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File: cb945e37d4e35ee⋯.jpg (33.87 KB, 848x477, 16:9, 848full-henry-of-skalitz[1….jpg)

62c71b  No.113406

Medieval Henry Simulator

Post your Henry's, mods and blogposts here.

Skalitz ain't free. Forests of Bohemia gotta be littered with the bodies of Cumans. Sigismund A.K.A Schwuchtelmund is not my king and probably a blackamoor as well. Jesus Christ be praised and not Hail Tengri OK. I'm feeling quite hungry.

389777  No.113448

What is with the ultimate "muh photorealistic, muh immersion" mod?

And what is with the manly man award?


ad0c13  No.113564

File: 3b34b98cdcf5fce⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 1016x568, 127:71, 3b34b98cdcf5fce388cf47de66….jpg)

>couldnt run this shit

8cb83b  No.113588


I played it at sub 10-30 FPS at lowest settings 900p on the release patch.

Still a great game.

62c71b  No.113599


You posted a Spurdo tank though. What more do you really need in life?

62c71b  No.113600


>And what is with the manly man award?

It's about some cuck trying to entice hambeasts into giving his sad little blog clicks.

ad0c13  No.113603


the fucking madlad

a02ba8  No.113607

Weren't they making an expansion for this set during Crusades?

b329e7  No.113626


what changed since release? has it gotten more stable?

62c71b  No.113716


More stable, fixed bugs, HD textures and sounds etc. Hardcore mode was added too.

ea9cff  No.113865

File: 2586b0b20d69b13⋯.png (868.33 KB, 720x540, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Looks like Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 is on the menu boys.


42ef5d  No.113874

File: 871fb728414bb4d⋯.jpg (226.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 14a57aa02bd6e540e296ea86c9….jpg)


ill post my henry after i get my new pc

which should able to run this game at max grapics

i will sell my consoles for it , cuz someone gotta be ready when read dead 2 comes out

f19f57  No.113913

Is it worth paying for this game or should i just pirate it ?

Honestly this one of the two games that came out in the last five to six years i might pay for.

502d32  No.113917


first test it by torrenting it

there is a chance your pc might get really bad performance even at lowest settings

0ffdcb  No.113918


>p*lish "news"

9afd29  No.113934


In the language of Jesus please?

4b9493  No.114097

I abandoned it a few days in, probably because of some bothering glitches, felt pretty good though, but a big time waste at the same time, and not to mention the sometimes furiously annoying combat system.

Should I still give it another go?

2e79cd  No.114100


If you dislike the combat system it only gets worse for you anon.

d07d13  No.114105


A Gondola mecha would be bretty gud.

d203ac  No.114225


It wud be breddy gomfy

0626ec  No.114597


After translating this can say it says nothing of note and is just speculation due to a whiteboard posting.

a9ba81  No.115838

Kingdom Come Deliverance Bandit DLC soon


62c71b  No.116386


On their livestream they said it was the version of some software they use.

b41979  No.116389

File: 564ccad0351e667⋯.jpg (520.41 KB, 900x646, 450:323, Penrhyn Castle.jpg)

I just wish they could give us a DLC where we get to build our own fortress.

My IRL life goal is to at some point have enough money to buy 200+ acres of land and build a small castle / fortified house on top of a hill. But before I do that IRL I want to do it in Kingdom Come.

I mean sure, we have a dlc where we can make a small village, but it's lame and doesn't have walls or castles.

d2fd70  No.116404


Why not play Medieval Engineers anon? :^)

b41979  No.116415


>ugly barebones indieshit with no combat

2982d1  No.116542


Wait for Butterlord.

6aedc8  No.116713

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 1.8.1. patch notes: http://archive.li/qLnRl

Band of Bastards also got released. Apparently there's another DLC coming out that will let you fulfill /pol/'s fantasy of becoming a woman http://archive.li/av0ye

5fd5eb  No.116728


>Women's lot DLC

Commence autistic /pol/ screeching.

b41979  No.116773


As long as the womyn DLC has no combat and the female character learns the importance of family, loyalty and motherhood and our quests are to have many beautiful white children, prepare warm meals for our hardworking husband and work in the wheat fields then I have no issue with it.

62c71b  No.116778

Anyone else having problems with the game crashing when you open the map/inventory just after the latest nVidia update?

8e193b  No.116804



What possessed you to mention /pol/? What malfunction of the mind causes you to associate not wanting to play as a woman with that board?

b41979  No.116806


Either a redditor or a leftyfaggot

314e91  No.116815

File: 3e144a6789c49a0⋯.png (108.59 KB, 310x440, 31:44, 3e144a6789c49a067a5f0d3972….png)



There some random lefty redditor roaming around the board.

9918ab  No.116866


What malfunction of the mind causes you not to read what he said?

182703  No.117059


>Not wanting to be a big breasted thot producing strong white children for your hardworking husbando

What's wrong with you is the question?

8e193b  No.117073


Satan dubsman, it is you who are illiterate. They both mentioned /pol/ unprovoked. That is what I was referencing. Yes, one mentioned them in a tongue-in-cheek way, but either way it's unprovoked.


However, I am of the opinion that being a woman is always gay, and if you say "thot" or "husbando" you're a huge faggot. So you are a huge gay faggot, for sure.

e3ef76  No.117575


Because they are so easy to trigger.

9d98e9  No.117959

Not going to repeat myself but THQ Nordic bought this game. lel

123cf5  No.117969

File: 2be5fae47d77bba⋯.jpg (58.6 KB, 604x440, 151:110, 2be5fae47d77bbac05bd533428….jpg)


>still no stalker

bd0e69  No.118016


>Not going to repeat myself but THQ Nordic bought this game. lel


77d8c1  No.118017

77d8c1  No.118018



e312b2  No.118054

File: 3824fc8746060ac⋯.jpg (130.11 KB, 579x960, 193:320, Vladimir what are you doin….jpg)

c0ef5a  No.118225



You had one job!

b6701d  No.118573


I hope it becomes an Epic exclusive too.

d5b2e0  No.119455


Pirate it if you want to be sure you'll like it first, but the company is worth giving money to so they make more shit like KC:D.


The combat is one of the best parts of the game. A lot of people don't like it because they gave up early, but it's intentional for Henry to be garbage at combat in the beginning, he's an illiterate peasant, not a warrior. Train with Bernard until you learn combos and master strikes, get up your weapon and defense levels, and it becomes much more satisfying. My only complaint is that towards the end the combat stops being fun because you kill almost everyone too quick (so you don't even get to use your cool combos) but that can be mitigated by using a weaker weapon, or wearing less armor. While it makes sense for a trained warrior in full plate to curbstomp most enemies, it does get boring after a while.

d5b2e0  No.119456


I'm not too worried about the woman DLC given how well the game handles that sort of thing. More than one peasant will tell you how it's a man's lot to die in battle, and a woman's lot to die in childbirth. And the title of the DLC is "A Woman's Lot" but hopefully it's a little more interesting than getting knocked up and dying in childbirth.

Supposedly it'll focus on Theresa (Henry's gf) and what she got up to while Henry was unconscious for a few weeks recovering in the mill from his early game beatdown. I highly doubt they're gonna make her some deadly assassin or armored warrior.

2ce288  No.127351

>all attention for this game died out in a few months

>warhorse sold out before making a sequel

>litle-no signs of a modding community growing up around the game

All I wanted was medieval stalker.

a2ccfa  No.127358


>modding community

Was that ever really going to happen? What's to mod in? I thought it can only have asset and texture swaps.

144a0b  No.127397


Maybe after they re-release their same game and get you to buy it again. I can see them allowing mods afterwards to keep interest afloat. http://archive.fo/b76an

e6497c  No.127442


I think everyone who had dreams for this game believed it would be more than it actually would be. There was not really much in way of replayability towards the end.

7d4683  No.127491



Got some bad news, early footage shows theresa fighting with a sword against cumans.

If it turns out she can parry better than henry, that's going to be hilarious.

ec92d9  No.127781


Well she's a big girl.

70f8d0  No.127837


They let the hype that it was going to be a next-gen Mount and Blade get out of hand so it can get funded in the first leg of the Kickstarter, I bet.


The game is pretty bland, I can't see any mod arising from it aside from purely cosmetic ones. Maybe a mod that lets you cast spells like a wizard or let you fly would be cool just for the novelty of it.

62c71b  No.127868


well stalker mods took their time in getting any good. Maybe wait a few years.

6f07c2  No.127890


They need a story of the fall of a knight where he sees all his bros falling to the musketta men in the rise of the gunpowder era.

79eaaf  No.127935



>Will never get a game where you play as a witch hunter burning down heretics and other monsters

eb6964  No.127988


This but not a joke

In this period of history, guns were first used quite a lot, especially this specific war.

b59864  No.128001


Hussite Wars weren't until 1419. But the lack of gunpowder weapons in KCD is a legitimate gripe.

That, and the complete lack of crossbows.

b59864  No.128004


Game was glitchy at launch, but much better now.

Combat system is great, you're just a retard who has played too much Elder Scrolls..

Git gud faggot.

e9fd11  No.128223

>parents killed

>leg it to Talmberg

>"just stay here lol"

>'muh parents tho'

>jump off castle bridge

>ignore plot and rove austimally picking St Johns Wort /Sage and Woodworm for fucking ages while listening to podcasts

>rinse and repeat, find all kind of treasure shit

>Herbalism 20

>Leg Day perk

>Strength at 14 before my first fight

>multi k pieces of armour dug up

>bitches calling me 'sir knight'

>tfw made my fortune picking up flowers like a big fucking girl

>realise poaching and stabbing bitches are the bank makers

>start the plot

>wiping out Cuman bitches and Raiders all over

>60k saved

>regularly make 5 grand per trip out

I fear I'll have nothing to spend this on, Henry needs to build or buy a house rather than cucking that Huntsman fag out of his.

02bfdc  No.128224


fuck I might start playing this after getting blue balled with Outward

1f4d6c  No.128225

>install no weight limit mod

>I now have 400,000 cash

breddy gud

128ed6  No.128227


There's a game called Inquisition and you basically do that. Kinda hard though.

02bfdc  No.128228


>Inquisition and you basically do that

I've finished that piece of shit and its fucking awful.

128ed6  No.128229


Combat system shits the bed if you don't have constant 60+fps. Anything below that or if it jumps up and down then the player's timing gets fucked and combos don't proc. Then there's the fact that the combat system is made for 1v1 and multi-npc combat was tacked on. Mount and Blade has better combat than that and it didn't take them a bajillion potatoes to make. Hell, Tenchu has better multi-hostile combat than this and it was mostly designed to be 1v1 and was released in 1998. The devs designed the combat to focus on style before functional gameplay first and it clearly shows.

d10e6c  No.128262


The gameplay was designed for console controllers right from the start. There was plenty of whining about it during the alpha and beta, and the devs promised to "fix it", but the alpha and beta testers being mainly upfront kickstarter paypigs, they obviously had no reason to listen to them and the game remains shite to this day.

e9fd11  No.128277


>60k saved

>worries about spending it

>suddenly restoring Priby

>Locator mentions 'tens of thousands'

I've never been so happy to have a game demand bank from me.

e9fd11  No.128383

File: b0418afd85a967f⋯.jpg (125.49 KB, 1132x616, 283:154, soupintherain.jpg)

Soup in the rain cos fuck everything

ed82cb  No.128428


No wonder soup used to be so watery.

d18cd5  No.128472


I bet the shit particles in the rain is how they boosted their immunity back then. That and the manhandling of their own crap to dump into the latrines a kilometer away.

6e12dc  No.128545



Legit /his/ question. When did the idea of a latrine first appear? Cause wasn't Europe India tier for the longest time?

48bfff  No.128552

is it true there are no niggers in this game?

1f4d6c  No.128555

543e84  No.128571


Only in mods.

d2b41a  No.128661


you mean no niggers in mods or that somebody made a mode with niggers?

6d0ffa  No.128693


>Cause wasn't Europe India tier for the longest time?

What are you talking about? Europeans have always had the sense to not shit out in the open streets.

66a285  No.128694


That's a common misconception but as soon as your society is smart enough to build wooden walled outposts/towns, it'd be smart enough to dig latrines. What europe lost at the advent of the dark ages was the specific design for roman aqueducts. India is a special case because of how they treat shit over there.

7a4a99  No.128699

File: 079d1e2f4c42836⋯.png (115.74 KB, 1305x195, 87:13, Henry Blackface.png)


I remember seeing this mod around the release. It was taken down by the kikes at nexus before I could even check it out.

7e3336  No.128700

b011c5  No.128709

3eaf60  No.128734


Nexus truly is worst mod site.

6d0ffa  No.128867


Playing this now, I'm a little disappointed how directly evil that make Sigusmund out to be when it's his brother who's the complete fuck up. I was disappointed when I didn't have the option to back up Fritz outside the tavern.

e9fd11  No.128946

I finally got stealth and lockpicking high enough to raid with nigh impunity and immediately felt bad about robbing the armoursmith in Rattay so I put half of it back.


>settings a little too high

>visor helmet

>get artemisia drunk and take headfuck witch potion

>pick fights at night

Makes for genuinely disorienting combat, this game is paying off in unexpected ways.

b3cc6a  No.130561


You know with the idea of a visor I always wonder what it would be like to play something like Kingdom Come Deliverance in VR? It seems like a title that would translate well to such a platform.

b40403  No.130597


That would result in a VR game that is a game not just an experience though anon.

a4e741  No.133423

So info on "A Woman's Lot" It will be released on May 28 for PC and on June 11 for Xbox One and PS4. DLC revolves largely around the adventures of Theresa, who helps her escape from Skalitz wounded and tries to somehow reach her uncle with her loyal dog Tinker.


So it's a Doggo DLC

c8390c  No.133437

I liked this game I only had a few small issues which I think had a big impact.

1. Immersion ruining spawning system. You can ride down a path, into a patrol of cumens.Kill them all go back a 100 meters and ride down the same path to find some sentries battling with a cumen patrol in the exact same spot.

2. Large empty spaces devoid of anything interesting except the scenery. More noticeable when you're riding a horse. Not sure what you can do to fix this but it just feels like it's an issue with the encounter spawning system again. There are too few spawning spots and they spawn too consistently.

ac227e  No.133650


Believe it or not anon it used to be a fuckton worse with you finding fully armored knights all over the fucking place.

da3d1a  No.133666


What? So she didn't have the pleasure of being cummed inside by Cumans?

e72bda  No.133667


czech here, buy it nigger

I pirated it, but you better buy it

87582b  No.133694


That's because the game utilized a purely Bohemian Protestant point of view. All the in-game screeching of muh Hussites were a bit annoying. Wenceslaus IV was a loser.

f19f57  No.133753


I pirated it and forgot to buy it :^) .

I'll probably buy it when it gets cheaper.

7e3336  No.133903


They're bringing out a Goy of the Year edition I believe or some sort of Royal Goyim edition with all the DLC. So it will be a great time to pirate then.

fc4bf9  No.133947


Looks like Thot DLC may be delayed all round till June 11th.


6f07c2  No.134337


From what I heard from the DLC it will be close to walking simulator tier in content with you going around with a dog? Is this it?

f67c9b  No.134495


From what I am trying to piece together it's very vague so I could not tell you.

6f07c2  No.135239

So does anyone know what a Thot and their Dog DLC is about?

b114d2  No.135393



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