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File: e4165d796d3194d⋯.jpg (12.15 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Navy General.jpg)

9d7875  No.145703

a.k.a. Rule the Waves II discussion thread even if the devs have turned into complete DRM cucks. Patching though at least seems to reset your demo time.

Current Games Roster

Windward: http://igg-games.com/windward-free-download.html

Silent Hunter: https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5342805

Rule the Waves: https://mega.nz/#!tJUizbrK!sOFOaHtXCtusbZvNkXl-XUxbMZoYlnUGQ2vlpl_wchc

+patch: http://www.navalwarfare.net/files/SAI/RTW_134b1_Update.exe

Last Thread: >>130702

1ac1df  No.145740

hows windward? looks comfy enough

9b41cd  No.145742


1ac1df  No.145754

GoD has started using google drive it seems

windward june 2017:

https://drive.google.com file/d/1mCKSpgnYe47gSOz9RBRHRYa-T9NROIlj/view

a928e4  No.145769

File: fa7587624be6ad0⋯.jpg (713.21 KB, 2100x1256, 525:314, 1466736375598.jpg)

File: 4debdac851c1924⋯.jpg (895.57 KB, 1994x1210, 997:605, 1466736375600.jpg)

File: a650b1106db45d8⋯.jpg (362.71 KB, 1221x747, 407:249, 1466736375603.jpg)

File: fab84dc123247d5⋯.jpg (101.17 KB, 615x380, 123:76, 1466736375604.jpg)

File: 59ffff49d9b9562⋯.jpg (394.47 KB, 1222x851, 1222:851, 1466736375605.jpg)

>USA - Collisions with freighters

>UK - Catastrophic flash fires and turret explosions

>Russia - Tugs and fishing boats

>France - Getting sunk in port by their allies

>Greece - Crippling underfunding

>Italy - Existing

What else am I missing?

1dee60  No.145771


I played it last year with anons. Think even BO played. It was fun at the hobo stage, shit at grindy stage and then broken at end as everyone was flying aerial battleships.


Argentina apparently manages to sink their ships at dock.

1645bd  No.145774

6ca288  No.145785

How is Cold Waters? Anyone tried that?

83365f  No.145786

Why in the world do you retards keep posting igg links

6c0c83  No.145789


>Japan - going to war with the greatest industrial power on earth for the shittiest of reasons

de7788  No.145793


>Be US

>Be constant dick to Japan

>Start a defacto embargo against Japan

>Try to break up any trade partners Nippon have

>Keep trying to stunt her ability to expand and survive economically

<What the fuck, why did they attack me?

There was no reason for US to treat Japan the way they did other than being a dick. A lot could have been avoided simply by trying to turn Japan into a trade partner instead.

17d895  No.145796



>not stabbing other countries in the stab

pick one

6a9a74  No.145797


Stabby McStab Stab?

9234d3  No.145801


Le Stabby McStab of St Stabby Stab Stab?

Latest Barotrauma patch notes http://archive.fo/Ua4IO

1ac1df  No.145870

>ywn be a sea cowboy

9d8114  No.145873

>Still no good merchant navy game, similar to truck simulator but for ships

Fuck this gay industry

b7c8e3  No.145876

File: 9d4b5cb3c1821c6⋯.png (87.99 KB, 554x617, 554:617, 22f7113fb6b4d2e9c9e05b0f56….png)

6c0c83  No.145935


>There was no reason for US to treat Japan the way they did other than being a dick. A lot could have been avoided simply by trying to turn Japan into a trade partner instead.

Maybe so, but military victory against the United States was highly unlikely for a nation as small as Japan. It was a stupid decision and the ultimate result of that country's messed up governmental and political structures.

4177db  No.145946


Well there's several but they are not that good

3502c1  No.145957


And dirty cartoons

3502c1  No.145958


I think the Germans had some major gun/turret problems because the engineers were fresh out of versailles and didnt completely know what they were doing. They couldn't handle mild waves. The only story i remembered was that the sharnhorsts guns didnt work when built, but after removing a thousand feet of wiring or so, it barely worked

6e0b06  No.145965


I know they had huge problems with their guns but I am not entirely convinced that was what the issue was.

629c58  No.145999

File: 6880733ff69a7ff⋯.jpg (90.89 KB, 691x800, 691:800, 514.JPG)


>There was no reason for US to treat Japan the way they did

Yeah, how dare the US attempt to reign in an expansionist nation that was practically run by it's military and had been conquering uniting it's neighbors, with it's eye turned to territories of America's allies? If Japanese expansionism was justifiable, then how is the US protecting it's own interests not?

a928e4  No.146085


Yes, but the Japanese created anime, which retroactively justifies everything they have and will ever do.

t. anime pro

9e060f  No.146092

File: 4f2e62143b8846d⋯.png (681.21 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


when do we command a ship together for a game night?

9d7875  No.146138



Still triggering you fags I see? Did you ever bother with the replacement link?


Anon, in the late 30s the US influence encompassed most of the Pacific and Latin America while Japan's influence encompassed a small sushi bar in Manchuria. I don't think they could be soley blamed on the expansionist front.


Imagine Titanic but somehow sinking a US Carrier group with it.

e2aa5a  No.146139


>m-m-muh expansionism

Maybe if the US hadn't invaded a bunch of South American countries over fucking Bananas there'd be a point here.

3502c1  No.146155

You can even play on the official server with the GoD link. Not sure if it works with the igg one. Ive been mucking around on the server, and the ony way ive gotten anywhere was because there was some oldies/moderators on who were giving out invites to their grinding seseions. I sat back, gained 20 levels, ans some decent loot.

Without them youll be sitting in a sloop against frigates at lvl 15 and being forced to trade like a jew

3c6417  No.146176

File: e1edc23c521b623⋯.jpg (35.71 KB, 736x524, 184:131, f05d3cb8b8791d735bd6b9b8ae….jpg)


Err anon what the fuck are you on about?

3502c1  No.146178


Windward. Should have mentioned it, sorry

3c6417  No.146186


Ah okay. pretty sure multiplayer worked with igg one

642996  No.146204


CW is an arcade sim. There are some things about it that frustrate me. In no particular order: NATO literally doesn’t exist and you have to sink the entire USSR/Chinese navy yourself, enemy fleet has ASW planes always, doesn’t matter where the fuck they are they could be north of Greenland in pack ice and they’ll have a fucking Tupolev buzzing around inexplicably, the game blindly gives you missions that are theoretically impossible to complete because the devs didn’t implement a system to check the player’s ammo/hull integrity/travel time, the mission variety is really bad and you’ll get the same mission many times in a single campaign (how many carriers did the USSR have in 1984 exactly?), and also the optimal strategy in any tactical scenario is to fire off your full complement of torpedoes and kill everything very fast, exactly the opposite of real submarine tactics.

All that being said, it is good for some fun. Just not 40 bucks worth.

3502c1  No.146273

File: a4759adbe9de1b0⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1136x1142, 568:571, Untitled.png)

this game is grindy, however sailing around the place doing the same trading over and over again is kinda comfy

c666e7  No.146321


But anime was created because of Japan's loss and the subsequent american(disney) influence.

checkmate weeb

3502c1  No.146324


Also its degenerate and make people not want to have hearty brotherhood on ships

799c4e  No.146339



You should have played on the anon servers. They actually had insane xp bonuses and recreating concentration camps at sea.

645d42  No.146422


>recreating concentration camps at sea

Those were some good times anyone have the saved screenshots?

cc1aae  No.146740

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Remember that /monster/ game EA was making that everyone obsessed over last year? It got released two weeks ago.

401c4d  No.146757


What was this even about again and why was anyone excited?

5cdce2  No.146786

File: 31a118d106b8357⋯.png (313.87 KB, 454x343, 454:343, fad213.PNG)

Guy who ran the Rule the Wa/v/es threads here (again). Passed my exams, so my schedule is now much more open to running collective naval roleplaying games on infamous far-right internet communities. With that being said, I'm still not entirely sure if RtW2 is in a proper state to do a full /v/ playthrough. Ideally I'd want to wait until missiles are added at least in a simple sense. Any thoughts?

a928e4  No.146791


It might be a while until missiles are added. I think there's plenty of new stuff for anons to chew on without ASMs and SAMs.

9d7875  No.146792

File: 327458a0c8274dc⋯.webm (6.93 MB, 466x358, 233:179, Propa General When War Wa….webm)


It might be a lesson in frustration getting planes you want but that might be the fun.

401c4d  No.146849


I'd go for it but expect update to crash game with no survivors randomly.

7296c7  No.146905

File: ca20e57db0f65fc⋯.png (390.56 KB, 459x684, 51:76, ClipboardImage.png)


>Imagine Titanic but somehow sinking a US Carrier group with it.

Let's ram the iceberg, full steam ahead.

39987d  No.146911


That's pretty much current US doctrine anyway.

7953c5  No.146922

File: 7c006a0c43ae78c⋯.jpg (62.32 KB, 949x1024, 949:1024, 1489652742797.jpg)

>tfw you joined the actual navy and don't have any time for videogames

9d7875  No.146926


Did you join the Chinese Merchant Navy?

970f62  No.146936


What're you a cook?

I know people who do supposedly important shit in the navy and all they do is play vidya while "working".

Might explain the ship collisions now that I think about it.

9d7875  No.146938


That could potentially be a good banner if there was a good edit to be had.

3c7dd5  No.147054

So did anyone care about Aircraft Carrier Survival or should I post it in this thread?

735759  No.147079


Aircraft what now?

3502c1  No.147240


Minecraft but you play as an aircraft carrier. Scavenging for food and diamonds and stuff

665ff0  No.147271


What game is that

3502c1  No.147299


Its the game in the op, windward

6e94e1  No.147368


I thought you'd end up crashing into lighthouses?

3502c1  No.147413

2071e2  No.147470

>RtW2 1.06

Added status for air bases. It is now possible to put an airbase in reserve, which reduces costs. Aircraft numbers in units based there will drop to 70% and pilot experience will be reduced.

Refurbished the aircraft replacement system. Air units now take longer time to replace losses.

Added filter for land based air in show air formations screen.

The frequency of private shipbuilding expansions will now be related to the tonnage of heavy ships in construction in home yards.

Added check box in battle screen to use fastest game speed available.

Fixed a bug with initial air search sectors that could cause them to be much too wide.

Ensured that normal catapults are invented before flight deck catapults.

Ensured that torpedo storage for ships cannot be negative.

Fixed a bug with heavy AA shell doctrine not sticking.

If Bomb load is selected as first priority for an aircraft design you are guaranteed to get at least some bomb capacity.

If a nation has an operational carrier, chances increase that torpedo bomber or dive bomber tech will be unlocked.

Fixed a bug with the air torpedoes ammo check when conducting a multi-carrier strike.

Fixed a bug when creating a new air unit under the reserve.

Fixed an error in check invasion procedure.

Fixed an erroneous objective location in destroyer action, Germany vs Russia.

Fixed a bug with air sounds playing even if sound effects are off.

Prestige penalties for being under budget are now stricter enforced during war.

Fixed unreachable invasion objective at Gibraltar.

Fixed unreachable bombardment target in Tanganyika.

Fixed a bug where buying an aircraft type from an ally will reset funds to zero if they are in the red.

v1.06 Aircraft Replacement System notes: Air units have an authorized strength and an actual strength. Air units will try to fill up to authorized strength, but it may take some time before they are up to full strength.There is a simple production system with a number of aircraft produced of each type each turn. The produced number will rise if more aircraft of that type are requested. You can see the number of aircraft in stock for a specific type in the aircraft types screen. If you disband a squadron, their aircraft will go back to the pool. In the air groups screen, bases will show Actual aircraft number/Authorized aircraft number/Base capacity. Air units will show Actual/Authorized aircraft. Bases not in home regions will get aircraft replacements at a slower rate.

03c4a7  No.147541


Does it reset time?

9e060f  No.147654


>Prestige penalties for being under budget are now stricter enforced during war.

Wait how does that work?

f3323d  No.147723


>If a nation has an operational carrier, chances increase that torpedo bomber or dive bomber tech will be unlocked.

Why? What is the retarded reasoning behind this?


No, RTW2 is still broken as fuck.

e726ee  No.147742

25640a  No.147748


>What is the retarded reasoning behind this?

How on earth could aircraft carriers come to exist for years without parallel development of anything worth flying off them? It took about six minutes for biplanes to go from unarmed reconnaissance to pilots carrying a basket full of hand grenades in their laps in WWI but it's bizarre beyond belief to think that the same sort of thing might happen even when the planes are painted blue. "Gee fellas we invented the tank but we're not sure what to put in the turret, there's just kind of a big gun-shaped hole there, no idea what that's about. Anyway the fuckin thing doesn't seem to be good for much."

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