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File: f07b4a5457141e5⋯.jpg (14.68 KB, 220x218, 110:109, Final_Fantasy_VII_Box_Art.jpg)

File: 390715c00e4e2f7⋯.jpg (110.84 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 9_babel14.jpg)

File: 72158b04ddce401⋯.jpg (325.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1484166250-2506073389.jpg)

File: 85dc54d83092719⋯.jpg (150.46 KB, 980x420, 7:3, lost-odyssey-header.jpg)

baeabc  No.111533

Alright you nerds, time its to talk about your favorite jrpgs. Thats not to say you shouldn't make your own thread about a game, you should.

>What's your favorite series?

>what series dont you like?

>what are you playing now?

>what are you looking at next?

I'm playing .hack quarantine right now but the virus core grind is getting to me. I hear the next part in the series improves the gameplay so I just want to get it over with. Its just shitty padding at this point because I breeze the story dungeons.

Oh and I'm playing parasite eve which I thought was going to be a survival horror but is like this weird ass action rpg hybrid.

I might switch over to some oldest PlayStation titles next, I downloaded a bunch before the ROM sites got gassed.

3b7b57  No.111538

I recently got all the shit together to switch from ePSXe to mednafen. I was having trouble with the FF feature, but now that I have it once again, my backlog is: Suikoden 1/2 and Vagrant Story. I've also got Cosmic Star Heroine installed, but unsure what I want to start first. I was going to go back and play Grandia, but I feel like the HD version will drop right when I get to it and then I'll need to restart the whole thing again.

1a72a6  No.111541


Don't play Suikoden 1 without an FAQ. I don't know about 2 but 1 has missable characters and you only get the best ending if you get them all.

49d77d  No.111546

I am not so sure I like any of them to be honest. I feel a lot of them are painfully generic and repetitive, with you typically knowing what to expect in gameplay and plot in most cases.

Granted I think I've only played terrible JRPG's but that's my honest opinion of them.

3b7b57  No.111580


My feelings on good JRPGs - they are like adventure games with a combat system. I never expect them to have award winning stories, but somewhat decent plots to move things along. I mostly fell in love with the art style of FF IV way back when.


I appreciate the heads up!

b3d289  No.111587

File: 69479a842641bb5⋯.jpg (310.51 KB, 600x750, 4:5, dc583c00deb02cad25ca76a0dd….jpg)

File: f2c37703578c8e6⋯.jpg (157.25 KB, 1000x789, 1000:789, 4a469711e5f2b77a9364a6c5d1….jpg)


>What's your favorite series?

Wild Arms and Tales, with Shadow Hearts and .hack as close runners up. But I'll admit my experiences overall are still fairly limited with other series and such, but I'm usually open to at least trying them out, whenever I might get to them anyhow. My backlog is huge in general, and not just for JRPGs either.

>what series don't you like?

Final Fantasy. Not because I find them bad (at least the earlier ones), but because I can't really find the drive to stick with the ones I've tried for real long. It's hard to explain, but the best I can put to words is maybe that in trying for wide appeal, they lose me. I don't want that to sound like hipster bullshit, but give me something with either a less than standard setting/premise, or at least a neat mechanical factor to consider (Tales for instance having a real time combat system I find quite enjoyable, the additional optional character interactions of skits, and multiplayer co-op for most console entries, being that a friend of mine has also liked the series), and it generally holds my attention a lot better.

>what are you playing now?

Been taking a bit of a break lately, mostly because it takes me a while to settle on what to play next in general anyhow, combined with the fact that if I start a series, I tend to binge on it until I'm out of worthy titles, making for something of a time investment if doing so for those.

>what are you looking at next?

Thinking of going back to Breath of Fire III. Really liked what I got through of it in the past, but I'll admit the fishing mechanic and it having a minor plot requirement tripped me up last time. Or maybe start Legend of Legaia or .hack//LINK.

>I'm playing .hack quarantine right now but the virus core grind is getting to me.

Quarantine I honestly didn't have to grind much for on that end, but I will say if you're playing blind, you might want to break that temporarily and look up a good string of keywords for the cores you need. Beyond that, if it's the Data Break factor that's aggravating, change up what methods you're using. Damage dealt in fast incremental chunks by certain allies' spells can be enough to offset the kill factor and give you the chance to cast Data Drain. Part of why I always kept a vortex type spell on Mistral, Elk, and Wiseman.

>I hear the next part in the series improves the gameplay so I just want to get it over with.

Skill Trigger and Trigger Switching (which admittedly only works out since Adept Rogues are a multiclass hybrid and use more than one weapon type) are indeed much better than the stop and start with IMOQ that leaves them almost a hybrid real time/turn based system because of how frequently you have to dig in the menus. Not exactly as indepth as Tales arte mapping and combo focus, but still. And Data Seeds are much better than Virus Cores (being guaranteed items), but each volume tends to have at least one case of padding where you're going into a specific breather dungeon specifically for the last core you need. Virus Cores are still present in Redemption, but are instead used to power up a subset of high end weapons ("Lost Weapons").

The change in general tone might also take a little getting used to, where R:1 had a comfy, cheery vibe to the "playerbase", while R:2 has a sense of edge. But R:2 is also shockingly on-point to modern internet trends it's almost scarily prescient, being a subseries made in 2006/7 yet set in 2017 (but to be fair I've heard it was current for Japanese internet trends at the time of currency).

>Parasite Eve

That's part of the fairly limited horror/RPG niche, which also includes Sweet Home, Laplace's Demon, and Koudelka. Maybe The Nameless Game series ("Nanashi no Game") as well, but I haven't looked more into them. If not, the style kind of fell out of favor past fifth gen, with even Koudelka's sequels switching from being gothic horror with RPG and lite tactical elements to JRPGs with horror setting/designs.


As a reminder, Grandia PS1 recently got an undub patch released, and surprisingly as a standalone patch file at that (being most undubs you have to find prepatched).


Out of curiosity, if you don't like any of them from your experiences, why did you open the thread to begin with? I mean, I certainly notice that JRPG threads tend to attract signalling against their existence, but still. Are you subtly looking for ideas of ones that might be more appealing to you?

806fec  No.111590

We need a JRPG cancerous tier chart.

b3d289  No.111595


Not so much a tier one, but cuck/vg/'s /jrpgg/ made a recommendation one many years back. While it admittedly also had a link to a (last I checked, unmaintained) google document with more games and more in depth information than was given on the image, for whatever reason it was kept limited to 45 games, and it was notably missing some really worthwhile stuff that had long been out. Not just as standalone games either, but even entire series that had at least one worthwhile entry not being given a single rep (meanwhile Final Fantasy, for better or worse, took up a fifth of the fucking thing). And from what I recall, by about 2012 or so, people in the threads were also shitting on it for including the likes of Golden Sun (which had "bait" status in the threads at the time and of which the only expression of enjoyment really allowed was under "guilty pleasure"). Or at least, that's how I recall it being.

b3d289  No.111602


Might also add that I'm not advocating people still use the old one if it's floating around her, more that I'm not sure what they were thinking, keeping the roster so limited and not keeping the document or image up to date as far as I've known it to be.

c49c19  No.111624

File: 2932940494c7ad8⋯.png (29.4 KB, 1164x805, 1164:805, JRPG tiers by v.png)


Is this one cancerous enough?

1a72a6  No.111626

How about instead of a tier list make a chart based on systems and any recommendation needing a paragraph of description.

Would get huge but PDFs exist.

bc8e5e  No.111627


>weaboo shit

>not every jrpg

3b7b57  No.111631


BoF and VP need moved to the 'weeaboo shit' category

542de8  No.111640

File: 628fe961b8c6ff2⋯.jpg (64.09 KB, 640x480, 4:3, skies-of-arcadia.jpg)


>Godawful chart ✔

So where would Skies of Arcadia fit?

3b7b57  No.111645


it had better be under the grate category. that's another one I forgot is on my backlog to replay

5d45b0  No.111652

"JRPG" is not a genre, but I'm a fan of Dragon Quest III.

c49c19  No.111680

File: 3a4249321ab48c5⋯.png (52.04 KB, 1164x805, 1164:805, JRPG tiers by v.png)





Anything else?

651771  No.111685


From my point of view all of those games are shit. So why don't you just shift everything down at least two grades, then it will more accurately represent all of us here on /v/, which is for sure where we are.

3b7b57  No.111688

File: 3d8c8ffe4d7db12⋯.jpg (45.57 KB, 500x315, 100:63, 8aba533a8d1677274dbe3b0eb2.jpg)


>all of us here on /v/, which is for sure where we are.

check the URL again faggot


retard has a point, though. you want to change the header to /vg/ so gay niggers don't get so asshurt?

435fa7  No.111696


>Dragon's Dogma


c49c19  No.111702

File: db8ddc9e79830aa⋯.png (53.41 KB, 1164x805, 1164:805, JRPG tiers by vg.png)




>Dragon's Dogma


I will put these on pleb and will change it after x number of complaints.

3cffee  No.111703


>"JRPG" is not a genre

sure it is

its what dragon quest is

anything thats kinda like dragon quest = JRPG or its trying to be one


3cffee  No.111707

File: e8c761aee299c68⋯.jpg (19.51 KB, 471x454, 471:454, mfw.jpg)


>putting all of final fantasy as entry-level

its an insult to 9 is what it is

83cce6  No.111710



I hope there is some JRPG series I don't know of that is called Souls and you're not talking about Demon/Dark Souls. Mind you with a shit bait list like that I wouldn't be surprised if you were serious.

3cffee  No.111711


i mean it looks like its from cuck/v/ from like 3 or 4 years ago so it makes sense tbh

030501  No.111715


This. Both DQ and FF are actively moving away from what retards call "defining characteristics" of a JRPG.

>muh turn-base battle

Wasteland, Fallout, and Bard's Tale are classic JRPGs then.

3b7b57  No.111717


please learn what JRPG stands for before posting again

5d45b0  No.111722


Enlighten us.

c3d99c  No.111744

Final Fantasy 1 is the best jrpg. Fight me nerdz.

64a48c  No.111747


I laughed harder than I should at that image. Only thing that would have been better if you crossed out /v/ with crayon and written /vg/

1ff20e  No.111767



fb1fe5  No.111779

Reminder to play the Wizard of Oz JRPG on the DS.

cf5d02  No.111789



>Wizard of oz jrpg.


784ef0  No.111790


Play the SaGa series, they're made by the same guy and an improvement in every way

3b7b57  No.111795


any thoughts on the DS remakes of SaGa 2 and 3? I had kind of forgotten about them.

52f37d  No.111946


Surprised SEGAY hasn't remastered that yet.

6c3cd0  No.111955


Me too. They could go ham with it and it would print money. Maybe it has to do with nintendo

e784a5  No.111957


Sega has always been botching their "remasters" and remakes. I doubt Skies of Arcadia is going to be the exception.

bdac1e  No.112537


It's kind of impressive actually how badly SEGA consistently fucks up their own games but seems to do well when publishing other people's games.

db4147  No.112560


The Xeno franchise is all over the place. I'd put Xenoblade 1, X, and Gears in great with Blade 2 in weeaboo shit or entry level tier, and Xenosaga in "good".

Kinda unrelated to the list but I'd also highly recommend The Alliance Alive, and Legend of Legacy, they're not the greatest thing ever but goddamn did they scratch an itch I didn't know I had until I played them. Some of the best 3DS JRPGs right there.

Then there's other games I don't know where to place like Opoona which I wouldn't call great or good but it's also not bad or mediocre either. It's like, if you took the dialogue and atmosphere of the Mother franchise, stuck it to a silly and absurd but absolutely beautifully designed scifi setting and then proceeded to make the entire game about applying for jobs, obtaining qualifications for jobs, and doing menial jobs, and I don't mean like FF jobs, I mean like fucking "Fast food worker in a space mall" or "Resort attendant" or "Miner". The game is weird as fuck but pretty enjoyable, a LOT of very blatant flaws but definitely playable.

The Last Story I'd stick in Pleb tier, it's good, but the game railroads you like a motherfucker. Pandora's Tower is another weird one where the gameplay is good, the game is good, but it's missing that something that makes it really excel so I'd put it in "Good".

Are you including Dungeon Crawlers like Shiren or Etrian Odyssey in the list?

4b663d  No.112602


>Are you including Dungeon Crawlers like Shiren or Etrian Odyssey in the list?

Not really.

I only made that list, because I was bored as fuck.

Also I would need just redo that list entirely, so it wouldn't look like complete shit and it could take me few days before I could show it again at all.

187ffd  No.112990

Should I play Final Fantasy Type 0? I hear a while back that it was actually good, just overshadowed by FFXV.

8374ef  No.112999


>Should I play Final Fantasy Type 0?

Yes. Just prepare for story without any good ending and boss fights which are on fuck you tier even on low difficulty.

>I hear a while back that it was actually good, just overshadowed by FFXV.

FFXV only had ridiculous amount of money spent on marketing and other shit that doesn't matter too much in video games.

187ffd  No.113002


So I should play on easy? How shit is the gameplay? I like to up the difficulty if the gameplay's actually good, but if it just means more grind, than I'd rather stick to easy.

b3d289  No.113004


If you do, go for the PSP original with the English fan-translation patch. Official English script in the "HD" version is tumblr trash, and to my knowledge there's added motion blur which I've seen some anons say made them feel sick when playing.

5e9a76  No.113008

>What's your favorite series?

Always liked Falcom's games (More on the Ys side than Trails, but I enjoy them all the same), along with theTales games. I can enjoy any JRPG that has fun gameplay and interesting sidequests. A good story is a bonus.

>what series dont you like?

Square Enix's games (at least from the FFVII era onward). I can enjoy their earlier games and ones they only published (as better devs worked on said published games), but I keep asking myself what I saw in those games back then. Also any game/series that relies more on storytelling and cinematic scenes (when said story isn't all that good) more than having good gameplay and sidequests/activities to do (something that Falcom's games thankfully avoids for the most part).

>what are you playing now?

Actually going to be doing a purge run of my backlog, so I'll be trying the ones I've gotten over the years. Last one I've played was Bravely Default (which I ended up stopping after a certain point (when I learned I had to go through everything I've just done not twice, but 4 more times before I fight the final boss(es)). The game was already starting to feel like a chore to play prior to this with how slow the progression was and how it forced it on you in order to not die almost instantly to each boss, but to have you go through the same shit again, and not give you EXP for defeating the job bosses again and just give you job points, was practically the final nail in the coffin for me. I expect some grinding and long hours in JRPGs, but not at the level that game had you go through. That being said, I did enjoy the job system and music of the game.

>what are you looking at next?

Whichever I hit during my backlog purge run.

b3d289  No.113030


>purge run

I can understand wanting to pare it down some, but it's usually better to give games the amount of time they deserve, at least if you're liking them, than rush through them just to move on to the next to rush through it in turn. Just saying, if that's what you mean.

3d9d05  No.113051


>So I should play on easy?

Play on normal, because you will miss out a lot of content including NG+ if you play on easy.

>How shit is the gameplay?

<Action RPG.

<You will be forced to depend on breaksights and killsights against stronger enemies.

<Some characters are too annoying/clunky/gimmicky to actually use yourself.

<Enemies variance isn't that big, with few palette swaps. Mainly for monsters.

<Be careful, if enemy has much higher levels than you. These can instant kill you by one hit.

>I like to up the difficulty if the gameplay's actually good, but if it just means more grind, than I'd rather stick to easy.

Grind isn't that bad until chapter 6 or so on first NG run.

d44150  No.113109



Alright, I'm gonna give it a shot on normal. Thanks for the info anons.

13351b  No.113206


By all means I do intend to give each game their fair share of time. Probably should have been more specific; The first round is giving a fair amount of time for each game I have (depending on the game/genre), and determine which ones I won't bother playing. The next round is giving the ones I still intend to play a week or so (depending on my schedule) and thin the ranks from there if it comes down to it. Afterwards, I go and beat the remaining games and determine which ones I think are only good for one playthrough, and ones I intend to keep and replay again. More than likely, I expect to keep more of the retro/classic games, and the ones that don't take long to beat, but are fun to play over and over (also Falcom's games since they make some of my favorite games). Won't really know until I get through it.

Sage for off-topic

bb8e28  No.113366

File: db5246c1b0c043a⋯.png (13.22 KB, 671x122, 11:2, e2105c6d9541f05cabcfc1606e….png)


Not necessarily on topic, but figured it should be shared here. Fucking hell.

db4147  No.113380



NISA's new strategy seems to be just stealing IPs other translators establish, put effort into so their fanbase, and love the shit out of, and then turn around, steal it to make a profit.

259e05  No.113399



They're coming in swinging with these fuck ups.

0b8813  No.113405



What did we tell you. Our enemy always wins.

d36a05  No.113407

File: 962a3835d2d2ce5⋯.png (177.3 KB, 744x630, 124:105, mr niggerpill.png)


Very very natural post

5ba33b  No.113692

I recently beat Panzer Dragoon Saga Azel RPG.

It was genuinely really great. I'm not super into RPGs, but I was impressed.

73ed48  No.113867

So Nintendjew is up with some Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD remasters coming your way.


e425a2  No.117441

Have there been any good one recently? Now that I think about it I haven't really played anything recent.

83cce6  No.117445


That's funny, I just beat it too. Awesome game with really good writing, sort of a JRPG lite but just a fantastic game. More people should play it.

a0f23c  No.117498

File: 7ca4faf34492c50⋯.jpg (204.71 KB, 640x443, 640:443, Super Mario RPG cover.jpg)


Mario RPGs may be entry-level but they're pretty good. Especially the first one.

31f590  No.117500


>What's your favorite series?

Growlanser. Granted, I've only played Sense of Justice, Dual Darkness, and Wayfarer of Time, but each one of those is head and shoulders above almost anything else in the genre. Especially Wayfarer of Time. I don't know what more you could ask for from a JRPG that that game doesn't have.

>what series dont you like?

Shin Megami Tensei for the most part. I don't like the demon fusing mechanic. That's probably why SMT1 was the only game in the series I could into; you can just give all the characters machine guns and cheese your way through the game.

>what are you playing now?

I was replaying Chrono Trigger with the Platinum romhack that's supposed to make the game harder, but it's obvious that the guy who made it never play tested it and just increased all of the numbers. As a result enemies give out so much xp that the characers level up 3 of 4 times after each battle which in turn undermines the whole purpose of the hack in the first place.

>what are you looking at next?

Not really sure. Do you guys have any suggestions?

b3d289  No.117653


Depends. What sort of preferences do you have, at least for gameplay anyhow, and what have you already played/liked already in general.



Did you two emulate, or use a modded Saturn/burned discs (however pirating them for use with the actual system works; not all that familiar with the Saturn)?

c18225  No.117667


>Did you two emulate

I'd like to know this too, from everything I've read on Saturn emulation it seems that Panzer Dragoon Saga is one of the games that you couldn't hope to emulate properly

5d45b0  No.117688


First one is still the best one. I've always hated how they reduced the active party size in the others.

83cce6  No.117700



>Did you two emulate

I played on original hardware modified to run games off an ODE from flash memory. Check out the Rhea/Pheobe. Emulation is for faggots to be honest.

83cce6  No.117701



695c2f  No.117719


It has worked in SSF for a very long time

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