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File: 95fcb111cecfcc4⋯.jpg (534.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, diablo.jpg)

File: 956929b1d6e8c01⋯.jpg (558.74 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Necromancer_2560X1440.jpg)

File: d1328df2e385b56⋯.jpg (48.29 KB, 467x399, 467:399, black scum.jpg)

b6e7c3  No.112682

Fresh Meat Edition

This thread is for the discussion of autistic loot grinding games. If you enjoy spending 1200 hours of your life for a +1% resistence bonus on that pair of boots you found this is the thread for you.

What type of character do you prefer to play?

Tell us what your favorite class is and why it's the Necromancer

What systems do you think are most overlooked in this genre?

What music helps you build that bloodclot while grinding?

Theorycraft and tell everyone about your shitty build idea.

Tell everyone why you aren't playing hardcore so true gentlemen can laugh at you and dismissively tip their fedoras at you.

b6e7c3  No.112683


>Diablo (1996)

An Isometric ARPG by Blizzard North. Three classes (four with the Hellfire Expansion) These include: Warrior, Rogue, Sorcerer, and Monk. The story is simple. Big bad demon has fucked shit up in Sanctuary and it's your job to eradicate this threat. You discover lore and bits of the story as you progress and explore each level you descend into the depths of the Cathedral. Not much focus on builds. Most progress is determined by which legendary item you choose to use and what spells you choose. If you haven't beaten Diablo, do yourself a favor and do it. Has multiplayer, but it's in no way designed with multiplayer in mind. Overhaul mods can enhance the multiplayer experience.

>Diablo II (2000)

Considered the magnum opus of Isometric ARPGs by many and is definitely still the most popular. Almost a completely different game from it's predecessor with many new features added, such as skill trees, socketable items, crafting, and stamina. The game has five classes to choose from (7 with the Lord of Destruction expansion). These include the Barbarian, Amazon, Necromancer, Sorceress, Paladin, Druid, and Assassin. Multiplayer is much more refined and is still active to this day - not only on offical servers, but multiple private servers as well.

>Torchlight (2009) & Torchlight 2 (2012)

Two ARPGs by Runic Games (Founded by some guys from Blizzard North) that stay true to Diablo design. Torchlight is designed to be more like Diablo 1 in terms of levels where you advance downward through floors and have a main hub city where your vendors stay. It has 3 classes: Alchemist, Vanquisher, and Destroyer. Torchlight 2 is designed more like Diablo 2 and adds loads of features compared to it's previous entry. It features 4 classes. Those being the Embermage, Outlander, Engineer, and Berserker. Torchlight 1 does not have multiplayer, but 2 does. Both games are moddable, but TL2 has the most attention in terms of mods, but unfortunately most are only available on (((steam workshop))). Don't let the art style fool you, these are great ARPGs through and through.

>Grim Dawn (2016)

It's a miracle this game was made. Starting as a kickstarter project where 2 guys ask for just over a quater of a million dollars to make a game, they raised double that, and instead of taking the money and running the madmen hired competent developers (Including a guy from Blizzard North) and made their game. It was on (((steam early access))) for a while, but was released DRM free on GoG as well. Two expansions later the game is only getting better and a third expansion is on the way. The game has many classes and is heavily focused on mixing these classes. You have Soldier, Demolitionist, Occultist, Nightblade, Arcanist, and Shaman to choose from in the base game. Inquisitor and Necromancer are included if you are using the Ashes of Malmouth expansion. Oathkeeper is being added in the Forgotten Gods expansion coming within a couple of months. After reaching level 10 you select a second class from this list as your subclass, but you are not forced to spec into it if you don't want to. The game also features a faction system, and has some very light "consequence" decisions which ultimately are based on what kind of equipment you need your vendors to craft for your build. Multiplayer is just sort of tacked on, but it works. Unfortunately there is no direct IP you have to be a good goy or use virtual LAN. Instance based looting in multiplayer can also be broken by bad lag, so use free for all looting.

>Path of Exile (2013)

A highly ambiitous free to play game developed by fat Kiwis that is absolutely loaded with neat features. Character development is fairly unique due to how the passive skill tree and skill system is designed. Your class decision (Shadow, Scion, Duelist, Marauder, Templar, Witch, and Ranger) is mainly decided based on what subclass you want from mid game, and most importantly, where you want to start on the passive skill tree. Your build in terms of spells are given to you in the form of gems that are socketed to your gear and can be linked to support gems that add effects to these skills. This adds loads of build diversity, but unfortunately means RNG can make or break your build if you want to use a certain piece. To circumvent this there are many currency items that are actually all used for item alterations so that you can turn any piece of gear into something you need. The game is unfortunately always online, and is now partially owned by (((Tencent))). I would say it's worth checking out if it wasn't for the Yellow jew, but despite what anyone tells you the only time you would ever "need" to buy anything is if you reach mapping and start hoarding gear for other characters because stash expansion is a microtransaction.

b6e7c3  No.112684

Other Games maybe worth checking out

>Titan Quest (2006)

>The Adventures of Van Helsing (2013)

>Divine Divinity (2002)

Diablo Immortal need not apply I don't have a phone

e6d3f7  No.112690

Fine dandy list you got there.

b6e7c3  No.112694

File: 78d70aaf6bf1f94⋯.png (4.42 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2019-01-02382.png)

File: 4e4aa022582d7b3⋯.png (4.57 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2019-01-20288.png)

File: e9fb206174a3e6a⋯.png (5.24 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2019-01-85311.png)


Thanks, I tried to avoid the many other games in the genre that are mainly just console ports, and don't actually have the end game loot grind.

I guess I'll start off the thread by blogging about my character in Grim Dawn. I just recently started playing thanks to a friend. Made a hardcore Necromancer+Soldier= Death Knight. I decided to focus mainly on being a tank and buffing the hell out of my skeletons. Summons seem to die pretty easily the more you progress, but I'll see how they turn out when I give them more health/ resistance bonuses through the devotion skills. Specifically the "Tree of Life" devotion. Just reached Elite Difficulty, not much has been a threat, but that will probably change soon. The ashes expansion content is actually harder than going on to the next difficulty. I admire how they designed this because being forced to do expansion content to progress to the next difficulty was something I didn't like in Diablo 2.

10b483  No.112705


>Grim Dawn

>2 autists have the perfect kekstarter scam but decide to release a game instead


b6e7c3  No.112766


Unheard of, I know. It stayed in early access for quite a long time, so I was skeptical and stopped following it. I can confidently say it is becoming one of my favorite games.

f86320  No.112773

Grim Dawn is great, I'm really excited for the new expansion Forgotten Gods coming 'Q1' this year. So most likely in a few months. Taking a break right now to get ready for it.

Not sure what class combination to play with the new Oathkeeper yet but leaning towards soldier and making a retaliation/tank build. Oathkeeper is melee focused with some shield skills and mainly does physical and fire damage, so seems like a good match. They're also changing retaliation somehow, making it apply to your skills, so a retaliation build would be more fun to play than just letting mobs hit you.

They're also adding an item you can buy in the new expansion hub that lets you skip straight to the last difficulty alongside giving you all the extra devotion points, status points, skill points and bag space you'd have gotten from quests. You'll still start at level 1 and so do the enemies but they'll be much, much tougher but also grant a lot more experience so that you can probably get close to max level by the end of the game.


Death Knight is pretty good for tanking and using two-handed weapons since it has synergy from both but I'm not sure about also using minions. You need to focus your itemization and devotion on either yourself or minions for the best effect.

If you want to go all out on minions it's best to combo necromancer, occultist or shaman. You'd be less tanky but get plenty of extra meatshields and passives alongside auras that buff all summons.

Also check out the following skills in necromancer:

>'Spectral Wrath' (upgrade from 'Spectral Binding' which reduces enemy physical resistance)

>'Mark of Torment' (% damage absorption, one of the best tanking skills vs strong enemies)

>'Reaping Strike' and 'Necrotic Edge' (passives that activate on attack, great to bump your cadence damage)

25a077  No.112794

Any of you played Deathspank?

b6e7c3  No.112799


Oathkeeper is going to bring a lot of melee skillsimilar to D2's barbarian. Whirlwind and leap slam being the most noticable. Definately going to be a fun class to messaorund with. I started an Arcanist+Necromancer the other day and tried out Spectral Wrath, and boy is that skill top tier. Might try out Mark of torment on my current tank. Thankfully I can eventually repec everything. I'm still learning some mechanics (I don't like looking up builds). I should look at the game guide to see exactly how retaliation and such works though because apparently it's pretty good.

450ab1  No.112801

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Median XL is still trucking along, new version this weekend.

999267  No.112802


It's fun but you can do absolutely everything in a single playthrough rather easily.

b6e7c3  No.112806


Damn that's a pretty huge update as well. Might try it again when it updates. Playing hardcore is also an absolute bitch, but I feel like it isn't balanced for not dying. Either that or I am just shit.

450ab1  No.112807

File: 16b93bf9d9bd944⋯.jpg (72.06 KB, 500x351, 500:351, 1438802321010.jpg)


HC in Median sounds like pure masochism, there's so much shit that can kill you in a heartbeat if you aren't 100% prepared. If you've done it you have my admiration, but damn.

b6e7c3  No.112808

File: 39fcbe41d9b2cb3⋯.jpg (76.65 KB, 689x961, 689:961, 011.jpg)


You're right. I usually died within 10 minutes easily. Considering they got rid of death penalties in the next update tells me HC is just not an option in Median XL.


Just put a point in reaping strike and Necrotic edge on my Death Knight and noticed a massive difference. Helps that i have +1 to all necro skills in my medal. Crafted "Juggernaut" as well for the +1 to all soldier skills.

450ab1  No.112809


It's an option if you've been playing for years and you know the game like the veins on your dick, but I can't imagine waltzing into Khalimgrad on HC, let alone Duncraig or the Kingdom of Shadow. Last time I played Median I died like three times on the Death Projector and that's just about the easiest uberlevel that exists.

03bcfe  No.112810


>I started an Arcanist+Necromancer

My nigger. That's the latest thing I played, made it based around the Aether Ray as it was just recently buffed with damage and faster turn rate, pretty fun.

>I should look at the game guide to see exactly how retaliation and such works though because apparently it's pretty good.

Currently it's simple as fuck, when an enemy hits you, they take your retaliation number in damage. Doesn't work on ranged units. I've heard good things about retaliation tanks myself but never played one because they seemed a bit dull, but like I said about them changing the system in the upcoming expansion, I'm curious to give it a go.

I believe Warder (shaman + soldier) is the best at it. Both offer some tankiness and healing alongside multiple +retaliation sources. Solider has Menhir's Bulwark and Counter Strike whilst shaman has Oak Skin and Emboldening Presence.

b6e7c3  No.112811


Aether ray looks like it would be super fun. currently I am using the missile spell and focusing on elemental damage. Do you know of any ways to massively stack aether damage because the devotion tree doesn't have much, but I'm assuming there are items to convert damage into aether damage. I imagine doing so would make spectral wraith and aether ray extremely powerful.

03bcfe  No.112819

File: d1cabbb65ec972e⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, spellbinder.png)

File: d7379aa2f0daa40⋯.jpg (639.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190115125133_1.jpg)

File: d1b8b565c9c9428⋯.jpg (610.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190115125142_1.jpg)

File: 4901e11a90f3a1f⋯.jpg (770.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190115120903_1.jpg)

File: b2d2743785a8445⋯.jpg (772.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190115121101_1.jpg)


>currently I am using the missile spell and focusing on elemental damage.

Yeah it's a solid spell as well. It has AoE capabilities unlike AAR and doesn't rape your energy bar. AAR on the other hand is amazing for single target DPS and you have other AoE skills like Devastation at your disposal.

>Do you know of any ways to massively stack aether damage because the devotion tree doesn't have much

I'll post a quick rundown of what I know and how my current build looks like, there are honestly a lot of options to choose from but some are too good to pass up on.

There's a search function in case you missed it. I thought the same but there's actually a fairly decent amount as it turns out.

>Spear of Heavens - Always get this, raw damage with good passive AoE proc when hit.

>Widow - Always get this, adds an AoE proc that reduces aether and lightning resistance by 35% as well as generally boosts your aether damage.

>Wraith - Some okay general aether damage.

>Imp - Also some okay damage, confusion proc can be nice.

Not Aether specific but really good

>Aeon's Hourglass - Amazing on Spellbinder as it reduces your cooldowns, makes you extremely tanky when combined with Necromancers 'Mark of Torment' and Arcanists 'Mirror of Ereoctes'. Also sweet to reduce 'Devastation' CD.

>Dying God - Supposedly one of the best DPS boosts available despite no synergy with your damage types.

>Manticore - No interaction with your damage type but the flat resistance reduction is sweet.

>Tree of Life - Really good sustain/survivability for both energy and health. Will let you use AAR earlier in the game without running out of energy while still having your potions on CD. Consider getting rid of it later when you have better sustain from gear.

Early on you'll just want to pick which devotions seem good on an individual basis but once you've unlocked all, or nearly all of them it's important to consider how much and what affinities they give so that you can effectively take the stronger outer-layer devotions.

>I'm assuming there are items to convert damage into aether damage

Yeah there are some and generally something you'd want to use. Personally I haven't found anything good for that yet but seen some people on the forum post such items.

One thing to note about AAR is that roughly half your damage is Aether and the other 50% is from lightning and fire, 25% each respectively. The 'Elemental Damage' stat increases lightning, fire and cold by 33% each so it's worse than getting either pure fire or pure lightning for the most part, since you wont take advantage of the cold.

Aether > Fire = Lightning > Elemental Damage > Everything else.

Like in all ARPG's, resistance reduction is king. Even the simple 'Viper' devotion which reduces enemy elemental resistance by 20% is a must have.

>Side notes

The Necromancer skill Ravenous Earth may seem very out of place for this build but it's one of the best skills at proccing devotion effects, put one point in it. Then the upgrade 'Decay' reduces the enemy damage by a whole 20% at 12/12 which makes it really good. I use the 'Manticore' devotion on it.

The Necromancer skill 'Siphon Souls' can be converted to aether damage with its sidegrade option. Haven't tested it myself yet but probably will.

The Riftstone gem is something you can socket in your melee weapons, it adds a rush/charge skill that can take you out of dangerous situations (charge ranged units) or adds nice mobility which Spellbinder lacks. Maybe not worth it for super minmaxing but I enjoy having it.

>My build

This is what I've got going at lvl 82, gear is far from optimal as I'm still levelling it but I've got some decent stuff.

+4 in Arcanist

+1 in all

+4 for AAR

+some minor boosts in less important Arcanist stuff.

03bcfe  No.112820


>The Necromancer skill 'Siphon Souls' can be converted to aether damage with its sidegrade option. Haven't tested it myself yet but probably will.

Oh wait, I do use it. Yeah it adds nice sustainability through the heal and the AoE nuke is good.

03bcfe  No.112821


One last thing I forgot, sadly you don't get much of a choice with what to do with your stat points, for any build you'll want to put 90-100% into physique for the health.

You'll generally get enough of the other stats from levelling up your classes. Though you get potions from some quests that can reset your stat allocation so if you feel like you need to dip a bit more into one other stat to wear gear at a lower level, it's not the end of the world.

bac90a  No.112822

You know I keep meaning to get into this genre of games but never do. What am I missing out on and what would be essentially be babies first ARPG?

b6e7c3  No.112824

File: b5cbcef0f169e63⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2019-01-15 07-16….png)

File: adef8259bc72636⋯.png (4.17 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2019-01-15 07-24….png)

File: 511cfe8b0ef3c38⋯.png (3.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2019-01-15 07-15….png)

File: 96288caba0d2a50⋯.png (3.79 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2019-01-15 07-15….png)


Solid tips, thanks. I'm currently workng on my death knight going for tree of life in the devotion tree. Sheperd's call seems extremely powerful especially in the crucible. I'm focusing health regen and raw damage reduction and using war cry to draw focus off of my minions. So far it's been working quite well, even though I haven't gotten a weapon upgrade in over 10 levels I'm still dishing out enough to hold my own if my minions get nuked and are on cool down. My gear isn't fantastic, but I've been fortunate to keep my resistances up and armor decent.


Well, that depends. Do you like to play old games or do you prefer to stick to newer games?

bac90a  No.112825


>Do you like to play old games or do you prefer to stick to newer games?

Either or I am not so fussed as long as it's fun

b6e7c3  No.112826


Honestly any of the ones from the list I posted below the OP would be the ones to play. Anything else and you delve into console port's and weird shit. If you can get it to run on your system I would recommend playing the first Diablo if you want mainly story and atmosphere. The combat isn't a smooth as it's sequel, but it holds up to todays standards in terms of responsiveness, imo. It's a short game with no grind end game like the others on the list. If you want to delve straight into one with more features and mechanics then I'd say Diablo 2 or Torchlight 2 would be good.

bac90a  No.112827


Thanks anon, I'll pick one either Diablo 2 or Torchlight and come to the thread and sperg later if I don't like it

b6e7c3  No.112833

File: 51c3c88ec3d6ca3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.02 KB, 738x1000, 369:500, cscsac.jpg)

File: 5bc173d5589af01⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 240.23 KB, 762x900, 127:150, 0011.jpg)


But if you don't like them then who will comfort the barbarians?

f8ee43  No.112836

File: d973af3205ad63f⋯.png (6.62 KB, 174x183, 58:61, ClipboardImage.png)


The Buttbarians?

ded432  No.112837


(phoneposting now)

Consider the 'Tortoise' devotion, it may look weak at first but consider that it shows level 1and will get better.

Also put at least a casual point in 'Markovian's Advantage' and 'Zolhan's Technique', great value points.

Lastly socket your weapon with something, those 'gems' tend to be the best for increasing damage. You can always recover either the weapon or the socketed item later.

Your rings and amulet are also empty.

b6e7c3  No.112838


>Your rings and amulet are also empty

oops. I augmented them and forgot to socket them.

92f917  No.112843


Wouldn't it be more appropriate to call these "tedious real-time clickfests

(TRTCs)"? The "action" aspect is usually garbage.

ccaaf0  No.112844


>What am I missing out on

A massive waste of time

None of these games have satisfying gameplay or mechanics, its all about number chasing and gook clicking.

b6e7c3  No.112846

File: fe699bb1119ed15⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 5.08 MB, 576x432, 4:3, Marvin.webm)



I was wondering when you would show up.

0b3d51  No.112851

Would Dawn of War II technically be classed as an ARPG considering the campaign is about controlling small squads of heroes with abilities rather than really being a tactics game?

b6e7c3  No.112862


Is Dawn of War II anything like Diablo?

d60c63  No.112863



92f917  No.112873


I just don't think it's very fair to lump TRTCs in the same category as action RPGs like Phantasy Star Online, the Tales of series, etc.

13e4dd  No.112876

File: 4f2696809990629⋯.jpg (47.98 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 4f26968099906297e0bc565ae5….jpg)

>burnt out on Diablo 2 and PoE

>keep hearing about Grim Dawn

>this thread finally convinces me to go search it on GoG


>+$6 DLC

>+$8 DLC

>+$25 expac

Another season of Path of Chinks and Lag Spikes it is.

b6e7c3  No.112878

File: 70f096108ae6bc5⋯.jpg (41.67 KB, 550x366, 275:183, 38af391ba3c7b17b9f6423a315….jpg)


Damn, if only there was another way to obtain it.

969112  No.112895



>action rpg



Speaking of sailing the 7 seas we might actually see Diablo 3 emulated on a console emulator before it gets cracked for PC

2f5cab  No.112908


Offering Gaben a creme filled doughnut?


>Dawn of War II


good one.

ef1add  No.112926

I know people like to make games based on Diablo 2 like literally all of them, but where the fuck are games based on Diablo 1? 1>2

6f3468  No.112927

b6e7c3  No.113009

File: d889bcf13d789ec⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Torchlight 1.png)

File: 1c4a3b8f91373c7⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Torchlight.png)


Pics related


I think there was an emulated server long ago, but the game isn't worth it any how.

bfd191  No.113010

Drox Operative is about as close to Diablo in space as it gets.

fa39a8  No.113016

File: d9c5fdcc0345313⋯.jpg (420.99 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20190115202924_1.jpg)

File: f796527b841f0d6⋯.jpg (396.64 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot151.jpg)


It actually was never the grind that appealed to me in these games. I liked playing different character builds.

I generally stop playing a character after it's beaten Baal on Hell difficulty and aim for "cost efficiency" in equipment in a playthrough.

51c0e8  No.113025


Ive always enjoyed seeing how far i can push a character. I feel like its only a grind to people that dont like the genre in the first place, but they dont usually reach that point any ways. Getting a better piece of gear that allows you to push more limits is pretty satisfying. Then after pushing too far or getting cocky you lose a character and start again at the drawing board. Either that or you survive with a tight asshole.

fa39a8  No.113026


>Ive always enjoyed seeing how far i can push a character.

I figured this could be determined without actually playing the game i.e best equipment in the game and idealized stats. Though if you have something like "chance on hit to cast Static Field" that changes thought process from pure damage calculation.

Granted, when you already beat the final boss in single player there's not much point to push limits since the game doesn't infinitely scale.

51c0e8  No.113027


End game content like maps, ubers, the crucible, and things of that nature usually add a higher challenge than the final story bosses. I havent pkayed through the ashes of malmouth expansion in Grim Dawn yet but Ive heard he is pretty tough. Its the combos of elite mobs that usually end up beimg character killers. Or mis posistioning.

fa39a8  No.113031


>End game content like maps, ubers, the crucible, and things of that nature usually add a higher challenge than the final story bosses.

I only play Diablo II and Torchlight II. The Mapworks in TL2 is nothing really to write home about in terms of challenge.

Ubers in Diablo II is a b.net only thing. Some hacks will enable that stuff for single player, but ultimately I'm not that interested in the supplementary content.

feb7c2  No.113037

Been playing Titan Quest again, using a classic Hunting/Defense build. My second character I haven't decided yet but so far it's a Runes character who uses throwing.

22b614  No.113043


Was playing TQ a few weeks ago, had a lot of fun with a dual-wielding axe throwing runemaster + storm. A lot of skills to use on a relative short CD unlike many of the other TQ classes it seems.

Thought a bit squishy, not sure if I built a bit wrong or if that's just the nature of storm.

b6e7c3  No.113137



Is the pacing usually really slow in the beginning? This is the main thing that made me stop playing TQ. The beginning just seemed to drag on forever, but it could have been me not speccing well, or having crap gear.

0edaa4  No.113197

File: 076dcafaa68936d⋯.jpg (268.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2019-01-16 22-54….jpg)

File: ea3b20b267d6fec⋯.jpg (262.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2019-01-16 22-54….jpg)

File: 5ddb5038cda5c7f⋯.jpg (279.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2019-01-16 22-54….jpg)

File: 2a3113d5d1583d2⋯.jpg (288.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2019-01-16 22-55….jpg)

File: be0895bb1c5d90f⋯.jpg (289.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2019-01-16 22-55….jpg)

Managed to beat Ashes of Malmouth as Occultist+Necro going full on summoner a couple of days ago

I am squishy as fuck, but having so many skeletons that the enemy cannot physically get past them because they clog up the narrow pathways is an amusing sight, though any stronger monster that has some sort of aura or longer lasting aoe just melts my shit

Tried another character going for Nightblade+Necro dual melee build, but its not synergizing as well as I had hoped yet

b6e7c3  No.113217


I'm considering trying out a nightblade+arcanist doing a cold based build, but vitality+bleeding mixed with some life to damage sounds fun as well.

6dc29e  No.113220


>I'm considering trying out a nightblade+arcanist doing a cold based build

Melee focused or spell focused? I can see the former working okay as Arcanist has a decent amount of defensive support skills which is something Nightblade lacks (Mirror and Maiven's Sphere).

But honestly I'd suggest going with a different support class if you want to play melee Nightblade, take note that Nightblade doesn't have a default attack replacer. Neither does Arcanist.

If you're looking to play a caster I feel like Nightblade is a poor choice to support Arcanist with, I'd probably suggest going Mage Hunter (Arcanist + Inquisitor), Rune of Hagarrad is amazing dps, you get elemental resistance reduction from Aura of Censur, defence from Word of Renewal and Inquisitor Seal and Deadly Aim is just a good damage passive.

Avoid the Arcanist spell Olexra's Flash Freeze like the plague, it only does damage if the enemy doesn't resist it and bosses and many other strong enemies will have insanely high resist chance.

6dc29e  No.113221



Oh and if you did mean melee Nightblade, I'd suggest either Shaman or Soldier. The latter might be a bit more fun, Soldier's skills are a bit too basic and not very flashy or interesting (though it's a great class).

22b614  No.113222



New ID. I forgot but another tip since you mentioned feeling squishy and I see your super high spirit, put everything into physique regardless of your build.

The reason for this is that health is harder to obtain than damage and the dps boost from cunning and spirit is negligible compared to what you'll get from various percentage based damage increases, attack/cast speed, skill point boosts or weapon damage.

You'll get enough attribute points from your class masteries to equip whatever gear you want to use (but feel free to spend maybe 10% or at the very most 20% on some other attribute while levelling if you really need it for gear), there are also socketable items that can help you attain high enough attributes and some gear may have it as well. Later in the game as you've probably found out you can get attribute reset potions meaning it's not okay to diverge a bit from pumping physique whilst levelling if you really want to.

Then there's also the fact that very few endgame items (lvl 94 epics) require 1k in any attribute. (The following is based solely on lvl 94 epics). As you can see anything above 724 spirit is not needed.

<Weapons - Sceptres and daggers are caster focused and provide poor weapon attack damage.

>Two-handed melee weapons - Pure physique, 627

>Shields - Pure physique, 777

>Caster off-hands - Pure spirit, 724

>Ranged weapons - Pure cunning, 511 (1H) or 552 (2H)

>One-handed swords, axes and maces - Pure Cunning, 552

>Sceptres - Split 50/50 spirit/physique, 495/495

>Daggers - Split ~55/45 spirit/cunning, 495/396

<Armor - 2 different pure requirements means that the lower value is light which grants less 'Armor Value'.

>Gloves - Pure physique, 382 or 795

>Boots - Pure physique, 382 or 795

>Belts - Pure physique, 630

>Shoulders - Pure physique, 538 or 915

>Pants - Pure physique, 662 or 1035

>Helms - Pure physique and split ~60/40 spirit/physique. Pure 915 or 538, split 572/356.

>Chest - Pure physique and split spirit/physique ~60/40. Pure 662 or 1035, split 594/444

>Rings - Pure spirit, varying values between 382-397

>Amulets - Pure sprit, varying values between 372-410

Sorry for the autism, I have nothing better to do right now.

b6e7c3  No.113225

File: ce1d8a3bc4d6aff⋯.jpg (277.92 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, you_have_died.jpg)

>>113222 (checked)


Anon, I'm pretty sure that's a prerequisite to enjoy this type of game.

29e98f  No.113278

File: 31f26ac4b15beaa⋯.jpg (320.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2018-12-22 15-24….jpg)

File: 045da1aec49ecd8⋯.jpg (325.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2018-12-22 15-26….jpg)

File: ba6fb09699924ab⋯.jpg (404.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2018-12-22 15-26….jpg)

>>113222 (checked)

>put everything into physique regardless of your build

I have been neglecting to do that the past levels despite getting absolutely bodied by the Gatekeeper miniboss guarding the gate mechanisms in Malmouth for a good chunk of almost half health

>that stat autism


b6e7c3  No.113378

File: b8dfc7572d8703f⋯.png (3.97 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2019-01-17 20-17….png)

File: 3acb95769284672⋯.png (3.55 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2019-01-17 20-19….png)

File: 79b247977009639⋯.png (3.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2019-01-17 20-19….png)



Took some tips from earlier in the thread and dropped minions completely from my death knight and focused on health regen and being tanky in general. Already feeling much more effective in battle.

>Turtle Shell

Absolutely beautiful skill. Thanks for recommending it. The fact that it activates at 40% HP and MB Menhir's Will activates at 33% means I'm not having to worry about life saving cooldowns much.

>Targo's Hammer

Not only is is cool as heck looking and reminds me of hammerdin, but it's decent additional damage if you use a shield, and has a good chance to stun enemies.

I think I may try and go for "Fist of Vire"

2e5421  No.113408


What kind of gear are you going for, mostly physical damage and tanking? Siphon Soul and Blood Boil are more for caster builds that have either a aether or vitality damage focus.

I'm less familiar than I could be with melee focused builds so my devotion knowledge is a bit limited but one that stands out is 'Assassin's Blade'. It reduces enemy physical resistance by 33% on crit and is probably a must-have.

Then 3 other come to mind for defensive purposes 'Shield Maiden', 'Targo the Builder' and 'Obelisk of Menhir'. The first two have the exact same affinity requirements which is neat. The 'Autumn Boar' could be good too (though never used it) giving both offence and defence with its 'trigger on block' effect looking interesting.

>Vire, the Stone Matron

Yeah looks like a good devotion for a build such as yours, but better plan out your path a bit so you know how much you need to sacrifice to get enough affinity. Depending on your build you may or may not need to take devotions that are less than optimal solely for the affinity points. When you do that you need to weigh the point value vs usefulness of the devotions you use as a stepping stone. Generally speaking 1 affinity per devotion point is okay value. When you're starting to get more than that such as the 'Eel' (3 devotion points for 5 affinity) it becomes amazing value. Maybe I'm just stating the obvious.

I can recommend this site for planning builds, especially the devotions. Click the little book in the bottom left of the character screen after going to build calculator (took me a bit to find it the first time).


b4107e  No.113410


ID changed. My build is mainly focused on health regeneration and physical damage siphon souls is working great for survivability, but im thinking about removing blood boil and using the points to buff mark of torment a bit more. I will probably reorganize the devotion tree when i unlock more because right now I only have about half unlocked because i stopped doing the main story to play crucible due to time restrictions.

816eed  No.113442


The issue is that you wont be able to increase its damage with your gear (if focusing on physical) and will become increasingly bad as you continue through the game.

But if you feel like it has a decent impact for now I see no reason to not use it, just consider putting those points into something else later on as you notice its usefulness decrease. I agree with Blood Boil though, since you want Mark of Torment either way it doesn't hurt much to grab Siphon Souls, but the mastery investment of 8 points for Blood Boil is a waste.

b6e7c3  No.113481

File: 43962374640f6f6⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot16.jpg)


Time to roll a soldier+shaman

816eed  No.113503

Twitch embed. Click thumbnail to play.


RIP. Warden is very tanky, probably more so than Deathknight.

On an unrelated note, devstream in ~50 minutes.

>Eager for some Forgotten Gods? Get your first look inside the land of the Korvan people during our dev livestream this Friday on Twitch at 2PM EST (7PM GMT). You may even get an early look at what our mysterious major feature coming…

816eed  No.113525

File: 9c39dfedfa969cc⋯.png (524.89 KB, 762x485, 762:485, loot filter.png)


New loot filter looks sweet.

816eed  No.113539

Twitch embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's the VOD. Not a massive amount of reveals but was worth a watch if you're interested.

>Shows new devotions

>Showcases Oathkeeper skills, some we haven't seen before

>Shows a few areas

>Some new set items

>Loot filter

>Answers questions and shit

7ccbc8  No.113587


How useful is "ravenous swarm"? Does it scale well late game?

3e0f3a  No.113601


Since it does vitality and bleed damage and does not scale with weapon damage it depends on your build.

But on the other hand both shaman and soldier have bleeding damage on their attack replacers (savagery and fighting form) and that might be easier to build around since it also reduces their resistance to bleeding.

Some general shaman tips though

>Wendigo Totem is amazing for its healing

>Mogdrogen's Pact and its upgrades add a lot of tankiness

>Savagery is probably better than Soldier's Cadence

Physical + bleed should be solid, can use any of the 4 attack replacers (Cadence, Savagery, Primal Strike, Blade Arc) but note that the last two I mentioned can't proc passives or devotions that have a chance to be used on hit. I'd probably recommend against starting with Cadence as it's the worst out of the 4 for levelling. It's fine lategame.

Lightning + electrocute too (melee with Savagery or Primal Strike alongside Storm Totem and Stormcaller's Pact)

Vitality + bleed would be a caster (main spec shaman, soldier for adding tankiness) that could work too.

Disclaimer: I've only played lightning melee shaman and minion shaman.

After looking at the talent calculator a bit for the purpose of this post I'm really tempted to try a Ritualist (shaman/necromancer), seems like a sick vitality caster. With just Devouring Swarm and Spectral Wrath you get 94% vitality resistance reduction and both classes have really nice tanking and healing/lifesteal abilities.

bb5a28  No.113602


The Adventures of Van Helsing 2 is like $4 on PSN right now. I got it but haven't started it. Any anon know what I'm in for?

b6e7c3  No.113717


Have you been playing the new update, Anon?


I can't wait to essentially make a whirlwind barbarian in GD.


Warder is great to play, but RNG this run made it tough around smugglers pass.


No idea. I only played the first one for about an hour it seemed okay. Not sure how I would feel about playing a diablo clone on a console though. Seems out of place.

450ab1  No.113722


Honestly forgot about it, a distant relative died and we've been cleaning the house up so people can stay here. It'll probably be a week before I get around to it.

ff3f27  No.113731

File: a32896f3c450613⋯.png (373.79 KB, 379x520, 379:520, w00t.png)

gonna wing it and try to make it all the way through without prior planning, wish me luck lads

b6e7c3  No.113732


It's all about having fun and learning from mistakes. Going in blind is the best way to doa first playthrough. Have fun and keep us updated.

8d9bb8  No.113734

File: f3c2a567990e85b⋯.jpg (211.9 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, 14956561182662590464_scree….jpg)

File: 4623e32e60ba647⋯.jpg (519.2 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, 12701534877875437568_scree….jpg)

File: 87bfe221c680ba0⋯.webm (14.45 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Sacred 2 Intro Deutsch_Ge….webm)


I can also recommend Sacred 1 and 2

Especially Sacred 2 since you can play as an Anubis cyborg thing blasting fools with an armcannon


Good luck and have fun

ff3f27  No.113741

File: c2435b6366b08e2⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1186x808, 593:404, we're all going up in flam….png)

Demolitionist is great so far.

999267  No.113749


Demo + Inquisitor is probably some of the best shit, focus mostly on passives and fire strike.

ff3f27  No.113751


Running Demo + Nightblade right now and it's got decent melee damage so far.

999267  No.113753


You'd end up with all sorts of stacked passive effects on your standard ranged attacks with Inquisitor, which stacks with fire strike. You also get a passive that increases your damage output on crits.

ff3f27  No.113756

File: 9fd3bc8aee7af31⋯.png (622.59 KB, 600x549, 200:183, the build police have arri….png)


I'm doing my own thing, thanks

but you did inspire some OC

b6e7c3  No.113757


If >>113753 is the same anon that's been giving tips they are pretty solid, but yeah experiment and see what works and whats fun for you

592d43  No.113758

What devotions would be good for Inq + Demo ranged weps build? Also what skills should I focus on?

b6e7c3  No.113760

One tip I can give as a pretty new player to Grim Dawn is to advance as far as you can down your class trees before level 50 in stead of sacking tons of points into spells early (get the upgrades) There are a few exceptions like putting a few points into super powerful spells like "Spectral Wrath". The reason for this is because after level 50 you only get 2 points per level and after 90 you only get 1 point per level. Needless to say this this make you character feel extremely weak when you beat the first difficulty and if you don't repec it will be a grind you will hate youself for.

7795bf  No.113781


Nah that's not me but I have to second that Purifier (demolitionist/inquisitor) is fun. My first character when the expansion came out.


First of all don't be fooled into thinking that you'll need to dual-wield, 2H guns work with all your passives and might even be superior due to a devotion called 'Kraken', but I haven't played a Purifier to max lvl so there might be some epic guns that change this fact. Also Purifier is a bit on the squishy side so don't neglect defensive skills such as 'Blast Shield', 'Word of Renewal' and 'Inquisitor's Seal'.

As for gear you'll mainly look at fire and lightning, elemental damage is fine but should be prioritized lower since you don't use much of the cold damage.

Piercing, physical and attack speed are also good. Attack speed is probably your best DPS increase.

The following isn't so much a build as general tips on good skills, my Purifier is only 75 or something so my knowledge is far from complete.

<Demolitionist skills

>Firestrike and all its upgrades - You'll be using this a lot. Start with it at lvl 2 and get it to 12/12.

>Flame Touched and Temper - Worth a value point each

>Vindictive Flame and Ulzuin's Wrath - Same as above

>Blast Shield - One of the better defensive skills in the entire game, max it eventually but start with a few and increase as you feel squishy

Test the other stuff for yourself but these are the important ones. Honourable mention to mortar for being fun, not bad but also not sure entirely how good.

One issue with many of Demolitionists bombs is that they take a long as time to throw and might not always be worth it.

<Inquisitor skills

>All the passives in the top row are good, might invest a bit less in chilling rounds as you'll want to focus more on fire and lightning damage, but 'elemental damage. is fine too (3 way split 33% each cold, fire and lightning)

>Aura of Censure - Reduces enemy elemental resistance. Max this, no questions asked.

>Word of Renewal - Max especially the actual skill, the upgrades are nice and deserve at least a casual point in them. Vigor more so than Steel Resolve because you want this for survivability and there are plenty of other skills that offer damage

>Word of Pain and its upgrades - Honestly you'll mostly want the pierce resistance reduction from Death Sentence both the skill and Word of Agony help increase the AoE. Maybe worth a few casual points in each and later have gear that gives + inquisitor skills enhance it. I used it but not sure how good it is.

>Deadly Aim - Really good passive for more damage but there's a bit of a diminishing return. Worth a few points.

>Inquisitor Seal and its upgrades - The modifier 'Null Field' is really good for a fun build since you wont notice the casting speed reduction much. Arcane Empowerment is solid but only worth a few casual points.

>Horn of Gandar - Can be nice to buy you some time, worth a few casual points.

Most inquisitor skills are good (unlike demolitionists) but many of the ones I haven't mentioned are more suited for caster builds. But since you'll want to stack fire, lightning and elemental damage you can experiment with them as well.

7795bf  No.113782

File: 62e272827a4a27a⋯.png (787.3 KB, 976x1184, 61:74, Purifier earlygame.png)




As a general guideline, elemental resistance reduction is the best source of damage increase. The class is also a bit squishy so pick up some defensive devotions too. Since you can attach a 'chance on hit' modifier on each of your passives, these devotions are really good for Purifier's.

These are just some of the better ones I can think of, you wont be able to use all of them and you'll need to go for some other devotions as well in order to get enough affinity to unlock some.

>Viper - Just too good for how cheap it is and early availability

>Kraken - If you use a 2H weapon, just big damage

>Imp - Just a nice chance on hit

>Bat - Life steal and AoE chance on hit

>Rhowan's Crown - AoE resistance reduction chance on hit

>Assassin's Blade - Physical and pierce resistance reduction on crit

>Crab - Mix of defence and damage

>Turtle - Good defence, pairs well with your Blast Shield from demolitionist

>Solael's Witchblade - Fire resistance reduction chance on hit

>Manticore - Flat resistance reduction chance on hit. Might not be worth it since it does acid & poison damage, and you have many other devotions to choose from.

>Hydra - Simply provides damage, might not be worth it unless you want the affinity points it provides

>Ulzuin's Torch - Good chance on hit damage and AoE.


>One tip I can give as a pretty new player to Grim Dawn is to advance as far as you can down your class trees before level 50 in stead of sacking tons of points into spells early

Yes and no. If you have a strong attack replacer or spell, max it out immediately and you'll make the early parts a fucking cakewalk. Then when it's maxed out start putting points into your actual mastery, when you're close to an upgrade or a new skill you really want, you can then take out a few points from the skill you invested heavily into if you want.

When you're close to 50 or some other skill high up in the mastery you can once again take a few points here and there from other skills to reach it faster.

A stronger skill is always better than a few more stat points (depending on what skill it is, but it absolutely applies to your main damage dealing skills) and it's very cheap to refund so you can get that high tier skill you've had your eyes on at the same time as if you'd put all your points into your mastery. But honestly you'd probably get it even sooner gametime wise since you'll do more damage and get through enemies faster.

>picture related

I'd suggest something like this for early game Purifier, you'll want to max both masteries at some point but which one you focus more on is a matter of taste. But like stated before Blast Shield is really good if you want survivability. Inquisitor on the other hand has a better skill at lvl 50

b6e7c3  No.113832

File: ed7b6d92d353955⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1000x637, 1000:637, 2019-01-01674.png)

File: f457bd49f75896d⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1000x635, 200:127, 2019-01-63413.png)

File: 0eba93d4d594e2d⋯.png (90.25 KB, 231x196, 33:28, 2019-01-76753.png)


>Yes and no. If you have a strong attack replacer or spell, max it out immediately and you'll make the early parts a fucking cakewalk.

Yeah, but even doing this won't and shouldn't hold you at the beginning of the tree considering it will only take about 8 levels or so of skill points to max a main attack and one of it's upgrades.

Also, flashbang+searing light seems like a great defensive skill for Demolitionist and ranged characters in general. I would personally only spec 6 points into searing light and let items buff it further because after 6 points you only gain 1% to everything in it instead of 2%.

This is my current Warden, he is tanky as all hell, but as I said earlier RNG has been shitting me and some resistances could have been much better earlier. Had to farm some crucible to get decent gear. Chaos and vitality damage almost made me lose this character in the main story too many times. I'm focusing on bleeding and physical damage. Health regen and Attack as health for survivability. I could have specced more into my main attack as shaman, but my goal is to be alive atm.

b6e7c3  No.113833

File: d641f2ec4f784fe⋯.png (967.75 KB, 662x714, 331:357, 2019-01-07734.png)

>forgot image

saging for doublepost. Don't ask about the name, I'm not the one responsible for this.

6b4d8f  No.113836



>but as I said earlier RNG has been shitting me and some resistances could have been much better earlier.

Only advice I could give for that is to focus on minmaxing your components for more resistance, but you seem to already be doing that. It's also worth checking the shops every time you level up, they've got something really good from time to time.

>Also, flashbang+searing light seems like a great defensive skill for Demolitionist and ranged characters in general.

I wanted this to be true too, problem is 1. Long animation/cast time 2. Even at 12/12 and 10/10 it only has a 50% chance to confuse and 33% chance to fumble/impair aim.

It's just not worth it. Get Inquisitor's 'Horn of Gandarr' instead, has a really low cast time and is 100% chance to confuse at 1/12.

But the Purifier anon should still try it if he wants and form his own opinion, refunds are cheap.

Also in Grim Dawn, while some CC can be a real lifesaver at times, what you really want is the ability to tank the fuck up. It's mostly big boss encounters that will be an issue and you generally can't CC them.

6b4d8f  No.113837



Actually, maybe grind some reputation. Many of the augments have really good resistances. Check here for what you need.


b6e7c3  No.113902

File: d241fe33e0a0116⋯.jpg (1.96 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot25.jpg)

This guy is following me around, and won't stop asking me about my aether resistance.

ff3f27  No.113909

Buyfags interested in Grim Dawn rejoice; it's 80% off from the Humble Bookstore for ~24 hours.


efc5d7  No.113936


Pretty sure Fanatical did it cheaper Mr IGN Librarian.

b6e7c3  No.114057

File: f45fa3b0c884759⋯.png (94.93 KB, 236x197, 236:197, 2019-01-55235.png)

File: 74c48c67eeb3a3a⋯.png (625.01 KB, 662x414, 331:207, 2019-01-85143.png)

File: ba3fffefc63943d⋯.png (1.14 MB, 998x635, 998:635, 2019-01-47244.png)

File: 2a47294369486d4⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1001x634, 1001:634, 2019-01-44846.png)

Currently level 60 about to reach Homestead on Elite with my Warder. As long as I keep resistances up I can tank just about anything and the amount of damage I do atm I clear trash within a split second. 1 on 1 bosses are a breeze, as well. The only problem is it seems undead are resistant to bleeding damage, so I don't clear them as fast as everything else, but the added lightning and physical stack helps with that. I also focused a lot of % damage to health to add to the insane amount of heals shaman has. Devotions I went for are fox, berserker, huntress, ghoul (which may be replaced later), kraken, and after kraken I am going for behemoth. I'll have to optimize the pathing when I get more points, but so far it's solid.

450ab1  No.114179



Things wrapped up sooner than I was expecting so I got to play a bit.

It's weird. Run/walk is gone, now only walk with a sprint on a timed cooldown. TP scrolls are gone, TP is a skill on a timed cooldown. Items are auto-identified when you pick them up and vendor for very little. Gold is auto-looted but the radius is small and teleporting doesn't trigger it. They tried to make gold rarer and more important but forgot to adjust merc rez costs. Ubers are level-locked and heavily stratified so the whole game feels a lot more on rails. One-shots seem to be pretty much gone but mobs are smaller and less dense. Shrine crafts lost their double MO bonus which makes them sort of worthless as transitional gear. Plugy compatibility is gone, apparently on purpose. A bunch of bugs like waypoints that can't be activated until you TP to and from town, armor that can't be equipped until you equip and unequip something else into that slot, etc. I haven't had any sprite cap issues and chugging has been minimal, so that's nice.

Overall it feels like the modders have been having shower dreams about all these changes they want to make for years and now that it's possible they made all of them at once and a lot of them turned out to be not all that well thought-out. Some of it is cool, I'm sure most of it will be cool eventually, but in the meantime I'm going back to an earlier version.

feb7c2  No.114192


That's just TQ, you would be slightly faster if you skilled into flat damage skills first since HP in the first few areas is pretty low.

2ab87a  No.114199

Why do generals almost always end up being about just one game?

feb7c2  No.114207


They're usually the best game in the genre. Try starting an RTS general and the entire thing will probably be about Supcom and for good reason.

8beaee  No.114228


you could talk about Borderlands if you want :^)

b84820  No.114231

How is the Warhammer 40K Inquisitor game? Its at least worthy to pirate it?

take in mind taht I only played Titan Quest, Sacred 1 and havent even played any of the Diablo games

fc1fba  No.114235


>Warhammer 40K Inquisitor game? Its at least worthy to pirate it?

Based on other games made by them and things I heard its not worth it.

Play grim dawn instead. If you want something more silly try diablo2 median xl mod. If you want something less silly try path of exile. If you want something completely different try Nioh. 1st difficulty may seem like dark souls but its more of diablo clone afterwards with builds and grinding.

57d2cb  No.114272

How well does Shining Soul 2 coop play? Tired of good arpgs and bad ones, looking for weird ones now.

80bc19  No.114277


If you can put up with the link cable shit then its actually not that bad. I thought the game had a decent system going and its kinda sad we don't see more games like it nowadays.

d628b5  No.114354


Well, Grim Dawn is the newest game on the popular list and it's actually good. Its also got an expansion coming sometime before april. Some anons in the thread have claimed to started playing games in the genre. Hopefully they come back to blog post and tell us what they think.

450ab1  No.114366


Still teleporting mobs, haven't been telefragged yet and I'm pretty sure they dropped invulnerability from most things that had it now that they've been able to rework D2's resist/immune system. If you're talking about witches I'm pretty sure they're gone. Areas aren't mixed anymore as far as I've seen.

2e4eb3  No.114378


A bit of only a few games and a bit of anons not really playing this and so on.

5cb913  No.114405


>Do they still have those retarded unkillable mobs that telefrag you?

They were removed for the most part. And you keep your shit equipped after death so its not annoying as before unless you are summoner.


Immunities are mostly removed and so it super immunities. And you can even see area level.

22b614  No.114462

File: c0ccab865793137⋯.jpg (366.35 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190125111659_1.jpg)

Started playing Torchlight 2 on my laptop when not at home. In the past I never got into the game despite finding the first one fairly decent but having some fun with it now actually.

Playing with Torchlight II Essentials and the Adventure Pack and accompanying level scaling mod for Adventure Pack.

<Anyone got some tips for getting tankier?

Playing on Veteran and had some issues before getting this health steal set bonus. A lot of things that deal over 80% of my health in damage and some bosses even one-shotting me.

Vitality has a really shitty return on investment, even more so if you don't use a shield and since Berserkers don't have anything to assist in their use I feel forced to use 2H or dualwield.

As for other stats, strength seems like the only thing I need. Crit chance is a waste because of the guaranteed crits and focus would probably be good if I went for a ranged build with that throwing weapon skill but not for my current setup. I've also got some points in the execute % chance passive and a berserker unique gives me another 10% giving me a total of 32% chance with literally no focus.

22b614  No.114463


Also got some mana issue, don't get to use even my attack replacers very much. And focus also has a really bad return on investment when it comes to mana and what I'd really need is some better regeneration. Got a mana leech gem on one weapon but doesn't help much.

070a8d  No.114787


I started to play some Torchlight II on the side as well and its a brutal start. You are squishy as hell and do almost no damage depending on what class you choose. Elite is a snorefest beginning and youll be spending all your gold on potions. Veteran inst as bad, but it can be a slow start too. Most of the starting aly attacks are pretty crap imo, i find that getting sustain skills early is important. Vitality is not worth speccing into afaik. Its better to spam points into whatever your main skill scales on. That's why focus is usually stacked on engineers. Mana sustain comes pretty quickly in a lot of mods for tl2 namely synergies. Im playing vanilla now, and it isnt coming as quickly.

fa39a8  No.114797

File: 2d14c7da4ae48e7⋯.jpg (596.2 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20190126013053_1.jpg)

File: b4f3f8b24c637f7⋯.jpg (544.5 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20190126013103_1.jpg)

File: 038baad92dcc249⋯.jpg (764.17 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20190126013257_1.jpg)

File: 4b66f8afd086e86⋯.jpg (629.87 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20190126013345_1.jpg)


>Vitality has a really shitty return on investment, even more so if you don't use a shield and since Berserkers don't have anything to assist in their use I feel forced to use 2H or dualwield.

I mainly play vanilla TL2 and I usually stack Vitality. I keep around "of Health" items even if that's its only stat. There's still some stuff that one-shots my characters on Elite, but it's one of the things I learn to look out for.

>any traps in Act 2

>chests or urns with bombs

>any "Brute" type of monster

>extremely telegraphed "overhead smash" type of attacks

Dwarven Battle Turrets (both machine gun and homing rocket types) force me to engage a group differently.

6dc29e  No.114799


My Berserker actually does really good damage so I've got that part under control at least. However there aren't that many sustain skills available to the class other than lifesteal on crit, that dash which heals depending on enemies hit and the minion that heals for damage it deals.

The dash feels and minion feel a bit weak (but maybe I should level them up more) and while the heal on crit is flat out amazing, it's also unreliable. But once I got the set bonus which heals me it has been working really good.

The problem is that all my sustain comes from hitting enemies, if I stop and try to avoid damage by repositioning or something, I have 0 sustain even if I try to use the dash as much as possible for this. The dash itself is really wonky and refuses to work over certain terrain, cast time is long and sometimes refuses to come out at all.

>Mana sustain comes pretty quickly in a lot of mods for tl2 namely synergies

I tried Synergies but thought Adventure Pack and Torchlight 2 Essentials together had better additions than it and I don't believe Synergies works with either one of them.


>I usually stack Vitality. I keep around "of Health" items even if that's its only stat.

It just feels like a really bad return on investment is all. 100 vitality = ~360 health, meanwhile 100 strength = 40% crit damage and 50% weapon damage.

For example that ring of yours has 455 health which equals ~126 vitality. That means it would give ~50% crit damage and ~63% weapon damage if it were strength and I don't think finding such a ring is easy or even possible. Seems to me like it's best to ignore vitality and tank up with +health on gear or gems instead, I mean your entire 230 vitality gives pretty much exactly half the health of a single 'Skull of Riechliu' you've got on your rings. Again that single gem gives health equal to ~452 vitality. 452 strength gives 180% crit damage and 226% weapon damage, I don't think there's a single gem that would grant such a massive DPS increase.

But that's ignoring the % armor vitality gives, at 230 you get ~57% increase which seems like a considerable amount when looking at your values. At low levels though the % armor value feels completely useless.

fa39a8  No.114806

File: 4be200f9b1eeb11⋯.jpg (819 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20190126045950_1.jpg)


The town NPCs can sell items with huge health boosts. So that might help. In the early game, any item that has +health I grabbed. Since it's HC, the priority is on survivability, and it doesn't matter too much if the fights take longer.

If I really wanted more damage, I could make use of every encounter with Boris the Stout and enchant for attribute boosts (up to +80-90 or more to either Strength or Dexterity per item slot really adds up). I guess I could use the same enchanter for Vitality, but it wouldn't matter if I died before reaching him.

I don't feel too bad about going so crazy on Vitality for my Elite Engineer since some end-game Engineer equipment asks for crazy high Str and/or Vit. End-game Outlander stuff asks for insane high Dex. The robots she summons counts as Pets so that's another way besides weapon damage to increase how fast she kills.

5ccc53  No.114844


Phoneposting Oh I didn't know that some endgame items were above the level cap and in effect forced stat requirements.

But yeah I should probably keep an eye out for HP boosting gear since I'm currently happy with my damage.

3b1b71  No.114845


It's worth pirating but really needed fleshed out more. They spent too much time on mechanics without having a thought of gameplay.

6dc29e  No.114882

File: e6ab81d66b1bee1⋯.jpg (518.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190126225811_1.jpg)

Made an Embermage, was really frustrating being forced to engage these disgustingly huge and dangerous packs in melee in chapter 2, especially that mech dungeon.

Got some nice gear in my stash and going to rush the focus requirments on this 280 dps staff, looks pretty insane. Downside is physical damage and not great stats on it but my spells that scale with weapon dps will be sick.

6dc29e  No.114883

File: 2340f278b27a77f⋯.jpg (524.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190126230154_1.jpg)


Also got a really nice fire damage belt but I struggle with switching out my Treasure Hunt belt (think its effect comes from a mod, grants 100% gold find and 50% magic find for 30 seconds on proc)

6dc29e  No.114887

File: 6684fd02ceb8165⋯.jpg (418.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190126235251_1.jpg)



Aww yeah, that damage is straight up retarded for lvl 15.

7b0a87  No.114891

I'm playing Diablo 2 for the first time and just got to the sewers in Act 2 last night. Now I can't play the game because it closes right at the opening menu and I can't seem to do anything to fix it. I've tried setting it to XP compatibility mode and launching as admin.

I'm running win 10

b6e7c3  No.114901


>108 focus

>0-0 magic damage


b6e7c3  No.114902


Guess it would have helped if I learned to read.

Gonna start up some TL2 myself and play an engineer. After so much Grim Dawn it's probably going to feel odd.

c6289f  No.114976

any good arpgs for android phones? gonna be on a lot of plane rides soon.

700725  No.114983


Blizzard® is bringing the full classical ARPG Diablo© experience to all mobile devices with their newest game Diablo: Immortal© which no die-hard fan can miss out on, coming soon to an app store near you!

c6289f  No.114984


it wasnt even good on the PC let alone on a phone

f0e2aa  No.114986


emulate soma bringer

2ab87a  No.115001


Read a book instead faggot

f0e2aa  No.115011

I recently finished Borderlands 1

It was a surprisingly competent first person shooter while also being a good looting game game. I expected it to be pretty cringy but it was mildly amusing.

Does Anthony Burch ruin the second one?

700725  No.115013


If you liked the first one you'll probably like the second, been a while since I played them so don't remember specifics but I recall enjoying the classes and skills a bit more in 2. Also one of the DLC's adds a loli PC

One of my bigger complaints with the series though is probably the lacklustre passives, not enough castable skills and a bit uninteresting stats on weapons/shields making itemization very straight forward. Adding actual armor slots would have been nice too.

956c57  No.115032


The guns in 2 feels like badly done Nerf guns most of the time and does not feel satisfying to use, maybe the timing and the sound design of it but it feels off. Bullet sponge monsters in the later modes doesn't help either.

>Does Anthony Burch ruin the second one?

Does africa have AIDS? Of course the Burch's and the Randy Bitchfords ruins anything they get their hands on.

a8d1cd  No.115041

hai /vg/

i gots a question:

im trying to replay some diablo hellfire as i never actually beat the expansions when i was a kid

the question is, i remember seeing a mod or something that allowed you to use gillian the barmaid as a stash. anyone know if this is legit, or am i just imagining things? and if its not, can i just drop some of the extra stuff i dont need in town and have it not despawn? its been ages since i played original diablo and i cant remember

956c57  No.115045


>Vitality has a really shitty return on investment, even more so if you don't use a shield

Vit is only good if you use a shield so yes. If you're not using a shield ever, dump the points into either STR or FOC depending on what kind of build you are using.

>As for other stats, strength seems like the only thing I need. Crit chance is a waste because of the guaranteed crits and focus would probably be good if I went for a ranged build with that throwing weapon skill but not for my current setup. I've also got some points in the execute % chance passive and a berserker unique gives me another 10% giving me a total of 32% chance with literally no focus.

I've played Focus based Spell Trigger berserkers, early to mid game using 1pt eviscerate, shadow burst for heal, storm hatchet to build rage, savage rush for near invincible mobility (discounting floor or booby traps and aloha snackbar explode on death monsters, or carelessly running into a slow overhead troll smash attack). Mid to late game Wolfpack with a Glacial Spike'd weapon and stackable high DoTs gems.

Stats wise nowadays I wind up not ever putting anything into DEX anymore for berserkers, or any other classes including Outlanders.


>Also got some mana issue, don't get to use even my attack replacers very much. And focus also has a really bad return on investment when it comes to mana and what I'd really need is some better regeneration. Got a mana leech gem on one weapon but doesn't help much.


>Also got some mana issue, don't get to use even my attack replacers very much. And focus also has a really bad return on investment when it comes to mana and what I'd really need is some better regeneration. Got a mana leech gem on one weapon but doesn't help much.

>Also got some mana issue, don't get to use even my attack replacers very much. And focus also has a really bad return on investment when it comes to mana and what I'd really need is some better regeneration. Got a mana leech gem on one weapon but doesn't help much.

If you want mana regen I find mana regen gems are a better way to obtain it vs just relying purely on FOC. Mana leech only works with standard auto attack iirc.

956c57  No.115046


>im trying to replay some diablo hellfire as i never actually beat the expansions when i was a kid

>the question is, i remember seeing a mod or something that allowed you to use gillian the barmaid as a stash. anyone know if this is legit, or am i just imagining things?

IIRC that is a mod, doesn't come standard with Hellfire.

>can i just drop some of the extra stuff i dont need in town and have it not despawn? its been ages since i played original diablo and i cant remember

In Single Player mode it will stay in the ground though there is a limit to how many items you can drop I think. If you have the multiplayer mode enabled, it's going to follow the same rules as multi.

a8d1cd  No.115047

File: ea8fadd04727494⋯.jpg (13.29 KB, 199x255, 199:255, cool kot2.jpg)



thx bud

ill have to double check how many i can drop, but this will come in handy until i figure out where this mod is and if its for hellfire at all

700725  No.115059

File: 9c6fd0bdb9cdefb⋯.jpg (431.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190127234533_1.jpg)

File: 0e055b52967fcf8⋯.jpg (426.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190127234620_1.jpg)


Thanks for the tips, I'm currently playing an Embermage but I'll probably revisit the Berserker at a later point. With all the nasty shit you need to avoid to not get one-shot and Berserker not having any shield passive (like Engineer) it was just a huge pain to play. I had to basically kite mobs apart which defeats the purpose of playing a melee class to me.

Anyway I'm having a lot of fun with Embermage, flashier skills and a whole bunch of buttons that feel useful.

<Anyone got suggestions?

Doing a fire build and faring pretty well. Besides what's seen I'm also maxing out Staff Focus, then there's 1p in Elemental Boon, Frost Phase and Prismatic Rift. Will probably leave the latter two as is and put some more points in Elemental Boon, but lowest on the priority list.

My stat distribution is a bit all over the place. 20/50/145/30 str/dex/foc/vit.

>Strength & Focus

Obviously focus should be my priority but as a staff user the execute chance doesn't do anything and the crit damage from str in effect makes it so my magma spear (or weapon % skills in general) scales better with str than foc. But I also use a lot of other spells. Not sure if I should dedicate a bit more to strength (but after dex).

>Dexterity & Vitality

Currently pumping up dexterity for the crit and dodge, think I read that 100-110 range is softcap before the DR sets in too much. Got a bit of vitality mostly to reach some requirments but I think I want to use a wand + shield if I find some solid ones, in which case I might spend more in it.

For defence I read that dodge and reflect projectile is good, got the latter up to 19.5% from an item and a chaos ember. Dodge is also still a work in progress sitting at measly 14%.

Finally, any protips for spell scrolls? Playing with some mods that add new ones so might be hard giving me suggestions but I'm mainly wondering if I'm being too greedy with Adventuring and Treasure Hunter and if Elemental Overload is worth it. The final one is from a mod and adds 36% crit damage and 3% crit chance at rank 3, seems really good.

My pet has 2 minion summoning spells from a mod, Flaming Skull is a 100% uptime minion that shoots fireballs that deal a reasonable amount of damage. The other is similar to Undead Archers, 60sec CD 19 sec uptime, not amazing damage but serve as a nice distraction. Used Frost Blast on my pet for a while, worked well enough but wanted to try other stuff.

b6e7c3  No.115110

File: 55ab37db35bdc0e⋯.jpg (38.38 KB, 720x405, 16:9, bleed stack.jpg)



Torchlight feels so odd after not playing it for so long. I don't mind the early levels, but early game is just brutal. You can breeze through, but there is so much that can just one hit you without warning. I started an engineer and was absolutey raping everything I came across. Then suddenly, I get one hit even though my resistances, armor and health were very high for my level. This was on Veteran difficulty as well, Elite is just not fun to me regardless of how challenging it is on hardcore. The idea of spending 10 minute every engagement at before even reaching level 5 is unappealing. Diablo, Grim Dawn, and Path of Exile have early game pacing down so well. Torchlight pacing just feels like it always hits a brick wall, but it's not bad enough for me to dislike the games.

fa39a8  No.115111


>Then suddenly, I get one hit even though my resistances, armor and health were very high for my level.

There's stuff you can't just tank through and have to move out of the way for. I thought that's a simple concept.

cceaeb  No.115115


I'm having fun with TL2 but I have to agree with the other anon.

One of the major issues with TL2 compared to the other games is how extremely visually busy it is with all its various particle effects. Then the actual killers that will fuck you up get hidden beneath it all. Or mobs that use ranged weapons whose projectile is practically invisible.

Or the inconsistencies between power and visual representation. I can facetank a clearly telegraphed boss attack but that little beige orb that came from off-screen will instantly kill me?

In the other games it's generally a rule of thumb that the more noticeable and impressive an attack looks, the more you're in danger of getting absolutely fucked if you get hit by it.

They've also succeeded at introducing the dangerous attacks without making it overly frustrating. For example in the early game you might get hit by a really nasty attack that takes away the majority of your HP. Now you know to take extra care to avoid it which makes it seem fair if you get one-shot by it in the future, because you can acknowledge that you shouldn't have been so careless around that attack.

In Torchlight you have to play as if everything could one-shot you because again, visual inconsistencies and no 'learning curve' where the first time you encounter a new attack that in the future will one-shot you, it just deals ~80% of your health.

And honestly I think there's a case to be made for extreme tanking builds. If you're willing to sacrifice tons of damage in the other games, you can survive pretty much everything. Seems like an impossibility in TL2 but correct me if I'm wrong.

fa39a8  No.115116


I overall had a smooth playing experience in TL2. I didn't have much to complain about for the damage and danger monsters pose. At this point, I recognize all of the monsters.


>Explosive modifier


>Voltaic Archers and similar effect on Varkolyn brutes' charged glaives.

Luminous Arena is probably the most dangerous map in the game, and is something I have be careful about.

I don't know which biege orb or monster you're talking about but chaos bolts (which are quite dangerous) are black and yellow. The arrows the monsters can shoot are hard to see, but I don't think that's supposed to be dodged to begin with or deal much damage.

Then again, I haven't played Berserker yet and I generally engage monsters carefully, and stacked Vitality when no one else in this thread appears willing to. It's hard to call the game visually busy or clusterfucky when monsters 'deactivate' and idle when they're offscreen. Plus the game's artstyle is colorful and saturated enough.

I'll try a Berserker playthrough HC to see how different it is once I get the Engie to level 100.

22b614  No.115120


>I don't know which biege orb or monster you're talking about but chaos bolts (which are quite dangerous) are black and yellow.

Maybe, I was referring to the big rare caster mobs in chapter 2 mainly present in the mech tiles. They're especially hard to avoid and sometimes troublesome to spot if you're engaging larger packs in melee and it was really frustrating having to constantly kite packs apart and hope only some of them followed me since engaging them all directly meant near instant death.

Sometimes I walked up to a pack, started attacking and got blown up without even seeing what caused it.

>It's hard to call the game visually busy or clusterfucky when monsters 'deactivate' and idle when they're offscreen.

Sometimes there are just so many effects going on at once from both my own character and enemies that when I die it's hard to discern what did it so I know what to look out for next time.

And also the damage inconsistencies (which seems to level out further into the game) where a large majority of attacks are easily tanked making you believe your build has decent defensive capabilities only to get one-shot by a projectile that looks no more dangerous than the others.

>At this point, I recognize all of the monsters.

This is always a big turning point of course. I'm just saying the game can teach players that some mobs and attacks are very dangerous without outright one-shotting them the first time they're encountered.

>The arrows the monsters can shoot are hard to see, but I don't think that's supposed to be dodged to begin with or deal much damage.

>Frost Phase across the map which I've nearly fully explored

>Suddenly 3 archers rise from the ground

>Instant 100 - 0

I mean it was arguably my fault for being careless but its a bit silly to have such hard to avoid projectiles deal a third to half your health in one hit.

22b614  No.115121

File: e6da803471d7d30⋯.jpg (183.73 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190128125514_1.jpg)


Just encountered a great example. Killed a bunch of mobs, everything is dead and I have 100% HP.

Take a step forward and die.

I don't know if there was some lingering spell effect, if the mob exploded or something entirely different. I'll probably figure it out in the future, and I might need to die more times before I do. Been more careful around these but not noticed or experienced anything similar.

70c2d4  No.115124

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So a Dragonball Z ARPG was announced. No idea how it will work but might be nice.


Trailer shows a lot of screaming but not much gameplay.

c6289f  No.115154


where do you even get nintendo roms anymore? also any suggestions for a ds emulator on the android? theres dozens

b00434  No.115156


>theres dozens

literally only 1 is worth using

728b6f  No.115161

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>And honestly I think there's a case to be made for extreme tanking builds. If you're willing to sacrifice tons of damage in the other games, you can survive pretty much everything. Seems like an impossibility in TL2 but correct me if I'm wrong.

It's not an impossibility however I'll say that TL2 is it's own game, and it does have it's own specific conditions. I don't say it as a sarcastic jab when I say what may or may not apply in other games is just that, other games.

Survivability in TL2 in my experience relies more on mobility, I don't mean +faster walking but knowing when and where the OHFUCKHUEG damage will be and not being there. HP adders + some damage reduction, monster AI disruption as in Blind effect, and Blocking the few attacks that comes through.

Things I find that can be ignored in TL2 because they don't contribute much or practically negligible.

>Armor rating

>Resistance rating

>Dodge mechanic (actual dodging via moving your character by the mouseclick or skills that moves your character is far better.)

>Stacking VIT only for the HP (VIT is for shield block, the HP gains from pumping vit is pitifully weak and players are better off getting +HP gems)


> and stacked Vitality when no one else in this thread appears willing to.

Nah, I know I said Vit is useless if you don't -ever- use a shield, but personally I always put 100 into Vit on all my characters and have a shield on switch or backpack, and Blocking Spell on.


>2696 HP

>Somewhere in Act3 it looks like

What is your character's level, reason I'm asking is I use a a rule of thumb for minimum HP to be your clvl, then add 2 zeroes after. That character Hp looks to be a bit low for where you are, granted at earlier levels it is sometimes not that easy to get a lot of +HP gems and or modifiers.


>Trailer shows a lot of screaming but not much gameplay.

Sounds faithful to the show at least. :^) Buttfuck godammit can they at least show the fucking gameplay

(quote from the archived link)

> there's also what looks like gameplay where we see Dragon Ball star Goku walking around some lush environments.

instead of going the DeathStranding route of marketing.

22b614  No.115163

File: 4895900676746f6⋯.png (21.59 KB, 913x383, 913:383, mods.png)


>What is your character's level, reason I'm asking is I use a a rule of thumb for minimum HP to be your clvl, then add 2 zeroes after. That character Hp looks to be a bit low for where you are, granted at earlier levels it is sometimes not that easy to get a lot of +HP gems and or modifiers.

Posted it last night here >>115059

Had nearly 3k HP before I replaced some gear (got 20% missile reflection from a gem and a headpiece) but I can definitely increase my HP pool further since I only have a few +HP gems slotted, but it'll drop my elemental armour. I'm also playing with a level scaling mod, mostly for the purpose of getting more level appropriate drops and exp gains.

I want to switch to a shield, I think. But haven't found a wand that's not way below my staff DPS. Not to mention how amazing the Staff Mastery passive is.

c6289f  No.115166


okay helpful thanks

fa39a8  No.115170



If the archers are Voltaic, then yeah I can see that happening. You look like you're using the Essentials mod which packs a lot of different mods that change gameplay balance.

fa39a8  No.115171


>Nah, I know I said Vit is useless if you don't -ever- use a shield, but personally I always put 100 into Vit on all my characters and have a shield on switch or backpack, and Blocking Spell on.

I don't use a shield at all. My Engineer uses cannons and my Outlander uses a shotgun.

728b6f  No.115172


>Posted it last night here >>115059

>Had nearly 3k HP before I replaced some gear (got 20% missile reflection from a gem and a headpiece) but I can definitely increase my HP pool further since I only have a few +HP gems slotted, but it'll drop my elemental armour. I'm also playing with a level scaling mod, mostly for the purpose of getting more level appropriate drops and exp gains.

Okay. Keep in mind currently I am playing factory stock with no mods, and I don't know enough about the mods have on and what other changes they have.


>nearly 3k HP

Still quite low imo, though missile reflect can be handy at times, I wouldn't put it as an absolute must have at the cost of a significantly larger HP pool. But it's a nice to have if you have everything else covered, speaking of the "chance to cast fully heal when hit" can also be a nice additional layer. Yeah you don't want to get hit of course, but shit happens and the general name of the game for survivability in TL2 imo aside from mobility is a layered defense.

>but I can definitely increase my HP pool further since I only have a few +HP gems slotted, but it'll drop my elemental armour.

Unless the mod you have made useful changes to how elemental resists works, I'd drop it and look for HP+ and blocking.

Pardon my repeating it but jesus fuck elemental resists in TL2 at least factory stock condition, might as well not be there. It makes piddly difference in the very early game and at Elite it barely registers. Same with armor rating and Armor Class etc. I almost wish they made armor rating into Dmg Reduction instead, but them's the particular quirks of TL2. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy and play it but the game definitely has it's own characteristics despite the ARPG pedigree.

b6e7c3  No.115173

File: 45cb0c9225ff17e⋯.jpg (61.26 KB, 637x991, 637:991, 01j1.jpg)


Thrilling gameplay footage.



There is a thread dedicated to emulation.


>Survivability in TL2 in my experience relies more on mobility, I don't mean +faster walking but knowing when and where the OHFUCKHUEG damage will be and not being there.

I suppose I am spoiled by older Isometric ARPGs, and by the fact that I don't usually play anything squishy in these types of games. I always like to build (or at least attempt) for survivability and face tanking. Grim Dawn has a good balance of that and movement for me atm. Path of Exile does as well when Desync doesn't give you the shaft. I'll never forget losing my duelist after getting teleported into a saw blade when they released the labyrinth.

It's a shame there is so many dump stats in TL2. I think synergies addressed a few of these, but I usually just roll necromancer and stack vitality when playing it.

Speaking of face tanking, I am getitng impatient waiting for this expansion. I need spin-to-win like a cronic smoker needs a nicotine fix.

728b6f  No.115174


>I don't use a shield at all. My Engineer uses cannons and my Outlander uses a shotgun.

I have those character builds as well and they can do without a shield most of the time due to the effective Blind they can inflict with Blast Cannon and Shotgonne Mastery. That said I still usually have shields on them on switch for some areas of the game. Luminous area in particular.

728b6f  No.115177


>I suppose I am spoiled by older Isometric ARPGs, and by the fact that I don't usually play anything squishy in these types of games. I always like to build (or at least attempt) for survivability and face tanking. Grim Dawn has a good balance of that and movement for me atm. Path of Exile does as well when Desync doesn't give you the shaft. I'll never forget losing my duelist after getting teleported into a saw blade when they released the labyrinth.

>It's a shame there is so many dump stats in TL2. I think synergies addressed a few of these, but I usually just roll necromancer and stack vitality when playing it.

I hear you, I mean one of my favorite things to do is to build a tank warrior and barbarians in Diablo+Hellfire+Hellfire Fixed mod. Imo TL2 (vanilla unmodified) does not really have a 1:1 equivalent to that. For better and worse it's a much more arcade-y active style and pacing.

f83830  No.115178

File: 4a064c5f8701d69⋯.png (48.08 KB, 428x993, 428:993, Torchlight 2 Essentials.png)

File: bad4ab0e5e7104b⋯.png (26.53 KB, 531x261, 59:29, Adventure Pack.png)


I just found these boots with amazing dodge chance and popped 2 health gems into them, the enchantments didn't turn out great but whatever.

I'll probably add a third gem slot when I can afford it. I don't have any other ilvl 42+ gear that can fit such strong gems.

>Unless the mod you have made useful changes to how elemental resists works, I'd drop it and look for HP+ and blocking.

Yeah I've heard the flat damage reduction scales poorly. Guess this is why literally every other game in the genre gives you percentage based one.

The mods I use only affect the balance indirectly, which I like and I strongly recommend everyone try them if they want a 'vanilla plus' experience. At least Essentials is a must have.


Basically a huge mod compilation adding quality of life stuff, tweaked drop rates, new gear, new item affixes, spells, pets and tons of new variety to the world (Chunky and Blanks together add 60 new chunks that can be used when the game generates a location/dungeon, both are made by two different Runic employees and blend in perfectly).

<Adventure Pack

Has some of the same mods as Essentials included (they're compatible) but the main thing is the 2 new acts. Haven't gotten to them yet so can't comment on it.

f83830  No.115179

File: 899ee1586af009a⋯.jpg (430.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190128165403_1.jpg)


Oh meant to post the boots too.

38f01b  No.115192


This unironically might be fun considering how their Xenoverse games were like but I don't think it's going to be an ARPG.


rutracker Slavs on /vg/ have really saved my bacon

f83830  No.115253

File: 11f234d049c5137⋯.jpg (425.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190128232650_1.jpg)


Defence is steadily increasing. Will buy second slot for my ring and chest piece alongside 3 + 216HP gems (also filling empty belt slot) when I can afford it which will put me close to 5k health.

Don't know if people consider mods that lets you add sockets and buy gems a bit cheaty but it adds a nice gold sink. lvl 42 gems cost near 10k and adding sockets scales in price relative to item level similarly to regular enchanting, except more expensive. Need to pay 12k to add second socket to my ring and 16k to add a third on my belt which both are ilvl 44. You're also limited by how many you can add depending on chapter progress, 1 in 1, 2 in 2 etc.

Polite sage because basically blogposting at this point.

930a58  No.115321

File: acb0e5250a7f6bc⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1135x1335, 227:267, ClipboardImage.png)


>Yeah I've heard the flat damage reduction scales poorly. Guess this is why literally every other game in the genre gives you percentage based one.

AFAIK the percentage based ones in TL2 works well enough in combo with enough HP pool, ie: Eye of Grell and Skull of Limoany so forth. But yeah anything flat based is just plain bad, one of the loading screen protip about "increase armor for better defense" is either very out of date or very cruel prank of a lying loading screen. Flat in this case is definitely not justice.

>The mods I use

Ok. I'm not that up to date on most of the mods since the last one I used was only for re-speccing and some testing stuff. iirc Rapid Re-specc mod. But thanks for the info, might come in handy if I ever decide to delve back in to the mod side of things.

b6e7c3  No.115446



I started playing with just synergies mod, and already notice a much different beginning game. Defenses actually seem to work, but it could be the changes to affixes on early game items.

c6289f  No.115476

>found that I still have my TL2 save from 2015 stashed away in an archive

Dare I unlock it?

c6289f  No.115479

File: 07cda7d38ecda69⋯.jpg (1010.75 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, TL2.jpg)


>Im an engineer or something I guess

>level 69 (lol)

>idk what any of these skills are

I honestly don't know what I was expecting

b6e7c3  No.115512


Looks like you went heavy on bots and stun. I'm assuming you go the passive that makes you do more damage to stunned enemies as well?

b60f3a  No.115688

May as well ask this here, anyone interested in Chaosbane or should I go in Warhammer thread for it?

57d2cb  No.115692


I never minded the link cable, but in any case I can emulate on 2 screens. Only really tested with puzzle games so far, really want to give this a go.

53d14e  No.115706

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anyone remember or played Nox? I remember it though have not played it. I do remember and played a bit of Darkstone as well, IMO a now old but fairly servicable diablo1 like homage.

759754  No.115709


I think I've read somewhere that synergies does in fact change the way armor works.

But I've also heard that it makes some questionable balance decisions, only played it a bit so don't really have first hand experience with how well or poorly it's balanced but worth keeping in mind.

ede241  No.115714


Nox isn't much of a loot game tbh

2ab87a  No.116120

there a way to get rid of the stupid pet in torchlight? It's really just annoying

b6e7c3  No.116181

File: 22a140625c7a057⋯.jpg (79.57 KB, 500x359, 500:359, m8.jpg)


You can change what kid of pet it is, but what about it bothers you so much?

ef9f6b  No.116216


Give it some spells and you'll appreciate it more, stuff like Ice Blast, Heal All, Silence and maybe a minion.

2ab87a  No.116220



It's just gay and annoying. I like human companions, not retarded animals, feels like this shit was made by some furfaggot animal fucker

68b016  No.116226


>not wanting the pet

b6e7c3  No.116229

File: c4e1343ac5bd85b⋯.png (848.13 KB, 530x634, 265:317, Spengler.png)


Anon… if the first thing you think about when having an animal companion is someone fucking it I think you need to analyse yourself. Also, there are mods that add a variety of pets. including lewd humans if you want to fuck them.

9891d1  No.116230

Anyone playing medianxl sigma?

Did they introduce any new fun builds?

a2a1cd  No.116243

Quite frankly I like the idea of getting shittons of loot and skills and whatnot but more often than not the gameplay relies more on stats and builds rather than skill, something like Xanadu Next is what I liked and I wonder if it even fits in this genre.

3f3957  No.116245


Play Nioh

a2a1cd  No.116247

File: 36acaf175c651cc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 29.2 KB, 660x471, 220:157, beefy rig.png)


I cannot.

2ab87a  No.116254



Yeah go figure, game is played by animal fuckers. There's nothing that furfaggots don't ruin with their cancer

b6e7c3  No.116313

File: 708f04a79429f3e⋯.webm (1.1 MB, 800x450, 16:9, incoming transmission.webm)


Why do you think an animal being a pet is in any way a furfag concept? When you see a man walking his dog do you think about them fucking? Install a mod to replace that panda with a succubus. If you can't do that keep your repressed bestiality fantasies out here.

13e4dd  No.116378


I think the pet in Torchlight hurt him on a personal level and he is just lashing out in anger.

b6e7c3  No.116631

File: 0ffe59925fac93e⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1000x635, 200:127, 2019-02-21651.png)

File: 03f8da95384cd63⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1000x636, 250:159, 2019-02-50733.png)

I learned that spells from the devotion tree use minions as the source if it's an AoE effect in Grim Dawn. My pets are absolutely raping everything atm and when I add devotion spells to that it's going to be nuts. Some guy on the forums recommended "Blizzard" on skeletons, so I am going to try that out. M yonly problem is finding defense as a Cabalist. Don't want to be burst down in one hit.

57d2cb  No.116651


Most of the way through a singleplayer game, it's ok.

1.Classes are alright.

2.Crafting system is downright pitiful.

3.Wished the charge attacks would use different skills at different levels of charge ala secret of mana.

4.Losing a level of magic resistance when you die sucks, just makes you more likely to die right there over again. probably why the devs put the campfire where it is

5.Inventory management is as good as it's going to get with 6 buttons, with the caveat that extra L button item slots are more trouble than it's worth because you now have even more to cycle through in combat.

6.Enemy variety between the levels is better than expected, boss battles are all pretty much different.

Def worth a shot, but if you aren't feeling it by the time you start fighting rats and spiders you won't like it at all.

f364da  No.116677


>spells from the devotion tree use minions as the source if it's an AoE effect

Huh neat, didn't know that, but only played a minion build to maybe lvl 50.

>M yonly problem is finding defense as a Cabalist

Yeah it's an issue. Besides putting everything into physique, Mark of Torment in Necromancer is really good when you're facing stronger enemies such as elites or bosses (you're almost at it) and the upgrade to Ravenous Earth, Decay, is great for both big packs and bosses as it reduces their damage dealt by 20% at 10/10, is AoE and as another extra bonus is one of the best spells for rapidly procing Devotions.

Get 1 point in Ravenous Earth but max Decay. Get the third upgrade Foul Eruptions if you feel like it, will boost your minions damage and help them kill faster since it reduces resistances and reduces enemy health by a flat % that doesn't scale which is great when you focus on gear that boosts your minions.

Other than that you can get some defensive devotions, focus on physique and health on your gear and make sure your resistances are minmaxed.

b6e7c3  No.116739

File: 1e309fde6e51de3⋯.webm (4.3 MB, 712x400, 89:50, Devotion and minions exam….webm)

File: 966a921a3e8d0bf⋯.webm (3.15 MB, 1280x400, 16:5, Grim Dawn 2.webm)


I recorded a couple of shitty webms to showcase it best I could. Blizzard is 100% on cirt strike and that applies to all 9 skeletons afaik. Also, flame torrent is on my hellhound. I'm wanting to put manticore's devotion on the blight mob, but I'm really curious about tree of life. I don't see people mention it much, probably because not a whole lot of people posting builds on the forums play hardcore from what i see.

b6e7c3  No.116757



Okay, turns out getting all of behemoth was more efficient than going for tree of life.

f364da  No.116758


Do you feel like your minions would benefit from being able to soak up more damage? Haven't really gotten deep into any minion builds so not sure about how much damage they take and the frequency at which you need to resummon.

If it's just for giving you extra tankiness, I'd probably pass. It's a good devotion if you also benefit from the energy regen but most builds aren't energy whores and I'm pretty sure minion builds don't spam much high cost spells.

A devotion can look really good and appealing, but consider how many other lesser devotions you need to unlock that generously speaking, are merely 'okay' simply to get the affinity required for a higher tier such as the tree.

Manticore is probably really good. Consider Rhowan's Crown as well, both require 6 Eldritch affinity and are super easy to get together.

Just glancing at the Devotion tree, Revenant looks really good for a minion build as well and possibly Hungering Void for that super steroid. Then there's Bysmiel's Bond for another minions. I'm thinking that if you're stacking minion damage and stuff like that, every additional minion you can summon will increase your damage by a lot.

You can use multiple devotion procs with longer CD's by simply tying them to different skills since you rely on minions to deal damage rather than the spells.

Like put the shorter CD Revenant proc on Ravenous Earth and use it as your main spell. Then get a casual point in Dreeg's Evil Eye for Bysmiel's Bond which you spam a few times every 30 seconds for the proc and lastly put Hungering Void on literally anything and cast it when needed for the steroid buff.


Yeah that's definitely better if you simply want some health sustain. Tortoise is good and low investment for more survivability too.

b6e7c3  No.116759


Behemoth not only gave me the pre-reqs for shackles and manticore, but it also, gave me essentially everyhting appealing about tree of life for a 10% less chance on the proc. Minions seem to start tanking a lot more just by leveling skills based on their defenses. Resistences seem to be the most notciable in terms of minion survival, but you definitely need them to have a decent HP pool.

c6289f  No.117009


yes. everything seems to be about extra attack damage and pets. so far Im breezing through NG+ but I might have overleveled too much for it or something

676bd2  No.117023


>but I might have overleveled too much for it or something

Check out this level scaling mod, I love it. Incentivize more minmaxing and improving your build rather than just over levelling stuff, always get the full EXP amount and in turn level faster. The item drops will always be more relevant instead of them dropping low level shit just because you're higher than them.


b6e7c3  No.117025


Fun fact: steam workshop mods work on GOG copies of Torchlight 2 so if any pirate fags are interested in a mod ill glady upload a copy for you.

57d2cb  No.117028


I don't remember there being any mods that would even be worth the effort, aside from one of the inventory menu mods that are probably already easy to find.

676bd2  No.117029


Nice of you to offer. Yeah I'd have linked a non-steam version but didn't see one.

676bd2  No.117031


The 'Essentials' modpack on the workshop is a great collection.

b6e7c3  No.117069


Imo synergies is decent. Usually overhauls are shit, but it's not half bad. Pretty sure he uploaded it to moddb and nexus as well.

b6e7c3  No.117413

File: c7d97a1ef134535⋯.png (68.06 KB, 241x310, 241:310, 2019-02-80175.png)

RNG has been pretty swell with my cabalist. Probably means death soon

b6e7c3  No.118759

File: 8a9feb11d23ee0e⋯.png (1.3 MB, 766x732, 383:366, 2019-02-74700.png)

File: 24053e580fa7aa3⋯.png (115.98 KB, 536x395, 536:395, 2019-02-70048.png)

File: 4fa9591d8cda0cb⋯.png (69.28 KB, 270x280, 27:28, 2019-02-64835.png)

File: d2464452303895d⋯.png (97.46 KB, 487x332, 487:332, 2019-02-60180.png)

File: fe40e4df1459e00⋯.png (97.71 KB, 501x341, 501:341, 2019-02-37522.png)


>Grim Dawn expansion development update

<It's fucking nothing

Revealed a new set that is based on the Sentinel from the Hidden Path secret quest. Another developer update is coming March 4th (same day as Path of Exile's current league ends).

>Dammitt, the creator of GrimTools, has now been given permission to share with you the Oathkeeper master

This is the most notable news.

The new set seems all over the place I don't think this will be the final product in terms of attributes. Hardly anything defensive on the entire set.

c6289f  No.118767


the newest dungeon needs defensive stats up the ass too. literally no room to kite at all

b6e7c3  No.118774

File: 9eaacb3f6aa725b⋯.jpg (316.44 KB, 1096x1462, 548:731, 015.jpg)


The shattered realm? Seems roomy enough from what I've seen, but it's going to mix loads of different maps, so some may be much smaller than others. The thing that worries me is we will have crucible debuffs in the shattered realm. Going to be fun as hell.

Is anyone planning on playing Path of Tencent in the next league?

c6289f  No.118781


na the latest key dungeon in the swamp. the boss rooms are tiny af and they're swole as hell

4cfc99  No.118974

I really liked Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 1 and 2, any other games with that bomb ass inventory screen?

9ff836  No.119318


Do you mean style or autism wise?

04c1ad  No.119669


You mean ones with randomized loot right?

Or just stuff which falls under the blanket term of Action RPG?

Nioh fits the bill on both counts.

ff3f27  No.119684


Champions of Norrath 1 and 2 were essentially copies of that game, so you'll feel right at home.

b6e7c3  No.120212

File: 188afb8b074c8e9⋯.webm (14.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Grim Dawn - Forgotten God….webm)

Trailer for Forgotten Gods was released. Much better than the Ashes of Malmouth trailer. Oathkeeper looks fun.

b6e7c3  No.120213

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Link for those who want it.

1b7973  No.120331


Not so bad, but they kind of overdid it with those particle effects.

fc1fba  No.120336


Grimanon, am I building my character(https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXgmpgZ) correctly? I'm doing expansion content at Normal Veteran right now. Other grimanons' feedback welcome.

fc1fba  No.120337

File: d3151e3b2959d70⋯.png (102.68 KB, 187x298, 187:298, Actual stats.png)


Also, my version is and thus my stats are a bit different from what calculator is showing. Pic shows my actual stats.

b6e7c3  No.120415


How on earth did you manage to go through Ugdenbog with 16% poison res? You need to work on getting 75%-80% on all of your resistences before going to Elite. Over capping resistences is a good thing to do as well.

IMO, you should focus more on fire damage rather than elemental as a purifier. That way you can use the points you have in "Chilling rounds" and "storm spread" into things more useful like "Inqusitor seal" and "ward of renewal". If you do this I'd respec your devotions into "Twin Fangs" "Spider" and go for "Magi" Then, get "Solaels Witchblade" for the -fire res. So essentially you'll be hitting hard with fire and getting life back. I'm assuming you aren't playing hardcore, so you can maybe do away with ward of renewal, but it is very useful for those "oh shit" moments. Inquisitor seal is insanely useful though. I did some rough adjustments as a suggestion. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1Qm4PV

776f49  No.120421


>How on earth did you manage to go through Ugdenbog with 16% poison res?

I probably had equipment that had good poison res at the time or chugged potions like crazy. It was awhile since I last booted up the game. Also, where can I respec devotions? Do I do it through the same guys who respec skills?

b6e7c3  No.120522


You get a potion in the expansion to respec all, or you can spend aether crystals for each point at the spirit guide.

592d43  No.120606


Apparently you also can respec through Crucible as I found out shortly before your post. Thanks a lot anyway, I'll keep that in mind when I'll decide to create another character

33d9be  No.120748



Coming out same time as that Path of Exile content isn't it?

7db837  No.120945


It's likely going to be near the end of March because they have a scheduled forum dev update when the new PoE league comes out. Speaking of PoE I reinstalled and played it after years, and Im all for content, but it feels so cluttered early game. There is just so much shit compacted into each area and it feels forced as hell. Strong boxes and shrines were a sweet spot imo, all these craftsman and companion quests are cluttering the hell out of every area. It doesnt help that every league is going to be a crafting league to cash in on stash tab revenue.

42f38e  No.121093

Played grim dawn for over 2 years and 500+ hours logged in and still haven't completed the fucking Justice Set. Every single "fuck you" elemental build that soaks damage like a motherfucker and can dish out 6 digits worth of crits requires the 4 piece set.

I vowed not to use grim tools and try to get the sets legit but it's fucking impossible and I'm only missing the mythical coat. How do others do it? do they really spend thousands of hours hunting for purples?

Also, the latest patch made it impossible for a purifier to out-tank fabius so thank you devs for that one.

41f6e8  No.121121


Demolitionist is getting some buffs according to zantai so maybe they will help. As for sets I'm convinced most people either just play crucible or spawn the items in. I dont mind the farming, but I feel you. Finding just one piece of a set you need can be rough let alone all 4 or 5. Where are you farming mainly? I find Twin Hills and archovia give me loads of unique and epics. Kreigs lab. Is good, too especially if you can get the nemesis spawn.

8108e7  No.121134


>How do others do it?

99% of the builds on the forum are cheated and the rest have been playing since the alpha.

Hopefully set farming will be less shit after the expansion adds Set Transmutation.

42f38e  No.121185


I don't want to blogpost but I got to ultimate with a jury rigged purifier with normal epic sets and some purples (not even mythical).

I got my asshole torn appart the second I stepped inside the expansion (even if I had tanked the longhorrean on ultimate) so I did the royal hive path for a few weeks straight (I think it was over a month). By the end of the farming I had a 4 piece mythical sharpshooter's coat, mythical rings of elemental balance and I farmed the hidden path for some acid and chaos pants.

I had to trade for 3 pieces of the mythical set but with enough odds and ends I had a solid character if a bit suboptimal (I was following one of the character builds posted on the forums). I could stand my ground against nearly all nemesis, all end bosses and couldn't beat the grove dungeon because I did not calculate the reach of the end bosses second form.

My farm routes were: the hive in front of Arkovia, then Twin Pines and the hidden path, then the treasure trove past the conflagration, teleporting back to the hidden path near the prison, finally the hidden path in the mountains. When I could taken on Fabius' I started with him and then did the route again. All in all it was close to 15-20 minutes to do each run but recently I felt that they were not dropping nearly as many legendaries as they should, is it because I have to start farming the areas next to Malmouth?

0272fa  No.121219


Im noy sure where the best farming spots for legendaries are, but im sure the skeleton key dungeons are good but can be tough on ultimate. I have a face tank commando that can kill a few nemesis bosses on ultimate, but the executioner in steps of torment worries me. I try not to look up content and being on hardcore makes me tread lightly into content on ultimate.

8108e7  No.121270


>Set Transmutation.

This will actually make it piss easy to complete most sets. All you have to do is craft helmets and transmute them into the other set pieces.

42f38e  No.121305


And thank god for that. I know how much time it takes me to farm materials and if I need iron I'll just go on a killing spree and sell all I find.

Unless they decide to go the diablo 3 route and make rerolls exponentially more expensive.

c026d8  No.121315



Thank goodness. I've been farming for the markovian fortress set, and have only amulets so far.

ef1add  No.121318




I dont understand the point of 50-65 sets because its impossible to get more than 3 items in one set before leveling to 75. Vanilla D2 was much better in regards to this with lower level of sets, so you can use them from the start and d2lod had runes so you can craft everything you need for leveling. Grim dawn had crafting but it was ridiculous, you get shitty useless rare item for expensive materials which are 10 minutes to get one. And relic crafting was 20-40 steps of crafting to get what you want, and starting relic was often one of the best relics anyway.

On stream they said they are making it easier but not by much and I think they mentioned making relic crafting easier.

a9f0b4  No.121329


I like how relic crafting is in GD. I havent had much of a problem with getting the mats for it. D2 sets were kind of useless most of the time from memory. Runewords were king in terms of farming. Low level sets in GD can be pretty useful, they just arent easily accesible unless you have built your recipes up. It feels more rewarding because it means making a new character will be a much faster process. I honestly dont agree with the loot system in D2 being better its really the same deal RNG can just really suck. But like others have mentioned, trasmutes are coming. They are obviously going to require new crafting mats, and shattered realm will probably have good drop rates on ultimate.

f8b07f  No.121467


>shattered realm will probably have good drop rates on ultimate.

Missing my point. GD right now has barely any crafting options for leveling and its hard to get sets, really fucking hard, even with crafting, recepies are not that common. 200hours and I barely have any set pieces unlocked.

ecf585  No.121510


The blacksmith cragts gear to your level when you craft the default gear. You domt really need leveling gear, and if you do there is always the explorers set, but goimg though veteran and elite you shouldnt need to craft anything unless your build requires a specific level 50 set or legendary item. Best advice i can give is to farm areas and look for locked chests because those drop recipes more often than elite mobs. Also, are you nemesis rank with any enemy factions?

f8b07f  No.121541


>Best advice i can give is to farm areas

Jesus, you are dense. >its impossible to get more than 3 items in one set before leveling to 75

c026d8  No.121572



Okay, I was trying to be nice, but since you want to throw a tandrum and ignore the first half of my post, I'll tell you straight up. If you need a full set before level 94 you are shit at this game, or your spec is shit. You need to learn to spec your damage and defenses. Just worry about maxing your resistences, and forget about using some level 50 set. Low level sets in Diablo 2 were pretty useless. Also, 200 hours is not a lot in terms of how many recipes have a chance to drop.

>its impossible to get more than 3 items in one set before leveling to 75

I had 3 pieces of Dawngaurds (ilvl 50-65) last me until level 85 on my most recent character. Sometimes it may take more than one character to save pieces for your next. That's the whole point of a leveling set. Use the stash. You don't find a leveling set while leveling your first or second character.

>Grim dawn had crafting but it was ridiculous, you get shitty useless rare item for expensive materials which are 10 minutes to get one.

If you know what mobs drop rare mats you can get them extremely fast on Ultimate.

>relic crafting was 20-40 steps of crafting to get what you want, and starting relic was often one of the best relics anyway.

You should have enough mats to craft each level relic by the time you reach the level requirement for the relic. Mythical relics are pretty powerful, and most of them require RNG to get the drop, so I can see your frustration on that, but finding the mats for the other relics to make a mythical relic isn't an endless grind.

f8b07f  No.121573


>gaining items is slower than leveling thus making low level sets obsolete

>you are bad at this game!

>You should have enough mats

Probably, but its tiresome.

c026d8  No.121574

File: 2894f658e540dc7⋯.webm (2.27 MB, 480x360, 4:3, unwind before unloading.webm)


I only called you bad because you were being rude. I understand your frustration, but generally games like this require farming for something for endless hours. This is why I play hardcore, because it doesn't get stale. If I die I make a new spec and do something different. or alt-tab because I got into something I can't win and pussy out :^) I have a lot of lower level stuff on my blacksmith right now, but iirc the only real "leveling" set this game has requires you to farm a boss that requires end game gear, and a spec that can survive him. I have noticed the more I play the faster I level because I am learning the order to do things in and what I can beat with out a certain spec. Part of leveling fast is just pathing. On my latest character I am overleveling quickly. I don't want us to fight, Anon. I agree, you don't get low level set pieces as often as in D2, and it was cool to use them in D2. In terms of using early game sets, Grim Dawn falls short because you need to farm for them on multiple characters or get their recipes. If you are having trouble with finding gear for your current level the black smith is still good with crafting enchanted items that scale to your closest ilvl, but make sure you have loads of scrap and iron. Now let's unwind a bit.

42f38e  No.121691



What this poster is saying. At some point you will need to create a starter farmer - some flavour of the month OP build that can facetank anything.

Check the GD forums for anything that says "starter", which will be a build based on greens and yellows. You will find better gear just by playing but if you have a sword and board warder, you can pretty much just stand in a crowd and refresh totems for 100 hours without having to worry about gear too much.

I know it's a shitty cop-out response to tell you to make a character you might not like just to be able to have fun later but standing around and just swinging my sword killing demigods gave me a comfy feeling.

My first farming character was a warder that I tried to turn into a thorns build. It took her 15 minutes to down Zaria the carver.

I named her lalatina

c42185  No.121774

So Diablo on Gud Old Goyims, thoughts?

6d2e2c  No.121815


Diablo1+Hellfire+mods fullfills 95% of my arpg autismo tbh. Not sure if good ole goys have Hellfire for sale tho. I'm still hoping that freeablo project is not dead.

c8664c  No.121842


> Not sure if good ole goys have Hellfire for sale tho.

No, it is not included. It might be a legal thing, since Hellfire was not developed by Blizzard.

< Diablo: Hellfire is the expansion pack for the video game Diablo, developed by Synergistic Software, a Sierra division, and published by Sierra On-Line in 1997.


6d2e2c  No.121845

File: 11616e46144c91e⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1200x680, 30:17, ClipboardImage.png)


Yep and synergistic went kaput after that. I still have my hellfire cd somewhere but really, hellfire by itself was at it's best incomplete at it's worse a badly done expansion. The real reason to get it is for the mods imo.

<hf barbarian > d2 barbarian

df72ec  No.121917


I'm pretty surprised

I figured Bliz would only stick to their own storefronts

3e3a9b  No.121959


Diablo1 iirc does not use a serial key, over time imo it was treated as the black sheep of (nu)bliz.

829d54  No.122025

i legit just want to play diablo 3, and i'd even be willing to buy it, but the fucking online only kills it for me

oh boy, in a dungeon and having fun, oh what's that, blizzard disconnected you, well not to worry, i'll log right back in .. and you're ported back in tristram

and that shit happened 3 times within an hour of playing the demo

b6e7c3  No.122049

File: da8dddc5b104a49⋯.png (284.5 KB, 540x720, 3:4, c090cadf2888de095887c79b1e….png)


>i legit just want to play diablo 3

Do yourself a favor and don't. Are you a console user?

829d54  No.122054


nope, i know they have offline diablo on them, but there's not enough worthwhile games to make me buy one

50a133  No.122163


So Grim Dawn is actually worth it? I barely ever hear anyone talking about it, and I've had a real itch for an ARPG lately.

Seems like a good opportunity to check it out.

fc1fba  No.122165

File: 967e166adf98b04⋯.jpg (83.2 KB, 604x550, 302:275, 967e166adf98b04cd9e25066fc….jpg)


GD is great. 27 of march is new dlc release.

The only problem with grim dawn is small size compared to poe and diablo2(/mods) and most skills are super boring. But it looks great, works great, mechanics are alright, you can make different builds so overall its great. I recommend playing it over all other arpg out there (unless you count nioh, but its different enough to not count as generic arpg).

50a133  No.122166

Have any of you given Din's Curse a try? It's a lot like Diablo 1 in concept (descending into a fixed dungeon) but also does a few things of its own like

>timed quests

>the monsters don't just sit around waiting for you to kill them, as you progress they will wise up and start crawling out of the dungeon to attack the town

>if the town gets destroyed, you get whisked to a new one because:

>You're eternally enslaved to Din because you lived a degenerate life, so he's forcing you to continue questing until you turn into a true hero. Which means for every village you fail to save or quest you screw up you have to work overtime to make up for it

It definitely looks and feels older than it is, but mechanically it's very satisfying. I recommend it if you've got nothing better to do.

dfd6f7  No.122167


I'd say it's worth it. It's not talked about much because it had a rough beginning, but ashes of malmouth definitely brought a lot of life to it. Its over shadowed by Path of Exile and nuDiablo in popularity as well. The map is pretty large and due to engine limitations is hand made. Barriers in some dungeons are randomized but thats it. The map hasnt gotten old to me yet and im probably nearing a good 300+ hours. As another anon mentioned some of the spells are boringm but i wouldnt goes as far to say "most" i can only think of a few that are snore fests. and i enjoy cadence. If youre looking for a decent "isometric" arpg this is a game to look into. Its got a gog version, so you can always download the free trial :^)

fc1fba  No.122173

File: ff96024153c54b5⋯.jpg (213.02 KB, 979x605, 89:55, 10528d6ece3f25c3962f9eec94….jpg)


>Also unlike TQ all GD locations are same boring swamp-forest.

Moderately wrong.


Its shit.

>There's no vsync or limit fps in options.

Wrong, picrelated.

>Why GD renders infinite FPS and makes PC fly

I assume you meant "fry" but its also wrong, never had a problem with overheating with GD.

dfd6f7  No.122186


There is a vsync option. I dont cap my FPS, ao i know what you mean because my CPU is about tp take off if i pause and dont alt-tab. As for every map being bland swamp I'd disagree. You are inside dungeons and caves more than swamps. Hell, the majority of the game youre in farmlands. Ugdenbog is the first swamp focused area in an ARPG that didnt make me want to blast a hole in my brain (act 3 diablo 2 being the worst offender). TL2 is a good addition to the genre, but it seems like you are writing this game off without even reaching the first act boss.

74e854  No.122188


It's very clunky and cumbersome, but the magic can be pretty fun. I once killed and raised a gigantic giant, it was so big the camera clipped through his shins and he just walked around stomping on everything like I was playing Age of Mythology: Atlantians Are Balanced

ff3f27  No.122191




Burch only wrote parts of BL2, which was bad enough.

No, Burch did worse. He wrote the Pre-Sequel and killed 2K Australia. Take the boring gameplay and slap his writing on it with nobody shutting up and faggoty cuckoldry everywhere and bam. Dead studio.

20a4a4  No.122266

>Playing Hardcore Grim Dawn

>Level 45 Conjurer gets blown up by mines outside Fort Ikon

I-I was getting bored of that character anyway

cf26f9  No.122365


Those mines are worse than any other environmental hazard in the game. I'd take the poison in Hargates lab anyday over the plains of strife mines.

4a75ed  No.122440

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Well this was rather sudden. Especially when it releases in three weeks.

In other news Grim Dawn expansion details http://archive.fo/bMgf7

>Enter the Shattered Realm - a brand new game mode will have you face off against Cairn's foes in ever more challenging shards of an unstable reality. Earn unique rewards and mountains of loot!

>A New Class Mastery - smite your foes with a divine new mastery: the Oathkeeper, which can be combined with the other Masteries, raising the total number of combinations to a staggering 36!

>Rune Augments - Apply a new category of enchantments to your Medals, unlocking powerful mobility skills available to all masteries, including Leap, Teleport and more.

>A Massive Story Chapter - Journey beyond the remnants of the Erulan Empire to dangerous new lands teeming with forbidden secrets. Battle alongside the Witch God cults to vanquish the rising threat of a forgotten god.

>New Environments - Discover foreboding deserts, explore lush oases, survive the heat of a land ravaged by a god's burning rage, witness the wonders of the Eldritch Realm itself.

>[*Difficulty Merits - Embrace new challenges by starting the game on Elite or Ultimate difficulty from the very beginning by purchasing Difficulty Merits for your new characters!

>Transmutation - Visit the Inventor to reroll your duplicate Set Items to create new Set Pieces from the same set or entirely different sets.

>Four Factions - Align yourself with one of the three Witch God cults and face off against Eldritch Horrors serving a forgotten power.

>9 Constellations - Unleash the powers of forgotten gods with 9 new Devotion Constellations that offer even more ways to traverse Grim Dawn's massive celestial tapestry.

>Collect Hundreds of New Items - Dozens of new Monster Infrequents and Hundreds of Epic and Legendary items are waiting to be added to your collection, including sets exclusive to the game's Roguelike dungeon and the Shattered Realm!

>Expanded Stash - Protect your precious wealth with an additional Personal and Transfer Stash Tab.

>New Nemesis and Super Bosses - The Eldritch Realm houses terrors beyond imagining. Face off against its nemesis for unique loot. Uncover the secrets of the Korvan Basin and unleash a supremely powerful foe.

20a4a4  No.122469


It was a good fucking character too, wrecking bosses and melting mobs no problem (this is on veteran though), playing through with a commando and it's taken me much longer to take out that first elemental in the flooded passage

b6e7c3  No.122496



currently playing a face tank commando and all i can say is youll probably never melt anything for a long time until you get loads of OA and attack speed. But man can they take damage.

ef1add  No.122516



Careful with dlc locations, I was oneshotted by shotgun. 15k hp melted in one skill. The only pssible way for me to die was to be hit by every single projectile in nova and I did just that. Still feels better than path of exile "snipers kill you feom 2 screen away and you cant even move camera because fuck you". I am pretty sure mobs are not even active before you see them in grim dawn.

6c86ec  No.122521


>additional stash tab

They caved. Thank goodness. Stash space for hardcore goes fast.

fc1fba  No.122526



Some of the notable changes:

>The Loot Filter has been overhauled to be much more versatile. You can now filter by Item Quality (including Monster Infrequents and Sets as special sub-categories), Item Type (ex. 1h melee weapons, helmets, etc.) and various Attributes (ex. Offensive Ability, Your Mastery Skills, % Damage, etc.)

>64-bit launcher is now implemented. Now you can choose whether you want to play 32-bit version or 64-bit one, instead of 32-bit only.

>Steam and GOG players can now play together in MP as long as they have the same game version starting from this update

>Cunning and Spirit now grant +1 HP per point alongside usual bonuses. Monster health is not affected by these changes.

>Increased health on various bosses in the base game that have fallen behind comparable Ashes of Malmouth/Forgotten Gods encounters.

>Demolitionist got buffed greatly. Purifiers rejoice!

>Reduced sell value of all equipment by 12% and increased Iron Bit drops by 30%

>Many item skill modifiers and granted skills have received the new % of Retaliation Damage added to Attack stat. In some cases, new modifiers have been introduced for this stat (Forgotten Gods only).

>Reduced level requirements for low level item sets

>Adjusted values on most Consumable items

>Normalized Retaliation damage types from all sources. With some exceptions where it makes thematic sense, all Retaliation effects are now either Physical, Fire, Acid or Lightning (or their respective dots).

ef1add  No.122529


I never could understand why retaliation set looks like crusader set and why it deals acid damage.

d143ca  No.122946

ca3ff0  No.123018

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Well this is new. Sad it's going to be a Korean skinnerbox.

20a4a4  No.123082


Yeah I got the feeling that commando takes a while to get going, at level 17 now and it's getting better.

0357df  No.123182


Commando never will hit the big dick numbers that some other classes do, but jesus you can basically survive a second grim dawn while an elder god bites at your ankles.

20a4a4  No.123195


I can see that, what skills do you want to dump points in other than Menhir's will?

139cbb  No.123198

File: c8f957bb451ba1c⋯.png (991.26 KB, 980x543, 980:543, 2019-03-75482.png)

File: 33d341da618716a⋯.png (1.14 MB, 999x635, 999:635, 2019-03-70525.png)

File: dbaf7579f2ea50c⋯.png (1.11 MB, 999x635, 999:635, 2019-03-22567.png)

File: 368a1a3c9c3d42b⋯.png (95.95 KB, 228x223, 228:223, 2019-03-70143.png)

File: 6ce2ae6d9859252⋯.png (615.56 KB, 649x414, 649:414, 2019-03-12885.png)


This is what I currently have spec'd at level 94 on my internal trauma commando. I don't follow builds or any meta, so mileage my vary. My devotions are tortoise, hammer, empty throne, crab, autumn boar, dryad, sailor's guide, panther, eel, lizard, tree of life, and Vire the stone mason. My gear is lacking right now.

20a4a4  No.123199


Interesting, I'm going for a 2h fire strike build so I was thinking of propping up my health with devotions like lizard or even giant's blood, may also dump some points into military conditioning

139cbb  No.123200


Yeah HP and Defensive Ability are extremely important. Also, getting armour absorption to 100% is a good thing to do. IDK how you obtained the game, but in the latest patch demolitionist got some decent buffs.

20a4a4  No.123201



>demolitionist got some decent buffs.

Yeah I saw, just trying to find the details now

139cbb  No.123202

File: 2264ac9b6460f1a⋯.png (3.54 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim_Dawn_24.png)

Wish me luck. Never fought him

139cbb  No.123204

File: ce8b4f6a6d6b3fe⋯.png (4.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim_Dawn_25.png)

I face tanked him. his overhand attack didn;t even take me below 80% HP. Fuck this nigger's crystal spam. Killing me would have been mercy. even with 169% over maxed cold res I was frozen any time I got near his crystals, and he is slow as fuck so kiting him around corners is a snorefest. I'm sure he is fun to fight when you are squishy though.

5cb913  No.123218


The only problem with this looking guys is too much HP and sometimes summons. Otherwise you should ignore them completely because its not worth it.

139cbb  No.123220


I think the main counter to them all is just over capping res to extreme amounts. The one that seems to kill almost everyone is the one in Malmouth with the aether meteor. Getting hit with that is almost a garaunteed death. They arent worth it in terms of loot, but it's a nice change of pace to fight something with the potential to kill.

5cb913  No.123223


Projectile nova attacks are most dangerous because they can shotgun. I lost 15k~ hp in one random cast. According to docs I was hit by every single one projectile out of 16. Talk about bad luck.

3ac033  No.123225


Bad luck is when you have no way to run away from incoming attack and your healing potion + healing skill almost finished cooling down. Said attack ends up killing you right after one of two become active.

8108e7  No.123329



Wait for RPCS3 compatibility.

d27211  No.123363


>day 1 purchase of Diablo 3

>finish the story and never touch the lagfest loadout shit again

>pirate it on PS3 years later

>have a blast in splitscreen with roommate for several weekends

From the very beginning I felt there was somethings deeply wrong with the game, but I couldn't figure it out until I played it with a controller in hand. Blizzard were still the good guys in my mind.

b6e7c3  No.123367

File: 262145d2763bb73⋯.png (100.71 KB, 385x302, 385:302, 55f11e5a6099b6a179c93809f1….png)


>day 1 purchase of diablo 3

>finish the story while the group of people I played with were DC'd

>we all eventually reach inferno

>beat the game because a faggot has a broken build that perma-freezes every boss

>blizzard nerfs everthing

>move to hardcore and continue to play the game for nearly 3k hours pre and post auction house/expansion

5cb913  No.123380

File: ca5aa7505012f19⋯.png (72.48 KB, 381x541, 381:541, 480f8d3802017e97081e7bd5de….png)


Not worth it either way. Better wait for next GD expansion, like me. I guess I can play some median xl, but that requires a shitload of gear+build management.

My regular build cant handle endgame ubers and uber build cant handle (rather extremely unpleasant for) regular play. I can afford switching quite a lot, but I am not going to spend 15 minutes each time I want to do something different.

e30786  No.123619


Hell yeah! I actually still go back every now and then and play them. A buddy of mine growing up would link up and wed try to grind for good drops on the multiplayer only maps. Fun times. Its just too bad they werent longer games.

20a4a4  No.123697

RIP Commando, got fucked up trying to take out the boss in the depraved sanctuary, managed to get some decent gear for him too, like the the brimstone shoulderguard from the Warden and massacre, serves me right for not playing while not feeling 100%. Might roll up a ranged elementalist next

41f289  No.123803


I didn't think it was pirateable yet since it required you to log into some crap neocore servers.

b03c37  No.124540

File: 9db99a699df3793⋯.png (49.41 KB, 580x303, 580:303, grim dawn.png)

File: 33a0303b425aab2⋯.jpg (23.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 48 hours.jpg)


2 days left

bac90a  No.124541


So are we going to oil ourselves up using honey and have a gay orgy to celebrate or what?

b03c37  No.124599

File: 7c8b321750da802⋯.jpg (284.14 KB, 1280x1030, 128:103, 7c8b321750da802ef45bef31ef….jpg)


Sounds like a good way to pass time the coming 2 days.

4344bb  No.124760

File: 55fa44e14eaa6a6⋯.jpg (1008.88 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Desktop_Oathkeeper_2560X14….jpg)

Game was updated to 1.1.1 Loads of buffs and animation changes.



ef1add  No.125009

Forgotten Gods is up at Steam's now! Dunno if it's up on GOG, but I hope GOG version dl link will be available soon after the expansion drops.


edca44  No.125032

File: 03bf8e8a4d0e539⋯.jpg (639.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190327203501_1.jpg)

Started my Oathkeeper run from Ultimate, already lvl 5 after barely leaving Devil's Crossing.

Still not sure what second class to pick, might go for Soldier for that melee, shield and retaliation synergy.

fd7a43  No.125048

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fd7a43  No.125049

File: 87634c5faba07ef⋯.jpg (124.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, empyrean_1.jpg)

File: b2ee71ab797b50a⋯.jpg (242.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, empyrean_2.jpg)

File: f474ebaf8545fc4⋯.jpg (224.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, empyrean_3.jpg)

File: 0b17a8aa4a89d68⋯.jpg (115.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, empyrean_4.jpg)

67d7ab  No.125050

File: fa4c9fe0b2088d6⋯.jpg (147.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, empyrean_5.jpg)

File: a18a1a4695daf89⋯.jpg (237.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, empyrean_6.jpg)

File: 9a61753f834bb80⋯.jpg (174.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, empyrean_7.jpg)

File: 1e7581415bbb929⋯.jpg (146.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, empyrean_8.jpg)

0357df  No.125053


soldier is good, demo is good, and occultist are good easy picks with oathkeeper.

edca44  No.125055


Yeah those are my top picks, but demo is a bit 'eh' besides blast shield.

Might go soldier for that ultimate retaliation build, Counterstrike especially which now even adds a percentage of your retaliation to your attack (don't believe it used to do that, anyway) seems amazing.

0357df  No.125058


Flame touched is pretty solid for meatier left clicks which is where most of your damage is going to come from.

Also yeah soldier is strong the only issue is that it has a ton of good abilities so you have to plan a bit more carefully

b6e7c3  No.125062




Looks neat, but care to give a quick rundown of it because you just look like a bot posting like that.



I rolled Oathkeeper + Demolitionist and rushed EoR Whirlwind tbh Going 2 handed melee and focusing fire. We will see how it turns out later. Also, if you use "whirlwind" and don't like how it locks to targets you can use your "force move" keybind in combination with it.

dfce78  No.125524

Why come butcher rape you to death if not in multiplayer or have 50 DEX?

b0f626  No.126143

I have to say oathkeeper is definitely a great addition to Grim Dawn. I don't know how viable mine is going to be for end game, but ill post some webms when I get back to the desktop. Has anyone been farming shattered realm? I haven't seen any hardcore character videos and after doing 1 run of it I'm assuming it gets brutal quickly. I've heard people saying that even some of the tankiest builds cant survive shard level 60.

637745  No.126522


You just look like a retard posting like that.


Learn English, shit wipe.

d0b40a  No.126855

File: 387f3a4b231beb2⋯.jpg (113.33 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, phantasy-star-online-blue-….jpg)

everyone forgot

fca1e5  No.126903


There's still private servers available for Dreamcast in case anons are interested?

df72ec  No.127087

>directional facing is actually important in Xanadu Next

shame the game mechanically burns out pretty quick, every enemy is "bait attack, run to rear and start smacking"

by the time I hit the 2nd to last dungeon I was dragging and waiting for the game to be done

491fb4  No.127142


>Looks neat, but care to give a quick rundown of it because you just look like a bot posting like that.

Explore areas, kill monsters, upgrade your gear, level up your skills

There's armor, swords, bows, magic staves, potions

You can kill skeletons, zombies, goblins and shit

Kill enough things and you gain a level, meaning you can kill even stronger things

Thereare caves, plains, forests, towns etc to explore

NPCs will ask you to fetch items in exchange for XP and gold

You can buy and sell items from some NPCs

You're a dumb faggot btw

19eab8  No.127161


Sad that there is no real sci-fi ARPG's these days. Everything is fantasyshit really.

4344bb  No.127201

File: 8363129269b3193⋯.webm (2.42 MB, 512x384, 4:3, faggot this and faggot th….webm)


>You're a dumb faggot btw


070126  No.127241


can I run Median XL with PvPGN+D2GS?

91c77f  No.127242


That's what happens when there's no hope for the future.

82eb4e  No.127568

Diablo 3 was awesome. was a shame it wasn't twice as long.

449899  No.127572

Any Inquisitor Martyr fags around? It's supposed to be getting a massive update.

b21691  No.127689

File: 9ab6e807eab0a1d⋯.jpg (31.56 KB, 490x415, 98:83, kentaro miura.jpg)

Is Diablo 1 worth playing? It's great that it's on gog now, but from what i hear it's a bit dated now. Is it a good starter or should you just go straight to 2?

b6e7c3  No.127704


>Is Diablo 1 worth playing?


>but from what i hear it's a bit dated now

Stop letting retards or anyone in general form opinions for you

>should you just go straight to 2

If you are into stories and lore, no. If you want to play an isometric arpg for the grinding and gameplay alone, yes.

686fbb  No.127769


Just fucking do it you nigger.

070126  No.127788

3a57fd  No.127972


>Diablo 1

An actually good rpg

>Diablo 2

A single player mmo/Skinner box for grinding addicts

Anyone who tells you 1 is dated or 2 is good should be ignored in all matters of taste.

637745  No.128113


I've literally been playing PSO+ for the last month.

879fbe  No.128123


I feel like we should get a group together for that provided how well it works.

33bf1d  No.128149

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Is Diablo 1 worth playing?

Yes, even for the historical aspect of it.

> It's great that it's on gog now, but from what i hear it's a bit dated now.

Apart from the slow walk speed in town, and the lack of autoclicking, both of which can be remedied by mods and maybe the aspect ratio, D1 holds up quite well. There is also no "achievement" no p2win no DLC nickle and diming j00wing you to death bullshits, and although there is -some- grind involved, it is definitely not as bad as D2 in comparison. Some quality of life shit is not present but some mods may remedy that depending on your taste, but really considering the era it was from it's fairly decent for what it is.

>or should you just go straight to 2?

Nigga please, Diablo 1 is Conan The Barbarian, D2 is Conan The Destroyer. Now I enjoyed D2\LoD enough, but Diablo1\and the non bliz made flawed expansion Hellfire but makes a great mod base, now that was when blizzard was still worth a damn.

637745  No.128203

File: 0968ec7720d5a2d⋯.png (485.64 KB, 884x663, 4:3, GPOE8P-1.png)


Just found two Agito 1975 in a single ten minute run of Fake in Yellow.

5d2266  No.128207


>single player skinner box for grinding addicts

If you play anything other than hardcore in grinding ARPGs you consume dick as a daily macronutrient.

04e4c4  No.128214


Blizzard did not made diablo, it was condor entertainment renamed into blizzard north.

33bf1d  No.128244


It's been awhile so thanks for reminding me that bliz killed bliz north.

bd0578  No.130824

File: cd2ffeb4f319044⋯.jpg (69.3 KB, 720x544, 45:34, 1489284942.jpg)

any /vgina/ d2 servers?

bac90a  No.130827


So what has Blizzard legit made as a company or are they just always been a publisher kind of deal?

ce61cb  No.131094

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

These are quickly becoming a dime a dozen and feel like they want to make animu rather than vidya.

8ace9c  No.131615



Have you guys tried that other mod?

The one that adds back the town of Torchlight into the game?

I think it's called Unearthed Arcana because the modder used things that were already there.

50a133  No.133758

File: d8a3df04eee3b6d⋯.jpg (12.89 KB, 300x241, 300:241, 127375921.jpg)

So what are the masteries in Titan Quest like? Gonna give it a shot, but I'm curious about what sort of possibilities there are with mixing and matching. Does the system provide a lot of versatility and staying power?

281e24  No.133759


Not quite sure. I know it got a dlc lately but haven't bothered to check it out.

ba3014  No.133798


All the masteries have some amount of synergy with others, because every mastery has at least one skill that's useful to any type of character (buffs, lowering enemy resists, etc). Some are clearly more geared towards certain character types though. For example, Defense and Warfare seems like a natural combo at first glance, but the best abilities in Defense require a shield while the primary ability in Warfare is dual-wielding, meaning no shield. It's still a powerful class, but you have to be aware of what trade-offs there are. The game heavily encourages respeccing skill points though and only a few mastery combinations are actually 'bad'. Mixing fighter and caster-oriented masteries though should probably be saved until you know the game better. I haven't seen anything in the newest expansion yet but as far as the masteries from the first two expansions (Dream and Rune), they go well with just about anything.

3a4b3a  No.133800


Defense + hunting is what most people go for. Provides a good amount of offense with a lot of defense.

Dream is also a good mastery to pick, it's flexible enough it can be combined with any other mastery.

b6e7c3  No.133826


I mixed Spirit and Nature to make a pure pet build. It breezes through the content, but will probably suck when the game gets tougher.

1741d1  No.133835

File: bf181b078515aa4⋯.jpg (388.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grim Dawn 2019-05-12 09-12….jpg)


Dream can basically make you invincible if you are willing to put all your early points into is mastery and then go Trance of Rage (aka Sleepwalking)

Add Defensive mastery and hide behind a shield while the trance does the rest for maximum survivability, though I found that Dream goes with about any other mastery

0dfd13  No.134278




kys, cuntmuffin

557769  No.134359


So is this about tits, pantsu and gardening? Can we just have a game that you know, cuts out the tits and pantsu?

4eb18a  No.135217


> Can we just have a game that you know, cuts out the tits and pantsu?

A heterosexual man who plays arpg's doesn't get that plus current year arpg's from the east are all about the booty, and you don't want the booty in your game. Are you from San Freakcisco on the coast or just a weesh man who blew his 10 bits on some other forum?

6150bb  No.135218


If gardening is gay then I don't want to be straight.

a08d45  No.135357

Does someone want to explain to me why we can't have an ARPG with more depth than a spoon and good gameplay? I played victor vran for a while, and it had very fun gameplay, but the mechanics and content were a bit slim. While games like grim dawn have a lot of freedom for build, but the combat is awful.

e4f542  No.135359


It's striking a balance of accessibility, ease of adding content, and the ability to add depth to character builds. Typically combat in most ARPG's are trash cause they have to take a back seat to all this.

8c52a3  No.135372

So anons ready for the next Dork Souls? http://archive.fo/8fFXV

and the fact that it might be written by GRRM? http://archive.fo/gxq7h

eae451  No.136588

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Would this interest anyone?

637745  No.139908



it's garbage

63e362  No.140395




Gave this a spin. Rather than an actual game, it's an open source tool to build your own game on top of. The controls are built with WASD movement in mind, so if you turn mouse movement on it feels unnatural. You can't click to move, instead you have to hold left mouse all the time. And you can't click on objects, items, or monsters to interact with them. You have to click near it first, and then click on it. The characters in the game look like they took images of real people first, and then had an artist render them. They all look like generic SJW's. I imagine the people used for reference are the developers and their friends. Probably communists since they went open source.

af324e  No.140476



ebfafd  No.140484

File: 747f135e652e558⋯.png (64.05 KB, 320x233, 320:233, ClipboardImage.png)


Ayy/10, got a sensible chuckle out of me.

598350  No.140571

> Sacred Gold

fucking lit

> Sacred 2

nice visuals but kinda mediocre

> Sacred 3

Like the 3rd call of duty or the 3rd matrix movie. We pretend it didn't happen.

535260  No.140610


I think Sacred 3 should be word filtered to say nothing. I don't think anyone remembers it. Clearly should be erased from history.

b6e7c3  No.141091

File: 4acdd32465a1dcf⋯.webm (9.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Minecraft Dungeons.webm)

The pinnacle of Diablo-like ARPGs is here.

d8bbdd  No.141109


Wasn't that the game that had Blind Guardian in it?

f8ee43  No.141141

File: 0dff1d2e75a8298⋯.png (226.86 KB, 400x302, 200:151, ClipboardImage.png)


Oh god, I forgot about seeing this and wanted to blank it out.

78928b  No.141153

File: 7ab4704ab2c6f23⋯.png (173.05 KB, 324x447, 108:149, ClipboardImage.png)



Yet it still looks more interesting than Diablo "what, you goys don't have phones?" mobile.

fucking fuck this gay earth.gif

b6e7c3  No.141160

File: 9ba630bf7d89dee⋯.png (191.83 KB, 532x513, 28:27, 9ba630bf7d89dee94d70ba3d5f….png)



The really sad part is that microshit is so retarded that it looks like there is no building of any sort in the game. They had a chance to milk the fuck out of the west by making essentially what would be the western Dragon Quest Builders, but they went the easier route and will probably fill it with skin DLC. In fact that's the entire fucking point of minecraft, but everything minecraft related they make has absolutely nothing to do with building. It's all pre-set dungeons, and visual novels. It's a shame developers don't think "What can we do that is unique and will make a really fun game?" All the shit is laid out on a fucking platter.

>Japan has DQ builders locked to 2 platforms

>minecraft is a world-wide success

>diablo is highly successful world wide

<game is only minecraft in art style

<game is only diablo in spells n shit

Can we hire people that actually play video games?

78928b  No.141172

File: ad8b88b86ab11d7⋯.png (206.28 KB, 540x304, 135:76, ClipboardImage.png)


> that it looks like there is no building of any sort in the game.

>In fact that's the entire fucking point of minecraft, but everything minecraft related they make has absolutely nothing to do with building. It's all pre-set dungeons

><game is only minecraft in art style

><game is only diablo in spells n shit

Ey yo hol up. No really now stop shitposting for a sec this is serious business if what you are implying is true.

<minecraft claim to fame is the virtual lego aspect of it

<Diablo made its bones popularizing the real time and random generated dungeons ARPG

>peanut butter sandwich is decent

>choco hazelnut spread on bread is delicious

<the pajeets at MS has a brilliant idea, "holy shit what if, guise guise check this combo out what if, what if we combine

<raw chicken and diced banana peels, then put them between a hard tack biscuit"

637745  No.141182


>Unlike Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons has no crafting, building, or the ability to destroy blocks. Instead it focuses on being a dungeon crawler game, where the player explores randomly-generated dungeons filled with randomly-generated monsters, deals with traps and puzzles, and finds treasures.

>Mojang developers at E3 2019 made one emphatic point: "We want to make sure this is Minecraft."


000000  No.141183


I like that there's no crafting or building, it'll keep the retards out.

f2f4ae  No.141186

File: e811ef315afffad⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1845x1038, 615:346, e811ef315afffad35b3a1758e0….png)


Depends on what the gameplay actually ends up being, but this actually looks kind of fun.

It doesn't help that it looks like the kind of game I've wished for and wanted to make for ages. Just a lot uglier.

f7ee0f  No.141203

File: bb267b49f91a5ef⋯.jpg (434.5 KB, 800x600, 4:3, mapseed-tristram.jpg)

File: 31ec6c6e809b788⋯.jpg (424.89 KB, 800x600, 4:3, mapseed-forgottentower.jpg)

File: 957fa52d1bdf957⋯.jpg (399.34 KB, 800x600, 4:3, mapseed-durance3.jpg)

File: 7455254f4876972⋯.jpg (466.37 KB, 800x600, 4:3, mapseed-hellforge.jpg)

File: f7e98e164f2f3bd⋯.jpg (359.23 KB, 800x600, 4:3, mapseed-wsk2.jpg)

>play diablo II again

>make bone necro

>get to nightmare

>get map seed with …

>stony wp next to tristram

>countess tower a short walk away, with 4 shrines around it

>durance of hate wp nearby level 3

>hellforge not far from river of flame waypoint (+ shrine)

>worldstone keep wp nearby lv3, and throne room next to lv3

This is crazy good for magic finding, rune hunting, and gem upgrading. Moving on to Hell and regenerating the map almost sounds sad.

f7ee0f  No.141204

File: 94226bba6e72bc1⋯.jpg (372.94 KB, 800x600, 4:3, mapseed-wsk3.jpg)

ea42c6  No.141257


You don't mine and you don't craft.

309dd6  No.141302


You only Mein Kampf

f2f4ae  No.141323



Why would you actually want Minecraft's nonexistent gameplay to be reflected in this? If they want to use the deep Minecraft lore and also the money printing brand name to sell an action RPG, let them. The Minecraft formula is nothing but tedious and unsatisfactory grind that serves some enable very basic building mechanics. Do you really want that in an ARPG?

0fd2a6  No.141492


The real question is why do you want Minecraft as an ARPG in the first place? It just doesn't make any fucking sense.

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