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File: f23965b521e384b⋯.png (8.73 KB, 434x600, 217:300, ruh-roh.png)

08e6d6 No.4700

Around midnight (Eastern Time) on March 13, 2018, we (the administrators) have committed to a drastic restructuring of the mod list.

19 mods have been de-ranked from their positions.

Even though some of the demods may seem to have little reasoning, the mod list was in a state that required significant changes be made. Those changes came swiftly in the form of a mass culling of inactive or (otherwise) less effective moderators. At too many points throughout the day, we noticed a near complete lack of mod activity in the room. Additionally, we became weary of a number of moderators that abused their position to a negative effect, or in a way severely neglected the responsibilities entrusted to them.

A mod list cluttered with inactive or ineffectual mods leaves it difficult to expand opportunity to new blood.

We have begun a slow continuing repopulation of the list, with a number of former mods already reassuming positions in the room. A number of new recruits are also under consideration.

To the mods that remain: you have done well, keep up the good work. Continue to be a model user that shapes the future of this room and its users.

To the demodded: you can gain mod back. Show up to the room. Be active and engaged. If it's something you want, you can be blue again.

We are in the process of rebuilding the mod list.

Don't flip a bitch if you aren't remodded yet.

a88f29 No.4701

If you were demodded, dont forget to check your email for a helpful link to help get you started on the remod process.

461f67 No.4702


d7047a No.4703

Finally :praise:

9f8446 No.4704

fake and gay

0cd54a No.4706

File: 8f7d65e56b203a3⋯.jpg (152.73 KB, 1042x1183, 1042:1183, mosancrayonspaghetti.jpg)


Hello, I seem to have been demodded?

Please remod me at once, thanks bro :)

Here is an anime girl for your efforts

a295d5 No.4707

I'm just glad the mods that are left are attentive and policing the room fairly. Now we only have one bluename AFK for 6 hours straight without any consequences.

a19dd1 No.4708

I'll try to follow metals example more next time. No bumps for blacknames and more videos to 1.

e5ac89 No.4709

pls mod me im fat and gay

157def No.4710

so is this your way of attention seeking, sym? having ex-mods suck your dick for some power?

by your own criteria a user like metal should have been demodded for being a net burden on the room, but as we know v4c is run like South Africa complete with cronyism

2689f8 No.4714

>A mod list cluttered with inactive or ineffectual mods

>proceeds to mod cuntpizza

really jogs the noggin

a295d5 No.4715

Actually it really seems like absolutely nothing has changed.

d62d27 No.4716

File: 93660f1fc930e31⋯.png (56.89 KB, 198x263, 198:263, mfwSym.png)

>Those changes came swiftly in the form of a mass culling of inactive or (otherwise) less effective moderators. At too many points throughout the day, we noticed a near complete lack of mod activity in the room.

>culling inactive mods

>one of the first remods is Twaticus

157def No.4719


Hey now, twat bumping her own shit videos constantly is considered """""contributing""""" to the room

2cfb70 No.4746

>the mods are too inactive

>remods basedblue

Who are you trying to bullshit?

2cfb70 No.4747


>Actually it really seems like absolutely nothing has changed.

They got rid of a couple of mods who openly have spoken out against sym such as Monokuma, HotSauce or Adderall.

Getting rid of those was what it was all about. If it wasn't about that they wouldn't have remodded useless mods like basedblue.

f26126 No.4754

really makes you think

6af1d2 No.4756

whats funnier is sym is stupid enough to try and pull this on the room, thinking no one would ask questions.

6af1d2 No.4759

Never trust a nigger.

If there's one thing we can learn from this, it's that Illusory was retarded to think sym was at all competent at mod when he basically manipulated that mutt to this position.

As the adage goes, anyone who wants power, shouldn't be given power.

f1d992 No.4760


He actively looks for drama in the chat asking people to start shit so he can get a grasp of what it feels like to have a social life.

His life must be really fucking empty. Sad.

4934ea No.4763

File: 0b85dfe0c84e3fb⋯.jpg (30.79 KB, 433x419, 433:419, 1460573896651.jpg)


whats funnier is that people like you complain all the time, yet you never do anything about it, you just keep whining like babies

157def No.4768


Hi sym, I know you jerk off at night to your power over the users of meme video site, but I'd just like you to know that I pity you

6af1d2 No.4771


No one will do anything because only you care so much about this place. Everyone else has their own lives to live and don't bother with anything other than watching stupid videos in their downtime after work.

If anything you're the baby, because this place is all you have. I don't pity you at all. You did this to yourself.

4934ea No.4772

File: c647173cc064c23⋯.png (922.35 KB, 1111x597, 1111:597, 1464018946358.png)



Keep fucking crying

598c25 No.4780

File: d3e0b79a41724cf⋯.png (727.56 KB, 1106x1012, 553:506, 1454927920672.png)


What are we supposed to do about it sym? The only thing we have the power to do is complain and shitpost. If we try to do anything we get banned. One third of the users are so beat down and traumatized they have stockholm syndrome, another third are mods too scared to try to change things in fear of getting demodded and hebrewnames who

without shame worships mods in the hopes of becoming one themselves one day. The last third is the last bastion of whitenames who does everything to routinely go against the mods reign and dumb rules through OC and

disguised shitposts. Are u suggesting we take the only solidproof route and hire an assasin? Because I would not mind it at this point.

5c8ff7 No.4785

File: 0b4fad18048e4b9⋯.png (106.47 KB, 200x268, 50:67, 200px-Masatoshi_Meowth_GDZ.png)

Sym please remod me thanks, there was a bug in the matrix here when you demodded a bunch of people for no reason; I accidentally got demodded and banned.

I'd like to make it known that I am a very active user during the strayan times and a very nice person. :)


4934ea No.4786

File: 6e8e4fb9dbad580⋯.gif (897.09 KB, 800x430, 80:43, 1486824158826.gif)

598c25 No.4787

File: c724b140af5dbde⋯.jpg (264.94 KB, 3508x2334, 1754:1167, 1488997786003.jpg)


so it is then

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