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File: faee1e4531b174d⋯.jpg (407.41 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1468609224605.jpg)


How can you tell if a girl is a virgin?

Long story short, I've been hung up on my oneitis for years, and I knew she was a virgin when I first met her but after all this time I'm starting to wonder…

Pic unrelated



She is not.



Can't know for sure, you'll have to take her word for it hahaha.



Really? There's no way to like tell by her behavior or her body language or something?

For guys it's always so obvious. Girls have to have something similar, right?



Yes there is a very obvious trick: she's not


There are some criteria you can use. The more criteria she meets the more probable it is that she's a virgin. Check all that apply:

>is shy / awkward / passive / withdrawn

>not very fashionable / doesn't wear make up

>doesn't have social media profiles

>you can't find pictures of her on the internets

>is not into nigger culture

>doesn't expose skin

>isn't sensual / doesn't behave in a slutty way

>is religious

>is fat / disfigured / really mentally ill



Nope no way, not by physical examination or psychological evaluation can you be 100% sure a woman is a virgin, however if she has many friends, especially male friends, has no reason to abstain from sex and is not ugly, then shes not a virgin.

>For guys it's always so obvious.

Watta ya mean?


She will be god awful at sex. Not being patronizing either, she wont know how to be on top, and will constantly ask you if she is "doing it right." I know that doesn't help the "is she a virgin before we have sex quandary" and if you're a virgin you probably wont know what average good at sex, as opposed to like porn star good at sex, even is, but all that said it should be pretty obvious the first time if it is her first time.



She checks about half of those

>not very fashionable / doesn't wear make up

Not 100% true but she's a tomboy so a bit true

>is not into nigger culture

>isn't sensual / doesn't behave in a slut way

So like 2.5. Is that enough?


White knighting neckbeard shit


Well I'm probably not gonna have sex with her anytime soon so it's mostly irrelevant



>is religious

You clearly didn't go to a christian highschool


There is no way to tell a girl is a virgin, but there are obvious red flags for non-virgins.

>She's older than 18

>She's been in a relationship before

>She is comfortable talking about sexual topics

>She is comfortable being touched by guys

>She has interest/enjoys the partying scene

>She drinks alcohol

>She's identifies as a feminist

Honestly once you get to know a girl better it becomes incredibly obvious whether she is a virgin or not.



>Honestly once you get to know a girl better it becomes incredibly obvious whether she is a virgin or not.

That's the thing. From knowing her, I would say yeah, she's totally a virgin.

But she's 19 now and in college and crazy hot. Some guy has to have taken her by now, right?



>by now

She probably got railed in high school champ



>high school

>not middle school



>But she's 19 now

>and in college

>and crazy hot

It's been over anon.



Holy shit this.


File: 5fea1692785d7bc⋯.jpg (135.06 KB, 979x630, 979:630, virgin cant penetrate.jpg)


>She will be god awful at sex

>she wont know how to be on top,

>and will constantly ask you if she is "doing it right."

Please, share with us more of your sexual experience(s) and tips & tricks!



She is not. She is never. If shes above 14 and has seen the light of day, she is not


I bet she's at least rode a mile of dick already.


File: 91a517114770b68⋯.png (18.51 KB, 834x99, 278:33, ClipboardImage.png)

Why all the virgin adult women are white supremacists?



>white-knighting neckbeard shit

Bullshit. I'm a virgin, but not a faggot redditor. I don't act that way around women.


Virgin walk, duh.


File: 694426c8330df35⋯.jpg (98.4 KB, 790x843, 790:843, 3948ba0d20743bf18b972882ec….jpg)

>be at my best friends house, drinking and having good times

>normalfag friend of mine decides to invite a girl

>we all laughed cause we thought that was a joke

>actual (one) girl came to the house

>play some drinking games

>talk about masturbation

>get asked what was my top wanks in a day

>2, obvious lie

>roastie said "TWO?!?!"

>didn't know why she made a remark

>ask her how many times

>"well anon, i dont masturbate"

>obvious air of superiority

>then i said, "well how do you cope with sexual needs"

>i go to a club or somewhere else

>somewhere else?

>yes anon, somewhere else as in anywhere

all my female friend friends, are all whores.

and i thought this roastie was a good girl. you have no idea when a woman is virgin, despicable liars by nature, never trust a woman.



fun fact: six of the things on this are signs of arthritis and scoliosis.


File: 511a947fd8e05b1⋯.gif (821.38 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1456182120174.gif)


Fun fact: i have every single one of these symptoms


a chick that pretty has 100% been railed multiple times



Even the most innocent looking have the capacity to be deceptive. You can never know for certain.



Real talk, who the fuck is actually as dysfunctional as pic related. Just look forward like every other guy, make eye contact with people and let your hands do whatever the fuck they want to. Jesus I seriously hope no one here identifies with more than maybe 2 of the things listed on there.



>who the fuck is actually as dysfunctional as pic related

Me most of the time

>just dont do it

I only realize I did all of >>13938 after the fact. There's a reason why I'm here yknow



>my first gf

>WAS a virgin

Where do you think you are? Why are you on this board?



You can always use /r9k/ for that faggot. This board is specifically meant for virgins.





Which even implies that you've had MORE than one. What made you think that it'd be a good idea to post here in the first place?



Shit, I do half of these…



Shy, can't hold eye contact/no sexy look.

Usually don't wear make up.

Usually dress very modestly and with a lack of style.

Are not aware what part of their body to show or expose so the guys would give her attention. If a big titted girl doesn't show through revealing or tight clothes: she's a virgin. It's becouse no guy complimented them while they were naked

They will never talk anything sexual.

Don't have them hungry eyes that every girl when they walk around in town.

Don't try to make you jealous by flirting with other guys or are really awkward at doing it.

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