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File: 45ae0c1d0bcaeee⋯.jpg (45.7 KB, 586x575, 586:575, time to delete shit.jpg)

fdf735  No.141546

Since we can't exactly ignore it we may as well laugh at it.

To get you up to date:

For those of you fond of virtue signaling outrage Anita Sarkessian has asked more like demanded to be a part of Cyberpunk 2077 and seems that the gaymening community is not too fond of her being involved considering her impact on the shitshow that was Ass Defect Andromeda.


One Angry Clickbait has written an article about it trying to tell SJWs to fuck off as if that is the popular thing now since it became apparent SJWs don't buy vidya games but love to complain about them. Not even sure what this article is about but I felt it was cancer so ignore it if you please. http://archive.fo/YragN

I personally don't give a shit about this game or how it turns out but it is at least funny to watch how everyone fights over it as if it's the second coming of Christ. I'll try to keep this thread updated with more kekworthy articles if anons are interested.

In meantime post best Keanu Reeves movies

5261af  No.141549

Cyberpunk worlds have always been pozzed shitholes of diversity taken to their logical conclusion.

That said I have no interest in this game or the cyberpunk setting and so far we've seen fucking nothing about the gameplay.

fdf735  No.141551


We saw things about gameplay last E3 which was nothing special but not this E3 which makes me wonder what the fuck is going on.

5261af  No.141553


They've probably scrapped and reworked the core of the game and are scrambling to get piece it together.

2a140c  No.141554


They showed an hour-long gameplay demo to the press at E3 this year. Supposedly the public will be able to see the demo once CDPR posts it, probably sometime in the next few months. This is similar to what they did at E3 2018.

fdf735  No.141555


Or add in more Keanu.


Did they really? Cause I remember them showing it at E3 last year unless we've done a dimensional drift again but now you say I think I recall them saying they will keep it a secret till Gamescom this year.

2a140c  No.141557

>>141555 (check'd)

>Did they really?

Yes, really. They did the same thing last year at E3, although some (((journalists))) made discreet audio recordings of it so the public was at least able to listen to the narration and gameplay sounds before the actual gameplay video was released by CDPR.

You can find articles online talking about this year's demo, and there are plenty of people on jewtube recounting what they saw. From what I've seen/heard, a few of the features they showed off in the E3 '19 gameplay demo were:

- Character customization

- Translation implants to understand people speaking other languages

- Fully dynamic day/night cycle

- First and third person driving, radio stations in vehicles

- Freely travel across whole world seamlessly with no loading screens

- Non-lethal runs confirmed

- Hacking minigame

- Character skills/how to spend perk points

- Fast travel

- "Fluid class system" allowing player to mix/match abilities

- Using enemies as bullet shields

- Locational damage on enemies (shooting a guy in the leg made him limp)

- Hacking enemies, make them pull the pin on their own grenade

d48bb3  No.141564

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Fuck this thread, this is now Keanu Reeves general.

2a140c  No.141567


Please stop memeing as if the inclusion of Hollywood actors in video games is a good thing

fdf735  No.141568

File: 5016169a1803469⋯.jpg (333.08 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, keanu reeves prays for pen….jpg)


I just remember there being some shitty shotgun play.

>That whole list of features

I feel like it's trying to be Deus Ex but it just won't be.


Was there any doubt?


When was the last time they were good in vidya I wonder? If ever

d48bb3  No.141581


>implying they haven't been in vidya since the start

fdf735  No.141584


Didn't Chris Robert boy make a living early in his career with Pizzawood actors in his game?

700ea8  No.141588


Yes he did and still is trying to with his latest project known as Scam Citizen

f88749  No.141599


>more like demanded

more like used classic extortion lingo

<hey buddy, say now, you wouldn't want something bad to happen to you, would it?


Why are things so bad that a list of features this basic seems implausible

fff7b2  No.141603

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4a1d52  No.141614

That's nice, but will there be mods?

2a140c  No.141615

The (((RPS))) cries out in pain as it writes a shitty article about your game: https://archive.is/UNzTT

>Now the person playing is controlling a “Strong Solo” character type, who immediately demonstrates this by tearing two doors open with her cyberarms…. We punch that man to the floor, then stab another Animal many times with a broken bottle as they try to run away from us. It’s horrible.

>a man comes at us with superhuman speed, but we grab hold of him and advance on a turret as it riddles his body with bullets. Then – because again, we’re very strong – we rip the turret off its base and turn it on the Animals. At this point, I feel increasingly uncomfortable that we’re shooting at predominantly black people labelled as animals.

>I’m also increasingly concerned about Cyberpunk’s handling of non-white cultures.

e63f34  No.141620



Yeah, just like the Witcher 3

You'll get nothing but fucking reshades and you'll like it faggot

a41306  No.141621


based, pre-ordering it now

695938  No.141622

The magic nigger Mike Pondsmith actually told Anita Sarkeesian to "stop telling me, as a black person, what to be offended at", so there's slight hope that the game won't be pozzed in it's neghole.

695938  No.141623

File: a4b5637ea88ecb4⋯.jpg (84.83 KB, 408x679, 408:679, cp rulebook nomads.jpg)



There's also this excerpt from the Cyberpunk rule book

>Diversity and Unity

>It is now accepted among historical scholars that in the decades before the Collapse, America suggered from the sickness of racism and "cultural identity". Everyone wanted to be seen as a special. Every group had to be "equal" to or preferably better than its neighbors, and fought to protect its "special" rights. If anyone had something that someone else wanted they were painted as racist, sexist, or elitist or worse. This divisive "me first" attitude eventually tore the fabric of American culture apart and caused it to self-destruct in a fireball of competing ideologies, none of which truly recognized each other's validity. Diversity led inexorably to anarchy.

Now granted this is found in the ruleset for the Nomad Clan of CP, but still pretty interesting someone had such a hot take even back then during the mid 80s.

bbd461  No.141625


>he doesn't know

e2013d  No.141642


>Fast travel

Fuck's sake

>Hacking enemies

Okay, but can you hack doors and can they hack you back?


I've yet to play Witcher 3, but weren't there big combat rebalance mods like the other two?


I wonder if he got better after his recent stroke.

cf4008  No.141648




>black people labelled as animals

They are called niggers.


Like a lot of dystopian shit from the 80s they ended up becoming true.

f88749  No.141664


What if Pondsmith is actually a caucasian who did a reverse michael jackson and negrified himself?

How else do you explain him not being a nigger.

d2bf18  No.141670


>needing one implant per language

We currently have Google translate, im sure in the future they can fit something like that into an implant, instead of making it tedious to unlock various languages for various areas

0b6ba9  No.141678

File: 3e472d137d9ba00⋯.jpg (52.95 KB, 597x446, 597:446, 1204324253578.jpg)

>SJWs got told to fuck off

>no drm

>no game sold in parts

>steam and gog, whatever the fuck consoles too

>hot futa art, no landwhales

This is gonna be best game ever?

What there is to laugh at? Salty NPCs?

1abfb3  No.141684

Huh, I thought /vg/ wasn't so interested in this so I stopped covering it.

Well have http://archive.fo/s661A

>"Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you."

This is completely different from what was promised last year and shown even. Sounds like the game has been completely remade.

510c3a  No.141870

>Cybperunk 2077 is this generations Grand Theft Auto 5


I thought this generation Grand Theft Auto 5 was Grand Theft Auto 5?

There's a lot of marketing buzzwords in this article but also a lot of panic it seems. There's a whiff of biting off more than they can chew.

2a140c  No.141877


>I thought this generation Grand Theft Auto 5 was Grand Theft Auto 5?

I would agree with you, but here's a gentle reminder that GTA5 is now six years old. Kids who were just entering high school when it came out are now legally consuming alcohol.

dffc5f  No.142056

>Making a big fuss about Uber self driving cars


Sure is a lot of marketing going into this.

2727b9  No.142064


boy don't you love shilling for products in a video game?

really gets the escapism going

3eccd0  No.142065


Do roaming gangs of taxi drivers go and beat up defenseless robot cars now?

f88749  No.142067


That's almost the case in Poland where licensed taxi drivers were fighting a guerilla war by slashing tires of uber drives who don't pay taxes or require a license for providing a taxi service.

fdf735  No.142070

File: e56312dcaaba43d⋯.jpg (55.48 KB, 615x409, 615:409, remove uber.jpg)


>We will never have the Great Kurwa-Uber War in vidya format

Why live?

16f4d1  No.142072


It's ok, taxi drivers should either adapt to the modern world, or just die. The free market decides that uber brings in more customers? Too bad, taxikikes deserve to eat dirt instead of bitching to the government to remove uber or resorting to >>142070

Where I live is the exact same shit

fdf735  No.142074

File: 839c84fcca8ffb8⋯.png (70.45 KB, 519x245, 519:245, taxiwars.png)


We need some proper taxi wars.

210995  No.142080


Why do you make this assumption?

210995  No.142081


He's John Wick even in real life. I'm not gay or anything but I would let Keanu dunk me in chocolate sauce and-

210995  No.142082


>Implying stupid things

210995  No.142083


>I feel like it's trying to be Deus Ex but it just won't be.

That's because it's going to be better anon.

f88749  No.142085


>One side, of a globohomo corporation has a clear advantage with not being required to get licensed or paying taxes

>the taxi drives should just join globohomo (((adapt or die goy)))

How about government removing the licenses and taxes for everyone instead of globohomo datamining mob?

210995  No.142086


Why does it seem implausible? Too good to be true? Just accept it. Don't question it. Shh. Be calm now. No worries.

210995  No.142087


Mike Pondsmith the BASED BRO.

210995  No.142088

210995  No.142089


Fast travel is an option. You can just force yourself to drive everywhere if you want.

2727b9  No.142090


>spend 5 grands to make sure you fit in with all the stupid regulations and "safety features" you need to drive around a taxi

>a corporation moves in, avoids all legal mumbo jumbo because they are not "legally" taxis and end up making more money than you ever will

>retards online defend this with the excuse of free market while feeding a monopoly

Uber is just gonna turn into Taxi 2 electric boogaloo thought police edition and then you'll be crying about it wondering how it could've happened.

210995  No.142091


According to some people who got to watch a private (yet unreleased) demo mentioned some gameplay where you're hacking a computer and somebody inside tries to fry your brain from the other end.

210995  No.142092


>lol so redpil: naggers

>REAL REDPILL: Good and bad people from all types and places. build your inner compass and radars to know better who is who.

210995  No.142093



210995  No.142094


Too good to be true fallacy


210995  No.142095



GTA5 was not good

210995  No.142096


remember "shark cards"

the whole game was a scam. Could have been great but failed.

210995  No.142097


GTA5 I mean

16f4d1  No.142098

File: 58d4abbd9810886⋯.jpg (86.41 KB, 600x600, 1:1, lust for life.jpg)


>hurr durr taxis should shill pride month and be globohomo

All they need to do is to get inserted into a network similar to uber and compete against them, nobody wants to waste time waiting for a taxi to appear or having to ask people for taxi phone numbers

cd6ff9  No.142099

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Let's give credit where it's due, it's a not so subtle extortion attempt with a bonus parting shot of "we know you stopped beating your wife in the past" defamation lite with that "bla bla problematic problems with sexism in the past bla bla gimme monies or else I will sic my beta orbiters blue checkmark army on you and we wouldn't want that now would we".

Fug if I were a ((crafty lawyer)), I might put my semitic skills looking into just how kosher is her so called charity scheme.

Anyway I don't have the toaster power to run the shit on peecee and I'm not shelling my shekels on today's console. So here's another cyberpunk game I did enjoy.

210995  No.142100







Taxis are really evil because they charge people with no other options too much money to go places they need to go, and yes they should remove all taxes for everyone.

210995  No.142101


It's not because they're just random pizza dudes in random vans like "bro hop in $5"

210995  No.142102

Who else is gonna play as a big dick cyber futa?

f88749  No.142103


At least taxis don't gather and sell your geolocation and personal data

2727b9  No.142104


>It's not because they're just random pizza dudes in random vans

Its going to be majority mudslimes or niggers and they'll kick you out if they find out you voted for Trump and all you will be able to do is walk around with dick in your hand as Uber bans you from using their service and then there will be no cabs for you to hail because Taxis are all dead.

16f4d1  No.142105

File: 58603cd18948873⋯.jpg (103.03 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1468301528221.jpg)


Nigger, stop posting, you made 18 posts in less than ten fucking minutes. Whenever you see the new reply button, actively try to format your thoughts instead of being the loudest nigger in the room

cd6ff9  No.142106

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>"Rape free Uber 5$!" sign on random van

>wow that's a good deal I'm in

>"u gon get reapaed"

>wha no, the sign says no rape!"

>"no, the rape is free, the ride is 5$"

210995  No.142107


I'm sure they do in some way.

210995  No.142108


>implying Taxis aren't all the people you mentioned anyway

>implying taxi service is flawless

>implying there will be no white guy ubers in some crazy situation, like everyone is guaranteed to be an asshole

210995  No.142109


Stop using text to speech then and turn your volume down bro. sorry

210995  No.142110


>fucking purple aki driving the car

210995  No.142111


Like I mean sorry in a nice way

16f4d1  No.142112

File: 88870e592bc6d9d⋯.png (199.7 KB, 258x352, 129:176, niggerwhatareyoudoing.png)

2727b9  No.142113


>>implying Taxis aren't all the people you mentioned anyway

You can always hail another cab

>>implying taxi service is flawless

It isn't but the very idea of a taxi is hundred times better than Uber

>>implying there will be no white guy ubers in some crazy situation, like everyone is guaranteed to be an asshole

Are you an uber shill you nigger?

Just run the odds, even if your chance to get a mudslime who evicts you is 1%, you'll use that app more than 100 times and when you get that mudslime nigger you won't be able to use that app ever again.

f88749  No.142115


>Its going to be majority mudslimes or niggers and they'll kick you out if they find out you voted for Trump

Unless they double as private investigators and run background checks on every passenger you have much lower odds of that happening than with uber

210995  No.142117


Why don't the taxi guys just invent a better uber then? Just better in every way.

e63f34  No.142121

210995  No.142122


Nah man, forgive me I drank too much covfefe. I'm really sorry.

210995  No.142123


and don't ever tell me I'm from cuckchan, gross

210995  No.142124

feels like I'm having a heart attack, I'm going to take a break and just breath for a few hours.

210995  No.142125


(Just coffee I mean, don't call amberlanps)

d73379  No.142135


>inb4 you can actually install cyberdicks

wont even me upset

f88749  No.142143

File: 1d78719dd388d59⋯.jpg (47.5 KB, 228x561, 76:187, 1470232868255.jpg)


>>inb4 you can actually install cyberdicks

66bd64  No.142158


Might be the Greeks from /k/ honestly.

665827  No.142181


>inb4 you can actually install cyberdicks

i want mine to be circumsized its more healthy that way

e6e023  No.142192


No, if it was the greek he would be shitting non-stop on trannyggers and calling for their culling

0fb17b  No.142202


SJWs are currently outraged that the (black) creator of Cyberpunk thought it was accurate to have multiethnic gangs, and one gang with a lot of black guys called the "animals" is racist. And something about people being incredibly angry that one of the gangs are an (accurate) stereotype of the Voodoo religion.

Anita (Who is also broke as shit currently after her last couple of money making ventures failed spectacularly and she ended up firing her trans woman wannabe and proud woman of color after not paying them for months) chimed in and threatened them with the "fury of the entire internet" if they didn't hire her as a consultant.

Even if you're not interested in the game it's gonna be a great shitshow.

f8f640  No.142226


>fury of the entire internet

All I could picture would be some sort of diapered furry jihad.

e0a7d4  No.142276

File: bca1e8d204ca9c4⋯.png (73.33 KB, 210x230, 21:23, ClipboardImage.png)


>Who is also broke as shit currently

Wew. Did the grifter burn up all her conjob connections in the media and monies already?

f88749  No.142279


>All I could picture would be some sort of diapered furry jihad.

>gay disabled diaperfurries with AIDS forming a lynchmob but alas, a CDPR employee with common cold sneezed in their direction and they all died.

f50dc7  No.142356


Yes, she was apparently paying herself a ridiculous salary that ate up a ton of her funds. Mysteriously the 3 other people who actually worked for feminist frequency never got paid for their work…

f50dc7  No.142357


Also, after the Boogie incident it was pretty obvious to a majority of people (as in the majority of people who hadn't already figured out she was a conman) that she's generally just a very unpleasant person IRL and a lot of people are starting to distance themselves from her due to it.

e51063  No.142359

File: edd448c00a3e424⋯.png (433.59 KB, 532x513, 28:27, edd448c00a3e42453abf32e1f7….png)

Genuine question, so I don't want some bullshit response. My understanding is that transgender is where you try to become the opposite sex, so why wouldn't the binary options be satisfactory? Is transgender now a separate identity entirely somewhere in between male and female? By transgender options, do they mean, for example, customizing a man to appear more feminine, have breasts, no bulge, etc.?

210995  No.142360


Someone literally just bumped that thread back from the dead. I don't necrobump threads and it was way down. Completely abandoned in the dust multiple pages down. I made this thread containing information that the other one didn't have when it was up since it was dead. Moments later, someone necrobumps that thread back and now I look like an asshole. Just GREAT.


Fine, I will repost my thread information in the now revived thread, pain in the fucking ASS.









Keanu Reeves, our bro, the NOT-celebrity, the humble actor man that we all need to hug, had this to say



210995  No.142361


hoping they will let you play as female and get a big fat robocock upgrade and become a cyber futa.

700ea8  No.142362


Anon this thread wasn't dead when the activity was this day and was on what, page 3? You should learn what the fuck those terms mean before you use them.

f88749  No.142363



do you have brain damage?

You made a third of posts in this thread you retard.

5e2312  No.142364

File: ebe1bc17c1f8285⋯.jpg (135.71 KB, 599x671, 599:671, 02effcf9d708b0ba9a31c80685….jpg)

Reminder not to buy a game just to spite someone whose ideology you hate. Don't be a fucking political tool.

2727b9  No.142397


Maybe your masters should do a resetera ama and ask for penance.

While they are at it, they should also dock your payment because you are an awful shill.

34c86d  No.142398

Reminder to buy all services and products that allow you to signal your political opinions and ideologies and lifestyles. Only that way you can make a Difference™ in this based capitalist society. So unless you are a commie, buy this game.

ed89f1  No.142407

File: fafbd22695ca452⋯.png (99.91 KB, 486x360, 27:20, ClipboardImage.png)


>our bro


Woah slow down there you big homo. I never met the guy in person so I will reserve judgement until then or until Bill & Ted 3 comes out.


Kikes, commies, commie kikes all get the spankings on the day of the lash.

4a1d52  No.142420


>retarded anon turns out to be the clickbait posting faggot

off yourself, retard

2a140c  No.142449


>My understanding is that transgender is where you try to become the opposite sex

Transgenderism isn't what it claims to be. It's a mental disorder that has more to do with being an attention-starved social outcast than it does any sort of actual dysphoria. The vast majority of so-called "transgender" people aren't in it because they were "born the wrong sex" - rather they're operating under the belief that people will pay more attention to them, and their opinions and feelings will hold more value, if they take on this identity.


>the Boogie incident

Sarkessian and Boogie had an "incident"?

72e476  No.142488


>Sarkessian and Boogie had an "incident"?

They were on an anti harassment panel at vidcon (I think it was vidcon?) Because Boogie faced a shitton of harassment that has been well documented because of his weight and his channel topics, he gave a little closing statement that basically boiled down to "you shouldn't harass anyone, no matter who they are, be nice." or something to that affect, and Anita got absurdly pissed at it and confronted him about it as soon as the panel ended. You know, because Anita actually encourages harassment of problematic people.

This is actually against the rules in most places but she didn't get banned, or kicked off the panels for harassing boogie about it. Meanwhile she also openly harassed Sargon in another panel, threw a shitfit, and IIRC got him kicked out of the event because he was critical of her.

310fb6  No.142514


Spankanon you must be stopped!

81dea1  No.142701

In clickbaity news:

Cyberpunk to have no morality system apparently and complete degeneracy


Plus ability to romance things other than attack helicopters


In /tg/ news:

Cyberpunk 2077 tabletop prequel apparently


2a140c  No.142707


>Cyberpunk to have no morality system


>Plus ability to romance things other than attack helicopters

Weren't homosexual relationships already confirmed? Article here just says "beyond heterosexual relationships", doesn't really specify what that means.

e63f34  No.142708


>Morality system

Devs saying what's moral or not on an RPG game is fucking cancer and the Karma system in Fallout 3 and later on New Vegas was absolute fucking shit.

This is a non issue

4d7cd3  No.142853



Still funny how Normals are losing their shit over this. https://archive.fo/YhP55

e63f34  No.142864



Normalcattle probably don't care, journos are the ones pushing for this because they want to tell the cattle how to think and feel.

5e26e7  No.142865

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Saw that on (((steam))) forums, seems somewhat big, might be some retarded conspiracy theory but the jewgle doc links I looked through checked out and considering what shitaku and other (((videogame journalists))) are as well as epic chink store tactics it all fits too well.

c1f0ce  No.143094

So Cyberreeves is apparently going to be 80GB in file size which I would like to say is a lot but that's relatively tiny compared to most modern games honestly. https://archive.fo/ULpSS

700ea8  No.143143

File: aed644fd94004e2⋯.jpg (16.59 KB, 214x317, 214:317, plank.jpg)


You know with articles like this I kind of feel >>142865 is onto something.

Nobody batted really an eyelid or made much complaints when other devs made overbloated file sized games but when CD Project Red does it, suddenly that's too far? Burn the industry to the ground

e45a69  No.143190


I feel it goes more around the fact of a decent idea being made into a game and getting relatively low-attention over the years but suddenly a meme trailer and the sponsorship of an overused celebrity image who stuck gold again with a series of creatively-bankrupt movies made everyone flip their seats and start saying they were always a fan, loudly.

Basically a normal reaction from someone who has seen a massive influx of pretenders and getting angry at them. Might be projecting a bit but it always happens in this kind of situations. Media profits from fanning the discontent and getting clicks from mad men, but the file size is a retarded reason as many other games have been obnoxious with it too.

483198  No.143191


Why are modern games so bloated in terms of filesizes?

My brother asked me to pirate Shadow of War for him and the game is like 100 gigs, despite being fairly short, repetitive and with not much content to it.

Even the ork procedural generation wasn't that expansive, so why is it so big?

1cf089  No.143196


>bloatware as a form of anti-piracy

>gigabyte of storage being extremely cheap

>pajeets and diversity hires cannot into compression

>muh uncompressed hi-res textures

>no optimization

Pick any you like.

000000  No.143198


So what if she demanded something? She could as well demand your mother to stop being a dollar hooker. Since CDPR never declared her their master it's literally a nothingburger. Just as your whole life.

Stay salty sonyshill-OP, CP2077 is going to be perfect game after which we wont need other games anymore.

01bcf2  No.143199

File: be047aee1c0bc61⋯.gif (399.41 KB, 480x238, 240:119, (You).gif)


Take your reddit gap and fuck right off. Aight?

d73379  No.143206


That shit always happens. The question is why this game specifically?

700ea8  No.143218


Thing is 80GB as >>143094 was saying isn't that big these days. If there is outrage to be made about it, it should have been done 4 years ago when it was being retarded and there was no real justification for it.


What >>143196 said but also add into the equation audio files and also cutscenes being done at 4k resolution.

2628f8  No.143235


All the cutscenes in Shadow of War are prerendered.

2628f8  No.143236


>Nobody batted really an eyelid or made much complaints when other devs made overbloated file sized games

Which rock have you been living under you faggot?

d73379  No.143266

File: 19828cbdf225cad⋯.png (116.48 KB, 502x517, 502:517, 1e10d639750b6cbba0d3858557….png)


Its true though, normalfags and journos never bat an eye at bloat. Why is it so important to them all of the sudden?

448c55  No.143267

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


From march of 2018. Stroke did knock him out some and he is 70. But he seems to be getting better.

2a73c0  No.143302

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fucks sake.

210995  No.143424


Do whatever the fuck I want: The game


210995  No.143425



Thanks for posting this

60b1e9  No.143465

>check thread after the previous one was made by a cuckchanneler

>this one has the same guy in it, and some redditor who thinks this thread is like a discord chat channel whos idolizing the game

Judging by the people this game is garnering its gonna be pretty bad. No amount of humorous futa obscenity will make these people, and their ideas, go away

85bb5e  No.143503

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Id much rather see actors in vidya as a part of live action cinematics than in game NPCs but what can you do

I bet this fad will expire some day too

85bb5e  No.143504

File: fbbbd253682e70a⋯.webm (2.35 MB, 800x815, 160:163, red alert 2 soundtrack bl….webm)


>Red alert 3

Please, that game was an abomination and the cinematic were too over the top and cringeworthy.

fcc669  No.143529


you'll expire first

d73379  No.143530

File: e84b6632c6b093c⋯.jpg (58.29 KB, 450x575, 18:23, e84b6632c6b093ca9fc2757c29….jpg)


>>check thread after the previous one was made by a cuckchanneler

Judging by the rest of your post, that was you.

b77a04  No.143540


So was Red Alert 2.

7c1066  No.143582


I bet if I chopped off my arm and replaced it with a working cybernetic one I still wouldn't win.

db34fb  No.143669


Err anon, if you chopped off your arm you'd need to go to a hospital?

d73379  No.143711

File: ee6d25d8e44942b⋯.png (257.63 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, f390b5b91e2278fe5858f1221e….png)


I get the first one but how would you the second?

06ce2f  No.143741


>When was the last time they were good in vidya I wonder? If ever

Onimusha 3

03be69  No.143773


Damn fragile white males were pozzing fiction up by blubbering about their hurt pushy feeling even in the 80s.

03be69  No.143774


Damn fragile white males were pozzing fiction up by blubbering about their hurt pushy feeling even in the 80s.

03b09e  No.143794

File: d042607971639e4⋯.png (232.13 KB, 319x374, 29:34, face of Cyberpunk.png)

>I was responsible for the art direction of both GWENT: the Witcher card game as well as Thronebreaker: the Witcher tales, and currently I am one of the art directors responsible for Cyberpunk 2077.

ae127a  No.143796

Latest hyped to hell bullshit article says that Cyberpunk will have three origin stories that are totally different from each other guize http://archive.fo/qk1zO


c73950  No.143821


It's a good thing then as long as it doesn't become fantasy

e483ff  No.143822

File: 1001c8d5b5f05e1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 111.64 KB, 400x200, 2:1, 999.png)


What if it became DEEP♂DARK♂FANTASY?

e0e3a0  No.143882


Warsaw should be leveled again, keep trying until you get it right.

Then again, Warsaw is one of the proud

>the totally interchangeable western city experience

Where other than 2 or 3 tourist attractions it's exactly the same anti-human abomination filled with glass and steel towers where completely interchangeable people of undetermined sex and ethnicity dwell in wearing a t-shirt and jeans. the citizens hold the same mantras as media gives them anywhere else, be it Berlin, London, Paris, Vienna, or New York.

5349ad  No.143895

File: 5db1f34e26a9a5b⋯.png (333.04 KB, 410x437, 410:437, 2019-07-02_13-32-20.png)

File: 86d625c3ea69e45⋯.png (248.58 KB, 297x432, 11:16, AT ST.png)

File: b7e9db7838d25df⋯.png (677.57 KB, 854x486, 427:243, STAR WARS.png)


>Then again, Warsaw is one of the proud

>>the totally interchangeable western city experience

That explains why they have so many American soyboys working for CDPR

e63f34  No.143908


>Funko Pops

Can you even call these beings "people"?

50321d  No.143913

File: dd559c73da27537⋯.jpg (49.02 KB, 611x640, 611:640, metalier.jpg)


Where the fuck do they even come from? Their quality always made me think it's something made by chinks.

e0e3a0  No.143921



If I had executive power, I'd make funko pops purchases require ID, and funkopop ownership exculpate arson cases.

As in, if an investigation determines your house burned down and you owned funko pops, you have to pay the arsonists damages instead.

47d684  No.143975


>Where the fuck do they even come from?


50321d  No.144020

File: 6676cf082e57c61⋯.png (112.94 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


That's where you're wrong, WA is guilty of this. Nevertheless some of their shit may look decent for a modified mag

e63f34  No.144025


Pez dispensers are at least a novelty disguised as a an utility.

Funkos are literally useless

e0e3a0  No.144029


Pez heads also have an accurate copy of whatever they are.

fb4edd  No.144200

>Studio is working on Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer


I smell a Star Citizen coming along.

1f0531  No.144291


Thats what they're called, they reminded me of ugly chinese ripoff chibis of characters

7bb944  No.144437

So apparently this game is going to be all about politics. http://archive.fo/ItW8U

It could cause some butthurt but likely it will cause massive amounts of cringe.

528a7c  No.144455

File: ca9fd2702fd6ddf⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 410.84 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Want to see a wooden pez dispenser? :^)

84374a  No.144458


Pretty sure that's a poz dispenser :^)

d73379  No.144460


cyberpunk is kind of based around ebin (thats not so ebin) politics future

528a7c  No.144468

File: 55864e2d8aa0a7c⋯.png (70.32 KB, 300x168, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)



734528  No.144619

File: 8aef8539e4fb051⋯.jpeg (51.68 KB, 474x611, 474:611, descarga (5).jpeg)


Could the faggot of the article tell us about the politics behind Tetris if everything is political?

d73379  No.144636

File: 6f20732475ca46b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 806.79 KB, 982x980, 491:490, 6f20732475ca46b86723b751ba….png)

266b52  No.144638


Clearly Tetris is about the self destructive nature of a multicultural society. Each piece represents a different ethnic group and when they are all forced together they destroy one another. Conversely if they squish together but avoid actively mingling it is only a matter of time before their self destructive nature takes over with each trying to race to get on top.

1a9b5b  No.144643

I'm really curious if the game is going to be remotely similar to whatever the trailer from 2013 was. Will they even have a cute murderous android going on a rampage in a nightgown?

266b52  No.144645


The trailer and allegedly gameplay is alien to what was shown at last years E3 so want to make an educated guess?

1a9b5b  No.144649


>trailer and allegedly gameplay is alien to what was shown at last years E3

Seriously? Both the "I'm a big dreamer" trailer and the gameplay? This game seems to be shaping up to a clusterfuck.

This is the one type of game I wouldn't mind turning out good. Shit.

2694d0  No.144652

File: acd7778e325c13a⋯.jpeg (32.77 KB, 474x355, 474:355, descarga (6).jpeg)


So is Alekséi Pázhitnov /our-guy/?

2ad30f  No.144658


The game was overhyped before we even knew anything about it. It can only disappoint anon.

19ed5b  No.144659


Even if a work itself isn't political, it's more than likely that its author has certain convictions and beliefs and as such supporting the author allows the beliefs to go on.

2694d0  No.144663


Of course an author have ideals and beliefs, but that doesn't mean he needs to put it in everything he mades.

Heck, the term "everything it's political" should be more "everything it's philosophical" because, even when there isn't any political mean in Tetris, one could say there are philosophy, as it incentives order and planning to win the game and have the highest score. And that mean could work to simple games where politics don't.

ee4d23  No.144687



so long as 60GB of it isnt DRM that causes the game to run like dogshit idgaf

most nu-games are 80GB+, have shit all in them to do, and have DRM

if the full 80GBs ends up being required for them to pull off all the shit theyre promising i aint even mad.

methinks what this is really about is the wectern devs are scared of the slav-dev uprising that CDPR is now the vanguard of. theyre undoubtedly using their media connections to try and muckrake about one of the only AAA games ive heard talked about (positively) recently

basically: its afraid

27a908  No.144690


>reading pccuck

How about you link the original source, faggot?


>“I’ll give you an example: when I started my paper game business in the 80s, we had to go and get stuff printed and we had to go to specific areas to have films made. It cost us a lot of money and the people doing it set our timetables, how much we paid… we had very little control.

>“Within two years my art director, who was also an engineer, had redesigned personal scanners to be better than the ones we used to go to and we could now do all of that stuff in-house. Benjamin Franklin once said the printing press belongs to those who own one. Well, I owned one.”

>Technology is a great leveller of power, Pondsmith argued, which in itself allowed him to create “heavily political” creations such as the Cyberpunk pen-and-paper RPG.

Yea, let's cut out the actual example and explanation.

19ed5b  No.144691


> slav-dev uprising that CDPR is now the vanguard of

CDPR hires bulldykes and interchangeable rootless soyboys with funkopops

Warsaw is a shithole unrecognizable from any other (((Big Western City)))

ee4d23  No.144693


no doubt

regardless, the slav bulldykes are still making the better games currently, over their wectern bulldyke counterparts. while the wect continues to push more and more anti-consumer garbage, and what is essentially AAA-tier shovelware, theyre still making decent enough games on the eastern europe, and i expect them to suck their market share substantially over the next few years

d73379  No.144694

File: 5b08673bd34a1d9⋯.jpg (375.11 KB, 1916x2048, 479:512, wuts this.jpg)



Weren't the westernfags at CDPR .. well, from the west?

ee4d23  No.144696


point is, even in the most westernized city on all of the pooland, it pales in comparison to the absolute state of any major western city. now i know you guys will say im wrong, but ive been to seriously about half the major cities in the states i travel a lot, and have also been to warsaw, and its honestly no fucking comparison. maybe when comparing it to the rest of slavland it seems batshit, but you guys simply arent as far along as we are over here. simple as

imo theres still a few years left at the absolute worst, for slavland to pump out some good shit before the poz takes hold if it does, whereas over here, it is terminal. the big AAA corps here will simply continue to self-immolate trying to unsuccessfully find a player base for their (((live services))) injected with their on-the-nose, state issued progressive politics

to put it simply, studios on the eastern europe are allowed liberties that are no longer able to even get by the BoDs at corporations like EA etc

17299f  No.144697


>the slav bulldykes are still making the better games currently

They are making hearthstone ripoffs while photoshopping any art they have to censor it

>over their wectern bulldyke counterparts

CDPR is literally hiring western soyboys to work on their games. Warsaw isn't average polish town, its the commiefornia of Poland and most of the people living there probably hate other poles for being racist.


>point is, even in the most westernized city on all of the pooland, it pales in comparison to the absolute state of any major western city

read >>144691

1a9b5b  No.144699


It's just that FPS/RPG hybrid set in a cyberpunk work is something neato and I still haven't had the chance to see for myself how the newer Deus Ex games did since I have a toaster.

ee4d23  No.144707


>CDPR is literally hiring western soyboys to work on their games

well sure, i get that, but theres still gonna be substantially less of them than there would be here


similar situation here

theres no way ill get to play this game anyways

im simply rooting for it as a bitchslap to western AAA corps incompetence

also the nu-deus ex are fucking awful

1a9b5b  No.144708


How so?

Also it's been nearly a decade since I've played the original and the thing runs like ass on my toaster, and every unofficial patch or shader I attempt seems to make it worse. What gives?

19ed5b  No.144712


>how the newer Deus Ex games did since I have a toaster.

HR is almost literally Invisible War but with worse story and mainstream approval.

Mankink Provided is even worse

ee4d23  No.144717


try to remember everything that you loved about deus ex

>dystopian future setting thats actually well executed

>open-ended/sandbox gameplay

>charmingly shitty voice acting

>""""shitty"""" more like purposefully obtuse gunplay that forces you to think of other ways around an obstacle

>excellent level design

>ebin soundtrack

>cool lore you can read, placed randomly around the world


now take all of that out, then replace some of it with QTEs and dont even bother to replace the rest of it at all

if deus ex started as a shooter, it wouldnt be such an insult, but for them to take what it was and turn it into what it is now, then still keep calling it that is kinda insulting imo


what are your specs m8? i just played through the original with a bunch of graphics textures mods on a 6yo laptop and had no issue

1a9b5b  No.144720

File: dcb3a814c48445d⋯.png (53.05 KB, 749x538, 749:538, Beefy Rig.png)


I swear I'm a few months away from ordering a new PC, I'm so sorry for spamming this shit build all over this site.

17299f  No.144721


>but theres still gonna be substantially less of them than there would be here

They are literally importing soyboys from America to work for them so I don't see how thats relevant at all.

ee4d23  No.144730


strength in numbers

SJW soyshit only becomes predominant w enough of a majority to use passive aggressive tactics and allow themselves a sort of ideological version of state creep in a workplace or field. with only a few kvetching its a literal non-issue. as that number shifts is when it starts, and you can argue that it already has in CDPR, but still it is less far along than here, where """"dissidents"""" are routinely witch-hunted out of their places of employment by the overwhelming majority of freakishly colored waxed moustachiod freaks.

this is why i give them an approximate window of opportunity to demolish the western studios and then it will likely culminate in a fuckhuge implosion of the whole major industry at large


tbh this isnt even that much worse than mine that i take on the road. idk how it cant run deus ex.

ill have to go back and check what i did to get it running. i modded it only lightly, but it was a ok for me.

maybe i found a different patch or something? who knows ill check my install folder in a bit

700ea8  No.144757


How old specificly is that computer and what are you wanting to upgrade to?

17299f  No.144770


>where """"dissidents"""" are routinely witch-hunted out of their places of employment by the overwhelming majority of freakishly colored waxed moustachiod freaks

You mean like getting fired from their job for Transphobia?

1a9b5b  No.144810


I think a little over a decade, I've lost count.

As for what I'm upgrading to, I was considering an RTX580+Ryzen2700X combo, but apparently AMD's coming out with some new hardware recently so I might wait a bit, although I pretty much care more about performance than graphics and I'm under the impression the specs might work out for another decade without the need for ultra high graphics settings and whatnot.

7f9258  No.144843


Cyberpunk is all about politics. Mostly gang politics. Same way Vampire the Masquarade is about politics. Same way Game of Thrones is about politics. Same way Legend of Zelda OoT is about politics.

Politics is a very broad word.

924e07  No.144850


Ocarina of Time isn't about politics, and stop being pedantic.

7f9258  No.144861


What would you call one king of a tribe ousting and dethroning the king of another kingdom and the remaining royalty trying to stage a rebellion against the king of the tribe?

0d3f71  No.144905


Way I see it is everything can be utilized to send a message but western games are way more overt with the messages compared to Japanese games, not to mention the writers being autistic faggots who can't tone it down. Nipshit also often don't have any message at all, just look at the Aniki games, they manage to insert homosexual references turned up to 11 without the games turning into pozzfests because they played everything for laughs. Meanwhile in many western games such references are often entirely skippable but still feels like they are shoving it down your throat, because they do it fully seriously.

924e07  No.144960


There is no rebellion, and the King of Hyrule does not exist in the game. Ganondorf's takeover is there to provide an obvious difference between the past and the future for the time travel plot.

This has nothing to do with Cyberpunk or real-world politics. You're an idiot.

7f9258  No.145037


>There is no rebellion,

What would you call what Zelda is doing? Lemme guess some synonym with "rebellion".

>and the King of Hyrule does not exist in the game. Ganondorf's takeover is there to provide an obvious difference between the past and the future for the time travel plot.

And? That's what is called "political backdrop"

>This has nothing to do with Cyberpunk or real-world politics. You're an idiot.

Well, at least you understand my point, despite being as dense as a brick. Maybe stop trying to redefine words like an SJW.

e3676b  No.145052


Zelda isn't rebelling, Ganondorf isn't the Wizard-Lord of Hyrule. He's not even occupying it. He just murdered a lot of people and threw some horrific magic all over the place. He's a Wizard who jerks off in his magical castle all day while lusting over the triforce. He seems to care little if at all about what peasants do or what they think of him. I'd say OoT isn't about politics, though it involves people with titles and hats to match. It's about one mans ambitions and a mystical artifact with some "good and evil" thrown in here and there. I wonder if you think Majoras Mask is about politics too. There is a mayor and a king, after all.

3e8761  No.145066

How the hell did we get to talking about trap elves?

7f9258  No.145265


>He just murdered a lot of people

I like how you throw a temper tantrum about implied politics and then bring up this, which is equally implied but never stated.

I don't even think you understood my initial point.

210995  No.145274


You want it DRM free, buy it on gog.com

fe16eb  No.145314


Apparently a third have been preordered through GOG http://archive.fo/Z3mtk

And in other news:

Supposedly a plot twist that retards will fap over that nobody really should care about will be in Cyberpunk 2077 http://archive.fo/gGuVH

And that it might tie into the Witcher series http://archive.fo/hI9Wo>>145274

da23cb  No.145525

Oh fuck no, now there's talk to make it a film cause of Keanu Reeves. http://archive.fo/3KCtx

c4c1b6  No.145825

So Cyberpunk 2077 won't have a lot of freedom it seems when it comes to killing certain NPCs and kids. http://archive.fo/ZBsTu

Turning into a Todd Howard game.

070cdd  No.145835


>you can kill everyone except the people you'd care the most to kill, i.e. story NPCs

91f351  No.145841


It's just going to be Cyberpunk Skyrim and normals will eat it up.

070cdd  No.145854


>it's too hard and too confusing for nuplayers to have an actually bad path where your mindless slaughter eventually causes the BBEG to lockhimself in an unreachable nuclear bunker and deny you from getting mcguffin/revenge or whatever.

>it's too hard to account for player deciding "I want to kill this guy" when meeting "rael importent OC donutsteel or kill"

>Can't even make them borderline unkillable due to disparity in skill and gear, but still killable if a player knows what he's doing, (like going to new vegas through I-15)

924e07  No.145862

File: 93f01c52e46e41b⋯.png (618.61 KB, 2048x1886, 1024:943, 77.png)


The cycle of hype turns ever onward.

809452  No.145875

File: 970d7ea18cde366⋯.mp4 (1.23 MB, 854x480, 427:240, shriek.mp4)

cf88a1  No.145879


Wonder what the next game normalfags will get overly hyped for?

070cdd  No.145881



68397f  No.145884


About the only thing that game gave us was loli porn.

070cdd  No.145885


you better enjoy the interracial jewish lesbian relationship featuring bulldyke ellie with manface or Neil Druckmann will have to call the ADL to get rid of you.

c6a107  No.145906



That isn't what that word means, ESL. You're thinking of mudslinging.


It still bothers me how Morrowind's "you fucked up, would you like to progress?" message was so simple and clear, and yet no game since uses a similar system. Anyone playing as a mindless murderhobo will be out of the game anyway, so it's not as though the devs need to be concerned about "immersion" or anything equally stupid.

070cdd  No.145916


New Vegas does it well where you can kill literally everyone and the only NPC that's not permanently killable has a reason of being a string of code backing his resurrection, the deaths will be reflected in your ending and in gameplay as well.

924e07  No.145925



New Vegas also does a variant of Morrowind's warning with the "QUEST FAILED" popups every time you kill a relevant NPC.

d73379  No.145937


Not really. In Morrowind it doesn't tell you if you fail a quest. Only if you break the quest links in the main quest. You can bypass this if you know what you are doing.

In New Vegas it straight up displays everything related to the NPC but doesn't make it a big deal like "u done goofed, restart"

cdcb65  No.145939


I hope you realize that those cards only cost 200-250$ to make right?

Your paying for like a 200% mark up on any card from the RTX lineup.

You’d be better off buying a used Vega card, and Vega sucked in terms of performance.

There’s also the RX 5700 XT which is basically a 1080 ti level of performance for 400$.

AMD’s cost to manufacture is about the same but at least you aren’t getting as obviously scammed.

There’s also rumors that both ODMs are going to have a small price war over the holidays so you could wait for that.

cdcb65  No.145940


Wait you said RTX580?


809452  No.145941


Meant RX, not the RTX. I'm not up to date on the naming conventions of the past half a decade, my bad.

d81a25  No.145942


Before you buy an AMD card you should know they are really bad for emulation unless you plan on switching to linux.

As for the CPUs, the recent Ryzen 3 ones are better than intel equivalents while also being cheaper so no need to get a Ryzen 2.

42c214  No.145943


>Before you buy an AMD card you should know they are really bad for emulation unless you plan on switching to linux.

Do they magically become better on linux?

360dcb  No.145944


Some trash emulators like PCSX2 use OpenGL and AMD's Windows OpenGL drivers are crap. Their Linux OpenGL drivers are pretty bad too but all Linux graphics drivers are so it's not unusual.

d81a25  No.145945


AMD's windows drivers are awful. Linux has open source drivers so they end up being better as long standing issues tend to get fixed.


All emulators use OpenGL and its not like their Vulkan drivers are any better either.

301844  No.145950


I see.

I don't really want a nvidia card because from what I've researched they're usually more power hungry/hotter and are more expensive. The fact that AMD drivers are better on linux might be a plus too since I've always wanted something to push me to try Loonix, since W7 might not last so long.

What about the new AMD cards, Navi or whatever?

d81a25  No.145956


The problem lies with their drivers on windows, not with the hardware itself.

233aa9  No.145966


>I don't really want a nvidia card because from what I've researched they're usually more power hungry/hotter and are more expensive.

You know aside from being more expensive Nvidia tend to run a lot cooler and less hot than AMD cards. I don't think that has changed at all.

bff984  No.146018

File: 9e3b1e22b525926⋯.jpg (125.97 KB, 774x258, 3:1, Untitled 1.jpg)

baste and redditpilled

070cdd  No.146022


Why do you post a screenshot of some literally who's article when a screenshot of the devs saying it themselves is here >>145862 ?

bff984  No.146024


>implying I'm gonna read the thread

<giving a flying fuck who wrote it when and how

334929  No.146026

I can't even comprehend how a person could think this game is going to be shit after what they saw in reveal trailers. I genuinely believe it's pure dishonesty, being bias, or just hating the game because it's getting so much love. Perhaps a person isn't a fan of RPG's, open world games or maybe even the universe it's set in so they aren't interested, but that still does not mean they think the game is bad, or shit, or garbage, it just means it's not their type of game. Still though, deep down they still respect how godly it's going to be and wish they had better taste so they could enjoy it as much as everyone else will. Even the dev's themselves are pro-gamer and generally always tell the far left SJW lunatics to fuck off, they never let politics or an outside sources ideals alter their games.

I very rarely pre-order games, but I have already pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077, not only that, but it is now the only game I own on GOG(just so the developers get 100% of the profits). I wish GOG came out a long time ago, because by the time it was released I had far too many games on Steam and I absolutely hate splitting up my game library onto different platforms. I know it's easy to deal with, but it's inconvenient and annoying to me, even so, I still bought this on GOG because CD Projekt Red are by far the best Triple A dev's in 2019 and Cyberpunk will most likely set the standard for all games of it's genre in the future and may possibly fundamentally change the way we play Open World RPG's.

So please, enlighten me. Convince me you really think the game is shit, or garbage, equal to some steam asset flip schlock, because yes that is exactly what a shit or garbage game would be, a 1 out of 10. Give legitimate reasons for why you think Cyberpunk is a 1 out of 10 trash asset flip.

Yes, I am a huge fanboy of CD Projekt Red and it does not bother me in the slightest to admit this. They create polished games and respect gamers and gamer culture, so at the very least they deserve my 60$ and some intimate knob polishing.

070cdd  No.146027


Is this a copy pasta?

>always tell the far left SJW lunatics to fuck off

Except their retarded backtracking where doubling down on offending them would've been more profitable

42c214  No.146029

File: 274fb046b0f98d2⋯.jpg (144.11 KB, 1300x518, 650:259, lofrape.jpg)


>[based] and [redpilled] subhuman reply that adds nothing of value to the thread


Go back to mark/v/

1b09f8  No.146030

File: 0e105669a60eeda⋯.png (1.31 MB, 2048x2688, 16:21, 546634655646564.png)

1b09f8  No.146033


This entire game is one huge money burning scheme. They spent so many years fucking around and were finally forced to settle down on a single idea (to copy deus ex) to calm the investors. That's it, deus ex with better graphics and animation.

>They create polished games

Kek. CDPR is basically western studio that happens to be located in poland.

abb0c0  No.146070


Technically you can't kill children or plot-important NPCs outside of specific storyline missions in GTA III. A better example would be something like Morrowind or Deus Ex/


>This entire game is one huge money burning scheme. They spent so many years fucking around and were finally forced to settle down on a single idea (to copy deus ex) to calm the investors. That's it, deus ex with better graphics and animation.

I wonder if they're getting any EU funding for this shit. Poles are pretty good at coming up with creative ways of wasting everyone else's contributions and usually you can apply for some bullshit out of being 'creative' or hiring the right sort of shitskin.

770a91  No.146079


That's probably going to be the biggest shortcoming with the game.

43e7ff  No.146083

She’s a hyperconservative troll. Even if she herself means well, her influence in society creates shadows deep enough for literal actual pedophiles to operate under. Anita Sarkeesian does nothing for actually disenfranchised people, but operates chiefly TO disenfranchise people, being thus a favorite of corrupted elements in the left.

I know it’s hopeless to speak truth on chans, but sometimes we must try.

806b2b  No.146086



>niggers and other kind of shitskins run rampant

>gang violence everywhere

>whatever other ethnic minority (injuns, pajest, chincs, etc) act pretty much like a tourist atraction in comercial districs while living in the slums

>megacorps control everything and the goverment has orwellian surveliance sistems

>the mentally ill chop off their body to get chromed

>decadence, degeneracy, polution, diseases, hunger and neon ads everywhere

>the lucky few can have some escapism in the cyber space

>for some reason, techno metal and general 80s fad are all the rage

>beyond the borders of the police state city where you live like a slave the is nothing but endles wasteland roamed by ravenous marauders

the Cyberpunk genere is just like real life, only with better VR, cyber augments, lazer guns, and flying cars

meanwhile the closest thing we had to a war between skynet and the matrix irl were the NPCs and Russian Bots sperging out on twatter

210995  No.146088


>Anita Sarkeesian


pssh what the fuch? Yea RIGHT!

210995  No.146089


IF. IF! you are going to preorder this, only because it's CDPR, PREORDER ON GOG.COM SO THAT THEY GET ALL THE MONEY. STEAM/EPIC/ AND EVERY OTHER POZZED PLACE TAKES A CUT. IF you already have a preorder anywhere else than GOG.COM, CANCEL THE PREORDER, and PLACE A PREORDER AGAIN ON GOG.COM!

f6b999  No.146105

File: 6847500f46c73db⋯.png (208.09 KB, 778x777, 778:777, 42345354335.PNG)


>I wonder if they're getting any EU funding for this shit.


700ea8  No.146141


That's less than what your average Leaf dev gets for making tumblrshit.

36b4d9  No.146167


That's like half the GDP of Poland? What the fuck kurwas?

601d34  No.146172


This might come as a surprise to you, but 24 hour taxi services aren't readily available outside of major metropolitan areas, and even in certain areas where you think there would be a 24-hour service, there simply isn't.

Uber itself probably won't be around in the next 20 to 30 years.

070cdd  No.146175


you've confused Poland for ukraine.

524.5 billion USD is the GDP of Poland as of 2017.

needy holocaust survivors demand 300 billion USD reparations from Poland.

e93bc4  No.146190


Its not all that surprising. Every once in awhile, maybe a few every other generation, a darkie is born blessed with the heart of an Aryan. Pondsmith is one of those people.

b32727  No.146208


>ass effect

you guys are really the least creative people in the entire fucking world

16bc54  No.146214


Cyberskunk 20/77 -IGN

I tried.

d73379  No.146225

File: 8efff1421670240⋯.gif (391.97 KB, 342x342, 1:1, thingydo.gif)


Thats too random of a number too be good.

d73379  No.146226


Its pretty funny how poland is trying to out jew the jew and its pissing off the jews.

16bc54  No.146228


Yeah but Cyberskunk 20/100 would change too much.

070cdd  No.146229


>trying to out jew the jew and its pissing off the jews.

>trying to do an exhumation in Treblinka I and II but US state department starts screeching that it needs to be cancelled

>Jedwabne exhumation was stopped, and its results were agreed upon in tel aviv

>poland making a bill outlawing accusations of Poland and Polish people building staffing and killing jews in german holiday resorts on occupied territory caused a diplomatic scandal


Ha, more like cyberspunk because the game sucks dick.

ed5e86  No.146233

File: 95d1d194cb3d03a⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1563118701565.webm)

Didn't follow this, anyone got a quick rundown?

d73379  No.146235

File: 73399409a8393cb⋯.webm (3.99 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1553959761801.webm)


>not ricardo

>that filename

come on nigger

d5dc0c  No.146251



bd58b1  No.146257


Ayo that’sa me

c9aab0  No.146258


This, absolutely based

Edit: Now now, careful with those tripcodes.

Post last edited at

210995  No.146283


That was actually okay

210995  No.146284


Wew good for them!

6f05c4  No.146288


>cancer decides to use a tripcode

Double the niggerdom, double the waste of space

844363  No.146289

They were hacked.. I think if that might matter plus little things and is there a dictionary on the slang here? Wtf is poz. Maybe they are waiting for next gen.

210995  No.146297


556fb4  No.146311


>non-killable NPCs

nah bro

de03da  No.146346

Meryl Streep is being stalked for Cyberpunk? What the fuck is this shit? http://archive.fo/O3Z8L

334929  No.146376


I'm trying my absolute best to contain my hype because I know we still have a long ass time to wait, but yeah I haven't anticipated a game this badly in years. In an earlier post I tried getting some sort of discussion going for why the people that hate the game actually do, but they didn't have anything of substance to say. It's always a really minor complaint(and most of the time that complaint ends up being proven wrong) or some kind of political argument.



You both are acting as if this is a bad thing? A world filled with weirdo's, tranny's and shitskins that we as the player get to brutally murder and fuck with, it's perfect. It practically reflects our soon to be future, so we get to take all of our frustrations with life out inside this game world.


It is not a copy pasta, it was me genuinely shilling hard, although I think it's funny that it's convincing enough to be a pasta. When have they backtracked? I admit, I don't really follow the politics of this game because I genuinely don't give a fuck as long as the politics do not cause the game to change(like removing content, censoring, etc).


Do you deny that The Witcher 3 is a polished game? Do you deny that Witcher 2 was a drastic improvement over Witcher 1 and that Witcher 3 was a drastic improvement over Witcher 2? It shows that they continue to learn from their experiences, build upon them and create superior games.



Agreed, mods were absolute shit in Witcher 3, CD Projekt Red is not good with supporting modding. That's the only thing they should learn from Bethesda, their games were always super easy to mod, but unlike Bethesda, they should not abuse this and use modding to fix their own games and be lazy shitheads.


I was about to pre-order it on Steam, was at the checkout screen and immediately realized my mistake. Cancelled on Steam and pre-ordered on GoG. There are so few good developers left, we have to support the good ones.


You all seem to have your cute little insulting puns that you randomly sperg out with like an 11 year old autist, but none of you seem to be able to backup why the game is shit. There's a huge difference between a game being objectively shit vs a game you just don't like because of preferences.

cfa960  No.146380


>as the player get to brutally murder and fuck with

They have already said you can't kill them

517191  No.146440


I thought Lady Gaga was also meant to appear in Cyberpunk? I think they aren't making a game but a film.

1967a8  No.146464


>hello fellow gamers

679487  No.146469


Anon, is that still true about ATI/AMD OpenGL drivers sucking in 2019? I literally remember when they improved it a lot in .: 2003 :.

f2be50  No.146488


Is this another MGSV where the devs get a hollywood actor and then decide they want more and more hollywood actors?

210995  No.146491


Fuck you lying shill SJW cunt

cfa960  No.146492


>(39) shill calling others a shill

Learn how to fit in before spouting buzzwords faggot or I'll report you to your superiors for using the c-word.

210995  No.146493


Literally Everyone who says anything bad about cyberpunk2077 is an assblasted SJW or some kind of Shill. Watch these videos




210995  No.146494


It's not a buzzword if it's true. Deal with it.

210995  No.146495


>Criticizing others for being involved in a thread



cfa960  No.146497


>blatantly shill this failed abortion of a game

>"I am involved in this thread"

Absolute state of CDPR's marketing department

210995  No.146498

"the truth is that all publishers would love for CD project to fail. Reason? CD Project is breaking the mold, giving value and encourages players to demand more for their money. It's in our hands, players hands to make sure CD Project wins this battle, this will send a clear message to the rest of the publishers that we as people, gamers can unite and support what's right! Don't be "offended" by an artist's vision, be "offended" by the publishers and journalists that lie to you and try to rip you off your last cent and giving you nothing in return."

210995  No.146499


>it is impossible for someone to like a game

The game is going to be great and tons of people that love the game, and love CDPR's practices and their good treatment of their customers are going to buy this game, the game is going to blow everyones minds, and people are going to enjoy a fun video game and be happy and feel good.


back to hell demonic SJW! BEGONE!

210995  No.146500


I'm not even being ironic, and I'm not even joking. 100% serious.

cfa960  No.146501


Well yeah you're paid to shill this trainwreck.

054cab  No.146513


Are you the fag that defended Star Citizen? Cause I am getting great entertainment if you are.

070cdd  No.146517


>the game is going to blow everyones minds

same thing was said about metal rear solid: the phantom stain, based on trailer and engineered gameplay footage

ee89b6  No.146524


>where the devs get a hollywood actor and then decide they want more and more hollywood actors?

I hope not. Hollywood ((influence and monies)) almost always increases the AIDS count.

cfa960  No.146525


This time the AIDS is coming from within.

2305b2  No.146532

>Make sure you preorder the lore book goyim so you understand what is going on!


34781f  No.146828

File: 4459222b7163dd8⋯.png (206.04 KB, 316x560, 79:140, RADICALL.png)

I propose the nickname "Cyberflunk #2077" for this shitshow.

3b5061  No.146831

File: 21ec7de2864d18f⋯.jpg (10.58 KB, 201x255, 67:85, 1c276df75878ef12e65a8d8701….jpg)


>not being able to kill kids

why the fuck do they put them in game if they dont allow us to intrect with them in violent ways ?

hope somefag makes a modthat allows kids to be killed like regular npcs, i mean even the orginal deus ex had ability to kill kids come on man

924e07  No.146834


>why the fuck do they put them in game if they dont allow us to intrect with them in violent ways ?

Presumably it's to make the world look more real and give designers more options for characters to include in their quests.

df9e7f  No.146840


Considering the Witcher III joke of mod support it got I wouldn't hold your breath.

d4eb8d  No.146854


> world look more real

Nothing makes the world seem believable and filled with choices than the random faggot I decided to murder being invulnerable, or just going to sleep when I deal more damage than he has HP

I guess designing certain characters to be "unkillable" without meta knowledge and skills is too hard, not to mention implementing consequences for their untimely demise.

You can't expect that from an RPG game.

1907b4  No.146855

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is pretty mediocre and not exactly what I'd think for Cyberpunk.

1907b4  No.146856


In my opinion I think it would just be much cooler if you can kill any plot relevant NPCs, but have it be pretty difficult(EYE) and either have a morrowind styled prompt go up that you're fucked and you should reload or have an ending dedicated to V just going nuclear and killing every plot relevant npc until he gets killed or something.

d4eb8d  No.146857


that's exactly what I meant by meta knowledge.

>V goes in and somehow kills a gang leader

>now he's being hunted by the gang members seeking revenge, locking him out of benefits you could find in the gang's territory, probably more because vendors etc wouldn't like to associate with you out of concerns for their safety

>Kill a corporate boss

>his insurance covered just that and there's a bounty on your head that everyone and his mother wants to try and cash out

>kill an NPC crucial to the plot who had information you didn't get before his demise, setting up a meeting, or knowing a hidden location

>you're basically softlocked by you can try and brute force your way into "progressing"

>at some point you reach a bad ending where you can't succeed and everyone is out to kill you

4b652c  No.146861

So Cyberpunk 2077 going ot have some acid rain and environmental lectures it seems http://archive.fo/mvDvh

d4eb8d  No.146864

>preorders for a game with no requirement specifications announced yet

>"""people""" actually do that

a0d7d7  No.147059

Oh look it's an Akira game! http://archive.fo/TPR7x

At least Gaga ain't appearing now it's confirmed http://archive.fo/8q8hf

210995  No.147153

cool environment stuff and no gaga = Awwwwyesss

430764  No.147222

Is this what the internet will be like in 2077? People exited to be shills purely because they got a job instead of being replaced by a bot?

34c86d  No.147246


More likely they all will be bots pretending to be people exited to be shills purely because they got a job instead of being replaced by a bot.

d73379  No.147248


Internet will be useless because it will shit fuck full of viruses, bots, etc.

abb22b  No.147249

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e3676b  No.147257



You both said "exited" instead of "excited" so either stop posting here you awful foreigners or stop posting here you illiterate morons.

34c86d  No.147275


>spellchecking rephases done by copypasting

You should get exited your'reself.

e00d67  No.147370

All this game is making me think one thing where is the good Judge Dredd vidya?

4c284c  No.147548

Apparently turning off UI is hard mode http://archive.fo/JlEeN

d4eb8d  No.147588


This is such a bad meme

on par with

>your damage output is quartered, damage input is quadrupled lol

06ed41  No.147643


Isn't that what Doom does though?

924e07  No.147685


>archiving a gamespot article about one answer from an interview conducted by a different outlet


Here's the original interview:


And here's the question and answer which Gamespot couldn't even be bothered to quote in full:

<Will there be multiple difficulty settings as in The Witcher 3?

>Yes, of course, of course. The most fun one I think will be the Hardcore setting where we turn off the UI you live as well. And that will be a real challenge for a lot of players. Also, at the same time, if you want to play more casually for the story and maybe you’re not experienced with shooters, which was a real big concern for us. We want to tell a story and maybe you’re a big fan of The Witcher and you’re not comfortable playing a shooter, we have settings available for that. We even have weapons for that. If you recall from last year’s demo, we had a weapon called the smart gun, which helps you aim. The bullets were much slower and usually a bit weaker. But if your aiming isn’t your forte, you can always pick up the smart gun.

ced3bd  No.147686


This sort of bullshit is usually just turning off essential elements the game was designed around so when people complain about dumbing things down they can point to 'just choose not to use it' even though the game no longer works properly. For example removing map markers when there's no in-universe directions or landmarks so a first time player has no chance of finding his way around. I'm all for actually variable difficulty settings but it's almost always this sort of bullshit.

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