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File: c219b7ef27f065a⋯.jpg (237.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9966ec28c67536df99533f0a2b….jpg)

1aa6c0  No.116316

So many characters in games get shit on because of poor first impressions but if you stick with them they end up being bro tier.

Take Kaiden Alenko from Mass Effect

>Comes across as contender for most boring guy in universe competition

>Is shy and keeps mostly to himself

>If you keep probing away though he opens up gradually and reveals to be an interesting character with unique history, especially if you let the Thot die instead of him

>Ends up being best bro tier as you persist

Makes me wonder if writers do this intentionally just to fuck with players.

e4905b  No.116321

I liked him, but his death was inevitable. He volunteered, plus Ashley is a woman, so you know she'd fuck it up. Also he isn't "best bro tier" he is "boyfriend tier". I believe he's a manlove romance option.

1aa6c0  No.116332


Is he boyfriendo material really that bad? I found him eventually very comfy to hang around with later in the game. And Ashley cause she fucks up deserves to die.

b7b554  No.117286


His competition has the dual advantages of being female and hating ayys. Why would you take the cuck over that?

247b45  No.117330


>gets migraines because of shitty ass L2 implants

>lol upgraded in other game

It was one of the rare times the game acknowledged the class you were too, he said that you had L3s and probably didn't have that issue if you were any sort of biotic class.

9ce57f  No.117730


You'd think their space military would pony up the cash to upgrade him for free prior to ME1. Aren't biotics supposed to be kinda rare?

76cd06  No.117759


>Biotics super rare

>Find one in every corner of Space Denny's.

They really don't read their own lore do they?

12da83  No.117802



L2s were mean to be more powerful than the L3s but over the course of game development the writers forgot this.

a67385  No.117836

kung lao. mortal kombat. hidden protanist anti-hero and BUSTED AS FUCK OP

e4905b  No.117881


Human biotics are rare. Asari are all fags and other aliens have a better time of it.

1af730  No.117935


>Human biotics are rare

Except you are almost constantly tripping up over them in game in some places.

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