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What is the difference between animals and humans that justifies killing one for food when we can just eat plants, but not the other?
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File: 84680cbb5eec033⋯.png (593.83 KB, 720x405, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Would a vegetarian be okay with eating lab-produced meat? No animal is harmed during the process.


File: 5fe9317d67df87a⋯.jpg (59.94 KB, 338x450, 169:225, beautiful-cow-across.jpg)


Yes! Lab grown meat is 100% vegan. Roadkill is vegan. Food that is 100% going to waste? Also vegan even if it has animal products in it. Veganism is simply rejecting the concept and status of animals as a commodity.

Consuming animal products isn't TECHNICALLY non-vegan, as long as it doesn't support the demand or status of animals as a commodity. That being said, there's still the health aspect to consider.



>imagine actually thinking this



>Veganism is simply rejecting the concept and status of animals as a commodity.

but what's so bad about it? obviously factory farms are disgusting, but take small, local, family farms as an example. those animals have far easier lives than they would in their natural environment. they don't have to worry about getting ambushed gnawed alive by a predator. eventually, they'll get slaughtered, but they'll suffer less than they would from most natural causes of death (obvious exception for kosher/halal slaughter which is unnecessarily cruel for the sake of a primitive religious ritual)


File: 581841506b1e895⋯.jpg (74.31 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 47067286_198353067778319_4….jpg)


>take small, local, family farms as an example. those animals have far easier lives than they would in their natural environment. they don't have to worry about getting ambushed gnawed alive by a predator. eventually, they'll get slaughtered, but they'll suffer less than they would from most natural causes of death

If I know that you're almost certainly going to be eaten by a tiger, does that give me the right to go kill you and eat you? How do these "small local farms" slaughter their animals? It's a bolt gun to the head, and a knife in the throat. It's a blender on your first day of life. It's losing your child an hour after it's born so that some smart aliens can drink your milk instead. All farms do this. Tell me how I can do these things, while saying that I love animals, and treat them kindly and humanely?

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Is this the same concept why Vegans justify eating vegetables and fruits? Because the plant itself is alive, it's been proven that they react with fear at being cut, but the produce is basically their way of preserving their sperm, it's technically called fake fruit for a reason.




Doesn't it defeat the point?

No one's rushing to make human flavoured burgers



The point is that it will improve food production - no need to feed all those cows a billion times more than what they need to get the same amount of food out of them - while sparing the animals and hopefully greatly reducing stuff like livestock and broilers, in addition you get to use the now emptier fields to cultivate more diverse plants and GMOs as well as raising animals for alternate uses, like horses and sheep.



Explain why I see all the cows on my local farms roaming around with their calves for years then or why the farms I've worked on have never done that, its not a bolt gun to the head, its a .22 when they get too old. Animals do not die nicely in the wild, they don't die of old age, they get old and then get ripped apart while still alive, I know this because I hunt and have watched wolves toy with animals for hours to prolong their suffering for entertainment. You're fucking delusional, all vegans are below other humans on the food chain.

You've never been on a farm, you've


File: 4077f2903803f70⋯.gif (853.75 KB, 352x240, 22:15, 1520407712131.gif)


>he has never interacted with animals on a farm



Doesn't really matter. Veganism is a lot of times about ascribing moral agency and rights to animals. This includes the right to life and to freedom. On a farm the animals are not free and their lives can be taken away at the whim of the owner. Hence it is immoral, according to veganism.



An animal that cannot recognize itself does not have moral agency or rights, because its just reactive. if a cow kicks you in the head its because you spooked it or its pissy, if a cow has rights, what happens when it infringes on the rights of other animals or life in general? What about grass, doesn't it have a right to live over the cows, does grass not deserve freedom? It's alive. I've watched cows literally shit on one another's heads or on their calves under them because they have no awareness of anything other than physical desire. Of course the cow gets a right to live because its a friendly animal that vegans can associate with because they too are cattle. The grass and tree's have an equal right to live as much as the fauna. A cow is happy when its left alone to graze, its not like it understands the concept of exploration, it just wants to stay with the herd, my dad used to move 50,000 head of cattle to and from Williams Lake every year, There weren't fences for a lot of it, they just stayed put where you left them and you could identify them by brands. If there was any fence its covering over 100 square km. Of course their lives can be taken by a whim by their owner, a fucking wolf can take their lives on a whim. Every animal that isn't a predator is subject to the predators. A lion has no moral ambiguity on slaughtering a baby antelope to eat, its hungry.

Vegans only like animals that are nice, they pet a bunny once and couldn't imagine eating meat ever again. I would say drop every vegan off in front of a bunch of gorillas and see what happens. They aren't friendly. They'll rip you limb from limb for fun. If a gorilla kills you for fun, then does it have to be shot or does it retain its "right to live" because its a dumb animal that doesn't know any better?

The second you start attributing rights to anything that doesn't have human level intelligence or at least retarded human level intelligence you have already become the latter.

There is kindness, you can be kind to animals. That is the mercy you give them, because at the end of the day, to value animal lives over plants is ridiculous, all life is valuable, You shouldn't bulldoze a forest to put down a strip mall unless its absolutely necessary because you want your environment to be able to sustain you.

I'm all for less meat in our diets, not because of animals rights but because cows fart out so much methane its fucking shit up. We should be eating less meat as a pragmatic decision not because it makes us feel bad.

TL;DR Vegans are faggots who refuse to see reality. The weak are meat and the strong do eat, but what about parasites?



you can never generalize about large groups of individuals and still be accurate. you can only be wrong.

so yea, my roomate is a vegan. has NOTHING to do with morality, or how much he likes/cares about animals. its just a 'health' thing. he claims he switched many years ago to a vegan diet and simply felt better. more energy, better more consistant shitting, the works. so he stuck to it.


some vegans won't eat meat no matter how humane it might be (ie lab grown) because they simply don't like meat and animal products make them feel sluggish or bad.



Proof? And whats the alternative??




No way. Gross.


Disinfo agent shill feeding everyone false information intentionally.



You DO realize they couldn't just let all those cows/chickens/etc roam free if they closed meat production down, right? They'd likely be killed off anyways.

Also, even if they did release them into the wild they'd die of various things or be killed by other animals/etc anyways as well.

So stopping meat production would do little to save all those animals you guys/gals claims to love…in fact it's likely damn them to painful deaths and massive dieoffs.

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