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Welcome to /vg/, now under new management.


Hi, new guy here. Board is slow, but not dead, so I thought I'd claim it to clean up spam. If you have any suggestions, comments, yadda yadda, feel free to let me know.


For example, a lot of the threads are cyclical, which is useful but also loses old posts. If you want your thread to no longer be cyclical, let me know.

Also, later this week I'll write up some rules to cut down on the low quality threads I've seen in the catalog, even if they are infrequent.

File: 1457194957196.png (490.34 KB, 1000x908, 250:227, Into the breach.png)


Space dino genocide edition.

FAQ Pastebin:



Fed: Vidya Trek

KDF: House of Vid'ya

Custom Chat Channel: /v/ (Join and ask for a fleet invite)



Tips for New Players:


Missions to replay at level 50 for gear:



STO Wiki


PvP Guide


Skill Point Effects, aka what you actually get with each skill point


Build Planner, including a build searcher

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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forget this argala shit.

Make a private level 60 instance of klingon scout force.

launch it solo

complete the first objective, (kill the BoPs)

do not do the next objective.

go into the asteroid field and find a neghvar battleship.

after you kill this another one spawns about 7km away from it, they have 2 spawn locations. if you use broadsiding you can sit in the middle of the spawns and kill them both and collect the loot they drop. if you use forward firing weapons then you can kill both but only loot one without having to move.

They will respawn infinitely.

just mash your keybinds or if you have a good enough build set autofire / autotarget just autoattack the fuckers.

Or have a macro that runs your keybinds plus F and ctrl Q.

This kind of shit is why prices for some stuff seems so high and also why some players have maxed out inventory space.

the number one way to make xp and ec through grinding. Watch stuff on the other monitor while you rake in the jack.

if you are only interested in leveling the ship mastery then about 2/3 runs of starbase 24 solo(if your build is shit it might be painful)



first I had ever heard of it. maybe thats why it closed down?


File: 00223160bb13c8c⋯.jpg (10.57 KB, 240x240, 1:1, sombrero2_240x240.jpg)

>mining drill laser is another kcb that gives dr debuff

>stays active as long as you have the ship targeted

>only 1.4 m for feds

>have the kelvin connie, so phasers

>more phaser damage from sunrise console

>agony flavor since I picked them up cheap, including a crtdx3 for 25k.



File: caf630d00fcd4e5⋯.jpg (145.18 KB, 871x871, 1:1, 1399853388505.jpg)

>new kit research

Reaching certain levels within the Kits and Modules Research School unlocks access to new items, titles, and traits unavailable through other methods. At level 5, Captains unlock access to the “Novice Technologist” title, and may start crafting Basic Kits and Modules Tech Upgrades. This new type of Tech Upgrade can be used to increase the Technology Points and Quality of Kits and Kit Modules. Level 10 unlocks access to the “Adept Technologist” title, Improved Tech Upgrades, and the Large Kit Overbooster consumable item. Kit Overboosters give the user a short-duration increase to their Kit Performance stat and instantly reduce the recharge time of all your Kit Modules.

Level 15 unlocks access to the “Expert Technologist” title, the “Technophile” Personal Trait, Superior Tech Upgrades, Experimental Tech Upgrades, and Passive Kit Modules. Technophile gives a large Kit Performance boost on using a Kit Module ability for a short time, and has a lockout period once triggered. Passive Kit Modules are a new type of Kit Module which are always active as long as the wearer is in Combat and give the user lesser versions of popular profession-specific abilities. There are currently two Passive Kit Modules for each profession. Level 20 unlocks access to the “Master Technologist” title.

In addition to requiring advanced or highly sought-after materials, Passive Kit Modules may only be built by a R&D: Kits and Modules specialist Duty Officer. These new duty officers have been added to the Delta Alliance Duty Officer Pack, the Krenim Research Lab and K-13 Fleet Holdings, and some Duty Officer packs from lock boxes.

With the addition of the Kits and Modules Research School Dynamic Kits and Kit Modules can no longer be upgraded via Ground Tech Upgrades. Universal as well as Kits and Modules Tech Upgrades may be used to upgrade these dynamic items.

We hope you enjoy making use of the rewards from this new Research and Development school. This new R&D school will be available with the release of Season 12 – Reckoning. See you in-game!

Good thing I still havePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 16c1d3c6f250edc⋯.jpg (122.38 KB, 1032x774, 4:3, 1454334256309.jpg)


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File: 83cb3773bd31578⋯.png (224.47 KB, 472x420, 118:105, 0312 - 1rdzlCk.png)

>all this hoopla over balans)))))))))))))))2.0

>chemo for the arty cancer(that's good)

>no change to the fucking grind(that's cancer)

Literally one fucking thing. Literally one, above all else that needed focus and they completely fucked that up.


>Now there's hints that 0.19 won't be released until February

No shock there.


>>Maybe if Final Fire ever gets translated

>tfw it got green lit on steam

>tfw still no translation

No words for how bad this feel is, anon. None.



Checked their forums for information on AW. Literally every thread is about "Why is nobody playing?" and "Where the hell is Balance 2.0?" The game is just so dead, they've taken far too long to release anything meaningful and have sat with literally their thumb up their ass for too long.


>Final fire got greenlit on steam yet no translation yet

>Still no words for how bad this feels

It's even worse than that anon. It got Greenlit twice on Steam



>>It got Greenlit twice on Steam




whats in .19 anyways? or is it also balance 2.0?

Im thinking they're still trying to balance all of the tanks that are getting radical shifts in tiers.

fucking rip warrior never getting a 40mm now


File: 4854965d8ef51e6⋯.webm (946.79 KB, 1280x534, 640:267, 14845717497720.webm)


I think I heard they are switching to Unreal 4 Engine so it may be end up being Greenlit thrice.


>whats in .19 anyways? or is it also balance 2.0?

Balance 2.0 is 0.19, 0.19 is Balance 2.0

Basically a massive rebalance of the game to turn it into totally not WoT 2.0 and a fuckton of new vehicles that they've been holding off for close to 2 years now.

>fucking rip warrior never getting a 40mm now

I have no fucking idea why the Bradley is now higher tiered than the Warrior. The Warrior can get much better missiles and a 40mm, along with better armor than the Bradley. Why is that piece of shit with a peashooter higher tiered?

Also why are they getting rid of the T-14's 152mm Gun but adding in the Black Eagle with a 152mm Gun?

File: bce23c666096148⋯.jpg (129.23 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 884ace5d00d46fd5f0c3269990….jpg)


79 year old woman playing Skyrim, we'r to believe she set this all up herself, video + audio recording software + video codecs + hardware + uploading to youtube?

If it is bullshit what's the harm? I'm sick of the news manipulating me, I now don't know what I can trust or not. Everything seems done to try appear earnest to get views which equates to money..I'd like to believe this old lady is doing this because she wants to but i'm leaning towards younger family members at the helm making money off this forcing their granny to play



why do you care tho



I want to know if its real or not

We're led to believe she's playing because she wants to and she's calling her viewers grand children and acting like she's enjoying this…the whole experience is ruined if its marketing bullshit (which it likely is)

File: 1412248411338.jpg (47.89 KB, 219x229, 219:229, 1411903598349.jpg)


new board edition

>Official subreddit:


>Cookie Clicker


>Kittens Game


>Wall Destroyer



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: cb0633efb0e9ba2⋯.jpg (57.01 KB, 600x699, 200:233, cry.jpg)

>leave for five months

>only three new posts

>Anon died of cancer

What the fuck, man?

I hope Anon's last days were peaceful.



just so you know i'm still here and still keep this thread open in a tab for some reason


File: 8f01b31e4c8025c⋯.png (3.79 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Crumb.png)


I'm really surprised that someone responded on the same day. My posts from 2015 are still near the top of this thread.

Hi, how are you?



i'm doing fine

not much happening on my end




I stopped being NEET a few months ago. It's soul-sucking but money is really nice so.

File: 1433091217028.jpg (3.28 KB, 124x122, 62:61, 1406333576310s.jpg)


Still not finished edition

>Link to the mishaps of Chucklefish


307 posts and 432 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: e720c389e4e9ee5⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 500x282, 250:141, succulent floran phallus.gif)

Posted this on halfchan too but figure it's worth a try on here: A request: can some bright soul who can actually do modding including json/lua please bring CLeF up to 1.0? The github for CLeF is here: https://github.com/dsp2003/clef/

You don't have to do the fiddly, super complex bits with trying to bring back old bosses or no damage on touch but the rest should be doable. If you can do that, then why not bring back the stuff removed in the transition from glad giraffe to 1.0? Thinking of the old codexes, old racial dialogue, outpost quests, etc.


>tfw you will never be a lonely apex looking for company

>tfw you will never find a female apex

>she will never screw you like crazy


7 days passed new years day.

Sound off for me.


i started playing this for a few days, was pretty neat, had more things i like then terraria did.

the FU mod and some others definitely helped

but seems like its heading a terrible direction,

and looking at some of its history thats been happening for a while.

i feel bad for the modders that kept this sinking ship alive.

maybe ill pirate it again some time next year, and maybe by then the absurd performance issues might get fixed too.


File: 09d748469355e63⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1916x802, 958:401, 1470253050644-0.png)


File: 42e3b79263a5e4e⋯.jpg (23.68 KB, 301x267, 301:267, 221.jpg)


Lemme shill a bit. Made a board for weeb vidya >>>/wv/

All the vidya discussion without normalfags.

File: 1451509908012.jpg (203.77 KB, 1300x800, 13:8, Phantasy Star Online 2.jpg)




>Scheduled Emergency Quests, IR, and Boosts


>Stuff to do this week





>PSO2 JP's Weekly Maintenance:

Tuesdays @ 10:00 PM ~ 4:00 AM EDT

Wednesday @ 04:00 ~ 10:00 GMT+2

>How to Register for Japanese Version






>Base English Patch


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: c69a32760c847bf⋯.jpg (590.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pso20170106_210259_002.jpg)


I guess for people returning from before ep4 some pasta might be good, so what has happened during 2016..:

- Tier 6 graphics - includes a few of modern filters and effects as well as vastly improved textures. Actually runs better than old t5.

- Fashion presets - you can now save costume/accessory/etc combo to switch to it without este/makeover salon. Does not include sticker and makeup though. You can switch fashion and class sets via chat command too.

- Layering wear - what every meatbag wanted looking at kyasts - 3 part (Innerwear, Basewear, Outerwear) costume customization, In and Ba are tickets, Ou is optional layering costume.

- New class - Summoner, a mistake, actually quite strong if not OP atm but you'll hate those fucking eggs dropping everywhere shitting your inventory. Su gets more egg drops than others.

- New storyboard - remade matterboard without kill requirement and useless fillers. The beginning of the story is utter shit, has some ties to pso2 anime which is worse than your average shounen but gets better in the second half or so I was told.

- New and buffed EQs - TD4 - (involves surprise buttsex), Tomato (involves AIS combat), buffed PD (involves buffed floorhugging), milf (involves riderod obstacle course). While TD4 is somewhat more difficult than early TDs, the last two EQs are actually Fun, dorf fortress Fun. Tomato is literally roll face on keyboard until victory though.

- New UQ - Amduscia, mobs are less aggressive but bosses are more aggressive, the downside is it's now EQ style, run from start to finish through a bit randomized areas fighting nuAnga with gay cubes with gay dragons at the end.

- 2 solo XQs - fight through hp reduced, damage increased packs of mobs and bosses for class-specific loot and glory, and access to…

- Expert blocks - you need to beat soloXQ1 stage 1-5 to enter those. Prevents new players as well as shittiest of the scrubs from entering those, which is not a lot considering that any gurenlord with automeme can beat those.

- New currency - Star Gems Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: a379905ba04d9b6⋯.jpg (514.32 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 進化D/パティエンティア.jpg)


- Multiple item wooooow tekking and cubing best update ever - hold shift and enjoy it only took you years, sega. UI in general is faster too.

- High grade tekking to get better stats, max grind and attribute on your untekked weapon for extra cost. Max grind? Max grind is for…

- NT New Type weapons - no praying to RNGesus and being at mercy of Dudu and Monica! Keep in mind that some OT weapons are used for titles while others are useful and extendable unlike NT so check market before throwing them away. You feed weapons to grind, at +10 +20 +30 you unlock potential with photons, to get past +30 max grind cap to up to +35 (+35% base damage) you need extra weapon copies though you can get lucky and get something like +34. Getting those is easier with…

- Collection Files - grab 3 (+2 permanent for SG) (+2 if prem) collection files and kill stuff on the list or loot one item to complete a part, complete all parts to get CF item. You can usually fill it by killing a mob that drops the item so there usually are multiple ways to complete it. Weapons are all 30 max grind cap so you'll need 6 of those for +35 though you usually will max attribute with 3 weapons. +35 has another use other than % damage which is…

- Special Ability Factor - you can use +35 weapon in affix (as base or fodder) for free, sometimes unique, 100% affix depending on the weapon.

- Class balancing, everyone got new skills and other stuff that changed gameplay, sometimes dramatically:

* Hu animations were buffed, swords were buffed even more, add crafted PA and rings and swords are not shit anymore but not OP either

* Fi gets OP DS ring that makes DS real stronk, other weapons get utility rings too. R soloXQ ring is best used by Fi best passive bonus for Fi and not good for others

* Ra gets crafted OParallel Slider with much needed iframes on startup, also iframes on anothPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I'm still in two minds about edge lighting option.

It looks great on bosses and big monsters, but is absolutely terrible on player characters and NPCs. I wish you could select which models use it and which don't.


File: 006aa095644ad2a⋯.png (266.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, breaking-news.png)



Where's the cat?

File: 1453266671387.jpg (256.15 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, A2DOKam.jpg)


We are proud to announce that ElDewrito has finally reached the milestone version of 0.5. This update will allow you to play on all of the new maps present in the latest official release of Halo Online: High Ground, Last Resort, Narrows, Standoff, The Pit and Sandtrap.

This will be the last major release of ElDewrito made by the original team. We have decided to focus our collective efforts on an entirely new project called Anvil Online, which is a mod for Halo Online that has different design goals from ElDewrito. We will do our best to keep you updated on our progress on this project. We will create another post later with more details on the project.

We welcome the community to continue our efforts in the meantime, while we work hard to bring you the best experience that we possibly can.

With every ending is a new beginning.

Thanks for all the support,

The ElDewrito Development Team


How To Install 0.5.0:

Download the below standalone copy of 0.5.0 for your respective graphics card.

Extract to a location of your choice.

Run DewritoUpdater.exe








New maps - High Ground, Last Resort, Narrows, Standoff, The Pit and Sandtrap

IP Banning

Audio Channels are now at 1024 instead of 64.


Dont Forget to grab those Halo 3 mods:

Halo 3 HUD

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I miss you fags. It was real fun.


File: 1411225550725.png (233.81 KB, 608x352, 19:11, c7C0Mwc.png)



>Extremely In-depth Guide on the Mechanics of PAYDAY 2:


>PD2 Player Statistics:


>Skill Calculator:


>Skilltree Guide:


>Required Skills (for shitters):

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Ovk monitors all the players through steam. If you have items thay don't belong to you of achievements you didn't earn, you'll be permaflagged a cheater. The way to get around this, is to set your steam profile to private or friends only while cheating shit in.


File: 1447725502812.jpg (213.21 KB, 625x834, 625:834, 1442717793394.jpg)

>go out bush for too long

>DMCWO is kill

I had few reasons to play and now I have less


>hostage taker aced

>max grinder skill tree

>high armor regen

>high dodge

Who the fuck even needs health packs?


LMGs are the best weapon for Cook Off.


File: 286c8bba201575f⋯.png (10.42 KB, 255x150, 17:10, e4175a111237bbea27f598d38f….png)

was it good?

File: 1421886446394.png (204.53 KB, 523x288, 523:288, laughingmonsters.PNG)


Download the free demo: http://undertale.com/

Tumblr (the best place to ask Toby a question): http://undertale.tumblr.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/undertale

Greenlight (already approved): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=374985513

OST: http://tobyfox.bandcamp.com/

Please spoiler all spoilers.
Nothing much is happening other than the recent greenlight, but I figured I might as well start a thread just in case. What's up with you?
6 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1424115420366.webm (4.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, awoo.webm)


Howdy! This is old news by now, but UNDERTALE was greenlit on Steam!
Thanks so much for your help! I'm thanking you from the bottom of my SOUL.

Progress is going pretty well. Things of note completed since last time:

- Programmed 5 more enemies.
- Reached an ending of the game. Really! You can complete the game now.
- Completed the last date. Ehehe.
- Added a very pathetic shopkeeper
- A nice place with a shower, air conditioning, and a bunch of fun movies to watch

Big stuff left on the agenda:
- Unbelievably, a few more bosses.
- 2 more other enemies (kickstarter backer rewards)
- I'm thinking of making a minigame.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


this is taking FOREVER


File: 1439325118219.png (2.9 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, pcfags will never ever bri….png)


File: 07322f26ad6ea8d⋯.jpg (47.4 KB, 654x858, 109:143, f027aa820a302d830218015ebc….jpg)

does anyone still post here

File: 1445073914983.jpg (33.57 KB, 639x391, 639:391, ddo.jpg)



OFFICIAL 8/v/ CLAN: Daimon Dogs



>What do I need?

1) COG account

2) JP PSN account (for console)

3) VPN/proxy

>Western localization?

Nope. There's a petition going for it:


>I don't speak moon

The folks at Reddit periodically release English translation patches. Links can be found in the thread. It also helps to learn katakana since its basically an English word written in Japanese.


Guides and links

>DDO updates/quest guides/english patch/everything you need to know



>DDO wiki (use google translate)


>DDO classes


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No, but you can set your loli pawns to dance for you when you're idle.



What is the purpose of the MMO then?



>you can set your loli pawns to dance for you when you're idle.


File: 92218f2275d1311⋯.png (57.82 KB, 283x237, 283:237, recon.PNG)


File: fa17c24cdb12f31⋯.png (4.78 MB, 1913x1077, 1913:1077, Punished.png)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



It's the old classic The Sims Online alive again, but without monthly fee or shitty EA support.

Get in faggots, it's releasing today.





What can you actually do in this?

File: 1411240515379.jpg (66.05 KB, 758x534, 379:267, bebVRf3.jpg)



Katawa Shoujo General #2467

Last thread: nothing

Official Site (Katawa Shoujo is free!): http://www.katawa-shoujo.com/
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/Wp8y08x2
Writebin: http://pastebin.com/8NpPmBHp
KSG FAQ: http://pastebin.com/6Z28iW1x
Shimmie: http://shimmie.katawa-shoujo.com/
Katawa Crash: http://wiki.katawa-crash.org/ and http://ks.renai.us/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3071
Katawa Shoujo Lite: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/608881
KSG Risk/Chess: http://pastebin.com/97aPKfHg
Desktop Katawas: http://www.mediafire.com/?ogvo1fh7d5x36j9
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 26696f4bfbdab24⋯.jpg (35.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, rin.jpg)

she's so cute

hisao doesn't deserve her :(


Is this some sort of branch off from the halfchan /ksg/ threads, or have there been a couple thousand here as well?


File: 41247007cd29e6b⋯.jpeg (34.04 KB, 640x624, 40:39, 4309.jpeg)

Don't mind me, just bumping for the 5th anniversary

Knowing that I'm barely a better person compared to when I played this game 4 years ago is simply painful


File: b01b48b68e79bb5⋯.png (409.37 KB, 800x1039, 800:1039, 4464.png)


Anyway, am I the only one who can't help but think of her everytime Auld Lang Syne is playing?



I'm pretty sure it's just a branch starting over at 1. At this point, interest in the VN has waned to the point where 4/ksg/ is more a group of people keeping in contact with each other on the site, with individuals phasing in and out when they feel the need to show up, and is more about patting each other on the back rather than the VN, because the damn thing is 4 years old at this point and it's been talked to death.

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