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File: 0ef7daed447de6c⋯.jpg (136.14 KB, 1500x844, 375:211, 71UmeMWXlKL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

File: cf394af14d65364⋯.jpg (294.31 KB, 1500x850, 30:17, amazon-new-world-30122.jpg)

File: 8008bd1ac8e4f30⋯.jpg (7.85 KB, 215x274, 215:274, 719-fEjtM6L._AC_SX215_.jpg)

e2175a  No.117478


>Amazon’s questionable MMO has you colonize the ‘new world’

>New World is also a sanitized re-enactment of the European colonization of the Americas and elsewhere. It’s a manifestation of the great white fantasy of virgin territory and new beginnings. The game treads unwarily into a Heart of Darkness-like country of racist imperialism.

>There are no indigenous peoples. And according to developer Amazon Game Studios, it’s not really about invasion or America.

>Except … except there are human-like creatures on this Atlantic shoreline. They are shuffling zombies, variously called “Corrupted,” or “Withered.” They don’t have identifiable cultures, but they are extremely hostile to settlers. They aren’t portrayed like, say, the Wampanoag peoples that the Pilgrims encountered, or the Algonquian-speaking civilizations of pre-invasion Virginia.

This entire fucking article, jesus.

Is the game any good though?

182911  No.117482

File: 7dd76fad2948e9d⋯.swf (751.18 KB, chicken.swf)


>battle at rorkes drift is a love tale of imperialist violence


e2175a  No.117483

File: 432709e5b3aaceb⋯.png (56.59 KB, 157x229, 157:229, ACK!.png)



334c5c  No.117488

It was never advertised as a historically accurate game. What's the big deal now? Fucking Polygon is just doing this for the clicks.

ad0423  No.117491


>iconic battle made into a classic film

>literally about africans being halfway decent at fighting for once


>It was never advertised as a historically accurate game. What's the big deal now? Fucking Polygon is just doing this for the clicks.

The funny thing is they get equally mad when people critcise games like asscreed or battlefield for inserting non-historical shit like niggers and women. Apparently historical accuracy is only ok when it shows whitey as the bad guys.

2b3b89  No.117530


>amazon new world

>has a nigger

>2 female looking characters whose faces are modeled after hunger games characters

>(((game journos))) still mad

Not even the obvious self-insert token diversity is enough to make them less angry

4c7a01  No.117533

Conquering people and their land is the peak of human nature. The very act of war is magnificent and the white man is and forever will be the king when it comes to war. Anyone who thinks conquering foreign nations is "evil" and "bad" can suck my dick

5a6490  No.117537

>every white person gets a passive to kill 90% of all natives they come across

39cc7a  No.117540


>Polygon getting triggered

So just business as usual? I feel like we could have an entire site just dedicated to polygon getting triggered.


They really don't get it do they?


As usual?


War is only bad if white people do it.

c68ca4  No.117549


I didn't even notice the nigger at first, fucking americans tucking in niggers into every nook and cranny to dull my critical thinking.

e2175a  No.117613


It's not even America. the developers SPECIFICALLY state that it takes place on a fictional fantasy-like island. The characters are all player made as well so they can look like anything. The Devs specifically state that there are no natives to this world. The only enemy NPCs are other human settlers who have become corrupted by the Island's magical power and turned into zombies.

aeef72  No.117640

File: f5463d5af3beeb5⋯.webm (220.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mark hamil can easily ide….webm)

>Alright gang, let's work on this crafty suvivaly game with a Spanish colonial twist! We'll include historically accurate natives


>Hmm, alright, well let's include historically inaccurate natives


>Okay let's just include zombie non-natives since no one minds murdering zombies


>Maybe we should just make a zombie nazi game

Game doesn't interest me anyhow. I don't like Spanish colonials and I'm not a huge fan of zombies either.


>It’s a manifestation of the great white fantasy of virgin territory and new beginnings.

I can just feel the venom in these words. How dare anyone want to start over somewhere fresh, where evil hasn't yet taken hold. How dare anyone want to lay down roots somewhere not already crowded with people you don't like. How fucking dare White people want to carve out something new somewhere else.

7e54d6  No.117686

>Amazon gets into video game publishing

Say no more, I'm already triggered. Fuck Amazon.

fc9ea6  No.117709

I wouldn't be surprised if there was any pretense from the game to be realistic and just shit all over the injuns for not having anything worthwhile to see (a complete lie by the way, amerimutt politics aside)

But like someone said, an african in full 18th century attire and a woman wielding a great axe in the middle of it screams a joke, and the damned floating islands seals the deal it's just mindless fun in terms of art direction.

539883  No.117735


What's wrong with Amazon?

b6323d  No.117741


The usual big company stuff.

cc6586  No.117743

Amazon made a game? lol

9dfc7e  No.117756


Yeah Scam Citizen

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