋯.png (678.16 KB, 748x1284, 187:321, qd7kjw4.png)

File: fa7af39b52629ad⋯.png (1013.07 KB, 1911x2190, 637:730, uWfxrZp.png)

Seems like they're still ruining things, we only lose when we stay silent.


I've seen clips of him doing stuff on the internet, nothing special. Has he gone from nothing to some become some influence on localization? Why does everything he touch turn to crap?

54d4ad  No.16688260

File: 3782b56555dd780⋯.jpg (113.7 KB, 1749x226, 1749:226, how to petition.jpg)


>The second video in its mother tongue sees the first guy saying, “Fuck, she’s hot!” Nothing more than self-expression made to oneself. The first video literally changes the context of the scene where the guy involves the character Shirosaki using a political catcall.>Polygon cites the localizer saying that upon witnessing the scenario, he knew that the team at Sega had to take “special care with the scene.”

<"Sensitive scenes are tricky to get right. I knew right away we had to be careful with it.”

The scene in question is in the OP video. It begins at 19:38, with the line being delivered at 20:11

Original Line: "Fuck, shes hot!"

EN Localization: "Hey! Smile for me, beautiful!"

My first reaction is one of disgust. The line, on paper, is not a particularly terrible rewrite. Ah who am I kidding? Its awful. The line comes off as a domineering and condescending command. Furthermore, hearing it delivered in game, adds an additional sheen of predation and malice. They really cranked up the cringe factor on this one. Just hearing that last word, "beautiful" linger at the end of the recording, strained, like its coated with some sort of motive. Is the motive noble, pure? Is it malicious? The ambiguity with inflections over text is common knowledge, ie. "you cant sarcasm over text", but this can be seen in recordings, especially where the speaker cannot be seen. AND ESPECIALLY IN THE HANDS OF UNSKILLED ACTORS.





>>16687547 I agree with this


>>16687659 savagely accurate

I am now convinced that these soyboys, at certain points, manage to get their heads waaay far up their asses when working on these localizations. They are so off-base with this particualr edit that it completely backfired. If they had anyone from the outside, or anyone with a cultural compass as a consultant, they clearly would tell them that this was a bad edit, and that they should stick to the original. Hell, any one of us can see that the original line "Fuck, shes hot!", despite the vulgarity, is a compliment if nothing else.

Its these sheltered, echo-chambered, pissheads living in their own distorted little realities right in the heart of commie-fucking-fornia.

I understand though, it is only a job to most of these people. Despite it being "Just a job", there are numerous English speaking fans that benefit immensely from their localization efforts. These fans are men of culture and taste, and additional effort put forth into preserving or improving good art is effort that is not wasted in the eyes of the fans. On the flip side, it is those half-assed attempts that leaves such a sour taste in our mouths. Revolting, disgusting, cringe-worthy localizations have been something fans have had to put up with for ages now. How have we let this slide? How has this gone on for so long? WHY ARENT THERE MORE GOOD LOCALIZATIONS? Is there nothing that can compete with localizers such as Bang Zoom! Entertainment (what a tasteful name) and PCB?

I will admit that BZE has some good talent in their stable, but these 3+ man teams of script editors can be handily outclassed by just one person with some culture and common sense.

[Warning: politics]

I think its the quid-pro-quo (tit-for-tat) nature of much business transactions that lead them to produce inferior products. This buddy-buddy nature of hooking your pals up with the contracts or sweet gigs or jobs down at the studio has gone too far and the masses are left paying for it by having to sit through terrible localization after terrible localization. Try to hide your surprise when I tell you that this is not the only industry that has been afflicted by this cronyism, this environment where work is given based on whos the favorite, rather than who is actually the most fit or skilled for the task (meritocracy/ technocracy). How can we solve this? First, reaffirm what you are doing right. The fact we are having this conversation in the first place is a testament to the fact that we care and are paying attention. We are learned, we are cultured. After reinforcing and reaffirming what you are doing right, extrapolate that into the future and see how you can further improve yourself.



Finally, as mentioned in this thread and many like it, do not support these cronies. Just because their parent comany got the license or because their studio "won" the contract for localization, does not mean we should support them. There have been many wonderful suggestions as to how to circumvent these cronies. Pic related, its my favorite. Just substitute your company of choice, Sony, Sega, etc.

757a4b  No.16688261


And once everyone becomes complacent and even makes excuses for the shit translation, then they might start only using the dub because it gets so much praise from the "fans".

It's better to tell them that fans hate that shit now than ever.

d2cc9f  No.16688347

File: e89576455b45fd6⋯.png (704.57 KB, 713x783, 713:783, Taguchi_Happy_Ass.png)


If no one acted like spergs, nothing would ever get done.

God bless passionate autists.

1990ad  No.16688414


>the masses are left paying for it by having to sit through terrible localization after terrible localization.

Sadly the masses love this shit. How do you think Working Designs are still remembered as fantastic localizers that "elevated" the original works? Or how NISA is the perfect weeb niche company despite literally butchering everything they've touched. Hell, NISA doesn't even stop at censoring or butchering the dialogue. They introduce game-breaking glitches, bugs and somehow fucked up so bad that a certain game's Western release started melting PS3s, which the original obviously didn't do

But the masses still love it. And they can think of a million excuses to justify it. They can make an uninformed opinion based on the first lie or excuse that they're told. They're content to let "authorities on the matter" tell them what to think about these subjects

The learned and cultured are a minority. A minority that isn't loud enough against all the people with no standards or the ones running the show

>inb4 niggerpill

You have to accept your losses at some point. Gaming is done for. If the censorship/localization issue were to suddenly cease, you'd still have the enormous pile of bullshit that's been building up and is so ingrained now that it's actually impossible to change, short of an industry crash

If censorship is reversed, you're still going to have the corrupt, bribed, nepotistic journalists, the greedy, shady, anti-consumer companies, the current "gamer culture" with all its horrendous mentalities of blind-consumption and praise for unfinished, low-quality products and "special" editions for every single game that comes out and worthless DLC that in many cases is actually removed from the game to be sold separately, the laying down and taking it attitude towards fucking paid-online.

Enjoy what little you can but don't waste effort trying to save something this tainted. If it ever crashes and burns, maybe then put all the effort you can into making sure it never stoops this low again, but right now, just let it die.

b62976  No.16688516


>says inb4 niggerpill

>niggerpills with essentially, lol just wait until the industry crashes and put no effort into trying to stop this at all :))))

Yeet yourself off a bridge dude, or go somewhere this kind of literary junk concealing a poor argument is actually accepted and praised.

00d9c6  No.16688518


This is likely way too idealistic since most people are retarded, but wouldn't changing things to fit a different culture better just keep people lazy and ignorant. Leaving in the original references would hopefully spark an interest in the consumer to look up the reference, letting them learn more about the native language's culture, and gain an appreciation for the culture. Then if they play other games from the same country maybe the same reference would get used and they would then already know it, which would be satisfying, maybe they would even start learning more about the culture outside of just what they see in the games. Just changing things to fit a different country is basically putting things in super easy mode isn't it? The viewer has less incentive to go out and learn something new since you took out the unknown stuff. Too bad most people likely don't care anyway.


>That western art on the princess game

Holy fuck is that even supposed to be the same game? It's fucking horrifying.

1267bd  No.16688528


Just say "go back to reddit".

2c0f50  No.16688556

>ywn learn moonrunes

ebdcfe  No.16688571


Just played 0 and Kiwami for the first time. Was the lesbian hostess talking about going to a gay wedding in the original game? I doubt it somehow.

I think Kiryu actually said, "They're very progressive overseas".

6070ed  No.16688591


>You have to accept your losses at some point. Gaming is done for.

This makes no sense. The gaming industry deserves to die because of greed. Greed is the reason that these moralfags are able to wiggle their way into prominent positions in the respective organisations that run the industry. Whether it's about money or nepotism, it's always for selfish gain. These weasels are taking advantage of the greed of executives and shareholders. Hopefully the industry crashes with no survivors.

As for gaming as a whole, it will always be around. I'd much prefer a smaller scale hobby where the people involved care about the quality of their produce rather than mass marketed shlock.

1d37ae  No.16688620


the form of autism that Jesus had wasn't kosher enough for his kind and Romans.

5da64f  No.16688653

File: c9a9e5e17d2387b⋯.png (212.71 KB, 500x773, 500:773, autistic_screeching_of_nig….png)

>Niggerpill subhuman is ID hopping again

Go shit up /tech/ again instead.

bb62bb  No.16688659

File: 1d23db17d057fce⋯.png (10.68 KB, 216x198, 12:11, click.png)



>muh crash

For fucks sake the 1983 video game crash was a regional crash and not a global one. Secondly the powerhouses of the time EA and Activision both survived that regional crash. Everyone likes that myth that after atari crashed and burned that nintendo swooped in from heaven and made vidga good again, but the fact is that both japan and europe were unaffected by atari's fuck up.

fcec60  No.16688668





Okay for everyone bitching about a pozed game made by a company that is a Yakuza front here is the proof of the subtitle change:


Excuse the Jewtube part. If you want to watch it else where figure it out on your own. Also, it's not my channel. I just don't have time to record my own video.

797c6b  No.16688683


proof sega is a yakuza front?

fcec60  No.16688688


And just to add; it's proof that Sega Japan does care about an authentic experience which is why they did the second script.

It's also the same reason Sega Japan was breathing down the necks of Sega America when the translation/localization of Persona 5 was underway.

I think this two script option was a middle ground in order to hopefully, stop, not satiate, the fucking screaming SJW harpies that doxxed, DDOS's, and bombarded Sega with their complaints after P5 didn't go their way.

You really think a corporation owned by Yakuza are going to care about the opinion of a bunch of whiney, soylent drinking, commies that work for them and want to co-op their product for their own purposes? This was probably done at the expense of not having to deal with a headache

7986eb  No.16688691


Thanks for that, now I can at least pick it up used.

b505e5  No.16688693


Just wait for the PC port.

141d51  No.16688917


Should be noted that this is only the English dub, the Japanese subs do not make this change.

Still, it's very worrying how nonchalantly they will change the script and desire to "educate" the masses. Best to not give SEGA of America money as they will likely continue this in the future.



Reminder he was 100% right about MK11 and all the twitterfags who constantly got asshurt at him were not only wrong, but never admitted they were wrong and tried to pretend they were always against the pozzing after the devs confirmed it and made that stupid statement about fighting "shirtless" or whatever.


Old news, but yeah sony is lame.

6b6522  No.16688940


leftists and roasties.

d318b2  No.16689287


The only thing I don't care for in that tweet is the blunt delivery of the overall message.

4ca5d0  No.16689310

i'm just gonna wait for the inevitable crack

2c52c4  No.16689571


>Only if you're a sonyfag

Don't you mean "only if you play western games"? Or "only if you play AAA shit"? Or "only if you play Ubishit"? How do you think this starts?

0e4492  No.16689690

File: c7a2b3f6b7d76e8⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, localization.png)

File: dbb4511d68cdb15⋯.png (63.65 KB, 240x308, 60:77, vomit 2.png)

>Someone actually defending localization ITT

Choke on a dick you shit-eating subhuman

d8cda2  No.16689768


I wonder how shit the Romancing Saga III localization is going to be.

100c33  No.16690093

File: f64abcbe9bee428⋯.jpg (164 KB, 499x514, 499:514, [observes].jpg)


While a broken clock can be right twice a day like the old idiom says, Billy is pretty much the mirrored version of moviebob.

>get into twitter fights lately with pretty much everybody, even his former readers, often repeating the same arguments ad infinitum until people abandon out of lack of patience

>call you a centrist or a sjw if you dont agree with his particular brand of autism

>has an obsession to promote titty games & nude mods (regardless of the quality) for the sole purpose of spitting on sjws

>le boner culture

>many news that arent even about bideo gaems

>even his news about video games can be outright bait (for instance, claiming the next SAO game was censored in Japan for "modern times" in the article title, despite countering himself in the interview of said article that Bamco would never allow any SAO game rated cero D for sale purposes, meaning no nudity shots like the average Compile Heart game or SK can do)

>still beating the dead horse that is gamergate

That's why you should never read blogs for any kind of news. Reminder also that humor beats anger by miles, it's easier to convey a message through jokes and memes than hundred very long angry rants. And you cant be truly free from sjws if they dictate your entire life and way of thinking, renting your mind for free.

141d51  No.16692452


>get into twitter fights lately with pretty much everybody, even his former readers, often repeating the same arguments ad infinitum until people abandon out of lack of patience

This is his biggest issue, he can't argue for shit even when he's right.

>call you a centrist or a sjw if you dont agree with his particular brand of autism

Sometimes he's right, sometimes he isn't. Kungfuman for example falls in this category if you were ever followed him for these years, but others he's argued with don't.

>has an obsession to promote titty games & nude mods (regardless of the quality) for the sole purpose of spitting on sjws

This is fine, no other media outlet will ever report on this stuff

>le boner culture

Doesn't bother me, but it also doesn't bother me when others make fun of it.

>even his news about video games can be outright bait (for instance, claiming the next SAO game was censored in Japan for "modern times" in the article title, despite countering himself in the interview of said article that Bamco would never allow any SAO game rated cero D for sale purposes, meaning no nudity shots like the average Compile Heart game or SK can do)

whatever article you are talking about doesn't seem to exist, I find mostly stuff of him complaining about the lead writer cucking out hard, but even still I'm mixed on his reporting, he has messed up before and I've called him out on it but often he will update the article if he does, which while isn't great is still better then most journos

>still beating the dead horse that is gamergate

Rarely his articles have anything to do with GG these days but even so, it's good to not let some things get memoryholed.

He's an autist I haven't really liked in a while but I can't help but notice a lot of those who bitch at him (especially on twitter) are not only autists themselves but during GG were obnoxious concern trolling faggots who were nothing of value and often have to lie without actually reading the article. Even here, we just had a thread on /v/ of faggots derailing an entire thread bitching about OAG even though he wasn't even sourced in the thread or remotely close to it. Just because you think someone is stupid doesn't mean you have to start acting stupid too.

As for myself, I don't bother with any journo outlet, not even anti-sjw ones, I always just look for the actual source themselves archived and just use them. Game journalism cannot be saved so I have no reason to preserve any of them over the mainstream. It's always better to just read the source directly then having some other site regurgitate to you what you can just read yourself.

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