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File: 34641c749432fd4⋯.jpg (114.06 KB, 1038x576, 173:96, 986229bf7e6366fec28e26bec6….jpg)

File: a4d594058b1d7e4⋯.jpg (77 KB, 2208x298, 1104:149, Screenshot_20190204-002627….jpg)

1078d5  No.481

It's been nearly 10 years.

>Despite the success of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has long committed to supporting the 3DS and has no plans to discontinue the system even in 2019.

>Although the pace of software releases have tremendously slowed down in 2018 and 2019, there are still customers buying a 3DS and 3DS games, as 2.31 million Nintendo 3DS family systems and 11 million 3DS games were sold between April and December 2018.

>During the investor’s Q&A session this Friday, an investor asked why Nintendo has reduced their Q4 2018 sales target for the 3DS to 2.6 million systems. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa explained that the “market is shrinking faster than we expected”, and so the target was reduced.

DS Life - 2004/2013

3DS Life 2011/2020

That's what I expect at least, it usually shits out two years after the last gen pokemon game releases, and three years after the final hardware revision is released. I'm impressed, it's Nintendo's longest lasting handheld, but now it's finally time to put it to rest.

Good news is, we are finally going to know of SOME type of hardware revision and pokemon game this year.


630b16  No.1020

What games are even coming next year?

000000  No.1041

If 3DS is dying, it sure is taking its sweet time. I work at an Amazon Prime Now, n2DSXLs still move through at a decent pace, while LABO sets sit on the next shelf collecting dust. Even 3DS software sells at a pretty steady clip, we probably sell about 1 3DS game for every 5 or so Switch games.

I predict that while the market for 3DS will continue to shrink, as long as Ninty keeps making them it will still continue to sell, until Nintendo brings out their next dedicated handheld… or actively kills it, like Sony did with the Vita.

a89a98  No.1046

3DS emulation for toaster laptops has been around for quite long, of course the gimmicky handheld sells like shit.

It had some okay vidya, I guess? SRW UX and BX? LBX? Medarot 7, 8, 9, Classics, Dual, Girls Mission? Custom Robo Combat Surplus? Gyrozetter? Gundam vidya? EX Troopers? What about shit like Transformers Prime or Tenkai Knights?

2b8dc5  No.1047

I was wondering if modern 3dses are improved over the original. Im not talking about new 3ds vs 3ds, but 3ds 2011 vs 3ds 2019

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