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The last place before the void
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File: e752d34fef191af⋯.png (37.25 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 1502420412380.png)




Warm-Bloods not welcome

Male Virgins only

Come and Relax


what do you have to offer that wizchad doesn't?


just checked OP's links. The site looks about as cancerous as if he made a /8chan/liz board.



An actual admin that listens and does what his user wants.


You guys are the actual chads compared to wizchan.


How's it cancerous? I'm the owner actually. Couple of people on wizchan wanted a /liz/ board but Admin isn't going to allow because he doesn't listen. If anything this board is 10 times cancerous because it's filled with r9k fags.


You don't have to come. Just putting it out there. I was recommended to advertise here but i guess not. Bye.


Maybe I check it out.


What aboot snek


Why is it called lizard chan?

I don't understand what does v9k and lizards have to do with each other.




It was started here in these threads. Fagmin at wizchan is douche.



First link is fucked. Here you go.



/v9k/ itself is comatose, it seems like normals and casuals chans have stolen part of the traffic from every small IB, that or all that talk about suicide was true and now they're all dead. There is nowhere to advertise that doesn't carry the risk of bringing scum. Wizchan may have lots of flaws but it's the only IB catering to users like us with a good flow of posts, everything else moves at snail pace.



Also imho the biggest problem with Wizchan is the community itself, I don't post there anymore but I post on similar places and all anons complain of the same: the eternal normalfag witchunt. That is a problem that honestly I don't ever see going away, it's a necessary evil that keeps some actual normals away but also catches wizards with uncommon interests and situations. And you're starting the same shit with this "im a wizard you're chad" come on nigger, this is not halfs /r9k/ and on my last days on Wizchan I saw tons of these so called true wizes bragging about their jobs, vacations, scholarships and shit like that. I have a hard time picturing a non-normalfag with very high paying jobs, traveling around the world and being perfectly functional. You also shit too much on depressed users and call them "failed normalfags" while living like normalfags yourselves.

What the fuck is a true wizard anyway?



I agree the failed normal thing goes too far as long as you are 30 and virgin it should be ok.



There is no such thing as a true wizard i guess. My rules are less strict than wizchan.


File: ff1faf2144bc898⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 260x229, 260:229, Wkp3U7y.gif)

annnnnnd the links are dead, what a surprise OP can't even commit to his own shitty image board.


File: 2cd3a35f90a28c5⋯.png (75.2 KB, 1104x927, 368:309, 1501152162949.png)

Aaand it's up again. Make up your fucking mind OP


Hope OPs site catches on. We definitely need a new wizchan, one without an incompetent admin who hides popular boards and adds horrible features like post history.



>adds horrible features like post history.

W-what!? Is this what I think it is? How do others put up with it?



>How do others put up with it?

They eat shit. The wizchan userbase has become a bunch of admin bootlickers.




Lizmin here. Sorry we had a server migration that's why it was down for a while.


just visited the site. Can you add Tomorrow?


Still up



shut the fuck up stupid attention whore get the fuck out


File: f736718251c1ce1⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1114x1138, 557:569, RadicalizeJuggalos.png)


Probably LizardSquad.

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