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ced8cc  No.363

Let's talk about vidya betas and such. What are some games you've looked at and thought back on, have you ever played a game before it's been released and changed? Have you ever PREFERRED a beta?

ced8cc  No.433

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4dc859  No.968

>Thread for betas

You gonna have a thread dedicated entirely to mark?

98617e  No.970

File: c74d246007b12a7⋯.png (214.12 KB, 797x176, 797:176, Trashengineers.PNG)

Make way, make way, the king is here

find a worse example, you can't

Bought in 2014 with the promise of it being a game about engineering in space without lasers/shields, the game quickly became flooded with 14 year olds begging the developers to add fucking planets; they caved and spent an entire 3 years of development time making planets (all other work was stopped) 120km in diameter.

The maximum speed in this game is 100m/s unmodded, but they took the time to add in entire planets because it was what was begged for and Marek (the shitter CEO) thought that it would be a great idea instead of literally any other gameplay mechanic that would actually improve upon the engineering aspect, like structural integrity or perhaps From the Depths style weapon building.

I remember in 2014 playing this game, my mind raced with thoughts about what it could turn into, the ships i could build, the fights with other players i could have.

Developers who listen to people in their youtube comments will always, always fuck up their game beyond repair. Developers who listen to people without paying attention to the age range of the person spouting shit will always, always fuck up their game.

Mareks company KEEN software was the one that made the game called Minerwars 2077 or something and he straight up abandoned it.

People will call it minecraft in space, those people are retards and calling it minecraft in space is the most facile and surface level observation you can make about the game.

KEEN software house has released 3 games: minerwars 2077, Space engineers and medieval engineers.

Minewars went nowhere and KEEN was only 2-3 people at the time. Space engineers has been their best selling game and on the back of this game their company has ballooned into around 50-60 employees. They released a game called Medieval engineers which is currently actually interesting as it has actual structural integrity mechanics but it only has roughly 10-15 perhaps 20 active developers (the majority of KEEN devs are university hires)

I don't know how the fuck that czech faggot did it but he managed to build a 50 man company off the back of a single $20 title, he also launched an AI company called GoodAI (which does no videogame work) that i have yet to see any actual work done by them that would grant them money.

If you like hearing about game companies laying off staff in droves keep your eyes on Keen Software House. They have about 3-5 years left at this rate.

They also re-released Space engineers for $25 as the "deluxe edition" that contained a soundtrack, and it was free for nobody, not even 2013-4 backers.

Space engineers was at it's peak in 2015-6, 2000 hours of wasted time, 2000 hours of wasted forum posts trying to get these retards to get back on fucking track.

The only thing i can say they do well is that they made their own engine from scratch in about 8 months, it's janky but impressive if you consider its potential, they also communicate with the community to the point of it being a determent, they have regular live-streams and a weekly update brief that they stuck too so religiously it caused them problems.

Other than that they're a trash company, do not give them money.

7570ec  No.1019



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