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File: 6c45dde3c69b9f9⋯.png (292.87 KB, 600x364, 150:91, toaster.png)

3f1a2e No.59337[Reply]

This week we're playing Marauder/Man of Prey

See the post below this for details.

The Weeaboo Toaster club is a /vg/ book club for discovering and discussing interesting vidya some of it good, and some of it bad, as long as it's got something worth discussing it's welcome to be submitted. If you want to suggest a game fill out the template and post it, if you want to vote for a suggested game reply to it saying (+1). You may vote for multiple games. We'll roll a dice for the top 6 games by voting and play that for the next two weeks.

Submission template, just fill it in and post in the thread: https://ghostbin.com/paste/dzpwd

Edit: added the pastebin link with the formatted template and made the OP clearer

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e8dfb5 No.60170


I wasn't aware there's issues with the game.


if it was put in anyone else' hands it would be one

File: e0d5a1907ad2583⋯.jpg (345.95 KB, 813x834, 271:278, 70s.jpg)

c237ba No.27332[Reply]


Kerbal Space Program

Multiplayer mod: https://d-mp.org/

Thread: >>741

Server: (Offline)

Team Fortress 2 Vintage

Download Link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/team-fortress-2-vintage or see the thread for mirrors

Thread: >>27149

>Server 1 (Stock weapons only)

Name: Memehole


>Server 2 (Non-Stock weapons allowed)

Name: A TF2 Vintage server


Doom Server

Name: /v/ideo games

Location: chaika.lolis.me

Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!zdQlAYZD!Jrw3czLX4q30x85wG1qn4Dt6KvDz9oujLXEh8s9TvjM

Password: infinity

Wadserver (for manualfags not using the mega link above): http://ice.8v.allowed.org:1488/wads/

Thread: >>26924

Post last edited at

c237ba No.27333


Name: Sea of Smug

Download link (legitfags use Steam or GoG instead): http://igg-games.com/windward-free-download.html

Thread: >>27651

Space Station 13

Name: Outer Pizza Station

Location: byond://

Download Link: http://www.byond.com/download/

Thread: >>26357

Wiki: https://8station.miraheze.org/wiki/


Download Link: https://xonotic.org/download/

Thread: >>27719

Newbie Guide: https://gitlab.com/xonotic/xonotic/wikis/Halogenes_Newbie_Corner

Server 1 (Pacific): http://dpmaster.deathmask.net/?game=xonotic&server=

Server 2 (Eastern): http://dpmaster.deathmask.net/?game=xonotic&server=

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Post last edited at

File: d9330f89db1fd2a⋯.png (551.01 KB, 780x1103, 780:1103, 1498769058.png)

43449a No.60091[Reply]

This general is for discussing all shmups/STG (shoot 'em ups/shooting games/shooting type games).

Need something to play? Check this shit out: https://mega.nz/#!mlwG3ZCJ!NMdWxNY4pjqc1vFGwzyPIbtGor0GHObcfENNMgOQW1s

Join us on Steam! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/shmupg


>Infinos Gaiden


>Touhou 16 ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons


>Sorcer Striker/Mahou Daisakusen (PS4)




>Raiden V (PS4 and Steam)


>Garegga M2 port (XBO)


>Sonic Wings 2/Aero Fighters 2

PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

>Super Hydorah


>Terra Feminarum

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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1cf90f No.60223


Name- and especially tripfagging is vital for large projects where coordination is required, like game/mod development.

23b815 No.60224


>skinny fat dad bod no achievements weak dork cunt

Fucking British Sgt. Hartman lmao

bff4cd No.60225




The name field is there for people who need to use consistent names across threads or IP changes to run events or suchlike not for people to abuse for attention. This is made clear in the rules. If you want to namefag fuck off to a forum or to a cancer board that allows that.

23b815 No.60227


I see. How come he can namefag just fine in non-gaming 8ch boards, tho?

bff4cd No.60228


Because each board is run by a different BO with a different set of policies. Are you new?

File: 80d098156bdfba0⋯.jpg (43.57 KB, 500x262, 250:131, skull_face.jpg)

File: 133dd024b7b7690⋯.jpg (251.19 KB, 1194x1359, 398:453, 133dd024b7b7690dd74026258e….jpg)

File: 7934f3880ceb558⋯.png (365.82 KB, 600x660, 10:11, e08.png)

696e6c No.26698[Reply]

Phantom Thread edition

previous thread in catalog 404's

Reminder that 3=2>1>powergap >Peace Walker >Ground Zeroes >Dumpster fire > Phantom pain > 4

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f5e1cf No.54809


Well at least it's fun.

b5bbe7 No.55066


Not the worst choice tbh

6d2e9d No.55081


so you haven't played a metal gear game

6736bd No.55087


>The only reason why Kojima hates them so much

Kojima hates them?

And which Kojima, pre or post PW?

b5bbe7 No.60226

requesting pic or webm of someone making fun of "xXx_RevolverOcelot_xXx", more than enough to X anything that moves.

File: 830d186dd625c30⋯.png (904.96 KB, 612x545, 612:545, waterfox_2018-06-12_16-36-….png)

935458 No.58000[Reply]

>Good guy option

>Bad guy option

>Neutral option

>Sarcastic liberal humour option

Now that this shit is basically the only games they make how do you fix it? What sort of topics do you think could make good ethical situations and explore the pros and cones of complicated ideas?

I would suggest slavery. It's a topic no one will willingly touch due to the 56%ers knee jerk reaction to it. But it's not a black and white case, it has a real purpose and moral grey areas you can play with.

If you use slaves to put the other slavers out of business then set all of the slaves free now you own them is that good or bad? What if one guy treats his slaves extremely well and they want to continue working for him?

Are there any morality topics you don't think games could do? Are there flaws in the medium which make it difficult or impossible to give an accurate portrayal of some topics? Are games able to address topics at all or is the ability for a player to jump and spin around on the spot like a retard during any dramatic moments just too much of a handicap to make it a serious story medium?

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

15f0e4 No.58203


A diamond rather than a slider.

Something like 'order vs freedom' and 'individual vs group'. Things that are not mutually exclusive but help represent your character.

7eaecf No.58227



What about approaching it from the point of wage slavery? Give the illusion of freedom for those who are (((free))) but in reality those who are slaves actually enjoy more freedom, security and better standards of living than those who are paid?

b77681 No.60198



First, let's disregard anything Betheshit has done. They have dabbled into B&W, grey, faction based, and a complete absence of it; and they done all of them terribly. Second, don't design the system to cater to murderhobos and edgelords. Don't worry too much about the players not being able to finish the game or access content because they indiscriminately murder everyone. Yes, invulnerable NPCs are really fucking annoying but it is particularly bad because of Bethesda's shit writing. Bethesda has a tendency to make its invulnerable NPCs really fucking annoying. You don't even have to resort to invulnerable NPCs just don't make the NPCs put up with your shit.

Another thing, alignment was mainly there to force characters to roleplay in tabletop games. It wasn't meant to be about giving good boy or bad boy points. Law and Chaos isn't in human terms; it is meta-physical.

VtM:B and Ultima have very well though out morality systems which are heavily tied to the narrative. VtM:B's morality system prevents characters from being controlled by the Beast and discourages indiscriminate killing. Ultima judges the player based off the 8 virtues which are tied to the game's mythology. The cWoD expounded on the "paths" as the many ways to stave off the beast. Succumbing to the beast is inheritly a negative thing (the vampire becomes permanently unplayable) but not all paths are moral. The default one is about preserving your humanity but there are others like path of enlightenment, path of metamorphosis, path of Lilith, path of sin, path of heaven, etc.

Moral relativism isn't edgy in the modern times but it is the norm. This incredibly pozzed moral system stems from Marxism and Globalism. Marxism created this idea of oppressed vs oppressor in place of good vs evil. Globalism is against sovereignty thus it is against boarders. They believe that communism/socialism is inevitable because free robot labor; that a global economy is the best way to avoid war; that imigration is a solution to poverty and population gPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

39cb0d No.60220



Games are a good medium. I think a good area to explore would be faith. Mainstream is against faith, so I think by presenting the good that it's done in the world, and still does, would be interesting enough to be worth exploring via the medium

aff7fa No.60222


There ought to be vidya exploring (((Israel))), but touching that subject is "anti-semitic" and would get banned from pretty much every storefront out there, so it would be better to do some sort of fictional analogy.

File: 60df1d3d72b0929⋯.jpg (71.47 KB, 700x526, 350:263, racist_replicators.jpg)

9f3af2 No.53927[Reply]

Time for some Baseball!

FAQ Pastebin:



Fed: Vidya Trek

KDF: House of Vid'ya

Custom Chat Channel: /v/ (Join and ask for a fleet invite)



Tips for New Players:


Missions to replay at level 50 for gear:



STO Wiki


PvP Guide


Build Planner, including a build searcher


Crit Calculator


Duty Officer Guide


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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b57be6 No.60172


This. If you're going to the beach, or any tropical type resort, and you're wearing pants then you deserve to step on broken glass.

fbc2a7 No.60186

File: 2dfa10ea20b5b75⋯.jpg (108.92 KB, 705x530, 141:106, Jake and Nog.jpg)



>2410 (still)

>not looking fly as hell

b49303 No.60192


Posting a photo of an interspecies gay couple is not helping your case.

9d921b No.60217


Hm, can't redeem this code on the website.

9d921b No.60218


Oh, never mind. Probably copied an empty space too or something.

File: 67ce4d9fbb785c2⋯.jpeg (135.04 KB, 424x540, 106:135, ispylgacoo2mq2soi137ywyof….jpeg)

ad821e No.37863[Reply]

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66b937 No.60026



in the first game you lose earth and go into civil war

in the second you lose the most populated and industrious human system and the military of the GTVA is gone

I really like how a lot of the missions get more and more desperate as the games go one

a873a4 No.60080



You don't happen to be the anon that made the lewdspace webms at all?

1aca13 No.60088

File: 9f52488278851b2⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 488.85 KB, 500x278, 250:139, yuukoshocked.gif)


Maybe. Yes.

83b068 No.60128


Well here's the thing, I don't think Freespace did anything brilliant whatsoever. It had decent flight mechanics, but nothing was meaty about the combat. It had solid voice acting that never got too hammy or disconnected. It had decent writing. It's simply the best because it's the only one that played things straight and consistent, without fucking anything up. Every other space game out there either devolved into a stupid trope-based plot, or had long, boring travel times, or screwed up the pacing, had bad music, etcetera. Freespace didn't, and for that, it's the best we've got.

1aca13 No.60214

File: d3a9d8db410ec37⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, May15-BtABattle.png)


I would agree that FS1 did nothing particularly brilliant. It is very average. But FS2 is a different story, and if you are using games from the early 2000s as your basis for comparison then it is factually better in several ways. At that time, no other first person space sim supported fleet battles at the scale FS2 did, in ship dimensions, number of ships, and density of combat. Some games did one of these things better but never gave you the whole package. It received huge critical acclaim for this specific reason, and I'm not sure any game of this type has surpassed it yet, except Freespace Open itself. Maybe I'm wrong. But if so I want to know what game from that era offers more. Also,the combat is pretty fucking meaty if somewhat simplistic. I'm not sure what could be more meaty than sniping a Seraphim with duel Trebuchets or dive-nuking a cruiser and struggling to maintain control of your ship as the explosion totally envelops you, but to each his own.

FS2's music could be way better and many of the ship designs and models are shit. It also contains a multitude of useless and unbalanced weapons and some poorly designed missions. And I don't think the flight model is great either. So I'm not only singing praises. But the things it does well, it does very well.

File: 50997d8edad6019⋯.png (323.24 KB, 888x672, 37:28, g543.png)

File: 9277b7691491e33⋯.jpg (5.48 KB, 265x190, 53:38, download.jpg)

a89006 No.59468[Reply]

Do you think this is a good deal for emulation?

or should i just get a ps4 controller.

29 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9ce38f No.60163


that's true with like 99% of any game but shmups are infinitely superior with a real arcade stick

892ed2 No.60168


>Driving games with KB+M

Is this newfag central?

8c88e1 No.60201

File: 0f1d9c9ece47ae0⋯.gif (366.39 KB, 480x301, 480:301, uh huhhuhuh.gif)


Autoaim was in the game for a reason, bunghole. And the game's difficulty was designed around the fact that most people would be playing with just the keyboard. Mouse is only needed if you have to do accurate aiming like in actual 3D games, not 2.5D. Then again, I don't have problems in Descent with only keyboard, and that's the only 3D game I ever play.

a89006 No.60209

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Only video i could find was this and he barely used them.


I already have this, its good option with ps3 controller.

a89006 No.60212

File: e270de1aebf538c⋯.png (6.59 MB, 2559x1440, 853:480, vw3c.png)


auto aim was there because it was a 2d game and they didn't figure out how to make games where you could look up or down using the mouse and the enemies were just flat pictures.

File: 5a751f36976f434⋯.jpg (165.24 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, WoWScrnShot_040418_015236.jpg)

ad3770 No.36007[Reply]


>When does it launch?

March 31st

>What it is?

Brand new vanilla WoW private server administered by Twinstar

>Who are they?

Here's a list of people of importance for Twinstar. I don't know any of them enough to see red flags or not, so someone better mention it if they do. They have five different servers that range from vanilla to Cata. They appear to have originated from Central Europe, probably Czechoslovakia.


>Are they good?

The earliest announcement I found from their site is here: https://www.twinstar.cz/2011/11/10/if-tsdev-count-10-twinstar-cool-yourmoney/?lang=en , which would mean they've around for at least seven years, if not more. They appear to be well received by the general private server community.

>What will get me b&?


While these are for the standard Kronos server, they will probably be the same or similar for Kronos III.

Horde Guild so far is <Infinity>.

>What about a VOIP?


We've got a mumble, open to both factions. Drama must be kept at a minimum as as per the orders of strelo/k/s running it.


Archive of bread 1:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

79 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

7b04d1 No.59503

where's the torrent?

e926c4 No.59548

is there any guide on how to make your own private server for vanilla?

i wanted to just boost the stats so i can do raids/dungeons alone and so that leveling doesn't take a year

34b20d No.60078


>Beef finally getting a mount

What a time to be alive.

458dd9 No.60145


The appeal of vanilla servers has increased due to classic. also why would you up the rates if you made your own? you would have GM powers. Not to mention servers barely work out of the box, you get skeletal framework at best for a lot of shit but not much else. I'm in serious burn out from helping others level at the moment and honestly if Felmyst registrations were open I would have been more than eager to jump ship

gonna get back to installing windows 95 on my smart phone

5f3cca No.60211

File: 9856b9af606309d⋯.png (4.16 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Current Year 61.png)

22d4b4 No.47217[Reply]

Apparently it's going to be at E3.

CD-Projeckt says it's going to be third person with first person elements, but an RPG first and foremost.

Hopefully that means it's not going to be some cover based dreck like Nu-Deus Ex.

Apparently, they've put up job positions for "Large Crowds of NPCs" in the past (Pic Related)

I also heard that the game is basically going to feature unique bandit factions in the form of distinctive gangs that you can join/and do quests for.

Triple S League described it as "Being able to go up to the Clown Gang and getting a unique quest chain for them and possibly befriending them afterwards."

Also interesting is the game is going to have different career paths your character can take as roles.

>Cop (police)

>Max Tac Police (augmented SWAT police)

>Corporate (businessmen)

>Netrunner (Le epic hackerman)

>Nomad (basically mad max biker gangs)

>Fixer (Smuggler, info broker)

>Rockerboy (80's style rockstar that plays like a bard class)

>Solo (Mercenary)

>Techie (Technician, robotics, hardware)

>Panzerboy (Pilot, has a neat WW1 reference)

>Media (Player takes on role as freelance journalist, able to uncover large scale conspiracies)

Very intrested in how CDPR is going to be implementing these classes into the game. Expectially interested in the Media Class.

The Panzerboy name has an intresting back story:

Exerpt from Wiki:

"The term comes from the period following the end of World War One. The Belgians raised tariffs on cheaper Dutch dairy products. To counter this, smugglers would drive trucks loaded with milk, cheese and eggs over the border to sell to the Belgians, where those foods were more expensive. Gangsters started hijacking tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

99 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

545f79 No.59461


Not quite, since in hitman you get targets given to you

Unless you mean something like contracts mode in the new ones, then it'd be kinda like that

it'd be fun to have a murder city sandbox where your goal is to elude the police while going for unlockable playstyle and endurance/death toll achievements

15018a No.59672


I swear there's been a game like this before but I can't put my finger on what it was called.

4bea4e No.60007

I like how everyone has lost any hype they now had for Cyberpunk 2077.

742e98 No.60038


The Witcher doesn't appeal to me in the slightest and the gameplay looks shit, so when the same company says they're making a cyberpunk RPG I don't have high hopes. They're promising quite a lot and people are gushing over the exclusive gameplay shown, but I can't help believing that it's going to be another Fable or Spore after release.

1ec7a7 No.60204


I try not to get hyped for anything, period, but I am still looking forward to Cyberpunk more than pretty much anything else.

File: 4e226fe50527740⋯.jpeg (103.08 KB, 1508x730, 754:365, Screenshot_20180619_11250….jpeg)

e42809 No.60022[Reply]

Have you heard from our good lord and savior Tynan?

Rimworld 1.0 is now available as development build.



7 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e42809 No.60131


I had about the same time, try it out I'm sure you will be amazed, make sure get the development version


>Rimworld is the one in the same engine as Prison Architect right?

hummm, no…

they're both 2d building/management games, but that's pretty much it


except that it didn't public release yet, and still a bunch of players are talking about it,

though I get why he wants to be done, closing a 1.0 will lock in the feature set and leave it stable for mod makers

84837a No.60134



They're not in the same engine but the early versions of Rimworld did basically rip-off PA's artstyle for their early kikestarter marketing. Depending who you ask either before or after that they went and got permission from the PA devs and since they've gone in their own direction but it was a bit of a controversy originally. Appearances in this case are deceptive.

b4e2c2 No.60138


>1.0 will lock in the feature set

Not always. Look at Terraria.

e42809 No.60173

File: 18c8dd0e7cab970⋯.jpeg (37.52 KB, 937x441, 937:441, Screenshot_20180619_22132….jpeg)

File: 7fe407266f506d4⋯.jpeg (9.36 KB, 599x143, 599:143, Screenshot_20180620_00191….jpeg)

oh randy, you're a two edged cold heart bitch

> bug hive spawns in nearby cave river

> pirates raid which I somehow managed to repel

> soon followed by pirates drop po with siege weapons

faf233 No.60203

File: b8c2c09f48ccfa8⋯.jpg (17.33 KB, 480x368, 30:23, tom.jpg)


>comparing two completely different games

File: 61e34ab58b3334a⋯.jpg (161.27 KB, 784x944, 49:59, 2869-dungeon-keeper-dos-fr….jpg)

9465d1 No.59725[Reply]

Name some games where you can play as an evil force

10 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3ddc82 No.59967


Was going to say you are wrong but actually you're very much correct.


Still allows you to play as the Allies of Evil.

59dc24 No.60035

File: fcaf2ae361097b7⋯.gif (616.97 KB, 254x401, 254:401, spinningloli.gif)


Checked and appreciated brother.

4d02c5 No.60070

File: 48762c487d1b670⋯.png (21.92 KB, 150x145, 30:29, OpenTTD logo.png)

Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe

34bb7f No.60077

File: d0cdcc313d26d20⋯.jpg (163.18 KB, 400x606, 200:303, wiz4.jpg)

Wizardry IV

get out yer graph paper

c08f58 No.60195


The issue is that if the PC evil and serious, you can't laugh it off and you can't really sympathise with him, since you know he's a piece of shit. You could make him less evil or more "in it just for myself", but that'd make him less evil.

File: 1f3469694aa528f⋯.jpg (59.52 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, freedumb16.jpg)

a9246d No.47430[Reply]

372 posts and 177 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

49fff4 No.60069


>not Strelkinia

c69ae5 No.60076

File: 4efc730fe1d5216⋯.png (414.21 KB, 669x509, 669:509, 4efc730fe1d5216507d0278e19….png)


>sausages and bread sucks now!

>points at ass

a9246d No.60104


>this broken ass English

Translated from Russian?

6c33f9 No.60174

Why does disabling the UI in coc also turn off the radiation and anomaly detection sounds? How can I fix this?




be1108 No.60191

File: 7525a0c6e04edff⋯.jpg (14.39 KB, 224x273, 32:39, 1503218325926.jpg)

File: 1ff60d11e969cf7⋯.png (2.99 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1ff60d11e969cf7dcff42047b4….png)

f55c83 No.34430[Reply]

Migration Edition.

Last thread: https://8ch.net/v/res/14403869.html

Welcome back to the HOTTEST secondary thread on the jay /v/ where we will discuss nothing to do with any of the video games ever. Post your favorite character, business card, fumo, Right♂ Version♂, Border of Life remix, or just about any other cancer you can dig up. It's all kosher certified goy!


TH16 Hidden Star in Four Seasons


TH15.5 Antimony of Common Flowers



Phantasmagoria of Flower View

Versus shooting game.

DL: https://public.wishful.cc/touhou_threads/TH09%20~%20Phantasmagoria%20of%20Flower%20View.7z

Hisoutensoku + Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Fighting game.

DL: https://public.wishful.cc/touhou_threads/Touhou%2012.3%20Hisoutensoku%20v1.10a%20eng%20patch%20v1.1a%20%2B%2010.5%20Hisouten%20v1.06a%20eng%20patch%20v1.1a%20%2B%20Sokuroll%20v1.3.7z

Urban Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

306 posts and 99 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

54c90b No.58465


touhou backgammon is better fam

f7c071 No.59453

Best 2hu game that isn't a 2hu game? My vote goes for Labyrinth of Touhou 2

fb6e7c No.59802


Touhou Puppet Dance Performance my man.

ec9075 No.60164


Touhou Genso Warrior or one of those modded games

883976 No.60185


Does this happen with the untranslated version too? This seems super frustrating.

File: 715ea5895a80fd5⋯.jpg (33.45 KB, 474x266, 237:133, cuckyb.jpg)

1759bc No.58280[Reply]

Since the game is F2P i figured i'd give it a try. here are my thoughts

>basically unreal tournament 3:but you can float sometimes

>I fucking mean it, it looks exactly like UT3

>uninspired design, maps, characters and weapons look generic (I could swear some of the weapons looked like they were actually copied from UT3, considering everyone involved it seems plausible)

>characters are mostly indistinguishable from each other, and the map

>this problem is so severe all enemy players are highlighted in red with health bars above their heads

>character movement on the ground is too slow

>zero gravity is cool i guess, you can go pretty fast, but it happens infrequently during a match

>characters are also ugly, with lots of nigs, hapas, and wymyn

Overall the game didn't really suck me in with my first match, it was just boring and didn't do anything to set itself apart from other games.

8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

94c10e No.58535


6df1b9 No.58818


>give play a match.

>20GB for a UE4 asset flip

No, so much good games(Realm Royale) under 5GB and with more than thousands players, Lawbreakers is not even worth downloading.

38cf14 No.60167

It's pretty boring and there's no one playing at all so good luck then finding a game if you do want to try it.

111545 No.60179

How about you check em cucky bee

4bb6bd No.60184


>2 off

That's even worse than 1 off. Damn you suck.

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