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/bant/ rocks, Dr.Medic is an ass
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File: 7f906bbd333fd85⋯.png (622.3 KB, 680x629, 40:37, Pope Keighley.png)

8a0927 No.4725[Reply]

E3 will be coming up soon, and as I won't be able to actually participate in the festivities this year I want to take the time to plan out everything ahead of time so others can run things smoothly. Firstly we need to figure out what our game lineup will be, last years for reference was as follows:

>6/4: Dark Souls 3 + other paid-for vidya

>6/5: Team Fortress 2

>6/6: Starcraft: Brood War

>6/7: nQuake

>6/8: Pokemon Showdown

>6/9: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

>6/10: Soldat

From the feedback I got most of these games went well and folks had fun with them. There were a couple of issues, namely some people didn't like the soundclip spam in TF2's party van server so we will be looking into getting a server set up without all that. Secondly for those of you who remember fightcade completely shit the bed during our jojo tourney and most participants could not play. Fightcade has addressed the growing number of issues with their servers by implementing a pay to play system. So fightcade is fucking dun bud. This means we need at least 1 replacement game.

Please post your suggestions for games here the key criteria being that they are: free, multiplayer, preferably something competitive/vs oriented.

In addition there will be a separate award for the top placing moderator Dubbed "The Sym Award" as we all know who will be getting it, it will contain an equivalent prize amount to the normal 1st place award for the top scoring moderator.

TLDR post free game suggestions for us to play and ask questions

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103985 No.5191


I second this. Factorio is great

File: bd420a30ab62223⋯.jpg (12.81 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (1).jpg)

861387 No.4842[Reply]

Want unban?

Post here if you got banned, and state your reasons for your banned.


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f191c3 No.5188

free my nigga scivir

File: 77e59007c1924ed⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1020x768, 85:64, v4c2.png)

4ecff1 No.238[Reply]

Welcome to V4C. We're here to ensure a space free of abuse and rule breaking. To this effect, the rules and all complaints will be housed here for reference. First, some guidelines for this thread…

1) If you are reporting abuse, SCREENSHOT THE SHIT, preferably with console evidence. We will not act on any claim without proof of some kind. Post it in in this thread

2) We encourage reports. That's the only way that we'll know what's going on in the room if we aren't there to see it. Don't be petty about it, though. If you were spamming/advertising/etc and refused to listen to warnings, don't post here. That does nothing but make yourself look bad.

3) Sometimes you guys might have a matter of urgency to bring to an admin. Our doors are always open, and we're glad to hear what you have to say. For pertinent matters, join the discord server and mention an admin. Invite link is here: https://discord.me/v4c

And now, the Rules

Make sure to check the channel's MOTD on CyTube by clicking "Channel Info" near the top of the page for any updated rules

Users can only have up to 15 videos in the playlist in order to prevent walls. This goes for both users and mods. Additionally, videos longer than 15 minutes belong in movie4chan unless polled 3:1, except for le Zap if uploaded that day. Vidya is allowed to be bumped to 1. NO other bumps to above position 5 allowed, regardless of duration. Music videos are not allowed to be bumped.

Random bans will result in a not-so-random demod. You cannot ban people for hurting your feelings, you fucking pansy bitch.

Unrelated spam is grounds for a warning kick and then ban. Skip begging is allowed, however, you may not spam this either.

Skip training is never allowed and will be met with discretionary force. We can see who is skipping, so don't be an idiot. The scripts have a bunch of custom text options, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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e7a16c No.5153


well, we decided to allow people to skipbeg a while back and mods are subject to that as well, but we still don't allow people to skiptrain or spam skipbegs on the same video. if you see a mod doing that then you should let someone know. that said, i do look out for it and stop people from doing that when i see it

File: ecd8c189709511b⋯.jpg (24.68 KB, 452x424, 113:106, geAR.jpg)

304d0a No.354[Reply]

If anyone has ideas for new features for the room or the bot, post them here. It seems like good practice to have a public place for both keeping track of suggestions and so others can see what has already been suggested.

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66e9d6 No.4935

File: 3ae27eb4394dfc8⋯.png (582.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, herp.png)

Am I doing something wrong or is NND not available in Cinema?

I'd like the option.

File: 38dbb05e9c0ebd7⋯.jpg (39.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, STANRY ROO.jpg)

0041cf No.420[Reply]


BleedingLungs - Harassing other user's family members and general drama. Also stalking Krogan.

virginifaggot - Doxxing users and getting them swatted.

Lennic - Posting links to nude kids.

UnkeleDolan - Doxxing the Allfather Gingersnap

Tidas - Posting links to nude kids, doxxing people and framing others for it.

Jagfreeze - Doxxing/Stalking Bronard.

Nickelback - Posting videos of nude kids.

Damnitbooby/Kosmo - Doxxing himself in order to frame others.

Cyberpolice/turkeye/turkeey/fowl - Doxxing users, reporting the room to the FBI fraudulently.

Higgus/Davey/Enclave/etc. - Doxxing/Contacting family members of moderators.

AssBurgers - posting personal pics without consent/threatening users

Taylor - doxxing/harrassing users

Frostbyte - threatening to harm cytu.be itself via cross-room raiding, threatening to harm himself, datamining v4c users without consent

Addest - swatting Metal via fraudulent FBI report

funnymemename - Telling users how to find CP, ban evading.

Sexywomannequin - Repeated rule breaking, ban evasion, harassment, searching for personal info in the room


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File: c4505140b3fd5e3⋯.gif (79.09 KB, 38x56, 19:28, alien.gif)

d2ed1c No.4874[Reply]

Dancing Alien OC contest is ON.

Make a vid about, featuring, OR using /alien in any way.

Have your vid completed by JUNE 1 2018

Vid about, featuring, OR using /alien in any way

No time length limit or other restrictions other than your vid must follow V4C rules

Winner of Dancing Alien OC contest will be awarded

A gift of UNDER 5 dollars in BTC at current price of contest end AND 5 Steam games chosen randomly

Winner will be selected via poll by users.

I am running the contest so this contest is open to ALL V4C users.

Good Luck and if you have never made a video and want to try PM me anytime in the room.

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8350fd No.5122

beeff9 No.5135

be37c2 No.5160

here's mine! :3

not about or featuring /alien, but using it


8881f0 No.5184

Can I post my vid when we are watching them all in v4c?

Y'all know I'm retarded when it comes to deadlines

48c34a No.5190

File: a2fafad21f7f2d6⋯.jpg (41.12 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)

99179b No.5173[Reply]

hey blackmambo

i heard you think i'm cute

dm me if you want to ERP

File: 7dc554c6543be65⋯.jpg (57.75 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 1467438020500.jpg)

172cc4 No.5172[Reply]




The American resource requires initiative, diligent workers with a lot of free time and familiar with the specifics of the board. Keywords-markers: video chat in the style of Forchan, emoji-memes, politically incorrect, Trump, homophobia, racism. Registration without confirmation.

The goal is to post Russian videos. Keywords-markers: Putin, Great Russia, Americans-morons.

There are already working our staff (3 people) and once you start working and get attention, they will immediately contact you. The work is paid, but only if it attracts attention. Talking with local is prohibited. Post bad video about Russia is prohibited, fine -15 rubles per video.

The screenshot will explain how to add a video."

we are being invaded.

File: 50b84a1f866f7b8⋯.png (539.87 KB, 452x804, 113:201, c0cc634a518158842330d74f5c….png)

3458f6 No.5158[Reply]

himselF is a fucking nigger

5ab0a9 No.5159

File: 9df7c0bab6454a8⋯.jpg (335.57 KB, 900x1000, 9:10, 1504907129426.jpg)

Doesn't matter, anyone who likes awoo can't be bad.

File: a159e42ccc5724e⋯.png (615.89 KB, 1017x662, 1017:662, ce0c16983990bfc0466e5beb12….png)

e8ce68 No.5120[Reply]

Anyone who thinks the BRAP rule is dumb feel free to make a singing contribution.

Record here https://vocaroo.com/ or record some other way and link it here.





Oh yeah, I know all about the V4C

They will clean up all your posting in a manner such

as this

They will make you take a bripple when you want to

take a BRAP!

And they'll force their stupid rules on you which makes you wanna SNAP!

It's the plain situation

There's no negotiation

With the admins at the freakin' V4C

They're as stuffy as the stuffiest of special

interest groups

Make a joke about your bowels and they order in the


Any greyname with a brain could tell them everybody


Take a tip take a lesson

You'll never win by messin'

With the admins at the freakin' V4C

And if you find a vid with some nice brappening

You're gonna get an ip ban it's /happening

Cause you can't post BRA-AP!

So they sent this little warning they're prepared to

doPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

365910 No.5123

lmao what a bad idea

e8ce68 No.5128

File: 866923a3794ff78⋯.jpg (33.02 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1459440530756.jpg)



54faa2 No.5156

File: 3687c622f270239⋯.png (216.14 KB, 361x375, 361:375, julia.png)

d4d0ea No.2471[Reply]

Old emote thread is kill so I'm making a new one



Your emote will be considered more if it's:

>Related to a v4c or /v/ meme/general video games

>not an edit of a pre-existing emote

>already cropped/transparent

Also emotes from now on need to be a maximum of 88px by 56px, since we gotta host them ourselves now instead of leeching off of imgur. If you want to resize a gif, use this http://www.lcdf.org/gifsicle/ and put in this chat line

gifsicle –resize-fit 88x56 -b *.gif

268 posts and 344 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
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52c49a No.5121

File: 8c68a4c4c384e32⋯.png (3.34 KB, 56x56, 1:1, notsoy.png)


4724eb No.5129

File: dc7467b4309ab74⋯.jpg (569.06 KB, 2143x2555, 2143:2555, Tsuyu frogs lillypads.jpg)

GIVE US /feelsanime (Tsuyu) BACK!!!


bfbd47 No.5130

File: 0baa37b0abb1961⋯.gif (59.5 KB, 58x59, 58:59, lickitung.gif)


often find myself reaching for this as an emote

35fc77 No.5138

File: 20903c60f31dcd4⋯.gif (9.98 KB, 88x56, 11:7, dabber.gif)


6fb32a No.5155

File: bd32c244aba3d79⋯.png (32.08 KB, 88x81, 88:81, hickok45.png)

File: 4877eecda4e758e⋯.png (231.59 KB, 347x320, 347:320, hickok.png)


File: d68a464da1d95c3⋯.png (482 KB, 625x484, 625:484, jhEfT81.png)

56b41f No.4306[Reply]

v4c admin alignments

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

651b75 No.4501

do one with whitenames, also type out names of people because i can't identify everyone on your image

026996 No.4766


Bronard/ Krogan_/ Illusory

biggles-/ enzi /hunter2 (i think)

sym / Manboss / ameer

e99c24 No.4770


me neither,

ccad58 No.4784


everyone except krogan, biggles and manboss are lawful losers who just want to be popular

2f4780 No.5145

I'm going to miss you, hunter2. You'll be happy to know I've kept my retard quota in check. Last I remember you were involved with some cytube stuff. Hope you're doing well and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours. You were the hero we needed but didn't deserve.

File: 3c5356efcfcf4ee⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 498x278, 249:139, 1522169462194.gif)

5e6466 No.5142[Reply]

succ my dic fgts

File: d540ffb38f61916⋯.jpg (195.02 KB, 1330x1607, 1330:1607, 1517370390051.jpg)

337ed4 No.5133[Reply]

Why are v4c admins/mods so fragile when it comes to emotes?

a4c and m4c will always be superior to v4c on emotes because certain admin and/or mods on v4c get completely asspained by spam

I don't understand why we can't just have Bronard as sole admin of v4c

9e164b No.5136

can you give an example?

840161 No.5137

File: 7ae2bd515f96c45⋯.gif (330.52 KB, 200x150, 4:3, BASED.gif)

Spam in a4c/m4c isn't as big an issue as it is in v4c because while a4c/m4c will have like 10-30 people active depending on the night, v4c during prime time hours can be anywhere from 40-60 people active. More people active = more spam = more active moderation to do.

If an emote comes to the point where it's all I see in chat for a 20-30 minute period, then of course I'm going to do something about it. Look at what happened with old /dancer. It was too fast, too large, and was used so much in the couple of weeks it was around that the only emotes that weren't behind it in usage were /go and /alien (From a counter that started like 8 months before /dancer got added). It got removed and a few months later I found a slower dancer and readded that and everything went well.

The thing with /soy though was that it was just being used for every single video, even ones that don't even had anything to do with soy boys, bugmen, or mouth-gaping nintendrones. It being prompted as the emote for (PERSON WHO LIKES THING I DISLIKE) along with people saying everything is soy just makes it sound like people wanted something to spam. If you wanna make fun of Nintendo fans getting hyped up over a cardboard box, go use /nintendrone, /autism, /virgin, or any of the other emotes we have already. If you wanna use an excited wojak go use /goodfeels. If you want to

Also I thought it was pretty obvious I was the one who made the filter for /soy to /based, but I guess not. This one was all on me.

File: 0f06a7e92b6ec6c⋯.jpg (266.31 KB, 1902x946, 951:473, v4c.jpg)

e61816 No.5125[Reply]

As you can see from the image, I am seemto be missing the Skip and Emote List button. I use Chrome and I tried to enable/disable tampermonkey but I'm still missing those buttons.

Anyone have these problems?

201eca No.5134

click settings (next to layout) > hide option > choose buttons u want

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