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File: b2baf64512dd31a⋯.png (1.98 MB, 1382x1932, 691:966, Screenshot_2019-02-04_1337….png)

0d97ef  No.498[Reply]

>Remember back when Smash Bros. Ultimate dataminers were sifting through the game's code, and they found mention of character codenames? One of those names was 'Brave,' which had fans speculating that there would be some sort of Dragon Quest-related announcement for Smash Bros. Ultimate. Now more recently, Nintendo removed the 'Brave' codename in the source code of the game, which had fans wondering if perhaps it was a MacGuffin.

>That brings us to the image above, which comes from Shinya Kumazaki, game supervisor for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He's posted up a picture of Kirby with a shield from the Dragon Quest series. As you can clearly see in his post, he flat out mentions 'Brave's Shield.' Fans are taking this as a flat-out confirmation that there will indeed be a Dragon Quest character added to Smash Bros. Ultimate.

>Honestly, it's quite surprising to see Kumazaki post this up. It's hard to believe he's not aware of all the datamining/rumors out there. At best, he's completely blind to that discussion, and was just making a harmless post. At worst, he has knowledge of a Dragon Quest character being added to Smash Bros. Ultimate, and he's very clearly teasing that to fans following the dataminer info. You'd think if that's the case, he'd get in a bit of trouble for fueling the fire!


File: 804c126869627db⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 811.46 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, mark head rabbi of v.png)

File: 5aea018a9da6ebc⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.22 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 5aea018a9da6ebce732a88dc98….jpg)

d69be7  No.493[Reply]




f80c7b  No.496

File: 33b7cb3e30cf7d9⋯.gif (930.02 KB, 500x380, 25:19, tumblr_m1rtiwGDMd1qd0nh7o1….gif)

983e21  No.990


File: e10c0fb73e7795c⋯.jpg (66.8 KB, 600x525, 8:7, 06694c64750b19c54ae4f0b073….jpg)

9287b6  No.475[Reply]

9be257  No.490

It's not in speed format, is it?

File: d12fd20fde26a3e⋯.png (302.15 KB, 740x429, 740:429, WCCFps4switch.png)

95e68e  No.370[Reply]

>If you’ve been keeping up with the monthly NPD reports, you know the PS4 and Nintendo Switch have been battling it out for the #1 spot on a month-by-month basis. But which console was the ultimate winner in 2018? Well, thanks to the most recent quarterly earnings reports from Sonyand Nintendo, we now have a definitive answer – PlayStation 4 is the winner, but only narrowly.

>During the 2018 calendar year, the Sony moved 17.7 million PS4s, bringing the console’s overall tally to an impressive 94.2 million units. The past quarter was particularly good to Sony, with them selling 8.1 million PS4s from the beginning of October to the end of December. This can largely be attributed to the hard-to-pass-up $200 Spider-Man PS4 bundle Sony released for Black Friday.

>By comparison, Nintendo sold 17.4 million Switches during the 2018 calendar year, bringing the hybrid console’s tally to 32.3 million units. Nintendo almost managed to inch past Sony in this past quarter, selling a whopping 9.4 million Switches during the October to December period. Surprise, surprise, it turns out Smash Bros. and Pokémon are big system sellers!


1db1b8  No.381

2018 was a fucking awful year for Nintendo games, we got

>a casual-targeted Pokemon game

>a Mario Tennis game with barely any content

>a lackluster Mario Party game with only 4 boards

>Smash Ultimate

whereas the PS4 got

>God of War

>Red Dead Redemption 2


>Shadow of the Colossus (2018)

>Monster Hunter: World

I've not played any of those PS4 games but I can bet that any one of them is better than what Nintendo put out all year. In 2018, Nintendo coasted off of the success of Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey, and has relied primarily on indie developers to push games onto the system while Nintendo and their AAA partners focused on PORTS. 2019 has given Xbox and PS4 owners Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts III. The Switch hasn't gotten anything besides an announcement that Metroid Prime 4's development has been restarted. Give us some fucking games, Nintendo.

eb8b50  No.398


Anon you sound like a shill.

e8a873  No.414


>god of soy



put something on the hook, will you

9b154b  No.464



The point I was making is that, regardless of your opinion on any of those PS4 games listed, the Switch doesn't have anything that's even of that quality. We have somewhere between 2-5 Switch exclusives to give a shit about, and literally everything else is ports. Not just ports, mind you, but old ports of Wii U and PS3/Xbox 360 games. And ports of iPhone games. And ports of indie games from 5+ years ago. Maybe if the Switch were getting HD collections I'd feel a little different about ports, but it's not. It's riddled with random ports that seem so out of place.

Tales of Vesperia? Why not a Tales collection?

Disgaea 1 and Disgaea 5? Why not a Disgaea collection?

Valkyria Chronicles 1 and Valkyria Chronicles 4? Why not a Valkyria Chronicles collection?

I understand that these are third parties but Sony managed to get their third party developers to push out God of War collection, Metal Gear Solid collection, Devil May Cry collection, Kingdom Hearts collection, etc.

I could go on and on about the games situation on the Switch but I'll stop there. I definitely want Nintendo to succeed but I want them to succeed by putting out good games and ensuring that third parties are stocking the platform with good games. Right now the Switch is a successful Ouya, which isn't something to be proud of.

e32064  No.465

too bad everyone but sony is making things compatible with it. fucking kikes die

File: be70466b59d6229⋯.png (629.98 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, be70466b59d6229d3a6ed92066….png)

af60a2  No.56[Reply]

Who is he holding 8 cilinder car engine board?

05a303  No.57

It me

819a81  No.70

File: 99cba5a37c896e8⋯.jpg (64.53 KB, 640x427, 640:427, foxbody_460.jpg)

cool board

766c9a  No.157

A giant cake waifu

409f97  No.461

The ghost of his slimy kike mother.

File: c9e6078e0e3e6f3⋯.jpg (30.42 KB, 386x429, 386:429, c9e6078e0e3e6f39789ef2ae99….jpg)

901f67  No.450[Reply]

>The Nintendo Switch is a great console but its biggest problem is the console’s outdated specs. The Switch isn’t able to run triple-A games so a hardware refresh with better specs is an exciting idea. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to run something like GTA V at 4k ultra 60 FPS but, a hardware refresh of the Switch with AMD can allow fans to run games such as GTA V and Assassins Creed Odyssey on the go. 

>We know that AMD Navi is going to be released sometime in 2019 and thanks to its 7nm size it will be the perfect option for a slim and light portable console. Thanks to Zen 2 and AMD Navi’s 7nm size, developers can give it less power but get more performance in return giving it a big advantage over other companies in the portable gaming market. AMD themselves have said that their next-gen 7nmCPUs and GPUs are going to catapult gaming forward.

Honestly. This is speculation at best, the software is already (unfortunately) optimized for the NVIDIA Tegra X1, but seeing code be translated in real time to the revisions hardware would be impressive to say the least. AMD hasn't made anything near as portable as the NVIDIA shield either, so this article has even less going for it. It's interesting nonetheless.


54d08b  No.457

AMD doesn't do the ARM architecture, so this is entirely moot.

f71a84  No.459


That explains why the Switch doesn't take much power to emulate.

File: a5c87c7f3b01b26⋯.png (20.26 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, nintendo_switch_logo.png)

ff2035  No.408[Reply]

>Nintendo's rumored plans to produce a revised Nintendo Switch model picked up steam on Thursday with a tantalizing bit of new information. Last year's rumor mill simply predicted a new model could arrive in 2019, but a Japanese report has narrowed fans' expectations based on its sources' intel: Nintendo may have a new SKU with portability and price, not power, in mind. (And the news outlet uncovered one other possible "service" to come as well.)

>The report from official stock exchange news outlet Nikkei.com (helpfully translated by Nintendo Everything) cites a combination of hardware partners and game developers who all suggest the next Switch model will be "miniaturized." The resulting system will reportedly emphasize "portability" and "playing outside," and it will "cut features" to bring the retail price down.

>Nikkei's report does not include more specifics, which still leaves plenty of questions about this rumored SKU. If we add up the details offered by Nikkei, though, we can guess that one of its cut features might be the removal of a bundled Switch TV Dock; this product can currently be purchased separately at an MSRP of $89.99. Cutting that combination of chipset, plastic mold, and increased box size and weight would be the easiest way to reduce the system's current $299.99 MSRP.

>Nintendo could also nix support for the dock altogether, but that would only make sense if an updated, shrunken motherboard was no longer compatible with the "overclock" applied to the system when running at a higher pixel resolution in TV mode.

>Aesthetically, we could expect a smaller screen size and reduced bezels. If the form factor is shrunken in a way that makes existing Joy-Con controllers no longer fit, Nintendo's solution may very well be to bolt the controls into the system—though that would break compatibility with certain existing Switch games, particularly last year's Super Mario Party.

>This report says nothing about the existing SKU, and we imagine a bundled option with a larger screen and TV dock will continue being offered alongside any shrunken revision—just as Nintendo has done Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ab0098  No.416

>(Nintendo Everything's translation guessed that this service would come at a higher cost, but other reporters dispute that translation.)

They would charge more for an online that's arguably worse than the one they offered for free back on the Wiis. Fucking Jap Kikes.

ff2035  No.436


People will still buy it, because they're scum.

9cf403  No.447


>The resulting system will reportedly emphasize "portability" and "playing outside,"

So probably no docked mode, which is how 90% of Switch players enjoy playing their console. This will probably only appeal to the Japanese.

>and it will "cut features" to bring the retail price down

They've sold over 30 million units, and the system is about 2 years old now. Why the fuck are they uncomfortable with just dropping the price a little bit without having to make a shittier version? They dropped the 3DS price to $180 from the original $250 less than a year after it came out to boost sales, and that did wonders for the 3DS.

It just sounds like a bad idea overall. They'll end up breaking the design of so many games if they make a handheld-only version without removable joycons. And if one of the "cut features" is removing things like motion controls and gyroscope in the joycons (if they would even be called that at that point), then they would render Super Mario Odyssey unbeatable and break the gyroscope puzzles in Breath of the Wild (among other things like removing an entire control scheme for games like ARMS). It goes beyond "making a cheaper version" like they did with the 2DS, since it breaks the original design philosophy of the console. Which would possibly affect how game devs design Switch games moving forward (i.e. scrapping any mechanics that won't work on the Shit Switch), because they want to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

File: f7ab7ec0161a153⋯.jpg (33.25 KB, 1038x576, 173:96, new_nintendo_3ds_end_jp_1-….jpg)

8454e8  No.441[Reply]

>Katsukity, the only company in the world that manufactures capture cards for all types of Nintendo 3DS systems except the first Nintendo 3DS, has went bankrupt.

>According to reports on Twitter, Katsukity’s office and website have shut down. As Katsukity has went bankrupt, no one else is making Nintendo 3DS capture cards anymore. Their European distributor has some stock left but you better hurry as it’s not expected to last long.

>Katsukity is the company that many people used to get their capture cards for 3DS. Truth be told, they were the only company who was actually creating these capture cards. Their time has come and gone though, as the company has gone bankrupt and now closed. We don't know the reason as to why things went south so quickly, but it might have something to do with the 3DS' decline, coupled with Japanese laws changing recently.



File: b6f73c0cec7ddfb⋯.gif (3.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1544940401315.gif)

266128  No.331[Reply]

Happy new years, all! Got any new year resolutions?

ea5e8a  No.426

i hope /v8/ gets more traffic. but knowing god this won't happen.

2decd0  No.428


Hey now, don't say that, we just need to make more threads for different types of peoples

File: 0e3220023e66ec1⋯.jpg (49.54 KB, 610x458, 305:229, Dyfmtm8UwAA5QrP.jpeg.jpg)

b8054a  No.418[Reply]

This is Masahiro Sakurai's from when he was working on tr4sh, I'm not a fan of the game but I do appreciate taking a behind the scenes look at what he was using for making it.

Anyways, post your own rigs, or post other devs kits and stations.

File: c9a48b363da4fb4⋯.jpg (27.56 KB, 600x300, 2:1, 0f0bad602cef706b4b667ec2a6….jpg)

62b938  No.407[Reply]

>According to rumors, Nintendo is working a revision for the Switch. The common theory is that this is a smaller, more portable-friendly version of the Switch. Obviously we won't know for sure until Nintendo confirms, but numerous inside sources claim it's the real deal. What does Nintendo themselves have to say? ArsTechnica reached out to Nintendo for comment, and their response is probably what you'd expect.

>"We have nothing to announce"


File: bb1945d4a7c2a15⋯.png (58.42 KB, 554x485, 554:485, rpgjinseigame1_thumb.png)

70d309  No.400[Reply]


>Fan translation group Nebulous Translations has completed a full English translation for RPG Jinsei Game, which is based on the Japanese adaptation of what is known as The Game of Life worldwide, Jinsei Game.

>The game came out in 1993, and was exclusive to Japan. It plays like a hybrid board game and RPG, where visit various Japanese cities, raise your stats, and hopefully achieve your life dream.

File: 01b8c0be5eef020⋯.gif (67.15 KB, 128x128, 1:1, genie.gif)

b26361  No.394[Reply]



6abc7e  No.395

how was your day anon

b26361  No.397


Honestly pretty fine, some furfaggot spammed your board and I had to pay with a similar coin, sorry for it.

e9c453  No.399


I'm actually really sorry, usually when I make threads advertising my board, it's deleted within a minute up to a few seconds. This was really bad timing, because it actually stayed up.

File: e13700551a96fa8⋯.png (259.12 KB, 1024x965, 1024:965, Dolphin Tits.png)

90d4e0  No.376[Reply]

>Ecco the Dolphin creator Ed Annunziata is working on Space War Arena for Switch, which we've covered in the past. While Annunziata enjoys creating something brand-new, he still has a desire to return to the title that made him famous. In an interview with Nintendo Life, Annunziate opens up about his desire to create another Ecco the Dolphin, and also plans to port some of his other classics to Swich.

>One of the OCD characteristics of my personality is I never give up! When I was trying to convince Sega about Ecco the Dolphin it took me years to get them to bite. There are some challenges I need to overcome but eventually, there will be a new Ecco!

>Also, I am trying to find a way to port our Saturn game, Three Dirty Dwarves, to the Switch. I think that's an excellent game for the platform. Also, if I have it my way, modern versions of Mr. Bones (Saturn) and Tiny Tank (PS1) are heading over to the Switch someday!


0db5f4  No.396

Tell us when there's results. There's a world of difference between wanting to do something and actually doing it.

Also, post more dolphin bomber.

File: 6ea1f9f89be455a⋯.jpg (524.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ss_9f916feac9e0ec39e4a0258….jpg)

ca5690  No.165[Reply]

Hi /v8/ do you like RPG maker games? Despite their very bad reputation I personally am a big fan of RPG maker vidya. Whenever I'm looking for something comfy that I can play on a toaster, the though of downloading an RPG maker game comes up. They might not be the most fun gameplay-wise but it allows me to quickly get into a fun story and get invested into it.

>What is your favourite RPG maker version?

>What is your favourite typical RPG maker game

>What is your favourite atypical RPG maker game Horror games, adventure games, some weird experimental stuff etc

>What is the best RPG maker Porn game you played?

>What is the worst game you have played excluding the most broken stuff.

>Why is Teagan so fucking cute?

13 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6d3eff  No.279


>He doesn't like tomboys.


195acb  No.287

I only like rpg maker horror games, they tend to be of the highest quality (relatively) and they are usually very creative

d88870  No.294

File: 82a46f341313006⋯.jpg (59.2 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 7e35d0b2263c7e26ce3d21afb1….jpg)

I tried playing Kaima because I thought the art style looked kind of cute but was very dissapointed by it. It was a generic story trying to appear more deep than it was with the use of meta elements that didn't even go anywhere. It could have been decent if it wasn't so fucking short and the dialogue wasn't terribly written. I mean, it's not even the fact that the personalities of the characters are bad or anything but that everything seems terribly paced as the game is simply far too short, there is also a lot of unnecessary swearing which just feels like the game is trying to be edgy for the sake of it.

Also the antagonist's motivation don't make any fucking sense


How am I going to accomplish that?


Also speaking of the meta elements, they are incredibly fucking irritating, and I'm saying this as someone who really likes meta-fiction. But the problem is, they are just kind of there, for no apparent reason and don't seem to convey any meaning. That being said, the battles were kind of cool, I like the fact that they were basically puzzles. I liked how you had to defend against your partner to give your main character time to convince her to come join you again, but they're a bit too easy and too easy to figure out. Destroy the clusters of souls empowering the main villain instead of attacking her head on!

This game has an alright concept but would probably be better in the hands of someone more skilled.

4c4e76  No.314

File: adc3399b550df6b⋯.png (190.34 KB, 600x1000, 3:5, Teagan menacing.png)




fc5797  No.380

Hey, is hylics an RPG maker game?

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