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File: 3c4321f745be587⋯.jpg (800.45 KB, 1920x717, 640:239, Not For Much Longer.jpg)

3a87ba  No.115235

Pre 2010

>Start out as a company made by medical Doctors of all things who decide to make a mecha game of all things, signs up with Interplay cause they were the big cheese at teh time

>Moved onto RPG's after it didn't sell

>Doctors leave to go back to malpracticing medicine

>Baldurs Gate releases and has massive success

>Suddenly got spotlight but for whatever reason make a sequel to MDK before making more RPG's

>Eventually Interplay goes belly up and broken up but doesn't really effect Bioware so badly

>Make highly acclaimed KOTOR and less well known Jade Empire

>Pandemic Studios and Bioware for whatever reason joined forces in part of VG Holding Corp which gets bought by EA under suspicious circumstances

>Regardless, soldiers on and releases Mass Effect which itself is widely received but not entirely a huge hit at the time.

>Before being joined with Mythic Entertainment, release a Sanic game for whatever reason

>Work begins on TORTanic

>Suddenly Dragon Age which for it's time was incredibly dated and kickback to KOTOR

Post 2010

>Release Mass Effect 2 which (((journalists))) loves and normalfags soak up but a few of their traditional audience feel is a wrong approach.

>Dragon Age 2 releases which everyone blanks from memory

>TORTanic, which is what happens when you make a Single Player game and try to sell it as an MMO

>Then Mass Effect 3 happens

>Pretty much nothing for a few years till new Dragon Age game comes out which is considered okay

>Meantime massive layoffs and restructures of the company

>Fast forward to present day, Anthem is coming out and is supposedly a disaster that managed to knock out EA servers with it

So where did it all go wrong for Bioware? Other than EA

789e21  No.115275


>So where did it all go wrong for Bioware? Other than EA

They started hiring for diversity instead of talent.

102c2f  No.115310


>So where did it all go wrong for Bioware

They were never good

Baldur's Gate is really bad that was only celebrated because it was baby's first RPG

ee119b  No.115325

They never innovated and were stuck in the past.

ecd82e  No.115375


they were always bad but had no pressure to release anything good so they would shit out a decent game every now and then. just look at what happened to mass efffect 2. in a galaxy full of aliens the story just happens to focus on humans and muh shooting. why? investor pressure.

thank god they go absorbed into anthem development and we can never speak of another bioware game again.

a03bf7  No.115435


>just look at what happened to mass efffect 2. in a galaxy full of aliens the story just happens to focus on humans and muh shooting. why? investor pressure.

Don't forget Dean Takahashi's review of Mass Effect 1, everything he complained about got removed in ME2. He didn't finish the first game because it was too difficult, he admitted later that he didn't know he could assign talent points to each power, that he could've changed the loadout of the characters, etc.

a389c2  No.115442

File: c5286b7344b4003⋯.mp4 (8.78 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Neverwinter Nights OST - H….mp4)

It has to be the fact they use to have a really good art/sound design team. I always hated turn-based rpg's but was able to get through NWN just because of all the art/atmosphere/music/sound effects. I even find myself coming back to the multiplayer occasionally not now though because of EE

1611b1  No.115443

bioware was never good

aa3cc6  No.115485


>they were always bad

Thats an exaggeration. They used to churn out nicely made but repetitive and derivative RPGs with predictable plots. Perfect little 7/10 experiences you'd play once then forget about. Then the generation who grew up on that got nostalgic and told the next generation their games were forgotten classics: that generation was used to only having utter garbage to play and ate it all up.

0ff265  No.115565

File: 5f7f31ccea48234⋯.gif (662.82 KB, 380x660, 19:33, 1371065128353.gif)


Bioware were a company that were okay when they played to their strengths but were more often than not stuck firmly in the past and a lot of their games were only passable because technological limitations of the time allowed everyone to forgive their clunkiness. Everyone says for example KOTOR is a masterpiece but I guarantee you that if you played it to today it would be an unplayable mess of a game.

If anything Bioware can be accused of playing things far too safe, refusing to innovate and stick to tried and tested formulas until their games got predictable in what to expect. When they did try to innovate they did not innovate in the right direction or build up on their core strengths which resulted in a lot of their potential being buried due to developmental mistakes.

A lot of fags say that Mass Effect 3 was where they really fucked up but it was actually Mass Effect 2, as they essentially blew their load hard on that game with the end result writing them into a developmental nightmare and spinning them a web of storylines that was impossible to unravel in a satisfying way. They built up a new and interesting universe full of depth and wonder in the first game and proceeded to do absolutely nothing impressive with it, instead trying their hardest to make an action film that tossed everything of intrigue out the window.

This has been pretty much covered before anon, what more is there to say? Have a girl squeezing some mayonaise cause why the hell not?

719c2a  No.115824

>Bioware on Anthem demo

>"It'll be fine this time guize we swear!"


Prepare for complete keks.

90186a  No.115870


Best thing about Anthem is how much it fucks up EA servers and causes them trouble. It's almost like the game was designed from the ground up to sabotage EA.

49d83e  No.115879


Reminds me of Black Isle Studios shit eaters.

d115a7  No.115898


You said it in your post

>Pandemic Studios and Bioware for whatever reason joined forces in part of VG Holding Corp which gets bought by EA under suspicious circumstances

The "Supsicious circumstances" is that EA installed multiple people on their board of directors after Bioware had turned them down for a buyout BECAUSE Bioware and Pandemic wanted to avoid massive publishers like EA. Within a year of establishing this company to prevent them getting bought out the board of directors motion to sell the company off to EA and there was nothing either company could do about it.

265a0e  No.116005


The real question about this is how Bioware never saw this coming?

0d5375  No.116009


They did

A lot of the talent jumped ship

4ea320  No.116013


>was born 20 years after baldur's gate came out

It was a solid rpg, different from everything at the time, had detail and humour, and based solidly on d&d. It had sharp graphics and a beautifully crafted world, with memorable characters.

The only problem was it was a bit wordy.

Been playing rpgs since the 1980s text adventures.

0d5375  No.116015


>It was a solid rpg

No it wasn't

>different from everything at the time

It was a poorly thought out implementation of the D&D ruleset to a game where enemies respawned when you went went away for a bit. Goldbox games were 10 times better than it.

>with memorable characters

So memorable that they got shat up in the sequel.

It was an awful CRPG for its time. Lots of meaningless dialogue with equally meaningless "choices". Quests which amounted to go there and kill that with almost no variation. In the first game you'd hit the level cap before even getting to Baldur's gate at which point all combat encounters become meaningless because its just a needless waste of time and a chore without the carrot attached to it.

The second one added Bioware's trademarked stupid romances, shifted the tone from silly to silly and edgy while fixing very little from the original game gameplay wise.

You can count the amount of skill/stat checks in dialogue in both BG1 and 2 on your hands.Fallout 1 was released a year before this with a fraction of BG1's budget.

d115a7  No.116075



They're developers, not businessmen. They probably let those people in those positions because they didn't know what they were doing until it was too late.

21da35  No.116081

File: e7252007d9fa33f⋯.webm (2.88 MB, 896x504, 16:9, Bioware animations (Drago….webm)

File: 6626943473d57a1⋯.webm (1.31 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Bioware animations - Head….webm)

File: 400a8433351203e⋯.webm (1.5 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Bioware animations - Cisq….webm)

File: 2d77a5b7c436783⋯.webm (1004.83 KB, 1920x1046, 960:523, Bioware's Shakespearean c….webm)


You somehow forgot about Mass Effect: Andromeda.

>>Pretty much nothing for a few years till new Dragon Age game comes out which is considered okay

Cisquisition was only considered okay by people with brain damage. One of my normalfag friends, when I asked him what the point of all the content was if doing most of it was tedious and boring, said "just don't do it, then - if someone on the street asked you to get him a coffee, you'd probably say no."

9bf308  No.116114


>Mass Defect Andromeda

Holy shit is it bad I forgot that was even a thing?

b8ce8a  No.116156


Server issues are the easiest things to fix in gaming. I'm more interested if Anthem is worth playing or not. From the previews, it looks like Destiny with slow flying which I'm not terribly interested in.

Anyone else kinda worried about this whole trend into gaming as a service? It's getting pretty ridiculous. I don't mind it if it's like Stellaris where the dev just churns out expansions and improve the game every few years.

100947  No.116163


>Anyone else kinda worried about this whole trend into gaming as a service? It's getting pretty ridiculous.

To me it doesn't seem like they're super successful with the model. And it's mostly used by jews big companies like EA and Activision, if they're still losing sales and stock value despite the huge financial backing and advertisements I don't see very many other devs or publisher adopting the same monetization scheme.

Also there are too many F2P games with free updates like PoE and Warframe which make abuse season pack DLC's even more apparent even to the normalfags.

d115a7  No.116164



The service is failing pretty bad. "gamers" as a whole hate the idea, remember when Blizzard and Valve got booed for their mobile game announcements? People were so outraged over EA's battlefront shennanigans that multiple countries are now outright banning lootboxes or considering banning them. At least one US politician is proposing classifying it as gambling which would force the ESRB to classify games with lootboxes as AO.

The Games as a service idea is literally only being adopted by failing companies who only survive by fucking people over.

1fbd1c  No.116169


> I'm more interested if Anthem is worth playing or not. From the previews, it looks like Destiny with slow flying which I'm not terribly interested in.

Technically it's Destiny with a more broken narration. The semi-open world is empty, when you enter another part of the map you get a loading screen (a black screen, it's not a seamless experience like Destiny) and it breaks the flow of the game. The game mode equivalent of the Strikes from Destiny is pretty good.

So far there are 3 big problems:

<you can't see the loot you earned during a mission

<you can't change your loadout when you're outside of the Fort

<the loading screens when you go to one area to another

>Anyone else kinda worried about this whole trend into gaming as a service? It's getting pretty ridiculous.

The problem is that it's not even a service, they ship half of a game at launch then they release the actual content later. EA fucked up Battlefront 2 and BFV with that shit. BFV was released last november and to this day there are no custom servers, only a few maps, hackers and bugs everywhere etc.

I don't think Bioware has what it takes to make a Destiny/Warframe game.

95ef6f  No.116180

File: b7603c9e41fdc2a⋯.png (869.7 KB, 1300x691, 1300:691, 64606_6424_ea-anthems-cosm….png)


Ive played the demo and i would say no unless you can get it really cheap.

Shooting is somewhat okay, but suffers from extreme bullet magnetism even on PC. Performance is complete shit city and requires a 1070 for 1080p 60.

Flying is meh tier because you can only fly for a short time until you need to "cool down" your jetpack.

Only upside is the customization system which seems pretty good so far (until they start to milk the fuck out of it that is, as some screenshots already showed some really fucked pricing + F2P-tier dual currencies)

Also the game is very buggy and has long loading screens at every corner.

I would just wait until a few months after launch when nobody bought the game and they sell it for 15$ if you really want to play this.

ab17d0  No.116186


You got any webms of it?

22362c  No.116291


Interesting that you make that assessment anon, what would you make of this?


The game is supposedly meant to promote player interaction but said guilds won't be in at launch. Makes me wonder what other features are missing.

e5afe5  No.116460


This is going to be another For Honor isn't it? i.e. F2P game being sold for full price?

6e16ef  No.116553


Apparently so. Turns out it was meant to be F2P all along.


In other news Jade Empire got trademarked by EA.


So uh oh?

82f28e  No.116596


>Meant to be F2P all along

Not exactly rocket science.

28f962  No.116711

File: d193c3c0b0dc49a⋯.png (10.54 KB, 550x250, 11:5, ClipboardImage.png)

>Anthem expected to sell over 6million copies and doing better than expected


There are jokes to be made here.

Meanwhile reviewers seem to be less kind about the game highlighting critical failures in game design such as shooting, UI, story, loading times and having very little to do.


c45562  No.116731


>6million copies

Nope, not touching that, too easy.

84eb84  No.116870

File: 6572c28b7cbf5d4⋯.png (981.17 KB, 650x762, 325:381, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6572c28b7cbf5d4⋯.png (981.17 KB, 650x762, 325:381, ClipboardImage.png)

So Anthem news, I don't think there is any point in giving a rundown other than they are trying to make Warframe.


8f9a6d  No.116884


Guess it's time to start taking bets as to how far it'll get on that roadmap before EA pulls the plug

37a7f9  No.116892


It will go F2P at the end of Act 1 and not make it to Act 3. Any takers on this bet?

835fda  No.116898

I'm really curious about Anthem. How do you spend so much time and effort into a concept that is inherently very interesting and end up with something so unremarkable that not even a mega jetpack autist would want to touch?

8f9a6d  No.116903


I think that's actually a pretty good prediction.

I can't see it doing any better than that.

I'm thinking they might sell 4 to 4.5 mil units and the playerbase is going to collapse within a month.

37a7f9  No.116908


It's a talent.


It will be Destiny 3.0.

1fbd1c  No.116909

File: a329a48bc2531f3⋯.jpg (202.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dai.jpg)

File: 43f1c8eb4b0abdc⋯.png (3.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Mass Effect™_ Andromeda 28….png)


>The Cataclysm

Nice, they're re-using that 3D model again.

18749a  No.117054

Anthem news


Supposedly it's already crashing with no survivors.

850368  No.117084

File: 61e7adf0e30885f⋯.png (673.05 KB, 2000x1240, 50:31, bioware-cliche-chart.png)


Big surprise really.

0ff265  No.117141


I wonder what retards are even buying it in the first place?

f4e931  No.117160


It didnt seem so bad when playing the demo weekends. Whats the story on this, I mean I know it is EA putting it out and hosting it. Despite that though the game itself didnt seem terrible.

b8b0af  No.117161

File: 6b177c39e9c361b⋯.jpg (86.75 KB, 385x552, 385:552, planning.jpg)


Sometime between ME2 and 3 was where it all went to eternal shit, ME2 wasn't ideal but it was still passable work ME3 was not, Dragon Age 2 was the harbinger of spiralling doom, laying waste to reasonably high expectations after Origins an exemplar of dumbing down, recycling, low effort, phoning it in bullshit. Everything since then has been a horrifying embarrassment getting worse with each iteration, cucked in every hole, lame as can possibly be.

Their output is garbage because their workers are talentless, hamfisted retards who pursue pushing their blind dullard tier political agendas with greater zeal than they've ever applied to improving their writing or coding skills.

595817  No.117182


me2 and 3 were good tbh

that's the real redpill

c395e4  No.117221


>Ian Miles Cheong

Wait a minute Anon NOOOOOO

0ff265  No.117259


They were popcorn flicks, nothing more.

fe2a95  No.117268


Anthem's art style looks even less inspired than that of Scam Yiddizen.

3dc25e  No.117411


How long till EA does a kekstarter to remake Wing Commander but instead slaps on enough stretch goals that the project becomes a bloated mess and delivers nothing that anyone wanted in the first place apart from a few deranged furry autists?

a0c2d4  No.117568

Oh boy the news from Anthem gets better and better.


Players can't customize their avatars apparently, just use premade Nogs.

a88c29  No.117606


>No character creator in a Bioware game

That's something else.

7f00a3  No.117635


That was bound to happen. ME:A didn't have white skin tones at launch for the Ryder siblings because they 3D scanned the heads of ugly black and brown people.

c74880  No.117731


I was almost afraid that they were going to turn Shepard's ME story into a never ending sequel bait. As bad as ME3 was, I'm glad it's over and I can put it behind me.

b11de5  No.117758

Speaking of Mass Defect, Bioware hasn't done raping the series into the ground yet! Prepare for another dumpster fire in the waiting!


42903a  No.117806

I feel like they should just get that Gamerpoop Nigga to write a Mass Effect game.

615bed  No.117953




They are now making an Anthem Live Action Film despite how poorly it is shaping up to be

8f9a6d  No.117960

File: 9f5066fed96da1e⋯.png (361.58 KB, 1269x514, 1269:514, d98d910b5215b8b9ee3e0e5921….png)


The sad part is that it just might work. With a sufficient marketing budget, even the shittiest games can sell well.

4e5e28  No.117968


Does that take into account "good will burn"? There is a phenomena where people will buy a product because they were tricked (by marketing, brand loyalty, etc) but then refuse to buy future products irrespective of how wonderful they look because of the tricking they've endured in the past. I ask because I'm not sure how much that affects normalfags but I have a strong feeling it does.

8f9a6d  No.117972


>I ask because I'm not sure how much that affects normalfags but I have a strong feeling it does.

I don't think this chart specifically takes that into account. I think it's only based on raw marketing and budget data. It's a good question and something I've often wondered about myself.

I would like to believe that the lack of faith in Bioware will lead to Anthem's failure, but looking at other franchises that have been abused I'm not sure. It took an awful lot of bad Battlefield games before people stopped buying them. People still eat up sports titles like FIFA despite the simply abhorrent nickle-and-dime schemes. Frustratingly, normalfags have a very short attention span, and as such their goodwill can be a renewable resource.

If anything contributes to Anthem's failure, I think it's going to be genre weariness. I don't think anybody actually wants another generic Destiny clone.

71f715  No.118228

Bioware is trying to cover up Anthem problems.


Supposedly it's got a lot of issues that "have been since patched" and that "players totally liked it guize"

bd4e5d  No.118244


It's going to be another trainwreck I just know it.

1754ab  No.118725

Looks like Anthem is going to be a complete shitshow, even journalists can't keep shut on how fucked the game is.




To sum up, it's a rough buggy unplayable mess that is trying to chase fads rather than make a game that appeals to customers.

96b113  No.118726


Wow, really must be bad if journalists are shitting on it.

9c477f  No.118973


>This is going to be another For Honor isn't it? i.e. F2P game being sold for full price?

Incorrect assumption, Anthem is slow moving ripoff of Warframe without half of the (formerly fun?) parkoury stuff that made it interesting.

For Honor was a fucking imitation of Mount and Blade without any of fun shit that came with the melee such as mods, army formations, full Seige controls, rulership and trading in a medieval world at war. And unlike

But we can agree that both games are AAA ripoffs of lower budgeted games that consistantly did what they were doing better.

75ca2e  No.119025

More Anthem disaster news, apparently it has extreme loading time issues that you can go take a bath while you load and it still won't finish.


0176dd  No.119072


Did you have a seizure typing that post?


>Remember engagement (and in effect, monetization) is extremely reliant on fun. If a game isn't fun, it won't properly engage its audience and earn money over time.

Wait, this guy must be a really bad or new journo, since he's actually typing the F-word and-

>Anthem's loading zones could be roadblocks that interrupt fun, and thus throw off the entire game's business model.

<waiting minutes on end for nothing COULD be roadblocks

Never mind, he's an idiot like the rest.

4fdcf2  No.119164

Jury is out - Anthem is a complete disaster.





Complaints ranging from poor gameplay, bad design decisions, major bugs and lack of content. This game is a mess.

fbe13e  No.119345


Is it sad that happenings like these are so common I have grown apathetic to them? Mean did anyone really think this wasn't going to fail?

4774d3  No.119364


I think Mashable published an article saying that there's a fix for the loading times: you have to buy a SSD (I'm not kidding).

Unless they restart the developpment from scratch, there's no way to fix or get rid of some of the loading points. I still don't understand why you get a loading screen just to go from the Fort to the loadout menu.

This game looks more and more like ME:A 2.

230d6c  No.119558

Apparently EA are blacklisting reviewers now for giving honest reviews of Anthem.


4e5e28  No.119583

>Dragon Age 2 releases which everyone blanks from memory

I had to look it up. I vaguely remember the man, but I genuinely thought it went "DA:O -> (DA:O expansion) -> DA:I". I see now I had simply forgotten entirely about 2 and I had never decided to play it, despite playing the first one a lot.

eb9399  No.119611

File: b07c9df37fb988c⋯.png (53.76 KB, 646x216, 323:108, Reeebews.png)


They're gonna have some fun with that.

8916a2  No.119898


DA2's plot structure was a breath of fresh air for a Bioware title but the combat mechanics were proto-Mass Effect 2 (one could really argue that ME2's combat was just a streamlined version of DA2 put in shooter form) and had all the trappings of it coupled with horrendous encounter design. I liked how low scale the story was compared to DA:O and Inquisition's end of the world scenario.


The severe downgrade from the 2017 demo is why I'm worried for Cyberpunk 2077. I know it's a different company/developer but this whole console parity schtick is getting old.


I read somewhere that the loading times get worse as you play too, kinda like a Bethesda game. How does one fuck up an open-world customizable Iron-Man game set in a Monster Hunter-esque locale? The concept fucking sells itself.

2271cf  No.119962


It's confirmed, Anthem isn't even doing as well as Andromeda.


So it's gone as well as we'd all expect.

9d36cc  No.120008


So who they going to blame for this? Gamers? Industry? Themselves lel?

eb9399  No.120056



That would imply investors are respectable and honorable men who are willing to admit they made a mistake.

54bf93  No.120058


>How does one fuck up an open-world customizable Iron-Man game set in a Monster Hunter-esque locale?

Also "how does one fuck up the basic concept of a looter shooter?". The player should be able to view the loot and change the loadout on the fly or at least have a bunch of stations in the open world.


It's dead then, the support will stop within the next 6 months.

Andromeda really destroyed the image of Bioware.


Respawn Studios for creating a better game in a short amount of time.

54bf93  No.120071


Yeah but it's way worse than Memelands because you can't even see the loot you earned, you have to go back to the base for no other reason.

I've just finished the first mission, I got to the social area that they built right before launch, it's a big empty hangar with a bunch of kiosks, the biggest one being dedicated to the microtransactions.

df7a07  No.120120

>Anthem half that of Andromeda


>Worst reviewed game


Pretty impressive.

d1d88e  No.120177


You know, I wouldn't jump to call "you can't switch loadouts outside of a Fort" a bad thing, but I also can only imagine that the idea of needing to design yourself around the encounters ahead and carefully plan your equipment was totally lost on the morgue dwellers they dig up to test these games, and any design they had for that strategy was discarded.

b18e00  No.120238

I wonder what the doctors are doing now. They're pretty much set up for life, right?

54bf93  No.120239


The problem with this design choice is that it doesn't fit into the shooter/looter concept. It's something that worked fine on Mass Effect 2 to Andromeda but not here.


One of them opened a brewery.

d8139a  No.120262


Malpractice most likely.

ec6aa3  No.120273


They are doctors in Canada, they don't make much.

be645f  No.120279


Performing surgery is rape there.

65906a  No.120302


>Opened a brewery

What pisswater does he make?

439669  No.120590


Ask Jim :^)

29f955  No.120749

>Bioware be like "Don't worry, it's not happening, the game is not a complete disaster guize, we'll fix it! EA not going to shut us down!"


e4d8fa  No.120760


Didn't they also say Andromeda was getting expansion packs and whatnot?

163510  No.120770


So F2P in 6 months, dead by 12?


I think they are trying to forget Andromeda existed

4d7596  No.120799


>So F2P in 6 months, dead by 12?

It won't go F2P. They will drop the support 6 months from now and they will add the game to the EA/Origin Vault where it will be "free" for those who pay for this service.

Games like Unravel, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, ME:A joined the Vault within 6 months due to the poor sale numbers.

4fa000  No.120831

File: 7b7bb7ba852f40e⋯.jpg (393.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, MirrorsEdge 2010-08-10 15-….jpg)


Kinda feel bad about ME:Catalyst. It had pretty decent music and was good for making wallpapers like its older brother.

244485  No.120874



Wait there was another Mirrors Edge? Fuck I can't keep track of EA's failures.

4d7596  No.120922


Yeah, they made a reboot because people kept asking for a Mirror's Edge game. They made one and… nobody bought it.

13043c  No.120938


It had Anita as a consultant, they change Faith to look like Mattress girl and the gameplay is a huge downgrade from the original. Then the PC version was locked to EA's system which no one wanted to use.

It bombed because they shit on everything. The original ended on a cliff hanger with potential to open up. Instead they went full feminism and everyone walked away.

13043c  No.120940


It fits the genre fine. Collecting loot you then turn in at a town was in Diablo 2 with items you had to identify, it's in Destiny with a similar mechanic as well. Diablo lets you carry portable IDs but that's it.

It's not a bad idea if you build a game around it. You do missions, get your rewards at the end of it and then go more missions. A lot of games do similar things and it's a decent enough system. You may not like it, but it's not objectively wrong. Some games suit immediate switching while others suit having a home base to plan missions for. If your games more tactical the later is superior, if it's a run and gun chips and dip game the formers better. If Anthem is built around good mission design it's not a flaw.

8a1b1f  No.120943


>lol it's even shittier than the original

Man I really loved not being able to climb certain things like any pipes, being forced to take down enemies, being forced to perform certain jump tricks and maps where the biggest challenge is finding the way in a game where I thought I'd be outrunning the enemy all the time and have complete freedom of movement.

13043c  No.120944


The games really bad at movement. And constantly forcing fights was dumb. The original game tutorial is just the first map. And it works great. The 2nd one is an hour of bullshit and people talking at you. I got to the first bit of freedom and haven't really played since. It's a lot like Titanfall 2, give you loads of tools then design awful maps to use them in.

8a1b1f  No.120946


Yes it doesn't help ME has crappy controls. But ME would have been good if it had true multiple pathways. Not just a large jump where you're forced to perform a triple wall slide but also an alternative route where you do have to take down enemies in case you have to keep retrying that large jump and keep failing. And complete removal of the parts where all you have to do is find the correct way. There's too many parts that take out the speed of the game and make the whole experience non-fluid. I think that's the reason why a lot of players end up not finishing the game.

That said is Dying Light any good?

4d7596  No.120955

File: 48cd44211362659⋯.webm (2.24 MB, 900x506, 450:253, Dying Light 2019.02.21 - ….webm)

File: e874708a2a17d73⋯.webm (4.01 MB, 900x506, 450:253, Dying Light 2019.02.21 - ….webm)


>That said is Dying Light any good?

It's pretty good, it gets comfy once you unlock the grappling hook. The DLC "The Following" is a big change of gameplay and an interesting story.

I'm sure I don't have to say it but don't pick the console version or you'll get motion sick.

13043c  No.120966


Dying light is everyone Dead island should of been but simply wasn't. It's a very good game if you want an open world zombie game, probably the best.

fcd86a  No.121013


A problem I have with Dying Light is (like with almost any other open world game), that it gets incredibly bland once you run out of missions to do.

The End-game basically just consists of grinding the Stuffed Turtles front area and switching to Nightmare difficulty before delivering the DROPs in bulk. There is pretty much nothing else to do since you usually have a large supply of all crafting materials too.

Safehouse management and a food system for higher difficulties would've been nice.

2395b1  No.121025


Dying Light does everything other zombie games do but better yet it is still flawed at the core. Should sum up zombie genre in a nutshell really.

19a599  No.121148

Well Anthem broke a record but not the one Bioware were hoping for.


Lowest rated Bioware game ever.

fc6c96  No.121158


I'm sure the next Bioware game if it ever happens will break that too.

2e7e66  No.121255

>Apparently it's best you play Bioware's multiplayer game solo


Can't make this shit up.

6cc3a7  No.121366

>Bioware having to ask Sony for help due to shutdown bug in Anthem


Holy shit this is getting better and better!

e9563a  No.121429

File: 25adf91611f7b84⋯.gif (352.87 KB, 500x357, 500:357, e3b49de56d1273a78d0dd24988….gif)



What a disaster.

afc4a1  No.121587

Best weapon in Anthem is the starting rifle, apparently all the stats of every weapon is broken.


daf6b8  No.121588


Read that this morning, how can you fuck this up so badly?

afc4a1  No.121590


By focusing more on hairstyles than game development.

Bioware is a company that needs put out of it's misery.

4d7596  No.121649


I wanna bet that it's not a bug, it was a solution to make the game more inclusive by making sure that everybody wins. They weren't expecting the playerbase to be smart enough to notice that the numbers meant nothing.

0ff265  No.121688


You know, I am not even surprised anymore.


Being Cucknadians I am surprised they didn't make it so that killing your enemies meant they win.

a5cee6  No.121778

>Bioware identified crash issues apparently.


Any takers on that this will end up just bricking consoles?

cfb8c4  No.121797


If it steals all your details and gives them to the Chinese Mafia I would not be surprised.

1284ae  No.122225

>Bioware makes a patch to fix loot

>Accidentally showers everyone with best loot in game


Every day it's another fuck up. It's glorious.

0a153b  No.122232

File: 0a77cf39283048a⋯.mp4 (11.44 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Qun changes.mp4)


>Inquisition okay.

No. Not only did it shit on canon to push in trannies, you could cheese through it with a mage build. It was a single player MMO and just as boring. Don't forget Sera either.

t. someone who spent 80 hours playing it to see how bad it was. Yes, it was bad.

bd3e7a  No.122239


>single player MMO

Surprised it didn't sell better then since that's all MMO's are these days. EA even has the cheek to charge a sub for one.

b8aa68  No.122295


>you could cheese through it with a mage build

That's been normal since Origins.

e5afe5  No.122297


Hell it's been normal in every Bioware game ever technically. Magefags are always OP.

ec2f96  No.122356


We've seen worse, so it's certainly possibly. You remember the outright lies that Destiny 2 pulled, where the game would show the amount of XP gained from each enemy, but your experience bar wouldn't go up as much as it should have, right? A redditor had to count the pixels on his TV screen for a week and make spreadsheets about it, but the game was proven to be lying in order to goad players into purchasing XP boosters through the in-game shop.

I wish I could say I'm surprised people still played it, but self-respect is out of style these days.


>t. someone who spent 80 hours playing it to see how bad it was. Yes, it was bad.

Were you the anon who broadcast it on Twitch? Those broadcasts were good fun.

cf0cc7  No.122438

>Anthem players stage boycott of the game to protest EA and Bioware?


Okay I just can't keep a straight face, but wouldn't it have been wiser to boycott the game by not buying this shit in the first place?

8f7188  No.122468


True but it will still hurt them because less people playing your game means you'll eventually pull a Lawbreakers. I doubt EA is worried though considering Apex is currently carrying their multiplayer section. I wonder how many whales that game has now.

3c9e08  No.122484

>went back and played Origins and ME1

shame really, both games had the seeds of their own destruction sown in them but were decent enough that there was hope for improvement with sequels

a9d324  No.122510

File: c6ae851cdf99b43⋯.jpg (233.26 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, mysterious crystal.jpg)

I'm surprised it took someone this long to find one.


*fewer people


I can'tt tell you how much it frustrates me that game refuses to die.

7ac8f9  No.122534


Normalfag Drones are eating it up.

fcbb37  No.122580

So for todays bug apparently if you unequip gear it increases damage substantially



21a036  No.122717

Bioware apparently apologizes for state of Anthem.


Funny, doesn't seem like an apology but more an excuse.

f4f451  No.122770


I give it two months before shutdown.

a9d324  No.122774


>things used to be a lot friendlier here for dev team members who normally don’t talk on social channels or forums

>Why would a dev team member take time away from working on the next update to post when they know it’s likely to be met with hostile replies, or they get flamed because can’t answer other questions that players are asking

>When some people say “be nice or the devs will stop posting” it’s 100% true

The unmitigated gall. I would say that this kind of baldfaced dishonesty should cause some kind of physical reaction like an ulcer in whomever's posting it, but I know by now these wretches are beyond any kind of shame.

By the way, there was apparently a boycott this week where redditors banded together and refused to boot the game. Ignoring the question of why hardware-damaging problems weren't enough to do that in the first place, I think it says a lot about this game that even redditors were driven to this point.

8124f7  No.122967


They said the same thing roughly with Mass Defect 3, the Andromeda, and TORtanic.

They've learned nothing.

affd82  No.123011

Apparently EA is throwing Bioware under the bus and reminding the community that EA had nothing to do with Anthem. Instead it was all Bioware's idea.


I see a company going under fast.

e07951  No.123270


So when is it going F2P?

68827e  No.123278


probably never

they'd sooner kill this outright than support it

20be5d  No.123301


<Dean "Can't pass the tutorial" Takahashi

A bird is faster in a intelligence test that a game journalist in a fucking tutorial.

435c25  No.123313

Baldur's Gate is and has always been shit. Bioware is not some good developer fallen from grace.

242cd9  No.123316


B-but m-muh KOTOR!

68827e  No.123320


MDK2 was good though and Neverwinter Nights had the right idea.

The meme that Bioware games had good writing is what killed them.

4ce3cc  No.123461

After players prove loot does nothing to the game, Bioware improves loot rates of Anthem


0ed303  No.123699


So what is the point of the game then?

aefbd1  No.123823

>Anthem had a bad launch admits Bioware

>Promises to fix the game


They're so going to drop this fast.

ec2f96  No.123926

Bit late, but this one's hilarious.


>bioware patches game to fix bug relating to lvl 1 weapons as mentioned in >>122580. How'd they do this?

>There are 45 Power Levels in the game. Simply accumulate the Average of all equipped parts to determine it. Example: The Million Damage Ranger has equipped one Power 75 item in the [Q] Gear Slot, and nothing else. The game doesn't factor in Power 1 (first level) equipment at all, thus you do not factor them in at all. This results in:

(75+0)/1=Power Level 75

Whereas a Ranger with several higher-level pieces of gear has his total item power divided among them to determine the average, the level 1 ranger only has one piece of gear, so his average item level is whatever that item's level is.

I can practically hear the panicked shitskins and women trying to figure out a solution to this problem that college students could solve. The whole post is a riot to read if you have some spare time.

2e9f62  No.123956


>>Pretty much nothing for a few years till new Dragon Age game comes out which is considered okay

Wait, do you mean CISquisition?

>which is considered okay


8bf163  No.123962


>college students

I'm not even sure one needs college level education to solve this, man.

a514ec  No.123984


12 years old could fix this.

But yes, covered it heavily. I can't believe how badly they fucked this game up. Every day it's something new and it's a constant source of amusement for me at work.

fc24a1  No.124128

>Anthem made over $100 million

This is why we can't have nice things http://archive.fo/Bu644

f34dbd  No.124435

Are the lootboxes starting all ready?


302a1f  No.124486

So if everyone hates Bioware why did anyone think they were even any good?

244485  No.124514


Cause normals

909d52  No.124558


They spearheaded the modern isometric real-time-with-pause crpg and was pretty experimental way back, tending to go their own way. Shit, just look at KoTOR and Jade Empire's game design. To this day, I dunno if EA really did a number on them or they were starting to bleed out talent just as they were bought out.

6e519f  No.125124

Anthem loot update manages to fuck up loot even more.


I think it will be major news if anything goes right for Bioware this year.

506a48  No.125131


People still play that shit? It's been a month. It's not like it has dynamic content. They've played all it can offer by now, surely.

ca8591  No.125138


The typical "fan" of these games is some normalfag who comes home from work and plays for like 2 hours at most. They know neither quality nor do they recognize flaws in a game unless Reddit tells them.

850368  No.125139

File: e33ca7adfe9c4cf⋯.jpg (232.71 KB, 1600x600, 8:3, Bioware Fanbase.jpg)


Bioware fans fam.

792d51  No.125780

Today's Anthem kek involves invisible bosses that can still kill players.


Naturally Bioware states the players must be wrong.

c2ecb2  No.125786


Surprised EA have not put a bullet in this trainwreck already?

550c8b  No.125808


When a dev tells you that the broken game you're playing isn't broken, it's time to fucking leave.

65067d  No.125823

Mass effect 2 was a really solid 9.0 ten game

1 is also a 9 out of 10

Kotor is good but overrated

And like everything else in gaming

Sjws and greedy execs ruined it

Videogame crash soon please

087518  No.125958


Its taking up servers along with the salary being paid to the bioware developers who are still "working" on it.

c2c09b  No.125965


That's peanuts compared to the whales still funding this.

087518  No.125966


>compared to the whales still funding this

Nobody is fucking playing this.

acf6f4  No.125980

File: 2d472b843ed705e⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

So Anthem servers are acting up again. http://archive.vn/HG3LF

Meanwhile Mass Defect are selling Garrus body pillows. http://archive.vn/RlzrF

041756  No.126422

Kotaku apparently released an article about Bioware shitty development cycle for Anthem and caused the fire to rise when Bioware said they were wrong.



418382  No.126433


>It's taking up a small timeshare on servers that already exist

Its an always online game.

>while the cost of shutting down the service so early would be masssive

thats not how shutting down servers work.

09598c  No.126444

fascism would have protected us from such terrible works

9f63d4  No.126563


>the PR hit, demands for refunds, and possible visit to court are the hangup

This EA we are talking about, you'll have biodrones defending this shit forever.

b9cafa  No.126586

Turns out there are indeed internal problems at Bioware surprising absolutely no one. http://archive.fo/cT8JO

427cc0  No.127012


>They built up a new and interesting universe full of depth and wonder in the first game and proceeded to do absolutely nothing impressive with it, instead trying their hardest to make an action film that tossed everything of intrigue out the window.

Thing is ME1 story ends in ME1. It standalone story there is nothing to add here. They clearly didn't expected thunderous success so ME2 ME3 were made as afterthought and in a hurry of milking sudden cash cow.

427cc0  No.127013

File: 0f52b542c08e0d0⋯.png (256.87 KB, 808x472, 101:59, 71.png)


Obvious lesson here never ever sell your company if you want it live and prosper.

(if you need to cash out then its fine)

b8ab18  No.127036


It doesn't really though. They had plans for sequels but their plot ideas were beyond retarded. They wanted it to be some sort of eco-environmentalist retard message about pollution killing stars or some shit like that, can't remember off the top of my head what exactly it was but the writing they had planned was beyond dumb.

402313  No.127042


For large companies, it doesn't matter how many people defend them. The pissed off vocal populace will always get preferential treatment.

686e7a  No.127044


>The pissed off vocal populace will always get preferential treatment

They control who gets to be vocal. Did you already forget the whole ME3 "entitled gamers" fiasco?

Hell just last year they shat out BF5 with literal historical revisionism and they are still around.

966381  No.127134


>Fanboys don't stop the courts

Courts need someone to file a lawsuit first. All EA customers are too destitute and too stupid to file one. Then theres the fact that literally no company provides access to servers of their games after shutdown and they have no obligation to do so.

>EA is already worried about the lootbox legislation as that would destroy the bulk of their income and put them deep in the red

No country except Belgium has done anything about them and no one else will either.

af1a31  No.127145

Speaking of lootboxes, I wonder if Japan is worried about that at all. Isn't majority of their game devs pivoting to mobile?

977f7a  No.127148


They won't be bound as a lot of their lootbox cash cow games never make it West.

3abd5b  No.127158

May as well post this here. Would you pay for an online RPG made by former Bioware, Ubisoft and Capcom devs? http://archive.vn/Oo95X

e894dc  No.127414

Apparently this blog is going viral as journalists are picking up on it and yelling at Bioware. http://archive.fo/WvAVd

Meanwhile it looks like Anthem servers are down yet again.

00377e  No.127454


>Would you pay for an online RPG



>Poorna Shankar

Pajeet names are so funny but also sound like something you'd give to a henchman or a mid-boss.

b8ab18  No.127625


That's an Axis of shit if I ever saw one.

7031ab  No.128449

Apparently shit is going down at Bioware with a big meeting to discuss dev troubles.


Or is it just going to be one giant circlejerk session?

006e53  No.128470

File: a02e49582e54f18⋯.png (57.75 KB, 171x223, 171:223, childlike empress.png)


This bit was more interesting to me.

c2ecb2  No.128546


We badly need a good /tv/

818640  No.128588

>Bioware hiring senior systems designer for Anthem


Shouldn't they fill this position before releasing the game?

TORtanic also getting an expansion apparently.


e8bac8  No.128746

Apparently according to surveys half of the Biodrones have left Anthem to die.


6f502f  No.128792


TORtanic was a surprise to me. I dunno brand loyalty can just save an already sunken ship like that. I wonder if it's making mad bank or just barely coasting by and EA is just tolerating it because it's Star Wars and they need a "win" on that IP.


>player-run survey conducted by an Anthem player called SyntaxTheGr8 through Reddit

This just means half of Biodrones from Reddit. I'm sure that majority of the fucktards that bought the game aren't really into Reddit.

3c9e08  No.128813


>I wonder if it's making mad bank

probably not mad bank but well enough to keep alive for now

6f502f  No.128840


TORtanic makes a large amount of money for EA, you can check their investor sheet thingy for it. It has the revenue of a lucrative mobile game but is on PC. Stupid fucking whales, man.

0ff265  No.128863

File: 3f56b084a28a505⋯.webm (2.06 MB, 320x240, 4:3, StarCitizenShills.webm)




The population has taken a massive hit for TORtanic over the years, but revenue has not suffered that much cause they have cut costs considerably. Apparently there are only 5 barely populated servers now and the game is in a sorry state. I just did a check myself and their forum is full fo complaints about gamebreaking bugs such as companions not working, invisible walls all over the place, game crippling lag and countless broken missions that have been going on for months if not years.

Unfortunately though the whales are keeping this afloat and have demonstrated to the gaming industry that having a subscription based single player game with microtransactions is completely viable as a business model if you milk them hard enough. Though even then it results on shekels only being spent as long as content comes along for them to eat up.

This game will coast along until the whales eventually dry up. Reminds me a bit Scam Citizen Community where they do not understand the concept that just because they are raking in shekels at the moment does mean that it is a sustainable model. It's an economy of decline; keep revenue up by milking the already existing whales keeping them as happy till while cutting costs needed to sustain the game to keep income in the green. Once those final whales dry up and there are no more costs to cut that's it, the game is dead.

6afbfd  No.130562

In the spirit of not doing anything right, Bioware manages to fuck up a livestream and tries to blame it on shitty internet.


304548  No.130596


>AAA dev

>Shitty internet

Are they just admitting they are incompetent to the whole world?

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