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File: b2f488bc7d297c7⋯.jpg (61.32 KB, 480x640, 3:4, RIP Sweet Prince.jpg)

c48f24 No.26645[Reply]

A few points:

1: Non-Generals are now allowed

2: Keep things vidya related

3: Please check catalog before you make a thread

4: If you want the OP of your thread edited please use a pastebin and report it

And that's really it. I'd rather just do the cleaning around here and let anons post. If you have any suggestions, gripes or feel like calling me a cunt for something I may have done wrong use this thread. There are currently a few broken threads in the catalog: if they 404 report them here and they'll get fixed but if they're over 750 posts just wait until they slide off the board and die.

If you want to submit a banner go to this thread >>28505

Banner page: https://banners.8ch.net/list/vg

Board logs: https://sys.8ch.net/log.php?page=1&board=vg

Also could the more excitable anons calm down with shilling, a little mention here and there is fine but please don't sperg at people, let them make up their minds. Don't be pushy but feel free to let people know /vg/ is here and under new management.

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f7e7cf No.31166


oh, breaks the site when disabled.

File: e0d5a1907ad2583⋯.jpg (345.95 KB, 813x834, 271:278, 70s.jpg)

c237ba No.27332[Reply]


Kerbal Space Program

Multiplayer mod: https://d-mp.org/

Thread: >>741


Arma 3 Server

Name: Ouroboros Division Official Server


Password: weltschmerz

Thread: >>27276

Team Fortress 2 Vintage

Download Link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/team-fortress-2-vintage or see the thread for mirrors

Thread: >>27149

>Server 1 (Stock weapons only)

Name: Memehole


>Server 2 (Non-Stock weapons allowed)

Name: A TF2 Vintage server


Doom Server

Name: /v/ideo games

Location: 12gameovers.mooo.com

Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!zdQlAYZD!Jrw3czLX4q30x85wG1qn4Dt6KvDz9oujLXEh8s9TvjM

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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c237ba No.27333


Name: Sea of Smug

Download link (legitfags use Steam or GoG instead): http://igg-games.com/windward-free-download.html

Thread: >>27651

Space Station 13

Name: Outer Pizza Station

Location: byond://

Download Link: http://www.byond.com/download/

Thread: >>26357

Wiki: https://8station.miraheze.org/wiki/


Download Link: https://xonotic.org/download/

Thread: >>27719

Newbie Guide: https://gitlab.com/xonotic/xonotic/wikis/Halogenes_Newbie_Corner

Server 1 (Pacific): http://dpmaster.deathmask.net/?game=xonotic&server=

Server 2 (Eastern): http://dpmaster.deathmask.net/?game=xonotic&server=

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 80338a7dc3efe19⋯.jpg (375.8 KB, 801x1130, 801:1130, Battlefront_Cover.jpg)

File: 91e9ba1148a674f⋯.jpg (554.41 KB, 800x1121, 800:1121, battlefront2.jpg)

41f2ba No.28663[Reply]

If the Star Trek autists can have a thread so can the superior science fiction setting. Let's start with a simple question: Battlefront 1 or Battlefront 2?

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726ee1 No.31114


Isn't it not authorised to be in this area?


Tabletop Star Wars would be a good thing to look into for TTS maybe. Actually isn't there a surprisingly good and easy to get into tabletop game for star wars space combat?

96dd15 No.31133

Why would you play as anything BUT Empire? Republic maybe but I like some of the Droids Too bad most of the awesome Droid designs are expanded universe only.

I'd also argue playing as The First Order just because the stormtroopers has an aethetically pleasing design.

d6fb32 No.31143


>First Order


nothing from nuWars is good

96dd15 No.31145


Arguable. The memes are good, like Old Luke drinking green tit milk from a smooth giant sea giraffe cow.

Jokes aside the only thing I like are the stromtrooper design, thats about it. The rest can fuck off.

726ee1 No.31167


>Why would you play as anything BUT Empire?

Last time anons played SWBFII everyone stacked Empire and CIS.

File: 4a1929d29504938⋯.webm (4.11 MB, 576x360, 8:5, Welcome Back Commander.webm)

094138 No.26519[Reply]

It is time Commanders to discuss strategy games

Reminder that anons still play DTA so if you want a game give a shout. Don't be afraid, you will never be as bad as Randy Man Rad Nightcrawler

Useful sites and downloads:

http://annexconquer.com - Anime RTS that plays similar to Command and Conquer.

https://cncnet.org/ - Tiberian Dawn, Sun and Red Alert downloads as well as C&C MP fixes and patches. and Dawn of the Tiberian Age download so you can drive Stanks into pillboxes

http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?board=210.0 - Mechcommander 2 Omnitech download, essentially a heavily modded Mechcommander 2 with a lot of campaigns.

http://www.massgate.org/ - World in Conflict MP fix

http://mechcommander.co.uk/ - Not only provides download links for the original Mechcommander but MP fixes as well

https://play0ad.com/ - 0 A.D., essentially an open sauce Age of Empires remake

https://springrts.com/ - Open Sauce RTS engine, used for a lot of free games similar to Total Annilihation/Supreme Commander

https://wz2100.net/ - Warzone 2100

https://mega.nz/#!qaA3jJpJ!3mGiYhnvsegqjU0bwPZeFjLIKD4lMLelzlD_w5MQK5g - An anon was kind enough to upload Swarm Assault for us.

To do:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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07af2d No.31097


Can you at least connect by IP or is it goyranger only?


>Battle fleet Gothic Armada

I'm so fucking mad about this game because it had a lot of good ideas and then they fucked it up with the unlock system and MP focus.


Oy vey.

af3005 No.31125

File: ce3aed911d6a81b⋯.jpg (92.16 KB, 1053x677, 1053:677, 232bbdef5c8a52ddded4b821f2….jpg)


>Emperor: Battle for Dune not with the other Dune games under 'classics'

363550 No.31127


>yfw you have to wait for another year and a half for act 3 to PROBABLY come out

826336 No.31161


>actually looking forward to more garbage single player missions


07af2d No.31165


I've still got to get to work on that actually.

File: 8ac68cd4553d824⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4b7cbfd462c5c1d⋯.png (516.64 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, skill tier.png)

3eab93 No.28902[Reply]

Last thread on /v/ was pretty successful and lasted a few months.

I updated the tier chart that was floating around, feel free to post some hot opinions.


Base game:


HD Mod:


Horn of the Abyss (unofficial expansion):


45 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

951fe2 No.30812


>Your goal is to get a T5 or T6 unit building in your main plus a castle, by the end of the first week.

That's the way I did it at the beginning, but then realized it doesn't work. It just leaves a bunch of army sitting in the castle with no money to buy them out. These days I'm satisfied with L4+Citadel at the end of week 1, as long as I'm able to buy all my army out. Of course it depends on the town too.

628413 No.30820


Have you tried just fullscreen window? It's a specific type of course.

3eab93 No.30873


Skeletons and zombies are basically irrelevant, for example. If you get upgraded T5 or T6 units (eg Black Knights or whatever), you can basically roll through most simple mob groups to take towns and banks, while reinforcing your main with a "proper" army at the start of week 3.

Basically W1 is to rush your build order and capture towns, W2 is to fill out your holes, and W3 is when you start knocking on their door (if possible)

3c3d78 No.31153

Unrelated; How is HoMM7? A friend just gifted it to me.

fe735a No.31158


It's a gift, go see the dumpster fire for yourself and report back here. I did not even bother looking at it after 6 was such shite.

File: f0a52a0fbc1ce05⋯.jpg (275.94 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ar-rifle-gun-room-wall-rac….jpg)

File: fc6acfb9d91c0d4⋯.jpg (87.62 KB, 736x490, 368:245, e8f97adcb159c555c21d8e94e1….jpg)

bf3869 No.29183[Reply]

Since I heard that the BO and BVols are strelo/k/s I might as well ask here.

Been playing Far Cry 3 The gunplay is meh and the only thing I like about it is the cover system. What are some games with god tier gunplay and weapon customization? So far the only thing that comes to mind is Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

52 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

be8620 No.31139


>Hurr we'll model them incorrectly so that the empty casings fly across the screen cause it's cool.

I absolutely fucking hate this logic. Spent casings flying at your face or across your vision is a fucking distraction and a nuisance, both IRL and in-game.

6dacd8 No.31142


They do it for muh cinematic effect.

6dacd8 No.31144


No bully. Nice edit.


Well fair enough.


Firearms Source? There was a gamenight for it and it was pretty fun.

be8620 No.31146

File: a2f7ac56e8836fb⋯.gif (3.41 MB, 452x254, 226:127, cinematic.gif)


Very cinematic indeed.

Does CSGOY have this issue as well? Do all valve games do or is it exclusive to CS?

6dacd8 No.31156


>Does CSGOY have this issue as well?

I'm actually not sure it has them at all. Guns are modelled the right way around though I think.

>Do all valve games do or is it exclusive to CS?

It's common in a fuckton of shooters not even limited to (((Valve)))

File: 130358ef245efc9⋯.png (77.41 KB, 994x344, 497:172, e14eaf441a.png)

File: e1d88f9d47e1d07⋯.jpg (40.14 KB, 320x299, 320:299, 6bb32b0ecc2beeb4286dbb462f….jpg)

f553eb No.27149[Reply]

Recent news

>Mark killing vidya, first thread here

>Still picking up bodies, just need to get everyone on the same page for a gamenight

>TF2V vs TF2C guys still up in the air

>Bach fixed Arena, Arena Nucleus' cap point works now.

What is TF2 Vintage?

TF2V is a "pre-mannconomy" version of TF2 without the visual clutter and bloat. The only QoL additions is Pyro's airblast and the Engineer building carry. As well as additions of stock gamemodes such as Payload, KotH and Arena


>Full game:



Mega mirror (Latest build at time of OP, grab hotfix just in case): https://mega.nz/#!bQljAahS!hAh1Q2wYqKC628xhP-lSGfg6nnA3PaDzGem-sYh8inI

Torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:58af1cb1ede20020c9c2fb885ddaa0cffa801990&dn=tf2vintage.1.7z

Installing TF2V


Follow the guide, TL;DR

>Install Source 2013 MP SDK

>Download TF2V and extract it

>Place the entire tf2vintage folder in your sourcemods folder under steamapps

>Restart Steam

>Run vintage from your library or add the -game parameter to 2013 MP SDK followed Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

122 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e76e29 No.31147


making a torrent tonight, you better seed this time fuckers

f553eb No.31149


The magnet is now technically outdated. It wasn't alive to begin with because we had no seeders. I hope torrent anon comes up with a new one and we can plan a seed day for it


I'm uploading a FULL of the latest build to moddb. Wanna gimmie like 40+ minutes for it to go up? or you gonna make a package?

e76e29 No.31150


> I'm uploading a FULL of the latest build to moddb. Wanna gimmie like 40+ minutes for it to go up?

yeah, then i will seed

34a833 No.31154




TF2V gets shit done.

f553eb No.31155


gotcha. 12 minutes till the upload is complete on my end then another couple minutes to get it on moddb

File: a7dfdc17d760723⋯.jpg (647.56 KB, 1535x2143, 1535:2143, doom cover.jpg)

4b3081 No.26924[Reply]

Doom server IP: 12gameovers.mooo.com

Wad server: http://ice.8v.allowed.org:1488/wads/

Add this to your Wadseeker directories in the options menu so we can have bad goy wads like Moon that aren't on the public servers.

Preconfigured copy of the game: https://mega.nz/#!zdQlAYZD!Jrw3czLX4q30x85wG1qn4Dt6KvDz9oujLXEh8s9TvjM

Currently running vanilla weapons and Dwango maps. I'm not picky, so feel free to suggest mods for the server.

36 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

4b3081 No.30949


And >>27165

I think Doomcenter had some trouble too.

421c33 No.31113


Don't remind me.

1fa9ec No.31134

Project Brutality 3.0 Never ever forever.

601792 No.31148


They made a mistake not waiting for BDv21 to build off of

1fa9ec No.31152


Isn't the dev abit of a moron as well? Not refering to SGT.Mark, the guy in charge of PB.

File: 0079b26201e3163⋯.jpg (725.44 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, stalkerstarting_cutdown.jpg)

File: 4ce9eab8000aded⋯.png (159.92 KB, 1853x818, 1853:818, stalkermods5.png)

File: 979596ced8db647⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 3300x3000, 11:10, stalkermods.jpg)

File: 1d706a994b86213⋯.jpg (444.89 KB, 1432x799, 1432:799, stalkerhud.jpg)

3f81f6 No.27198[Reply]

163 posts and 54 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

3f81f6 No.31073

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>Should I just let him go? I need to gear up for my trip to the powerplant.

Try turning him into passive mode through the PDA, he's likely chasing an enemy he can't see so he should come back after that (just remember to turn him back to aggressive or defensive either). Also on that subject if fags didn't know you can give your squad commands through the PDA just like when you talk to them it took me ages to work that shit out.



LL and LTTZ are brilliant if you want a more structured experience in CoC. Those + Dr X's questlines really make it feel like a lost fourth game. Beforehand there were only the one-note 'go here kill fag' style of quests and those get old fast.


Slavic VA is always great.


>Feeling a bit more confidant now that I've got some 7.62 Real Fuckin Warsaw Pact

7.62x25mm? :^) Actually jokes aside I've got a real soft spot for the TT-33 something about it just appeals to me.

>Fuckin tushkanos errywhere

Wait until you've got a shotgun that's what I do.

>Dunno how I survived. That was a shitshow even by non-ironman standards

That armoury is the first place I hit in an ironman run to stock up but yeh it's risky. The trick is to go slow and not panic. Also don't be afraid to cut your losses and run.

3f81f6 No.31075

File: 07a9985e3893450⋯.webm (5.8 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cheeki_breeki181.webm)


>is there a secret Duty base somewhere north of the Red Forest in CoC? When I visited the Skadovsk yesterday, all decks of the ship were packed with Dutyers, I only saw 2 or 3 Loners in the middle of them.

I don't think so (then again I don't hang around the CoP maps much since I play ironmeme story mode) but I have a theory for you. Now if you've played Call of Pripyat (you likely have) you'll know that the Yanov/Jupiter train station is a neutral zone divided between Freedom and Duty and that gives you access to both factions. Call of Chernobyl couldn't keep this in the game and allow you to pick any faction you wanted to start with for engine limitation reasons so they kicked Duty out of the station and gave it entirely to Freedom. My suspicion is that they then turned up the Duty spawn rates in the other CoP maps to compensate. Whether or not they added a base you'll have to ask someone else.

>Also is Beard only selling Energy Drinks for anyone else?

Can't remember, if nobody else can answer I'll boot the game up in a bit and check.

>Last but not least the "I see X faction shoot at Y faction in Z location" chatter always uses the speaking stalkers faction for Y, am I the only one with that bug? For example when I open fire at Bandits and a Ecologists comments about it he will always say that I shoot at other Ecologists.

It's always been buggy don't worry.

>Using current version (1.4.22(?)) with AO3 and customized DocX faction relations, playing as Clear Sky.

One annoyance I've got with Dr X's faction relations is it sets Freedom and Bandit to hostile by default. I advise just going into the files and changing the numbers so they're back to neutral (unless you've already done that and that's what you meant by customised).

>On a sidenote I recently stumbled in a mexican standoff at the Rostok Checkpoint between Dutyers, Bandits and a Monolith squad. Since when do Mononiggers move past the warehouses?

I don't think I've ever seen them that far south.

af2212 No.31132


Even though R6 is pretty stable enough and there are addons for it. If you're still on 1.4.22 I'd recommend having a second install with 1.5R6.

Also you can follow the commits here: I follow them religiously


Speaking of, does anyone know what happend to the CWP commits?

40d460 No.31135


Still waiting for STCoP for 1.5R6 NEVER EVER

af2212 No.31140


You could always bite the bullet and try AO for 1.5R6. I know AO is kinda shit because it's quantity over quality but there are a couple of fixes/improvement mods for it like WARFIGHTER and such.

1.5R6 feels solid for what it is and feels better than 1.4.22 in my opinion. Infact R6 crashed less for me than 1.4.22, but that's subjective because my game had an assfuckload of addons and it's fucking stalker of course it crashes.

File: d31dbbf9444b2ed⋯.webm (10.42 MB, 900x720, 5:4, Watrhog.webm)

9799e8 No.30904[Reply]

Saturday the 24th I'll be throwing out my HCE server once again. Come play.


HCE (Not to be confused with the PC version of Combat evolved, which is typically called HPC) is a stand alone version of Halo PC that supports custom content. Released by Gearbox, HCE boasts not only custom multiplayer content but singleplayer.


If you have issues with mega grab this tool. This also bypasses the need to install their shitty plugin.


>Download the desired build

>Extract to it's own folder

>Locate cmd.exe on your computer

>Copy and paste it into the megatools folder

>Run that cmd.exe

>Type "megadl <link>"

>To paste a link into cmd right click and hit paste, do not try Crtl+V it won't work.


Mega : https://mega.nz/#!8qJkjYAI!0buYiy2ty6aOITzrbeatMTIyWgEJnoXEsEJ5d2ejSAM

The megalink is a repack of what I run on the server, it's larger than the torrent due to having all the maps you'll need for the gamenight hopefully which cuts down on time downloading to join

Torrent :http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/10173195/Halo_CE_%5BCustom_Edition%5D_1.10_Patched

Contains just HCE 1.10 and HAC2.


To reducPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

20 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9c3ca3 No.31100


Oh right I forgot you weren't doing Friday. I wouldn't mind either another anon hosting Halo or a different game either works in my book.

9799e8 No.31104


Such is the life of one who works

9c3ca3 No.31107


I'm about to get a job soon myself, on the one hand less time for vidya but on the other being unemployed for too long really fucks with the mind.

575925 No.31130


Do this, would be better for everyanon and it'll probably draw some more attention here.

9799e8 No.31138

Thinking about it now I don't see why this thread can't be edited and possibly recycled for Gamenights in General Outside the fact that the OP will either always have the Halo Webm or nothing

I know the TF2V guys are going to try and play after the big update that just rolled out but yeah turning this into a general gamenight thread would work

File: af669d660283a0b⋯.jpg (54.21 KB, 317x450, 317:450, gta_san_andreas.jpg)

432903 No.28897[Reply]

Why don't we have a thread dedicated to Grand Theft Auto. Which is best? Are the 2D games worth playing? Will we ever have another good one?

14 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

432903 No.30313


>I don't like it Because I never played it.

Play it, preferably PSP version.

eafd8d No.30318



The PSP version is generally better actually I kind of like what the DS version did with the art style to compensate for its lower resolution but it comes at the cost of losing the fun input methods of the DS game. Now the mobile/tablet version, cancer that is is, combines the best elements of both but obviously the controls scheme is wildly inferior even if you run it on PC which I believe is possible.

Or in short he's right about the PSP version being the best for anyone who isn't going to be autismal about it but there are differences you should note.

ca660d No.30682


Well yeh I agree the DS version does have more fun minigames but the PSP version has even some extra missions.


IV has flaws but compared to V it's at least a game in its own right rather than a nostalgia cash in.

badbed No.30981


GTA IV was more tech demo and bowling simulator than game.

415131 No.31137


>it's at least a game in its own right rather than a nostalgia cash in.

I don't see this. By that logic IV would've been a nostalgia cash in because III was set in Liberty City as well. If Rockstar ever makes VI and its set in Vice City, would you also argue that its a nostalgia cash in?

As much as I'd like a GTA in a new location, GTA VI would probably be either remade Vice City or the missing parts of SA (Remade San Fierro and/or Las Venturas). I don't think they'll ever leave their comfort zone and try something new. An ideal GTA would span across Liberty City, Vice City, San Andreas(all of it) and any extra locations that any of the spin offs introduced.

File: 768016d3323b0cf⋯.jpg (380.41 KB, 1490x1110, 149:111, 4a8c686b08b5c0a4a55bbe6587….jpg)

955b52 No.27354[Reply]


Are you a solo campaign grinder? or a multiplayer murder?

I was thinking of doing some more recruiting for the NW regiment but was wondering if any anons want to start a Warband "Clan" instead and start going to 150 man skrims that are hosted once a week.

We can also discuss favorite factions, play style, mods and so on.

I mentioned if /vg/ wants its own server up 24/7 to fuck around on aswell.

50 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c16f8f No.30970


Prosperous castle or city fiefs, tournaments and village raiding are really the only effective ways to make cash. I find that enterprises, generally speaking, are not worth the money or effort.

0a5541 No.30978


>Horsemen are much more expensive than infantry though so you're better off not using them on foot where possible.

money is no object. I'm an internationalist jewish archer with a dyeworks in nearly every city, which was funded from abusing the crap out of tournaments.

f6b847 No.31024

File: 96c770e8167866d⋯.gif (5.12 MB, 325x325, 1:1, blog_post_32_taleworldsweb….gif)

File: 0280864db315755⋯.gif (8.36 MB, 325x325, 1:1, blog_post_32_taleworldsweb….gif)

New blogpost talking about some small details.


457f70 No.31105


>I remember commenting how it was like M&B Gamenights

Certainly the American hours.


I think Native+ or whatever it is has it.


Yes get enterprises everywhere and do what >>30960 says.


Enterprises are great but you need to pick the right type for the city they're in. Dyeworks are usually best.


Oy vey.


>New blogpost talking about some small details.

A release date would be nice.

31eb1c No.31136

Reminder that being completely buttnaked and armorless in MP is a totally valid tactic and not at all fucking garbage.

File: a8db82da3f67386⋯.jpg (25.5 KB, 264x378, 44:63, remove.jpg)

3eb6a2 No.27310[Reply]


>When does it launch?

March 31'st

>What it is?

Brand new vanilla WoW private server administered by Twinstar

>Who are they?

Here's a list of people of importance for Twinstar. I don't know any of them enough to see red flags or not, so someone better mention it if they do. They have five different servers that range from vanilla to Cata. They appear to have originated from Central Europe, probably Czechoslovakia.


>Are they good?

The earliest announcement I found from their site is here: https://www.twinstar.cz/2011/11/10/if-tsdev-count-10-twinstar-cool-yourmoney/?lang=en , which would mean they've around for at least seven years, if not more. They appear to be well received by the general private server community.

>What will get me b&?


While these are for the standard Kronos server, they will probably be the same or similar for Kronos III.


<Poll of who's playing alliance vs. horde, from anons ITT and previous threads


<Will there be a goycord?

Negative. Having a WoW name is bad enough without tacking on another ego to it outside of game.

<How can we ever raid without a goycord?

Temp VOIP servers, up for 24 houPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

58 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

4887fc No.31013


if you go to the dungeon with 3-5 quests for it then it's already worth doing xp-wise for that alone, aside from loot. it's only inefficient if you've only got 2 or less quests for it. and if you're not an autist going trying to get the fastest /played on the server to beat off to later then there's no real reason to not do them.

410fda No.31078

Why's Kronos the new meme server? What happened to Elysium or whatever that server's name was?

768e6a No.31086


Right now every "popular" server out there is allowing chinese gold farmers to run rampant becasue they make money from it. Kronos is being played because their long history of no gold sellers and a solid stable server

5f2164 No.31088


It's the most cancer-free for the time being.

b762a9 No.31128


Keep in mind for a priest at least that a shadow wand with less dps might actually end up doing mo damage in the long run thanks to shadow vulnerability.

File: 5b6299e0f280be6⋯.png (171.82 KB, 331x327, 331:327, thrax.png)

a94c4e No.26508[Reply]

Post favourite generals.

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Post last edited at

a94c4e No.30748


I'm not sure Generals even allows spectators for streaming it.

ab660e No.30756


it does have observers

several streams of it already happened

a94c4e No.30828


Oh ok.

54158f No.30928


Dibs on Dr Thrax.

a94c4e No.31124


Memes aside he's pretty crap for PvP.

File: 4ed6e31abe04883⋯.jpg (398.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180224230532_1.jpg)

File: 0106e4121256c94⋯.jpg (832.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180210013101_1.jpg)

File: 835c4337b1b3ad2⋯.jpg (772.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180210210623_1.jpg)

File: f78c1231e72f820⋯.jpg (446.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180224194244_1.jpg)

8e4311 No.27276[Reply]

We have our own server edition

Server name: Ouroboros Division Official Server


Server version: 180143869

Required game version: 1.80.0

Map: Bornholm

Mission: [SP/CO50] A3 - Antistasi Bornholm (Blue)

Password: weltschmerz

32 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c136be No.29299

File: f5af72a5c8a7477⋯.jpeg (41.5 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 6-4aQ-Qp.jpeg)



d54016 No.29609


He meant with anons and there still are enough players to populate 2/3 full serbs during the evening eurotime afternoon burger time. Then it's just HOG cancer during burgernight and usually russian picks up at some point during the yuroday. So yeah, slowly dying, not dead.


>got board of it

Happens to us all, it's a cycle, a cycle of abuse.

8d43f2 No.29612


>He meant with anons and there still are enough players to populate 2/3 full serbs during the evening eurotime afternoon burger time.

Oh right.

>Then it's just HOG cancer during burgernight and usually russian picks up at some point during the yuroday. So yeah, slowly dying, not dead.

HOG are fucking terrible, a great example of how to kill your community with a single major clan.

fa5eef No.30944

File: 26f29ce01dbe3b0⋯.gif (760.97 KB, 427x240, 427:240, animu_looking_at_rain_thro….gif)

Do you fags still play? I recently fixed my PC and wanna play some arma with snek and other anons.

8d43f2 No.31123


Doesn't it mostly happen on the weekends?

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