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What is the difference between animals and humans that justifies killing one for food when we can just eat plants, but not the other?
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File: 292b275caf45cd5⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1088, 30:17, mangameat.png)


The main reason people find vegetarians and vegans to be so annoying, on a tier above and beyond other proselytizers such as (for example) Jehova's Witnesses, is that deep down they know that the vegetarians and vegans are morally correct, and they resent that.


File: 92c6cd2a7d75445⋯.jpg (49.46 KB, 900x1260, 5:7, Beef-Hamburgers_7-2.jpg)



Normal humans find vegans annoying because they try to shame people for eating food God gave us here in earth. You don't want to eat meat? Cool. Doesn't give you the right to shame people for enjoying a juicy hamburger

Besides, if you think about it. Vegetarians are more cruel to animals, for they eat animals' food everyday. Every husk of corn you eat is one less husk of corn a piglet gets to eat.

Stop being so mean to the animals and let them eat their food!


File: e74cb390e05d7e4⋯.jpg (32.25 KB, 450x298, 225:149, 76436.jpg)


File: e3a917a9202caf0⋯.jpg (58.99 KB, 500x662, 250:331, 76436a.jpg)



You have to be this dumb to deny veganism

Take note



Have you ever visited one of Dole or Chiquita’s third-world slave plantations where all your gay fruit is grown before being shipped across the planet? Have you seen the way those humans (you remember what humans are right?) live? Do that first before you talk about animal cruelty.


File: c8b53d1e484b27e⋯.jpg (6.74 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpg)


Guess I should support the largest genocide on innocent life in history by consuming strictly animals so that some slaves in third world countries have to go get a worse job (like crime) or starve to death.

Really good argument you made there, retard.

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>of animals

>why do people think us vegans are annoying faggots guys like omg??



I love meat, but I hate to see a living being die (except for Mosquitoes and Cockroaches, fuck them, fuck them forever) just because I need subsistence.

Why can't I embed?



i honestly believe that the people who unironically make these arguments are developmentally retarded. like they are unironically 80 iq people who think killing sentient animals for their taste pleasure is okay because "bacon tho" or "bible tho" or "lions tho". the bible contradicts itself so often you can have whatever opinion about whatever subject and you'll find some cherry picked evidence in the bible to support you




No, this is why we find you to be annoying. Thankfully you fags suffer malnutrition like nothing else, which prevents the retardation from spreading.



dumbass meat eater continues to lie to himself





>meat eaters are one person

>there couldn't possibly be two unenlightened non-vegans here



> 80 iq people

Being an effeminate faggot that is too pussy to eat meat despite being evolutionarily predisposed into needing it is not a sign of being smart, faggot.

That's why you vegan faggots shit all day, have vitamin deficiencies (or are addicted to food supplements) and are starving simultaneously.



I forgot about the part of the IQ test at the end where they deduct points for morality



retard alert


File: 190b021099c87e4⋯.jpg (127.5 KB, 735x475, 147:95, 12dabc40a6debddc4f5debbd9d….jpg)

File: babb2c35d94a37c⋯.jpg (94.09 KB, 640x426, 320:213, f8e1c88ec2ac8393831d2acecf….jpg)

Cute family


File: aefe2c0fa899fc5⋯.jpg (83.76 KB, 620x411, 620:411, c0d340c3fe609c0f8c9b7ce0a4….jpg)

I forgot to post this one

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