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File: 33b45411597da12⋯.jpg (454.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 567y475767454645y5b4gg4.jpg)


Discuss, or complain about anything related to the board, moderation, or any decisions made here. Post your suggestions or concerns here or email me them, I do read them.

Email me at: v9koperate@gmail.com

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We are even worse, notice how pajeet was not banned.

In this chan, the only mod who bans normalfaggotry is the fascist from /warlock/ but the place is dead. Like, even more dead than us.

File: 4a196f8986ca84f⋯.jpg (767.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, beautiful-01.jpg)


Hello. The banner function is back up and working again (finally) and it is time for our own dedicated banners. When I inherited this board, the current banners appear to be very similar if not the same to wizardchan ones, and since this board differs from that site, I think it is important that we secure our board 'identity' with our own custom banners.

Keep submitting banners, as this is an ongoing thing until I feel we have enough.

1. Banners must not exceed 500KB (that is, 512000 bytes).

2. Only the following filetypes are permissable:





3. Banners must be exactly 300px wide and 100px high.

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Mostly vintage-ish stuff, obviously Bladerunner, I always enjoy rewatching it, Clockwork Orange, The Day Earth Stood Still, Metropolis, Fobidden Planet, Indiana Jones movies have some nice action scenes and finally, a lot of Clint Eastwood movies, Dirty Harry's still great.

File: 17059aaf20cb4b3⋯.jpg (92.8 KB, 688x1002, 344:501, 07582f003a7eda66072e1e786a….jpg)


How do you imagine a day in your ideal life would be like? I'm sure most of us daydream and fantasize about these moments in paradise.

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Pretty much this, although I'd rather have the 00s since that's when I grew up. All I want is to have experienced the things nearly everyone else has, even the ugliest, dumbest, most autistic people seem to have. A small group of friends, a girlfriend, my parents still being together. Some actual fucking support from others so I don't wind up at this dead end.


File: cb1099a213ccd57⋯.png (79.38 KB, 300x168, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)

This is going to get mildly autistic

>Become elite 90s hacker

>Have a dream about hacking one day and wake up, finding that my apartment was altered because of it

>Learn to control it, able to do it when awake

>The world might as well be binary now

>Make new immortal teenage body of myself and inhabit it

>Teach a few trustworthy people some of it, but not all I know

>Open a store and advertise new releases on 8chan. Said store uses a quantum multiverse theory allowing me to release games that were either unreleased (Battlefront 3), unfinished (KOTOR 2) or altered (Nier Replicant). Sell for about $4.99 with free shipping

>Rain fire and brimstone on (((them))), evacuating the slaves

>Make school and decent dorms for orphans I saved, teach adults some skills so they can make it

>Save waifu from my dream world (Long story)

>The now grown up orphans infiltrate society with everything they learned, eventually taking over the political sphere the world over and gently nudge humanity in the right direction

>Take one last look at the universe as first ships launch from earth to explore it before using my reality warping to make another dimension, my waifu and I, hand in hand, and the friends we made along the way joining us, leave the universe

>Play vidya for all eternity and relax, be comfy, improve my already perfect universe, make a planet or two when I'm feeling creative and raise our children

>Check in on the other universe every now and then, always ready to fix it if subhumans take over again


File: 34bec3911e412fa⋯.jpg (82.8 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, bass player from gh4.jpg)


Very nice, at least you didn't hold back.



i had all that before but we had to move closer to both places my parents' worked. switched school over my gf's bday weekend and depression for 2 1/2years. step-dad got caught cheating and doing drugs. just it all went down. i just wanna be 16 again without the bad ending.

am 28 now. i still cling onto the memories of 16.




>you add other ideas from people and put those ideas into your afterlife so you can be there with them or just add them so they can be there

>pools and water puddles are gateways to other places - even in a female's cleavage/skin wrinkles

>female drools or cums on you or something and you go on a planet filled with clones of them trying to rape you and keep shrinking you

File: b0a913dbbebf59c⋯.jpg (23.52 KB, 220x304, 55:76, 220px-Darby_Crash.jpg)


What does you people think about Darby crash?

I like his music.

How about you people.

File: 94bbdc9facd9055⋯.jpg (126.78 KB, 660x660, 1:1, fuckyou.jpg)


Last one reached the 750 post limit thanks to some TouHou doujins

I'm not doing this for you fucking spergshits or nothing. Fuck you all.

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I like acid


>hate college

>don't want to drop out because I'd rahter do this than have a job

>I don't know what to do with my life since I don't want to be a wagecuck ever again

>Only reason I don't consider an hero is that I still have good anime to watch


>good anime to watch

be careful

once you run out of the good things you will not find good stuff that easily



That's when you move on to visual novels.


File: 356219e60652d56⋯.png (4.58 KB, 225x225, 1:1, shk.png)


>had another dream about her the other night

>"that's it, I need to talk to her again, I hope she's still in college"

>consider joining a club to try to meet her, or at least someone like her

>look at the list of clubs to see which one(s) she might be part of

>notice her name listed as vice president of the GSA

>mfw she's likely a dyke

File: 056069b66d9d51a⋯.png (1.98 MB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, ClipboardImage.png)


Is the way women dress and eugenics related? It really looks like only the slut fenotypes that dress like… sluts.

How would the robots solve this problems?

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Did you reply to the right post?


In every society, there's rich people with relatively better phenotypes that are insulated from the rest. You want to be upwardly mobile, that's all I can say.


File: 409bac1fa1dac82⋯.mp4 (5.41 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 8chan-IS-your-personal-arm….mp4)

File: a9ddea91a45b6fc⋯.png (167 B, 1x1, 1:1, dupe.png)


But, anon, 8chan IS your personal army!



What's the song in this?



stop welfare state so that lower classes wont be supported by tax money

File: d42c9932341308b⋯.jpg (67.67 KB, 700x700, 1:1, crying_wojak.jpg)


ITT: Times you probably could've had a gf

>high school a few years ago

>walking to early flight at ~6:45 during the Winter, so it's pretty dark

>super tired (I would hardly ever sleep)

>porn addict, and hadn't showered

>the darkness makes me feel more confident probably due to primal instincts

>plus, school is practically empty

>walking when suddenly hear a squeak


>turn around

>at least 7/10 grill (from what I could tell) looks extremely nervous


>"I-I like your backpack…"

>don't know what to say

>don't want to deal with her because of previously mentioned reasons

>chicken out


>accidentally made it sound as if I were creeped out, like a fucking normalfag

>quickly walk away to class

>mfw she sounded lonely

>mfw never saw her again

>mfw she probably didn't have any friends

I have lost sleep over this, one of my greatest regrets. I just hope to God she didn't go into porn or something and is living well.

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>girl has obvious crush on me

>i ask her point blank if she wants to be my gf

>she says yes

>proceed to treat her as i would before, except for some ocasional kissing, due to having no idea how to make a relationship work

>she tries to get me to make a more serious move but she was too beta to be direct and my shell of social ineptitude is inpenetrable

>fast foward about a year and i get tired of it and end this.

She kinda tried to get back together about a year later but at this point i was becoming aware of my social and possibly psychological problems so i just denied her.



ah, very sad. Hey, at least you had someone interested in you. I guess you knew you cannot offer to her what she deserved and you did not want to dissapoint her.



It was pretty disappointing for everyone involved i assure you, but yeah that was the main reason for the breakup. It really isn't fun realising that there is something wrong with yourself.


File: 3d18a2701588d3f⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1218x1180, 609:590, feminists demand men ban s….png)

honestly there was never a chance, because I never tried.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.






You reminded me of this.

File: 82e50d8055098ec⋯.jpg (89.37 KB, 644x781, 644:781, HRmQ9FT.jpg)


>started going to the gym Jan. 1st to change my life around

>always lifting alone

>see same group always working out together every day im there

>I constantly look around the gym looking to make convo and new friends

>start doing tricep pull downs

>one guy from the popular gym group makes eye contact and walks over to me

>I take off my headset

>he says "hey can you stop slamming the weights down, you can damage them"

>I just stare at him with a million mile stare


>he walks back to the group to his super cute gf, they prob were all talking about me

>they probably think I'm an asshole now

>feel fucking depressed and alone even more

>drive home pissed as always

>scared to even go back to the gym, its been 5 days now

I hate people. Nobody fucking ever wants to talk to me, and I already got fucking depression of always being alone and nobody giving a shit about me, always getting turned down. I thought they wanted to talk to me, or even bring me to the big group, but fucking naa, he just wanted to put me down in front of everyone

Seriously, fuck life. I hate people.

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File: f2f8182aeb46190⋯.png (175.71 KB, 500x485, 100:97, 1475687408683.png)


nice almost-Hitler digits

>tfw no comrade to go to the gym with and get fit together



>he says "hey can you stop slamming the weights down, you can damage them"

>"Oh knowledgeable senpai, please teach me more on how to use the gym! Where is the sign that says don't slam down the weights?"

If he keeps on your case just get awkward and ask if he can get you a job. Generally I try to avoid engaging with chads at all cost at gyms. I don't go there to converse, I go there so I can fap again while on my boner poison meds.



I mean… you aren't supposed to be slamming the weights you newfag.


You ever go back?


File: d3ae3a31d87a06b⋯.png (407.17 KB, 500x675, 20:27, ClipboardImage.png)

What a fucking waste of Hitler's. Pic related is you, fucking coward slave.

File: bad5d61329a00a8⋯.png (217.31 KB, 568x541, 568:541, 0019 - sPd50zY.png)


>There is this asian girl in my college

>She is kinda asocial.

>I talked to her because I felt that she feels lonely

>after a month, she asks me out in a autistic way

>I say yes

Did I do good for an almost a wizard?

And what do I do now?

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Can confirm, I am the six year old boy.


I skimmed through the thread. Did OP really kill himself for a girl? Why not just try a different one. lol

that is what happens when you are so beta that you only feel like you have a chance with girls who previously talked to you



This just proves that Robots are just as fucking damaged as fembots. Both just full of drama "I will kill myself ;__; so lonely and depressed buhu" and then get super clingy, when you are in a relationship with them and make you hate life.



at least he got some months of joy and he expierienced chasing the dragon. That's already more life experience than I have and he was a 19 y/o kiddo.


File: 5d03feda8b04442⋯.webm (4.15 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Flying Pickets, The - Onl….webm)

Rest in peace OP but everything that went wrong fell on you, just because she loved you didn't mean she'd love you if you no matter what but you don't have to worry about that anymore.

File: 0147e8b2b596cb2⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 196x156, 49:39, head shot on swine, gore.gif)


What is the final solution to the normalfag question?

No virtue signaling, be honest.

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File: 45d3a9ef7607114⋯.webm (7.58 MB, 640x360, 16:9, _The Man and the Rats.webm)


No, it's not. My dear little moderate, you have very important lessons to learn.




Low-IQ normalfag behavior needs to be culled from the population.

Really, if it weren't for religious spooks we'd probably be genetically engineering the robot masterrace by now.




The fact that we are still virgins is proof of eugenics at work.


I don't know honestly. I think its all in the mind, the way they're brought up. We're aways gonna be the outgroup, off the bell curve so you cant "make them think like us". but to try and alleviate the shallowness that normals spread to all niches (anime being boiled down to provocative wiafus and hentai (the ironic weeb), vidya being boiled down to flashy lights and action, general mindlessness that obscures quality discussion in a niche as well as potentially killing off autistic facets of society (discussion devolving into porn or social points/memes (not in the detrailing sense)), political apathy/sheepness) could be possible, but that isnt in the interests of those (((in power))). And i doubt any one of us knows how to properly herd the cattle, or has the power to do so.


implement ancap

File: 2f4d86773631f06⋯.png (6.27 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Pokemon Ruby_1488730116952.png)


Why are you still a virgin? Do you wanna get laid? Why havent you hotten laid yet? What's your story? Have you ever touched a boob? Why are you still a virgin?

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That was meant for >>17312



Me, nigger? I'm Spanish, faggot. Kys



>but i was never lucky enough to get the girls i find actually attractive

and OP's question is answered.



In 30 years I've only known rejection by every woman I ever had interest in.

Noone showed any sign of interest in me.

What broke me enterily was when I saw my "friends" make out with my crush one after the other after our finals, and her telling me to fuck off, since she didn't need me anymore, after I helped her pass her fucking finals in the first place.


im stpd

File: fa02cc11cfd6ed4⋯.mp4 (309.61 KB, 460x258, 230:129, KissKam.mp4)


>months of isolation

>feel like shit

>decide to go out in public to stretch my legs

>see things like pic related

>remember that even if I shut myself inside for the rest of my life the grief and loneliness would still feel better than the emotions I feel when going outside and remembering I'm unwanted by everyone

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What a-neim is this?



>what is reverse search

It's sayonara zetsubou sensei



>reverse searching when there's a perfect opportunity to post my hilarious new misspelling of "anime"


this isn't the old /v9k/. where did you come from?



It used to make me feel miserable.

When spring/summer hits and I go out more to run or bike and see all the couples and teenagers loving and shit.

But now I just think that it's better for them to have those things then end up as 30+ khv and struggle to get up out of bed each morning.

File: 7ef91a82c1e4450⋯.webm (2.3 MB, 420x133, 60:19, smooth dancing.webm)


>female cousin has her birthday on sunday

>announced her plan to invite all of us to a club to party the night through untill midnight and beyond

>parents made it absolutely clear I have to go

Give me tips on how to survive please. I thought about killing myself, but I already feel like dying from anxiety.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>Get panic attack


>Take your leave


File: 6e7ed33040fa621⋯.gif (2.07 MB, 185x226, 185:226, Dancing.gif)

Bust out a sweet move


File: 4d38784d0cf03d5⋯.jpg (897.06 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 6.jpg)


Do what normlords do and stare into your phone– oh wait.


File: 3d475ffa919513d⋯.mp4 (14.75 MB, 452x652, 113:163, at the disco.mp4)


>show up

>say hi

>walk out

>do something else til midnight

Not that hard. Alternatively, get drunk til you make an ass of yourself and black out then post the greentext on /v9k/.


OP you have two days to work something out. Please tell me you have a plan.

File: 1a81d0235b1acfd⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 3090x1982, 1545:991, 1506751227873.jpg)


How about you get into this shitty r9k (((discord))) chat. Y-you can complain about anything there /VXjcmsu

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.




I need a discord account, but you need a phone #.

Which I won't give. Anyone with a spare account?

Or working online number? None seem to work.


>why migrate

>because not slow

retarded. what use is fast when you get cancer and circlejerks/cliques as a side effect. you people are just attentionwhores



>not joining nudes discord channel only

yes rest is cancer



It's a sliding scale:

Speed/Cancer |————–| Slow/Dead

File: 07d6f661d5148a7⋯.jpg (98.75 KB, 720x552, 30:23, 0f7d1f22b8ac4acadb0565e194….jpg)


what button you pick? I would the yellow one. I like movies. The rest look like pretty shit choices with too many negative consequences

56 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Green has no downsides, though. Attractive people already get orbited by ugly people. Blue doesn't have any downsides either if chose literature. Get rich selling good books. Blue is the best if you aren't thirsty like green-tards.


I'd go with red.

>rarely talk to people anyway (most social interactions are through a keyboard) so the stutter doesn't bother me much

>can now watch anime and read manga with no shitty translations or subs

>can now browse imageboards of various countries

>can get a job as a translator or pick up a hobby translating obscure shit to English

>can become less of a brainlet when it comes to advanced levels of English (I already have troubles reading science research papers, old english, etc)

I also get paranoid when people suddenly switch to a different language near me to talk to someone else that they're talking shit about me in their native tongue, so that's another reason to press red.


File: c26ef972d99cb24⋯.jpg (26.23 KB, 1242x916, 621:458, redb.jpg)


I push the red button and embrace my dream of being a superhero whose power is perfectly deciphering every dead language, unintelligible ancient text, and unbroken coded document in made-up language ever to exist. The first things I would do would be go read every one of those unbroken treasure cipher documents that my power worked on from online images, see how many of them actually reveal treasure, and liquidate it asap into gold/bitcoins. I don't believe my power would be likely to affect the Beale Cipher or other strictly cryptographic codes, I might be able to do the spider rock tablets. Then I would reveal my power level online with a new anonymous persona and start a blog where I would gradually post translations of the Voynich Manuscript, the Borges manuscripts, the Rohonc Codex, and anything else I come across, as well as completely revealing the secrets of numerous little-understood ancient dead languages such as Linear A and Etruscan.


Green is extremely good with no weird downsides like the other buttons attached to it. It's basically a superpower.

Unless you jew me over by making it mean "irresistable" like the ending of the "The Parfum".



>For the red button, the linguistics one, does that include mathematics and programming languages?

I've read that using programming languages uses similar brain activation.

>>17324 kino film

That's what I'd like to know as well. You'd be pushing a self-destruction button.

The choice between red and green seems to be what you prioritize more: knowledge or lewdness and power.

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