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File: 277a0dafacfd91e⋯.gif (455.83 KB, 412x232, 103:58, 226b2573f2f3d6c545089ac0ab….gif)

7876a0  No.320

Just finished my first mid range computer, it's a lean rig, not beefy; waiting for Ryzen, Navi GPU's or an RTX price cut along with PCIe 4.0/DDR5 next year, so I'll be skipping the "DDR4" gen you can say, if that even means anything.

I'm using an RX 580 and an intel 4790S right now. What's some good vidya I can play? Anything goes, as long as it isn't fallout 4 AAA dogshit I'm good.

7876a0  No.330

Somehow I got persona 5 working at a full 60fps

c55bdf  No.350

File: 6e5ce16f9cf7071⋯.jpg (802.78 KB, 2402x1400, 1201:700, 6e5ce16f9cf707104078971136….jpg)

File: 047a3b2d8571587⋯.jpg (820 KB, 3200x2280, 80:57, Gunbird_(nakamura-hirofumi….jpg)

Sourceports are a good bet with Arx Fatalis, OpenMW and the like floating around. >>>/lv/ has a minetest server up apparently.

On my part I would jump on grand strategy since they play better on bigger than standard resolutions but shouldn't be too demanding.

Saving money on the main rig also opens up possibility to buy/assemble controllers for emulating stuff, but it's on your interests and with the start of the year you can tackle your backlog before seasonal stuff happens and you find yourself with ten spooky mods to cram in october.

b451ac  No.372

Well, AMD sucks for CEMU emulation.

f0b8ef  No.1021


It does. It's a fucking shame when a 1050 ti works better at it than a Radeon 7.

8e9da8  No.1028

File: 49824f7dfcce6a4⋯.jpg (40.87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Rally confusion.jpg)


How the fuck are drums supposed to help in warfare anyway aside of playing a forced beet while hanging people?

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