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File: 59b9fc589bd6477⋯.png (117.74 KB, 837x773, 837:773, p86kePx.png)

711ff1  No.117611

For the record, I fully expect this thread to get shitposted to oblivion. And honestly, it deserves it. The overhyped flop of the early 2010's, and even today there's no anticheat, no admin commands, and no chance for a viable public server in the foreseeable future.

Yet even with all the bad design choices, it's still possible to have fun with shitty games. In my case, I'm enjoying an overhaul modpack called Troubled Waters, that attempts to make the universe grimdark. It does a decent enough job.

So, I know the novelty will eventually wear off, and I'll go right back to hating Starbound. But until then, I may as well milk as much fun out of a shitty game as I can manage.

0effcd  No.117627

Are the monstergirl mods any good for it?

711ff1  No.117637

File: 93495bcffb0277f⋯.png (10.54 KB, 153x159, 51:53, cMHSdEs.png)


Honestly? Yes. On the condition that you also have Frackin' Races, which makes each race actually have different attributes. I'm playing as a slime in my current Troubled Waters run, and I start the game with passive health regeneration and the ability to slither up walls and ceilings, with the tradeoff of a high hunger rate.

711ff1  No.117678

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

On that note, have some comfy.

711ff1  No.117696

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Comfy part 2.

df6328  No.117703


>which makes each race actually have different attributes

you mean

>which makes the game not shit

711ff1  No.117704


No, I'm pretty sure Frackin' Universe is what makes the game not shit. Frackin' Races is another mod entirely.

df6328  No.117707


>which makes each race actually have different attributes

Removing this concept in the first place was retarded for Chucklefuck

711ff1  No.117708


They never removed it. They just never had it to begin with. Which I'd say is worse. The only race-specific thing they actually removed was the little lore-blurb when you first made a character.

df6328  No.117710


>They just never had it to begin with. Which I'd say is worse.

It's like the entire game was a con job

711ff1  No.117711


I wouldn't doubt it, tbh. The tl;dr is if they haven't already got your money, don't give it to them. Just pirate it.

On that note, I am willing to start up a Troubled Waters server, at least until some nigger eventually starts fucking shit up. I'll go ahead and toss the steam collection link in this post. The non-steam/pirated version of the modpack will be coming up as soon as I zip/upload it. Probably by my next post.


df6328  No.117713


>if they haven't already got your money, don't give it to them. Just pirate it.

to think piracy is how our hobby even got started

now it's being pushed away and it's all going to shit

711ff1  No.117714


Are you trying to blackpill me?

Also, as promised, here's the mods zipped up for non-steam use:


df6328  No.117715

File: dfc9198812f53a6⋯.jpg (108.02 KB, 690x851, 30:37, kane.jpg)


Blackpill isn't even a thing my man, Harsh, brutal truth, however…

711ff1  No.117716


So you ARE trying to blackpill me, got it.

Well, at least you're trying to be subtle about it.

Anyway, if you're still interested, let me know. At the moment, I'm kinda hesitant to toss the IP in here, if the only other person's just here for blackpilling, and not actually playing.

df6328  No.117717

File: eca937ccca7d9d3⋯.jpg (122.13 KB, 800x600, 4:3, CNCTS_Nod_soldier_closeup.jpg)


>blackpill isn't a thing


Fucking (((GDI))) pig. I shouldn't of even acknowledged the thread

711ff1  No.117718


So you ARE just here to blackpill, got it.

Well, I'll hold off on the IP until I get some other people, then.

df6328  No.117721

File: 661050c3a8456b6⋯.jpg (60.24 KB, 600x790, 60:79, 538f1ead097458ceee2c2aa6ac….jpg)


Nobody's going to join your game, (((GDI))) pigdog.



711ff1  No.117722


The fuck are you even on about now?

All I see is an exposed rat entering panic mode.

6342e0  No.117733

Starbound is the perfect example of what happens to a company when all you have is ideas guys and "artists".

4ae584  No.117734


It's also another perfect example when your ideas guys and artists are hard-left.

3a9955  No.117745

I love Kaneposting

711ff1  No.117750


That's what that was? I honestly couldn't tell where the blackpilling ended and the Kaneposting began. Hell, it could've actually been nothing BUT Kaneposting. Ah well.

I'll still be here if anyone wants to play a shitty game.

df6328  No.117751


It's also another perfect example when your ideas guys and artists are hard-left AND JEWS.

711ff1  No.117752


Oh hey you're still here. Sorry for being paranoid about that. I took a break from the site when that blackpill spam was still going on, and I'm just getting back.

099c8a  No.117753

File: 50f60050f79fc04⋯.jpg (49.58 KB, 916x510, 458:255, xfyqbqcd5lpy.jpg)

What if Starbound and CnC share the same universe?

711ff1  No.117805

File: 02338f998950fbc⋯.jpg (61.97 KB, 600x686, 300:343, templar.jpg)

>there's an entire race of robot people with a culture permanently in the middle ages

Welp, it's time for a robo-crusade.

990790  No.117808

File: dae7882687f037b⋯.png (5.61 MB, 2430x2022, 405:337, ClipboardImage.png)



711ff1  No.117811


>An entire spacefaring army of Glitch crusaders

>No holy land unclaimed

>No fleshbag unsubjugated

This actually sounds fun as fuck. I've already been fucking about as a Glitch while setting up the server.

e99186  No.117820


I want to see this happen. Make it swole anon!

711ff1  No.117821


Alright, will do. I have everything ready to go except a non-DRM download for Starbound itself. Someone else will have to deliver on that front.

Troubled Waters modpack (Delete your other mods/universe folder if you haven't already!):


Server (using Troubled Waters, joining without it might fuck shit up): port 21025

I already have the basics set up. A bunch of assorted crafting stations and a currentcorn farm.

e99186  No.117822


If we get such a thing I will be interested. In meantime Remove Meatbag!

711ff1  No.117825


It shouldn't be too hard to find, considering the game's like 2-3 gigs vanilla, and is on GOG.


e99186  No.117827


I will take a 100 years to download.

711ff1  No.117840


Huh, that long? I'll see what I can do about that…

bf7a95  No.117843

So is this "Frackin' Universe" the only mod for this? How many mods are there and how much fun do they add? wasn't there a mod that added some Mass Effect races or some shit?

711ff1  No.117844


Frackin' Universe isn't the only mod, but it is by far the largest and most thing-changing. The Troubled Waters pack includes it, and most big mods have at least some support for it.

711ff1  No.117845


To better answer the question, Steam workshop says over 6000, and There's probably a mass effect race mod tbh.

Also, if anyone shows up on-server, I'm considering offering a reward for the first person to find Automato seeds. We need them for making better robo-food.

2580be  No.117856

File: 99f6d0f5ae1df70⋯.jpg (11.2 KB, 344x301, 8:7, bird eyes 2.jpg)

My experience with this game feels lucky, with all I've heard. I had played the beta once, but I knew nothing of all the hype and promised content. When it released in full, I remembered I had it (I can't remember if a younger me stupidly pre-ordered it on a whim or if I got it some other way) and gave it a shot. All I knew to expect was "space Terraria" and in that respect I got everything I thought I would. Exploring new planets is fun, collecting new blocks is fun, helping the NPC villages on the planet I claimed as my home is fun, building up my crew was fun. I loved the vibe of the light-hearted space adventure spurned by a dark tragedy, and overall I just found it to be enjoyable. Even more-so than (current) Terraria. That all said, I can completely understand the hate and the anger. But I think that it's worth a pirate for fans of this type of game, if you can set aside the reputation it has.

86392d  No.117865

File: fea2af3ad07abc9⋯.png (270.32 KB, 540x473, 540:473, Nightman.png)

I've never played SB before and just installed it with this thunderdick mod. How do I know if its intalled currently real fast so I dont go into the game with actually having the mod enabled?

86392d  No.117867


shit meant troubled waters

711ff1  No.117868


well, the quick way is to start up Starbound, and if the main screen says "Powered by Frackin Universe" you did it right.

711ff1  No.117869


Oh, before I forget! If it kicks you out for an assets mismatch, go into options and make sure "Allow Assets Mismatch" is checked.

711ff1  No.117870


Fuck, one last thing: be sure to skip the tutorial, and keep the difficulty on "survival". Troubled Waters doesn't like the tutorial, or other difficulties.

86392d  No.117871

File: cf364b6ea1a74ac⋯.jpg (9.44 KB, 312x219, 104:73, cf364b6ea1a74ac9ba3a21f0d3….jpg)




Ok Works fine for now.

Oh fug first time there were like 5 races with no shit now there are like 20 with stats and shit.

I heard that the main quest is faggy, can ignore it and not be a barred off content?

711ff1  No.117872


Frackin' universe changes the minimum requirements to get your FTL working, so you only need to make it to the outpost-hub-thing. If that is still too much of the main quest for you, another player can just give you a working FTL drive.

711ff1  No.117874

Also, I went for the Miner profession in the class window, and holy shit I don't regret it.

>Troubled Waters default recipe for an iron ingot is 3 iron ore, 2 coal, and 50 pixels

>Miners get a special recipe that only costs 3 iron ore, and makes two ingots

86392d  No.117876

File: fc082725263bd7e⋯.jpg (35.98 KB, 305x551, 305:551, 3.jpg)

>beam down

>two steps to the left a bunker with USM-16 inside

711ff1  No.117879

File: 07f8e89399eb5c1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.19 KB, 600x600, 1:1, jew_basic.jpg)


>open up a smelting service

>offer 1 ingot for 3 ores, no other costs, none of that coal/pixels bullshit

>meanwhile take every extra ingot smelted, basically only giving them half the ingots

>even when getting a 50% cut for a smelting service, it's still a pretty good deal


Nice fam, but you're not in the server.

Pick join game instead of start game.

86392d  No.117885


Why should I be in a server?

711ff1  No.117887


Oh, my mistake. I thought you were planning to join the server mentioned in >>117821

If you'd rather not that's fine, but it's up if you're interested.

711ff1  No.117888



wrong post, oops

86392d  No.117889

File: f089d0f1b0b0c11⋯.jpg (105.13 KB, 771x594, 257:198, de7f3f6228c539f73a2d3b3eb3….jpg)


>server does not support connection with protocol version 743

711ff1  No.117890


wait, does that mean the torrent I linked is out of date?

Goddamn it.

86392d  No.117891


no im using something else

711ff1  No.117892


Oh, thank god. What are you using?

86392d  No.117893

File: 3650f3542875311⋯.png (100.32 KB, 305x280, 61:56, mfw constipated.png)



but i just fucking deleted to download the torrent

711ff1  No.117894


Oh, yeah. Latest version is 1.3.4.

711ff1  No.117913

File: 8906ca7254e7792⋯.png (608.14 KB, 1920x1017, 640:339, VX4A1Xh.png)

The Glitch town's looking good so far, btw.

c4bb4d  No.117931


Where's the meatbag slaughter room?

000000  No.117938


Well I am downloading the game right now. Will be able to get in half an hour or so.

Hopefully my toaster will be able to handle it.

711ff1  No.117978


If you're still there, they added two new mods to Troubled Waters while I wasn't looking. Here's the new modpack link:


The other info should still be the same.

000000  No.117979


Sorry got caught up in a puzzle. Downloading the new pack now but it might take a while.

711ff1  No.117983


Currently shutting down the server to apply a patch for the "disconnected due to inactivity" thing. It'll be back up shortly, and if you add this to your mods folder, it should prevent that shit:


000000  No.117984


I keep getting errors when I try to connect and if I connect I get a dissconected due to inactivity errors. My guees is ping since I am in Europe and you sound like a burger.

711ff1  No.117985


See >>117983

Basically that mod was also installed on the server, and if you install it clientside, it'll raise the inactivity timer to 1 hour, which should fix that.

000000  No.117986


okay installed the mod gonna try again.

000000  No.118006


going to sleep if the server is still up might come back tomorrow. Also had fun though it was a bit short.

711ff1  No.118044

File: 3633c63c70cc71d⋯.png (33.6 KB, 461x400, 461:400, YVJWU21.png)

I've been working on some proper crusading equipment.

a72ae0  No.118048

File: eff9f7db410ed42⋯.png (12.2 KB, 518x581, 74:83, 1386645090202.png)

File: e6f39762ec04094⋯.png (178.58 KB, 902x1100, 41:50, 1386851818287.png)

I got two copies of the game for free from one of the devs back in 2013 and I still feel cheated.

64c6d9  No.118062


Deus Vult

711ff1  No.118099

File: 5d95123f8f581f7⋯.png (270.75 KB, 1920x1017, 640:339, FETaK80.png)

On the subject of proper crusading equipment, let's talk ship design. I'm finally at the point where I can consider re-doing my ship to something more fitting. Any ideas?

Also, save any upgrade modules you guys find. I'll need them for ship stuff.

68d755  No.118106



The "Crusader" meme is terrible and the Glitch are nothing compared the might and brainpower of the Apex. They're called the Apex for a reason, you know.

711ff1  No.118108

File: 4e5268dfeb95929⋯.jpg (710.1 KB, 1919x1135, 1919:1135, 1920px-Ilja_Jefimowitsch_R….jpg)


Glitch Crusaders to the Apex Shitposter!

O shitposter, Apex devil and damned devil's kith and kin, secretary to Big Ape himself. What the devil kind of knight are thou, that canst not slay a poptop with your naked arse? The miniknog shits, and your army eats. Thou shalt not, thou son of a whore, make subjects of Christian sons; we have no fear of your army, by land and by sea we will battle with thee, fuck thy mother.

Thou Babylonian scullion, Macedonian wheelwright, brewer of Jerusalem, goat-fucker of Alexandria, swineherd of Greater and Lesser Egypt, pig of Armenia, Podolian thief, catamite of Tartary, hangman of Kamyanets, and fool of all the world and underworld, an idiot before God, grandson of the Serpent, and the crick in our dick. Pig's snout, mare's arse, slaughterhouse cur, unchristened brow, screw thine own mother!

So the Crusaders declare, you lowlife. You won't even be herding pigs for the Christians. Now we'll conclude, for we don't know the date and don't own a calendar; the moon's in the sky, the year with the Lord, the day's the same over here as it is over there; for this kiss our arse!

- Arde M, with the whole Glitch Crusader Host.

df6328  No.118147


our lives for kane

Is it actually good here and shit? Are there actual bros in this thread?

68d755  No.118158

File: feb12b4efaf14dd⋯.webm (602.29 KB, 853x480, 853:480, joyous avian.webm)


I'll have you know, I rarely if ever shitpost. That was not a shitpost and neither is this. All that being said, I do like that particular pasta. Thank you for that.

711ff1  No.118174


I aim to please. But if the mood strikes you, feel free to roll up an Apex and hop on the server. A little adversity keeps things interesting.


The three people who've been on the server are pretty nice folks. There's probably a free FTL drive in it for you if you join, and I think I may have figured out an effective way to admin-teleport ships to other systems, so we can all be nearby without spending gorillions on fuel.

df6328  No.118175


Anything to strangle the (((GDI))) jews

711ff1  No.118183

As a quick disclaimer, when you first make character and go in your ship, BE SURE TO PICK THE BUILD YOUR OWN SHIP OPTION. The default ships are utter garbage. That said, there are some things you should know about building ships.

>Do not even attempt to rebuild your ship unless you have both a gravity generator, and a means to no longer require breathing. As soon as you breach the hull, both gravity and oxygen stop working.

>Make sure you have a planet below you when rebuilding your ship. That way if you fuck something up and fall out of your ship, you can beam down and back up to fix it.

>FTL drives decrease time required to make jumps, at the cost of increased Mass. It never told me what more mass does, but my best guess is increased fuel costs for jumps.

>Forward Thrusters decrease Mass, but they take 2 Upgrade Modules each to build (among other things)

>Underside Thrusters increase Sublight/In-system speeds, but they take 1 Upgrade Module each to build (again, among other things)

>Finally, Crew Bunks increase your crew capacity, which is basically how many NPC followers you can have at once. Again, they take a bunch of stuff, including an Upgrade Module.

So yeah, THAT's why I need a fuckton of Upgrade Modules.

7da75c  No.118185


>Here's a game

First post:

>How do I turn this game into porn?

This shit is why nobody likes you fuckers.

711ff1  No.118197

File: 2b8f9ce92cbd832⋯.png (301.05 KB, 1920x1017, 640:339, qoaCrLQ.png)

So far so good on the ship overhaul. Going for a "Medieval Tower" look, where the ship is taller than it is long.

afef80  No.118199

File: 1008a5689a2a24a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 115.61 KB, 845x1571, 845:1571, 100.png)


Nice pig there man.

711ff1  No.118200

File: bbf4c40f77693d7⋯.png (391.71 KB, 1920x1017, 640:339, RSRJbTc.png)


Nice dubs there man.

Status update: The HGV Rook is more or less ready to go. I can always upgrade it to be taller when needed.

Pig returned by popular demand.

c7e1bf  No.118240

What's the point of this game? Like what's the overall goal here? Is there a big bad? A quest?

b0160e  No.118241


To seek the Holy Grail.

711ff1  No.118252

File: a61fce0ab40a21f⋯.png (480.95 KB, 1920x1017, 640:339, Lo6kNFs.png)

Well, I was up all night improving the ship and stripping planets of FTL fuel. I am also joined by two NPC crewmen (the filthy fleshies), and a friendly Droden player (not a glitch, but not a fleshy, so it's acceptable).

68d755  No.118266

File: ef8adaf0e9c58d6⋯.webm (563.11 KB, 426x318, 71:53, bad_sad_bad.webm)


Originally, it was some vague thing about exploring and progression like early Minecraft or Terraria. Now it's nearly endlessly talk to a self-insert old woman and her power ranger friends in order to collect energon cubes in order to open a door in order to fight a dude in order to fight a tentacle monster in order to receive a thanks for playing post card. The story isn't fun nor interesting and it feels tacked on because it was. It's one of the things that irritates a lot of people who bought this eight hundred years ago.

Originally the entirety of the story was told through a few boss fights, NPC chatter, journals and examining items. That story was sort of few and far between and it worked well. You start as a refugee, or was it an explorer, or perhaps an agent of some military, it never made it explicitly clear who exactly you were which enabled some extra enjoyment from roleplaying. Now you are for sure a power ranger cadet who was on earth when it was taken by a calamity. This is just so you have a reason to give a shit about the power rangers and talk to the grandmollygos and collect the energon keys. This also separates you from your people and because races don't even have racial attributes (another thing they decided to remove) that means your race is entirely irrelevant other than aesthetically, as they aren't even real apex or glitch or whatever because they're federation fags.

It's moronic because they could have just omitted that and kept your mysterious past, allowing you to naturally stumble upon the gay hub and talk to those gay niggers and go "You know, you guys seem alright. Maybe I'll pitch in and help you save Humans and maybe other things from this monster." but nope! It is explicitly your duty to do so, you dumb fuck, did you think you had any choice at all? They also made it explicitly clear that all governments all over the place are generically evil and don't really have anything to do with anything, which shit all over this implicit collusion between the Apex and Avian governing bodies. Basically a lot of new lore put an end to a lot of interesting and enjoyable things, but I suppose that's neither here nor there.

711ff1  No.118310


Apex-anon hit the nail on the head. The main story is absolute garbage and must be avoided at all costs, and I will do everything in my power to help in this cause. I've been making spare FTL drives to give to new players to bypass the story, encouraging people to make their own lore with this Glitch Crusade, hell, I already admin-abused a full tank of fuel for a player just so they can warp closer to where the crusade's going down.

In other words, death to the official lore, and as far as my server is concerned, Glitch Crusade IS the official lore.

df6328  No.118322


This pissed me off so much, All the this.

711ff1  No.118351

File: c126d039a1c0d24⋯.png (235.85 KB, 847x760, 847:760, iKagJU6.png)

It's a shame the server's been pretty barren lately. The only people on in the past couple of days were me and a non-8chan friend. So I'll make things a bit easier by putting all the server info in one place:

>Starbound Hash: 099e44fa51972c6d18d68018ee5970c0348b4635

>Modpack: https://mega.nz/#!4V4ylIZZ!BewqOxpIkaHPl5rC-_QVTzFmg8o5QgnSYK8z2DhBuSA

>Server Info: port 21025

In addition, everyone gets a free full tank of fuel and a basic FTL drive (assuming you don't have a default ship) so they can more easily get to the pictured location, which is the closest thing to a player hub.

711ff1  No.118525

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

As a quick bump, have some top-tier space battle music. I've been very much enjoying space battles.

669c82  No.118539

File: 22964459aa4dfc3⋯.png (664.9 KB, 870x643, 870:643, ClipboardImage.png)


The first time ever getting to Area 6 is so good. Sadly it loses it's charm after seeing that getting there isn't that difficult, and makes Macbeth's boss no longer an alternative.

Also, why is Sector Z a thing?

711ff1  No.118633

Welp, I've been basically the only one on the server all weekend. I'm hoping it's because of the gamenight, and that we'll have people again now that it's over…

d35373  No.118976

File: 9cf40e82be58561⋯.jpg (124.5 KB, 1032x774, 4:3, huh HAH huh.jpg)


>monstergirl mod is turning the game into porn

The game already has these

538048  No.119058


I'm installing anon, I might hop on soon

711ff1  No.119059


Alright, starting the server back up.

2b6372  No.119060

File: 69f063c0bb756d9⋯.jpg (27.37 KB, 796x464, 199:116, 69f063c0bb756d9267620b7689….jpg)


You know, I'm curious. I already saw and saved images of how a real life futanari's biology would looks like. So I'm thinking can a botanist and a biologist get together and devised a way on how would plants be like if they were able to basically function like animals.

538048  No.119061


I might be retarded, how do you install the troubled waters mod? I have all the pak files in a mods folder in the game directory, but the game won't recognize it in the ingame mod menu

711ff1  No.119063

File: b4dcd26651c5823⋯.png (36.31 KB, 640x483, 640:483, sdGn1fV.png)


I saw the connection, see the image.

538048  No.119064


I joined and everything disappeared. I'll figure it out in a second

711ff1  No.119065


Fuck, I misread that last bit. Did you try running as admin?

538048  No.119066

File: 8a665eae9ffb447⋯.png (4.72 KB, 451x205, 11:5, UJrFQk9.png)


The issue is the mod won't register. I know because according to the author there should be a book that starts the RPG progression system in the crafting menu. I think it's because your file from the mega lacks a MODINFO file (pic related)

I'll try writing my own but this is literally my first time with the game so I might fuck up

711ff1  No.119067


Oh, are you using the steam modlist? Don't do that, use the zip. Steam workshop removed Frackin' Universe FOR SOME REASON. As you can imagine, this royally fucked everything up.

711ff1  No.119068


Another possibility is running starbound from the .exe rather than steam, as we had people on pirated copies who used the modpack just fine.

538048  No.119069



No I'm using your copies, I never bought this garbage. Can you post a screenshot of how your mod folder looks like? I feel like I am doing something basic wrong

711ff1  No.119070

File: a512e89e9196307⋯.png (43.54 KB, 672x594, 112:99, uZw53W5.png)

538048  No.119071


Alright I'm in

c2f772  No.119887

File: 45359a29f4070bb⋯.png (52.41 KB, 1898x1014, 73:39, Untitled.png)


I just end up with this.

b9acd2  No.120367

So my computer basically died for a few weeks back. Are you fags still playing this?

209d1c  No.121525

Can someone fill me in on the game? I assumed it was a flopped Terraria followup.

5bb279  No.121548



In what way? It made a ton of money because of lies and false promises while riding Terraria's coattails, but turned into a complete shit and continues to be complete shit to this day although cucks and casuals continue to defend it.

209d1c  No.121549


Sorry I assumed flopped since I never heard of it but kids in elementary school still talk/play Terraria today.

4bd8f8  No.123391


>no admin commands,

I might be misunderstanding what you meant, but there's an /admin mode that offers all sorts of admin commands

>and no chance for a viable public server in the foreseeable future.

I recently started hosting a modded Terraria server for the first time since the middle of last year, now that a Terraria mod I've commissioned is finally close to working as intended. Now that I've finished ~95% of the work on the serb as a whole, I'm strongly considering hosting a Starbound serb as well. I'll post more details later, but don't expect anything anytime soon. At the earliest, it'll be up ~1.5 months from now. Realistically, 3+ months from now. I put an autistic amount of time and effort into selecting, configuring, and testing mods for the serbs I host

Also, if I find that no amount of mods makes the core gameplay fun or it ends up costing me more than $25 monthly and no one's willing to chip in donations, then I obviously won't host a game that people aren't having fun with, and I'd prefer not to pay $30+, $40+, or even $50+ monthly for a Starbound serb when I'm already paying $50 monthly for the Terraria serb I'm hosting

000000  No.126316


Maybe a reliquary for holy artifacts, it could probably work with a library as well.

07714a  No.126603

Any recommend mods?

bf68cb  No.126927


Ask /abdl/ :^)

98a7e7  No.126978


I imagine it'd probably work like how sunflowers follow the sun, or how venus fly traps snap shut. I believe it has to do with rapid cell expansion and compression, rather than muscle mass.

98fb83  No.126981

File: 31254c2987237cd⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 788x928, 197:232, Unknown Note.png)

8ade50  No.128050


Don't you mean /pol/?

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