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File: 268ccf3edfba67d⋯.webm (13.01 MB, 854x480, 427:240, movie480.webm)

e5e9da  No.141965

Before they say shill thread here's a download to 1.0 of the game.


Now what are your thoughts of the game?

Personally I think it's my favorite so far of all the new age retro styled shooters due to the amount of variety in the assets because of how every 4 levels the game switches out all the enemies and level assets for new ones. Only thing that stinks is that I can't mod this game.

6ec013  No.141966

Never heard of it. Guess I'll download it and get back to you in a day or two with opinions.

c29822  No.141970


Actually downloading it now

The hell is with everyone releasing their good shit now?

Steel Division 2, My Friend Pedro, Bloodstained, Amid Evil

e5e9da  No.141971


I agree it's weird that they're releasing so close to bloodstained. I asked the publisher in the discord and they said they wanted to make sure it worked before the steam sale. Perhaps it's the same for the other games.

26143a  No.141972

Isn't this that one game which the weapons are actually sprites with clever lighting effects instead of actual models?

e5e9da  No.141973


It is.

e5e9da  No.141976


Here's a review of it to sell you on playing it.

e5e9da  No.141989

File: f75e9e6799040a8⋯.mp4 (2.2 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Pills.mp4)

cf5569  No.142269

Gave it a little go. Computer for whatever reason is sperging out when trying to get it to work but I think that might be a problem with my drivers. Anyone else having issues or just me?

b160f1  No.142281


that guy sounds like the many basic bitch "reviewers"

c29822  No.142285



OP please fuckoff

9f820e  No.142293

File: 05fb55a4c8a0088⋯.jpg (106.58 KB, 1811x223, 1811:223, amid evil.JPG)

I already gave my detailed thoughts in the retro FPS thread, so I'm going to screencap that and repost it here.

Having played a bit more, I'd say Amid Evil's biggest strength is that it's built from the ground up on a (good) modern engine. The game just feels sturdy, unlike it's contemporaries that hack old engines or try and salvage Unity, and it looks great. It feels modern even though the mechanics are retro. It's biggest weakness is that the enemies aren't really interesting or distinct, which I blame on the fact each episode has a different roster. None of them got honed enough to stand out or really push you in different ways as a player. Doom's monsters are chess pieces, Amid Evil is a grab bag. It's also had a few audio glitches and enemies getting stuck during play, but nothing gamebreaking. Overall, it's still definitely worth a torrent.

a37d81  No.142309

Runs like shit for some reason. THat's all I have to say about it.

9f820e  No.142312


It's an Unreal 4 game, I don't know what kind of baggage that engine has. But it runs fine on my mediocre rig.

2a2efb  No.142373

Honestly I think the game looks terrible visually to the point it's hard for me to enjoy the rest of the game, really reminds me of those shitty "high def" packs you seed for Doom and Quake that mix the low poly enemy models and simple map geometry with large texture and shiny effects everywhere. I will give them kudos for the weapon sprites though they do look really nice, just not with the rest of the game.

The HUD looks terrible and whoever thought it was a good idea should be shot.

c29822  No.142383


>really reminds me of those shitty "high def" packs you seed for Doom and Quake

Looks nothing like it

>Thr HUD looks terrible

Thr HUD looks good, it's just too big

You don't know what's a shit HUD, a shit HUD is based on minimalism and mobile game UIs.

efc525  No.142401

I've played the first two episodes now. It's all right, but it's not really winning me over. The enemy design kinda sucks, the weapons aren't that fun to use except for the mace and the rocket launcher, the level design in the first episode was boring though this was improved upon in episode 2; My biggest complaint are the visuals (graphics, lighting, visual effects) which are incredibly irritating to look at and can distract from the game. I also don't like how big the axe is, I don't need the model taking up a god damn third of my screen. On the plus side, the game seems pretty well optimised, especially for a UE4 game

The second episode was much better than the first though so maybe my opinion will change as I play more.


Agree with the first part, but the HUD is fine for me.


That guy used to be good back in his early days, but now he's just like everyone else. He can't take criticism and I suspect he receives bribes too.

e5e9da  No.142487


Holy shit I agree at least for Nightdive he barely talked about the blood ports actually quality and just reviewed blood agaiin since he didn't want to get into the fact that the port was bad.

b68717  No.142513

It's so fucking grainy it's unpleasant to look at. Dusk was similarly low-res, but at least it didn't hurt my eyes.


>each episode has a different roster

God fucking dammit, Painkiller in 2004 had this already and it sucked just as much back then.

b23cfa  No.142515


Best to post your specs buttboy.

a37d81  No.142606

Well after messing with the settings and resolution I made it run at 60.

My recommendation is to play on evil difficulty, then it's pretty fun. Hard is a bit too easy.

2f8b6a  No.142611


By default anti-aliasing is off. Personally, I like it off, but turn it on if you want the game to not look like that.

f92ba8  No.142621


I have it on and the game still looks like shit.

b68717  No.142719


Unfortunately, >>142621 is right. Something is just off about it.


That's just normal mapping. I have no idea why didn't they just go for 3D weapons instead of this.

c29822  No.142969

File: 90e7442b4b1c309⋯.png (983.56 KB, 897x553, 897:553, Mario Eyes.PNG)

Here's my experience with Amid Evil

8dc87d  No.142988

Is it an actual game or is it just boxes they fill with enemies you chew through ala serious Samuel and pain medication?

1ff3f8  No.143039


The level design is more akin to Doom and Heretic than SS, Painkiller, and Doom 4.

8dc87d  No.143050


I shall give it a look then. I thought it was just an arena wankfest which bore the shit out of me. Doom 4 was on the edge of acceptable for it but PK is like pulling teeth and Serious sam is co op only to make it tolerable.

Thanks good buddy. May you get a blowjob from your mom

961a46  No.143059

Anyone with AMD cards having weird texture glitches? It's hard to describe but it's like things are popping in and out.

1ff3f8  No.143164

I don't think I can take any more of this game. Shit artstyle, mostly shit level design, mostly shit weapons.

c3167d  No.143174


Theres a guy named civvie11 who did a review on it. I couldn't tell you if hes more honest but at least he honestly bashed the blood port. I feel no need to shill the channel here, should he easy enough to look up. Tldw he says its good, likes the colour and sound design as well as gameplay

8dc87d  No.143178


I can't get a read on civvie, he's obviously an anon but I can't tell where he falls. I hate the skit shit but welcome to the internet. He had "Cancer mouse" that mentioned /pol/ shit before disappearing. Which I couldn't work out if it was honest or trying to shit on /pol/ but putting that in is quite ballsy in youtube land.

He likes Blood, but Bloods a shit game. Other wise his reviews are entertaining. It's just funny how he bitches blood 2 has hit scanners round corners when blood 1 did the same fucking thing over and over. But Civvie seems okay compared to GGman who's pro tranny and shit.

7bc294  No.143182


>Blood is a shit game

Not really. Is it stupidly hard and filled with shitscanners? Yes it is, but everything else about that game is fucking great.

Also said shitscanners? They have terrible aim if you actually circlestrafe them or use crouch. Granted, this doesn't work half the time, or against fucking Fanatics (grey robes, use tommyguns), but they tend to not work like normal monsters in other games where they bee-line your character if they ever get a sight on you, rather they try to follow your last location and then just roam around the area in a circle, so you can actually sneak behind them after luring them out of their starting spots and pitchfork them. They work like the opposite of nearly every other shooter that uses hitscanners, where carefully peeking them from a corner will punish you, but dancing around them and moving fast will trow off their aim and make them nearly harmless.

Blood 2 shitscanners don't let you do this, they just rape you if you're in visual range.

Or you can just trow dynamite at them from around a corner. Game gives you too many explosives for the job on all of the episodes to account for the enemy placement.

8dc87d  No.143183


I don't enjoy using grenades in FPS games in general and blood is basically spamming grenades round every corner or quick save abusing. I'm fine with some shotgunner ambushes every once in a while. I'm not fine with this being the main mechanic of a game.

7bc294  No.143188


>quicksave abusing

Funny thing about that, the game actually punishes you if you do this on boss battles, by increasing the health of the boss by around 1k more every time you load?

I was iffy at first about the emphasis on using Dynamite compared to a regular gun in Blood, but given its quirky mechanics (most notably, it's delayed explosive radius), it's actually quite a fun set of weapons to use compared to other grenades.

Otherwise i agree with you about ambushes.

Though, if you ask me. Having played through episodes 2 and 3, there's way more zombie and gargolye ambushes past the latter half of each episode than there's cultists. But, when they are around, it's usually a ton of them bunched up in clusters you can either blow up with napalm rockets or dynamite them.

I mean, it's not plutonia, where you're just swarmed with chaingunners and revenants on high perch areas you can't do anything about except use your chaingun or rocket launcher, and the maps tend to have many alternative routes for you to flank enemy blobs or adquire better weaponry to deal with something on the map. Episode 1 is just brutal with the amount of cultists it trows at you in the first four levels of the game and how linear most of the levels are until you reach the Dark Carnival.

816526  No.143189


I'm really surprised that there isn't much difference between normal and evil difficulty. At there moment I have died a couple of times on some second episode's level (I just can't remember the number) and I feel that it's mostly because of my shitty mouse.

af8335  No.143279

So should I try it or go back to Heretic?

Any heretic themed wads, by the way?

b133e3  No.143281


It's worth trying the first few episodes just to see if you like it and then go back to heretic when you realise it's trash

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