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File: 33b45411597da12⋯.jpg (454.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 567y475767454645y5b4gg4.jpg)


Discuss, or complain about anything related to the board, moderation, or any decisions made here. Post your suggestions or concerns here or email me them, I do read them.

Email me at: v9koperate@gmail.com

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Beatings of women, high enough?

Because, that's what will happen. It's the same as with mocking whites in their own countries. Don't want to get mauled? Then, don't poke the bear!

File: 4a196f8986ca84f⋯.jpg (767.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, beautiful-01.jpg)


Hello. The banner function is back up and working again (finally) and it is time for our own dedicated banners. When I inherited this board, the current banners appear to be very similar if not the same to wizardchan ones, and since this board differs from that site, I think it is important that we secure our board 'identity' with our own custom banners.

Keep submitting banners, as this is an ongoing thing until I feel we have enough.

1. Banners must not exceed 500KB (that is, 512000 bytes).

2. Only the following filetypes are permissable:





3. Banners must be exactly 300px wide and 100px high.

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File: 4d20eac10eea604⋯.png (37.4 KB, 300x100, 3:1, night.png)

Here's my submission.

I like /v9k/. I feel that I can be honest with my feelings here. On other sites I would constantly have to make sure that I am not breaking any rules or anger the elitist volcels and whatnot. It's a nice feeling. Virgins bullying other virgins, it makes me sad.

File: ebd8bc72b3ce43d⋯.jpg (143.33 KB, 1202x806, 601:403, 1501476510670.jpg)

File: 5d8926e997ade4e⋯.png (2.58 KB, 143x245, 143:245, 1495488670166.png)


in this thread, ideal gfs that we'll never have…

I'll post the template as well so you can make your own

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Thank you guys.


what I learned from this thread


>double sided dildo

>thinking females can ever be autistic

>equate autism with just being into nerdy shit

>liked mw2 instead of seeing it as the degeneracy point of the series

>nostalgia goggles overriding taste

>teehee I am such a social reject


>the mommy meme and the tendies meme at once

>being this thirsty for the woman who ruined your life

>accepting that you are doing whatever she tells you

>dominant asian gf (ie a psycho who will lay a FRA on you inevitably) shit taste


>want a gf who will get you thrown in prison and put on suicide watch (ironically making you more suicidal and putting you in tremendous physical pain too)


>fuck the imaginative and immersive world of video games let's play candyland or some boring shit

>pinku hair eeee

>otherwise at least I can see this one as being a halfway decent fantasy girl minus the colored hair


>taller than you but it's just your problem if you mind and not the other way around

>never saying anything to someone perfectly communicates your thoughts (this has never worked in history)


>doesn't want to repPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 4b81ceb770c4b2a⋯.png (84.2 KB, 1068x872, 267:218, 9817826F-E37D-4587-BF3E-FF….png)

File: 54e12d64b4a7eb5⋯.png (4.87 KB, 470x408, 235:204, 22D88804-D7AE-4D48-9ACE-F2….png)

Having a girlfriend won't solve any of your problems


File: b5c045e75d580fc⋯.png (41.8 KB, 746x480, 373:240, First Girl you fell in lov….png)

I made this one myself. Sometimes it gets a few "Hits too close to home."


File: a1c1b2fa76fd95d⋯.png (100.71 KB, 801x729, 89:81, banned from nu-r9k.png)

You know, that normalmutt never really explained this ban

File: d1de4c340a83b36⋯.png (821.43 KB, 1062x729, 118:81, Capture _2019-01-18-03-31-….png)


Serious Question i remember this board being really active i really don't know what happened because i know there are still hella cels out there because the world is still fucked up as it always has been. I know .me got shutdown so yea can someone let me in on what's going on or just drop a username or something and you can message me the new sites etc.

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File: 41ef65789e2fb9d⋯.jpg (20.45 KB, 288x402, 48:67, akko_suspicious.jpg)




Not even surprised :^)

Also, shit site.



>le stupid normalfaggot forced "memes"

Anyway, you two have AIDS. I hate you. Kill yourselves.


Only good post.


Ooroinique shitepasta'ing izzy shtillerly shitypastying.


Everyone caved in and went back to /r9k/.


Everything digital is buffalo shit, high definition analog technologies are expensive as fuck (1080i CRT the size of a normal one is $10000 last I checked) and switching to electronics/computers was progressive and high-tech when in reality it was just cheaper and easier to process. Film development is a tedious and careful walkthrough so record is digitally with boring flat colors, you can mistakes with physical drawing so just do it digitally with boring flat colors, for the sake of progression lets make everything wireless and connected to the internet, what a shit state of expression and technology.


Good post my friend.


File: 1a06c181f1404a6⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 500x358, 250:179, TJ.gif)

I'm on here!


File: b1cee2fa0425899⋯.jpg (82.58 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, b1cee2fa0425899ea80fde8290….jpg)



Why do you pretend to be multiple people? Are you like one of those tumblr users with the headmates or whatever?


File: 36b49b12f05d73c⋯.jpg (166.95 KB, 726x1112, 363:556, DwGVd6sW0AILCSe.jpg)

File: 5235f3116cdc933⋯.jpg (25.9 KB, 666x500, 333:250, DqskihIX0AA8tZx.jpg)

Nothing. People just stopped coming by/posting, still not sure myself or remember myself.

wither frustrated or knowing that posting here won't fix a thing and there's the casual flood of fags, I genuinely don't know or care, they just stopped coming, they didn't better their lives, majorely at least, for sure.

There was simply nothing to do or go off of, routines were repetitive, casual tfw no gf poster, the r9k fiend, the suicide which was equally cringey.

I believe it's for the best, if any of the people that used to be here from early last year+, I wish you the best, don't look back

File: d42c9932341308b⋯.jpg (67.67 KB, 700x700, 1:1, crying_wojak.jpg)


ITT: Times you probably could've had a gf

>high school a few years ago

>walking to early flight at ~6:45 during the Winter, so it's pretty dark

>super tired (I would hardly ever sleep)

>porn addict, and hadn't showered

>the darkness makes me feel more confident probably due to primal instincts

>plus, school is practically empty

>walking when suddenly hear a squeak


>turn around

>at least 7/10 grill (from what I could tell) looks extremely nervous


>"I-I like your backpack…"

>don't know what to say

>don't want to deal with her because of previously mentioned reasons

>chicken out


>accidentally made it sound as if I were creeped out, like a fucking normalfag

>quickly walk away to class

>mfw she sounded lonely

>mfw never saw her again

>mfw she probably didn't have any friends

I have lost sleep over this, one of my greatest regrets. I just hope to God she didn't go into porn or something and is living well.

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>they werent right about anything

>except that he'd fail

<he actually fails which proves they were right

>they werent right!

either trolling or retarded

>do you think he could get out of bed one day and become Arnold Schwarzenegger

stop putting words in my mouth retard, I never said that

>He would've been just another robot.

so? there are robots who aren't utterly despondent out there, and there's always a chance he could find his own way of happiness later

>and I'm still here living a frail and dull life

no one cares about your life. this isn't about you

>Making plans to come back in years means waiting to go back or waiting for them to return

no, it means he would mind his own life and then later he could either

1. go volcel/mgtow and ignore women

2. try his luck with another girl

3. try his luck with this girl again

>was this just a suggestion for a dead man?

do you have brain damage, or are you just boringly trolling? what do you think this discussion is or is about?

>Maybe 30%-40% do.

which is, according to your posts so far, equal to 0% and it implies he shouldn't had even bothered trying

>and girls get fucked easily

how was this one still a virgin with mental problems at 18 then? is it because she gets laid easily?

>He also lied about killing himself

oh, he lied? he's still alive then? was this just a ruse?

>why would she trust him after manipulating her emotiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



man I just thought if I had one great period in my life it would not feel completely worthless. One great story to share with other anons. One story about love and being loved back. If I had this I could say my life was worth something to someone and die in peace.



>either trolling or retarded

Did you even go back to the thread, every detractor was only name-calling him and insulting her. The things they said would happen is that he'd embarrass himself or she was fucking other guys, none of which happened.

>stop putting words in my mouth retard, I never said that

<kid has a mediocre and stifled life that obviously affects him

<"don't worry about it buddy you'll succeed one day you're just a kid"

Also that was a question for you, I didn't accuse you of saying that. Maybe you should read thoroughly or not be so tightly defensive.

>there are robots who aren't utterly despondent out there

They aren't here and if they are they're fantasizing.

>no one cares about your life. this isn't about you

One of the lives many have had here.

>no, it means he would mind his own life and then later he could either…

You said.

<I'm sure that if he'd commit to self-improvement, finish puberty, get a job and mature a little he'd have had a good chance with Murdoch-chan after 2-3 years.

And there is no reason for this anyway. He's dead, it's done, it's a fantasy.

>which is, according to your posts so far, equal to 0% and it implies he shouldn't had even bothered trying

Women have to be led and molded, if you lose them then there's no telling what will happen, why go back to someone who got creamed inside of.

>how was this one still a virgin with mental problems at 18 then? is it because she gets laid easily?

At best it didn't happen yet.

>oh, he lied?

*He also lied about going to kill himself to get her attention.

>he shouldn't have played that card on her in the first place.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


My very first time was when I was in 4th grade

>Loner during 4th grade

>Spent my recess walking or running the school track (it was made out of rocks and pebbles)

>Had a crush on this girl in my class

>Let's call her Karla

>filipino, brown skin, black hair, cute eyes

>Too pussy shit to say hi in class or lunch

>One day Karla starts walking the same track as me

>She's walking because she's doing the P.E mile thing

>If you walk a mile you get a plastic pendant of a foot

>We start talking to each other

>I said some autistic stuff but she seemed to enjoy my company

>Was no longer alone at recess

>Finally had someone to talk to

>Looked forward to talking to her everyday before recess

>One day Karla and her normalnigger friends are talking too loud during a group project

>Her male best friend gets up with a piece of paper


>awwwwww said the whole class

>Karla was red and blushing

>Aiden was one of the popular kids in my class

>Athletic and had a social life

>Get bummed out that it wasn't me

>Still talk to Karla but I really wanted to confess that I like her

>Last day of school

>Karla is there but we didn't really speak

>Too coward to confess my feeling

>End up moving to a far away city a month later

Another one

>Be sophomore year

>This white looking latina comes into my music class

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>none of which happened

it would have been better if he'd have embarrassed himself (most likely he did, she is a woman so she most definitely had girl friends whom she gossiped with) and if she cheated than him killing himself

<kid has a mediocre and stifled life that obviously affects him

<"don't worry about it buddy you'll succeed one day you're just a kid"

go ahead and switch the goalposts while claiming that it would be impossible for him to get a gf in the next 30 years of his life after getting a gf at 17

>They aren't here

literally everyone here is terminally depressed and on the brink on suicide?

interesting assumption

>and if they are they're fantasizing.

if people aren't blackpilled they're "fantasizing"?

interesting assumption

especially interesting is how you keep attacking the bullies while simultaneously telling me that he would never stand a chance at getting any girl, which is exactly what his bullies were telling him all along

>He's dead, it's done,

yeah, nice swapping goalposts from 4 posts discussing the hypothetical of him finding a different girl or getting back with the first girl to "doesnt matter, let's discuss practical issues"

>*He also lied about going to kill himself to get her attention.

well he killed himself, so he didnt lie at all did he?

>At best it didn't happen yet.

no proof no argument. "all girls are sluts", this one clearly isn't, "yeah but she WILL be later" - idiotic cop out

>You sound like a belligerent jackass.

no, I'm just right and yPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: b2fa99516f2791c⋯.jpg (277.17 KB, 1440x1385, 288:277, c533aa1d49974cb2640de28a2a….jpg)


What is our /end/ game?

We can't just stay in this purgatory of an existence. Growth? Something?

I just want a 3dqt wife since male friends come and go.

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Create a new Civilization tbh. Men who have not been lonely their entire lives will listen to us because have reason and knowledge, and their women will listen to their men. Perhaps we won't have children but we shall have our revenge.



I had dreams of starting a secular/religious monastery for the lost but I have neither the money or skills.


>male friends come and go

lol, bitches come and go but brotherhood is forever

unless you befriend awful guys of course

The problem is that this stuff of friendship is forged very seldom and most of the time in young age. As your youth is over, you cannot bond to anyone anymore like you could back then.

>what is your /end/ game

premature death of course

the struggle of getting out of bed is just too high compared to the reward of just living a meaningless life. But before I die I want to at least get my body fixed and get fit. I imagine the otherworld like in dragonball. You keep the body how it was when you died. I would hate to be a fatty until eternity there as well. Also if there is a chance that I meet my waifu, I want to look the best I can when I confess to her and ask her if she feels the same.


File: 216b4a91e3716d2⋯.png (136.28 KB, 1274x370, 637:185, 1548979409770.png)

gave up on looking for a female companion. I'll be a khhv manlet incel for the rest of my life. I am trying to just finish this stupid engineering degree with a shit GPA, because I failed a year due to watching anime all day.



>unless you befriend awful guys

meaning, 99% of modern men?

>confess to her and see if she feels the same

you have doubts that your waifu would reject you and go for chad instead?

File: a32d61fc4557ad8⋯.mp4 (5.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, wojak tfw no gf.mp4)


Every time I watch anime, I am reminded, every minute, that my waifu is not real, and that she will not be either, and nor will I meet a real girl with a similar personality.

As such, seeing a picture of my waifu makes me sad, very, very sad.

Does this happen to anyone else? Share your waifu feels.

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Virgins yes, losers no.



There's a big difference between a pathetic virgin and a dignified one.

These kind of threads go better on r9k



So who decides who is pathetic here and who isn't? I went here because /r9k/ was getting infected with all the trap/sissy/etc posts and replies that cuckchan /r9k/ had. If /r9k/ is supposedly the dignified virgin board then this thread must be out of place.


Thanks for your input but the /r9k/ crowd suffered in quality which led me here. Even with the BO's new rules a few months ago, the board remained weird and unrelatable.


I'm only ever happy when I see my waifu. I can't imagine being sad while looking at her.



Anime is not cartoons. cartoons are ugly and disgusting, Anime is beautiful and perfect, or at least, tries to be.

File: e499ded5622815a⋯.jpg (169.42 KB, 570x570, 1:1, 1481021660231.jpg)


what is /v9k/ opinion on cartoons? and I meant cartoons not "Animation" in general… from stuff like Frozen and Zootopia to the Flintstones and My little pony?

Most people on Image board absolutely HATE them, and not even on containment boards like /co/ i find solace due to the constant Anime posters talking shit about MY hobbie.

I think it makes me a manchild or even a manbaby, therefore I am MORE virgin-like than most.

59 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




How old are you actually? You only mention the cartoons of this decade. You don't even mention Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, Avatar, Ed Eddn Eddy, Johnny Bravo. Cartoon has becoming shit and bland, it doesn't air good shit like it used to be in my childhood.



>drink bleach

Silly autist, you can't drink an anime!


The last western cartoon I genuinely enjoyed was Gravity Falls and that show ended years ago. I tried to enjoy Star vs. The Forces Of Evil, but I couldn't even get past the first two episodes.



it has always been shit, how the hell isnt jimmy neutron shit? how is Johny Bravo not bland? and Avatar is a bootleg anime.

File: 37a5acc6ddec630⋯.jpg (147.17 KB, 1400x893, 1400:893, nature_avdevich4_compresse….jpg)


Okay this is my story

Context: me and my crush were best friends then people started spreading rumours about me so she hated me (2017)

december 2018 we start talking again (note im in high school)

sunday 20th 2019

i find out my crush tried to kill herself, so i started texting her asking if i can visit her in hospital she said she would like to and so on

Monday 21st

i ask her how she doing she then says fine asks me how is school and shit everything normal i ask if i can visit her

Tuesday 22nd

she replies she cant see anyone,we end up having a conversation she refers to me as babe

Friday 25th

Asks her how she is doing she just says fine

Saturday 26th

asks if she been let out of hospital she replies with lol nooooo

i ask if i can visit her tell her anytime of the week be fine

she says okkkk

Sunday 27th

i say check to see if i can visit to keep her company she says she dont know i reply saying its fine hope to see you soon

she says yeh i reply with thumbs up

Today (Wednessday 30th jan 2019)

Text her saying hay just wanted to check up on how you are doing also say ing im sorry i havent texted often

she sees text

Blocks me

(this is all on instagram btw)

So can you guys help me with advice n shiet

pic unrelated

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Kys normalnigger



>oh god why is nobody of the hot guys giving me attention on this party

>my life is shit

>tfw no surfer bf with sixpack

>better die now

>takes drugs

>ends up in hospital instead of graveyard like all women who "suicide"

>beta cuck offers her attention and validation at the very first oppurtunity

>she is like on opiates now

>but then remembers beta boy is not one of the hot surfers from the party

>beta boy gets clingy

>beta boy revs up his clingyness

>blocked beta boy

you fucked up you nigger

you should have written her to jump off the windows asap and she is a subhuman for believing false rumors about you after being friends with you for x years. On top of that you should have told her that you had a crush on her but lost all your respects for her after x event and that you wish she died that night for being a piece of shit without any values. This is how you program cunts to do the right thing. Not by being white knight faggots.

In womyns minds, when you text them constantly, you are below her worth and she will never be interested in you fucking her unless she is 30 and looking for a beta cuck to finance and unfuck her life.

>wtf is this cuck doing

>does he not have his own life

>why does he have time to text me all the time

>chad never does it because his life is exciting

>i want to live an exciting life not this beta boy boredom

never forget this young anon



spit in her face when she comes back to school.

In front of everyone of your class.

Tell her you offered her your help as a friend and that she disrespected you like a piece of dirt.

Nothing hurts womyn more than being ridiculed in front of the pack and their status dragged down to zero.

Other than that, why the fuck did you go on her instagram. This is like you expecting you can win a war in enemy territory. There she gets fuck invites by millions of dicks all over the globe. You are literally competing with chads from bumfuckistan. This inflates her ego higher than the Dow Jones Stock index and she thinks she deserves Ryan Gosling and nothing less.

I cannot believe you retards play a game you cannot win.


>high school

Please leave.

I wouldn't be suprised if she got raped at that party.



do dis op, spit on er brudder!

File: b86bcc8046fcd27⋯.jpg (136.12 KB, 735x720, 49:48, a true hero.jpg)


I've fallen for the NoFap troll thrice; just made me horny all the time and my standards would drop so far I wanted even fat bitches, with none of the purported other side-benefits like increased wakefulness and such. I've tried NoPorn, even going so far as deleting my various porn folders; worked for a few months but ultimately had the same result as "drug problem? yoink! no more drugs, no more problem. :^)" Repeatedly redpilling myself (even wearing the MGTOW badge for a few years before it became embarrassing) went a long way towards "why-ing" myself away from the vaginal jew, but I'm still stuck at the "how-ing" of weening myself off succubus slavery, as premature total renunciation only made my penis harder. It would be really nice to enjoy the powers granted to me as a lvl-2 KV wizard, instead of being too drained by my mind perpetually occupied by bitches and whores!

Since I apparently need to take baby steps in untangling decades of bad habits, this time I've been applying entry-level meditative techniques on my dick for mindful masturbation. So far, in the past few weeks, I've only fapped in the shower, only imagining tits to get hard (if I wasn't already) and whenever I began to go limp. But most the time I've tried to focus-focus-focus solely on the sensations, trying to stare only at my stroking to try and avoid letting my mind wander. Only once have I came after zero stimulation beyond fapping itself.

To practically no success I've occasionally attempted the Buddhist Second Factor of Awakening, namely Investigation of Conditioned Phenomena (or something like that), in this case probably my most powerful of the First Hindrance (that being sense-pleasures): my intense attachment to feminine beauty (and intense aversion to feminine ugliness) and overwhelming craving for female affection (emotional over physical) by asking myself such things as "who is the one experiencing this sexual pleasure?" and the like. Apparently my vajra sword of wisdom is as of yet too dull to cut through this particular delusion/attachment and I need to spend more time on the cushion sniffing incense and chanting to myself.

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That seems kinda gay to me, no offense.



Checked and gay


the goal should be to replace 3d women's existence with whatever 2d you desire. cut 3d pigs out of your life to the best of your ability, preferably altogether.

never fall for the nofap meme. it's for stupid people who don't know better.



Kinda faggotry



Nah, it ain't gay. That just mean your a bit trans

At least i'm not the only one

File: f797e7f645ade65⋯.jpg (14.88 KB, 225x225, 1:1, congrats.jpg)


The fact that there are no new posts here means there a no more virgin robots. Congrats guys!

31 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



This board has slowed down to a snails pace..


File: 97d8a9556bec728⋯.png (802.61 KB, 1023x900, 341:300, redditisalie.png)


How the fuck is that normalfaggotry? Sure it's retarded doing that, but that doesn't mean it's normalfaggotry necessarily. Even if it's ban-worthy, a permanent one is just silly. Also, "incel" and "volcel" have become AIDS terms, just like "normalfag". I think "robot" is fine anyway.

Imageboards feel so dead now. Sure, there are plenty of alt-chans, but these are generally pretty slow, besides at times clearly changing in quality as your average retard finds them. There was an interesting [DATA EXPUNGED] thread, for example, that went back to ~2010 or so. The contrast between posts was pretty stark.


File: cca4f8245bacf4b⋯.png (21 KB, 526x487, 526:487, when will it end.png)


>check out /r9k/

>"robots" shitting on someone for being different (sociopath)

>they're not normalfags

My anger is tenfold. Good thing I can force myself not to care, because I'd fucking lose it. 8chan is such a shitty fucking website. None of the individual board staff save for one or two have any connection with the users and are generally shitheads who cannot judge things properly, act "democratically" when they see fit, and are otherwise tyrannical nigger faggots. Then the staff of 8fag are too hands-off. What the fuck man, is the point to promote """freedom"""? 8cock hasn't been """free""" in fucking years now, because the board warlords do what they will to the users, and those faggots will suck their respective schlongs all day every day and yet shit on halfchan for being full of "cucks", as if there was a difference.

It is incredibly frustrating, and I only come back because I want to discuss with people, which I haven't been able to do for years now. Otherwise it's just boredom I suppose. Then I can't look at pre-2015, especially pre-2007 Internet shit without that terrible, longing pain in my chest tearing me apart. I really hope the supposed tech-bubble crash comes soon, and I hope it wrecks everything. Fuck everything.



Do you have that thread with the 2010 vs 2019 post comparison?


I agree, but it's also the users who are complete retards. The only people left today are retards, stockholm syndrome subhuman NPCs, bots and paid shills and external agents, and other undesirables. Purity spiralling killed a lot of boards, together with mod corruption and dicksucking.


Are there any incel or other boards that are uncensored where we can discuss rape and snuff of nasty cunts.

File: c5ae315feae606e⋯.png (409.39 KB, 711x520, 711:520, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm an anti-semite and I've never attacked a synagogue. Yet this recent wave of ignorant antisemiticphobia makes me feel uneasy when entering a jewish-controlled bank or using money printed by the jewish cabal. These hateful semites are using the actions of one individual, whose actions are not related to antisemitism in any way, to unleash a terror campaign against people who did literally nothing wrong. #notallantisemites



They will continue to successfully attack and slander you as long as they control the narrative, as well as the hearts and minds of the populous.



>Dr Pavel, I'm Neo-Nazi



Try looking at the Jesuits that created old Nazis and neo-Nazis and realize you are being setup to fail. Jews do work in cahoots with Jesuits, but there is a reason the entire power structure of Europe supports Jews and not you. Masonry is also a big factor, and contrary to popular conspiracy theorists, makes its own rules and protects its own. Masons and college frats (lightweight masons) are generally racist but like to manipulate poor to spread their views since they are higher echelon and have reputations to uphold.


File: 28442ed5711b465⋯.jpg (77.18 KB, 855x500, 171:100, 535da0dc4db6550e55fdf165e3….jpg)

Nazi larping will never work, ever.

File: 9d9cbd2fd490468⋯.jpg (293.4 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_100.jpg)


Do you want to talk about your personal computer?

I'm using an old Acer Aspire One notebook running Debian gnu/linux. I bought this laptop on ebay. I chose this particular laptop because it uses around 11-15 watts of electricity. The battery is pretty much exhausted and must be used with the AC adapter plugged in at all time.

The laptop is slow since it uses an Intel Atom CPU running at 1.6 ghz, but I've gotten used to it. I do some programming and writing besides browsing the internet. My laptop is my best friend, I use it everyday.


For my desktop I have a moderately good gaming PC (i5-6500 at 3.2GHz and RX580, 16GB RAM) and for my laptop I have an old shitty Macbook. It's slow and I hate it but it works well enough for laying in bed and browsing the web.

File: 462459bc4bfe44a⋯.png (9.99 KB, 732x476, 183:119, temp.PNG)

File: 53db1d49f9799eb⋯.png (23.89 KB, 645x773, 645:773, w2.png)

File: bee5839e847c338⋯.png (519.8 KB, 678x674, 339:337, w7.png)










8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



it's really easy


what did you post?


File: a53faab33cd8f58⋯.png (675.25 KB, 1267x1062, 1267:1062, modern_imageboards_nutshel….png)


Not your fault.


>hurrr 4cock is full of rule/mod cucks

>we're so much better!



Most boards on 8cuck are power-trippy. Fucking hell, moot did this shit way back when and removed the board in question, fucking reddit has always done this shit, and even back in the first exodus anons were wary about the way 8cuck worked, yet now you see so many fucking anons sucking moderator cock.



*Forgot to mention hugboxes. 8chan SHOULD be notorious for them.



>now you see so many fucking anons sucking moderator cock

because 90% of anons left, the only remaining ones are moderator friends or worshippers

File: 82a16ea226c29ae⋯.png (60.64 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, StoryWritingOutlineforBME.png)

File: fa5b51adf58276e⋯.png (429.31 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, example.png)

File: cdf73e7deae74cf⋯.png (1.44 MB, 2000x1500, 4:3, GayBar.png)


ITT: Create something!

Be it a video, picture, anything! Just don't watermark it, you faggot, and try to put effort into it. Share ideas, don't beg for requests.

First pic related is a template if you want to do simple silly stuff, like I did in the example (third image I made for it; did touch-ups after I had already made the example, and besides, it's just an example image).

>"Why didn't you post this on /r9k/, which has much more traffic?"

Because I am permaban& for superfluous reasons and quite frankly I have no intention of bothering to fix that. The board is an absolute shithole now, unfortunately.

1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: e39079386d6cd1b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 169.39 KB, 664x520, 83:65, retarded_dog.png)


>don't beg for requests.

*Meant don't make requests without doing something in return; contribute, but in retrospect that makes sense too. Come up with something you thought up, even if you feel like you're unimaginative.

Also, feel free to copypaste all this on /r9k/. Not like I could stop you even if I wanted to, which, I don't care really.


Its easy to see why you got banned.


File: e0d998766e43162⋯.png (23.37 KB, 554x439, 554:439, be03427854c6cef884084364ac….png)


not even ironic shitposting, which is what you would think i would

in the realities, it was because i said uruagay, and that robots are subhuman

regardless, you r a rulcuk lik 4channers!!!!!1111



dis anooon is rite, all anons r gheyay


File: 4ef77c233d26774⋯.jpg (85.25 KB, 406x1024, 203:512, Decline_of_Imageboard_Cult….jpg)


tee heee hee, why do you 8fag anooons succ teh cox of teh mods?! LOL r u guise dick-suckerz??? i meido a old bread call'd from current yur pluss 1!!! dass a long long tiem ago, LOLZERZ LULZ XD :happy: 😂 😂👍

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