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File: 1438111743281-0.jpg (90.88 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1-BG2SoAch4032.jpg)

File: 1438111743281-1.jpg (70.83 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 257239-pst_screenshot37.jpg)

File: 1438111743281-2.jpg (295.12 KB, 450x683, 450:683, Baldur's Gate Tyranny.jpg)

File: 1438111743282-3.jpg (76.67 KB, 640x480, 4:3, BG2.jpg)

eea8e0  No.14042

We can talk about old hot shit:

> Baldur's Gate Series

> Icewind Dale Series

> NWN 1+2 and it's modules

> Planescape

> Arcanum

New shit like:

> Shadowrun

> Pillars of Eternity

> Torment: Tides of Numenara

> Divinity Original Sin

Obscure Shit like:

> Serpents in the Staglands

> Avernum

> Geneforge

and other obscure shit

eea8e0  No.14099

(Planescape) Still stuck in the caves right right when you get to Curst. I can't find a way out that doesn't get me killed.

eea8e0  No.14101


Are you picking fights?

Because most of the mobs should be non-hostile.

Do you buff before fights?

What level are you in?

eea8e0  No.15963

Been playing D:OS

About 12 hours in. Game is difficult, but I like it a lot. Being very specific and careful with my abilities and talents.

eea8e0  No.16518

I'm the only one who think Torment is overrated as fuck?

Don't get me wrong game is great but its not even close to be the best rpg ever made like some people say

eea8e0  No.16519

Guys! Paizo is teaming up with obsidian to make a Pathfinder RPG game set in the Pathfinder universe!


eea8e0  No.16557


>Aug 13, 2014

Well i hope its still alive

eea8e0  No.22064


That's not a good thing.

I mean, PF is essentially 3.5 cucked by SJW's but then also uncucked from the "H.P lovecraft is no longer part of our lore." mistake they made and have always regretted by literally shovign in subtle hints that suggest it is throughout every subsequent D&D edition since that Dragon magazine release.

f472f8  No.34755


The second one is even better in many ways.

a76720  No.34814

File: c5766ecf1e920d0⋯.png (163.85 KB, 550x512, 275:256, 1454093011771.png)

>waiting for the Underrail expansion that was supposed to be out last year and still has no release date

eb18a5  No.44010

So pillars 2 is coming out in a couple of weeks, and it looks pretty good. I've decided to check out the first game again and I'm having a blast with my flamebrand paladin. Might post build if anyone is interested.

3362a7  No.44032


will they add needles for quick and easy pozswaps in every physical copy?

9ebed4  No.44033


Will it still answer to tumblr?

a47deb  No.44035


No idea, but they stopped listening to "No Fun Allowed, make every spell take an eternity to cast" Sawyer so that is a start. At the very least the setting will be more interesting than the drywood, with Deadfire being more of a Polynesian theme than stock fantasy.

Thank god they aren't putting in any backer NPCs into the game. Their stories were goddamn awful, and were fucking everywhere. Same with the tombstones.

bfb881  No.44044

File: 40a1f798d1fe79e⋯.jpg (135.44 KB, 920x768, 115:96, 1503784673093.jpg)

Is the original campaign in NWN Diamond EE worth playing? I've heard that they didn't spend much development time on it and that they themselves didn't really know what to do with the engine and shit yet.

I'm only missing one creature of the first chapter quest but I'm already losing interest. I can deal with the slightly clunky gameplay, I think it's quite enjoyable, went melee bard into red dragon knight or what ever. I haven't played many games using the DND morality so that's fun and the character creation is pretty in depth and fun overall. Pretty easy for me to get into having played kotor 1 and 2 a lot.


Is Underrail any good? I played it a bit but it didn't catch me.

bfb881  No.44046


Oh, was going to say that the quests and dialogue seem uninspired as fuck. I'm just running from point A to B murdering private security and rats on fetch quests. Not feeling super engaged in the plot and revenge for murdering my whole school thing.

511440  No.44056



No, it doesn't get any better. The two expansion campaigns are vastly superior, and they're on a different continuity to the original one so you'll want to make a new character for them.

a29120  No.44059

File: 0e8c536c9d093ba⋯.gif (48.8 KB, 140x200, 7:10, Urc6diM.gif)


Necro threadiry?

eed613  No.44063

What's a fun character for a Undrentide + Underdark playthrough thematically?

bfb881  No.44079

File: 58e91205d33aff0⋯.png (173.41 KB, 1153x959, 1153:959, custom portraits.png)


Thanks, I'll just skip to the first expansion then.

Speaking of, am I doing something wrong with custom portraits? They don't show up.

I just grabbed a pack that looked decent from the nexus.

bfb881  No.44081

File: 861b1c753d33175⋯.jpg (3.4 MB, 2610x4640, 9:16, IMG_20180430_202713.jpg)


I'm trying to decide this as well.

Leaning towards a strength melee build with some fun utility.

Bard into Red Dragon Disciple was my initial plan but Blackguard has some cool stuff so I'm also considering maybe Fighter into Blackguard.

But I really like persuasion so another option which would let me pick some charisma would be Paladin, could transition that into Champion of Torm or Weapon master.

Also I'm unable to see feats that I don't meet the requirement for correct? Makes it tough to plan ahead.

Pic is how I considered Dragon Disciple path.

eed613  No.44095


Bard/RDD/Blackguard actually has a lot of overlaps and benefits to it if I recall correctly. You start as a bard with a good CHA score, go into RDD for the massive stat boosts and Blackguard for the CHA bonus to saves and other shit.

bfb881  No.44113

File: 6d6b7aada92b54f⋯.png (33.6 KB, 461x513, 461:513, bard.png)


When I made that post I had not realized I could mix 3 classes. Yeah that sounds like a fun combination. Is pic related stat spread crazy? I want to play with a 2H weapon.

I'll probably leave my charisma at 16 and focus on strength since this gives all the bard spells and a decent buff for Blackguard attack/defense.

Is -1 dex a big deal? Should I get 10 dex?

Though I've come to second guess playing bard since it forces me into using lightish armor or I'm constantly failing spell checks. And since I don't want to play a dex build I also miss out on that aspect of lighter armor.

Cleric has no armor penalty casting (as does Paladin but I don't want to play lawful good) so I've been looking at that. I mostly want to do melee with some support casting.

eed613  No.44125


The stats seem alright. You should check how much you end up with after the RDD levels to see if its an uneven number or not. Only even stats actually give you a bonus. The dex score should be feasible, it becomes easy to get to positive dex with a few items early on and a full plate armor doesn't allow any dex ac anyway.

bfb881  No.44134


So would I mostly focus on Red Dragon Disciple and Black Guard and not cast Bard spells in a build like that? Seems like I'm wasting a lot of the class by going heavy armor that prevents casting.

Been considering something simple like Fighter into Black Guard and then maybe Weapon Master, I'd have some stuff to cast from Black Guard at least.

bfb881  No.44138


Or Rogue/Blackguard/Weapon Master then I would have persuade which I'd like. Also lock picking and tumble seem good.

Also it has stacking sneak bonus with Blackguard.

bfb881  No.44146



Ugh on second thought Weapon Master has really annoying prerequisites with not enough payout.

Sorry for spamming the thread.

bfb881  No.44171

File: b00c378a260dd54⋯.jpg (28.04 KB, 335x333, 335:333, 1371419347188.jpg)

Cleric/Blackguard. Probably lawful/neutral evil and just walk all over people.

I'm thinking 14 int for improved knockdown so grabbing many skills. Persuade, taunt, concentration, spell craft and discipline. Does that sound crazy?

For Cleric domain I'm not sure, does the strength domain buff stack with the Blackguards bull's strength? I've read trickster is good for invisibility. How much do I rely on charisma for good domain skill effects? Enough to invest a good portion in charisma?

Considered something like:

15 strength

8 dexterity

14 con

14 intelligence

14 wisdom

12 charisma

I'm going to bed and starting a new game tomorrow without overthinking it.

a47deb  No.44186

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Half the fun of these games is overthinking about it.

In more pillars news, Lilarcor decides to show up but with a female voice thats pretty neat. Also neat that you can do things with stealth now.

511440  No.44237


Blackguard has always seemed redundant to Cleric to me. You need to cross-class levels in Hide and then it gives you stuff you can either already do or can't make great use of. Also remember that your stats cap out at some point based on their natural score, so you can't stack buffs indefinitely.

If you're feeling cheesy you could try a DEX Cleric with Weapon Finesse and some levels in Monk (6 at least) + whatever prestige class. Shit is utterly insane. Monk's one of the most broken classes for sure.

40bd0a  No.44265

I'm really enjoying gene forge so far

48c591  No.44277


>Half the fun of these games is overthinking about it.

Yeah I don't mind, it can just be a bit overwhelming to figure out what you want before you're familiar with the game.


Monk is definitely something I'll consider for a different character but I'm looking more for a big heavy plate character with an equally meaty weapon.

Especially not being able to equip any weapons at all and being very limited in your armor option seems a bit dull. Especially when Cleric has the nice bonus of casting without armor penalty.

So Cleric/Champion of Torm seems like a decent alternative too. Paladin/CoT might be cool but lawful good is just not really my thing.

511440  No.44282


CoT would be good. At the very least it's a source of bonus feats that's more useful than Fighter and won't give you the XP penalty. CoT has a ton of useful epic level combat feats in its bonus pool (Devastating Critical, Epic Prowess, Armor Skin…) so if you want to get REALLY autistic, you can sync all your levels up so you only take those feats as CoT bonuses and save your natural epic feat levels for +attributes.

I don't think the CHA modifier is very significant for CoT. Smite Evil is one attack usable once a day and Divine Wrath supposedly lasts for 1 round per CHA bonus, which is basically fucking nothing no matter what (although it is a great buff).

efe1c3  No.46092

Played about 3 hours of pillars 2 before I had to go to work and its pretty good. You kinda just get thrown into the game though, I wish there was a little more prologue, feels like its missing one.

Will say that priest doesn't multiclass well into anything, so I'm gonna restart and do a paladin/ranger probably.

6bb600  No.46093


Can someone with a few more hours in tell me is it any good, the last one was a borefest and a time sink and I don't want to waste time if this is either of those.

efe1c3  No.46094


Do you like sea campaigns dealing with colonialism issues? Cause thats the feel of it at the beginning at least. Can say the only the boring was my class choice.

a47deb  No.46152

File: 05a0c3fc125b5a0⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Plutus, god of money.png)

Yep, Paladin stacks pretty well with Ranger. Ghost heart is pretty cool too, lets you summon your companion when you need it and can fuck up archers/mages/priest/whatever backrow your enemy has. Stalker is probably better for tanks as it gives passive bonus but I'm not sure if it stacks with Goldpact's armor boosting ability.

92d570  No.46347

o.k so I completed geneforge and now I'm playing 2 but so far I like it much less then the first mostly because it's pretty much the same as the first but the fucking social justice message is cranked up a notch, do the other games operate the same?

92d570  No.46350

I really want a crpg which a setting that isn't your standard high fantasy shit and I'd really like something without humanoid races tbh

626a8b  No.46593

So after about 15 more hours with this game I can safely say that this pillars of eternity 2is amazing and earns its place by the old greats by merit rather than just existing, which was the first one's problem. Haven't even come across much SJW stuff unless the idea of black Venetians is sjw alone in which case the game is full of it.

99dc60  No.46623


I can't tell if this is a shitpost or not, is it actually good? It would seriously surprise me now that all their writing talent has left but if it was mostly developed by the B team it could be the case that the cancer wasn't actually involved with it.

9aa1c3  No.46628

PoE2 already fucked up by virtue of requiring knowledge of the bullshit from PoE1 in my opinion. They are just too proud of their derivative generic fantasy world.

aea3fc  No.46642


It is actually good. Not amazing but a solid 7 so far.

aea3fc  No.46643


Game tells you pretty much everything you need to know in the first 10 minutes, and the you cam hover over important terms and the game just tells you what they mean.

99dc60  No.46648


7/10 is a lot better than 1 anyway, I'm not sure that really comes out as 'amazing' as that other anon says. 7/10 to me is a 'fun if you enjoy the genre, still playable if you don't'.

aea3fc  No.46651


Its still very playable. The amount of multiclass options gives 3.5 a run for its money.

9aa1c3  No.46653


I only played PoE1 for a little while before it bored me to tears so I only know a bit of the story. Eothas getting up and running around, Caed Nua being destroyed… That seems like important shit I've missed out on.

99dc60  No.46654


I might give it a pirate then and see for myself. Obviously Obsidian don't deserve any money even if they have managed to improve stuff, I refuse to fund their politics.

e364fd  No.46670


Thats fair.

e364fd  No.46671


Not a whole lot. In fact the events of the last game barely matter since this game takes place on the other side of the world. Aside from the returning companions I guess.

ac99dc  No.46675

Just installed Age of Decadence

What im in for?

2f799f  No.46677

File: f8768d85c959a1a⋯.jpg (42.54 KB, 464x565, 464:565, f8768d85c959a1ac38de2538ff….jpg)



a47deb  No.46679


An Age full of it.

c57b73  No.46700

File: cca42ed26126de5⋯.jpg (48.02 KB, 500x614, 250:307, fun.jpg)


gotta be honest, it isn't worth all that hype,

world seems unremarkably small

the setting is alright (gotta love post apocalyptic roman times)

seems like no-fun-allowed kinda of game

9aa1c3  No.46704

File: 661e85be8e8a9d3⋯.jpg (13.04 KB, 600x416, 75:52, question-confused-wonderin….jpg)


How do you quantify decadence?

787ae6  No.46730

Is it bad that I liked Shadowrun Returns more than Dragonfall?

Not enjoying the hamfisted deviantart OCs I'm paired up withDietrich isn't too awful and the game really kicks you in the nuts for specializing as a face, especially when you're split up later on and get stuck with Eiger who is pretty terrible in close quarters.

a47deb  No.46732


I thought Eiger had shotgun as well as sniper skills? Its part of why she is best girl.

Anyway specializing in only one skill is always a bad idea. I personally like going Rigger since Int gives you some dialogue options and you have like two more party members.

Returns feels more like a tech-demo than an actual game. Dragonfall has a pretty good story but lacks in the companion writing. Hong Kong has the opposite problem.

65bdce  No.46835

File: 7140e6271e33440⋯.jpg (341.51 KB, 700x3333, 700:3333, Average Game of Shadowrun.jpg)


I liked OC's feel almost as much as the expansion's. I never understood why people were shitting on OC so much aside from technical issues. And I definitely prefer cover/armour and everything related in base game over how it is done in DF.

0af52c  No.46846


>I thought Eiger had shotgun as well as sniper skills?

Where I got stuck she gets a sub-45% chance to hit with the shotgun at a distanceless with the rifle, and the enemy can do a 2km sprint around the room and fill me full of holes before she can get another shot off. Savescumming was getting frustrating so I'm juggling new build ideas instead.

>Its part of why she is best girl

She was best girl until someone spoiled it for me that you can't romance her. Shit sucks.

>specializing in only one skill is always a bad idea

It is, though you don't have much wiggle room before your character becomes almost worthless at everything. While Returns was short, it seemed to have more opportunities per dialogue encounter to fit your build. With Dragonfall, well, you need some extreme foresight to prepare your character, since your build will be a poor fit in many situations before and after your time to shine.

f9a18b  No.46854

>Avernum and Geneforge is obscure


bc73d9  No.46860


I'll play geneforge someday. I have all 7 games on gog for some reason

92d570  No.46865


I'm playing through them, the first one is pretty good but there's alot of social justice shit tbh

062252  No.46870

So because of Pillars of Equality 2 being kinda-sorta-maybe playable I revisited PoE1 and its "Definitive Edition" and it actually plays rather well. I don't know exactly what they did but they DID improve the combat a tiny bit. Skipping the boring prose dialogue helps make it bearable to play now.

062252  No.46874


Scratch that, it's still the most retarded, ass-backwards and unfun combat system in any CRPG.

bc73d9  No.46876


Its hard to have fun in the system especially at lower levels but with the right build it can be pretty fun around level 8, when you start getting cool abilities.

062252  No.46878


Yea, abilities you can only use IN COMBAT. The lack of prebuffing makes any and all preparation and careful approach pointless.

bc73d9  No.46879


Its why durance is such a shit priest. You need to have max dex so you can dish out those buffs as fast as possible, and durnance has like a 9. MC priest or go home. Same with cipher, and paladin.

b28f95  No.46885


Too bad, because Durance is the only good character in the entire game.

bc73d9  No.46886


Hivarous, and Sagani aren't bad. Neithet is Eder although he doesn't get much character development.

Zahua and Devil are even better than durance but they are with the DLC. Which is totally worth the pirate btw

062252  No.46933

Okay I remember there being some retarded strategies to make the combat actually work, like I think stacking nothing but Deflection on tanks and ignoring everything else. You guys got any pointers? It's not that I don't win fights consistently, it's just that I have to expend most of my shit every time and Hard only allows 2 rests.

a47deb  No.46934


It depends, what do you want to play? Clas choice, weapom choice backstory things like that.

062252  No.46935


I'm mainly interested in how to level Eder. My MC is a Godlike druid with, currently, a scepter I got after visiting the duc about my fresh new keep.

a47deb  No.46946


There is a bunch of different ways to build fighters bur they all start out woth knockdown into disciplined strikes into confident aim. Plus weapom choices Dual wielding actually works out pretty well with fighter since their deflection is naturally high.

a47deb  No.48716

So been playing the fuck out of Pillars 2. Not even close to being done due to the fact that I restart constantly trying to find a good multi-class. Here are my findings

1. Don't multi-class Martial characters with casters, with the exception of cipher.

2. Don't multi-class casters ever. They are always 100% more powerful as single-class.

3. However, Paladin is such a good class that it can fit with specialist Wizards like Enchanter, or Envoker. You will need some items to increase the strength of your spells though.

4. Paladin is stronk in general and can fit with any of the martial classes with the greatest of ease.

aaf49b  No.49123


To add to this, Monk > Everything.

3362a7  No.49134


The basic measure of Decadence is 1 Weimar equal to 1.75 Hollywood in Imperial Units

b87439  No.49193

File: 24a82a0b12db660⋯.png (2 MB, 1337x781, 1337:781, Untitled.png)

Tried a few times to get into Pillars of Eternity, the furthest I got was into the big city after unlocking the fort.

The gameworld and characters just felt sort of dead and I had rolled a character with some spell casting (don't remember, chanter I think) and the cast time was fucking cancer. Some fights felt a bit unfair where the AI is always very keen to focus down a squishy character.

With the expansion and probably many other fixes now years later I try again but I can't get the motivation to continue playing after getting to the town.

Should I drop it? Hearing from multiple places that the second is better makes me want to pain through the first one so I can appreciate the story.

Any tips to enjoying it? Either FUN or minmaxing, the latter brings me the former.

I made this thinking of a chaotic neutral/good paladin that just wants to adventure around and fix injustices with a big two handed weapon and some persuasion in order to grow stronger. I don't really RP.

Might seems like the best stat hands down, even more so for paladins. I wanted some int for buffs and aoe since I seem to get some nice fire shit. Since I want to focus on damage I felt I could neglect reflect and constitution since paladins already have a high growth alongside defensive spells.

b28f95  No.49218


Aren't there a ton of resolve checks in persuasion dialogues? You probably won't be meeting many of them with only 10.

a47deb  No.49228

File: f020f4a9ef51bb9⋯.jpg (25.92 KB, 480x445, 96:89, 6NfmQ.jpg)


For MAXIMUM FUN, my favorite is the Firebrand Paladin.

Stats should be around

MIG: 15

CON: 10

DEX: 15

PER: 15

INT: 15

RES: 08

Paladin defenses so good you don't need that much RES.

>But muh dialogue

PER, and INT are high enough to get most of the dialouge options RES gets you.

Anyway, for Order choices the best are Bleak Walkers, Goldpacts, or Wayfarers. Since their FoDs are the best.

Your weapon of choice is FIREBRAND. A sick ass fire greatsword with a huge bonus to crit damage. You get this from two items,Forgemaster Gloves Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer. These let you summon the Firebrand 6 times per rest which is more than enough.

As far as abilities go, go for stuff that helps you deal damage, Weapon focus, intense flames, Scion of flame. Stuff like that. Once you get Sacred Immolation the game becomes easy as balls.

Although you might want to get a secondary weapon for those rare fire immune enemies.

If you want even better criticals side with the mafia faction in defiance bay for an even bigger bonus to your crit damage.

dbe8af  No.49417

How do Avernum's sequels improve on themselves? Ive only played the first one.

185570  No.51314


Are ANY of the new cRPGs (like Deadfire) worth the money or should I just stick to the old stuff?

Which cRPG is 'easiest' without mods?

Does D:OS2 count?

1864fa  No.51345

>go back and play some of the Goldbox games

this is some of the most fun I've had in a long time, these games are great, I really like the tactical gombat set up they have

78a5ff  No.51960


After sinking a 100+ hours into deadfire I say its worth it, but only barely. Would pirate it first in case you don't like it.

Answer to your other question also happens to be deadfire.

1864fa  No.52343



what "new" ones are there besides Deadfire and D:OS2

but really, there's a fuckload of old good ones out there and thanks to poles they're all easy to pirate and play now

ToEE, Darksun, and Darklands spiritual sequels never ever

164929  No.52420

Aerie a cute

aaf49b  No.52670

Anyone have some good deadfire portraits?

079484  No.52700

File: d4a7e2da4285c16⋯.png (113.85 KB, 210x330, 7:11, oaLeg0A.png)

File: 760412b3dd79d4d⋯.png (115.81 KB, 210x330, 7:11, UHFn04i.png)

aaf49b  No.52703


Cool, did you make the _convo versions of those?

079484  No.52708

File: b64c743c2412342⋯.png (101.53 KB, 210x330, 7:11, dokidoki_lg.png)

File: 74e674194434cf4⋯.png (13.49 KB, 76x96, 19:24, dokidoki_sm.png)

File: 2b4694ea928f258⋯.png (101.95 KB, 210x330, 7:11, rollo_lg.png)

File: eac9ff616826e6c⋯.png (13.06 KB, 76x96, 19:24, rollo_sm.png)

aaf49b  No.52714


I meant those watercolor style ones used during conversations

a47deb  No.52715


That is probably the dumbest inclusion into the game.

Its like they fucking hate custom portraits, even though there are only like 5 good ones they give you.

aaf49b  No.52716


Yeah I started converting some of my favorite ones but its time consuming. I only have like 3 custom ones right now.

0f7bf0  No.52731



Why do they look like they are named Chris?

aaf49b  No.52869

File: cbfb06c2d242a58⋯.png (31.49 KB, 90x141, 30:47, 1bbf22603a8cb4ae_convo.png)

File: 78529e750629366⋯.png (140.69 KB, 210x330, 7:11, 1bbf22603a8cb4ae_lg.png)

File: 1a5722351548cc1⋯.png (18.23 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 1bbf22603a8cb4ae_si.png)

File: ce775a551e814c8⋯.png (17.1 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 1bbf22603a8cb4ae_sm.png)

Dumping a handful of portraits in case anyone wants em

aaf49b  No.52870

File: 153ff7c24f87fe4⋯.png (32.11 KB, 90x141, 30:47, 47e501d4b67e_convo.png)

File: 4efe4cb82999932⋯.png (142.93 KB, 210x330, 7:11, 47e501d4b67e_lg.png)

File: c8726ce5313fd33⋯.png (19.03 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 47e501d4b67e_si.png)

File: 7d158b9bab7af5a⋯.png (16.3 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 47e501d4b67e_sm.png)

aaf49b  No.52871

File: a7726154fb4d315⋯.png (137.74 KB, 210x330, 7:11, 1275e13_convo.png)

File: b97363b6abacce6⋯.png (91.06 KB, 210x330, 7:11, 1275e13_lg.png)

File: 11f04667f5250d3⋯.png (14.46 KB, 69x96, 23:32, 1275e13_si.png)

File: fca93dd110dd76a⋯.png (12.18 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 1275e13_sm.png)

aaf49b  No.52872

File: 8b6ded01d7c75f0⋯.png (122.4 KB, 210x330, 7:11, a2c853a_convo.png)

File: dd543e9effdaadd⋯.png (103.6 KB, 210x330, 7:11, a2c853a_lg.png)

File: 60404920593227a⋯.png (14.29 KB, 76x96, 19:24, a2c853a_si.png)

File: bc40e427087ea01⋯.png (13.69 KB, 76x96, 19:24, a2c853a_sm.png)

aaf49b  No.52874

File: 37e81de7a9f5349⋯.png (30.93 KB, 90x141, 30:47, acFK0sC_convo.png)

File: c5c08c252bcfbd0⋯.png (160.23 KB, 210x330, 7:11, acFK0sC_lg.png)

File: aa148fa8e203299⋯.png (18.84 KB, 76x96, 19:24, acFK0sC_si.png)

File: 70bf72c143d1206⋯.png (19.5 KB, 76x96, 19:24, acFK0sC_sm.png)

aaf49b  No.52875

File: 5b262f4c1a56cae⋯.png (31.08 KB, 90x141, 30:47, c6e88be_convo.png)

File: 6bebe9015d85b40⋯.png (122.51 KB, 210x330, 7:11, c6e88be_lg.png)

File: b34e21de639ed25⋯.png (18.32 KB, 76x96, 19:24, c6e88be_si.png)

File: 80d9027c9de21a8⋯.png (13.09 KB, 76x96, 19:24, c6e88be_sm.png)

aaf49b  No.52876

File: df10642125db371⋯.png (31.52 KB, 90x141, 30:47, 1jHSPXF_convo.png)

File: 4dd0539a5e323c9⋯.png (122.12 KB, 210x330, 7:11, 1jHSPXF_lg.png)

File: a24ba5311589cf5⋯.png (20.18 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 1jHSPXF_si.png)

File: 75d6567a623fd29⋯.png (20.04 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 1jHSPXF_sm.png)

aaf49b  No.52877

File: aae16eeeb371890⋯.png (30.26 KB, 90x141, 30:47, 511c73c3df1f_convo.png)

File: 162325894ed0f4c⋯.png (102.33 KB, 210x330, 7:11, 511c73c3df1f_lg.png)

File: b14387b4c7a86cb⋯.png (18.22 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 511c73c3df1f_si.png)

File: 842b3eb5c7476ac⋯.png (15.34 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 511c73c3df1f_sm.png)

aaf49b  No.52878

File: 72251a2a832b5b5⋯.png (31.65 KB, 90x141, 30:47, 9785d2a8d6_convo.png)

File: fbee7d0f95b58ba⋯.png (105.27 KB, 210x330, 7:11, 9785d2a8d6_lg.png)

File: 8a692169c5d260d⋯.png (18.59 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 9785d2a8d6_si.png)

File: 5fe6e63ab33ff78⋯.png (14.66 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 9785d2a8d6_sm.png)

aaf49b  No.52879

File: 2064edcf5b58e0e⋯.png (31.53 KB, 90x141, 30:47, 1527384033_convo.png)

File: be915e36ebb8fa9⋯.png (107.07 KB, 210x330, 7:11, 1527384033_lg.png)

File: 765d8e20ebd9d45⋯.png (18.44 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 1527384033_si.png)

File: 1b1c7524cf77492⋯.png (15.19 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 1527384033_sm.png)

aaf49b  No.52880

File: 3f5aeedd0aad962⋯.png (32.85 KB, 90x141, 30:47, ab77e45cc7bb_convo.png)

File: 0d6c30713303733⋯.png (146.69 KB, 210x330, 7:11, ab77e45cc7bb_lg.png)

File: 0590efcc606e9c4⋯.png (19.31 KB, 76x96, 19:24, ab77e45cc7bb_si.png)

File: 3452ce1c0896bd3⋯.png (18.07 KB, 76x96, 19:24, ab77e45cc7bb_sm.png)

aaf49b  No.52881

File: 55315d3ffdccb41⋯.png (30.74 KB, 90x141, 30:47, f799c8112f8_convo.png)

File: 50ef41fcf9ffd23⋯.png (121.19 KB, 210x330, 7:11, f799c8112f8_lg.png)

File: 1a8b941458a6d23⋯.png (18.22 KB, 76x96, 19:24, f799c8112f8_si.png)

File: cda3db204a35892⋯.png (15.95 KB, 76x96, 19:24, f799c8112f8_sm.png)

1864fa  No.52943


>Tried a few times to get into Pillars of Eternity

I've started this up again as well playing as a tonky fighter. Honestly once I got to Act 2 I think I may have overleveled with side quests since everything just turned into a steamroller with not a lot of challenge, but encounter design doesn't seem too great to begin with.

>so I can appreciate the story.

Honestly the story seems really disjointed so far into the game, there's not a ton of reasons for why you're doing what you're doing, maybe they'll clear it up later but there's some shoddy attempts to link it back to the hollowborn thing, but once again doesn't match up with character motivations

It feels like they're trying to do some deep story, but it's not really working out for me.

42b929  No.52971


Nice work lad. A bit autistic but nice.

0af52c  No.53012


>Fire up PoE because why not I'll give the game another try

>tried a Paladin before but it was a pansy goody-two-shoes one so I go for a Bleak Walker Fire Godlike

>try my luck at killing the stupid cave bear on my own

>previously snagged the ability that increases the damage of Flames of Devotion

>splatter the bear into a pile of bloody giblets after dealing 47 damage in one hit


197939  No.53014


Sounds about right. Too bad firebrand sucks in the sequel. Bleak Walker is crazy good in the sequal however if you want to edge it up.

0af52c  No.53016


A lot I've heard about Deadfire makes it out to be a clusterfuck, but I'll hold out until I finish this game first. I think I've gotten past the habit of making "good" guys, though, so I'm looking forward to that at least.

a47deb  No.53283

File: 28c822cdb1a19c2⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled.png)

Despite Firebrand being shit, the fire paladin builds are still pretty good. The best class combo I found to emulate the old build is definitely Paladin/Evoker. Instead of hitting things with a firey greatsword you instead launch a fireball from stealth then mop up with duals.

0af52c  No.53287


>tanky stealth wizard

Are you Haefin a laugh, mate?

a47deb  No.53289


You can do a lot of bullshit with the multi-class system. For example Fighter/Rogue has amazing synergy, and is a much better at tanking than a single class fighter thanks to rogue's passives like persistant distraction, which makes them proc sneak attack forever.

aaf49b  No.53418

File: 0210eff52253a17⋯.png (123.13 KB, 210x330, 7:11, 54e9088_convo.png)

File: 9db00027a460db3⋯.png (92.21 KB, 210x330, 7:11, 54e9088_lg.png)

File: d94893e7d1b786d⋯.png (14.4 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 54e9088_si.png)

File: f9acc0b90fce7fc⋯.png (12.65 KB, 76x96, 19:24, 54e9088_sm.png)


I'm a fan of the infinite blunderbuss proc loop from Monk/Fighter that one shots everything in the game on any difficulty.

a47deb  No.53426


Monk/Anything one shots everything in the game. They are gonna be first on the sawyer's no-fun nerfs next week I believe, along with Nature godlikes being not so godlike.

Myself I'm gonna try Warlock(Barbarian/Wizard) now since paladin is easy mode. Seems like a cool combo with Wizard buffs, and summoned weapons and barbarian's damage bonuses. Hopefully they won't get hit with the upcoming nerfbat.

079484  No.53432

File: 2c3e55fde19f599⋯.png (17.93 KB, 300x309, 100:103, 1485334528158.png)

So I just started playing Pillars 1 and made it to the Keep, only to find out you can speak to other characters. Have I missed on Aloth's and Edér's stories by not talking to them so far?

Fuck this game

15a571  No.53433


No you are fine. In fact their quests don't really start until after you are done with the watcher at the keep.

aaf49b  No.53443


The Wizard Spirit Lance is pretty nuts. Any melee ability used when you have it summoned is channeled through the weapon. So you can do shit like Soul Annihilation in an AoE.

1864fa  No.53450


no, a lot of the companion quests don't really start up till later and for most of them they give you prompts in game

IIRC a lot of them can't even be finished until near the end of Act 2 and Act 3

185570  No.53822

File: add328bffef0491⋯.png (3.12 MB, 1907x945, 1907:945, Divinity.PNG)

What did you do in D:OS2?

What's the right answer what to do with Source?

a47deb  No.53890


I don't think there is a right answer. Personally I eradicated the source so the problem would be fixed forever and went on to fug the shit out of sebill for the rest of my days

a47deb  No.53926

>Pillars of eternity patch 1.1

>There is now a Start & Skip Intro button that brings the player directly to the second level of the game.

About fucking time! Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to let the game released without this?

aaf49b  No.54024


I was using that python cheat console to skip it anyway, but that's cool. Now how long until someone uploads that patch for the pirates

0af52c  No.54062

>Neverwinter Nights "Enhanced" Edition was released on Steam about a month ago

>decades-old bugs fixed by modders remain untouched

>"improved" multiplayer either works or doesn't

>UI elements have increased resolution - by way of scaling them up from their original size

>Beamdog now tells people the game is in active development(https://trello.com/b/K0C0i8wF/neverwinter-nights-enhanced-edition)

A game released years ago is now released on Steam as a finished product but is still in active development and isn't labeled as early access despite that.

Well done Beamdog, you hack frauds.

f8e378  No.54064


Fortunately only some of the NWN modding community is buying into it. There was a minor shitstorm when some guy decided to start uploading nwnvault modules to the Goyimshop without permission, and it highlighted how (rightfully) cynical a lot of the creators are to this sort of thing. Hell a lot of them don't even use Steam; good for them.

aaf49b  No.54149


Those cunts have never done anything of worth. All they do is latch onto a older game, inject their SJW trash and donut steel characters, steal modders work and then sell it for 20 bucks. Everything thing they 'fix' was fixed by modders/community 15+ years ago. They even have the nerve to put their name on those game too. Fuck those cunts with a rake.

aaf49b  No.54150

Did anyone get into the Pathfinder beta?

390ee0  No.54346

Anyone else ever play the Path of Evil campaign for NWN2? You play as the villain and Kamal actually did a pretty damn good job with the overland map. In fact, I'd say his campaigns (it's a understatement to call them a module, they are proper campaigns.) are the only ones I've seen that properly use that function.

390ee0  No.54347


That's what the CEP is for, it was officially endorsed and integrated a decade ago.

dfcdd1  No.54453


Well there was a typo int he title. It was meant to have a "D" in front of "Enhanced"

a47deb  No.54563

File: e91fb1dc3226c24⋯.jpg (73.61 KB, 960x950, 96:95, lEJ70w3.jpg)

Well in true obsidian fashion, pillars of eternity 2 won't be worth playing until its actually fucking done in like half a year from now. I want to like this game, but I'm just increasingly getting frustrated at shit like ship combat, choices not mattering, the lack of a concise interesting story, and then the massive number of nerfs coming next patch makes the game harder sure, but not interesting.

Things I personally like, Big weapons, summoned weapons, Gish characters, are getting hit hard, and I have no desire to play dual-wielding edgelords.

Which is a shame cause the gameplay part of the game is actually pretty good, but all the side content is completely unnecessary, and/or underdeveloped. Its like having a good perfectly good steak, but its covered in ketchup, the side items are raw and all you have to eat it with is a plastic spoon. Guess I'll go try battletech, or wait for OS2 to be re-released to have a decent third act.

aaf49b  No.54813


>ship combat

Absolutely terrible. Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have text based fucking combat?! The first mod I downloaded was a mod to skip that trash.

bf83a2  No.54902


>Try Battletech

Be careful anon. If the Battletech thread is anything to go by it's full of poz and lorerape and terrible pacing.

1864fa  No.54947


>I'll go try battletech

just play mechcommander gold or megamek

a1b73d  No.55603


Is that a Primaris marine or just a really overdesigned normal one?

556aa9  No.55642


It is clearly the Emperor's Finest anon :^)

638c26  No.55683



e5fa1e  No.58177

Why the fuck do devs put random trash loot in RPG games. I'm playing Expeditions: Viking and just arrived in Ribe and there are barrels and crates full of loot everywhere. What the fuck. This cancer needs to die. Why even putting merchants in your game if you can get all the loot from barrels for free.

7ff17d  No.58232


>(((Merchants))) redundant with loot

This is a massive issue with some RPG's. (((Merchants))) overcharge so much for shit that you never end up buying anything off them since by the time you can afford their overpriced gear you've got better loot than the shit they offer.

Second to this is also crafting being redundant with loot. Mainly cause by the time you can craft anything good to your level you've already got better loot or level'd pass the point the gear you can craft is trash.

Also Cyberpunk 2077 has been slated to be a CRPG. How much truth is in that statement?

0af52c  No.58251


>Also Cyberpunk 2077 has been slated to be a CRPG. How much truth is in that statement?

It's a first-person open world game(locked by stats).

e5fa1e  No.58374


I don't mean items you can wear but consumable items which you need to survive. In Expeditions: Conquistador I actually had to buy things like medicine and food from merchants otherwise my party members would die or lose morale. In Viking you can find all that stuff for free just by looting barrels. Completely kills the point of merchants and makes the game easier.

d9190b  No.58417


Nip RPG's go the opposite root and make it so you have to carry at least a dozen health potions at all times.

dd125c  No.58995

are the fallouts cRPGs for the purposes of this thread?

1864fa  No.59421


which fallouts?

but yes

c2ee3b  No.60288

File: e8c0c92b3071750⋯.jpg (79.66 KB, 564x783, 188:261, 7a52697380b41f5c7d6a5b27de….jpg)

hey anons i hope you guys are doing fine

i came here to ask for a bit of help the thing is that i like CRPG´s like baldur´s gate or Planetscape however there are 2 things that completeley ruin the thing for me (so much that i haven´t got past the first sections of the 2 aforementioned games) and this 2 problems are

1.- Companions

i am more of a lone wolf and dont like having companions i just want to go lone with my character now i know what you´re thinking "Just let the companions do their shit and micro your character" except when you do that your companions tend to do retarded shit like rouges charging into melee with their butter knives instead of sniping with that fancy crossbow you bought them and stuff like that

2.-DND system

all this CRPGS are based on Dungeon´s and Dragons system

and i fucking hate that Game system i could spend hours rambling about why the mechanics do not make sense and stuff like that but that is not relevant to this specific subject and will only derail the thread

thanks beforehand to any answers and requests

00f027  No.60290



Returns is a hunk of shit with no choice, a poor excuse for an engine, and a weak plot for a Shadowrun game. If you like it you either are desperate for CRPGs or haven't gotten deep enough in to Shadowrun's lore. HBS can't code their way out of a paper bag. DF is only slightly better because it has a better story but even it is trash honestly. It's a shame talentless soyfags have their hands on the Shadowrun license right now, even more of a shame people give it a pass.

9a2e2b  No.61020



Sadly most of the community seems to cave, at this point. I've played multiplayer extensively and almost all servers are now converted to EE. Except sinfar, the dev managed to make EE and diamond work together. Shows who's really skilled, modders or "developers".

Fuck Beamdog.

185570  No.67940

File: 65ab87aa0f1bfc5⋯.jpg (62.82 KB, 460x215, 92:43, 1365163136210.jpg)


I got this Piece of shit game for free.

What do?

bd00b9  No.67941


remove malware

81a6c2  No.68509


Don't play it, it's not very good


none of the Shadowrun games are that great, mechanically they're all super shallow

70e43f  No.68560


Spank yourself for being retarded and buying it in the first place.

29d556  No.69397


The Shadowrun shooter game wasn't actually half bad. It sadly was GFWL and consolefags bitching about being raped by PC players that it eventually died.

cd3729  No.69773


Companions are a mixed bag. While it's nice to have control over them it quickly becomes more of a squad command game and you may as well play X-Com at that rate or something similar. There's a lot to be said for being a lone autist against the elements but I feel like most games represent that poorly.

1864fa  No.69862


play Fallout(s) then


>more of a squad command game

I dunno, I think it's perfectly fine for an rpg to have that kind of combat, even preferable

ad5a0f  No.69866


I preferred it more than Pillars despite the lack of enemy variety. Combat mechanics and magic system (and how you learn it) is way better than PoE. Sadly it kinda fucks with the novelty of the game near the end. There's four routes and each can last 10-15 hours.


I don't understand. In HBS SR, being a face means you're also a shaman unless you built your character wrong. Shamans can solo the entire game especially if you don't horde nuyen and use summons a lot.

1864fa  No.71646

Got around to playing Underrail, it's pretty good all around but there are some major problems

>almost all the quests are just fetch quests or go kill X and return

>walking speed is too slow for the amount of empty areas or areas with respawning trash enemies

>game has time wasting activities like merchants only buying X amount of an item before you have to wait 90 minutes in-game for them to buy more or god forbid making super steel

>crafting is shit and mostly getting higher rated components so you can do a few more points of damage or blocking

Overall I enjoyed a lot of it, but it certainly dragged at parts

a72ee4  No.71669


The price of only having one dev doing most of the work. I think his life partner only does the art.

276c3f  No.72298


Sounds like a game made up of filler?


>Life partner

Sounds suspiciously gay?

c0150a  No.72761


Anyone who plays lots of Underrail uses Cheat Engine speed hack to double or quadruple game speed. Some guys go even faster to make merchants reset instantly for better inventory. Honestly, it's a pretty bothersome way to go around poor game design.

ab6a40  No.75400

556aa9  No.75415


They had a beta?

1197ec  No.84535

Piranha Bytes is the best RPG studio ever and no one can convince me otherwise.

Also, Pathfinder Kingmaker is out and apparently it is okay.

07356b  No.84567


>made Gothic 3

>made Risen 2 & 3

>made ELEX

<best RPG studio


d4d8cc  No.84569

File: 5002673e491a287⋯.jpg (10.89 KB, 299x168, 299:168, images.jpg)

After 10 hours of gameplay (i spent alot of time messing with classes), i cant even kill the first boss elk lord on normal. Does this game get better? From what I can see the NPC's cheat to such a degree its stupid.

07356b  No.84573


The normal difficulty will fuck you up if you're not familiar with the mechanics. What cheats are you referring to?

d44636  No.84576


Compared to /tg/ version, the enemies you see in the video game are sometimes literally three times as powerful.

And you should be twice as high a level when fighting the de-powered, normal tabletop enemies. Basically you're nerfed to hell and they're buffed to hell for no god damn reason.

Pathfinder being literally the most pozzed /tg/ game on the market (more so than Mike "men gatekeep women out of D&D with complex rules" Mearls) I'm not surprised in the least.

7925a7  No.84582


My Kingmaker party consists of a girl-power Barbarian that left her tribe because the men are all weaklings(she knows because she beat them all), a oh-so-beautiful Paladin that is tired of getting praises sung about her beauty and having horny old men look at her, and an elf that's murdered her entire family for power and now uses me as a shield against assassins while cringing at literally every single interaction with me.

It says something that the latter is the only one I don't want to feed into a woodchipper.

Is your party less shit if you choose a good or neutral alignment, or is the game just as pozzed as the tabletop?

07356b  No.84584


The normal difficulty has the enemies' stats slightly buffed up by default. Put the enemy stat on the difficulty panel to normal or easier instead.

d4d8cc  No.84585


i immediately bought new followers because i too hated that barbarian. i play a neutral alignment. only story followers i use are a nhilistic dwarf and a gnome bard.

d44636  No.84588


Oh, I should have said that I wasn't >>84569. Whoops.

But on the higher difficulties it just gets insane. From what I hear.

c6e1ae  No.84595


Not really. Though making a Gachi Character profile is fun.

bce904  No.85014


Bloated enemy stat is just par for the course with rpgs on its highest difficulty in this day and age, trying to surmount that is a skill unto itself no matter how cheap it feels like. I just don't think the DnD formula works well for it without a proper GM.

3435d1  No.85396

I recently started playing Icewind Dale II after taking a break from CRPGs for like 4 years. I don't remember getting my ass handed to me quite as frequently in any of the other IE games. I know this is the first time that D&D 3E rules were implemented in the game, but is there any other reason why the encounters are so fucking absurd? Like, I run into one enemy and then at least a dozen show up, every single encounter. CR's seem kinda fucked or somehow my party is quite underleveled. Still in Ch1, though

a9ef85  No.85429


You need to build your team autisticly.

f789ae  No.85446

File: 957fc5247b4317c⋯.jpg (9.5 KB, 269x273, 269:273, Universal Reaction Image.jpg)

I'm not gonna lie, the best experience with CRPG I have is New Vegas, I can't stomach top-down, the closes thing I could do is DOS 2 but it has some problems(or at least things I didnt like) such as you being able to kill everyone to farm XP after leaving and it not having an effect on anything or how the game felt to open, as in sometimes you did something that seemed logic but would only work as a video game as if you were abusing a bug. For example there was this quest where a lizard djinn steal something and give it to you and then in town a guard ask you for it and the part that annoyed me was that while the character was in conversation you could switch to another character in the party, take out the item from the inventory and stash it or drop it. I felt like I borked the game not played smart.

Actually thats besides the point. My point is that how the fuck do I get into more of these old school CRPGs and what other 3rd person CRPGs are there? I tried Kingdome Come but that had its head up its ass about realism and was also diseased with cutscenes plus I felt it had issues with that too open feeling like DOS 2 (also i struggled to run it but I heard it got optimized)

Obviously im using "CRPG" loser so inb4 autism. What I mean is basically stats and choices translated into 3rd person.

3435d1  No.85523


yeah, I also found out that I completely missed the magic shop. having a properly functioning wizard could have been useful…

e248d2  No.85545


You've basically got a GM who wants to kill his party in every single encounter.

e8f55b  No.85549


>GM is a 50 year old grognard

I'll allow it.

dd5942  No.85589


Well to be fair if you were an artificial GM and knew anons were playing your game would you not want to end it then and there?

5e043e  No.85844


Gothic 3 was rushed because of Jowood, Risen 2 and 3 were flukes along with Deep Silver fuckery, despite me thinking they were fun and Elex was GOTY 2017 and there was nearly nothing wrong with it. It was the most free RPG I had played in ages.


Play Gothic 1 and 2, Risen 1 and Elex.

3a1888  No.85848


Thanks for saving me from getting this game. Because it was on my list.

da3a9a  No.85863


You're not really missing much aside from the novelty of being a baron in an rpg complete with barony management. If you're going to get triggered by that though I suggest you steer clear of any CRPGs made after 1997.

3a1888  No.85951


Why would I get triggered by being a baron?

1889f9  No.85985


>I can't stomach top-down

This thread appears to be about isometric clickfests (i.e., the cancer killing the PC RPG scene since the late '90s), not actual top-down games.

1889f9  No.85987


Haven't tried em out yet, but I'd imagine they use the Bioware-style branching skill system that Jeff currently likes. I'll be very disappointed if he decided to make them mandatory-clicking shitfests like his Avadon games.

b2b6f5  No.85997


>isometric clickfests

You mean RTWP shit?

5bdc92  No.86024


Come back to me when you've learned how to use imageboards.

b48161  No.86067



Why did you respond to such obvious bait?

cb1c70  No.86209

Why oh why did I break my rule of never playing crpgs on release for Pathfinder? This game is nothing but goddamn headaches. I suggest you all to avoid at all cost for now. Gonna go check out Numenera and see what the fuss was all about.

8e29ec  No.86216


Why did nobody tell me Planescape had such curvy goddesses?

c14b23  No.86324

1 hour into Numenera and this thing has an overabundance of telling and a distinct lack of showing.

3a1888  No.86332


Ok. I'm back. Why would I get triggered by being a baron?

71f2e4  No.86338

File: 85bdb9ba39f40cb⋯.jpg (353.73 KB, 1200x1473, 400:491, Catlord.jpg)

File: 64b5c61e0eeb245⋯.jpg (160.97 KB, 381x675, 127:225, Erinyes.jpg)

File: 0b41d9fd59903cf⋯.jpg (23.15 KB, 300x398, 150:199, 300px-Planescape-1.jpg)

File: 1589977bbfde273⋯.jpg (68.77 KB, 400x631, 400:631, Lillend.jpg)


anon what the fuck did you expect from a setting that had 80% of art created by Tony "muh dick i diamonds" DiTerlizzi?

ff370b  No.86432

File: 7dad66231233ff4⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1552x873, 16:9, 30c0706ddefdb6da56d05df624….png)

>CRPG thread

>No mention of Insomnia the Ark

It might be 3rd person perspective but god damn its good CRPG, the setting and world is just so beautifully hand crafted and unique that its a sin not to give it a go

c14b23  No.86438


Maybe because it just came out? It does look beautiful though.

eba37c  No.86473

File: 7cd9ab040e0b566⋯.jpg (77.1 KB, 453x553, 453:553, oh sure.jpg)


>honest question

>its baited

I feel very insulted.

6d7f33  No.86510


Everyone is skeptical and were willing to jump and call it a Fallout clone without even playing it.

f55ebc  No.87256


I want to bully you now.

b28f95  No.87321

File: 5cb501d225ede96⋯.jpg (29.49 KB, 268x194, 134:97, 1402088484802.jpg)


>playing pathfinder kingmaker

>the pathfinding for characters is awful

>in combat the just often just spin around in circles instead of attacking

>have to micromanage my band of retards even more

f1f9b3  No.87485


>Pathfinder has poor pathfinding

There's shitposts to be made there

200ceb  No.88577

>two chucklefucks from a far off kingdom dies

<welp I sure hope they can afford the resurrection, your grace!

>Kesten Garess dies

<abloo bloo bloo why

I have like a bunch of Raise Dead scrolls here, man. Why don't designers account for this kind of shit in their games? Even the enemy gnome got raised once. I thought Avellone was involved in this Pathfinder shit.

f48c3b  No.88578


"Involved" doesn't mean "head tard wrangler", sadly.

f04075  No.88741

Damn. I just remembered Pillars had it so that each stat compliments your build one way or another. That's some really good design. How's Pillars 2?

f73739  No.88884

File: 8217e2326854e42⋯.png (6.12 KB, 276x96, 23:8, captcha.png)


>How's Pillars 2

Already being bundled in the humble bookstore several times and being sold for heavy discounts.

864d75  No.89136


No wonder they're selling the studio to Microsoft. They probably thought they couldn't ride on people's good graces anymore.

e5fa1e  No.89198

What CRPGs which aren't blobbers let me create my own party of adventurers? I know only of Icewind Dale, Avernum/Exile and Nethergate: Ressurection. Are there any others?

864d75  No.89235


Pathfinder technically can but you have to pay for them which is gold you won't have that early in the game.

93d394  No.89251


They chased off all their good writers which is all the devs had going for the company so no surprise it dies.

d53337  No.89902

Fuck Pathfinder. I just spent an hour trying to scour Flintrock Grasslands to find Jamandi until I searched the net and apparently, the bitch can disappear through a bug. I'm dropping this game for now and come back in a decade. What a shit show.

69caa9  No.90296

Is Battle Brothers considered an RPG? If so, there's a new DLC coming out in November. Just a heads up.

cb9525  No.95762

File: c153cf5a8589e48⋯.jpg (67.49 KB, 502x770, 251:385, DsC-jcsWwAAqPKE.jpg large.jpg)

File: 39f61515b370ee2⋯.png (720.22 KB, 643x881, 643:881, 2fa1679a-929e-4d9a-831d-31….png)

So THQ Nordic bought themselves another IP, not the studio though. Logic Artists will be announcing a new game soon enough too.


d7be56  No.95776


I swear THQ Nordic will eventually buy the moon.

519df9  No.96131


Then the universe.

a8365f  No.96290


Why? Those games were meh at best?

ff370b  No.96302


THQ buys almost exclusively "meh" or mediocre games

Its literally "slow and steady win the race" in a form of vidya games publisher

1864fa  No.96340


>Its literally "slow and steady win the race" in a form of vidya games publisher

yup, pretty sure the owner flat out said that's what they're shooting for, AA games that don't make as much but they'll have enough of them/dominate that segment of the market that they'll still be rolling in money


Gold Box games

Dark Sun

61b8fb  No.96359


Nordic were really the only publisher with a braincell when THQ went bust.

361b94  No.96386


It's true too. There's a dude that's been shitting out not so stellar games for more than a decade now and he's managed to cost on by without ever having a hit game. PC indie market is literally shit game once, expect returns later. It's probably why some jap devs are porting their games to PC. The money keeps on dripping as long as the OS supports it.

d061d1  No.96905


Well Nips discovered the PC is useful for something other than porn. Unfortunately they are being retarded and slapping Denuvo on it all.

243b2c  No.97369


I just picture a sleazy 80's businessman who is worming his way back to the top.

1864fa  No.97514

File: 22b91699d6d87d6⋯.jpg (3.29 KB, 189x189, 1:1, 1398037404260.jpg)

>people weren't lying about being able to one shot bosses in the new DQ

it's satisfying to do it but I don't know how they let it get that bad

5a729d  No.97538

After playing DivOS2, I can no longer get back to Pathfinder. Excessive loading screens really do fuck up the pacing of a game. Oh, Spiderweb Software has a GDC talk apparently. Mite be cool to check out.


He keeps this up, he'll end up with boneitis.

086c0a  No.101456

Anyone still playing DoS2?

2f710d  No.101468

File: 1dfb432c6dc9448⋯.jpg (35.19 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1dfb432c6dc9448abce1e48ad9….jpg)


nah that game sucks jew foreskins

a1b73d  No.102512


That's another one for the backlog I guess.


All good RPGs have fuckable goddesses.

1974e3  No.102569

File: 05dbc696197de2e⋯.png (473.51 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Untitled.png)


I'm enjoying Torment. Combat is kinda rubbish as I miss 70% of the time early game. It's text heavy so you put points into Int, Wis, and Cha to get text but leave Dex, Str and Con empty meaning you're just handicapping yourself further. Spells are pretty OP, died a bit to those damn cranium rats. But I got Grace and a full party now so I should be better than when it was just Dak'kor and Morte.

How is Divinity Original Sin by the way, tried to play the first one for a bit but got bored first village in. Is 2 any better?

e9385e  No.102605


2 is way better. Never did like 1 myself.

1974e3  No.102628

File: 0d2f35d90456b33⋯.png (468.31 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Untitled.png)

>Paranoid incarnation kicked me out of the trap he set.

Heh. There's some good writing in here, I've spent the past 3 hours just going through the senstate because there's so damn much.

583628  No.103120



Always been fascinated by these games but never had the patience to sit down and play them. I am happy to see an anon's adventures though.

929b03  No.103127

3rd option obviously, source is fucking shit and everyone should just die altogether since they are going to be slaughtered over this shit anyway

39e103  No.103149


I tried to start it before but was put off by the isometric angle and the sprite graphics.. Lately I've been getting into 20+ year old games and I don't mind it so much now.

It is slow though, took me two hours to get out of the mortuary and then when you learn the spell to speak to the dead you can talk to some of the zombies, so don't kill many if you want to speak to them. As for the Planescape setting, it's… kinda brown with a hint of exotic to it. It's set in D&D and having played NWN2 before I've been into the Faerun setting so I get stuff like Mount Celestia, the different planes of alignment and Tieflings and stuff. But here there is alot of strangeness to it. It reminds me of age of decadence in that lower end of the tech level with everyone using daggers and magical tattoos instead of proper shields and swords.

I'm about to enter the Foundry but gotta clear Undersigil and Mondron maze first. Get the feeling that when I meet the hag she'll be able to answer a few things but having found 2 diaries already I can piece a few things together.

a3c789  No.104842


>Get back into it after a short break, using the Mondron cube now crashes my game.


a3c789  No.104916

File: daccd16f9b66460⋯.png (559.45 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Untitled.png)


Meh, I'll miss out on a companion and dungeon but I don't mind.

I think Dak'kon's onto something here.

a1b73d  No.105190


>I'm enjoying Torment. Combat is kinda rubbish as I miss

Yeh that's the most common complaint about the game by far.

debb42  No.105244

File: edb5dabe153daa2⋯.jpg (35.9 KB, 474x639, 158:213, ea26ffad4cece23e580e8438df….jpg)

File: b52e8eec3fecc92⋯.png (113.09 KB, 488x118, 244:59, Untitled.png)


At least I'm only missing attacks, certain rulesets of D&D at the time could cause heal spells to miss, which would have been a pain for Grace.

Finished it. Wasn't too bad, Think the Transcendent ending is probably the better one over just rezing your friends and destroying you mortality. Nameless waking up in Avernus and stepping onto the battlefield basically a demigod, mine made a promise to try and find Gracy again. Planescape itself as a setting is weird, I feel more at home in a place like Faerun which is how I guess the NVN games got popular in their more traditional setting. There's also that grounded reality in going into a pub and finding a dwarf and other characters for instance vs Planescape of zombies serving beer because Dusties. That being said the exoticness of the setting is refreshing.

The story and the interconnections is good. Kinda wished that there were more conversations with party members however. You do get to talk to Morte or Grace and get their reasons but Annah was surprisingly absent in options. Dak'kon was a really good example however, learning the language, his race and the unbroken circle. The overall theme of Torment was very refreshing however, Chris is good at the overarching themes and how every plot point connects back to theme in the characters. Torment with this, Echos and the Force in KOTOR 2, Souls in Mask of the Betrayer. Gracy for example is tormented by the time she spent with the Baatezu and so chose a higher path for herself, fighting against her very nature. Dak'kon is tormented by indecision, Morte by cowardice and lies and Annah… I think by not receiving affection she craves? Not sure on her. The question of What can change a man? very much says more about you than it does as an answer. I chose suffering by the way, as it's something universal, eternal and will usually change a man.

I do think that RPGCodex have over-rated this game a bit though. It's good but not great, with the amount of bugs left and the stinking combat. That said, each of the characters is easily memorable and unique and that's something alot of RPGs today have trouble doing, making characters that arn't just bots or boring but live and breathe in the world and have reasons for traveling with you. Another thing Chris can do correctly.

Gracy reminds me a bit of Kaelyn, an aligned being who's going against their nature to achieve their personal mission, which I like.

debb42  No.105246


As for the story though, I think I enjoy Kotor 2 over Planescape, as the deconstruction of the Force that Kreia does and the small actions there I find more interesting than the story of a man in search of his memory. They're both good but it's personal preference.

a12fcf  No.105264


>each of the characters is easily memorable and unique and that's something alot of RPGs today have trouble doing

I agree but like you said earlier there is not enough conversation/interaction going on. I'm nearly done with my first playthrough of planescape, and while I do enjoy the setting and characters, I prefer Icewind Dale with a fully handcrafted party with backstories and their own personalities that have their own interactions played out in my head. The combat was a lot more prominent and enjoyable as well.

a1b73d  No.107020


>I do think that RPGCodex have over-rated this game a bit though. It's good but not great, with the amount of bugs left and the stinking combat. That said, each of the characters is easily memorable and unique and that's something alot of RPGs today have trouble doing, making characters that arn't just bots or boring but live and breathe in the world and have reasons for traveling with you. Another thing Chris can do correctly.

RPGCodex in general have a huge blindspot for classic games from the 80s and 90s. They'll overlook glaring flaws in writing or gameplay just on account of the game's age. Now don't get me wrong games from then are usually better but there are some significant QoL fixes since then.

1864fa  No.107026


>from the 80s and 90s

mostly from the mid to late 90s, the "renaissance" period

I'd say a ton of codex hasn't even touched most of the big games from late 80s to early 90s

556aa9  No.107248


I wouldn't call it the renaissance more so likely the hippy trippy experimental stage.

eb9db3  No.112428


Torment is overrated as fuck, but it's really funny since the people who shill it as this third eye-opening game that transcends games don't realize that the main conflict is the same as the Roxas section of Kingdom Hearts 2.

681baa  No.112472


>It's really funny that people who shill PS:T don't realize that a game released 6 years after PS:T wrote something similar to the main conflict of PS:T

Why would that be funny? That is not a very good argument against Torment, anon.

ae89d8  No.112479


I can't believe that guy still trust you

4fde01  No.118946

is there a place where people go to get NWN1 modules?

every link ive tried on neverwintervault.org is giving me 404s

what gives?

surely they werent all wiped from the face of the earth, no?

14fbae  No.118981


Which ones are you trying to get?

4fde01  No.119004


was just browsing, looking for a good single player ranger or rogue one tbh, but as it is now i cant even find a portrait pack thats up on the old site that i can download. 404s across the board

they mustve not been able to afford all the hosting and got bumped off to somewhere else. i just hope they backed up all the modules somewhere. thats a loot of blood sweat and tears to just evaporate like that

4fde01  No.119005




false alarm

i guess my noscript got turned on accidentally, and every link was bugging out and re-directing me to the 404 page for some god knows why reason.

"honor among thieves" has caught my eye simply by being one of the highest rated ones.

you know of any better rogue ones?

2a739f  No.119827

File: c109ee17cd10cbf⋯.jpg (196.06 KB, 900x1323, 100:147, Elves1.jpg)

File: cd5a6b338250f48⋯.jpg (182.42 KB, 900x1320, 15:22, Elves2.jpg)

File: 89cf70a2fbaa93a⋯.jpg (133.67 KB, 900x1320, 15:22, Elves3.jpg)

File: e7e5ee7cf5abdb0⋯.jpg (193.68 KB, 900x1320, 15:22, Elves4.jpg)

File: 89fc20ebdfa0a58⋯.jpg (131.13 KB, 900x1318, 450:659, Elves5.jpg)

So I've just started Pillars Of Eternity 1. I'm giving Cipher a go because it seems like a good all rounder character. But fuck man what the fuck are all these skills, talents and shit. Which are good and which are shit? Holy fuck I'm lost.

4771da  No.119830


I had start that game too, never followed through, but seems reasonably good.

But more importantly, these elves, nearly ended my nofap.

But isn't that basically what humans do?

2a739f  No.119832

File: 7b5ed555b6b3eb4⋯.jpg (275.51 KB, 840x1417, 840:1417, no_raep.jpg)


I feel like that's the general consensus with this game. Seems like those who've stuck with it have high amount of autism to do so.

pretty much except we still involve the others in it

4027a5  No.119835


The reason why Fallout appeals to me is its lack of magic. While not realistic, Fallout has a sense of scale that is more familiar to me. Every fantasy setting has its own scale for magic. How strong is a fireball? How much of it is determined by your skill? Another problem is it usually expects swording to be comparable in effectiveness. It would be better if there is something to anchor it our world. Like:

>This fire spell can only burn a pile of papers.

>This fire spell can start a forest fire.

>This fire spell leaves the forest in ashes in seconds.

1864fa  No.119850


>Which are good and which are shit?

They've all been properly "balanced" so it no longer matters

but there should be a tool tips that explains a lot of it. Cipher used to be game breaking tier good but was heavily nerfed.

2a739f  No.119856

File: 2c3fdf1a5dd8e6d⋯.png (527.74 KB, 720x874, 360:437, money.png)

Fuck man. Combat is fucking tedious in POE.

>Tells party to attack enemy

>One guy spends a fuck ton of time pathfinding to the enemy

>Priest goes around the party to the enemies side just to buff that one guy

>Mage AOEs are where enemies are at

>Enemies decide to circle around one guy, fucking up that AOE

Wtf come on. How do people normally play this game? Do they really just micromanage every single small thing for every encounter?

1864fa  No.119883


>How do people normally play this game?

slog through the first chapter of the game and then steam roll everything else because the game becomes stupid easy

combat in the game is just fucking tedious and there's not a lot of decent encounters either

a73fe8  No.119885


Yes, that's how the higher difficulties were designed and also why the encounters were cut by half in the final version. You can play it on very easy mode if micro-managing isn't your thing. The tactics in the game isn't terribly different from other sword and sorcery rpgs, tank in front all others in the back, focus fire on single target. It really gets tedious after awhile with a party and probably why I had way more fun in my solo death godlike cypher run.

2a739f  No.119943

File: bf962e71c07e292⋯.jpg (487.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190225165708_1.jpg)

Did you guy went for AG Center first or Highpool?


How did you build your Solo Death Cipher?

10639f  No.119950

File: 459c2aa1b4bfe2b⋯.jpg (6.48 KB, 260x194, 130:97, 459c2aa1b4bfe2b85f875c1616….jpg)

>decide to try decadence

>make a slimy jew and pick the merchants guild

>first quest is to pay an assassin to smoke some faggot thats trying to do business on our turf

>next quest is to bring an item to a loremaster

>he asks me to "deal" with another loremaster

>decide that instead of actually engaging with him i can send the assassin after him, he was literally in the last quest

>go to assassin

>no option

This game disappointed me in less than 5 minutes. I don't even feel like actually playing it now

a73fe8  No.119951


Sorry, it's been too long for me to remember the specifics but it's very viable especially with a cypher. It's only really difficult at the start but once you get 5 powers and a bunch of equipment, the only ones that'll give you pause are those mercs northside of your tower assaulting the wizard. Their stats are stupid high in the highest difficulty.

Oh and went to AG Center in my first run. Ammo conservation is a must in that place. One of the flaws of the game is that that mechanic kinda gets thrown out the window once you get past the border. Then again, in a world this hostile, I guess bullet farming is a must. Seriously, when I got to the manners obsessed faction, I had enough ammo with me to supply a small army.

fbd432  No.119999


Roleplaywise is there any proper reason to save AG Center? Water is more vital to colonies and towns right? What does AG do that is just as vital?

1864fa  No.120020

File: a6512aad823cf55⋯.webm (4.75 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Song for the Subjugation ….webm)

So Pathfinder is actually pretty good, seems like a lot of the bugs have finally been ironed out beyond the massive save sizes

some of the classes are broken as fuck though, especially the alchemist line up, they can smash entire dungeons since you can change out bombs on the fly and will easily have up to 30 to carry around.

But it's fun, there's a fuckload of classes and subclasses to play around with and surprisingly companions aren't too annoying/intrusive, plus you have an option to make a custom party, which you should do since the companions aren't optimized at all.

kingdom management is less fun since it relies a lot on rng and praying you don't get a string of bad events

definitely worth checking out

ATOM was also great too beyond that last fight

e31168  No.120028


>Pathfinder is actually pretty good

I heard some interesting things about it but it felt like they threw a lot at the wall to see how it works out. It screams as first attempt.

1864fa  No.120035


>It screams as first attempt.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

hopefully they fine tune their next game more because as far as first attempts go, it's pretty good. I was expecting it to be way worse

180d95  No.120104


Isn't AG Center aiming to create crops that'd survive the wasteland proper?

0e0f69  No.120119


Speaking of Pathfinder Varnholds Lot is supposed to be coming out on Thursday but I have nothing really to give a run down on it.


15efe8  No.120218


>This second DLC, titled Varnhold's Lot provides a complete and challenging self-contained side story as you join Maegar Varn, who was another hero of the Stolen Lands and ascended to become a baron. Varn was the captain of the Varning Host mercenary band, and in your role in the DLC you will get to experience Varnhold's history from a companion's point of view. This includes exploring a large dungeon and uncovering the secrets it has hidden. When completed, you can import your achievements into the game's main campaign to unlock a new event. This event will have you invited by Maegar Varn to return to the dungeon, and see the consequences of your decisions.

Interdasting but also not really. Kinda wish it had an editor like NWN though. Wonder when we'll have something like that again. Wizards should really get in on this shit.

1864fa  No.120220


yeah I'm surprised it hasn't happened especially considering that there's a long history of it for just DnD products, almost every "generation" of their crpgs had a create your adventure style game that were generally great

6bf0bc  No.120328

File: a921237f6c7bec4⋯.png (1.01 MB, 720x871, 720:871, ClipboardImage.png)

So probably a terrible question to ask but what would be babies first cRPG to play if they are new to the genre?

1864fa  No.120416


Baldur's Gate 1/2


Dragon Age Origins(don't play any of the other ones)

actually, all of Bioware's 90s through early 2000s stuff is baby's first crpg.

7e8f5c  No.120425

>hot shit

You got that right. Trash like Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment ruined the entire fucking genre in the '90s when it moved towards isometric views and importing the more overt bad mechanics of tabletop RPGs.

4027a5  No.120516


>actually, all of Bioware's 90s through early 2000s stuff is baby's first crpg.

Isn't Fallout 1 and 2 easier to pick up?

1864fa  No.120517


I'd say they're about the same honestly

none of them are very hard to pick up as long as you skim the manual before playing

1864fa  No.120518

It's not Arkania or Darklands tier

86f094  No.120526


Darklands strain my eyes too much. Same reason I could never play Serpent in the Staglands for more than an hour. Which is a shame since I've heard good things about 'em.

0b60bd  No.121191

I ought to do a cheat run of Planescape with all stats maxed to see any obscure options I might have missed in previous playthroughs.

4eadde  No.123565


Let's see. 5 out of the 7 initial characters are female.

>Mindless female barbarian trying to emulate Conan. She left the tribe because she hates men who told her she can't be warrior like boys.

>Uppity perfect female paladin that gets praised all the time for her great leadership and unparalleled beauty. She goes from "You're the best leader ever" to "I didn't expect much from you" if you disagree in one minor thing. Also, when she's arguing with some paladins and you decide to talk she basically tells you "STFU kid" and your only two options as her king are say sorry or kill the ones who disrespect her. She's also an "atheist" (they blurt the word but she actually believes in gods, she's just too independent for them).

>A female gnome always cheerful and good intended.

>An undead elf that's so "badass" she killed a bunch of assassins on her own.

>A female tiefling that's "oh so misterious and deep"

Then you have the two males

>A cleric that pathetically lies on the floor, waiting for death.

>A gnome that betrays you.

Also, the character that triggers everything and gives you your barony and all is a noble woman who also destroys a giant while getting fire from the back from mages and assassins. And all the classes are written in a female POV even if you play a male.

Then you meet an orc that the first thing he tells you in the middle of an adventure is that he wants to kiss you in the mouth.

I mean… If at least the kingmaking part or the story were good I consider just saving gold to hire only customized characters but the game is just so bad and unepic I just can't.

eb8123  No.123917

The Outer Worlds is pulling a Metro Exodus and is currently an Epic exclusive for a year. Epic must be throwing money like crazy if devs think they can weather the storm of bad press for it. The shit flinging from all sides is entertaining to watch.

b28f95  No.123920


The Rick and Morty RPG getting developed by Obsidian? I'm honestly not surprised. Obsidian likes getting fucked in the ass.

4ca38a  No.123991


Funny enough reading employee testimonies about Obsidian getting fucked in the ass is their one greatest complaint.

bb4372  No.124000

Tyranny is a good game but man all the feminist shit gets old. It's one thing to have a matriarchy in your setting, that could be interesting possibly, but they push it so hard it just comes off as a petulant child whining about how they're just as strong and smart as the grown ups.

40b3de  No.124010


One of the few RPGs where a full mage party was fun. I don't remember if the cranky "women studies" mage stuck with us on account of us murdering every rebel out there but I vaguely remember her submitting to us and also dying. I must be mixing up playthroughs. Sirin is cute. She needs better art though. The furry got murdered from the get go in whatever playthrough I did because of her voice.

I hope more RPGs tie their casting to exploration instead of just gaining spells per level-up. How were the DLCs for it?

bb4372  No.124011


Good thing about killing the beastwoman, she alternates between talking about rutting and mating your character, or bitching about how she's following a male. Fun to use in combat though. And yeah that mage you're talking about, Eb, the game is always trying to convince you she's super sexy but neither her personality or portrait supports that.

The magic system is definitely really well done, easily one of the best things about the game. Being able to build and customize your magic arsenal is cool, especially like you said since most runes are found through exploration.

Not sure about the DLCs, the version I pirated came with the first 2 but I'm not sure what exactly they are. Didn't notice anything jarring though so I'd guess they're pretty much the same as the base game, just more of it.

1c5b9f  No.124135

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Didn't this DLC release already or have I jumped universes again?

dfcdd1  No.124151


What universe did you come from then anon?

2dc49c  No.130555

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I feel like starting up my own newspaper and having a segment called "The Daily Shill"

Here is a new game announcement. Take from it what you will.

b75a7a  No.130604


What is it even?

3073a6  No.133517

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Pillars of Eternity 2 just shat out the last of its patches and supposedly improved the story by adding some stuff. It has Turn Based combat mode now. I might actually check this shit out.

f3586f  No.133525

I just tried out both Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Atom RPG.

Atom RPG is a solid RPG. Very similar to the original Fallouts that when you play it you'll feel right at home.

I liked how grounded it was compared to some Fallout games that started to go a little over the top.

The writing is good enough, you won't like it if you're a stickler for grammar and spelling though.

The characters feel real, and all of them have unique portraits that match with their 3D models.

Lots of skill checks, from simply having discounts to NPCs reacting differently when you're a male or female, to people down right not talking to you if you're not charismatic.

Not a lot of companions, but you really don't need or look for them. They can be ordered who to target, and whether to be aggressive or not.

There are definitely multiple ways to approach quests, just like in the games it's inspired by.

Plus, it seems the devs are still updating the game. On the negative side, the negatives of old Fallout games mostly apply too, to this game.

tl;dr: Play it if you like the early Fallout games.

Kingmaker is.. very large in scope. I can already feel that people would look back to this game favorably. (people who play cRPGs, that is)

The writing is just okay to serviceable. The kingdom building parts are good for an RPG. Some of the companions are annoying, namely that orc and Amiri.

I also rolled my eyes when Valerie revealed that the reason she left is because she's an atheist.. of course she has to be one.

After all, we have that thot elf who doesn't want to be in a faithful relationship, a romance involving a threesome with said elf and that orc, muh stronk characters orc and Amiri, of course what was missing is Valerie's belief.

Not to mention the other annoying characters who are know-it-alls

I couldn't care less about the threesome or that thot.. if only they were all a bit more likeable. At least the game allows you to make your custom companions.

Your choices also seem to have an effect in this game. For example, when given the choice to pursue your rival or not you either pursue him immediately and find conflict between kobolds and mites, pursue him later and there is no conflict.

Also, loading times are almost or equally just as bad as PoE 1.

tl;dr: If you really are into Baldur's Gate 1/2 games, and the whole other IE games you're gonna like Kingmaker. It really has a large scope, no wonder the install size is pretty big.

3073a6  No.133526


>loading times are almost or equally just as bad as PoE 1

So they improved it since release? It would often take 30 seconds to load stuff on an SSD and it keeps loading stuff every menu change.

f3586f  No.133528


There's still tons of loading, like from throne room to town and another towards a house's interior or the world map, but they all load in about 12 seconds or less.

There's also an option in the settings to improve load times by using the cache or something.

I'm using an HDD and not an SSD though. I also did not try the game when it was released, only the latest patched one.

025f58  No.133531

File: 5a1652ae6ad3086⋯.gif (2.91 MB, 257x212, 257:212, 1457647891379.gif)


>I also rolled my eyes when Valerie revealed that the reason she left is because she's an atheist.. of course she has to be one.

To be fair its big fucking deal in these kind of worlds. Also you have to be retarded to be an atheist.


>but they all load in about 12 seconds or less

20 year old engine on toaster loaded everything in a second and now you have to wait 12 seconds after every action. Just how this thing could be released and people who made it be alive. I mean, holy fucking hell, some games have million mods on them and that can cause slow loading. But its fucking flat 2d plane with poor texture and a couple of characters walking around. Just how anyone could release this? And it fucking becomes industry norm.

3073a6  No.133535


The team is made up of dnd nerd slavs, if I remember correctly, the only guy with experience in game development there was probably just Avellone and he was just on loan (heh). I think they scaled up their prototype instead of rewriting it from scratch, hence everything being segmented in memory. It's either that or they were coding it to run on really shitty mobile phones but then abandoned it 1/3 of the way to development. Or plain inexperience with Unity's memory management and had to code it like this. That's entirely possible.

3f763a  No.133537

Debated whether to post this here or E3 thread, but considering the supposed CRPGs


Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Paranoia to be shown at E3. Don't know if anons are interested are not?

27558a  No.133558



3073a6  No.133581


Made by Cyanide Studios. Same dudes who made Styx, Blood Bowl and my fav of them all: Aarklash Legacy. Mite be cool.

1864fa  No.133587


>the only guy with experience in game development

no, OwlCat's core also made Evil Islands, but that was a long ass time ago

I'm certainly interested in seeing what they end up making next

new dark sun game or dark sun like never ever

proper conan crpg never ever

742a8f  No.133588


Didn't they do fuck up Call of Cthulu?

3073a6  No.133673


I won't be surprised if they did. Not only is horror hard to pull off, adapting Lovecraftian horror is near impossible without pulling off some Dark Soul-esque lore or going full artsy fartsy like The Void.

bd9f3e  No.133736


Torment is only one half of the characters, the other arguably more important aspect is how they were changed. Morte's guilt over having been responsible for TON's condition changes him from a liar to TON's most loyal companion. Dakkon's lack of faith changed him into a slave. Annah's love convinced her to follow TON into a plane of hell. Nordrom was freed from the hivemind, changing him into an individual being. And then there's TON who is the embodiment of change, waking with a different personality every time he dies.

1864fa  No.134072

>it's another dev makes the trappings of a great game then fucks it up by making the combat boring or just a slog to do

I like a lot of Expeditions Conquistador, but this core gameplay loop of mediocre combat kills it completely for me

did they spice it up better in vikangs?

aa5088  No.134089


How is it boring or mediocre?

04cdef  No.134096


The company does a lot of ports and tends to claim credit for more than they did so hard to tell.

1864fa  No.134228


scenarios are basically the same aside from some timed missions so far and even then those boil down to using the same strategy for every battle of "soldier wall supported by ranged unit and medic"

aa5088  No.134252


I see. I'm a lot more forgiving of turn-based tactics on non-fantasy settings so I didn't really found it that aggravating considering the length of the game.

> every battle of "soldier wall supported by ranged unit and medic"

The bane of every non-action game nowadays, to be honest.

249eca  No.134362


So it's just your usual tank spank and gank game?

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