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File: 33b45411597da12⋯.jpg (454.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 567y475767454645y5b4gg4.jpg)


Discuss, or complain about anything related to the board, moderation, or any decisions made here. Post your suggestions or concerns here or email me them, I do read them.

Email me at: [email protected]

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It's not like witch hunts dont happen in here, but yeah that's pretty much how it went at least for me. I still go from time to time, but I got sick of it for a while after being banned because I told some fat guy being obese is unhealthy and personal exercise just in your room is really good. Didnt say go to a gym, or get ripped and get all the girls, just lose weight and stop eating doritos for the sake of not dying

It is understandable why they act like this and I almost defend it, but it leaves little to no room for discussion

File: 4a196f8986ca84f⋯.jpg (767.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, beautiful-01.jpg)


Hello. The banner function is back up and working again (finally) and it is time for our own dedicated banners. When I inherited this board, the current banners appear to be very similar if not the same to wizardchan ones, and since this board differs from that site, I think it is important that we secure our board 'identity' with our own custom banners.

Keep submitting banners, as this is an ongoing thing until I feel we have enough.

1. Banners must not exceed 500KB (that is, 512000 bytes).

2. Only the following filetypes are permissable:





3. Banners must be exactly 300px wide and 100px high.

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File: 8503ec56d1da3a4⋯.png (330.21 KB, 386x362, 193:181, 3d graphics.png)


Feels okey when i am alone, sometimes i want to live in a world whitout human and enjoy the silence for a long time.

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File: 744dafea757648a⋯.jpg (19.64 KB, 217x320, 217:320, 1494972692739.jpg)

always lol @ people on here who say they enjoy being alone and friendless.

you wouldn't be posting on chans if that were true. you want your social interaction fix–you're just too ugly to get it from real life.

if you were unable to view your posts, see who replied to you, or reply to other posters, then you wouldn't be posting.



Very true

no mute


File: 06741f6f8ecda82⋯.gif (953.69 KB, 500x323, 500:323, hero.gif)


>that brendan

God damnit anon



Heh, seen it.


>you're just too ugly to get it from real life.

Or we want our social interaction moderated/depersonalized a bit. I go through months of lurking, then go on a posting binge.

Stop trying to rustle jimmies, an insult masquerading as insight is not intelligence.



thats where ur wrong kiddo

im posting here because here i am with the same kind of people as me (if you count out the larping normalfags), in real life im going to get laughed at this, while here i wont get judged for being a fucking loser nobody

File: d9ebd4646328c97⋯.jpg (260.82 KB, 681x1211, 681:1211, 9cdd78ca5de9f3bf540b53fab6….jpg)


Sometimes I like to look at real lovey-dovey Snapchat captions and pretend it's from a loving, loyal gf. I find its easier to pretend it's real with these. What about you guys, do you do anything sad and pathetic?

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Good to know I am not the only one suffering from this. It's a shame I've never been able to talk about it with anyone irl because the best (and only, as far as I can tell) ways to describe it make it sound like a schizophrenic disorder




Does it count as autism if that 'someone' is google and the nsa? Or is that warranted paranoia?



autism? no

it should be common knowledge that google/nsa is watching us, and you have every right to be scared of it.

fuck you google



I guess it can turn into an obsession, but it is a real danger

I know fully well I must be like an open book for anyone but I dont give a fuck most of the time if someone knows what I masturbate to or that I am an evil nazi. If I need something hidden I'll have it hidden anyway


File: 23b09394c8fde54⋯.jpg (16.16 KB, 600x315, 40:21, C O N C E R N.jpg)


I tried researching it but I couldn't find anything useful, just loads of forums of people saying "yep I also have this fear". One person said that it was neurosis or something. Others are saying early schizo.

I makes me feel alittle easier, knowing I'm not the only one with this issue.


File: ebd8bc72b3ce43d⋯.jpg (143.33 KB, 1202x806, 601:403, 1501476510670.jpg)

File: 5d8926e997ade4e⋯.png (2.58 KB, 143x245, 143:245, 1495488670166.png)


in this thread, ideal gfs that we'll never have…

I'll post the template as well so you can make your own

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I'm just perplexed about your fixation on your dream girls height. Others used these little phrases to show what political agenda, character, beliefs and hobbies their waifus are supposed to have while you use them to show your wish to have a gf who is taller than you.



Maybe he's just trying to make it believable


File: 62ce7ddafddc07d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 62.36 KB, 900x510, 30:17, gf.png)


Is it not pathetic to make self-pandering lines of text for an imaginary girlfriend because I find that pretty fucking embarrassing but I colored her in just for you, https://youtu.be/uSquiIVLhrQ?t=189. It'll be the last time I post this don't worry.



Cute. Keep posting, the dubs have spoken.


File: 0cc02efe7af1204⋯.png (25.77 KB, 853x515, 853:515, sleepy.png)

Yeah, i'd like to stay in bed

File: b46115221fac242⋯.jpeg (79.9 KB, 600x720, 5:6, image.jpeg)


>Anyone else talk only out of necessity?

I've completely stopped talking to women. I used to be a failure by design but now Im a fauliure by choice.

-See a girl holding a big box

Walk right on past

-See a girl wearing a very colorful dress who obviously is fishing for compliments

Stare at the interesting wall

-Girl is behind me walking in a store

Let her open her own door

Ive just stopped trying to even play this "game" where you have to make a girl notice you in the first place. I gotta say it is quite relaxing. I used to stress for female attention and never got it which made me depressed. Now I could care less and it feels like some sort of vindication.

I hardly talk anymore. Most of my musings are inside my head. My Mom has noticed this change and is a bit worried for me. She said I used to be so "happy" before. She never knew that I was in emotional torment every day I was "happy." Just faking to be a Chad to get pussy.

Now I dont need to fake anything. I can be myself. I am relaxed. I used to flirt with the cashier. Make chit-chat with the bank teller. Compliment a woman walking past. Nothing ever worked. For 30 fucking years nothing ever worked. Now, I can see that trying only brings pain. So I stopped. And am content not even talking to them.

My Mom likes when I used to do this. I can only assume because she has a vagina and likes the attention of other males. Must make her feel special. But Im done.

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I do not talk to anybody outside of my parents for year now. I mean like substantial conversations.


Yeah I'm the same and I prefer it this way.


>this faggot again




File: 277f6cd113a530d⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 330x269, 330:269, eddie.gif)


>Implying he's not right



good man. you just made your first step in the right direction. now take the journey to non-primitivism and satori.



I basically only talk to anyone, even family, when spoken to. If I don't get put into some situation where I'm expected to say something, I rarely talk. I talk to myself or my waifu more than anyone else.

File: 3ebcf8ecccaea51⋯.jpg (14.55 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 2f3eb2b42e17727f5aea2d892f….jpg)


Have you guys ever been to an anime convention? First i thought this was pretty cool, i mean a place where i can talk with people that i thought were like minded sound nice. the thing is 1 hour away there is an anime convention once per month. I was happy that there were people who like anime too

i thought i might find some friends there, but it turned out its just fucking cancer. most people there are just normalfag weebs who watch the generic animes like naruto or one piece and dont give a shit about anime itself, you dont get to discuss any anime there except the mainstream stuff, its more of an place where they hand out like all normalfags do, its just an excuse for them, like when i get there i play yugioh most f the time and thats it, you dont get to learn anything about anime, you get to talk about generic shit with normals and it bothers me they call themself an anime convention when its more of an generic meetup

anyone have tthe same issues?

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3 or 4 years, give or take. Every time one of those best thing ever flavor of the month animes appear (attack on titan, one punch man, jojo,etc) the fanbase is fueled by kids around 15




you are one of them



>you are one of them

I'd have to like the animays for that. Or not, depends on your definition


File: c2fd2f2a31b3868⋯.webm (7.04 MB, 960x544, 30:17, shrine slut.webm)

I've been to smaller one closer to where I live >>14612 summed that one up pretty nicely but I've been to touhoucon and I liked it.


File: 939b54136562922⋯.jpg (826.18 KB, 1500x950, 30:19, b3vfMHU.jpg)


Conventions are highly social events, so are you really surprised at the high amount of normalfaggotry? Your average autist that is deeply involved in a hobby and actually gives a fuck about it probably isn't the type to willingly submit themselves to that much interaction with people in person. So of course you are mainly going to get the shallow fucks that only know about what is popular.

File: 256a4477566096b⋯.jpg (134.77 KB, 487x600, 487:600, 1298449144368.jpg)


Picture this: a world where food & water ain't required. You can go as long as you want without eating & drinking. But you'd quickly become as miserably hungry & thirsty as you can imagine, and worse.

In this world, only 1% get to eat well: to them goes the filet mignon, Chateau Margaux, swordfish soup… And they get to eat this because they're rich, connected, "cool", or just plain basic lucky. One's riches/status/coolness/what-have-you almost directly correlates to how well they get to eat, in stark defiance of the comforting Disney and other Hollywood myth of "true eating has nothing to do with flavor!11!".

Most the rest fight over the scraps or get to be satisfied with over-greasy cheeseburgers – that cost $50-500 for them when the "cool" get better for free or at best a buck-fifty. They smother their pain and want in endlessly justifications of how those privileged with wagyu beef thrice a day are somehow hungry and miserable, that their food isn't "real". Doing their best to spread the comforting Disney and other Hollywood myth – the LIE – of "true eating has nothing to do with flavor!11!" which the have-nots MUST believe so these less-than-fortunates can lift their heads off the pillow each morning to spend most their time and resultant earnings so the haves can keep hogging almost all the goods for themselves.

If just plain basic observation of the facts isn't enough to convince, then not only is our plain basic terminology for those who don't "win" are called "losers" when they don't eat well, but universal rage of those who flaunt the "rules" by having "game" when they "should" be losers but instead become "eat-up artists" ought to do the job. If one still isn't convinced, their head is buried in the sand.

Then there are the rest: the untouchables, the real losers, the failures, who for one reason or another either get to eat shit or starve. They're the ones told they gotta "get out more" and "jus bee urslef :^)" despite the fact that if just being themselves worked they wouldn't be starving for years, decades, their whole lives the misery serving as the backdrop of their every waking moment, the foundation of every action and thought and feelingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 931a765257476ba⋯.jpg (43.47 KB, 880x546, 440:273, BO9n1cFgPIN-png__880.jpg)


Why can't the normalfaggots gb2/>>>/r9k/



I was wondering the same. Why did you create a thread here instead of in your homeboard or homesite, be it /leftypol/, reddit or gaia? You'd have fit in much better there, with people who are very similar to you.




Sage is not a downvote, my dear redditor.


You didn't answer my question on /r9k/ are you the same guy that makes threads on /pol/ about being a 19 year old virgin?



Or just venison

File: 78f47dc665a9d48⋯.jpg (212.43 KB, 620x767, 620:767, tmp_25678-image-7311115040….jpg)


>look at boardlist


>click out of curiosity


>"make sure to invite more grills xd"

Females are odd, why make a special sone for yourself if it'll only be used for the same mundane topics? Heck why have the need fo make a space just for your sex wherever you go? D


normalfags are odd, they want to be part of the mainstream, yet they want to be special


there was a very funny thread recently there with a lolcow namefag "casually charming" who tried to seduce BO but just made a fool of himself then said "oh actually I'm stoned and high right now so I dont make much sense so whatever, I dont care what I say"

it's hilarious to see men so thirsty that they publicly embarass themselves on an extremely obscure image forum where 99% of the users are obese males


File: 447c084664a31f1⋯.jpg (98.68 KB, 960x946, 480:473, when the hentai gets real.jpg)



I've got news for you about girls on 8chan





File: bb67b200b1cdb0d⋯.jpg (28.71 KB, 526x526, 1:1, 20729365_10212177774534402….jpg)

Seriously, 90% of "Women" on girlytalk are either trannies ur men who larp as women on the internet.

but im glad im not the only one that thinks that boards is cancer

File: e752d34fef191af⋯.png (37.25 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 1502420412380.png)




Warm-Bloods not welcome

Male Virgins only

Come and Relax

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Why is it called lizard chan?

I don't understand what does v9k and lizards have to do with each other.




It was started here in these threads. Fagmin at wizchan is douche.



First link is fucked. Here you go.



/v9k/ itself is comatose, it seems like normals and casuals chans have stolen part of the traffic from every small IB, that or all that talk about suicide was true and now they're all dead. There is nowhere to advertise that doesn't carry the risk of bringing scum. Wizchan may have lots of flaws but it's the only IB catering to users like us with a good flow of posts, everything else moves at snail pace.



Also imho the biggest problem with Wizchan is the community itself, I don't post there anymore but I post on similar places and all anons complain of the same: the eternal normalfag witchunt. That is a problem that honestly I don't ever see going away, it's a necessary evil that keeps some actual normals away but also catches wizards with uncommon interests and situations. And you're starting the same shit with this "im a wizard you're chad" come on nigger, this is not halfs /r9k/ and on my last days on Wizchan I saw tons of these so called true wizes bragging about their jobs, vacations, scholarships and shit like that. I have a hard time picturing a non-normalfag with very high paying jobs, traveling around the world and being perfectly functional. You also shit too much on depressed users and call them "failed normalfags" while living like normalfags yourselves.

What the fuck is a true wizard anyway?

File: 532136be587d13b⋯.jpg (10.82 KB, 237x255, 79:85, 8527d43dbcb886ee6403c1be4d….jpg)


its just a thought i have

im in the best years of my life with 19 years (atleast thats what normans keep telling)

i am a hkv like most people here. currently when im not out wageslaving or doing something for school all i do i shitposting/watching anime or playing video games. its doesnt hurt that bad since i dont have friends since childhood (kids back then didnt seem to mind if u were a sperg)

but i keep thinking is this what i am going to do until lets say 60? i have no real goals in my life

i just dont know how long this will go

back then i was very health conscious but now i just dont give a shit about this anymore, what does it matter if i die of cancer or diabetes my life is trash and i can feel myself drifting deeper into the abyss every day

i dont really want this to happen, being a 60 year old kv without friends, dieing alone in my room and rotting there until the smell becomes so strong somebody notices

im not contemplating suicide right now, but i just dont know if i want to keep living like this might just kms with 30

sorry for blogpost i just need to vent

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I feel the same OP.

I dont really know what to say. I am told that "it will get better" but I doubt it and I've been told that for 10 years now.

<it'll get better when you get to high school

>get out of middle school, start highschool

<it'll get better when you go to college

>finally start college

<i-it'll get better when you get a job

>get a job

I presume the next conversation will be

<it'll get better when you retire

>finally retire

<it'll get better when…later…

>finally escape life

All I can suggest is get the basics right. Do physical exercise every day and eat well and get enough sleep and drink enough water (clean, filtered water). Dont drink dont fap dont watch porn dont do drugs dont drink coffee etc. Maybe you'll find something you love, or even someone, and even if you don't, you'll feel more comfortable either in your own skin or with the idea of death. Good luck.


I am sorry to dissapoint you OP but life never gets good. I have been living the NEET, wagedrone and student life and everything is shit. I have also asked myself what I should be doing with my life at all. What are you supposed to do when you have no intentions to have your own family nor interest in climbing up the career ladder. Death at 30 seems like a solution because at age 30 you will likely have "seen" everything you wanted to see in life. This means anime and video games you had in your backlog for years and maybe the completion of a collection you had since childhood. Maybe if you manage to get a college degree in something you love and a good job you might extend this to age 40 but after that it definetly goes downhill. My father was pretty fit until age 50 but after that he really started to detoriate very fast.

>neet is good brudder

When you are NEET you have all the time of the world but you waste it because time is not precious when you have plenty. So you end up browsing internet until 4am and sleeping until lunch time next day. Your parents are constantly annoyed by you and they make it their mission to make you feel as miserable as possible. This might be different once you have financial freedom but is it really worth to spend decades at the plantation just so you can chill down for a few years and wait for death?

When you are retired, you will live this exact life just your body will be fucked up and you will have pain from dieseases.

>worker drone life is good brudder

When you are a corporate drone, you can claim your job gives you fulfillment and it will bring lots of money that can be wasted on toys or candy and fast food. However, after some time you run out of things you want to buy so the money argument loses all its sense. Also just your duty to show up every morning for work is tiresome. Imagine when you are NEET or student, there is no appointments to keep for you. You decide if you want to go to lectures or spend the day at home but once you sign your deal, you better move your lazy ass every day at 8am to your office / factory.

Then manual labour can also be pretty hard and ruin your back or your joints. COnstruction work can also get you killed if yoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Just keep focusing on the video games and if that makes you happy nothing wrong with it try different genres to mix thing up and such.



Also in college you cannot really miss the lectures too much because a lot of times professor tell you what is going to be empehesized in the exams during the lectures so if you got to lecture you are more focused with your studying.


If your parents aren't rich, you are not gifted at anything in particular nor have good career prospects, you are ugly, you have practically given up on trying to find friends and a girlfriend and if you have dealt with depression for most of your life then I honestly think that indeed, you have no future.

Im in the same boat but im 28, I think you still have time to fix your life in at least once of the aspects I mentioned above and make life somewhat worthy, or bearable at least. I didn't, I fucked up big time and the future is bleak. Literally speaking I obviously have a future, one of endless wageslaving, mental illness, solitude and health issues. But obviously that's not a life worth living. So please, OP, try your hardest to get your shit together because the warnings are very real, you'll end catching the bus inevitably if you fail at all those areas I mentioned first. Im just waiting for my parents to kick me out so I can end it all, realistically it'll take me 2-3 years more, but I know wageslaving won't be worth it and having failed at all else there's no real point in living. Anime and vidya can only make things better for a while before losing their effects.


This guy makes very good points too, though I'd argue if you get a good degree and git gud you can work on and off for a few years enjoying the benefits of both for a few years. But still even then time will take its toll on your body, and you will long for something greater than vidya, food, drugs and anime, however that something will be beyond your reach by then but the point is I believe you can make life good for a handful of years if you at least don't become a poor as fuck wageslave.

File: 94bbdc9facd9055⋯.jpg (126.78 KB, 660x660, 1:1, fuckyou.jpg)


Last one reached the 750 post limit thanks to some TouHou doujins

I'm not doing this for you fucking spergshits or nothing. Fuck you all.



sweet, dubs


thanks anon :^)



>Last one reached the 750 post limit thanks to some TouHou doujins

I cant think of any better way to let go a thread like that

File: beb20a12c12a53a⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1364x677, 1364:677, sit.png)


What have you been thinking about no matter how small or unnecessary.

I've been thinking about the differences between Rome and Persia mainly on how the greatest virtue in Roman society was justice while Persian society respected the the truth. You can say that truth and justice are similar but in actuality they aren't the same because justice can be achieved with dishonorable means and something similar said by Plato or some shit said that a lie for the greater good is a lie worth telling. Truth doesn't always mean justice and is smaller-minded which reflects the inferiority of the Persians, their values, and why they were ultimately defeated; truth is truth but does it inherently go somewhere or get something done, the truth will lock up wrong-doing men but what of nobility and et cetera.

34 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Basically, such an incompetent ruler should take responsibility. Kill himself if their is no other way. If he is a just man, he will feel sorry and give himself for those who cannot. But if said ruler is wise he will not leave bad outcomes to chance. The perfect leader gains everything and loses nothing.


File: b792a3845fdb97f⋯.png (553.63 KB, 748x580, 187:145, drooling schizophrenic ret….png)

I wanted to let something off of my mind but there's nothing in it so I'm going to blogpost like a bitch instead, I haven't talked or thought about anything intelligent or intricate in almost a year, just self-masturbatory tidbits that don't fucking matter. I think of how stupid and doll normalfags actually are and I let myself slip more and more because of how offensive that isolation shanks, it's something that snaps your mind, my best friend was in the same spot and he succumbed so now he's a pretentious armchair guru talking about chakras and shamans and I didn't want to be a watered-down faggot who let his worst fears make him into the what he hates the most so I just sit in still water and get used to each new fly that starts buzzing around my soul.

My conscious and subconscious switched places so I don't know what I'm thinking and I forgot my routine but when I let go I flow naturally but become uncomfortable for how turning off my brain only accelerates my retardation, I've become a degenerate animal going off of instinct.

Whatever art or beauty I could've brought to the world I fuck it up through negativity like trying to be me and unintentionally self-parodying or positively like finding a supplement for the things I find beautiful which noids whatever I wanted to do because I found it, my own type of hedonism.


I'm starting to see what people mean by internet addiction now. Unless you're someone who is good with people and has people to talk to all the time, the internet is basically a skinner box. You keep refreshing and refreshing, hoping to find a discussion you can take part in or a reply to a post you made several hours ago. The main problem is that good discussions and replies turn up often enough that you want to keep browsing, but seldom enough that you waste most of your time doing so.


Right now im mad at normans giving me the "just b urself" and "when i was at your age" bullshit



>when I was at your age

Maybe they're right.

File: fa02cc11cfd6ed4⋯.mp4 (309.61 KB, 460x258, 230:129, KissKam.mp4)


>months of isolation

>feel like shit

>decide to go out in public to stretch my legs

>see things like pic related

>remember that even if I shut myself inside for the rest of my life the grief and loneliness would still feel better than the emotions I feel when going outside and remembering I'm unwanted by everyone

1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: dec83512ab51300⋯.png (147.38 KB, 257x451, 257:451, KILL ME.png)

File: d79ef5ab0bb9956⋯.png (130.21 KB, 245x398, 245:398, CHAD KEK.png)

just bee yourself

Unoriginal content! You have been muted for BEEEEEE seconds.



>be outside for the first time in 20 days

>see 8/10 qt




I cant look at women without the redpills coming up


>months of isolation

>feel like shit

I can only relate to those 2.


>years of isolation

>feel like shit

>if I shut myself inside, the grief and loneliness are killing me

>if I go outside, the loneliness and censorship and emotional distance and mental anguish are killing me

I guess I can relate.

File: cf8d8f6110d397b⋯.jpg (3.63 KB, 264x191, 264:191, drunkpepe.jpg)


i hate the feeling of being drunk/stoned idk why

i just like the feeling of being awake and sober. i tried getting drunk but everytime i did the feeling was just meh and i felt like shit afterwards. idk why normans like getting drunk so much its shit im rather be addictet to my caffeine


File: cfdf24b99d6e3d0⋯.png (261.53 KB, 495x751, 495:751, cfdf24b99d6e3d0136abc1d3b3….png)

No. I like the feeling of being drunk. Not super drunk though. I like the contrast of being sober and productive all day, to the numb don't give a fuck feeling of having some drinks before bed. I don't like drinking around other people though, despite booze being a "social drug". I don't really like being around people in general. Normalfags surely enjoy the excuse of being more fucking retarded than usual I'm sure. They certainly don't need more help being social.

As for your own situation, if you stay hydrated and don't drink insane amounts you can avoid most hangover issues. Or it may just not be for you.


I used to drink but I dont like it at all anymore, weirdly it also makes me much less sociable and withdrawn and silent if I do drink.


File: 606616d54263104⋯.jpg (140.1 KB, 1279x960, 1279:960, alcohol.jpg)

Alcohol allowed me to have a normal social life for a few years. I was quite charming and funny when drunk. It kinda lost its edge ~3 years ago though and I started hating being around people even when drunk as fuck.

Now I only drink alone every weekend and I love it. It makes me happy, let's me forget all my sorrows and allows me to have fun playing vidya and listening to nostalgic music from my childhood like old anime and cartoon openings. That one day of the week on which I allow myself that bottle of Moskovskaya and every food I want to eat is pretty much the only day I live for right now. Thinking about this day is also the only source of power I use to get through 5 days of pure hell at work.

Alcohol is my best friend and I feel like I have some sort of relationship with it, it's quite strange actually.

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