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File: 2e0e0a0be99908e⋯.png (234.21 KB, 1795x562, 1795:562, screenshot-8ch.net-2019.05….png)

8c2aff  No.988

Hey BO, was this you? If so, fucking based.

444241  No.993


what is this replying to and what does the spoiler say.

76a526  No.994

File: a24a1744dc6b44d⋯.png (919.96 KB, 1120x824, 140:103, 6c953f86fc0322b70c754838d5….png)


I was wondering too, so I had to go out of my way to look for it.


Apparently mark bought tickets for some shitty kojima event, got called out by an anon who knew it was him, mark wondered how he knew, then a completely different anon with an axe to grind just starting digging into him.

Butthurt aside, he does have a point.

444241  No.999


thanks anon I'm too lazy to search for that shit.

e13e69  No.1022

>That's the only way you can learn; Fear

Man, this type of shit makes me wish 8chan was the extremist nazi website everybody hypes it up and makes it out to be, if it was, mark would have already gotten killed.

78b5f0  No.1027


The only reason why /v8/ isn't having the same success as /animu/ or /b2/ is because /v/-like boards require a particular type of autist to fully work round-the-clock, which only someone as obsessed as Mark can do, as shitty as he does.


You'd think that if fullchan really was this hub for world conspiracies and school shooters we'd already have seen some blood being spilled among Board Owners but somehow the biggest fuck ups still own the biggest boards.

10e6be  No.1042


just go to /vg/

a09be8  No.1123


even if you apply filters yourself i support what you said there pls defilter >c u c k i m e; i know i say i would use it regardless of your gay filter but it really isn't the same

dc9aa1  No.1125

Since the last couple of weeks the fat kike seems to be really pushing it more than usual, anyone notice that? Like he's testing the waters to see how far he can go before people get fed up with him enough to start taking the idea of an exodus more seriously. In particular, he's been getting gradually more censor happy about posts and threads that criticize anti-consumer companies and practices, and debates about piracy. I'm seeing a pattern there.

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