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What is the difference between animals and humans that justifies killing one for food when we can just eat plants, but not the other?
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A thought I had about this article was that humans and their ancestors could have achieved the same end by developing agriculture and techniques for it, on top of cutting up/mashing their food to reduce the need for so much tooth-age. On top of this, vegan agriculture would lead the way for the establishment of civilization while not draining so many resources, including precious water and land, for raising livestock – this in turn increasing the margin of resources able to be used for the development of said civilizations. I won't deny that meat was convenient for pre-modern humans to consume, but certainly it seems it could have gone a better way, though of course then again you can't really blame semi-primitive apes for not knowing better; historian's fallacy and all. In the modern age, however, we do realistically have no excuse not to transition food production to a vegan base, since the level of productive forces in the world is so intense that there is now way more food in the world than people need – it's just that much of it also gets thrown away because it's not profitable to feed everyone.

Also I guess selective breeding of plants would have helped older human-types to have softer, more nutritious foods, but once again that's something that's rather difficult for ancient people to stumble across, yet something we certainly are able to in the present.



Pretty shit speculation. The reason there are no such cases of this anywhere is because it was ineffectual. If it was so resource draining, any tribe, any group really, which adopted a 'so much more efficient' strategy would have come about and dominated the rest.



More likely that the vegans stopped being fertile (like usual) and/or were killed.

For the health, energy, and hydration that meat provides, there is no real waste.



It's called a farm, which includes livestock.

Your vegan version of history is a fantasy.

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