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Lemme TELL you about v-8.
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Stickied the Direct Thread. Check it out.

File: f774b3ada3c9b70⋯.png (176.94 KB, 340x510, 2:3, Original_V8.png)

e34df1  No.31

Welcome to /v8/, the alternative, comfier /v/, where we talk about videogames and many other fun things. This board isn't really made to compete against /v/, but rather be its own entity with its own unique flavors that you wouldn't get on the other board. Trying to go against the legacy /v/ name is a fools errand, regardless of competency.

Rules as of now are pretty straightforward and flexible. I'll be changing these rules as (if) the community grows.

1. Spam is not allowed (obviously)

2. Keep it vidya, or vidya related.

3. Spoiler Porn

4. /v/ "Culture" is allowed.

8. No, I won't delete your thread just because I'm in a bad mood.

That's it! Really! Global rules don't need to be mentioned, but are always enforced. Any question should be asked in the "Meta" thread, Enjoy!

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1d9a47  No.123

Volunteer positions opening soon.

e7fc0d  No.379

File: e0d998766e43162⋯.png (23.37 KB, 554x439, 554:439, be03427854c6cef884084364ac….png)

Volunteer positions are now open.

Click the e-mail tab to message me, and tell me what makes you want to contribute to a new board, and your ambitions.

Yes, the email is genuine.

I also have a new telegram group in case email is too much of an inconvenience, or if you don't give a shit about hotpocket shit and just want a group of folks to talk too. That's fine too.


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