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File: 9b76436c3031c7d⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1020x1770, 34:59, pantheon smite.png)

fce5bb  No.117506

League of Legends General - Platinum, AMA. Haven't seen a single person in this even remotely close to the same class tier as I.

Edit: Extremely low effort.

Post last edited at

5a233f  No.117507

File: 0c59a3016ad7718⋯.jpg (74.48 KB, 384x313, 384:313, swe.jpg)


League of Legends isn't dead yet? I don't even like ASSFAGGOTS but I can't see what it does that Dota 2 doesn't do better or at least less worse.

fce5bb  No.117508

File: cf84d8e1d9675d4⋯.jpg (867.64 KB, 1600x1024, 25:16, BKXk2w.jpg)


Don't get me wrong its a casual game as fuck. And the userbase is an autism daycare centre. But I kick these retards ass out of it and it helps me pass the time for a temporary set of circumstances I'm experiencing. It's apparently dieing, growth is getting culled in half in western europe, and thats the audiance (whitest) with the most weighting. So it's definitely dieing.

What does it do better then Dota2? More casual solo queue. Its essentially a single player game if you have a strong enough mentality to understand that NPC is too nice a comment for these losers. Just got to douuble spaace all inssult words to avoid the automatic ban system. Only real downpull. Has leveling and a persistent grinding element.

da79b8  No.117512


>Just got to douuble spaace all inssult words to avoid the automatic ban system.

Don't they have some sort of gay 'council'? I've seen people complain about getting permanently banned for the most petty shit, such as playing suboptimal characters in ranked.

If I wanted to play a moba (I don't) that is more casual than dota2 I'd go back to Smite. Changes up the genre enough that it doesn't feel like a downgraded dota2, payment and grinding model is mostly based on skins and you don't get inherent statistical advantages over newer players.

A gamedev that isn't attempting to recreate a 1:1 digital skinnerbox would realize that granting advantages to the more experienced player (in a match-based game as opposed to a persistent world like in MMO's) over beginners is top tier retardation.

I don't know how bad the character grind in Smite is these days as I haven't played it in years and I bought the ~15€ character pack that unlocks all characters and any new ones they add forever, but that alone show that their f2p model is much more measured and less exploitative.

I mean play whatever you find enjoyment in, but personally I'd never be able to become invested in a game that shafts the players to such a huge degree, not only monetarily but also through overzealous moderation. Not to mention that I'd rather put a lot of time in a game with more complex and flexible mechanics. But I've never been a leader board autist that grinds ranked and finds enjoyment in seeing that number rise which I guess is the major appeal to many players.

fce5bb  No.117513

File: 93d726dec569ef8⋯.jpg (58.18 KB, 640x577, 640:577, demigod-20080228030902303_….jpg)


nah i dont think my region has that section, its a psyop against society, a net trap set by posiedon to dredgline the ocenas of any who appeal to this loser dystopic nanny state auistic mental illness.

ive still had 30 accounts perma banned, and hundreds of dollars stolen in virtual property by their criminal company, i hope someone sends them anthrax until they get the hint

that smite kit sounds awesome, but i prefer counter strike, or even quake, or rpg (dragon age, fable, fallout etc)

im literally the best in the world at this game, wouldnt be something id put on a resume though. i wouldnt hire anyone who had an account in their database.

not all people are weighted equally, egalitarianism is a lie less uve approved personally every participant individualistically.

its more representative of the sliding degeneration of society, anosognosiad and the zoomer tier of retard shit dorment and latent and now actively coming through. the games garbage. death to it immediately

fce5bb  No.117514

also disclaimer i changed my page 2 runes to electrocute and offset in celerity and gathering storm for an alt flash

bdafd8  No.117517

The game died shortly before the map got a VU.

9ed9df  No.117532



Which death count for the holocaust do you believe, the current official total of 1.1 million or the Red Cross report's 271,304?

0f6d25  No.117543

Is the porn even good in this game?

f286b6  No.117582

So, do you play video games?

fce5bb  No.117589


WWII was genuinely about germany being the fall guy for the anglo empire to set up global hegemony with a proxy (fake) enemy of russia. fucking russia. can you believe. like someone would think fucking russia is a dipole of power to the fucking "west"

t. tsar a fucking german king

fucking morons


nah its autistic


im 2k elo in mortal kombat, and 2.4k in age of empires, i also play a fuck ton of doom. this is temporary filler until a period in my life is over.

1c69b4  No.117593

why are you a cuckchanner?

fce5bb  No.117594


4ch got split in 2 its sfw is now a different domain

4a9f31  No.117599


It's 3 now.




fd65e6  No.119426


no it didn't. continue to hate LoL to be "cool".



doesn't matter. cuckchan is now r*ddit

da1094  No.119433



>Haven't seen a single person in this even remotely close to the same class tier as I

Heh. Imagine being proud of that. I got diamond or top 10% in every ASSFAGGOTS and hero brawl I ever played (and War Thunder) just by the virtue of having more than 80IQ. Never played LoL though, I don't feel like learning a hundred of heroes or whatever is the number of them.

503fea  No.119435


It's still top 3-5 on twitch if you care about that kind of thing.

URF mode only good mode. URF mode superior to WTF mode. I wonder if anyones made a dota urf mode.

faeea7  No.119439

File: 0ad6da6f3219df8⋯.jpg (81.85 KB, 590x576, 295:288, 0ad6da6f3219df81c967fc901a….jpg)


3ceb0d  No.119468


He's right. The game just went to shit after S3.

Stay in denial though, playing an empty vessel of a game that was once good.

you fucking animal

53d908  No.119485

File: 0f836ad36c26564⋯.jpg (309.3 KB, 1615x560, 323:112, 0f836ad36c2656440ac703a506….jpg)

File: 12e2345e49c6c29⋯.jpg (483.56 KB, 1114x1534, 557:767, riot_on_healers.jpg)

File: b75f5cab7c5423c⋯.jpg (20.83 KB, 415x400, 83:80, 1484180270471.jpg)


Dota is word filtered in LoL

Does someone have the "bloodseeker ultimate is heavy burden of knowledge" post?


>I wonder if anyones made a dota urf mode.

It's called HAM, or Dota IMBA

HAM is more accurate copy.

I used to work with a friend on a proper ARAM map but it fizzled out.

53d908  No.119486


>Does someone have the "bloodseeker ultimate is heavy burden of knowledge" post?

Disregard that, thought I'm posting something else.

d17a3e  No.122959


lf euw boost

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